A Concise Anglo-Saxon Dictionary - For the Use of Students
by John R. Clark Hall
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rcedm n. kingly rule, W 125^9. ['richdom']

rcels = rcels

ricen- = recen-

rceter, rcetere n. force, might, power, rule, dominion, glory, greatness, CP: ambition, : tyranny, oppression, violence.

ricg, ricig = hrycg

rclic sumptuous, AS 38^3. adv. -lce powerfully, , CP: sumptuously, Lk. ['richly']

ricone = recene

rics = risc

rcsere m. ruler, DR 113^3.

rcsian to bear rule, reign, govern, tyrannize, , AO, CP: dominate, prevail.

rcsiend m. ruler, DR 102^8.

rcsung f. domination, DR 174^10.

-rda v. brand-r. [[headword spelled "brandrida"]]

rdan^1 () to 'ride,' B, BH, Mt; AO: move about, swing, rock, ride (atanchor), B, Bo: float, sail, Gen: chafe (offetters); () ride over, occupy (acountry), seize: () ride upto.

ridda m. rider, man on horseback, horseman, horse-soldier,.

riddere = rdere

-rdel v. for(e)-r. [[under "forrdel"]]

rdend m. rider, cavalier.

rdere m. 'rider,' trooper, knight, Chr 1085#l#.

ridesoht f? fever, NG. [hri? suht?]

ridon pret. pl. of rdan.

rdusende swinging, Gl.

rdwiga m. horse-soldier, WW 110^28.

rece = rce

reht == riht

rif = hrif

rf I. fierce, ravenous. II. generous, Kl.

+rif n. seizing, catch (of fish): number caught.

+rf garment, v. NC 295.

-rife v. hege-r.

rifelede wrinkled, OEG 18b^78. ['rivelled']

rifeling m. shoe or sandal of raw hide, WW 125. ['rivelling']

+rifian to wrinkle, H 1614^14.

rift, rifte (y) n. cloak, veil, curtain, , Cp, MtL. ['rift']

rifter m. reaping-hook, sickle, scythe, Gl.

riftre, riftere (y) m. reaper, .

rige == ryge

rignan = rnan

rhsian = rcsian

riht I. (e, eo, y) n. (what is straight), 'right,' equity, justice, law, canon, rule, , B, Bo, Bl, BH, CP, Ct: cause, legal action, : a right, privilege, Bo, CP, Gen, LL: correctness, truth. onr.; mid rihte rightly, correctly, properly: what is due, duty, obligation, CP (y), Gen: reckoning, account. II. (,e,y) adj. straight, erect, direct, BH, Bl, Lcd, VPs: 'right,' proper, fair, just, equitable, lawful, permissible, Bl, Bo, Lk, W: true, correct, Bl, WW: fitting, appropriate, BH, LL: real, genuine, , BH, Bl: right (asopposed to left).

rihtelcwn f. lawful wife, W 298^18.

rihtelo (y) npl. true nobility.

rihtw f. lawful wedlock, W: lawful wife,LL.

rihtan (e, y) to set right, correct, amend, Bl, LL, TC; : guide, govern, direct, rule, Bl, Bo: set up, restore, replace, erect, Gen. ['right']

rihtndaga m. proper (fixed) day,LL.

rihtandswaru f. retort, reproof, PPs 37^14.

rihtcynecynn (y^1) n. legitimate royal family, AO(y^1).

rihtcyning m. lawful king, BH 360^14.

rihtcynn n. true stock, W 13^6.

rihtdnde ptc. doing what is right, Bl.

rhte adv. 'right,' due, straight (of direction, as in right on, due east), outright, CP, Met: precisely, exactly, just, AO, Bl, Bo, Ps: rightly, duly, well, correctly, truly, properly, fairly, justly, B, Bl, Lk: directly, immediately, . r rihte thereupon, straightway.

+rihte n. right, due, , Chr (1074#l#): religious rite, office, L. +rihtu pl. last offices. on +r. straight on. up on +r. upright. ['i-riht']

rihtebred n. measure, rule, square, WW.

rihtend m. director, leader, guide.

rihtendebyrdnes f. right order, NC 317.

rihtere m. director, ruler, Bo. ['righter']

rihtes (e) adv. right, straight, KC 3392^6.

rihtfdrencynn (e, y) n. direct paternal descent or pedigree.

rihtfsten n. properly ordained fast, LL 132[8].

rihtfstendg m. properly appointed fast-day, .

rihtfstentd f. duly appointed time of fasting,.

rihtfremmende (y) acting rightly.

rihtful 'rightful,' honourable, Chr 1100#l#.

rihtgefg n. proper joint, GD 248^26.

rihtgefremed catholic, orthodox, BH 456^15.

rihtgegylda m. duly appointed member of a guild, TC 606^14.

rihtgehtan^7 to pledge oneself, swear, RPs 14^4.

rihtgehwan pl. lawfully married persons, LL 22n16.

rihtgelafful orthodox.

rihtgelaflce adv. in an orthodox manner, CM 1167.

rihtge-lfed, -lfed ptc. having the right faith, orthodox, catholic.

rihtgelfende believing rightly, faithful, Bl.

rihtgemet n. proper measure, NC 317.

rihtgesamhwan pl. lawfully married persons, LL 22[38].

rihtgescad n. right understanding, GD 56^2.

rihtgeset duly appointed, canonical, CM 412.

rihtgesetednes f. right ordinance, NC 317.

rihtgeancod right-minded, LPs.

rihtgewitt (y) n. right mind, MH 192^22.

rihtgewittig in one's right mind, GD 245^22.

rihtgifu f. irrevocable gift, LL 366[81]; 385.

rihthmed n. lawful wedlock, CP (y).

rihthmscyld m. main entrance to a homestead? LL 5[32] (v.ANS 115389).

rihthmscn f. actual 'hmscn' (v. hmscn), LL 614[49,58].

rihthand f. right hand, Nic 492; 508.

rihthanddda m. actual perpetrator, LL 188[1,3].

rihtheort righteous, just, CPVPs.

rihthwa m. lawful consort, CP (y).

rihthlford m. rightful lord, LL.

rihthlforddm m. lawful authority, Chr 918#c#.

rihthlfordhyldo (e^5) f. loyalty, W.

rihtlcan to put right, rectify, set in order, RB, W. ['rightleche']

rihtlce m. duly qualified physician, W 12^12.

rihtlcung (y) f. criticism, correction, , CP.

rihtlagu f. regular legal ordinance, W.

rihtlic (y) right, proper, just, fit, righteous, : adapted, fitted. adv. -lce justly, uprightly, virtuously, , Bl: properly, 'rightly,' regularly, BH: correctly, precisely, A, CP(y).

rihtlcettere m. downright hypocrite, W 54^14.

rihtlf n. right life, regular union (of married people), Lcd 3176^22.

rihtlfld m. right way of life, GD 336^1.

rihtlilic articulate, WW 355^8.

rihtmdrencynn (e^1, oe^2) n. direct mother's line, OET 651.

rihtmterfers n. correct hexameter verse, A 8314.

rihtmunuc m. true monk, RB 73^19.

rihtnes (e) f. 'rightness,' rectitude, equity, Ps: perpendicularity, straightness, WW: reckoning, account, MtL (e): (+) correction.

rihtnoranwind m. north wind, AO 17^17 (y).

rihtraciend m. expounder of righteousness (the preacher, Ecclesiastes), GD 264^27.

rihtracu (y) f. correct account, TC 170^4: right reason, GD 262.

+rihtreccan to guide, direct, AS 26^7.

rihtregul m. right rule, canon, OEG 5304.

rihtryne m. right or straight course.

rihtscr (LL 252^21) = rihtscriftscr

rihtscrfend m. jurisconsult, lawyer, WW.

rihtscriftscr f. properly assigned district of a confessor.

rihtscylling m. shilling of sterling money, LL (222^7).

rihtscytte (y) sure of aim, Cra 51.

rihtsmaung (e^1) f. right reasoning or argument, MtL p9^10.

rihtstefn f. ordinary voice, GD 28^28.

riht-td f., -tima m. proper time.

riht-ow, -owa m. lawful slave, GD 180^6.

rihtung f. action of guiding aright, direction, order, rule, guidance, , RB: correction, reproof, : body of rights, privilege? privileged district? Chr 983#e#: 'regularis' (incomputation). ['righting']

rihtungrd m. plumb-line, WW 150^41.

rihtweg m. right way, W.

rihtwer m. lawful husband: legally correct 'wergild,' LL 466; 467.

rihtwestende m. extreme western limit, AO 8^32 (y^1).

rihtwf n. lawful wife, LL 348[54,1].

rihtwillende wishing to do right, Bo 11^17.

rihtws 'righteous,' just, Bl, Bo, Chr; CP: right, justifiable, Bl.

rihtwsend m. Sadducee, Mt 3^7.

rihtwsian to make 'righteous,' justify, Lk, VPs; : direct aright, rule.

rihtwslic righteous, CP (y). adv. -lce rightly, reasonably, Bo. ['righteously']

rihtwsnes f. _'righteousness,' justice_, _Mt_: _rightness, reason_: _righteous acts_, _.

+rihtwsung f. justification.

rihtwrtere m. correct writer, Gl.

rihtwuldriende orthodox, BH 310^33#b#.

rihtwyre proper, fitting, AS 13^25.

rihtymbren n. duly appointed Ember tide, W 117.

rihtymbrendagas mp. duly appointed Ember days, W 117.

rm- = hrm-

rm n. number, counting, reckoning, VPs; , AO, CP. ['rime']

rima m. 'rim,' verge, border, coast, Cp,WW.

rman () to count, number, AO, Ps; : tell, enumerate, relate, CP: account, esteem as. ['rime']

rm m. oath by a number of persons, LL 154[9].

+rmbc calendar, H 198^28.

rmcrft m. arithmetic: calendar, L 10^1.

rmcrftig skilled in reckoning.

rmcrftiga m. one skilful at figures, A 8301^33.

-rme v. earfo-r.

rmforst = hrmforst

rmge-tl, -tel n. number.

rimpan v. +rumpen.

rimpel wrinkle. [cf. hrympelle]

[[From first edition. The entry for "hrympelle" has the same definition, with bracketed cross-reference [?= rimpel].]]

rmre m. reckoner, calculator, A 8307^34.

rmtl = rmgetl

rmtalu f. number, El 820.

+rn (NG) = +rn

rnan^1 (and wv.) impers. and intr. to rain, (impers.) , Bl; (intr.) Bl, Lk, VPs. ['rine'; regn]

+rnan = +hrnan

rinc m. man, warrior, hero, B, Cr, Met. ['rink']

rincgetl n. number of men, Ex 234.

rincsetl (HGl 489) = hringsetl

rind, rinde f. _'rind,' bark, outside_, _Bo, Cr, Lcd_; CP: _crust_, _.

-rindan, -rindran v. be-r.

rindeclifer f. wood-pecker? nut-hatch? WW 427^29.

rinden of bark, GPH 390.

rindlas having no bark, WW 190^31.

rne = rne

ring = bring

rning = hrning

rinnan^3 to 'run,' flow, Cp, Cr, Ps, Sat: (+) run together, blend, coagulate. [= iernan]

rinnelle f. runnel, rivulet, stream. [rynele?] [[headword spelled "rynel"]]

rp n. harvest, BH, Chr, Mt: cut corn, sheaf: ripeness, maturity, PPs 118^147. ['ripe,' 'reap']

rpan I. () (o, ) to 'reap,' , AO, Chr, CP, G. II. (AS10^5) = rpian

rpe 'ripe,' mature, BH, Bo.

rpemann m. reaper, MtL (hr-). ['reapman']

rpere m. 'reaper,' Mt.

rpian to become 'ripe,' ripen, A,.

rpsern n. sickle, MtLR 4^29.

rpnes f. 'ripeness,' harvest, LPs.

riptere = riftere [[under "riftre"]]

rptma m. time of harvest, Mt. ['reaptime']

rpung f. ripening, ripeness, maturity, A, RB, VPs. ['riping']

+rs n. fury, Gl.

rsan^1 I. (usu. +) to 'rise,' stand up, Ps: be fit, be proper, , Gu. ['irise'] II. to seize, carry off.

risc, risce (e; = y) f. 'rush,' Cp; Mdf. [L.]

riscbedd n. bed of rushes, EC. [v. 'rush']

riscen _made of rushes_, _. ['_rushen_']

risclac n. rush leek, rush garlic, WW 356^36.

riscfel m. rush-bed, Ct, Gl.

risen- = risn-

+risen seizure, Guth 78^5. [rsan]

rsende? rapacious, Bl 225^17.

+risenlic convenient, suitable, becoming, AO, CP. adv. -lce.

risiendum 'odorato'? OEG 23^4.

risne fit, meet, proper, convenient.

+risnes f. congruity, WW 383^16.

+risnian to agree, accord, WW 336^37.

