The Annual Catalogue: Numb. II. (1738)
Author: Various
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{Transcriber's note:

Some books have no price listed in the original, and some publishers have no address listed. These are indicated by {no price} and {no address} respectively.

A few typographical errors have been corrected. They are listed, and other possible errors noted, at the end of the etext.}


Annual Catalogue:


Or, A new and compleat LIST of



New Editions of BOOKS,



In History, Divinity, Law, Poetry, Plays, Novels, Painting, Architecture, and all other Sciences, from January the First, 1737, to January the First, 1738. Giving an Account of the Prices they sell for, also a List of the Names and Places of Abode of the several Booksellers, &c. whom printed by.

Useful to all who delight in Reading, but more especially to Gentlemen, Ladies, and Booksellers in the Country; not only to let them know what Books are published, but their exact Prices.


Printed for J. Worrall, in Bell-Yard, near Lincoln's-Inn; C. Corbett, against St Dunstan's Church in Fleet-street; Mess. Ward and Chandler, without Temple-Bar, 1738 [Price Six-Pence.]



In the Preface to the First Number of this Catalogue, I mentioned that the Design of it was Principally intended to inform Gentlemen, Ladies, &c. who live remote from London, (at a small Expence), what Books, Pamphlets, Prints, &c. were published in the Preceeding Year; with their exact Prices, and whom printed for. And to make this Annual Catalogue more Compleat and Useful, I have added an Alphabetical LIST of the Booksellers Names, and Places of Abode, it being very proper when an Order is sent for Books, &c. to mention who they are printed for, and where they live.


BOOKS lately publish'd, Sold by J. WORRALL, C. CORBETT, Mess. WARD and CHANDLER.

Manby's Law and Practice of Fines and Recoveries, from the Praecipe to the Final Issue. Containing not only the Method of passing them in the Common Form, but where they vary, as in London, Chester, Lancaster, the great Sessions of Wales, &c. 8vo. 5s.

Law Quibbles, Tricks, Turns, and Evasions in the Law, 4th Edition, with the Addition of a Second Part, containing Precedents of Conveyances in Extraordinary Cases, and Law Notes thereon, 8vo. 4s. 6d.

History and Practice of the Common Pleas, by a late Learned Hand, 8vo. 4s.

Customs and Privileges of Stepney and Hackney, in the County of Middlesex. Of Tenants Neglect, Admission, By-Laws, &c. with an Act of Parliament for the perpetual Establishment of the said Customs, 12mo. 1s. 6d.


Annual CATALOGUE NO II. for the Year 1737.

Abridgment and Review of a Discourse, concerning the Law of Inheritance in Fee, 8vo. F. Gyles, 6d.

Abstract of all the Acts passed in the 10th Year of K. George 2d, J. Basket, 3s. 6d.

Account of the Burning the City of London, J. Stone, 6d.

Account of the Proceedings, &c. on the Tythe-Bill, J. Roberts, 6d.

Account of Two Rebellions at Constantinople, in 1730, and 1731, Translated from the French, G. Smith, 1s. 6d.

Act, Declaration, &c. for the Doctrine, &c. of the Church of Scotland, J. Davidson, 1s.

Acts of Parliament, passed in the 10th Year of the Reign of K. George the 2d, J. Basket, 1l. 3s.

Addison's Maxims, &c. 2d Edit. E. Curl, 3s.

Address to the Batchelors of Great Britain, 3d Edit. J. Wilford, 1s.

Advice to Servants, J. Roberts, 4d.

Albania: A Poem, T. Cooper, 1s.

Allen's (Math.) Farrier's Assist. E. Symon, 2s. 6d.

Amintas: A Dramatick Pastoral, W. Lewis, J. Whiston, 2s.

Anatomy epitomized, in 17 large Fol. Copper Plates, J. Noon, 6s.

Anderson's (J.) Sermon in the Old-Baily, R. Ford, 6d.

Annual Catalogue of all the new Books, new Editions of Books, Pamphlets, &c. publish'd from Jan. 1, 1736, to Jan. 1, 1737 J. Worrall, C. Corbett, Mess. Ward and Chandler, and W. Warner, 12mo. 6d.

Apostolical Rule concerning the Ordination of Ministers, &c. J. Davidson, 6d.

Arbuthnot's (John) Essay concerning the Nature of Aliments and the Choice of them, &c. 8vo. 3d Edit. Mess. Tonson, 5s.

Armstrong's (J.) Synopsis of the History and Cure of Venereal Diseases, 8vo. A. Millar, 6s.

Arnold's (R.) Visit. Sermon at Leicester, 22d April, T. Payne, 6d.

Arrowsmith's (Edw.) Sermon before the Ld. Mayor Jan. 31, 1737, E. Comyns, 6d.

Artless (The) Muse; Six Poetical Essays, D. Farmer, 1s.

Art of Life, Mess. Gilliver and Clarke, 6d.

Astrue's Treatise of the Venereal Disease, with a View of the Writings upon this Head, translated into English, 2 Vols. Innys, 8vo, &c. 10s.

Atkinson's (B. A.) Four Discourses, with an Appendix in relation to the Moral Philosopher, D. Farmer, 1s. 6d.


Bacchus and Venus: Or, A Collection of near 200 Songs and Sketches in Love and Gallantry, 12mo. R. Montagu, 1s.

Bailey's Universal English Dictionary, a new Edit. D. Midwinter, 7s.

Baker's Medulla Poetarum Romanorum: Or, The most beautiful Passages of the Roman Poets, 2 Vol. Mess. Pemberton, &c. 12s.

Batchelor of Salamanca: Or, Memoirs of Don Cherubim de la Ronda, 3 Parts, 12mo. C. Hitch, G. Hawkins, 3s.

Bayne's (D.) Essay on the Nerves, &c. Innys. 2s. 6d.

Bearcroft's Historical Account of Tho. Sutton, Esq; and of his Foundation in the Charter-House, Mess. Knapton and Birt, 5s.

Beauties (The) of the English Stage: Consisting of Passages, Soliloquies, Similies, Descriptions, and other Poetical Beauties, in the English Plays, Ancient and Modern, 2 Vols. 12mo. C. Corbett, &c. 5s.

Bellamy's (Dan.) Christian School-Master: Or, Abstract of Scripture History, 2 Parts, S. Birt, J. Hodges, 1s.

Berriman's (Dr.) Sermon before the Sons of the Clergy, 21 April, 1737 C. Rivington, 6d.

Bickham's Musical Entertainer, J. Harper, each No 6d.

Biographia Britannica: Or, Select Lives of Eminent Men, 5 Vols. E. Curt, 1l. 10s.

Blackwell's (Mrs.) Herbal, Vol. 1. S. Harding {no price}

Boerhave's Elements of Chymistry abridg'd, with the Cuts and Explanations contained in the Original, 8vo. C. Rivington, 6s.

Bolder's Help to Devotion, R. Hett, 1s. 6d.

Boston's (Tho.) Sermons on the Wisdom of God, 3s.

Bourn's (Sam.) Christian Family Prayer Book, 12mo. R. Ford, 2s.

Boyd's (Mrs.) Female Page. A Novel, O. Payne, 4s.

Boyer's French Grammar, a new Edit. D. Midwinter, 2s.

Bracken's (Hen.) Midwife's Companion: Or, A Treatise of Midwifry, &c. J. Clark and J. Shugburgh, 2s. 6d.

Bracken's Farriery improv'd: A Compleat Treatise of the Art, with an Account of the Drugs, &c. used therein, J. Shugburgh, 6s.

Bracken's Gentleman's Pocket Farrier, with Addit. and Remarks, T. Astley, 1s.

Breval's (John) Remarks on Sicily, Naples, Rome, &c. 2 Vols, H. Lintott, 2l. 12s. 6d.

Breval's Rape of Helen: A Mock Opera, J. Wilford, 1s.

Bridges of Divine Wisdom and Providence, 2d Edit. J. Roberts, 1s.

Brief Account of many of the Prosecutions of the People called Quakers, T. Sowle, 2s.

British Librarian, T. Osborne, each No. 1s.

Broome's (W.) Sermon at the Assizes in Norwich, August 8 1737, S. Birt, 6d.

Broughton's (Tho.) Bibliotheca Historica Sacra: Or, An Historical Library, of Religion antient and modern, Vol. 1. S. Austen, 1l. 10s.

Broughton's Christian Soldier: Or, Duties of a Christian Life recommended to the Army. A Sermon preach'd in the Tower Chapel, C. Rivington, 6d.

