Ms vale maa que fuerza
by Manuel Tamayo y Baus
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la the; her, it, you (in acc. case)

lado side

lgrima tear

lana wool

Lanas see Juan Lanas

languidez f. weariness, languor

largo long

lstima pity; ——! too bad!

lastimar to hurt, injure

ltigo whip, scourge

latir to palpitate, beat, throb

lazo bow, tie, knot, loop, noose

le him, to him; her, to her; you, to you; it, to it

leer to read

lejos far, distant

lengua tongue; language

lenguado sole, flounder

lea wood (for fuel)

letra letter (of alphabet); handwriting; words (of a musical composition)

levantar to raise; —se to rise, arise

ley f. law, rule

librar to free, deliver, liberate

libro book

ligar to bind

limpiar to clean

listo ready

lo the; him, it (in acc. case); so

loco insane, mad, crazy

lograr to gain, succeed, profit

luego then, next; soon; later, afterwards

lugar m. place; en —— de instead of

luminaria illumination, artificial light; luminary

luz f. light


llama flame

llamar to call, knock; —se to be called, named; Cmo se llama usted? What is your name?

llano plain, level, even

llave f. key

llegar to arrive, come

llenar to fill

llevar to bear, carry; to take; to wear; —— dos aos de casamiento to have been married two years; —— su merecido to get one's deserts; —— a mal to take it ill

llorar to weep, cry

lluvia rain


machacar to pound, crush; to importune, harp on

madrugada dawn, daybreak, morning

mal badly, ill, amiss; bad (shortened from malo in this sense)

maldecir to curse

maldito cursed, confounded, worthless

malsimo very bad

malo bad, ill; estar —— to be ill

malva mallow; ser una —— to be meek and mild, be submissive

mandar to command, order, send

manera manner, way

manga sleeve

manifestar to state, tell

mano f. hand

manso tame, gentle; meek

mantenerse to persist, hold one's ground

maa skill, shrewdness, diplomacy

maana tomorrow; la —— morning

marchar, marcharse to go away, leave

marido husband

martirio martyrdom, torture

mas but

ms more; —— bien rather

mscara mask; baile de -s masquerade ball

matar to kill

matrimonio marriage, matrimony; married couple

mxima maxim

mayonesa mayonnaise

mayor comparative of grande

me me; to me

medio half; middle; means

meditabundo meditative, pensive

mejor comparative of bueno and bien

memoria memory

menor comparative of pequeo and chico

menos less; lo —— the least

mentir to lie, tell a falsehood

mentir m. lie, falsehood

menudito very fine, minute; drizzling (rain)

merecer to deserve, merit

merecido deserts

mes m. month

mesa table

meter to put, put in; to cause (fear); le meto miedo I make him afraid

mi my

m me, to me (after a prep.)

miedo fear

mientras while, as or so long as

mil thousand

milagro miracle, marvel

mimo petting, caress

ministro minister; —— de gobernacin minister of the interior

minu m. minuet

mo my, mine

mirar to look, look at; to see, behold

mismo same, self, very, even

modesto modest

modo mode, manner, way, method

momento moment

montono monotonous

monstruo monster

morder to bite

morir, morirse to die

moro Moorish; Moor

mortificar to mortify, vex, disgust

mosca fly

mosquita little fly

motivo reason, motive, cause

mover to move

muchacho boy

mucho much, a great deal; —— que s very much so

mudo mute, dumb

muellemente softly, easily

muero indic. pres. 1st pers. sing. of morir

muerto dead

mujer f. woman; wife

mujercilla worthless woman

mundo world; todo el —— all the world, everybody

mueca doll; baby, infant

msica music

mutuamente mutually

muy very


nada nothing

nadie nobody, no one

necesario necessary

necesidad f. necessity, need

necio foolish; fool, simpleton

negar to deny; —se to decline, refuse

negro black

nervioso nervous

ni nor, not even; —— ... —— neither ... nor

nieve f. snow

ninfa nymph

ningn shortened from ninguno

ninguno no, none, no one, nobody

nia little girl, child

nio child, baby

no no; not; —— que —— most certainly

noble noble, generous, magnanimous

noche f. night, evening; de —— at night

nombrar to name, mention

nos us, to us

nosotros we; us (after a prep.)

