The Venetian Painters of the Renaissance - Third Edition
by Bernhard Berenson
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XXV. Canaletto and Guardi.—Venice herself had not grown less beautiful in her decline. Indeed, the building which occupies the very centre of the picture Venice leaves in the mind, the Salute, was not built until the seventeenth century. This was the picture that the Venetian himself loved to have painted for him, and that the stranger wanted to carry away. Canale painted Venice with a feeling for space and atmosphere, with a mastery over the delicate effects of mist peculiar to the city, that make his views of the Salute, the Grand Canal, and the Piazzetta still seem more like Venice than all the pictures of them that have been painted since. Later in the century Canale was followed by Guardi, who executed smaller views with more of an eye for the picturesque, and for what may be called instantaneous effects, thus anticipating both the Romantic and the Impressionist painters of our own century.

XXVI. Tiepolo.—But delightful as Longhi, Canale, and Guardi are, and imbued as they are with the spirit of their own century, they lack the quality of force, without which there can be no really impressive style. This quality their contemporary Tiepolo possessed to the utmost. His energy, his feeling for splendour, his mastery over his craft, place him almost on a level with the great Venetians of the sixteenth century, although he never allows one to forget what he owes to them, particularly to Veronese. The grand scenes he paints differ from those of his predecessor not so much in mere inferiority of workmanship, as in a lack of that simplicity and candour which never failed Paolo, no matter how proud the event he might be portraying. Tiepolo's people are haughty, as if they felt that to keep a firm hold on their dignity they could not for a moment relax their faces and figures from a monumental look and bearing. They evidently feel themselves so superior that they are not pleasant to live with, although they carry themselves so well, and are dressed with such splendour, that once in a while it is a great pleasure to look at them. It was Tiepolo's vision of the world that was at fault, and his vision of the world was at fault only because the world itself was at fault. Paolo saw a world touched only by the fashions of the Spanish Court, while Tiepolo lived among people whose very hearts had been vitiated by its measureless haughtiness.

But Tiepolo's feeling for strength, for movement, and for colour was great enough to give a new impulse to art. At times he seems not so much the last of the old masters as the first of the new. The works he left in Spain do more than a little to explain the revival of painting in that country under Goya; and Goya, in his turn, had a great influence upon many of the best French artists of our own times.

XXVII. Influence of Venetian Art.—Thus, Venetian painting before it wholly died, flickered up again strong enough to light the torch that is burning so steadily now. Indeed, not the least attraction of the Venetian masters is their note of modernity, by which I mean the feeling they give us that they were on the high road to the art of to-day. We have seen how on two separate occasions Venetian painters gave an impulse to Spaniards, who in turn have had an extraordinary influence on modern painting. It would be easy, too, although it is not my purpose, to show how much other schools of the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, such as the Flemish, led by Rubens, and the English led by Reynolds, owed to the Venetians. My endeavour has been to explain some of the attractions of the school, and particularly to show its close dependence upon the thought and feeling of the Renaissance. This is perhaps its greatest interest, for being such a complete expression of the riper spirit of the Renaissance, it helps us to a larger understanding of a period which has in itself the fascination of youth, and which is particularly attractive to us, because the spirit that animates us is singularly like the better spirit of that epoch. We, too, are possessed of boundless curiosity. We, too, have an almost intoxicating sense of human capacity. We, too, believe in a great future for humanity, and nothing has yet happened to check our delight in discovery or our faith in life.



Public galleries are mentioned first, then private collections, and churches last. The principal public gallery is always understood after the simple mention of a city or town. Thus, Paris means Paris, Louvre, London means London, National Gallery, etc.

An interrogation point after the number or title of a picture indicates that its attribution to the given painter is doubtful.

Distinctly early or late works are marked E. or L.

It need scarcely be said that the attributions here given are not based on official catalogues, and are often at variance with them.


B. Circa 1444: d. circa 1493. Began under unknown Flemish painter; influenced by the Vivarini and Bellini.

Antwerp. 4. Crucifixion, 1475.

Bergamo. LOCHIS, 222. St. Sebastian.

Berlin. 18. Portrait of Young Man, 1478. 18A. Portrait of Young Man, 1474. 25. Portrait of Young Man in Red Coat.

Dresden. 52. St. Sebastian.

London. 673. The Saviour, 1465. 1141. Portrait of Man. 1166. Crucifixion, 1477. 1418. St. Jerome in his Study.

Messina. Madonna with SS. Gregory and Benedict, 1473.

Milan. MUSEO CIVICO, 95. Portrait of Man wearing Wreath. PRINCE TRIVULZIO, Portrait of Man, 1476.

Naples. SALA GRANDE, 16. Portrait of Man.

Paris. 1134. Condottiere, 1474.

Rome. VILLA BORGHESE, 396. Portrait of Man.

Venice. ACADEMY, 589. Ecce Homo. GIOVANELLI, Portrait of Man.

Vicenza. SALA IV, 17. Christ at Column.


1450 circa-1516 circa. Pupil of Alvise Vivarini; influenced by Antonello da Messina.

Augsburg. Still Life Piece, 1504.

Bergamo. GALLERY LOCHIS, 147, 148. Heads of Young Men. FRIZZONI-SALIS, Head of Christ.

Berlin. 26A. Madonna and Saints.

Dresden. 57. Christ Blessing. 58, 59. SS. Catherine and Barbara. 294. Galatea. L.

Florence. PITTI, 384. St. Sebastian.

Hamburg. CONSUL WEBER, 24. Old Man and Young Woman. 1503.

London. MR. DOETSCH, Portrait of Young Man. L.

Naples. SALA DEGLI OLANDESI E TEDESCHI, 51. Bust of a Cardinal.

Treviso. S. NICCOLO, Frescoes around Tomb of Onigo. 18 PIAZZA DEL DUOMO, Frescoes on Facade.

Venice. LADY LAYARD, A Falcon. FRARI, 2d CHAPEL L. OF CHOIR, Decorative Frescoes.

Vienna. 22. Portrait of Young Man.

Weimar. Head of Christ.


Active 1505-1555. Pupil of Gentile Bellini; influenced by Bergamask and Milanese painters.

Belluno. 22. Madonna.

Bergamo. CARRARA, 185. Landscape. E. LOCHIS, 127. Madonna, 1505.

Brussels. M. LEON SOMZEE, Bust of a Venetian Noble.

Douai. 324. Portrait of Young Man.

Dresden. 292. Salome.

Florence. UFFIZI, 650. Portrait of a Man, 1555.

Frankfort. 13. Portrait of a Courtesan. 20. St. Catherine.

Genoa. PRINCE GIORGIO DORIA, Portrait of a Lady.

Glasgow. 510. St. Catherine crowned.

London. 287. Portrait of Ludovico Martinengo, 1530. MR. BENSON, Madonna and Angels. E. DORCHESTER HOUSE, Portrait of Man, 1512.

Milan. AMBROSIANA, 24. Madonna. Portrait of Man in Black. BORROMEO, St. Catherine. DUKE MELZI, Jewess breaking her Wedding Ring.

Nancy. Portrait of Young Man.

Paris. 1673. Portrait of Lady.

Rome. CORSINI, 610. Portrait of Young Man. DORIA, 482. The Saviour.


Verona. Madonna. E.


Circa 1470-1527. Pupil of Alvise Vivarini; follower of Bellini.

Badger Hall (Shropshire). MR. F. CAPEL-CURE, Bust of Boy.

Bergamo. CARRARA, 165. the Saviour, 1517. LOCHIS, 188. Portrait of Man. MORELLI, Portrait of Man, 1521. FRIZZONI-SALIS, Madonna with SS. Monica and Francis.

Berlin. 6. Pieta. E. 20. Altar-piece. 37. St. Sebastian. 40. Madonna. E. HERR VON BECKERATH, St. Jerome. HERR KAUFMANN, St. Jerome.

Boston, U. S. A. 35. Entombment. E.

Buda-Pesth. 103. St. Catherine Reading. St. Jerome.

London. 281. St. Jerome. 599. Madonna. MR. BENSON, St. Jerome Beside a Pool, 1505. Portrait of Man. Madonna and Saints. Infant Bacchus. MR. C. BUTLER, Dead Christ. MR. SALTING, Madonna. E. SIR MICHAEL SHAW-STEWART, Madonna.

Meiningen. DUCAL PALACE, St. Antony Abbot. St. Paul. L.

Milan. AMBROSIANA, 30. Resurrected Christ.

Munich. 1031. Madonna, Saints, and Donor. E.

Murano. S. PIETRO, Assumption of Virgin.

Padua. SALA EMO, 225. Portrait of Man 1521. Madonna with SS. Liberale and Peter.

Paris. M. MARTIN LE ROY, St. Sebastian.

Rome. DORIA, 459. St. Sebastian.

Strassburg. St. Jerome.

Stuttgart. 24. Madonna. 57. Madonna with female Saint.

Venice. ACADEMY, 68. St. James and St. Antony Abbot. 108. Dead Christ. St. George and Dragon, 1520. 69. Christ in the Garden 1510. 107. St. Jerome. 39. Calling of Children of Zebedee, 1510. MUSEO CORKER, SALA IX, 24. Madonna and Donor. 34. Christ and Angels. GIOVANELLI, St. Jerome in Desert. S. PIETRO IN CASTELLO, St. Peter enthroned and four other Saints. SALUTE, St. Sebastian.

Vienna. 1. Calling of Children of Zebedee, 1515. HARRACH COLLECTION, Madonna.


1510-1592. Pupil of Bonifazio Veronese.

Ashridge. LORD BROWNLOW, Portrait of an Admiral. Portrait of Youth.

Augsburg. 272. Madonna with SS. John and Roch.

Bassano. 32. Susanna and Elders. E. 35. Christ and Adulteress. E. 38. The Three Holy Children. E. 41. Madonna, SS. Lucy and Francis, and Donor. E. 22. Flight into Egypt. E. 20. St. John the Baptist. 19. Paradise. 17. Baptism of St. Lucilla. 16. Adoration of Shepherds. 14. St. Martin and the Beggar. 12. St. Roch recommending Donor to Virgin. 13. St. John the Evangelist adored by a Warrior. 10. Descent of Holy Spirit. 4. Madonna in Glory, SS. Lucy and Agatha. L. 45. Last Supper. DUOMO, St. Lucy in Glory, and Martyrdom of Stephen. L. Nativity. S. GIOVANNI, Madonna in Glory, SS. Giustina, Barbara, and Mark. S. M. DELLE GRAZIE, Crucifixion (fresco).

Bergamo. CARRARA, 109. Male Portrait. LOCHIS, 54. Portrait of Lawyer. 82. Portrait of a Painter. FRIZZONI-SALIS, Madonna. Portrait of Old Man. SIGNOR BAGLIONI, Portrait of Old Man. CASA SUARDI, St. Jerome in Desert.

Berlin. HERR KAUFMANN, Bust of Senator. HERR WESENDONCK, Animals going into Ark.

Biel, N. B. MRS. HAMILTON OGILVIE, Dives and Lazarus. Nativity. L.

Bologna. CORRIDOR IV, Two Male Busts.

Brussels. 401. Old Man seated.

Buda-Pesth. 108. Head of St. Jerome.

Chatsworth. DUKE OF DEVONSHIRE, Portrait of Niccolo Cappello.

Cittadella. DUOMO, Christ at Emaus. E.

Dijon. 40. Agony in Garden. 41. St. Sebastian.

Dresden. 253. Israelites in Desert. 256. Moses striking Rock. 258. Conversion of Paul.

Edinburgh. 327. Portrait of Man. 367. Adoration of Magi. E.

Feltre. VESCOVADO, Portrait of Old Man.

Florence. UFFIZI, 610. Two Hunting Dogs.

Gosford House, N. B. LORD WEMYS, Bust of Old Man. Senator seated. St. John in Landscape.

Hampton Court. 94. Head of Old Man. 136. Male Portrait. 142. Jacob's Journey. 153. Boaz and Ruth. 163. Shepherds' Offering. E. 169. Christ in the House of the Pharisee. 176. Assumption of Virgin. 210. Men fighting Bears. 223. Tribute Money.

Hopetoun House, N. B. LORD HOPETOUN, Portrait of a Doge Seated.

Linlathen, N. B. COL. ERSKINE, Agony in Garden.

London. 173. Portrait of Man. 228. Christ and the Money Changers. 277. The Good Samaritan. MR. BENSON, St. John in the Wilderness. Christ in House of Levi. Portrait of Woman. MR. G. DONALDSON, Portrait of Man aged 27, 1558.

Milan. AMBROSIANA, 226. Annunciation to Shepherds. L. 230. Adoration of Shepherds. E.

Modena. 422. St. Paul and another Saint.

Montpellier. 564. Old Man in Armour.

Munich. 1128. Old Man, Son, and Grandson. 1148. St. Jerome in Desert. 1150. Deposition from Cross. 1151. Madonna enthroned and two Saints. LOTZBECK COLLECTION, 101. Portrait Of Lady.

Padua. S. MARIA IN VANZO, Entombment.

Paris. 1428, Vintage. L. 1429. Portrait of Giovanni da Bologna. 1467. Portrait of Old Man.

Rome. VILLA BORGHESE, 144. Last Supper. 127. The Trinity. CORSINI, 533. Portrait of Lady. COUNTESS SANTA FIORA, Nativity.

Rossie Priory, N. B. LORD KINNAIRD, Annunciation.

Tours. 4. Bust of Old Man.

Venice. ACADEMY, 395. Christ in Garden. 403. Portrait of a Venetian Noble. 401. St. Eleuterius blessing the Faithful. PALAZZO DUCALE, ANTI-COLLEGIO. Jacob's Journey. PALAZZO REALE, St. Jerome, 1569. S. GIACOMO DALL' ORIO, Madonna in Glory and two Saints.

Verona. 214. Portrait of a Senator.

Vicenza. SALA V, Madonna and Saints. E. ENTRANCE HALL, 2. Madonna, St. Mark, and two Senators. PALAZZO LOSCHI, Night Scene.

Vienna. 283. The Good Samaritan. 269. Thamar led to the Stake. 276. Adoration of Magi. 301. Rich Man and Lazarus. 266. The Lord shows Abraham the Promised Land. 306. The Sower. 281. A Hunt. 319. Way to Golgotha. 268. Noah entering the Ark. 267. Christ and the Money Changers. 265. After the Flood. 263. SS. Sebastian, Florian, and Roch. 272. Adoration of Magi. 311. Portrait of Procurator. 312. Portrait of Senator. 453. Christ bearing Cross. 230. Two Men. 240. Portrait of Young Man. 480. Portrait of Young Man. ACADEMY, 21. Portrait of Procurator.

Woburn Abbey. 16. Portrait of Venetian Senator.


Active in the second and third quarter of the XVI century. Pupil of Pordenone; imitator of all his great Venetian contemporaries; finally, imitator of Paul Veronese.

Belluno. 14. Woman in White Dress.

Bergamo. LOCHIS, 193. Portrait of Young Woman.

Berlin. HERR KAUFMANN, Portrait of Gentleman. HERR WESENDONCK, 10. Santa Conversazione.

Boston, U. S. A. 52. Copy of a (lost) Paris Bordone: Holy Family and Saints.