Browne's (Will.) Benefit and Comfort of Christian Revelation, a Sermon at Edinburgh, J. Davidson, {no price}

Buchanani (G.) Scoti Poetarum, J. Davidson. {no price}

Buchanani de Medi Templo Logica; in Usum Juventutis Philosophiam, Studentis, T. Waller, 2s.

Buchanani Psalmorum Paraphrasis nova Editio cum Variorum notis, J. Davidson, 7s. 6d.

Bundy's (Rich.) Roman History, with Notes Historical, &c. Illustrated with Maps, Copper Plates, Medals, &c. Vol. 6th, A. Millar, 1l. 10s.

Bunyan's Works, Vol. 2d, Folio, A. Ward, &c. {no price}

Burnet's (Tho.) Scripture Doctrine of the Redemption of the World, &c. C. Hitch, 1s. 6d.

Burnet's (Gilb.) Defence of Natural and Revealed Religion: Being an Abridgment of the Sermons, at Boyle's Lecture, with a General Index, 4 Vols. Mess. Bettesworth and Hitch, 1l. 4s.

Burnet's Travels, a new Edit. G. Anderson, 3s.

Burroughs's (Jos.) Sermon on New-Year's-Day, J. Noon, 6d.

Bysshe's (Edw.) Art of English Poetry, 2 Vols. 11th Edit. 12mo. 5s.


Carleton's (Geo.) Sermons at the Royal Chapel of White-hall, 8vo. W. Parker, 5s.

Cases adjudged in the Court of King's Bench and C. Pleas, from the Second, to the End of the Reign of K. Will. the 3d, H. Lintott, 1l. 10s.

Catcott's Answer to the Observations on a Sermon at Bristol, Mess. Knapton, 1s.

Calliope: A Collection of Favourite Songs, engrav'd, J. Roberts, each No. 4d.

Chamberlayne's Present State of Great Britain, 33d Edit. 6s.

Champion's Practical Arithmetick, 4s.

Chapman's (Edm.) Reply to Mr Douglass's Account of Midwifry, T. Cooper, 1s.

Characters and Properties of true Charity display'd, translated from the original French, 8vo. C. Davis, 3s. 6d.

Charge delivered to the Clergy of Litchfield and Coventry, in 1735, 1736. By the Bishop of that Diocese, Mess. Knapton, {no price}

Chubb's Equity and Reasonableness of the Divine Conduct, in pardoning Sinners upon their Repentance, &c. T. Cox, 1s. 6d.

Church of England's Complaints to the Parliament and Clergy, &c. J. Torbuck, 1s.

Church of England turned Dissenter, T. Cooper, 1s.

City Charters of Bristol, Knapton, 9s.

City Farce, J. Roberts, 1s.

City Liberties, 2d Edit. Mess. Fox, 3s. 6d.

Clare's (M.) Youth's Introduction to Trade and Business, {no price}

Clark's (Dr.) Sermon at Winchester, 2d Edit. J. Pemberton, 6d.

Clergy's Plea for Quakers Tithes, examined, T. Cooper, 1s.

Clergy's Plea for a settled Maintenance, examined by Philalethes, T. Cooper, 1s.

Clerk's Associate: Containing an Account of the High Court of Chancery, R. Gosling, E. Littleton, J. Worrall, 2s.

Codex no Christian, N. Lloyd, 6d.

Coke's (Ld.) Commentary on Littleton, 12th Edit. R. Gosling, H. Lintott, J. Worrall, 1l. 10s.

Collection of Forms of Prayer, 3d Edit. J. Hutton, 6d.

Collection of Welsh Travels, J. Torbuck, 1s. 6d.

Collection of Protests, from 1641, to 1737, W. Webb, 6s.

Collection of Novels, T. Cooper, 2s. 6d.

Collection of 300 French Songs, Roycaroll, 3s.

Colliber's Known God: Or, The Author of Nature unveil'd, &c. R. Robinson, 1s.

Collyer's (J.) English Spelling Book, 5th Edit. S. Birt, 1s.

Compendious History of the Reformation in France, Vol. 1. H. Chapel, 5s.

Compendious History of the Indian Wars, 12mo. T. Cooper, 2s. 6d.

Compendium Syntaxis Erasmianae, 6th Edit. Mess. Bonwicke, 6d.

Compleat Attorney's Practice in English, in the Court of King's Bench and Common Pleas, 2 Vols. 8vo. F. Clay, H. Lintott, J. Worrall, 10s. 6d.

Compleat English Tradesman, 4th Edit. C. Rivington, 5s.

Compleat Collection of old and new English and Scotch Songs, 4 Pocket Vols. 12mo. J. Clarke, 4s.

Compleat Family Piece, &c. 2d Edit. A. Bettesworth, &c. 3s. 6d.

Conscientious Nonconformity considered and defended, J. Noon, 1s.

Considerations upon lowering Interest, (being for the Reduction), J. Purser, 6d.

Considerations upon lowering Interest, (being against the Reduction), J. Roberts, 6d.

Contrast: (The) Or, The Man of Honour, J. Morgan, 1s.

Cooke's (John) Sermons publish'd from the Original MSS. 2 Vols. 8vo. C. Cave, 10s.

Country Magazine, 8vo. publish'd monthly, J. Read, each 6d.

Country Parson's Advice to his Parishioners, B. Motte, 1s. 6d.

Cowper's (Will.) Anatomy of human Bodies, with curious Figures drawn after the Life, Fol. Mess. Innys and Manby, 5l. 5s.

Cowper on the Muscles, T. Cox, 4l. 4s.

Craftsman, 7 Additional Vols. 12mo. R. Franklyn, 1l. 1s.

Craig's (Jam.) Sermons on several Occasions, at Edinburgh, J. Davidson {no price}

Crimen Peculatus: Or, The Pseudo-Patriots, Wilford, 1s.

Crosby's (Tho.) History of the English Baptists, Vol. 1. A Ward, 5s.

Cruden's (Alex.) Concordance to the Holy Scriptures, R. Hett, 18s.

Cur and the Lap Dog. A Poem, J. Brindley, 6d.

Cure of Deism, 2 Vols. 2d Edit. 8vo. Innys, 10s.


Dale (S.) Pharmacologia, 3d Edit. 4to. Innys, 12s.

Dangerous Consequences of Luxury, &c. T. Cooper, 1s.

Daniel's Poetical Paraphrase upon some select Psalms, &c. J. Fisher, 2s.

D'Anois's Tales of the Fairies, 3 Vols. 3d Edit. R. Ware, 7s. 6d.

D'Anvers's Abridgment, Fol. Vol. 3d, T. Waller, J. Worrall, 16s.

Davis's (John) Essay on the Art of Decyphering, with Dr Wallis's Discourse on that Subject, Mess. Gilliver and J. Clarke, 1s. 6d.

Deering's improved Method of treating the Small Pox, C. Rivington, {no price}

De la Garde's (M.) Adventures of 300 Years between Prince Friolo and Princess Clelia, C. Corbett, 1s.

Denne's (John) Sermon before the H. of Commons, 11th of June, 1737, Mess. Pemberton, 6d.

Description of China, E. Cave, each No. 1s.

Dialogue between a Baptist and a Church-man, 6d.

Directory for the Year 1737, H. Kent, 6d.

Diseases of the Bath. A Satire, Folio, J. Roberts, 1s.

Dissertation on the Liberty of the Subject in Great Britain, J. Roberts, 1s.

Defence of the Moral Philosopher, J. Roberts, 6d.

Defoe's Plan of English Commerce, 2d Edit. C. Rivington, 5s.

Defence of M. Chauvelin, late Keeper of the Seals in France, J. Roberts, 6d.

Distress'd Fair: Or, The Happy Unfortunate, T. Cooper, 1s.

Distress'd Poet represented; a Print by Mr Hogarth, T. Bakewell, 3s. 6d.

Divine Recreations, C. Rivington, each Part, 6d.

Doctor Codex, no Christian, Lloyd, 1s.

Doddridge's Sermon at Northampton, on the Death of Children, R. Hett, 6d.

Doddridge's Ordination Sermon, R. Hett, 1s.

Dodsley's (R.) King and the Miller of Mansfield, a Dramatick Tale, 8vo. T. Cooper, R. Dodsley, 1s.

Domat's Civil Law in its natural Order, by Dr Strahan, 2 Vol. 2d Edition with Additions (the Additions sold alone.) G. Strahan, 2l. 5s.

Dougharty's (John) General Gauger, 5th Edit. Knapton, 2s. 6d.

