The Pirates of Malabar, and An Englishwoman in India Two Hundred Years Ago
by John Biddulph
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Ibrahim Khan, captain of the Gunj Suwaie, cowardice of. Ince, Samuel, gunner, defends Anjengo; is reinforced from Cochin; his bravery. Inchbird, Captain, sent on a mission to Mannajee Angria; seizes Mannajee Angria's gallivats; commands ships sent to the relief of Mannajee Angria at Colaba. Indien, the, French ship, captured by Commodore James. Interlopers, unlicensed merchant adventurers. Ireland, John, pirate, commission to Kidd to apprehend. Itimad Khan, Governor of Surat, protects the English; character of.


James, the, one of Houblon's squadron; her men join the mutineers on the Charles the Second. James, Commodore William, commands the Guardian; commands a squadron against Gheriah; his early life; his capacity; captures the Indien; his success at Severndroog; director of the East India Company, baronet, and member of Parliament, sent to Madras. Jenkins, Captain of the Harrington, his conflict with Angrian pirates; his courage commended. Jinjeera, the Seedee of, complains of English outrages. Jobson, Captain, commander of the Ockham, beats off Angrian pirates. Johnson, Sir Robert, captain of the Exeter, Matthews quarrels with; perishes at sea; Matthews answerable for the death of. Jolly Roger, the, hoisted by mutinous ships. Jose, Francisco de Sampaio e Castro, Viceroy of Goa; unites with Boone in the expedition against Colaba; treatment of, by Matthews; comes to terms with the Council at Bombay. Josiah ketch, the, taken by her crew; recaptured by Cruffe and carried to Acheen; attacked by the Sanganians. Junaghur, imprisonment of Gilliam and his followers at. Jupiter, the, French ship, taken by Sumbhajee Angria. Jyeghur, granted to Conajee Angria by treaty; the Mahrattas to attack.


Kanak Droog, Angrian fort, bombarded by James. Keigwin, Captain Richard, sent to Bombay; his troop disbanded; again sent out to Bombay; distrusts the Company; takes possession of Bombay; his good government, and popularity; surrenders Bombay to Sir Thomas Grantham; his death at St. Christopher's; fights the Mahratta fleet in the Revenge. Kempsant, the, the Sawunt Waree chief at Vingorla; quarrels with Angria; proposes an alliance with the English; his attitude at the attack on Deoghur. Kennery, occupied by Sivajee; blockaded by the Company's ships; seized and fortified by Conajee Angria; granted to Conajee Angria by treaty; the Seedee and Mahrattas struggle for the possession of; reinforced and provisioned by Angria; Boone commands an expedition against; failure of attack on. Kent the, East Indiaman, sent in search of Danish pirates; commanded by Matthews in the action off Cape Passaro. Kidd, William, account of his career; commands the Adventure galley; commissions granted to, against pirates; excites Warren's suspicion; his piratical intentions discussed; attacks the Mocha fleet; takes the Mary brigantine; his cruelty to the natives of the Laccadives; chases the Sedgwick; captures the Quedah Merchant; attitude of the English Government towards; fraternizes with Culliford; abandons the Adventure; sails to Boston on the Quedah Merchant; hides his plunder; arrested by Lord Bellamont; tried at the Old Bailey; found guilty on several charges; hanged; a contemptible character. Kidd's Island, why so named. King George, the, Company's ship, captures an Angrian grab; sent against Sumbhajee Angria. Kingsfisher, the, sloop, blockades Gheriah. Kirby, Captain, commander of the Greenwich; his cowardice. Koolta, fort, ceded to the Peishwa. Kyffin, John, second at Anjengo, intrigues against Cowse; chief at Anjengo; his disloyalty to the Company; dismissed the Company's service. Kynaston and Bonnell, partners of Porter.


