The Stephens Family - A Genealogy of the Descendants of Joshua Stevens
by Bascom Asbury Cecil Stephens
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560. GEORGIE EDNA, b. June 1, 1887.

LILY DAY MOORE, (250), daughter of E. R. Moore (61), was born Nov. 18, 1858; married March 19, 1885, Lee Monroe, of the Monroe family of Virginia, an attorney at law; live in WaKenny, Kansas. Children:

561. LENORE, b. July 27, 1886.

562. DAY MOORE, b. Oct. 19, 1888.

PRISCILLA HELEN WILLIAMS, (252), daughter of Elizabeth Margaret (Moore) Williams, (63), was born May 29, 1854; married Oscar Knowlton; live at Lowell, Kent County, Michigan. Children:

563. HANNAH ANNETT, b. March 27, 1864.

564. JOHN ABRAM, b. March 4, 1866.

565. WILLIAM BREWER, b. June 28, 1868.

566. FREDERICK BENEDICT, b. April 2, 1870.

SARAH JANE WILLIAMS, (253), daughter of Elizabeth Margaret (Moore) Williams, (63), was born March 20, 1848; married Jan. 25, 1866 E. W. Penny; live in Goodlands, Kansas. Children:

567. EDWIN ALONZO, b. Jan. 17, 1857.

568. ROSELLA OLIVE, b. May 18, 1873.

NOTE:—This ends the record of the Eighth Generation in so far as I have them to date.


EMILY SCHNAE, (259), daughter of Ann Eliza (Stephens) Schnae, (66), was born Sept. 18, 1843; married Aug. 5, 1853, William M. Bennett; live in New Harmony, Posey County, Indiana. Children:

569. MOLLY, b. May 23, 1864; m. W. N. Hammett.

570. JULIA STEPHENS, b. Jan. 3, 1867; m. F. E. Piper.

571. ELLA SCHNAE, b. Dec. 8, 1872.

572. WILLIAM NIBLACK, b. May 20, 1870.

ELLA SCHNAE, (260), daughter of Ann Eliza (Stephens) Schnae, (66), was born July 5, 1847; married Dr. Thomas Smith; she died Aug. —, 1877; Dr. Smith lives in Millersburg, Warwick County, Ind.; she was the mother of one child:

573. ——, b. ——; d. Aug. 17, 1877.

GEORGE WING SCHNAE, (261), son of Ann Eliza (Stephens) Schnae, (66), was born Feb. 12, 1853; married Jan. 13, 1878, Elizabeth Nelgin; she was born Jan. 10, 1857; live in Evansville, Indiana. Children:

574. NELLIE ANN, b. Jan. 5, 1882.

575. LONA, b. Feb. 8, 1887.

JOSEPHINE TOBITHA WILSON, (266), daughter of Susan (Stephens) Wilson, (74), and John Sibley Wilson, was born Dec. 25, 1848, in Boliver County, Mississippi; married William Carson Mitchell; he was born Oct. 12, 1845, in Tallahatchie County, Miss.; live in Merkel, Taylor County, Texas, where Mr. Mitchell is in the merchantile business. Children:

576. ULYSSESS WILSON, b. Nov. 8, 1868.

577. PEARL, b. July 27, 1872.

578. PAUL LAMAR, b. Nov. 8, 1878.

579. NOAH BOOTH, b. July 30, 1881.

The children were all born at Batesville, Texas.

ELLA S—— TROUTMAN, (267), daughter of Susan (Stephens) Troutman, (74), and John Troutman, was born Feb. 12, 1855; married first Feb. 12, 1873, Joseph B. Kellebrew, by whom she had two children; he died at Crevi, Miss., June 9, 1877; she married secondly March —, 1879, Dr. A. C. Bremlett, by whom she has had six children; live at Crevi, Mississippi. Children:

580. JOHN W——, b. Nov. —, 1874; d. ——.

581. DANIEL BOONE, b. Feb. —, 1876; d. ——.

By Dr. Bremlett:

582. EUGENE, b. May 4, 1880.

583. JULIAN, b. Nov. —, 1882.

584. ARTHUR, b. April —, 1884; d. July —, 1885.

585. JESSIE STEPHENS, b. Dec. 25, 1885.

586. EFFIE, b. Sept. —, 1885.

587. WILLIAM PARVIN, b. April —, 1891.

MARIE P—— TROUTMAN, (269), daughter of Susan (Stephens) Troutman, (74), was born Oct. 5, 1860; married March 1, 1881, A. C. Mabry; she died Nov. 7, 1884. Children:

588. LOWRY, b. March 5, 1882; d. ——.

589. JULIA EFFIE, b. June —, 1884; d. ——.

EFFIE L—— TROUTMAN, (270), daughter of Susan (Stephens) Troutman, (74), and John Troutman, was born Nov. 20, 1864, in Boliver County, Miss., married Harney Nov. 30, 1881; live in Crevi, Tallahatchie County, Miss. Children:

590. MAUDE, b. Sept. 8, 1882.

591. GEORGE P——, b. Aug. 29, 1885.

CHARLES WALTER STEPHENS, (274), son of Samuel Stephens, (76), was born Nov. 8, 1864, in Cincinnati, Ohio; married Nov. 4, 1890, Minnie H. Stephens; she was born Aug. 23, 1866, in Dover Hill, Ind.; he is in the railroad business. Child:

592. JEANATTE H——, b. May 8, 1891.

WILLIAM STEPHENS, (275), son of Samuel Stephens (76), was born Nov. 23, 1866; married June 6, 1892, Fannie Wingfield; he is in the merchantile business; lives in Camp Verde, Arizona.

JULIENNE SCANTLIN, (282), daughter of Jane Evans (Stephens) Scantlin, (79), was born March 2, 1848; married Mauntrille Johnson; residence, Evansville, Indiana. Children:

593. ——.

594. DEWITT.

595. HENRY.

SILAS STEPHENS SCANTLIN, (283), daughter of Jane Evans (Stephens) Scantlin, (79), was born March 23, 1850; married Sarah A—— Lawton, address, No. 315 Upper Fourth Street, Evansville, Ind. Mr. Scantlin is in the cracker business, and is a prominent citizen of Evansville.

NOTE:—It was through him that I first obtained information of the descendants of David Stephens, (10), and that correspondence was resumed with that branch of the family, with which there has been none for over fifty years.

MARY ELIZABETH SCANTLIN, (285), daughter of Jane Evans (Stephens) Scantlin, (79), was born Aug. 4, 1856; married June 29, 1880, James H. Chandler. Residence, Evansville, Ind. Child:


ELIZA SELITA SCANTLIN, (288), daughter of Jane Evans (Stephens) Scantlin, (79), was born March 3, 1866; married Nov. 6, 1889, Herschel Knox Carrington. Residence, Evansville, Ind.

MARY ELLA STEPHENS, (290), daughter of R. M. E. Stephens, (82), was born July 15, 1859; married Andrew James Miller. Residence, Evansville, Ind. Mr. Miller was born Sept. 4, 1855; he is editor of the Tribune of that city; he has acquired notoriety over his explorations in Central America.

JANE CAROLINE STEPHENS, (292), daughter of R. M. E. Stephens, (82), was born Nov. 20, 1863; married Ed. F. Sontag. Residence, Evansville, Ind.

NOTE:—I am uncertain but that her name is Jeanie; it was given to me both ways.

ELLEN GASKILL, (308), daughter of J. T. Gaskill, (92), was born ——, 1860; married Perry Milliken. Residence, Lincoln, Neb.

NOTE:—Repeated efforts have failed to reach them with letters.

FLORA CATHERINE GASKILL, (309), daughter of J. T. Gaskill, (92), was born ——, 1862; married Hugh L. McCoy. Residence near Creighton, Nebraska. Children:

597. JESSIE E——, b. ——, 1880.

598. PEARL S——, b. ——, 1886.

ESTELLA MARY GASKILL, (312), daughter of J. T. Gaskill, (92), was born Nov. 2, 1868; married May 7, 1886, Lewis Jacobs; he was born Dec. 16, 1865. Residence, Haysprings, Sheriden County, Nebraska. Child:

599. ALTHA, b. Dec. 11, 1887.

EMMA GASKILL, (314), daughter of J. C. Gaskill, (94), was born June 6, 1864; married Dec. 23, 1889, John T. Hamilton. Residence, Hemingford, Nebraska.

