The Florentine Painters of the Renaissance - With An Index To Their Works
by Bernhard Berenson
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1384-after 1435.

Bremen. KUNSTHALLE, 164. Madonna. 1423. Castiglione d'Olona. CHURCH. Frescoes: Life of Virgin. BAPTISTERY. Frescoes: Life of Baptist. PALAZZO CASTIGLIONE. Frescoes: A Landscape and Friezes. Empoli. DUOMO, BAPTISTERY. Fresco: Pieta. S. STEFANO. Fresco in an Arch: Madonna and Angels. Probably 1424. Florence. CARMINE, BRANCACCI CHAPEL. Frescoes: Preaching of St. Peter; Raising of Tabitha and Healing of Cripple; Fall of Adam and Eve. Munich. 1019. Madonna and Angels. Naples. Christ receiving Virgin in Paradise. Founding of S. Maria Maggiore. Rome. VATICAN, MUSEO CRISTIANO, CASE P, V. Predella: Dormition (?). CASE R, II. Crucifixion (in part?). S. CLEMENTE. Frescoes: Episodes from Lives of SS. Ambrose and Catherine of Alexandria; Crucifixion (some of these frescoes are completely repainted). Scotland. GOSFORD HOUSE, EARL OF WEMYSS. Annunciation. Todi. S. FORTUNATO, FOURTH CHAPEL R. Fresco: Madonna with two Angels.


1475-1564. Pupil of Ghirlandaio; influenced by the works of Jacopo della Quercia, Donatello, and Signorelli.

Florence. UFFIZI, 1139. Tondo: Holy Family. London. 790. Deposition (unfinished). Rome. VATICAN, SIXTINE CHAPEL. Frescoes: On Ceiling, 1508-1512. W. WALL. Last Judgment. 1534-1541. CAPPELLA PAOLINA. Frescoes: Conversion of Paul; Martyrdom of St. Peter. L.


Berlin. Small Marble Apollo. Bologna. S. DOMENICO. S. Petronio; An Angel (for Ark of St. Dominic). 1494. Bruges. NOTRE DAME. Madonna. Finished before August, 1506. Florence. ACADEMY. David. 1504. Life size model of reclining Male Figure. COURT. St. Matthew. 1504. BARGELLO. Bacchus. E. Bust of Brutus. Tondo, Relief: Madonna. Apollo. COURT. Victory. BOBOLI GARDENS, GROTTO. Four unfinished Figures. CASA BUONARROTI. Reliefs: Centaurs and Lapithae. E. Madonna. E. DUOMO, BEHIND HIGH ALTAR. Pieta. L. S. LORENZO, NEW SACRISTY. Madonna; Tombs of Lorenzo dei Medici, Duke of Urbino, and Giuliano, Duke of Nemours. Left unfinished 1534. London. BURLINGTON HOUSE, DIPLOMA GALLERY. Tondo, Relief: Madonna. VICTORIA AND ALBERT MUSEUM. Cupid. BEIT COLLECTION. Young Athlete (bronze). Milan. PRINCE TRIVULZIO. Small Slave (bronze). Paris. ROOM OF RENAISSANCE SCULPTURE. Two Slaves. Rome. PALAZZO RONDANINI. Pieta (unfinished). L. S. MARIA SOPRA MINERVA. Christ with Cross. Finished 1521. ST. PETER'S. Pieta. 1499. S. PIETRO IN VINCOLI. Moses, Rachel, and Leah. St. Petersburg. Crouching Boy.



Andrea, 1308(?)-1368. Pupil of Andrea Pisano; follower of Giotto; influenced by Ambrogio Lorenzetti of Siena.

Of the brothers, Nardo, who died in 1365, was scarcely his inferior.

The only painting certainly from Andrea's hand is the altarpiece at S. Maria Novella. The frescoes in the same church are probably by Nardo.

Budapest. 50. Madonna and Angels. Florence. ACADEMY, 14. Vision of St. Bernard and Saints. 40. Trinity with Evangelist and St. Romuald. 1365. UFFIZI, 10. St. Bartholomew and Angel (?). E. 29. Coronation of the Virgin. THIRD TUSCAN ROOM. 20. St. Matthew Triptych. Begun in 1367. MR. B. BERENSON. St. Benedict receiving a Novice. BADIA, CAPPELLA BONSI. Descent of Holy Spirit. S. CROCE, SACRISTY. Madonna with SS. Gregory and Job. 1365. S. MARIA NOVELLA, L. TRANSEPT. Altarpiece. 1357. Frescoes: Paradise; Last Judgment; Hell. CLOISTER. Frescoes: Annunciation to Joachim and Anne; Meeting of Same; Birth of Virgin; Presentation of Virgin in Temple; Full length figures of Saints. CERTOSA (near Florence), CHAPEL. Madonna. London. 569-578. Coronation and Saints, with nine smaller panels representing the Trinity, Angels, and Gospel Scenes. New Haven (U. S. A.). JARVES COLLECTION, 25. Baptist. 26. St. Peter. Palermo. BARON CHIARAMONTE-BORDONARO. Madonna.

