Woman's Institute Library of Cookery, Vol. 1 - Volume 1: Essentials of Cookery; Cereals; Bread; Hot Breads
by Woman's Institute of Domestic Arts and Sciences
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1/2 tsp. salt 1/4 tsp. pepper 1/4 tsp. paprika 6 Tb. oil 2 Tb. vinegar

Mix the salt, pepper, and paprika, and beat the oil into them until it forms an emulsion. Add the vinegar gradually, a few drops at a time, and continue the beating. Pour the dressing over the salad.


Measure 1 teaspoonful of tea for each cupful that is to be served. Scald the teapot, put the tea into it, and add the required number of cups of freshly boiling water. Allow it to steep until the desired strength is obtained. Serve at once, or pour from the leaves, serving cream and sugar with it if desired.

* * * * *



(1) (a) In what way do hot breads differ from yeast breads? (b) What are the principal ingredients of hot-bread batters and doughs?

(2) (a) What is a leavening agent? (b) What is the effect of leavening agents on batters and doughs?

(3) (a) How is physical leavening accomplished? (b) On what does the success of breads raised by physical leavening depend?

(4) (a) How is chemical leavening brought about? (b) What two things must be supplied to produce the best action of a chemical leavening agent for making a flour mixture light?

(5) Why are soda and sour milk and soda and molasses not accurate leavening agents?

(6) In making a batter or a dough, how much soda should be used with: (a) each cupful of sour milk? (b) each cupful of molasses?

(7) How should soda and sour milk or soda and molasses be combined with the other ingredients of a hot-bread mixture?

(8) (a) In hot-bread batters and doughs, how much baking powder should be used to 1 cupful of flour? (b) How should baking powder be combined with the other ingredients?

(9) Mention, in the order they should be carried out, the steps for making and baking a dough mixture.

(10) Tell what general proportion of liquid and flour is usually used for: (a) a thin batter; (b) a thick batter; (c) a soft dough; (d) a stiff dough.

(11) Give examples of hot breads made from: (a) thin batters; (b) thick batters; (c) soft doughs; (d) stiff doughs.

(12) What will cause a change in the general proportions of liquid and flour for a batter or a dough?

(13) Explain briefly the two general methods of combining ingredients for hot-bread mixtures.

(14) What is the approximate temperature for: (a) a moderate oven? (b) a hot oven?

(15) Mention a simple test for: (a) a moderate oven; (b) a hot oven.

(16) How may hot breads be tested in order to determine whether or not they are properly baked?

(17) Why are baking-powder biscuits and popovers mixed differently?

(18) (a) Why does a loaf of nut bread require longer baking than muffins? (b) Which should be baked in a moderate oven?

(19) Why should gingerbread be baked in a moderate oven?

(20) Make a recipe for muffins, using 2 cupfuls of flour and sour milk and soda for liquid and leavening.


After trying out the luncheon menu given in the text, send with your answers to the Examination Questions a report of your success. In making out your report, simply write the name of the food and describe its condition by means of the terms specified here.

Macaroni With Cheese and Tomatoes: cooked sufficiently? properly flavoured? too much salt? not enough salt? too much liquid? too little liquid?

Baking-Powder Biscuit: tender? tough? light? heavy? good texture? poor texture? sufficiently baked? underdone? overdone? sufficient salt?

Watercress-and-Celery Salad: appearance attractive? dressing well mixed? properly seasoned?

Popovers Filled With Apple Sauce: tender? tough? underdone (this is observed by shrinking or falling after removing the popovers from the popover cups)? overdone?

Tea: strong? weak? clear? hot? bitter?

