No Animal Food - and Nutrition and Diet with Vegetable Recipes
by Rupert H. Wheldon
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No. 4, Bust Developer, $2.50.—The best developer made. By following the plain, physiological directions given, most satisfactory results can be obtained.

No. 5, Abdominal Roller, 12 Wheels, $4.—For the use of men to reduce the size of the abdomen and over the back.

No. 6, Facial Roller, $2.50.—Made in ebony; very fine for use over the face and neck, for preventing and removing wrinkles and restoring its contour and form.

No. 7, Facial Roller, $1.50.—Like No. 6. Made in white maple. In other respects the same.

No. 8, Abdominal Boiler, 8 Wheels, $3.50.—This is the same as No. 5, except with the less number of wheels. Is made for the use of women, for reducing hip and abdominal measure.

=No. 1 Massage Vibrator, 24 Balls, price $2.00.

No. 2 Massage Vibrator, 12 Balls, price $1.25.=

Dr. Forest's Manual of Massotherapy, containing nearly 100 pages, giving full directions for use, sent with each of the above.


No. 1, a Double Walled Cabinet, the best made, with new and improved heater and manual giving full instructions for using the Cabinet for the Cure of Colds, Catarrh, Rheumatism, LaGrippe, Neuralgia, Kidney Trouble, Lumbago, Malaria, and many other disorders. Price $12.50.

No. 2 Cabinet Single Walled, with heater and instructions as above. Price $7.50.

DR. FOREST'S HEALTH CULTURE VASELINE SPRAY and Bottle of Catarrh Remedy. Price, $2.00.


Special descriptive circulars of any of the above sent on application.

Uncooked Foods And How to Use Them.

With recipes for wholesome preparation, proper combinations and menus, with the reason why it is better for the promotion of health, strength and vitality to use uncooked than cooked foods, by Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Christian, with an Introduction by W. R. C. Latson, M. D.

It will meet a widespread want filled by no other work that has ever been published, and will do very much to solve the question of how to live for health, strength, and happiness.

It will simplify methods of living—help to solve the servant question and financial problems, as well as point the way for many to perfect health. The following chapter headings show something of the scope and value of this.



Why This Book Was Written, Introduction, The Emancipation of Women, The Functions of Foods, Food Products, Selection of Foods, Raw Foods, Preparation of Foods, Preparation of Uncooked Wood, Effects of Cooking Food, Tables Giving Nutritive Values, etc. Food Combinations, Condiments, Bread—Fermentation, Economy and Simplicity, As a Remedy.


How to Begin the Use of Uncooked Foods. Recipes for— Soups, Salads (35 kinds), Eggs, Meat and Vegetables, Cereals, Bread, Crackers and Cakes, Nuts, Fruits and Fruit Dishes, Evaporated Fruits, Desserts, Jellies and Ices, Drinks, Menus, Miscellaneous.

It is the most important work on the food question ever published. Bound in cloth. Price, $1.00; with a year's subscription to Health-Culture, $1.50.


Including Diet, Exercise, Baths, Exercise, Massotherapy, Etc.


This is a practical handbook and guide for the home treatment of the sick without the use of drugs, with suggestions for the avoidance of disease and the retaining of health and strength. A book for those who would get well and keep well.


Introduction.—What the Body Is. Cell Life and Its Construction. Circulation of the Blood and What It Is. What Exercise Does.

Massage. Principles and Practice. How It Acts as a Remedy.

Massotherapy. Showing How It Is Applied.

Special Exercises. Including Those for Development and Remedial Work.

Tissue Building. Special Diet, with Menus.

Obesity. Its Cause and Treatment Instructions for General Reduction.

Indigestion. Causes of Dyspepsia. What to Do to Secure Good Digestion.

Constipation. Its Causes. Treatment by Hygienic Measures.

Rheumatism. Muscular and Articular. Treatment.

Gout. Causes. Symptoms. General and Local Treatment.

Neuralgia. Causes and Symptoms. The Only Rational Treatment.

Sprains and Synovitis. Symptoms. Treatment.

Varicose Veins and Swollen Glands. The Cause and Treatment.

Baldness. Treatment for Restoring the Hair.