Douglass's (John) Dissertation on the Venereal Disease, sold by the Author in Lad Lane, 1s.

Douglass's Dissert. on the Venereal Disease, Part 2d, sold by the Author, 1s. 6d.

Dragon of Wantley. A Burlesque Opera. J. Shugburgh, 6d.

Drayton's (Mich.) England's Heroical Epistles, 2d Edit. J. Hazard, 3s.

Drury's Rival Milliners, a Pastoral, 8vo. G. Spavan, 1s.

Duck's (Steph.) Vision. A Poem, on the Death of Q. Caroline, J. Roberts, 6d.

Dudgeon's (Will.) Letters to the Rev. Mr Jackson, Mess. Knapton, 1s.

Dyche's (Tho.) Guide to the English Tongue, R. Ware, 1s.

Dyche's Spelling Dict. enlarged, R. Ware, 1s. 6d.


Earle's (Jab.) Sermon at Merchants Lecture, at Salters-hall, December 28, 1736, R. Ford, 6d.

Elwall's true and sure Way to remove Hirelings out of the Church, J. Noon 1s.

England's black Tribunal, 6th Edit. C. Rivington, 5s.

England's (Geo.) Enquiry into the Morals of the Antients, Mess. Bettesworth and Hitch, 9s.

English Gentleman's Guide: A Book of Maps, P. Overton {no price}

English Memorial to obtain Right and Property, 6d.

Enquiries concerning the Angelick Worlds, R. Hett, 4s.

Enquiry into the Law of Nature and Revelation, &c. J. Noon, 1s. 6d.

Enquiry into the Meaning of Demoniacks in the New Testament, J. Roberts, 1s.

Enquiry (A farther) J. Roberts, 1s. 6d.

Enquiry into the Right of Mankind, to Debate freely, concerning Religion, C. Davis, G. Hawkins, 5s.

Epigrams on the A. Bp. of Canterbury, &c. G. Strahan, 6d.

Epistle to Mr Pope, J. Brindley, C. Corbett, 1s.

Epistle, &c. with the Character of three great Quacks, M——p, T——r, and W——d, J. Jones, 6d.

Epistle to Mr Pope, from S. Carolina, 1s.

Essay on Christ's Fear of Death, &c. J. Roberts, 6d.

Essay on Conversation, L. Gilliver, 1s.

Essay on Parties and a Free Government, in the Character of an antient Trimmer, W. Warner, 1s.

Essay on Religion, 2d Edit. J. Roberts, 1s. 6d.

Essay on the Sinking Fund, 2d Edit. J. Peele, 1s. 6d.

Essay to Ascertain the Value of Leases, Annuities, &c. S. Birt, 5s.

Essay on Happiness, J. Walthoe, 1s.

Essay towards vindicating the Literal Sense of Demoniacks in the N. Test. J. Bettenham, 1s. 6d.

Essay on the Vicious Bent of the Times, J. Roberts, 1s.

Every Man his own Lawyer, 2d Edit. enlarged, C. Corbett, 5s.

Eugenio: A Poem inscrib'd to Mr Pope, R. Dodsley, 1s.

Eunuch: Or, The Darby Captain. A Farce, J. Applebee, 1s.

Examination of a Book lately Printed by the Quakers, entituled, A brief Account of many of the Prosecutions of the People called Quakers, J. Roberts, 1s. 6d.

Exercises performed, at a Visitation of the Grammar School of Bristol, 1s. 6d.


Faithful Narrative of the surprizing Conversion of many Hundred Souls in New England, 1s.

False P—-t's Confession: Or, B———ke's Address to Ambition, R. Charlton, 6d.

Family Companion for Health: Or, Easy Rules, which being followed, will keep Families from Diseases, &c. C. Rivington, 5s.

Fatal Consequences of domestick Divisions in the Families or Princes, W. Lloyd, 1s.

Felton's (Hen.) Scripture Doctrine of the Resurrection, in Two Sermons at Oxford, July 25, and Nov. 21, 1736, B. Motte, 1s.

Female Gaper, a Print, 6d.

Female Fumbler. A Tale, with a curious Frontispiece, G. Foster, 6d.

Fenton's Translation of Placete's Death of the Righteous, 2 Vols. 12mo. E. Littleton, 5s.

Fenwick's (Geo.) Sermon at Hallaton, on Occasion of the Small Pox, T. Longman, 6d.

Fenwick's Help for the Sincere, in plain Meditations, &c. T. Longman, 2s. 6d.

Fisher's (Geo.) Instructor: Or, Young Man's best Companion, 4th Edition much enlarged, Bettesworth, 2s. 6d.

Fleetwood's (Bp.) Sermons, Tracts, &c. Fol. 1l. 5s.

Folly. A Poem, T. Cooper, 1s.

Form of the Ceremonial, at the Interment of Q. Caroline, J. Roberts, 3d.

Fortescue de Laudibus Legum Anglia, translated into English, with Mr Selden's Notes, Fol. R. Gosling, J. Worrall, 15s.

Foster's (Sam.) Answer to Dr Stebbing's true State of the Controversy with Mr. Foster, J. Noon, 6d.

Foster's Sermons, Vol. 2d, J. Noon, 5s.

Fothergill's (Geo.) Sermon at Oxford, Jan 3, 1737, J. Roberts, 6d.

Fra. Cipolla, alias, Father Onion, a Tale in Boccace, T. Read, 1s.

Fritch's Art of Painting, No. I. J. Huggonson, 1s.


Gallantries of the Spaw in Germany, 2 Vols. 2d Edition, with or without Cuts, Ward and Chandler, 5s. 6s.

Gardener's Survey, improv'd, Bettesworth, 2s. 6d.

Gay's Poems, 2 Vols. a new Edition, H. Lintott, 5s.

General Dictionary, each No. 3s. 6d.

General Index to the Law, F. Clay, J. Worrall, 12s.

Gentleman's and Builder's Repository: Or, Architecture display'd, J. Hodges, 10s.

Gentleman's Magazine, publish'd Monthly, E. Cave, each Month, 6d.

Gentleman's Magazine: Or, Monthly Oracle, J. Hodges, each Month, 6d.

Genuine Dialogue; facetious and pathetic, by the Author of the Curious Maid, J. Roberts, 1s.

Genuine Epistles of the Apostolical Fathers, by Will. L. Archbishop of Canterbury, 4th Edit. Hitch, Innys, Longman, 6s.

Geography for Children, E. Littleton, J. Hawkins, 1s. 6d.

Gill's (John), Answer to the Bromingham Dialogue Writer, A. Ward, 6d.

Glover's Leonidas. A Poem, 4to R. Dodsley, 10s. 6d.

Godfrey's (Boyle) Miscellaneous Experiment on Various Subjects, J. Robinson, 2s.

Golden (The) Fleece, 3d Edit. J. Roberts, 1s.

Goodwin's (Peter) Sermon on the Death of the Reverend Mr Samuel Bruce, M. A., J. Oswald, 6d.

Gordon's Tacitus, 4 Vols. 8vo. T. Woodward, 1l. 4s.

Gordon's Two Essays, explaining the Hieroglyphical Figures belonging to the Mummy of Capt. Letbieullier and Dr Mead, J. Millar, 4s.

Gould's Innocence distress'd: Or, The Royal Penitents: A Tragedy, T. Longman, 1s. 6d.

Greaves's Miscellaneous Works, 2 Vols. 8vo. publish'd by Tho. Birch, J. Brindley, C. Corbett, 12s.

Green's (Mat.) Spleen. A Poem, A. Dodd, 1s.

Green's (John) Unreasonableness of going on in Sins, &c. J. Buckland, 4d.

Greenwood's Royal English Grammar, 12mo. J. Nourse, 2s.

Grey's (R.) Method of Artificial Memory, 2d Edit. 3s. 6d.

Grey's new Method of Learning Hebrew without Points, J. Stagg, 6s.

Grove's (Hen.) Letter to the Rev. Mr John Ball, on his late Pamphlet, entituled, Some Remarks on a new Way of Preaching, J. Gray, 4d.

Grove's Sermon on the Death of the Rev. Mr Robert Darch, J. Gray 6d.

Guarini's Pastor Fido. To which is added, La Idropica, a Comedy, adorned with above 20 Cuts, H. Chapelle, {no price}


Hadfield's (Dr.) Sermon at an Ordination, J. Davidson 6d.

Happiness. A Poem, J. Wilford, 1s.

Harrington's Oceana, and other Works, a new Edit. A. Millar, 1l. 1s.

