A Concise Anglo-Saxon Dictionary - For the Use of Students
by John R. Clark Hall
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swc pret. 3 sg. of swcan.

sw = sw

swc (CP), swcc (e) m. flavour, taste: smell, odour, fragrance.

+swccan (e) to smell (tr.), DD 206; (intr.) ARPs 113^14.

swcehow 'insania'? RPs 395^5 (v. ES 38^22).

swf pret. 3 sg. of swefan.

swfan? to burn, Met 8^47.

swfen = swefn

swflen = sweflen

swg == swg

swgl = swegl

swlan (tr.) to burn.

swlc = swilc

swm m. trifler, idler: vain object.

-swman v. -s.

swncan = swencan

swp enticement, persuasion, deceit? (v. OEG 2894n).

+swpa (, ) pl. sweepings, rubbish. [swpan]

swpels (VPs) m? swpelse f. robe, garment.

swpig fraudulent, OEG 2894.

swr I. (, ) heavy, sad: oppressive, grievous: sluggish, inactive, weak. II. n. sadness, trouble, MF 173.

swrbyrd? f. difficult birth? Lcd 185a.

swre () grievously, oppressively.

+swre = swr

+swred oppressed, weighed down, Lcd.

swrlic adj. sore, deep, heavy, .

swrlce () adv. grievously, heavily, .

swrmd indolent, sluggish, W 257.

swrmdnes () f. dulness, stupidity, CP 149^15.

swrnes () f. heaviness, : sluggishness.

swrt (WW 2573^3) = sweart

sws () intimate, special, favourite, dear, beloved: own: agreeable, gentle, benevolent: sweet, sugary.

+swse blandly, pleasantly.

swsenddagas mpl. ides (in Roman calendar),WW.

swsende () n. (mostly used in pl. swsendu) food, meal, dinner, banquet, dainties: blandishments.

swsing- = swsend-

swslcan (^1) to wheedle.

swslic kind, friendly, agreeable. adv. -lce pleasantly, kindly: properly: plausibly.

swsnes f. blandishment, wheedling, : pleasure.

swsung f. lenitive, soothing application, WW 241^24.

swswyrde fair spoken, WW 190^35.

swtan to sweat, exude, AO: labour, toil, CP: bleed, Cross 20: (+) oppress, CPs 93^5. [swt]

sw (e) n., nap. swau footprint, track, CP: trace, vestige, CP. [cp. swauf.]

swel = sweel

swelyne 'pinguis,' OEG 27^32.

swer pron. whichever, whosoever, CP. [sw, hwer]

+swian to trace out, investigate, EPs 138^3.

swlcan to search out, visit, CHy 9^68.

sworian = swarian, swerian

sweu = swau

swf pret. 3 sg. of swfan.

swhwtsw pron. whatsoever.

swhwer pron. whichever.

swalewe = swealwe

swalo = swolo, sweolo

swalwe = swealwe

swmian to become dark, Gu 1069.

swamm (o) I. m. fungus, mushroom, : sponge. [Ger. schwamm] II. pret. 3 sg. of swimman.

swan (o) m. 'swan.'

swn m. herdsman, swineherd, peasant: ()swain, youth, man, warrior.

swanc pret. 3 sg. of swincan.

swancor slender, trim, lithe, supple: languishing, weak.

swang pret. 3 sg. of swingan.

swngerfa m. swineherd reeve, officer set over the depasturing of swine in forests,Ct.

swangettung f. movement, agitation, ANS 101323.

swangor == swongor

swanrd f. swan's-road, sea, B 200.

swnriht n. law as to swineherds, LL 449[6,1].

swnsteorra m. evening star, Cp 145#u#.

+swpa = +swpa

swpan^7 to sweep, drive, swing, rush (of wind). [Ger. schweifen]

swr == swr

swarc- = swearc-

-swarian (e, eo, o) v. and-s.

swarn- = sworn-

swart = sweart

sws = sws

swt m? n? 'sweat,' perspiration, exudation, CP: () blood: foam, LkR 9^39: toil: labour,.

swatan (?) pl. beer, WW.

swtcl m. 'sudarium', napkin, P 178^2.

swtfh blood-stained, bloody.

swtig sweaty, AO: () gory.

swtighlor with sweaty brow, Gen 934 (or?two words).

swtln n. napkin, CP.

swtswau f. gory track, B 2946.

swtyrel n. pore of the skin, WW 159^13.

swah adv. however, yet, nevertheless.

swahhwre adv. however, .

swana adv. however.

swaer = swer

swaian to swathe, wrap up, Kl 17^109.

swaorian, swarian = swerian

swau (, e) f. footstep, track, pathway: trace, vestige: scar. ['swath'; cp. sw]

swaul m? smoke, B 782. [Ger. schwaden]

sw = sw

swealewe = swealwe

swealg, swealh pret. 3 sg. of swelgan.

swealt pret. 3 sg. of sweltan.

swealwe (a, o) f. 'swallow.'

swearc pret. 3 sg. of sweorcan.

swearcian to become dark, .

swearcmdnes (a) f. pusillanimity, LPs 54^9.

swearcung (a) f. darkness, RPs 17^29.

sweard f? hide, rind, skin, Gl. ['sward']

swearm m. 'swarm,' multitude.

sweart swarthy, black, dark, : gloomy: evil, infamous. ['swart']

swearte adv. miserably, evilly.

swearthwen dark-blue, purple, violet, WW 376^24.

sweartian to become black, : make black.

sweartlst with black tracks, Rd 27^11.

sweartnes f. blackness, black substance, Gl.

sweartung f. darkness, EPs 17^29.

swear = sweard

swebban to put to sleep, lull: () kill. [swefan]

swec (KGl) == swc

swefan^5 to sleep, slumber, rest: () sleep in death: cease.

swefecere m. sleeper, NC 324.

swefecung f. sleep, NC 324.

swefed pp. of swebban.

swefel () m. sulphur, . [Ger. schwefel]

swefelrc m. sulphurous smoke, VPs 10^7.

swefen == swefn

swefet = sweofot

swefe pres. 3 sg, of swebban.

+swefian to put to sleep, lull, appease, .

swefl = swefel

sweflen sulphurous, of brimstone, AO.

sweflennes (eo^1) f. sulphurousness, MF 123^3.

sweflenrc (APs) = sweflrc [[headword spelled "swefelrc"]]

sweflsweart sulphurous? WW 49^20.

sweflrosm m. sulphurous smoke, ERSPs 10^7.

swefn n. (often pl.) sleep, , AO, CP: dream, vision. [swebban]

swefnian (w. a. pers.) to dream: (w. nom. pers.) appear in a dream.

swefnigend m. dreamer, .

swefnracu f. interpretation of dreams, LL (154^29).

swefnreccere m. interpreter of dreams, WW 366^12.

swefot = sweofot

swg () m. sound, , AO, CP: noise, clamour, tumult: melody, harmony, tone, : voice: musical instrument: 'persona,' Sc. [swgan]

swgan to make a noise, sound, roar, crash, : import, signify,.

swgcrft m. art of playing on an instrument, music, #ApT#16.

swgdynn m. noise, crash, Cr 955.

swge sonorous, harmonious, L.

swegel == swegl

swgendlic adj. vocal, vowel, Gr 6^15.

sweger f. mother-in-law, . [Ger. schwieger]

swgesweard m. organist (!) JGPh 164.

swghloor m. sound, melody.

swging f. sound, clang, roar.

swegl () I. n. sky, heavens, ether: the sun: music? II. = segl

sweglbefalden ether-begirt, Sat 588.

sweglbeorht ether-bright, radiant, Gu 1187.

sweglbsm m. heaven, sky, Gen 9 (pl.).

sweglcondel f. heaven's candle, sun, Ph 108.

sweglcyning m. King of heaven.

swegldram m. music. [cp. Goth. swigln]

swegle I. adj. bright, ether-like, clear, brilliant, splendid. II. adv. clearly, brightly.

sweglhorn m. kind of musical instrument, Gl.

swglic sonorous, CM 675.

sweglrd f. modulation, music.

swegltorht heavenly-bright.

sweglwered (gel-) ether-clad, B 606.

sweglwuldor n. heavenly glory, Gu 1160.

sweglwundor n. heavenly wonder, Gu 1292.

swegr = sweger

+swegra = +swigra

+swgsumlce? unanimously, HL 18^182.

swehor (Gl) = swor

sweig (KGl 88^4) = swg

sweig = swge, pres. 3 sg. of swgan.

+swel = +swell

swelan^4 to burn, be burnt up: inflame (ofwound).

swelc (AO, CP) = swilc. [v. 'such']

swelca m. pustule, WW 112^17.

swelce = swilce

+swelg n. abyss, OEG.

swelgan^3 to 'swallow,' incorporate, absorb, imbibe, devour. [Ger. schwelgen]

swelgend (y) fmn. () whirlpool, vortex, gulf, abyss, CP: gormandiser, glutton, drunkard, debauchee,AO.

swelgendnes f. whirlpool, WW 373^2.

swelgere m. glutton, WW 102^15.

swelgnes f. whirlpool, WW 510^18.

swelh = swelg pres. 3 sg. of swelgan.

sweliend = swelgend

+swell n. swelling, tumour, boil, .

swellan^3 to 'swell.'

swelling f. swelling, El 245.

sweltan^3 (i, y) to die, perish, , AO, CP.

sweltendlic about to die.

-swemman v. be-s.

swenc m. trouble, tribulation, toil: (+) temptation, LkL 22^46.

swencan () to vex, distress, trouble, afflict, torment, oppress, , CP. [causative of swincan]

+swencednes f. trouble, affliction, .

sweng m. stroke, blow, cut, thrust. [swingan]

swengan to swing, rush, fly out. ['swinge'; causative of swingan]

sweocol (CP) = swicol

sweofl- = swefl-

sweofot (e) n. sleep.

swogian = swgian

sweolce = swilce

Swoland n. Sweden, AO 19^2.

sweolo (a, o) m. burning heat, glow, fire, flame. [swelan]

sweoloht 'squalidus,' OEG 56^202 (o^1).

sweolung? f. inflammation, Lcd 76b (sweop-).

Swon pl. Swedes.

swop pret. 3 sg. of swpan.

sweop- = swip-

sweopung v. sweolung.

swor I. (, ) mf. pillar, column, prop, CP: bolt, bar, ES 37183. II. m. father-in-law, , AO, CP: () cousin. [Ger. schwher] III. = swr pret. of swerian.

swora (, o, , ) m. neck, nape, AO, CP. [ON. svre]

sworbn n. neck-bone, neck.

sworbag (u) m. neck-band, necklace, collar, torque,.

sweorc (o) n. cloud, darkness, mist.

sweorcan^3 to grow dark, darken (intr.), become overcast, be obscured: be troubled, sad, become grievous, troublesome, angry, L: fall out (ofmind), JPs 30^13.

sweorcendferh sombre, sad, Jud 269.

sweorcenes (o, cn) f. gloom.

sworcl m. neckcloth, WW 210^36.

sworcops m. yoke, pillory, Gl.

sworcou f. quinsy, Lcd.

sweord (o, u, y) n. 'sword,' , AO, CP.

sweordbealo n. sword-bale, B 1147.

sweordberende sword-bearing, Gen 1060.

sweordbite m. sword-wound, Jul 603.

sweordbora (u) m. sword-bearer, swordsman.

sweordftels m. sword-belt, .

sweordfreca m. swordsman, warrior, B 1468.

sweordgenla m. sworded foe.

sweordgeswing (y^1) n. sword-brandishing.

sweordgifu (y^1) f. gift of swords, B 2884.

sweordgripe m. sword-attack, Jul 488.

sweordhwta (u, y) m. sword-furbisher.

sweordloma (u^1) m. flashing of swords.

+sweordod (u) provided with a sword, .

sweordplega m. fighting. Wald 22.

sweordrs m. attack, Ap 59.

sweordslege m. sword-thrust, Jul 671.

sweordtg f. 'framea,' sword-sheath? LPs 9^7. [tag]

sweordwegende (u^1) sword-bearing.

sweordwgend m. warrior, Ex 260.

sweordwund wounded with the sword.

sweordwyrhta (u^1) m. sword-maker? Lcd 3194^10.

+sweorf (y) n. filings, Lcd.

sweorfan^3 to file or grind away, polish, wipe, rub, scour. ['swerve']

sworhnitu f. nit which lives on the neck of animals, tick,WW.

Sworce n. Sweden, B.

sworracenth (^1) f. 'catelle,' neck-chain, WW 107^34.

sworrd f. cross worn on the neck, EC 250 (). [v.'rood']

sworscacul m. yoke, pillory, WW 116^9.

swortag () f. collar, Gl.

+sworu (, ) np. hills, PPs.

sworwrc m. pain in the neck, Lcd.

sweostor (e, i, u, y) f. indecl. in sg., nap. sweoster, sweostra, sweostru 'sister,' Chr; , AO: nun, BH.

+sweos-tor, -tra, -tru fp. sisters, AO. +sweosternu bearn children of sisters, cousins.

sweostorbearn n. sister's child, nephew, niece, WW 452^2.

sweostorsunu m. sister's son, nephew, OET. [v. 'sister']

swot n. troop, army, company, body, swarm.

sweota? sweote? 'scrotum,' Lcd, v. A 30134.

sweotel = sweotol

sweotol (i, u, y) distinct, clear, evident, manifest, open, public, AO, CP. [cp. Goth. swikuns]

sweotole (e, o, u) adv. clearly, precisely, plainly, openly, visibly,CP.

sweotolian (e, u, y) to show, reveal, make manifest: state, explain, prove.

sweotollic (y^1) clear, distinct. adv. -lce clearly, precisely, plainly, visibly, openly,.

sweotolung (i, u, y) f. manifestation, Epiphany: definition, explanation, exposition, declaration, : written testimony, documentary evidence.

sweotolungdg (e, u) m. Epiphany, .

sweotul = sweotol

swoeod f. Swedes, Sweden.

sweoerian = swerian

sweool I. m? heat, flame, B 3145. [cp. swaul] II. = sweel

swowian = swgian

+swpa = +swpa

swr = (1) swr; (2) sweger; (3) swor

swerian^6 (but occl. wk. pret. swerede) to 'swear,' , AO, CP: speak? Sol 425. [Ger. schwren]

swerigendlic jurative, used in swearing (of certain adverbs), Gr.

swertling m. titlark? warbler? WW 131^15.

sws == sws

swester (N) = sweostor

swtan to make sweet, sweeten, , CP.

swte I. adj. 'sweet,' pure, fragrant, pleasant, agreeable, AO, CP. II. n. sweetness, sweet. [swt]

swetelian (KGl) = sweotolian

swtian to be sweet, CP 425^14.