La Buze, Oliver (La Bouche, Levasseur), French pirate, loses his ship off Mayotta; made commander of the Victory; tradition of his life at Bourbon, and his end; at Madagascar; escapes Matthews' squadron. Lari, the (coin), value of. Lavender, Captain, commander of the Thomas, perishes with his ship. Langworth, Commodore, sent against Sumbhajee Angria's fleet. Lapthorne, Lieutenant Peter, besieged in Anjengo; agent for Mrs. Gyfford's affairs; his drunkenness and dishonesty; sent under arrest; to Bombay. Latenby, Richard, carpenter's mate of the Cassandra, his account of his enforced cruise with the pirates. Leake, Captain Thomas, succeeds Hough as Commodore of the Restoration; his ship taken by Toolajee Angria; his incapacity punished. Lembourg, Mr., his visit to Carwar. Levasseur (La Bouche), Oliver. See LA BUZE, OLIVER. Libertatia, model pirate settlement; history of. Lime, the, man-of-war, sent in search of Teach. Lisle, Commodore, his squadron protects Bombay coast trade; Littleton, Commodore, succeeds Warren; suspected of dealings with the pirates; Hamilton's defence of; quarrels with Sir Nicholas Waite; effect of the presence of his squadron. Lizard, the, man-of-war, under Warren. Loader, Captain, of the Revenge, burns a village in Elephanta. London, the, seized by Muscat Arabs; her crew forced to fight with the Portuguese; acts as flagship in the attack on Gheriah; fired on by the Victory; pirate ship; her crew break into the Lazaretto at Goa; Boone sails for England in. Lowth, Captain, of the Loyal Merchant; seizes the Margaret; prevented by the Dutch from seizing the Vine. Loyall Bliss, the, East Indiaman, her voyage to Bengal; puts in at Carwar. Loyal Merchant, the, takes the Margaret, a pirate ship. Loyd, Solomon, his marriage annulled. Lyon, the, King's ship, sent out against pirates; taken by Matthews to Bengal; Mrs. Gyfford sails to England on; put out of commission.


Mace, William. See MAZE, WILLIAM. Mackintosh, Lieutenant, goes to Colaba with articles of treaty with Angria. Macrae, Captain James, Commander of the Cassandra; his ship attacked and taken by pirates off Madagascar; escapes with his crew; communicates with the pirates; the Fancy given to; serves under Brown in the expedition in search of pirates; chases the Cassandra and Victory; his parentage and character; becomes Governor of Fort St. George. Madagascar, a pirate resort. Madras, capture of, by La Bourdonnais. Madras Merchant, the, Company's ship, joins the Sidney at Johanna. Mahim, freedom of trade at, claimed by the Portuguese; raided. Mahomed Ali, his power re-established by the English. Mahrattas, the, their fleet repulsed by Minchin and Keigwin; rise of the power of; besiege Bassein; attack Sumbhajee Angria's camp; seize a flotilla bound for Calcutta; their respect for English arms; articles of agreement between the English and; their inefficiency as allies; treat with Toolajee Angria; encamp against Grheriah; dispute with the English as to Toolajee Angria; Gheriah delivered over to. Maine, Captain Covil, of the Shoreham brings charges against Matthews. Malheiros, Ignatio, Portuguese interpreter at Anjengo; insults Mahommedan traders; seized by Attinga natives and tortured to death. Malwans, the, pirates, attack English ships. Mangalore, attacked by Arab pirates; sacked by Toolajee Angria. Manikdroog, granted to Conajee Angria, by treaty. Mannajee Angria. See ANGELA, MANNAJEE. Manuel de Castro, Portuguese renegade, appointed commodore of the Company's gallivats; distrusted by English captains; permits Angria's gallivats to reinforce Kennery; treachery of, punished; foments a mutiny at St. Helena; returns to Angria. Margaret, the, of New York, pirate ship, seized by Captain Lowth. Mary brigantine, the, taken by Kidd off Sanjan; her master imprisoned on the Adventure. Matthews, Commodore Thomas, sent with a squadron against Madagascar pirates; his character; suspected of complicity with pirates; his quarrels in India; takes part in the expedition against Angria; his conduct at Alibagh; his private trade; his disloyalty to the Company; espouses Mrs. Gyfford's cause; effect of his squadron on Madagascar pirates; the Directors bring an action against; tried by court-martial for irregularities; appointed commander-in-chief in the Mediterranean. May, Captain, commander of a pirate ship, taken by Every,. Maynard, Lieutenant of the Pearl, commands sloops sent in search of Teach; engages, and kills Teach. Maze (or Mace), William, pirate, commission to Kidd to apprehend. Mecca, pilgrims from, taken in the Gunj Suwaie; pilgrims to, protected by the Dutch. Mence, Robert, succeeds Harvey as chief at Oarwar; embezzles the Company's money; dies at Oarwar. Midford, Mr., factor, commands the land force sent to relieve Carwar; commands Company's troops; keeps back soldiers' pay; his incapacity; sent to the relief of Anjengo; his punitive expeditions in Attinga; becomes chief at Anjengo; his dishonesty; death of. Minchin, Commodore, repels Mahratta ships. Minims, John, appointed engineer for the attack on Gheriah. Misson, French pirate, establishes the settlement of Libertatia; is drowned on the way to America. Mitchell, Mr., fights a duel with Mr. Sutherland. Mocha fleet, the, Kidd's attack on.; waylaid by Arab pirates. Mocha frigate, the, crew of, mutiny off Acheen; renamed the Defence; renamed the Resolution. Montagu, the, East Indiaman, attacked by Toolajee Angria's fleet. Moore,——, gunner of the Adventure, murdered by Kidd. Morning Star, the, private ship, commanded by Alexander Hamilton; her encounter with pirates; hired by the Council at Bombay; sent to relieve Carwar. Morrice, the, East Indiaman, takes part in the attack on Kennery; in danger from Angria's fleet. Mungrole, seizure of Gilliam at. Muscat, Arabs of, seize the London to avenge their losses.