Buda-Pesth. 84. Bust of Woman. 89. Madonna. 109. Young Woman seated.

Cambridge. FITZWILLIAM MUSEUM, 138. Adoration of Shepherds.

Conegliano. DUOMO, R. WALL, Three Saints. E. S. M. DELLE GRAZIE, HIGH ALTAR, Madonna and Saints. S. ROCCO, ORGAN PICTURE, Madonna and Saints. L.

Dresden. 199. Calling of Matthew.

Ferrara. SALA II. Christ and the Adulteress.

Florence. UFFIZI, 585. Portrait of Man.

Glasgow. 29. Madonna enthroned with Saints and Angels.

Haigh Hall (near Wigan). LORD CRAWFORD, Bust of Woman.

Hopetoun House, N. B. LORD HOPETOUN, Gentleman with Horse and Groom.

Lille. 653. Stoning of Stephen(?) 1056. Legend of Moses.

Linlathen, N. B. COL. ERSKINE, Bust of Man. Santa Conversazione.

London. BURLINGTON HOUSE, DIPLOMA GALLERY, Temperance. APSLEY HOUSE, Portrait of Lady. MR. C. BUTLER, Portrait of Man. St. George and the Dragon. SIR WILLIAM FARRER, Santa Conversazione. DORCHESTER HOUSE, Portrait of Doge Andrea Gritti. VISCOUNT POWERSCOURT, Portrait of "Politian." LORD NORTHBROOK, Santa Conversazione. MR. G. SALTING, Portrait of Man.

Keir, N. B. MR. ARCHIBALD STIRLING, Young Woman playing Organ.

Milan. MUSEO CIVICO, 104. Portrait of Man with Spaniel.

Narbonne. 253. Marriage of St. Catherine.

Oldenburg. 81. Dead Christ.

Padua. 9. Santa Conversazione. 1362. Bust of Monk in White.

Parma. 254. Portrait of Man.

Rome. COLONNA, 16. A Cavalier. DORIA, 62. Portrait of Woman. 386. Man with Flower.

Serravalle. S. ANTONIO, Baptism.

Strassburg. Scene taken from Lotto's Crucifixion at Monte San Giusto.

Stuttgart. 190. Bust of Man.

Toulouse. Holy Family and Infant John presenting Dove.

Treviso. MONTE DI PIETA, Dead Christ. Prophets. EREDI PERAZZOLO, Way to Golgotha. S. LUCIA, SACRISTY, St. Lucy.

Venice. ACADEMY, 517. St. Francis receiving Stigmata. 525. Deposition. CORRER, Portrait of "Cesare Borgia." MANFRIN GALLERY. Santa Conversazione and Donor. QUIRINI-STAMPALIA, 68. Santa Conversazione. PALAZZO REALE, Madonna and St. Catherine.

Venice (Con.). GIOVANELLI, 315. St. Roch. S. M. DELL' ORTO, SS. Lawence, Helen, Gregory, Dominic, and Lorenzo Giustiniani.

Vienna. 157. Portrait of Lady. 206. A Warrior. 209. The Baptist. 211. Thaddeus. ACADEMY, 5. St. Lawrence. 6. Nativity. 20. Deposition. 41. St. Paul.


1429-1507. Pupil of his father, Jacopo Bellini; influenced by the Paduans.

Buda-Pesth. 101. Portrait of Catherine Cornaro.

Frankfort a/M. 18. Bust of St. Mark. E.

London. 808. St. Peter Martyr. 1213. Portrait of Mathematician. 1440. Head of a Monk. MR. LUDWIG MOND, Madonna Enthroned. E.

Milan. BRERA, 168. Preaching of St. Mark. L. (Finished by Giovanni Bellini.)

Monopoli. DUOMO, St. Jerome and Donor (?). E.

Venice. ACADEMY, 570. Beato Lorenzo Giustiniani, 1465. 568. Miracle of True Cross, 1500. 567. Corpus Christi Procession, 1496. 563. Healing accomplished by Fragment of True Cross. L. MUSEO CORRER, Portrait of Doge Giovanni Mocenigo. SAN MARCO FABBRICERIA, ORGAN SHUTTERS, SS. Theodore and Mark, SS. Jerome and Francis. E. LADY LAYARD, Adoration of Magi. Portrait of Sultan Mohamet, 1480.


1430(?)-1516. Pupil of his father, Jacopo; formed in Padua under the influence of Donatello.

Bergamo. LOCHIS, 210. Madonna. E. MORELLI, 27. Madonna. 41. Madonna.

Berlin. 4. Pieta. L. 28. Dead Christ.

Florence. UFFIZI, 631. Allegory of Tree of Life. L.

London. 189. Portrait of Loredano. L. 280. Madonna. L. 726. Agony in Garden. E. 1233. Blood of Redeemer. E. MR. LUDWIG MOND, Dead Christ. Madonna.

Milan. BRERA, 284. Pieta. E. 261. Madonna. 297. Madonna, 1510. DR. GUST. FRIZZONI, Madonna. E.

Murano. S. PIETRO, Madonna with SS. Mark and Augustin and Doge Barbarigo, 1488.

Naples. SALA GRANDE, 7. Transfiguration.

Newport, U. S. A. MR. T. H. DAVIS, Madonna. E.

Pesaro. 11. Crucifixion (?). E. 52. God the Father. S. FRANCESCO, Altar-piece in many parts.

Rimini. Dead Christ. E.

Turin. 779. Madonna. E.

Venice. ACADEMY, 596. Madonna. 594. Madonna. 595. Five small Allegories. L. 613. Madonna with St. Catherine and Magdalen. 610. Madonna with SS. Paul and George. 612. Madonna. 38. Madonna with six Saints. MUSEO CORRER, SALA VII, 23. Transfiguration. E. SALA IX, 27. Dead Christ. E. 46. Crucifixion. E. 54. Dead Christ supported by three Angels. E. PALAZZO DUCALE, SALA DI TRE, Pieta. E. FRARI, Triptych, Madonna and Saints, 1488. S. FRANCESCO DELLA VIGNA, Madonna and four Saints, 1507. S. GIOVANNI CRISOSTOMO, SS. Jerome, Augustin, and Christopher, 1513. S. MARIA DELL' ORTO, Madonna. E. S. ZACCARIA, Madonna and four Saints, 1505.

Verona. 77. Madonna. E.

Vicenza. S. CORONA, Baptism, 1510.


Active 1430-1470. Pupil of the Umbrian painter, Gentile da Fabriano, and of the Veronese, Pisanello.

Brescia. S. ALESSANDRO, Annunciation, with five Predelle.

Ferrara. SIG. VENDEGHINI, Adoration of Magi.

London. BRITISH MUSEUM, Sketch-Book. E.

Lovere. TADINI, Madonna.

Padua. SALA IV, Christ in Limbo.

Paris. Sketch-Book. L.

Venice. ACADEMY, 582. Madonna. MUSEO CORRER, SALA IX, 42. Crucifixion. S. TROVASO, S. Giovanni Crisogono on Horseback. (?)

Verona. 365. Christ on Cross.


1464-1528. Pupil and assistant of Giovanni Bellini.

Berlin. 43. Altar-piece. L.

Brescia. TOSIO, SALA XIV, 3. Madonna and Saints. E.

Chantilly. Madonna.

Duesseldorf. 75. Madonna with Infant John and his Parents.

Genoa. ANNUNZIATA, Madonna and four Saints.

Hampton Court. 117. Portrait of Man. E.

London. MR. BENSON, Annunciation. Madonna. MR. MOND, Madonna with SS. Paul and Catherine.

Milan. BRERA, 237. St. Stephen. 285. St. Antony of Padua. 298. A Bishop.

Rome. VILLA BORGHESE, 176. Madonna. E.

Treviso. DUOMO, Three Saints and Donor. S. ANDREA, Madonna and two Saints.

Venice. ACADEMY, 88. Dead Christ. 93. Presentation in the Temple. 79. Christ Crowning S. Catherine. 94. Madonna with SS. James and Job. MUSEO CORRER, SALA IX, 57. Madonna with St. Peter Martyr. S. GIOVANNI IN BRAGORA, Triptych. S. MARIA MATER DOMINI, Transfiguration. REDENTORE, Madonna with SS. John and Catherine. LADY LAYARD, Madonna with SS. Michael and Ursula and Donors.

Verona. Circumcision. E.

Vienna. 13. Lady at Toilet, 1515. 4. Baptism.


Active circa 1510-1540. Pupil of Palma Vecchio; influenced by Giorgione.

Bergamo. CARRARA, 197, 198. Small mythological Scenes. FRIZZONI-SALIS, Parable of Sower.

Boston, U. S. A. MRS. J. L. GARDNER, Santa Conversazione. E.

Campo S. Piero. ORATORY OF S. ANTONIO, Preaching of St. Antony (in part).

Dresden. 208. Finding of Moses.

Florence. PITTI, 84. Madonna, St. Elizabeth, and Donor. E. 89. Rest in Flight. 161. Finding of Moses. 405. Christ among the Doctors (in part).

Hague. 252. Bust of Woman.

Hampton Court. 146. Santa Conversazione.

Lille. 717. Esther before Ahasuerus.

London. 1202. Santa Conversazione. E. MR. BENSON, Allegories of Morning, and of Night (in part). MR. BUTLER, Santa Conversazione. Rape of Helen. Subject from a Romance. MR. CHARLES T. D. CREWS, Birth of John. DR. RICHTER, Joseph drawn out of the Well. Head of Pompey brought to Caesar.

Milan. BRERA, 209. Finding of Moses. AMBROSIANA, 231. Holy Family with Tobias and Angel. E. POLDI-PEZZOLI, PINACOTECA, 99. Doctor Visiting a Patient.

Paris. 1171. Santa Conversazione.

Rome. VILLA BORGHESE, 156. Mother of Zebedee's Children. 186. Return of the Prodigal Son. COLONNA, 1. Holy Family with SS. Jerome and Lucy. DORIA, 16. Santa Conversazione. PRINCE CHIGI, Finding of Moses.

Venice. ACADEMY, 291. Rich Man's Feast. 319. Massacre of Innocents. 295. Judgment of Solomon, 1533 (in part). PALAZZO REALE, Madonna with SS. Catherine and John the Almsgiver, 1533. GIOVANELLI, Santa Conversazione. LADY LAYARD, Twelve very small pictures: Rustic Occupations.

Vienna. 193. Santa Conversazione. 201. Triumph of Love. 156. Triumph of Chastity. 145. Salome.


1453(?)-1519. Pupil of Bartolommeo and Alvise Vivarini; influenced by Giovanni Bellini, and later by Mantegna and his own townsman, Liberale of Verona.

Bergamo. LOCHIS, 154. Portrait of a Gonzaga. MORELLI, 45. The Widow's Son. L.

Berlin. 46C. St. Sebastian.

Florence. BARGELLO, Christ bearing Cross. L.

Fonthill (Wilts). MR. ALFRED MORRISON, Portrait of Man.

Gosford House, N. B. LORD WEMYS, Madonna enthroned.

London. 736. Portrait of Man, 1487.

Mantua. ACCADEMIA VIRGILIANA, Way to Golgotha. Vision of the Nun Osanna.

Milan. BRERA, 163. St. Bernardino. 170. SS. Bernardino and Louis holding the Initials of Christ. POLDI-PEZZOLI, Head of a female Saint. St. Bernardino. Profile of Old Man. Bust of Venetian Noble.

Paris. PRINCE SCIARRA, Bust of a Gonzaga.

Venice. PALAZZO DUCALE, DIRECTORS' ROOM. Madonna. E. S. GIOVANNI E PAOLO, 2d Altar R. Altar-piece in 9 parts. E.

Verona. 148. Madonna, 1483. 271. Madonna enthroned with four Saints, 1484. S. BERNARDINO, Madonna enthroned with SS. Jerome and George, 1488. S. NAZZARO E CELSO, Madonna and Saints, finished by Girolamo dai Libri. S. PAOLO, Madonna with St. Antony Abbot and the Magdalen. E.


1495-1570. Pupil and follower of Titian; influenced later by Michelangelo.

Ashridge. LORD BROWNLOW, Apollo and the Muses.

Bergamo. LOCHIS, 41, 42. Vintage Scenes.

Berlin. 169. Chess Players. 191. Madonna and four Saints.

Chatsworth. DUKE OF DEVONSHIRE, Family Group.

Cologne. 811A.A. Bathsheba.

Dresden. 203. Apollo and Marsyas. 204. Diana as Huntress. 205. Holy Family and St. Jerome.

Edinburgh. 506. Lady at her Toilet.

Florence. PITTI, 109. Portrait of Woman. UFFIZI, 607. Portrait of Young Man.

Genoa. BRIGNOLE-SALE, SALA V. Portrait of Man. SALA VIII, Santa Conversazione. Portrait of Man.

Glasgow. 45. Holy Family. 46. Holy Family. E.

Gosford House, N. B. LORD WEMYS, A Courtesan.

Hampton Court. 118. Madonna with male and female Donors.

Keir, N. B. MR. ARCHIBALD STIRLING, Madonna and Infant John.

London. 637. Daphnis and Chloe. 674. Portrait of Lady. BRIDGEWATER HOUSE, Holy Family. LORD BROWNLOW, Cavalier in Armour. THE MISSES COHEN, Portrait of a Lady seated. MR. G. DONALDSON, A Courtesan. DR. RICHTER, Christ among the Doctors. LORD ROSEBERY, Portrait of a Lady.

Lovere. TADINI, Madonna with SS. George and Christopher.

Milan. BRERA, 212. Baptism. 216. Descent of Holy Spirit. 241. S. Dominic presented to Saviour by Virgin. 242. Madonna and Saints. 306 bis. Three Heads. St. Ambrose presenting a General to Virgin. SIGNOR CRESPI, Jove and a Nymph. S. MARIA PRESSO CELSO, Madonna and St. Jerome.

Munich. 1121. Man counting Jewels.

New York, U. S. A. HISTORICAL SOCIETY, 205. Rest in Flight.

Padua. SALA EMO, 93. Christ taking leave of his Mother.

Paris. 1178. Portrait of Man. 1179. Portrait of Man, 1540.

Richmond. SIR F. COOK, Hunting Piece.

Rome. VILLA BORGHESE, 119. Jupiter and Antiope. COLONNA, 92. Holy Family with St. Jerome. 116. Holy Family, SS. Sebastian, and Jerome. DORIA, 294. Venus and Mars. VATICAN, ANTE-CHAMBER OF POPE'S APARTMENTS, St. George and the Dragon.

Siena. SALA IX, 9. Annunciation. 51. Madonna and Donor.

Strassburg. Madonna and St. Jerome.

Treviso. 4. Madonna with SS. Jerome and John the Baptist. DUOMO, Adoration of Shepherds. Madonna with SS. Sebastian and Jerome. Gospel Scenes (on a small picture).

Venice. ACADEMY, 320. Fisherman and Doge. E. 322. Paradise. PALAZZO DUCALE, CHAPEL, Dead Christ. GIOVANELLI, Madonna and Saints. LADY LAYARD, Christ baptising a Youth in Prison. S. GIOVANNI IN BRAGORA, Last Supper. S. GIOBBE, S. Andrew and two other Saints.

