A Concise Anglo-Saxon Dictionary - For the Use of Students
by John R. Clark Hall
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lswe v. ls II.

lswian to depasture, graze, feed, , LkL. ['leasow']

lt I. (lat- in obl. cases) comp. ltra; sup. ltest, ltemest slow, B, Bl, CP, Lcd; : slack, lax, negligent: 'late,' Lk. II. m. man of the class between the slave and the ceorl, LL (v.2564). ['laet']

lt pres. 3 sg. of ldan.

+lt = +lte II.

ltan^7 pret. 3 sg. lt, leort (tr.) to allow to remain, leave behind, depart from, 'let' alone, Bl, CP: leave undone, BH: () bequeath, EC: allow, Bl, LL: cause to do, BH: regard as, consider, BH, Chr, CP: behave towards, treat: (intr.) allow to escape, emit, let out, set free, , Lcd: 'let' (onlease), BC: assert, pretend, Lk: (+) allot, assign. l.from refrain from (late); +l. nah land approach the shore? (ES37191); on bcl. leave behind.

ltana = ltana

ltbyrd f. slow birth, Lcd 185a.

+lte I. n. manners, bearing, NC 295. [ON. lti] II. n. junction of roads,.

ltemest I. adv. lastly, finally, NG. II. ['latemost']

lthdig slow-minded, dull, Cra 10.

ltlce adv. slowly, Gu. ['lately']

ltmest = ltemest

ltnes f. slowness, delay, L 23b^647: sloth, GD 174^23.

ltra (, LL) v. lt. ['latter']

ltrde slow, deliberate, CP 149^14.

ltsum backward, Chr. ['latesom']

ltt f. (pl. latta) beam, 'lath,' WW.

lttow = lttow

lttewestre f. guide, conductress, . [lttow]

ltting = letting

-ltto v. un-l.

l n. a division of a county containing several hundreds, 'lathe,' BC 3162: landed property? (meadow) land? LL 400[3,2].

lan to abuse, revile, hate: cause to shun, RB 11^18. [l]

l, lo (CP) f. wrong, injury: hatred, malice, Bl. ['leth'; l]

luw = low

lwa () m. betrayer, traitor, Lk; . [v.'lewe']

lwan to betray. [Goth. lwjan]

-lwe v. druncen-, hunger-l.

lwede lay, laic, unlearned. as sb. layman, BH; , CP. ['lewd']

lwel = lfel

lwend m. betrayer, traitor, Gl.

lwerce = lwerce

lwil = lfel

lx = leax

lf f. what is left, remnant, legacy, relic, remains, rest, Bl, Chr; : relict, widow, , AO. t lfe alone. t lfe bon to remain over. wpna, daroal. survivors of battle. hamora lfa results of forging, swords. ['lave'; lfan]

lferce = lwerce

lafian to pour water on, wash, 'lave,' bathe, B, Lcd: ladle out, Lcd.

lag- = lah-

-laga v. lund-l.

lage- = lagu-

lagen pp. of lan II.

lagian to appoint, ordain, W. ['law,' 'i-lahen']

lago- = lagu-

-lagol v. -l.

lgon = lgon pret. pl. of licgan.

lagu I. f. (old neut. pl. lagu; Chr 1052#d#) 'law,' ordinance, rule, regulation, ; Chr, LL, RB: right, legal privilege, LL: district governed by the same laws. II. m. water, flood, sea, ocean, Gen, Met: name of the rune for l. ['lay']

+lagu np. extent, surface (of sea), Seaf 64? [OS. gilagu]

lagucrftig skilled in seafaring, B 209.

lagufsten n. sea, ocean.

lagufm m. enveloping waves, Rd 61^7.

lagufld m. wave, stream, waters, sea, ocean.

laguld f. water-way, sea.

lagumearg m. sea-horse, ship, Gu 1306.

lagus m. sea-journey.

lagustrt f. sea-path, B 239.

lagustram m. water, sea, ocean.

laguswimmend m. swimming in the sea (fish).

lh pret. 3 sg. of lon.

lah- = lag-

lahbreca m. law-breaker, impious man, Sc 9^10.

lahbrecende impious, profane, Sc 9^9.

lahbryce m. breach of the law, LL.

lah-cap, -cp m. money paid (by an outlaw) for restitution of legal rights,LL.

lahlic lawful, legal, Sc 46^2. adv. -lce.

lahmann m. an official declarer of the law, LL 376. [v.'lawman']

lahriht n. legal right, LL.

lah-slitt fn., -slite m. fine for breach of the (Danish) law,LL.

lahwita m. lawyer, LL (308^13).

lm n. 'loam,' clay, earth, , WW; Mdf.

lama (o) wk. adj. and sb. m. crippled, lame, paralytic, weak (man), , BH, Cp, El, Mt,WW.

lamb (), pl. lamb(e)ru, lambor (A) n. 'lamb,' , G, Gl, Gu,WW.

lambyrd f. imperfect birth, Lcd 185a.

lmft n. vessel of clay (the body).

lamp I. pret. 3 sg. of limpan. II. (KGl) = lamb

lamprde f. lamprey. [L.]

lm-pytt, -saa m. 'loampit,' Ct.

lmwyrhta m. potter, G.

ln = ln

lanan obl. cases of lanu.

land (o) n. earth, 'land,' soil, B, BH, VPs, WW; Mdf: territory, realm, province, district, Cp, Chr, Bl, VPs: landed property, , Bl: country (not town), , BH: ridge in a ploughed field.

+landa m. compatriot, kinsman, WW 211^20.

landdl = hlanddl? [[Cross-reference unidentified.]]

landlf f. land-elf, WW 516^27.

landgend m. native, BH.

landgende owning land, LL.

landr f. landed property, .

landbegenga (i^2) m. husbandman, peasant, native,CP.

landbegengnes f. habitation, BPs 119^5 (o^1).

landbigong m. dwelling in a country, BPs 118^54 (o^1)

landbc f. 'land book,' written grant of land, Ct,WW.

landbrce m. first ploughing (after land has lain fallow), WW 105^11.

landbend I. mf. inhabitant, native: husbandman. II. f. colony.

landbende dwelling on the land, native.

landbnes f. colony, settlement, Nar.

land-cap, -cp m. fine paid to the lord on the alienation of land, BC. ['landcheap']

landefen m. measure or proportion of land, Chr 1085.

landesmann = landmann

landfsten n. natural fortress, AO 80^14 (o^1).

landfeoh n. recognitory rent for land, KC.

landfolc n. _people of the country, inhabitants_, _. ['_landfolk_']

landfruma m. ruler, prince, B 31.

landfyrd f. army.

landgafol n. land-tax, tribute, LL. ['land-gavel']

landgehwerf n. exchange of land, Ct.

landgemaca m. neighbour, OEG.

land-gemre, -gemirce n. boundary, limit, frontier,AO.

landgesceaft f. earthly creature, Da 360.

landgeweorc n. fortified place, B 938.

landgewyrpe n. heap of earth? Ct.

landhbbende owning or ruling land.

landhfen f. real property, LL 22[32].

landhere m. native force: land force (opposed to naval force).

landhlford m. lord of a country, lord of a manor, landlord.

landhredding f. redemption of land.

landlagu f. local law, LL.

landlas not owning land, LL. ['landless']

land-lod m., nap. -lode, -loda, -lodan inhabitant of a country, native,AO.

landlyre m. loss of territory, Chr 1105.

landmann m. inhabitant of a country, native, Ex, LL. ['landmann']

landmearc m. boundary.

+landod having landed property, LL 182[11].

landopenung f. first ploughing of land, WW 147^9.

landrden v. ealdlandrden.

landrest f. grave. An 782.

landrca m. landed proprietor.

landrce n. territory, AO.

landriht n. 'land-right,' right to own or occupy land or connected with its occupation, B, Ex, Gen: that which is due from land or estates.

landscearu (a^2) f. tract of land, province, country, CP: boundary, landmark. [v.CC48]

landscipe m. region, Gen 376.

landscoru = landscearu

landsta m. settler, WW 111^15. [sta]

landseten f. occupation of land: occupied land, estate.

landsela m. occupier of land, TC 593^6.

landsidu m. custom of a country, CP.

landsittende occupying land, Chr.

landscn f. search for land to settle on.

landspd f. landed property, KC 3349^24.

landspdig rich in land, .

landsplott m. plot of land, KC 439^12.

landstede m. region, Wif 16 (o).

landstycce n. small plot of ground, GD, LL.

landwaru f. inhabitants, population, B 2321.

landweard m. coast-warden, B 1890.

landwela m. earthly possessions, Ph 505.

lane = lanu

lang (o) comp. lengra, superl. lengest 'long,' tall, AO, BH, Lcd, MH;CP.

+lang (usu. w. t or on) dependent on, attainable from, present in, belonging to, , AO, Gu. [v.'along']

langafrgedg m. Good Friday.

langa = lango

langbolster mn. feather-bed, WW 276^36.

lange (o) adv. comp. leng, lenge, superl. lengest 'long,' a long time, far, B, BH, Bl,Bo.

langfre lasting, protracted, .

langfrnes f. length, long duration, Sc 29^1.

langfirst m. long space of time, Gu 920.

langgestron n. ancient store of wealth, B 2240.

langian (o) (impers. with acc. of pers.) to 'long' for, yearn after, grieve for, be pained, AO (o): grow longer, Lcd: summon: belong.

+langian to send for, summon, call, : apprehend, seize, LL 202[6,2].

langieldo f. advanced age.

langlce adv. for a long time, long, at length,.

langlfe long-lived.

langmd constant, patient, long-suffering. adv. -lce.

langmdig long-suffering (v. late), NC 347.

langmdnes f. long-suffering, Sc 10^17.

langnes f. _length_, _. ['_longness_']

lango m. longing, unsatisfied craving, discontent.

langsceaft having a long shaft.

langscip n. man of war, Chr 897#a#.

langstrang 'longanimis,' LPs 102^8.

langsum long, lasting, tedious, protracted, B (o), Lcd; . ['longsome'] adv. -lce, AO 58^17(o).

langsumnes f. length, Ps; . ['longsomeness']

langsweored (y^2) long-necked.

langtwidig lasting, assured, B 1708.

langung (o) f. 'longing,' desire, Bl: weariness, sadness, dejection, : delay, CP (o). [langian]

langunghwl f. time of weariness, An 125.

langweb n. warp (in weaving), WW 187^12.

langwege 'peregre,' MkL 13^34 (o^1, [oe]^2).

langwyrpe oblong, NC 305^347.

lnland = lnland

lann (o) f. chain, fetter.

lanu (o) f. 'lane,' street, Bl.

lapian to 'lap' up, drink, Lcd;.

lappa (Gl) = lppa

lr f. 'lore,' learning, science, art of teaching, preaching, doctrine, Bl; , CP: precept, exhortation, advice, instigation, JnL; AO: history, story: cunning, Gen 2693.

lrbc f. book containing instruction (used of St Paul's Epistles, and Bede's works),.

lrbodung f. teaching, preaching, NC 305.

lrbysn f. example, WW 163^43.

lrcniht m. disciple, LkL p 2^2.

lrcrft m. knowledge, Sol 3.

lrcwide m. teaching, precept.

lardm m. teaching, instruction, LL 258[51].

lr-ow, -ow, -uw (a) m. teacher, master, preacher, BH, JnL; , AO, CP. ['lorthew']

lrowdm m. function of teacher, instruction, CP: ecclesiastical authority, ,CP.

lrowlic like a teacher, OEG.

lrowsetl n. teacher's seat, pulpit.

lrwes = lrowes gs. of lrow.

lrfsten n. prescribed fast, A 1199.

lrhlystend m. catechumen, OEG 2881.

lrhs n. school, HGl 405.

lrlast (, ) f. want of instruction, ignorance.

lrlic conducive to learning, instructive, . betwux larlcum gefylcum amongst soldiers in training,.

lrsmi m. (nap. -smeoas) teacher, counsellor.

lrspell n. _homily, sermon, treatise_, _. ['_lorespell_']

lrsum teachable, NC 305.

lrswice m. trickery, W 309^14.

lraw (MF), lruwa (N) = (*lrow), lrow

lregn m. teacher, NC 305.

lrwita m. learned man, LL (308^13).

lser (o^2) m? weed, tare, Gl.

lst (, , a) m. sole of foot: spoor, footprint, track, trace, B, Bl; , CP. on lst(e) behind, after, in pursuit of. on l. lecgan to follow. lstas lecgan to go: gait, step. ['last']

lst (, ) n. accomplishment, observance, RB 5^5: duty, due, obligation, vow.