Negotna, river, blockaded by English ships. Neptune's Prize, the, bombketch, sent against Sumbhajee Angria's fleet. New George, the, East Indiaman, taken by the French. North, ——, pirate, commands the Pelican; recants his submission to Warren; is killed by natives of St. Mary's. Nostra Senhora de Cabo, the, Portuguese ship; taken by the Cassandra and Victory. Nunn, Captain Radford, sent against the Coolee rovers.


Ockham, the, East Indiaman, fierce engagement between Angrian pirates and. Ogle, Captain Challoner, sent in pursuit of Roberts; engages the Ranger and Royal Fortune; knighted for bravery against pirates. Oochitghur, granted to Conajee Angria by treaty. Orford, Lord, head of the Admiralty, refuses a ship to repress pirates; supports syndicate to send out a privateer against French commerce; secretly interested in Kidd's mission; impeachment against, prepared. Orme, Alexander, becomes chief at Anjengo; reports defalcations in accounts at Anjengo; provisions in his treaty with the Rani. Ostend ships. Ostenders, the, Kyffin's dealings with; peremptory orders regarding. Otter, the, Bengal ship, taken by Angria's forces.


Parker, Lieutenant, deprived of his commission. Parker, Mr., member of the Bombay Council, intrigues against Boone. Parker, Thomas, master of the Mary, his ship captured by Kidd; imprisoned on the Adventure. Passmore, Sergeant, punished for cowardice. Pearl, the, man-of-war, sent in search of Teach. Peishwa, the, defeated by Conajee Angria's forces; makes terms with Conajee Angria; assists Mannajee Angria; Angrian forts ceded to; shakes off his allegiance to Satara; concludes a treaty with Bombay; death of; Chaul resigned to the new, by the Portuguese; his agents mutilated by Toolajee Angria; invokes assistance of Bombay against Angria; his friendly relations with Bombay; his fleet takes part in the attack on Severndroog; his troops take part in the attack on Gheriah. Pelham, the, employed in the attack on Gheriah. Pelican, the, pirate ship, gets provisions at Honore. Perim, its value as a trading port. Permission ships, imitate pirates. Persian Gulf, piratical outrages in the. Phipps, William, succeeds Boone as Governor of Bombay; remonstrates against Matthews; levies customs duties at Mahim; Phoenix, the, man-of-war, goes in search of Danish pirates; attacked by Sanganian pirates. Phram, the, floating battery, designed by Boone; employed against Gheriah; her uselessness; casualties on; fired on by the Cassandra; her ultimate fate. Pilot sloop, the, taken by Toolajee Angria. Pirates, earliest mention of, in India; their efficiency as seamen; extent of their raids from Madagascar; in India, whence recruited; their treatment of English prisoners; their cruelty to native merchants; commissions issued to Kidd for capture of; Warren sent with a squadron against; Royal Squadron sent from Europe to extirpate; pardon offered to, for voluntary surrender of; acts passed for repression of; rewards for capture of; execution of; Matthews sent against; cessation of danger from. Pitts, Lieutenant, commander of the Josiah, perishes with his ship. Plantain, John, ex-pirate, entertains Matthews. Pocock, Hear-Admiral, his share in the spoil of Gheriah. Poola Cadamon Pillay, blamed for the massacre at Anjengo. Poolas, the, their intrigues in Attinga. Poola Venjamutta, usurps power in Attinga; intrigues with Kyffin; treats with Walter Brown; plays a double part; sends food to the besieged at Anjengo; friendly to the English. Port Dauphin, a pirate settlement. Porter, Endymion, licensed with Bonnell and Kynaston to prey on ships of non-friendly nations; his association with Sir William Courten. Portuguese, the, the crew of the London compelled to attack; their 'armado' captured by Angria; refuse to allow Sivajee to land at Thana; friction with, at Bombay; their co-operation secured against Angria; attacked at Alibagh by Sahoojee's forces; ill-feeling between the English and; Angria opens negotiations with; their General of the North insulted by Matthews; two of their grabs captured by English galleys; come to terms with the Council at Bombay; espouse the cause of Mannajee Angria; ally themselves with Sumbhajee Angria; expelled from Salsette by the Mahrattas; effect of their intervention in Angrian quarrels; besieged at Bassein; Caranjah taken from, by Mannajee Angria; drive Sumbhajee Angria from Chaul; resign Chaul to the Peishwa; employed as interpreters. President, the, Company's ship, attacked by Muscat Arabs. Prince, the, Bombay sloop, takes a Muscat ship. Princess Augusta, the, captured by Toolajee Angria; redeemed. Princess Caroline, the, Company's ship, sent against Sumbhajee Angria. Protector, the, sloop, man-of-war, built to protect the Malabar coast from Angrian pirates; commanded by James; takes part in the attack on Severndroog; sent to Madras; returns to Bombay; takes part in the combined attack on Gheriah. Proud, John, master of the Swan, attacks the Roebuck. Providence Island, a pirate resort. Pulteney, the Company's ship, attacked by Angrian pirates; sent against Sumbhajee Angria's fleet.


Quail, Captain, commands the Seahorse. Quedah Merchant, the, country ship, captured by Kidd. Queen, the, East Indiaman. Quemar Santo, the saint burner. See KEMPSANT. Quilon, the Rajah of, succours the Anjengo garrison; plundered goods from Anjengo sent to.