novia sweetheart, betrothed, bride

nudo knot

nuestro our, ours

nueve nine

nuevo new; de —— again

nunca never


o or

objeto object, article

obscuro dark, obscure

observar to observe

obstinacin f. obstinacy, persistence

ocultar to conceal, hide

oculto concealed, secret

ocupar to occupy

ocurrir to occur, happen

ofensivo offensive

odo ear; decir al —— to whisper

or to hear, listen

ojal would that, oh that

ojo eye

olvidar to forget; —se a uno de to forget

once eleven

oponerse to oppose, object

oportuno proper, fitting

opuesto p.p. irreg. of oponer

oso bear; hacer el —— to play the lover

otro other, another

oye indic. pres. 3rd pers. sing. and imperat. sing. of or


paciencia patience, forbearance

pacfico peaceful, peaceable

pagar to pay

palabra word

palabrita little word, just a word

palomita little dove

pan m. bread

panada vain scruple, much ado about nothing

pantufla slipper

pauelo handkerchief

papar to swallow, eat; —— moscas to gape, stare

para for, in order to, to; —— que in order that, so that

parar to stop, halt; to remain, stay; —se to stop

pardo brown, dark gray, dark; a picos -s see pico

pardon (French) pardon

parecer to seem, appear, look; me parece que s I think so

pared f. wall

parroquia parish; church

parte f. part, place, side; en ninguna —— nowhere

particular peculiar, striking; private

pasaderillo passable

pasado past, last

pasar to pass, spend; —se to pass; qu te pasa? what is the matter with you?

pasearse to walk, go walking, go for an outing

paso step, gait, pace

pata foot and leg (of animals); a la —— la llana plain

patada kick, stamp

patalear to stamp (the feet)

pataleo stamping (of the feet)

pavo turkey

paz f. peace

pecado sin, transgression

pecar to sin

pecho breast; darse golpes de —— to beat one's breast

pedir to ask for, request, order

pegar to stick, cleave; to strike, hit; pegrsela a uno to deceive one

peinar to comb; —— canas to be gray-haired

peligro danger, peril

pelo hair; de medio —— shabby, ordinary

pellizco pinch

pena penalty, pain, difficulty

pensar to think

peor comparative of malo and mal

perder to lose, miss, waste

pereza laziness, idling

perezoso lazy, idle

permanecer to remain, stay

permiso permission

pero but

perseguir to pursue

persona person

personaje m. character (in a play)

pesado heavy; troublesome; grievous

pesadumbre f. grief

pesar: a —— de in spite of

psimo superlative of malo

picarda knavery

pcaro roguish; rogue, rascal

pico beak, bill; irse a -s pardos to go out seeking idle mischief

pie m. foot; en —— standing, standing up

piel f. skin, hide

pierna leg

pillar to pillage, catch, seize, filch

pintado spotted

placer m. pleasure

plan m. plan

plato plate, dish (of prepared food)

plebeyo plebeian

poblado peopled, filled

pobre poor

poco little; -s few, a few; a —— in a moment, soon

poder to be able (can, may, could, in proper tenses)

poder m. power

poner to place, put, put on; —— se to become; —— se a (with inf.) to begin, start

poquillo very little, trifle

poquito a little bit, very little

por for, by, in behalf of, through, over, across; —— no vestirte if you don't dress

porque because

porqu? por qu? why?

posible possible

postizo artificial, false; cuello —— collar

postura posture, position

precipitadamente precipitately

precisamente precisely, just, exactly

precisar to compel, force, oblige

preciso necessary

predilecto favorite

preferir to prefer

pregunta question

preparar to prepare, make ready

presentar to present, show; —se to appear, present one's self

presidio guardhouse, penitentiary

prestar to lend; —— atencin to give attention

primer shortened from primero

primero first

principio beginning, commencement

prisa haste, hurry; de —— hastily, in haste

privilegio privilege

probablemente probably

probar to try, test, taste

proceder to proceed, act

procurar to try, attempt; to see to it

profundamente profoundly

progresivamente progressively, gradually

prolongado prolonged

pronto soon, quickly; de —— suddenly

propio own; proper; becoming

proponer to propose, purpose; —se to purpose, be bent on

prosaico prosaic

proscenio proscenium

provecho profit, benefit; hacer buen —— to do (one) good

proverbio proverb, saying, saw

provocar to provoke

provocativo provoking, provocative

prudencia prudence

prueba proof, evidence

pblico public, audience

puerco pig, swine; —— espn porcupine

puerta door

pues then, well, since, for

puesto p.p. irreg. of poner

pulmona pneumonia

pulsera bracelet

pulso pulse

pual m. dagger

puo fist, cuff; meter en un —— to intimidate

pursimo superlative of puro

puro pure, immaculate; de —— purely, genuinely


que who; whom; which; el or la —— he who, the one who, that which; lo —— that which, what

que that, in order that, to, for, because, until; es —— the fact is that

que than, as

qu? what? which? how?