SCULPTURE (by Andrea).

Berlin. VON KAUFMANN COLLECTION. Head of female Saint. Florence. BARGELLO. 139. Angel playing Viol. OR SAN MICHELE. Tabernacle. Finished 1359.


1422-1457. Pupil possibly of his grandfather, Giuliano Pesello; follower of Fra Angelico, Masaccio and Domenico Veneziano, but chiefly of Fra Filippo Lippi.

Altenburg. LINDENAU MUSEUM, 96. SS. Jerome and Francis. Bergamo. MORELLI, 9. Florentine arraigned before a Judge. 11. Story of Griselda. Berlin. Small Crucifixion. Boston (U. S. A.). MRS. J. L. GARDNER. Two Cassone panels: Triumphs of Petrarch. Chantilly. MUSEE CONDE, 11. Madonna and Saints. 12. Adoration of Magi. (?). Empoli. OPERA DEL DUOMO, 24. Madonna and Saints. Florence. ACADEMY, 72. Predelle: Nativity; Martyrdom of SS. Cosmas and Damian; Miracle of St. Antony of Padua. Gloucester. HIGHNAM COURT, SIR HUBERT PARRY, 95. Annunciation. London. COL. G. L. HOLFORD, DORCHESTER HOUSE. Madonna and Saints. Milan. POLDI-PEZZOLI, 436. Annunciation (early XVI century copy). 587. Pieta. Paris. 1414. Predelle: Miracle of SS. Cosmas and Damian; St. Francis receiving the Stigmata. Rome. PRINCE DORIA. Predelle: Pope Sylvester before Constantine; Pope Sylvester subduing Dragon. Wantage. LOCKINGE HOUSE, LADY WANTAGE. Two Cassone panels: Story of David.


1462-1521. Pupil of Cosimo Rosselli; influenced by Verrocchio, Signorelli, Filippino, Leonardo, and Credi.

Berlin. 107. Venus, Cupid, and Mars. 204. Adoration of Shepherds. VON KAUFMANN COLLECTION. Prometheus Myth (Cf. Strasburg). Borgo San Lorenzo (Mugello). CHIESA DEL CROCIFISSO. Madonna with St. Thomas and Baptist. Chantilly. MUSEE CONDE, 13. "La Bella Simonetta." Dresden. 20. Holy Family and Angels. Dulwich. Head of Young Man. Fiesole. S. FRANCESCO. Coronation of Virgin (in part). L. Florence. PITTI, 370. Head of a Saint. UFFIZI. Immaculate Conception. 82, 83, 84. Story of Perseus and Andromeda. 1312. Rescue of Andromeda. 3414. Portrait of "Caterina Sforza" (?). MAGAZINE. Tondo: Madonna with infant John. L. INNOCENTI, GALLERY. Holy Family and Saints. S. LORENZO, R. TRANSEPT. Madonna and Saints adoring Child. Glasgow. MR. WILLIAM BEATTIE. Tondo: Madonna with the two Holy Children embracing. The Hague. 254, 255. Giuliano di Sangallo and his Father. Harrow-on-the-Hill. REV. J. STOGDON. Large Nativity with three Saints and three Donors (?). E. Tondo: Madonna and Angels. London. 698. Death of Procris. 895. Portrait of Man in Armour. HERTFORD HOUSE. Triumph of Venus (?). MR. ROBERT BENSON. Hylas and the Nymphs. E. Portrait of Clarissa Orsini (?). EARL OF PLYMOUTH. Head of Young Man. MR. CHARLES RICKETTS. Combat of Centaurs and Lapithae (Cf. New York). MR. A. E. STREET. Tondo: Madonna adoring Child. Lyons. M. EDOUARD AYNARD. Tondo: Madonna with Lamb. Milan. BORROMEO. Madonna. L. PRINCE TRIVULZIO. Madonna and Angels. L. New Haven (U. S. A.). JARVES COLLECTION, 68. Lady holding Rabbit. Newlands Manor (Hampshire). COL. CORNWALLIS WEST. Visitation. New York. METROPOLITAN MUSEUM. The Hunt. Return from the Hunt (Cf. Mr. Ricketts, London). Oxford. CHRIST CHURCH LIBRARY, 2. Tondo: Pieta. L. Paris. 1274. The Young Baptist. 1416. Coronation of Virgin. L. 1662. Madonna. Philadelphia. MR. JOHN G. JOHNSON. Bust of Physician. Portrait of Man. 1512. Madonna (fragment). Rome. BORGHESE. 329. Judgment of Solomon. 335. Holy Family L. (?). 343. Tondo: Madonna and Angels adoring Child. CORSINI. Magdalen. Pieta. VATICAN, SIXTINE CHAPEL. Fresco: Destruction of Pharaoh. 1482. Scotland. (Glasgow, Cf. Glasgow). CAWDER HOUSE (BISHOPBRIGGS, NEAR GLASGOW), CAPT. ARCHIBALD STIRLING. Madonna and infant John. GOSFORD HOUSE, EARL OF WEMYSS. Bust of Man. NEWBATTLE ABBEY (DALKEITH), MARQUESS OF LOTHIAN. Mythological Scene. Siena. MONASTERO DEL SANTUCCIO, ALTAR L. Nativity. Stockholm. ROYAL GALLERY. Madonna. Strasburg. UNIVERSITY GALLERY, 216A. Madonna. 216B. Prometheus Myth (Cf. Von Kaufmann Collection, Berlin). Vienna. HARRACH COLLECTION, 136. Holy Family and Angels. L. PRINCE LIECHTENSTEIN. Madonna and infant John. L. Tondo: Landscape with Water, etc. Worksop (Nottinghamshire). CLUMBER PARK, DUKE OF NEWCASTLE. Altarpiece with Predelle: Madonna with St. Peter and Baptist and kneeling Ecclesiastic.