+swtlcan to batten, RPs 65^15.

swtlce sweetly, pleasantly, BH 486^4.

swtmete m. 'sweetmeat,' dainty, CP 41^15.

swtnes f. sweetness, fragrance, CP: pleasantness.

swetole = sweotole

swtswge agreeable (of sound), DHy 58^8.

swtwyrde smooth-spoken, WW: stuttering,WW.

swe = sw

sweel (, eo) m. swaddling band, bandage, binding.

sweerian = swerian

-sweian v. be-.

sweolian to relent, be appeased, Chr 1123.

swerian (a, , eo, i) to retire, vanish, melt away, abate, dwindle, decrease, subside.

+swerung () f. failure, Lcd.

sweu = swau

sweung f. poultice.

swic n. illusion, CM 441.

+swic n. offence, MtR, WW.

swica m. deceiver, traitor, betrayer.

swcan^1 () to wander: () depart: (w.g.) cease from, yield, give away, AO; CP: (w.d.) fail, fall short, be wanting, abandon, desert, turn traitor: deceive, . ts. go forth. froms. fall off, rebel. ['i-swike']

swicc m. odour, smell, scent.

swiccrft m. treachery.

swicdm m. fraud, deception, deceit, , AO: betrayal, treason: scandal, offence.

swice I. m. () escape, end: () procrastination, delay, Gu 1007: offence, snare, treachery, deceit. II. adj. fallacious, deceitful. III. f. trap, snare, Gl. IV. = swicc

swcend m. deceiver, HL 18^39,87.

+swicennes f. abstention, cessation, : repentance.

swicful fraudulent, deceitful, Gl.

swician to wander: be treacherous, deceive, cheat, : blaspheme: cause to offend.

+swcing f. intermission, cessation, CM 103.

swicn f. purgation, clearance, discharge, LL.

+swcnan to clear (of a charge), LL.

swicol guileful, false, deceitful, .

swicollic fraudulent, deceiving, deceptive, causing to stumble. adv. -lce.

swicolnes f. deceit.

swcung f. deceit, fraud, deception: stumbling-block, offence.

swfan^1 to revolve, sweep, wend: intervene, EC 164. [Ger. schweifen]

swiforu == swipor

swift (y) 'swift,' quick, , AO. adv. -lce. [swfan]

swiftlre (u, y) m. slipper, . [L. subtalaris]

swiftnes f. swiftness, speed, .

swiftu f. swiftness, Met 28^3.

swgan = swgian

swgdagas mp. days of silence (last three days of Holy Week),.

swge I. swigge f. silence, stillness, rest, , CP. II. adj. still, quiet, silent, taciturn,CP.

swgen f. silence, H 2532^4.

swgeniht f. night of silence, P 154^3 (v. swgdagas).

swgian (; , o, ) to be or become silent, keep silence, be quiet, still,CP.

swgiendlce adv. silently, HL 18^311.

swglung f. silence, ANS 843.

swgmsse f. silent mass, NC 324.

swgnes f. time of silence, WW 211^42.

+swigra (e) m. sister's son, nephew, cousin.

swgtma (swt-) m. silent time, eventide, early part of the night, A 8319.

swght m. dawn of the days of silence (v. swgdagas), ANS 847.

swgung f. silence: time of silence: delay,NG.

swgunga adv. quietly, secretly.

swilc (, e, y) pron. (used substantively) _such a one, he, the same_, _: (used adjectivally) '_such_,' _Bl, CP_, _etc._: (asrelative) _which_, (). swilc...hwilc _such...as_; _so...as_. swilc...swilc _so much (many)...as_; _as much (many)...as_, _, B, Bl,Bo_.

swilce (e, eo, y) adv. and conj. (w. ind.) just as, as, in like manner, in such manner, likewise, resembling, thus: (w.subj.) as if, as though: also, moreover, too, Bo. ['such']

swilcnes f. 'qualitas,' nature.

swile (y) m. tumour, swelling. [swellan; Ger. schwiele]

swilian, swillan to 'swill,' wash, wash out, gargle.

swiling, swilling f. swilling, wash, gargle.

swilt = swylt

swiltan = sweltan

swil pres. 3 sg. of swellan.

swlunge = swglunga [[form of "swglung"?]]

swma m. vertigo, dizziness: swoon, .

swmsse = swgmsse

swimman^3 (y) to 'swim,' float.

swimmendlic (y) able to swim, Gr 55^3.

swn () n. wild boar, pig, hog, pl. 'swine,' CP; Mdf: boar-image (ona helmet),B.

+swin n. song, melody, Ph 137.

+swinc n. _toil, work, effort_, _: () _hardship_, _Gen_. ['_i-swinch_']

swincan^3 to labour, work at, strive, struggle, , CP: be in trouble: languish. ['swink']

+swincdagas mp. days of tribulation, #Seaf#2.

swincful toilsome, painful, disastrous, .

+swincfulnes f. tribulation, LPs 33^7.

swinclas (y) without toil, H 2364^9.

swinclic laborious? manual? (of work), W 294^17.

+swincnes f. hardship? NC 345.

swind = spind

swindan^3 to vanish, consume, pine away, languish. [Ger. schwinden]

swnen adj. pig's, swine's.

+swing I. n. surge, fluctuation. II. = +swinc

swingan^3 I. to beat, strike, smack, whip, scourge, flog, chastise, afflict, , AO, CP. sw. on tw divide by a blow: 'swing' oneself, fly, B 2264. [Ger. schwingen] II. = swincan

swinge (y) f. stroke, blow, stripe: chastisement,CP.

swingell f. (often swingel-, swingl- in obl. cases); swingel(l)e f. whip, scourge, rod, : stroke, stripe, blow: affliction,CP.

swingere m. striker, scourger, Rd 28^7.

swinglung f. dizziness.

swnhaga m. pig-pen, Ct.

swnhyrde () m. swineherd, ZDA 33230^21.

swnin (Gl) = swnen

swnlc n. boar-image (on a helmet), B 1452.

swinn m. melody, OEG.

swnnes f. pork food, EPs 16^14.

swinsian (y) to sound melodiously, make melody, sing.

swinsung f. melody, harmony.

swinsungcrft m. music, WW 442^12.

swinsweg? (v. OEG xxxiii), melody.

swipa m., swipe f. = swipu

swipian (eo) to whip, scourge, beat. ['swipe']

swipor cunning, A, BH. adv. -lce.

+swipornes (e^2) f. wile, cunning, HL, MkR.

swippan = swipian

swipu (eo, o) f. whip, stick, scourge: chastisement, affliction. [Ger. schwippe]

swir- = sweor-

swr- = swor-

+swiria = +swigra

swirman to swarm, Lcd 1384^22.

swister = sweostor

swital, switel, switol == sweotol

swtma = swgtma

sw () strong, mighty, powerful, active: severe, violent. comp. swire right (hand, side, etc.).

swan [wv. and sv^1? cp. unforswien] to strengthen, establish, support: use force against, (v.A 3666).

swe () adv. very much, exceedingly, severely, violently, fiercely, , AO, CP. comp. swor more, rather. superl. swost most, especially, exceedingly: almost, nearly. for swe, swe swe very much, very severely,CP.

swfstnes f. violence, LL (138^27).

swfeorm rich, fruitful: violent.

swfeormende becoming violent, WW 374^11.

swferh (y) bold, brave, rash.

swfrom very strong, vigorous. adv. -lce.

swhwt very active, Run 5.

swhycgende (i) bold-minded.

swian to become strong: prevail: fix.

swlic intense, excessive, severe, violent, : immense, : effective. adv. -lce, AO,CP.

swlicnes f. excess, RBL 73^7.

swmihtig very mighty, PPs 85^13.

swmd stout-hearted, brave: insolent, arrogant.

swmdnes f. magnanimity.

swnes f. excess, violence, CM 458.

swor comp. of swe.

swra comp. of sw.

swirian = swerian

swrian to avail, prevail, .

swsnel very quick, agile, Cra 82.

swspecende () verbose, talkative, OEG 56^140.

swsprecel talkative, LPs 11^4.

swstincende strong-smelling, WW 408^18.

swstrang very strong, BH 38^6#b#.

swstrme having a strong current, rapid, BH 38^6.

swswge strong-sounding, heroic, OEG.

swur = swor comp. of swe.

swiung f. spasm, cramp, WW 112^19.

swunga = swgunga

swodrian to be fast asleep, SPs 3^5.

swoeg = swg

swoesendu = swsendu [[form of "swsende"]]

swoetnes (Gl, VPs) = swtness [[headword spelled "swtnes"]]

swg (VPs) = swg

swgan^7 to sound, roar, howl, rustle, whistle, rattle, Cr, Gen. ['sough']

+swogen in a swoon, silenced, dead, .

+swogennes v. in-s. [[headword spelled "inswgennes"]]

+swgung f. swooning, Lcd.

swol n. heat, burning, flame, glow. [swelan; Ger. schwl]

swole = sweolo

swolgen pp. of swelgan.

swolgettan to gargle, wash the throat, Lcd.

swolig f. burning, Lcd, WW.

swollen pp. of swellan.

swolo, swoloa m., swoloe? f. (OEG 23^55) = sweolo

swolten pp. of sweltan.

swolu () = sweolo

swolwe = swealwe

swom = swamm I. and II.

swon = swan

swoncor = swancor

swong = swang pret. 3 sg. of swingan.

swongor heavy, inert. [Ger. schwanger]

swongornes f. sloth, laziness, CP.

swonrd = swanrd

swopu (NG) = swipu

swor (Ex 239) = spor

swr I. pret. 3 sg. of swerian. II. = sr. III. = swor

swra = swora

sworc == sweorc

sworcen pp. of sweorcan.

sword = sweord

sworen pp. of swerian.

swretendlic breathing hardly, short-winded, WW 355^9.

swrettan to breathe hard, pant, yawn, sigh, .

swret-ung, -tung f. hard breathing, panting, sobbing, sighing, moaning,.

sworfen pp. of sweorfan.

swornian (a) to coagulate, Gl.

swron pret. pl. of swerian.

swostor = sweostor

swt sweet, JnL, Nar, OEG. adv. swte Gr. ['soot']

swtlic savoury, sweet, CP 311^8. adv. -lce.

swtmete m. sweetmeat, dainty, Bo 33^23.

swtnes f. sweetness, DR, Shr. ['sootness']

swotol = sweotol

swt-stence, -stencende sweet-smelling.

swoung = sweung

+swwung = +swgung

swgian (CP) = swgian

swulc = swilc

swulgon pret. pl. of swelgan.

swulton pret. pl. of sweltan.

swulung = sulung

swummon pret. pl. of swimman.

swuncon pret. pl. of swincan.

-swundennes v. -s.

swungen pp., swungon pret. pl. of swingan.

swur- = sweor-

swr- = swor-

swust-er, -or, -ur () = sweostor

swut-el-, -ol-, -ul- = sweotol-

swwian = swgian

swyc- = swic-

swyft == swift

swg- = swg-

swge = swge

swyl- = swil-

swyliend = swelgend

swylt (i) m. death. [sweltan]

swylt- = swelt-

swyltcwalu f. agony of death.

swyltdg m. death-day.

swyltda m. death, PPs 55^11.

swylthwl f. hour of death.

swym- = swim-

swn == swn

swyn- = swin-

swyp- (N) = sweop-

swr == swor

swyrd == sweord

swyrf pres. 3 sg. of sweorfan.

+swsnes = +swsnes

swyster = sweostor

swytel, swytol == sweotol

sw == sw

swwian = sgian, swgian

s = se pres. subj. of bon.

syb, sybb == sibb

scan (, ) to suckle: wean, ASPs 130^2. [scan]

syce (i, ?) suckling, OEG 57^8.

sclian = sclian

sycomer m. sycamore, Bk 4.

sc pres. 3 sg. of scan; scan.

+syd n. wallowing-place, WW 146^15. [soan]

sd == sd

+sydian = +sidian

syfan == seofon

syfe = sife

sferte abstemious, RB 119^25.

sferlic () neat, cleanly, pure, sober. adv. -lce.

sferne asm. of sfre.

sfernes f. cleanliness, purity, sobriety, moderation,.

syfea = seofoa

syfian = seofian

+syflan to provide with relishes, flavour. [sufl] [[under "sufel"]]

syflige, syfling () f. food, pap, broth, soup: seasoning, relish.

syfol = sufel

syfon = seofon

sfre (, ) clean, pure, chaste, sober, abstinent, temperate, . [Ger. sauber]

syftan = siftan

syge I. m. sight, aspect, view, FT 64? II. = sigeI.

sygel = sigel

sygor = sigor

syh = seoh imperat. of son

syht = suht

syh pres. 3 sg. of son I. and II.

+syhe (BPs 120^4) = +sehe

syl = syle

sl I. f. column, pillar, support, AO. [Ger. sule] II. ds. of sl, sulh. [[simple word "sl", compounds "sulh"]]

sla m. ploughman, OEG 2357. [sulh] [[under "sl"]]

slx f. a kind of axe, WW 379^33 (v. ES 43327).

syle, sylen miry place, wallowing-place, OEG. [sol]

sylen = selen

syle pres. 3 sg. of syllan.

sylf == self

sylfer, sylfor, sylfur (M) = seolfor

sylfren () = seolfren

sylfwill- () = selfwill-

sylg ds., sylh ds. and nap. of sl, sulh. [[simple word "sl", compounds "sulh"]]

Slhearwa = Sigelhearwa

+sylhe n. team of oxen. [sulh] [[under "sl"]]

sylian to sully, soil, pollute, CP, Met. ['sule']

syll I. f. 'sill', threshold, foundation, base, basis, , B, CP. II. nap. of sulh. [[under "sl"]]

sylla m. giver, RBL 25^6. [sellan]

slla (Deor 6) = slla (slra) v. sl I.

syllan () = sellan

sylle = syll I.

syllend () = sellend

syllic == seldlic

sylofr = seolfor

sylofren = seolfren

slra = slra v. sl I.

syltan (e) to salt, season, . [sealt]

sma = sma

sman = seman

symbel I. n. feast-day, festivity, revel, feast, AO: () festival, holy day. II. == simbel

symbelcalic m. chalice, TC 515^28.

symbelcennes f. feast of a nativity, DR.

symbeldg m. feast-day, festival, holiday, .

symbele = simble

symbelgl boisterous with carousing, drunk, DD 79.

symbelgereord n. banqueting, feasting, carousal, Sol 407.

symbelgifa m. giver of feasts, An 1419.

symbelhs n. guest-chamber, LkLR 22^12.

symbelian = symblian

symbellic festive: solemn. adv. -lce solemnly.

symbelmnalic adj. of a festival month? WW 375^38.

symbelnes f. festival, feasting, festivity, : solemn assembly, solemn office.

symbeltd f. festival-time.

symbelwrig weary with feasting, Gen 2640.

symbelwlonc elated with feasting, Mod 40.

symbelwynn f. joy of feasting, B 1782.

symblan to feast, banquet, CP.

symble () = simble adv.

symblian (i) to feast, carouse, CP.

symel == symbel

symeringwyrt f. violet, WW 322^9.

syml = symbel I.

syml- = simbl-

symnenlic = semnendlic

syn = synn

sn I. = sen f. II. = sn, sen pres. pl. subj. of wesan (bon). III. = snI.

syn- v. also sin-, synn-.

synbend m. bond of sin, Nic 504^23.

synbt f. penance, LL (316^31).

synbryne m? burning ardour of sin, MFH 143^18.

synbyren f. burden of sin.

synbysig guilt-haunted, B 2227.

synd = sind pres. pl. ind. of wesan (bon).