* * * * *



Abbreviations of measures, Absorption and digestion of food, of food, Abundance of production of cereals, Acquiring skill in bread making, Action of yeast, Adjusting cook-stove dampers, Agents, Classes of leavening, Leavening, Aids, Yeast, A la, au, and aux, Meaning of terms, la creole, Meaning of, Albumin, Effect of cooking on, Aluminum cooking utensils, Anthracite, or hard, coal, Apple, Composition of, corer, Artificial gas, Ash, or mineral salts, pan, Coal-stove, pit, Coal-stove, Au gratin, Meaning of, naturel, Meaning of, Avoirdupois weight,


Bacon, Composition of, Bacteria, Baked hot breads, Testing, potatoes, Bakers' flour, Baking bread, Distinction between roasting and, griddle cakes, Procedure in, Meaning of, Oven temperature for bread, powder, -powder biscuits, Baking powder, Recipe for, Purpose of bread, the hot-bread mixture, the hot-bread mixture, Utensils for, Time for bread, waffles, Procedure in, Balanced diet, Elements of a, Banana, Composition of, Banking a coal fire, Barley, Left-over, Pearl, Recipes for, Use and origin of, with fruit, Pearl, Batter, Thick, Thin, Batters and doughs, Bean, Composition of dry navy, Composition of fresh shelled, Composition of green string, Beaten biscuits, Beating of food ingredients, Bechamel, Meaning of, Beech wheat, Beef, Composition of dried, steak, Composition of, suet, Composition of, Biscuit glace, recipes, Biscuits, Baking-powder, Beaten, Emergency, rolls, and buns, Recipes for, Bisque, Meaning of, Bituminous, or soft, coal, Blanching foods, Blend flour, Blueberry muffins, Body, Function of water in the, Boiled coffee, rice, Boiler, Cooking cereals in double, Boiling, Cooking cereals by, on foods, Effect of, point, rice, to sterilize water, Boston brown bread, Bouchees, Meaning of, Boudin, Meaning of, Bouquet of herbs, Boxes, Window, Braizing, Bran bread, muffins, Bread, after baking, Care of, and cake mixer, as food, Importance of, Baking, Baking hot, Boston brown, Bran, Composition of corn, Composition of rye, Composition of toasted, Composition of whole-wheat, Convenient equipment for making, Corn, Distinction between hot and leavened, dough, Care of the rising, dough, Kneading, dough, Motions used in kneading, dough, Purpose of kneading, Graham, Hot, ingredients, Quick-process, sponge method of combining, Leavened, Left-over, Long-process, sponge method of making, making, Acquiring skill in, making, Combining the ingredients in, making, Convenient equipment for, making, Ingredients for, making, Long process of, making, Long-process, sponge method of, making, Long-process, straight-dough method of, -making materials, Proportion of, making, Necessary equipment for, -making processes, making, Quick process of, making, Quick-process, sponge method of, making, Quick-process, straight-dough method of, -making requirements, making, Utensils for, Milk and fat in, mixer, Use of, mixers, mixture, Preparation of hot-, Object of scoring, Oven temperature for baking, Purpose of baking, Quick, recipes, Rice, Rye, Salt-rising, Scoring, Serving, sponge, Utilizing left-over hot, White, Whole-wheat, Whole-wheat fruit, with nuts, Graham, Breads, Correct oven temperature for hot, Distinction between yeast and hot, General proportions used in hot, Hot, in the diet, Hot, Mixtures used for hot, Principal requirements for hot, Purpose of utensils for making hot, Quick, Recipes for hot, Requirements and processes for making hot, Serving hot, Varieties of mixtures in hot, Breakfast food, Composition of cooked oat, foods, Meaning of, menu, Broiling, Pan, Brown bread, Boston, Browned rice, Browning, or toasting, of cereals, Buckwheat, cakes, Composition of, Description of, rye, and millet, Building a coal fire, Buns, Fruit or nut, Graham nut, Nut or fruit, rolls, and biscuits, Buns, Sweet, Butter, Composition of, Composition of peanut, Buttered hominy, toast, Buttermilk, Composition of,


