Ringan Gilhaize - or The Covenanters
by John Galt
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Literary World.—"We do not remember having read a book that possessed the quality of grip in a greater degree than is the case with 'Death and the Woman.' ... Every page of every chapter develops the interest, which culminates in one of the most sensational denouements it has been our lot to read. The flavour of actuality is not destroyed by any incredible incident; it is the inevitable thing that always happens. 'Death and the Woman' will supply to the brim the need of those in search of a holding drama of modern London life."

The Fellow-Passengers. A Mystery and its Solution. A Detective Story. By RIVINGTON PYKE, Author of "The Man who Disappeared." Long 12mo, cloth, 1s.

Whitehall Review.—"Those who love a mystery with plenty of 'go,' and a story which is not devoid of a certain amount of realism, cannot do better than pick up 'Fellow-Passengers.' The characters are real men and women, and not the sentimental and artificial puppets to which we have been so long accustomed by our sensationalists. The book is brightly written, and of detective stories it is the best I have read lately."

Weekly Dispatch.—"If you want a diverting story of realism, bordering upon actuality, you cannot do better than take up this bright, vivacious, dramatic volume. It will interest you from first page to last."

Catholic Times.—"This is a well-written story, with a good plot and plenty of incident. From cover to cover there is not a dull page, and the interest keeps up to the end."

Glasgow News.—"It is a thriller.... The sort of book one cannot help finishing at a sitting, not merely because it is short, but because it rivets.... The author uses his materials with great ingenuity, his plot is cleverly devised, and he very effectively works up to a striking denouement.

Illustrated Books for Children

Nonsense Numbers and Jocular Jingles FOR FUNNY LITTLE FOLK. Written by DRUID GRAYL, with full-page Illustrations by WALTER J. MORGAN. 4to, cloth boards, 5s.

The Grand Panjandrum, and other fanciful Fairy Tales for the youthful of all Ages, Climes and Times. By S. J. ADAIR FITZ-GERALD, Author of "The Zankiwank and the Bletherwitch," "The Wonders of the Secret Cavern," "The Mighty Toltec," etc. Many full-page and smaller Illustrations by GUSTAVE DARRE. Second Edition. Square 8vo, art cloth, gilt, 3s. 6d.

Truth.—"A decided acquisition to the children's library."

Ladies' Pictorial.—"Quite one of the brightest of the season's gift books."

Spectator.—"Well provided with fun and fancy."

Morning Post.—"Bright and thoroughly amusing. It will please all children. The pictures are excellent."

Echo.—"Of the pile (of children's books) before us, Mr Adair Fitz-Gerald's 'Grand Panjandrum' is the cleverest. Mr Fitz-Gerald needs no introduction to the nursery of these days."

Times.—"Very fanciful."

Church News.—"This is one of the most delightful books of nonsense we have read since we welcomed 'The Wallypug of Why.'"

Scotsman.—"Will make the eyes of readers open wide with wonder and delight."

Lloyd's.—"Will amuse all children lucky enough to get this neat and pretty volume."

Pall Mall Gazette.—"A charming little book. Simply written, and therefore to be comprehended of the youthful mind. It will be popular, for the writer has a power of pleasing which is rare."

Literary World.—"A handsomely bound, mouth-watering, in every way up-to-date volume, written especially for and on behalf of the toddler or the newly breeched."

People.—"A delightful story for children, something in the style of 'Alice in Wonderland,' but also having some flavour of Kingley's 'Water Babies.'"

Sun.—"Good fairy stories are a source of everlasting joy and delight. Mr Adair Fitz-Gerald breaks fresh ground and writes pleasantly.... The book has the added advantage of being charmingly illustrated in colour by Gustave Darre."

Nottingham Guardian.—"It is a merry book, and should keep the nursery in a good humour for hours. It is artistically got up, the illustrations by Mr Gustave Darre being of a high order of merit."

Manchester Courier.—"It should prove a great favourite with young people, being written by one who evidently takes the utmost interest in them and their ways. The full-page illustrations are very pretty."

Weekly Sun.—"Mr Adair Fitz-Gerald is a well-known writer of fairy stories and humorous books for the young. 'The Grand Panjandrum' is just the sort of book to please youngsters of all ages, being full of pleasant imaginings, and introducing its readers to a host of curious people."

