Incidents of the War: Humorous, Pathetic, and Descriptive
by Alf Burnett
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"Whar the whang-doodle mourneth for its first-born." This part of the tex, my brethering, is another figger of speech, and isn't to be taken as it says. It doesn't mean the howlin' wilderness whar John the Hard-shell Baptist was fed on locusts and wild asses; but it means, my brethering, the city of New Yorleans, whar corn is worth six bits a bushel one day, and nary red the next; whar gamblers, thieves, and pickpockets go skiting about the streets like weasels in a barnyard; whar they have cream-colored hosses, gilded carriages, marble saloons with brandy and sugar in 'em; whar honest men are scarcer than hens' teeth; and whar a strange woman once tuk in your beluved preacher, and bamboozled him out of two hundred and twenty-seven dollars; but she can't do it again, hallelujah! For "they shall gnaw a file, and flee unto the mountains of Hepsidam, whar the lion roareth and the whang-doodle mourneth for its first-born."

Brother Flint will please pass round the hat, and let every Hard-shell shell out.




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Lawson on Consumption.

A PRACTICAL TREATISE ON PHTHISIS PULMONALIS: Embracing its Pathology, Causes, Symptoms, and Treatment. By L. M. LAWSON, M. D., Professor of the Theory and Practice of Medicine in the Medical College of Ohio; formerly Professor of Clinical Medicine in the University of Louisiana, and Visiting Physician to the New Orleans Charity Hospital, etc.

One vol., 8vo.; pp. 557; Sheep Price, $3.50.

* * * * *

Flourens on the Circulation of the Blood.

A HISTORY OF THE DISCOVERY OF THE CIRCULATION OF THE BLOOD. By P. FLOURENS, Perpetual Secretary of the Academy of Sciences, (Institute of France); Member of the Royal Societies and Academies of Science of London, Edinburgh, Stockholm, Munich, Madrid, Brussels, etc., etc., and Professor at the Museum of Natural History of Paris. Translated from the French by J. C. REEVE, M. D.

One vol., 16mo.; Cloth Price, 75c.

* * * * *

Newton and Powell on the Eclectic Practice of Medicine.

THE ECLECTIC PRACTICE OF MEDICINE (DISEASES OF CHILDREN). By Wm. BYRD POWELL, M. D., formerly Professor of Chemistry in the Medical College of Louisiana, and of Cerebral Physiology and Medical Geology in the Memphis Institute; Professor of Cerebral Physiology in the Eclectic Medical Institute, etc., etc. And R. S. NEWTON, M. D., Professor of Surgery and Surgical Practice in the Eclectic Institute of Cincinnati, and formerly Professor of Practice and Pathology in the same, etc.

One vol., 8vo.; Sheep Price, $3.50.

* * * * *

Mystic Circle.

THE MYSTIC CIRCLE, AND AMERICAN HAND-BOOK OF MASONRY. Containing a Brief History of Freemasonry in Europe and America; Symbolic Chart; Ancient Constitutions of the Grand Lodge of England; Ahiman Rezon; Constitutional Rules, Resolutions, Decisions, and Opinions of Grand Lodges and Enlightened Masons on Questions liable to arise in Subordinate Lodges; a Code of By-laws for Subordinate Lodges; Instructions, Suggestions, and Forms, for Secretaries of Lodges. By George H. GRAY, Sen., of Mississippi. Fourth edition. Revised and corrected.

Large 12mo.; pp. 472; Roan Price, $2.00.

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Zachos' High-School Speaker.

THE HIGH-SCHOOL SPEAKER: A Collection of Declamations, Poetic Pieces, and Dialogues, for the use of Boys in Intermediate Schools and Academies. By Prof. J. C. ZACHOS, A. M.

16mo.; half-bound Price, 75c.

* * * * *

Trial of Vallandigham.

THE TRIAL OF CLEMENT L. VALLANDIGHAM, BY A MILITARY COMMISSION, and the Proceedings under his Application for a Writ of Habeas Corpus in the Circuit Court of the United States for the Southern District of Ohio.

One vol., 8vo.; pp. 272; Paper; Price, 75c. Law Sheep Price, $2.00.

* * * * *

R. & C. are also the Special Agents for

Annals of the Army of the Cumberland.

COMPRISING BIOGRAPHIES, DESCRIPTIONS OF DEPARTMENTS, ACCOUNTS OF EXPEDITIONS, SKIRMISHES, AND BATTLES; also, its Police Record of Spies, Smugglers, and Prominent Rebel Emissaries: Together with Anecdotes, Incidents, Poetry, Reminiscences, etc., and Official Reports of the Battle of Stone River. By an Officer. Illustrated with Steel Portraits, Wood Engravings, and Maps.

One vol., 8vo.; pp. 671 Price, $3.50.

Also, a fine edition, elegantly bound in Cloth, gilt Price, $5.00.

This book is elegantly gotten up, on the finest paper, and is copiously illustrated with engravings on steel. The proceeds of the sale of this work are to be applied to the patriotic purpose of erecting a monument on the battle-field of Stone River, to the army which there immortalized itself.

* * * * *

Catalogue Raisonne.

A GENERAL AND CLASSIFIED LIST OF THE MOST IMPORTANT WORKS in nearly every Department of Literature and Science, published in the United States and England. With a Bibliographical Introduction.

12mo.; pp. 259; Paper Price, 25c.

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Medical Catalogue.


12mo.; pp. 40; Paper Price, 3c.

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Law Catalogue.


8vo.; pp. 94; Paper Price, 6c.

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Sioux Massacre in Minnesota.

A HISTORY OF THE MASSACRE OF THE WHITE INHABITANTS OF THE BORDER COUNTIES OF MINNESOTA BY THE SIOUX INDIANS, in August, 1862, with its Antecedents and Consequences; including the Personal Narratives of many who Escaped. By Charles S. BRYANT, A. M., of St. Peter, Minn.

12mo.; pp. 500; Cloth Price, $1.50.

In a letter to Mr. Bryant, Governor Henry A. Swift, of Minnesota, says:

"Your position was such that you could not fail fully to understand the thrilling events of which your history treats; and those who know you will not doubt your ability to array the facts in your possession in such a manner as to give the reader a truthful and highly interesting account of the times of which you are writing."

Hon. Peter G. Washington says:

"The narratives are of thrilling interest; and, given as they are, either in the handwriting or directly from the lips of those who, miraculously escaping the perils of the tomahawk, the rifle, and starvation, both saw and suffered, from the incidents they relate, bear throughout the unmistakable impress of truth, and must carry conviction to the mind of every reader."


Arguments and Addresses.

By Hon. William JOHNSTON, formerly Judge of the Superior Court of Cincinnati.

8vo.; about 500 pages; Cloth.

* * * * *

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