Rajmachee, fort, ceded to the Peishwa. Ramajee Punt, Sirsoobah of the Concan; concerts measures against Toolajee Angria; assists in the attack on Severndroog; urges the English to complete Angria's destruction; treats with Toolajee Angria; promises to surrender Toolajee Angria; his ill-faith with the English; demands surrender of Gheriah to the Mahrattas. Rampura, the, captured by Every. Ramus, Cape, engagement between the English and Portuguese off. Ranger, the, pirate ship, taken by Ogle. Red Sea, the, a favourite resort of pirates. Resolution, the, (alias the Mocha and the Defence, q.v.), pirate ship commanded by Culliford; attacks the Dorrill; at Honore; at Madagascar. Resolution, the, Company's ship, sent against Sumbhajee Angria. Resolution, the, King's ship, Every serves in. Restoration, the, sent against Angrian grabs; taken by Toolajee Angria; is opposed to the English at Gheriah. Returah. See VITTOOR. Revenge, the, Company's grab, built at Bombay, by Boone's orders; sent to attack Vingorla; sent to blockade Kennery; engaged by the Mahratta fleet; takes part in the attacks on Gheriah; engages the Victory, pirate ship; sent in search of pirates; accompanies Boone in the London; attacks Angria's grabs; goes to the relief of Calcutta. Reynolds, Mr., protests against Conajee Angria's actions. Richards, Commodore, quarrels with Sir John Gayer; commands the Severn and Scarborough; dies at Johanna. Robert galley, the, sent to assist Mannajee Angria. Roberts, Bartholomew, pirate, scours the American coast; his cruelty and strict rule; Captain Ogle sent in search of; slain on the Royal Fortune. Rodriguez, a Portuguese, plunders the Company's warehouse at Anjengo. Roebuck, the, fitted out by Porter, Bonnell, and Kynaston. Rogers, Captain Woodes, his description of the pirate settlers at Madagascar; governor of the Bahamas. Rose, the, taken by Toolajee Angria. Royal Fortune, the, pirate ship, taken by Ogle. Ruby, the, King's ship, placed under Lisle's command; her convoy attacked by Angrian vessels. Ruby frigate, the, long-boat of, stolen by John Steel. Russell, Gideon, mate of the Morrice, leads volunteers in the attack on Kennery; is wounded and dies. Rustumjee Nowrojee, son of Bomanjee, taken to England by Matthews. Rutnaghiri, Angrian stronghold, attacked by the Mahrattas.