+risnu np. what is fitting, due, dignities, AO.

risoda m. rheum, Lcd 2282^11.

rt pres. 3 sg. of rdan.

ri f. favour, indulgence, Sc 224^7.

r fm., re? f. rivulet, stream, , Bo, CP; Mdf. ['rithe']

rfald m. cattle-pen, cow-shed, WW 195^34. [hr-]

rig n. streamlet, Mdf.

ria = rya

rix (_) = risc

rxian () = rcsian

r = rw II.

roc n. what is chewed, cud, WW.

rocc m. over-garment, rochet. [Ger. rock]

roccettan, rocettan to eructate, belch forth, utter, NG, VPs.

roccian to rock (a child), Kl 101^108.

rd f. 'rood,' cross, gallows, , Ct, G, MH; CP: rood (land measure), plot of land of a square rod, BC (Mdf).

rdbgenga m. worshipper of the cross, WW 216^16.

rdbora m. cross-bearer, GPH 389.

rodd m? 'rod,' stick (to beat with), HL 15^110 (v.late).

rdegealga m. cross, MP 1610.

rdehengen f. hanging, crucifixion, .

roder = rodor

rdewyre deserving hanging, HL 18^389.

+rdfstnian to crucify.

rodor (a) m., gs. rod(o)res ether, sky, heavens, firmament, ,CP.

rodorbeorht heaven-bright, Da 369.

rodorcyning m. king of heaven.

rodorlic of the heavens, heavenly, celestial, .

rodorlhtung (roder-) f. dawn, LPs.

rodorstl (a^1) m. heavenly throne, Gen 749.

rodortorht heavenly-bright, Gen 1416.

rodortungol n. star of heaven, Gen 1667.

rdwuriend m. cross-worshipper, HGl 403^30.

roee (Cp, NG) = re

rf vigorous, strong, brave, noble, renowned.

rofen pp. of rofan.

rflas = hrflas

rogian to flourish, GnE 119.

rhte pret. 3 sg. of rcan.

rom = ramm

Rm, Rmeburg f. Rome, AO.

Rmn f. Italy.

Rmn-e, -an pl. Romans, AO.

rmnisc Roman, , AO.

Rm-feoh, -gesceot (LL) n., -penig (LL, W) m. 'Rome-penny', 'Romescot', Peter's pence.

rmian (w. g.) to possess? Gen 350.

romm = ramm

Rmwalh (u^1) m. inhabitant of Rome. [wealh]

Rm-ware (AO), -waran pl. inhabitants of Rome, Romans.

rond = rand

rop I.? broth, WW 272^9. II. = ropp

rp liberal, Rd 58^3.

rpnes f. liberality, WW.

ropp m. intestines, Lcd, WW (hr-). ['rope']

ropwrc m. colic, WW 211^12.

rrend = rwend

rsbedd rose-bed, OEG 23^8.

rse, rose f. 'rose' A, , Bl, Bo, MH. [L. rosa]

rsen made of roses, Lcd: rose-coloured, rosy, , ZDA. ['rosen']

rsig rosy, H 2334^30.

+rsod roseate, OEG 3278.

rost = rust [[headword spelled "rst"]]

+rostian to roast, dry, WW.

rot = hrot

rt glad, cheerful, bright: noble, excellent.

rt(e)? 'root,' NC 318.

rtfst (root-fast), firmly established, Chr 1127. [ON. rt]

rthwl f. time of refreshing, PPs.

rotian 'to rot', putrefy, , CP, Lcd.

rtlce gladly, cheerfully, BH 348^3.

rtnes f. gladness, cheerfulness, DR: refuge, protection, Pss.

rtsian to make sad, afflict, CP 417^9.

rtsung f. refuge, protection, comfort, EPs 9^10.

rotung f. corruption, ulcer, WW 114^14. [rotian]

rer I. m. rower, sailor, CP. [rwan] II. = ror

rohund m. mastiff, WW. [rya]

ror n., gs. rres oar, scull, CP, WW. ['rudder']

rra = rra

rw I. quiet, calm, gentle, soft, mild, CP. II. f. quietness, rest. [Ger. ruhe]

rwan^7 pret. pl. rowon, ron to go by water, 'row,' sail, swim, LkL (hr-), WW;.

rwend m. rower, CP: sailor, .

rwett = rwet

rwnes f. rowing, BH 384^22.

rwung f. 'rowing,' NG.

rudduc m. robin, WW. ['ruddock']

rde I. m. scabbiness, scab, WW 161^14 (= *hrda? A 30253). II. f. rue. [L. ruta]

rudig rubicund, 'ruddy,' OEG 2932.

rudon pret. pl. of rodan.

rudu f. red colour, ApT: ruddy complexion, WW: red cosmetic, L. ['rud']

rues = ryges gs. of ryge.

rg = rh

rugern m. month of rye-harvest, August? LL 12 Pro.

rh gs. rwes '_rough_,' _Guth, Rd_; : _coarse (ofcloth)_: _hairy, shaggy_, _: _undressed, untamed_, _WW_.

ruhha? m. ray (fish), NC 324 (suhha). ['rough']

rm I. adj. () roomy, wide, long, spacious, ample, large, liberal, B, Bo, Mt, VPs; , CP: unfettered, open, unrestricted, loose: noble, august. II. m. () space (extent or time), 'room,' Gen, Lk: scope, opportunity, B, Met. on +rum at large, apart.

+ruma m. space, place.

rman = rman

rme (once +) adv. widely, spaciously, roomily, amply, liberally, extensively, abundantly, Gen, Lcd: light-heartedly: in detail, Jul 314. ['room']

rmed- = rmmd-

rmgl revelling in release from confinement (Noah's dove), Gen 1466. adv. -lce widely, NC 318.

rmgifa (eo^2) m. bountiful giver, BH 194^33.

rmgiful (y^2) bountiful, , CP.

rmgifulnes f. liberality, bounty, profusion, .

rmheort large-hearted, generous: free from care.

rmheortnes f. liberality.

rmian to become clear of obstructions, Lcd 176^13. ['room']

rmlic benign, liberal: plentiful, . adv. +rmlce at large, fully, kindly, liberally, abundantly, , Bl, MtL. ['roomly']

rmmd liberal, lavish, kind, CP.

rmmdlic ample, large, full, liberal, gracious. adv. -lce.

rmmdnes f. large-heartedness, liberality, kindness.

rmnes f. breadth, abundance, .

rmd = rmmd

rmor adv. comp. still further.

+rumpen twisted, wrinkled? WW 366^40.

rmwelle spacious, MtL 7^13.

rn f. mystery, secrecy, secret, El, JnL: counsel, consultation, B, KC, Wa: (secret) council: runic character, letter, BH: writing, An, Da. ['roun']

+rna m. councillor, Gl.

rncofa m. chamber of secrets, breast, bosom, Met 22^59.

rncrftig skilled in mysteries, Da 734.

rnere m. _whisperer, tale-bearer_, _. ['_rouner_']

rnian to whisper, murmur, talk secrets, conspire, , Ps, Sol. ['round']

rniende whispering, WW 441. ['rouning']

runl foul? running? Lcd 336^17. [?= *hrunol]

rnlic mystical, MtL p5^11.

-runn v. cs-gerunn.

+runnen pp. of +rinnan.

+runnenes f. that has been cooled or congealed, GPH 398.

rnstf m. runic letter, rune, , B. ['rune-stave']

rnung f. _whispering, wheedling_, _. ['_rouning_']

rnwita m. private adviser, counsellor, wise man.

rst m. 'rust,' Cp, MtL, RB: moral canker, CP,HL.

rstig 'rusty,' AO 251^21.

rte = rde

rwa m., rwe f. covering, tapestry.

rwes v. rh.

rxlan to make a noise, MtR 9^23. [hrxl]

ryc- = rec-

rc- = rc-

rc pres. 3 sg. of rocan.

rd (LL 192, 2#b#) = rd I.

-ryddan, -rydran v. -r.

+rd(e)? prepared, ready.

ryden n. name of a plant, Lcd 122a.

rderian v. -r.

re = rhe

rfe 'rife,' frequent, Lcd (v. late).

ryft (i, e) n. covering, veil, curtain, cloak, CP.

ryge (i) m. 'rye,' Cp.

rygen (i) made of rye, Lcd. ['ryen']

rhe f. rug, blanket, Gl.

ryht == riht

rm- = rm-

rman () _to clear, open up_, _A, B, Lk, Met, W_: _widen, extend, prolong, enlarge_, _, CP_: _make room, retire, retreat, yield_, _. ['_rime_'; rm]

rmet n. room, space, extent, : comfort, benefit.

rmetlast f. want of room, H 134^22.

rm f. amplitude, CM 17.

rn, rnan to roar, rage.

ryne (e) m. running, onward course, A, , Bo, VHy; AO: flux, flow (water, blood), Lk; : period of time, cycle, course of life: expanse, extent: orbit. ['rune']

rne n. mystery, dark saying.

rynegiest m. running spirit (= lightning)? rain-foe? (Tupper), Rd 4^58.

-rnegu v. hel-r.

rynel (e) m. runnel, stream, Bl, GD, VPs: runner, messenger, . ['rindle']

rnelic mystical. adv. -lce.

rynelce? 'cursim,' OEG 7^90.

rnemann m. one skilled in mysteries.

rynestrong strong in running, Rd 20^7.

ryneswift swift in running.

rynerg f. space of time, Gu 184.

rynewn m. swift vehicle, chariot.

ryng- = reng-

rnig good in counsel? Cra 51. [rn]

ryniga? m. liquid that runs off? Lcd.

rynning f. rennet, WW 128^43.

rnstf (MF 172) = rnstf

rp = rp

rpan I. to spoil, plunder, rob, Chr, MtL, LL, W. ['ripe'] II. pl. sheaves, CSPs. III. = rpan. IV. = rpan

rpere m. robber, plunderer.

rping m. plunder, spoliation, OEG 3149. ['riping']

ryplen? made of broom. [A 31536]

ryps = reps

-rric v. s-r.

rysc- = risc-

rysel, rysl (), rys(e)le m. lard, fat.

+rysen-, +rysn- = +risn-

rsig (OEG 8^337) = hrsig

ryt rubbish for burning, underwood, LL 36[27].

r I. = r. II. pres. 3 sg. of rn.

rer = hrer

rya m. a species of dog, mastiff, . [Ger. rde]


s m. tub, bucket, Gl. [ON. sr; v.'say']

saban m? sheet, WW 502^33.

sac = (1) sacu; (2) sc

saca nap. of sacu.

saca m. opponent, foe, .

sacan^6 to struggle, dispute, disagree, wrangle, fight: accuse, blame, bring a criminal or civil action against any one, lay claim to,LL.

sacc () m. _'sack,' bag_, _. [_L._ saccus]

scerd mf. priest, priestess, , CP. [L. sacerdos]

scerdbana m. priest-slayer, W.

scerdgersne befitting a priest, BH 206^12.

scerdhd m. priesthood, CP.

scerdland n. land allotted to priests, .

scerdlic sacerdotal, priestly, BH.

scerhd = scerdhd

sacful _quarrelsome, contentious_, _. ['_sakful_']

sacian to wrangle, strive, .

saclas innocent, LL: unmolested, safe, KC, MtL. ['sackless']

sacu f. (oblique cases often have sc-) () conflict, strife, war, battle, feud, sedition, dispute, , B; AO: affliction, persecution, trial: sin, fault, B, Ph: prosecution, lawsuit, action. s. and scn jurisdiction, right of holding a court for criminal and civil matters, LL (v.2455). ['sake']

sad- v. sd.

sda m. snare, cord, halter. [cp. Ger. saite]

sadel = sadol

sadelian to 'saddle,' , KC ('saddled').

sadian to be sated, get wearied, Bo: (+) satiate, fill, Ps. ['sade'; sd]

sadol (e^2, u^2) m. saddle.

sadolbeorht with ornamented saddle, B 2175.

sadolboga m. 'saddle-bow,' WW.

sadolfelg f. pommel of a saddle, Gl.

Saducisc Sadducean; as sb. m. Sadducee.

sadul = sadol

s mf. often indecl. but also gs. ss, swe, so; nap. ss, gp. swa, dp. swum, s(u)m sheet of water, 'sea,' lake, pool, , B, Bo, G, Lcd, VPs.

sl m. sea-eel, WW 447^36.

slfen = selfen

sbt f. 'sea-boat,' vessel, ship, B.

sbeorg m. cliff by the sea: mountain of waves? An 308.

sburg f. seaport town, MtL 4^13.

sc I. offensive, odious: guilty. II. (KGl 61^22) = sacc

sc- = sec- (and v. sacu)

sc- = sc-

scc I. f. _strife, contest_. [sacan] II. m. _sackcloth_, _. ['_sack_'; = sacc]

scce pres. 1 sg. of scan. [[headword spelled "sacan"]]

sccing m. sacking, pallet, Mk 6^55.

scdm = sceacdm

sceaster f. seaport town, MtR 4^13.

sceosol m. sea-sand, shingle, .

scerd == sacerd [[headword spelled "scerd"]]

scgen = sgen

scir m. sea-ebbing, Ex 291.

sclian (Chr) = sclian

sclif n. cliff by the sea, Bo. ['seacliff']

scocc m. cockle, WW 94^14.

scol n. jet, WW 416^2. ['seacoal']

scyning m. sea-king, B 2382.

scysul = sceosol

sd (occl. sad- in obl. cases) w. g. sated with, weary of, satiated, filled, fill, Ps, Rd. ['sad']

sd n., nap. sd, sdu 'seed,' Mk, VPs (), , CP: fruit, offspring, posterity, MkL, VPs: sowing, Met; : growth.

sdberende seed-bearing, .

sdcynn n. kind of seed.

sde pret. 3 sg. of secgan.

sdor m. sea-monster.

sdere m. sower, , MkL. ['seeder']

sdian to provide seed, LL 450[10].

sdlap m. sower's basket, A. ['seedlip']

sdlic belonging to seed, seminal, DR 146^5.

sdna m. sowing, WW 147^4.

sdnes f. satiety, GPH 391.

sdraca m. sea-dragon.

sdsworn seed (fig. and collectively), REHy 8(9)^55.

sdtma m. seed-time, Hex 12^28.

searm m. arm of the sea, AO 22^4.

selfen (^2) f. sea-elf, Naiad, WW.

sfreld n. passage of the (Red) sea, AO 38^33.

sfsten f. watery stronghold, ocean, Ex 127.

s-faro, -fearo m. sea-coast.