Greening's Humorous Books

The Pillypingle Pastorals. A Series of Amusing Rustic Tales and Sketches. By DRUID GRAYL. Profusely Illustrated by WALTER J. MORGAN. Crown 8vo, art cloth, 3s. 6d.

The Pottle Papers. Written by TRISTRAM COUTTS, Author of "A Comedy of Temptation." Illustrated by L. RAVEN HILL. Fourth Edition. Crown 8vo, cloth, 2s. 6d.

THE POTTLE PAPERS, the fourth edition of which is just ready, is a really funny book written by Saul Smiff, and illustrated by Mr L. Raven Hill. "Anyone who wants a good laugh should get 'The Pottle Papers,'" says the Sheffield Daily Telegraph. "They are very droll reading for an idle afternoon, or picking up at any time when 'down in the dumps.' They are very brief and very bright, and it is impossible for anyone with the slightest sense of humour to read the book without bursting into 'the loud guffaw' which does not always 'bespeak the empty mind.'" The Pall Mall Gazette says it contains "Plenty of boisterous humour of the Max Adeler kind ... humour that is genuine and spontaneous. The author, for all his antics, has a good deal more in him than the average buffoon. There is, for example, a very clever and subtle strain of feeling running through the comedy in 'The Love that Burned'—a rather striking bit of work. Mr Raven Hill's illustrations are as amusing as they always are." The St. James's Budget accorded this book a very long notice, and reproduced some of the pictures. The reviewer said: "Who says the sense of humour is dead when we have 'The Pottle Papers'? We can put the book down with the feeling that we have spent a very enjoyable hour and laughed immoderately. 'The Pottle Papers' will be in everybody's hands before long." H.R.H. the Prince of Wales honoured the author by accepting a copy of his book; and the Court Circular remarked: "The Prince of Wales has accepted a copy of Saul Smiff's delightfully merry book, 'The Pottle Papers.' The Prince is sure to enjoy Raven Hill's clever sketches." This funniest of funny books is published at 2s. 6d., strongly bound in cloth.

Dan Leno, Hys Booke. A Volume of Frivolities: Autobiographical, Historical, Philosophical, Anecdotal and Nonsensical. Written by DAN LENO. Profusely illustrated by Sidney H. Sime, Frank Chesworth, W. S. Rogers, Gustave Darre, Alfred Bryan and Dan Leno. Fifth Edition, containing a New Chapter, and an Appreciation of Dan Leno, written by Clement Scott. Crown 8vo, art cloth, gilt edges, 2s. Popular Edition, sewed, picture cover, 1s.

DAN LENO, HYS BOOKE, is, says the Liverpool Review, "the funniest publication since 'Three Men in a Boat.' In this autobiographical masterpiece the inimitable King of Comedians tells his life story in a style that would make a shrimp laugh." This enormously successful book of genuine and spontaneous humour has been received with a complete chorus of complimentary criticisms and pleasing "Press" praise and approval. Here are a few reviewers' remarks: "Bombshells of fun."—Scotsman. "One long laugh from start to finish."—Lloyd's. "Full of exuberant and harmless fun."—Globe. "A deliciously humorous volume."—English Illustrated Magazine. "The fun is fast and furious."—Catholic Times. "It is very funny."—St Paul's. These are a few opinions taken at random from hundreds of notices. Says the Daily News (Hull): "The funniest book we have read for some time. You must perforce scream with huge delight at the dry sayings and writings of the funny little man who has actually killed people with his patter and his antics. Page after page of genuine fun is reeled off by the great little man."

Bachelor Ballads and other Lazy Lyrics. By HARRY A. SPURR, Author of "A Cockney in Arcadia." With Fifty Illustrations by JOHN HASSALL. Crown 8vo, art cloth, 3s. 6d.

The Pottle's Progress. Being the Further Adventures of Mr and Mrs Pottle. By TRISTRAM COUTTS, Author of "The Pottle Papers," etc. Crown 8vo, 3s. 6d. (In preparation.)

* * * * *

Guides, Etc.

London. A Handy Guide for the Visitor, Sportsman and Naturalist. By J. W. CUNDALL. Including an Article on "Literary Restaurants," by CLEMENT SCOTT. Numerous Illustrations. Second Year of Publication. Long 12mo, cloth, 6d.