Sacrifice Island, why so called. Sagurgurh, taken by Sumbhajee Angria. Sahoojee, Sivajee's grandson, dissensions in his kingdom; called the Sow Rajah by the English; treats with Boone in Angria's behalf; sends a force to Alibagh to assist Angria. St. Augustine's, a pirate settlement. St. George, the, sent out by the Company as a guard ship; wrecked. St. Mary's Island, a pirate settlement. Sakhajee Angria. See ANGRIA, SAKHAJEE. Salamander, the, Bombay ketch, captured by Sumbhajee Angria; rescued by Mannajee Angria. Salamander, the, trading grab, leased to the Company by Harvey. Salisbury, the, King's ship, sent out under Matthews against pirates. Selsette, attacked and plundered by Muscat Arabs; the English renounce all claim on; the Portuguese expelled from. Samaritan, the, fitted out by Porter, Bonnell, and Kynaston, wrecked. Sandwich, the, Matthews court-martialled on. Sanganiana, the, pirates, attack the Josiah; attack the Phoenix; reduced to order. Satara, Sahoojee proclaimed at; Conajee Angria's relations with; the Rajah of, treats with Keigwin. Sawbridge, Captain, seized by pirates. Scarborough, the, man-of-war; beaten off by Teach. Sceptre, the, sent as a convoy for the Mocha fleet. Scott, Lieutenant Colonel, the Company's chief engineer at Madras. Seahorse, the, sent to the Red Sea. Sedgwick, the, captured off Cape Comorin. Seedee, the, ordered to march on Bombay and imprison the English; plunders towns on the Malabar coast; Conajee Angria makes war on; sends a deputation to Keigwin; offers to co-operate with the English; loses territory; captures Thull; his kindness to English prisoners. Severn, the, Bengal freight ship, taken by Toolajee Angria. Severn, the, man-of-war, effects nothing against the pirates. Severndroog, granted to Conajee Angria by treaty; Sumbhajee Angria's headquarters; attacked and taken by the English and Mahrattas, under James. Severndroog, tower of, why erected. Sewell, Robert, Gyfford's letter to; storekeeper at Anjengo; his drunkenness and dishonesty; sent, under arrest, to Bombay. Shaxton, Captain, commands the Company's military at Bombay; tried for complicity with mutineers. Shoreham, the, King's ship, sent out under Matthews against pirates. Sidney, the, Company's ship, threatened by Kidd. Sivajee, his fleet harries the Concan coast; his agreement with the English; occupies and fortifies Kennery; plans an attack on Bombay; concludes peace with the English. Smith, Bombardier, sent to assist Mannajee Angria at Colaba. Smith, Captain, succeeds Gordon as commander of the force sent to relieve Carwar; his cowardice. Soldado, the, or Algerine, the, pirate ship, commanded by Chivers. Somers, the, East Indiaman, attacked by Angria's ships. Somers, Lord, secretly interested in Kidd's mission; impeachment against, prepared. Speedy Return, the, pirate ship, commanded by Bowen. Stanhope, the, East Indiaman; takes part in the attack on Kennery. Stanton, Major, commands sepoys sent to attack Vingorla; quarrels with Weekes; commands the land force sent to relieve Carwar; takes part in the attack on Kennery; commands the landing party against