Northern Nut Growers Association Report of the Proceedings at the 44th Annual Meeting
Author: Various
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At the end of the Code there are sections dealing with certain special categories such as re-selected and improved cultivars, con-varieties, clones, apomicts and line-hybrids, which are of interest mainly to specialists in breeding and taxonomic work on cultivated plants.

I hope I have said enough, in this short article, to convince readers of the JOURNAL that the Code is of some interest to them if they want to use the names of plants so that other gardeners, both here and abroad can understand what they mean. The next step is to read the Code itself—first the Summary and then the full text that follows it. No doubt many who do so will be put off at first by the somewhat legal language used. One can only repeat the time-honoured defence by lawyers when similarly attacked—that to avoid ambiguity experience has shown that a certain amount of jargon is necessary! We have tried hard, in the Code, to keep it to a minimum.

The International Committee is anxious to receive suggestions for improving the Code, so that they can be discussed at the next Horticultural Congress. All such suggestions should be sent to the Secretary of the Committee (DR. H. R. FLETCHER), c/o The Royal Horticultural Society, Vincent Square, London, S.W.1.

In the Historical Introduction to the Code (written by MR. W. T. STEARN, Secretary of the International Committee, during the production of the Code), Fellows of The Royal Horticultural Society will note, I trust with pride, the important part played by their Society, in cooperation with many other bodies and individuals in many parts of the world, in the preparation, drafting and publication of the Code. I hope that they will feel it their not unpleasant duty to make themselves and others familiar with the provisions of the Code, to follow its rules and recommendations when they use the names of cultivated plants, and to let the Secretary of the Committee know how they think it might be improved. Article I of the Code states that its aim is "to promote uniformity, accuracy and fixity ... with the minimum disturbance of existing nomenclature"—an aim surely close to the heart of every Fellow of The Royal Horticultural Society.

I am grateful to MR. A. SIMMONDS, MR. W. T. STEARN AND MR. P. M. SYNGE for help in the preparation of this article.

Attendance Register, Rochester, N. Y., 1953

Ontario, Canada L. K. Devitt, Toronto

Connecticut Paul C. Daniels, Lakeville Arthur H. Graves, Wallingford

District of Columbia Beth Ford, Washington Mr. & Mrs. E. L. Ford, Washington Miss Gretta Wilson, Washington

Georgia Lou Kahn, Albany Mr. & Mrs. Wm. J. Wilson, Fort Valley

Illinois Mr. & Ms. R. B. Best, Eldred C. R. Blyth, Urbana J. C. McDaniel, Urbana Mr. & Mrs. Royal Oakes, Bluffs

Indiana John Andrews, Marion Mr. & Mrs. Ralph Andrews, Marion Mr. & Mrs. K. Dooley, Marion Ray Kaufman, Peru E. W. Pape, Marion Carl Prell, South Bend Ford Wallick, Peru J. F. Wilkinson, Rockport

Iowa Roy E. Ferguson, Center Point E. F. Huen, Eldora Ira M. Kyhl, Sabula Wm. Rohrbacher, Iowa City D. C. Snyder, Center Point

Maryland Dr. & Mrs. H. L. Crane, Hyattsville C. T. David, College Park Dr. G. F. Gravatt, Beltsville Dr. & Mrs. J. W. McKay & family, College Park Mr. & Mrs. Herbert Negus, Hyattsville Mrs. C. A. Reed, Takoma Park

Massachusetts Mr. & Mrs. Andrew Kerr, Plymouth

Michigan Mrs. Alpha Allen, Jackson Howard Allen, Jackson Gilbert Becker, Climax W. M. Beckert, Jackson R. M. Burr, Ann Arbor F. J. Keplinger, Farwell G. J. Korn, Kalamazoo

New Jersey P. H. Cox, Bloomfield

New York Mr. & Mrs. Victor Brook, Rochester Ernest Brooks, Monroe Wm. G. Brooks, Monroe David Caldwell, Syracuse Mrs. L. M. Caldwell, Canastota Mrs. S. H. Graham, Ithaca Prof. L. H. MacDaniels, Ithaca Mr. & Mrs. George Salzer, Rochester Rodman Salzer, Rochester George Slate, Geneva Jay L. Smith, Chester Dr. Mary B. Spahr, Ithaca

North Carolina W. J. Ellis, Advance

Ohio George E. Craig, Dundas Mr. & Mrs. John Davidson, Xenia Barbara and Doris Dowell, Massillon Dr. & Mrs. L. L. Dowell, Massillon John A. Gerstenmaier, Massillon Dr. & Mrs. Edward A. Grad, Cincinnati Frank M. Kintzel, Cincinnati Shumzo Kodera, Columbus & Tokyo, Japan Mr. & Mrs. P. E. Machovina & Family, Columbus Christ Pataky, Mansfield Mr. & Mrs. Raymond Silvis, Massillon Wm, C. Silvis, Massillon Mr. & Mrs. A. W. Weaver, Toledo Emmet Yoder, Smithville

Pennsylvania R. P. Allaman, Harrisburg Wm. S. Clarke, Jr., State College Mrs. Helen Davis, Allentown Mr. & Mrs. E. B. Miller, Hazelton John Rick, Reading Mr. & Mrs. Wm. S. Weaver, Macungie

Tennessee Roy Chase, Knoxville Spencer B. Chase, Knoxville

Virginia Jesse O. Diller, Arlington Mr. & Mrs. H. R. Gibbs & Family, Linden Mr. & Mrs. H. F. Stoke, Roanoke

West Virginia R. W. Pease, Morgantown

Wisconsin L. W. Coulson, Slinger

Northern Nut Growers Association

Membership List

October 1, 1952, to September 30, 1953

*Life member **Honorary member Sec.Contributing member +Sustaining member

ALABAMA +Hiles, Edward L., Hiles Repair Shop, Loxley Long, Pope M., Box 33, Cordova

ARKANSAS Croley, Victor A., Route 4, Box 45, Green Forest Crozier, O. N., Route 2, Searcy Schlan, Mrs. Agnes, Route 2, Mountainburg Sibley, Mrs. J. W., Sulphur Springs Vaile, Joseph E., Dept. of Horticulture, University of Arkansas, Fayetteville Wade, Clifton, Forest Ave., Fayetteville Wylie, W. D., Dept. of Entomology, University of Arkansas, Fayetteville

BELGIUM Vanderwaeren, R., Horticultural Adviser, Bierbeekstraat 217, Korbeek-Lo

CALIFORNIA Andrew, Col. James W., Box 12, Hamilton, A. F. B. Bridges, Mrs. H. G., R. F. D. No. 4, Box 60, Tulore +Buck, E. H., 16 N. Portola, Three Arch Bay, South Laguna Darling, Mrs. Leah, Wilsona Route, Box 313, Lancaster Fowler, Floyd L., Route 2, Box 5636B, Redding Fulcher, E. C., 5707 Fulcher Ave., North Hollywood Gililland, Guy S., L. V. S. R. Box 342, Lucerne Valley +Haig, Dr. Thomas R., 3021 Highland Drive, Route 2, Box 2357, Carlsbad Jeffers, Chaplain Harold W., U. S. N. A. S., Los Alamitos, Long Beach +Kemple, W. H., 216 W. Ralston St., Ontario Pentler, Dr. C. F., 1322 Martin Ave., Palo Alto Pozzi, P. H., 2875 S. Dutton Ave., Santa Rosa +Serr, Dr. E. F., Agricultural Experiment Station, Davis Stewart, Douglas N., 633 F Street, Davis Welby, Harry S., 500 Buchanan St., Taft

CANADA Blyth, Donald, Blythwood Farm, Guelph, Ontario Clarkson, A. G., R. R. 1, Islington, Ontario Collens, Adam H., 42 Seaton St., Toronto 2, Ontario Devitt, L. K., 409 Armadale Ave., Toronto, Ontario English, H. A., Box 153, Duncan, British Columbia Gellatly, J. U., Box 19, Westbank, British Columbia Harrhy, Ivor H., Route 7, St. Thomas, Ontario Henderson, George, R. R. No. 7, Guelph, Ontario Holmes, B. T., 320 Deloraine Ave., Toronto, Ontario Housser, Levi, Route 1, Beamsville, Ontario Kimmerly, Fred A., R. R. No. 3, Cottam, Ontario Kimmerly, Haven E., R. R. No. 2, Harrow, Ontario +Lefevre, H. E., 354 St. Catharine St., East; Montreal 18, Quebec Lossing, Elgin, Norwich, Ontario *Neilson, Mrs. Ellen, 5 Macdonald Ave, Guelph, Ontario Papple, Elton E., Route 1, Cainsville, Ontario Porter, Gordon, R. R. No. 2, Harrow, Ontario Sheppard, H. H., Box 46, Queenston, Ontario Smith, Edward A., Box 6, Sparta, Ontario +Snazelle, Robert, Forest Nursery, Route 5, Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island Trayling, E. J., 509 Richard St., Vancouver, British Columbia Wagner, A. S., Delhi, Ontario +Walker, J. W., McCarthy & McCarthy, 330 University Ave., Toronto 1, Ontario Wharton, H. W., Route 2, Guelph, Ontario White, Peter, 30 Pear Ave., Toronto 5, Ontario Willis, A. R., Route 1, Royal Oak, Vancouver Island, British Columbia Young, A. L., Brooks, Alberta