Vanity Fair.—"A capital little guide book. No bulky volume this, but a handy booklet full of pithy information on all the most important subjects connected with our great city."

Outlook.—"A handy booklet, more tasteful than one is accustomed to."

Pelican.—"As full of useful and entertaining information as is an egg of meat."

Bookman.—"A very lively and readable little guide."

To-day.—"One of the best guide books for visitors to London. It is a model of lucidity and informativeness, and the profuse illustrations are admirably executed."

Glasgow Herald.—"A useful little work for those who have no desire to wade through many pages of information before getting what they want."

America Abroad. A Handy Guide for Americans in England. Edited by J. W. CUNDALL. With numerous Illustrations. Ninth Year of Publication. 6d.

In Quaint East Anglia. Descriptive Sketches. By T. WEST CARNIE. Illustrated by W. S. ROGERS. Long 12mo, cloth, 1s. (See page 5.)

"Sisters by the Sea." Seaside and Country Sketches. By CLEMENT SCOTT, Author of "Blossom Land," "Amongst the Apple Orchards," Etc. Frontispiece and Vignette designed by GEORGE POWNALL. Long 12mo, attractively bound in cloth, 1s. (See page 3.)





Being an Attempt at Appreciation. By G. F. MONKSHOOD. With a Portrait of Mr Kipling, and an Autograph Letter to the Author in facsimile.

Crown 8vo, crimson buckram, gilt top, 5/= nett. */


Daily Telegraph.—(Mr W. L. COURTNEY in "Books of the Day.")—"He writes fluently, and has genuine enthusiasm for his subject, and an intimate acquaintance with his work. Moreover, his book has been submitted to Mr Kipling, whose characteristic letter to the author is set forth in the Preface.... Of Mr Kipling's heroes Mr Monkshood has a thorough understanding, and his remarks on them are worth quoting." (Here follows a long extract.)

Scotsman.—"This well-informed volume ... is plainly sincere. It is thoroughly well studied, and takes pains to answer all the questions that are usually put about Mr Kipling. The writer's enthusiasm carries both himself and his reader along in the most agreeable style.... One way and another, his book is full of interest; those who wish to talk about Mr Kipling will find it invaluable, while the thousands of his admirers will read it through with delighted sympathy."

Western Daily Press.—"A very praiseworthy attempt, and by a writer imbued with a fervent esteem for his subject.... This valuation of the work of our most virile Empire author should hold the attention of those who have well studied the subject and can appreciate accordingly."

Sun.—"The author has carefully compiled a lot of most interesting matter, which he has edited with care and conscientiousness, and the result is a volume which every lover of Kipling can read with pleasure."

Spectator.—"It is very readable. It tells us some things which we might not otherwise have known, and puts together in a convenient form many things which are of common knowledge."

Outlook.—"SOMETHING MORE than an attempt at appreciation.... Mr Monkshood has written what all the young men at home and abroad who treasure Mr Kipling's writings think, but have not expressed. The volume is a striking testimony to the hold which work that is clean and sane and virile has upon the rising generation. And for this we cannot be sufficiently thankful."

Globe.—"It has at the basis both knowledge and enthusiasm—knowledge of the works estimated and enthusiasm for them.... This book may be accepted as a generous exposition of Mr Kipling's merits as a writer. We can well believe that it will have many interested and approving readers."

Irish Times.—"A well-thought-out and earnest appreciation of the great writer and his works."

Academy.—"The book should give its subject pleasure, for Mr Monkshood is very keen and cordial. His criticisms have some shrewdness too. Here is a passage ..." (Long quotation follows.)

Sunday Times.—"Sure to attract much attention. In it we are given a sketch of Mr Kipling's career and the story of his various works, along with some sane and balanced criticism.... The book is written brightly, thoughtfully, and informingly."

Bookseller.—"It is acute in perception, and sympathetic to the verge of worship, with just as much criticism as will allow that the hero has his limitations.... Mr Monkshood's well-informed and well-written critique possesses undoubted ability and attraction."