Gheriah; commands the expedition against the Portuguese. Steel, John, deserts the Company's service and turns pirate; arrest and release of. Steele, John, Carpenter's mate of the Morrice, his prowess before Kennery. Stepney, Lieut, on the Salisbury, fights a duel with Lieut. Berkeley. Stout, ——, mutineer, commands the Defence; accounts of his end. Strutt, Mr., private merchant, owner of the Elizabeth. Success, the, East Indiaman, taken by Angria's fleet; indemnity for. Sultanpore, headquarters of the Coolee rovers. Sumbhajee Angria. See ANGRIA, SUMBHAJEE. Sunda Rajah, the, refuses dealings with Kidd; attacks English ships; seizes the Elizabeth; besieges Carwar factory; comes to terms with the English; cruelty of. Surat, the Company's servants at, imprisoned; populace of, influenced against the English; trade at, crippled, owing to piracy; fourteen lakhs of rupees demanded from Europeans at; Europeans at, combine to suppress piracy; disorders at. Surey, Portuguese battery at, captured by Stanton. Surkheil, title given to Conajee Angria. Sutherland, Mr., fights duels with Mitchell and Dalrymple; sentenced to death; pardoned. Swallow, the, King's ship, commanded by Captain Ogle; engages pirate ships; takes part in the attack on Severndroog. Swallow, the, sloop, taken by Toolajee Angria. Swan, the, encounters the Roebuck. Syren, the, protects the Bombay coast trade; her convoy attacked by Angrian vessels.


Tamana. See DEOGHUR. Tankerville, the, Company's ship, sails with the Royall Bliss. Tartar, the, King's ship, protects the Bombay coast trade; her convoy chased by Angrian vessels. Taylor, ——, pirate, his headquarters at Madagascar; commands the Fancy; engages the Cassandra; prevented from murdering Macrae; resigns the Fancy to Macrae; commands the Cassandra; takes the Nostra Senhorade Calo and an Ostend ship; negotiates for a pardon; escapes Matthew's squadron; surrenders to the Spaniards and obtains a commission. Taylor, George, chief of the factory at Carwar; charged with indiscretion by Hamilton; cautioned by the Bombay Council. Teach, Edward, pirate, alias Blackbeard; his fearlessness and cruelty; reward offered for his capture; killed in hand-to-hand encounter. Tew (? Thomas Too), English pirate, allied with Misson; escapes from Libertatia; killed in action; commission to Kidd to apprehend. Thevenapatam, establishment of a factory at. Thomas, the, attacked by four Beyt ships. Thomas, the, brigantine, owned by Gyfford; attached by the Bengal Council. Thull, taken by Sumbhajee Angria; captured by the Seedee. Too, Thomas. See TEW, THOMAS. Toolajee Angria. See ANGRIA, TOOLAJEE. Topasses, mutilated at Carwar; nucleus of the Bombay Marine Battalion; many, burned on the Phram before Gheriah. Towerson, Captain, torture and execution of. Trial, the, sent against Sumbhajee Angria's fleet. Triumph, the, prahm sent to assist Mannajee Angria; takes part in the attack on Severndroog. Tuluday, Mr., soldier, killed on board the Phram. Tyger, the, King's ship, under Warren. Tyrell, Captain, commander of the Phoenix; sent in search of Danish pirates; sinks a Sanganian pirate ship.