Cabbage salad, -salad dressing, Cafe au lait, Meaning of, noir, Meaning of, Cake, Coffee, Corn, mixers, Molasses corn, Southern corn, Cakes, Buckwheat, Corn griddle, Griddle, Procedure in baking griddle, Rice griddle, Calorie, or calory, Definition of, Canapes, Meaning of, Canard, Meaning of, Candy, Composition of stick, Canned fruit, Composition of, Canning of foods, Capers, Meaning of, Capon, Meaning of, Caramel, Meaning of, Carbohydrates, Composition of, Elements in, in cereals, Carbon, Carbonic-acid, or carbon-dioxide, gas, Card, Explanation of score, Care of bread after baking, of bread in oven, of cereals, of flour, of food, of food in refrigerator, of food, Methods of, of the refrigerator, of the rising bread dough, Carolina rice, Casein, Effect of cooking on, Casserole, Definition of, Use of, Celery, Composition of, Cellars, Storing food in, Cellulose, Cooking foods containing, Definition of, in cereals, in the diet, Place of, Cereal flakes, products, selection, Factors that govern, Setting a, Cereals, Abundance of production of, as a food, Browning, or toasting, of, by boiling, Cooking, by dry heat, Cooking, Carbohydrates in, Care of, Cellulose in, Composition of, Economic value of, Fat in, for the table, Preparation of, Left-over wheat, Methods of cooking, Mineral matter in, Origin of, Points to observe in cooking, Preparation for cooking, Prepared, or ready-to-eat, Production of, Protein in, Purpose of cooking, Ready-to-eat, Selection of, Serving, Table showing composition of, undergo in cooking, Changes, Uses of, Water in, Champignons, Meaning of, Chartreuse, Meaning of, Cheese, Composition of cottage, Composition of cream, Chemical composition of food, leavening, Chestnut coal, Composition of, Chiffonade, Meaning of, Chillies, Meaning of, Chives, Meaning of, Chop, Composition of lamb, Composition of pork, Chopper, Meat, Chops, Pan-broiled, Chutney, Meaning of, Cinnamon rolls, Citron, Clinkers, Coal and coke, Anthracite, or hard, Bituminous, or soft, Chestnut, Egg, fire, Building a, fire, Building a, Pea, Quality of, Coal range, Sizes of, Stove, -stove dampers, -stove firebox, stove for cooking, General construction of, -stove grate, stoves and their operation, Varieties of, Cocoa, Coconut, Composition of, Cod, Composition of fresh, Composition of salt, Coffee, cake, Coke, and coal, Collops, Meaning of, Commercial yeast, Common labor-saving devices, Composition and varieties of oats, of apple, of bacon, of banana, of beef steak, of beef suet, of buckwheat, of butter, of buttermilk, of canned fruit, of carbohydrates, of celery, of cereals, of cereals, Table showing, of chestnut, of coconut, of cooked macaroni, of cooked oat breakfast food, of corn, of corn bread, of cottage cheese, of cream, of cream cheese, of dried beef, of dried fig, of dry navy bean, of egg white and yolk, of food, Chemical, of food materials, of fresh cod, of fresh shelled bean, of fruit jelly, of grape juice, of grapes, of green corn, of green string bean, of honey, of Italian pastes, of lamb chop, of lard, of mackerel, of maple sugar, of molasses, of oats, of olive oil, of onion, of oyster, of parsnip, of peanut, of peanut butter, of pork chop, of potato, of raisins, of rice, of rye, of rye bread, of salt cod, of skim milk, of smoked ham, of smoked herring, of stick candy, of strawberry, of sugar, of toasted bread, of walnut, of wheat, of white and yolk of egg, of whole egg, of whole milk, of whole wheat bread, Compote, Meaning of, Compressed yeast, Constituents, Food principles, or, Conveying heat to food, Methods of, Cooker, Cooking cereals in fireless, Fireless, Cookery, Meaning of, Terms used in, time table, Cooking cereals by boiling, cereals in double boiler, cereals in fireless cooker, cereals, Methods of, cereals, Points to observe in, cereals, Preparation for, cereals, Purpose of, cereals with dry heat, food, Reasons for, foods, Importance of, foods, Table for, Getting foods ready for, Heat for, Methods of, Methods of using moist heat for, of food, processes, rice, Japanese method of, rice, Methods of, Uses of water in, Cooking utensils, Aluminum, utensils, Copper, utensils, Earthenware, utensils, Enamel, utensils, Glass, utensils, Iron and steel, utensils, Tin, utensils, Wooden, with dry heat, with hot fat, Copper cooking utensils, Coquilles, Meaning of, Corer, Apple, Corn bread, bread, Composition of, cake, cake, Molasses, -cake recipes, cake, Southern, Composition of, Composition of green, Field, griddle cakes, Maize, or Indian, meal, -meal croquettes, -meal muffins, -meal mush, -meal mush, Left-over, meal, Recipes for, Pop, Sweet, Cottage cheese, Composition of, Cracked wheat, Cream cheese, Composition of, Composition of, of tartar and soda, of wheat, of wheat with dates, sauce, Creamed hominy, peas, rice, Creaming of food ingredients, Croquettes, Corn-meal, Rolled-oats, Croutons, Meaning of, Cups, Measuring, Curry, Custard, Farina, Cutting-in of food ingredients,