+lstful helpful, serviceable, LL; AO. ['lastfull']

lstweard m. successor, heir: pursuer.

lstword n. fame after death, Seaf 73.

lasur = laser [[headword spelled "lser"]]

lat- v. lt-.

late adv. comp. lator, sup. latest 'late,' Chr, Jul: slowly, Lcd: at last, AO. [lt]

latemest = ltemest II.

ltow = lttow

latian to be slow, indolent: linger, delay, hesitate,.

lator, adv. comp., latost (), superl. slower, later, A, Bo, MtR; AO, CP. ['latter,' 'last']

latt = ltt [[headword spelled "ltt"]]

latth f. guiding rein, WW 120^9. [ld]

lttow, lttowa () m. leader, guide, general, Bo, VPs (lad-); AO, CP. ['lattew']

lttowdm m. leadership, guidance, instruction,CP.

latung f. delay, hindrance, OEG 7^129.

ltow, ltuw = lttow

l I. () hated, hateful, hostile, malignant, evil, AO, B: loathsome, noxious, grievous, unpleasant, Ep; CP. ['loath'] II. n. pain, harm, injury, misfortune, AO: insult, annoyance, harmful thing, BH, Lcd; CP. ['loath'; Ger. leid]

lbite m. wound, B 1122.

le adv. inimically, in detestation.

low = lttow

lettan to hate, loathe: make hurtful or repulsive,.

lgenla m. persecutor, foe.

lgetona m. enemy.

lgewinna m. enemy, Rd 16^29.

laian to invite, summon, call upon, ask, , CP. [Ger. laden]

lian to hate, be hated, AO; . ['loathe']

llas inoffensive, innocent.

llic 'loathly,' hateful, horrible, repulsive, unpleasant, BH; . adv. -lce.

lscipe m. misfortune, Gen 2048.

lsearu n? hateful, contrivance, Da 436.

ls m. painful journey, death, Ex 44.

lspel n. sad tidings, AO.

low = lttow

laung f. calling, invitation, CP: assembly, congregation, church, . ['lathing']

lwende hateful, hostile, bad.

lwendemd hostile minded, Gen 448.

lweorc n. evil deed, PPs 105^26.

laur m. laurel, bay, laver, Lcd.

laurbam (lawer-) m. laurel.

laurberige f. laurel-berry, Lcd.

laurice (Cp) = lwerce

laurtrow n. laurel-tree, Lcd.

lauwer, lawer = laur

lwerce () f. 'lark,' WW; Mdf.

la I. (VPs) = lo. II. gdas. of lah.

lac I. (, , o) n. 'leek,' onion, garlic garden-herb, Lcd; . II. pret. 3 sg. of lcan.

lac- = lah-

lacbld n. leek leaf, NC 305.

laccrse (e^2) f., cress, nasturtium, Lcd.

leac-trog, -troc, -tric = leahtroc

lactn (lah-, lh-) m. kitchen-garden, garden of herbs, LkL, WW. ['leighton']

lactnweard (^1) m. gardener, WW 127^14. ['leightonward']

lacweard (e^1, o^2) m. gardener.

lad () n. 'lead,' BH; , CP: leaden vessel, cauldron, A 9264.

laden () 'leaden,' , LL.

ladgedelf n. lead-mine, KC 3401^7.

ladgeota (o) m. plumber, LL 455[16].

ladgewiht n. lead-weight, a scale of weight, v. CC77.

ladstf m. loaded stick for beating with, WW 441^20.

laf () I. () f. 'leave,' permission, privilege, BH, Chr; , CP. II. n. 'leaf,' shoot, pl. foliage, MtL (o), VPs; : sheet of paper, BH.

lafa m. belief, faith, , Mt; AO. ['leve'; Ger. glaube]

lafe () f. leave, permission, licence, .

lafful believing, JnR: faithful, trustworthy, MtL. ['leafful'] adv. -lce.

+laffulnes f. faith, trust, faithfulness, .

lafhelmig leafy at the top, GPH 390.

lafhlystend (e) m. believing listener, catechumen, OEG.

+laflas unbelieving, .

+laflasnes f. unbelief, W 294^2.

+laf-last, -lst f. unbelief, .

lafleoht light, easy, RB 5^19.

+laflic credible, faithful, . adv. -lce.

lafnes (, ) f. leave, permission, BH.

+lafnesword n. password, B 245.

lafscead n. leafy shade, Ph 205.

+lafsum believing, faithful: credible.

lafwyrm (i^2) m. caterpillar, ASPs 77^51.

lag I. () f. 'lye,' alkalized water, Ep, Lcd. II. = lah I. III. pret. 3 sg. of logan.

lagung f. lying, Nar 2^21. [logan]

lah I. lage (Chr) m. piece of ground, 'lea,' meadow, BC; Mdf. II. = lag I. and III.

leahte pret. 3 sg. of leccan.

leahter == leahtor

leahtor (e^1) m. vice, sin, offence, crime, fault, , CP: reproach: disease, injury, Lcd.

leahtorbre laughable, causing laughter, RB 18^8. [hleahtor]

leahtorcwide m. opprobrious speech, Jul 199.

leahtorful (e^1, e^2) vicious, seductive.

leahtorlas faultless, blameless.

leahtorlce foully, wickedly, .

-leahtorwyre v. un-l.

leahtras nap. of leahtor.

leahtrian (e) _to accuse, revile, reprove, blame_, _; AO, CP: _corrupt_. ['_lehtrie_']

leah-troc, -tric, -trog m. lettuce. [L. lactuca]

lahtrung () f. blaming, detraction, WW 150^1.

lahtn = lactn

lan I. n. reward, gift, loan, compensation, remuneration, retribution, B, Mt; . ['lean'; Ger. lohn] II. sv^6 (pret. 3 sg. lg, lh) and wv. to blame, censure, reproach, AO,CP.

langyfa m. rewarder, Lcd 3436^23.

lanian () to reward, recompense, repay, requite, , CP. [Ger. lohnen]

lap m. basket, W: basket for catching or keeping fish, WW: measure: trunk (body), Jud 111. ['leap']

las I. adj. (w. g.) without, free from, devoid of, bereft of: () false, faithless: untruthful, deceitful, WW; : vain, worthless. II. n. falsehood, lying, Bo; CP. ['lease']

lasbrd (-bregd) I. lying, false, deceitful, . II. m. cheating, trickery.

lasbrda m. trickster, ES 43306.

lasbrdende wily, deceitful, Gr 286^6.

lasbrdnes f. deception, falsehood.

lasbregd == lasbrd

lascrft m. false art, .

lasere m. liar, hypocrite, MtL: buffoon, mime, jester, fool. ['leaser']

lasest (MtL) = lst I.

lasettan to pretend, , RB.

las-ferh, -fyrh, false, NC 305.

lasfernes f. levity, folly, CP.

lasfyrhte = lasferh

lasgewitnes f. false witness, .

lasgielp m. vainglory, CP.

lasian to lie, Ps. ['lease']

laslic false, deceitful, sham, empty, , CP. adv. -lce, ,CP.

laslccettan to dissemble, WW 388^33.

laslcettung f. dissimulation.

lasmdnes f. instability, CP 308^6.

lasnes f. lying: levity, BH 322^23.

lasleccan to blandish, flatter, GD 34^27.

laslecung f. empty blandishment, WW 430^21.

lassagol (u^3) lying, false, .

lasscawere m. spy, B 253.

lasspell n. lie, fiction, fable.

lasspellung f. empty talk, AO.

lassponung f. allurement, WW 452^3.

last = lst

last- = lst-

lastyhtan to cajole, WW 431^4.

lastyhtung f. cajolery, WW 430^21.

lasuht (= wiht?) enticer, seducer, OEG 4014

lasung f. 'leasing,' lying, false witness, deceit, hypocrisy, artifice, JnL: a lie, Ps: empty talk, frivolity.

lasungspell n. idle tale, AO 40^8.

lat pret. 3 sg. of ltan.

leatian = latian

+leaian = +laian

laor n. soap, soda, Lcd, WW. ['lather']

laorwyrt (loo-) f. soap-wort? Lcd 16a.

lawede = lwede

lawfinger m. index-finger, forefinger, PPs 72^11.

leax m. salmon, Cp (), Met, WW (e); L. ['lax']

leb- = lef-, lf-

lec = hlec

+lec pret. 3 sg. of +lacan.

lc I. m. look, regard, ; A 11118^50. II. = lac I. andII.

+lecc- = +lcc-

leccan pret. 3 sg. leahte, le(o)hte to water, irrigate, wet, moisten, slake, CP. [cp. Ger. lechzen]

leccing f. irrigation, watering, WW (KGl). ['leaching']

lce == lce

lcetere (KGl 65^29) = lcettere

lecgan _to 'lay,' put, place, deposit, set_, _, Gen, Lcd, MtL, Rd_; CP. l.on (w.d.) _put upon, charge with_, _Chr, Gu_; CP: _bury_, Jn: _put before, submit_, _: _betake oneself, go_. lstasl. _go, journey_. on lstl. _follow_: _lay (egg)_, _Lcd_: _prostrate, cast down, lay low, kill_, _Bo, Lk, LL_. [causative of licgan]

lciwyrt (Cp) = lcewyrt

lcnian (NG) = lcnian

lectric = leahtroc

lctn- = lahtn-

leca m. 'sentina,' Gl, WW.

ld = lad

ldan = ldan

lde = legde, pret. 3 sg. of lecgan.

lden == lden, laden

lf I. () feeble, infirm, weak, injured. II. = laf

lf- = laf-

lfan = (1) lefan; (2) lfan

+lfed weak, sickly, aged.

lefel, lefil = lfel

+lfenscipe m. justification, JnL 15^22.

lfmon m. sick person, GnE 45.

left (K; ?= lyft*) 'inanis,' QF 1^443.

lft (SPs) = lst, lst

lfung f. paralysis, H 2486^18.

leg (= lg) pret. 3 sg. of licgan.

lg = (1) leg; (2) lah

lg- = lg-, log-

lga (A) = lwa

legde pret. 3 sg. of lecgan.

+lege f? lair, bed, Mdf.

lgeloht n. light (of flame), MFH 168.

legen pp. of licgan.

leger n. lying, illness, AO, B; : 'lair,' couch, bed, Wif: grave, LL; . clne legere consecrated grave. on lfe ge on legere in life and in death, LL. [licgan]

legerbre sick, ill, TC 611^20.

legerbedd n. bed, sick bed, : bed of death, grave.

+legered confined to bed, .

legerfst sick, ill, RB 64^7.

+legergield n. 'lupercalia,' WW 437^14.

legerstw f. burial place, .

legertam m. cohabitation, marriage.

legerwte fm. fine for unlawful cohabitation, LL. ['lairwite']

lges = lages gs. of lah.

lege pres. 3 sg. of lecgan.

legie f. legion, AO. [L.]

-legu v. ealdor-l.

leh- = leah-

lh = lah

lh- = lac-

lhnan = lgnian [[headword spelled "lygnian"]]

lht == loht

lehtan = lihtan [[headword spelled "lhtan"]]

lehte pret. 3 sg. of leccan.

lehtor = leahtor

ll (KGl) = ll

lelore f. silverweed? Gl.

lemb = lamb

lmen (KGl 82^40) = lmen

lemian () to subdue, CP 303^11: lame, disable, B 905.

lempedu f. lamprey, WW 438^17. ['limpet'; lampreda]

lemphealt limping, Gl, WW. ['limphalt']

lnan (KGl) = lnan

lencten () I. m. springtime, A, Lcd; : the fast of Lent, W. II. adj. pertaining to Lent, A, RB (). ['lenten']

lenctendl f. spring fever, tertian ague.

lenctenbere m. Lent barley, ANS 84^326.

lenctenbryce m. breach of the Lenten fast, LL 344[47].

lenctendg m. day of Lent.

lenctenere f. land ploughed in spring, WW 105^7. [eore]

lenctenfsten n. Lent, .

lenctenhto f. heat of spring, AO 102^6?

lenctenlic of spring, vernal, : lenten,.

lenctenlifen f. Lenten fare, NC 306.

lenctensufel (lngt-) n. Lent food, LL 450[9].

lenctentd f. spring, Lent, .

lenctentma m. spring, OEG 3837.

lenctenwuce f. a week in Lent.

lenctin- = lencten-

+lend I. furnished with land (by the lord), LL 448. II. = +lynd

+lenda m. one rich in land, OEG 3154.

lendan to land, arrive, Chr; , AO, CP: (+) endow with land, . ['lend'; land]

lende- = lenden-

lendenbn n. loin-bone, WW 159^13. ['lendbone']

lenden-brde, -brde f. loin.

lendensd reaching to the loins, NC 306.

lendenu () np. loins, reins, Mt, WW; . ['lend'; Ger. lenden]

lendenwyrc m. a disease of the kidneys, WW 113^12. [wrc]

-lendisc v. dn-, p-, re-, t-l.

lne = lne

leng I. () f. length, height, . II. adv. (comp. of lange) longer, , Lk. ['leng']

lengan to lengthen, prolong, protract, delay, Da: extend, reach, attain: belong. ['leng']

lengcten- = lencten-

lenge () I. adj. () belonging, related: near (oftime), B 83. II. v.lange.