Vienna. 233. Allegory. 246. Allegory. 248. Lady at Toilet. 231. Young Woman. CZERNIN, Venetian adoring Cross.



Biel, N. B. MRS. HAMILTON OGILVIE, View of Scalzi.

Buda-Pesth. 659. The Pantheon.

Dresden. 581. The Grand Canal. 582. S. Giovanni e Paolo. 583. Campo S. Giacomo di Rialto. 584. Piazza di S. Marco.

Florence. UFFIZI, 1064. The Piazzetta.

Frankfort a/M. 51. Entrance to Grand Canal. 53. Venetian Palace and Bridge.

Hampton Court. The Colosseum, 1753.

Hopetoun House, N. B. LORD HOPETOUN, Venice from Lagoon.

London. 127. Scuola della Carita. 937. Scuola di San Rocco. THE MISSES COHEN, Three Studies. DORCHESTER HOUSE, View of Piazzetta from Lagoon. HERTFORD HOUSE, Thirteen views of Venice. MR. MOND, Two views of the Piazza. DR. RICHTER, The Dogana. DUKE OF WESTMINSTER, Grand Canal.

Milan. CASA SORMANI, The Bucentaur. Reception of an Ambassador.

New Battle, N. B. MARQUIS OF LOTHIAN, St. Paul's from the Thames. S. Giorgio Maggiore.

Paris. 1203. The Salute. MME. ANDRE, Two views of Venice. M. MAURICE KANN, Salute. Pescheria.

Vienna. LICHTENSTEIN, 191, 192, 193, 196, 198, 199, 203, 204, 205, 206, 210, 216, 217. Views of Venice.

Windsor Castle. Series of large views of the Piazza.

Woburn Abbey. Twenty-four views of Venice.


Active 1518-circa 1560. Influenced by Titian, Paris Bordone, Pordenone, Bonifazio, Savoldo, and Moretto.

Berlin. 156. Portrait of Man in Black. 158. Tennis Player and Page. L. 195. St. Sebastian.

Brighton. MR. H. WILLETT, Madonna of Mercy.

Cambridge, U. S. A. PROF. C. E. NORTON, Portrait of Domenico Grimani.

Castle Barnard. BOWES MUSEUM, 339. Portrait of Man, 1528.

Dijon. 6. Assumption.

London. LORD ASHBURNHAM, Portrait of Titian. L. MR. R. BENSON, Madonna in Profile (?). E. DUKE OF GRAFTON, Portrait of Man. 1541.

Motta Di Livenza. S. M. DEI MIRACOLI, Adoration of Shepherds.

Naples. MUSEO FILANGIERI, 1438. Entombment. L.

New Battle, N. B. MARQUIS OF LOTHIAN, Return of Prodigal.

Paris. MME. C. DE ROSENBERG, Portrait of Doge Grimani.

Rome. BORGHESE, 130, 132. Caricatured Heads. COLONNA, 12. Portrait of Sciarra Colonna.

Treviso. 50. Nativity. 1518.

Vienna. 212. Young Hero. ACADEMY, 508. Picnic. 510. Country Dance.

Windsor. Portrait of Domenico Grimani.


Circa 1480-1544. Pupil of Giovanni Bellini and Palma; influenced by Giorgione and Capaccio.

Ashridge. LORD BROWNLOW, Bust of Bart. Colleoni.

Basel. 166. Bust of Young Man.

Bergamo. CARRARA, 67. Madonna with SS. Helen, Constantine, and other Saints. L. 85. Portrait of Lady. 135. Bust of Man. LOCHIS, 2. Portrait of Lady. 85. Christ on Cross, bust of Donor, 1518. 146. Woman playing, and Shepherd asleep. 150. St. Antony of Padua. E. 153. Portrait of Monk. 165. Portrait of Man. 172. Christ bearing Cross. E. 184. Portrait of Bened. Caravaggio. 192. St. Stephen. 182. Small St. Jerome. 196. St. Catherine. MORELLI, Madonna. L. Portrait of Man. DUOMO, Back of High Altar, Madonna. E. BAGLIONI, Madonna and Donor, 1520. SIGNOR FRIZZONI-SALIS, Madonna and Saints. L. PICCINELLI, Flight into Egypt. L. RONCALLI, Family Group, 1519. COUNT SUARDI, St. Jerome. Portrait of Senator.

Berlin. 185. Girl in Landscape. 188. Portrait of Man.

Buda-Pesth. 79. Madonna and St. Francis.

Chatsworth. DUKE OF DEVONSHIRE, Portrait of Young Man.

Glasgow. 142. Christ and the Adulteress.

Hampton Court. 135. Adoration of Shepherds. L. Venus. L.

London. 41. Death of St. Peter Martyr. L. 1203. Madonna and Saints. L. SOUTH KENSINGTON, Venus and Mars (lent). MR. BENSON, Madonna and Donors. Portrait of Man wearing Sword. MR. DOETSCH, Nativity, DORCHESTER HOUSE, Portrait of Man. MARQUIS OF LANSDOWNE, A Concert. MR. SALTING, Portrait of Senator.

Marseilles. St. Sebastian with St. Roch and a female Saint.

Milan. BRERA, 210. Madonna and Saints. L. 291. Madonna. L. MUSEO CIVICO, 106. Lot and his Daughters. COLLECTION DELL' ACQUA, Portrait of a Lady. AMBROSIANA, Way to Golgotha. BORROMEO, Nativity. St. Jerome. POLDI-PEZZOLI, 133. Madonna and Saints. BONOMI-CEREDA, Portrait of Man. Magdalen.

Munich. 1107. Portrait of Man. LOTZBECK COLLECTION, 100. Portrait of Man.

New York, U. S. A. HISTORICAL SOCIETY, 206. Portrait of Man.

Oldenburg. 78. Holy Family and Saints. 82. Two Women and a Man.

Paris. 1135. Madonna, Saints, and Donor. E. 1156. Two Men. 1159. Holy Family with SS. Sebastian and Catherine. M. AYNARD, Portrait of Man.

Rome. VILLA BORGHESE, 30. Sleeping Venus. 164. Madonna and St. Peter. 311. Woman with three Men. CORSINI. Santa Conversazione. VATICAN. Bust of Doge.

St. Petersburg. 116. Young Woman and old Man.

Strassburg. 69. Young Man playing Guitar. Portrait of old Venetian.

Stuttgart. 36. Portrait of a Lady.

Venice. ACADEMY, 300. Portrait of Man, 1526. 326. Holy Family. 299. Portrait of Man. 272. Bust of Old Woman.

Vicenza. SALA. II, 41. Madonna and Saints.

Vienna. 63. St. Sebastian. 60. Christ bearing Cross. 207. The "Bravo." 205. St. John Evangelist. ACADEMY, 77. Madonna with SS. John and Catherine.

Zogno. CHURCH, Adoration of Shepherds.


Active 1478-1522. Pupil and follower of Gentile Bellini.

Berlin. 14. Madonna with SS. Catherine and Jerome. E. 23. Consecration of Stephen, 1511.

Caen. 171. Santa Conversazione (in part). L.

Ferrara. SALA VIII, 10. Death of the Virgin, 1508.

Florence. UFFIZI, 583 bis. Fragment, Finding of True Cross.

Frankfort a/M. 38. Madonna and Infant John.

Haigh Hall (near Wigan). LORD CRAWFORD, Portrait of Lady.

London. 750. Madonna with SS. John and Christopher, and Doge Giovanni Mocenigo, 1478. Mr. BENSON, Female Saint Reading.

Milan. BRERA, 288. Stephen disputing, 1514. 307. Presentation of Virgin (in part). L. 309. Marriage of Virgin (in part). L.

Paris. 1211. Stephen preaching. L.

Stuttgart. 13. Glory of St. Thomas, 1507. 122. Martyrdom of Stephen, 1515.

Venice. ACADEMY, 89. Martyrdom of the 10,000 Virgins, 1515. 566. Healing of Madman in view of Rialto, 1494. 572, 573, 574, 575, 1495; 579, 1490; 577, 578, 580, 1493; 576, 1491. Story of St. Ursula. 90. Meeting of Joachim and Anna, 1515. 44. Presentation of Infant Christ, 1510. MUSEO CORRER, SALA IX, 14. Visitation. L. SALA X, 8. Two Courtesans. PALAZZO DUCALE, SALA DI TRE, Lion of S. Marco, 1516. S. GIORGIO MAGGIORE, SALA DEL CONCLAVE, St. George and the Dragon, with predelle, 1512. S. GIORGIO DEGLI SCHIAVONI, ten pictures along walls of Oratory on ground floor, and Madonna over altar. St. George slaying Dragon; St. George bringing Dragon captive; St. George baptising the Princess and her Father, MDV...; Story of St. Tryphonius; Agony in Garden; Christ in House of Pharisee, 1502; St. Jerome bringing his Lion to Monastery; Burial of St. Jerome, 1502; St. Jerome in his Study. S. VITALE, St. Vitale between SS. George and Valeria, 1514. LADY LAYARD, Augustus and Sibyl. L. Death and Assumption of Virgin. L. St. Ursula taking leave of her Father.

Vienna. 7. Christ adored by Angels, 1496.


Active 1495-1531. Pupil of the Bellini; influenced by Carpaccio and Giorgione.

Ashridge. LORD BROWNLOW, Nativity.

Bergamo. CARRARA, II. Christ at Emaus.

Berlin. 32. Portrait of Fugger. L. 19. Madonna, Saints, and Donor. E. 4. Pieta. NAZIONAL GALERIE, RACZYNSKI COLLECTION. 13. Madonna and Saints. E.

Boston, U. S. A. MRS. J. L. GARDNER, Christ giving Keys to Peter.

Buda-Pesth. 74. Madonna, Saints, and Donor. E. 76. Bust of female Saint. 78. Holy Family and female Saint. E.

Cologne. 730E. Madonna.

Dresden. 65. Holy Family. L. 54. Madonna and two Saints. E.

Glasgow. 73. Madonna with St. Catherine and the Magdalen.

Liverpool. 81. Madonna with four Saints and Donor. E.

London. 234. Warrior adoring Infant Christ. L. 694. St. Jerome in his Study. L. 1121. Bust of youth. 1160. Adoration of Magi. L. 1455. Circumcision. LORD ASHBURNHAM, Madonna, two Saints, and Donor, 1505. MR. BENSON, Holy Family. L. MR. BEAUMONT, Nativity. (?) MR. C. BUTLER, Christ at the Well. L. MR. HESELTINE, Madonna. MR. MOND, Madonna, Saints, and Donor. E.

Modena. 404. Madonna and two Saints.

Nimes. 174. Head of an Apostle.

Padua. SALA EMO, 29. Circumcision. E.

Paris. 1157. Reception of Venetian Ambassadors at Cairo. MME. ANDRE, Portrait of Woman. M. LEOPOLD GOLDSCHMIDT, Bust of Woman. M. SALOMON GOLDSCHMIDT, Circumcision.

Rome. DORIA, 326. Circumcision.

Venice. PALAZZO DUCALE, SALA DI TRE, Madonna, two Saints, and Doge Loredan. E. QUIRINI-STAMPALIA, SALA III, I. Judith. L. GIOVANELLI, Madonna with John the Baptist and female Saint. E. S. MARIA MATER DOMINI, St. Christina. S. SIMEON PROFETA, The Trinity. E. S. TROVASO, Madonna. E.

Vienna. 20. Portrait of a Canon.


1460-1517 circa. Pupil of Alvise Vivarini; influenced by Giovanni Bellini.

Ashridge. LORD BROWNLOW, Small Holy Family and Saints.

Bergamo. MORELLI, 57. Madonna.

Berlin. 2. Madonna enthroned with four Saints. 7. Madonna and Donor. 15. Healing of Anianus (in part). 17. Madonna.

Bologna. 61. Madonna.

Boston, U. S. A. MR. QUINCY SHAW, Madonna. E.

Conegliano. DUOMO, Madonna and Saints, 1493.

Dresden. 61. The Saviour. 63. Presentation of Virgin.

Duesseldorf. 18. Madonna. Coronation (in part). L.

Frankfort a/M. 39. Madonna. 40. Madonna and two Saints.

London. 300. Madonna. 634. Madonna. 816. Incredulity of Thomas, 1504. 1120. St. Jerome. 1310. Ecce Homo. (?) HERTFORD HOUSE, St. Catherine. MR. LUDWIG MOND, Two Saints. MR. J. E. TAYLOR, Madonna with two Saints (lunette).

Milan. BRERA, 191. SS. Peter Martyr, Augustin, and Nicholas of Bari. 286. SS. Jerome, Nicholas of Tolentino, Ursula, and another female Saint. 289. SS. Luke, Mary, John the Baptist, and Mark. 293. Madonna. 300. St. Peter between John the Baptist and St. Paul, 1516. 302. St. Jerome. 303. St. Giustina and two other Saints. POLDI-PEZZOLI, Head of Female Saint.

Modena. 143. Pieta.

Munich. 1033. Madonna with Mary Magdalen and St. Jerome. E.

Olera. CHURCH, Polyptych. E.

Parma. 360. Madonna with SS. Cosmos and Damian. 361. Madonna with SS. Michael and Augustin. 370. Endymion. 373. Apollo and Marsyas.

Paris. 1259. Madonna with John and Magdalen.

Richmond. SIR F. COOK, Madonna.

Venice. ACADEMY, 603. Madonna with SS. John and Paul. 604. Pieta. 597. Madonna. 611. Christ, Thomas, and Magnus. 36. Madonna with six Saints. 592. Tobias and Angel, SS. James and Nicholas. SEMINARIO, God, the Father (small lunette). CARMINE, Adoration of Shepherds. S. GIOVANNI IN BRAGORA, Baptism, 1494. SS. Helen and Constantine. Three Predelle with Story of Finding of True Cross. S. GIOVANNI E PAOLO, Coronation of the Virgin. S. MARIA DELL' ORTO, St. John between SS. Paul, Jerome, Mark, and Peter. LADY LAYARD, Madonna with SS. Francis and Paul. Madonna with SS. Nicholas of Bari and John the Baptist.

Vicenza. SALA IV, 18. Madonna with SS. Jerome and John, 1489.

Vienna. 19. Madonna with SS. Jerome and Louis.


B. 1430-40; d. after 1493. Pupil of the first Vivarini; influenced by the Paduans.

Ancona. 1. Madonna. E.

Ascoli. DUOMO, Altar-piece, with Pieta, 1473.

Bergamo. LOCHIS, 129. Madonna.

Berlin. 1156. The Magdalen. 1156A. Madonna, St. Peter and six other Saints.

Brussels. 16. Madonna. 17. St. Francis.

Buda-Pesth. Madonna.

Florence. PANCIATICHI, 101. Pieta, 1485.

Frankfort a/M. 33, 34. Annunciation.

London. 602. Pieta. 668. The Blessed Ferretti in Ecstasy. 724. Madonna with SS. Sebastian and Jerome. 739. Annunciation, 1486. 788. Altar-piece in thirteen compartments, 1476. 809. Madonna with SS. Sebastian and Francis, 1491. 906. Madonna in Ecstasy, 1492. 907. SS. Catherine and Magdalen. LADY ASHBURTON, St. Dominic. St. George. MR. BENSON, Madonna, 1472. MR. R. CRAWSHAY, Pieta. HERTFORD HOUSE, St. Roch. MR. MOND, SS. Peter and Paul. LORD NORTHBROOK, Madonna. E. Resurrection. E. SS. Bernardino and Catherine. MR. STUART M. SAMUEL, St. George and the Dragon. SOUTH KENSINGTON, JONES COLLECTION, 665. Madonna.