Dampers, Adjusting cook-stove, Coal-stove, Date muffins, Dates, Cream of wheat with, Graham mush with, Demi-tasse, Meaning of, Deviled, Meaning of, Dextrine, Formation of, Diet, Hot breads in the, Meaning of, Well-balanced, Dietetics, Definition of, Digestion and absorption of food, of food, Dill, Meaning of, Dinner rolls, Dish-washing machines, Double boiler, Cooking cereals in, boiler, Use of, Dough, Kneading bread, Making bread, Motions used in kneading bread, Soft, Stiff, Doughs and batters, Dressing, Cabbage-salad, Dried beef, Composition of, fig, Composition of, Dry heat, Cooking cereals by, heat, Cooking with, measure, steaming, yeast, Drying of foods,


Earthenware cooking utensils, Economic value of cereals, Effect of boiling on foods, Egg beater, Rotary, coal, Composition of white and yolk of, Composition of whole, whip, Eggs, Scrambled, Electric meter, Reading an, stoves, stoves and utensils, Electricity as a fuel, Emergency biscuits, En coquille, Meaning of, Enamel cooking utensils, Endosperm, Meaning of, Entrees, Equipment for bread making, Convenient, Escarole, Meaning of,


Factors that govern cereal selection, Farce, or forcemeat, Meaning of, Farina, custard, souffle, Fat and milk in bread, Cooking with hot, Fat in cereals, Fats, Ferments, or leavening agents, Field corn, Fig, Composition of dried, Fillet mignons, Meaning of, Fillets, Meaning of, Firebox, Coal-stove, Fireless cooker, cooker, Cooking cereals in, -cooking gas stoves, Flour, Bakers', Blend, Care of, Graham, Grains used for, High-grade patent, Kinds of, made from spring or hard wheat, Discussion of, Milling of wheat, Quality of, Red dog, Rye, Scouring, Second-grade patent, Selection of, Whole-wheat, Flue, Coal-stove, opening of a coal stove, Fluff, Orange, Sauce for orange, Folding of food ingredients, Fondant, Meaning of, Fondue, Meaning of, Food, Absorption of, Care of, Cereals as a, Chemical composition of, Cooking of, Definition of, Digestion and absorption of, Digestion of, in cellars, Storing, ingredients, Beating of, ingredients, Creaming of, ingredients, Cutting-in of, ingredients, Folding of, ingredients, Mixing of, ingredients, Processes involved in mixing of, ingredients, Ricing of, ingredients, Rubbing of, ingredients, Sifting of, ingredients, Stirring of, Matters involved in right selection of, Methods of caring for, or fuel, value, Food, Preparation of, principles or constituents, Problem of, Reasons for cooking, Selection of, substances, value, Foods, Blanching, Canning of, Drying of, for cooking, Preparation of, Importance of cooking, Importance of variety of, Meaning of breakfast, Storing of non-perishable, Storing of semiperishable, with ice, Keeping, without ice, Keeping, Forcemeat, or farce, Meaning of, Frappe, Meaning of, French toast, Fricasseeing, Fromage, Meaning of, Fruit bread, Whole-wheat, Composition of canned, jelly, Composition of, or nut buns, Frying, Fuel, Use of coal as a, Use of coke as a, Use of electricity as a, Use of gas as a, Use of kerosene as a, value, Food, or, Value of gas as, Furnishing a kitchen, Utensils for,