Sfern f. Severn. [L. Sabrina]

sfisc m. 'sea-fish,' Cr.

sfld mn. tide, inundation, flood, flow of the sea, flood-tide, AO: ()sea. ['seaflood']

sflota m. (sea-floater), ship, An 381.

sfr f. sea-voyage, Seaf 42.

sgan to cause to sink, settle: cause to fall, fell, destroy. [sgan]

sgd- = sged-

sgde pret. 3 sg. of secgan.

sgdig (N) = sgde ic [[form of "secgan"]]

sgap spacious (ship), B 1896.

sgednes f. sacrifice, MkLR 12^33; APs 65^13: mystery, MtL 13^11(gd-).

sgemre n. sea-coast, G.

sgen (e) f. speech, statement, , AO: premonition, prophecy, AO: report, story, legend. so hlge +s. Holy Writ.

sgenga m. ship: sailor.

sgeset m. coast region, Gl.

sgl = sigel

sgnian = segnian

sgon pret. pl. of son.

sgrund m. sea-bottom, abyss, , CP.

sh = seah

shealf f. side next the sea, Chr 1072#e#.

shengest m. sea-horse, ship, An 488: hippopotamus,WW.

shete m. boiling, surging of the sea, BH 384^24.

sholm m. ocean, An 529.

sht = seht

shtlian = sahtlian [[under "sehtlian"]]

shund m. sea-dog, sea-monster, OEG 26^61.

sl n. nap. salu room, hall, castle, B, Rd. ['sale'; Ger. saal]

sl () I. mf. (occl. dp. slum) time, season, opportunity, occasion, condition, position, Lcd; , AO: prosperity, happiness, joy, B. on slum happy; 'gaudete,' GD 202^6. t sles in due time, NR 39. II. = slII.

slc n. sea-gift, sea-spoil, B.

sld f. sea-way, sea-voyage.

slf f. sea-leavings, jetsam.

slan I. () to take place, happen. [sl I.] II. to tie, bind, fetter, fasten: curb, restrain, confine. [sl; Ger. seil]

sland n. coast, maritime district, Ct.

sld = seld

slen I. made of willow, WW 518^6. [sealh] II. = selen

sleoda = slida

slo n. song at sea, rowers' song, WW 379^9.

-slea v. sealt-s.

slic of the sea, marine, .

slida m. seafarer, sailor, mariner: pirate. [lan]

slig (+ exc. at LL 300#a#) happy, prosperous, AO, Bo, Gen. ['i-seli']

+slige happily, WW 407^23.

+sliglic happy, blessed, fortunate. adv. -lce, Bo. ['sellily']

+slignes f. happiness.

s-lend, -lende m. sailor.

+sllic = +sliglic

slmerige f. brine, . [L. *salmoria; Gk. halmuris]

+sltan (NG) = sealtan

sltna m. name of a bird, bunting? robin? WW 44^17.

sl f. dwelling, house, Gen 785.

sl () f. (usu. in pl.) happiness, prosperity, blessing, Bo; , CP. ['i-selth']

slwang (o^2) m. fertile plain.

sm v. s.

sma = sma

+sman = +sman, seman

smann m. 'seaman,' pirate, viking, B.

smearh m. sea-horse, ship.

smend = smend

smest superl. (of *sme?) worst.

smestre = samestre

sme weary from a sea-voyage, B 325.

sminte f. sea-mint, WW.

smninga = samnunga

smra comp. (of *sme?) worse, inferior, weaker.

smtinges = samtinges

sn maritime, OEG 6^23.

snaca m. sea-vessel, ship, Hu 26.

sns m. cape, promontory, maze.

sncgan = sengan

sndan = sendan

sne (often w. g.) slack, lazy, careless, negligent, dull, cowardly.

snet n. net for sea-fishing, WW 336^20.

sngan = sengan

snian = snian

sp (e) n. 'sap,' juice, Cr, WW.

sp (L 3^162) = sap

spig 'sappy,' juicy, succulent, OEG 16^1.

sppe f. spruce fir, WW 269^14. [L. *sappinum; Fr. sapin]

spspn f. a shaving with sap in it, Lcd 106b.

sre = sre

srima m. sea-border, sea-shore, coast, Chr. ['searim']

srinc m. seaman, pirate, viking.

srf hardy at sea, Cra 56.

srwian = searwian

srric m. sea-reed? (GK); an ait? (BT), #Whale#10.

ss = sess

ss v. s.

ssceaa m. pirate, WW 469^6.

sscell f. 'sea-shell,' MH 18^23.

ss m. sea-voyage, B 1149.

s-sngl, -snl m. 'sea-snail,' WW.

ssteorra m. guiding star (for sailors), HL. ['seastar']

sster = sester

sstrand m. _'sea-strand,' foreshore_, _.

sstram, as mpl. waters of the sea, An. ['seastream']

sswalwe (h-) f. sand-martin, WW 7^28.

st pret. 3 sg. of sittan.

st f. lurking-place: snare, gin? LL 445[2]. [sittan]

+st n. act of sitting, MkL p5^14.

sta m? holding of land, EC 447^18.

-sta () v. burg-s.

stan = stian

-ste v. an(d)-s.

sterdg = stern(es)dg

st-ere, -nere () m. waylayer, robber: spy: seditious one, seducer (the Devil),CP.

stern-dg, ster(n)es- m. 'Saturday,' BH, Bl, Lk. [L. Saturni dies]

sterniht f. Friday night, .

stian () (w. g.) to lie in wait for, plot against, CP. [sittan]

stil, stl == setl

stn- = st-

+stnes = +setnes

ston pret. pl. of sittan.

stung () f. ambush, trap, plot, snare, CP: sedition.

s (L 36^295) = sa

sof v. hahsof.

serie f. savory (plant). [L. satureia]

srenewudu = sernewudu

sum v. s.

spwearp jetsam, TC 421^32.

swg m. sea-wave, Da 384.

swter n. 'sea-water,' Lcd 10b.

swan = swan

swr n. sea-weed, WW 135^21. ['seaware']

swaro n. sea-shore, beach.

swe v. s.

sweall m. 'sea-wall,' seashore, beach, cliff, B: wall of water (inthe Red Sea).

sweard m. coast warden, LL.

sweg m. path through the sea, Ps 8^8. ['seaway']

swrig weary from a sea-voyage, An. ['seaweary']

swet n. sowing. [swan]

swcing m. sea-viking, Ex 333.

swiht f. marine animal, BH 26^6.

swong m. sea-shore, beach, B 1964.

sw pres. 3 sg. of swan.

swudu m. vessel, ship, B 226.

swum v. s.

swylm m. sea-surf, billow, B 393.

sx (Gl) = seax

s f. sea-wave.

safene, safine f. savine (a kind of juniper). [L. sabina]

saftriende ptc. rheumatic, WW 161^34.

sg pret. 3 sg. of sgan.

saga I. imperat. of secgan. II. m., +saga n. = saguII.

+saga n. narrative, LkL 1^1.

sagast pres. 2 sg., saga pres. 3 sg., sagode pret. 3 sg. of secgan.

sg-ol, -el m. (sgl- in obl. cases) club, cudgel, stick, staff, pole, AO, GD, Mt; , CP. ['sowel']

-sagol v. las-, s-, wr-s.

sagu () I. f. 'saw,' saying, report, story, tradition, tale, Lk, WW; : presage, prophecy: witness, testimony. [secgan] II. f. 'saw' (tool), A,WW.

sh I. pret. 3 sg. of sgan. II. pret. 3 sg. of son II.

sahl- = sealh-

shl = sgol

saht == seht

sl mf. bond, rope, cord, rein, collar, B, Gen. ['sole'; Ger. seil]

sala m. act of selling, 'sale,' WW.

salb = sealf

salch = sealh

salde = sealde pret. 3 sg. of sellan.

salf (Cp) = sealf

salfie, salfige f. sage, Lcd. [L. salvia]

salh (Gl), salig = sealh

salletan to sing psalms, play on, or sing to, the harp. [L. psallere]

salm- = sealm-

slnes f. silence, A 8319^29. [cp. Goth. silan]

salo == salu

salor = solor

salowigpd = saluwigpd

salt == sealt

saltere (ea) m. 'psalter,' collection of psalms, service book containing the psalms, BH, Ct; : psaltery, Lcd (ps-). [L. psalterium]

salthaga m. robin redbreast? WW 286^11.

salu I. (ea) dark, dusky, Rd. ['sallow'] II. nap. of sl.

salubrn (ea^1, o^2) dark brown, Fin 37.

slum v. sl.

saluneb dark-complexioned, Rd 50^5.

salupd dark-coated, Rd 58^3.

saluwigpd = salwigpd

salwed ptc. darkened, painted black (with pitch), Gen 1481.

salwigfeera having dark plumage.

salwigpd having dark plumage.

slwong = slwang

sam conj. whether, or. sam...sam whether...or, AO. sam ge...sam ge; sam e...sam e whether...or.

sam- (= together) denotes union, combination, or agreement. [ON. sam-]

sm- (= half-) denotes a partial or imperfect condition. [L. semi-]

sama = same v. sw.

samad- = samod-

smbrned half-burnt, OEG.

smboren born out of due time, WW 356^2.

smbryce m. partial breach (of rules, laws, etc.), LL 468[9].

sm-cwic, -cucu (o^1) half-dead, , AO.

same only in sw s. (sw) in like manner, also, as.

samed == samod

samen adv. together, JnR (o^1).

smgrne half-green, immature, WW 405^4.

smgung young, CM 123. [geong]

smhl unwell, weakly, W 273^10.

samheort unanimous, PPs 149^1.

samhwan pl. members of the same household, CP.

samhwyle pron. some.

smlred half-taught, badly instructed, .

samlce together, at the same time.

samlinga = samnunga

smlocen half-closed, NC 318.

sammle agreed, accordant, united.

smmelt half-digested, Lcd 69b.

samnian to assemble, meet, collect, unite, join, gather together, (tr.) Da, Lcd; (intr.) Ps: glean. ['sam']

samninga = samnunga

samnung (o) f. (but occl. gs. samnunges) assembly, council, MkL; , CP. ['samening']

samnunga (, e, o) adv. forthwith, immediately, suddenly. [= semninga]

samnungewide (o^1) collect, DR 2^1.

samod (o^1) I. adv. simultaneously, at the same time, together, , AO: entirely, : also, as well, too. II. prep. (w.d.) together with, at (oftime), . [Ger. sammt]

samodberan^4 to bear together.

samodcumend flocking together, CM 282.

samodeard (o^1, u^2) m. common home.

samodfst joined together, Cr 1581.

samodgang? m. communication between rooms, GD 170^23. (v.NC 318.)

samodgeflit (o) n. strife, WW 382^38.

samodges m. comrade, GPH 400.

samodherian (o^1) to praise together, RPs 116^1.

samodhering f. praising, ES 40302.

+samodlcan to bring together, RPs 112^8.

samodlce adv. together, Chr 1123.

samodrynelas mpl. 'concurrentes,' A 8302.

samodsprc f. colloquy, conversation, CM 511.

samodswgende consonantal, Gr 5^17.

samodtang continuous, successive, v. NC 318.

samodyrlic (o) adj. concordant, WW 378^40.

samodwellung (o^1) f. welding together, WW 380^44. [weallan]

samodwist f. a being one with, GD 224^4.

samodwunung f. common residence, living together, LL (422^29).

samodwyrcende ptc. co-operating, WW 384^12.

smra = smra

samrd harmonious, united, Met 11^96.

smsoden half-cooked, LL (166^2n).

smstorfen half-dead, GPH 401.

smswled half burnt, OEG 4388.

samswge (u^1) adj. sounding together, in unison.

samtinges (^1, e^1, e^2) adv. all at once, immediately, forthwith,.

same conj. in phrase same...same... as ('tam'...'quam'...), CM 140, etc. [sam]

smweaxen half-dead, NC 319.

samwinnende ptc. contending together, WW 211^7.

smws stupid, dull, foolish, CP. adv. -lce.

samwist f. living together, cohabitation.

smworht unfinished, Chr.

samwrdnes f. union, combination. Bo 114^4.

smwyrcan to half do a thing, do it imperfectly, LL 350[61,1].

sanc I. pret. 3 sg. of sincan. II. = sang

sanct m. holy person, saint, . [L. sanctus]

sand (o) I. f. action of sending, embassy, mission, deputation, : message: (alsom.) messenger, ambassador: sending, service, course of food, repast, mess, victuals, Ep; . ['sand'; sendan] II. n. 'sand,' gravel, , VPs; AO; Mdf: sandy shore, sea-shore, beach.

sandbeorg m. sand-hill, sand-bank.

sandceosol m. sand, gravel, .

sandcorn n. grain of sand, .

sandgeweorp (u^3) n. sand-bank, quicksand.

sandgewyrpe n. sand-heap, KC 6228^23.

sandgrot n. grain of sand, Hell 117.

sand-hli n., nap. -hleou sandy slope, hillock, An 236.

sandhof n. sand-house, barrow, grave.

sandhricg m. sand-bank, Gr 75^8.

sandhyll m. 'sand-hill,' Cp (o).

sandig 'sandy,' Lcd.

sandiht (o) sandy, dusty, AO.

sandlond (o) n. sandy shore.

sandrid n. quicksand, WW 183^7.

sang I. m. noise, 'song,' singing, B, Bo, Cr, LkL: psalm, poem, lay, Bl, CP, VPs (o). II. pret. 3 sg. of singan.

sangbc f. singing-book, service-book, KC, LL. ['songbook']

sangcrft m. art of singing, composing poetry, or playing an instrument.

sangdram m. 'cantilena,' song, music, CM 638.

sangere (o) m. singer, poet, BH, Bl. ['songer']

sangestre f. songstress, Gr. ['songster']

sangppe f. pipe, GPH 389^26.