Harris's (W.) Nature of the Lord's Supper considered, in 4 Discourses at Salter's-hall, J. Noon, and R. Ford, {no price}

Harris's Sermon, Aug. 1, 1737, R. Ford, 6d.

Harte's (Walt.) Sermon before the University at Oxford, 27 Feb. Gilliver, 6d.

Hartly's Two Discourses recommending Prayer and Charity, Mess. Gyles and Whiston 1s.

Hawksmoor's Proposals, for a Bridge at Westm. {no price}

Heads of the most illustrious Persons of Great Britain, Knapton, each, 1s.

Health. A Poem: Shewing how to Procure, Preserve and restore it, 5th Edit. J. Roberts, 1s.

Henley's (J.) Select Orations on Various Subjects, A. Dodd, 1s.

Hermes Romanus, 6th Edit. augm. R. Ware, 1s.

Heroditus's Egyptian and Graecian History, translated from the Greek, by Isaac Littleton, 3d Edit. 2 Vols. 10s.

Hewit's Tutor for the Beaus, Chandler, 1s. 6d.

High-flown, Episcopal, and Priestly Claims, freely Examined, J. Noon, 6d.

Hint: (The) Or, A Free Thought or Two, T. Cooper, 4d.

Historical Register of all the Transactions, foreign and domestick, publish'd Quarterly, T. Cooper, each, 1s.

Historical View of the Court of Exchequer, by a late Learned Hand, T. Waller, 3s. 6d.

Historical Register: Or, Eurydice hiss'd. A Dramatick Satire, J. Roberts, 1s. 6d.

Histori-Geographical Description of the North and Eastern Parts of Europe and Asia, Innys, 15s.

History of Clorana the Beautiful Arcadian, T. Cooper, 2s. 6d.

History of the Incarnation, Life, Doctrine, &c. of our Saviour Jesus Christ, &c. with 33 Copper Plates, Bettesworth and Hitch, 1l. 5s.

History of Marshal Turenne, 2 Vols. 8vo. T. Woodward, 12s.

History and Practice of the Court of Common Pleas, by a late Learned Judge, Mess. Ward and Chandler, J. Worrall, 4s.

History of the Works of the Learned, publish'd Monthly, T. Cooper, each, 1s. 6d.

Hoadley's (Sam.) Accidence, in Question and Answer, 9th Edit. T. Astley, 1s. 6d.

Hodgson on Fluxions, W. Mount. {no price}

Honest Country Quaker's Plea for Non-payment of Tithes, J. Roberts, 4d.

Hoppus's (E.) Gentleman's and Builder's Repository: Or, Architecture display'd, 4to. J. Hodges, 10s.

Hoppus's Practical Measuring made easy, 2d Edit. improved, E. Wicksteed, M. Steen, 2s.

Hoppus's Country Builder's Estimator: Or, Architect's Companion, J. Hodges, 1s. 6d.

Howell's (Jam.) Familiar Letters, 10th Edit. 5s.

Hull's Description of a new Machine for carrying Ships out of, or into any Harbour against Wind and Tide, &c. T. Boreman, 6d.

Hume's (Jam.) Scripture History of the Jews, 2 Vols. 8vo. J. Davidson, 8s.

I. J.

Jacob's (H.) Donna Clara to her Daughter Teresa; an Epistle, W. Lewis, 6d.

Jacob's (Giles) Gentleman's Law, 2d Edit. T. Waller, 4s. 6d.

Jacob's Tables to the Law, Dedicated to the Duke, F. Cogan, 6s.

Jealousy no Safeguard to Virtue: A Novel, J. Leak, 1s.

Jennings's Sermon before the Societies for Reform of Manners at Salter's-hall, J. Oswald, 6d.

Jesuit (The) ummask'd, T. Cooper, 4d.

Immorality of the Moral Philosopher, J. Noon, 1s.

Impertinent: Or, A Visit to Court. A Satire, Pamphlet Shops, 1s.

Institutes of Learning; vid. Manwaring, {no price}

Intriguing Milliners and Attornies Clerks, a Mock Tragedy, W. Smith, 2s.

Introduction to Geography, by Way of Question and Answer, T. Cox, 2s. 6d.

Introduction of the Antient Greek and Latin Measure in English Poetry, T. Cooper, 1s.


Kenn's (Bp.) retired Christian, 3d Edit. T. Astley, 1s.

Kennet's (Bas.) Antiquities of Rome, 10th Edit. 5s.

Killingworth's Supplem. to the Sermons at Salters-hall, 1s. 6d.

King and the Miller, Vid. Dodsley, {no price}

King Cha. the First, a Tragedy, J. Watts, 1s. 6d.

King's (J.) Essay on Hot and Cold Bathing, &c. Hitch, 3s.

King's Trial of old Father Christmas. T. Cooper, 6d.


Laboratory: Or, School of Arts; with Copper Plates, T. Cox, 4s.

Ladies Miscellany No. I, Furnival's-Inn Coffee-House, 1s.

Lampe's (J.) Method of teaching thorough Bass, 93 Copper Plates, 15s.

Langford's (W.) Sermon, occasioned by the Death of Mrs Honour Wood, J. Davidson, 6d.

Langley's Design for a Bridge at Westminster, J. Millan, 2s.

Lardner's (N.) Credibility of the Gospel History, Part 2. Vol. 3d, R. Ford, 5s.

Laurence's Surveyor's Guide, 3d Edit. Mess. Knapton, 3s.

Law of Inheritances in Fee, 2d Edit. with an Appendix, Chandler, 3s.

Law and Lawyers laid open in Twelve Visions, T. Woodman and J. Chrichley, 3s.

Laws of Chance, 4th Edit. revised by John Harris, B. Motte, 1s. 6d.

Law's (W.) Treatise of Christian Perfection, 4th Edit. Innys, 5s.

Leadbeater's Mechanick Dialling, 8vo. Wicksteed, 4s.

Le Compte's Memoirs of the Empire of China, 8vo. E. Comins, W. Smith, 6s.

Lediard's (Tho.) Hist. of the Ant. Germans, Vol. 1 T. Lediard in Smith's Square, Westminster, 15s.

Legacy Hunting, 5th Satire of Horace imitated, J. Brindley, 1s.

Leland's Answer to Christianity as old as the Creation, 2 Vols. 10s.

Letter to a Livery-man, occasioned by his Commencing Projector, 3d.

Letter to A—- B—-, Esq; concerning Subscriptions, J. Roberts, 4d.

Letter from Mrs Jane Jones, alias Jenny Diver in Drury Lane, to Mrs Arabella B——wl——s, near Wine-Office-court, Fleet-street, A. Dodd, 6d.

Letter to the Reverend Mr John Gill; containing Remarks on the Dedication to his Sermon on the great Storm, J. Lewis, 6d.

Letter to the Lord Bp. of London, occasion'd by Disputing with a Quaker, J. Roberts, 1s.

Letter to the Author of the Letter to the Bp. of London, J. Roberts, 1s.

Letter to Card. Coscia, on the Death of the late Pope, T. Cooper, 6d.

Letter to the Author of Common Sense, of 16th of April, T. Cooper, 6d.

Letter to the Moral Philosopher, J. Noon, 6d.

Letter upon a Motion to Address his Majesty to settle 100,000 l. on the Prince, Haines, 1s.

Letter concerning the Ministers in Scotland, reading the Act for bringing to Justice the Murderers of Captain Porteous, T. Cooper, 6d.

Letters and Messages that passed between the King, Queen, Prince and Princess, J. Roberts, 6d.

Lidiard's (Tho.) Continuation of Rapin's History of England, J. Mechell, 19s.

Lidiard's History of the Antient Germans, Vol. 1, Mitchell, 19s.

Life and Death of Captain Porteous, &c. J. Wilford, 1s.

Life of Lord Treasurer Burleigh, T. Wotton, 5s.

Life of Mr John Reynolds, R. Hett, 3s. 6d.

Life of Hannibal, J. Gray, 2s.

Lillo's Fatal Curiosity. A true Tragedy, J. Gray, 1s.

Logan's (Hon. James) Charge to the Grand Inquest in Philadelphia, April 13, 1736, J. Roberts, 6d.

London Magazine publish'd Monthly, T. Astley, each, 6d.

Lords Protests on the Motion to Address his Majesty to settle 100,000 l. per Ann. on the Prince, {no price}

Lowe's English Grammar reformed, J. Noon, 6d.

Lowe's Art of Memory, 1s.

Lowman's (Mos.) Paraphrase and Notes on the Revelation of St John, 4to J. Noon, 10s.

Lords Protest, 6d.