Gas, Artificial, as fuel, Use of, as fuel, Value of, Carbonic-acid, or carbon-dioxide, Measurement of, meter, meter, Reading a, Natural, ranges, Description of, stove, Mixer of a, stove, Pilot of a, stoves and their operation, stoves, Fireless-cooking, General proportions, Applying knowledge of, Germ, Definition of, Germs, Gingerbread, Soft, Glace, Biscuit, Meaning of, Glass cooking utensils, Glaze, Meaning of, Gliadin, Glucose, Gluten, Glutenin, Goulash, Meaning of, Graham bread, bread with nuts, flour, muffins, mush with dates, nut buns, Grain for market, Preparation of, products, Table of, Structure of wheat, Grains used for flour, Grape juice, Composition of, Grapes, Composition of, Grate, Coal-stove, Green corn, Composition of, Griddle-cake recipes, cakes, cakes, Corn, cakes, Procedure in baking, cakes, Rice, cakes, Sour-milk, Griddles, Grinder, Grits, Hominy, Wheat, Gumbo, Meaning of,


Ham, Composition of smoked, Hard water, How to soften, Haricot, Meaning of, Heat, Cooking cereals with dry, Cooking with dry, for cooking, for cooking, Discussion of, Methods of cooking with moist, Herring, Composition of smoked, High-grade patent flour, Homard, Meaning of, Hominy, and cheese souffle, Buttered, Creamed, grits, Left-over, Recipes for, Honey, Composition of, Hors-d'oeuvres, Meaning of, Hot bread, bread, Distinction between leavened and, -bread mixture. Baking the, -bread mixture, Testing of baked, -bread mixture, Preparation of, Hot-bread mixture, Utensils for baking the, -bread mixture, Utensils for preparing the, -bread recipes, Miscellaneous, -bread utensils and their use, bread, Utilizing left-over, breads, breads, Baking of, breads, Combining ingredients for, breads, Correct oven temperature for, breads, Distinction between yeast and, breads in the diet, breads, Mixtures used for, breads, Principal requirements for, breads, Purpose of utensils for making, breads, Recipes for, breads, Regulating the oven for, breads, Requirements and processes for making, breads, Serving, breads, Varieties of mixtures and general, proportions used in, fat, Cooking with, Hotplates, Hulled, or whole, wheat, wheat, Huller, Berry,


Ice, Keeping foods with, Indian corn, or maize, Ingredients, Beating of food, Combining hot-bread, Creaming of food, Cutting-in of food, Folding of food, for bread making, Mixing of food, Preparation of hot-bread, Processes involved in mixing food, Quick-process, sponge method of combining bread, required for bread making, Ricing of food, Rubbing of food, Sifting of food, Stirring of food, Iron and steel cooking utensils, Irons, Waffle, Italian pastes, pastes, Composition of, pastes, Left-over, pastes, Preparation of, pastes, Recipes for, pastes, Varieties of, Italiene, Meaning of a la, Japanese method of cooking rice, rice, Jardiniere, Meaning of, Jelly, Composition of fruit, Juice, Composition of grape, Julienne, Meaning of, Junket, Meaning of,


Keeping foods with ice, foods without ice, Kerosene as a fuel, Use of, stoves and their operation, Kilowatt-hours in meter reading, Kippered, Meaning of, Kitchen, Utensils for furnishing a, Kneading bread dough, bread dough, Motions used in, bread dough, Purpose of,