Macerata. 36. Madonna, 1470.

Massa Fermana. MUNICIPIO, Altar-piece, 1468.

Milan. BRERA, 189. Crucifixion. 193. Madonna. L. 283. Madonna and Saints, 1482. 294. SS. James, Bernardino, and Pellegrino. 295. SS. Antony Abbot, Jerome, and Andrew. GALLERIA OGGIONO, Coronation of Virgin, with John, Catherine, Francis, Augustin, and other Saints (in great part). Above, a Pieta, 1493. MUSEO CIVICO, COLLECTION DELL' ACQUA, St. John. St. Bartholomew. POLDI-PEZZOLI, SALA DORATA, 20. St. Francis adoring Christ. PINACOTECA, 78. St. Sebastian.

Paris. 1268. St. Bernardino, 1477.

Pausula. S. AGOSTINO, Madonna.

Richmond. SIR F. COOK, Madonna. E.

Rome. LATERAN, Madonna, 1482. VATICAN, Pieta.

Strassburg. Adoration of Shepherds.

Venice. ACADEMY, 103. SS. Jerome and Augustin. SS. Peter and Paul.

Verona. 351. Madonna. E.


1478-1510. Pupil of Giovanni Bellini; influenced by Carpaccio.

Berlin. 12A. Portrait of Man. E.

Buda-Pesth. 94. Portrait of Antonio Brocardo.

Castelfranco. DUOMO, Madonna with SS. Francis and Liberale. E.

Dresden. 185. Sleeping Venus.

Florence. UFFIZI, 621. Trial of Moses. E. 622. Knight of Malta. 630. Judgment of Solomon. E.

Hampton Court. 101. Shepherd with Pipe.

Madrid. Madonna with SS. Roch and Antony of Padua.

Paris. 1136. Fete Champetre.

Rome. VILLA BORGHESE, 143. Portrait of a Lady.

Venice. ACADEMY, 516. Storm calmed by St. Mark. L. Finished, in small part, by Paris Bordone. SEMINARIO, Apollo and Daphne. GIOVANELLI, Gipsy and Soldier. S. ROCCO, Christ bearing Cross.

Vicenza. CASA LOSCHI, Christ bearing Cross. E.

Vienna. 16. Evander showing AEneas the Site of Rome.


1712-1793. Pupil of Canaletto.

Albi. 1. View of Salute and Giudecca.

Amiens. 216, 217, 219. Views.

Badger Hall (Shropshire). MR. F. CAPEL-CURE, Scuola di San Marco.

Bassano. SALA DEL CAVALLO, 85. The Piazza.

Bergamo. LOCHIS, 89-93, 106-108. Landscapes and Views. SIGNOR BAGLIONI, Two Venetian Views. COUNT MORONI, Villa by the Sea.

Berlin. 501A. Grand Canal. 501B. Lagoon. 501^{C & D}. Cemetery Island.

Biel, N. B. MRS. HAMILTON OGILVIE, Salute. Redentore.

Boston, U. S. A. MRS. J. L. GARDNER, Large view of Venice.

Brighton. MR. CONSTANTINE IONDES, Piazza in Mist.

Brussels. 280. Scene in St. Mark's.

Buda-Pesth. 629-640. Views of Venice.

Cambridge. FITZWILLIAM MUSEUM, Four small views.

Edinburgh. 600, 602. Landscapes.

Glasgow. 202, 203. Views of Venice.

Hamburg. CONSUL WEBER, 143. Ruins. 144. Rialto.

London. 210, 1054. Views in Venice. SOUTH KENSINGTON, JONES COLLECTION, 104. View near Venice. THE MISSES COHEN, Three Studies. DORCHESTER HOUSE, View from Piazzetta. SIR WM. FARRER, View near Venice. SIR A. WOLLASTON FRANKS, An Island. SIR JULIAN GOLDSCHMID, Boat Race. HERTFORD HOUSE, Nine Views of Venice. LORD HOUGHTON, View of Riva. MR. MOND, Pius VI holding a Reception. DR. RICHTER, Cannareggio. MR. SALTING, The Rialto. View near Venice. Gothic Ruins. Classic Ruins. MRS. ANDERSON WESTON, Grand Canal.

Milan. MUSEO CIVICO, 69, 71-74. Landscapes. POLDI-PEZZOLI, 87. Piazetta. 89. Dogana. 116, 117. Tiny Landscapes. SIGNOR BERTINI, View of Lagoon. PRINCE TRIVULZIO, Two small Landscapes.

Modena. 143. Piazzetta. 180. S. Giorgio.

Montpellier. 483. Storm on Canal.

Naples. MUSEO FILANGIERI, Court of Doge's Palace.

New York, U. S. A. METROPOLITAN MUSEUM. 2. Salute. 6. Rialte.

Oxford. TAYLORIAN MUSEUM, 65, 66. Views in Venice.

Padua. 300, 381. Views in Venice. 802. Hunting Scene.

Paris. 211. Procession of Doge to S. Zaccaria. 1328. Embarkment in Bucentaur. 1329. Festival at Salute. 1330. "Jeudi Gras a Venise." 1331. Corpus Christi. 1333. Sala di Collegio. 1334. Coronation of Doge.

Paris (Con.). MME. ANDRE, Two Views of Venice. M. LEOPOLD GOLDSCHMIDT, Dogana. Piazzetta.

Richmond. SIR F. COOK, The Piazza.

Rome. COLONNA, 78. Venetian Church. DON MARCELLO MASSARENTI, Doge's Palace.

Rouen. 235. A Villa.

Strassburg. 18. The Rialto.

Toulouse. 2. Rialto. E. 22. Bucentaur. E.

Turin. 290 bis. Cottage. 781. Staircase. 782. Bridge over Canal.

Venice. MUSEO CORRER, SALA X, 25. The Ridotto. 26. Parlour of Convent of S. Zaccaria.

Verona. 223, 225. Landscapes.


Active 1520-1544. Pupil of Pordenone; influenced by Giorgione, Palma, and Bonifazio.

Alnwick. DUKE OF NORTHUMBERLAND, Family Group.

Balcarres, N. B. LORD CRAWFORD, Portrait of Man. 1535.

Bergamo. LOCHIS, 197. Portrait of a Lady. SIGNOR PICCINELLI, Madonna and Saints.

Berlin. 198. Portrait of Young Woman.

Boston, U. S. A. MR. QUINCY SHAW, Madonna and two Saints.

Brescia. MARTINENGO, SALA C, 16. Portrait of a Young Man, 1520. DUOMO VECCHIO, Christ bearing Cross. Adoration of Shepherds.

Brighton. MR. H. WILLETT, Board of a Harpsichord.

Buda-Pesth. 91. Portrait of Lady. HERR RATH, Portrait of Lady.

Cambridge, U. S. A. PROF. C. E. NORTON, Portrait of Young Man.

Dresden. 200. Portrait of a Lady, 1533.

Florence. UFFIZI, 574. Madonna with St. Francis. 587. Portrait of Man.

Genoa. BRIGNOLE-SALE, SALA VII, Portrait of Francesco Philetus.

Hampton Court. 71. Lady playing on Virginals. 104. Family Group, 1524.

London. Portrait of a Young Man. LADY ASHBURTON, Young Man with his Hand on a Skull. MR. C. BUTLER, Portrait of Lady, 1522. MR. DOETSCH, Barbara Kressin, 1544. DORCHESTER HOUSE, Portrait of Man. Adoration of Shepherds.

Lucca. SALA I, 68. Santa Conversazione.

Milan. MUSEO CIVICO, 88. Portrait of Lady. ARCHBISHOP'S PALACE, Holy Family. SIGNOR CRESPI, Santa Conversazione. CASA SCOTTI, Holy Family with two Shepherds. Madonna, three Saints, male and female Donors.

Modena. 123. Portrait of a Lady.

Munich. 1120. Portrait of Man, 1523.

Muenster in W. 143. Bust of Man, 1530.

Padua. SALA ROMANINO, 814. Portrait of Young Man.

Rome. VILLA BORGHESE, 115. Family Group. 171. Santa Conversazione. MISS HERTZ, Head of Ceres.

Rossie Priory, N. B. LORD KINNAIRD, Portrait of Lady.

Rovigo. 4. St. Margaret between SS. Catherine and Lucy. 8. Portrait of a Scholar.

Saletto. CHURCH, St. Silvester between S. Antony of Padua and Giustina, 1535.

Venice. 303. Portrait of Woman. 311. Group of Putti. 304. Portrait of Young Woman. LADY LAYARD, Santa Conversazione. FRARI, Madonna enthroned with Saints. The predella contains five Friars.

Vienna. 22. Portrait of Ottaviano Grimani, 1541. HARRACH COLLECTION, Madonna and female Donor.


1702-1762. Follower of the Bolognese painter, Crespi.

Bergamo. Lochis, 60. Gambling Scene. 61. Coffee Scene. MORELLI, 94. Portrait of Girl. SIG. BAGLIONI, Country Party.

Cambridge, U. S. A. PROF. C. E. NORTON. Portrait of Senator.

Dresden. 595. Portrait of Lady.

Florence. MR. LOESER, Milliner Scene.

Hampton Court. 549, 551. Genre pictures, 1744.

Keir, N. B. MR. ARCH. STIRLING, Lady sitting for Portrait.

London. 1100, 1101. Genre pictures. 1102. Andrea Tron. MR. F. CAVENDISH-BENTINCK, Visit to Nuns. MR. ARTHUR JAMES, Four genre pictures. MR. MOND, Card Party. Portrait of a Lady. DR. RICHTER, Card Party. Lady at Toilet.

Milan. SIGNOR CRESPI, Portrait of Man.

Modena. 215. A Letter Writer.

Venice. ACADEMY, 464-470. Genre pictures. MUSEO CORRER, SALA X, 25, 26, 31-40. Scenes of Venetian Life. 41. Boys on Horseback. Portrait of Goldoni. PALAZZO GRASSI, STAIRCASE, Frescoes: Seven Scenes of Fashionable Life. QUIRINI-STAMPALIA, Sala X, 220. Portrait of Daniele Dolfino. Sala XIII, 11-17. The Seven Sacraments. 18. Temptation of St. Antony. 19. Gambling Scene. 20. A Circus. 21. Monks and Canons. 22. Study of Geography. 26, 299. Portraits of Ladies.


1480-1556. Pupil of Alvise Vivarini; influenced by Giovanni Bellini and Giorgione.

Alzano Maggiore (near Bergamo). DUOMO, Assassination of St. Peter Martyr.

Ancona. 13. Assumption of Virgin, 1550. 37. Madonna with four Saints. L.

Asolo. Madonna in Glory with two Saints, 1506.

Bergamo. CARRARA, Three Predelle belonging to S. Bartolommeo Altar-piece. 66. Marriage of S. Catherine, with portrait of N. Bonghi, 1523. Portrait of a Lady. LOCHIS, 32, 33, 34. Sketches for Predelle, containing the story of S. Stephen. 185. Holy Family and S. Catherine, 1533. S. ALESSANDRO IN COLONNA, Pieta. S. ALESSANDRO IN CROCE, Trinity. S. BARTOLOMMEO, Altar-piece, 1516. S. BERNARDINO, Altar-piece, 1521. S. MARIA MAGGIORE, Intarsias, 1524-1530. S. MICHELE, Frescoes in Chapel L. of Choir. S. SPIRITO, Altar-piece, 1521. SIGNOR PICCINELLI, Madonna with SS. Sebastian and Roch.

Berlin. 153. Portrait of an Architect. 182, 320. Portraits of Young Men. 323. SS. Sebastian and Christopher, 1531. 325. Christ taking leave of his Mother, 1522.

Brescia. TOSIO, SALA XIII, 34. Nativity.

Buda-Pesth. Angel with Globe and Sceptre (originally top of S. Bartolommeo Altar-piece at Bergamo).

Celana (near Bergamo). CHURCH, Assumption of Virgin, 1527.

Cingoli (Province of Macerata). S. DOMENICO, Madonna with six Saints, and fifteen small scenes from the Lives of Christ and the Virgin, 1539.

Costa di Mezzate (near Bergamo). Marriage of St. Catherine, 1522.

Dresden. 295. Madonna, 1518.

Florence. UFFIZI, 575. Holy Family with St. Jerome, 1534.

Hamburg. CONSUL WEBER, 33. St. Jerome.

Hampton Court. 114. Portrait of Young Man. E. 148. Portrait of Andrea Odoni, 1527.

Hermannstadt. St. Jerome.

Jesi.[1] MUNICIPIO, Three Predelle containing Story of St. Lucy. LIBRARY, Pieta, 1512. Annunciation. St. Lucy before the Judge. Madonna and Saints, Francis receiving Stigmata (lunette) 1526. Visitation, Annunciation (lunette) 1530.

[Note 1: All the Lottos at Jesi are presently to be transported to the Palazzo della Signoria.]

London. 699. Portraits of Agostino and Niccolo della Torre, 1515. 1047. Family Group. 1105. Portrait of Prothonotary Giuliano. BRIDGEWATER HOUSE, Madonna and Saints. E. DORCHESTER HOUSE, Portrait of a Lady. MRS. MARTIN COLNAGHI, Madonna with SS. Jerome and Antony of Padua, 1522. SIR W. M. CONWAY, Danae. E.

Loreto. PALAZZO APOSTOLICO, 30. SS. Christopher, Sebastian, and Roch. 34. Christ and Adulteress. 42. Nativity. 25, 27. SS. Lucy and Thecla. 24, 28. Two Prophets. L. 31. Michael driving Lucifer from Heaven. L. 32. Presentation in Temple. L. 21. Baptism. L. 20. Adoration of Magi. L. 50. Sacrifice of Melchisedec. L.

Madrid. 287. Bridal Couple, 1523. 478. St. Jerome.

Milan. BRERA, 244. Pieta, 1545. 253. Portrait of Lady. 254. Portrait of Old Man. 255. Portrait of Man. All L. GAL. OGGIONI, 16. Assumption of Virgin. E. 67. Portrait of Man. POLDI-PEZZOLI, PINACOTECA, 86. Holy Family. MUSEO CIVICO, 83. Portrait of Young Man. BORROMEO, Christ on Cross with Symbols of the Passion. DR. FRIZZONI, St. Catherine.

Monte S. Giusto (near Macerata). CHURCH, Crucifixion, 1531.

Munich. 1083. Marriage of St. Catherine. E.

Nancy. Head of a Man. L.

Naples. SALA VENETA, 56. Madonna with St. Peter Martyr. E. Bust of Man in white cap and coat (?). E.

Osimo. MUNICIPIO, Madonna and Angels.

Paris. 1349. Christ and Adulteress. 1350. St. Jerome, 1500. 1351. Nativity.

Ponteranica (near Bergamo). CHURCH, Altar-piece in six panels.