Known to have been active during the last three decades of the fifteenth century. Pupil possibly of Fra Angelico or Benozzo Gozzoli; influenced by Neri di Bicci; eclectic imitator of Alesso Baldovinetti, Fra Filippo, and Pesellino. Some of the best of the following are copies of the two last and of Compagno di Pesellino.

Altenburg. LINDENAU MUSEUM, 97. Madonna with infant John. Bergamo. MORELLI, 36. SS. Jerome and Francis (version of Pesellino at Altenburg). Berlin. 71A. Madonna against Rose-hedge (version of M. Aynard's Compagno di Pesellino). Brussels. Madonna. Budapest. 55. Madonna and infant John. Cambridge (U. S. A.). FOGG MUSEUM. Madonna. Castelnuovo di Val d'Elsa. S. BARBARA, HIGH ALTAR. Madonna and Saints surrounded by Frescoes. FIRST ALTAR R. Madonna and Saints. Certaldo. PALAZZO DEI PRIORI, LOWER FLOOR. Fresco: Pieta. 1484. Fresco: Incredulity of Thomas. UPPER FLOOR. Fresco: Madonna. 1495. CAPPELLA DEL PONTE D'AGLIENA. Frescoes: Tobias and Angel. St. Jerome. Cleveland (U. S. A.). HOLDEN COLLECTION, 8. Madonna adoring Child. Colle di Val d'Elsa. PALAZZO ANTICO DEL COMUNE. Altarpiece: Madonna and four Saints, Predelle, etc. Madonna with SS. Bernardino, Antony Abbot, Magdalen, and Catherine. VIA GOZZINA. Tabernacle, Fresco: Madonna and two Bishops. VIA S. LUCIA. Frescoes in Tabernacle: Annunciation and various fragments. Detroit (U. S. A.). 4. Madonna adoring Child. Dijon. DONATION JULES MACIET. Madonna and infant John. Eastnor Castle (Ledbury). LADY HENRY SOMERSET. Madonna against Rose-hedge (version of M. Aynard's Compagno di Pesellino at Lyons). Empoli. OPERA DEL DUOMO, 22. Madonna and four Saints. 30. Madonna. Englewood (New Jersey, U. S. A.). MR. D. F. PLATT. Madonna with Angel and infant John. Florence. UFFIZI, 61. Madonna and Angels (copied from Compagno di Pesellino formerly in Hainauer Collection, Berlin). BARGELLO, CARRAND COLLECTION, 15. Madonna with infant John. CENACOLO DI S. APPOLONIA. Nativity. MR. EDMUND HOUGHTON. Madonna adoring Child. CONTE SERRISTORI. Madonna. S. FRANCESCO DELLE STIMATE. Madonna. S. GIOVANNINO DEI CAVALIERI, SACRISTY. Madonna. Frankfort a./M. STAeDELINSTITUT, 10. Madonna and Angels. Frome (Somerset). MELLS PARK, LADY HORNER. Madonna, Saints, and Angels. Gloucester. HIGHNAM COURT, SIR HUBERT PARRY. 48. Madonna with infant John (Cf. Herr Brachts' Compagno di Pesellino, Berlin). 56. Madonna, with two Angels. Goettingen. UNIVERSITY GALLERY, 226. Copy of Fra Filippo's Annunciation (in the Doria Gallery, Rome). Gubbio. PINACOTECA, 49. Madonna and infant John. Hamburg. WEBER COLLECTION, 22. Madonna and St. Catherine against Rose-hedge. Harrow-on-the-Hill. REV. J. STOGDON. Madonna and infant John (after Fra Filippo). Hatfield. WARREN WOOD, MR. CHARLES BUTLER. Two Madonnas. Le Mans. MUSEE, 407. Madonna. Lille. MUSEE, 21. Madonna and Angel. 929. Procris and Cephalus (?). 930. Scene in Temple (?). Liverpool. WALKER ART GALLERY, 19. Head of Woman (possibly copy of lost portrait of Lucrezia Buti by Fra Filippo). 23. Madonna and Angels. London. 1199. Madonna, infant John, and Angels. VICTORIA AND ALBERT MUSEUM. Fresco: Baptist and St. Dorothy. IONIDES BEQUEST. Madonna (version of M. Aynard's Compagno di Pesellino at Lyons). MR. CHARLES BUTLER. Madonna. MR. WILLIAM E. GREY. Madonna and infant John (after Fra Filippo). MRS. LOUISA HERBERT. Madonna in Landscape. LADY HORNER. Nativity. Montefortino (near Amandola, Marches). MUNICIPIO. Madonna with Tobias and two Archangels. 1497. Narbonne. MUSEE, 243. Tondo: Madonna and Angels adoring Child. New Haven (U. S. A.). JARVES COLLECTION. 