When Grandmamma Was New - The Story of a Virginia Childhood
by Marion Harland
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When, for me, Life's little day—full, rich, and blessed, for all that storm and wreck and blight have, once and again, befallen me, as was God's will, and therefore, for my eternal good—when, for me, Life's little day darkens to its outgoing, may the lights of the Home that changes not, save from glory to glory, shine out for me through night and chill with such loving welcome as gleamed in those ruddy windows!

* * * * *




Five Little Peppers and How they Grew.~ Cloth, 12mo, illustrated, $1.50, postpaid.

This was an instantaneous success; it has become a genuine child classic.

Five Little Peppers Midway. Cloth, 12mo, illustrated, $1.50, postpaid.

"A perfect Cheeryble of a book."—Boston Herald.

Five Little Peppers Grown Up. Cloth, 12mo, illustrated, $1.50, postpaid.

This shows the Five Little Peppers as "grown up," with all the struggles and successes of young manhood and womanhood.

Phronsie Pepper. Cloth, 12mo, illustrated, $1.50, postpaid.

It is the story of Phronsie, the youngest and dearest of all the Peppers.

The Stories Polly Pepper Told. Cloth, 12mo. Illustrated by Jessie McDermott and Etheldred B. Barry. $1.50, postpaid.

Wherever there exists a child or a "grown-up," there will be a welcome for these charming and delightful "Stories Polly Pepper Told."

The Adventures of Joel Pepper. Cloth, 12mo. Illustrated by Sears Gallagher. $1.50, postpaid.

As bright and just as certain to be a child's favorite as the others in the famous series. Harum-scarum "Joey" is lovable.

Five Little Peppers Abroad. Cloth, 12mo. Illustrated by Fanny Y. Cory. $1.50, postpaid.

The "Peppers Abroad" adds another most delightful book to this famous series.

Five Little Peppers at School. Cloth, 12mo. Illustrated by Hermann Heyer. $1.50, postpaid.

Of all the fascinating adventures and experiences of the "Peppers," none will surpass those contained in this volume.

Five Little Peppers and Their Friends. Illustrated by Eugenie M. Wireman. Cloth, 12mo, $1.50, postpaid.

The newest of the stories of the children's favorites—the Pepper boys and girls.


* * * * *

Ethel In Fairyland


Small 4to. Six illustrations by Hermann Heyer. Pictorial cover in color. Price, $1.00.

"Ethel in Fairyland," by Edith R. Bolster, is a delightful little allegory. A child falls asleep and dreams that she has a number of adventures in a wood, where she meets various people personifying the moral qualities, like bad temper, unkindness, and envy, and learns a good lesson from them to tell her mother when she awakes the next morning. The book is written in a way to please both mothers and children.

A Japanese Garland


Small 4to. Four illustrations by Genjiro Yeto. Pictorial cover in color. Price, $1.00.

"A Japanese Garland," by Florence Peltier, is one of the most charming books for young people published of late. It tells of a Japanese lad, adopted by an American, who has a number of American boys and girls as friends, to whom he tells a series of folk-lore tales associated with the flowers of Japan. The meetings to hear the stories occur at the different houses of the children, and there is always some sort of entertainment at the end of the narration, to furnish variety and life. By means of this story-frame much interesting information about Japanese customs and superstitions, also social life, is conveyed, while the picturesque stories hold the attention. The book is appropriately illustrated by G. Yeto, the noted Japanese artist.


* * * * *

A Partnership In Magic


Author of "Just Rhymes," "The Four Masted Cat Boat," and "Yankee Enchantments." 12mo. Four illustrations. Price, $1.25.

"A Partnership in Magic," by Charles B. Loomis, the widely known humorist, is an extremely original and clever juvenile, Mr. Loomis's first piece of long fiction. It has a fairy-tale motive in an entirely realistic setting. A country boy, who has a marvellous power of plucking fruit from the bare branches of any tree, goes to New York, and with a friend starts in the fruit business, and makes a large sum of money in a couple of weeks of their partnership. There is a cruel stepfather, and his adventures in New York in search of the boy, together with the many city scenes in connection with the hero's experiences, make it a highly amusing and graphic story. It is written in Mr. Loomis's peculiar vein of quiet, but effective fun.