COLORADO Boyd, A., 1232 Clayton, Denver +Forbes, J. E., Julesburg Lieb, Mrs. Henry H., 3195 Gray St., Denver McKinstry, Blair G., Julesburg Morrison, Mrs. Doris E., Carr Stoll, Harland, 3070 Pierce, Denver 14

CONNECTICUT Ayling, Mrs. Charles L., Foothills, Washington Bennett, George S., Southbury Corcoran, H. F., The International Silver Co., 169 Colony St., Meriden David, Alexander M., 480 S. Main St., West Hartford Deming, Miss Charlotte, P. O. Box 403, Litchfield Deming, Hawthorne, Hamilton Lane, Darien **Deming, Dr. W. C, Litchfield Frueh, Alfred J., Route 1, Sharon +Graves, Dr. Arthur H., P. O. Box 129, Wallingford Grebosky, Joseph L.'s Nursery, 50 Taylor Ave., South Norwalk 17 Hapgood, Miss Dorothy A., 745 Farmington Ave., West Hartford Henry, David S., Blue Hills Farm, Route 2, Wallingford Howe, Mrs. Paul, Umpawang Hill, R. F. D. No. 1, West Redding *Huntington, A. M., Stanerigg Farms, Bethel King, Mrs. Una, 57 Meadowbrook Road, West Hartford Newcomer, Dr. Earl, Storrs *Newmarker, Adolph, R. R. No. 1, Rockville Nienstaedt, Dr. Hans, Conn. Agr., Expt. Station, P. O. Box 1106, New Haven 4 Pratt, George D., Jr., Bridgewater Schukoske, John A., Route 2, Box 257, Saybrook Road, Middletown White, George E., R. R. No. 2, Andover

DELAWARE Brugmann, Elmer W., 108C Thomas Drive, Monroe Park, Wilmington Keller, Walt C., Rice Farms, Felton +Logue, R. F., General Manager, Andelot, Inc., 2098 du Pont Building, Wilmington

DENMARK Butzow, O., 49 Bredgade, Copenhagen Grandjean, Julio, Hillerod Knuth, Count F. M., Knuthenborg, Bandholm Reventlow, Johan Otto, Damgaard, Fredericia Sorenson, Director K. Kaae, Dyrehavevej 22, Klampenborg

DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA American Potash Institute, Inc., 1102 16th St., N. W., Washington Curtis, Miss Diane, 1903 Kalorama Road, N. W., Washington Ford, Edwin L., 3634 Austin St., S. E., Washington 20 +Hale, A. C., FOA-STEM to Thailand, c/o Dept. of State Mail Room, Washington, D. C. Reed, Mrs. Clarence A., 7309 Piney Branch Road, Washington 12 Woycik, Dr. Peter W., 1835 Eye St., N. W., Washington

ECUADOR Daniels, The Honorable Paul C., American Ambassador, Quito O'Rourke, Prof. F. L., Tropical Agr. Expt. Station, Pichilinque, c/o U. S. Consul, Guaycil

ENGLAND Wood, J. F., Moor Orchard, North Honiton, Devon

FLORIDA +Avant, C. A., 960 N. W. Tenth Ave., Miami +Estill, Miss Gertrude, 153 Navarre Drive, Miami Springs +Holmes, Harry A., P. O. Box 323, Boca Raton

GEORGIA Bixler, Dr. H. H., 134 Superior Ave., Decatur Cannon, J. W., Jr., Box 388, Cordele R. E. Funsten Co., Arthur O. Sandison, P. O. Box 1046, Albany Gibbs, Robert I., 1007 Clifton Road, N. E., Atlanta 6 +Hardy, Max B., Leeland Farms, P. O. Box 128, Leesburg Hunter, Dr. H. Reid, 561 Lakeshore Drive N. E., Atlanta Kahn, Lou, P. O. Box 1046, Albany Noland, S. C., Skyland Farms, Box 1747, Atlanta 1 Sasseville, Ezra, M., 605 Rhodes Building, Atlanta Wallace, Clifford L., Route 1, Riverdale Wilson, William J., North Anderson Ave., Fort Valley

HAWAII Keaau Orchard, John F. Cross, Manager, Hilo

HONG KONG Wang, P. W., China Prod. Trading Corp., 6 Des Voeux Road

IDAHO +Bailey, Robert G., 332 Main St., Lewiston Clarkson, Ernest V., R. F. D. No. 2, Jerome Dryden, Lynn, Peck Hazelbaker, Calvin, Rt. 2, Box 382, Lewiston Horn, Anton S., 920 N. 20th St., Boise Ingle, Jack, Mountain Home Kindall, Mrs. Leslie L., Route 3, Boise

ILLINOIS Allbright, R. D., Allbright Nurseries, 4287 Western Ave., Western Springs Allen, Theodore R., R. R. No. 1, Delevan Anderson, Ralph W., R. F. D. No. 3, Morris +Anthony, A. B., Route No. 3, Sterling Armel, Eli, R. F. D. No. 3, Mount Sterling Baber, Adin, Kansas Ballard, Thomas E., Rural Route, Carrollton Barrow, J. M., P. O. Box 209, Urbana Sec.Best, R. B., Columbiana Seed Co., Eldred Best, Mrs. R. B., Columbiana Seed Co., Eldred Best, Richard C., Eldred Best, Robert L., Eldred Best, Virgil, R. R. No. 4, Mattoon Blaine, Homer H., 901 White Oak Road, Bloomington +Blyth, Colin R., Mathematics Dept., University of Illinois, Urbana *Boll, Herschel L., 2 Horticultural Field Laboratory, University of Illinois, Urbana Booth, Earl, R. F. D. No. 2, Carrollton Borchsenius, Wayne L., R. F. D. No. 2, Sheridan Brock, Arthur S., 1733 N. McVicker Ave., Chicago 39 Canterbury, C. E., Cantrall Carlson, Dr. R. J., 320 Sherman Ave., Macomb Carvel, Mayo, R. F. D. No. 1, Golconda Chandler, S. C., 607 W. College St., Carbondale Churchill, Woodford M., 4323 Oakenwald Ave., Chicago 15 Clark, Thomas F., Northern Regional Research Laboratory, Peoria Colby, Dr. Arthur S., Department of Horticulture, University of Illinois, Urbana Corzine, Troy F., Dongola Crabb, Richard, Box 306, Wheaton +Dahlberg, Albert A., D. D. S., 5756 Harper Aw., Chicago 37. +Daum, Philip A., 203 N. Sixth St., Carrollton Deaner, Willard G., R. F. D. No. I, Mendota Decker, Honas H., R. F. D., Rutland Diener, Menno A., Route 2, Lovington Dietrich, Ernest, Route No. 2, Dundas Dintleman, L. F., State Street Road, Belleville Dopheide, Henry A., 1331 Jackson St., Quincy Eigsti, Dr. O. J., Funk Brothers Seed Co., Bloomington Floreth, W. H., Carrollton Fordtran, E. H., Route No. 3, Box 92, Palatine Frey, Frank H., 2315 West 108th Place, Chicago 43 Frey, Mrs. Frank H., 2315 West 108th Place, Chicago 43 +Fuller, Owen H., 1005 Oneida St., Joliet Gerardi, Louis, Route No. 1, Caseyville Gettings, William A., R. R. No. 1, Eldred Glidden, Nansen, West Lincoln Highway, De Kalb Govaia, R. M., O. D. Room 19, Greer Block, Vandalia Graham, George W., Rural Route, Carrollton Grefe, Ben, Route No. 4, Box 22, Nashville Griffith, Chris, West Filmore St., R. F. D., Vandalia Hall, E. L., R. F. D. No. 1, Drew Ave., Hinsdale Hall, William A., M. D., 217 Pacific Road, Forrestal Village, North Chicago Hazelwood, Everett, Hillview Sec.Heberlein, Edwin W., Route No. 1, Box 72A, Roscoe Helmle, Mrs. Herman C., 526 S. Grand Ave., W., Springfield +Hockenyos, G. L., 213 E. Jefferson St., Springfield Howard, Frank S., Rollins Road at Melrose, Route No. 1, Round Lake Hoyle, Mrs. B. G., McNabb Illyes, Dr. R. O., 1302 Lexington Ave., Lawrenceville +Junck, Adolph E., Route No. 1, Jerseyville Kammarmeyer, Glenn, 1711 E. 67th St., Chicago 49 +Kreider, Ralph, Jr., Route No. 1, Hammond Krug, Carl B., Route No. 2, El Paso Kruse, William, c/o Honey Lee Apiaries, Godfrey Laatz, Mrs. Lenore, R. F. D. No. 3, Morris Langdoc, Mrs. Mildred Jones, P. O. Box 136, Erie Leighton, L. C., Arthur +Marsh, Victor W., Aledo Marsh, Mrs. W. V., Route No. 2, Aledo Massey, Paul E., Box 202, Caseyville McDaniel, J. C., 104 Horticultural Field Laboratory, University of Illinois, Urbana McDaniel, J. C., Jr., 1203 W. California Ave., Urbana McKee, Mrs. Myrtice, Mount Morris Mohr, Victor C., Route No. 1, Box 21, Dallas City +Musgrave, Carl, 5200 S. Laflin St., Chicago 9 Newman, Roy, P. O. Box 51, Martinsviile Sec.Oakes, Royal, Bluffs +Opat, Joseph C., Opat Chinchilla Fur Ranch, R. R. No. 3, Hinsdale Peers, Frank B., Box 321, Highland Park Pierson, Stuart E., Carrollton Pond, Merton, Bluffs Raab, Irvin M., R. R. No. 4, Belleville Reid, Robert J., 1137 Winona St., Chicago 40 +Reisch, Louis C., Route No. 4, Carrollton Richie, Robert E., Carrollton Robbins, W. J., 885 N. LaSalle St., Chicago 10 Schmisseur, L. R., Caseyville Schubert, Kenneth, Route No. 1, Millstadt Seng, Charles W. & Son, 920 Lafayette Ave., Box 247, Mattoon Sokolowski, F. W., M. D. 2503 Donald Ave., Alton +Sonnemann, W. F., Experimental Gardens, Vandalia Sparks, Maurice E., 1508 Ash, Lawrenceville Spencer, H. Dwight, 275 W. Decatur St., Decatur Tucker, Lowell R., 607 W. Mill St., Carbondale Twenhafel, Paul, Gorham Ullrich, W. D., 108 W. McClure, Peoria 5 Vogt, William G., Greene County National Bank Bldg., Carrollton Voiles, William, Eldred Vortman, Elmer, Route No. 1, Bluffs Wahle, Fred, Route No. 1, Fieldon Whitford, A. M., Farina Wright, William W., 101 Taylor St., Vandalia Young, Mrs. Hugh E., Maple Springs Farm, R. F. D., Ashton Zethmayr, Gordon, Route No. 1, Box 130, West Chicago