61. Madonna; St. Catherine, and Angels (perhaps after a lost Filippo). Palermo. BARON CHIARAMONTE BORDONARO, 54. Madonna and Angels. Parcieux (near Trevoux). LA GRANGE BLANCHE, M. HENRI CHALANDON. Madonna and two Angels. Paris. MME. EDOUARD ANDRE. Madonna with Baptist and Angels. Painted Flower background to Desideriesque gesso relief of Madonna. M. LEON BONNAT. Madonna and Angels. M. HENRI HEUGEL. Madonna and infant John (after Fra Filippo). Pavia. GALLERIA MALASPINA, 25. Madonna with SS. Catherine and Antony Abbot. Perugia. MARCHESE MENICONI BRACCESCHI. Madonna and infant John (after Fra Filippo). Philadelphia. MR. JOHN G. JOHNSON. Madonna with two Angels. Madonna against Rose-hedge (version of M. Aynard's Compagno di Pesellino at Lyons). ELKINS PARK, MR. PETER WIDENER. Madonna against Rose-hedge (version of M. Aynard's Compagno di Pesellino at Lyons). Richmond (Surrey). SIR FREDERICK COOK. Madonna. San Gemignano. MUNICIPIO, PINACOTECA. Madonna between two kneeling Saints. 1477. SALA DEL GIUDICE CONCILIATORE. Fresco: Trinity and small scenes from sacred Legends. 1497. TOWER. Fresco: Madonna. S. AGOSTINO, FIRST ALTAR R. Madonna and Saints. 1494. COLLEGIATA, NAVE. Monochrome Frescoes: Ten Disciples in medallions, and two smaller Busts; decoration of Putti and Garlands. 1474-1475. OVER TRIUMPHAL ARCH. Fresco: Dead Christ. 1474-1475. L. AISLE, SPANDRILS OF ARCHES. Frescoes: Abraham and six Prophets. L. WALL. Fresco: Adam and Eve driven forth from Paradise (original fresco of Taddeo di Bartolo restored by Pier Francesco). CLOISTER. Fresco: Dead Christ. 1477. S. JACOPO, PILLAR R. Fresco: St. James. S. LUCIA, BEHIND HIGH ALTAR. Fresco: Crucifixion. E. CAPPELLA DI MONTE (near San Gemignano). Madonna with SS. Antony Abbot and Bartholomew. 1490. S. MARIA ASSUNTA A PANCOLE (near San Gemignano). Madonna. PIEVE DI ULIGNANO (near San Gemignano). Madonna with SS. Stephen and Bartholomew. Siena. 149-152. Triumphs of Petrarch. 209. Nativity. Sinalunga (Val di Chiana). S. MARTINO, SACRISTY. Tondo: Madonna and infant John. Todi. PINACOTECA. Madonna. Vienna. FANITEUM (UeBER ST. VEIT). Fresco: Madonna with Bishop and St. Christina. 1485. COUNT LANCKORONSKI. Madonna against Rose-hedge. Volterra. MUNICIPIO. Fresco: Crucifixion. ORATORIO DI S. ANTONIO. Nativity.


Antonio. 1429-1498. Pupil of Donatello and Andrea del Castagno; strongly influenced by Baldovinetti. Sculptor as well as painter.

Piero. 1443-1496. Pupil of Baldovinetti; worked mainly on his brother's designs. (Where the execution can be clearly distinguished as of either of the brothers separately, the fact is indicated).

Berlin. 73. Annunciation (Piero). 73A. David (Antonio). Boston (U. S. A.). MRS. J. L. GARDNER. Profile of Lady (Antonio). Florence. UFFIZI, 30. Portrait of Galeazzo Sforza. 69. Hope. 70. Justice. 71. Temperance. (The execution of these three was perhaps largely the work of pupils.) 72. Faith (Piero). 73. Cartoon for "Charity" (on back of picture, the execution of which is studio work). (Antonio). 1469. 1153. Hercules and the Hydra; Hercules and Antaeus (Antonio). 1301. SS. Eustace, James, and Vincent (Piero). 1467. 1306. Prudence (Piero). 1470. 3358. Miniature Profile of Lady (Piero). TORRE DI GALLO (ARCETRI). Fresco (discovered in 1897 and since then entirely repainted): Dance of Nudes (Antonio). S. MINIATO, PORTUGUESE CHAPEL. Fresco (around Window): Flying Angels (executed probably 1466). (Antonio). S. NICCOLO. Fresco: Assumption of Virgin (Piero). E. London. 292. St. Sebastian (Antonio). 1475. 928. Apollo and Daphne (Antonio). New Haven (U. S. A.). JARVES COLLECTION, 64. Hercules and Nessus (Antonio). New York. METROPOLITAN MUSEUM, 85. Fresco; St. Christopher (Piero). Paris. 1367A. Madonna (Piero) (?). San Gemignano. COLLEGIATA, CHOIR. Coronation of Virgin (Piero). 1483. Staggia (near Siena). S. MARIA ASSUNTA, R. TRANSEPT. St. Mary of Egypt upborne by Angels (design Antonio, execution Piero). Strasburg. 212A. Madonna enthroned (Piero). Turin. 117. Tobias and the Angel.


