The People's Common Sense Medical Adviser in Plain English
by R. V. Pierce
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Professor Flint says that consumption sometimes terminates in recovery, and that his observations lead him to the conclusion that the prospect of recovery is more favorable in cases characterized by frequent hemorrhages. Drs. Ware and Walshe are also led to the same conclusion.

Professor J. Hughes Bennett, of Edinburgh, has thoroughly investigated the subject, and adds his testimony to that of others, citing numerous cases that have resulted in perfect recovery. If such testimony is not sufficient, we may mention the following, whose names are well known and respected in professional circles, and all of whom declare that consumption is a curable disease. The list includes Laennec, Andral, Cruveilhier, Kingston, Presat, Rogee, Boudet, and a host of others.

No farther back than 1866, on page 145, of the proceedings of the Connecticut Medical Society, we find "Observations, Ante-mortem and Post-mortem, upon the case of the late President Day by Prof. S.G. Hubbard, M.D., New Haven," from which we learn that Jeremiah Day, LL. D., who was for twenty-nine years President of Yale College, was, while a mere youth, a victim of pulmonary consumption. During his infancy and boyhood his vitality was feeble. He entered Yale College as a student in 1789, "but was soon obliged to leave the institution on account of pulmonary difficulty, which was doubtless the incipient stage of the organic disease of the lungs which subsequently developed itself." He remained in feeble health for two years, but returned to college, and graduated in 1797. For the next six years his lung difficulties were quite severe, and he repeatedly bled in large quantities, but he had so far recovered in 1803, as to accept a Professorship. He was afterwards chosen President of the college, which office he held for many years, in the enjoyment of good health. He died from "old age," as we are told, in 1867, aged 94 years.

Statistics show that under the improved methods of treating this disease, the mortality, as compared with previous years, has been greatly reduced. Clinical observation proves that injuries to the lungs are not so fatal as was once supposed.

TREATMENT. The earlier the treatment of this disease is undertaken, the greater is the probability of success. The reason of this is obvious; at first the disease is general or constitutional, but as it advances, by the deposit of tubercular matter, it becomes both constitutional and local. Hence the treatment must be both general and local. The occurrence of certain prominent and distressing symptoms, either from the natural progress of the disease, or from complications with other affections, often renders it difficult, even for physicians, to determine how far their treatment should be general and how far local.

Treating the symptoms instead of the general disease, or treating the constitutional disease without regard to the symptoms which arise from it, is an error into which many physicians have fallen. The constitutional affection, the local manifestations and complications, and the circumstances and individual peculiarities of the patient, must all be carefully considered; bearing in mind all the while, that tubercular matter is the product of a morbid action, which, in every case, must exist before its deposition in the lungs, or any other tissue, can take place.

In every case in which curative treatment is to be instituted, the hearty and persistent co-operation of both patient and friends is absolutely necessary; and the treatment, which is both hygienic and medical in character, should have in view the following aims:

(1.) The avoidance of the causes concerned in the production and perpetuation of the disease.

(2.) The restoration of healthy nutrition, in order to stop the formation of tuberculous matter.

(3.) The arrest of the abnormal breaking down of the tissues, and the prevention of emaciation.

(4.) The relief of local symptoms, and the complications arising from other diseases.

The fulfillment of the first indication, the avoidance of causes, is of the utmost importance, for if they have been sufficient to produce the disease, their continued operation must certainly be sufficient to perpetuate it. A single individual is very often subjected to the operation of several of the causes already enumerated, some of which, in consequence of circumstances and surroundings, are unavoidable. Of these, the one most difficult to overcome is climate; i.e. the frequent variations of temperature.

Upon the subject of climate much has been written. But that which is best adapted to the cure of consumption, is that which will enable the patient to pass a certain number of hours every day in the pure open air, without exposure to sudden alterations of temperature. There are very few persons who change their place of residence, except as a last resort, when the disease is in the last stage. It is then productive of little or no good. This is one reason why so many people having consumption die in Florida, and other warm countries. If a change of climate is to be effected at all, it should be made early.

The most powerful stimulant to health is well-regulated exercise. It assists the performance of every function, and is of paramount importance to promote good digestion and proper assimilation, conditions essential for recovery. It should not, however, be carried beyond the powers of endurance of the individual, so as to exhaust or fatigue. Everything that can invigorate should be adopted; everything that exhausts should be shunned.

To fulfill the second indication, to restore healthy nutrition, requires not only a proper diet, both as regards quantity and quality, but demands that the integrity of the organs concerned in the process of digestion and assimilation, shall be maintained at the highest standard of perfection possible.

That the diet be sufficient in quantity should be obvious to all. It is also necessary that it be nutritious, and that it should contain carbonaceous elements. Food of a starchy or saccharine character is apt to increase acidity, and interfere with the assimilation of other elements, therefore, articles, rich in fatty matters, should enter largely into the diet. The articles of food best adapted to the consumptive invalid are milk, rich cream, eggs, bread made from unbolted wheat-flour, and raised with yeast, cracked wheat, oatmeal, good butter, beef, game, and fowls. These contain the necessary elements for assimilation. Oily food is of great importance, and the beef eaten should contain a good proportion of fat. Plenty of salt should always be eaten with the food, and a desire for it is often experienced. Over-eating should be avoided, lest the stomach be induced to rebel against articles of diet rich in important elements.

Derangement of the process of nutrition requires careful attention, and, if necessary, correction. For this purpose, nothing can excel Dr. Pierce's Golden Medical Discovery. It increases the appetite, favors the nutritive transformation of the food, enriches the blood, and thus retards the deposition of tubercular matter. It is so combined that, while it meets all these indications, it relieves or prevents the development of those distressing symptoms so common in this disease.

The "Golden Medical Discovery" is adapted to fulfill the third indication in the management of this disease, which is to check the abnormal breaking down and waste of tissues, which constitute such a prominent feature in this malady. The antiseptic properties of the "Discovery" are unmistakably manifested in preventing such abnormal decomposition. The emaciation, excessive expectoration, profuse perspiration, diarrhea, and hectic fever, common to consumption, are all due to a too rapid disintegration and waste of the tissues. It is in this condition of the system that this medicine, by its powerful antiseptic properties, manifests its most wonderful curative ability. When, as in this disease, the vital forces of the system have, in a degree, lost their restraining influence over the processes of disintegration, waste, and decay, which goes on so rapidly that nutrition cannot compensate for the loss to the system, then it is that the "Golden Medical Discovery," by its antiseptic influence, checks this rapid waste of the tissues, and thus arrests the disease. To the lack of employment of such a remedy in the treatment of consumption, the unparalleled fatality of the disease is largely due. In their anxiety to improve digestion and nutrition, and thus build up the tissues, physicians often lose sight of the no less important indication of restraining the destructive waste going on in the system, which overbalances the supplies furnished by absorption. The gradually increasing emaciation and loss of strength render perpetuity of the organism impossible.

The fulfillment of the fourth indication, to relieve local symptoms, and the complications with other diseases, is often attended with no little difficulty.

The Cough is a secondary symptom, arising from the irritation caused by the tubercular deposits. Medicated inhalations may give temporary relief, but cannot cure it. They strike at the branches of the disease, while the root is left to flourish and develop new branches.

Expectorants have been employed to a great extent, and the theories, which have been advanced in favor of their use, are sometimes very ingenious. That they modify the cough, we do not attempt to deny; but it is usually at a great expense, for they derange the stomach and interfere with digestion and assimilation.

Improvement of the general health is always attended with amelioration of the cough. If the patient did not cough at all, the lungs would soon fill up with broken-down tissue, and death from suffocation would result. Irritation of the nerves supplying the lungs sometimes occurs, and causes the patient to cough immoderately, when it is not necessary for the purpose of expectoration. This condition is readily controlled by Dr. Pierce's Golden Medical Discovery, which exerts a decidedly quieting and tonic influence upon the pneumogastric nerve, which, with its ramifications, is the one involved. An infusion of the common red clover, in tablespoonful doses, will also be found a valuable adjunct in overcoming this condition.

Hoemoptysis. Hemorrhage from the lungs is generally sudden and unexpected in its attack, though sometimes preceded by difficulty of breathing, and a salty taste in the mouth. Although it very rarely destroys life, it often occasions alarm. Common table salt, given in one-fourth to one-half teaspoonful doses, repeated every ten or fifteen minutes, is generally sufficient to control it. Ligatures applied to the thighs and arms, sufficiently tight to arrest the circulation of blood in the veins, but not tight enough to impede it in the arteries, is a useful proceeding. Ergot, in teaspoonful doses of the fluid extract, hamamelis, and gallic acid, all are valuable for this purpose.

Night-sweats can only be regarded as a symptom of weakness, and are to be remedied by an improvement of the general health. Bathing in salt water is sometimes attended with good results. The practice of giving acids for this symptom can only be regarded as irrational. It may arrest the sweating, but it will do harm in other ways. Belladonna, given at bed-time, is an effectual remedy.