+synd- = +sund-

syndd f. sinful deed.

syndan = sendan

synder- = sundor-

synder (u^2) f. special law, DR 190^10.

synderlic (e) singular, separate, special, peculiar, private, , CP: remote. adv. -lce. [sundor]

synderlicnes f. separateness, separation, seclusion, OEG: singularity, GD 286^11.

synder-lpe, -lpe, -lpig peculiar, special. adv. -lpes().

synderwurmynt fmn. special honour, prerogative, WW 178^47.

+syndgian to make to prosper, BH 320^12.

syndig skilled in swimming, Cra 58.

syndir- = synder-

+syndlcan (synt-) to cause to prosper, RPs 117^25.

syndolh n. deadly wound, B 817 (or = sin-?).

syndon = sindon pres. pl. ind. of wesan (bon).

Syndonisc Indian, MF 173, MP 1592. [L. Gk.]

syndra? m., syndre? f. = sinder

syndrian to sunder, separate, divide.

syndrig (i) separate, single: 'sundry,' various, : special, private, peculiar, exceptional, particular, , AO, CP: characteristic: (distributive) one each. [sundor]

syndrige adv. separately, specially, apart, alone.

syndrigendlic discretive, Gr 229^7.

syndriglic special, peculiar. adv. -lce specially: separately.

syndrung v. -s.

syndur = synder

synew- = sinew-; and v. synu. [[headword spelled "sinu"]]

synfh sin-stained, Cr 1083.

syngian to sin, transgress, , CP.

syngrigendlic = syndrigendlic

syn-grin, -gryn f. snare or mischief of sin, harm.

syngung f. transgression, HL 12^137. ['sinning']

synleahter m. stain of sin, W 134^24.

synlas 'sinless,' guiltless, innocent, CP, Jn,W.

synlaw sinful injury, W 165^25.

synlic sinful, foul, wicked. adv. -lce.

synn (e, i) f. () injury, mischief, enmity, feud: 'sin,' guilt, crime, Bl, Bo, Chr, VPs;CP.

synn- see also syn-.

synnadg (N) = sunnandg

synnecge f. female sinner, MH 126^4.

synnes adv. always? Kl, but v. LL 455^4.

synnful 'sinful,' guilty, wicked, corrupt, Bl, LkL, VPs;CP.

synngiend m. sinner, EPs 111^10.

+synnian to commit adultery, NG.

synnig guilty, punishable, criminal: sinful,CP.

synnlust m. desire to sin, .

syno = seono

synrs m. pressure of sin, temptation, LL (284^9).

synrst m. canker of sin, Cr 1321.

syn-sceaa, -scaa m. sin-stained wretch, sinful outrager.

synscyldig wicked, DD 168.

synt = sind pres. pl. ind. of wesan (bon).

+synt- = +synd-

synto f. soundness, health: prosperity, welfare, salvation. [gesund] [[listed as +sund]]

synwracu f. punishment for sin.

synwund f. wound of sin.

synwyrcende sinning.

sypan = sypian

sype m. wetting, act of soaking through, Bo. ['sipe']

sypian (i) to absorb, drink in, Lcd 94b. ['sipe']

spian = spian

sypo, syppo = swipu

syrc m. = syric

syrce f. = syrice

syre = searwe, v. searo.

sre = sere

syredon = sier(w)edon pret. pl. of sierwan.

syretung f. lurking place, WW 440^6. [searu]

syrewrenc = searowrenc

syrewung = searwung

syrfe f. service-tree, EC 373. [L. sorbus]

syrftrow n. service-tree, KC 3379^20.

syric = serc

syrice = serce [[under "serc"]]

sring f. sour milk, buttermilk. [sr]

syrode = sierwde pret. 3 sg. of sierwan.

syru == searo

syrwa = searwa gp. of searo.

syr-wan, -wian () = sierwan

Syrware mpl. Syrians.

syrwung = sierwung

syrwwrenc = searowrenc

syster = sester

s I. = s. II. v. s adv. III. pres. 3 sg. of soan.

s- = s-

syan = sian

serra (BC, Lcd) v. s. ['souther']

sst pres. 2 sg. of soan.

syan = sian

swian = sowian [[under "sowan"]]

syx = siex

syx- (AO) = siex-, six-


t I. f. 'toe,' Cp, LL, WW. II. f. () = tnm.

tabele, tablu f., tabul m. = tabule

tabule f. 'table,' BH: a wooden hammer, or piece of wood struck as a signal for assembling monks, CM: writing tablet: gaming table: table of the law. [L.]

tacan^6 to 'take,' seize, Chr 1072^5,6#d#.

+taccian to tame, subdue, GPH 402.

tcen, tcn n., nap. tcen, tcnu 'token,' symbol, sign, signal, mark, indication, suggestion, B, BH, CP, Lcd, SPs: portent, marvel, wonder, miracle, Bl; : evidence, proof: standard, banner.

tcencircol m. indiction, TC 126^3.

tcnan (Cp) = tcnan

tcnberend m. standard-bearer, Gr 27^15.

tcnbora m. standard-bearer: guide.

tcnian to mark, indicate: betoken, denote, signify, represent, Bl, Bo; CP: portend: demonstrate, express. ['token']

+tcni(g)endlic typical, emblematic, H 2278^14; P 122^17.

tcnung f. sign, presage, token, Bo: manifestation, signification, type, Bo, BH: indication, symptom, proof: dispensation, AO 60^1. ['tokening']

tcon, tcun = tcen

tcor, tcur m. brother-in-law, .

tde, tdi(g)e f. 'toad,' WW.

tbere a weaving tool? tenterhook? WW 294^17.

tcan to transfer, translate, . [ON. taka]

tcan to show, declare, demonstrate, , AO, BH, LL, RB: 'teach' ('i-tche'), instruct, train, , Bl, Bo, Lcd, LL; CP: prescribe, direct, , CP, WW. +t.fram dismiss, LL 162[22].

tcing f. teaching, instruction, : doctrine: direction, injunction, command, rule.

tcnan to mark by a token, denote, designate, mark out. [Ger. zeichnen]

-tcne v. earfo-t.

tcnend m. indicator, A 13329.

tcnian = tcnian

tcning f. demonstration, proof, Bo 90^1.

tfel == tfl

tfl fn. cube, die, game with dice or tables. [L. tabula]

tfl-an, -ian to gamble, Gl.

tfle adj. given to dice-playing, GnE 185.

tflere m. gambler.

tflstn m. gambling-stone, die, Gl.

tflung f. gaming, playing at dice.

tg = tag

tgel, tgl (e) m. 'tail,' LL, WW; .

tglhr n. hair of the tail, Lcd 1360^20.

tgian (M) = teogoian

therian (NG) = tarian

thher (NG) = tar

thte pret. 3 sg. of tcan.

tl (a, e) n. number.

tl () f. blame, reproach, calumny, abuse, CP, WW: blasphemy. ['tele']

+tl I. (e, ea) n., nap. +talu number, series, Mt; : number of people, tribe: catalogue, WW 418^36: estimation, opinion. ['i-tel'] II. adj. np. +tale swift, ready, PPs 56^5.

tla = tela

tlan () to blame, censure, scold, reprove, reproach, accuse, , AO, CP: speak ill of, slander, insult, deride, Bo, LL, WW: dispute. ['tele']

tlberend = telgberend

+tlcircul m. cycle, series, WW 204^42.

+tlcrft m. arithmetic, (e).

+tld = +teld

-tle v. lof-, un-t. [[under "loftl"]]

tlend m. slanderer, backbiter: mocker, scoffer: reprover.

tlende censorious, slanderous.

tlere () m. derider, scoffer, KGl 75^16.

+tlfst measurable, LPs 38^6.

tlful () blameworthy, NC 325.

tlg == telg

tlhlehter m. derision, WW 172^4. [hleahtor]

tlian = talian

tlla (GPH 394) = telga

tllan = tellan

tllas blameless, CP. adv. -lce, CP.

tllic blameworthy, slanderous, blasphemous. adv. -lce.

tlmearc f. date, period, Gu 849. [talu]

tlmet n. measure, portion, An 113. [talu]

tlnes () f. blame, reproof, CP: slander, calumny, insult.

+tlrm n. order, succession, Sol 38.

tlsum in numbers, rhythmic, OEG.

tlung f. reproof, CP: slander, derision.

tlweor- = tlwier-

tl-wiere, -wierlic reprehensible, blameworthy, CP. adv. -lce.

tlwierlicnes (eo^2) f. reprehensible conduct, blameableness, CP 52^15.

+tlws discreet, capable, WW 207^40: skilled in arithmetic.

tlwyrd-, tlwyr- = tlwier-

tman = teman

tmesple f. sieve-frame, sieve-stand? sieve-stake? LL 455[17]. [ep. temsian]

tmian (GD 11^9) = temian

tnel (^1, ^2) m. wicker basket, , WW. ['teanel'; tn]

tnen made of twigs, OEG. [tn]

tng- = teng-

tnil = tnel

tppa m. 'tap,' spigot, IM.

tppe f? strip of stuff or cloth, 'tape,' WW 107^33.

tpp-ed, -et n. figured cloth, tapestry, carpet, TC, WW. ['tapet']

tppelbred n. footstool, NG.

tppere m. tapster, tavern-keeper, Sc, WW. ['tapper']

tppestre f. _tapstress, female tavern-keeper_, _. ['_tapster_']

tppet = tpped

tppian to open (a cask)? furnish it with a tap or spout? IM 125. ['tap']

tppilbred = tppelbred

tr pret. 3 sg. of teran.

tr = tar

tsan () to pull, tear, comb, card, Lcd: () wound, injure, assault. ['tease']

tse pleasant, Met: convenient, suitable, B. ['i-tase']

+tse n. advantage, convenience: pleasure, CP 387: useful thing, implement.

+tsed soothed? CP 297^18.

tsel f. 'teasel' (plant), Lcd 1282^15.

+tslic convenient. adv. -lce conveniently: gently, softly, smoothly,CP.

tslce (NG) = slce

+tsnes f. convenience, WW.

tsu = teosu

ttan to caress, Wy 4. [tt?]

ttteca m? rag, tatter, shred? .

t = t, v. t.

-twe (o) v. l-t.

tagantes helde f. 'artemisia' (plant). WW 296^20.

th pret. 3 sg. of ton II.

the (Gl) = t

thspura m. spur, tip of toe? WW 197^14.

thte = thte pret. 3 sg. of tcan.

tal (N) = talu

tl == tl

tala = tela

tald = teald pp. of tellan.

+tale v. tl.

talente f. 'talent' (money of account), AO. [L.]

talian () (= tellan) to count, calculate, reckon, account, consider, think, esteem, value, CP: argue, CP: tell, relate, : impute,.

+talscipe m. multitude, NG.

talt- = tealt-

talu f. 'tale,' series, calculation: telling, relation, communication, narrative, , KC: fable, tale, story: accusation.

+talu v. +tl.

tlwyr- = tlwier-

tam 'tame,' , Bo, WW: tractable, gentle, mild, Bo,Gn.

tama m. tameness, Bo, Met.

tamcian to tame, soothe, NC 326.

-tamcol v. un-t. [[headword spelled "untamcul"]]

tn I. m. twig, rod, switch, branch: rod of divination. II. shooting? spreading? Gen 2360. III. pl. oft.

tnede having a disease of the toes? WW 161^28.

tang, tange (o) f. (sg. and pl.) pincers, 'tongs,' forceps, , BH, Cp, WW;.

+tang (w. d.) in contact with (= pret. 3 sg. of +tingan).

+tanglce together, RB 47^15.

tnhlyta m. soothsayer, augur, diviner, WW 189^3. [tn, hlot]

tnhlytere m. soothsayer, diviner, WW 183^32.

+tanned tanned, WW 118^7. ['tan']

tannere m. 'tanner,' KC 2411.

taper (Lcd, WW) = tapor

taperx f. small axe, Chr 1031#a#; CC 28^16. [ON. taparx]

tapor (ea^1; e^2, u^2) m. lamp-wick, 'taper,' candle, CP: a feeble light, Ph 114. [Celtic?]

taporberend m. acolyte, Gl.

taran v. teoru.

targa? m., targe? f. small shield, buckler, KC. [v.'targe']

+targed furnished with a shield, OEG 2259.

taru f. tear, rent. [teran]

tasol, tasul (Gl) = teosel

tt soft, tender, joyous, Leo 806^12. [[from first edition]]

-twere v. flsc-t. [[headword spelled "flsctwere"]]

twian to prepare, make ready, make: till, cultivate, BH: harass, afflict, insult, , AO. t.t bysmore outrage, profane, , W. ['taw']

te- = t-

ta (NG) = ten

+tad () pp. of +ton.

tafor I. n. red, red lead, vermilion, purple, WW. [v.'tiver'] II. or ? taforgap (v.GK), meaning doubtful, #Ruin#31.

tag (, ) f. cord, band, thong, fetter, Cr, WW (): case, chest: enclosure. ['tie']

tagan = togan, ton

tagor (Gu) = tar

tah I. pret. 3 sg. of ton I. and II. II. = tag

teal- = tal-, tl-, tel-

tal- = tl-

+teald = +teld

tealde pret. 3 sg. of tellan

tealgor = telgor

tealt unstable, precarious, Run, W. ['tealt']

tealtian, tealtrian (a) to totter, shake, stumble, waver: be untrustworthy: amble. [cp. Ger. zelter]

tam () m. descendant, family, race, line, , Mk, TC: child-bearing, : company, band, : 'team' (ofhorses, oxen, etc.), WW: vouching to warranty, right of jurisdiction in matters of warranty, EC (), LL.