Recanati. MUNICIPIO, Altar-piece in six parts, 1508. Transfiguration. E. S. DOMENICO, Fresco: S. Vincent in Glory. S. MARIA SOPRA MERCANTI, Annunciation.

Rome. BORGHESE, 193. Madonna with S. Onofrio and a Bishop, 1508. 185. Portrait of Man. CAPITOL, 176. Portrait of Man. DORIA, 388. St. Jerome. ROSPIGLIOSI, Allegory. PRINCE DORIA, Portrait of Man.

Sedrina (near Bergamo). CHURCH, Madonna in Glory and four Saints, 1542.

St. Petersburg. LEUCHTENBERG COLLECTION, St. Catherine, 1521.

Trescorre. SUARDI CHAPEL, Frescoes, 1524.

Treviso. SALA SERNAGIOTTO, 20. Portrait of Monk, 1526. S. CRISTINA, Altar-piece, Dead Christ (lunette). E.

Venice. CARMINE, S. Nicholas in Glory, 1529. S. GIACOMO DALL' ORIO, Madonna and Saints, 1546. S. GIOVANNI E PAOLO, S. Antonino bestowing Alms, 1542.

Vienna. 214. Santa Conversazione. 215. Portrait of Man. 220. Three Views of a Man.


1450 circa-1523. Pupil of Alvise Vivarini; influenced by Gentile Bellini and the Paduan sculptor Bellano.

Belluno. 34. Madonna. E.

Bergamo. LOCHIS, 128. Madonna with SS. Roch and Sebastian, 1487. MORELLI, 44. St. Jerome. FRIZZONI-SALIS, Madonna.

Berlin. 44. Madonna, Saints, and Donors, 1500.

Bremen. KUNSTHALLE, 16. Head and Hands of Madonna from an Annunciation.

Certosa (near Pavia). Madonna, SS. John, Onofrio, and three Angels.

London. MR. C. BUTLER, Madonna. SIR WM. FARRER, Madonna. E. Two Cassone Tondi. L. MR. LUDWIG MOND, Madonna with St. Roch. E. SIR B. SAMUELSON, Madonna adoring Child.

Milan. BRERA, 167. Madonna, four Saints, and three Angels, 1499. POLDI-PEZZOLI, St. Jerome. St. Paul. Two Tondi (on a cassone). DR. GUST. FRIZZONI, St. Jerome.

Modena. 5. Madonna, 1503.

Padua. BISHOP'S PALACE, HALL, Frieze with Busts of Paduan Bishops. S. MARIA IN VANZO, Madonna and four Saints. SCUOLA DEL SANTO, Fresco 6. Opening of St. Anthony's Tomb.

Panshanger. LORD COWPER, Madonna.

Paris. 1393. Ecce Homo. 1394. Three Angels.

Praglia (near Padua). REFECTORY, fresco: Crucifixion.

Strassburg. 6. Holy Family.

Venice. ACADEMY, 80. Madonna, SS. Sebastian and Jerome. 78. Christ between SS. Roch and Sebastian. LADY LAYARD, John the Baptist between two other Saints.

Verona. 76. Two Saints. S. NAZZARO E CELSO, SS. Nazzaro and Celso. SS. John and Benedict. Pieta. SS. Blaise and Giuliana. Frescoes: Legend of St. Blaise. All 1491-1493.

Vicenza. SALA V, 1. Holy Family. 2. Madonna enthroned, four Saints, three Angels. E. 3. Madonna with SS. Monica and Mary Magdalen. 5. Madonna. L. 6. Madonna. L. 8. Presentation in Temple. 9. S. Agnes. 17. Madonna with SS. John the Baptist and Onofrio. 19. Madonna. L. DUOMO, Fresco: Nativity. Altar-piece, Madonna with SS. Catherine and Margaret. Frescoes: SS. Margaret and Catherine. S. CORONA, Magdalen between four other Saints. S. LORENZO, Fresco in Chapel L. of Choir. MONTE BERICO, Pieta, 1500. Fresco: Pieta.


1480 circa-1528. Pupil of Giovanni Bellini; influenced by Giorgione.

Alnwick. DUKE OF NORTHUMBERLAND, Portrait of Lady, (landscape by Cariani.)

Bergamo. LOCHIS, 183. Madonna and two Saints. L.

Berlin. 197A. Head of Young Woman. E. 197B. Bust of Woman. 174. Portrait of Man.

Brunswick. Adam and Eve. E.

Buda-Pesth. 82. Madonna with St. Francis, (finished by Cariani.)

Cambridge. FITZWILLIAM MUSEUM, Venus. L (in part).

Dresden. 188. Madonna with John the Baptist and St. Catherine. 189. Three Sisters. 190. Venus. 191. Holy Family with S. Catherine. 192. Meeting of Jacob and Rachel. L.

Florence. UFFIZI, 619. Judith. L.

Genoa. BRIGNOLE-SALE, Madonna with Magdalen and John. L.

Glasgow. 336. Holy Family, (finished by Cariani.)

Hamburg. CONSUL WEBER, Annunciation.

Hampton Court. 115. Santa Conversazione. 240. Head of Woman. L.

London. 636. Portrait of Man. MR. BENSON, Santa Conversazione and Donor, (finished by Cariani.) MR. WICKHAM FLOWER, Santa Conversazione, (finished by Cariani.) MR. MOND, Bust of Woman. L.

Milan. BRERA, 290. SS. Helen, Constantine, Roch, and Sebastian. 172. Adoration of Magi, L., (finished by Cariani.)

Modena. MARCHESE LOTARIO RANGONI, Madonna and Saints.

Munich. 1108. Madonna, SS. Roch and Mary Magdalen.

Naples. SALA GRANDE, 28. Santa Conversazione, with male and female Donors.

Paris. 1399. Adoration of Shepherds and female Donor.

Peghera. CHURCH, Polyptych.

Rome. BORGHESE, 106. Lucrece. L. 163. Madonna, Francis, Jerome, and Donor. CAPITOL, 203. Christ and Adulteress. COLONNA, 22. Madonna, St. Peter, and Donor.

Serina. CHURCH, Polyptych.

Venice. ACADEMY, 310. Christ and Adulteress. 302. St. Peter enthroned and six other Saints. 315. Assumption of Virgin. L. QUIRINI-STAMPALIA, SALA IV, Unfinished Portrait of Young Woman. L. SALA XVII, Portrait of Man. GIOVANELLI, Sposalizio. L. S. MARIA FORMOSA, St. Barbara, Altar-piece. LADY LAYARD, Knight and Lady (a fragment).

Vicenza. S. STEFANO, Madonna and Saints.

Vienna. 134. John the Baptist. 139. The Visitation, (finished by Cariani.) 140. Santa Conversazione. 143. Portrait of Lady. L. 137. Violante. L. 133, 138, 141, 142, Busts of Women. 329E. Portrait of Old Man. 136. Lucretia. LICHTENSTEIN, Santa Conversazione. Holy Family and two female Saints. L.


1485 circa-1547. Pupil of Giovanni Bellini, Cima, and Giorgione; later, influenced by Michelangelo.

Alnwick. DUKE OF NORTHUMBERLAND, Visitation.

Berlin. 237. Pieta. L. 259A. Portrait of a Knight. L. 259B. "Dorothea."

Broomhall, N. B. LORD ELGIN, Portrait of Roman Lady.

Buda-Pesth. Portrait of Raphael.

Cracow. PRINCE CZARTORYSKI, Portrait of (?) Raphael.

Florence. UFFIZI, 1123. "Fornarina," 1512. 592. Death of Adonis. PITTI, 179. Martyrdom of St. Agatha, 1520. 409. Portrait of Man. L.

Linlathen, N. B. COL. ERSKINE, Portrait of Cardinal Nincofort. L.

London. 1. Resurrection of Lazarus, 1519. 24. Portrait of Lady. L. 1450. Holy Family and Donor. MR. BENSON, Portrait of Man. L. DUKE OF GRAFTON, Carondelet and his Secretaries. MR. LUDWIG MOND, Portrait of Pietro Aretino.

Naples. SALA GRANDE, 56. Portrait of Ecclesiastic. L. SALA VENETA, 15. Head of Clement VII. L. SALA DEI CORREGGIO, 2. Holy Family. L.

Paris. 1352. Visitation, 1521. 1500. St. John in Desert. M. ALPHONSE DE ROTHSCHILD, Violin Player.

Parma. 302. Clement VII. and a Chamberlain. L.

Rome. PRINCE DORIA, Portrait of Andrea Doria. L. SIG. DEL NERO, Portrait of a Prelate. FARNESINA, SALA DI GALATEA, Frescoes in 8 lunettes, 1511. S. MARIA DEL POPOLO, Birth of Virgin. L. (in part.) S. PIETRO IN MONTORIO, Frescoes first Chapel Right.

St. Petersburg. Portrait of Cardinal Pole. L.

Siena. PALAZZO SARACINI, Portrait of Man. L.

Treviso. S. NICCOLO, Incredulity of Thomas. E.

Venice. ACADEMY, 95. Visitation. (?) E. LADY LAYARD, Pieta. E. S. BARTOLOMMEO IN RIALTO, SS. Bartholomew, Louis, Sinibald, and Sebastian, on separate panels. E. S. GIOVANNI CRISOSTOMO, St. John Chrysostom enthroned, and other Saints. E.

Vienna. 17. Portrait of (?) Cardinal Giulio di Medici.

Viterbo. Pieta. L. 1525.


1515(?)—1565. Imitator of Titian; influenced by Bonifazio and Pordenone; later, by Paul Veronese.

Ashridge. LORD BROWNLOW, Christ and the Adulteress.

Badger Hall (Shropshire). MR. F. CAPEL-CURE, Madonna and kneeling Jerome. Madonna, St. Elizabeth, and Children.

Bergamo. MORELLI, 96. Holy Family.

Berlin. 159-160. Sporting Cupids. 173. Madonna and Saints. NAZIONAL GALERIE, RACZYNSKI COLL., 6. St. Nicholas presenting children to the Virgin. L. HERR WESENDONCK, 11. Portrait of Young Woman. 77. Madonna and Saints.

Boston, U. S. A. MRS. J. L. GARDNER, Portrait of Isabella D'Este.

Buda-Pesth. 96. Holy Family and St. Catherine. 113. Madonna and Young Bishop.

Cambridge. FITZWILLIAM MUSEUM, 145, 146. Sante Conversazioni.

Cologne. 730K. Predelle: Nativity, Adoration, and Circumcision.

Dresden. 214. Madonna, Magdalen, and Venetian Noble. 215. Marriage of St. Catherine. 216. Madonna adoring Child. 219. Portrait of Man.

Edinburgh. 531. Holy Family.

Florence. PITTI, 52. Holy Family with St. Catherine and the Magdalen. 254, Holy Family. 269. Presentation in Temple. L.

Glasgow. 484. Holy Family with St. Dorothy.

Hampton Court. 173. Diana and Actaeon.

Langton, N. B. (near Duns). MRS. BAILLIE-HAMILTON, Adoration of Magi.

Lille. 80. St. Peter Reading.

Linlathen, N. B. COL. ERSKINE, Madonna and St. Catherine.

London. LORD BATTERSEA, Madonna and infant John. MR. R. BENSON, Madonna with St. Catherine and the Archangel Michael. LORD BROWNLOW, Young Woman represented as Faith. DORCHESTER HOUSE, Rest in Flight. SIR WILLIAM FARRER, Three Ages. Holy Family and two Donors. Adoration of Shepherds. MR. MOND, Madonna with St. Catherine and Holy Children. MR. MUIR MACKENZIE, Madonna. DUKE OF WESTMINSTER, Christ and the Adulteress. LORD YARBOROUGH, Santa Conversazione. Christ at Emaus.

Modena. 115. Madonna and infant John.

Munich. 1109. Madonna, Bishop, and Donor. 1115. Portrait of Man with Staff (?).

Naples. SCUOLA VENETA, 2, 4. Allegories (tondi).

New Battle, N. B. MARQUIS OF LOTHIAN, Madonna with sleeping Child.

Oxford. CHRIST CHURCH, Diana and Actaeon.

Paris. 669. Head of Young Woman. 1580. Holy Family. 1596. Holy Family and Saints. Decapitation of Baptist. MME. ANDRE, Morosini Family adoring Virgin. L.

Richmond. SIR FRANCIS COOK, Madonna and infant John.

Rome. BORGHESE, 91. Judith. 146. Madonna, Baptist, and an Angel. CAPITOL, 20. Madonna and infant John. DORIA, 127. Nativity. 418. Madonna with St. Catherine and the Baptist. ROSPIGLIOSI, 10. Adoration of Shepherds. DON MARCELLO MASSARENTI, Santa Conversazione.

Stuttgart. 34. Madonna with SS. Catherine and Jerome.

Venice. QUIRINI-STAMPALIA, SALA II, 144. Marriage of St. Catherine. SALUTE, SACRISTY, Holy Family. Madonna.

Verona. 52. Madonna and infant John.

Vienna. 135. St. Roch. 183. Adoration of Magi. 384. Holy Family. 394. Christ and the Magdalen. ACADEMY, 463. Finding of Moses. HARRACH COLLECTION, 305. Two Putti embracing.


1483-1540. Probably pupil of Alvise Vivarini. Developed under the influence of Giorgione and Titian.

Badger Hall (Shropshire). MR. F. CAPEL-CURE, Bust of Franciscan Cardinal.

Casarsa. OLD CHURCH, Frescoes: Story of True Cross, 1525.

Colalto (near Susigana). S. SALVATORE, Frescoes. E.

Cremona. DUOMO, Frescoes: Christ before Pilate; Way to Golgotha; Nailing to Cross; Crucifixion. All 1521. Altar-piece: Madonna enthroned with S. Dominic, Paul, and Donor, 1522. Fresco: Deposition, 1522.

Milan. DR. G. FRIZZONI, Dead Christ supported by Two Angels. E.

Motta di Livenza. S. MARIA DEI MIRACOLI, Frescoes: Annunciation.

Murano. S. MARIA DEGLI ANGELI, Annunciation. L.

Piacenza. MADONNA DI CAMPAGNA, Frescoes: Birth of Virgin; Adoration of Magi; Disputation of St. Catherine. Altar-piece; Marriage of St. Catherine. All 1529-1531.

Pordenone. DUOMO, Madonna covering with mantle six Donors, SS. Joseph and Christopher to R. and L., 1515. Fresco: SS. Erasmus and Roch, 1525. St. Mark enthroned, SS. Sebastian, Jerome, John, and Alexander, 1535. MUNICIPIO, St. Gothard between SS. Roch and Sebastian, 1525.

San Daniele (near Udine). DUOMO, Trinity, 1535.

Spilimbergo. DUOMO, Assumption of Virgin. Conversion of St. Paul. Simon Magus, 1524.

Susigana. CHURCH, Madonna and four Saints. E.

Torre (near Pordenone). CHURCH, Madonna and four Saints.

Treviso. DUOMO, Adoration of Magi, and other frescoes, 1520.

Venice. ACADEMY, 305. Portrait of Lady. 298. Head of Man Praying. 323. Madonna of Carmel, Saints, and the Ottobon Family. 316. St. Lorenzo Giustiniani and three other Saints. S. GIOVANNI ELEMOSINARIO, SS. Roch, Sebastian, and Catherine. S. ROCCO, SS. Martin and Christopher, 1528. S. STEFANO, Ruined Frescoes in Cloister.