+lenge belonging to, related to, : addictedto.

lengest (Chr, Mk) superl. of lang, lange. ['lengest']

lengfre more durable, ANS 119435.

lengian (impers. w. a.) to long for, ask for, Sol 270(GK).

lenglfra comp. of langlfe.

lengo = lengu

lengra (BH) comp. of lang. ['lenger']

lengten == lencten

lengtogra comp. adj. drawn out farther, more prolix, Sc 161^18.

lengu f. 'length,' AO 144^1.

lengu f. length, Bo, BH: height, Sol. ['lengh']

lent f. lentil, Gl. [L. lentem]

lenten = lencten

lo mf. gdas. lon, also ds. lone, lonan, asf. lo, and dp. lonum 'lion,' lioness, AO, . [L.]

loc (WW 283^21) = lac

lod I. m. man, LL 14[25]: 'wergeld' for manslaughter, LL (= lodgeld): (+) fellow-countryman, compatriot: () chief, prince, king, B. ['lede'] II. f. (usu. in pl. lode) people, nation, B, Bl; , AO. ['lede']

leoda = lida

loda I. = +lod I. II. (LWS) = lode

lodan^2 to spring up, grow: spring from.

lodbealu n. calamity to a people.

lodbisceop m. suffragan bishop, provincial, .

lodburg f. town.

lodbygen f. sale of one's compatriots, slave-traffic, LL 20[11Ld] (v.2133).

lodcyning m. king, ruler, B 54.

lode fp. men, people, country, B, Lk; AO (v.lod).

loden = lden

lodfruma m. prince, patriarch, chief.

lodgeard m. country.

lodgebyrga m. lord, protector, prince, king.

lodgeld n. 'wergeld' for manslaughter, LL.

lodgeinc f. order, rank, LL.

lodgewinn n. strife, Jul 201.

lodgota = ladgeota

lodgryre m. general terror, Sol 278.

lodhata m. persecutor, tyrant, GD.

lodhete m. popular hatred, hostility.

lodhryre m. fall of a prince (or nation?), B 2030, 2391.

lodhwt very valiant, El 11.

-lodisc v. ider-l.

lodmg m. relative, comrade.

lodmgen n. might of the people, host power, virtue.

lodmearc f. domain, country.

lodrden f. country, region, GD 204^23.

lodriht n. law of the land.

lodrne f. pythoness, sorceress.

lodscearu f. tribe, nation, Ex 337.

lodsceaa m. public enemy.

lodscipe m. nation, people, : country, region.

lodstefn m. race, tribe, PPs 82^7.

lodaw m. popular usage.

lodweard f. government.

lodweras mp. men, human beings.

lodwerod n. host of people, Ex 77.

lodwita m. wise man, elder, chief, LL 456.

lodwynn f. home joy, Hy 4^89.

lodwyrhta = lowyrhta

lof I. adj. dear, valued, beloved, pleasant, agreeable, , B, Chr, CP. II. m. beloved one, friend: (inaddressing persons) sir! sire! , EC: impure companion, GPH 394. ['lief']

leofen = lifen

leofian (Bl) = libban

lofian to be or become dear, Gu 110.

loflic dear, lovable, pleasant, beautiful, delightful, B: precious, valued. adv. -lce lovingly, kindly, gladly, willingly, BH. ['liefly']

lofspell n. good news, El 1017.

lof-tl, -tle kind, lovable, loving, dear, grateful, agreeable,CP.

lofwende kind, loving, gracious, acceptable, estimable, agreeable.

lofwendum ardently.

logan^2 to 'lie,' Bl, WW: (w. d.) deceive, belie, betray, , CP: be in error, Gr.

logere (e^1, o^2) m. 'liar,' false witness, W, MtL; : hypocrite, MkL 7^6.

loht (, ) I. 'light,' not heavy, AO, BH, Rd; CP: slight, easy, trifling, inconsiderable, CP, Mt, Lcd: quick, agile, Ph: gentle, Wid. II. n. 'light,' daylight, , B, Bl, Chr, G, Ps, W: power of vision, Bl: luminary, Lcd. III. luminous, bright, 'light,' clear, resplendent, beautiful, BH, Lcd, VPs; AO,CP.

lohtan = lhtan

lohtbre brilliant, luminous.

lohtbamede bright-shining, H 1610.

lohtberend m. light-bearer, Lucifer, .

lohtberende light-bearing, luminous, .

lohtbora m. light-bearer, LV 36.

lohtbrdnes f. levity, frivolity, wantonness.

leohte = lehte, pret. 3 sg. of leccan.

lohte I. adv. lightly, easily, comfortably, BH. ['light'] II. adv. brightly, clearly, brilliantly, Bl, Cr. ['light']

loht-ft n. nap. -fatu lantern, torch, lamp, light, ,CP.

lohtftels m. lamp, LPs 17^29.

lohtfruma m. source of light.

loht-gesceot, -gescot n. payment for providing lights in church.

lohtian I. to be lightened, relieved. II. to become light, dawn, CM 474: () give light, illuminate.

lohting = lhting

lohtsern (^1, NG) n. candlestick.

lohtlas _devoid of light, dark_, _. ['_lightless_']

lohtlic I. light, of little weight or importance, , CP. adv. -lce lightly, slightly, BH, Lcd: inconsiderately: easily, quickly: gently, softly, slowly, CP; . ['lightly'] II. bright, radiant, Rd.

leohtmd easy-going, GnE 86.

leohtmdnes f. levity, inconstancy, frivolity, CP.

lohtswend author of light, GPH 389^2.

lohtscawigend light-seeing, WW 434^20.

lohtsceot = lohtgesceot

lohtwyrhta = lowyrhta

leolc pret. 3 sg. of lcan.

loma m. ray of light, beam, radiance, gleam, glare, B; : lightning.

loman, lomian? to shine, SkED. [[from first edition]]

+lomod having rays of light, Lcd 3272^4.

leomu nap. of lim.

lon I. (sv^1) to lend, grant. [Ger. leihen] II. gdas. of lo.

lona mf. lion, lioness, .

lonesa m. lions' den, GD 150^9.

lonflsc n. lion's flesh, Lcd 1364. [v.'lion']

lonft m. lion's foot (plant).

lonhwelp m. lion's cub, WW 434^6.

loran (wv., but rare pp. loren) to go, depart, pass, vanish, die (A;v.JAW44).

lorednes f. departure, transmigration: death, L: vision.

lorende, +lorendlic transitory.

leornan = leornian

leornere m. 'learner,' disciple, , CP: scholar, BH: reader.

lornes = lorednes

leornian to 'learn,' read, study, think about, , BH, MkR; AO,CP.

leorningcild n., leorningcniht (, CP) m. student, disciple.

leorningende teachable.

leorninghs n. school, WW.

leornung f., ds. leornunga 'learning,' reading, study, meditation, CP;AO.

leornungcrft m. learning, El 380.

leornungmann m. learner, disciple (used even of women),.

leornungscl f. school, GD 14^6.

leort pret. 3 sg. of ltan.

losca () m. groin.

leo = leou v. li.

leo- = li-

lo n. song, lay, poem, B, WW; , AO. ['leoth'; Ger. lied]

locrft m. poetic art or skill: poem, poetry,.

locrftig skilled in song, Deor 40.

locwide m. lay, poem, AO 120^2.

leoe- = leou-

logidding f. lay, song, poem, An 1481.

loian to sing, recite: sound forth, resound.

lolic versified, H 2134.

leoo- = leou-

loorn f. wise counsel given in song, El 522.

loowyrt = laorwyrt?

lorian = hlorian

losang m. song, poem, poetry, BH.

leou I. f. retinue, following? Rim 14 (GK). II.

leoubend mf. chain, fetter, bond.

leoucge f. limbs which served as a key, Cr 334.

leoucrft m. skill of hand.

loucrft = locrft

leoucrftig agile, Ph 268.

leoufst able, skilful, Cra 95.

leoulic appertaining to the limbs, bodily.

leousr n. pain in the limbs, WW 213^8.

leousyrce f. corslet.

leouwc (i) with supple limbs, flexible, pliant, Cra 84. ['leathwake']

leouwcian to mitigate.

leouwcunga (lie-)? 'compeditorum,' EPs 78^11.

leouwcan to become pliant, be submissive, grow calm, soften.

loweorc n. poetry, WW 188^30.

lowse f. verse, poetry, .

loword n. a word in a poem, An 1490.

lowrence m. poem, A 8334.

lowyrhta m. poet, Gr.

low (u) n. ham, thigh.

-low (, ) v. mund-l.

leowe f. league (distance), WW 147^22.

lower pl. of low.

lepewince = lpewince

leppan to feed (a hawk), Wy 89 (v.ES 37195).

lran (KGl) = lran

lere (KGl 83^19) = lyre

lrow- = lrow-

ls- = les-

lesan^5 to collect, pick, select, gather, glean, . ['lease'; Ger. lesen]

lsca = losca

-lesende, -lesendlic, -lesung v. ed-l.

lst = lst

lesu = lysu

lsw- = lsw-

lt I. pret. 3 sg. of ltan. II. = lt pres. 3 sg. of ldan. III. = lat pret. of ltan.

ltan = ltan

ltana m. litany. [L. litania]

letig (KGl) = lytig

lettan () to 'let,' hinder, delay, impede, oppress, , Bo, Gu (w.g.), W; AO,CP.

lettend m. hinderer, ES 39349.

letting () f. 'letting,' hindrance, delay, RB;CP.

l = l

-leer v. heals-, weald-l.

leera = liera [[under "liere"]]

leercodd m. leather bag, WW 117^3. [v. 'leather']

leeren = leren

leerhelm m. leathern helmet, WW 142^1.

leerhose f. leathern gaiter, WW.

leern = leren

leerwyrhta m. leather-maker, tanner, currier, Gl.

lr- = lr-

leren (i) 'leathern,' WW.

lud = (1) lod; (2) lwede

lw f? weakness, W 165^9 (cp. lf I.).

+lwed weak, ill? (Ex 22^10, cp. limlweo or ? read +lfed.

lwend = lwend

lwer = lower

lwsa m. weakness: 'inops,' EPs 139^13 (hlw-). [lfI.]

lex = leax

lxnian (WW 241^21) = lcnian

lib- = lif-

libb- = lyb-

libban (y) pret. 3 sg. lif(e)de to 'live,' be, exist, , B, BH, Lcd, VPs; AO,CP.

libr- = lifer-

lc n. body, B, Cr: corpse, AO, B; , CP. ['lich'; Ger. leiche]

+lc adj. (w. d.) 'alike,' similar, equal, Mt; , CP. +lcost double, twin.

+lca, +lce wk. forms used as sb. an equal, , CP. adv. lce (usu. +; and +lc inNG), Bl. +lce and like asif.

lcam- = lcham-

lcbeorg f. coffin, sarcophagus, Cp 45#s#.

+lcbisnung f. imitation, DR 76^1.

lcburg f. cemetery, Cp 433#c#.

liccere, liccetere = lcettere

liccettan () = lcettan

liccian to 'lick,' , Ps: lap, lick up, Lcd.

liccung f. licking, H 1330^22.

lcema = lchama

lcendlic == lciendlic

lcettan to feign, pretend, dissimulate, CP: flatter,BH.

lcettere m. deceiver, hypocrite, CP.

lcettung, lcetung f. feigning, deceit, hypocrisy, flattery.

lcewyre = lcwyre

lcft n. body.

licgan^5 () _to 'lie,' be situated, be at rest, remain, be_, _Ph_; , AO, CP: () _lie down, lie low, yield, subside, lie prostrate, fail, lie dead_, _, AO, B, Chr, G_: _lead, extend to_, _; AO: _flow, go, run_, AO: _belong to_. l.for _take the part of_, LL 152[3]. l.mid _cohabit with_. wi licgendum fo _for ready money_.

lchama m. body, corpse, Bo, Mt; , CP. ['licham'; Ger. leichnam]

lchamlas incorporeal, .

lchamlic (o^2) corporeal, bodily, carnal, material, Bo, Lk; . adv. -lce bodily, personally, in the flesh, BH; . ['lichamly']

+lchamod incarnate.