Upton, Captain, commander of the London; his cowardice. Utrecht, Peace of, effect of the, on piracy;


Van Broeck, his account of Every. Vane, Major, chief engineer to the Company. Venjamutta. See POOLA VENJAMUTTA. Viceroys of Goa. See ERICEIRA; JOSE, FRANCISCO DE SAMPAIO. Victoria, the, accompanies the London; attacks Angria's grabs. Victory, the, Company's armed ship, built by Boone's orders; takes part in the attack on Kennery; present at Gheriah; fired on by the Cassandra; sails in search of pirates; comes to the relief of the crews of the Bengal and Bombay galleys; sent against Sumbhajee Angria. Victory, the, pirate ship, commanded by England; engages the Cassandra; mistaken for the Company's ship; La Buze made commander of. Vigilant, the, King's ship, protects the Bombay coast trade; attacked by Angrian vessels. Villanjuen (Brinjone), in Attinga, trading settlement at. Vincente Sodre, an early pirate. Vine pink, the, pirate ship; the Dutch prevent Captain Lowth from seizing. Vingorla, pirates at. Viper, the, bombketch, takes part in the attack on Severndroog. Virginia, pirates off the coasts of; governor of, sends ships in search of Teach. Vittoor (Returah), in Attinga, trading settlement at. Viziadroog. See GHERIAH. Vulture, the, King's ship, under Warren.


Waite, Sir Nicholas, President of Surat; compared with Governor Boone; appointed Governor of Bombay. Wake, Captain Thomas, commander of a pirate ship taken by Everyl commission to Kidd, to apprehend. Ward, Mr., Deputy Governor of Bombay, seized by Keigwin. Warlee, fort at, destroyed by the Portuguese; engagement with Angria's grabs off. Warren, Commodore, commands a Royal squadron against the pirates; suspects Kidd's intentions; returns from his first cruise; commands a squadron in 1699 to extirpate pirates; reaches Tellicherry and dies. Warwick, the, East Indiaman, attacked by Toolajee Angria's fleet. Watson, Admiral, commands a squadron in the attack on Gheriah; his generosity to Olive; his reception of Toolajee's friends; demands Toolajee Angria from the Mahrattas. Watson, gunner's mate, sent to relieve Mannajee Angria at Colaba. Weekes, Commodore, commands the Fame and the Britannia against Vingorla; quarrels with Stanton; deposed. West Indies, character of settlers. Weymouth, the, King's ship, sent in pursuit of pirates. White, ——, pirate, his headquarters at Madagascar. White, Captain, commander of the Hastings, arrested by Littleton. William, the, Bombay ship, taken by Toolajee Angria. Williams, ——, pirate. Windsor, the, King's ship, under Warren. Wise, Lieutenant, directs the Phram's guns; drunkenness of. Woodward, Captain, commands the landing-party at Gheriah; commander of the Revenge; his cowardice punished. Wright, Captain, commands the Caesar, engages five pirate ships. Wright, Captain of the Quedan Merchant. Wyche, Mr., discharged the Company's service; his escape connived at by Matthews. Wyche, Mrs., taken to Surat by Matthews.


Xeraphims, value of.


Yessajee Aligna See ANGRIA, YESSAJEE. Yeswuntdroog, granted to Conajee Angria by treaty.


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