Frequency of the pulse is generally a prominent symptom in this disease. It sometimes points to a condition of sufficient importance to require a remedy. Although the "Golden Medical Discovery" is combined to meet this condition, its value may be greatly enhanced by adding one-half to one teaspoonful, according to the urgency of the case and the frequency of the pulse, of the fluid extract of Veratrum Viride to each bottle. The benefit of this, when persisted in, will be apparent in the amelioration of all the symptoms, and in the general improvement. This fluid extract can be had at any drug store.

Diarrhea is sometimes a troublesome symptom, and particularly so in the latter stages of the disease. It is generally due to acidity of the alimentary canal, to which the treatment must be directed. Great care should be taken in the selection of the diet to improve the quality and avoid everything which disagrees with the patient. Improve digestion by every possible means. Carbonate of soda and rhubarb, in the form of a syrup, are sometimes excellent. The Compound Extract of Smart-weed, in small doses, will generally diminish the frequency of the discharges.

Derangement of the Liver is often a complication requiring attention, and the timely relief of which goes very far in ameliorating the general condition of the patient. The "Golden Medical Discovery" is generally sufficient to relieve this complication. Its influence, however, may be considerably increased in this direction by the use of Dr. Pierce's Pleasant Pellets, according to the directions which accompany them. They should only be taken in the smallest doses, one or two "Pellets "every day, just enough to produce a natural movement of the bowels each day.

Uterine Derangements. In the female, derangement of the menstrual function is generally an early complication of consumption, if indeed it does not occur at the outset. It deserves early attention, and, in addition to the remedies already advised, Dr. Pierce's Favorite Prescription is so compounded as to meet the requirements of this condition, and at the same time exert a favorable influence upon the constitutional disease.

The numerous reports of cures of well-developed cases of Consumption to be found in the back portion of this little treatise must be sufficient, it seems to us, to convince the most skeptical of the wonderful power which Dr. Pierce's Golden Medical Discovery exercises over this terribly fatal malady. As will be noted, many of the cases there reported had long been unsuccessfully treated with cod liver oil emulsion and all the other usual remedies employed by the profession and were fast running down. "Golden Medical Discovery" aroused the stomach and liver, and started all the nutritive functions into action, whereby digestion and nutrition were promoted and both the strength and flesh steadily built up. The reader will bear in mind, that most of the cases hereinafter reported, were pronounced Consumption by their attending physicians as well as by us. It cannot be said, therefore, that we exaggerate the malady and that the cases were merely bad, lingering coughs. Thousands, whose maladies have been pronounced genuine Tubercular Pulmonary Consumption, (Phthisis Pulmonalis) by eminent physicians have been perfectly and permanently cured by the use of Dr. Pierce's Golden Medical Discovery. It can, therefore, no longer be doubted that this wonderful compound is far superior as a remedy for Consumption to cod liver oil, compound Hypophosphites, and the many other agents so highly extolled, and so generally prescribed for this fatal malady by even the more progressive and advanced of the medical profession of our day. Read the letters received from grateful patients who have been cured and note how many commend the use of "Golden Medical Discovery," as a "last resort," after their home physicians had exhausted all their skill and resources in vain.

* * * * *


This is a subacute or chronic form of inflammation of the mucous membrane of the bronchial tubes, of a very persistent character and variable intensity. There are few diseases which manifest a greater variety of modifications than this.

SYMPTOMS. The symptoms of this disease vary greatly with its violence and progress. Cough is always present, and is very often the first symptom to attract the patient's attention. It is usually increased by every slight cold, and with each fresh accession becomes more and more severe, and is arrested with greater difficulty. The cough is always persistent, sometimes short and hacking, at other times deep, prolonged, and harsh. Sometimes it is spasmodic and irritating and particularly so when it is associated with affections of the larynx, or with asthma, involving irritation of the branches or the filaments of the pneumogastric nerve.

When the chronic follows the acute form of the disease, or follows inflammation of the lungs, the expectoration may be profuse from the first, and of a yellowish color and tenacious character. When the disease arises from other causes, the expectoration is generally slight at first, and the cough dry or hacking. This may continue some time before much expectoration occurs. The expectorated matter is at first whitish, opaque, and tenacious, mixed sometimes with a frothy mucus, requiring considerable coughing to loosen it and throw it off. As the disease progresses, it becomes thicker, more sticky, of a yellowish or greenish color, mixed with pus, and sometimes streaked with blood. In the latter stages, it becomes profuse and fetid, and severe hemorrhage may occur. Sometimes the cough and expectoration disappear when the weather becomes warm, to appear again with the return of winter, which has gained for it the appellation of winter cough. The sufferers feel as if something was bound tightly round them, rendering inhalation difficult. Soreness throughout the chest is often a persistent symptom, especially when the cough is dry and hard. Behind the breast-bone there is experienced a sense of uneasiness, in some cases amounting to pain, more or less severe.

As the disease progresses, the loss of strength is more and more marked, the patient can no longer follow his usual employment, his spirits are depressed, and he gradually sinks, or tubercular matter is deposited in the lungs, and consumption is developed.

TREATMENT. Thorough attention to hygiene, with the avoidance of the causes concerned in the production and perpetuation of the disease, is necessary. The patient must be protected from the vicissitudes of the weather by plenty of clothing; flannel should be worn next to the skin, with a pad of flannel or buckskin over the chest, and the feet should be kept warm and dry. Exercise in the open air is essential. When the weather is so cold as to excite coughing, something should be worn over the mouth, as a thin cloth, handkerchief, muffler, or anything which will modify the temperature of the atmosphere before it comes into contact with the mucous lining of the lungs. Good ventilation of sleeping-rooms is all-important; not that the air should be cold, but that it should be as pure as possible.

The diet must be nutritious, cabonaceous, and of sufficient quantity. Beef, milk, rich cream, plenty of good butter, eggs, fish, wheat bread from unbolted flour, supply the appropriate alimentary substances for perfect nutrition and the maintenance of animal heat.

To overcome the modified form of inflammation in the bronchial tubes, all sources of irritation should be avoided, as the inhalation of dust, or excessively cold air. It is in the cure of severe and obstinate cases of this disease that Dr. Pierce's Golden Medical Discovery has achieved unparalleled success, and won the highest praise from those who have used it. Its value will generally be enhanced in treating this complaint by adding one-half a teaspoonful of the fluid extract of Veratrum Viride to each bottle. This can be added by any respectable druggist. Especially should it be thus modified if the pulse be accelerated so as to beat ninety or a hundred times in a minute. The "Golden Medical Discovery" should be taken in teaspoonful doses, repeated every two hours. When the cough is dry and hard, with no expectoration, it arises from irritation of some of the branches of the pneumogastric nerve, which this remedy will relieve. It may, however, be aided by inhaling the hot vapor of vinegar and water, or vapor from a decoction of hops, to which vinegar has been added.

The use of Dr. Pierce's Golden Medical Discovery should be persisted in, taking it in frequent doses, every two or three hours, and keeping up its use until the disease yields and is perfectly stamped out. Do not expect a formidable disease of perhaps weeks' or months' duration to be speedily cured. Chronic diseases are generally slow in their inception and development and can only be cured by gradual stages. Perseverance in treatment is required. Many invalids do not possess the strength of purpose—the will power—to continue the use of the "Golden Medical Discovery" long enough to receive its full benefits. It is worse than useless for such to commence its use, for without persistency it cannot be expected to cure such obstinate maladies as chronic bronchitis.

* * * * *



One of the most distressing ailments with which the human family is afflicted is asthma. Its symptoms are not to be mistaken. Suddenly and without apparent provocation the patient experiences the greatest difficulty in breathing. When warning is given, there is usually a sense of fullness in the stomach, flatulence, languor, and general nervous irritability. The countenance is a picture of anxiety and horror. The difficulty of breathing increases and the struggle for air commences. Windows and doors are thrown open, fans used, and, utterly regardless of consequences, the sufferer passes the whole night in exposure and torture, even though the temperature be below zero. Fearing suffocation, the patient dare not lie down; he rushes to the window for air, rests his head upon a table or chair, or upon his hands, with the elbows upon the knees, jumps up suddenly and gasps and struggles for air. The eyes are prominent and the veins of the forehead distended with blood; sometimes the bowels are relaxed. The urine is colorless and is passed in copious quantities. This symptom indicates great excitement of the nervous system. The voice is hoarse, articulation difficult, breathing limited, noisy and wheezy. The wheezing is pathognomonic of the disease. It can only be confounded with croup, and then only in the young. In croup there is pain and difficulty in swallowing, fever and cough, which are usually absent in asthma. A severe paroxysm of asthma is very distressing to witness, and one unused to it might well suppose the sufferer to be in his last agonies. No definite limit can be assigned to the duration of the attack or of the disease. It may last but a few minutes, may endure for hours, or with slight remission continue for days. The condition of the patient may be for years as changeable as the pointings of the weather-vane. In fact, the atmosphere has much to do with the disease. With every approaching storm, with every cloud of dust, even the dust from sweeping a room, with every foul odor, and, in some more sensitive organizations, with even the perfume of flowers, a paroxysm is provoked. Truly he is a "child of circumstances," a veritable football upon the toes of every atmospheric disturbance.