Lung Disorders. How to Improve Breathing. The Prevention and Treatment of Consumption.

Round Shoulders and Protruding Collar Bones. How to Overcome Them, with Special Exercises.

How to Strengthen the Back. The Cause of Spinal Weakness.

How to Strengthen the Trunk. The Importance of Strong Bodily Muscles.

A Chair as a Gymnasium. How to Use a Bedroom Chair as a Complete Gymnasium Apparatus.

The Hygiene of the Skin. Nerves of the Skin. Sun Baths.

Modern Nervousness. The Best Treatment.

Smallpox. Its Nature. Prevention. Treatment of Smallpox.

Sunstroke. Causation and Treatment. How to Avoid It. What to Do When Prostrated.

In this work the author sets forth the methods he has pursued and found be practical and successful. Over 300 pages and 200 Illustrations. Price $1.00.



A large 12mo. volume bound in extra cloth, price, $1.50

The time has come when parents must consider the responsibilities that rest upon them in relation to their children and make a study of Eugenics. This cannot be avoided or shirked and especially should prospective mothers study the subject in all its bearing, and know what you should do and what you should not do to insure the best possible for your unborn child. What conditions will promote the best for health, and afford the highest degree of intellectual and moral development. What limit you shall place upon the number of children. Race Suicide is not so serious a question as Race Culture, which may be easily attained by giving proper attention to the subject.

The author of "RACE CULTURE" has made a most careful study of the whole subject, starting from the foundation, taking up pre-natal culture in all its bearings, including the marriage relations and the father's responsibilities. Considering the health and the well-being of the prospective mother and her diseases. How childbearing may be made easy, the first care of and the feeding of the babe, all the diseases of infancy and childhood and their treatment without the use of drugs.

The avoidable causes of disease in children and adults are fully considered and a voluminous appendix treats of the use of water, massage, exercise, food and drinks, and how to prepare them as remedial agencies.

It is safe to say that no greater or more important work on this subject has ever been written.

Every woman and especially every prospective mother should read it. Its cost is as nothing compared to its value. Price, $1.50 by mail.

The Food Value of Meat

Flesh Food Not Essential to Mental or Physical Vigor.

By W. R. C. LATSON, M. D.,

The most valuable work on Practical Dietetics that has been published. The Food Question is considered in its relation to health, strength and long life. Some idea of the scope may be seen from the following


INTRODUCTION. Importance of the Subject. Influence of Foods on the Health and Morality of the Community. The Most Important Question of Dietetics. Classes of Foods. Description of Proteids. The Starches. Conversion of Starches into Sugars. Fruit Sugar. The Fats. Salts. Effect of Cooking Upon Foods.

DIGESTION. Definition of the Process. Saliva. The Ptyalin. Effect of Eating Sugar with Starchy Foods. Gastric Digestion. The Stomach; The Gastric Juice; Peptones; Digestion In the Intestines; Importance of Digestion; Tabular Statement of the Digestive Process.

COMPOSITION OF FOODS. The Four Elements of Food; Proper Proportion of Each Element; Selection of Balanced Foods; Table of Food Analyses; Value of Cooked Vegetables; The Reason Why Many Vegetarians Fail; Fresh Fruits; Pure Water; The Grains; The Legumes; Nuts.

FOOD VALUES OF FLESH MEATS. The Question at Issue; Biological Data, What They Indicate; The Intestinal Tract; The Food Value of Meat; Poisons; Disease Infection; The Strongest Argument Against the Use of Flesh Meat; Vigorous Vegetarians; Intellectual Vegetarians; Vegetarianism and Vigor.

COMBINATIONS OF FOODS. Principles; Cooked and Uncooked Foods; Model Menus; Breakfast; Luncheon; Dinner; Advantages of Vegetable Foods.

Price by Mail, in Paper. 25c, Cloth Binding, 50c.


Causes, Symptoms, and Hygienic Treatment, by the use of Water, Massotherapy, and other Rational Methods.

By W. R. LATSON, M. D.

