The Wonders of Pompeii
by Marc Monnier
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"From the first page to the very last page the interest is all-absorbing."—Albany Evening Times.

"The book deserves, as it will doubtless attain, a wide circulation."—Pittsburgh Chronicle.

"This book is instructive and clear."—Independent.

"It describes and explains the wonders of heat in a manner to be clearly understood by non-scientific readers."—Phila. Inquirer.

Animal Intelligence.

THE INTELLIGENCE OF ANIMALS, WITH ILLUSTRATIVE ANECDOTES.—From the French of ERNEST MENAULT. With 54 illustrations. One volume, 12mo $1 50

For specimen illustration see page 16.

In this very interesting volume there are grouped together a great number of facts and anecdotes collected from original sources, and from the writings of the most eminent naturalists of all countries, designed to illustrate the manifestations of intelligence in the animal creation. Very many novel and curious facts regarding the habits of Reptiles, Birds, and Beasts are narrated in the most charming style, and in a way which is sure to excite the desire of every reader for wider knowledge of one of the most fascinating subjects in the whole range of natural history. The grace and skill displayed in the illustrations, which are very numerous, make the volume singularly attractive.


"May be recommended as very entertaining."—London Athenaeum.

"The stories are of real value to those who take any interest in the curious habits of animals."—Rochester Democrat.


EGYPT 3,300 YEARS AGO; OR, RAMESES THE GREAT. By F. DE LANOYE. With 40 illustrations. One volume, 12mo $1 50

For specimen illustration see page 17.

This volume is devoted to the wonders of Ancient Egypt during the time of the Pharaohs and under Sesostris, the period of its greatest splendor and magnificence. Her monuments, her palaces, her pyramids, and her works of art are not only accurately described in the text, but reproduced in a series of very attractive illustrations as they have been restored by French explorers, aided by students of Egyptology. While the volume has the attraction of being devoted to a subject which possesses all the charms of novelty to the great number of readers, it has the substantial merit of discussing, with intelligence and careful accuracy, one of the greatest epochs in the world's history.


"I think this a good book for the purpose for which it is designed. It is brief on each head, lively and graphic, without any theatrical artifices: is not the work of a novice, but of a real scholar in Egyptology, and, as far as can be ascertained now, is history."—JAMES C. MOFFAT, Professor in Princeton Theological Seminary.

"The volume is full of wonders."—Hartford Courant.

"Evidently prepared with great care."—Chicago Evening Journal.

"Not merely the curious in antiquarian matters will find this volume attractive, but the general reader will be pleased, entertained, and informed by it."—Portland Argus.

"The work possessed the freshness and charm of romance, and cannot fail to repay all who glance over its pages."—Philadelphia City Item.

Great Hunts.

ADVENTURES ON THE GREAT HUNTING GROUNDS OF THE WORLD. By VICTOR MEUNIER. Illustrated with 22 woodcuts. One volume 12mo $1 50

For specimen illustration see page 18.

Besides numerous thrilling adventures judiciously selected, this work contains much valuable and exceedingly interesting information regarding the different animals, adventures with which are narrated, together with accurate descriptions of the different countries, making the volume not only interesting, but instructive in a remarkable degree.


"This is a very attractive volume in this excellent series."—Cleveland Herald.

"Cannot fail to prove entertaining to the juvenile reader."—Albion.

"The adventures are gathered from the histories of famous travellers and explorers, and have the merit of truth as well as interest."—N.Y. Observer.

"Just the book for boys during the coming Winter evenings."—Boston Daily Journal.


WONDERS OF POMPEII. By MARC MONNIER. With 22 illustrations. One volume 12mo $1 50

For specimen illustration see page 19.

There are here summed up, in a very lively and graphic style, the results of the discoveries made at Pompeii since the commencement of the extensive excavations there. The illustrations represent the houses, the domestic utensils, the statues, and the various works of art, as investigation gives every reason to believe that they existed at the time of the eruption.


"It is undoubtedly one of the best works on Pompeii that have been published, and has this advantage over all others—in that it records the results of excavations to the latest date."—N.Y. Herald.

"A very pleasant and instructive book."—Balt. Meth. Prot.

"It gives a very clear and accurate account of the buried city."—Portland Transcript.

Sublime in Nature.


For specimen illustration see page 20.

The Air and Atmospheric Phenomena, the Ocean, Mountains, Volcanic Phenomena, Rivers, Falls and Cataracts, Grottoes and Caverns, and the Phenomena of Vegetation, are described in this volume, and in the most charming manner possible, because the descriptions given have been selected from the writings of the most distinguished authors and travellers. The illustrations, several of which are from the pencil of GUSTAVE DORE, reproduce scenes in this country, as well as in foreign lands.


"As a hand-book of reference to the natural wonders of the world this work has no superior."—Philadelphia Inquirer.

"The illustrations are particularly graphic, and in some cases furnish much better ideas of the phenomena they indicate than anything short of an actual experience, or a panoramic view of them would do."—N.Y. Sunday Times.

The Sun.