Persons affected with asthma or phthisic are numerous. With such an amount of suffering in our midst is it not a marvel, if not a disgrace, that the medical profession of to-day endorse the opinions of a half century ago and pronounce it incurable, rather than make stupendous and laudable efforts to discover plans of medication that will result in certain and permanent cure? Almost single handed we undertook this field of investigation, and we take pleasure in reporting that our labors have been crowned with success. The large experience furnished us has led to the discovery of remedies for this distressing malady of more than ordinary efficacy. Through the agency of these means we have been enabled to cure hundreds, who had suffered untold tortures for twelve, fifteen, or twenty-five years. Some whom we have been successful in curing had suffered from childhood to middle and even old age. The treatment of asthma, or phthisic, still continues to be a prominent specialty at the Invalids' Hotel and Surgical Institute.


As to the exact pathological condition in this malady, opinions differ. Some physicians consider it a disease of the nervous system, others, of the blood, others, of the bronchial tubes, while not a few believe it to be dependent upon some disease of the stomach, heart, liver, kidneys, or due to urinary affections, or "female weakness." Respecting all these diseases of special organs, it is evident that any complication, and particularly one that is debilitating or causes irritation of the nervous system will increase its severity. This important fact we keep constantly in view in our treatment, and prescribe remedies to remove all complications.

In heart disease there is often dyspnoea, or difficult breathing, but this is not of the nature of asthma, or phthisic. The condition of the lungs is readily understood. There being an obstruction to the free passage of the blood through the heart, any excessive muscular exertion, or anything, in fact, which increases the action of the heart, is very apt to produce congestion of the lungs, and then the blood becomes surcharged with carbonic acid, which causes increased efforts to take more air into the lungs.

A NERVOUS DISEASE. A sudden fright, unfavorable news, grief, loss of property, etc., circumstances which affect the mind and nervous system, almost invariably throw the phthisical into a paroxysm. Nervines are demanded, particularly if the case be a chronic one, and we see that they are carefully and properly prepared and supplied, and in such a form as to be exactly fitted to the temperament and constitution.


There are numerous remedies that may be used to relieve paroxysms of asthma. Among them we will notice a few that are most frequently employed by the profession. They can be easily and inexpensively prepared by any patient or druggist:

1. Equal parts of the tinctures of lobalis capsicum and skunk cabbage root. Dose.—Take a half teaspoonful in a little water every ten or fifteen minutes until relieved.

NOTE.—This is an antispasmodic and relaxant. In considerable quantities it will produce sickness at the stomach and perhaps vomiting. It should not be used when there is disease of the heart.

2. Chloroform. Dose.—A small quantity (say thirty drops), may be poured upon a handkerchief or napkin, held about one inch from the nostrils and the vapor inhaled. It is quite unnecessary to use this until insensibility follows; in fact, such an effect would be hazardous to life in the hands of the inexperienced.

3. Sulphuric ether. Dose.—The same as No. 2, and with the same precaution. Either of them should be used promptly upon the beginning of the paroxysm.

4. Take four ounces of stramonium leaves and strip from the stems, rubbing between the hands to partly pulverize. To this add one ounce of saltpetre, finely powdered. Dose.—Place a half teaspoonful upon a very hot shovel. Inhale the rising smoke. If the first few inspirations cause coughing, the smoke should not be evaded as the coughing incites deeper inspiration.

5. Stramonium and saltpetre as in No. 4. Dampen with water and make into balls or cones. These are more easily handled and are fired in the same way as the powder and used in the same way.

6. Take of sunflower leaves, stramonium leaves, mullein leaves, one ounce each; of lobelia leaves, half an ounce; of powdered nitre, one ounce; and benzoic acid, two drams. Mix thoroughly. Dose.—A pipeful, to be smoked the same as tobacco.

7. A cup of hot coffee or several of hot water. This is especially effective in cases arising from checked perspiration, from rheumatism, etc.

These recipes are given to the public as being the principal agents employed by the medical profession throughout the world. It must be distinctly understood that they are not curative but merely palliative, and used to relieve paroxysms. We object to them wholly and unqualifiedly because they contain NARCOTICS. It is a fundamental principle in our treatment not to use this class of remedies. They stupefy the brain, debilitate the nervous system, and have, in not a few instances, formed an unfortunate appetite and habit, most difficult to overcome. We are of the opinion that one of the chief reasons why this malady has been considered incurable is the fact that physicians have almost universally relied upon narcotic drugs. With such medication a cure is the exception. A cure can only be effected under such circumstances when the powers of nature are sufficient to overcome both the NARCOTIC and the DISEASE. That they will relieve we do not deny, but they will never cure. It reminds us of an old country doctor who advised a lady to smoke tobacco to cure acid dyspepsia. She followed the prescription for over thirty years and at last accounts was not cured yet. In all seriousness we ask would any other remedy except a narcotic or stimulant be used with such persistency for anything like this length of time? Is it not apparent that such agents form a habit which is often worse than the disease, and yet fail to effect a cure? We appreciate the necessity for relief, and do not blame sufferers for availing themselves of any means for this purpose. But they should not be satisfied with relief only, but should look about for such a system of medication as will rid them of the disease completely and permanently. If a week's or a month's exemption is a "foretaste of heaven," how incomparable are the comforts and happiness to be derived from a life-time immunity?


are annually spent upon the advice of physicians, in traveling expenses, and hotel bills, by sufferers from asthma, or phthisic, in seeking a change of climate that will be advantageous. It is the last expedient of the doctor who is annoyed by the continued complaint of his unrelieved patient, and can only be made available by the wealthy. In some instances the change is beneficial, but to be effectually so a permanent change of residence is required. Most patients are unable or unwilling to do this. In some cases change only affords temporary relief, the attacks returning after a few months. Even the wealthy dislike to take such chances. The less opulent cannot think of such methods, and hence are compelled to bear their sufferings as best they can. In the majority of instances the "change of climate" is only an illusion, or only temporarily beneficial at best. We can tell them a better way, and if they are wise they will follow it.

* * * * *


This affection, known also as Hay Catarrh, Hay Fever, or Rose Cold differs but little in its manifestations, from coryza, or cold in the head, save in its inciting cause, and in its element of periodicity. In this latitude there are persons who, during summer or early fall, are invariably attacked with acute congestion or inflammation of the upper air-passages, giving rise to sneezing, watery discharges from the nose and eyes, difficult respiration, fever, and general prostration. These symptoms are supposed to be induced by the inhalation of pollen or odors from grasses or flowers, which at that time are supposed to give off certain exhalations of an Irritating character. Unless arrested by medical treatment, the disease lasts until cool weather, or the occurrence of a hard frost rids the atmosphere of the exciting influence.

Some feather beds give off an odor which excites all the aggravated symptoms of this disease. Thus it appears that certain emanations have the power of inciting these inflammatory conditions in certain sensitive constitutions. In all individuals suffering from this disease there is an over sensitiveness of the nervous system which admits of the appearance of such sudden and severe manifestations. Many cases suffering only mild symptoms for the first few seasons, annually become aggravated until severe spasmodic asthma is a regular, and sometimes continuous complication. A case or two are on record in which the odor from the body of a horse so induced these symptoms that the individual could never ride or drive him.

TREATMENT. In mild cases, or when the attack first appears, the daily use of Dr. Sage's Catarrh Remedy fluid will neutralize and wash away the poisonous particles which have found lodgment in the nasal passages. The Remedy is best applied with Dr. Pierce's Nasal Douche. When the disease has existed the previous season it is necessary that the patient begin both constitutional and local treatment four or six weeks prior to an expected return of the disease. The nervous system should be strengthened, and the resistance of the patient to the irritating influence of these pollens and odors so increased, that even though he may be exposed, no severe symptoms will follow.

Dr. Pierce's Golden Medical Discovery will be found invaluable as an alterative, blood purifier, and nerve tonic, and should be taken regularly while Dr. Sage's Catarrh Remedy is being used locally for its antiseptic and curative properties. The action of the "Discovery" is especially desired in cases that are so far advanced as to be attended with asthmatic symptoms, such as difficult breathing, headache, and a feeling of lassitude and prostration.

In very obstinate or distressing cases our specialists have been able to prescribe and send, by mail or express, special courses of treatment which have proven so effective as to cure the disease permanently, so that it has not reappeared the following season. The treatment seems to have produced such an impression upon the system as to have fortified the individual against a return of the disease.

In rare cases morbid growths in the upper air-passages are of such a nature as in themselves to be a source of sufficient excitement to unbalance the nervous equilibrium so that the individual is thus rendered more susceptible to this disease. In such, or exceedingly obstinate cases a personal examination by our specialist is desirable, and often results in the use of such measures as give permanent relief.

* * * * *


If the following letters had been written by your best known and most esteemed neighbors they could be no more worthy of your confidence than they now are, coming, as they do, from well known, intelligent, and trustworthy citizens, who, in their several neighborhoods, enjoy the fullest confidence and respect of all who know them.

Out of thousands of similar letters received from former patrons, we have selected these few at random, and have to regret that we can find room only for this comparatively small number in this volume.