+tama () m. warrantor, surety, LL.

taman = teman

tamful fruitful, LPs, WW. [v. 'teemfull']

tamian = teman

tampl m. breeding pool, EC 322.

tan- (A) = ton-

teaper (K) = tapor

tapor (Lcd) = tafor

tar m. drop, Cr, Lcd: 'tear,' B, Bl; CP: what is distilled from anything in drops, 'nectar,' WW;CM.

tearflian to turn, roll, wallow, Mk 9^20.

targotende tear-shedding, tearful, Nic 508^15.

tarian (therian, ^1) to weep, JnL. ['tear']

tarig, tarlic tearful.

tarighlor with tearful cheeks, Gen 2274.

tearn (WW 286^7) = stearn

tearos v. teoru.

teart sharp, rough, severe, , OEG. ['tart'; tr, pret. of teran]

teartlic sharp, rough, . adv. -lce, OEG. ['tartly']

teartnes f. sharpness, roughness, hardness, OEG; . ['tartness']

teartnumol biting, effectual, Lcd 1152^3.

teaslce (NG) = slce

ta = to, pres. pl. of ton I. and II.

tebl = tfl

tebl-, tebil- = tfl-

tc- = tc-

+td = +tad

tde pret. of (?)*tn to grow rough. [th]

tder == tder [[under "tder"]]

tdr- = tdr-

tefel, tefil = tfl

tfrung = tfrung

tg = tag

tgan (M) = tegan

tge = tge [[form of "tgan" under 'tegan'?]]

tegl = tgl [[under "tgel"]]

tg- = to-

th = tah pret. 3 sg. of ton.

teherian (A) = tarian

tehher, teher (NG) = tar

thton = thton pret. pl. of tcan.

teiss (N) = tsu

+tel == +tl

tl- = tl-

tela (i, ea, eo) I. adv. well, fitly, properly, rightly, very, good, CP: prosperously, beneficially. II. interj. well! good!

teld n. tent, tabernacle, , BH, TC. ['teld']

+teldgehlwung f. tabernacle, A 8308^34.

teldian to spread (net), set (trap), Cp, PPs. ['teld']

teldsticca m. tent-peg, .

+teldung f. tabernacle, EPs 18^5; 77^60.

+teldwurung f. feast of tabernacles, WW 107^17.

teldwyrhta m. tent-maker, .

telede = tealde pret. 3 sg. of tellan.

+telfers nm. catalectic verse, OEG.

telg () m. dye, colour, tincture.

telga m. twig, branch, bough, shoot, CP: pole, stock, EC 95.

+telg-an, -ian to dye, WW.

telgberend yielding a dye, WW 462^19.

telgestre (^1) m. dyer, GD 342^3.

telgian I. to put forth branches, Rim 34. II. = talian. III. = telgan

telgor mf., telgra m., telgre f. twig, branch, shoot, , Lcd. [v.'tille']

telgung f. dye, purple dye, WW.

telian = tilian

tellan (, ea) to 'tell' ('i-telle'), reckon, number, compute, calculate, , Bl, Lk: account, estimate, consider, think, esteem, believe, CP, Mt: charge against, impute to: state, recount, enumerate, announce, relate, , Bo, Chr. t.gelc compare. [talu]

-tellendlic v. un-t.

teltr, teltro n. weaving-tool? tenterhook? tent-peg?WW.

tm = tam

tema = tama

tman = teman

tmbyrst m. failure to secure a voucher, EC 202. [tam]

Temes, Temese f. river Thames, AO. [L. Tamisia]

temesian to sift, MkL (i^2). ['temse']

temian to tame, subdue, , CP: (+) suffer, permit, L 23^810.

tempel, templ n. 'temple,' , Bl, CP, G, VPs. [L. templum]

tempel- = templ-

tempelgeat n. temple-door, W 49^25.

templgeweorc n. structure of the temple, W 277^25.

templhlgung f. dedication of the temple, OEG 40^36.

templic adj. of a temple, OEG.

temprian v. to 'temper,' moderate, , Sc: cure, heal, : control, curb, (refl.), Lcd, Sc. [Lat.]

temprung f. tempering, moderation.

tn (VPs) == ten

tnan = tnan, tonan

-tendan (y) v. -, for-, on-t.

tender = tynder

tend-ing, -ling f. burning, stinging, NC, GD. ['tinding']

tne = ten

tnel (Ep) = tnel

tengan () to press towards, hurry, hasten, . wegt. get away, get off. +t.on assail,AO.

+tenge near to, resting on: oppressing, burdensome,AO.

tnil = tnel

tennan to lure, coax? Wy 4?

to pres. 1 sg. of ton I. and II.

teochian = teohhian

tode pret. of ton III., togan, teohhian.

teofenian to join, put together.

tofor = tafor

tofrian = tfrian

togan (OHG. gizehn) = teohhian

teogea, teogoa = toa

teogoian to 'tithe,' grant or pay tithes, CP; divide by ten,.

teoh fm., gds. teohhe race: band, troop, company, society. [Ger. zeche]

toh imperat. of ton.

+toh n. matter, material, universe? #Rim#2.

teohhe v. teoh.

teohhian to determine, intend, propose, : consider, think, judge, estimate.

+teohhung f. arrangement, ordering, HL 13^69.

teohian = teohhian

teol- = tel-, til-

teolyrl n. 'foramen,' 'fenestra,' OEG.

teom (MtR 21^5) = tam

ton I. () sv^2 _to pull, tug, draw, drag, row (boat)_, _BH, CP, LL_: _withdraw, take_, LL 356,70: _entice, allure, induce, lead, bring_, _BH, Bl, Bo, Gu_; CP: _bring up, educate_, _, Chr_: _arrogate_, CP: _bring forth, produce_, _: _restrain_, LL: _betake oneself to, go, roam_, _Bo_: (+) _string up, play (instrument)_. +togen _lengthened, long (ofvowels)_, Gr 49^14. ['_tee_,' '_i-teon_'; *teohan] II. sv^1 (but forms belonging to ton I. often found) _accuse, censure_, _, LL_; AO. ['_tee_'; *than] III. () _to prepare, furnish forth, arrange, adorn, deck_: _produce, work, create, make_, : _fix, establish, constitute, ordain_. [= teohhian] IV. num. = ten. V. n. = tona. VI. = don (v.JAW19)

tona m. injury, hurt, wrong, Bl, Mt; AO: accusation, reproach, insult, contumely, , AO, CP: anger, grief: malice, : enmity, hostility. ['teen']

tonan () to injure, irritate, vex, trouble, grieve: slander, insult.

toncwide m. hurtful speech: blasphemy.

toncwidian to slander, calumniate, Gl.

tond I. m. accuser, LL. II. drawer, BH 288^14.

tone f. = tona

tonere m. slanderer, LPs 71^4.

tonful slanderous, evil, rebellious, painful, SPs, W; . ['teenful']

tonhete m. malicious hate.

tonian () injure, irritate, LPs: slander. ['teen']

tonlas free from suffering, MF 174.

tonlg m. destroying flame.

tonlic destructive, shameful, hurtful. adv. -lce.

tonrden (e^2) f. abuse, wrong, injury, humiliation,.

tonsmi m. evil-doer, Gu 176.

tontig = hundtontig

tonword n. reproach, abuse, calumny.

torian to fail, cease, become weary, be tired, exhausted, Cp, Lcd, LL, WW: 'tire,' weary, exhaust, PPs. [teran]

+torigendlic failing, defective, Sc 181^4.

teoro = teoru

+torodnes f. debility, weariness.

teors m. 'calamus,' 'veretrum,' Lcd, WW. ['tarse']

teoru (e) n., occl. gs. tearos and wk. a. taran 'tar,' bitumen, distillation from a tree, resin, gum, balsam, Cp, Lcd: wax from the ear.

torung f. exhaustion, weariness, .

teosel (a, e) m. die ('tessera'). [L.]

teosu (, e) f. harm, injury, ruin.

teosusprc f. harmful speech, PPs 139^11.

teosuword (teso-) n. calumny, harmful speech.

teoswian (e) to injure, harm, Sol 94.

to pres. pl. of ton I. and II.

toa () 'tenth,' , AO, Chr. toan dl tenth part, 'tithe.' [teogea

toe tenthly, LL 181[10].

toian to divide by ten, tithe, : take a tenth: give tithes,CP.

toing = toung

toingdg m. tithing day, tenth day.

toingealdor m. ruler over ten, dean, captain of ten.

toingmann m. _'tithing-man,' headborough_, _LL_: _captain of ten_, _.

toung f. division into ten, decimation, tenth part, tithe, 'tithing,' , Lk, LL: band of ten men, LL.

toungcap m. tithe, Bl 39^11.

tounggeorn diligent in paying tithes, A 12518^26.

toungland n. land set apart for tithes, LL 2750.

toungsceatt m. tithing-money, tithes.

towlic = twlic [[headword spelled "towlic"]]

teped (KGl), tepet = tpped

tr (Lcd) = tar

+ter n. tearing, laceration: thing torn: tumult, discord.

teran^4 (ea, eo) to tear, lacerate, Bo, Jud, LL,Sc.

terdnes (A 1334) = teartnes

tergan = tirgan

termen m. term, end. [L. terminus]

tero, teru (Ep, WW) = teoru

tes- = teos-

+tse = +tse

teter m. tetter, skin eruption, eczema, ringworm, Gl,CP.

teterwert f. celandine. [wyrt]

teting = tyhtung [[variant of "tyhting"?]]

t v. t.

ta = toa

-tewestre v. wull-t.

T = Tw

tan (N) = ton III.

tber n. offering, sacrifice, victim.

tbernes f. sacrificing, destruction, AO 50^18.

ticcen (y) n. _kid_, _ (y), _MtL_. ['_ticchen_']

ticgen (NG) = ticcen

ticgende proudly adorned, OEG.

ticia m. 'tick' (insect), Gl.

tictator m. dictator, AO 70^3. [L.]

td f. time, period, season, while, , AO, B, BH, G. on tde at the proper time: hour, , Chr: feast-day, festal-tide, Chr, MH: canonical hour or service, LL, WW. ['tide']

tdan () to betide, happen, Bo, LL: fall to (one's lot), BC. ['tide,' 'i-tide']

tdannung = tdnung

tidd- = td-, td-

tddg m. lifetime.

tdelce = tdlce

tdembwltend = tdymbwltend

tder, tdre (, e, ) weak, frail, infirm, faint-hearted: fleeting.

tderlic (, e) weak, CP.

tdernes (, e) f. frailty (of body or soul).

tdfara m. one who travels at his own convenience? Cr 1674 (or? two words).

tdgenge having a monthly course, periodical, GPH 392.

tdlic timely, seasonable, opportune, AO: temporal: temporary. adv. -lce.

tdlicnes f. opportunity, fit time, NG.

tdran = tdran

tdrn m. timely rain, .

tdrian () to become feeble, weak: decay.

tdsang mn. hour-services, canonical hours, lauds,.

tdscawere m. astrologer, WW 176^4.

tdscriptor m. chronographer, chronicler, WW 204^17 (hybrid word).

tdnung f. service at one of the canonical hours, FBO.

tdum adv. at times, occasionally.

tdung f. (usu. pl.) event, tidings, news, Chr. ['tiding']

tdwrtere m. chronicler, Gl.

tdwurdung f. service at one of the canonical hours, HL 11^67.

tdymbwltend (e^2) m. astrologer, Lcd.

teder- = tder-

tedran = tdran

tegan (, , ) to 'tie,' bind, , CP: join, connect, Gr. [tag]

tiegle = tigle

tieht- = tyht-

teh pres. 3 sg. of ton I. and II.

tiel- = til-

tema = tma

teman (, , , ) _to bring forth, engender, beget, propagate_, _, W_: _make answerable for another person, call as witness_, _: _vouch to warranty_, _LL_. ['_teem_'; tam]

+teme I. (, ) suitable. II. () team, yoke,.

ten (, , ) num. 'ten,' CP.

tenambre holding ten ambers, Lcd 32b().

tenbebod () n. decalogue, OEG 11^108.

tenfeald () tenfold.

tengewintred () ten years old, LL 19[27#h#].

tenhund () thousand.

tennihte () ten days old, ANS 12922.

tenstrenge (, ) ten-stringed, VPs.

tenwintre ten years old, ().

ter heap? (GK), drop? (Sedgef.), Met 20^81?

tife f. bitch, Lcd 64a.

tfer = tber

tfrian (o, ) to paint, depict, figure. [tafor]

tfrung () f. picture, AS 20^15.

-tg (, ) v. fore-, for-t.