Labour-saving devices, Lactose, Occurrence of, Lamb chop, Composition of, Lard, Composition of, Larding, Meaning of, Lardon, Meaning of, Leavened bread, Leavening agents, agents, Classes of, agents, or ferments, Chemical, Physical, Left-over barley, -over bread, -over corn-meal mush, -over hominy, -over hot bread, Utilizing, -over Italian pastes, -over rice, -over rolled oats, -over wheat cereals, Legumes, Meaning of, Lentils, Meaning of, Liquid measure, yeast, Loaf, Nut, Loaves, Shaping the bread dough into, Long process of bread making, process of making white bread, -process, sponge method of bread making, -process, straight-dough method of bread making, Luncheon menu, rolls,


Macaroni, and kidney beans, Composition of cooked, Italian style, with cheese, with cheese and tomato, with cream sauce, with eggs, with tomato and bacon, Macedoine, Meaning of, Machines, Dish-washing, Mackerel, Composition of, Maize, Malt sprouts, Maple sugar, Composition of, Marinade, Meaning of, Marinate, Meaning of, Market, Preparation of grains for the, Marrons, Meaning of, Materials, Proportion of bread-making used for cooking utensils, Matter, Mineral, Mayonnaise mixer, The, Meal, Corn, Recipes for corn, Meaning of breakfast foods, Measure, Dry, Liquid, Measurement of gas, Measures, Abbreviations of, Measuring, cups, Precautions to observe, spoons, Meat chopper, grinder, Menu, Breakfast, Luncheon, Meaning of, Menus and recipes, Meringue, Meaning of, Meter, Gas, Reading a gas, Reading an electric, Meters, Prepayment, Micro-organisms, Microbes, Milk and fat in bread, Composition of skim, Composition of whole, Soda and sour, toast, Millet, buckwheat, and rye, Description of, Milling of wheat flour, Mineral matter, matter in cereals, salts, salts, Purpose of, Miscellaneous hot-bread recipes, Mixer, Gas-stove, Mayonnaise, Use of the bread, Mixers, Bread, Cake, Mixing of food ingredients, of food ingredients, Processes involved in, processes, Application of, Mixture, Testing baked hot-bread, Mixtures used for hot breads, Moist heat, Cooking with, yeast, Molasses and soda, Composition of, corn cake, Molds, Motions used in kneading bread dough, Mousse, Meaning of, Muffin recipes, Muffins, Blueberry, Bran, Corn-meal, Date, Graham, Plain, Rice, Mush, Corn-meal, Left-over corn-meal, Sauted corn-meal, with dates, Graham,


Natural gas, Navy bean, Composition of dry, Non-perishable foods, Storing of, Nougat, Meaning of, Nut buns, Graham, loaf, or fruit buns, puffs,


Oat breakfast food, Composition of cooked, Composition of, Oatmeal, Oats, Composition and varieties of, Recipes for, Rolled, with apples, Rolled, Olive oil, Composition of, Onion, Composition of, Orange fluff, fluff, Sauce for, Order of work, Oriental rice, Oven, Coal-stove, for hot breads, Regulating the, Proper placing of hot-bread mixture in, temperature, Determining and regulating, temperature for baking bread, temperature for hot breads, Oxygen, Oyster, Composition of,