Gentlemen—I wish to say to you that Doctor Pierce's Golden Medical Discovery saved my life and has made me a man; my home-physician says I am good for forty years yet. You will remember that my case was a case just between life and death, and all of my friends were sure it was a case of death, until I commenced taking a second bottle of "Golden Medical Discovery," when I was able to sit up and the cough was very much better, and the bleeding from my lungs stopped, and before I had taken six bottles of the "Golden Medical Discovery" my cough ceased and I was a new man and ready for business.

And now I feel that it is a duty that I owe to my fellow-men to recommend to them the "Golden Medical Discovery" and Dr. Sage's Catarrh Remedy, which saved my life when doctors and all kinds of medicines failed to do me any good.

I will send to you with this letter two of my photographs; one was taken a few weeks before I was taken down sick in bed, and the other was taken after I was well.

Yours respectfully, C.H. HARRIS, No. 1622 Second Avenue, Rock Island, Ill.


Wilbar, Wilkes Co., N.C.

DR. R.V. PIERCE, 663 Main Street, Buffalo, N.Y.:

Dear Sir—I cannot recommend your "Golden Medical Discovery" too highly. I had a severe chronic cough and I began to use that medicine and took only one bottle, and I have not been sick a day since. When I began to use your "Golden Medical Discovery" my weight was 104 pounds, and now I weigh 125 pounds.

Yours very truly, Mrs. Anna Parsons



Gentlemen—I can gladly recommend Dr. Pierce's Golden Medical Discovery to all suffering from diseases for which you recommend it. In the summer of 1888 I took a severe cold, which settled on my lungs and chest, and I suffered intensely with it. I tried several of our best physicians here and they gave up all hopes of my recovery, and my friends thought I would have to die, and I thought so myself, as the doctors did not know what was the matter with me. In the morning, on rising, I would cough and spit blood for two hours, and I was pale and weak and not able to work any. I then ran across Dr. Pierce's advertisement and I came to the conclusion I would try the "Golden Medical Discovery," as it was so highly recommended. I was greatly discouraged when I began the use of the "Discovery," but after I had taken four or five bottles I then noticed I was getting better, and I could stand it to work some, and kept on taking it till I took about twenty or twenty-five bottles. It has been five years since I took it and have had no return of that trouble since. I gladly recommend your medicine for I know it saved my life.

Yours respectfully, JOHN M. HITE, Audubon, Audubon Co., Iowa.


Blue Rock, Muskingum Co., Ohio.

DR. R.V. PIERCE, Buffalo, N.Y.:

Dear Sir—I feel like taking you by the hand and saying, "thank God, you have saved my wife," for we had given her up. We had sat by her, when the doctor said she could not live till morning; so bad was her lung disease. Dr. Pierce's Golden Medical Discovery cured her.


When her case was reported to the specialist of the Invalids' Hotel, Mrs. McGill was suffering from pain in the chest, struggling for breath, hard dry cough; jarring hurt the chest; short breath, backache; uterine disease, leucorrhea, menstruation scanty and painful; feet and ankles swollen; was confined to house most of the time; was given up by her home physician. Her disease began six years before with "lung disease" which was followed by bleeding from lungs.



Gentlemen—My wife a few years ago had hemorrhages of the lungs, and we summoned our home physician. He checked the hemorrhage but failed to cure her. She had also a terrible cough and expectorated a great deal. She wanted to see another doctor so I called one and he examined her. She asked him whether she had consumption, and his answer was, "Madam, it is very near consumption." He advised her to use cod liver oil, but this gave but little relief. I happened to get hold of one of your little books that comes with each bottle of Dr. Pierce's medicines and I read some cases about like my wife's. I went to the drug store and procured a bottle of Dr. Pierce's Golden Medical Discovery and my wife commenced using it according to directions. She began to get better right away and her cough has left her. She used about ten bottles. She is in her fifty-fifth year and can walk ten or twelve miles without any trouble. We are satisfied that her life and health have been saved by the use of "Golden Medical Discovery." As soon as she takes any cold she insists upon having a bottle of her medicine, as she calls it, and that is the last we hear of her cold.

Yours respectfully, Joseph D. Wiles West Point Street, Frederick, Md.



Gentlemen—It has been about eight months since I quit using Dr. Pierce's Golden Medical Discovery. When I commenced using it I only weighed 130 pounds. I had been suffering with malarial fever, chills, and lung disease for four years. I took treatment from many doctors, and tried many different kinds of patent medicines and all seemed to do no good. Since I have used four bottles of "Golden Medical Discovery" and one bottle of Dr. Pierce's Pleasant Pellets I feel well in every respect and weigh 160 pounds instead of only 130, my weight when I began its use.

Yours truly, ROBERT WILLIAMS, Hazelton, Barber Co., Kas.




Gentlemen—I have long felt it my duty to acknowledge to you what your "Golden Medical Discovery "and "Pleasant Pellets" have done for me. They almost raised me from the grave. I had three brothers and one sister die of consumption, and I was speedily following after them. I had severe cough, pain, copious expectoration, and other alarming symptoms, and my friends all thought I had but a few months to live. At this time I was persuaded to try your "Discovery," and the first bottle acted like magic. Of course I continued on with the medicine, and as a result I gained rapidly in strength. My friends were astonished. When I commenced the use of your medicines, six years ago, I weighed but 120 and was sinking rapidly. I now weigh 135, and my health continues perfect. I have a copy of your "People's Common Sense Medical Adviser," and neither money nor friends could ever induce me to part with it.

Twelve years later, Mrs. Vansicklin writes: "My health still continues perfect. I now weigh 148 pounds. Your book—the Common Sense Medical Adviser is a treasure in our home." Yours truly,

MRS. H.H. VANSICKLIN, Brighton, Ont.



Gentlemen—Two years ago I thought I had consumption, and was continually coughing day and night, and not able to work. I bought six bottles of Dr. Pierce's Golden Medical Discovery and it did me more good than all the other medicine I ever took, and now I am feeling all O.K., and I weigh 165 pounds. Two years ago I weighed 145 pounds. I can fully recommend Dr. Pierce's Golden Medical Discovery to any person that has consumption. I remain, Yours truly,

JOHN A. HENSON, South Bosque, McLennan Co., Texas.



Gentlemen—In 1872, when living in New York State, my health was very poor. I was clear "run down." Pain in my lungs, right side and in my bowels; had been ailing for nearly two years; my feet swelled during the day so I could hardly stand it till night, as I was on my feet the most of the time.

I wrote you and you sent me special medicines, which brought me around all right. I have weak lungs, and when I get run down I usually take a few bottles of Dr. Pierce's Golden Medical Discovery, which always builds me up. We have used your "Discovery" in our family with the best results.

When living at Blue Mound I was very sick with inflammation of the lungs from taking cold. When I took cold I was at Clinton, Missouri. Was confined to my bed for a few days. I said to the doctor that I must go home; he advised me to stay where I was, but I started for Blue Mound with my pulse at 140. When I arrived home I was glad to get in bed, and called in Dr. ——. He said my lungs were in a bad condition. Well, I was very sick for three weeks or more, and when I got around I was not well, and at that time Dr. —— came to Blue Mound, stopped there two weeks, gave free lectures and had lots of patients. He examined me and said I needed treatment, and he could cure me.

I was suffering all the time with pain in my right lung. He wanted $50.00 for treatment, and would cure. So I let him pass along and wrote to your Association for advice, which was to take the "Discovery," and I took one-half dozen bottles which "filled the bill." Yours respectfully,

A.D. SIMMONS, Emporia, Lyon Co., Kansas.



Gentlemen—It is my pleasant duty to you and to suffering humanity to acknowledge the benefit I received from Dr. Pierce's Golden Medical Discovery. About seven years ago I became troubled with my lungs—consumption in its first stage. Some of my friends in Ontario had been using your medicine before I knew anything of it; and after coming to this country, I commenced taking it, and I think it has done wonders for me. I am positive, that if any one will persist in taking it, it will do all you say. It has done so much for me that I feel it my duty to testify to its wonderful curative properties. Respectfully,

MRS. JESSE K. SMITH, Baldur, Selkirk Co., Manitoba.


DR. PIERCE, Buffalo, N.Y.:

Dear Sir—I had been very badly troubled for many years with dyspepsia, also nasal catarrh, and got so bad and weak that I could not work. I could hardly eat anything without vomiting; had a pain in the stomach and a burning sensation coming into the throat. I took Dr. Pierce's Golden Medical Discovery and "Pleasant Pellets," and can truly say these medicines have helped me wonderfully. I improved right along from the very beginning. I stopped taking medicine in the latter part of May and then felt as well as ever in my life. I am pretty well now, for a man of sixty-three years. I can eat all kinds of food and it doesn't cause me any pain in the stomach as it always did before I took Dr. Pierce's medicines. I can cheerfully say to the public that they need not hesitate in taking Dr. Pierce's Golden Medical Discovery for dyspepsia; it will eradicate and cure the disease if anything will.

Yours truly, JOHN LARSON, Ashby, Grant Co., Minn.