-lchamung v. in-l. [[headword spelled "inlchomung"]]

lchom- = lcham-

lchord n. interior of the body.

lchrgel n. winding-sheet, MH 76^26.

lchryre m. bodily decay, death, Gen 1099.

lchryst = lcrest

lchwamlic = lchamlic

lcian (w. d. or impers.) to please, , Bl, Bo; CP. ['like']

lciendlic agreeable, pleasant. adv. -lce.

+lcltan^7 to liken, compare, MkLR 4^30.

lclo n. dirge, OEG.

lclic relating to the dead, funeral, GPH 401.

+lclic fitting, proper. adv. -lce equally.

lcmann m. bearer, pall-bearer, .

lcnes () f. 'likeness' ('i-likeness'), figure, stature, image, , MtL: (+) parable.

lcpytt m. sepulchre, grave, Gr 66^10? (or? dc, pytt).

lcrest f. sepulchre, tomb, : 'carrum,' hearse, L 26^181.

lcs- = lx-

lcsang m. dirge, OEG.

lcsr n. wound.

lcstw f. place of burial, GD 340^35.

lcsyrce f. corslet, B 550.

lctn m. burial-ground, .

lcnung f. obsequies, funeral, : laying out (ofcorpse), L 31^1429.

lcote f. pore, WW 159^13.

lcrwere m. leper, .

lcrh f. coffin, GD.

lcum- = lcham-

lcung f. pleasure, CP. ['liking']

lcwglung f. necromancy, LL (248^3).

lcwund f. wound, Ex 239.

lcwyre (e, eo, o, u) pleasing, acceptable, Bo; CP: estimable, praiseworthy: accepted, recognised, sterling. ['likeworth']

lcwyrlce pleasingly, .

lcwyrnes f. good pleasure, LPs 88^18.

lid n. ship, vessel. [lan]

lida m. sailor.

liden pp. of lan.

lde pres. 3 sg. of lodan.

lidmann m. seafarer, sailor, pirate.

lidrin = leren

lidweard m. ship-master, An 244.

lidwrig weary of sea-voyages, An 482.

lefan (, , ) to allow, grant, concede, Mt (), CP. ['leve'; laf]

lefan (, o, , ) tr. and intr. to believe, trust, confide in, Bl, MH (). ['leve']

+lefed () believing, faithful, pious, .

+lefedlic permissible, LL (436^30).

+lefedlce trustfully, credulously, AO ().

+lefen excused, LkR 14^19 ().

+lefenscipe m. justification, JnLR 15^22.

leffstan = lffstan

leg (, , ) mn. fire, flame, lightning, B, Bl (); CP. ['leye']

leget = lget

liege I. = lege pres. 3 sg. of lecgan. II. pres. 3 sg. of licgan.

leht- = loht-, lht-

leh pres. 3 sg. of logan.

lesan (, ) to loosen, release, deliver, liberate, Cr (), LkR (). ['leese']

+lesednes () f. redemption.

lesing I. (, ) m. freedman, LL. II. f. deliverance, release, LkL (). ['leesing']

+lesnes (, ) f. redemption.

le- = l-

lexan = lxan

lf I. n. 'life,' existence, , B, Chr, JnL: lifetime, RB. on lfe, t lfe, lfes alive, BH: way of life (e.g. monastic), BH, Chr, Lk, W; CP: place where the life is according to fixed rules, monastery, Chr. II. = lf. III. = lafI.

lf- = lef-

lfbrycgung f. conversation, way of life, DR 7^15.

lfbysig struggling for life, B 966.

lfcearu f. care about life.

lfdg m. nap. lfdagas (usu. in plur.) 'life-day,' lifetime, B,Cr.

lifde, lifede pret. sg. of libban.

lifen f. food, nourishment. [[from first edition]]

lifer I. f. 'liver,' Bo, WW; . II. f. a weight, WW 432^28. [L. libra?]

liferdl f. liver complaint, Lcd, WW.

liferbl m. protuberance of the liver, Lcd 76b.

liferhol n. hollow in the liver, Lcd 76b.

liferlppa m. lobe of the liver, WW.

liferwrc m. pain in the liver, Lcd 60a.

liferwyrt n. liverwort, ANS 84326.

lifesn = lyfesn

lffadung f. regulation of life.

lffc n. lifetime, life, LL, W.

lffst living, quickened, full of life, vigorous: settled.

lffstan to quicken, endow with life, .

+lffstnian to quicken, RPs 142^11.

liffet- = lyffet-

lffra m. Lord of life, God.

lffruma m. source of life (God).

lifgan = libban

lfgedl n. death, GD.

lfgesceaft f. life's conditions or record.

lfgetwinnan mp. twins, Sol 141.

lifian (A) = libban

lifiende (y) that lives or has life, BH: when alive, BH, VPs: as sb. the 'living,' VHy.

lfld f. course of life, conduct, RB. ['livelihood']

lflst = lflast

lflas not endowed with life, 'lifeless,' inanimate, : dead, .

lflast f. loss of life, annihilation, death, .

lflic living, : necessary to life, vital, Hex, DHy. adv. -lce vitally, so as to impart life, . ['lively']

lflyre m. loss of life, LL 466[2].

lfneru f. food, sustenance, An 1091.

lifre gs. of lifer I.

lifre- = lifer-

lifrig clotted? A 30132.

lift = lyft

lfweard m. guardian of life, El 1036.

lfweg m. way of life, way in life.

lfwela m. riches.

lfwelle living (of water), JnL 4^10.

lfwrau f. protection of life.

lfwynn f. enjoyment of life.

lg () = leg

lig- = lyg-

lgbre, lgberend flaming, Gl.

lgbryne m. burning, fire.

lgbysig () busy with fire, Rd 31^1.

lgcwalu f. fiery torment, El 296.

lgdraca () m. fiery dragon.

lgegesa m. flaming terror, B 2780.

lgen () flaming, fiery, .

ligenword = lygeword

+lig-er, -ere n., -ernes f. concubinage, fornication, adultery,AO.

lget nm., lgetu () f. lightning, flash of lightning, BH, Bl, Mt; , AO. ['lait'; leg]

lgetrsc m. lightning, flash of light, coruscation, Lk 10^18. [lget]

lgetsleht (^1, ^3) f. lightning-stroke, thunder-bolt.

lgetung f. lightning, EHy 6^41.

lige pres. 3 sg. of licgan.

lg-fmende, -fmblwende vomiting fire, BH 432^7.

lgfr n. fire, Ex 77.

ligge = lege ds. of leg.

lgit = lget

lglic () fiery, Guth 131^196.

lg-locc, -locced having flaming locks, WW.

lgnian = lgnian [[headword spelled "lygnian"]]

lgrsc (^1, e^2) = lgetrsc

lg-rscetung, -rscung (^1) f. lightning.

lgspwel vomiting flame.

lig pres. 3 sg. of licgan.

lg-racu f. gds. -rce fiery onset, violence of flames.

lg f. wave of fire, B 2672.

lh imperat. sg. of lon.

lht == loht

lhtan (, o, ) I. () to make 'light,' easy, relieve, alleviate, CP, Lcd, LL: dismount, 'alight,' BH (y). II. (ie,) to lighten, illuminate, give light, shine, , Jn (): grow light, dawn, Da (): 'light,' kindle.

lhting I. f. _relief, alleviation, release_, _LL_. ['_lihting_'] II. (o) f. _shining, illumination, light_, _: _dawn_: _lightning_. ['_lihting_']

lhtingnes f. lightness of taxation, LL (306^21).

lhtnes f. brightness, W 230^12. ['lightness']

lh pres. 3 sg. of logan.

lilie f. 'lily,' Bl, Lcd; . [L. lilium]

lim (y) n. nap. leomu 'limb,' member, , BH, Bl; AO, CP: branch, B: agent, offspring? Bl, 33: bone? CPs 6^3.

lm m. anything sticky, 'lime,' mortar, cement, gluten, Ep,WW.

+lman to cement, join, stick together.

limbstefning f. hanging, curtain, WW 191^32.

lmfn f. lime-heap, BC 1518^41.

limgelecg n. shape, WW.

limgesih f. body, A 2364.

limhl sound of limb, Gu 661.

+lmian = +lman

lming f. smearing, plastering, WW. ['liming']

limlw f. injury to the limbs, mutilation, LL (278^26).

limlweo maimed, LL 132[10].

limlas without limbs, 2270^22.

limmlum adv. 'membratim,' limb by limb, WW. ['limbmeal']

limmlama crippled, W 4^12.

limnacod stark naked, Gen 1566.

+limp n. occurrence: misfortune, accident,CP.

limpan^3 to happen, occur, B, Bo, Chr, Met; , AO, CP: belong to, suit, befit, OET, Ct: concern, CP. ['limp,' 'i-limp']

limpful fitting, convenient, AS 2^1.

limplcan to unite, connect, OEG 80.

+limplic fitting, suitable, L. adv. -lce ().

+limplicnes f. opportunity.

limrden f. cloak? form? disposition of the limbs? v.OEG 2530.

limsoc lame, paralytic.

limwde n. clothing, PPs 103^2.

limwstm m. stature, Sat 130.

limwrig weary of limb, Rood 63.

ln n. flax, linen, cloth, napkin, towel, Gl, JnR, MtR; CP. ['line']

lnacer m. flax field, EC 239.

lind I. f. lime-tree, linden, Gl; ; Mdf: () shield (ofwood). ['lind'] II. = lynd

lindcroda m. crash of shields, battle.

linde lime-tree, linden.

linden made of 'linden'-wood, GnE.

lindgecrod n. shield-bearing troop, An 1222.

lindgelc n. battle, Ap 76.

lindgestealla m. shield-comrade, companion in war.

lindhbbende m. shield-bearer, warrior.

lindplega m. shield-play, battle.

lindrycg m. ridge where limes grow, KC 379^20.

lindwered n. troop armed with shields, El 142.

lindwiga m. warrior, B 2603.

lind-wgend , -wiggend m. shielded warrior.

lne f. line, cable, rope, Sol, WW: series, row: rule, direction.

lnece (WW 286^21) = lnete

lnen adj. 'linen,' made of flax, Ep; ,CP.

lnenhrgl n. linen cloth, NG.

lnenwerd dressed in linen, LL (370^11).

lnete (-ece) f. linnet, WW 286^21.

lnet-wige, -wigle f. linnet, Cp, Erf, WW. ['lintwhite']

-ling suffix (1) for forming personal nouns (dorling, rpling). (2)for forming advbs. (hinderling).

lnhwen flax-coloured, Lcd.

lnland n. land in flax, KC 319^4.

lnlag m. flax ground, EC 166.

linnan^3 (w. instr. or g.) to cease from, desist, lose, yield up (life), B. ['lin']

lnsd n. 'linseed,' A (e^2), Lcd.

lnwd f. linen cloth or garment, NG.

lnwyrt f. flax, Lcd.

lo (WW 438^22) = lo

lippa m., lippe? f. (LL 2136) 'lip,' Lcd, RB,WW.

lra m. any fleshy part of the body, muscle, calf of the leg,WW.

+lire = +ligere [[under "+liger"]]

lreht fleshy, Lcd 91a.

ls = liss

ls- = les-

lisan (Gl) = lesan

+lise (e) nap. +leosu n. reading, study, BH.

+lsian to slip, glide, CP 437.

-lisnian, -listnian v. be-l.

liss (ls) f. grace, favour, love, kindness, mercy, : joy, peace, rest, Ph, W: remission, forgiveness: saving (oflife). ['liss'; le]

lssian to subdue, Sol 294.

list mf. art, cleverness, cunning, experience, skill, craft, Cr. ['list'] listum cunningly, skilfully.

listan = lystan

lste f. 'list,' fringe, border, Ep.

listelce adv. carefully, Lcd 11a.

listhendig skilful, Cra 95.

listum v. list.

listwrenc m. deception, W 81; 128^9.

lis pres. 3 sg. of lesan.

lit colour, dye, NC 306 (late).

lt = lt

ltan to bend, incline, Met 26^119.

lite- = lytig-

ltel = ltel

litig = lytig

litigere m. dyer, NC 306 (late).

ltl- = ltl-

litsmann = lismann

li I. nm. nap. leou, liu limb, member, BH, Cr; , AO, CP: joint, Lcd. ['lith'] II. n. fleet. [ON. li]

l I. n. cider, native wine, fermented drink, CP: beaker, cup. II. pres. 3 sg. of licgan. III. = le adj. IV. = lh

la m. name of months June (rra l.) and July (fteral.).

lidl f. gout, Lcd, WW.

lan^1 to go, travel, sail, B, BH. ['lithe']

le I. adj. gentle, soft, calm, mild, ApT, B, Mt; , AO, CP: gracious, kind, agreeable, sweet, Bo, Gen; . ['lithe'] II. adv. gently, softly.

lie- = leou-

liebge _flexible, yielding_, _. ['_litheby_']

liebgnes f. flexibility of limbs, Guth 90^21.

leg == lig

lelic gentle, soft, mild, CP. adv. -lce, CP. ['lithely']

+lien (y) having travelled much. [lan]

lercian to smooth down, flatter, Gl.

liere f., liera m. sling, slinging pouch, BH, Cp; . ['lither'; leer]

lieren = leren

lierlic of a sling, WW 247^4.