Assisi. S. FRANCESCO. Altar-frontal embroidered probably from designs by Piero. Florence. BARGELLO. Bust of Young Warrior (Terra-cotta). Hercules and Antaeus (Bronze). OPERA DEL DUOMO. Enamels in Pedestal of Silver Crucifix. Finished 1459. Birth of Baptist (Relief in Silver). Twenty-seven Scenes from Life of Baptist (embroideries after Antonio's designs). 1466-1473. London. VICTORIA AND ALBERT MUSEUM. "Discord" (Relief in Gesso). Rome. ST. PETER'S, CHAPEL OF SACRAMENT. Tomb of Sixtus IV (Bronze). Finished 1493. L. AISLE. Tomb of Innocent VIII (Bronze). Finished 1498.

PONTORMO (Jacopo Carucci).

1494-1556. Pupil of Andrea del Sarto; influenced by Michelangelo.

Bergamo. MORELLI, 59. Portrait of Baccio Bandinelli. Berlin. Portrait of Andrea del Sarto (not exhibited). HERR VON DIRKSEN. Portrait of a Lady seated. Borgo San Sepolcro. MUNICIPIO. St. Quentin in the Pillory (in part). Carmignano (near Florence). PARISH CHURCH. Visitation. Dzikow (Poland). M. ZANISLAS TARNOWSKI. Full face bust of oldish Lady in velvet, lace, and pearls. Florence. ACADEMY, 183. Pieta. L. 190. Christ at Emmaus. 1528. Fresco (behind the Giotto): Hospital of S. Matteo, E. PITTI, 149. Portrait of Man in Armour with Dog (?). 182. Martyrdom of forty Saints. 233. St. Antony. L. 249. Portrait of Man. 379. Adoration of Magi. UFFIZI, 1177. Madonna with SS. Francis and Jerome. 1187. Martyrdom of S. Maurizio. 1198. Birth Plate: Birth of St. John. 1220. Portrait of Man. 1267. Cosimo del Medici. 1270. Cosimo I, Duke of Florence. 1284. Venus and Cupid (designed by Michelangelo). COLLEGIO MILITARE, POPE'S CHAPEL. Frescoes. 1513. MUSEO DI S. MARCO, ROOM 38. Portrait of Cosimo dei Medici. PALAZZO CAPPONI, MARCHESE FARINOLA. Madonna and infant John. CORSINI GALLERY, 141. Madonna and infant John. 185. Madonna and infant John. SS. ANNUNZIATA, CLOISTER R. Fresco: Visitation. 1516. CAPPELLA DI S. LUCA. Fresco: Madonna and Saints. E. S. FELICITA, CHAPEL R. Altarpiece: Deposition. Frescoes: Annunciation; Medallions of Prophets. S. MICHELE VISDOMINI. Holy Family and Saints. 1518. CERTOSA (near Florence). CLOISTER. Fresco: Christ before Pilate. 1523. POGGIO A CAJANO (Royal Villa near Florence). Decorative fresco around window: Vertumnus, Pomona, Diana, and other figures. 1521. Frankfort a./M. STAeDELINSTITUT, 14A. Portrait of Lady with Dog. Genoa. PALAZZO BIANCO. Portrait of Youth. PALAZZO BRIGNOLE-SALE. Man in Red with Sword. Hatfield. WARREN WOOD, MR. CHARLES BUTLER. Birth Plate. London. 1131. Joseph and his Kindred in Egypt. E. MR. LUDWIG MOND. A Conversation. EARL OF PLYMOUTH. Portrait of Youth. Lucca. SALA I, 5. Portrait of Youth. Milan. PRINCE TRIVULZIO. Portrait of Rinuccini Lady. Portrait of Youth holding Book. New Haven (U. S. A.). JARVES COLLECTION, 100. Cosimo dei Medici. L. 104. Bust of Lady. L. Oldenburg. 19. Portrait of Lady. Palermo. 406. Judith. L. Panshanger (Hertford). Portrait of Youth. Two panels with Story of Joseph. E. Paris. 1240. Holy Family and Saints. 1543. 1241. Portrait of Engraver of Precious Stones. Pontormo (near Empoli). PARISH CHURCH. SS. John the Evangelist and Michael. E. Rome. BARBERINI GALLERY, 83. Pygmalion and Galatea. BORGHESE GALLERY, 75. Lucretia (?). 173. Tobias and Angel. L. 408. Portrait of Cardinal. CORSINI GALLERY, 577. Bust of Man. Scotland. KEIR (DUNBLANE), CAPTAIN ARCHIBALD STIRLING. Portrait of Bartolommeo Compagni. NEWBATTLE ABBEY (DALKEITH), MARQUESS OF LOTHIAN. Portrait of Youth. Turin. 122. Portrait of Lady. Vienna. 45. Portrait of Lady. L. 48. Portrait of Lady. L. 50. Young Man with Letter (?).