INDIANA Andrew, John, Matter Park Road, Marion +Andrew, Ralph, Matter Park Road, Marion Aster Nut Products Co., Inc., George Oberman, Manager, 1004 Main St., Evansville 8 Babcock, Dan, R. R. No. 14, Box 342, Indianapolis 44 Barnhart, M. A., Delphi Bauer, Paul J., 123 S. 29th St., Lafayette Bird, E. C., 160 Federal Building, South Bend Boller, G. Evert, Route No. 6, Box 101, Marion Bolten, Fred, Route No. 3, Linton Boyer, Clyde C., Nabb Buchner, Dr. Doster, 533 W. Washington Boulevard, Fort Wayne 2 +Clark, C. M., C. M. Clark & Sons Nurseries, Route No. 2, Middletown Cole, Charles W., Jr., Madison Road, Route No. 6, Box 112A, Marion Cunningham, Earl E., 612 E. 4th St., Anderson Deeg, E. E., R. R. No. 9, Koring Road, Evansville Doeden, Johan, R. F. D. No. 4, Attica +Dooley, Kenneth A., Route No. 2, Marion Dougherty, Paul B., 4319 S. Harmon St., Marion Eagles, A. E., The Eagles Orchards, Wolcottville +Fateley, Nolan W., 26 Central Ave., Franklin Glaser, Peter, Route No. 9, Box 328, Koering Road, Evansville +Grater, A. E., Route No. 2, Shipshewana Gross, Mrs. Margaret E., 808 Fenton Road, Marion Harrell, Franklin M., Route No. 1, Griffith Sec.Hirschman, J. Clifton, 4141 E. 62nd St., Indianapolis 20 Jasperson, Marion E., R. R. No. 5, Box 55, Indianapolis 3 Johnson, Raymond M., 8605 Manderiey Drive, Indianapolis Kaufman, Ray, Route No. 4, Peru Kem, Dr. Charles E., R. R. No. 3, Box 52, Richmond Kenworthy, Owen, R. F. D. No. 3, Crown Point Kestle, Margaret K., John Deere Store, Winamac Kyburz, Benjamin E., Route No. 1, Idaville La Rue, A. R., Box 147, Bloomington Layman, J. C., R. F. D. No. 1, Peru Lennon, Robert E., R. R. No. 1, Warren Letsinger, J. E., 1202 Lower Huntington Road, Fort Wayne 6 Lukemeyer, Edwin J., 825 Line St., Evansville Moldenhauer, Carl J., R. R. No. 7, Huntington Neimeyer, Harry D., West Lebanon Newman, Jesse D., Jr., R. R. No. 2, Culver Oare, William T., 650 Associate Building, South Bend 1. Palmer, Frank, Jr., 1011 Donmoyer, South Bend +Pape, Edward W., Route No. 2, Marion Sec.Prell, Carl F., 1414 E. Colfax Ave., South Bend 17 Randolph, Frederick F., Route No. 1, Edinburg Reed, Frank, Route No. 1, Box 227, Daleville Rehm, Walter T., R. R. No. 4, Logansport Richards, E. E., 2912 York Road, South Bend Risko, A., Tioga Orchards, Monticello Rodenbeck, Miss Ruby, R. R. No. 2, Losantville +Russell, A. M., Jr., 2721 Marine St., South Bend 14 Schram, Emil, Route No. 1, Peru Schreiber, Ralph, 245 Cherry St., New Albany Shafer, John, Jr., 3031 N. Roselawn Drive, Logansport Shannon, Charles, R. F. D. No. 2, Box 324, Greenwood Skinner, Dr. Charles H., Route No. 1, Thorntown Sly, Miss Barbara, Route No. 3, Rockport Sly, Donald R., Route No. 3, Rockport Sly, Miss Lucinda Beth, Route No. 3, Rockport Summers, Floyd, R. F. D., No. 2, Box 68, Winchester Talbott, John E., R. F. D. No. 3, Linton Sec.Wallick, Ford, Route No. 4, Peru Ward, W. B., Horticulture Building, Purdue University, Lafayette Welton, Forrest O., R. F. D. No. 1, Burns City +Westerhouse, George F., East Ohio St., Monticello Wichman, Robert P., Route No. 3, Washington Wilkinson, J. F., Indiana Nut Nursery, Route No. 3, Rockport Wittick, Eugene C., Route No. 4, Box 68A, Valparaiso Wood, Darl F., 201 Miami Club Drive, Mishawaka Woodward, Howard, Route No. 3, Syracuse

IOWA Berhow, Seward, Berhow Nurseries, Huxley Bird, C. A., Box 66, Odebolt Boice, R. H., Route No. 1, Nashua Cole, Edward P., 419 Chestnut St., Atlantic Eads, Carroll, R. F. D., Miles Eller, W. E., Eldora Ferguson, Albert B., Center Point +Ferris, Wayne, Hampton Goettler, Fred, R. F. D. No. 1, Bellevue Goodwin, William T., 1121 S. Riverside Drive, Iowa City Gray, Kenny, Sabula Greig, John E., Box 157, Estherville Hoke, Russell O., Route No. 2, Anamosa Huen, E. F., Eldora +Inter-State Nurseries, Hamburg +Kaser, Mrs. J. D., Winterset Kern, Dr. W. R., 741 Rundell St., Iowa City Kosek, Frank J., 87 Sixteenth Ave., S. W., Cedar Rapids Kyhl, Ira M., Box 236, Sabula Lysinger, Addison, Lamoni +Martzahn, Frank A., Route No. 1, Davenport McLeran, Harold F., Mount Pleasant Meyer, Clemens, Route No. 1, West Union Neprash, Bob, Nursery, Route No. 3, Cedar Rapids 5 Orr, J. Allen, 4000 West Fourth St., Sioux City 3 Rohrbacher, Dr. William, 811 E. College St., Iowa City Schlagenbusch Brothers, Route No. 2, Fort Madison Snyder, D. C., Center Point Steffen, R. F., P. O. Box 1302, Sioux City 2 +Wade, Miss Ida May, Route No. 3, La Porte City Welch, G. L., Mount Arbor Nurseries, Shenandoah +White, Herbert L., Box 264, Woodbine +White, Rev. L. P., Greeley Williams, R. Alan, 1990 Eighth Ave., Marion Williams, Wendell V., Route No. 1, Dansville

JAPAN Deming, Olcott, U. S. Embassy, Tokyo Yamato Seed & Implement Co., Tokyo Yoshizaki, Chiaki, 17 Ichi Bancho Chiyodaku, Tokyo (International Collaboration of Farmers Association)