Dr. R.V. PIERCE, Buffalo, N.Y.:

Dear Sir—I cheerfully make the following statement: In February, 1893, I was attacked with a severe illness. It came on very gradually, and was attended with a severe cough and expectoration; also had pain in the lungs; had chills and night-sweats; was much reduced in strength. After trying for relief in different directions without success, I was induced to apply to your eminent Staff of Physicians at 603 Main St., Buffalo, N.Y., and I am happy to say that my improvement began as soon as I began the use of the medicines which were prescribed for me at that time. The improvement has been continuous, until I now feel my lungs are entirely cured; have no cough, no expectoration in the last month, and my usual weight of 183 pounds has been restored. Have been able to do a fair day's work any time during the past two mouths without unusual fatigue. I can cheerfully recommend your Institution to persons similarly affected, and will authorize you to refer any one making inquiry to me.

Yours respectfully, J.J. HUME, Corfu, Genesee Co., N.Y.


Vanburen, Kalkaska Co., Mich.


Gentlemen—Your medicine is the best I have ever taken, I was not able to do hardly any work at all; had pain in my left side and back, and had headache all the time. I tried your medicine and it helped me. Last spring I had a bad cough; got so bad I had to be in bed all the time. My husband thought I had consumption. He wanted me to get a doctor, but I told him if it was consumption they could not help me. We thought we would try Dr. Pierce's Golden Medical Discovery and before I had taken one bottle the cough was stopped and I have had no more of it returning.

Respectfully yours, Jennie Dingman



Gentlemen—I want to say a word in favor of your medicine. I can not do it justice by mere words.

I was taken sick the 5th of July; I called a doctor but did not receive any benefit from him. I was going into quick consumption. Had a terrible cough, raised a great deal of phlegm; had pain through chest, was very weak and all run-down." I told my husband to get a bottle of "Golden Medical Discovery;" he did so; I commenced taking it and I began to get better. I was not outside of the door yard, from July 5th, until August 22d. I only took two bottles, and the first of September I was able to do the work for boarders, and have had boarders ever since. It is the grandest medicine ever invented.

Respectfully, Mrs. CHARLES JEWELL, (P.O. Box 89), Rockford, Kent Co., Mich.


Olanta, Clearfield Co., Pa.


Gentlemen—I can truly say that your "Golden Medical Discovery" and "Pleasant Pellets" have been the means of saving my life. When I began taking your medicines I thought my time was short. I have not spit up blood now for about four months, and am feeling much better. Our home doctor says my temperature and pulse are all right now; and that I do not need further medicine, and that I will get all right again. I feel that your medicine has done wonders for me. I would have written sooner, but I was waiting to see if the improvement Would be permanent.

Yours truly, D.Y. Rowles




Gentlemen—I have felt inclined to say to you, and your whole staff of physicians, and now do convey to you, my heart-felt gratitude for your able and skillful assistance rendered me in my afflictions. I had been for years a sufferer, and at times nearly despondent. I had been treated by the most able and skillful physicians that this north-western country could provide. I had paid them large sums of money and was finally given to understand that there was no hope for my cure. Your advertisements fell into my hands, which treated upon my case. I read and compared my case with the insight you so ably explained, so I was satisfied you understood your profession well. I started full of hope and as I reached Buffalo, after three days' travel by rail, some 1,500 miles, there was something that cheered me on. I made my way to your Invalids' Hotel. I was examined and pronounced curable. I was operated upon for a local affection that caused much of my suffering, the same day I arrived, and in ten days was discharged permanently cured. I have felt perfectly well ever since. I was nicely treated by the able nurses and attendants who were always gentle and kind.

I can cheerfully say to the public, that they need not hesitate in throwing themselves into your kind care in every case that is curable by the hand of man, and you will treat them honestly.

Hoping this may be of some benefit to some afflicted persons who may feel some diffidence in trusting themselves in your hands.

Yours respectfully, H. CUMMINS, Eagle Lake, Blue Earth Co., Minn.



Gentlemen—I am much better, and believe it was through your medicine and advice that I am as well as I am. I might have been entirely well if I had been able to have kept the medicine to take as directed. I have taken only four bottles, and it would be four or five months from the time I would take one bottle till I could get another one. I can talk better, and feel almost like a new person to what I did two years ago. I weigh more and can do any kind of work. Dr. Pierce's Golden Medical Discovery is the only medicine that did me any good.

Your friend, MRS. RACHEL D. FISHER, Silver Point, Putnam Co., Tenn.



Gentlemen—In 1879 I wrote you after suffering eighteen months. I had tried three doctors—took over one dozen bottles of patent medicines, without relief.

I had chills with hacking cough; my friends said I had consumption; was reduced in flesh and nerve till the least work or exercise would exhaust me completely.

Thanks for the day I wrote you, for I sent you ten dollars, and received four bottles of medicine which I took, and have been able to do hard work. I have never had any symptoms of those dreaded chills since. My weight got as low as 135 pounds; now I weigh 175 pounds. I would advise any one affected with chronic disease to consult you, as your treatment is genuine.

Yours truly, HENRY DIETZEL, P.M. Ernst, Clark Co., Ill.




Gentlemen—For the benefit of the afflicted, I wish to say, that I visited your Institution in 1889, completely broken down in health and suffering, as I thought, from heart disease and consumption. I had spent money with many of our home physicians, but they only gave me partial relief and I would soon be worse than ever. When I spoke of coming to you, the doctors here cried "humbug," but I told them I had been humbugged at home and if I staid I would surely die, and if I went could do no worse. I spent thirty days at your Invalids' Hotel and Surgical Institute, and came away like a new man, comparatively speaking. I found the Institution all it had been represented, and I may truthfully say, that the time spent there was to me as an oasis in a desert to a weary and thirsty traveler; for those were among the happiest days of my life. No pains were spared to make each patient comfortable and at home. I cannot recommend your Institution too highly, for I feel that to your treatment I owe my life. I have sold a great deal of your medicines, and recommend them with the same faith I would water to the thirsty. They, the "Pellets," "Golden Medical Discovery" and "Favorite Prescription," give universal satisfaction. You are at liberty to use this as you desire, for my only motive in writing is to benefit the afflicted, by pointing out to them a place of cure; for, no matter what their disease, I am confident that if medical skill can avail, they can be cured at the Invalids' Hotel and Surgical Institute.

Yours truly, J.F. JONES, Raleigh C.H., Raleigh Co., W. Va.


Bisbee, Cochise Co., Ariz.


Gentlemen—I had been confined to my bed four months, had tried the skill of four doctors and all the patent medicines that were recommended for my case, which was an abscess on the lung. My physicians and friends had given me up to die; I was reduced to a perfect skeleton; my strength was gone; my eyesight was so dim I could scarcely see at all, and I had no appetite—could not eat anything at all when I commenced using Doctor Pierce's Family Medicines. I have taken sixteen bottles of the "Golden Medical Discovery," twelve bottles of "Pellets" and three bottles of "Favorite Prescription," and to-day I am well and strong and weigh 128 pounds—two pounds more than I ever before weighed in my life.

Your true friend, Mrs. Sarah A. Kelly



Gentlemen—My daughter had pneumonia and it left her with a horrible cough and one lung was almost gone; our doctor seemed to think there could be nothing more done, and said to go South; but not having the means at that time, I began giving her Dr. Pierce's Golden Medical Discovery, which she took steadily for two years. During that time she gained rapidly in strength; the lungs became normal, the cough leaving her entirely. We are never without this medicine in the house, and have recommended it to all our friends, and I am positively certain that if Dr. Pierce's medicine is used in time, it will cure in other cases as well as in this one.

Yours respectfully, MRS. RUTH A. SICKLES, Ocean Port, Monmouth Co., N.J. (Box 33.)



Gentlemen—Having felt it a duty to write of the good I received by taking your medicine, I now would say, that one year ago I was given up by my family physician and friends; all said I must die. My lungs were badly affected, and body reduced to a skeleton. My people commenced to give me your "Medical Discovery" and I soon began to mend. It was not long before I became well enough to take charge of my household duties again. I owe my recovery to Dr. Pierce's Golden Medical Discovery.

Respectfully yours, MRS. MIRA MILLS, Sardis, Big Stone Co., Minn.



Gentlemen—In regard to your medicines I will say that they are always in the house. I shall never forget those nights when I was down with pneumonia. Had it not been for Dr. Pierce's Golden Medical Discovery I would not be a well man to-day. One bottle stopped the cough and night sweats.

My wife was troubled with leucorrhea so bad that we did not know what to do until Dr. Pierce's Favorite Prescription was brought into the house and gave her rest.

Yours truly, H.M. DETELS, Traver, Tulare Co., Cal.