* * * * *

Defending The Bank


Author of "With Sword and Crucifix," etc. Four illustrations by I. B. Hazelton. 12 mo. Pictorial cover in color. Price, $1.25.

"Defending the Bank," by Edward S. Van Zile, is a most amusing and interesting detective story for boys and girls, in which a couple of bright boys and girls appoint themselves amateur detectives and are able to run down a couple of bank robbers who are planning to rob the bank of which the father of one of the boys is president. This is at once an exciting and wholesome tale, of which the scene is laid in Troy, N. Y., the former home of the author. It will be widely welcomed.

The Mutineers


Author of "The Substitute Quarterback." 12mo. Four illustrations by I. B. Hazelton. Pictorial cover in color. Price, $1.25.

"The Mutineers" is a rattling boys' story by Mr. Eustace L. Williams of the Louisville Courier-Journal. It gives a picture of life in a large boarding-school, where a certain set of boys control the athletics, and shows how their unjust power was broken by the hero of the tale, who forms a rival baseball nine and manages to defeat his opponents, thus bringing a better state of things in the school socially and as to sports. The story is full of lively action, and deals with baseball and general athletic interests in a large school in a manner which shows that the author is thoroughly acquainted with and sympathetic to his subject.


* * * * *

The Little Citizen


Illustrated by H. Burgess, 12mo, blue cloth, illustrated cover, $1.25

This is a right royal, good juvenile story. It has the narrative of the development of a waif of New York streets in the simple and wholesome life of a Vermont farmer neighborhood. The lad, Miffins, is taken into the household of Jacob Foss, a farmer. The story tells of the transformation wrought in Miffins's character. It is a story of heart power; and with its study of the evolution of a street gamin into a useful little citizen, and with its graphic descriptions of Vermont country life in summer and winter, it makes a book of unusual power and interest.

Lothrop Publishing Company—Boston

A Little Maid of Concord Town

A Romance of the American Revolution

By MARGARET SIDNEY. One volume, 12mo, illustrated by F. T. Merrill, $1.50

A delightful Revolutionary romance of life, love and adventure in old Concord. The author lived for fifteen years in the home of Hawthorne, in Concord, and knows the interesting town thoroughly.

Debby Parlin, the heroine, lived in a little house on the Lexington Road, still standing, and was surrounded by all the stir and excitement of the months of preparation and the days of action at the beginning of our struggle for freedom.

By Way of the Wilderness

By "PANSY" (Mrs. G. R. Alden) and MRS. C. M. LIVINGSTON. 12mo, cloth, illustrated by Charlotte Harding, $1.50

This story of Wayne Pierson and how he evaded or met the tests of misunderstanding, environment, false position, opportunity and self-pride; how he lost his father and found him again, almost lost his home and found it again, almost lost himself and found alike his manhood, his conscience and his heart is told us in Pansy's best vein, ably supplemented by Mrs. Livingston's collaboration.

The Children On The Top Floor


Author of "Only Dollie," "Little Girl Next Door," "Winifred's Neighbors"

Illustrated by Bertha G. Davidson Large 12mo Cloth 300 pages $1.00

Little Winifred Hamilton, the child heroine of this book, lives in the second of the four stories of a New York apartment-house. On the top floor are two very interesting children—Betty, a little older than Winifred, who is ten, and Jack, a brave little cripple, who is a year younger. The widowed mother, proud and distant until won over by the kindness of good friends, shows unmistakably that something very different from poverty and loneliness has been familiar to her, which fact is also very evident from the character and breeding of her children. In the end comes a glad reunion, and good fortune for crippled Jack, and Winifred's kind little heart has indirectly caused great happiness to many others. This is the strongest story Miss Rhoades has yet given us, excellent as have been her others.



Author of "The Little Girl Next Door," "Winifred's Neighbors," "The Children On The Top Floor"

New Cover Design Illustrated Square 12mo Cloth $1.00

This is a brightly written story of a girl of twelve, who, when the mystery of her birth is solved, like Cinderella, passes from drudgery to better circumstances. There is nothing strained or unnatural at any point. All descriptions or portrayals of character are life-like, and the book has an indescribable appealing quality which wins sympathy and secures success.

"It is delightful reading at all times."—Cedar Rapids (Ia.) Republican.