1439-1507. Pupil of Neri di Bicci; influenced by Benozzo Gozzoli and Alesso Baldovinetti.

Agram (Croatia). STROSSMAYER COLLECTION. Madonna and two Angels. Amsterdam. DR. OTTO LANZ. Madonna with St. Joseph and two Angels adoring Child. Berlin. 59. Madonna, Saints, and Angels. L. 59A. Glory of St. Anne. 1471. (MAGAZINE.) 71. Entombment. Breslau. SCHLESISCHES MUSEUM. 171. Madonna and infant John. Cambridge. FITZWILLIAM MUSEUM, 556. Madonna and four Saints. 1493. Cologne. 518. Madonna, Saints, and Innocents. E. Cortona. SIGNOR COLONNESI. Madonna with SS. Jerome and Antony of Padua. Duesseldorf. AKADEMIE, 110. Madonna adoring Child (?). Eastnor Castle (Ledbury). LADY HENRY SOMERSET. Madonna with SS. Sebastian and Michael. Empoli. OPERA DEL DUOMO, 32. Holy Family and infant John. Fiesole. DUOMO, SALUTATI CHAPEL. Frescoes: Various Saints. Florence. ACADEMY, 52. SS. Barbara, John, and Matthew. E. 160. Nativity. 275. Moses and Abraham. 276. David and Noah. UFFIZI, 50. Coronation of Virgin. 59. Madonna adored by two Angels. 65. Adoration of Magi. E. 65. (From S. M. Nuova). Madonna in Clouds. 1280 bis. Madonna, Saints, and Angels. 1492. VIA RICASOLI. Fresco in shrine: Madonna enthroned and two Angels. MR. B. BERENSON. Madonna. CORSINI GALLERY, 339. Tondo: Madonna and Angels adoring Child. MME. FINALI, VILLA LANDAU. Preaching of St. Bernardino. SIGNOR ANGELO ORVIETO. Nativity. S. AMBROGIO, THIRD ALTAR L. Assumption and Predella. 1498. CHAPEL OF SACRAMENT. Frescoes: Miraculous Chalice, etc. 1486. SS. ANNUNZIATA, L. CLOISTER. Fresco: St. Filippo Benizzi taking Servite Habit. 1476. S. CROCE, CAPPELLA MEDICEA, OVER DOOR. Lunette: God and Cherubim (?) S. MARIA MADDALENA DEI PAZZI. Coronation of Virgin. 1505. Genoa. PALAZZO ADORNO. Small Triumphs. Lille. 667. St. Mary of Egypt. Liverpool. WALKER ART GALLERY, 15. St. Lawrence. London. 1196. Combat of Love and Chastity. MR. CHARLES BUTLER. St. Catherine of Siena instituting her Order. Madonna and Cherubs. Lucca. DUOMO, WALL L. OF ENTRANCE. Fresco: Story of True Cross. S FRANCESCO. Frescoes: Presentation of Virgin, etc. Milan. CONTE CASATTI. Nativity. Muenster i./W. KUNSTVEREIN, 33. Madonna with Gabriel and infant John. Paris. 1656. Annunciation and Saints. 1471. MUSEE DES ARTS DECORATIFS. LEGS M. PEYRE, 253. Madonna and two Angels. MME. EDOUARD ANDRE. Madonna and Angels adoring Child. M. JOSEPH SPIRIDON. Portrait of Man. Philadelphia. MR. JOHN G. JOHNSON. Madonna with Child holding Bird and Pomegranate. E. Reigate. THE PRIORY, Mr. Somers Somerset. Small Descent from Cross. Rome. VATICAN, SIXTINE CHAPEL. Frescoes: Christ Preaching. Moses destroying the Tables of the Law. Last Supper (but not the scenes visible through painted windows). All 1482. MR. LUDWIG MOND. Madonna and Angel adoring Child. Turin. 106. Triumph of Chastity.


1494-1541. Pupil of Andrea del Sarto; influenced by Pontormo and Michelangelo.