Lumley's (Geo.) Sermon at St Luke's in Middlesex, 31st of Jan. 1737, W. Mears, 6d.

Lynch's Indep. Patr. A Comedy, J. Watts, 1s. 6d.


Mace's Perspective View of the Royal Cittadel of Plymouth, a Print, P. Overton, 5s.

Mad-House, by a Gent. of the Inns of Court, T. Cooper, 1s.

Malie's (Tho.) new Method of Delineating all the Parts of the different Orders of Architecture, Fol. F. Gyles, 12s.

Man of Manners, J. Roberts, 1s.

Manby's (R.) Law and Practice of Fines and Recoveries, and the Methods of passing them, not only in the Common Form, but also where they vary, as in London, Chester, Lancaster, the great Sessions of Wales, &c. J. Worrall, 5s.

Manwaring's (Edw.) Institutes of Learning; taken from Aristotle, Plutarch, &c. Mess. Innys and Manby, 1s.

Manwaring's Historical and Critical Account of the most eminent Classick Authors, 3 Parts, 8vo. Innys and Manby, 5s.

Maitland's History and Antiquities of London, &c. each No. 1s.

Martin's (Benj.) Bibliotheca Technologica: Or, A Philological Library of Arts and Sciences, J. Noon, 6s.

Mather's Young Man's Companion, 15th Edit. enlarged, R. Ware, 2s. 6d.

Mauclere's (Jam.) Christian Magazine: Or, Treasure, 5s.

Maurice's (Mat.) Modern Question modestly answered, J. Buckland, 6d.

Mayne's (Cha.) Essay on Rational Notions, &c. 3s. 6d.

Medical Essays, 8vo. Vol. 4th, W. Innys, 5s.

Mein's (C.) Two Dissertations concerning Sense, and the Imagination, J. Tonson, {no price}

Memoirs of Sig. Gaudentio di Lucca, translated from the Italian, 8vo. T. Cooper, 5s.

Memoirs of the Noble Fam. of Talbot, E. Curl, 1s.

Memoirs of the Times; in a Letter to a friend in the Country, A. Dodd, 1s.

Memoirs of the Grub-street Society, 2 Vols, 12mo. J. Wilford, 6s.

Merry Songster, J. Robinson, 1s.

Method of Compounding and passing a Fine, Gibbons and Johnson, 6d.

Michell's (Gilb.) Laws and Liberties of the Gospel, &c. 8vo. J. Noon, {no price}

Miscellany Poems, by a Gentleman of Oxford, J. Roberts, 1s.

Modest (A) Vindication of the truly illustrious Order of Ubiquarians, Pamphlet Shops, 6d.

Monro Oratio Anivers. in Theatre Collegii, Regalis Medicor. Londinensium, G. Strahan, 1s.

Montaigne's Essays, 3 Vols. 12mo. J. Brindley, C. Corbett, 9s.

Moore's (John) Propositions of Natural and Revealed Religion, R. Hett, 2s. 6d.

Moral Philosopher: In a Dialogue between Philalothes, a Christian Deist, and Theophanes, a Christian Jew, in which the Grounds of Religion are considered, &c. 6s.

Morality of the Religion and Doctrine of the Sacraments, 1s.

Morell's (T.) Sermon on the Death of the Queen at Kew Chapel, T. Cooper, 6d.

Moss's Sermons, Vol. 6th and 7th, Mess. Bettesworth and Hitch, 10s.

Mother Gin. A Tragi-comical Eclogue, L. Gilliver, 1s.

Mother Goose's Tales, with Cuts, 2d Edit. R. Montagu, 2s.

Mother Goose's Tales, Fr. and English, R. Montagu, 3s.

Muscovian Letters, translated from the French, by W. Musgrave, Esq; E. Curl, 5s.

Muscutt (J.) Visitation Sermon at Bedford, 22d of April, Knapton, 6d.

Muse's Library: Or, A Series of English Poetry, Vol. 1, T. Woodward, 5s.


Narrative of Joseph Rawson's Case, T. Cooper, 6d.

Natural History of English Song Birds, &c. with curious Figures, by Mr Albin, 8vo. Birt, Hitch, Boreman, 2s. 6d.

This is said to be wrote by Tho. Boreman.

Neale's (Dan) History of the Puritans, or Protestant Nonconformists, &c. Vol. 3d, 8vo. R. Hett, 6s.

Newcastle's (Duke of) Horsemanship, with a large Number of Cuts, from the original Plates, Folio, J. Brindley, 5l. 5s.

New (A) Geographical Dictionary: Containing a brief Account of the Countries, Empires, Kingdoms, &c. in the World, 8vo. D. Midwinter, 6s.

New Map of the Ukrain, upper and lower Padolia, Crim Tartary, &c. B. Moseley, 1s.

New Miscellany for the Year 1737, T. Osborne, 1s.

New Retorna Brevium, 3d Edit. T. Waller, 5s.

New Week's Preparation to the Sacrament, E. Wicksteed, 2 Parts, each, 1s.

Norwich's (Bp) Sermon before the H. Lords, 11 June, 1737, F. Gyles, 6d.


Ode to the Earl of Chesterfield, imploring his Majesty's Return, T. Cooper, 6d.

Oeconomy of Love, 2d Edit. T. Cooper, 1s.

Ogilvie's Reflections, Military and Political, G. Strahan, {no price}

Ogle's (Geo.) Miser's Feast: Being the 8th Satire of Horace's 2d Book, R. Dodsley, 1s.

Olive: An Ode, J. Roberts, 1s.

Order: A Poem, J. Brindley, 1s.

Ordinary of Newgate's Account of the 4 Pirates hanged at Execution Dock, J. Applebee, 6d.

Ordinary of Newgate's Account of the Behaviour of the Dying Malefactors, J. Applebee, each 6d.

Oxford Methodists, 2d Edition improved, J. Roberts, 6d.


Packe's (Christ.) Dissertation upon the Surface of the Earth, &c. J. Roberts, 6d.

Paget's (Ld.) Essay on human Life, 3d Edit. enlarged, F. Gyles, 1s.

Paraphrase on Christ's Sermon on the Mount, 1s.

Parnel's Poems, a new Edit. H. Lintott, 3s. 6d.

Patriotic Love: An Ode, occasioned by some late Acts of Parliament, W. Lewis, 6d.

Patterson's (J.) Thanksgiving Sermon at the Fleet Prison and Poultry Compter, W. Mears, 6d.

Peers's (Rich.) Necessity and Advantage of Publick Worship, M. Downing, 4d.

Peirce's (J.) Sermons on divers Subjects, R. Hett, 4s.

Perjur'd Lover; Or, A tragical Adventure of Alexis and Baroina, in Heroick Verse, J. Garnet at Sheffield, 1s.

Pharmacopoea Edinburgensis, translated from the Latin by Dr Shaw, 3d Edit. Innys, 4s.

Philemon to Hydapses, relating to a second Conversation with Hortesius, upon the Subject of False Religion, M. Steen, 1s. 6d.

Philips's (Rob.) Dissertation on the High Roads of England, L. Gilliver, 1s. 6d.

Philosophical Transactions, No. 441, W. Innys, {no price}

Philosophy of Love: Or, New Reflections on the Fair Sex, J. Hawkins, 6d.

Plain Account, &c. not drawn from, or founded on Scripture, Innys, 1s. 6d.

Platts's (J.) Rational Account of the Principals of Christianity, and the Practice thereof, R. Hett, 3s. 6d.

Plea on the Behalf of the People called Quakers, J. Roberts, 6d.

Poem on the Death of Q. Anne, with her Majesty's Effigie, and other Decorations, engraven on Copper, T. Worrall, 1s.

Poem, (A) occasioned by the Death of Charles Talbot, Lord High Chancellor of Great Britain, C. Corbett, 1s.

Poem to the Memory of the late Duke of Buckingham, &c. by the Earl of Orrery, J. Brindley, 6d.

Poem sacred to the Memory of Q Caroline, by a Gent. of Exeter. S. Birt, 6d.

Poet and the Muse, R. Amey, 1s.

Poetical library, 2 Vols. E. Curl, {no price}

Poetical Dialogues of Pasquin and Marsorio, 2 Parts, T. Boreman, 2s.

Political State of Great Britain, publish'd Monthly, T. Cooper, each. 1s. 6d.

Polinitz's Memoirs, in above 50 Letters to his Friend: Being Observations he made in his Travels through the Principal Courts of Europe, 2 Vols. 8vo. D. Browne, 10s.

Pope's Impertinent: Or, A Visit to the Court, 3d Edit. E. Hill, 1s.