"The author has written with admirable restraint, and has exhibited in her character-drawing a keen observance of real life."—Philadelphia Press.

"It is well written, the story runs smoothly, the idea is good, and it is handled with ability."—Chicago Journal.

For sale by all booksellers, or sent postpaid on receipt of price by the publishers.

LEE & SHEPARD, Publishers, Boston

* * * * *

Hortense—A Difficult Child


Editor Children's Page "Youth's Companion"

Illustrated by MARY AVER 12mo Cloth Price, $1.00

"It is an interesting study of the development of an uncommon little girl. She is thoroughly natural, and the situations in which she is placed are seldom strained. She has no mother, and circumstances place her in the care of an older girl who also has no mother. How one child may be trained while another may be only taught, is made very clear. It is an attractive little story quite worth the reading."—The Universalist Leader, Boston.

"It is a book which girls from eight to eighteen will read with interest and which careful guardians and mothers will be glad to have them read."—Times, Chattanooga, Tenn.

"We would strongly advise all mothers of growing boys and girls to hasten to procure a copy of this delightful book for the home library—and, above all, to make a point of reading it carefully themselves before turning it over to the juveniles."—Designer, New York, N. Y.

"It is a truthful and discerning study of a gifted child, and should be read by all who have children under their care. It is probably the best new girl's book of the year."—Springfield (Mass.) Republican.

"The book is excellent, whether viewed as a story for the children, or as a suggestive study for those who have to do with the education of children."—Zion's Herald, Boston.

"The story may be commended as first-rate in construction, and with a happy style of teaching moral lessons."—Chicago Journal.

For sale by all booksellers, or sent postpaid on receipt of price by the publishers.

LEE & SHEPARD, Publishers, Boston

* * * * *


Her Strange Experiences and Adventures in Indian Land


Illustrated by FRANK T. MERRILL 12mo Cloth with gold and colors 300 pages Price $1.25

One of the very best books with which to satisfy a young reader's natural desire for an "Indian story" is this one of little Betty Blew and what she saw and experienced when her family removed from Dorchester, Mass., two hundred years ago, to their home on the Ashley River above Charleston, South Carolina. Although Betty is but a small maid she is so wise and true that she charms all, and there are a number of characters who will interest boys as well as girls, and old as well as young.

There are many Indians who figure most importantly in many exciting scenes, but the book, though a splendid "Indian story," is far more than that. It is an unusually entertaining tale of the making of a portion of our country, with plenty of information as well as incident to commend it, and the account of a delightful family life in the brave old times. It is good to notice that this story is to be the first of a colonial series, which will surely be a favorite with children and their parents. Mr. Merrill's illustrations are of unusual excellence, even for that gifted artist, and the binding is rich and beautiful.

For sale by all booksellers, or sent prepaid on receipt of price by the publishers


* * * * *

Winifred's Neighbors


Author of "Only Dollie" and "The Little Girl Next Door" Illustrated by BERTHA G. DAVIDSON Large 12mo Cloth $1.00

"The Little Girl Next Door" has been more persistently re-ordered than almost any other children's book of last season, and Miss Rhoades's new story deserves equal popularity. Little Winifred's efforts to find some children of whom she reads in a book lead to the acquaintance of a neighbor of the same name, and this acquaintance proves of the greatest importance to Winifred's own family. Through it all she is just such a little girl as other girls ought to know, and the story will hold the interest of all ages.

The Little Girl Next Door


Author of "Only Dollie" Illustrated by BERTHA G. DAVIDSON Large 12mo Cloth $1.00

A delightful story of true and genuine friendship between an impulsive little girl in a fine New York home and a little blind girl in an apartment next door. The little girl's determination to cultivate the acquaintance, begun out of the window during a rainy day, triumphs over the barriers of caste, and the little blind girl proves to be in every way a worthy companion. Later a mystery of birth is cleared up, and the little blind girl proves to be of gentle birth as well as of gentle manners.

Only Dollie


Square 12mo Cloth Illustrated by BERTHA DAVIDSON $1.00

This is a brightly written story of a girl of twelve, who when the mystery of her birth is solved, like Cinderella, passes from drudgery to better circumstances. There is nothing strained or unnatural at any point. All descriptions or portrayals of character are life-like, and the book has an indescribable appealing quality which wins sympathy and secures success.



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