Yorkshire Herald.—"This work, which is highly appreciative, will be received with enthusiasm.... From this point the biography becomes even more interesting.... The author deals at length with Kipling's works, and with sufficient forcefulness and originality to hold the reader's attention throughout. The biography has undoubted merit and will be largely read."



ADAMS, Herbert— A Virtue of Necessity 7

ALEXANDER, Geo.— Introduction to "Art of Elocution" 4

America Abroad (J. W. Cundall) 21

Anna Marsden's Experiment (Ellen Williams) 15

Asmodeus (edited by Justin Hannaford) 6

Ashes Tell no Tales (Mrs A. S. Bradshaw) 7

ASCHER, Isidore G.— A Social Upheaval 8


Bachelor Ballads (H. A. Spurr) 21

BECKFORD, Geo.— Vathek 6

Bible Stories Retold 4

BRADSHAW, Mrs Albert S.— Ashes Tell no Tales 7 Gates of Temptation 14

Bye-ways of Crime (R. J. Power-Berrey) 4


CARNIE, T. West— In Quaint East Anglia 5

Comedy of Temptation (T. Coutts) 9

COUTTS, Tristram— Pottle Papers 20 Comedy of Temptation 9 Pottle's Progress 21

CUNDALL, J. W.— London 21 America Abroad 21

Cry in the Night (A. Golsworthy) 7


DANIELS, Heber— Dona Rufina 13

Darab's Wine-Cup (B. Kennedy) 16

Dan Leno, Hys Booke (Dan Leno) 20

Death and the Woman (A. Golsworthy) 18

Devil in a Domino (C. L'Epine) 17

Devil on Two Sticks (Le Sage) 6

DE BREMONT, Comtesse— A Son of Africa 7 The Gentleman Digger 9

DE SOISSON— The Path of the Soul 5

Dolomite Cavern (W. P. Kelly) 11

Dona Rufina (Heber Daniels) 13


East Anglia, In Quaint (T. W. Carnie) 21

"ENGLISH WRITERS OF TO-DAY" Series— Rudyard Kipling (G. F. Monkshood) 1 Thomas Hardy (W. L. Courtney) 2 Geo. Meredith (Walter Jerrold) 2 Bret Harte (T. E. Pemberton) 2 Richard Le Gallienne (C. R. Gull) 2 Arthur Wing Pinero (H. Fyffe) 2 W. E. Henley (G. Gamble) 2 English Parnassian School (Sir G. Douglas) 2 Realistic Writers (J. Hannaford) 2

ESCOTT, T. H. S.— A Trip to Paradoxia 3

Elocution, The Art of (Ross Ferguson) 4

Epicurean, The (edited by Justin Hannaford) 6


Fame, the Fiddler (S. J. A. Fitz-Gerald) 16

Famous Hamlets (C. Scott) 4

FERGUSON, Ross— The Art of Elocution 4

Fetters of Fire (Compton Reade) 7

Fellow-Passengers (R. Pyke) 18

FITZ-GERALD, S. J. Adair— Fame, the Fiddler 16 That Fascinating Widow 17 The Grand Panjandrum 19