-snian v. -s. [sne]

sann pret. 3 sg. of sinnan.

sp f? amber, unguent, Gl.

spbox m. box for resin? soap-box? LL 455[17].

spe f. 'soap,' salve, Lcd, WW; .

sr I. n. bodily pain, sickness, BH, Bl, Cr, VPs: wound, 'sore,' raw place, Gu, Lcd: suffering, sorrow, affliction, Bo, Chr. II. adj. sore, sad, grievous, painful, wounding, CP, Cr, Gen, Lcd, LL,Rd.

srbenn f. painful sore or wound.

srbt f. compensation for wounding, LL 500[10,1].

srcl m. bandage, WW.

srcren sore, tender, Lcd 65b.

srcwide m. taunt, reproach: lament.

sre () adv. sorely, heavily, grievously, bitterly, B, Cr, Gen, Ps: painfully, B. ['sore']

srettan to grieve, be vexed, lament, complain,CP.

srferh sorrowful, Gen 2244.

sarga m. trumpet, clarion, Gl.

srgian () to cause pain, afflict, wound, grieve: be pained, suffer, languish, CP. [srig]

srgung f. lamentation, grief.

srian to become painful, CP: grieve, be sad, feel sorry for,BH.

srig 'sorry,' grieved, sorrowful, sad, , Bo, Cr,Ps.

srigcierm (e^3) m. wailing, MFH 128^8.

srigferh sad-hearted.

srigmd dejected, mournful, B. ['sorry-mood']

srignes f. sadness, grief, , Chr. ['sorriness']

srlic grievous, sad, doleful, painful, lamentable, bitter, , B, Bo, Bl. adv. -lce 'sorely,' grievously, mournfully, bitterly, painfully, , Bl, Bo, Jul;CP.

srnes f. _affliction, distress, suffering, pain, grief_, _. ['_soreness_']

srseofung f. complaint, WW 488^36.

srslege m. painful blow.

srspell n. sad story, complaint.

srstf m. cutting word, abuse, insult.

srung = srgung

sarw- = searw-

sr-wracu f., gds. -wrce grievous persecution, sore tribulation.

srwylm m. pain, illness, Gu 1123.

saturege f. savory (plant), Lcd 147a. ['satureie']

sul = swol

swan^7 to 'sow,' strew seed, implant, , Bo, Lcd, G, VPs: disseminate, Bo,CP.

swel == swol

+sweled having a soul, G.

swend, swere (Mt) m. 'sower.'

swl (CP) == swol

swlian to expire, .

swlung (e^2) f. dying, Shr. ['souling']

s-wol (-wel, -wul, -wl) f., gs, swle _'soul,' life_, _, B, Bl, Bo, VPs_; CP: _spirit_, _Bl, Chr_: _living being_, _.

swolberend m. human being, B 1004 (wl).

swolcund (e) spiritual, Gu 288.

sawoldror n. life-blood.

swolgedl n. death.

swolgesceot = swolscot [[under "swolsceat"]]

swolhord (e^2, wl) n. life, body.

swolhs n. (soul house), body.

swollas soulless, lifeless, .

swol-sceat (e^2), -scot m. payment to the church on the death of a person,LL.

swolearf f. soul's need, TC 474 (wl).

swon pret. pl. of son.

swul == swol

sca-, sc-, v. also scea-, sca-.

scbfot = scfft

scd = +scad I.

scda m. crown of head, PPs 67^21. ['shode']

scdesealf (a) f. salve or powder (for the head?), Lcd.

+scdwyrt f. oxeye, Lcd 103a.

sc- = scea-

sc- = sca-

scc, scec 'boja,' fetters, JGPh 1329. [Du. schake]

sccen pp. of sceacan.

scd = (1) scead; (2) sceabb

scftamund = sceaftmund

scf = sceafoa

scg = sceg

scm- = scam-

scnan I. () (, a) _to break, wrench open_, _. ['_shene_'] II. (+) _to render brilliant_? Sol 222(GK).

scnc = scenc

scndan = sciendan

+scningnes f. collision, WW 384^10.

scp == scap

scptl (Cp) = sceaftl

scr = scear I. and II.

scron pret. pl. of scieran.

sc I. (Gen) = sca. II. = sceg

sc- = sce-, scea-

scafa m. plane, Ep, LL. ['shave']

scafan^6 (a, , ea) to 'shave,' scrape, polish, Cp,BH.

scfft splay-footed, Gl.

scalde = sceolde pret. 3 sg. of sculan.

scaldhl papyrus-plant, Cp 1491 (v. ES 43320).

scaldfel = scealdfel

scalu = scealu

scamel = scamol

scamfst 'shamefast,' modest, CP.

scamful (eo) modest, DR. ['shameful']

scamian (ea, eo, o) (w. g.) _to be ashamed, blush_, _B, CP_: (impers., w. a. of pers. and g. of thing) _cause shame_, _ (ea), _CP_. ['_shame_']

scamisc causing shame, WW 532^31.

scamlas 'shameless,' impudent, immodest, CP.

scamlaslic shameless, CP. adv. -lce 'shamelessly,' CP.

scamlast (ea^1) f. impudence, shamelessness, immodesty.

scamlic (, ea) shameful, disgraceful, OEG; AO: modest. ['shamely'] adv. -lce,CP.

scamlim n. private member, GPH 390.

scamol (^1, e^1, ea^1, eo^1, o^1; e^2, o^2) m. stool, footstool, bench, table (ofmoney-changers), Bl (eo), VPs (o). ['shamble']

scamu (ea, eo, o) f. 'shame,' confusion, Cp (o), Lk (eo): disgrace, dishonour, Cr (o): insult, MkR (o): shameful circumstance, WW: modesty, CP: private parts, Gen, WW. s.dn to inflict injury.

scamul = scamol

scamung (ea) f. disgrace, LPs 68^20.

scn pret. 3 sg. of scnan.

scanca m. 'shank,' shin, leg, Ph, WW: ham? LL (sconc).

scancbend (scang-) m. leg-band, garter, WW 152^39.

scancforad broken-legged, CP.

scancgebeorg f. leg-greave, WW 535^9.

scancgegirela m. leg-clothing, leg-band, anklet, garter, WW 467^29.

scanclra m. calf of the leg, WW 266^4.

scand I. (ea, eo, o) f. _ignominy, shame, confusion, disgrace_, _Chr, Cr_: _scandal, disgraceful thing_, _CP_. II. m. _wretch, impostor, recreant, buffoon_, _. III. f. _bad woman_. ['_shond_']

scandful shameful, disgraceful, MH. ['shondfull']

scandhs m. house of ill fame, MH 26^24.

scandlic (ea, o) shameful, disgraceful, vile, unchaste, Bo; , AO (o). ['shondly'] adv. -lce shamefully, obscenely: insultingly.

scandlicnes f. shame, disgrace, CP (o): disgraceful act.

scandlufiende loving shamefully, ZDA 3125.

+scandnes (e, y) f. shame, confusion, , Ps. ['shendness']

scandword (ea) n. abusive, blasphemous or obscene language, W 255^15.

scang- = scanc-

+scp- = +scap-

+scapen pp. of scieppan.

scar- = scear-

sca- = scea-

scab (Cp) = scaf

sceaba = scafa

sceabb m. 'scab,' CP. ['shab']

sceabbede purulent, having sores or scabs, OEG. ['shabbed']

sceacan^6 (tr. and intr.) to 'shake,' move quickly to and fro, MtL: go, glide, hasten, flee, depart, B; : pass from, proceed,CP.

sceacdm () m. flight, .

sceacel (e) m. 'shackle,' WW: plectrum.

scacere m. robber, NG. [Ger. schcher]

sceacga m. rough hair, wool, etc., WW. ['shag']

sceacgede hairy, shaggy, WW.

sceaclne (WW 182^26) = sceatlne

sceacnes f. 'excussio,' EPs 140^4.

sceacul = sceacel

scead (a, , e) n. shadow, shade: shelter, protection: stye, Cp 1954 (ES43326).

+scad () n. _separation, distinction_, _LkL_: _discretion, understanding, argument_, _; CP: _reason_, P 142^11: _reckoning, account_, _Mt_: _accuracy_. ['_shed_']

scadan^7 (, ) (tr. and intr.) to divide, separate, part, Soul; Lcd (): discriminate, decide, determine, appoint: differ: scatter, 'shed,' Lcd.

sceadd m. 'shad' (fish), KC 6147.

scadelce = scadlce

+scaden rational, .

scadenml n. damascened sword? B 1939?

scadesealf = scdesealf

sceadew- = sceadw-

sceadiht shady, CVHy 5^3.

sceadlic shady, OEG 2885.

+scadlic reasonable, discreet, wise, accurate, CP. adv. -lce.

+scadnes? 'auctoritas,' NC.

sceadu (a) f., gs. scead(u)we, sceade 'shade,' shadow, darkness, Ex, Ps, Sol; CP: shady place, arbour, Lcd: shelter.

sceadugeard m. shady place, Cp 79#t#.

sceadugenga m. wanderer in darkness, B 703.

sceaduhelm (a^1) m. darkness, B 650.

sceadwian (a^1) to protect, shield, Ps 90^4. ['shadow']

sceadwig shady, RHy 5^3.

scad-ws (a), -wslic sagacious, intelligent, rational, wise, . adv. -lce.

scadwsnes f. sagacity, reason.

sceadwung f. overshadowing, .

scaf I. m. 'sheaf,' bundle, , Lcd; CP. II. pret. 3 sg. of scfan.

sceafan = scafan

scafmlum adv. into bundles, Mt 13^30.

sceafoa m. chip, shaving, slip, scraping.

sceaft (, e) m. _staff, pole, 'shaft,'_ _Met, WW_: _spear-shaft, spear_, _;CP.

sceaft fn., nap. -tu, -ta, -te created being, creature, , CP: creation, construction, existence, , CP: () dispensation, destiny, fate, CP: () condition, nature. [scieppan]

sceaft-l, pl. -ln spear-strap, Cp (sce(a)pt-).

sceaftmund () f. span, LL. ['shaftment']

sceaftrihte adv. in a straight line, CC 54.

sceaf = sceafoa

sceaga (a) m. copse, Ct; Mdf. ['shaw']

sceagod = sceacgede

sceal pres. 1 and 3 sg. of sculan.

scealc m. servant, retainer, soldier, subject, member of a crew, Ps: man, youth, B. ['shalk']

sceald shallow, PST 1895-8, 532.

scealde = sceolde pret. 2 sg. of sculan.

scealdfel m. 'alga,' seaweed, marsh plant, shrub, GD 100; 212 (v.ES 38355; 43318).

scealfor f., scealfra () m. plungeon, diver (bird). [cp. OHG. scarbo]

scealga (y) m. a fish, roach? rudd? WW. ['shallow']

-scealian v. -s.

sceall = sceal pres. 1 and 3 sg. of sculan.

sceallan pl. 'testiculi,' Lcd.

scealtu = scealt u (pres. 2 sg. of sculan, and pron. 2 pers.).

scealu (a) f. shell, husk, Ep (a): scale (ofa balance), : dish, KC. ['shale']

scam m. pale grey or white horse? Rd 23^4. [Ger. schimmel]

sceam- = scam-

scan pret. 3 sg. of scnan.

scanan = scnan

sceanc- = scanc-

sceand == scand

scanfeld = scnfeld

scap (, , ) n. 'sheep,' CP, WW.

+sceap (a) n., nap. -pu 'shape,' form, created being, creature, El, Gen, WW: creation: dispensation, fate: condition: () 'genitalia,' A.

-sceap v. for-s.

scaptere (^1, ^1; e^2) m. sheep's carcase, LL 449[8].

sceapen pp. of scieppan.

scapen adj. of a sheep, Lcd.

+sceapennes f. creation, formation, .

scaphm m. sheepfold, EC 373.

scapheord f. flock of sheep, .

scapheorden n. shed, WW 185^15.

+sceaphwl () f. fated hour, B 26.

scaphyrde (W; ) (i) m. 'shepherd.'

scaplic of a sheep, OEG 11^187.