+liewcian to calm, appease, mitigate, L.

liewcan = leouwcan

ligeat = hlidgeat

lian (CP; ) = ligian

+liian (eo) to incline, accustom, A 268.

lig lithe, flexible, bending, yielding, , W. ['lithy']

ligian () to soften, calm, assuage, appease, CP; : be mild. ['lithe']

liincel n. little joint, WW.

llic = lelic

limann = lidmann

lnes f. mildness, softness, gentleness, kindness, ,CP.

lio- = leou-

lire = liere

lre = lre

lirin = leren

ls = liss

lisaw n. synovia.

lismann m. seafarer, pirate, Chr.

liu v. li.

liule m? synovia, Lcd. [li, ele]

lung f. alleviation, relief, Lcd 1112^2.

lwge n. drinking-cup, B 1982.

liwrc m. pain in the limbs, Lcd 49b.

lwyrde mild of speech, NC 348.

lwyrt f. dwarf elder.

lxan to shine, flash, glitter, gleam.

lxende splendidly, LkL 16^19.

lxung f. brilliance, brightness, N.

-l pl. -ln v. mst-, sceaft-l. [["mastl" under "mstln"]]

lob (Gl) = lof

lobbe f. spider, LPs. ['lob']

loc I. n. 'lock' bolt, bar, , BH; AO: enclosure, fold, prison, stronghold, CP: bargain, agreement, settlement, conclusion. [lcan] II. = loccI.

lc, lca interj. look, see, look you. l. h however. l.hwnne, hwonne whenever. spel l. hwnne mann wille a discourse for any occasion you please, . l.hwr wherever. l.hwer whichever. l.hw, l.hwt, whoever, whatever. l.hwylc whichever.

loca m. enclosure, stronghold.

lca-h v. lc interj.

locbore f. one who wears long hair, free woman, LL 7[73].

locc I. m. 'lock' of (hair), hair, curl, Bl, CP, Ep; . II. = locI.

loccad 'crinitus,' OEG 56^13.

loccetan (MtL) ?= rocettan (JAW 77).

loccian to attract, entice, soothe, CP.

locen I. pp. of lcan. II. (Sat 300?) = loc

locer = locor

locfeax n. hair, WW 379^42.

locgewind n. hair, WW 199^7.

lc-h, -hwnne etc. v. lc h, lc hwnne, etc.

lochyrdel m. sheepfold, LL 454[9].

lcian () to see, behold, look, gaze, , Bl, CP, Mt; AO: observe, notice, take heed, Bl; . l.t regard with favour, CP: belong, pertain,.

locor plane, Gl.

locstn m. keystone, L 23^345.

-lcung v. urh-l.

loddere m. beggar, ; Mdf. [lre]

+lodr f. backbone, spine, Lcd 65a.

lodrung f. rubbish, nonsense, WW 478^8.

+lodwyrt f. silverweed.

loerge (Ep) np. of lorg.

lof I. n. (m. B 1536) praise, glory, repute, Cp; , CP: song of praise, hymn. ['lof'] II. n. protection, help.

lf (OEG 5241) = glf (?), v. ES 37186.

lofbre praising, giving praise.

lofdd f. praiseworthy deed, B 24.

lofgeorn eager for praise, L 16^302: lavish? RB 54^9; 55^3.

lofherung f. praising, LPs 55^12.

lofian to praise, exalt, Gen, PPs; CP: appraise, value. ['love']

loflc n. offering in honour of any one, W 107^6.

loflcan to praise, LPs 118^175.

loflic laudable. adv. -lce gloriously.

lofmgen n. praise, PPs 105^2.

lofsang m. song of praise, canticle, hymn, psalm, BH; : lauds. ['lofsang']

lofsealm m. the 148th Psalm, RB 36^19.

lofsingende singing hymns of praise, OEG 4912.

lofsum praiseworthy, Gen 468.

lofte (on) adv. phr. in the air, aloft, Hex, MLN. ['loft']

lofung f. praising, laudation: appraising,.

lg pret. 3 sg. of lan.

-loga v. -, trow-, word-l. [leogan] [[headword spelled "logan"]]

lges v. lh.

logeer = loger

lgian to lodge, place, put by, : put in order, arrange, : discourse, : divide, portion out. +l.p lay by, deposit. +logod sprc (well)-ordered speech, style.

loger (o^2) cunning, artful, WW.

+logung f. order, CM 599.

lh I. n., gs. lges place, stead (only in phr. on his lh). II. pret. 3 sg. of lanII.

lhsceaft m. bolt, bar? AS 1^2.

loma = lama

lma m. tool, utensil, article of furniture, BH; Gl. ['loom']

lomb, lomber = lamb

lme (1) adj. frequent, L 31^1019; (2) adv. often, frequently. oft (and)+l. constantly, diligently.

+lmed = +lomod

lmelic = lmlic

lmlcan to frequent, : be frequent.

+lmlcende frequent, : frequentative (vb), Gr 213^7.

+lmlcing f. frequency, frequenting, Gr 213^7.

+lmlic repeated, AO, CP. adv. -lce frequently.

+lmlcian to become frequent, Bl 109^2.

+lmlicnes f. frequented place? frequency? CPs 117^27.

lomp pret. 3 sg. of limpan.

lond == land

londdl f. strangury? Lcd 108a. [hland]

lone = lane

long == lang

Longbeard-an, -as sbmpl. Lombards, AO.

lonn = lann

lonu = lanu

loppe f. flea (spider? silkworm?), Bo, WW. ['lop']

loppestre f. 'lobster,' WW; : locust.

lopust, lopystre = loppestre

lor n. (only in phr. t lore, t lose) loss, destruction, Bl; CP. ['lor']

-lora v. hlow-l.

loren pp. (str.) of loran.

lorg, lorh fm. pole, distaff, weaver's beam, Gl.

los = lor ['loss']

losewist = loswist [[under "losing"]]

losian (u) wv. () to be lost, perish, Bo, CP; : () escape, get away: 'lose,' LkL 15^4: destroy, LkL 7^27.

losigendlic ready to perish, .

losing, loswist f. perdition, loss, destruction,NG.

lot n. fraud, guile, L, CP.

loten pp. of ltan.

lotwrenc m. deception, deceit, cunning, artifice, trick, , AO,CP.

loa m. upper garment, mantle, cloak, CP.

lox m. lynx, BH, WW. [Ger. luchs]

luba-, lube- = lufe-

lcan^2 I. () (tr.) to lock, close, enclose, fasten, shut up, An: (intr.) close up, form one mass, Ph: interlock, intertwine, twist, wind, CP: conclude. ['louk'] II. pluck out, pull up, Met. ['louk'^2]

ludgt n. side-gate, postern gate, Gl.

ludon pret. pl. of lodan.

lufelic = luflic

lufen f. hope? (BT; GK), Da 73, B 2886.

lufestice f. 'lovage' (plant), Lcd. [L. levisticum]

lufestre f. female lover, OEG.

luffendlic = lufiendlic

lufian to 'love,' cherish, show love to, , JnL, VPs; CP: fondle, caress: approve, practise.

lufiend m. lover, .

lufiende affectionate, Gr. ['loving']

lufiendlic, lufigendlic lovely, beautiful, : lovable, amiable,.

luflic amiable, loving, Lcd: lovable, Ps. adv. -lce lovingly, kindly, CP: willingly, gladly, BH. ['lovely']

lufrden f. love, LPs. ['lovered']

lufsum loving, lovable, pleasant, Cr. ['lovesome'] adv. -lce graciously.

lufsumnes f. pleasantness, kindness, Gl.

luftcen n. 'love-token,' B 1863.

luf-tme (), -tme (RB) pleasant, sweet, grateful, benevolent.

luftmlic embracing, OEG 56^254.

lufu f. love, strong liking, affection, favour, , BH, Jn, VPs, WW; AO, CP: love (ofGod), JnR: amicable settlement, LL 392.

lufwende lovable, pleasant.

lufwendlic friendly, KGl 73^34. adv. -lce gently, KGl 80^21.

lugon pret. pl. of logan.

luh n. loch, pond, NG; Mdf. [Keltic]

+lumpenlic occasional. [limpan]

lumpon pret. pl. of limpan.

luncian to limp? LPs 17^46. [cp. Norw. lunke?]

lundlaga m. kidney, .

lungen f. 'lung,' Lcd, WW.

lungendl f. lung-disease, Lcd.

lungensealf f. lung-salve, Lcd 141a.

lungenwyrt f. 'lung-wort,' Lcd.

-lunger v. cas-l.

lungre adv. soon, forthwith, suddenly, quickly.

lunnon pret. pl. of linnan.

lpe f. loop, leash, Gl.

ls f. nap. ls 'louse,' , Cp, Hex.

lusian (GPH) = losian

lust I. m. desire, appetite, , BH, JnL: pleasure, Bo, Lk (pl.): sensuous appetite, lust, Jul, Lcd, WW. II. adj. willing, W 246^10.

lustbre desirable, pleasant, agreeable, cheerful, joyous, , AO: desirous, L 4^116.

lustbrlic pleasant, AO. adv. -lce.

lustbrnes f. enjoyment, pleasure, desire, CP.

lustful wishful, desirous, AO 100^27. ['lustfull']

lustfullian to rejoice, enjoy, : be pleasing to, CP 70^24.

lustfullce joyfully, gladly, heartily, Bl. ['lustfully']

lustfullung f. desire, pleasure, .

lustfulnes f. desire, pleasure, BH; CP. ['lustfulness']

lustgeornnes f. concupiscence, G.

lustgryn f. snare of pleasure, Soul 23.

lustlce willingly, gladly, Bl; , AO.

lustmoce f. lady's-smock (plant), Lcd.

lustsumlic pleasant. adv. -lce willingly.

lustum adv. with pleasure, gladly.

lsorn m. spindle-tree, EC 445^31.

ltan^2 to bend, stoop, decline, , AO: loten dg after part of day: bow, make obeisance, fall down, Bl, VPs: () lay down, MtL 8^20: entreat. ['lout']

ltian to lie hid, hide, lurk, , VHy; AO, CP. ['lout'^2]

lutter = hluttor [[under "hltor"]]

luttor = hltor

ler- = ler-

lybb n. drug, poison, charm: witchcraft.

lybban = libban

lybbestre f. sorceress, WW 200^25.

lybcorn n. a medicinal seed, wild saffron? Gl.

lybcrft m. skill in the use of drugs, magic, witchcraft, Bl.

lybesn = lyfesn

lyblc nm. occult art, use of drugs for magic, witchcraft.

lyblca m. wizard, sorcerer, Gl.

lybsin, lybsn = lyfesn

lc- = lc-, lc-

lycce = lyge II.

lc pres. 3 sg. of lcan.

lden (LWS) = lden

lf = lf

lf- = laf-, lf-, lef-, lf-

lyfde, lyfede pret. 3 sg. of libban.

lyfesn (i) f. charm, amulet, knot.

lyffetere m. flatterer, .

lyffet-tan, -tian to flatter, .

lyffetung f. adulation, flattery, .

lyfian = lifian, libban

lyft fmn. air, sky, clouds, atmosphere, B, Lcd; , AO, CP. on lyfte on high, aloft. ['lift'; Ger. luft]

lyftdl f. paralysis, palsy, BH, Lcd.

lyftedor m. clouds, Ex 251.

lyften of the air, arial, .

lyftft n. vessel in the air (moon), Rd 30^3.

lyftflogend m. flier in the air, bird, Sol 289.

lyftfloga m. flier in the air, dragon, B 2315.

lyftgelc n. flight through the air.

lyftgeswenced driven by the wind, B 1913.

lyfthelm m. air, mist, cloud.

lyftlcende sporting in the air, flying.

lyftlic arial, NC 314.

lyftsceaa m. arial robber (raven), #Wy#39.

lyftwundor n. arial wonder, Ex 90.

lyftwynn f. pleasure in flying.

lyge I. (i) m. 'lie,' falsehood, BH, Sat. II. lying, false (A;= *lygge, JAW25). III. 'sicalia,' secale? corn? rye? WW 301^2.

lygen (i) f. lie, falsehood.

lygenian = lygnian

lygesearu n. lying wile, trick.

lygespell (i) n. falsehood, WW 449^2.

lygesynnig (i) lying, false, El 899.

lygetorn (i) feigned anger or grief, B 1943.

lygeword (i) n. lying word, lie.

lygewyrhta (i) m. liar, Leas.

lygnes (i) f. falseness: false things.

lygnian (i) to give one the lie, convict of falsehood, .