KANSAS Baker, Fred C., Troy Borst, Frank E., 1704 Shawnee St., Leavenworth Sec.Breidenthal, Willard J., Riverview State Bank, Box 296; 7th and Central, Kansas City Funk, M. D., 600 W. Paramore St., Topeka Gray, Dr. Clyde, 1015 Central Ave., Horton Harris, Ernest, Box 20, Wellsville Jackson, Walter, Osage City Leavenworth Nurseries, Carl Holman, Proprietor, Route No. 3, Leavenworth Mondero, John, Lansing +Pittser, L. R., Oswego Stanley, G. E., 235 Ward Parkway, Kansas City Starke, M. F., Hawthorne Place, Hiawatha Thielenhaus, W. F., Route No. 1, Buffalo Underwood, Jay, Riverside Nursery, Uniontown +Wales, Max, 1534 Macvicar St., Topeka

KENTUCKY Alves, Robert H., 302 Clay St., Henderson Armstrong, W. D., Western Kentucky Experiment Station, Princeton Collier, Leroy, 1514 Smallhouse Road, Bowling Green R. E. Funsten Co., Robert Walker, P. O. Box 142, Henderson Hopson, J. R., Route No. 2, Cadiz Magill, W. W., Horticulture Department, University of Kentucky, Lexington +Miller, Julien C., 220 Sycamore Drive, Paducah Moss, Dr. C. A., Box 237, Williamsburg +Rouse, Sterling, Route No. 1, Box 70, Florence Siler, Robert W., Box 241, Williamsburg Stone, Dr. Thomas, Mayfield Taliaferro, Philip, Box 85, Erlanger Tatum, W. G., Route No. 4, Lebanon Usrey, Robert, Star Route, Mayfield Widmer, Dr. Nelson D., Lebanon Yost, John M., Pikeville

LOUISIANA Crow, John, R. F. D., Coushatta Hammar, Dr. Harald E., U. S. D. A. Chemical Laboratory, 606 Court House, Shreveport 47 Lowrey, Brunner E., P. O. Box 168, Mansfield Perrault, Mrs. Henry D., Route No. 1, Box 13, Natchitoches Smith, Dr. C. L., U. S. D. A. Pecan Laboratory, 607 Court House, Shreveport 47

MAINE Hamilton, Mrs. Benjamin P., Waterboro, York County

MARYLAND Barrett, Harvey E., P. E. 17 Maple Ave., Catonsville 28 Berry, Frederick H., Div. of Forest Pathology, Plant Industry Station, Beltsville Crane, Dr. H. L., U. S. D. A., Plant Industry Station, Beltsville Dengler, Harry William, Extension Forester, University of Maryland, College Park Diller, Dr. Jesse D., U. S. D. A., Plant Industry Station, Beltsville +Eastern Shore Nurseries, Inc., P. O. Box 743, Easton Sec.Gravatt, Dr. G. F., Div. of Forest Pathology, U. S. D. A., Plant Industry Station, Beltsville Hughes, Clinton K., Potomac Ave., Braddock Heights Jones, George R., R. F. D. No. 2, Aberdeen Kaan, Dr. Helen W., 8335 Grubb Road, Silver Spring Kemp, Homer S., Bountiful Ridge Nurseries, Princess Anne McKay, Dr. J. W., Plant Industry Station, Beltsville +Negus, Mrs. Herbert, 5031 55th Ave., Roger Heights +Porter, John J., 1199 The Terrace, Hagerstown Rayner Brothers, Salisbury +Shamer, Dr. Maurice E., 3300 West North Ave., Baltimore 16 Swipp, Stanley W., 4218 71st Ave., Landover Hills

MASSACHUSETTS Babbitt, Howard S. 221 Dawes Ave., Pittsfield Barthelmes, George A., Route No. 1, Leicester +Bradbury, Rear Admiral H. G., Hospital Point, Beverly Brooks, Henry H., Boxboro Brown, Daniel L., Esq., 60 State Street, Boston +Bump, Albert H., P. O. Box 275, Brewster +Davenport, S. Lothrop, 24 Creeper Hill Road, North Grafton Desfarges, Osias J., Granby +Faulkner, Luther W., R. F. D., Westford Fitts, Walter H., 39 Baker St., Foxboro +Ganz, Robert Norton, M. D., 262 Beacon St., Boston Gardner, E. E., Box C, Station A, Boston 18 Kendall, Henry P., Moose Hill Farm, Sharon +Kerr, Andrew, Lock Box 242, Barnstable La Beau, Henry A., North Hoosac Road, Williamstown Lincoln, Roger N., 8 Stagecoach Road, Ware Rice, Horace J., 515 Main St., Wilbraham *Russell, Mrs. Newton H., 12 Burnett Ave., South Hadley Stewart, O. W., 75 Milton. Ave., Hyde Park 36 Vance, Robert G., M. D., 262 Beacon St., Boston 16 Viera, Manuel, Main Street, Vineyard Haven +Wellman, Sargent H., Esq., Windridge, Topfield Wood, Miss Louise B., Pocasset, Cape Cod York, Stanley E., 480 Branch St., Mansfield

MICHIGAN Allen, Howard H., 2925 Francis Street, Jackson Andersen, Charles, Route 2, Box 236, Scottville Armstrong, Robert J., M. D., Oak Shadows Farm, Route 8, Box 83, Kalamazoo Auringer, Mrs. Gjertine T., 4441 Steward Road, Metamora Barlow, Alfred L., 13079 Flanders Ave., Detroit 5 +Becker, Gilbert, Climax Becker, John Andrew, Climax +Beckert, W. M., Michigan Dept. of Conservation, 408 Kalamazoo Plaza, Lansing 33. Biackwell, Norman A., 17 Oakdale Boulevard, Pleasant Ridge Boylan, P. B., Route No. 1, Cloverdale Breitmeyer, Howard T., 12955 Dale Ave., Detroit 23 Bruce, Stanford P., 4016 Kendall, Detroit 38 Bumler, Malcolm, 2500 Dickerson, Detroit 15 Burgart, Harry, Michigan Nut Nursery, Box 33, Union City Burgess, E. H., Burgess Seed & Plant Co., 67 E. Battle Creek St., Galesburg Burr, Redmond M., 320 S. Fifth Ave., Ann Arbor Chester, Dr. William P., 742 Maccabees Building, Detroit 2 Corsan, H. H., Route No. 1, Hillsdale +Dennison, Clare, 4224 Avery, Detroit 8 +Desmet, Mrs. Agnes, 14450 Houston Ave., Detroit 5 Dillow, Harold R., P. O. Box 479, Franklin Driver, Louis, 9151 Silverside Drive, Silver Lake, South Lyon Dronka, Joseph, 19256 Gable St., Detroit 34 Emerson, Ralph W., 161 Cortland Ave., Highland Park 3 Goodfellow, James, Secord Lake Road, Leonard +Grindstaff, Mary I. Haynes, 1309 Jones Drive, Ann Arbor Groos, Alfred P., Route No. 1, Gladstone Hagelshaw, W. J., Route No. 1, Box 394, Galesburg +Hay, Francis H., Ivanhoe Place, Lawrence Hubbard, William G., Box 146, Hudsonville Johnson, Leonard A., 620 E. Buno Road, Route 3, Milford Keplinger, Frank J., Farwell Klarr, Mrs. B. L., R. R. No. 2, West Nine Mile Road, Northville Klever, Edward F., Route No. 2, Grant Korn, G. J., R. D. No. 2, Dorr Krueger, Henry R., South River Road, St. Clair Law, Joseph W., North Branch Lee, Michael, P. O. Box 16, Milford Lemke, Edwin W., 62277 Campground Road, Washington Long, Louis C., 6117 State Road, Goodrich Maycock, Harry J., 580 Fairground St., Plymouth Michigan Nut Growers Association, A. J. Barlow, Secretary, 13079 Flanders Ave., Detroit 5 +Miller, Louis, 417 N. Broadway, Cassopolis Nitschke, Robert A., Tilbury Place, Birmingham Prushek, E., Route No. 3, Niles Ricky, Lowell L., 1009-A Birch St., East Lansing Riopel, Mrs. Irene M., 8700 Second Boulevard, Detroit 2 Robbins, Walton T., 6495 Waldon Road, Clarkston Simons, Rev. R. E., Flat Rock +Somers, Lee, Route No. 1, Perrinton Strong, Forrest C., 1213 N. Walnut St., Lansing 6. Sweet, Dale V., 530 S. Capitol, Lansing +Tate, D. L., 959 Westchester Way, Birmingham Tolles, G. S., Route No. 5, South Haven Ullrey, L. E., Route No. 1, Vicksburg Wieber, Giles E., Fowler Windon, Maurice, Route No. 9, Kalamazoo +Wyman, Miles L., 40 North St., Highland Park 3