+sceaplce ably, fitly, BH 324^4 (ca).

scapscearu () f. sheep-shearing, .

-sceapung v. for-s.

scapwsce f. place for washing sheep, Ct.

scapwc n. sheepfold, KC 3405^5.

scear I. (, e) mn. ploughshare, Cp (), Sc (e). ['share'] II. pret. 3 sg. of scieran.

scara = scarra

scearbam m. wood to which the ploughshare is fixed, WW 196^28.

sceard I. n. incision, cleft, gap, Ct: potsherd, GPH. ['shard'] II. adj. cut, mutilated, gashed, notched, hacked: (w.g.) bereft of, deprivedof.

scearfian to cut off, scrape, shred.

scearflian to scrape, Lcd 1184^18.

scearfung f. scraping, scarifying, Lcd.

scearn (, e) n. dung, muck, Lcd, VPs. ['sharn']

scearnbudda m. dung-beetle, Gr 308^1n.

scearn-wibba (, e) -wifel (-fifel, WW) m. dung-beetle.

scaron = scron pret. pl. of scieran.

scearp (a, ) 'sharp,' pointed, prickly, Lcd, Soul, VPs: acute, keen, active, shrewd, Bo, Lcd: severe, rough, harsh, AO, Lcd: biting, bitter, acid, Lcd: brave. [scieran]

scearpe I. adv. 'sharply,' keenly, Hex, Ps; . II. f. scarification, Lcd.

scearpecged '_sharp-edged_,' _.

scearpian to score, scarify, Lcd.

scearplic sharp, severe, effectual. adv. -lce 'sharply,' acutely, keenly, CP: painfully, severely, OET, W: effectually, CM 192: attentively, A: quickly, WW.

scearpnes f. 'sharpness,' acuteness, keen observation, Bo, Cp, CP; : tartness, pungency, acidity, Lcd, W; : efficacy.

scearpnumol effective, Lcd.

scearpsene keen-sighted, Bo.

scearpsmawung f. argument, G.

scearpanc(ful)lce adv. efficaciously.

scearpancol quick-witted, keen, Lcd 3440^28.

scearpung f. scarifying, Lcd.

scarra fpl. shears, scissors, A, CP, WW. ['shear']

scearseax (e, i, ie, y) n. razor, CP.

scearu I. (a, , y) f. shearing, shaving, tonsure, . II. (a) f. 'share'-bone, groin, Lcd, WW(a).

scat I. m. corner angle, edge, point, promontory, Mdf: quarter, district, region, surface (ofthe earth): lap, bosom, fold, CP: napkin, sheet, covering, cloak, garment, CP: inlet, creek, BH 90^27. [Ger. schoss] II. pret. 3 sg. of scotan.

scata m. angle, corner, AO: bosom, lap, lower part of a sail: napkin. [Ger. schote]

scatcod m. wallet, WW 107^5. [codd]

sceatlne f. sheet by which a sail is trimmed to the wind, WW 288^24.

sceatt (, e) m. property, treasure, coin, money, wealth, LL: payment, price, tribute, bribe, reward, : money of account, denarius, twentieth part of a shilling (Kent), v.LL 2634. ['sceat']

sceatwyrpan to make the payment to the bridegroom on which the bride passes into his power from that of the father, WW 386^1 (v.ES 42170).

sca (, ) f. 'sheath,' , JnL (): spike, nail, JnL 20^23? [cp. hornsca]

sceaa (a) m. injurious person, criminal, thief, assassin, B, Mt; : () warrior, antagonist: fiend, devil: injury, Gen 549. ['scathe']

sceaan = scean

sceael f. shuttle? weaver's slay? LL 455, 15, 1 (v.ANS 115^165).

sceaenes = scenes

sceaful hurtful, GD 209. ['scatheful']

sceaian to injure, spoil, steal.

sceaig () injurious, Gr 63^15.

sceaung f. injury, damage, TC 138^18.

scawendsprc f. scurrility, buffoonery, WW 533^4.

scawendwse f. buffoon's song, Rd 9^9.

scawere m. beholder, spectator, observer, spy, B; , CP: mirror. ['shower']

scawian to look, gaze, see, behold, observe, B; , AO, CP: inspect, examine, scrutinize, Chr, Lk; , AO: have respect to, look favourably on, : look out, look for, choose, : decree, grant. ['show']

scawung (a) f. seeing, surveying, inspection, scrutiny, examination, contemplation, AO, CP: respect, regard: show, spectacle, appearance, Bl, MkL: toll on exposure of goods. ['showing']

sceb = sceabb

scb = scaf

scec = scc

scecel = sceacel

sced = scead

scd pret. 3 sg. of scadan.

scef- = sceaf-, scyf-

sceg (, ei) mf. vessel, ship. [ON. skei]

scegmann () m. sailor, pirate, viking, .

sceh = sceg

scei = sceg

scel = (1) sceal; (2) sciell

sceld = (1) scield; (2) scyld I.

sceld- = scild-, scyld-

scelge (Gl) = sceolhge

scelfan^3 (= ie) to totter, shake. [ON. skialfa]

scelfor = scealfor

scell I. = sceal. II. = sciell

scelle (= ie) separation? cutting off? Cp 777#c# (v.FM 100).

scemel = scamol

scnan = scnan

scenc () m. () drink, draught, Lcd, MtL: cup, CM 959. ['shench']

scencan to pour out, give drink, B, LPs (), Sc; , CP. ['shench'; Ger. schenken]

scencingcuppe f. jug, TC 536^7.

scendan I. (, i, ie, y) to put to shame, confound, discomfort, AO, VPs: blame, CP (ie): corrupt, injure, Cr, DR: disgrace, insult. ['shend'] II. = scyndanI.

scendle f. reproach, LkLR 11^8.

+scendnes = +scandnes

scendung f. reproach, affliction, N.

scne = scene

scnfeld = scnfeld

scennum dp. of sb. pommel of sword-hilt? plate of metal on pommel? B 1694.

+scento, +scendo (VPs) f. shame, confusion.

sco I. cloud? Rd 4^41. II. = scoh, sch

sceo- = sco-, scu-

sco- = sc-, sc-

scoc pret. 3 sg. of sceacan.

sceocc- = scucc-

scod I. = scd pret. 3 sg of scean. II. pp. of scgan.

scofan = scfan

scogan (CP) = scgan

scoh I. 'shy,' timid, Rim 43. II. = sch

scohmd timid, Jul 672.

sceol (*sceolh) squinting, awry, WW. [Ger. scheel]

sceolan = sculan

sceoldan = scieldan

sceolh-ge, -(a)gede (y) squinting, .

sceolu = scolu

sceom- = scam-

scon () I. to fall (to), occur, happen: go quickly, fly. II. = scgan

scon- = scen-

scona gp. of scoh.

sceonc- = scanc-

sceond = scand

sceop = scop

scop pret. 3 sg. of scieppan.

sceoppa m. booth, Lk 21^1. ['shop']

sceoppend = scieppend

sceopu nap. of scip.

scor = scr

sceoran = scieran

sceorf = scurf

sceorfan^3 to scarify, gnaw, AO: (+) scrape, shred.

sceorian = scorian

sceorp (o) n. ornament, clothing, AO: equipment, fittings (for a ship?), LL 444[1].

sceorpan^3 to scrape, gnaw, Lcd.

sceort == scort

scos gs., nap. of scoh, sch.

sceot == scot

scot ready, quick.

sceota m. 'shoat,' trout, WW 94.

scotan^2 to 'shoot,' hurl missiles, cast, Bl, Ma, ZDA; : strike, hit, push, thrust, AO, Lcd, Ma: run, rush, dart, press forward, , Jn: contribute, pay: refer to, appeal to, ,TC.

scotend m. bowman, warrior.

sceoton = scuton pret. pl. of scotan.

sceoa = sceaa

sco-wang, -ong m. 'shoe-thong,' boot-lace, Jn.

scowyrhta m. shoemaker, leather-worker, GD 322^1 (sch-); WW 97^5.

scep = scyp I.

scep- = sciep-

+scep = +sceap

scp (VPs) = scap

scepen I. pp. of scieppan. II. = scypen. III. (N) = scieppend

sceppe f. a dry measure, NC 319. [ON. skeppa]

sceptlh, sceptg (Gl) = sceaftl

scer = scear

scer- = scear-, scier-, scir-

scerero (OET) = scearra [[headword spelled "scarra"]]

scernicge (= ie) f. actress, female jester, A; MH, Rd (sciren-).

+scert shortened, OEG 130. [scyrtan]

sceruru = scearra [[headword spelled "scarra"]]

sct = scat pret. 3 sg. of scotan.

scte = scte

scetel (KGl) = scyttel

scett = sceatt

sc = (1) sca; (2) sceg

scedd () f. injurious deed, crime, WW.

sce-nes, -enes f. hurt, injury.

scean^6 and wv. (ea, y) to scathe, injure, hurt, crush, oppress, disturb. [sceaa]

sceend m. adversary.

+sceendlic hurtful, DR 118^16.

sceu f. hurt, injury, Lcd 1342^17.

scewrc hurtful, wicked, Bl 161^33.

sceu- = scu-

scu- = sc-

scwyrhta = scowyrhta

sca m. shin, leg, Gl.

sciccels, sciccel (y) m. coat, mantle, cloak.

sciccing m. mantle, cloak, cape, Gl.

scd n. thin slip of wood, shingle, billet, Gl, WW. ['shide']

scdhrac m. rick or heap of firewood, EC 351.

scdweall m. wooden palings, WW 146^28.

+sce = +sc

-scelan () v. be-s. [[under "besclan"]]

scield (e, i, y) m. 'shield,' protector, Bl, Ph: () protection, defence, VPs; AO, CP: part of a bird's plumage? Ph 308.

scield- v. also scild-.

scieldan (i, eo, y) to protect, 'shield,' ('i-shield') guard, defend, defend oneself, , B, Bl, VPs; CP. +scieldod furnished with shields, Bl.

sciele (CP) pres. sg. subj. of sculan.

sciell f. 'shell,' Cp, MH; OEG: shell-fish: scale, CP; , AO. [scalu]

sciellfisc (i, y) m. 'shell-fish,' Bo.

-sciellig (y) v. stn-s. [[under "stnscylig"]]

scielliht (e) having a shell, Lcd.

sciendan = scendan

scene (, o, , ) beautiful, Cr, Gen (), Pa, Ph (): bright, brilliant, light, Cr (). ['sheen']

scenes (o, , ) f. suggestion, instigation, CP. [scan]

scienn = scinn, scn

scen pres. 3 sg. of scnan.

scieppan^6 (e, i, y) to create, form, make, Gen: order, destine, arrange, adjudge, assign, B, Wy. ['shape,' 'i-shape']

Scieppend m. Creator, B (y); CP. ['sheppend']

scieran^4 (, e, eo, i) to cleave, hew, cut, An, B: cut hair, , CP: receive tonsure, Guth: 'shear' sheep, BC. pp. scoren abrupt, CP 215^8.

scierden (e) adj. of sherds, GPH 400. [sceard]

sciering (e) f. shearing, shaving, CM 610.

scierpan I. to deck, clothe, equip, L (y). [sceorp] II. (e,y) to sharpen, A, VPs: rouse. ['sharp']

+scierpla (i, y) clothing, garments.

scierseax = scearseax

scet pres. 3 sg. of scotan.

scete (, , ) f. cloth, towel, shroud, , BH, Cp, Mk, WW. ['sheet']

scife = scyfe

sciftan to divide, distribute, allot, LL (y): place, order, arrange, LL, W (y). ['shift']

scild = scield

scild- = scyld-

scildburh (e, y) f. shield-wall, phalanx: roof of shields, testudo: castle, fortress, Sat 309(e).

scilden f. protection, WW 52^17.

scild-end, -ere (ie, y) m. protector, defender.

scildfreca (y^1) m. warrior, B 1033.

scildhete m. foe, An 85. [scyld]

scildhroa (y^1, e^2, ea^2) m. shield, buckler: testudo, phalanx.

scildnes (ie) f. defence, protection.

scildtruma (y^1) m. testudo, phalanx, , OEG. ['sheltron']

scildung f. protection, .

scildweall (y^1) m. wall of shields, B 3118.

scildwiga (y^1) m. warrior, B 288.

scildwyrhta (y^1) m. shield-maker.

scile (CP) pres. subj. of sculan.

scilfix = sciellfisc

scilfor yellow, golden, OEG.

scill = sciell

scilling (y) m. 'shilling' (consisting of a varying number of pence), silver coin, , G, LL (v.2640), WW.

scillingrm n. count of shillings, #Wid#92.

scima m. ray, light, brightness, effulgence, splendour, CP: twilight, gloom. [scnan]

scimerian (y) to glisten, shine, OEG 23^51; NC 319. ['shimmer']

scmian to shine, glisten, Gr, LkL: grow dusky, dim, be dazzled, bleared, . ['shim']

scn == scinn

scnan^1 () to 'shine,' flash, , BH, Bl, Bo, Cp, Mt; CP: (+) shine upon, illuminate.

scinbn n. 'shin-bone,' WW.

scinccing (OET p. 26) = sciccing

+scincio np. the fat about the kidneys, Lcd.

scindan = scendan

scndlc = scnlc

scnefrian to glitter, WW 348^19.

scinelc = scnlc

scnende 'shining,' MH (y), WW: eminent, distinguished, BH.