Tg = Tw

tgan = tegan

tige == tyge

tigel, tigele f. earthen vessel, crock, pot, potsherd: 'tile,' brick, AO; Mdf: slabs for roofing, Cp, Lcd, VPs.

tigelrne f. tile kiln? house of brick? KC 3130^29.

tigelen made of pot, earthenware, SPs 2^9.

tigelfg tile-adorned, An 842.

tigelgeweorc n. brick-making, .

tigellah m. brick-field, KC 5267^21.

tigelstn m. tile, ES 1166. ['tilestone']

tigelwyrhta (y) m. brick-maker, potter.

tigen pp. of ton II.

tiger pl. tigras 'tiger,' , Nar.

tiggan = tegan

tging f. tie, connection, Gr 14^14. [tgan]

tigl = (1) tigel; (2) tygel

tigle f. 'muraenula,' sea-mullet? WW 180^30.

tigle = tigel

tigol(e) = tigele [[under "tigel"]]

tigolgetel n. tale of bricks, (Ex 5^18).

tigon pret. pl. of ton II.

tgrisc of a tiger, A 4161.

tigian (AO) = tian

-tgu v. egegetgu. [ege]

tigule = tigele [[under "tigel"]]

tihian = teohhian

tiht == tyht

th pres. 3 sg. of ton II.

til I. good, apt, suitable, useful, profitable: excellent: brave: abounding. II. n. goodness, fitness. III. n. = till. IV. (N) prep. to, MtL, OET. ['till']

tila = tela

tilen f. endeavour, GD 194^12.

tilfremmende well-doing, Rd 60^7.

tilgan = tilian

tili (OET) = twilic

tilia, tilig(e)a (y) m. tiller, workman, hand, labourer, farmer, husbandman, Mt; . ['tilie']

tilian (eo, y) to aim at, aspire to, strive after, try, endeavour, , Bl; CP: () procure, obtain, gain, provide, , Chr, PPs: exert oneself, work, make, generate, , CP: tend, cherish, cultivate, 'till,' plough, CP, Chr, Lcd, LL: trade, traffic, : () treat, cure.

tiligea = tilia

tiling = tilung

till n. station, standing-place.

till- = til-

+tillan to touch, attain, .

tillic adj. fit, good. adv. -lce.

tilmdig well-disposed, kind, good.

til, tile (y) f. 'tilth,' labour, husbandry, W: crop, harvest, A: gain, profit, OEG.

tilung (eo, ie, io, y) f. acquisition, procuring: care, solicitude: occupation, work, performance, CP: tending, culture, husbandry, : produce, gain, income,.

tma m. 'time,' period, space of time, , AO: fixed time, CP, G, WW: favourable time, opportunity, CP: a metrical unit, A.

tman = teman

timber n. 'timber,' building material, LL: act of building: building, structure, BH, Lcd, MtL, VPs: trees, woods, AO. [v.Mdf]

timbergeweorc n. cutting timber, BC 1344^9.

+timberhlgung f. consecration of a building, OEG 56^287.

timberhrycg m. wooded ridge? KC.

timberland n. land given for repairing and maintaining buildings.

timbor = timber

timbran, timbrian to build, construct, erect, effect, do, AO, CP, PPs; : edify, instruct: cut 'timber.'

+timbre n. building, structure, , AO.

timbrend mf. builder.

timbrung f. act of building, : structure: edification.

+tmian () to happen, fall out, .

tmlic adj. temporal, earthly. adv. -lce quickly, soon, early,.

timpane f. timbrel. [L.]

timpestre f. female timbrel-player, LPs 67^26.

timple f. a weaver's instrument, LL 455[15,1].

tin I. n. 'tin,' CP. II. f. beam, rafter, Gl. III. = tinen

tn num. = ten

tinclian to tickle, Sc.

+tinclic = +tingelic [[form of "tynge"?]]

tind m. spike, beak, prong, tooth of a fork, Cp, Ep, Sol. ['tine']

tindig spiked, WW 116^12.

tindiht forked, jagged, beaked.

tindre = tyndre

tinen made of tin, Gr. ['tinnen']

+ting = +tyng [[form of "tynge"?]]

tinge = tynge

+tingan^3 to press against, An 138.

+tingcrft m. mechanics, HGl 479.

-tning v. gafol-t.

tinn beam, A 19491.

tinnan to stretch, #Gl#: desire, long for? burn? #Rim#54.

tinnen = tinen

tnstrenge = tenstrenge

tinterg == tintreg

tinteregn = tintregegn

tintreg (AO; ) n., tintrega m. torture, torment, punishment, AO, Lk, W. ['tintregh']

tintreganlic = tintreglic

tintregian to torment, afflict, torture, punish, ,AO.

tintreglic full of torment, infernal, BH 346^12.

tintregstw f. place of torment, Guth 38^4.

tintregegn m. torturer, executioner.

tintregung f. torture, punishment, .

tintrian (AO) = tintregian

tio- = teo-

tiol- = tel-, til-

tr () m. () fame, glory, honour, ornament: name of the rune for t: name of a planet and a god (Mars), #Run#17.

tradig glorious, famous.

trfst glorious, famous.

trfruma m. prince of glory, Cr 206.

tirgan (e, y) to worry, exasperate, pain, provoke, excite, Gu. ['tar']

trgng (y) f. 'zelus,' provocation, BlPs.

trlas inglorious, infamous, B 843.

trmeahtig of glorious might.

tir pres. 3 sg. of teran.

trwine m. (famous) follower, retainer, Met 25^21.

tit, tite = titt

ttelian to indicate by a written mark, entitle, ascribe, . [L. titulus]

ttelung f. 'recapitulatio,' a giving of titles or headings, OEG 1153.

titolose 'tidulosa' (plant), OEG 56^425.

titt m. 'teat,' nipple, breast, Lcd, LkLR.

tittstrycel m. teat, WW 158^44.

ttul m. 'title,' superscription, MkL 15^26. [L. titulus]

t I. f. assent, permission: giving, grant, boon, favour, concession, , BH (tig). te fremian to grant. ['tithe'] II. pres. 3 sg. of ton I. and II.

ta m., te f. (only in phr. t. bon, weoran) sharer in, receiver, grantee, BH, Mt. ['tithe']

tian (often w. g. thing and d. pers.) to give, bestow, grant, permit, , AO, BH. ['tithe']

ting = toung

+tung f. preparation, Cp 684#a#.

turung = torung

Tw Tiw (northern god of war), Mars: name of the rune for t.

twesdg m. 'Tuesday,' A; RB.

twesniht f. Monday night, Lcd.

t I. prep. a (w. d.) (motion) 'to,' into. t emnes abreast of: (rest) at: (figurative direction, object of verb) conducing to, to. fn t rce to ascend the throne: (definition, destination) for, as a. wyrcan t wte to contrive as a punishment: in accordance with, according to: (time) at. t midre niht at midnight. t dg to-day. t langum fyrste for a long time: (with gerunds) to express purpose, etc. b (w.g.) (oftime) at. II. adv. besides, also, Bo: 'too,' excessively, Bl, Cr: thereto: towards, in the direction of: in addition, besides. adverbial phrases;—t m (m), t s (1)so (adeo), to such an extent. (2)to that end. (3)moreover, however. t hws whither. t m t, t t in order that. t on t until. t s e when, where. t hwon, t hw for what, wherefore. t sum truly. t earfe according to what is needed. r t acan in addition thereto. ne t wuhte by no means. t him next or nearest to him.

t- prefix I. with accent (stress) it has the meaning of adv. t (asin tcwean, tbringan, tcuman). [Ger. zu-] II. without accent = asunder (asin tbrecan). [Ger. zer-]

ttcan (^3) to add to, increase, BH 112^1. [ac]

ttcnes f. increase, BH 2242.

tmearcian to mark out, assign, Sc 29^5.

tspanan^7 to entice to one, allure.

twylian to roll to, roll.

tbdan to elevate, exalt.

tbatan^7 to beat severely, destroy by beating, AO. ['tobeat']

tbecuman^4 to come to, approach.

tbefealdan^7 to fold together, WW 343^10.

tbeflwan^7 to flow round or up to.

tbegietan^5 acquire, purchase, EHy 4^16.

tbelimpan^3 (impers.) it belongs, behoves, Bl 49^1.

tbotian to threaten, BH.

tberan^4 to remove, carry off, purloin, , Bl: scatter, dissipate, distract, destroy: swell, CP: separate. ['tobear']

tberennes f. difference, WW 390^27.

tberstan^3 (intr.) _to burst apart, go to pieces_, _, AO_: (tr.) _cause to burst apart, shatter_, _. ['_toburst_']

tberstung f. bursting, Lcd 74a.

tbgend bowing down, tottering, WW 386^30.

tbldd v. tblwan.

tblwan^7 (but with rare wk. pp. tbldd) to blow to pieces, blast, scatter, : puff up, inflate, distend, , Lcd. ['toblow']

tblwennes f. inflation, .

tbodian to announce.

tborstennes f. abscess, Lcd 1322^22.

tbrdan to spread abroad, disperse, scatter, Bo; AO, CP: spread out, extend, Mt; : open, dilate: multiply. ['tobrede']

t-brdednes, -brdnes f. broadness, breadth, Ps.

tbrecan^4 to break in pieces, break up, shatter, destroy, ruin, wreck, overthrow, annul, , Bo, Lcd; AO, CP: break through, violate, force, , AO: interrupt. ['tobreak']

tbrdan I. = tbregdan. II. = tbrdan

tbregdan^3 tear in pieces, wrench apart, rend, lacerate, AO, MtR: cast off, shake off: turn to, turn about. slpe tb. awake, wake up. ['tobraid']

tbrengnes f. oblation, offering, EPs 39^7.

tbrittian = tbrtan

tbrocenlic brittle, fragile, W 263^13.

tbrs-an, -ian to bruise, shatter, break to pieces, Mt; . ['tobruise']

tbrtan _to break in pieces, destroy_, _: _be repentant_. ['_tobryt_']

tbrtednes f. contrition, sorrow, LPs.

tbrtendlic brittle, fragile, WW 242^12.

tbryting f. crushing, contrition, Sc 82^12.

tbryttian = tbrtan

tc pret. 3 sg. of tacan.

tceorfan^3 to cut, cut to pieces, cut off, cut away, , MkL. ['tocarve']

tcowan^2 _to bite to pieces, chew, eat_, _. ['_tochew_']

tch = th

tcime = tcyme

tcnan^1 to split open, cleave asunder, splinter, crack, Cp, Lcd; . ['tochine']

tcirhs n. lodging-house, inn, WW 147^25.

tclfan to split, cleave, OEG 18b^38.

tclofan^2 to cleave asunder, split, divide, Bo; . ['tocleave']

tcleofian = tclifian

tcleopian = tclypian

tclifian to cleave to, adhere, stick to, BPs.

tclifrian to be torn in pieces, scratched about,.

tclip- = tclyp-

tclypian to call to, invoke.

tclypigendlic vocative, Gr.

tclypung f. calling upon, invocation, .

tcnwan^7 to know, acknowledge, recognize, distinguish, discern, ,CP.

tcnw(en)nes f. understanding, discernment, H 2362^32; GD 311^11.

tcnyssan to shake, RB 121^6.

tcuman^4 to come, arrive, CP.

tcws-cednes (RPs 105^30), -tednes (SPs) f. trembling, shaking.

tcwean^5 forbid, interdict, prohibit, .

tcwsan = tcwsan

tcwylman to torment, HL 12^56.

tcwsan to crush utterly, grind to pieces, bruise, destroy: be crushed,.

tcwsednes f. crushed condition, : contrition, GD 125^11.

tcyme m. coming, advent, arrival, , Bl, CP. ['tocome']

tcyrcanwerd towards church, L 31^902.

tcyrran (intr.) to part, separate, Chr.

tdg, tdge adv. to-day, , AO, CP.

tdl = tdl

tdlan () tr. and intr. to divide, separate, scatter, disperse, , AO, Bo, Chr, W: dismember, cut off, destroy: distribute, : discriminate, distinguish: be divided. ['todeal']

tdledlce adv. separately, distinctly, diversely, Gr.

tdlednes f. division: severance, separation: intermission, respite, cessation,.

tdlendlic separable, distinct. adv. -lce.

tdlnes f. division, separation, CP.

tdl n. partition, division, separation, : difference, distinction, discretion, : dispersion: 'comma,' dividing point, clause, section, period.

tdlan (KGl) = tdlan

tdman to decide, judge, sentence, determine.

tdihtnian to dispose, arrange, BlPs 82^6.

tdn anv. to apply, put to, add, Lcd: divide, separate, distinguish, Hex, LL: undo, open, unbind, PPs. ['todo']

tdrfan to scatter, disperse, separate, drive out or apart, BH, Mt; . ['todreve']

t-drfednes (), -drfnes f. dispersion, scattering.

tdrfan to disturb, bring into confusion, trouble. [drf]

tdrosan^2 to be destroyed, perish, decay, MH. ['todrese']

tdrfan^1 to scatter, disperse, drive away, B, JnL; : destroy, repel. ['todrive']

tdwscan to put out, extinguish.

tacan prep. and adv. besides, moreover, also, , AO,CP.

tacen ptc. joined to, added.

tcan = tacan

tcnes = tcnes

tefenes, temnes (AO) prep. (d.) alongside.

tendebyrdnes f. order, series, BH 216^20.

toe (VPs) = t

tian to inspire, GD 270^13.

tfng = tfeng

tfr n. departure, decease, LkL 9^31.

tfaran^6 intr. to be scattered, disperse, separate, disappear, Gen, Lcd; AO. ['tofare']

tfealdan^7 to come to land (trans. of L. 'applicare'), Gr 138^9.

tfeallan^7 to fall down, collapse, AO: fall apart, fall off, . ['tofall']

tfeng I. (?) m. grip, seizure, LPs 123^6. II. pret. 3 sg. of tfn.

tfran to go in different directions, separate, disperse, : deal out, distribute,.

tferian to carry different ways, scatter, disperse, get rid of: put off: digest, RB 32^14.

tfsian to drive away, rout, W.

tfindan^3 to find out.

tflam m. refuge, RPs 93^22.

t-flon, -flogan^2 to be dispersed, fly apart, burst, Lcd. ['tofly']

tflotan^2 to carry away by a flood, Chr 1097.

tflwan^7 to flow down or apart, be spilt, melt, , CP: flow away, ebb: flow to, pour in: distract,CP.

tflw-(ed)nes, -en(d)nes f. flowing, flux, .

tfn^7 to take to, accept, bring back.

t-foran, -foren, -foron prep. (w. d.) (time and place) before, BH, Chr, G: (superiority) above, over, beyond, , Bo: besides, H 2584. ['tofore']

tforansettan to place before: come before, anticipate.

tforltan^7 to dismiss, OEG 605.

tforltennes f. remission, .

toft m. homestead, site of a house, KC, Lcd; LL 400. ['toft']

tfultumian to help, assist.

tfyllan to smite in pieces, PPs 67^21.

tfylstan to help, aid.