Pan-broiled chops, broiling, Paprika, Parker House rolls, Parsnip, Composition of, Pastes, Italian, Recipes for Italian, Pate, Meaning of, Patent flour, High-grade, flour, Second-grade, Patties, Rice, Pea coal, Peanut butter, Composition of, Composition of, Pearl barley, barley, Description of, barley with fruit, Peas, Creamed, Sauce for, Physical leavening, Pilot, Gas-stove, Pimiento, Meaning of, Pineapple, Rice with, Pinwheel biscuits, Piquante, Meaning of sauce, Pistachio, Meaning of, Plain muffins, Point, Boiling, Polishings, Rice, Pop corn, Popover recipes, with fruit, Pork chop, Composition of, Potage, Meaning of, Potato, Composition of, ricer, Potatoes, Baked, Powder, Baking, Recipe for baking, Precautions to observe in measuring, Preparation for cooking cereals, for cooking foods, of cereals for the table, Preparation of food, of grains for the market, of hot-bread ingredients, of hot-bread mixture, of Italian pastes, Prepared, or ready-to-eat, cereals, Preparing the hot-bread mixture, Utensils for, Prepayment meters, Principle of stoves, Principles, or constituents, Food, Problem of food, Processes and requirements for making hot breads, Application of mixing, Bread-making, Cooking, involved in mixing food ingredients, Production of cereals, Products, Cereal, Table of grain, Proportion of bread-making materials, Proportions, Applying knowledge of general, Protein, in cereals, Puffs, Nut, Whole-wheat, Puree, Meaning of, Purpose, of baking bread, of bread rising, of cooking cereals, of kneading bread dough, of utensils for making hot breads,


Quality, of coal, of flour, of yeast, Quick, bread, Hot or, breads, process of combining bread ingredients, process of making white bread, process of making whole-wheat bread, -process, sponge method of combining, bread ingredients, -process, straight-dough method of combining, bread ingredients,


Ragout, Meaning of, Raisins, Composition of, Ramekin, Meaning of, Range, Coal, Ranges, Description of gas, Reading, a gas meter, an electric meter, Ready, -to-eat cereals, -to-eat, or prepared, cereals, Reasons for cooking food, Rechauffe, Meaning of, Recipe, Definition of, Red-dog flour, Refrigerator, Care of food in, Care of the, Refrigerators, Refuse, Distinction between waste and, Meaning of, Relative weights and measures, Tables of, Requirements, and processes for making hot breads, of bread making, Rice, Boiled, Boiling, bread, Browned, Carolina, Composition of, Creamed, griddle cakes, Japanese, Japanese method of cooking, Left-over, Methods of cooking, muffins, Oriental, patties, polishings, Recipes for, Savory, Spanish, Steamed, Steaming, Varieties and structure of, waffles, with pineapple, Ricer, Potato, Ricing of food ingredients, Rising, bread dough, Care of the, Temperature for bread, Time required for bread, Rissoles, Meaning of, Roasting, Distinction between baking and, Meaning of, Rolled, oats, -oats croquettes, -oats jelly with prunes, oats, Left-over, oats with apples, Rolls, buns and biscuits, Recipes for, Cinnamon, Dinner, Luncheon, Parker House, Whole-wheat, Rotary egg beater, Roux, Meaning of, Rubbing of food ingredients, Rye, bread, bread, Composition of, buckwheat, and millet, Composition of, Description of, flour,