scnendlic shining, LPs 18^9.

scnfeld (a) m. Elysian fields, Temple.

scngedwola m. phantom, WW 455^11.

scngelc n. jugglery, magical practices.

scinhosu f. greave, OEG.

scnlc I. n. sorcery, magic: apparition, spectre, delusion, superstition: frenzy, rage, AO. II. = scnlceI.

scnlca m. wizard, magician, AO(^2).

scnlce I. magic, spectral, AO. II. f. sorceress, witch.

scinlic (y) spectral, NC 320.

scinn (CP) n., scinna m. spectre, illusion, apparition, phantom, evil spirit.

scinncrft (y) m. sorcery, magic, AO.

scinncrftiga m. sorcerer, GD 27^15; LL 248[7].

scinnere m. magician, Gl.

scnnes I. f. radiance, MkL 13^24. II. = scenes

scinnhw n. spectre, illusion, phantasm.

scnsoc spectre-haunted, Lcd 1364^4.

scinu (y) f. 'shin,' WW.

scip (y) n. 'ship,' BH, Bo, Cp; AO, CP.

scp == scap

scipbroc n. hardship on ship-board, Bl 173^6.

scipbrucol (y) destructive to shipping, GPH 401^9.

scipbryce m. right to claim wreckage, KC 4208. ['shipwreck']

scipbme (y) f. ship's trumpet, GPH 391.

scipcrft m. naval force, Chr 1048#d#.

scipdrincende shipwrecked, DR 61^16.

scipe m. pay, teage, WW; 31^55: position, rank. ['shipe']

scipehere = sciphere

scipen (e, y) f. 'shippon,' stall, cattle-shed, A, BH(y).

scipere (y) m. shipman, sailor, Chr. ['shipper']

scipfreld n. voyage, GD 273^18.

scipft n. a vessel in the form of a ship, WW 124^8.

scipfarend m. sailor, BH 315 (title).

scipfrend m. sailor, An 250.

scipfierd f. naval expedition, fleet, AO.

scipflota m. sailor, pirate, Chr 937#a#.

scipforung f. equipment of ships, LL 314[].

scipfultum m. naval aid, naval reinforcements, Chr 1049#c#.

scipfylle private jurisdiction exercised over a group of three hundreds, KC 6240 (v.BT).

scipfyrd = scipfierd

scipfyrdung f. fleet, naval expedition: fitting out of ships.

scipfyr(r)ung f. equipment of ships.

scipgebroc n. shipwreck, AO, CP.

scipgefeoht (y) n. naval battle, GPH 389.

scipgefre n. sailing, BH 150^2.

scipgetwu f. tackling of a ship, WW 181^24.

scipgyld n. ship-tax, ship-money, Ct.

sciphamor m. hammer for giving a signal to rowers,WW.

sciphere m. naval force, fleet (usu. hostile), squadron, armada, AO, Chr: crew of a warship.

scipherelic naval, HGl 406^40.

sciphlder f. ship's ladder, WW.

sciphlst (y) m. ship-load, crew, AO, CP: ship of burden.

sciphlford m. master of a ship, skipper, WW 181^21.

scipian to take 'ship,' embark: () man or equip a ship, Chr.

scipincel n. little ship, WW.

scipld (y) f. journeying by sea, sailing, BH 198^29.

sciplst = sciphlst

sciplic naval, Gl.

scipli n. naval force, Chr 1055#c#.

sciplend m. seaman, sailor: voyager, L 33^138.

sciplende ptc. sailing.

scipmrls m. ship's rope, cable, WW.

scipmann m. 'shipman,' sailor, rower, BH, Chr (y): one who goes on trading voyages.

scipp- = sciepp-

sciprp m. ship's rope, cable, AO.

sciprra (y) m. rower, sailor.

scipror n. ship's oar or rudder, WW 455^18.

sciprwend m. rower, sailor, WW 455^14.

scipryne m. passage for ships, Ct.

scipsetl n. bench for rowers, WW.

scipscn f. = scipfylle

scipsteall (y) m. place for ships, BC 3316^16.

scipstora m. steersman, pilot, CP.

scipsteorra m. pole-star, Lcd 3270^20.

scip-stera, -stra = scipstora

scip-tearo, -ter, n., gs. -tearos scip-t(e)ara, -te(o)ra m. (ship-tar), bitumen, pitch.

sciptol m. passage money, .

scipwealh m. servant whose service is connected with ships? (BT); one liable to serve in the fleet? (Swt), EC 376.

scipweard m. ship-master, An 297.

scipwered n. crew, WW 451^17.

scipwsan (on) adv. like a ship, .

scipwyrhta m. 'shipwright,' WW 112^5.

scr I. () f. office, appointment, charge, authority, supremacy, AO, Cp; CP: district, diocese, see, province, 'shire,' parish, AO, LL; : tribe. II. adj. bright, gleaming, shining, resplendent, B, Bo: clear, translucent, Cr, WW: pure, unmixed, B, Bo: white, Jn 4^35. ['shire']

sciran = scieran

scran () to make clear, say, tell, declare, B, CP: arrange, determine, decide, decree, act in authority, CP: () clear from, get rid of, AO,CP.

scrbasu bright purple, WW 193^12.

scrbisceop m. bishop of a diocese, WW 173^30.

scre adv. brightly, An: clearly: mightily, Cr 1142. ['shire']

scre- = scr-

screcg keen-edged, Lcd 1390^7.

scirenicge (Rd 9^9) = scernicge

scresmann = scrmann

scirfems f. shrew (mouse), WW 477^16. [sceorfan]

scrgemt n. shire-moot.

scrgerfa m. 'sheriff,' KC.

scrgesceat () n. property of a see, Ct.

scrham clad in bright mail, B 1895.

scirian (e, y) to ordain, appoint: allot, assign, grant: (+) mark off, count, reckon.

sciriendlic (y) derivative, WW 222^23.

scrigmann = scrmann

scrlett n. piece or measure of land, Ct.

scrmled splendidly marked, brightly adorned, Jud 230.

scrmann () m. governor of a shire, prefect, sheriff, steward, procurator, official, KC; , CP; v.LL 2649: inhabitant of a district, . ['shireman']

scrnes f. elucidation, WW 279^23.

scirp- = scierp-

scirseax = scearseax

scregen m. thane of a shire, BC 1544^8.

scirung f. separation, rejection, RB 109^21.

scir-wter (scyr-) n. water forming a boundary, Chr 656#e#. [scieran]

scrwered brightly ornamented? bright? Gu 1262.

scrwita m. chief man of a shire, W.

sctan^1 to ease oneself.

scte = scte

scitefinger = scytefinger

scitol purgative, Lcd 66a.

scitte f. purging, Lcd. ['shit']

scittels (_) = scyttels [[under "scyttel"]]

sclt (Gl) = slt pret. 3 sg. of sltan.

scleacnes (KGl) == sleacnes [[headword spelled "slacnes"]]

scmgende (VPs) = smagende pres. ptc. of smagan.

scncend (Gl) = sncend pres. ptc. of sncan.

sc = sch

sco- = sceo-

scas = scs v. sch.

scobl = scofl

scc pret. 3 sg. of sceacan.

scocca = scucca

scocha (= scohha) 'lenocinium', Ep 579.

sccnyll m. signal for putting on shoes, ANS 8410.

scd I. pret. 3 sg. of scean. II. v. scgan.

+sce = +sc

scere m. shoemaker, Gl. ['shoer']

scf pret. 3 sg. of sceafan.

scofen pp. of scufan.

scofettan to drive hither and thither, CP 169^13.

scofl f. 'shovel,' A, Cp, Ep.

scgan pp. sc()od to 'shoe,' , CP.

sch, sc, sco m. gs. nap. sc()os, gp. sc()one, dp. sc()on, scum 'shoe,' JnL, Mt,WW.

schere = scere

schngl m. shoe-nail, WW.

schn (o) m. shoe-cleaner, RBL 91^9.

scian = scgan

scl f. 'school,' , Lcd; AO.

+scola m. debtor, WW 15^28. [sceal]

+scla m. fellow-student, OEG 2271.

scolde pret. 3 sg. of sculan.

sclere m. 'scholar,' learner, A, LL.

scolh (WW 241^13) = seolh

scliere = sclere

sclmann m. scholar, pupil: client.

scolu I. (eo) f. troop, host, multitude. ['school'] II. = scl

scom- = scam-

scmhylte (scomm-?) n. shady copse, thicket, WW 411^3.

scn = scon v. scoh.

scon- = scan-

scop (eo) m. singer, poet, B, Bo; AO. ['scop']

scp pret. 3 sg. of scieppan.

scopcrft m. poetry, Gr 215^9.

scopgereord (eo^1) n. language of poetry,BH.

scoplo n. poem, AO.

scoplic poetic, OEG 119.

scora m. hairy garment, WW 278^1.

scoren pp. of scieran.

scorian (eo) I. to refuse, . II. to jut out.

scorp = sceorp

scort (eo, y) 'short,' not long, not tall, Bo, GD (eo): brief, , Bo,CP.

scortian to become 'short,' shorten, Lcd (eo): () run short, fail.

scortlic brief, Sc 214^16 (eo). adv. -lce 'shortly,' briefly, soon, AO;.

scortnes f. _'shortness,' small amount_: _summary, abstract_, _ (eo): _short space of time_.

scortwyrplic (eo) shortly coming to pass, Lcd 3156^2.

scoru a 'score,' NC 320. [scoren; scieran]

scs gs. of sch.

scot (eo) n. 'shot,' shooting, OEG; AO: darting, rapid motion, Men: what is shot forth, AO, CP: (+) scot, payment: private apartment, sanctum, chancel,.

scoten pp. of scotan.

+scotfeoht n. shooting, battle, PPs.

scotfro scot-free, free of tribute, Ct.

scotian (co) (tr. and intr.) to move rapidly, shoot, hurl a javelin,.

scotlra m. calf of the leg, Lcd.

scotspere n. dart, javelin, HGl 405.

Scottas mpl. the Scots, , CP.

scotung (co) f. shooting: missile.

scum v. sch.

scung f. provision of shoes, LL 450[10].

-scrd v. scrend-s.

[[Cross-reference does not appear to exist; it may be an error for "v. scrend [see scran], scr" as separate words.

Entry from first edition: scrd a moving body? (v. scran), a vessel? a body of travellers, BT.]]

scrdung = scradung

scrb m. cormorant? ibis? Cp 1311.

scrf (ea, e) n. [obl. cases occly. have scraf-] cave, cavern, hole, pit, , CP: hovel,.

+scrpe = +scrpe

scrtte f. adulteress, prostitute, Gl. [L. scratta]

scrwa = scrawa

scrf pret. 3 sg. of scrfan.

scraf- v. scrf.

scrallettan intr. to sound loudly.

scranc pret. 3 sg. of scrincan.

scrapian to scrape, IM. ['shrape']

scr pret. 3 sg. of scran.

scrad, scrade f. 'shred,' cutting, scrap, WW.

scradian _to 'shred,' peel, prune, cut off_, _.

scradung () f. shred, cutting, fragment, MtL: pruning, trimming, WW. ['shredding']

scradungsen n. pruning-knife, WW. [v. 'shredding']

screaf = scrf

scrawa m. 'shrew' (mouse), Gl.

screb = scrb

scrc = scrc

scref = scrf

scremman to cause to stumble, .

screncan to cause to stumble, ensnare, deceive, CP, Ps: (+) cause to shrink or shrivel, MtL 13^6. ['shrench']

+scrence withered, dry, LkL 6^8.

+screncednes f. tripping up, CVPs 40^10.

screodu v. scrid.

+scrope = +scrpe

screopu = screpu

screpan^5 to scrape, scratch, Lcd, MkR. ['screpe']

scrpan to become dry, withered, MkR 9^18.

scrpe (, o) suitable, adapted, fit. adv. -lce.

+scrpnes (oe) f. convenience, Cp 568.

screpu (eo) f. strigil, curry-comb, Gl.

scrwa = scrawa

scrban (Gl) = scrfan

scrc (, ) shrike, missel-thrush? Gl.

scrid I. n. nap. screodu vehicle, chariot, litter. II. quick, fleet, An 496.

scrdan = scrdan

scridon pret. pl. of scran.

scridwn m. chariot: curule chair.

scridwsa m. charioteer, WW 150^14.

+scrif n. judgement, edict, WW.

scrfan^1 prescribe, ordain, allot, assign, impose (punishment), LL; : hear confession, 'shrive,' LL: have regard to, be troubled about, care for,CP.

scrifen ptc? painted? Rim 13.

scrift m. prescribed penalty or penance, LL: absolution, LL: confessor, CP, Cr; : judge. t scrifte gn to go to confession, W. ['shrift']

scriftbc f. book of penances.

scriftscr f. confessor's area of jurisdiction: diocese, LL 164[26].

scriftspre f. confession, LL.

scrimman^3 to shrink, contract, Lcd 2b. ['shrim']

scrn () n. _chest, coffer, ark_, _, Jn_: '_shrine_,' _: _cage (for criminals)_. [_L._ scrinium]

scrincan^3 to 'shrink,' contract, shrivel up, wither, pine away, , AO, Lcd.

scrind f. swift course? PPs 103^24.

scringan = scrincan

-scripel (y) v. ear-s.

scrpen, scrpende 'austerus,' LkLR 19^21.

scripe (Cp) pres. 3 sg. of screpan.

scripp m? scrip, bag, H 1394.

scritta m. hermaphrodite, WW.

scri (v. OEG 2185) = scrid I.

scran^1 to go, move, glide, B, Gu. ['scrithe'; Ger. schreiten]

scrie m. course, Met 28^11.