Pope's Works, 6 Vols. 12mo. Gilliver, Lintott, 18s.

Pope's Letters, 8vo. 1 Vol. E. Curl, 4s.

Popery confuted by Papists, R. Chandler, 1s. 6d.

Pope's Horace to Augustus, T. Cooper, 1s.

Pope's Imitation of Horace's Ode to Venus, J. Roberts, 6d.

Pope's Works, Part the 1st, consisting of his Letters delivered to the Subscribers, by Mess. Knapton, Gilliver, Brindley and Dodsley, 1l. 1s.

Pope's first Epistle of the 2d Book of Horace imitated, T. Cooper, 1s.

Practical Dissertation on the Venereal Disease, 5th Edit. Birt, Wicksteed, 6s.

Practical Thoughts on Divine Mercy, Hett, 3d.

Practising Attorney: Or, Lawyer's Office, 2 Vols. 4th Edit. Bettesworth, T. Longman, T. Worrall, F. Cogan, Mess. Ward and Chandler, 10s. 6d.

Present State of the Cape of Good Hope, 2 Vols. 2d Edit. Innys, &c. 10s.

Proceedure, Extents and Limits of human Understanding, 3d Edit. W. Innys, 6s.

Projectors. A Comedy, T. Cooper, 1s. 6d.

Prophetick (The) Physician, T. Cooper, 6d.

Proposal for giving Badges to the Beggars, in all the Parishes of Dublin, by the Dean of St Patrick's, T. Cooper, 6d.

Puffendorsii de Officio Hominis, W. Innys, 5s.

Pyle's (Tho.) Paraphrase, with Notes on the New Testament, 2 Vols, 3d Edit. improved, R. Ware, &c. 10s.


Queen Elizabeth's authentick Speech to her Army at Tilbury, 1588, engraven on Copper, with a beautiful Head Piece, T. Boreman, 6d.

Quincy's (Dr.) Medicina Statica, 5th Edit. T. Longman, 5s.


Rablais's Works, a new Translation with Cuts, 5 Vols. C. Corbett, 15s.

Railton's (J.) Army's Regulator, G. Shropshire, W. Smith, 2s. 6d.

Rawlet's (J.) Poetick Miscellanies, 4th Edit. E. Parker, 1s. 6d.

Read's (Jam.) Essay on the Simony and Sacrilege of the Bps of Ireland. J. Whiston, 2s. 6d.

Read's (H.) Funeral Discourse on the Death of Mr Tho. Adams, R. Ford, 6d.

Reasons against the Bill for disabling the Ld. Provost of Edinburgh, 6d.

Reasons for repealing the Pot Act, T. Boreman, 4d.

Reasons for the more speedy lessening the National Debt, J. Roberts, 4d.

Rees's Reasons, for and against Singing of the Psalms, J. Noon, 6d.

Reflections upon Polygamy, J. Roberts, 2s.

Remarks on Dr Butler's 6th Chapter of the Analogy of Religion, J. Noon, 1s.

Remarks on Mr Sloss's Sermons; &c. J. Noon, 1s. 6d.

Remarks on Two Charges delivered by the Ld. Bp. of L——-d and C——-y, M. Steen, 1s.

Reports in B. R. and C. B. in the 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, and 8th Years of the Reign of Q. Anne, Fol. R. Gosling, D. Browne, J. Worrall, 14s.

Report, with an Appendix, from the Committee of the H. Commons, to whom Petitions of the Church Wardens of St Giles's in the Fields, were referred, J. Pemberton, 3s. 6d.

Review of our present Tests and Subscriptions, J. Roberts, 1s.

Richardson's (J.) Sermon, occasioned by the Death of the late Reverend Mr Platts, R. Hett {no price}

Rise (The) and Progress of the Papal Power, done from the French of Abbot Vertot, by Mr Slucie, F. Cogan, 1s.

Robinson (Tho.) Hesiodi Opera, Gr. Lat. 4to, Mess. Knapton, 16s.

Rollin's Antient History of the AEgyptians, &c. Vol. 11th, Knapton, 5s.

Roman History, vid. Bundy, {no price}

Roper's Concio ad Clerum Londinesem habita in Ecclesia Sti Elphegi Maii 3, 1737, Manby 6d.

Rowe's (Mrs) Philomelea: Or, Poems, E. Curl, 3s.

Rowe's Devout Exercises of the Heart, R. Hett, 2s.

Rowe's Letters Moral and Entertaining, a new Edit. T. Worrall, 5s.

Rowning's Compendious System of Natural Philosophy, Opticks, &c. Part 3, S. Harding, 1s. 6d.

Royal Vault in K. Henry the 7th's Chapel a Print, B. Dickenson, 6d.

Rudd's (Say.) Sermon in Snow Fields Meeting House, J. Roberts, 1s.

Ruddiman Grammaticae Latinae Institutiones, J. Davidson, 2s. 6d.

Rye's Sermons at the Visitation held at Woodstock, 8 Oct. 1736, Mess. Knapton. {no price}


Sacred Classicks defended and illustrated, 2 Vols. 12mo. C. Rivington, 6s.

Salmon's Critical Review of the State Trials, C. Corbett, 1l. 15s.

Salmon's modern History for America, J. Roberts, each No 1s.

St John's (Pawl.) Sermons on Practical Subjects, 8vo. A. Bettesworth, 5s.

Savage (R.) of publick Spirit, Dodsley, 1s.

Saxon's (Sam.) English Scholar's Assistant, 2d Edit. J. Hazard, 1s.

Saxon's Merchant's Companion, and Tradesman's Vade Mecum, C. Rivington, {no price}

Say's (Sam.) Sermon, Jan. 1, 1737. Address'd to Young People, R. Ford, 6d.

Scotch Prophecy: Or, Ld. Belhaven's Speech examined, 1s.

Seagrave's Letter to the People of England, A. Cruden, 6d.

Seagrave's Six Sermons upon Salvation, A. Cruden, 2s. 6d.

Seasonable Observations on the present fatal Declension of the general Commerce of England, J. Huggenson, 1s. 6d.

Seasonable Hint to the British Nation in General, and the Trading Part in particular, {no price}

Sermon (A) Preached to the Societies for Reformation of Manners, Jan. 17, 1737, by the Bp. of St Asaph, M. Downing, 6d.

Sermon (A) Preached by V. Peliere, D. D. E. Withers, 6d.

Sermon in Lambeth Chapel, June 12, 1737, at the Consecration of the Bishop of Bristol, Mess. Tomson, 6d.

Sessions of the Criticks. A Poem, &c. T. Cooper, 1s.

Sessions Paper, J. Roberts (except the last), each 6d.

Short (A) View of the Conduct of the English Clergy, &c. T. Cooper, 1s. 6d.

Shuckford's (Sam.) Sacred and Prophane History of the World, 8vo. Vol. 3d, J. Tonson, 5s.

Shuttleworth's Persuasive to Union on the Principals of Christianity, 2d Edit. J. Wilford, 2s. 6d.

Sighs of Albion: An Ode to the Memory of her Majesty, C. Jephson, 6d.

Simpson's new Treat. of Fluxions, E. Cave, 6s. 6d.

Supplement alone, 1s. 6d.

Sloss's Case of J. Rawson, J. Davidson, 1s.

Smith's (J.) new Treatise of Fluxions, G. Strahan, 2s.

Smithies's Benefit of early Piety, recommended to all Young Persons, E. Parker, {no price}

Social Religion exemplified, in an Account of the first Settlement of Christianity, in the City of Caerludd, 2 Parts, J. Buckland, 2s.

Some Considerations on Pluralities, &c. J. Roberts, 6d.

Some Practical Thoughts on the Divine Mercy, R. Hett, 3d.

South's Sermons, a new Edition, 6 Vols. H. Lintott, 1l. 10s.

Speech without Doors; addressed to the National Redeemables, at 4l. per Cent, J. Wilford. 6d.

Spence's Essay on Mr Pope's Odyssey, 2d Edit. S. Wilmot, 3s. 6d.

Sprint's (J.) Sermon at a Wedding, 4th Edit. J. Fisher, 3d.

Squire's (Fran.) Impartial Thoughts on the Supremacy of the Civil Magistrate, J. Roberts, 1s.

Stackhouse's History of the Bible, sold by the Author, each No. {no price}

State Trials Vol. 7, 8, Fol. T. Wotton, 2l. 10s.

Stebbing's (Hen.) Reply to Mr Foster's Answer, J. Pemberton, 4d.