Gentlemen—I am 29 years old. During the winter of '84 I contracted a severe cold, which settled on my lungs. Each succeeding winter my cough grew worse, and in the winter of '85 I had chicken-pox, and taking cold, drove them in causing me a severe spell of sickness. The following summer I had congestion of the lungs and hemorrhage and a severe spell of fever. My physician advised me to go West in search of health. My friends thought I had consumption of the lungs, I coughed so much. In September, 1889, I left Carthage, Mo. (where I then lived), for Phoenix, Ariz. After I had been there about four months I had a severe attack of "La Grippe" and with this I coughed myself almost (I thought), to death; and to add to my distress I had an almost intolerable attack of pleurisy. A doctor was summoned and after an examination said I had Empyemia, and said he could do me but very little good until he removed the pus. He and his partner came and by the use of an aspirator drew off nine pints of pus; after about a week he drew off two pints. After a few days I told my doctor I could hear the pus gurgle as I had before he drew it off. Strange to say, but nevertheless true, my heart was crowded over on the opposite side for three months. I knew it was there for I could feel the pulsations there, and I was so short of breath for a long time I could not stoop down to tie my shoes.

The doctor told me it would be useless again to use the aspirator, but that he would be obliged to make an incision in my side and treat it till I got well. On the 28th day of March. 1890, my doctor and his partner and three other doctors undertook the operation, and, after removing about two inches of one of my ribs, withdrew 16 pints of pus. This came near being too much for me though I slowly recovered and in three months the doctors thought I was able to come home. I arrived home in June and was very poorly all summer, and did not sit up but very little, and had fever every day. In the latter part of the summer of '90 I commenced to take "Golden Medical Discovery" and although my side had been discharging for TWENTY-THREE MONTHS it healed up sound and well. I am now able to do considerable hard work. I would advise all who are afflicted as I was, to give your medicine a trial. I am glad I have out-lived my friends' expectations.

Yours truly, CHARLES E. LEES, P.O. Box 2, Winslow, Washington Co., Ark.



Gentlemen—I was troubled with throat and lung disease for about two years and lost strength so that I was unable to do much work. I took four bottles of Dr. Pierce's Golden Medical Discovery, and can say that it did more good than any other medicine that I ever took. I am now able to do my work, and enjoy good health.

Yours truly, MRS. JULIA WHITE, Willow Creek, Blue Earth Co., Minn.


MR. ANTON KRATZ, of Crawford, Dawes Co., Neb., had weak lungs, cough and catarrh, with profuse expectoration; difficult breathing, lasting from one to eight hours. He writes:

"I took sick and went to the doctors. They gave me medicine, but it did not help me, so I got two or three bottles of 'Golden Medical Discovery' and some 'Pellets.' After awhile I got better, until three winters ago I got sick again so I could not do anything, and I wrote to you giving my symptoms on one of your question blanks, and asked you about my case. You told me to take your 'Golden Medical Discovery.' I took four bottles and got well and have been well ever since."



Gentlemen—Before taking the "Discovery" I would have four or five bad coughing spells every day and would cough up mouthfuls of solid white froth, and before I took one bottle it stopped it. I could not walk across the room with the pain in my back and sides; but soon the pain was all gone, and I could sleep well at night. My general health is much better since I have taken the "Golden Medical Discovery" although I have been obliged to work hard on a farm.

Respectfully yours, MRS. JOHN LINCOLN, Glen Annan, Huron Co., Ont.




Gentlemen—I had pain in lungs and across the chest; had been spitting blood for the past six years. Menstruation was scant and caused great prostration. Suffered from constipation; cutting pains about the stomach and rumbling in the bowels; exceedingly nervous; indigestion. She writes as follows: "I wish to inform you that I am well. I never can praise you or your ways of treatment enough. I shall bring you all the patients that I can. I feel so rich to get my health back. I can eat well and sleep well, and work all day. I suppose you will think it took a long time to pull me up, but I was very low, much worse than I ever told you of at the time. I was not able even to feed myself any more. My husband had to undress me. I could not wash my own face, or stand alone. I did not lie down to sleep for eleven months; I always had to sit up, because I would choke if I laid my head down. I have not raised a drop of blood since your treatment, and I did it always for five years before. Our minister said this spring that he had never thought I could live, and says that he advises every one that is sick to go to you. He was so surprised to see how strong and well I was. My relatives all think that you ought to write my case up for the papers in Chicago. I can never repay you for what you have done for me. A thousand thanks is but empty words. My husband was telling a man just last week, "do not spend all your money in Chicago, as we did, and then write to Buffalo, but go and write now, and your wife will soon be well." My father was saying that he wished the doctors that gave me up could see me now. I think they could not believe their own eyes. I am astonished when I think back how I was six years ago; I could not walk across the room alone for three years, and after taking your treatment for eighteen months, I am completely well. I can hardly believe it myself when I read over those letters that I received from you. I work hard every day. There is never a day that you are not remembered. I hope that you may live many years to do for others what you have done for me. I had this taken so that you might have my picture as I am now; I wish you could have seen me as I was then, and I wish to thank you for those little notes of inquiry that you used to send to find out how I was getting along, which showed that I was remembered not only while the money lasted, but that you cared for me after that."

Respectfully yours, MRS. F. NIENHUIS, Crawford, Cook Co., Ill.



Gentlemen—Last August I was taken sick of a fever and was confined to bed for nearly six months. I had four doctors to see me, but it just seemed to me that they could relieve me for only a short while. I had a bad cough and all thought I was going into consumption. After being sick for so long, my nerves were nearly exhausted and my stomach, liver and bowels refused to act, in fact, my whole system was completely wrecked. I could not rest nor sleep, unless influenced by some drug and at last, mother concluded to try your medicines on me. She had taken them about a year before and had been greatly benefited by their use, so she said I will try the last resort—for I had been given up to die.

I began taking your "Golden Medical Discovery" and "Pleasant Pellets." I improved rapidly—was soon able to be up in my room, and to my surprise, I could eat a little of nearly everything I desired. Before I began the use of your medicines, I could eat nothing in peace; I would almost cramp to death, even when I took a little cold water.

But after the use of four and a half bottles of your "Golden Medical Discovery," and two vials of "Pellets," with God's help, I have almost risen from the dead.

I will cheerfully recommend your remedies to my afflicted friends, for I am to-day, well and strong as ever. You can use this among your testimonials, if you choose, with my greatest approval.

Very Respectfully yours, Miss LOULA LINDSEY, Ringgold, Pittsylvania Co., Va.



Gentlemen—I had bronchitis for twenty years and over, and I could not work without coughing so hard as to take all my strength away. I took five bottles of Dr. Pierce's Golden Medical Discovery, and give you my word and honor that I can do any work that there is to do on my "ranch" without coughing. Sometimes in the winter when exposed to the change in the weather, I have a slight attack of coughing. Remember, I have not taken any of the "Golden Medical Discovery" for a year.

Yours, B.F. WILEY, Box Elder, Converse Co., Wyo.



Gentlemen—I was troubled with bronchitis for over two years, had severe cough and great difficulty in breathing; appetite was poor and suffered from indigestion, became very weak and despondent. My age (I am now 71) was against me. I was treated by two physicians but they did me no good. I then used four bottles of your "Golden Medical Discovery" and was entirely cured, for which I am very thankful.

Yours truly, M.M. ALEXANDER, Hedrick, Alexander Co., N.C.


Schuylersville, Saratoga Co., N.Y. (P.O. Box 396).


Gentlemen—Something over a year ago I wrote to you about my lungs. I used Dr. Pierce's Golden Medical Discovery besides using Iodine and mustard paste.

That pain in my lung entirely left me, and I have not felt it at all since last August. The doctor who lives here and who has always treated me thinks it is a great cure. Words cannot express my gratitude to you. I am now able to do a good day's work.

Yours gratefully, Lulu E. Baugs



Gentlemen—I am feeling well at the present time; I took fourteen bottles of Dr. Pierce's Golden Medical Discovery. I had chronic sore throat, hoarseness, sore chest, rheumatism in my arms, and was very much run down. The doctor here at home said one lung was affected and that I had symptoms of consumption. I know that your "Golden Medical Discovery" was the cause of regaining my health. I remain,

Respectfully yours, MRS. MARY TRAPHAGEN, NO. 6 Front Street, Poughkeepsie, N.Y.



Gentlemen—When I commenced taking your "Discovery" I was very low with a cough, and at times spit up much blood. I was not able to do the least work, but most of the time was in bed. I was all run-down, very weak, my head was dizzy, and I was extremely despondent. The first bottle I took did not seem to do me much good, but I had faith in it and continued using it until I had taken fifteen bottles, and now I do not look nor feel like the same man I was one year ago. People are astonished, and say, "well, last year this time I would not have thought that you would be living now." I can thankfully say I am entirely cured of a disease which, but for your wonderful "Discovery," would have resulted in my death.

Yours truly, K.C. McLIN, Kempsville, Princess Anne Co., Va.




Gentlemen—Three years ago I was so sick I could not eat, sleep or walk, for I coughed all day and night. My weight was reduced from 150 to 127 pounds. The first night that I slept four hours at one time, was after I had taken three doses of Dr. Pierce's Golden Medical Discovery. The offensive matter expectorated grew less every day and when I had taken the whole of one bottle I could sleep all night without coughing, and have been well ever since and weigh 178 pounds.

Respectfully yours, MRS. LOUISA STEINMANN, 67th St., near 15th Ave., Lefferts Park, Brooklyn, N.Y.