-scrol v. wd-s.

scroepe, scrpe = scrpe

scrofel n? scrofula, Lcd 182a.

scrc = scrc

scrd n., ds. scrd clothing, dress: garment, vestment, , WW. ['shroud']

scrdelshs n. sacristy, vestry, ANS 84^15. [scrdan]

scrdfeoh n. money for buying clothes, NC 320.

scrdfultum m. grant towards providing clothes,Ct.

scrdland n. land bequeathed as provision for clothing,Ct.

scrdnian = scrtnian

scrdwaru f. garb, LL.

scruf [Lcd] = scurf

scruncon pret. pl. of scrincan.

scrtnian (d) to examine, scrutinize, consider,.

scrtnung (d) f. search, investigation, Lcd, ERPs.

scrybb f. scrub, brushwood, TC 525^22.

scrd v. scrd.

scrdan _to clothe, dress_, _ (), _Bl, Lk, Mt_. ['_shride_']

scryft = scrift

scrynce withered, JnL 5^3.

scua m. shadow, shade, darkness: protection.

scucca m. sprite, evil spirit, demon, B, Bo, Mt (eo): the devil. ['shuck']

scuccen (eo) devilish, NC 319.

scuccgyld (eu^1) n. idol, PPs 105^26.

scdan^2 to run, hurry? Gu 828.

scfan^2 (o) to 'shove,' thrust, push, , Ma, MH; : push with violence, urge, impel, Met: push out, expel, deliver up: () display: (intr.) to move,go.

sculan anv. pres. 1 sing, sce(a)l(l), scal, pl. sculon (eo), pret. sc(e)olde, sc(e)alde to be obliged ('shall,' have to, must, must needs, am bound to, oughtto), , AO, Bo, CP: owe, Mt,Lk.

scul-dor m., nap. -dru, -dra, +scyl-dru, -dre 'shoulder,' Bl, Ep, Lcd.

sculdorhrgl n. cape, WW 327^24.

sculdorwrc m. pain in the shoulders, Lcd.

sculdur = sculdor

scule pres. subj. of sculan.

sculthta (WW) = scyldlta

scunian to 'shun,' avoid, Guth: be afraid, DR: (tr.) abhor, TC.

scunung f. abomination, LHy 6^23 (? for on-s.).

scr (o) m(f). 'shower,' storm, tempest, trouble, commotion, breeze, An (o), LkR, Ps; CP: storm of battle? shower of blows? Jud 79.

scra m. shower (of rain).

scrbeorg f. roof, Ruin 5.

scrboga m. rainbow, Gen 1540.

scurf (eo) n. 'scurf,' BH: a skin-disease, Lcd.

scrfn rainy, stormy, A 9369; MF.

scurfede ptc. rough, scabby, Lcd.

scurfende ptc. scabby, Lcd.

scrheard made hard by blows (epithet of a sword).

scrsceadu f. protection against storms.

scutel I. m. dish, platter, WW 280^22. ['scuttle'] II. = scytel

scuton pret. pl. of scotan.

scuwa = scua

+sc npl. pair of shoes.

scan? scn? to suggest, persuade, prompt, incite, tempt.

scyccel, scyccels = sciccels

scydd m. twist on a hillside? (Earle); alluvial ground? (BT),KC.

scde pret. 3 sg. of scon and scan, scn.

scyfe (e, i) m. shove, pushing, precipitation, furtherance, instigation, CP. t +sc. head-long.

scyfel, scyfele f. woman's hood, head-dress, Gl.

scft pres. 3 sg. of scfan.

scyftan = sciftan

+scgean to furnish with shoes, TC 616^26.

scyhhan to shy (of a mule), ES 43318.

scyhte pret. of a vb. *scyccan? impelled, prompted, urged, #Gen# 898; #Gu#98.

scyl I. sonorous, shrill, Rim 27. ['shill'] II. = sciell

scylcen f. female servant, slave, concubine, H 2162^33. [scealc]

scyld I. (e) f. offence, fault, crime, guilt, sin, CP: obligation, liability, due, debt, CP. [sculan; Ger. schuld] II. = scield

scyld- = scield-, scild-

+scyldan to accuse, LL 156[11].

scyldfrecu f. wicked craving, Gen 898.

scyldful sinful, guilty.

scyldgian to sin: (+) place in the position of a criminal, render liable to punishment.

scyldgung f. sum demanded as 'wergeld,' LL 156[11].

scyld-hata, -hete m. enemy.

scyldian = (1) scyldgian; (2) scyldan

scyldig (e, i) (usu. w. g.) guilty, criminal, sinful, , B; CP. ealdres sc. having forfeited his life: liable, responsible, in debt to, CP. ['shildy']

scyldigian = scyldgian

scyldignes f. guilt, DR.

scyld-lta [-hta? cp. sculthta] m. bailiff, WW 230^20.

scyldlas guiltless, Lcd.

scyldo = scyld I.

+scyldru v. sculdor.

scyldu = scyld I.

scyldung = (1) scildung; (2) scyldgung

scyldwte n. fine for a crime of violence, LL 567[38].

scyldwreccende ptc. avenging sin, Cr 1161.

scyldwyrcende evil-doing.

scyle pres. subj. of sculan.

scylagede = sceolhgede [[under "sceolhge"]]

scylf m. crag, peak, Mdf: pinnacle, turret, tower,.

-scylfan v. -s.

scylfe m. shelf: floor.

scylfig rocky, OEG (scylp-).

scylfisc = sciellfisc

scylfor = scilfor

scylfrung (i) f. shaking, swinging? Bl 99^34;WW.

scylf pres. 3 sg. of scelfan.

scylga = scealga

scylian (= ie) only in sc. of mle to pay off, discharge, Chr 1049. ['shill']

scyll = sciell

scyllan to resound, sound loudly, WW 215^15. ['shill']

scylling = scilling

scylp == scylf

scyltumend m. helper, PPs 27^8.

scylun (N) = sculon pres. pl. of sculan.

scymrian = scimerian

scn v. scan.

scn- = scn-

scyndan I. (e) (tr., intr.) to hurry, hasten, drive forward, impel: incite, exhort, CP. II. = scendan

scyndel m. disreputable person? A 8321.

scyndendlce adv. hastily, WW.

+scyndnes = +sceandnes [[redirected to "scandnes"]]

scne = scene

scnes, scnnes = scenes

+scynian to shun, dread, DR 32^5.

scynn n. skin, fur, Chr 1075#d#. [ON.]

scynu (WW 307^27) = scinu

scyp I. m. patch, v. ES 43316. II. (Chr 1048) = scip

scypen = scipen

scypian to take shape, Lcd 3146^15.

scypp- = sciepp-

scyr- = scear-, scier-, scir-

scr == scr

scyrdan (ie) to harm, injure, destroy. [sceard]

+scrdan = +scrydran [[variant of "scrdan"?]]

scyrf = scurf

scyrft scarifying? scraping? Cp 130#s#.

scyrf pres. 3 sg. of sceorfan.

scrmlum adv. stormily, Bo 47^25. [scr]

scyrp- = scierp-

scyrtan tr. to shorten: intr. run short, decrease, fail. [sceort]

scyrte f. skirt, GPH 393. ['shirt']

scyrtest superl. of scort.

scyrting f. shortening, abstract, epitome, .

scyrtra comp. of scort.

sct pres. 3 sg. of scotan.

scyte () m. shooting, hurling, AO: stroke, blow, ZDA: dart. ['shute'; scotan]

scte f. 'sheet,' linen cloth, BH, Cp, Mk. [scat]

scytefinger m. forefinger.

scyte-heald, -healden inclined, sloping, precipitous, Gl.

scytel I. (u) m. dart, arrow, Erf, Ps: tongue of a balance. ['shuttle'] II. m. excrement. [sctan]

scytelfinger = scytefinger

scytels = scyttel

scyters m. headlong rush, WW 426^7.

scytere m. shooter, Ct.

scytheald = scyteheald

scytta m. shooter, archer, , AO.

scyttan (usu. for-sc.) _to bolt_, _'shut' to_, _: _discharge, pay off_.

scyttel, scyttels (e, i) m. bolt, bar, , Bl, ZDA (e). ['shuttle'; scotan]

Scyttisc I. Scotch, Irish. II. Irish or Scotch language. [Scottas]

scyan = scean

s m., so f., t n. pers. (dem.) pron. he, she, it, that, this: rel. pron. who, which: def art. 'the.' II. = s. III. = sw

sa (OET) = saw

sad (NG) = sod

sada = saa

seafian (NG) = seofian

seah pret. 3 sg. of son.

seaht = seht I.

seal = sealh

sealde pret. 3 sg. of sellan.

sealdnes f. act of giving, WW 389^35: grant, gift,Ct.

sales gs. of sealh.

sealf (a) f. 'salve,' ointment, unguent, medicament, Lcd, Mk;CP.

sealfbox (e) m. salve-box, G, Bk.

sealfcynn n. an unguent, WW 351^30.

sealfe = sealf

sealfer- = seolfer-, seolfor-

sealfian to 'salve,' anoint, WW.

sealfie = salfie

sealf-lcnung, -lcung (WW 114^16) f. curing by unguents, pharmacy.

sealh (a) m., gs. sales willow, Lcd, Ps; Mdf. ['sallow']

sealhrind f. willow-bark, Lcd.

seallan = sellan

sealm (a, eo) m. 'psalm,' song, RB, Ps; ,CP.

sealma (e) m. bed, couch.

sealmcwide m. psalm, LPs 97^5.

sealmft n. only in phr. 'on sealmfatum,' 'in vasis psalmorum,' PPs 70^20.

sealmgetl n. number of psalms, RB.

sealm-glg, -glw n. psaltery, psalmody, LRPs.

sealmian to play an accompaniment on the harp, Ps 107^1. ['psalm']

sealmlo n. psalm, BlPs 56^9.

sealmlof n. psalm, LPs.

sealmlofian to sing psalms, LPs 104^2.

sealmsang m. psalm: composition or singing of psalms, : psaltery, CPs 32^2.

sealmscop (eo^2) m. psalmist, , CP.

sealmtraht m. exposition of psalms, .

sealmwyrhta m. _psalmist_, _. ['_psalm-wright_']

sealobrn = salubrn

sealt I. n. 'salt,' Lcd, Mt (a); CP. II. adj. salt, briny, Cr; AO, CP. [v.Mdf]

sealtan^7 to 'salt,' IM.

sealtbrc (a) m. brook running from salt-works? KC 3206^30.

sealtere I. m. 'salter,' salt-worker, WW; . II. (CM362, 679) = saltere

sealtern n. salt-works, BC. ['saltern']

sealtft n. salt-cellar, A, WW. ['saltfat']

sealthlgung f. consecration of salt, OET 587 (a^1).

sealtherpa (a) m. road to salt works, KC 3206^26.

sealths n. 'salt-house,' WW.

sealtian to dance. [L. saltare]

sealticge f. dancer, MH 156^14.

sealting f. dancing, NC 320.

sealtlaf n. 'mozicia,' a plant? WW.

sealtmere m. brackish pond, EC 449^30.

sealtnes f. 'saltness,' VPs (a).

sealtslea m. saltness, LPs 106^34; RPs(y).

sealtsa m. saline spring, BH 26^22.

sealtstn m. rock salt, Lcd 1374^14: pillar of salt, Gen; . ['saltstone']

sealtstrt f. road to salt-works, Ct.

sealtwc n. a place where salt is sold, KC.

sealtwylle f. salt spring, KC (a). ['saltwell']

sealt f. salt wave, sea-wave.

sam I. m. burden, load, , LkL, LkR (o): bag: harness of a beast of burden, : duty of furnishing beasts of burden. ['seam'] II. m. 'seam,' suture, junction, ,WW.

samere I. m. beast of burden, mule, WW. [L. sagmarius] II. m. tailor, . [samII.]

samestre f. sempstress, (also of males) sewer, tailor, , KC, WW. ['seamster']

samhors n. pack-horse, WW 119^42.

sampending m. toll of a penny a load, KC.

samsadol m. pack-saddle, WW 119^41.

samsticca m. an appliance used in weaving, LL 455[15,1].

sap pret. 3 sg. of span.

sar dry, 'sere,' barren, GPH 402^69.

seara-, seare- = searo-

sargian = srgian

sarian to become sere, wither, Shr. ['sear']

searo (searu) n. art, skill, cleverness, cunning: device, trick, snare, ambuscade, plot, treachery, , AO, CP: work of art, cunning device, engine (ofwar): armour, war-gear, trappings.

searobend m. artistic clasp, B 2086.

searobunden cunningly fastened, Rd 56^4.

searocg f. insidious key, Gu 1118.

searocap n. artistic object, Rd 33^7.

searocne very bold, #PsC#10.

searocrft m. artifice, treachery, wile, : artistic skill, art: engine, instrument (oftorture),.

searocrftig skilful, cunning.

searofr n. artistic ship? Rim 65.

searofh variegated, cunningly inlaid, B 1444.

searogemme = searogimm

searogimm m. curious gem.

searogrim fierce, formidable, B 594.

searohbbend m. warrior.

searohwt brilliantly white, Rim 67.

searolic artistic, ingenious, cunning. adv. -lce.

searomete m. dainty, delicacy, NC 321.

searonet n. armour-net, corslet, B 406: ensnaring net, An 64; 945.

searon m. cunning hostility, treachery, strife, battle.

searopl m. artistic javelin, Rd 87^2.

searorn f. mystery, Creat 15.

searosled cleverly bound, Rd 24^16.

searoanc m. sagacity, ingenuity, skill, CP: cunning, artifice.

searoancol shrewd, wise.

searowrenc (y^1, a^2) m. artifice, trick, AO.

searowundor n. strange object, B 920.

searu == searo

searw- v. searo.

searwian () to be deceitful, dissimulate, cheat.

searwum (dp. of searo) skilfully.

searwung = sierwung

seatul, seatl (NG) = setl

sa I. () m. hole, pit, MkL; CP; Mdf: well, cistern, spring, fountain, lake, Mdf. ['seath'; soan] II. pret. 3 sg. of soan.

saa m. heartburn? Lcd 21a.

saw m. sap, juice, moisture, Lcd. ['sew']

+saw succulent, Lcd 95b.

seax n. _knife, hip-knife, short sword, dirk, dagger_, _ (e), _B, Cp_ (); CP. ['_sax_']

seaxbenn (siex-) f. dagger-wound, B 2904.