+tog n. tugging, spasm, Lcd 1356^3.

tgdereweard adv. towards one another, AO.

t-gdre, -gdere, -gadere adv. 'together,' An, BC, Mt. tg. gn, fn, cuman to engage in battle, Chr. [gaderian]

tggnes = tgegnes, tganes

tglan to profane, defile, LPs 88^32.

tgnan to say, affirm, LPs 93^4.

tgn I. anv. pret. 3 sg. tode _to go to or into_: (impers. w.g.) _come to pass, happen_: _separate, part, depart_, _. ['_togo_'] II. (Lcd 1364) = tgang

tgang m. approach, access, attack.

tgangan^7 to go away, pass away, BH, Rd. ['togang']

tgan prep. w. d. towards, MkL (-egn). ['togains']

tganes prep. w. d. and a.; adv. in opposition to, against, B, Chr, SPs: towards, to, , Bl. him tg. to meet him: before, CP: in return, in reply. ['togains']

tgare adv. in this year, A 8327^10.

tgeclifian (eo, y) = tclifian

tgeclipian (y^3) to call together, send for.

tgecorennes f. adoption, DR 29^14.

tgeacnian to add to, increase.

tgecan = tgecan

tgeefnan? to associate with, join oneself to? AS 38^8. [MS. tgeenan]

tgefultumian = tfultumian

tgegnes (A) = tganes

tgegrpan^1 to seize, lay hold of.

t-gehihtan, -gehyhtan to add to.

tgehlytto f. fellowship, union, DR 109^15.

tgecan to add to, increase, A 8306; GD 62^24.

tgecendlic added to, adjectival, adjective, Gr.

tgeihtnes f. addition, increment, A 8302.

tgeladung f. assembly, MFH 174.

tgeldan to lead to, bring in.

tgelstan to accompany, WW 365^41.

tgelaian to invite to, summon to.

t-gelengian, -gelencgan to join.

tgelstan = tgelstan

togen pp. of ton I. (and occly. II.).

tgenalcan = tnalcan

tgendan = tgendan

tgnes (A) = tganes

tgengan to separate, Gen 841.

tgendan () to compel, force.

tgotan^2 to pour away, spill: spread: exhaust.

tgesamnian to assemble together.

tgescadan^7 to expound, interpret.

tgescofen (CP) pp. of tscfan.

tgesettan to put to, RPs 9^39.

tgetellan to reckon, compute: compare.

tgeton^2,1 to draw towards, attract, BPs.

togettan impers. to twitch, be spasmodic, Lcd 81a. [togian]

tgeodan (e, ) to adhere, cling to: adjoin, BH 56^30.

tgewegen applied, BH.

tgewunod accustomed, AS 23^9.

tgecan = tgecan

togian to draw, drag, HL 15^308. ['tow']

tgife, tgifes adv. freely, gratis.

tognan^1 to be opened, split, gape, yawn. [cp. Ger. ghnen]

tgldan^1 to glide away, split, slip, fall asunder, vanish, B, Met. ['toglide']

tgotennes f. pouring out, effusion, shedding, spreading, Lcd.

+togu np. traces (of a horse), L 31^973.

togung f. tugging, twitch, spasm, Lcd.

th 'tough,' Cp, Ep: tenacious, sticky, Lcd.

thaccian _to hack to pieces_, _ (3^186). ['_tohack_']

thlan to emasculate, weaken, MFH 174.

thald = theald

theald (a, y) adj. and adv. inclined, forward, in advance.

thawan^7 to hew in pieces, , Chr. ['tohew']

thgung f. result, effect, DR.

thiht = thyht

tohl = tl

thladan^6 to scatter, disperse, destroy (or ? *thlacan).

thlotan^2 to divide by lot.

thlic tough, tenacious. adv. -lce.

thldan^1 to split, open, spring apart, burst, gape, break,AO.

tohlne f. tow-line, WW. [togian]

thlocen = tlocen pp. of tlcan.

thlystan to listen, CP.

thnescian to soften, Lcd.

thopa m. hope, Bo, PPs; CP. ['tohope']

thopian to hope, CP.

thopung f. faith, trust, L 23^155.

throsan^2 to fall to pieces, decay, BH, W; L. ['toreose']

thrran to break, shake to pieces, destroy.

thricod ptc. cut off, dispersed, GPH 398,399.

thrran to shake in pieces, v. OEG 2261.

+toht n. battle array, battle, Ma 104.

tohte f. fight, conflict, battle, campaign.

thwega adv. and sb. somewhat, some, a little.

thweorfan^3 to go away, separate, scatter, disperse, Chr.

thwon adv. wherefore, why: to which (point), to what extent, how far, how long: to which end, for what purpose or reason.

thyht m. hope, refuge, consolation.

thyld = theald

tcan (, ) to increase, BH 112^1#b#.

tcnes (^2) f. increase, BH 226^31.

tiernan^3 to run to, run together: flow away, be dispersed: run hither and thither, wander about.

tirnan = tiernan

tol = toll

tl n. 'tool,' instrument, implement, , Bo, LL: weapon, ZDA 9424.

tlgon pret. pl. of tlicgan.

tltan^7 to disperse, relax, release.

tltennes f. despondency, Lcd 1262^3.

tolcendlce adv. wantonly, GPH 401.

tolcettende 'indruticans,' v. OEG 1218.

tolcetung f. wanton excitement, OEG.

tlecgan to disjoin, separate. [Ger. zerlegen]

tleoian = tliian

tls- = tls-

tolfro 'toll-free,' KC 4209.

tolgetung = tolcetung

tlic = thlic

tlicgan^5 to lie or extend in different directions, separate, part, divide, AO, BC. ['tolie']

tliian (eo) to dismember, separate, .

toll mn. _impost_, _'toll,' tribute_, _Chr, EC, Mt, OEG_: _passage-money_, _: _rent_, _: _act or right of taking toll_, _.

tollere m. tax-gatherer, publican, , WW. ['toller']

tollsceam-ol, -ul m. seat of custom, treasury, G.

tollscr f. taxing district, H 2468^25.

toln f. toll, custom, duty, TC. ['tolne']

tolnere m. tax-gatherer, WW. ['tolner']

tolsetl n. place of toll or custom, .

tlcan^2 to pull apart, dislocate, destroy, BH. ['tolouk']

tlsan to dissolve, loosen, relax, : unhinge, separate, break open.

t-lsednes, -lsnes f. loosing, dissolution, dispersion, destruction, release, dismissal: desolation, GD: death.

tlsend m. destroyer, WW 220^13.

tlsendlic destructive, LPs 119^4.

tlsing () f. loosing, release, redemption: destruction, Lcd 320 6^20.

tom = tam

tm adj. w. g. free from, Cr 1211. ['toom']

tmldan to hinder by speech, DD 26. [meldian]

tmearcian to distinguish, describe, note down, enrol.

tmearcodnes f. enumeration, census, enrolment, Lk 2^2.

t-mergen, -merigen () = tmorgen

tmetan^5 to mete out, LPs 107^8.

tmiddes prep. (w. d.) amidst, among, in the midst of, , Jn; AO, CP. adv. into the midst, B, Lcd. ['tomids']

tmorgen adv. to-morrow.

tn dsmn. of th.

tnama m. other name, surname, Mk; . ['toname']

+tnamian v. +tornamian.

tnalcan to approach, Pss.

tnemnan to distinguish by name, name, AO.

tnolcan = tnalcan

tong = tang

tonge = tange [[under "tange"]]

tonian to thunder, Gr 138^3.

tonice = tunece

tniman^4 to divide, separate, take apart: take away.

tnom- = tnam-

top m. 'top' (highest part), WW 143^25: tassel, tuft: top (plaything)? ball? ApT 13^13.

toppa m. thread, OEG 23^45.

tor = torr

trcan (pret. 3 sg. trhte) to join, put together, OEG 4489.

trndan = trendan

toranage = torenge [[under "torenage"]]

trbegete (o?) hard to get, Lcd 43b.

torcht = torht

torct- = torht-

torcul n. wine-press, MtR 21^33. [L.]

torcyrre hard to convert, MH 110^15.

tord n. piece of excrement, dung, filth, Lcd.

tordwifel m. dung-beetle, Lcd.

toren pp. of teran.

trendan () to rend apart, tear in pieces, MkL, PPs. ['torend']

toren-age, -g(g)e, -ege blear-eyed, CP.

trosan = throsan

trfian to throw, cast missiles, shoot, stone, Mk; : be tossed, NC 326. ['torve']

torfung f. throwing, casting (of stones),AO.

torht I. n. clearness, brightness. II. adj. bright, radiant, beautiful, splendid, noble, illustrious, Ph. ['torht']

torhte adv. brightly, clearly: beautifully, splendidly.

torhtian to show, Cp 216#i#.

torhtlic bright, clear, radiant, glorious. adv. -lce.

torhtmd glorious, noble.

torhtnes f. radiance, splendour.

trinnan (CP) = tiernan

torn I. n. anger, indignation: grief, misery, suffering, pain. [Ger. zorn] II. adj. bitter, cruel, grievous.

+tornamian to name besides, surname, LkL 6^14 (= tnamian,BT)

torncwide m. offensive speech.

torne adv. indignantly, insultingly, bitterly, grievously.

torngemt n. battle, B 1140.

torngenla m. angry opponent.

tornge = torenge [[under "torenage"]]

tornlic sorrowful, grievous, PPs 125^5.

tornmd angry, Gu 621.

tornsorg f. sorrow, care, FT 76.

tornword n. offensive expression, Cr 172.

tornwracu f. revenge, Gu 272.

tornwyrdan to be incensed? AO 54^2.

toroc grub, weevil? WW 224^38 (ES 41164).

troren = throren pp. of throsan.

torr m. 'tower,' watch-tower, CP, MtL; AO: rock, crag, Mdf. [L. turris]

tryne m. running together, concourse, ES 39353.

trpan to scratch, EC 164^18.

tslan (impers., w. d. pers. and g. thing) to be unsuccessful, fail: lack, want.

tsamne = tsomne

tswan^7 to strew, scatter, spread, .

tosca m. frog, toad, DR, PPs.

tscacan = tsceacan

tscdan (KGl) = tscadan

tscdennes = tscadenes

tscgde v. tscecgan.

tscnan to break in pieces, break, , JnL, MkLR. ['toshene']

tsceacan^6 (a) _to shake in pieces_, _WW_: _drive asunder, drive away, shake off_, _. ['_toshake_']

tscacerian to scatter, L 23^24.

tscad n. distinguishing, distinction, difference, ,CP.

tscadan^7 () to part, separate, scatter, divide: set at variance, CP: discern, discriminate, distinguish, decide, , Bo; CP: differ. ['toshed']

tscadend m. divider, separator, WW 223^34.

tscadenes () f. separation: distinction.

tscecgan () to be separate, differ, BH 160^25n.

tscelian = tscylian [[under "tscyllan"]]

tscotan^2 intr. _to spring apart, disperse_, _. ['_toshoot_']

tscerian (KGl) = tscirian

tscirian (e, y) to divide, detach, separate, Gl.

tscran^1 to flow apart, disperse.

tscfan^2 to push apart, scatter: impel, incite, CP: do away, remove.

tscyftan to divide, distribute. [sciftan]

tscyl-lan, -ian (e) tr. and intr. to separate, divide, NC 351.

tscyrian = tscirian

tscan to find out, AS 7^13?

tsendan (tr.) to send to: send apart, send out, disperse: destroy.

tsoan^2 to boil thoroughly, Lcd.

tsetednes f. 'dispositio' EPs 72^7.

tsettan 'disponere,' Pss, Bl.

tsgan^1 to wear out, be threadbare, .

tsittan^5 to be separated, AO.

tslacian to slacken, relax, loosen, dissolve.

tslfan to cut up, NR 32^2.

tslan^6 to strike in pieces, destroy, , AO, Gl: drive away, RB 18^3,4. ['toslay']

tslfan^1 to split, WW.

tsltan^1 to tear asunder, rend, wound, break open, open, , CP: interrupt: separate, scatter, destroy, CP: distract: be different,NG.

tslitnes (y^2) f. laceration: division.

tslpan^2 to slip away, be relaxed, fall to pieces, open, dissolve, , CP: melt (with fear): be paralysed. tslopen relaxed, loose, dissolute.

tslping f. dissolving, dissolution, Sc 68^8.

tsmagan to inquire into, consider, Bo 148^5.

tsndan to cut up, NR 28^5.

tsnan^1 to cut asunder, cut up: cut off, amputate.

tscn f. visiting, NC 326.

tscnes f. pursuit, DR 28^18.

tscnung f. pursuit, DR 81^7.

tsomne adv. together, , AO, Bl; CP. t.cuman to engage in battle. ['tosame']

tsomnian to collect together, bring together, BH 230^7.

tsan adv. in sooth, in truth.

tspecan = tsprecan

tsprc f. speaking to (another), conversation, ,CP.

tsprdan to spread out, IM; . ['tospread']

tsprecan^5 to speak to, speak. [[from first edition]]

tspringan^3 _to spring apart, fly asunder, crack_, _. ['_tospring_']

tsprytting f. inciting, Chr 1101.

tosta = tosca

tstncan = tstencan

tstandan^6 to be put off, not to occur: stand apart, differ from, be discordant,.

tstencan () to scatter, disperse, drive apart, drag along, , CP: nullify, destroy: perish, SPs 829^9.

t-stencednes (), -stenc(en)nes, f. dispersion, dissolution, destruction.

tstencend m. prodigal, Lcd.

tsteng- = tstenc-

tstician to pierce, AO 128^14.

tstihtan to order, arrange, CPs 111^5.

tstincan^3 to distinguish by smell, H 2372.

tstingan^3 to thrust in, pierce, Lcd.

t-stregdan, -strdan^3 (and wv.) to scatter, dissipate, disperse, CP: distract: destroy.

tstrt (CP) pres. 3 sg. of tstregdan.

tsundrian to separate.

tswpan^7 to disperse.

tswellan^3 _to swell out_, _. ['_toswell_']

tswengan to drive asunder, destroy. [swingan]

tsweorcan^3 to obscure, OEG 1737.

tswfan^1 intr. to separate, Met 11^36.

tsyndrian to sunder, separate, divide: discriminate.