GALT, John— Ringan Gilhaize 6

Gates of Temptation, The (Mrs A. S. Bradshaw) 14

Gentleman Digger, The (Comtesse de Bremont) 9

Girl of the North, A (H. Milicite) 7

GOLSWORTHY, Arnold— A Cry in the Night 7 Death and the Woman 18

GRAYL, Druid— Nonsense Numbers, etc. 19 Pillypingle Pastorals 20

Grand Panjandrum, The (S. J. A. Fitz-Gerald) 19

GREEN, Percy B.— A History of Nursery Rhymes 5

Green Passion (A. P. Vert) 10

Guides, etc. 21


HALL, Sydney— Temptation of Edith Watson 9

Hamlets, Some Famous (C. Scott) 4

HERMAN, Henry— The Sword of Fate 9

Hypocrite, The (Anonymous) 13


In Monte Carlo (H. Sienkiewicz) 12

In Quaint East Anglia (T. W. Carnie) 21


Jocular Jingles (Druid Grayl) 19

JOHNSON, Dr— Rasselas 6


KELLY, W. Patrick— The Dolomite Cavern 11

KENNEDY, Bart— A Man Adrift 5 Darab's Wine-Cup 16 The Wandering Romanoff 13


Lady of the Leopard, The (C. L'Epine) 12

Lady of Criswold, The (L. Outram) 14

LE SAGE— Asmodeus; or, The Devil on Two Sticks 6

L'EPINE, Charles— The Devil in a Domino 17 The Lady of the Leopard 12

LENO, Dan— Dan Leno, Hys Booke 20

LONGSTAFF, W. Luther— Weeds and Flowers 6 The Tragedy of the Lady Palmist 12

Lord Jimmy (G. Martyn) 14

London (J. W. Cundall) 21


Man Adrift, A (B. Kennedy) 5

Madonna Mia (C. Scott) 11

MARTYN, Geo.— Lord Jimmy 14

MARTIN, Ernest— Shadows 18

M'MILLAN, Mrs Alec— The Weird Well 9

Miss Malevolent (Author of "The Hypocrite") 9

MILICITE, Helen— A Girl of the North 7

MONKSHOOD, G. F.— Woman and the Wits 5 Rudyard Kipling 1 My Lady Ruby 12

MOORE, Thomas— The Epicurean 6

Mora (T. W. Speight) 7

My Lady Ruby (G. F. Monkshood) 12


New Tale of the Terror, A (Author of "The Hypocrite") 8

Nonsense Numbers (D. Grayl) 19

Nursery Rhymes, A History of (P. B. Green) 5


Obscure Apostle (Orzeszko) 7

Outrageous Fortune (Anonymous) 10

OUTRAM, Leonard— The Lady of Criswold 14

OWEN, J. L.— Seven Nights with Satan 10


Path of the Soul (C. S. de Soisson) 5

People, Plays, and Places (C. Scott) 3

Pelican Tails (F. M. Boyd, etc.) 17

Pillypingle Pastorals (D. Grayl) 20

Pootle Papers, The (T. Coutts) 21

Pootle's Progress, The (T. Coutts) 21

POWER-BERREY, R. J.— Bye-Ways of Crime 4

PYKE, Rivington— The Fellow-Passengers 18


RAE-BROWN, Campbell— The Shadow on the Manse 12 The Resurrection of His Grace 15

Rasselas (Edited by Justin Hannaford) 6

READE, Compton— Fetters of Fire 7

Resurrection of His Grace (C. Rae-Brown) 15

Ringan Gilhaize (Edited by Sir G. Douglas) 6


SADLEIR, Mrs Maria M.— Such is the Law 7

SCOTT, Clement— The Wheel of Life 2 Madonna Mia 11 People, Plays, and Places 3 Sisters by the Sea 3 Famous Hamlets 4

Seven Nights with Satan (J. L. Owen) 10

Shadows (E. Martin) 18

Shams (Anonymous) 8

Shadow on The Manse (C. Rae-Brown) 12

SIENKIEWICZ, Henryk— In Monte Carlo 12

Sisters by the Sea (C. Scott) 3

Son of Africa, A (Comtesse de Bremont) 7

Social Upheaval, A (I. G. Ascher) 8

SPEIGHT, T. W.— Mora; One Woman's History 7

SPURR, Harry A.— Bachelor Ballads 21

Stage, Year Book of (Greening and Hannaford) 5

Such is the Law (M. M. Sadleir) 7

Sword of Fate, The (H. Herman) 9


Temptation of Edith Watson (S. Hall) 9

That Fascinating Widow (S. J. A. Fitz-Gerald) 17

THOMPSON, Creswick J.— Zoroastro 9

Tragedy of the Lady Palmist, The (W. L. Longstaff) 12

Trip to Paradoxia, A (T. H. S. Escott) 3


Vathek (Edited by Justin Hannaford) 6

VERT, Anthony P.— The Green Passion 10

Virtue of Necessity, A (H. Adams) 7


Wandering Romanoff, The (B. Kennedy) 13

Weeds and Flowers (W. L. Longstaff) 6

Weird Well, The (A. M'Millan) 9

Wheel of Life, The (C. Scott) 2

WILLIAMS, Ellen— Anna Marsden's Experiment 15

Woman and the Wits (G. F. Monkshood) 5


Year Book of the Stage (Greening and Hannaford) 5


Zoroastro (C. J. S. Thompson) 9

* * * * *

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