Salad, Cabbage, Watercress-and-celery, Salmi, Meaning of, Salpicon, Meaning of, Salt cod, Composition of, -rising bread, Salts, Mineral, Purpose of mineral, Sauce, Cream, for orange fluff, for peas, piquante, Meaning of, Meaning of tartare, Meaning of vinaigrette, Sauted corn-meal mush, Sauteing, Savoury rice, Scales, Score card, Explanation of, Scoring bread, bread, Object of, Scouring of flour, Scrambled eggs, Second-grade patent flour, Selection and care of cereals, of flour, of food, Semiperishable foods, Storing of, Semolina, Serving bread, cereals, hot breads, Setting a cereal or grain, Shallot, Meaning of, Shaping bread dough into loaves, Shelled bean, Composition of fresh, Sifting of food ingredients, Simmering, or stewing, Sizes of coal, Skim milk, Composition of, Small electric utensils, Smoked ham, Composition of, herring, Composition of, Soda and cream of tartar, Soda and molasses, and sour milk, Soft dough, gingerbread, Softening hard water, Soluble starch, Sorbet, Meaning of, Souffle, Meaning of, Farina, Sour milk, Soda and, -milk griddle cakes, Southern corn cake, Soy, Meaning of, Spaghetti, with cheese and tomato sauce, Spanish rice, Sponge method of making bread, Long-process, method of making bread, Quick-process, Spoons, Measuring, Spring, or hard, wheat, or hard, wheat, Flour made from, Sprouts, Malt, Starch, Steak, Composition of beef, Steamed rice, Steamer, Steaming, Dry, rice, Steel-and-iron cooking utensils, Sterilize water, Boiling to, Sterilizing, Stewing or simmering, Stick candy, Composition of, Stiff dough, Stirring of food ingredients, Stock, Meaning of, Storing food in cellars, of non-perishable foods, of semiperishable foods, Stove ash pan, Coal-, ash pit, Coal-, Coal, dampers, Coal-, flue opening, Coal-, oven, Coal-, Stoves and utensils, Electric, Fireless-cooking gas, Operation of kerosene, Principle of, Straight-dough method of bread making, -dough method of bread making, Long-process, -dough method of bread making, Quick-process, Strawberry, Composition of, String bean, Composition of green, Structure and varieties of rice, of wheat grain, Substances, Food, Suet, Composition of beef, Sugar, Composition of, Composition of maple, Sultanas, Meaning of, Sweet buns, corn,


Table, Cookery time, of grain products, showing composition of cereals, Tables of relative weights and measures, of weights and measures, Tarragon, Meaning of, Tartare sauce, Meaning of, Temperature, Determining and regulating oven, for bread rising, for hot breads, Correct oven, Terms used in cookery, Testing baked hot-bread mixture, Thick batter, Thin batter, Timbale, Meaning of, Time for baking and care of bread in oven, required for bread rising, table, Cookery, Tin cooking utensils, Toast, Buttered, French, Milk, Toasted Bread, Composition of, Toasting, Troy weight, Truffles, Meaning of,


Utensils, Aluminum cooking, and their use, Hot-bread, Copper cooking, Earthenware cooking, Enamel cooking, for baking the hot-bread mixture, for bread making, for cooking, for furnishing a kitchen, for preparing hot-bread mixture, Glass cooking, Importance of, Iron and steel cooking, Materials used for, Small electric, Tin cooking, Wooden cooking,


Value, Food, Food, or fuel, of cereals, Economic, of gas as fuel, Vanilla, Meaning of, Varieties and composition of oats, and structure of rice, of coal, of Italian pastes, of mixtures used in hot breads, Variety of foods, Importance of a, Vermicelli, Vinaigrette sauce, Meaning of, Vol au vent, Meaning of,


Waffle irons, Waffles, procedure in baking, Rice, Walnut, Composition of, Waste and refuse, Distinction between, Definition of, Water as a food substance, Boiling to sterilize, How to soften hard, in cereals, in the body, Function of, Watercress-and-celery salad, Weight, Avoirdupois, Troy, Weights and measures, Tables of, and measures, Tables of relative, Wheat, and wheat products, Recipes for, Beech, bread, Composition of whole, cereals, Left-over, Composition of, Cracked, Cream of, flour, Milling of, grain, Structure of, grits, Hulled, Hulled, or whole, Origin and use of, products, Recipes for, Spring, or hard, Winter, or soft, White bread, bread, Long process of making, bread, Quick process of making, of egg, Composition of, Whole egg, Composition of, milk, Composition of, -wheat bread, Whole-wheat bread, Composition of, -wheat bread, Quick process of making, -wheat flour, -wheat fruit bread, -wheat puffs, -wheat rolls, Window boxes, Winter, or soft, wheat, Wooden cooking utensils, Work, Order of,


Yeast, Action of, Yeast aids, and hot breads, Distinction between, Commercial, Compressed, Dry, Liquid, Moist, or leavened, bread, Quality of, Yeasts, Yolk of egg, Composition of,




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