MINNESOTA +Dubbels, Charley, Elgin Frame, William G., R. R. No. 4, Northfield Hodgson, R. E., Dept, of Agriculture, S. E. Experiment Station, Waseca Hormel, Jay C., Austin Lamberson, G. E., Route No. 4, Warren Law, Ken, Jewell Nurseries, Inc., Lake City Luedtke, H. F., Box 287, St. Cloud Sanders, Parker D., Fifth & Jefferson Sts., Redwood Falls Wedge, Don, R. F. D. No. 2, Albert Lea Weir, T. H., Fruit Breeding Farm, Excelsior +Weschke, Carl, 96 S. Wabasha St., St. Paul

MISSISSIPPI +Golding, W. T., Stewart +Gossard, Atherton C., U. S. Horticultural Field Station, Route No. 6, Meridian +King, Mrs. John Andrew, Tolten Road, Lodi Meyer, James R., Delta Branch Experiment Station, Stoneville

MISSOURI Bauman, Ivan T., Bauman Brokerage Co., 4350 Tait Ave., St. Louis Biggs, Dutton, R. R. No. 1, Hickman Mills Block, Elmer L., Route No. 1, Sarcoxie Buck, Charles L., La Crosse Choisser, Elden, P. O. Box 442, Poplar Bluff Conaway, Claude N., Poyner Davis, Ben, P. O. Box 176, Van Buren Degler, Roy H., 1305 Moreland Ave., Jefferson City Ellston, John, Box 72, Exeter R. E. Funsten Co., Don McDonald, 1515 Delmar Boulevard, St. Louis 3 Hay, Leander, Gilliam Heuser, Wesley E., Rich Hill +Howe, John, Route No. 1, Box 4, Pacific Huber, Frank J., Route No. 1, Weingarten +James, George, James Pecan Farms, Brunswick John, W. H., Pacific Jones, Vernon W., 5111 Walrond, Kansas City 4 Lambert, J. O., Laclede +Logan, George F., Oregon Marquardt, Fred, Rich Hill Neosho Nurseries Co., A. E. Weston, Neosho Sec.Nicholson, John W., Ash Grove Ochs, C. Thurston, Box 291, Salem Oliver, L. P., 511 Monroe Ave., Campbell Owens, Le Roy J., Willow Springs Pies, Edward G., Route No. 2, Farmington Ralston, John H., 240 E. Whittier St., Kansas City 17 Richterkessing, Ralph, Route No. 1, St. Charles Rose. Dr. D. K., 230 Linden, Clayton 5 Salman, Kenneth A., Route 3, Box 178A, Mountain Grove Shideler, Harry, Finance Building, Kansas City Sims Fruit & Nursery Farms, Hannibal Stark Brothers Nursery & Orchards Co., Mr. H. W. Guengerich, Louisiana Tainter, Nat A., 420 Jackson St., St. Charles Wuertz, H. J., Route No. 1, Pevely Wylie, Wilber J., 902 Grand Ave., Doniphan

MONTANA Ford, Russell H., Dixon Kirchner, Harold J., Rapelje

NEBRASKA +Brand, George, Route No. 5, Lincoln Brandenburgh, A. R., R. F. D. No. 2, Bellwood 3 Caha, William, 350 W. 12th St., Wahoo Hess, Harvey W., The Arrowhead Gardens, Box 209, Hebron Manning, Arch J., 4202 Emmet St., Omaha 3 Schick, Robert A., 233 N. Fifth, Seward Sherwood, Jack, Nebraska City Tolstead, Dr. W. L., Dept, of Botany, University of Nebraska, Lincoln Ziegenbein, Mrs. Helen M., Box 671, Wasau

NEW HAMPSHIRE Demarest, Charles S., Lyme Center +Lahti, Matthew, Locust Lane Farm, Wolfeboro

NEW JERSEY Anderegg, R. D. No. 3, Sommerville Audi, Eugene J., M. D., 466 S. Maple Ave., Glen Rock Bakst, Myron, 18 N. Spring Garden Ave., Nutley Bottoni, Robert J., 41 Robertson Road, West Orange Buckwalter, Alan R., Jr., Route No. 1, Box 47, Flemington Buckwalter, Mrs. Alan R., Route No. 1, Box 45, Flemington Cherry, George D., "Paulsdale", Hooten Road, Moorestown Cox, Philip H., Jr., 30 Hyde Road, Bloomfield Cumberland Nurseries, William Wells, Prop., Route No 1, Millville +Donnelly, John H., Mountain Ice Co., 51 Newark St., Hoboken Dougherty, William M., Broadacres-on-Bedens, Box 425, Princeton +Ellis, Mrs. Edward P., Strawberry Hill, Route No. 1, Box 137, Keyport Grosshans, George, 1309 Summit Terrace, Linden Huslig, Frank E., R. F. D., Stewartsville Lamatonk Nurseries, A. S. Yorks, Prop., Neshanic Station Lehman, Edwin L., 811 North Fourth St., Camden 2 Lippencott, J. C, 15 Mundy Ave., Spotswood McCarty Gardens, Box 89A, English Creek, Mays Landing McDowell, Fred, 905 Ocean Ave., Belmar Rinker, Ralph S., 572 Bellevue Ave., Trenton 8 +Rocker, Louis P., The Rocker Farm, Box 196, Andover Schroeder, Harold W., R. F. D. No. 2, Boonton +Sheffield, O. A., 283 Hamilton Place, Hackensack Siegel, Mrs. Ralph, 121 Market St., Perth Amboy Sorg, Henry, Chicago Ave., Egg Harbor City Van Doren. Durand H., 310 Redmond Road, South Orange

NEW MEXICO Gehring, Rev. Titus, Box 117, Lumberton

NEW YORK Barton, Irving Titus, Box 13, Montour Falls Bassett, Charles K., 2917 Main St., Buffalo 14 Beck, Paul E., Beck's Guernsey Dairy, Transit Road, East Amherst +Benton, William A., Wassaic Bernath, Stephen, Bernath's Nursery, Route No. 3, Poughkeepsie Bernath, Mrs. Stephen, Route No. 3, Poughkeepsie Brook, Victor, 171 Rockingham St., Rochester 7 Brooks, William G., Brooks Nut Nurseries, Monroe Caldwell, David H., New York State College of Forestry, Syracuse Caldwell, Mrs. Lynn M., 217 W. Hickory St., Canastota +Cassina, Augustus, Valatie Center, Bernard M., 51 Van Buren St., Massapequa Park Connor, Mrs. Charles J., 460 Flint St., Rochester 11 Dunckel, Lewis A., 2023 S. Salina St., Syracuse 5 +Feil, Harry, 1270 Hilton Spencerport Road, Hilton Ferguson, Donald V., Long Island Agriculture and Technical Institute, Farmingdale Flanigen, Charles F., 16 Greenfield St., Buffalo 14 Freer, H. J., 20 Midvale Road, Fairport +Gibson, Stanford J., 56 Fair St., Norwich +Glazier, Henry S., Jr., I. S. William St., Room 1001, New York 4 Goyne, W. E., 741 Sound View Drive, Mamaroneck Graham, S. H., Route No. 5, Bostwick Road, Ithaca +Hasbrouck, Walter, 19 Grove St., New Paltz Hewitt, Prof. Oliver, 135 Hudson St., Ithaca Hill, Francis I., Sterling Hirshfeld, Dr. J. W., 109 W. Upland Road, Ithaca Ingalls, Chester W., 82 Chestnut St., Cooperstown +Irish, G. Whitney, Fruitlands, Route No. 1, Valatie +Kettaneh, F. A., 745 Fifth Ave., New York 22 Knipper, George M., 333 Chestnut Ridge Road, Churchville Knorr, Mrs. Arthur, 15 Central Park West, New York 23 Kortright, W. E., R. D. No. 1, Liberty Sec.Kraai, Dr. John, 84 S. Main St., Fairport Lambert, Raymond H., 199 Van Rensselaer St., Buffalo 10 *Lewis, Clarence, 1000 Park Ave., New York Lowerre, James D., Route No. 3, Middletown *MacDaniels, Dr. L. H., Cornell University, Ithaca MacLennan, Walter, 1091 E. 19th St., Brooklyn 30 Metcalfe, Ward H., 710 Five Mile Line Road, Webster +Metcalfe, Mrs. Ward H., 710 Five Mile Line Road, Webster Miller, J. E., J. E. Miller Nurseries, Canandaigua Mossman, Dr. James K., Black Oaks, Ramapo Norman, Norinan B., 64 Rocklidge Road, Hartsdale O'Brien, Esmonde M., 25 South St., P. O. Box 2169, New York 4 Owen, Charles H., Supt. of Schools, Sennett Pickard, Mrs. Frederick, Freehold, Greene County Pura, John J., Route No. 82, Hopewell Junction Purdy, Lawson, 76 Murray Ave., Port Washington Renshaw, Alfred, Fiddler's Lane, Loudonville Reynolds, C. L., Route No. 2, Binghamton Rickard, William, c/o Chief William Rickard, Tuscarora Indian Reservation, Sanborn Roat, Gordon J., Route No. 1, Canandaigua Salzer, George, 169 Garford Rd., Rochester 9 Salzer, Rodman G., 169 Garford Road, Rochester 9 +Schlegel, Charles P., 990 South Ave., Rochester 7 +Schlick, Frank, Munnsville Schlick, John, Mill Road, Vernon Center Schmidt, Carl W., 180 Linwood Ave., Buffalo Schwab, Fred L., P. O. Box 31, KB Station, Bronx 63 Shannon, J. W., Box 90, Ithaca +Sheffield, Lewis J., 61 N. Magnolia St., Pearl River Sec.Slate, Prof. George L., State Agricultural Experiment Station, Geneva Smith, Gilbert L., R. D. No. 2, Millerton Smith, James B., 34 Cedar Place, Yonkers 5 Smith, Jay L., Nut Tree Nursery, Chester +Spahr, Dr. Mary B., 116 N. Geneva St., Ithaca Steiger, Harwood, Red Hook Swanson, Prof. Gustav, R. D. No. 4, Compton Road, Ithaca +Szego, Alfred, 3550 78th St., Jackson Heights Volcko, Andrew, 607 W. Colvin St., Syracuse 5 Wadsworth, Millard E., Route No. 5, Oswego +Wheeler, Robert C., 36 State St., Albany 7 +Wilson, Frank C., 27 Liberty St., Arcade Windisch, Richard P., c/o W. E. Burnet Co., 11 Wall St., New York 5 *Wissman, Mrs. F. de R.