+lygnod perjured, (i).

[[Printed inline, as continuation of "lygnian" entry.]]

lht- = lht-

lyh pres. 3 sg. of lan.

lh pres. 3 sg. of logan.

lym = lim

lman = loman

lymp- = limp-

lynd (i) f. fat, grease.

+lyndu np. joints of the spine, WW 159^22.

lynibor n. borer, gimlet, WW 273^13.

lynis m. axle, axletree, 'linch'-pin, Ep,WW.

lypenwyrhta m. tanner? v. JGPh 5467.

lyre (e) m. loss, destruction, damage, hurt, WW; . ['lure'; losan]

lyrewrenc m. hurtful intrigue, MFH 169.

-lyrtan v. be-l.

ls v. ls.

ls- = les-

lysferht = leasferh [[headword spelled "lasferh"]]

lysnan = hlysnan

lysnere = hlysnere

lssa (KGl) = lssa

lyssen = lyswen

lystan impers. w. a. (d.) of pers. and g. of thing or inf. to please, cause pleasure or desire, provoke longing, , Bl, Bo; AO, CP. +lysted desirous of. ['list'; lust]

lystere (OEG 4674) = ? lyftere, lyffetere

+lystfullce = lustfullce

lysu I. base, false, evil. II. n. evil deed.

lyswen I. purulent, corrupt, Lcd. II. n. pus, matter, Lcd.

lt adv., adj. and indecl. sb. little, few, B, DD, Gen, Run; ,AO.

ltan = ltan

lyteg == lytig

ltel I. adj. 'little,' not large, , AO, Lk, Met: short (distance, time), B: not much, Mt, Ps. II. adv. little, slightly, Ps. III. sb. AO, Lcd,Ps.

ltelhdig pusillanimous, Cra 10.

lytelic = lytiglic

lytelce = lytiglce

ltelmd pusillanimous, CP.

ltelne = ltesne [[under "ltesn"]]

ltelnes f. smallness, Gr 228^14. ['littleness']

ltesn, ltes(t)ne adv. nearly, within a little, almost.

lthwn adv. and sb. (w. g.) little, but little, very few, ,CP.

lytig (e) crafty, cunning, AO.

lytigian to feign, act crookedly, Ma 86.

lytiglic (lytelic) deceitful, crafty. adv. -lce,CP.

lytignes f. cunning, CP.

ltlian to lessen, decrease, diminish, Bo, JnL; CP: shorten, curtail, abrogate: fall out of use, LL 267[37]. ['little']

ltling m. little one, infant, child, , CP.

ltlum adv. (d. of ltel) _little by little, gradually_, _; CP. ['_litlum_']

+ltlung () f. insufficiency, want, Sc 57^1 (cp.EHy 5^12).

lyttl- = ltl-

lyttuccas mpl. particles, small pieces, GPH 400.

ly = li

la = la

+lyen = +lien

lerful evil, vile, W 40^5.

lerlic bad, sordid, mean, vile, AO. adv. -lce (^1).

lernes (^1) f. wickedness, HL 18^8.

lran () to anoint, smear, 'lather,' JnL (e), Lcd. [laor]

lyre = liere

lre I. (, ) adj. bad, wicked, base, mean, corrupt, wretched, , AO, Lk, WW. ['lither'] adv. wretchedly, badly, Sat 62. II. comp. of le.

lwyrt = lwyrt

lxan = lxan


m I. adv. [comp. of micle] more, rather, longer, hereafter, further, , BH, Bo, Bl, CP, VPs (m). e m e more than. II. sb. (indecl.) more, , An, BH, Bl. III. adj. more, , Bl. ['mo']

mabuldor = mapulder

maca = +mcca

macalic convenient, MkR 6^21.

macian _to 'make,' form, construct, do_, _A, _: _prepare, arrange, cause_, _, Gen, Mt_: _use_, _: _behave, fare_, _, Bo_; CP. macian p _to put up_,.

mcrftig (= mgencr-) mighty.

macung f. making, doing, Chr 1101.

+md = +md

mdm == mm

mdmd n. foolishness, Mod 25.

m = m

mc well-suited, companionable: similar, equal.

mcan = mecgan, mengan

+mcca (a, e) mf. mate, equal, one of a pair, comrade, companion, Gr (a), MtR (e): () husband, wife, , Mt, OET. ['match']

mcefisc = mcefisc

mcg m. man, disciple: son.

mcga m. man, Wy 52.

mcian = mecgan, mengan

+mclic conjugal, Sc.

+mcnes f. cohabitation, BH.

+mcscipe m. cohabitation, Cr 199.

md () f. ds. (EWS) mda; nap. md(w)a, mdwe 'mead,' 'meadow,' pasture, BC, OEG; , AO; Mdf.

+md, +mded 'mad,' Rd, WW: foolish, Cp.

mddre f. 'madder,' Lcd; .

+mded = +md

mden (, AO, CP) == mgden

mdencild n. female child, girl, AO; . ['maiden-child']

mdenhap m. band of virgins, DD 289.

mdenlic maidenly, virgin, .

mdere = mddre

mderec m. sprig of madder, Lcd.

+mdla m. chatter, Lcd 122b. [mel]

mdland m. meadow-land, KC.

mdmwect (= -wett) mowing of a meadow, LL 448[5,2].

mdrden f. mowing, tract of mown grass, KC 6153^10.

mdsplott m. plot of meadow-land, KC 472^7.

mdwa m., mdwe f. = md

mdweland = mdland

mg I. pres. 3 sg. of magan. II. (Sc 4^19: 12^17) = mgen

+mg I. m. nap. mgas (v. LL 2651) male kinsman, parent, son, brother, nephew, cousin, B, Ep (); , AO, CP: ['may'] II. f. female relation, wife, woman, maiden.

mgbana m. destroyer of kinsfolk, W 242^5.

mgbt f. compensation paid to the relatives of a murdered man,LL.

mgburg f. family, tribe, race, people, nation: genealogy.

mgcild n. young kinsman.

mgcnafa m. youthful kinsman, BC 2329.

mgc related, OEG.

mgcwalm m. murder of a relation, Cp 179#p#().

mgden (d) n. maiden, virgin, LL; : girl, Mt: maid, servant, Bl.

mgden- see also mden-.

mgdenw f. marriage with a virgin.

mgdenhd m. 'maidenhood,' virginity, Cr;CP.

mgdenmann m. 'maid,' virgin, AO. ['maidenman']

mge = mge

mgen I. (e) n. bodily strength, might, 'main' force, power, vigour, valour, B; , CP: virtue, efficacy, efficiency, Lcd: picked men of a nation, troop, army, AO: miracle. [magan] II. subj. pl. of magan.

mgengende mighty, B 2837.

mgenbyren f. huge burden.

mgencoror n. strong troop, Gen 1986.

mgencrft m. main force, great strength, might.

mgencyning m. mighty king.

mgendd f. mighty deed, Cra 12.

mgenaca m. succour, Az 138.

mgenacen mighty, vigorous.

mgenearfee n. great misery or trial.

mgenellen n. mighty valour, B 659.

mgenfst vigorous, strong, steadfast, .

mgenfolc n. mighty company, Cr 877.

mgenfultum m. mighty help, B 1455.

mgenhap m. powerful band.

mgenheard very strong, Run 5.

mgenian (gn-) to gain strength: (+) establish, confirm, BH 306^18.

mgenlas powerless, feeble, helpless, WW; . ['mainless'] adv. -lce.

mgenlast f. weakness, feebleness, : inability,RB.

mgenrs m. mighty onslaught, B 1519.

mgenrf powerful.

mgenscype m. might, power, Da 20.

mgenspd f. power, virtue.

mgenstn m. huge stone, Met 5^16.

mgenstrang of great virtue or strength.

mgen-strengo, -strengu f. main strength, great might.

mgenegen m. mighty minister, Gu 1099.

mgenise f. violence, force, Rd 28^10.

mgenrat m. mighty host.

mgenrymm m. power, might, greatness, glory, , CP: heavenly host: () Christ: () heaven.

mgenrymnes f. great glory, majesty, .

mgenweorc n. mighty work.

mgenwsa m. general, Ex 553.

mgenwudu m. strong spear, B 236.

mgenwundor n. striking wonder, Cr 927.

mger meagre, lean, Lcd 90b.

mgerian to macerate, make lean, WW. [Ger. magern]

mgester = magister

mge = mg

mge = mg

mggemt n. meeting of kinsmen, AO 248^18.

mggewrit n. genealogy, pedigree.

mggieldan^3? to contribute towards the fine for manslaughter by a kinsman, LL 122[74,2].

mghmed n. incest, BH 280^1.

mghand (mg-, mi-) f. natural heir, relative.

mgister = magister

mglagu f. law as to relatives, LL 266[25].

mglas without relatives, LL.

mglic belonging to a kinsman, .

mglufu f. love, Jul 70.

mgmoror n. murder of a relative, Gl.

mgmyrra m. murderer of a relative, parricide, OEG, GD 239^4.

mgn == mgen

mgnan = mengan

mgon = magon pres. pl. of magan.

mgracu f. generation, genealogy, .

mgrden f. relationship, AO.

mgrs m. attack on relatives, W 164^4.

mgscr [mg-] f. division of a people containing the kinsmen of a particular family (BT), DR 193^10.

mgsibb f. relationship: affection of relatives.

mgsibbung f. reconciliation, peace-making, JGPh 163.

mgsiblic related, WW 375^17.

mgslaga m. slayer of a relative, parricide, fratricide,.

mgsliht m. murder of a relative, W 130^2.

mgster = magister

mg I. f. gp. mga, dp. mgum, otherwise uninflected maiden, virgin, girl, woman, wife. [Goth. magas] II. () f. power, greatness.

mg () f. family group, clan, tribe, generation, stock, race, people, , AO: province, country,.

mga m. mayweed.

mgbld (ge) n. pudendum muliebre, GPH 400^8.

mgbt f. fine for assault on an unmarried woman? LL 7[74].

mge f. mayweed. [cp. mga]

mghd m. virginity, chastity, purity, MH; , CP: band of young persons. ['maidhood']

mghd m. relationship, .

mghdlic maidenly, OEG 1469.

mglagu = mglagu [[headword spelled "mglagu"]]

mglas not of noble birth, WW 219^8.

mgmann m. maiden, virgin, LL 8[82].

mgmoror (^1) nm. murder of kin, OEG 2^412.

mgmyrra m. murderer of kin, OEG 2^335.

mgrden f. friendship, OEG.

mgsibb (y^2) f. kindred, HGl 523.

mgwine m. friendly relative, clansman.

mgwlite (, ) m. aspect, appearance, species, form.

mgwlitian [mg-] to fashion, MtL 17^2.

mgwlitlice [mg-] figuratively, MkL p4^10.

mht == meaht, miht

mh = mg

ml I. (, ) n. mark, sign, ornament: cross, crucifix: armour, harness, sword: measure, Lcd: () time, point of time, occasion, season: time for eating, 'meal,' meals, CP; . II. f. () talk, conversation: contest, battle. [mel] III. = ml

+ml stained, dyed, An 1333.

+mlan to mark, stain, Jul 591.

mlan to speak, talk, Gen. ['i-mele'; mlan]

mlcearu f. trouble of the time, B 189.

mld- = meld-

mldg m. appointed time, day.

mldropa m. phlegm, saliva, WW 240^9.

mldropiende phlegmatic, WW 161^33.

mle m. cup, bowl, bucket, Ep; Lcd (). ['meal']

mlgesceaft f. fate, B 2737.

mlsceafa (?) m. canker, caterpillar, WW. ['malshave']

mltan (VPs) = meltan

ml-tang m., -tange f. pair of compasses, WW.

ml-td f., tma m. mealtime, NC 348.

mn = menn nap. of man.

mn- = man-, men-

mnan () to 'mean,' signify, intend, , Bo, Sol; CP: mention, relate, declare, communicate to, speak of, B: associate (something) with, AO: complain of, lament, bewail, sorrow, grieve, Bo; , AO,CP.

mne I. (, usu. ) common, general, universal, Mt, WW; , AO, CP. ['i-mene'] II. () n. fellowship, intercourse. III. false, mean, wicked. [mn] IV. (+) subdued, overpowered. [= *+mgne, ES 43308]

mnelic (usu. +) common, mutual, general, universal, . adv. -lce.