THE SUN. By AMEDEE GUILLEMIN. From the French by T.L. PHIPSON, Ph.D. With 58 illustrations. One volume 12mo $1 50

For specimen illustration see page 21.

M. GUILLEMIN'S well-known work upon The Heavens has secured him a wide reputation as one of the first of living astronomical writers and observers. In this compact treatise he discourses familiarly but most accurately and entertainingly of the Sun as the source of light, of heat, and of chemical action; of its influence upon living beings; of its place in the Planetary World; of its place in the Sidereal World; of its physical and chemical constitution; of the maintenance of Solar Radiation, and, in conclusion, the question whether the Sun is inhabited, is examined. The work embraces the results of the most recent investigations, and is valuable for its fulness and accuracy as well as for the very popular way in which the subject is presented.


"The matter of the volume is highly interesting, as well as scientifically complete; the style is clear and simple, and the illustrations excellent."—N.Y. Daily Tribune.

"For the first time, the fullest and latest information about the Sun has been comprised in a single volume."—Philadelphia Press.

"The work is intensely interesting. It is written in a style which must commend itself to the general reader, and imparts a vast fund of information in language free from astronomical or other scientific technicalities."—Albany Evening Journal.

"The latest discoveries of science are set forth in a popular and attractive style."—Portland Transcript.

"Conveys, in a graphic form, the present amount of knowledge in regard to the luminous centre of out solar system."—Boston Congregationalist.



For specimen illustration see page 22.

The title of this work very accurately indicates its character. It is written in an exceedingly lively and graphic style, and the useful and ornamental applications of glass are fully described. The illustrations represent, among other things, the mirror of Marie de Medici and various articles manufactured from glass which have, from their unique character, or the associations connected with them, acquired historical interest.


"All the information which the general reader needs on the subject will be found here in a very intelligible and attractive form."—N.Y. Evening Post.

"Tells about every branch of this curious manufacture, tracing its progress from the remotest ages, and omitting not one point upon which information can be desired."—Boston Post.

"A very useful and interesting book."—N.Y. Citizen.

"An extremely pleasant and useful little book."—N.Y. Sunday Times.

"The book will well repay perusal."—N.Y. Globe.

"A most interesting volume."—Portland Argus.

"Graphically told."—N.Y. Albion.

"Young people and old will derive equal benefit and pleasure from its perusal."—N.Y. Ch. Intelligencer.

Italian Art.

WONDERS OF ITALIAN ART. By LOUIS VIARDOT. With 28 illustrations. One volume 12mo $1 50

For specimen illustration see page 23.

As a compact, readable, and instructive manual upon a subject the exposition of which has heretofore been confined to ambitious and expensive treatises, this volume has no equal. In style it is clear and attractive; its critical estimates are based upon thorough and extensive knowledge and sound judgment, and the illustrations reproduce, as accurately as wood engravings can do, the leading works of the famous Italian masters, while anecdotes of these great artists and curious facts regarding their works give popular interest to the volume.

The Human Body.

WONDERS OF THE HUMAN BODY. From the French of A. LE PILEUR, Doctor of Medicine. Illustrated by 45 Engravings by LEVEILLE. One volume 12mo. $1 50

For specimen illustration see page 24.

While sufficiently minute in anatomical and physiological details to satisfy those who desire to go deeper into such studies than many may deem necessary, this work is nevertheless written so that it may form part of the domestic library. Mothers and daughters may read it without being repelled or shocked; and the young will find their interest sustained by incidental digressions to more attractive matters. Such are the pages referring to phrenology and to music, which accompany the anatomical description of the skull and of the organs of voice; and the chapter on artistic expression which closes the book. Numerous simple but attractive engravings elucidate the work.


WONDERS OF ARCHITECTURE. Translated from the French of M. LEFEVRE; to which is added a chapter on English Architecture by R. DONALD. With 50 illustrations. One volume 12mo $1 50

For specimen illustration see page 25.

The object of the Wonders of Architecture is to supply, in as accessible and popular a form as the nature of the subject admits, a connected and comprehensive sketch of the chief architectural achievements of ancient and modern times. Commencing with the rudest dawnings of architectural science as exemplified in the Celtic monuments, a carefully compiled and authentic record is given of the most remarkable temples, palaces, columns, towers, cathedrals, bridges, viaducts, churches, and buildings of every description which the genius of man has constructed; and as these are all described in chronological order, according to the eras to which they belong, they form a connected narrative of the development of architecture, in which the history and progress of the art can be authentically traced. Care has been taken to popularize the theme as much as possible, to make the descriptions plain and vivid, to render the text free from mere technicalities, and to convey a correct and truthful impression of the various objects that are enumerated.

Ocean Depths.

BOTTOM OF THE SEA. By L. SONREL. Translated and edited by ELIHU RICH, translator of "Cazin's Heat," &c., with 68 woodcuts. (Printed on Tinted Paper) One vol 12mo $1 50

For specimen illustration see page 26.