Arezzo. SALA II, 6. Christ bearing Cross. Borgo San Sepolcro. ORFANELLE. Deposition. Citta di Castello. DUOMO. Transfiguration. Finished 1528. Dijon. 68. Bust of Baptist. Florence. PITTI, 113. Three Fates. 237. Madonna and Saints. UFFIZI, 1241. Angel playing Guitar. Madonna and four Saints with two Putti reading, 1517. BARGELLO, DELLA ROBBIA ROOM. Fresco: Justice. SS. ANNUNZIATA, R. CLOISTER. Fresco: Assumption. S. LORENZO. Sposalizio. Frankfort a./M. STAeDELINSTITUT, 14. Madonna. Paris. 1485. Pieta. 1486. Challenge of the Pierides. Siena. Portrait of Young Man. Turin. ARMERIA REALE, F. 3. Designs for Buckler with Wars of Jugurtha and Marius. Venice. ACADEMY, 46. Profile bust of Man in red Cloak and Hat. Vienna. COUNT LANCKORONSKI. Madonna. E. Two naked Putti. Volterra. MUNICIPIO. Deposition. 1521.



1441 or 2-1493. Pupil of Fra Filippo; influenced slightly by Castagno's works; imitated most of his Florentine contemporaries, especially Botticelli, Ghirlandajo, and Amico di Sandro.

Altenburg. LINDENAU MUSEUM, 99. Adoration of Magi. 105. Madonna with Tobias and John. 150. St. Jerome. Arezzo. SALA II, 9. Madonna against Rose-hedge. Bergamo. CARRARA, 167. Bust of Christ holding head of Lance. Berlin. 94. Meeting of young Christ and Baptist. 1055. Pieta. 1483. 1132, 1133. Death of Julius Caesar. HERR EUGEN SCHWEIZER. Nativity with infant John. Bonn. UNIVERSITY GALLERY, 1139. St. Jerome. Bordeaux. MUSEE, 48. Ecce Homo. Brandenburg a./H. WREDOWSCHE ZEICHNENSCHULE, 65. Adoration. Breslau. SCHLESISCHES MUSEUM, 189. St. Jerome. Budapest. 56. Esther before Ahasuerus. (MAGAZINE) 1221. St. Jerome. 1369. St. Jerome. Caen. MUSEE, 58. Madonna with infant John and Angel. Castiglione Fiorentino. PINACOTECA, 14. Pool of Bethesda. Chantilly. MUSEE CONDE, 14. Madonna in Landscape. Dijon. MUSEE, Donation Maciet. Small Adoration of Magi, with SS. Andrew and Catherine (?). Eastnor Castle (Ledbury). LADY HENRY SOMERSET. Madonna and Saints. Empoli. OPERA DEL DUOMO, 29. Madonna and infant John. 33. Madonna in Glory with SS. Peter Martyr and Nicholas. Englewood (New Jersey, U. S. A.). MR. D. F. PLATT. St. Jerome. Fiesole. S. ANSANO (to be transferred to Museo). Four Triumphs of Petrarch. Florence. ACADEMY, 150. Pieta. PITTI, 364. Madonna and infant John adoring Child. UFFIZI, 66-68. Story of Esther. 1573. Pieta. BIGALLO. Tondo: Madonna, Saints, and Angels. CENACOLO DI S. APPOLONIA. Entombment. Adoration of Magi. MUSEO DI SAN MARCO, OSPIZIO, 21. Annunciation. MR. HERBERT P. HORNE. St. Jerome. S. FREDIANO, SACRISTY. Christ on Cross and Saints. S. JACOPO SOPRA ARNO, SACRISTY. Pieta. S. LUCIA DE' MAGNOLI ("TRA LE ROVINATE"), FIRST ALTAR L. Annunciation. LA QUIETE. Adoration of Magi, with Trinity and Angels above. S. SPIRITO. Antependium: St. Lawrence. GANGALANDI (between Florence and Signa), S. MARTINO, R. WALL. Madonna, with Eternal in lunette. Gloucester. HIGHNAM COURT, SIR HUBERT PARRY. 23. Madonna and St. Peter Martyr adoring Child. 32. Head of Angel. Goettingen. UNIVERSITY GALLERY, 237. Meeting of Young Christ and John. Hanover. PROVINZIALMUSEUM. Pieta and other Scenes. Ince Blundell Hall (Blundellsands, Lancashire). MR. CHARLES WELD BLUNDELL. Nativity. Lille. MUSEE, 995. Madonna. Liverpool. WALKER ART GALLERY, 21. Adventures of Ulysses. London. 916. Venus and Cupids. MR. BRINSLEY MARLAY. Cassone-front: Cupid and Psyche. MR. CHARLES BUTLER. Cassone-front: Cupid and Psyche. EARL CRAWFORD. Brutus and Portia. St. Mary of Egypt. St. Jerome. Baptist. EARL OF ILCHESTER. Ecce Homo. Madonna. MR. CHARLES RICKETTS. Madonna and infant John. MR. GEORGE SALTING. Tondo: Madonna and Angels adoring Child. MR. VERNON WATNEY. Marriage Feast of Nastagio degli Onesti. 1483. Lyons. MUSEE, 62. Deposition. M. EDOUARD AYNARD. Epiphany. Pieta. Marseilles. MUSEE. Madonna and Angels (copy of lost Amico di Sandro). Milan. CONTI BAGATI VALSECCHI. Cassone-front: Story of Griselda. PRINCE TRIVULZIO. Young Baptist. Madonna in Niche (?). Munich. 1002. St. Sebastian. 1004. Adoration of Magi. 1007. Annunciation. E. Muenster i./W. KUNSTVEREIN, 1377. Tobias and the Angel. Nantes. MUSEE DES BEAUX ARTS, 220. Madonna (?). 273. Madonna. MUSEE DOBRET, 384. Crucifixion. New Haven (U. S. A.). JARVES COLLECTION, 41. Madonna adoring Child. 52. St. Jerome. 72. Madonna in Clouds with Cherubim (version of picture by Rosselli in Uffizi). 80. St. Sebastian. 1479. 82. Diana and Actaeon. 85. Creation of Adam and Eve. New York. JAMES COLLECTION. Cassone-front: Story of Actaeon. MR. STANLEY MORTIMER. Madonna adoring Child. Oxford. CHRIST CHURCH LIBRARY, 1. Madonna adoring Child. MR. T. W. JACKSON. Madonna and infant John. Palermo. BARON CHIARAMONTE BORDONARO, 62. Tondo: Nativity. Paris. 1299. Venus and Cupids. 1300A. Madonna and two Angels (copy of lost Amico di Sandro; Cf. Marseilles). 1658. St. Jerome. Story of Esther. M. LEON BONNAT. Madonna and infant John. M. GUSTAVE DREYFUS. Madonna and infant John (?). BARON MICHELE LAZZARONI. Pieta. Panel for Story of Esther. M. EUGENE RICHTEMBERGER. Nativity. Peace Dale (Rhode Island, U. S. A.). MRS. BACON, THE ACORNS. Madonna adoring Child. Philadelphia. MR. JOHN G. JOHNSON. Battle Piece. Madonna and Angels against hedge of Pinks. Story of Nastagio degli Onesti. Madonna adoring Child. David. Poitiers. HOTEL DE VILLE, 102. Madonna. Rome. COUNT GREGORI STROGANOFF. Head of Virgin. San Giovanni Valdarno. ORATORIO DI S. MARIA DELLE GRAZIE. Annunciation. 1472. Scotland. NEWBATTLE ABBEY. (DALKEITH), MARQUESS OF LOTHIAN. Entombment. Vienna. COUNT LANCKORONSKI. Orpheus. St. Sigismund and kneeling Youth. E. PRINCE LIECHTENSTEIN. Tondo: Madonna and Angels. Wiesbaden. NASSAUISCHES KUNSTVEREIN, 6. Adoration of Magi.