+tot n. pomp, parade, vainglory, .

ttalu f. reputation, DR 102^3.

ttellan to distinguish, Met 16^15.

tton^2,1 to draw asunder, pull apart, rend, destroy, AO: take to oneself, claim for oneself, LL (or? t prep.).

tteran^4 to tear in pieces, bite, lacerate, cut out, , AO, CP: destroy: harass (mind).

ttian to peep out, stick out, CP 105^5. ['toot']

ttihting f. instigation, Chr 1094.

ttorfian to cast about, toss, Mt 14^24.

ttrglian to pull to pieces, strip, GPH 396^267.

ttredan^5 to tread to pieces? Gl.

totrida m. swing? Gl, WW 276^27.

ttwman (, a) to separate, divide, dis-sever, AO; : break up, break in pieces, dissolve: cause to cease, LL: divorce, Chr 958#d#. ['totweme']

ttwmednes f. separation, distinction.

t-twman, -twaman = ttwman

t m., ds. and nap. t, occl. ds. te and nap. t(as) 'tooth,' Cp, Lcd, LL, MtR, VPs; AO: tusk, WW 397^27. tum ontnan to utter.

tece (^2) m. toothache.

tenednes f. stretching, distention, OEG 5452.

tnian to attend upon, serve, Sc 102^9.

tening f. distension, OEG 2^476.

tnung f. administration, CM 1185.

terscan^3 to dash in pieces, Chr 1009.

tgr m. tooth-pick, Lcd 13b.

tindan^3 to swell up, inflate, puff up, : be arrogant.

tlas toothless, GPH 394.

tmgen n. strength of tusks, GnC 20.

trstan to crush, destroy, CPs 106^16.

treoma = trima

trescan = terscan

trima (eo^2) m. enclosure of teeth, gum.

tringan to drive asunder, Rd 4^27.

tsealf f. tooth salve, Lcd.

tsticca m. toothpick, WW 219^3.

tunden pp. of tindan.

tundenes f. the state of being puffed up, arrogance,.

tundenlic arrogant. adv. -lce.

tunian to astonish, WW 346^22.

twrc m. toothache, Lcd.

twnan^1 to disappear, HL 15^200. [dwnan]

twyrm m. a worm in the teeth, Lcd 19a.

twlede (NG) pret. sg. of *twealwian to roll to.

tward = tweard

twardes = tweardes

towcrft m. spinning, HL 10^339.

tweard I. adj. facing, approaching, impending, BH, Bl, Lcd: future, , Bl, Bo, Mk. II. prep. (w.d.,g.) towards, AO, CP. III. adv. towards, forwards. ['toward,' 'towards']

tweardes = tweard II., III.

tweardlic in the future, . adv. -lce, BH 368^21.

tweardnes f. future, time to come.

tweaxan^7 to grow apart, NR 22.

tweccan to arouse, excite, B 2948.

twegan^5 disperse, scatter, Ph 184.

twendan to overthrow, subvert, destroy, , AO. ['towend']

tweorpan^3 (e, u, y) to cast down, break in pieces, dissipate, blot out, destroy, , Bo, Mt; AO, CP: throw out, CP. ['towarp']

twerd = tweard

twerpan = tweorpan

t-wesnes (CP), -wesenes, -westnes (BH) f. dissolution: separation, discord, dissension.

towettan to associate with, LL (322^31).

towhs n. tow-house, spinning-house or chamber, WW 186^29.

t-wiere, -wire prep. (w. d., a.) against: in answerto.

towlic belonging to thread. t. weorc material for spinning,WW.

towmderce f. tow-chest? work-box? TC 538^21.

tword (VPs) = tweard

tworpednes = tworpennes

tworpennes f. subversion, destruction, desolation, , CP: dispersion: casting out, expulsion.

twrecan^5 to drive asunder, scatter, dissipate.

twrtan^1 'adscribere,' 'describere,' OEG 1065.

twritennes f. writing down, description, .

twran^1 to twist apart, distort. Gr 155^15.

towtl n. spinning implement, LL 455[15,1].

twunderlic 'admirabilis,' SPs 41^4.

twurpan () = tweorpan

twyrd I. f. opportunity, BH 52^21. II. = tweard

twyrpan = tweorpan

twyrpendlic destructible, GPH 394.

twyrpnes = tworpennes

toxa (OEG 1858) = tosca

tcan = tcan

tyrnan = tiernan

tracter funnel, NC 351. [L. trajectorium]

trd pret. 3 sg., trdon pret. pl. of tredan.

trf n., nap. tr(e)afu tent, pavilion: dwelling, building, An 844.

trglian to pluck, pull, GPH 398.

trndel = trendel

trppe = treppe

trafu v. trf.

trg I. adj. evil, mean, bad. II. f. evil, affliction, El 668.

trge adv. evilly, cruelly, PPs 108^20.

-trglice v. un-t. [[headword spelled "untrglce"]]

traht m. text, passage: exposition, treatise, commentary, . [L. tractus]

trahta m. commentary, WW. [L.]

trahtbc f. (religious) treatise, commentary, . [trahtian]

traht-ere, -nere () m. expounder, commentator, expositor.

traht-ian, -nian () to treat, comment on, expound, consider. [L. tractare; Ger. trachten]

trahtnung, trahtung f. explanation, exposition, commentary,.

trisc tragic, BH 154^3.

tramet m. page (of a book), Gr.

trandende (o^1) precipitous, steep, Cp 805#p#.

trappe = treppe

tratung = trahtung [[under "trahtnung"]]

tr (NG), tra (VPs) = trow I.

treaflice grievously, PPs 102^6.

treafu v. trf.

tragian to sew together, mend, OEG.

treaht- = traht-

trawa = trowa

tredan^5 (eo) tr. and intr. to 'tread,' step on, trample, B, CP, PPs; AO, : traverse, pass over, enter upon, roam through, B.

treddan to tread on, trample: investigate.

-tredde v. ele-, wn-t.

treddian to tread, step, walk.

trede fit to tread on, firm, Cr 1166.

tredel m. step, WW 117^6: sole of foot, LL 438[21]. ['treadle']

tredend m. treader, WW 197^9.

trg = trg

trega m. misfortune, misery, trouble, grief, pain, Gen, Met, RB. ['tray']

tregian to trouble, harass, vex: grieve.

+tregian to feel repugnance at, A 2358.

trehtere = trahtere

trem == trym

tremegan = trymian, trymman [[under "trymian"]]

tremes = trymes

tremm- = trymm-

-tremman v. wi-t.

trendan to turn round, revolve, roll, NC 326.

trendel (, y) n. sphere, circle, ring, orb, , Chr, Lcd: circus. ['trendle']

trendeled (y^1, y^2) made round, WW 152^5. [v. 'trindle']

trendelnes f. circuit, surrounding space, RPs 11^9 (u^1).

-trendlian v. -t.

tro == trow

treodan (VPs) = tredan

tro = trow

trow I. n. (nap. trowu, trow) 'tree,' , BH, CP, VPs; Mdf: wood, timber, BH: beam, log, stake, stick, AO, Bl; CP: wood, grove: tree of the cross, cross, Rood. II. f. (,) truth, fidelity, faith, trust, belief: pledge, promise, agreement, treaty: favour, grace, kindness. [Ger. treue]

trowa (AO, CP) = trwa

trowan = trewan

trowcynn n. species of tree, .

trowe I. = trewe. II. = trow II.

trowen (, ) of a tree, of wood, wooden, Lcd; . ['treen']

trowfst true, faithful, MtL, PPs; . ['truefast']

+trowfstnian to be trusty, MtL p4^12.

trowfging f. joining together (of boards), WW 206^34.

trowfugol m. forest bird, Gu 707.

trowful faithful, trusty, true. adv. -lce.

+trowfulnes f. 'Israel' (!) RPs 21^25; Hy 7^63.

trowgeofta m. faithful comrade.

trowgeweorc n. wood-work, a structure of timber, BH 272^5.

trowgewrid n. thicket of trees, Guth 20^7.

trowian = trewan

trowlas faithless, treacherous, false, CP: unbelieving.

trowlasnes f. treachery, faithlessness: unbelief, heresy.

trowlic true, faithful, trusty. adv. -lce, PPs. ['truly']

trowloga m. pledge-breaker, B 2847.

trowlufu f. true love, Cr 538.

trownes () f. object of trust, Bo 149^25. ['trueness']

trowrden f. state of fidelity, Gen 2305.

trowsian to plight one's faith, Chr, LL (): exculpate oneself. ['treowse']

trowsteall n. grove, plantation, EC, KC.

trowstede m. grove, WW 149^17.

trowteru (trot-) n. tree-tar, resin, WW.

trow (e, ) f. _'truth,' veracity_, AO: _troth, faith, fidelity_, _, AO_: _pledge, covenant_, _.

trowrg f. time for faithfulness, fidelity, #Rim#57.

trowufst = trowfst

trowwstm m. produce of trees, Chr.

trowweorung f. tree-worshipping, LL.

trowwyrhta () m. wood-worker, carpenter, joiner.

trowwyrm m. cankerworm, caterpillar, CJVPs 77^46.

treppan I. to 'trap,' KGl. II. to tread.

treppe (a, ) f. 'trap,' snare, WW.

tret (KGl) pres. 3 sg. of tredan.

tru == tro, trow

trw = trow

trw- = trow-, trew-

tribulian = trifulian

tride, triede = trede, tritt pres. 3 sg. of tredan.

trew- = trow-

trewan (, o, , ) w. d. to believe, trust in, hope, be confident, rely (on), B, Bo, Gen: (refl.) exculpate oneself, LL: (+) persuade, suggest: make true or credible: be faithful (to). ['trow']

trewe (, o, , , ) 'true' ('i-treowe'), faithful, honest, trustworthy, , B, Chr, LL, WW;AO.

trifelung f. grinding, pounding, stamping, WW 423^25.

trifet (KGl), trifot (Gl) sb. tribute. [L. tributum]

trifulian to break, bruise, stamp. [L. tribulare]

trg () n. wooden board, 'tray,' Lcd.

trilidi = rili [[form of "rile"?]]

trim- = trym-

trimilchi = rimeolce

trinda? m., trinde? f. round lump, ball, Lcd 139b.

trindhyrst m. circular copse?

tringan^3 press, APs 103^33 (? *twingan,BT).

tro- = tro-, trow-

trit, tritt pres. 3 sg. of tredan.

trw == trow

trwe = trewe

trwen (WW) = trowen

trochscip = trogscip

trod n., trodu f. track, trace, B, LL. ['trod'; tredan]

trog m. hollow vessel, 'trough,' tray, BC, Gl, JnL, Lcd: canoe, boat,AO.

trg (NG) = drg pret. 3 sg. of dragan.

troghrycg ridge where there is a water-trough? EC 447^20.

trogscip n. a kind of boat, WW.

troh (LWS) == trog

trh = rh

trondende precipitous, steep, Cp 805#p#.

tropere m. a book containing verses sung at certain festivals before the Introit. [Late L. troparium]

tra = trwa, trowa

trucian _to fail, run short_, _: _deceive, disappoint_. ['_troke_']

trg- = trw-

trgon (NG) = drgon pret. pl. of dragan.

trht (u?) _trout_, _. [_L._ tructa]

trum firm, fixed, secure, strong, sound, vigorous, active, ,CP.

+trum n. legion, army, host.

truma m. () legion, troop, AO; : regular order, array, AO. ['trume']

trumian to grow strong, recover health, amend, BH: (+) make strong.

truming f. recovery of strength, Lcd 3210^30.

trumlic firm, durable, substantial, sound, CP: confirming, exhorting. adv. -lce.

trumna m. confirmation, Gu 729.

trumnes f. soundness, health, CP: firmness, strength, stability, : the firmament, heavens: confirmation, support.

trundulnes = trendelnes

trs m. brushwood (for fuel), KC. ['trouse']

tr m. trumpeter, buffoon, actor, .

trhorn m. trumpet, clarion, Gl.

trw = trow

trwa (o, ) m. fidelity, faith, confidence, trust, belief: pledge, promise, agreement, covenant: protection.

+trwe = +trewe

trwian (o, ) occl. pret. trwde to trust, , CP, JnL. ['trow']

+trwung f. prop, stay, confidence, CPs 88^19.

+tryccan to confide, trust, JnL 16.

tryddian = treddian

tryde = trede, tritt pres. 3 sg. of tredan.

trym (e) n. small piece, short length. ftes t. a foot's length.

trym- = trum-, trymm-

+trym n. firmament, PPs 71^16.

+trymednes (LPs 104^16) = +trymnes

try-mes (Mt) mf., -messe f., -messa m. a drachm weight: an English coin. (v.LL 2683): a Roman coin, 'tremissis,' = 3denarii. ['thrimsa']

trymian, trymman (e) to strengthen, fortify, confirm, comfort, exhort, incite, CP, Chr, Gen: set in order, arrange, prepare, array, arm, AO, Bl: become strong: be arrayed: give (hostages). ['trim']

-trymig, -trymmig v. un-t.

trymmend m. supporter: one who makes an agreement.

trymmendlic hortatory, encouraging.

trymmung f. confirmation, strengthening, encouragement, : support, prop: edification, : ordinance: (+) fortress, KGl 67^4.

trymnes f. firmness, solidity: firmament, prop, support: () confirmation, strengthening, encouragement: () exhortation, instruction: (+) arrangement, setting in order. [trumnes]

tryms = trymes

trym (i) f. strength, support, staff, prop, AS, LPs.

tryndel == trendel

trw = trow

trw- = trow-, trew-

tu = u

T = Tw

t = tw

tua = tuwa

tu = tw

tube f. trumpet, GPH 391. [L. tuba]

tcian to disturb, ill-treat, torment, punish, , Bo, Met: (+) bedeck, PPs 44^11. ['tuck']

tud? mn., tudu f? shield, OEG 5025 (cp. 747n)

tudder, tuddor = tdor

tuddorfster m. nourishment of offspring, WW 219^17.

tuddorful prolific, fruitful, Gl.

tuddorspd f. fertility, Gen 2752.

tuddortonde begetting issue.

tuddres gs. of tuddor. [[under "tudder"]]

tdor, tder n. posterity, offspring, descendant, issue, , CP, Lcd, WW: fruit. ['tudder']

tdorfst fertile, WW 400^35.

tdornes f. offspring, OEG 3849 (tydder-).

tugon pret. pl. of ton.

tui- = twi-

tulge comp. tylg, superl. tylgest strongly, firmly, well.

tumbere m. tumbler, dancer, player, Gr 35^6.

tumbian to tumble, leap, dance, G. ['tumb']

tumbing f. dancing, NC 327.

tn m. enclosure, garden, field, yard, Chr, Gl, G, Lcd: farm, manor, A, BC, LL: homestead, dwelling, house, mansion, AO, CP: group of houses, village, 'town,' , Gl, JnL, v.LL 2352. [v.Mdf]

tn-cerse (^2) f., -cressa m. garden-cress, nasturtium, Cp, Ep, Lcd. ['towncress']

tncirce f. church in a 'tn,' TC.

tunder = tynder

tunece f. under-garment, tunic, coat, toga, , AO. [L. tunica]

+tunecod clothed in a toga, GPH 393.

tnesman (LL) = tnmann. ['townsman']

tunge f. (m) 'tongue,' , BH, CP, Lcd: speech, language, CP, Mk,RB.