Steele's (Sir Rich.) Englishman, W. Feales, C. Corbett, and W. Warner, 2s. 6d.

Strength and Weakness of human Reason, 2d Edit. 12mo. C. Rivington, 2s. 6d.

Stephens's Sermons, 2 Vols. Beaver at Oxford, publish'd by Subscription, {no price}

Stillingfleet's Discourses, J. Knapton, 5s.

Stirling's (John) short View of Latin Grammar, in a new Method, T. Astley, 6d.

Stone's (Mrs) Compleat Practice of Midwifry, T. Cooper, 2s. 6d.

Stonehouse's Treatise of Arithmetick, H. Kent, 3s.

Succinct History of Priesthood, antient and modern, H. Goreham, 1s.

Summary (A) View of Ecclesiastical Jurisdiction, relating to the proving Wills, and granting Administrations, &c. J. Roberts, 4d.

Supplement to Carcass's Book of Rates, R. Vincent, {no price}

Supplement to the Gentleman's Magazine, for 1736, E. Cave, 6d.

Sydenham's Method of curing almost all Diseases, 7th Edit. J. Hodges, 1s. 6d.

Synge's (A. Bp.) Answer to all Excuses for not coming to the Communion, 14th Edition, T. Trye, 3d.

Syren: A Collection of 430 celebrated Songs, 2d Edit. with Addit. Bettesworth, Hodges, 2s.


Tatler, 4 Vols. a new Edition, R. Gosling, &c. 10s.

Taverner's (Jam.) Essay on the Witham Spa, J. Roberts, 1s.

Tears of the Muses, T. Ward, 1s.

Tenant's Law: Or, Law concerning Landlords, Tenants, &c. 11th Edit. T. Waller, 3s.

Test of Love. A Poem, T. Cooper, 6d.

Tew's (Edm.) Sermon before the Sons of the Clergy within the Diocese of Durham, J. Clark, 6d.

Thomas's (J.) Sermon at St Sepulchres, 5th of May, M. Downing, 1s.

Thomas's Poem to the Memory of Lord Talbot, A. Millar, 1s.

Thurston's (Jos.) Poems on several Occasions, 2d Edit. B. Motte, 2s.

Tom. King's Monument. A Print, 6d.

Tovey's (Dr.) Anglia Judica: Or, The Antiquity of the Jews in England, 4to. C. Rivington, sew'd, 12s.

Towgood's (S.) Sermon at the Ordination of Mr D. Harson, &c. R. Ford, 6d.

Traveller's Guide: Or, Pocket Companion, T. Millward, {no price} d.

Treatise of the Venereal Disease, by Pierre Desault, M. D. translated by Dr Andree, J. Clark, {no price}

Treatise of the Square and Cube, J. Read, 6d.

Treatise of Equity. Folio, D. Browne, J. Shuckburgh, J. Worrall, 9s.

Treatise of a Military Fever; with Rules for the Practice of Physick, 8vo. Mess. Bettesworth and Hitch, 4s.

Treatise partly Theological, partly Political, translated from the Latin of Spinosa, 5s.

Treatise of Dignities, Titles, Offices, &c. granted by the Kings of England, since the Conquest, for the Maintenance of the Princes, their eldest Sons, T. Cooper, 2s. 6d.

Treatise of the Organ of Hearing, S. Baker, 3s.

True (The) Great Man: A Poem to the Memory of the Lord Chancellor Talbot, Fol. Mess. Ward and Chandler, 6d.

True Narrative of the Revolutions at Santa Cruz, in South West Barbary, J. Wilford, 1s.

Truth ascertained and Error confused, J. Roberts, 3d.

Tull's (Jeth.) Supplement to the Essay on Horse-shoing Husbandry, Fol. J. Stagg, 1s.

Tryals of the Pirates hanged at Execution Dock, 14 Mar. 1737, 6d.

Turner's (Dan.) Syphilis: Or, A Practical Dissertation on the Venereal Disease, 5s.

Turner's (Tho.) Clavis Eloquentiae Ciceroniae, 3s. 6d.

Tutor for the Beaux: Or, Love in a Labyrinth, a Comedy by Mr Hewitt, Mess. Ward, and Chandler, 1s. 6d.

Twells's Answer to the Enquiry into the Meaning of Demoniacs, R. Gosling, 1s.


Venetian Tales; designed for the Amusement of the Fair Sex, {no price}

Venette's Mysteries of Conjugal Love reveal'd, 2s.

Verses on the Death of Q. Caroline, A. Dodd, 3d.

View of the Beau Monde. A Print, E. Withers, 6d.

Vindication of a brief Account of the Prosecutions of the People called Quakers, 1s. 6d.

Virgilii Maronis Bucolica, by Stirling for the Use of Schools, T. Astley, 1s.

Underhill's Abuse of Liberty, the Decay of Christianity, &c. S. Austen, 2s.

Unequal Match: A Tale, W. Lewis, 6d.

Universal History, E. Symon, each No. 3s. 6d.

Universal Musician, Lloyd, each No. 6d.

Universal Passion. A Comedy, J. Watts, 1s. 6d.

Use and Improvement of the Stage, T. Cooper, 1s.


Wainewright's (J.) Mechanical Account of Non Naturals, 5th Edit. 8vo. J. Clark, 6s.

Wake's Sermons, and a Discourse on Swearing, &c. 2 Vols. 8vo. Bettesworth, 8s.

Ward's (Edw.) Nuptial Dialogues, with Cuts, 2 Vols. {no price}

Ware's (Isaac) First Book of Palladio's Architecture, 10s.

Warren's (Rich.) Appendix to the Answer, to a Book, entitled, A Plain Account, &c. Mess. Innys and Manby, &c. {no price}

Warren's Plain Account, &c. vindicated, J. Noon, 2s. 6d.

Warren's Sermon before the Trustees, for establishing the Colony of Georgia, W. Meadows, 6d.

Waterland's (D.) Review of the Doctrine of the Eucharist, 2d Edit. Mess. Innys and Manby, 6s.

Watts's (Dr) Reliquae Juveniles: Miscellaneous Thoughts in Prose and Verse, 2d Edit. R. Ford, 3s.

Weald's (W.) Reading made easy, J. Hodges, 1s.

Webster's (Dr.) Sin of being ashamed of our Religion, a Sermon, J. Clark, 6d.

Welsted's Poem to the Princess of Wales, occasioned by her late happy Delivery of a Princess, J. Walthoe, 6d.

Wheatley's (Cha.) Election Sermon for a Lord Mayor, J. Nourse, 6d.

Whiston's (Wm.) Account of the Demoniacs, &c. in the N. Testament, J. Whiston, 1s. 6d.

Whiston's Astronomical Year, J. Whiston, 6d.

Whiston's Theory of the Earth, 5th Edition, J. Whiston, 6s.

Whiston's Josephus, J. Whiston, {no price}

Whitefield's (G.) Sermon preached at Bristol, C. Rivington, 6d.

Whitefield's Nature and Necessity of Religious Society, 6d.

Whitefield's Sermon on Self-Denial, J. Hutton, 6d.

Wilkin's (a Dav.) Concilia Magnae Britanniae, & Hiberniae: A Synodo Verolamiensi, A. D. 446, ad Londinensem A. D. 1717. Accedunt Constitutionis, &c. 4 Vol. Folio, R. Gosling, F. Gyles, T. Woodward, C. Davis, 7l.

Wilkinson's (Geo.) Sermon, December 13, 1736, at the Charter-house Chapel, on Commemoration of the Founder, T. Cooper, 6d.

Wingfield's (Tho.) Defence of the Plain Account of the Lord's Supper, E. Comins, 1s. 6d.

Woodcock's (John) Measuring compleated, by a new Set of Decimal Tables, J. Oswald, J. Brindley, 2s. 6d.

Worth of Liberty considered in a Letter to a Member of the House of Commons, upon a Question, how far the late Acts against Spirituous Liquors may effect the Properties of all the People, J. Wilford, 6d.

Wright's (Dr.) Serm. in the Old Jewry, R. Hett, 6d.

Wyld's (S.) Practical Surveyor, 2d Edition, H. Lintott, 2s. 6d.



Yae—-ough, a Print that inclines Persons to the same Disposition, T. Bakewell, 6d.

Year of Wonders, by S——n D——k, 6d.

Young's (Dr.) Love of Fame, the universal Passion, 3d Edition, C. Hitch, 3s. 6d.


Zenger's (J. P.) Tryal, who was acquitted for Printing and Publishing a libel against the Government, J. Wilford, 1s.