Active 1502-1525. Pupil of Giovanni Bellini; influenced by Lotto.

Bergamo. CARRARA, 25. Pentecost. 68. Marriage of St. Catherine. 97. Altar-piece in 8 parts. 182. Madonna, 1514. 183. Madonna, two Saints, and Portraits of Cassoti and his Wife. 184. Madonna. LOCHIS, 171. Madonna. E. 176. Madonna with SS. Dominic and Sebastian, 1506. SIG. BAGLIONI, Madonna and two Saints. COUNT MORONI, Madonna, Saint, and Donor. Family Group. S. ALESSANDRO IN CROCE, Crucifixion, 1524. S. ANDREA, Entombment. DUOMO, Altar-piece, and three Predelle in Sacristry, 1524. S. MARIA MAGGIORE, Fresco over S. Door. S. SPIRITO, St. John the Baptist and four other Saints, 1515. Madonna between four female Saints, 1525.

Berlin. 39. Madonna and four Saints. 45. Marriage of St. Catherine.

Buda-Pesth. 77. Madonna.

Ceneda. S. MARIA DI MESCHIO, Annunciation. E.

Dresden. 60. Madonna and Saints, 1510.

Hamburg. CONSUL WEBER, 101. Holy Family.

Keir, N.B. MR. ARCH. STIRLING, Woman playing, and two Men.

London. 695. Madonna and Donor. E. 1173. Allegorical Subject. SIR H. HOWARTH, Rest in Flight.

Milan. BRERA, 304. Christ in Garden, 1512. Coronation (lunette). BONOMI-CEREDA, Madonna and two Saints, 1522. DR. GUST. FRIZZONI, Madonna and Donor, 1506.

Oldenburg. 80. Baptist in Wilderness, 1521.


Padua. GAL. CAVALLI, 1423. Madonna and Donor, 1502.

Venice. PALAZZO DUCALE, CHAPEL, Christ in Limbo. Crossing of Red Sea. LADY LAYARD, Head of Christ. S. GIOBBE, Marriage of St. Catherine. REDENTORE, Nativity. Crucifixion.

Verona. 151. Stoning of Stephen. 173. Immaculate Conception.

Vienna. 14. Madonna. E. 61. Portrait of Man.


Active in the earlier decades of the XVI century. Pupil of Giovanni Bellini and follower of Palma.

Berlin. 3. Christ Blessing(?). E. 196. Christ and the Adulteress.

Buda-Pesth. 100. Madonna, Saints, and Donor.

Chantilly. Madonna and Saints (ascribed to Palma).

Dresden. 64. Madonna and Saints.

Duesseldorf. 8. Triptych. E.

Leipzig. 255. Madonna and four Saints (?).

London. 1252. Death of Peter Martyr (?). LORD ASHBURNHAM, Small Landscape (?). MR. J. P. CARRINGTON, Bust of Man (?). E. MR. C. BUTLER, Christ in Landscape Blessing. LORD NORTHBROOK, Madonna. E. SIR MICHAEL SHAW-STEWART, Madonna.

Munich. 1085. St. Nicholas of Bari, St. Andrew, and a Bishop.

Muenster (in W.). 65. Madonna and Saints.

New Battle, N. B. MARQUIS OF LOTHIAN, Madonna.

Padua. 65. Madonna and Saints (?).

Richmond. SIR FRANCIS COOK, Madonna. Christ and the Adulteress. Christ at Emaus.

Rome. CORSINI, 612. Christ Blessing.

Strassburg. 8. Madonna. E.

Stuttgart. 75. Last Supper. L.

Tours. 598. Madonna and Saints.

Venice. ACADEMY. 166. Deposition. 317. Christ between two Saints. 334. Christ and the Adulteress. PALAZZO REALE, Christ and the Adulteress. GIOVANELLI, Christ and the Adulteress. S. CASSIANO, The Baptist and four Saints. S. GIOVANNI E PAOLO, Christ and Saints.

Vienna. CZERNIN GALLERY, 30. Madonna.


Active about 1480-1500. Pupil of Giovanni Bellini, whose name he often signs; slightly influenced by Palmezzano.

Berlin. 11. Madonna. HERR WESENDONCK, 6. Madonna.

Fermo. CARMINE, Madonna and Saints.

Florence. UFFIZI, 354. Portrait of Man. 384. Madonna and two Saints.

Forli. 90. Madonna. DUOMO, St. Sebastian. SACRISTY, Visitation.

Frankfort a/M. 35. Madonna with St. Anne and the Baptist.

Innsbruck. 561. Dead Christ upheld by two Angels.

Liverpool. 33. Portrait of Man.

London. LADY ASHBURTON, Madonna. DORCHESTER HOUSE, Bust of Boy. SIR B. SAMUELSON, Madonna with SS. Catherine and Bartholomew.

Milan. BRERA, 176. Madonna, four Saints, and three Angels. 177. St. John appearing to Galla Placida. MUSEO CIVICO, 97. Madonna, SS. Francis and Peter.

Oldenburg. 77. Madonna.

Padua. SALA EMO, Portrait of Young Man.

Paris. 1158. Madonna between SS. Peter and Sebastian.

Ravenna. 13. Madonna and four Saints. Madonna between SS. Catherine and John. S. DOMENICO, four large pictures, probably Organ Shutters; Madonna, Gabriel, St. Peter Martyr, S. Dominic.

Rome. BARBERINI, 36, 54. Two Madonnas. CAPITOL, Portrait of Man. DORIA. 374. Madonna. E. 375. Madonna. 376. Madonna.

Rossie Priory, N. B. LORD KINNAIRD. Old Man and Young Man.

Stuttgart. 22. Madonna.

Venice. MUSEO CORRER, SALA VII, 19, Madonna. SALA IX, 19. Madonna, two Saints, and two Donors. GIOVANELLI, Two Madonnas. LADY LAYARD, Madonna. S. FANTINO, Holy Family.


Circa 1480-1548. Possibly pupil of Francesco Bonsignori; influenced by Bellini, Giorgione, Palma, and Lotto.

Berlin. 307. Mourning over Dead Christ. 307A. Magdalen.

Brescia. MARTINENGO, SALA C, Adoration of Shepherds.

Fermo. CASA BERNETTI, St. Jerome in Landscape. E.

Florence. UFFIZI, 645. Transfiguration. MR. LOESER, St. Jerome.

Gosford House, N. B. LORD WEMYS, A Shepherd. Portrait of a Man holding a paper with both hands.

Hampton Court. 138. "Gaston de Foix." 139. Nativity and Donors, 1527.

London. 1031. Magdalen. MR. DOETSCH, Bust of Man. MR. MOND, Portrait of Man.

Milan. BRERA, 234. Madonna in Glory and four Saints. AMBROSIANA, 52. Transfiguration. SIGNOR CRESPI, Bust of an Old Man.

Munich. LOTZBECK COLLECTION, 98. Rest in Flight.


Paris. 1518. "Gaston de Foix."

Rome. VILLA BORGHESE, 139. Head of Youth. CAPITOL, 14. Portrait of Woman seated.

Seven Oaks. LORD AMHERST, Flute-player.

Treviso. SAN NICCOLO, Altar-piece, 1521.

Turin. 118. Nativity. 119. Adoration of Shepherds.

Urbino. CASA ALBANI, Rest in Flight.

Venice. 328. The Hermits Antony and Paul. S. GIOBBE, Adoration of Shepherds. LADY LAYARD, St. Jerome.

Verona. SANTA MARIA IN ORGANO, Madonna in Glory and Saints, 1533.

Vienna. 213. An Apostle. 208. Entombment. LICHTENSTEIN, 228. Portrait of Young Warrior. Dead Christ.


1522 (?)—1582. Pupil of Titian; influenced by Parmigianino.

Amiens. 241. Calisto.

Badger Hall (Shropshire). MR. F. CAPEL-CURE, Temperance.

Berlin. 170A. Parable of the Faithless Steward. 170B. Parable of the Lord's Vineyard. 182A. Mountain Landscape. 182B. Forest Scene. HERR KAUFMANN, Madonna.

Buda-Pesth. 112. Head of Young Woman (?).

Chatsworth. DUKE OF DEVONSHIRE, Preaching of Baptist. Marriage of Cupid and Psyche.

Dresden. 274. Pieta. 275. Holy Family and Infant John.

Florence. PITTI, 152. Death of Abel. 170. Adam and Eve. UFFIZI, 588. Adoration of Shepherds.

Gosford House, N. B. LORD WEMYS, Preparation for Combat. The Defence. Shepherd and Cattle. Infant Jupiter and Nymphs.

Hamburg. CONSUL WEBER, 107. Triumph.

Hampton Court. 88. Tobias and the Angel. 175. Judgment of Midas. 289. Christ before Pilate.

London. LORD ASHBURNHAM, A Cassone. MR. R. BENSON, Landscape with Ruins. BRIDGEWATER HOUSE, Christ before Pilate. Last Supper. Marriage of St. Catherine. LORD BROWNLOW, St. Catherine. MR. C. BUTLER, Jason slaying Bulls of Aetos. SIR WILLIAM FARRER, St. Jerome. SIR H. HOWARTH, Dead Christ. MR. JAMES KNOWLES, Jupiter and Nymph.

Marseilles. Judith.

Milan. MUSEO CIVICO, 124-126. Story of Esther.

Munich. 1089. Parnassus.

Naples. SALA VENEZIANA, 53. Christ before Pilate.

Paris. 1524. The Baptist. 1582. Ecce Homo.

Parma. 368. Deucalion and Pyrrha.

Venice. ACADEMY, 271. Christ before Pilate. 324. Circumcision. 335. 337. Allegories. QUIRINI-STAMPALIA, SALA V, 89. Madonna and St. Catherine. CORRIDOR, Fancy Portrait of Lady. SALA XIV, 224. Conversion of St. Paul. PALAZZO REALE, Three ceiling paintings. Two Philosophers. S. M. DEL CARMINE, PARAPET OF ORGAN LOFT, Six pictures. S. GIACOMO DELL' ORIO. Christ at Emaus.

Vienna. 146. Christ before Caiphas. 147. Portrait of Man. 148. Curius Dentatus. 149. Madonna, infant John, and St. Catherine. 158. Birth of Jupiter. 159. Belshazzar's Feast. 160. Jupiter nursed by Amalthea. 168. Diana and Actaeon. 175. Queen of Sheba. 184. David and the Ark. 185. Cupid and Psyche. 190. Scipio. 194. Allegory of Music. 195. Scene from Apocalypse. 202. Apollo and Daphne. 203. Death of Samson. 204. Apollo and Cupid. 261. Adoration of Shepherds. 331. Mucius Scaevola.


1696-1770. Influenced by G. B. Piazzetta, formed on Paolo Veronese.

Amiens. 233, 234, 235, 236. Sketches.

Badger Hall (Shropshire). MR. F. CAPEL-CURE, Small Finding of Moses. Ceilings: Bride and Groom; Allegory.

Bergamo. CARRARA, 281, 282. Sketches. LOCHIS, 74. Sketch. SIGNOR BAGLIONI, Two legendary subjects. SIGNOR PICCINELLI, Christ in the Garden. Legendary subject. DUOMO, Martyrdom of St. John the Bishop. COLLEONI CHAPEL, Lunettes: Story of the Baptist.

Berlin. 454. After the Bath. 459. Reception. 459A. St. Dominic and the Rosary. 459B. Martyrdom of St. Agatha.

Brighton. MR. CONSTANTINE IONIDES, Apotheosis of Pope.

Brussels. M. LEON SOMZEE, Sacrifice of Polyxena.

Buda-Pesth. 641. God the Father. 649. Warrior Saint on horseback. 651. Madonna and Saints.

Caen. 56. Sketch for Ecce Homo.

Edinburgh. 338. Finding of Moses. 355. Antony and Cleopatra.

Frankfort a/M. 50. Court Scene.

Hamburg. CONSUL WEBER, 141. Christ bearing Cross. 142. Crucifixion.

London. 1192, 1193. Sketches. 1333. Deposition. LORD BATTERSEA, Sketch of Madonna, Saints, and Angels. THE MISSES COHEN, Sketch of Esther and Ahasuerus. MRS. MARTIN COLNAGHI, Assumption. SIR W. M. CONWAY, Allegory of the Over-throw of Paganism. DR. RICHTER, Two Versions of Christ and Adulteress. Two legendary subjects.

Mayence. 124. An Encampment.

Milan. PALAZZO CHIERICI, Chariot of the Sun, ceiling fresco. NATURAL HISTORY MUSEUM, Frescoes. POLDI-PEZZOLI, PINACOTECA, 74. A Sketch. 90. Madonna and Saints. SIGNOR CRESPI, St. Anne presenting Virgin to God, 1759.

Munich. 1271. Adoration of Magi. 1272, 1273. Historical subjects.

New York, U. S. A. METROPOLITAN MUSEUM, 18. Sacrifice of Isaac. 28. Triumph of Ferdinand III. Crowning with Thorns.

Padua. SALA ROMANINO, 654. St. Patrick. SANTO, Martyrdom of St. Agatha.

Paris. 1547. Christ at Emaus. 1549. Standard painted on both sides. MME. ANDRE, Reception of Henry III (fresco). Three Ceiling frescoes. M. LEOPOLD GOLDSCHMIDT, Crucifixion.

Parma. 216. St. Antony Abbot.

Piove (near Padua). S. Niccolo, Franciscan Saint in Ecstacy.

Richmond. SIR F. COOK. Esther and Ahasuerus.

Rossie Priory, N. B. LORD KINNAIRD, Assumption.

Strassburg. St. Roch.

Turin. 293. St. Antony Abbot.

Udine. 31. Chapter of Maltese Order. S. MARIA DELLA PIETA, Ceiling.

Venice. 484. S. Joseph, the Child, and four Saints. 462. Finding of True Cross. PALAZZO DUCALE, SALA DI QUATTRO PORTE, Neptune and Venice. SEMINARIO, REFECTORY, Christ at Emaus. QUIRINI-STAMPALIA, SALA X, 219. Portrait of Procurator. PALAZZO LABIA, Frescoes: Antony and Cleopatra. PALAZZO REZZONICO, Two Ceilings. S. ALVISE, Christ at Column. Way to Golgotha. S. APOSTOLI, Communion of S. Lucy. S. FAVA, The Virgin and her Parents. FRARI, Stations of the Cross. GESUATI, Ceiling. Altar-piece: Madonna and three female Saints. S. GIOVANNI E PAOLO, Ceiling of R. Chapel. S. MARIA DELLA PIETA, Ceiling. SCALZI, Ceiling. SCUOLA DEL CARMINE, Ceiling paintings.

Verona. 70. Four Olivetan Saints.

Vicenza. Entrance Hall, I. Immaculate Conception. VILLA VALMARANA, Frescoes in Villa and Casino, subjects from Homer, Virgil, Ariosto, and Tasso, also Costume Pieces, and Oriental Scenes.

Vienna. ACADEMY, 484. Sketch.