Gentlemen—Some twenty-five years since I was feeling very miserable all summer; I was very bilious; sometimes my bowels would not move once in sixty or seventy hours, and then almost impossible. I would take some bitters, which would help to move the matter, but as soon as the bitters were gone, I had to buy more or I would be as bad as before, and sometimes worse; but none of them appeared to do me any good except to move the bowels, until thirty years since a druggist called my attention to Dr. Pierce's Golden Medical Discovery, and before I had taken half a bottle of the "Golden Medical Discovery" I felt much better and by the time I had taken all, I could eat three hearty meals per day and had not felt so well for a long time. Soon after I was called to do a job some miles from home, and one night the old lady there was speaking about her daughter, (Mrs. Brooks) who had been under the doctor's care for five months and did not get any better, and I learned by asking a few questions that she had no appetite, and no ambition to do anything. Then I told her what the "Golden Medical Discovery" had done for me. The next day the old lady drove down to her daughter's, and got Mr. Brooks to send to Rutland—ten miles away—for two bottles of the "Golden Medical Discovery," and the next day the doctor came, and when about to take leave, Mr. Brooks told the doctor he did not want him any more at present and would send for him if necessary. I saw the old lady about ten days later and her daughter was improving, and Mr. Brooks had great faith in the "Golden Medical Discovery," and had not sent for the doctor, but had gone to Rutland for more of the "G.M.D."

When I commenced taking the "Golden Medical Discovery." I thought I was going into consumption as had a cough for three years or more and my weight decreasing. My weight before taking the "G.M.D." was 133 pounds; last March it was 147 pounds, and I give the credit to the "Discovery."

Yours respectfully, GEORGE I. WILDER, East Wallingford, Rutland Co., Vt.



Gentlemen—I had complicated chronic disease for several years—throat and lung and other affections, which almost resulted in consumption. Our doctors could do me no good. I happened to get hold of some of Doctor Pierce's books, and was induced to try his treatment. To the surprise of myself and family, I was, in a short time, changed almost to a new person—from pale sallow complexion to the bloom of health again. Many thanks for restoring me from an untimely grave. I will say to the public it is not always necessary to go to the Institute; I was treated at home with success. I cannot speak in too high praise of Dr. Pierce's Golden Medical Discovery, "Pellets" and "Favorite Prescription." I think they will do all that is claimed for them.

Respectfully, MRS. ALMEDA BRIGNER, Oxford, Furnas Co. Neb,.



Gentlemen—For some time I have been troubled with a severe lung and bronchial disease, following a severe attack of pneumonia. Was raising a great amount of pus, had severe night-sweats and was very much prostrated, when I was induced to visit Dr. Pierce's Invalid's Hotel and Surgical Institute for examination. After having a full statement of my case, I paid for one month's treatment in the Sanitarium and during that time was fully restored to health. I can not speak too highly of the physicians, and this famous Institution.

I take great pleasure in making my cure public and in highly recommending this Institution to all afflicted. The Staff of Physicians and Surgeons is skillful and of large experience, and I feel confident that all the benefit that can possibly be obtained from medical treatment, can be obtained at the Invalids' Hotel and Surgical Institute.

Yours truly, EUGENE CAMPBELL, New Cumberland, Hancock Co., W. Va.


DR. R.V. PIERCE, Buffalo, N.Y.:

Dear Sir—I was not able to do my work for nearly two years, and I tried four different doctors and grew worse all the time. Then I began on your medicine and took twelve bottles of "Golden Medical Discovery" and one of "Favorite Prescription," and am able to do my work and feel as well as I have felt in years. Physicians called my disease Dyspepsia and Consumption.

Respectfully yours, MRS. R. FERGUSON, Ink, Shannon Co., Mo.


Will you please accept a few lines from me thanking you for your skill in preparing your medicines and placing them within reach of the suffering. I have a daughter, Miss M.H. Snead, who has been very low, was almost given up by two physicians, who treated her with their best skill, and did not receive much benefit. She was first attacked with pneumonia and pleurisy in very bad form and was then taken with a very bad cough, which kept growing worse and worse, until finally it seemed as though she had consumption very bad. The physicians prescribed Cod liver oil, but to no benefit. Mrs. Miller, a neighbor of ours, recommended Dr. Pierce's Golden Medical Discovery to me with very strong faith, as she had been in the same condition and was cured by its use. I procured two bottles and she grew better. She hasn't felt any return of lung disease in over twelve months. She was nothing but a skeleton when she took the first dose, and to-day she weighs 135 pounds. I thought it my duty to write to you in regard to her case, as so many other medicines had failed, and it has acted like a charm.

Respectfully yours, MRS. SARAH E. SNEAD. Clio, Iredell Co., N.C.


Locust Lane, Scott County, Va.


Gentlemen—I am happy to inform you that after consulting you by letter and two months' trial of Dr. Pierce's Golden Medical Discovery, I am enjoying a better state of health than I have for some time. I have had weak lungs for several years—at times spit up blood. In January, 1893, I took a severe cold, which settled on my lungs—had a very bad cough, it seemed as if my lungs were swollen; could not expectorate much at a time, very hard to get up; suffered much with pains in my chest; was reduced in flesh and became very weak.

Physicians prescribed for me but I found no relief until I consulted you. It seemed I was going into consumption very fast. I have as good health now as could be expected. I am fifty-seven years of age and able to work on my farm, and feel under many obligations for your kind advice. Also my stomach was out of order, suffered with burning in my stomach and chest. I have no burning nor pains in my stomach and chest now.

Yours truly, Milton Ramry



Dr. PIERCE:—I will say this to you, that Consumption is hereditary in my wife's family; some have already died with the disease. My wife has a sister, Mrs. E.A. Cleary, that was taken with consumption. She used your "Golden Medical Discovery," and, to the surprise of her many friends, she got well. My wife has also had hemorrhages from the lungs, and her sister insisted on her using the 'Golden Medical Discovery." I consented to her using it, and it relieved her. She has had no symptoms of consumption for the past six years. People having this disease can take no better remedy.

Yours truly. W.C. Rogers, M.D. Stamps, La Fayette Co., Ark.



Gentlemen—Several years ago I spent many dollars for medicine, but in vain, and expected to die with consumption. But hearing of your Invalids' Hotel and Surgical Institute, I visited you.

To your advice and treatment I owe my life and present good health.

Hoping that you and your eminent faculty may be spared many years to cure the afflicted, I send you my best wishes.

Yours truly, ALBERT ROSENBERGER, Laotto, Noble Co., Ind.


Palatka, Putnam Co., Florida.


Gentlemen—About seven years ago I was taken with sore throat and tried some home remedies, and it grew worse; and then I went to a doctor here in town, and after trying his remedies for three or four months, which did me no good, then I tried Dr. —— remedies; and still I grew worse for two years when I wrote you about it. You advised me to take Dr. Pierce's Golden Medical Discovery and his "Pellets," according to directions, and they would cure me, and so they did after taking eight bottles of the "Discovery," and the "Pellets" to keep my bowels regular. We now take the "Discovery" and "Pellets" for all our aches and pains, and think there are no medicines half so good. We use no other.

Yours Truly, Mrs. Ellen Calvert



Gentlemen—In the winter of 1881, I became irregular in my monthly courses. Of course at first I paid but little attention to it, hoping it would amount to nothing and probably wear away. But I slowly but surely grew worse, and at last resolved to apply to the doctors for help. My water came often, and in small quantities, and with great pain, and with red brick-dust deposit. I was attacked with severe womb trouble, bloody piles and dropsy of the ovary. I was treated by five different doctors. I was compelled to wear an inside support for a year, but it still seemed impossible for me to get well and I began to feel exceedingly alarmed and very uneasy, not knowing what course to pursue, or what the consequences might be. I had heard of Dr. Pierce, and concluded to make one more trial, so I sat down and wrote a letter to him, stating matters as near as I could, and in due time I received a favorable reply; then I commenced with his medicine. I commenced somewhere in February 1891 with the "Golden Medical Discovery" and "Favorite Prescription," in alternate doses. A strange occurrence followed. My limbs felt like what we call "asleep," and I felt as if I were in a strange land and wondered what was going to take place. I kept on till I took nine bottles. The first relief I felt was from sick headache, which I had been troubled with for many years; I was also cured of a very bad cough which I had been troubled with for many years, and of dyspepsia of long standing. I was entirely cured of a very singular and severe itching on my back, between my shoulders, which our doctor's called winter itch and which they pronounced incurable. I had suffered with this for twenty years; it would come in the winter and go away in the summer. I was also cured of the worst form of bloody piles and of womb disease. At present I feel like a new person.

When I first commenced with Dr. Pierce's medicines, I could not walk half a mile without a pain. The other day I walked to Mercersburgh post-office, a distance of twelve miles, and the next day walked back again, and felt no bad results from the Journey. I am now 51 years old.

Mrs. Knavel further writes, that "To any person desiring to know more concerning my case and its wonderful cure, and who will enclose to me a return self-addressed and stamped envelope for reply, I will be pleased to write further information."