Among the diseases considered may be mentioned Indigestion, Constipation, Rheumatism, Neuralgia, Lung Troubles, Gout, Nervousness and other minor complaints. The work contains nearly 300 pages, profusely illustrated. Bound in Cloth. Price, $1.00. Sent by mail on receipt of price.

The Up-to-date Woman

needs to know something more than simply How to Cook and follow recipes brought to her attention in Cook Books


What are the Best Foods for her family. What Foods will keep all Well and Strong. What is best for the Children. What do the Men Need. What Foods are Economical and Nutritious. What are best Food Combinations. How often is Meat Necessary. What are the Best Meat Substitutes. What is the Food Value of Fish. What is the Food Value of Milk. What is the Food Value of Nuts. Are Beans Nutritious and Healthful. Is Nut Butter better than Cow Butter. Are Tea and Coffee Injurious. Which Food Digests Quickly and which Slowly. How to Get the Most Food Value for the Least Money.

All these and many other questions are answered in

Prof. Andrews Great Book

What Shall We Eat?

The Food Question from the standpoint of Health, Strength and Economy. Indicating Best Foods for all Classes and Conditions.

This work covers every phase of the food question in a practical way.

Shows how food is digested and gives the constituent elements of all food products, their cost, food values, time of digestion, etc., Comparative value of beef, mutton, pork, eggs, fish, fowl, oysters, the grains, breads, peas, beans, milk, butter, cheese, sugar, beer, fruits, nuts, etc., which make flesh, bone, nerve; which gives most for least money. 25 tables showing results of nearly 1500 food analyses. Price in leatherette binding, 50 cents, cloth 75 cents, postpaid.

If not satisfied money promptly returned. Every man should order this for his wife, or some other woman. Send stamps.

The Enlightened Life and How to Live it

By W. R. C. LATSON, M. D.

Author of "Common Disorders," "The Attainment of Efficiency," "Food Value of Meat," Etc.

This work contains a collection of Dr. Latson's strong editorials that have appeared in Health-Culture, carefully revised and enlarged, with other matter. The great interest that has been manifested in these leaders will insure a demand for this work. The scope will be seen from the following chapter headings:

Introduction—The Ultimate Ideal—The Mind and Its Body—What Shall a Man Take in Exchange for His Soul?—Health as an Asset—The Waste of Life—Health as a Factor in Business Success—The Causation of Disease—Are Weakness and Disease Increasing?—The Detection of Disease—The Prevention of Disease—Heredity and Disease—Disease: Its Nature and Conquest—Methods of Healing—Drug Medication in the Treatment of Disease—Religion and Medicine—Worry the Epidemic of the Day—Race Suicide—"Race Suicide," Pro and Con—Simplified Living—The Death-Dealing Detail—The Slaughter of the Innocents—Crimes Against Children—Sleep and Rest—Mental and Physical Effects of Music—The Common Sense of Foods and Feeding—The Mission of Pain—Drugs—The Surgical Operation Frenzy—Vaccination; Blessing or Curse?—Free Water Drinking as a Hygienic Measure—Evil Effects of Alcohol—The Pinnacles of Absurdity.

Published in large, clear type, handsomely bound in cloth. Price, sent prepaid, $1.00.

The Health Culture Magazine



Health Culture seeks the advancement of humanity by declaring the obvious teachings of nature.

Health Culture aims to educate the people out of superstition, misunderstanding and fear arising from the imperfect interpretation of natural principles.

Health Culture recognizes that health and comfort, happiness and long life are desirable and attainable by the faithful observance of hygiene. That neglect and abuse of natural and simple living inevitably leads to weakness, degeneracy, disease and death.

Health Culture from the scientific sense as well as on grounds of sentiment opposes the taking of life needless to obtain food for man.

Health Culture holds that food products of the vegetable kingdom are ample and favorable for a safe, complete and full development of the kingdom of man.

Health Culture opposes as needless and wasteful of life those research activities known as vivisection, also as contrary to human interest the use of drugs, serums, vaccines and chemicals as medicines or preventives of disease by legal compulsion.

Health Culture is an illustrated Monthly, Standard Magazine size; $1.00 a year, 15 cents a No., Canadian subscriptions $1.25, Foreign $1.50.

Address, The Health Culture Co., Passaic, N. J.


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