+mnelicnes f. 'generalitas,' OEG.

mnibrde relating to many things, WW 115^8.

mnlic = mnelic

+mnnes f. community, fellowship, intercourse, union, Shr: land held in common, BC 1597. [v.'i-mene']

+mnscipe m. community, fellowship: union, W 248^23.

mnsumian to participate in, have fellowship with: live with, marry: partake of Eucharist,.

mnsum-nes, -ung f. fellowship, participation,.

mnu = menigu

mrc f. boundary-oak, KC 3379^29.

mran () I. () to declare, proclaim, celebrate, glorify, honour. II. (+) to determine, fix limits, #Wid#42.

mrapeldre f. apple-tree forming part of a boundary, KC 3390^5.

mrbrc m. boundary-brook, KC.

mrc (1) == mearc; (2) = mearg

mrcnoll m. boundary-knoll, EC 445.

mrdc f. boundary-dyke, KC.

mre = (1) mare; (2) mere I.

mre I. () famous, great, excellent, sublime, splendid, , AO, CP. [cp. Ger. mre, mrchen] II. pure, sterling (ofmoney). [v.'mere' adj.] III. (, usu. +) boundary, border, Mk, VPs; Mdf. ['mere'sb.]

mrelsrp m. ship's rope, cable, WW.

mretorht = meretorht

mrgen = morgen

mrh (Cp, Ep) = mearg

mrh- = mearh-

[[Printed on one line: mrh (Cp, Ep), mrh- = mearg, mearh-]]

mr-hege, -haga, -hege m. boundary-hedge, EC 447.

mrhlsa m. notoriety, WW 382^10.

mrian to be distinguished, DHy.

mringcwudu n. mastic of sweet basil? Lcd 131a.

+mrlacu f. boundary stream, EC 387.

mrlic () great, splendid, glorious, famous, , AO, CP. adv. -lce,.

mrnes f. greatness, honour, fame.

mrpul m. boundary-pool, EC 445.

mrpytt m. pit that forms part of a boundary (BT),KC.

mrsc = mersc

mrsere () m. herald, DR 56^17.

mrsian () I. to make famous, celebrate, proclaim, declare, announce, , CP: celebrate: glorify, honour, exalt, praise, : spread (offame): enlarge. II. to mark out, bound, limit.

mrstn m. boundary stone, BC. ['mere-stone']

mrsung () f. fame, report, renown: celebration, festival, : exalting, magnifying: () magnificence, celebrity.

mrsungtma m. time of glorifying, H 2360^25.

mr = mear

mr f. glory, repute, fame: famous exploit, glorious achievement, , AO,CP.

mrorn m. boundary-hawthorn, KC.

mru = mr

mrum (instr. of mr) adv. gloriously.

mru = mearu

+mrung? 'consummatio,' RHy 5^10.

mrw- = mearu-

mrweg m. boundary road, Ct.

mrweorc m. noble work, PPs 110^4.

mrwyll m. boundary stream.

mscre (?) f. mesh, WW 450^10.

msen brazen (Earle); of maple (BT), EC 250.

mslere m. sacristan, GD.

msling, mslen (MkL) = mstling

mssanhacele = mssehacele

msse (e) f. 'mass,' Eucharist, celebration of Eucharist, , BH, OET; CP: special mass day, festival of the church. [L. missa]

mssefen m. eve of a festival.

msse-bc f. nap. -bc 'mass-book,' missal, LL.

mssecrda m. creed said at mass, Nicene creed.

mssedg m. 'mass-day,' festival, Bl.

mssegierela m. mass-vestment, surplice, CP 87^19.

mssehacele f. mass-vestment, cope, chasuble, LV 40, WW 327^22.

mssehrgl n. vestment, surplice, CP.

msselc n. mass-offering, host, WW.

msseniht f. eve of a festival.

msseprost m. 'mass-priest,' clergyman, high priest, , AO;CP.

msseprosthd m. office or orders of a mass-priest,BH.

msseprostscr f. district for which a mass priest officiated,LL.

msserbana m. murderer of a priest, W 165^28.

mssere m. priest who celebrates mass, Az. ['masser']

msseraf n. mass-vestment, .

mssesang m. office of mass.

mssesteall m? seat in a church choir, v. NC 307^348.

mssetd f. time of saying mass, LL (140^20).

msseegn m. mass-priest, LL 460[5].

mssenung f. service of the mass, celebration of mass, A 118.

msse-hta? m. or -hte? n. hour, or service, of matins on a feast-day, NC 307.

mssewn (e) n. wine used at mass, WW.

mssian () _to celebrate 'mass,'_ _: (+) _attend mass_.

mst I. m. (ship's) 'mast,' B; , AO. II. m. 'mast,' food of swine, acorns, beechnuts, BC.

mst (, ) I. adj. (superl. of micel), AO, Chr, Bo, Mt. ['most'] II. adv. mostly, for the most part, in the greatest degree, chiefly, especially. ealm., m.eal almost, nearly. nearly every one, , AO, CP. III. n. most.

mstan to feed with mast, fatten, , CP. [Ger. msten]

mstcyst f. mast-socket, WW.

mstelberg m. fattened hog, MtL 6^7. [bearg]

msten m. mast, pasture for swine.

mstenrden f. right of feeding swine in mast-pastures, KC 3451^10.

mstentrow n. tree yielding mast, WW 137^23.

mstland f. land on which there is mast, TC 140^2.

mstlicost adv. (superl.) particularly, CM 1169.

mstling I. n. brass, WW: brazen vessel, Mk. ['maslin'; Ger. messing] II. fatling, OEG 61^29.

mstlingsmi m. brass-worker, WW 539^6.

mstln sbpl. pulleys at the lop of a mast, WW 199^30.

mstrden = mstenrden

mstrp m. mast-rope, Ex 82.

msttwist m. rope which supports a mast, WW.

mt I. pret. 3 sg. of metan. II. = mete m.

mtan _to dream_ (impers.), _; (trans.) _Lcd_. ['_mete_']

mte == mete

mte () mean, moderate, poor, inferior, small, bad. [metan]

+mte suitable as to size, RB; L. ['meet']

mtfst- = metfst-

+mtgan to lessen, limit.

+mtgian (L) = +metgian

mting f. dream, Lcd. ['meting']

mton pret. pl. of metan.

m I. f. _measure, degree, proportion, rate_, _; AO: _honour, respect, reverence_, _LL_: _what is meet, right, fitness, ability, virtue, goodness_, , CP: _condition, lot, state, rank_, . ['_methe_'] II. n. _cutting of grass_, _BC_. ['_math_']

m- = mg-

megian to honour, respect, spare, W; . ['methe']

mel (e) n. council, meeting, popular assembly: () speech, interview.

melcwide (e) m. discourse.

melern n. council-house, prtorium.

melfri (l) mn. security ('fri') enjoyed by public assemblies, LL3 [1], (v.2464).

mel-hgende , -hergende holding conclave, deliberating.

melstede (e) m. place of assembly: battlefield.

melword (e) n. address, speech.

mere = mre

mful humane, Gr. ['metheful']

mian = megian

ml = mel

mlan (Cr) = maelian

mlas _immoderate, rapacious_, _. ['_metheless_']

mlic moderate, proportioned, befitting, Gr, TC. adv. -lce humanely, courteously. ['methely']

mmd f. pay for haymaking, LL 452.

mre m. mower, WW.

mrian to honour, LL.

mung f. measure, extent, NC 307.

mw (ea, e) m. 'mew,' sea-gull, Cp, Shr(e).

mwpul () m. sea-gulls' pool, Ct.

mfealdra comp. of manigfeald.

maffian to go astray. maffiende waxing, wanton, NC 307.

mag- = mg-

maga I. m. 'maw,' stomach, Cp, Lcd, WW; , CP. II. powerful, strong.

mga I. m. son, descendant, young man, man. II. gp. of mg.

magan swv. pres. 1, 3 sg. mg; 2, meaht, miht; pl. magon; pret. 3 sg. meahte to be able, have permission or power (I 'may,' I can), to be strong, competent, avail, prevail, , B, Bo, G, etc.; CP. mg wi avails against, cures, Lcd.

mgas v. mg.

magae = magee

magdalatrow n. almond-tree, WW 139^11. [L. amygdala]

mage f. (WW 159^14) = maga

mge () f. female relative, B; . ['mowe']

mgect ptc. augmented, WW. [ecan]

magee (^1, o^2) f. camomile, mayweed, Lcd, WW. ['maythe']

magian to prevail, ERPs 12^5; NC 348.

magister () m. leader, chief, master, teacher, , Bo; AO, CP. [L. magister]

magisterdm (mgster-) m. office of a master or teacher, Sc 120^9. ['masterdom']

+mglic = +mlic

+magnian to be restored to health, GD 338^30.

mago (magu) m. gs. maga, nap. mcgas male kinsman, son, descendant, man: young man, servant: man, warrior.

magodryht f. band of warriors, B 67.

magogeogu f. youth, Cr 1429.

magordend m. counsellor of men, An 1463.

magorswa m. chief, prince.

magorinc m. youth, man, warrior.

magotimber n. child, son: increase of family, progeny.

magotdor n. descendant, offspring.

magoe, mage = magee

magoegn m. vassal, retainer, warrior, man, servant, minister.

magu = mago

mgwlite = mgwlite

mh bad, wanton, shameless, importunate.

mahan = magon pres. pl. of magan.

+mhlic == +mlic

+mhnes f. importunity, persistence: shamelessness.

maht (VPs) = miht

ml I. n. suit, cause, case, action, terms, agreement, covenanted pay, Chr. h scylode ix scypa of mle he paid nine ships out of commission, Chr 1049#c#. ['mail'] II. n. spot, mark, blemish, . III. = mln.

mldg = mldg

+mlic importunate: wanton, shameless: wicked. adv. -lce.

+mlicnes f. importunity: wantonness, shamelessness,CP.

malscrung f. enchantment, charm.

mlswyrd n. sword with inlaid ornament, TC 560^33. [ml]

malt (Gl) == mealt

malwe (WW) = mealwe

mamme f. teat, GPH 401^77. [L. mamma]

mamor, mamra m. lethargy, heavy sleep, Gl.

mmrian to think out, design, PPs 63^5.

man I. pron. indef. one, people, they, B, Mt; . ['man'] II. = mann. III. pres. 3 sg. of munan.

mn I. n. evil deed, crime, wickedness, guilt, sin, : false oath, P 216^14. II. adj. bad, criminal, false, AO. [ON. mein]

+man (o) having a mane, WW 492^20.

man- = mann-

+mna m. community, company, : companionship, intercourse, BH: cohabitation. t +mnan in common, CP. ['mone']

mana pres. 3 sg. of manian.

mn m. false oath, perjury, LL; HL. ['manath'; Ger. meineid]

mnbealu n. crime, cruelty, Da 45.

manbt (o^1) f. fine paid to the lord of a man slain, LL (v.2576). ['manbote']

mnbryne m. fatal, destructive fire, Chr 962#a#.

mancgere = mangere

manc-s, -cas, -cos, -cus m., gp. mancessa (CP) a 'mancus,' thirty silver pence, one-eighth of a pound, ,BC.

mancwealm m. mortality, pestilence, destruction, Chr; AO. ['manqualm']

mancwealmnes f. manslaughter, NG.

mancwyld (o) f. mortality, pestilence, BH 190^8.

mancynn n. mankind, , B, Bl: inhabitants, people, men, CP. ['mankin']

mancyst f. human virtue, MFH 169.

mand (o) f. basket, Cp, MtL (o), WW. ['maund']

mndd f. sin, crime, , AO, CP.

mndde evil-doing, wicked.

mndeorf wicked, LL (382^12).

mandram m. revelry, festivity.

mndrinc m. poison, Rd 24^13.

mandryhten m. lord, master.

maneg = manig

mnfhu f. wickedness, Gen 1378.

manfaru f. host, troop, Gu 257.

mnfeld m. field of crime ('campus sceleratus'), AO 108^20.

mnfolm f. evil-doer, PPs 143^8.

mnforddla m. evil-doer, B 563.

mnforwyrht n. evil deed, sin.

mnfra m. lord of evil, Devil.

mnfremmende sinning, vicious.

mnful wicked, evil, infamous, degraded, : fearful, dire.

mnfullic infamous, evil, sinful, . adv. -lce,.

mnfulnes f. wickedness, .

manfultum m. military force, AO (o^1).