NORTH CAROLINA Andrus, E. Rex., Route No. 1, Franklin Bass, Claude D., Route No. 1, Kenley Brooks, J. R., Box 116, Euka +Dunstan, Dr. R. T., Greensboro College, Greensboro +Ellis, W. J., R. F. D. No. 2, Advance Finch, Jack R., Route No. 1, Bailey Henry, W. V., R. F. D. No. 2, Candler McCain, H. C., Box 794, Tryon Moorman, L. L., 801 N. Washington St., Rutherfordton Poe, D. W., P. O. Box 807, Hickory Stadler, L. E., Route No. 1, Reidsville

NORTH DAKOTA Bradley, Homer L., Long Lake Refuge, Moffit Row, W. W., Cando Seed Company, Cando

OHIO Ackerman, Lester, Route No. 3, Ada Alden, R. W., Golf Drive, Painesville Antioch College, Glen Helen Dept., Yellow Springs Beede, D. V., Route No. 3, Lisbon Bitler, W. A., R. F. D. No. 1, Shawnee Road, Lima Borchers, Perry E., 412 W. Hillcrest Ave., Dayton 6 Boyce, Dr. E. L., 26 Wildfern Drive, Youngstown Brewster, Lewis, Route No. 1, Swanton Bridgwater, Boyd E., 68 Cherry St., Akron 8 Bungart, A. A., Avon Bussey, Roy K., Jr., 1056 Florida Ave., Akron 14 Button, Fred, Route No. 2, McArthur Cinadr, Mrs. Katherine, 13514 Coath Ave., Cleveland 20 Clark, Richard L., 1517 Westdale Road, South Euclid 21 Collins, Laurence E., 1316 44th St., N. E., Canton 4 Cook, H. C., Route No. 1, Box 149, Leetonia Cornett, Charles L., Railroad Perishable Inspection, 27 W. Front St., Cincinnati Craig, George E., Dundas Cunningham, Harvey E., 420 Front St., Marietta Daley, James R., Route No. 3, Foster Park Road, Amherst Davidson, John, 234 E. Second St., Xenia Davidson, Mrs. John, 234 E. Second St., Xenia Diller, Dr. Oliver D., Dept, of Forestry, Ohio Agricultural Experiment Station, Wooster Donaldson, Robert G., R. D. No. 3, Wooster Dowell, Glenn C., Jr., M. D., 116 26th St., N. E., Canton 4 +Dowell, Dr. Lloyd L., 529 North Ave., N. E., Massillon Farr, Mrs. Walter, Route No. 1, Kingsville Fickes, Mrs. W. R., Route No. 1, Wooster Garden Center of Greater Cleveland, East Boulevard at Euclid Ave., Cleveland 6 Sec.Gerber, E. P., Kidron Gerstenmaier, John A., 13 Pond St., S. W., Massillon Grad, Dr. Edward A., 1506 Chase St., Cincinnati 23 Gwynn, Frank, % P. H. Harriman, West Mansfield Hake, Henry, Route No. 3, Edon Hammock, Edwin H., 345 E. State St., Columbus 15 +Hansley, C. F., Box 614, Sugar Grove Harmon, C. J., R. F. D., Graytown Hayes, Okey, Route No. 1, Lockbourne Heinzelman, Edward G., 267 Southern Ave., Chillicothe +Hill, Dr. Albert A., 4187 Pearl Road, Cleveland 9 Hinde, John G., Route No. 1, Sandusky Hlywiak, Andy, 2214 S. Tod Ave., Warren +Hornyak, Louis, Route No. 1, Wakeman Houlette, William R., Route No. 2, Columbiana Howard, James R., 2908 Fleming Road, Middletown Humphries, Dr. John K., 5101 Hilliard Cemetery Road, Hilliard +Irish, Charles F., 418 E. 105th St., Cleveland Jacobs, Homer L., Davey Tree Expert Co., Kent Jagodnik, Anthony, 5360 Richmond Road, Cleveland 24 Jay, Don, Route No. 1, Box 230, Ludlow Fall Kappel, Owen, Bolivar +Kerr, Dr. S. E., Route No. 1, North Lawrence +Kintzel, Frank M., 2506 Briarcliffe Ave., Cincinnati 13 Kistner, Albert M., 1525 Herald Ave., Cincinnati 7 Kodera, Shunzo, 47 E., Twelfth Ave., Columbus 1 Kovar, Emil, 2505 Oakes Road, Brecksville Laditka, Nicholas G., 5322 Stickney Ave., Cleveland 9 +Leaman, Paul V., Route No. 1, Creston Lechleitner, Rev. R. D., D. D., 270 Westview Ave., Worthington Lemmon, R. M., 577 Vinita Ave., Akron 20 Levandosky, Chester, 2299 E. Sprague Road, Seven Hills Village, Cleveland 9 +Lippa, Julius, 4464 Lee Heights Road, Warrensville Heights Lorenz, R. C., 121 N. Arch St., Fremont Lucas, R. J., 907 E. Main St., Newark Lynn, Edith, Route No. 2, Canfield Sec.Machovina, Paul E., 1228 Northwest Boulevard, Columbus 12 Manbeck, Willard O., 1359 Croyden Road, Cleveland 24 McKinster, Ray, 1632 S. Fourth St., Columbus 7 McQueen, Dr. A. F., 163 Church St., Amherst Meier, Walter L., R. F. D. No. 2, Port Clinton Meister, Richard T., Editor, American Fruit Grower, Willoughby Meister, Robert T., SRE. DEF., APO. 58, % PM., New York (Home address, Barnesville). +Metzger, A. J., 724 Euclid Ave., Toledo 5 Miller, Clifford, Route No. 1, Elmore Miller, H. J., R. R. No. 1, Elmore Oches, Norman M., Route No. 3, Brunswick Page, John H. Box 34, Dundas +Pataky, Christ, Jr., 592 Hickory Lane, M. R. S., Mansfield Pattison, Miss Aletheia E., 5 Dexter Place, E. W. H., Cincinnati 6 Pomerene, Walter H., Route No. 3, Coshocton Pomeroy, Howard A., 4803 Rambo Lane, Toledo 13 Pribonic, Joseph C., Box 107, Warwick Purdy, Clyde W., 19 Public Square, Mt. Vernon +Ranke, William, Route No. 1, Box 248, Amelia Sec.Riegel, Joseph S., Box 184, Sylvania Robb, Harry C., 216 S. Lisbon St., Carrollton Rogers, T. B., Box 296, Lakemore Rohrbaugh, Lynn, R. F. D. No. 1, Delaware +Rummel, E. T., 16613 Laverne Ave., Cleveland 11 Sasak, Edward A., 9094 Columbia Road, Olmstead Falls W. N. Scarff's Sons. R. F. D. No. 1, New Carlisle Schmidt, Wilhelm G., 321 West Broadway, Maumee +Schoenberger, L. Roy, Green Pines Farm, Route No. 2, Nevada Seas, D. Edward, 721 S. Main St., Orrville Shelton, Dr. Elbert M., 1468 W. Clifton Boulevard, Lakewood 7 Sherman, L. Walter, 220 Fairview Ave., Canfield +Shessler, Sylvester M., Genoa Short, Robert M., 122 E. Park St., Westerville +Silvis, Raymond E., 1725 Lindbergh Ave., N. E., Massillon Smith, Sterling A., 630 W. South St., Vermillion Sonnanstine, Earl C., R. F. D. No. 1, Tipp City Spencer, Carl A., Sr., Route No. 3, Salem Springer, Lemar M., 3510 Kathleen Ave., Dayton Spring Hill Nurseries Co., Tipp City Steinbeck, A. P., Route No. 2, Ravenna +Stocker, C. P., Lorain Products Corp., 1122 F St., Lorain Swope, Wilmer D., Route No. 3, Box 183, Leetonia Thomas, Fred, 773 Bedford Road, Masury Toberg, John R., 1708 Leona Drive, Cincinnati 388 Toney, Hewitt S., R. R. No. 2, Cedarville Toops, Herbert A., 1430 Cambridge Boulevard, Columbus 12 Tyirin, William C., 5050 Burley Hills Drive, Cincinnati 27 Underwood, John, Route No. 4, Urbana +Urban, George, 4518 Ardendale Road, South Euclid 21 Van Voorhis, J. F., 215 Hudson Ave., Apt. B-1, Newark Von Gundy, Clifford R., 851 Nordyke Road, Cincinnati 8 +Walker, Carl F., 2851 Overlook Road, Cleveland 18 Warren, Herbert L., 518 W. Central Ave., Delaware Weaver, Arthur W., R. F. D., Box 196-B, Cass Road, Maumee +Willett, Dr. Gaillard P., Elmore +Williams, Harry M., 221 Grandon Road, Dayton 9 Williams, L. F., Box 386, Mt. Vernon Yates, Edward W., 3108 Parkview Ave., Cincinnati 13 Yoder, Emmet, Smithville Zimmerman, Erie C., 594 Fairwood Road, R. D. No. 1, Clinton Zuercher, Jacob, R. D. No. 2, Orrville

