Acetylene, The Principles Of Its Generation And Use
by F. H. Leeds and W. J. Atkinson Butterfield
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Table-lamps, acetone process for, Tabular numbers, Tanks for rising holders, construction of, "Tantalus Cup," Taps for acetylene pipes, Tar, cause of frothing in generators, Tarry matter in generators, Telescopic gasholders. See Holder (rising) Temperature and heat, difference between, correction of volumes for, critical, of acetylene, high, effect of, on acetylene. See Polymerization of acetylene blowpipe, flame, of dissociation of acetylene, of ignition of acetylene, various gases, of reaction between carbide and calcium hydroxide, between carbide and water, Temperatures in generators, calculation of, determination of, Tension of liquid acetylene, Test-papers, Tetrachlorethane, production of, Tetrachloride, acetylene, production of, Thawing of frozen apparatus, Thermo-chemical data, Thermo-couple, Le Chatelier's, Thomson, radiant efficiency of acetylene, thermo-chemical data, Tools, steel or iron, danger of, Town supplies, Toxicity of acetylene, of sulphur and phosphorus compounds, Train-lighting by acetylene, Treated carbide. See Calcium carbide (treated) Trondol burner, Tubes, diameter of, and explosive limits, Tubes for acetylene. See Mains Tubing, flexible, for acetylene, Typical generators,


Ullmax purifier, Unaccounted-for gas, Underwriters, United States Fire, United States. See America Uses, sundry, for acetylene,


Valuation of carbide, Value of acetylene, hygienic, enriching, pecuniary, of purifying materials, Valves, screw-down, for generators, Vapour, water, in acetylene, objections to, removal of, value of, Vehicular lamps, Ventilation of generator sheds, Vent-pipes, economy of, for carbide vessels, generators, holders, noise in, position of mouths of, size of, Vibration and incandescent lighting, Vieille, dissolved acetylene, Vigouroux, silicon in acetylene, Village installations, mains for, leakage in, supplies, Villard, liquid acetylene, Vines, treatment by acetylene of, for mildew and phylloxera, Violle and Fery, acetylene as standard of light, Vitiation of air by flames, Volume, alteration of, on dissociation, and weight of acetylene, molecular, of acetylene, Volume of acetylene passing through pipes, Volumes, gas, correction for temperature and pressure,


Washers, oil, water, Waste-pipes of generators, Water and calcium oxide, reaction between, and carbide, heat of reaction between, boiling-point, evolution of gas at, condensation of, in pipes, consumption of, in generators, convection currents in, freezing-point, evolution of gas at, heat absorbed in warming, conducting power of, of formation of, in excess, generators with, in holders, freezing of, use for decomposition, use for washing, jackets for generators, quality of, for portable generators, quantity required in carbide-to-water generators, scale in generators, solubility of acetylene in, of impurities in, of load in, specific gravity of, supply for automatic generators, non-automatic generators, yield of gas per unit of, Water-gas, enrichment with acetylene, Water-seals, as not-return valves, setting water-level in, Water-slide pendants for acetylene, Water-soluble impurities in acetylene, See also Ammonia and Sulphuretted hydrogen Water-to-carbide generators. See Generators (water-to-carbide) Water-vapour, dissociation of, existence of, at low temperatures, in acetylene, objections to, removal of, value of, reaction between carbide and, Weber burner, Wedding, enrichment of coal-gas, Weed-killer, carbide residues as, Weight and volume of acetylene, Weights, atomic, molecular, Welding, acetylene, White lead, for acetylene joints, Wiener burners, Willgerodt, purification, Willson and Suckert, liquid acetylene, Windows in generator sheds, Winter, manipulation of generators during, Woehler, addition of chlorine to acetylene, Wolff, acetone in acetylene, illuminating power of acetylene, purifier, silicon in acetylene, Wonder burner, Work done in actuating automatic generators,


Yield of gas, deficient, cause of, from carbide, determining, (British standard), (German standard), from water,


Zenith burner,



"A" Generator (of Braby and Co., Ltd.), "A1" generator (of Acetylene Corporation of Great Britain), "A-to-Z" generator (of Acetylene Corporation of Great Britain), Acetylene Corporation of Great Britain, Acetylene Gas and Carbide of Calcium Co., Acetylene Illuminating Co., Ltd., "Acetylite" generator, "Acetylithe" generator, Acetylithe, Soc. An. de l', Allen Co., "Allen" Flexible-tube generator, "Allen" purifying material, American generators, Applications de l'Acetylene, La Soc. des., Austrian generator, Automatic generators,


"B" generator (of Braby and Co., Ltd.), Belgian generators, Bon Accord Acetylene Gas Co., "Bon Accord" generator, Braby, Frederick and Co., Ltd., British generators,


Canadian generators, Carbide-to-water generators, "Carburlen" purifying material, Chloride of lime purifying material, Colt Co., J. G., "Colt" generator, Compartment, flooded, generator, Contact generators, Cork waste and wadding purifying material, "Corporation Flexible Tube Generator," "Curaze" purifying material,


"Dargue" generator, Dargue Acetylene Gas Co., Davis Acetylene Co., "Davis" generator, Debruyne, L., Debruyne's generators, Drawer generators, Drip generator, Drummond, J. and J.,


English generators,


Flooded compartment generator, Fittings, Ltd., Frankoline purifying material, French generators,


German generators,


Heratol, purifying material,


"Incanto" generator, Irish generator,


"Javal" generator,


Keller and Knappich, G.m.b.H., "Klenzal" purifying material, Klinger, Rich., Klinger's generator, "Knappich" generator,


"L'Eclair" generator, "L'Etoile" generator, L'Hermite, Lockerbie and Wilkinson,


Manchester Acetylene Gas Col., Ltd., Mangiameli, Fr. and Co., Moss, R. J. and Sons, "Semi-Non-Auto" generator, "Type A" generator, "Type B" generator, "Type C" generator, Moyes Wm., and Sons,


Non-automatic generators, Nordische Azetylen Industrie,


"Omega" generator, Overberge, De Smet van, "Owens" generator, "Owens" purifying material,


Phos Co., "Phos Type E" generator, "Photolithe" generator, Photolithe, Soc. An. Belg de la, Pumice purifying material, Puratylene purifying material, Purifying material, "Allen," "Carburylen," chloride of lime, coke and cotton, chemically treated, cork waste and wadding, "Curaze," frankoline, heratol, "Klenzal," "Owens," pumice, puratylene, "Roscoline," "Standard," "Thorlite,"


Rosco Acetylene Co., "Rosco" generator, "Roscoline" purifying material, Rural Districts Gas Light Co.,


St. James' Illuminating Co., Ltd., Scotch generators, Semi-automatic generator, Siche Gas Co., Ltd., "Siche" generator, "Signal-Arm" generator, "Sirius" generator, Sirius, Maison, Standard Acetylene Co., "Standard" purifying material, Sunlight Gas Machine Co., Superposed pans or trays,


"Thorlite" generator, purifying material, Thorn and Hoddle Co., "Thorscar" generator, Trays, superposed,


United States generators,


Wadding and cork waste purifying material, Water-to-carbide generators, Weldhen and Bleriot, Welsh generator, "Westminster" generator,


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