+mang I. n. mixture, union: troop, crowd, multitude: congregation, assembly: business: cohabitation. in +m. during. on +m. in the midst of. II. prep. (w.d. ora.) among,.

mngenga m. evil-doer, BH 36^5.

mngenla m. evil persecutor, An 918.

+mangennes = +mangnes

mangere m. trader, merchant, broker, .

mngewyrhta m. sinner, PPs 77^38.

mangian to trade, , CP.

+mang-nes, -ennes f. mingling, mixture, OEG.

mangung f. trade, business, .

mangunghs n. house of merchandise, Jn 2^16.

mnhs n. home of wickedness, hell, Ex 535.

manian (o) to remind, admonish, warn, exhort, instigate, , CP: instruct, advise, : claim, demand, ask. [Ger. mahnen]

mndel vain and bad (words).

maniend m. admonisher, CP 400^13: collector.

manif- = manigf-

manig (^1, e^1, o^1, e^1) nap. manega 'many,' many a, much, , AO, B, BH;CP.

manigean = manian

manigeo = menigu

manigfeald (, e, o^1) manifold, various, complicated, , CP: numerous, abundant: plural.

manigfealdian to multiply, abound, increase, extend, OEG (^1); CP(a^3). ['manifold']

manigfealdlic manifold. adv. -lce in various ways, CP: (gram.) in the plural number. ['manifoldly']

manigfealdnes f. multiplicity, great number, abundance, complexity, WW. ['manifoldness']

manigses (mani-) adv. many times, often, W 144^11.

manig-taw (^1), -twe, -twe skilful, dexterous,.

manigtawnes (mnitw-) f. skill, dexterity, OEG.

manlas uninhabited, WW (o). ['manless']

mnlic infamous, nefarious, .

manlca m. effigy, image, statue.

manlce adv. manfully, nobly, B. ['manly']

manlufu f. love for men, Gu 324.

manm- = mannm-

mann (o) m., nap. men(n) person (male or fem.), , Bl, Lcd, Mt, VHy; AO, CP: mankind, Mk, VPs: brave man, hero: vassal, servant: name of the rune for m.

mann-, see also man-.

manna I. m., man, . II. n. manna (food), , CP. [L.]

mannbre producing men, H 1450.

mannaca (mon-) m. issue, progeny, AO 158^20.

mannian to 'man,' garrison, Chr 1087#e#.

mannmgen (o) n. troop, force, cohort, JnL 18^3.

mannmenigu (o) f. multitude, AO.

mannmyrring f. destruction of men, Chr 1096.

manrden f. _dependence, homage, service, tribute, due_, _. ['_manred_']

manrm n. number of men.

mnsceatt m. usury, PPs 71^14.

mnsceaa m. enemy, sinner.

mnscild f. crime, fault, sin, Hy 8^23.

manscipe m. humanity, courtesy, BC. ['manship']

mnscyldig criminal, guilty.

manslht = manslieht

manslaga m. man-slayer, murderer, .

mnslagu f. cruel blow, An 1218.

manslan^6 to kill, murder, RB 16^18 (or ? two words).

manslege m. manslaughter, homicide.

manslieht (e^2, i^2) m. manslaughter, murder, CP. ['manslaught']

manslot share in ownership of land? measure of land? v.NC 307. [ON. mannshlutr]

-mnsumian, -mnsumung v. -m.

mansws meek, RPs 24^9.

mnswara (o^2) m. perjurer.

mnswaru f. perjury. [swerian]

mnswerian^6 to forswear, perjure oneself, LL. ['manswear']

mnswica m. deceiver, traitor (mann-? v. LL 2142).

mansylen (i^2) f. traffic in men, act of selling men as slaves. [sellan]

manaw m. habit, custom (? sometimes mnaw sinful custom).

manof m. man-stealer, v. LL 2542.

manwre (o) gentle, kind, humane, mild, meek, L, CP. [OHG. mandwri]

+manwrian to humanize, CP 362^21.

manwrnes (o) f. gentleness, courtesy, weakness, L (^2),CP.

manu f. 'mane,' Erf 1182.

manung f. admonition, CP: claim: place of toll: district for purposes of tribute or taxation: residents in a taxing district.

mnwamm (o^2) m. guilty stain, Cr 1280.

mnweorc I. n. crime, sin. II. adj. sinful.

manweorod (o) m. collection of men, troop, congregation, assembly,AO.

manweorung f. adoration of human beings, LL (248^3).

manwse (o) f. manner or custom of men.

mnword n. wicked word, PPs 58^12.

mnwrce wicked, WW 426^19.

mnwyrhta m. evil-doer, sinner.

manwyr n. value or price of a man, LL.

mapulder (o^2) m. maple tree.

mapuldern made of maple.

mapul-dre, -dor, -dur f., -tro m. (Mdf) = mapulder

mra m., mre fn. (compar. of micel) greater, 'more,' stronger, mightier, , Bl, CP. adv. in addition, Mt.

mran = mran

mrbam (VPs) = mrbam

marc n. a denomination of weight (usu. half a pound), mark (money of account).

marcian = mearcian

mare I. f. silver weed, Lcd 274^9. II. f. nightmare, monster, Ep (e), Lcd. ['mare']

mre v. mra.

mrels = mrelsrp

marenis = mearuwnes

margen- = morgen-

market n. market, TC 422^20. [L. mercatum]

marma m. marble. [L. marmor]

marman-stn (marmel-, marm(or)-) m. marble, piece of marble, , Bl. ['marmstan']

marmstngedelf n. quarrying of marble, H 1560^32.

-marod v. -m.

martir, martyr(e) m. 'martyr,' BH; , AO. [L.]

martirlogium m. martyrology, IM 122^45.

martr- = martyr-

martyrdm m. 'martyrdom,' BH; , CP.

martyrhd m. martyrdom.

+mar-tyrian, -trian to 'martyr,' AO, BH.

martyrracu f. martyrology, L 23^334.

martyrung f. passion (of Christ), AO 254^24. ['martyring']

mru = mr

mrfle horehound. [L. marrubium]

masc = max

mse f. name of a small bird, Gl. [Ger. meise]

-masian v. -m.

massere m. merchant: moneylender, #Bk#10.

mst = mst

matte (Cp) = meatte

mattuc (^1, ea^1, e^1, eo^1, o^2) m. 'mattock,' A, AO; : fork, trident.

m pret. 3 sg. of man.

maa m. maggot, worm, grub, WW. ['mathe']

maal- = mael-

+mael n. speech, talking. [ml]

maelere m. speaker, haranguer, WW. [v. 'mathele']

maelian (^1, e^1, a^2, o^2) to harangue, make a speech, speak, An (e), B, Cp, Cr (). ['mell,' 'mathele']

maelig tumultuous, turbulent, KGl 75^23.

maelung f. garrulity, loquacity, OEG. [v.'mathele']

mm = mum

mm- see also mum.

mmht f. valuable thing, treasure.

mmcleofa (md-) m. treasure-chamber, (9^277).

mmcyst f. treasure-chest, Mt 27^6.

mmgestron n. treasure, B, MFH.

mmhord n. treasure-hoard, Ex 368.

mmhs n. treasure-house, treasury, AO,CP.

mmhyrde m. treasurer, Bo 64^13.

maolian = maelian

mum == mum, mm

maum-ft n., pl. -fatu precious vessel, .

mumgesteald n. treasure, Jul 36.

mumgifu f. gift of treasure, B 1301.

mumgyfa m. giver of treasure, prince, king, #Wa#92.

mumsele m. hall of treasure, Sol 189.

mumsigle n. costly ornament, B 2757.

mumsweord n. costly sword, B 1023.

mumwela m. valuables, B 2750.

mau f. = maa

mum m., gs. mmes treasure, object of value, jewel, ornament, gift, Gn, Met; CP. ['madme']

mum- = mm-, mum-

mwan^7 to 'mow,' AO, BH.

mwpul = mwpul

max n. net, WW. ['mask']

mxwyrt f. mash-wort (malt soaked in boiling water), Lcd.

me I. das. of pers. pron. ic me. II. (RB35^9; 127^13) = menn [[II.form of "man"]]

meagol (e) mighty, strong, firm, emphatic, impressive. [magan]

meagollce adv. earnestly, Bl.

meagolmd earnest, strenuous.

meagolmdnes f. earnestness, Bl.

meagolnes f. earnestness, strength of will, Bl,HL.

meaht I. == miht. II. pres. 2 sg. of magan.

meahte pret. 3 sg. of magan.

mealc pret. of meolcan.

mealcle ?= meolcle

mealehs = meluhs

mealewe = mealwe

mealm = mealmstn

mealmeht sandy? chalky? KC 3394^13. [v.'malm']

mealmstn m. soft stone, sandstone? limestone? AO 212^28. [v.'malm']

mealt I. n. steeped grain, 'malt,' Ct, Ep. [meltan] II. pret. 3 sg. of meltan.

mealtealo m? n? malt-ale, ANS 84^325.

mealtgescot n. payment in malt, W 171^2.

mealths n. 'malt-house,' WW.

mealtwurt f. 'malt-wort,' WW. [wyrt]

mealu = melu

mealwe f. 'mallow,' Lcd; . [L. malva]

mear = mearh

mearc (, e) f. () 'mark,' sign, line of division, , MkL (e): standard, Gr: () boundary, limit, term, border, BC, Gen; CP; Mdf. t s +mearces e in the direction that: defined area, district, province,AO.

mearca m. space marked out.

mearcere () m. writer, notary, OEG.

mearcgemot court for settling boundaries of properties? v.LL 2143.

mearchof n. dwelling, Ex 61.

mearcian to 'mark,' stain, brand, seal, BC, LL, MtL, Ph; : mark a boundary, delimit, define, describe, designate, , Gen: mark out, design, Bo: create: note, observe.

mearc-sern, -sen n. branding-iron.

mearcland n. border-land, march, moor: () province, country, district: sea-coast, Rd 4^23.

mearcp m. road, path.

mearcstapa m. march-haunter.

mearcstede m. border-land, desolate district, Sol 217.

mearcrat m. army, troop, Ex 173.

mearcung (, e) f. marking, branding: mark, characteristic: () description, arrangement: constellation: title, chapter,NG.

mearcwadu np. shallows, water by the shore.

mearcweard m. wolf, Ex 168.

meard = (1) meord, md; (2) mear

[[(1) Printed as shown: "meord" (meor) and "md" are different words.]]

mares v. mearh.

mearg, mearh (, e) nm. I. 'marrow,' pith, Lcd. II. sausage. [=mrg] [[headword spelled "mrh"]]

margealle (e^1, e^2) m. gentian, Lcd. [mearh]

+meargian to be rich, marrowy, LPs 65^15.

mearglic marrowy, fat, VPs (e).

mearh, mearg m., gs. mares horse, steed.

mearhccel n. sausage-meat, WW 411^20.

mearhcofa m. bone, PPs 101^3.

mearhgehc n. sausage-meat, WW 427^30.

mearmstn = marmanstn

mearn pret. 3 sg. of murnan.

+mearr I. n. stumbling-block, obstruction, error, CP. [Goth. gamarzeins] II. wicked, fraudulent, LL 140[1,5].

mearrian to err, Bo 55^23.

mear (, e) m. marten, Ep, AO. ['mart']

mearu (, e, y), mear(u)w- in obl. cases tender, soft, Lcd: frail, GD 119^17. ['meruw']

mearulic (merwe, mrw-) frivolous. adv. -lce delicately, luxuriously,GD.

mearuwnes f. tenderness, frailty, CP.

mast = mst

meatte (a) f. 'mat,' mattress, WW. [L. matta]

maw = mw

mec as. of ic pers. pron.

+mec = +mc

mce m. sword, blade. [Goth. mki]

mcefisc () m. mullet, Gr 308^5.

mecg = mcg

mecgan to mix, stir.

mech = me

mechanisc mechanical, . [L.]

md I. f. 'meed,' reward, pay, price, compensation, bribe, L (gs.mdes), B, BH, Bl; CP. II. = md

med- in comp. principally indicates mediocrity, but often comes to have a distinct negative value; see, e.g., medtrum, medws. [midde]

mda v. md.

-mdan v. on-m.

medder = mder

medder-, meddr- = mdr-

meddrosna fp. dregs of mead, Lcd 48a.

+mde I. n. consent, permission, agreement, covenant. II. agreeable, pleasant.

medel = mel

medeme (eo) middling, average, mean, little: sufficient, considerable, respectable, proper, fit, worthy, trustworthy, perfect,CP.

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