qu! what a!

quedar, quedarse to remain, stay

quejarse to complain, lament

querer to wish, want, will; to love; que si quieres! the idea of course not!

quien who; whom (after a prep.)

quin? who? whom? (after a prep.)

quiero indic. pres. 1st pers. sing. of querer

quieto quiet, silent

quimera chimera; dispute

quinqu m. lamp (for table)

quitar to remove, take away or off; —se to withdraw; quite V. de ah! fie on you!; —se de en medio to get out of the way

quiz perhaps, perchance


rabia rage, fury

rabiar to rage, rave

rabioso rabid, mad, furious

racin f. ration, portion

ramo branch, twig; bouquet

rapidez f. rapidity, speed

raro rare, scarce; —— vez rarely

rato moment, time; pasar un buen —— to have a good time

razn f. reason; atender a razones to listen to reason; tener —— to be right

real royal

rebelde com. rebel

recelo dread, suspicion

receloso worried, suspicious

recibir to receive

reclinado reclining

reclinar to recline

recordar to remind; to remember; —se to remember

recostarse to lean, recline

rechazar to thrust or push back or away, reject

redondo round; caerse —— to collapse

referir to tell, relate

reflexionar to reflect, consider

refrn m. saying, saw, adage

regalar to give, present

regla rule

regocijar to gladden, rejoice

rer to laugh; —se de to laugh at, ridicule

relacin f. speech

reloj m. time-piece (either clock or watch)

remedar to imitate, mock

remedio remedy, help, way out

rendido exhausted, worn out

rengln m. line (of writing)

reir to quarrel, wrangle, scold

reparar (en) to notice

repentinamente suddenly

repentino sudden

repetido repeated; repetidas veces repeatedly

reprobar to reprove, reproach

repulgo ornamental edge (of cake or pie); —— de empanada trivial or ridiculous scruple

resignacin f. resignation

resistir to resist

resolucin f. resolution, resolve

respaldo back (of a seat)

respetar to respect

respirar to breathe; —— con fuerza to pant, breathe hard

responder to answer, respond

restregar to rub

resuelto resolute, determined

retirarse to retire, withdraw

retozar to frolic, sport

reventar to burst

ricamente richly, finely

rico rich; delicious

ridculo ridiculous; ridicule

riendo ger. of rer

rien indic. pres. 3rd pers. pl. of reir

rodar to roll, tumble about; echar a —— to set topsy-turvy, turn upside down

rojo red

romper to break, tear

ropa clothes, clothing, linen

rostro face

ruido noise, sound


saber to know, know how; —se to know all about, know without being told

sabido known, well known

sacar to draw out, pull out; to get, bring

salir to go or come out, leave; to rise (of sun); to enter (in stage directions)

sangre f. blood

santsimo superlative of santo

santo sacred, holy, saintly, inviolable; saint; bueno y —— well and good

saudamente savagely, furiously

satisfaccin f. satisfaction

satisfacer to satisfy

se himself, herself, itself, one's self, yourself, yourselves, themselves; him, her, it, them, you

s indic. pres. 1st pers. sing. of saber

secreto secret

seguida: en —— at once, then

seguido successive, consecutive, in succession

seguir to follow, continue

segn according to, as

segundo second

seguro sure, safe; de —— surely

seis six

semana week; la —— que viene next week

sentado seated, sitting

sentar to seat; —se to seat one's self, sit down

sentimiento sentiment

sentir to perceive, feel, hear; to regret, be sorry for; —se to feel (well or ill)

seal m. signal, sign

seor m. gentleman; sir; Mr.; lord; husband

seora lady; Mrs.; madam; wife

sepamos subj. pres. 1st pers. pl. of saber

separar to separate

sequedad f. dryness

ser to be; m. being, person

serio serious, grave

servir to serve, be of use

seso brain

si if, whether, indeed, why, since; —— bien although

s yes, so; himself, herself, itself, one's self, themselves, yourself, yourselves