Wuerzburg. ARCHBISHOP'S PALACE, Frescoes: Grand Staircase, 1753. Hall of Emperors, 1751. CHAPEL, Two Altar-pieces.


1518-1592. May have been a pupil of Bonifazio Veronese; influenced by Titian, Parmigianino, and Michelangelo.

Augsburg. 265. Christ in the House of Martha.

Bergamo. CARRARA, 111. A Lady dressed as a Queen.

Berlin. 298. Portrait of Procurator. 299. The same. 300. Madonna with SS. Mark and Luke. 310. Luna, and the Hours. 316. Procurator before St. Mark. HERR KAUFMANN, Bust of Old Man.

Bologna. 145. Visitation. CORRIDOR IV, Portrait of Man.

Boston, U. S. A. MRS. J. L. GARDNER, Portrait of Senator.

Brescia. TOSIO, SALA XIII, 14. An Old Man. S. AFRA, Transfiguration.

Buda-Pesth. 114. Head of Old Man.

Caen. 12. Deposition.

Cambridge, U. S. A. PROF. C. E. NORTON, Head of Old Man. Portrait of Senator of 83. L.

Carder House (near Glasgow). MR. ARCH. STIRLING, Portrait of Senator.

Cologne. 817. Ovid and Corinna.

Dresden. 174. Lady dressed in Mourning. 269. The Rescue. 270. Two Gentlemen.

Escurial. Christ washing the feet of the Disciples.

Florence. PITTI, 65, 70. Portraits of Men. 83. Portrait of Luigi Cornaro. 131. Portrait of Vincenzo Zeno. UFFIZI, 378. Portrait of himself. 577. Bust of Young Man. 601. Admiral Venier. 615. Portrait of Old Man. 638. Portrait of Jacopo Sansovino. 649. Portrait of Man.

Hamburg. CONSUL WEBER, 117. Warrior.

Hampton Court. 69. Esther before Ahasuerus. 77. Nine Muses. 78. Portrait of Dominican. 91. Knight of Malta. 120. Portrait of a Senator.

Leipzig. 239. Resurrection.

Lille. 652. Portrait of a Senator.

London. 16. St. George and Dragon. 1130. Christ washing feet of Disciples. 1313. Origin of the Milky Way. BRIDGEWATER HOUSE. Portrait of Man. LORD BROWNLOW, Busts of two Old Men. MR. R. CRAWSHAY, Adam and Eve. MR. BUTLER, Moses striking Rock. Portrait of Senator. DORCHESTER HOUSE, Portrait of Man, 1548. Portrait of Man by Window. SIR WM. FARRER, The Resurrection. MR. ARTHUR JAMES, Portrait of Andrea Barbadigo. Portrait of Man. MR. MOND, Galleys at Sea. Portrait of Giovanni Gritti. LORD ROSEBERY, Portrait of Admiral Venier. E. MR. SALTING, Portrait of Ottavio di Stra, 1567.

Luebeck. 88. Raising of Lazarus, 1576.

Lucca. SALA I, 45. Portrait of Man.

Lyons. 36. Danae (in part).

Madrid. 410. Battle on Land and Sea. 422. Joseph and Potiphar's Wife. 423. Solomon and the Queen of Sheba. 424. Susanna and the Elders. 425. Finding of Moses. 426. Esther before Ahasuerus. 427. Judith and Holofernes

Milan. BRERA, 217. Pieta. 230. St. Helen, three other Saints, and two Donors. 234 bis. Finding of Body of St. Mark. E. MUSEO CIVICO, 86. Bust of Procurator.

Newport, U. S. A. MR. T. H. DAVIS, Bust of Man.

Panshanger. LORD COWPER, Portrait of Man.

Paris. 1464. Susanna and the Elders. 1465. Paradise. 1467. Portrait of Old Man.

Richmond. SIR F. COOK, St. John the Baptist. Portrait of Senator.

Rome. CAPITOL, 248. The Baptism. 249. Ecce Homo. 250. The Flagellation. COLONNA, 4. Three Women and a Man adoring the Holy Spirit. 113. Old Man playing Spinnet. 94, 95. Portraits of Men. DORIA, 265. Portrait of Man. E.

Turin. 162. The Trinity.

Venice. ACADEMY, 225. S. Giustina and three Donors, 1580. 210. Madonna, three Saints, and three Donors 1566. 242. Portrait of Carlo Morosini. Portrait of a Senator. 217. Deposition. 241. Senator in Prayer. 245. Portrait of Jacopo Soranzo, 1564. 234. Andrea Capello. E. SALA IV, Ceiling: Prodigal Son, Four Virtues. 41. Death of Abel. 244. Two Senators. 42. Miracle of St. Mark, 1548. 43. Adam and Eve. 240. Two Senators. 227. Resurrected Christ blessing three Senators. 239. Madonna, and three portraits. 213. Crucifixion. 215. Resurrection. PALAZZO DUCALE, COLLEGIO, Doge Mocenigo recommended to Christ by St. Mark. Figures in grisaille around the Clock. Doge Daponte before the Virgin. Marriage of St. Catherine and Doge Dona. Doge Gritti before the Virgin. ANTI-COLLEGIO, Mercury and three Graces. Vulcan's Forge. Bacchus and Ariadne. Minerva expelling Mars: All, 1578. ANTE-ROOM OF CHAPEL, SS. Margaret, George, and Louis. SS. Andrew and Jerome. SENATO, St. Mark presenting Doge Loredan to the Virgin in presence of two other Saints. SALA QUATTRO PORTE, Ceiling (in part). INGRESSO, Lorenzo Amelio, 1570. Alessandro Bono. Vincenzo Morosini, 1580. Nicolo Priuli. Ceiling. PASSAGE TO COUNCIL OF TEN, Andrea Delphino, 1573. A. Cicogna. Federigo Contarini, 1570. Nobles Illumined by the Holy Spirit. SALA DEL GRAN CONSIGLIO, Paradise, 1590. SALA DELLO SCRUTINO, Battle of Zara. PALAZZO REALE LIBRERIA, Transportation of Body of St. Mark. St. Mark rescues a shipwrecked Saracen. Diogenes, Archimedes, and two other philosophers on separate canvases: All E. ANOTHER ROOM, St. Roch. PRINCE GIOVANELLI, Battle Piece. Portrait of Senator. Portrait of General. Portrait of Warrior. S. CASSIANO, Crucifixion. Christ in Limbo. Resurrection. GESUITI, Assumption of Virgin. Circumcision. S. GIORGIO MAGGIORE, Last Supper. Gathering of Manna. Entombment. S. GIUSEPPE DI CASTELLO, Michael overcoming Lucifer. S. MARIA MATER DOMINI, Finding of True Cross. S. MARIA DELL' ORTO, Last Judgment. E. Martyrdom of Paul. The Tablets of the Law and the Golden Calf. E. Martyrdom of St. Agnes. Presentation of Virgin. E. S. MARZIALE, Glory of S. Marziale. S. PAOLO, Last Supper. Assumption of Virgin. S. ROCCO, Annunciation. Pool of Bethesda. St. Roch and the Beasts of the Field. St. Roch healing the Sick. St. Roch in Campo d'Armata. St. Roch consoled by an Angel. St. Roch before the Pope. SCUOLA DI S. ROCCO, Ground Floor, nearly all the paintings on walls. STAIRCASE, Visitation. UPPER FLOOR, Hall, All the paintings on walls and ceiling. Portrait of himself, 1573. INNER ROOM, Crucifixion, 1565. Christ before Pilate. Ecce Homo. Way to Golgotha. Ceiling, 1560. Altogether, sixty-two paintings. SALUTE, Marriage of Cana, 1561. S. SILVESTRO, Baptism. S. STEFANO. Last Supper. Washing of Feet. Agony in Garden. S. TROVASO, Temptation of St. Anthony. S. ZACCARIA, Birth of Virgin.

Vicenza. ENTRANCE HALL. 42. St. Augustine healing the Plague-stricken.

Vienna. 417. St. Jerome. E. 239. Susanna and the Elders. E. 236. Sebastian Venier. 244. An Officer in Armour. 235. Old Man and Boy. 242, 245. Portraits of Men. 250. Portrait of Man, 1553. 482. Portrait of Old Man. 255, 258, 486. Portraits of Men. 249. Portrait of Lady. ACADEMY, 13. Portrait of Ales. Contarini. 34. Portrait of Doge Priuli.

Woburn Abbey. 36. Portrait of Man. L.


1477-1576. Pupil of the Bellini; formed by Giorgione.

Ancona. 8. Crucifixion. L. S. DOMENICO, Madonna with SS. Francis, Blaise, and Donor, 1520.

Antwerp. 357. Alexander VI presenting Baffo to St. Peter. E.

Ascoli. St. Francis receiving the Stigmata. L.

Berlin. 160A. Infant Daughter of Roberto Strozzi, 1542. 163. Portrait of himself. L. 166. His own Daughter Lavinia.

Boston. MRS. J. L. GARDNER, Rape of Europa, 1562.

Brescia. S. NAZARO E CELSO, Altar-piece, 1522.

Cobham Hall. LORD DARNLEY, Portrait of Ariosto. E.

Dresden. 168. Madonna with four Saints. E. 169. Tribute Money. E. 170. Lavinia as Bride, 1555. 171. Lavinia as Matron. L. 172. Portrait of Man, 1561. 173. A Lady with a Vase. L. 175. Madonna with a Family as Donors (in part only). L. 176. Lady in Red Dress.

Florence. PITTI, 18. "La Bella," Eleanora Gonzaga, Duchess of Urbino. 54. Pietro Aretino, 1545. 67. Magdalen. 92. Portrait of Young Man. 185. The Concert. E. 200. Philip II. 201. Ippolito de' Medici, 1533. 215. Full-length Portrait of Man. 228. Head of Christ. 495. "Tommaso Mosti." UFFIZI, 599. Eleanora Gonzaga, Duchess of Urbino, 1537. 605. Fr. Maria della Rovere, Duke of Urbino, 1537. 626. Flora. E. 633. Madonna with St. Antony Abbot. E. 1108. Venus—the head a portrait of Lavinia. L. 1116. Portrait of Beccadelli, 1552. 1117. Venus—the head a portrait of Eleanora Gonzaga.

Genoa. BALBI-SENAREGA, Madonna with SS. Catherine, Domenic, and a Donor. E.

Hampton Court. 113. Portrait of Man, 1546. 149. Portrait of Man. E.

London. 4. Holy Family and Shepherd. 35. Bacchus and Ariadne. 1523. 270. "Noli me Tangere." E. 635. Madonna with SS. John and Catherine, 1533. BRIDGEWATER HOUSE, Holy Family. E. "The Three Ages." E. Venus rising from the Sea. Diana and Actaeon. 1559. Calisto. 1559. MR. MOND, Madonna. L.

Madrid. 236. Madonna with SS. Ulfus and Bridget. E. 450. Bacchanal. 451. Venus Worship. 452. Alfonso of Ferrara, 1518. 453. Charles V and his dog, 1533. 454. Philip II in Armour, 1550. 456. The Forbidden Fruit. L. 457. Charles V on Horseback, 1548. 458. Danae, 1554. 459. Venus, and Youth playing Organ. L. 461. Salome (Portrait of Lavinia). 462. Trinity, 1554. 463. Knight of Malta. L. 464. Entombment, 1559. 465. Sisyphus. L. 466. Prometheus. L. 469. St. Margaret. L. 470. Philip II offering Infant Don Fernando to Victory. L. 471. Allocution of Alfonso d'Avalos, 1541. 476. Religion succoured by Spain. L. 477. Portrait of himself. 480. Portrait of Man. 485. The Empress Isabel, 1544.

Maniago. CASA MANIAGO, Portraits of Irene and of Emilia di Spilimbergo. L.

Medole (near Brescia). DUOMO, Christ appearing to his Mother. L.

Milan. Brera, 248. St. Jerome. L. 288. bis. Antonio Porcia.

Munich. 1110. "Vanitas." E. 1111. Portrait of Man. E. 1112. Portrait of Charles V, 1548. 1113. Madonna. L. 1114. Christ crowned with Thorns. L.

Naples. SCUOLA VENETA, II. Philip II. 20. Paul III, Ottaviano, and Card. Farnese, 1545.

Padua. SCUOLA DEL SANTO, Frescoes: St. Anthony granting Speech to an Infant. The Youth who cut off his own leg. The Jealous Husband. All, 1511.

Paris. 1577. Madonna with SS. Stephen, Ambrose, and Maurice. E. 1578. "La Vierge au Lapin." 1579. Madonna with St. Agnes. 1581. Christ at Emaus. L. 1583. Crowning with Thorns. L. 1584. Entombment. 1585. St. Jerome. L. 1587. "Venus del Prado." L. 1588. Portrait of Francis I. 1589. Allegory. 1590. "Alfonso of Ferrara and Laura Dianti." 1591. Portrait of Man with Hand in Belt. 1592. "The Man with the Glove." E. 1593. Portrait of Man with Black Beard.

Rome. BORGHESE, 147. Sacred and Profane Love. E. 188. St. Dominic. L. 170. Education of Cupid. L. CAPITOL, 145. Baptism, with Zuane Ram as Donor. E. DORIA, Daughter of Herodias. E. VATICAN, Madonna in Glory with six Saints, 1523. PRINCE CHIGI, Portrait of Aretino.

Serravalle. DUOMO, Madonna in Glory, with SS. Peter and Andrew, 1547.

Treviso. DUOMO, Annunciation.

Urbino. 39. The Resurrection. L. 42. Last Supper. L.

Venice. ACADEMY, 426. Presentation of Virgin in Temple, 1540. 314. St. John in the Desert. 40. Assunta, 1518. 400. Pieta, begun in 1573, not quite finished at Titian's death. PALAZZO DUCALE, Staircase to Doge's private apartments, Fresco: St. Christopher, 1523. SALA DI QUATTRO PORTE, Doge Grimani before Faith, 1555. PALAZZO REALE, on ceiling of ante-room to Libreria, Wisdom. L. GIOVANELLI, Portrait of Man. L. FRARI, Pesaro Madonna, 1526. GESUITI, Martyrdom of St. Lawrence. L. S. GIOVANNI ELEMOSINARIO, St. John the Almsgiver, 1533. S. LIO, St. James of Compostella. L. S. MARCUOLO, The Christ Child between SS. Catherine and Andrew. E. S. MARZIALE, Tobias and the Angel, 1540. SCUOLA DI S. ROCCO, Annunciation. Dead Christ (?). E. SALUTE, Descent of Holy Spirit. L. Ceiling of CHOIR: Eight Medallions, one a Portrait of Titian himself, the rest Heads of Saints. SACRISTY, St. Mark between SS. Roch, Sebastian, Cosmos, and Damian. E. Ceiling, David and Goliath. Sacrifice of Isaac. Cain slaying Abel. S. SALVATORE, Annunciation. L. Transfiguration, L. S. SEBASTIANO, St. Nicholas of Bari (in part), 1563.

Verona. 51. Portrait of Ferdinand, King of the Romans. DUOMO, Assumption of Virgin.