ELIZA GASKILL, (316), daughter of J. C. Gaskill, (94), was born July 15, 1866; married Feb. 10, 1888, D. J. Kirwan. Residence, Valentine, Nebraska.

ABI CRAMER, (322), daughter of Phoebe (Gaskill) Cramer, (95), was born Oct. 22, 1862; married Aug. 9, 1882, Edmund D. Mason; he was born in Delaware County, Iowa, in 1857, and moved with his parents to Nebraska in 1879. Residence, Creighton, Knox County, Nebraska. Child:

600. HARRY E——, b. Nov. 12, 1884.

ROSE DEUCHAR, (326), daughter of Jennie (Carnahan) Deuchar, (99), was born May 25, 1862; married May 12, 1876, John E. Beach. Residence, Bryan, Williams County, Ohio. Mr. Beach is a photographer. Child:

601. EDGAR DEUCHER, b. June 12, 1889.

THOMAS M—— RIDENOUR, (345), son of Lydia (McClish) Ridenour. (111), was born March 10, 1845; married Dec. 3, 1871, Eliza Jane Shaffer. Residence, Dupont, Putnam County, Ohio. Children:

602. ETTA CLARA, b. Aug. 23, 1872.

603. FREDERICK JOHN, b. Dec. 26, 1875.

NANCY McCLISH, (349), daughter of John McClish, (113), was born Dec. 13, 1850; married —— Pitcher.

(NOTE:—All efforts to find them have failed.)

WINNIE McCLISH, (350), daughter of John McClish, (113), was born July 2, 1856; married Oct. 31, 1875, Evan Dalton. Residence, Dupont, Putnam County, Ohio. Children:

604. JOHN WESLEY, born Jan. 10, 1876.

605. WILLIAM FRANKLIN, b. Sept. 24, 1876.

606. MARY ARMINTHY, b. Dec. 28, 1880.

607. DAISEY BELLE, b. Oct. 24, 1883; d. Oct. 6, 1884.

608. CORA MAY, b. Sept. 2, 1885.

GILBERT McCLISH, (351), son of John McClish, (113), was born in Putnam County, Ohio, Nov. 28, 1857; married Oct. 29, 1882, Flora E. Miller; live at Dupont, Ohio. Children:

609. GRACE, b. Sept. 26, 1883.

610. ZOA, b. Feb. 7, 1886.

JOHN WESLEY HOLT, (362), son of Hannah Eliza (McClish) Holt, (115), was born July 26, 1859; married Lyda Wolet; she was born in 1866; live in Dupont, Putnam County, Ohio. Children:

611. MARTHA ANN, b. Feb. 24, 1881.

612. DANIEL, b. July 13, 1883.

MATILDA WILSER, (366), daughter of Sarah (McClish) Wilser, (116), was married to Mr. Coombs; said to live at Evansville, now Drusilla, Putnam County, Ohio.

NOTE:—Has not responded to many letters of inquiry.

EDWARD SEBERRY McCOY, (376), son of Martha M. (Stephens) McCoy, (131), was born June 5, 1865; married April 10, 1887, S. E. Shultz; she was born Jan. 7, 1869. Residence, Mound City, Holt County, Missouri.

HETTIE ALLSETTA DOWNEY, (419), daughter of Elizabeth Florenda (Lenox) Downey, (164), was born July 4, 1858; married Nov. 28, 1878, Martin Wilson; live in Evans, Marshall County, Illinois. Child:

613. GUY LENOX, b. July 17, 1880.

MARY DOWNEY, (420), daughter of E. F. (Lenox) Downey, (164), was born April 12, 1860; married Nov. 1, 1881, George Clarke Jordan; live in Evans, Marshall County, Illinois. Children:

614. FLORENCE ELIZABETH, b. Oct. 13, 1882.

615. JOHN CLARKE, b. Nov. 3, 1883.

616. NANCY HELEN, b. March 13, 1885.

HETTIE ELIZABETH MILLER, (424), daughter of A. M. (Lenox) Miller, (169), and W. G. Miller, was born near Wapakoneta, Ohio, Sept. 11, 1865; married April 29, 1886, Justus Augustus Rhule; live at Celina, Liberty Box, Mercer County, Ohio. Child:

617. GEORGE WILLIAM, b. April 15, 1887.

EDWARD CECIL STEPHENS, (444), son of C. C. Stephens, (175), was born in San Jose, California, Jan. 30, 1870; married Esther Eve Benjamine; she was born in Towoomba, Queensland, Australia, July 18, 1868. Residence, Oakland, California. Children:

618. VIVIENNE GERTRUDE, b. April 9, 1881.

619. BEATRICE EVE, b. ——.

620. EDNA CATHERINE, b. Aug. 13, 1897.

621. ——, a boy, born June 29, 1906.

FRANCES BAKER, (457), daughter of Ellen Minerva (Stephens) Baker, (163), was born Aug. 24, 1865; married Nov. 18, 1883, William Hartwell; live in Plover, Portage County, Wisconsin. Child:

622. ——.

JOSEPHINE McCLAIN, (509), daughter of Susan (Baker) McClain, (217), was born Dec. 12, 1862; married Oct. 12, 1889, Dr. C. W. Courtwright; live in Kansas City, Mo. Child:

623. BESS, b. Nov. —, 1890.

EDWARD McCLAIN, (510), son of Susan (Baker) McClain, (217), was born May 15, 1865; married June 17, 1890, Nettie Walker. Residence, Kansas City, Mo.

MARY XARISSA WARD, (520), daughter of Clare Ann Moore, (221), was born March 8, 1868; married Aug, 17, 1886. Oliver Fernandus McCoy; he was born May 19, 1861; she died Nov. 8, 1888: Mr. McCoy resides at Mooresburg, Ind. Children:

624. WILLARD ARTHUR, b. June 22, 1887.

625. ORMY XARISSA, b. Sept. 19, 1888.

IDA JEMIMA WELKER, (536), daughter of Mary Jane Welker, (229), was born May 6, 1866; married Oct. 29, 1885, Eugene Henry Loomis; he was born May 15, 1863. Residence, Homer, Dakota Co., Neb. Children:

626. HENRY DE WAYNE, b. Jan. 27, 1888.

627. FRANKIE EUGENE, b. Aug. 26, 1890.

The foregoing ends the records of the Ninth Generation in so far as I have them to date.


NOTE:—It does not appear of record that there are any yet born of the Tenth Generation; but it may be there are, as I have not yet been able to get the records of the following families:

MOLLY BENNETT, (579), daughter of Emily (Schnae) Bennett, (259), was born May 23, 1864; married May 23, 1882, Walter N. Hammett; live at New Harmony, Indiana. Has one child:

627-1/2. WALTER BENNETT, b. Feb. 25, 1883.

JULIA BENNETT, (580), daughter of Emily (Schnae) Bennett, (259), was born Jan. 3, 1867; married June 3, 1888, Frank E. Piper; live at Peoria, Illinois; had one child:

628. JULIA, b. Feb. 28, 1887; d. May, 25 1889.

ROBERT FRANKLIN BOWER, (405), born at Lima, Ohio, August 4th, 1874. m. to Mary Adeline Wright. Invented roller bearings for vehicles and all kind of friction bearings which is proving very successful; moved to Dayton, Ohio, where he established a large factory. Has two children:

629. BURCHARD BENJAMIN, b. May 13, 1907.

630. VIRGINIA ADELINE, b. ——, 1909.

CLEMENT EARL BOWER, (406), born at Lima, Ohio. m. to Anna Fisk Glover; lives in Kentucky; has two children, twins:

631. EULA LEE, b. July 28, 1906.

632. CLEMENT EARL, b. July 28, 1906.

LELIA BLANCH (Bower) WOODS, (408), m. to Vern Woods; live at Dayton, Ohio; their children were:


634. JOHN ELY, b. 1904.

FLORENCE ANNETTA (Bower) BINKLEY, (409), m. to —— Binkley; live at Columbus, Ohio. Have one child:

635. MARY ——, b. ——.

ROBERT SIDNEY BOWER, (411), was born in Lima, Ohio, married to Edith Hanson March 23, 1906; lives in Lima, has two children:

636. DOROTHY FAY, b. May 9, 1907.

637. MARY JANE, b. May 17, 1908.


The foregoing seventy-three pages include all the names and date of birth, deaths and marriages of the descendents of Joshua Stephens, (6), which I have to date. The subject matter is merely a skeleton of the mass of family history data, which I have on hand, including biographies, pictures, manuscripts, letters, papers, relics, etc. I have put it in this shape for the reasons:

1. That it is impossible just now to publish the family history in full as it should be.

2. Fearing possibly a destruction of the data, etc., on hand, in this shape it can at least be preserved, as one copy will be deposited in the archives of the "Historical Society of Southern California," at Los Angeles, California, and one copy in the archives of the "Ohio State Archaeological and Historical Society" at Columbus, Ohio; so that, if fortunately any relative should have a sufficiency of that commendable family love and pride to perpetuate the record, he will have a foundation on which to build, by going to those archives.

I am aware that this work must contain errors. Many letters are vague; hand-writing hard to understand; correspondents are often contradictory, and many of their statements are known by me to be erroneous. I have endeavored to verify each report, and have, in many instances, successfully. I will reserve an account of my very interesting experience in digging up family history for the to be published work. There are undoubtedly clerical errors in this work, which I have corrected with ink so far as detected.

THIS WORK OF GATHERING family was begun in April, 1881, and has been continued by me unremittingly ever since, and will be so long as I live. Due acknowledgements will be made in the to-be published work, of all assistance.

(Signed) BASCOM ASBURY CECIL STEPHENS, Los Angeles, California, Oct. 25, 1892.

1 2 3 4 5 6 7

Location of graves in west end of the old Hardin grave yard on N. E. 1/4 of Section 29, of Turtle Creek Township, Shelby County, Ohio.

Reading from the left: 1. Sarah (Groome) Stephens No. 11 2. Benjamin Lakin Stephens No. 16 3. Benjamin Lakin Stephens No. 48 4. Ezekiel Groome Stephens No. 43 5. JOSHUA STEPHENS, b. 1833; d. 1823, No. 6 in this book history, page 5-10. 6. ELIZABETH STEPHENS No. 31 7. RACHEL STEPHENS No. 35


A church of Seventh-Day Baptists was established on French Creek, in the Northern part of Chester County, Colony of Pennsylvania, in the year 1722. It became extinct after 1812. The name of Stephens is on the list of Members.—Letter of Charles H. Greene, of Alfred, N. Y., July 11, 1901.

JOSHUA HUMPHREYS was granted 400 acres near where the town of Carlisle now stands, in Fayette County, Virginia, (near Kentucky in the year 1785) upon a Land Office Treasury Warrant issued July 1, 1780, and survey made Feb. 26, 1873.—Letter of J. D. Hudgens, Clerk of the U. S. Office at Frankfort, Ky.

JOSHUA STEPHENS, (6), was over six feet high, kept his face shaven smoothly, had blue eyes and dark hair, and was powerful physically, and kept a straight figure of his body until his death.—Statement of Joshua Stephens, (32).


Desiring for myself a copy of the generalogy of the Stephens family I found on investigating, that a number of printed copies could be secured at the cost of one typewritten one, and after deciding to print I concluded to have a number printed for distribution.

All who may receive one of these histories will appreciate the greatness of the task accomplished by our esteemed relative, Bascom A. C. Stephens of California, who searched out the historical facts and family traditions. The family is fortunate to have one of its members able and willing to devote the time and labor necessary to gather this information.

I am under obligation to W. G. Stephens of Chattanooga from whose book this copy is taken.

I am taking some liberties in having a number of copies printed, knowing that many members of the family would never have an opportunity to see and a much less chance to own one of these histories unless someone would assume this responsibility.

Respectfully, A. S. BOWER

Transcriber's Note: Variations in spelling, abbreviations, punctuation and hyphenation, as well as unexpected spellings have been retained as in the original.


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