Yours respectfully, SARAH A. KNAVEL, Indian Springs, Washington Co. Md.


Mrs. Neal, of Crockett Mills, Tenn., had an attack of measles, followed by bronchitis and pneumonia. Her husband writes: "I feel gratified with the effect of your wonderful medicine. I can recommend it to anybody, and feel I am doing them justice. My wife was not able to perform her household duties for six months. She has used two bottles of 'Golden Medical Discovery,' and is now able to do all her work. I think it the finest medicine in the world, and I am, gratefully,

Your life-long friend, J.B. NEAL."




Gentlemen—I was very low—almost given up by two physicians who treated me with their very best skill and did not receive much benefit. I was attacked with "La Grippe" in December, 1891, and pleurisy, and was taken with a very bad cough, which kept growing worse. The physicians prescribed Emulsion of Cod Liver Oil, but no benefit. In June, 1892, I bled from the lungs; everybody thought I would die. A friend told me to try Dr. Pierce's medicines. I did so, and after taking six months' home-treatment I was cured. When I commenced taking his treatment I only weighed 130 pounds, now I weigh 175, and can do as good a day's work as I ever could. I can cheerfully say that I believe I owe my life to his valuable medicines.

Yours truly, G. RILEY SPRINKLE, California Creek, Madison Co., N.C.



Gentlemen—I was troubled with my lungs and stomach for five years. I could do no work hardly until I used Dr. Pierce's Golden Medical Discovery. After using five bottles of the "Golden Medical Discovery" and three vials of the "Pleasant Pellets" I was cured, and now I am doing the work for a family of nine. I tried other medicines and nothing would do me any good, and if I had not gotten your medicine I would have been in my grave. I could not recommend it too highly for the good it did me; it is the best medicine I ever got hold of.

MRS. E.C. VAN BOSKIRK, Selin's Grove, Snyder Co.,Penn.




Gentlemen—I wish to express my heartfelt thanks to you for the wonderful cure that your special remedies performed in my case. In the Spring of 1891, I had a severe attack of La Grippe, which left me in bad shape. I consulted as good a physician as there was in the county, and he told me that I was suffering from enlargement of the heart and that I must be very careful about taking: any violent exercise, and I must not allow myself to get excited, as excitement of any kind might prove fatal. He gave me remedies for my trouble which made me feel some better; but being a farmer I was obliged to work hard and soon began to run down. I began to have spells of a terribly deathly sinking feeling at my stomach and a terrible pressure at the heart—in the region of the heart, and sometimes I would fall prostrate and although I was conscious all the time I could not speak aloud.

The last of October, 1891, while doing my chores in the morning, I had one of those bad spells and upset my lantern, which resulted in my losing my buildings by fire.

My wife was out of health at that time—she, too, was suffering from the effects of La Grippe. Having lost everything eatable for ourselves and stock, I was forced to work very hard to get through the winter. The next February, 1892, we had another attack of La Grippe, which resulted in the death of my beloved wife. The next May, this terrible affliction together with hard work completely broke me down and although I was doctoring all the time I kept steadily growing worse. I got so bad that I could not sleep more than two or three hours any night and very often I would go all night without closing my eyes at all.

The last of September, I had to give up work almost entirely. I got so that I could not walk one-fourth of a mile without being completely exhausted. One physician whom I consulted said I was suffering with nervous prostration and gave me medicine for it, but I got no better. My food distressed me terribly and after eating, it would sour and I would have to vomit up the most that I had eaten. At last, I got so I had to live on bread made of wheat middlings and for about three months I could not eat anything else, although it seemed as though I should starve to death. I thought I would give anything if I could eat a hearty meal of anything that I wanted, but did not dare to because every kind of food distressed me so. My bowels became badly constipated and for three months I did not have a natural operation of the bowels; and I suffered very much with catarrh, and there was such a pressure across my forehead that it seemed sometimes as though it would burst. I became very despondent. I did not want to go anywhere, neither did I want to see any one, everything looked dark and gloomy to me. When well, I was naturally or a lively disposition and a great hand to joke with my friends, but no one could say anything funny enough to get a smile out of me then. I was always very fond of music too, but I could not bear to hear a bit of music, neither vocal nor instrumental. About the first of February, 1893, some of my friends prevailed upon me to consult a physician who made a specialty of treating chronic nervous troubles; he said I had no organic trouble of the heart and that it was caused by my stomach being out of order; he said that I had a bad kidney trouble and that my spine was affected, and that unless I got help it would end in "Locomotor Ataxia." He said he could help me but it would probably take a year to cure me. He let me have a month's treatment and gave me advice in regard to diet, etc. I thought for awhile that it was helping me but soon I began to go down hill again, and as a last resort I began to take some of the cure-alls (patent) with which the country is flooded; but I soon became disgusted with them and made up my mind there was no help for me. I had to use about all the strength I had to walk; I could not lift my left foot up to step over anything—had to draw it after me; I could hardly sleep; neither could I transact any business, in fact I did not take any interest in any of my affairs. It seemed to me as though I did not have a friend on earth, and I longed for death to come to put me out of my misery.

My son, with whom I was living, had been trying for a long time to get me to send to you for treatment, but I had paid out so much money and received no benefit from it, that I did not believe there was any help for me.

At last I thought I would write you what I could of my symptoms, and get your opinion of my case, but it took me about two days to write the letter. My head felt so bad that I could not collect myself enough to describe my feelings. You wrote me that my trouble was caused by indigestion, dyspepsia, catarrh, and spinal affection, and that you could cure me, and in fact, make a new man of me if I would send for your special treatment and follow your advice. My son sent for the medicine for me. I took it and followed your directions as near as I could; the first week I could not see much of any change—the second week I could see that I was improving some, the third week I could look back and see that I had gained considerable. I could sleep better; the bloating in my bowels did not trouble me so bad; my stomach did not distress me so much and I could eat different kinds of food and my digestion seemed to be improving fast; and by using your Special Catarrh Remedy my nose began to run (it had been nearly six months that my nose was perfectly dry) and one day it felt as though something gave way in my head—it seemed to be back, in behind my eyes, and I blowed a large amount of filth out of my head that looked like the yolk of an egg, and it was nearly as thick as jelly; after that my head began to improve rapidly and I began to gain in flesh and strength, and the best of all is, I have kept right on gaining until at the present time I feel as well as I ever did in my life. Sleep well, can eat three hearty meals every day and digest them too, and eat anything I want, and seven days in a week.

To look back now I don't see why I did not apply to you when I was first taken sick. For about ten years ago. I had treatment of you for catarrh, liver and kidney trouble, and you helped me then; also, about eight years ago my wife had two months' treatment from you which helped her of the troubles from which she was suffering at that time. All the reasons that I can give, is, that owing to financial troubles and having to pay out so much for sickness, I could not seem to get the money (that I could spare) to pay for the treatment.

Gentlemen, I wish I could express my thanks to you for what you have done for me, but I cannot do it. I am a poor hand to express myself, but I consider my restoration to health almost a miracle, and I firmly believe that I owe my life to you, for I do not believe that I should have lived till the present time had it not been for your Special Treatment. Now, if there is any part of this letter that you would wish to publish, you are at liberty to do so: and if it would be the means of directing any suffering fellow being to a place where they can get relief, I shall be very thankful.

Respectfully, C.M. NILES, East New Portland, Somerset Co., Maine.



Gentlemen—For a long time I was suffering from indigestion, catarrh and nervousness. I was so run down that I could not go to school, and, as the various remedies I tried did me no good, I applied to you, and was advised to try a course of special treatment. After taking only two months' medicines from your noble institution, I feel perfectly restored to health. I have, moreover, recovered my lost flesh, and I am pleased to say need no further medicines.

Yours truly, E.A. BALDWIN, Proctorsville, Windsor Co., Vermont.



Gentlemen—My daughter had for many months severe nasal catarrh with sores forming on the inside of nose; if not attended promptly the sores would come out on bridge of nose and also in the corner of nose and upper lip. We had several physicians attending her, but they gave her only temporary relief. We were advised by a friend who had used your remedies to try them. After using thirteen bottles of Doctor Sage's Catarrh Remedy, and at the same time two bottles of Doctor Pierce's Golden Medical Discovery my daughter was completely cured of the dreaded disease and in the past three years has had no symptoms of the disease ever coming back. I am satisfied the above medicines will cure any kind of catarrh.

Yours truly, JOSEPH POLLAK, McPherson, McPherson Co., Kan.



DR. R.V. PIERCE, 663 Main Street, Buffalo N.Y.:

Dear Sir—Without solicitation from you, I feel it my duty to suffering humanity, to make known the virtues of your medicine in curing catarrh. About ten years ago, I first began to realize that I was the victim of nasal catarrh; I tried every known remedy, but gradually grew worse. My ears would gather and break; nights of restlessness would succeed days of agony. The disease finally attacked my left lung, and I despaired of obtaining relief. About six years since I began the use of Dr. Sage's Catarrh Remedy, in connection with the "Golden Medical Discovery," and by the persistent use of the above remedies I feel that I am completely cured of this loathsome disease.

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