Written in a popular and attractive style, this volume affords much useful information about the sea, its depth, color, and temperature; its action in deep water and on the shores; the exuberance of life in the depths of the ocean, and the numberless phenomena, anecdotes, adventures, and perils connected therewith. The illustrations are very numerous, and specially graphic and attractive.


This book is well illustrated throughout, and is admirably adapted to those who require light scientific reading.—Nature.

Lighthouses and Lightships.

LIGHTHOUSES AND LIGHTSHIPS. By W.H.D. ADAMS. With sixty illustrations. One volume 12mo. Printed on tinted paper $1 50

The aim of this volume is to furnish in a popular and intelligible form a description of the Lighthouse as it is and as it was, of the rude Roman pharos, or old sea-tower, with its flickering fire of wood or coal, and the modern Lighthouse, shapely and yet substantial, with its powerful illuminating apparatus of lamps and lenses, shining ten, or twelve, or twenty miles across the waters. The author gives a descriptive and historical account of their mode of construction and organization, based on the best authorities, and revised by competent critics. Sketches are furnished of the most remarkable Lighthouses in the Old World, and a graphic narration is presented of the mode of life of their keepers.


"The book is full of interest."—N.Y. Commercial Advertiser.

"The whole subject is treated in a manner at once interesting and instructive."—Rochester Democrat.

"The illustrations are full, and excellently engraved."—Phil. Morning Post.


THE WONDERS OF ACOUSTICS; or, THE PHENOMENA OF SOUND. By R. RADAU. With 110 illustrations. One volume 12mo. Printed on tinted paper $1 50

For specimen illustration see page 27.

No overweight of technicalities encumber the author's ample and exceedingly instructive disquisition; but by presenting the results of curious investigation, by anecdote, by all manner of striking illustration, and by the aid of numerous pictures, he throws a popular interest about one of the most suggestive and beautiful of the sciences. The book opens with an attractive chapter on "Sound in Nature," in which the language of animals, nocturnal life in the forests, and kindred subjects are discussed. Among the topics treated of later in the work are such as "Effects of Sound, on Living Beings," "Velocity of Sound," "The Notes," "The Voice, Music, and Science." This volume forms a valuable addition to the series.

Bodily Strength and Skill.

WONDERS OF BODILY STRENGTH AND SKILL. Translated and enlarged from the French of GUILLAUME DEPPING, by CHARLES RUSSELL. Illustrated with seventy engravings on wood, many of them full page. One vol. 12mo. Printed on tinted paper $1 50

For specimen illustration see page 28.

This is decidedly one of the most interesting volumes of the Library of Wonders. In it the author has collected, from every available source, anecdotes descriptive of the most remarkable exhibitions of Physical Strength and Skill, whether in the form of individual feats, or of national games, from the earliest ages down to the present time. The author has simply endeavored to make a collection of "Wonders of Bodily Strength and Skill," from the Literature of all countries, and if any of them may be assigned to the region of the improbable, he most respectfully refers doubting inquirers to the original sources. The grace and skill displayed in the illustrations, which are numerous and striking, make the volume singularly attractive.


WONDERFUL BALLOON ASCENTS. From the French of F. MARION. With thirty illustrations on wood, many of them full page One volume 12mo. Printed on tinted paper $1 50

For specimen illustration see page 29.

This volume gives an interesting history of balloons and balloon voyages, written in an exceedingly readable and graphic style, which will commend itself to the reader.

The history of the balloon is fully narrated, from its first stages up to the present time, and the most memorable balloon voyages are herein described in a most thrilling manner. The illustrations are exceedingly taken in character.


"Written in a popular style and with illustrations that give completeness to the text,... beautifully illustrated, and will be a fascinating reading book, especially for the young,"—London Bookseller.

Wonderful Escapes.

WONDERFUL ESCAPES. Revised from the French of F. BERNARD, and original chapters added by RICHARD WHITEING. With twenty-six full-page plates. One volume 12mo. Printed on tinted paper $1 50

For specimen illustration see page 30.

This volume of the "Library of Wonders" is an exceedingly interesting addition to the series, narrating as it does in the most thrilling manner the wonderful escapes of noted prisoners, political as well as criminal. The escapes of over forty well known personages are described in this book, and their history may be relied upon as entirely accurate, obtained from official sources. Among the characters treated of we may mention Marius, Benvenuto Cellini, Grotius, Cardinal de Retz, Baron Trenck, and Marie de Medicis. A number of full-page plates picturing the prisoners in the most fearful moments of their escapes accompany the volume.

The Heavens.

WONDERS OF THE HEAVENS. By CAMILLE FLAMMARION. From the French by Mrs. NORMAN LOCKYER. With forty-eight illustrations. One volume, 12mo $1 50

For specimen illustration see page 32.

M. FLAMMARION is excelled by none in that peculiar tact, which is so rare, of bringing within popular comprehension the great facts of Astronomical Science. Familiar illustrations and a glowing and eloquent style, make this volume one of the most valuable, as it is one of the most comprehensive manuals extant upon the absorbingly interesting subject of which it treats.



Due announcement of the appearance of the above new issues of this series will be given hereafter as they approach completion.


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