siempre always, ever, for ever

siete seven

silencio silence

silla chair, seat

simple simple; silly, foolish

sin without

sinfona symphony

singular singular, peculiar

sino but, except

siquiera even, at least

sirve indic. pres. 3rd pers. sing. of servir

sitio place, spot

sobo pounding, beating, hectoring

sobre on, upon, over, above

sobresaltado startled

sociedad f. society

sofocado flushed; out of sorts, vexed, excited

sofocar to choke, smother; to vex, agitate

sofocn m. chagrin, irritation

sol m. sun

solamente only, solely, merely

soler to be accustomed, wont, used to, in the habit of

solito all alone, all by one's self

solo alone, single, sole, only

slo only

soltar to release, let go

sombra shade, shadow

sombrero hat

sonrer to smile

sopapear to chuck under the chin; to abuse

soplar to blow

sordo deaf

su his, her, its, your, their

subir to go or come up, ascend

suceder to happen, occur

sudar to perspire, sweat

suelo floor

suelta loose (rein); dar —— to let out, ease up on

suelto loose, at large

suerte f. lot, luck, fortune; de —— que so that

sufrir to suffer, endure

suicidarse to commit suicide

sujetar to subject, hold (fast or down)

supiera subj. impf. 1st and 3rd pers. sing. of saber

supiese same as foregoing

suponer to suppose

supuesto supposed, granted; por —— of course

suspirar to sigh

suyo his, her, hers, its, your, yours, their, theirs


tabardillo: —— pintado spotted fever

tafetn m. taffeta

tal such, such a

tlamo chamber

tambin also, too, likewise

tambor m. drum

tan so, so much, as; —— slo merely, nothing but; —— ... como as ... as

tango tango

tanto so much; -s as or so many

tararear to hum (a tune)

tardar to be late; bien ha tardado V. you are very late

tarde late

tartamudez f. stuttering, stammering

tartamudo stammering, stuttering; stutterer

te thee, you; to thee, to you

teatro theater

#tejado #tiled roof

tema m. theme, subject, topic

temer to fear, be afraid

temeridad f. temerity, rashness

temor m. fear

ten imperat. sing. of tener

tener to have, possess, hold, keep; —se en pie to remain standing, stand; —— fro, calor, miedo to be cold, warm, afraid

tercero third

trmino term, boundary, end; primer —— foreground

ternura tenderness, affection

testarazo butt, stroke or blow with the head; darse de -s to beat one's head

ti thee, you (after a prep.)

tibieza lukewarmness, coolness, indifference

tiempo time, weather

tierra earth

timidez, f., timidity

tino good judgment, skill; instinct

tirar to pull, draw, throw; —— un pellizco to give a pinch

tiritar to shiver, tremble

tiritn m. shivering, chill

tocar to touch, play, ring; to fall to, be one's turn

todo all, whole, every, everything

tolerar to tolerate

toma! well! why! of course!

tomar to take; tome usted amiguitos enough of your chums

tono tone

tontera nonsense, foolishness

tonto stupid, dull, silly, foolish; fool

toquen subj. pres. 3rd pers. pl. of tocar

torcido twisted

torpe dull, stupid

trabajar to work, labor

trabajo work, labor; workmanship

traer to bring, take; to wear; to incur, entail

tragar to swallow; —se to swallow up

traje m. suit, clothes

trance m. peril, danger, hazard; a todo —— at all hazards

tranquilizarse to become calm

transcurrir to pass, elapse

tratar to treat, try

trato intercourse, treatment

trece thirteen

treinta thirty

tres three

tronar to thunder

tropezn m. interference, obstacle

Troya Troy

trufado stuffed

tu thy, your

t thou, you

tunantear to play the rogue

turbado disturbed

turbar to disturb; —se to be turbid, disturbed or troubled

turbio turbid, murky; muddled

tutela guardianship, tutelage

tuyo thy, thine, your, yours


u or (used before a word beginning with o or ho)

uf! oh! whew!

ltimo last

un shortened from uno

nicamente only

nico only; sole, single

uno a, an, one; -s some, a few

uso use

usted you


V., Vds. conventional abbreviations of usted and ustedes

va indic. pres. 3rd pers. sing. of ir

vagaroso idle, transient

valer to be worth, of use, avail; —se de to make use of, use, employ; Dios me valga! bless me! good Heavens!