Seaxe, Seaxan mpl. (gp. Seaxna) Saxons, AO.

Seaxland (e) n. England, Shr 16^4.

scan I. _to search for, 'seek' ('i-seche'), inquire, ask for, look for_, _B, Bo, BH, Jul_; : _strive after, long for, wish, desire_, _Jn_; CP. s. on, t _look to for, expect from_, CP: _visit, go to_, _AO, B_; : _approach, attain to_, _Bl, Ps_: _attack, pursue_, _B, Chr_; AO: _go, move, proceed_, _. II. (KGl) = scan

secce (B 600) = scce, gs. of sacu.

secful (KGl) = sacful

secg I. m. (n) 'sedge,' reed, rush, flag, Gl, Lcd, WW; Mdf. II. f. sword. III. m. man, warrior, hero, B. ['segge'] IV. m. ocean, OET.

secga m. sayer, informant, LL 396[4].

secgan () _to 'say' ('i-seggen'), speak, inform, utter, tell, recite_, _, Bl, G_; AO, CP, : _signify, mean_, _: _attribute to_: (+) _avoid_? LkL p 3^8. s.on _accuse of, charge with_,.

secge f. speech, Cr 190.

secgend m. speaker, narrator, CP.

secggan = secgan

secggescere f. grasshopper, Cp 464.

secgihtig sedgy, WW 200^27.

secglac n. sedge-leek, rush-garlic, Lcd.

secgplega m. sword-play, battle, An 1355.

secgrf brave? Ruin 27.

secgscara m. landrail, corncrake, WW 287^11 and n.

scnes f. visiting, LkR 19^44 (oe).

sd (VPs) = sd

+sdan to satisfy, PPs 106^8. [sd]

sde = sgde pret. 3 sg. of secgan.

sedinglne = stedinglne

sedl (NG) = setl

sefa (eo) m. mind, spirit, understanding, heart, CP 9^10.

sfer- = sfer-

sefian = seofian

sfre = sfre

sft comp. adv. more softly.

sfte soft, pleasant, comfortable, easy: gentle, mild: effeminate, luxurious.

sftadig prosperous, Seaf 56.

sftlic luxurious, AS 38^3.

sftnes f. rest, quietness, tranquillity, peace, ,AO.

segc- = secg-

segel == segl

segen = (1) sgen; (2) segn

+segenlic (A) = +sewenlic

segg = secg

segl I. mn. 'sail,' AO, Bo, MH; : veil, curtain, Cr 1139: pillar of cloud, Ex. II. = sigel

seg-lan, -lian (i) to 'sail,' AO: (+) equip with a sail.

seglbsm m. bellying sail, Gl.

seglgerde n. sail-tackle, TC 549^17.

seglgyrd mf. sail-yard, yard, cross-pole, Cp (e^2), WW.

seglian = seglan

seglrd f. (sail-road), sea, B 1429.

seglrd f. sail-rod, sail-yard. [v. 'rood']

seglung f. 'sailing,' BH.

segn mn. sign, mark, token, Gen: ensign, banner, BH. ['senye'; L. signum]

segnberend m. warrior.

segnbora m. standard-bearer, Rd 41^20.

segncyning m. king before whom a banner is borne (BT), Ex 172.

segne f. 'seine,' drag-net, Ex, JnL.

segnian (n) to make the sign of the cross, cross oneself, consecrate, bless, , BH. ['sain']

segnung f. blessing, consecration.

sgon = swon pret. pl. of son.

seh (VPs) = seoh imperat. of son.

seht I. mf. settlement, arrangement, agreement, KC: friendship, peace, BH (ea). II. adj. reconciled, agreed, at peace, BC. ['saught']

sehtian to conciliate, settle, LL. ['saught']

sehtlian (a, ) to reconcile, to come to an agreement, Chr.

sehtnes f. _agreement, reconciliation, peace_, _. ['_saughtness_']

sh = sc pres. 3 sg. of scan.

sehe [= seh u] interj. behold!

seigl = segl

seign = segn

seim fat, EPs 62^6. [Late L. sagimen]

seista = siexta

sel sn. = sl

sl I. adj. comp. slra (Mt), slla (B), slla, superl. slest (Lk), slost good, great, excellent, clever, skilful, AO: noble, honourable: fitting, fit, advisable: sound, healthy, happy, prosperous. [v.'sele'] II. () comp. adv. (also slor) superl. slost better, more effectually, rather, sooner, in preference, , CP. [sl]

slan (OET, Ct) = slan I.

selc = seldc

seld () I. n. hall, palace, residence. II. n. seat, throne, das, VPs. ['seld']

+selda comrade, retainer.

seldan adv., comp. seldor, seldnor, superl. seldost 'seldom,' rarely, CP;.

seldc unusual, rare, strange, novel, Bo; : various, WW. ['selcouth']

seldcyme m. infrequent coming, Rd 1^14.

selde f. vestibule, WW 183^99.

seldguma m. retainer? B 249.

seld-hwanne (CP), -hwnne () adv. seldom, rarely.

seldlic rare, strange, wondrous, B (syll-), Met (sell-): select, choice, excellent. adv. -lce, . ['selly']

seldnor, seldor, seldost v. seldan.

seldon = seldan

seld-sene (AO), -snde (KC) rare, extraordinary, unfamiliar. ['seldseen']

seldun (CP), seldum (Sol) = seldan

sele m. hall, house, dwelling, prison. [Ger. saal]

+sele m. tabernacle, EPs 14^1.

seledram m. hall-joy, festivity.

seleful n. hall-goblet, B 619.

selegesceot n. 'tabernaculum,' tent, lodging-place, nest, M. [Ger. geschoss]

selegyst m. hall-guest, B 1545.

selen (y) f. grant, gift: tribute, MkL p5^1: munificence, OEG. [sellan]

selenes f. tradition: (+) giving, DR.

selerdend m. hall ruler or possessor.

selerest f. bed in hall, B 690.

selescot = selegesceot

selesecg m. retainer, Wa 34.

selest pres. 2 sg., sele pres. 3 sg. of sellan.

slest v. sl.

seleegn m. hall-thane, retainer, attendant.

seleweard m. hall-warden, B 667.

self I. (eo, i, y) pron. (str. and wk.) 'self,' AO, B, CP. mid him selfum by himself: own, B: adj. same, CP. II. == sealf

selfta (y) m. cannibal, An 175.

selfte f. a plant, wild oat? Lcd.

selfbana (o^2) m. one who takes his own life.

selfcwala (y) m. one who takes his own life.

selfcwalu (y) f. suicide, Wy 56.

selfdma, self-demere (RB), -dmende (OEG 58^19) (y) m. 'sardbaita,' monk living, subject only to his own rules.

selfdm m. doing as one likes, independence.

selfe v. sw.

selflic (y) spontaneous, voluntary, OEG.

selflce I. n. self-love, 'amour propre,' pride, vanity, CP: egotism, CP 25^7. II. adj. egotistic, puffed up, vain,CP.

selfmyrra (y) m. one who takes his own life, WW 424^25.

selfmyrrung (y) f. suicide.

selfren = seolfren

selfsceafte not begotten, Gen 523.

selfswgend (y) m. vowel.

selfwealdlce (eo^1, e^2) arbitrarily.

selfwill n. own will, free-will.

selfwille spontaneous, voluntary, Bo, Met. adv. -willes, , RB (y). ['selfwill']

selfwillende voluntary, LPs 67^10.

selfwillendlce indulgently, GD 289^5.

selian = sylian

slig == slig

slla = slra, v. sl.

sellan (ea, i, ie, y) (w. d. pers. and a. thing) to give, furnish, supply, lend, , B, Mt; AO, CP: give up, betray, JnL: entrust, deliver to: lay by, hide, WW 212^41: 'sell,' , Jn: promise. s. make oath, swear,LL.

sellen = selen

sellend (y) m. giver: betrayer.

sellendlic adj. to be given, NC 321.

sellic = seldlic

selma (Gl) = sealma

selmerige = slmerige

selnes = selenes

slor, slost, slra v. sl.

selt- = slt-, sylt-

sel pres. 3 sg. of sellan.

sl = sl

+sm n. reconciliation, LL 10[10].

sma (, ) m. arbitrator, judge, Gr,GD.

sman I. to smooth over, put right, settle, reconcile, pacify, AO, Chr, LL. ['seem,' 'i-seme'] II. = seman

smann (Run 45) = smann

smend () m. conciliator, arbitrator, LL.

smestre = samestre

semian = seomian

semle = simble

semnendlic sudden, GB 235^4. adv. -lce by chance.

semninga (M) = samnunga

semtinges = samtinges

senap = senep

sencan, tr. to sink, plunge (in water), submerge, drown. [sincan]

sendan I. () to 'send' ('i-send'), send forth, despatch, BH, Bl, CP, MtL; , AO: impel, drive, MkL: throw, hurl, cast: put, place, lay. II. to feast, banquet, B 600? [sand]

senderlce (KGl 74^27) = synderlce

senderlpe (HGl) = synderlpe

sendlic adj. about to be sent (on a journey), RBL 113^4.

sendnes f. sending, WW.

+sne = +sene

senep m. mustard. [L. sinapi]

senepsd n. mustard-seed, Lcd.

sengan () to 'singe,' burn slightly, LL 449[6,2].

snian = segnian

senn (HGl 519) = synn

senop = senep

seno (Chr) = sino

senscipe = sinscipe

senst, sent = sendest, sende pres. 2 and 3 sg. of sendan.

senu = sinu

so I. f. gas. so(n) pupil (of eye), . II. pron. v.s. ['she'] III. gs. of s. IV. pres. 1 sg. of son. V. pres. 2 sg. subj. of bon (wesan).

soc 'sick,' ill, diseased, feeble, weak, Bl, Bo, Chr; , CP: () wounded: morally sick, corrupt, Jul, RB: sad, troubled, FAp,Gu.

socan = scan

soclian = sclian

socmd delicate (in health), NC 321.

socnes f. 'sickness,' disease, LL, W: a disease, Lcd 3126.

sod (a) m. scrip, purse, bag, .

seodo, seodu = sidu

seofa = sefa

seofafald (DR) = seofonfeald

seofan, seofen = seofon

seofe- = seofo-

seofian (e, ea, i, y) to sigh, lament, CP.

seofon 'seven,' , AO, BH.

seofonfeald 'sevenfold,' A, , BB.

seofonfealdlce adv. seven times.

seofongetel (e^2) the number seven, OEG 1533.

seofonlafe f. tormentilla, setfoil (plant), Lcd 1232.

seofonniht fp. week.

seofonnihte adj. seven days old, Lcd.

seofon-toa (AO), -te(o)g(e)a 'seventeenth,' BH.

seofontene 'seventeen,' BH (y^3); AO.

seofontenenihte seventeen days old, Lcd 3180.

seofontenewintre seventeen years old, AO 190^30.

seofontig seventy, AO.

seofontne = seofontene

seofonwintre (y) seven years old.

seofoa I. 'seventh,' MtL; , AO, CP. II. = sifea

seofoe seventhly, LL 158[18].

seofung f. lamentation. [seofian]

seoh imperat. of son.

seohhe f. sieve. [son II.]

seohhian to drain, filter, P 172^31.

seohter m., seohtre (i) f. drain, ditch, Ct (Mdf).

seolc, seol-oc, -uc m. 'silk,' silken cloth, Bo (io), Lcd.

-seolcan v. -s.

seolcen (i) 'silken,' made of silk, WW;.

seolcwyrm m. 'silkworm,' WW.

soles v. seolh.

seolf (VPs) = self

seolfer = seolfor

seolfern = seolfren

seolfor (i, io, u, y) n., gs. seolfres silver, CP;.

seolforft n. silver vessel, BH 252^16.

seolforgewiht (y) m. silver-weight, Lcd 392^14.

seolforhammen plated with silver, EC 225.

seolfor-hilt, -hilted (TC) 'silver-hilted.'

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