NAMES and Places of Abode, of the several Booksellers, Printsellers, &c. mentioned in this CATALOGUE.


Amey, Charing Cross.

Applebee, Boult Court, Fleet Street.

Astley, St Paul's Church Yard.

Austen, St Paul's Church Yard.


Bakewell, Fleet Street, seeing White Fryars.

Basket, King's Printer, Black Fryars.

Bathurst, see Motte.

Bettenham, St John's Lane, near Hicks's-Hall.

Bettesworth and Hitch, in Pater-Noster-Row.

Birt, in Ave-Maria-Lane, Ludgate Street.

Bonwick, St Paul's Church Yard.

Boreman, near Child's Coffee House, St Paul's.

Brindley, New Bond Street.

Buckland, Pater-Noster-Row, near St Paul's.


Cave, St John's Gate, near Clerkenwell.

Chappelle, near Grosvenor-square.

Charlton, Cornhill, near the Royal Exchange.

Chrichley, Charing Cross, near Scotland Yard.

Clark (J.) under the Royal Exchange.

Clark (J.) Duck Lane, Smithfield.

Clark, see Gilliver.

Clay, without Temple Bar, near Devereux Court.

Cogan, Middle-Temple-Gate, Fleet Street.

Comins, under the Royal Exchange.

Cooper, in Pater-Noster-Row.

Corbett, facing St Dunstan's Church, Fleet Street.

Cox, under the Royal Exchange.

Cruden, under the Royal Exchange.

Curl, Rose Street, Covent Garden.

Chandler, see Ward.


Davidson, Poultry, near Stock's Market.

Davis, Pater-Noster-Row.

Dickenson, Fleet Street, near Shoe Lane.

Dodd, without Temple Bar.

Dodsley, Pall-Mall, near St James's Street.

Downing, Bartholomew Close, Little Britain.


Farmer, in St Paul's Church Yard, near Cheapside.

Fisher, Cornhill, near the Royal Exchange.

Ford, Poultry, near Stock's Market.

Foster, St Paul's Church Yard.

Fox, Westminster Hall.

Franklyn, Russel Street, Covent Garden.


Garnet, at Sheffield.

Gibbons, near the Temple Church.

Gilliver and Clark, facing St Dunstan's Church in Fleet Street, and Westminster-Hall.

Gosling, Fleet Street, facing Fetter Lane.

Gray, Poultry, near Stock's Market.

Gyles, Holbourn, facing Gray's Inn.


Haines, Bow Street, Covent Garden.

Harding, St Martin's Lane, near Long Acre.

Harper, Fleet Street.

Hawkins (G.) between the Temple Gates, Fleet Street, and at Tunbridge Wells.

Hazard, facing Stationers Hall, Ludgate Street.

Hett, in the Poultry.

Hill, {no address}

Hitch, see Bettesworth.

Hodges, London Bridge.

Huggenson, Chancery Lane, facing Serjeant's Inn.

Hutton, without Temple Bar.


Jephson, Smithfield, near Hosier Lane.

Innys and Manby, Ludgate Street, near St Paul's.


Kent, in Finch Lane.

Knapton, Ludgate Street.


Leak, at Bath.

Lewis (J.) Bartholomew Close.

Lewis (W.) Russel Street, Covent Garden.

Lidiard, Smith's Square, Westminster.

Lintott, Fleet Street, facing St Dunstan's Church.

Littleton, Fleet Street, facing Clifford's Inn Lane.

Lloyd, Chancery Lane, near Fleet Street.

Longman, Pater-Noster-Row, near St Paul's.


Manby, see Innys.

Meadows, in Cornhill, near Birching Lane.

Mears, Ludgate Hill.

Mechell, Fleet Street.

Midwinter, St Paul's Church Yard.

Millan, Charing Cross, facing the Admiralty.

Millar, facing St Clement's Church in the Strand.

Montagu, Wild Street, near Drury Lane.

Morgan, {no address}

Moseley, Fleet Street, near Serjeant's Inn.

Motte, and Bathurst, Middle Temple Gate.

Mount, Tower Hill.


Noon, near Mercer's Chapel, Cheapside.

Nourse, without Temple Bar.


Osborne (Tho.) Gray's Inn, Holbourn.

Oswald, Poultry, near Stock's Market.

Overton, Fleet Street, facing Fetter Lane.


Parker (Edm.) in Lombard Street, near Stock's Market.

Parker (Will.) St Paul's Church Yard.

Payne (Olive) in New Round Court in the Strand.

Payne (T.) Bishopsgate's Street within.

Pemberton, facing St Dunstan's Church, Fleet Street.

Purser, White Fryars, Fleet Street.

Purser, in Bartholomew Close.


Read, White Fryars, Fleet Street.

Rivington, North Side of St Paul's Church Yard.

Roberts, Warwick Lane, Newgate Street.

Robinson (R.) St Paul's Church Yard, near Cheapside.

Robinson (J.) Tavistock Street, near Covent Garden.

Robinson (Jacob) next the one Tun in the Strand.


Shugburgh, Fleet Street, facing Chancery Lane.

Smith (G.) {no address}

Smith (W.) Lincoln's Inn Gate, Carey Street.

Sowle, George Yard, Lombard Street.

Stagg, Westminster Hall.

Steen, Inner Temple Lane.

Stone, Bedford Row.

Strahan, Cornhill, facing the Royal Exchange.

Symon, facing the Royal Exchange.


Tomson, facing Catherine Street in the Strand.

Torbuck, Clare Court, Drury Lane.

Trye, Holbourn, near Gray's Inn Gate.


Vincent, Ludgate Street, near St Paul's.


Waller, Temple Cloysters.

Walthoe, Cornhill, facing the Royal Exchange.

Ward and Chandler, without Temple Bar, at Scarborough, and York.

Ward (Aaron) Little Britain.

Ward (T.) {no address}

Ware, Amen Corner, near St Paul's.

Watts, Wild Court, near Lincoln's Inn Fields.

Webb, (i. e. T. C.) Pater-Noster-Row.

Whiston, Fleet Street, near Water Lane.

Wicksteed, Newgate Street, near Warwick Lane.

Wilford, behind the Chapter House, St Paul's Church Yard.

Wilmot, Oxford.

Woodward, Fleet Street, between the Temple Gates.

Worrall (John) in Bell Yard, near Lincoln's Inn.

Worrall (Tho.) Fleet Street, facing the Temple.

Wotton, Fleet Street, facing St Dunstan's Church.

Just published, in 2 neat Pocket Volumes, Price 6s. with Cuts, or 5s. without.

Les Amusemens de Spa: Or, the Gallantries of the Spaw in Germany. Containing the Nature of the several Springs, with the singular Virtues and Uses: The Reasons (besides that of drinking the Waters) why they are frequented by the People of the first Quality: The various Diversions and Amusements of the Place: Many secret Histories and Adventures of the Principal Persons resorting to it: Intermix'd with innumerable Strokes of the most refin'd Wit, Humour, Gaiety, &c. The Whole adorned with Thirteen Copper Plates finely engraved, representing the Town of Spaw, with the several Fountains, Cascades, Walks, and Avenues in the Neighbourhood of that celebrated Village. Translated from the Original French, Printed for Ward and Chandler.

{Transcriber's notes:

Several publishers of listed books do not appear in the list of publishers. The following list may be incomplete:

Book Publisher

Collection of 300 French Songs Roycaroll

Drury's Rival Milliners, a Pastoral G. Spavan

Essay on the Sinking Fund J. Peele

Steele's (Sir Rich.) Englishman W. Feales

Succinct History of Priesthood H. Goreham

Traveller's Guide: Or, Pocket Companion T. Millward

Spellings are not always consistent. In particular, the following variations in publishers' names have been noted:

Comyns/Comins, Huggonson/Huggenson, Lediard/Lidiard, Mechell/Mitchell, Shugburgh/Shuckburgh.

A few typographical errors have been corrected as follows:

"Budd's (Say.) Sermon in Snow Fields Meeting House" corrected to "Rudd's (Say.) Sermon in Snow Fields Meeting House"

"Tull's (Jeth.) Supplement to the Essay on Horse-hoing" corrected to "Tull's (Jeth.) Supplement to the Essay on Horse-shoing"

"Wyld's (S.) Practical Surveryor" corrected to "Wyld's (S.) Practical Surveyor"

"Waller, Temple Cloystlers" corrected to "Waller, Temple Cloysters"

"Webb, (i. e. T. C.) Paster-Noster-Row." corrected to "Webb, (i. e. T. C.) Pater-Noster-Row."



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