tngebr m. inhabitant, resident, Gl.

tungel == tungol

tungele? talkative, OEG 56^139.

tngerfa m. town-reeve, bailiff, : prtor.

tungerum tongue-ligament, Lcd. [v. 'thrum']

tungful talkative, Sc 81^9.

tungilsinwyrt = tunsingwyrt

tungle ds. of tungol.

tunglen starry, DHy. [tungol]

tunglere m. astrologer, Gl.

tungol nm., nap. tunglu, tungol and (late) tunglan luminary, star, planet, constellation, , AO (-gul).

tungol f. astronomy, OEG.

tungolbre (e^2) covered with stars, OEG.

tungolcrft m. star-craft, astronomy, .

tungol-crftiga, -crftga m. magician, astrologer.

tungolcrftwse (e^2) f. astronomy, WW 346^2.

tungolgescad n. astrology, Gl.

tungolgim m. (bright) star, Cr 1151.

tungolwtega m. star prophet, astrologer, .

tungul = tungol

tungwd sharp-tongued, Sc 223^13.

tnhfe f. ground ivy, Lcd 123a. ['tunhoof']

tunice = tunece

tnincel n. small property, small farm, Gl.

tuningwyrt = tunsingwyrt

tnland n. land forming a 'tn' or manor, EC 445^6.

tnlic rustic, WW 127^15.

tnmann m. villager, rustic, villein, , WW. ['townman']

tnmelde f. orach (plant), WW 215^33.

tunne f. 'tun,' cask, barrel, BC, Cp;.

tunnebotm m. bottom of a cask, drum? WW 123^10.

tnprost m. village priest, Chr 870#f#.

tnrd m. town council, L 30^297.

tnscipe m. 'township,' population of a village, BH,LL.

tnscr f. administration of an estate, stewardship, Lk16.

tunsingwyrt f. white hellebore, Lcd.

tnscn f. 'villarum jura regalia,' legal jurisdiction over a village, TC 308^7 (v.LL 2455).

tnsteall m. farm-stead, farm yard? KC.

tnstede m. village, WW 144^26.

tunuce = tunece

tnweg m. 'privata via,' by-road.

tnyncel = tnincel

tr m. 'tower,' Chr 1097; DR 176^7.

turf f., gds. tyrf 'turf,' sod, soil, Cp, Guth; Lcd: greensward, BH,WW.

turfhaga m. grassy plot (or ?= tyrfhaga A 35141), El 830.

turfhlow n. covering of turf, KC.

turfian = torfian [[headword spelled "trfian"]]

turl ladle, Cp 290#t#. [L. trulla]

turnian to turn, revolve.

turnigendlic revolving.

turning f. rotation, W 253^14.

turtla m., turtle f. turtle-dove, . [L. turtur]

turtur m., turture f. turtle-dove.

tsc m. 'tusk,' grinder, canine tooth.

tuu = t, tw

Tuu = Tw

tuwa (, AO, CP), tuwwa (= twiwa) adv. twice.

tx = tsc

txel, txl m. tusk, canine or molar tooth.

tw I. (v. twgen). II. adv. twice. t sw lang(e) twice as long.

twa- = twi-, twy-

twaddung? twdding f. adulation, NC 327.

twde num. two parts out of three, two-thirds. [tw]

+twfan w. g. to separate from, deprive of: hinder: w. a. put an endto.

twgen (M) = twgen

twlf (M) = twelf

twm v. twgen.

twman () to divide into two, separate: cause to cease, adjust, settle. [tw]

twmendlce adv. alternately, separately, OEG 1368.

twming f. parting, division, separation, : distinction,.

twonung = twonung

twm v. twgen.

+twang n. sport, OEG 1517.

twnihte two days old, Lcd.

twe- = twi-

twgen num. nom. m.; nom. f. tw; nom. n. t, tw; gen. mfn. twg(e)a, twgra; dat. twm, twm two, AO, CP. t sw lang twice as long. t.andt., twm and twm in parties of two each.

twgentig (oe; NG) = twntig

twelf 'twelve,' CP.

twelffeald twelve-fold, .

twelfgylde twelve-fold, LL 3[1].

twelfhund twelve hundred, LL.

twelfhynde adj. belonging to the class whose 'wergild' was 1200 shillings,LL.

twelfnihte twelve days old, Lcd 3178^26.

twelfta I. 'twelfth,' AO. II. = Twelftadg

Twelftadg m. Twelfth day, LL 296[17].

twelfte, twelfthly, in the twelfth place, LL 182[12].

twelftig = hundtwelftig

twelfwintre twelve years old, CP.

twman = twman

twengan to pinch, IM. ['twinge']

twntig 'twenty,' , AO.

twntigfeald twenty-fold, Gr.

twntigoa (io^3, o^3, u^3) twentieth.

twntigwintre twenty years old, W 3^1.

two (+ at AS 21^4) m. doubt, ambiguity, , AO,CP.

tweo- = twi-, twy-

twogan = twon

twogende doubting, BH.

twogendlic doubtful, uncertain, AO. adv. -lce.

tweolf = twelf

twolic (, ) doubtful, ambiguous, equivocal. adv. -lce, AO,CP.

twon I. pret. sg. twode to doubt, hesitate, AO, CP: (impers. w. a. of pers.) seem doubtful. II. (,) m. doubt, Bo.

twoneloht n. twilight, WW 175^34.

twonian () (pers. and impersonal) to doubt, be uncertain, hesitate,CP.

twonigend, twoniendlic (, ) doubtful, expressing doubt, . adv. -lce perhaps.

twonol () doubtful.

twontig = twntig

twonulloht (WW 175^39) = twoneloht

twonum in phr. 'be (sm, etc.) twonum,' between (the seas, etc.).

twonung (, ) f. doubt, scruple, .

+tweosa = +twisa

twoung = twonung

tweowa = tuwa

twi, twia = tuwa

tw = twig n.

twi- prefix with meaning two, double (see also twy-). [Ger. zwie-]

twibte adj. subject to double compensation, LL.

twibill n. (two-edged) axe, .

twibille double-edged, WW 141^27.

twibloh twice-dyed, double-dyed, CP.

twibte (adj. and adv.) = twibte

twibrowen (y) twice-brewed, Lcd 45b.

-twicce () v. angel-t.

twiccen = twicen

twiccere m. one who divided up the food in a monastery, WW 127^33.

twiccian to pluck, gather: catch hold of. ['tweak']

twi-cen, -cene, -cyne (y^1) f. junction of roads.

twicere = twiccere

twidglic (, y) lasting two days, BH 350^32.

twidl m. double proportion (two-thirds), Lcd.

twidlan to divide into two: differ, Sc.

twidagod twice dyed, OEG 1060.

-twidig v. lang-t.

twie- = twi-, twy-

twi-ecge, -ecgede two-edged.

twendlce doubtingly, Guth 70. [twon]

twi-feald (), -fald (CP) two-fold, double, ambiguous, ,CP.

twifealdan (y^1, y^2) to double, .

twifealdlic (a) adj. twofold, double. adv. -lce.

twifealdnes f. duplicity, CP (ie).

twifre accessible by two ways, WW 194^30.

twiferlcan (y) to dissociate, Sc 68^8.

twifte (eo, y) two-footed, .

twifeerede as if with two wings, forked, Gr 288^11.

twifingre (y) two fingers thick, LL 110[49,3].

twifyldan = twifealdan

twifyrclede two-forked, divided into two, Gr 288^10 (y^1, e^2).

twifyrede two furrowed, Gr 288^11.

twig n. 'twig,' branch, sprout, shoot, small tree, ,CP.

twig- = twi-

twiga = (1) twig; (2) tuwa

twigrede cloven, Gr 288^10 (y).

twgan = twogan, twon

twigea = tuwa

twigedagod = twidagod

twigilde (adj. adv. and ? sb.) paying double, liable to a double fine,LL.

twh num. (acc.) only in phrase 'mid unc twh' between us two, Gen 2253. [cp. Goth. tweihnai]

twiheafdede double-headed, Gr (y).

twiheolor f. balance, Cp 140#b#.

twihinde == twihynde

twi-hwe (o), -hwede of two colours or shapes.

twihwian to dissimulate, Sc 44^8.

twihlidede having two openings, Gr 288^6(y).

twihwole two-wheeled, Lcd.

twihwyrft 'bilustris,' OEG 2513.

twihynde I. having 'wergild' of 200 shillings. II. a 'wergild' of 200 shillings,LL.

twihyndeman m. man of the 'twihynde' class, LL 601[87,4].

twiicce = twiecge

twilpped with two lappets, WW 153^17.

twilafte two-edged, WW 194^35.

twilbrocen woven of threads of two colours? TC 537^23. [twilic]

twilic double, woven of double thread, Gl.

twlic = twolic

twimylt twice melted, OEG 4462.

twn I. n. double thread, twist, 'twine,' linen-thread, CP: fine linen, (byssus). II. = twonII.

twinclian to 'twinkle,' wink, CP.

twinebbe having two faces, GPH 397^448 (y).

twnen of linen, OEG.

twing? sb. cluster, HGl 496.

twingan v. tringan.

twnigend- = twonigend-

twinihte two days old.

twinn twin, double, two by two.

+twinn m. twin. pl. twins, triplets.

+twinnes (y) f. junction, A 8331^35.

twnung = twonung

twnwyrm, m. 'buprestis,' small insect, WW 122^27.

twio == tweo

twirde (io, y) uncertain: disagreeing.

twirdnes (y^1, e^2) f. disagreement, discord, sedition,.

+twis having the same parents, Gl.

+twisa m. twin, .

twisceatte adv. to the extent of a double payment, LL 84[68,1].

twiscyldig liable to a double penalty, LL 90#h#.

twiseht disunited, discordant, Sc 192^13(y).

twisehtan to disagree, Lcd 3204^24 (y)? ANS 12556^295.

twisehtnes f. dissension, disagreement, Sc 6^12.

twiselt with forked teeth? WW 108^15.

twisla m. confluence, junction, KC 5198^32.

twisled branched, forked.

twislian to fork, divide into two, KC.

twisliht forked, branched, KC.

twislung f. division, partition, Lcd 3436^3.

twisncce double-pointed, cloven, Gr 288^11.

twisnse double-pointed, cloven, GPH 393^73.

twisprc f. double speech, deceit, detraction.

twisprce double-tongued, deceitful, detracting,.

twisprcnes (y) f. double speech, detraction.

twisprecan to murmur, NG.

twispunnen twice-spun, CP 83^23.

-twist v. candel-, mst-t.

twistrenge two-stringed, Gr 288^10.

twitlged double-dyed, Gl, VPs.

twi-rwen, -rwen twice thrown or twisted, twice woven,CP.

twiwa = tuwa

twiwg f. pair of scales, WW 194^28.

twiweg m. junction of two roads, WW 177^13.

twi-wintre -winter adj. two years old, .

twiwyrdig ambiguous, AO.

twoelf = twelf

twgon = wgon pret. pl. of wan.

twuga, twuwa, twuwu = tuwa

twux = tusc [[headword spelled "tsc"]]

twy- = twi-

tw = two

twgean = twogan, twon I.

twlic () = twolic

twn == twon

twnihte = twnihte

twyspcnes = twisprcnes

t pres. 1 sg. of tn.

tyccen = ticcen

tycht-, tyct- = tyht-

td I. f. = td. II. pp. of tn.

td- = td-

tydd- = td-, td-

tdde I. pret. 3 sg. of tn. II. = tde, pret. 3 sg. of tian.

tde pret. sg. of tn.

tdran to bring forth, produce, beget, propagate: be prolific. [tdor]

tdred provided with offspring, PPs 143^17.

tdrian = (1) tdrian; (2) tdran

tdriend m. propagator, WW 238^22.

tdrung f. propagation, production. [tdor]

tfrian = tfrian

tyg- = tig-

tg = tag

tyge (i) m. drawing together, pulling, tug, pull, : leading (water): draught (ofwater): deduction, inference, statement, [tag, tegan]

tygehcg () m. hook for pulling, LL 455[15].

tygehorn (i) m. cupping-horn, Lcd 46a.

tygel m. pulling-rope, rein, , WW. ['tial']

tygele f. 'murenula,' lamprey? WW.

tygian = tian

tyhhian = teohhian

thst pres. 2 sg. of ton.

tyht I. (i) m. instruction, training, habit, Bo: going, course, motion, progress, El: region, Gu 1255. ['tight'; ton] II. m. charge, crime, LL, WW. [tonII.]

tyhtan I. (i) () _to stretch, draw, pull_, A: _invite, incite, instigate, provoke, talk over, persuade, attract, lead astray, seduce_, _: () _teach, train_, _PPs_. ['_tight_'; ton I.] II. _to accuse_. [tonII.]

tyhtbysig (i) involved in accusations, of bad reputation, v.LL 2305.

tyhten f. incitement, excitement, Gl. [tonI.]

tyhtend m. inciter, instigator.

tyhtendlic (i) persuading, hortatory, .

tyhtere (i) m. inciter, enticer, WW.

tyhting (i) f. _incitement, impulse, instigation, exhortation, suggestion, instruction, advice_, : _enticement, allurement_, _. ['_tihting_']

tyhtle (i) f. accusation, suit, charge, AO. [tonII.]

tyhtlian (i) to accuse, charge, LL.

tyhtnes (i) f. inward impulse, instinct, conviction,WW.

th pres. 3 sg. of ton.

tyl == til

tyldsyle f. tent, WW 187^4. [teld]

tylg, tylgest v. tulge.

-tyllan v. for-t.

tm = tam

tyma = tama

tma = tma

tman () = teman

tymb- = timb-

tymp- = timp-

[[Printed on one line: tymb-, tymb- = timb-, timp-]]

tn I. to instruct, teach, , AO. II. () = ten

tn- = ten-

tnan I. to hedge in, fence, enclose, shut, BH, LkL, LL, MkL. ['tine'] II. = tonan

tyncen n. bladder? AO 72^30.

tynder (e, i, u) f. 'tinder,' fuel, Bo, Sc; : cautery. [tyndan] [[under "-tendan"]]

tyndercynn n. combustible, WW.

tyndig = tindig

tyndre, tyndren = tynder

+tne n. entrance, court, PPs 115^8.

tynge I. adj. fluent, eloquent. II. adv. (also -lce) courteously, OEG 62853.

+tyngnes (i) f. fluency, eloquence, , CP.

tyntreg = tintreg

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