OKLAHOMA Back, Ernest O., 1300 S. Keeler, Bartlesville Butler, Roy J., Route No. 2, Hydro Cross, Prof. Frank R., Dept. of Horticulture, Oklahoma A. & M. College, Stillwater Dean, Marion, Jr., Tuxedo Road, Bartlesville Gray, Geoffrey A., 1628 Elm Ave., Bartlesville Hartman, Peter E., Hartsdale Nursery Co., 3002 S. Boston Place, Tulsa 5 Hirschi's Nursery, 1124 N. Hudson, Oklahoma City Hughes, C. V., Route No. 3, Box 614, Oklahoma City 7 Keathly, Jack, Marland Meek, E. B., Route No. 3, Box 16, Wynnewood Price, Harold C., Star View Farm, P. O. Box 801, Bartlesville Pulliam, Gordon, 1005 Osage Ave., Bartlesville Riter, John R., 115 E. First St., Bartlesville Shroyer, James R., 1112 Dakota Ave., Chickasha Straight, H. R., 935 Cherokee, Bartlesville Warzel, F. Morgan, R. R. No. 2, Box 189-C, Bartlesville

OREGON Bebeau, A. V., Box 136, McNary Countryman, Peter F., Route No. 1, Box 275, Ontario Graville, Ed, Route No. 3, Box 363, Junction City Miller, John, Treasuredale, 2200 S. W. Child's Road, Oswego Pearcy, Harry L., Route No. 2, Box 190, Salem Smith, Earl G., R. F. D. No. 1, Newberg Thomas, Miss Ella S., Sixth & Stanley Sts., Amity Trunk, John E., Northwest Nut Growers, 1601 N. Columbia Boulevard, Portland 11

PENNSYLVANIA Allaman, H. C., 1812 S. Pine St., York +Allaman, R. P., Route No. 86, Harrisburg +Amsler, E. W., 707 Main St., Clarion Anthony, Roy D., 125 Hillcrest Ave., State College +Arensberg, Charles F. C., First National Bank Bldg., Pittsburgh 22 Banks, H. C., Route No. 1, Hellertown Beard, H. K., Route 1, Sheridan Beck, Dr. William M., 200 Race St., Sunbury +Berst, Charles B., 11 W. Eighth St., Erie Bering, Joseph, Bering Bowling Center, Second Ave. and Weidman St., Lebanon Berlich, Mrs. Sylvester, Box 81, Broughton Blittle, George, 107 Lincoln Highway, Penndel, Bucks County Bowen, John C., Route No. 1, Macungie +Brewer, J. L., Yellow House +Bricker, Calvin E., Route No. 1, Mercersburg Brown, Morrison, Ickesburg Burket, J. Emory, R. F. D. No. 1, Claysburg Sec.Clarke, William S., Jr., Box 167, State College Clewell, Gen. Edgar L., Dimde Farms, R. F. D. No. 2, Harrisburg Comp, Alton, 5 N. Second St., Newport Damask, Henry, 1632 Doyle St., Wilkinsburg 21 Deagon, Arthur, 61 E. Main St., Mechanicsburg Ebling, Aaron L., Route No. 2, Reading Eshenbaugh, E. W., 1920 Elm, New Cumberland Etter, Fayette, P. O. Box 57, Lemasters Fry, Mrs. Reba F., R. F. D. No. 1, New Galilee Gardner, Ralph D., 4428 Plymouth St., Colonial Park, Harrisburg Glasgow, Joseph M., 406 S. Second St., Bellwood Good, Orrin S., 316 N. Fairview St., Lock Haven Gorton, F. B., Route No. 1, East Lake Road, Harborcreek Hales, Alfred R., Jr., 1901 Second Ave., Altoona Halsey, A. Louise, 63 Walnut St., Forty Fort Hamlin, Dallas W., 1012 Elizabeth St., Williamsport Hartman, Dr. G. W., Keystone Hospital, Third and Briggs Sts., Harrisburg Heyn, W. C., Hunsecker Mill & Butter Road, Route No. 5, Box 82, Lancaster +Hostetter, L. K., Route No. 1, Bird in Hand. Hughes, Douglas, 1230 E. 21st St., Erie Johnson, Robert F., 1630 Greentree Road, Pittsburgh 20 Jones, Curwin F., R. D. No. 3, Harrisburg +Kaufman, Mrs. M. M., Box 69, Clarion Knouse, Charles W., Colonial Park, Harrisburg Krone, Herbert B., R. R. No. 2, Box 330, Lancaster Krone, Mrs. Herbert B., R. R. No. 2, Box 330, Lancaster Leach, Will, Route No. 1, Box 45, Scranton Leja, Paul, 5263 Keystone St., Pittsburgh 1. Mack, C. H., M. D., Main Road, Lake Ariel +Mattoon, H. Gleason, Box 304, Narbeth McKenna, Philip M., P. O. Box 186, Latrobe Mecartney, J. Lupton, 918 W. Beaver Ave., State College +Miller, Elwood B., Mill & Chapel Sts., Hazelton Miller, Henry N., R. R. No. 1, Mt. Joy Miller, Robert O., Third & Ridge Sts., Emmaus Moyer. Philip S., 8082 U. S. F. & G. Building, Harrisburg Murray, James H., Route No. 3, Cambridge Springs Niederriter, Leonard, 1726 State St., Erie Nonnemacher, H. M., 128 Front St., Alburtis +Oesterling, H. M., Route No. 1, Marysville +Reidler, Paul G., Front & Chestnut Sts., Ashland Reighard, E. Don, R. D. No. 2, Box 247, Halifax Rhoades, Frank S., Route No. 1, Sigel *Rick, John, 438 Pennsylvania Square, Reading Ruhman, Frank A., 1225 Clymer Road, Hatfield Sandt, Floyd H., M. R. 35, Easton Schaible, Percy, Box 68, Upper Black Eddy Schieferstein, William B., Box 457, Temple Schrader, Fred L., 732 E. Fifth St., Berwick Shank, Paul E., Box 45, Marion Sims, Prof. Hugh. D., P. O. Box 310, Lewisburg Smith, Dr. J. Russell, 550 Elm Ave., Swarthmore Smyth, C. Wayne, 1 Prospect St., Troy Springer, Herbert W., 218 Penrose St., Quakertown Stewart, E. L., Pine Hill Farms Nursery, Route No. 2. Homer City Stroh, Major Oscar H., R. D. No. 1, Linglestown Theiss, Dr. Lewis E., 110 University Ave., Lewisburg Sec.Thompson, Howard A., 311 W. Swissvale Ave., Pittsburgh 18 Tomm, Joseph G., R. D. No. 2, McDonald Sec.Twist, Frank S., Box 127, Northumberland +Washick, Dr. Frank A., S. W. Cornet Welsh & Veree Roads, Philadelphia 11 Weaver, William S., Weaver Orchards, Macungie Weber, George G., 748 S. Queen St., York Weinrich, Whitney, Engle Road, Route 20, Media Welliver, Mrs. Eugene C., 367 Light Street Road, Bloomsburg Wilcox, George S., Montrose *Wister, John C., Scott Foundation, Swarthmore College, Swarthmore +Wright, Ross Pier, 235 W. Sixth St., Erie Yohe, Russell, East Texas Zimmerman, Mrs. G. A., R. D., Linglestown