valor m. courage, valor

vals m. waltz

vara linear measure, about thirty-three inches

vyase subj. pres. 3rd pers. sing. of irse

vehemencia vehemence, violence, heat

veinticuatro twenty-four

vejez f. old age

vela vigil, watch; candle

velador m. lampstand

ven imperat. sing. of venir

vena vein

venda bandage

venganza vengeance, revenge

venida coming, arrival

venir to come; la semana que viene next week

ventaja advantage, preference; llevar —— (a) to have an advantage (over)

ventana window

ventura good fortune, happiness, chance; por —— by chance

ver to see; vamos a —— or a —— let's see

veras: de —— truly, really

verdad f. truth; es —— it is true; no es ——? isn't it true?; —— que s? really?

vergenza shame

vestido clothing, clothes

vestir to clothe, dress, put on, wear; —se to dress one's self, dress

vete! go! begone!

vez f. time; una —— once; otra —— again; en —— de instead of; rara —— rarely

vicio vice; de -s by habit

vida life

viejo old, aged

viera subj. impf. 1st and 3rd pers. sing. of ver

vigilancia vigilance, department of vigilance

villana villany, baseness

vnculo bond, fetter

violentamente violently

virgen f. virgin

virtud f. virtue

vista view, look, glance, gaze

visto p.p. irreg. of ver

viveza liveliness, vivacity

vivir to live

vivo alive, vivid, lively, quick

voluntad f. wish, will, desire

volver to turn, return, come back; —— a decir to say again

voto vow, prayer; vote; —— va! plague take it! hang it all!

voz f. voice

vuelta turn, return; dar una —— to take a walk or turn


y and

ya already, now; indeed, of course; —— no no longer; —— ... —— now ... now

yacer to lie, recline

yendo ger. of ir

yo I

yugo yoke; power, sway


zalamera flattery, adulation

zngano idler, loafer





With Introduction, Notes Exercises, and Vocabulary

By AURELIO M. ESPINOSA Associate Professor of Spanish, Leland Stanford Junior University

The purpose of this edition of Teatro de Ensueo is to supply school and college classes with selections from one of the best and most popular Castilian writers of the present day—this present day which shows that in all its manifestations Spanish literature is rapidly approaching a second golden age. And the lasting glory of Spanish literature seems to be found in the drama.

In language and style these dramatic tales are beautiful and poetic, and at the same time easy, simple and clear.

The selections are Por el Sendero Florido, Pastoral, and Cuento de Labios en Flor.

They are easy enough for students in the second or third half-year.

xvii + 108 pages. Price 50 cents.




_Mtodo directo para aprender el espaol


Adjunct Professor of Spanish in the University of Texas

1 Teaches Spanish in Spanish.

2 Gives conversational command of the language.

3 Enables the student to make his way in any Spanish-speaking country.

4 Thoroughly practical vocabulary of about 4000 everyday words.

5 More than 300 illustrations which teach vocabulary.

6 Numerous and varied exercises.

7 Constant drill on verb forms.

First Book: xxix + 280 pages; price $1.00. Second Book: xxix + 307 pages; price $1.20. Combined Book: xxix + 509 pages; price $1.60

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Lesson Books: Guillermo Hall's All Spanish Method, First Book ($1.00), Second Book ($1.20), or in one volume Complete ($1.60), furnishes the best direct-method Spanish course published. It is designed for high school or college beginning classes.

Poco a Poco, by the same author, is an easy book, profusely illustrated, especially well adapted to junior high-school classes.

Readers: Allen's Fbulas y Cuentos, Uribe's Por Tierras Mejicanas, and Phipps's Pginas Sudamericanas are easy reading books, well illustrated, for students of high-school grade or any beginners in Spanish. Higiene Prctica (60 cents), which tells how to live in health in the tropics, and Higiene Personal (72 cents), which applies to the more temperate regions of Latin America, furnish excellent simple Spanish for reading practice.

Annotated Texts: Benavente's El Prncipe que Todo lo aprendi en los Libros, and Martnez Sierra's Teatro de Ensueo, edited by Aurelio M. Espinosa, Associate Professor of Spanish, Leland Stanford Junior University; Benavente's Los Intereses Creados, edited by Francisco Piol, Instructor in Spanish, University of Pittsburgh, and Tamayo y Baus' Ms Vale Maa que Fuerza, edited by C. Everett Conant, Professor of Modern Languages, University of Chattanooga, are interesting modern works. All are provided with exercises in composition and full vocabularies.

Reference Books: Wessely and Girons' Spanish-English and English-Spanish Dictionary (96 cents) is the latest revised edition of the best small dictionary now available.

World Book Company Yonkers-on-Hudson, New York 2126 Prairie Avenue, Chicago

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