Vienna. 176. "Gipsy Madonna." E. 180. "Madonna with the Cherries." E. 178. "The Large Ecce Homo," 1543. 181. "The Little Tambourine Player." E. 163. Isabella d'Este, 1534. 197. "Das Maedchen im Pelz" (Eleanora Gonzaga). 177. "Benedetto Varchi." 167. "The Physician Parma." E. 191. John Frederick of Saxony, 1548. 182. Jacopo di Strada, 1566. 186. Shepherd and Nymph. L. CZERNIN, Portrait of Doge Gritti.


1497-1544. Pupil of his father, P. M. Pennachi; influenced by Catena, Giorgione, and later by Dosso Dossi and Raphael.

Bologna. S. GIOVANNI IN MONTE, 1ST ALTAR R. Noli me Tangere. E. S. PETRONIO, 9TH CHAPEL R. Monochrome frescoes: Miracles of St. Antony of Padua.

Dresden. 99. Adoration of Magi.

Faenza. LA MAGIONE, CHOIR, Frescoes: Madonna and Saints, with Sabba Castiglione as Donor, 1533.

Ferrara. SIG. SANTINI, A female Saint and five Men.

London. 263. Madonna, Saints, and Donor. MR. MOND, Bust of Young Man. DUKE OF WESTMINSTER, Nativity. St. Luke painting the Virgin.

Milan. SIG. BAGATI-VALSECCHI, The Forge of Vulcan (fresco on chimney-piece).

Modena. S. PIETRO, Holy Family with infant John and St. Catherine.

Muenster (in W.). KUNSTVEREIN, 64. The Saviour (?).

Rome. COLONNA, 109. Portrait of Man. DONNA LAURA MINGHETTI, Judgment of Paris (?).

Trent. CASTLE, CHAPEL, Frescoes. INNER ROOM, Frieze. NOS. 4 AND 6 PIAZZA GRANDE, AND 12 VIA DEL TEATRO, Frescoes on facades.

Venice. SALUTE, SACRISTY, St. Roch between SS. Sebastian and Jerome. E.

Verona. 121. Annunciation (?).

Vienna. E. 512. Portrait of Man.


1528-1588. Pupil of Antonio Badile; strongly influenced by Dom. Brusasorci.

Dresden. 224. Madonna with Cuccina Family. 225. Adoration of Magi. 226. Marriage of Cana. 229. Finding of Moses (in part only). 236. Portrait of Daniel Barbaro.

Florence. PITTI, 216. Portrait of Daniel Barbaro. UFFIZI, 589. Martyrdom of S. Giustina. E. 1136. Holy Family and St. Catherine.

Hampton Court. Madonna and Saints (?).

London. 26. Consecration of St. Nicholas. 294. Alexander and the Family of Darius. DR. RICHTER, Holy Family. E.

Madrid. 528. Christ and the Centurion. 532. Finding of Moses (?).

Maser. VILLA BARBARO, Frescoes.

Milan. BRERA, 227. SS. Antony, Cornelius, and Cyprian, and Page.

Padua. S. GIUSTINA, Martyrdom of St. Giustina.

Paris. 1196. Christ at Emaus. 1199. Young Mother and Child. E. 1192. Marriage of Cana.

Rome. COLONNA, 90. Portrait of Man in Green. VILLA BORGHESE, 101. St. Antony preaching to the Fishes.

Venice. ACADEMY, 212. Battle of Lepanto. 203. Feast in House of Levi, 1573. 37. Madonna with SS. Joseph, John, Francis, Jerome, and Giustina. PALAZZO DUCALE, COLLEGIO, Thanksgiving for Lepanto. ANTE-COLLEGIO, Rape of Europa. S. BARNABA, Holy Family. S. CATERINA, Marriage of St. Catherine. S. FRANCESCO DELLA VIGNA, Holy Family with SS. Catherine and Antony Abbot. S. SEBASTIANO, Madonna and two Saints. Crucifixion. Madonna in Glory with St. Sebastian and other Saints. SS. Mark and Marcilian led to Martyrdom (in part). St. Sebastian being Bound (?). Frescoes: SS. Onofrio and Paul the Hermit. SS. Matthew and Mark. SS. Roch, Andrew, Peter, and Figure of Faith. Tiburtine and Cumaean Sibyls.

Verona. 267. Portrait of Pasio Guadienti, 1556. 245. Deposition (?). S. GIORGIO, Martyrdom of St. George. S. PAOLO, Madonna and Saints. E.

Vicenza. SALA II, 12. Madonna. MONTE BERICO, Feast of St. Gregory, 1572.

Vienna. 396. Christ at the House of Jairus.


Active 1461-1503. Pupil of his uncle Bartolommeo.

Berlin. 38. Madonna enthroned with six Saints. 1165. Madonna enthroned with four Saints. L.

Florence. MR. CHARLES LOESER, Madonna.

Gosford House, N. B. LORD WEMYS, Bust of Smooth-faced Man.

London. THE MISSES COHEN, Bust of a Venetian Noble. MR. SALTING, Portrait of Youth.

Milan. BRERA, Dead Christ adored by two Angels. E. BONOMI-CEREDA, Portrait of Man, 1497. SIGNOR BAGATI-VALSECCHI, S. Giustina dei Borromei. L.

Modena. 319. Portrait of Man (?).

Montefiorentino. Polyptych, 1475.

Naples. SCUOLA VENETA, I. Madonna with SS. Francis and Bernardino, 1485.

Padua. 1371. Portrait of a Man.

Paris. 1519. Portrait of a Man. L. COUNTESS DE BEARN, Portrait of Man. L.

Venice. ACADEMY, 619. St. Matthew. 618. St. John the Baptist. 621. St. Sebastian. St. Antony Abbot. St. John Baptist. St. Laurence. E. 593. St. Clare. 87. Head of Christ. L. 607. Madonna and six Saints, 1480. MUSEO CORRER, SALA IX, 44. St. Antony of Padua. FRARI, St. Ambrose enthroned and Saints. Begun in 1503, finished by Basaiti. S. GIOVANNI IN BRAGORA, Madonna: Head of Christ, 1493: Resurrection, 1498: Predelle to last. Busts of Saviour, John, and Mark. S. GIOVANNI E PAOLO, Christ bearing Cross. REDENTORE, SACRISTY, Madonna. LADY LAYARD, Portrait of Man. SEMINARIO, STANZA DEL PATRIARCA, Portrait of Man. L.

Vienna. 12. Madonna, 1489. ACADEMY, St. Clare. Female Saint with Monstrance.

Windsor Castle. Portrait of Man with Hawk.


Active 1450-1499. Pupil of Giovanni and Antonio da Murano; influenced by Paduans.

Bergamo. FRIZZONI-SALIS, Madonna and two Saints.

Boston, U. S. A. MR. QUINCY SHAW, Magdalen.

Fermo. COUNT BERNETTI, SS. Francis and James.

Gosford House, N. B. LORD WEMYS, Polyptych. E.

London. 284. Madonna with SS. Paul and Jerome.

Meiningen. DUCAL PALACE, An Apostle.

Naples. SALA VENETA, 5. Madonna enthroned, 1465.

Paris. 1607. St. John Capistrano, 1459.

Turin. 780. Madonna, 1481.

Venice. ACADEMY, 615, 1. Altar-piece in five parts, 1464. 584. Mary Magdalen. 585. St. Barbara, 1490. FRARI, Madonna and four Saints, 1482. S. GIOVANNI IN BRAGORA, Madonna between SS. Andrew and John, 1478. S. GIOVANNI E PAOLO, St. Augustine, 1473. SS. Dominic and Lawrence. S. MARIA FORMOSA, Triptych: Madonna, Birth of Virgin, Meeting of Joachim and Anne, 1473.

Vienna. 10. St. Ambrose between SS. Peter, Louis, Paul, and Sebastian, 1477.


Albi. Guardi.

Alnwick. DUKE OF NORTHUMBERLAND: Licinio, Palma. S. del Piombo.

Alzano. CHURCH: Lotto.

Amiens. Guardi, Schiavone, Tiepolo.

Ancona. GALLERY: Crivelli, Lotto, Titian. S. DOMENICO: Titian.

Antwerp. GALLERY: Antonello, Titian.

Ascoli. DUOMO: Crivelli. GALLERY: Titian.

Ashridge. LORD BROWNLOW: Bassano, Bordone, Cariani, Polidoro.

Asolo. CHURCH: Lotto.

Augsburg. GALLERY: Barbari, Bassano, Tintoretto.

Badger Hall (Shropshire). MR. F. CAPEL-CURE: Basaiti, Guardi, Pordenone, Schiavone, Tiepolo.

Balcarres, N. B. LORD CRAWFORD: Licinio.

Basel. Cariani.

Bassano. GALLERY: Bassano, Guardi. DUOMO, and S. GIOVANNI: Jacopo Bassano. S. M. DELLE GRAZIE: J. Bassano.

Belluno. Bartolommeo Veneto, Beccaruzzi, Montagna.

Bergamo. GALLERY, CARRARA COLLECTION: Bartolommeo Veneto, Basaiti, Bassano, Bonifazio, Cariani, Gatena, Lotto, Previtali, Tintoretto. LOCHIS COLLECTION: Antonello, Barbari, Bartolommeo Veneto, Basaiti, Beccaruzzi, Giovanni Bellini, Bonsignori, Bordone, Cariani, Crivelli, Guardi, Licinio, Lotto, Montagna, Palma Vecchio, Previtali. MORELLI COLLECTION: Basaiti, Giovanni Bellini, Cariani, Cima, P. Longhi, Montagna, Polidoro. SIGNOR BAGLIONI: Bassano, Cariani, Guardi, Longhi, Previtali, Tiepolo. FRIZZONI-SALIS: Barbari, Basaiti, Bassano, Bonifazio, Montagna, Bartolommeo Vivarini. CONTE MORONI: Guardi, Previtali. SIGNOR PICCINELLI: Cariani, Licinio, Lotto, Tiepolo. CONTE RONCALLI: Cariani. CONTE SUARDI: Cariani, Bassano. S. ALESSANDRO IN COLONNA: Lotto. S. ALESSANDRO IN CROCE: Lotto. S. ANDREA: Previtali. S. BARTOLOMMEO: Lotto. S. BERNARDINO: Lotto. COLLEONI CHAPEL: Tiepolo. DUOMO: Cariani, Previtali, Tiepolo. S. MARIA MAGGIORE: Lotto, Previtali. S. MICHELE: Lotto. S. SPIRITO: Lotto, Previtali.

Berlin. Antonello, Barbari, Basaiti, Giovanni Bellini, Bissolo, Bordone, Caprioli, Cariani, Carpaccio, Catena, Cima, Crivelli, Giorgione, Guardi, Lotto, Montagna, Palma, Sebastiano del Piombo, Polidoro, Previtali, Rocco Marconi, Rondinelli, Savoldo, Schiavone, Tiepolo, Tintoretto, Titian, Alvise Vivarini, Bartolommeo Vivarini. NAZIONAL GALERIE, RACYNSKI COLLECTION: Catena, Polidoro. HERR BECKERATH: Basaiti. HERR KAUFMANN: Basaiti, Bassano, Beccaruzzi, Schiavone, Tintoretto. HERR WESENDONCK: Bassano, Beccaruzzi, Polidoro, Rondinelli.

Biel, N. B. MRS. HAMILTON OGILVIE: Bassano, Canale, Guardi.

Bologna. GALLERY: Bassano, Cima, Tintoretto. S. GIOVANNI IN MONTE: Girolamo da Treviso. S. PETRONIO: Girolamo da Treviso.

Boston, U. S. A. MUSEUM: Basaiti, Beccaruzzi. MRS. J. L. GARDNER: Bonifazio, Catena, Guardi, Polidoro, Tintoretto, Titian. MR. J. QUINCY SHAW: Cima, Licinio, Bartolommeo Vivarini.

Bremen. KUNSTHALLE: Montagna.

Brescia. GALLERY TOSIO: Bissolo, Lotto, Tintoretto. S. AFRA: Tintoretto. S. ALESSANDRO: Jacopo Bellini. S. NAZARO E CELSO: Titian.

Brighton. MR. CONSTANTINE IONIDES: Guardi, Tiepolo. MR. HENRY WILLETT: Caprioli, Licinio.

Broomhall, N. B. LORD ELGIN: S. del Piombo

Brunswick. GALLERY: Palma Vecchio.

Brussels. Bassano, Crivelli, Guardi. M. LEON SOMZEE: Bart. Veneto, Tiepolo.

Buda-Pesth. Basaiti, Bassano, Beccaruzzi, Gentile Bellini, Cariani, Catena, Crivelli, Giorgione, Guardi, Licinio, Palma, S. del Piombo, Polidoro, Previtali, Rocco Marconi, Schiavone, Tiepolo, Tintoretto. HERR RATH: Licinio.

Caen. Carpaccio, Tiepolo, Tintoretto.

Cambridge. FITZWILLIAM MUSEUM: Beccaruzzi, Guardi, Palma, Polidoro.

Cambridge, U. S. A. PROF. C. E. NORTON: Licinio, Longhi, Tintoretto.

Campo S. Piero. ORATORY OF S. ANTONIO: Bonifazio (in part).

Carder House (near Glasgow). MR. ARCHIBALD STIRLING: Tintoretto.

Casarsa. PARISH CHURCH: Pordenone.

Castelfranco. CHURCH: Giorgione.

Castle Barnard. BOWES MUSEUM: Caprioli.

Celana (near Bergamo). Lotto.

Ceneda. MADONNA DI MESCHIO: Previtali.

Certosa (near Pavia). Montagna.

Chantilly. DUC D' AUMALE: Bissolo, Rocco Marconi.

Chatsworth. DUKE OF DEVONSHIRE: Bassano, Bordone, Cariani, Schiavone.

Cingoli. S. DOMENICO: Lotto.

Cittadella. DUOMO: Bassano.

Cobham Hall. LORD DARNLEY: Titian.

Colalto. S. SALVATORE: Pordenone.

Cologne. GALLERY: Bordone, Catena, Polidoro, Tintoretto.

Conegliano. DUOMO: Beccaruzzi, Cima. S. M. DELLE GRAZIE: Beccaruzzi. S. ROCCO: Beccaruzzi.

Costa di Mezzate (near Gorlago). Lotto.

Cracow. PRINCE CZARTORYSKI: S. del Piombo.

Cremona. DUOMO: Pordenone.

Dijon. Bassano, Caprioli.

Douai. Bartolommeo Veneto.

Dresden. Antonello, Barbari, Bartolommeo Veneto, Bassano, Beccaruzzi, Bonifazio, Bordone, Canaletto, Catena, Cima, Giorgione, Licinio, Longhi, Lotto, Palma Vecchio, Polidoro, Previtali, Rocco Marconi, Tintoretto, Titian, Girolamo da Treviso, Veronese.

Duesseldorf. Bissolo, Cima, Rocco Marconi.

Edinburgh. Bassano, Bordone, Guardi, Polidoro, Tiepolo.

Escurial. Tintoretto.

Faenza. LA MAGIONE: Gir. da Treviso.

Feltre. SEMINARIO: Bassano.

Fermo. CARMINE: Rondinelli. CASA BERNETTI: Savoldo, B. Vivarini.

Ferrara. Beccaruzzi, Carpaccio. SIG. VENDEGHINI: Jacopo Bellini. SIG. SANTINI: Girolamo da Treviso.

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