RHODE ISLAND *Allen, Philip, 178 Dorance St., Providence Loomis, Charles B., 61 Elisha St., East Greenwich

SOUTH CAROLINA Bregger, John T., Clemson Gordon, G. Henry, Union Dry Cleaning Co., 13-1/2 Main St., Union

SOUTH DAKOTA Krueger, George, Madison +Restore America Association: Ivan Drift, Sponsor, P. O. Box 38, Hot Springs +Richter, Herman, Madison

TENNESSEE Alpine Forest Reserve, c/o J. Edwin Carothers, Alpine Byrd, Benjamin F., Jr., M. D., Granny White Pike, Nashville Caldwell, Sam, Route No. 4, Holt Road, Nashville 11 Carter, Oscar W., M. D., 2610 Woodlawn Drive, Nashville +Chase, Spencer B., 2338 Parkview Ave., Knoxville Collier, Robert H., Lutie Road, Route No. 2, Knoxville Cox, Dr. T. S., 103 Hotel Ave., Fountain City +Dulin, Charles R., Brownsville Garrett, Dr. Sam Young, 1902 Hayes St., Nashville Hardy, J. H., 1315 Minnekahda Place, Chattanooga 5 +Holdeman, J. E., 855 N. McNeil St., Memphis 7 Hoyt, Prof. Garner E., Bryan University, Dayton Jones, D. T., Route No. 2, Midway Mattern, Don H., 513 Union Building, T. V. A., Knoxville McSwain, Barton, M. D., 3514 Hampton Road, Nashville +Meeks, Hamp, c/o Jackson Elec. Dept., Jackson Murphy, H. O., 12 Sweetbriar Ave., Chattanooga Neas, Ogle, Greenville Olson, Earl F., Norris Patterson, R. L., M. D., Suite 207, Interstate Building, Chattanooga Puryear, Dr. T. R., P. O. Box 339, Lebanon Richards, Dr. Aubrey, Whiteville Roark, W. F., Malesus Robinson, W. Jobe, Route No. 7, Jackson Roettger, Everett, R. F. D. No. 1, Lancing Saville, Chris, 118 Church St., Greenville Sells, Paul S., 700 Boylston St., Chattanooga Shadow, Arthur J., Shadow Nursery Co., P. O. Box 521, Winchester Shipley, Mrs. E. D., R. R. No. 17, Knoxville Southern Nursery & Landscape Co., Winchester Zarger, Thomas G., T. V. A., Norris

TEXAS Allen, H. H., Plant Research Station, Route No. 2, Paris Arford, Charles A., Box 1230, Dalhart Florida, Kaufman, Box 154, Rotan Hamilton, J. Tom, P. O. Box 488, Matador Hander, Nelson H., Star Route, Belton Kelly, Paul, Box 428, Seymour +Kidd, Clark, Arp Nursery Co., P. O. Box 867, Tyler Mason, G. L., Route No. 3, Hico Praytor, T. J., Box 667, Seymour Rubrecht, J. F., Plant Research Station, Route 2, Paris Shelton, David, Box 369, Gonzales Springer, Herbert W., 590 Reagan St., San Benito Thomas, Joe W., Overton Winkler, Andrew, Route No. 1, Moody Winkler, Charlie, Route No. 1, Moody

UTAH Braegger, Henry W., Providence Burton, J. O., Meadow Dabb, Clifford H., Route No. 3, Box 448, Ogden Ericksen, Keith, 883 N. State St., Orem Kimberlin, R. E., 2020 Arbor Lane, Salt Lake City 7 Nyland, J. S., 230 17th St., Ogden Petterson, Harlan D., 3910 Raymond Ave., South Ogden Price, Harold G., Sr., 1270 E. Crystal Ave., Salt Lake City 6 Shurtleff, William H., D. D. S., R. F. D. No. 3, Box 384, Ogden

VERMONT Aldrich, A. W., R. F. D. No. 2, Box 266, Springfield Ellis, Zenas H., Perpetual member "In Memoriam" Hill, Lewis, Hillcrest Nurseries, Greensboro Johnson, John R., Deer Valley Farm, Townshend Pennington, Rev. Leslie, Moretown Reynolds, T. Hedley, 79 Main St., Middlebury Woodford, Mrs. Edna Almeda, Brockway's Mills, R. F. D., Chester

VIRGINIA Burton, George L., 722 College St., Bedford +Curthoys, George A., P. O. Box 34, Bristol Davies, A. B., Jr., 741 Clifton St., Clifton Forge Dickerson, T. C., Jr., 316 56th St., Newport News Filman, O., Box 3551, Virginia Tech Station, Blacksburg Gibbs, H. R., Linden Jaycox. Warren C., 2869 S. Buchanon St., Fairlington Lee, Dr. Henry, 806 Medical Arts Building, Roanoke 11 Miller, T. R., Swords Creek Moore, R. C., Virginia Agricultural Experiment Station, Blacksburg 13 Marten, Perry F., 6110 N. Washington Boulevard, Arlington 5 Pinner, Henry, P. O. Box 155, Suffolk Poole, A. V., R. F. D. No. 4, Box 113, Roanoke 15 Showalter, Rev. Lewis P., R. F. D. No. 2, Box 56, Broadway +Stoke, H. F., 1436 Watts Ave., N. W., Roanoke Stoke, Mrs. H. F., 1436 Watts Ave., N. W., Roanoke Stoke, Dr. John H., 21 Highland Ave., S. E., Roanoke 13 Taylor, Merritt I., Honey Meadows, Atlee Thompson, B. H., Route No. 4, Box 212, Harrisonburg Trader, George T., Parksley Trump, V. A., Crewe Welchlin, Arthur C., Route No. 1, Box 312, Farmville

WASHINGTON Bechtol, O. W., Coulee City Denman, George L., E. 1319 Nina Ave., Spokane 10 Eliot, Craig P., P. O. Box 158, Shelton Erkman, John O., 2113 Symons, Richland Fulmer, W. L., 505 Boylston Ave., Seattle 2 Ingram, Bud, Box 213, Clarkston Jacky, Mrs. Jacob P., Route No. 3, Walla Walla Kane, Mrs. A. E., R. F. D. No. 1, Wenatchee Latterell, Miss Ethel, 408 N. Flora Road, Greenacres Linkletter, Frank D., 2209 Ninth Ave., Seattle 1 Naderman, G. W., Route No. 1, Box 353, Olympia Parker, Robert E., 412 Maple Court, Toppenish Ross, Verel C., 4025 Rucker Ave., Everett Shane Brothers Nut Growers, Vashon Taylor, Harry I., Route No. 2, Cheney Sec.Tuttle, H. Lynn, Lynn Tuttle Nursery, Box 186, Clarkston

WEST VIRGINIA Bailey, Gilbert E., 316 Mercer St., Princeton Bartholomew, Miss Elizabeth Ann, West Virginia University, Morgantown +Cook, Dr. Ernest A., 106 First St., Oak Hill Dolin, Clarence S., Box 8, Foster Eckerd, John K., 305 William St., Martinsburg +Engle, Blaine W., Mutual Fire Insurance Co. of West Virginia, Goff Building, Clarksburg *Frye, Wilbert M., Pleasant Dale Gardner, Sigel O., 709 Louise Ave., Morgantown The Gold Chestnut Nursery, Arthur A. Gold, Cowen Haines, Earl C., Shanks Haislip, Fred, P. O. Box 1620, Logan Sec.Hale, Daniel. M. D., Princeton Hartzell, Benjamin, Shepherdstown Howard. Mrs. Carl E., The Charleston Gazette, Charleston +Long, J. C., Box 491, Princeton Looney, Rev. Carl, Matewah McClung, H. E., 2100 Midland Trail, Milton McDonald, Dr. Walter, Augusta McGraw, S. L., Athens +Miller, Edward, Romney +Mish, Arnold F., Inwood Newlon, Emmett, Rupert Pease, Roger W., Department of Horticulture, University of West Virginia, Morgantown +Reed, Arthur M., Glenmont Nurseries, Moundsville Williams, Mrs. Dan, Romney

WISCONSIN Conway, W. M., 2105 Jefferson St., Madison +Coulson, L. W., R. R. No. 1, Slinger Dennis, W. J., 601 N. 97th St., Milwaukee 13 Dohlin, Edward, 208 Hollister Ave., Tomah Eiler, William, Benton Jach, Peter, 8613 N. 60th St., Milwaukee 16 Kral, Ray, 1121 Langlade St., Antigo Ladwig, C. F., Route No. 2, Beloit Martinson, John L., 408 N. Lake, Madison Mortensen, M. C., 1119 Emmertson Road, Racine Pederson, Harry A., 350 Jewett, Plattville Raether, Robert, Route No. 1, Augusta Running, M. H., 5220 North 29th St., Milwaukee 9 +Snowden, Dr. P. W., The Monroe Clinic, Monroe Traurig, Arthur F., 13315 W. Forest Drive, Milwaukee 14

WYOMING Muecke, Karl, Powell



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