1397-1475. Influenced by Donatello.

Florence. UFFIZI, 52. Battle of S. Romano. DUOMO, WALL ABOVE ENTRANCE. Fresco; Four Heads of Prophets. WALL L. OF ENTRANCE. Fresco: Equestrian portrait of Sir John Hawkwood. 1437. WINDOWS IN DRUM OF CUPOLA (from his designs). Resurrection; Nativity; Ascension; Annunciation. 1443. S. MARIA NOVELLA, CLOISTER. Frescoes: Creation of Adam; Creation of Animals; Creation and Temptation of Eve. E. The Flood; Sacrifice of Noah. London. 583. Battle of S. Romano. 758. Profile of Lady (?). New York. METROPOLITAN MUSEUM, MARQUAND COLLECTION. Profiles of Woman and Man of Portinari Family. Oxford. UNIVERSITY MUSEUM, 28. A Hunt. Paris. 1272. Portraits of Giotto, Uccello, Donatello, Brunelleschi, and Antonio Manetti. L. 1273. Battle of S. Romano. MME. EDOUARD ANDRE. St. George and the Dragon. Urbino. DUCAL PALACE, 89. Story of the Jew and the Host. 1468. Vienna. COUNT LANCKORONSKI. St. George and the Dragon.


About 1400-1461. Probably acquired his rudiments at Venice; formed under the influence of Donatello, Masaccio, and Fra Angelico.

Berlin. 64. Martyrdom of St. Lucy. Florence. UFFIZI, 1305. Madonna and four Saints. S. CROCE, R. WALL. Fresco: The Baptist and St. Francis. L. London. 766, 767. Frescoes: Heads of Monks. 1215. Fresco transferred to canvas: Madonna enthroned.


1435-1488. Pupil of Donatello and Alesso Baldovinetti, influenced by Pesellino.

Berlin. 104A. Madonna and Angel. E. Florence. ACADEMY, 71. Baptism (in great part). UFFIZI, 1204. Profile of Lady (?). 3450. Annunciation (possibly with assistance of Credi). London. 296. Madonna and two Angels (designed and superintended by Verrocchio). E. Milan. POLDI-PEZZOLI, 157. Profile of Young Woman (?). E. Paris. BARON ARTHUR SCHICKLER. Madonna (designed and superintended by Verrocchio). Sheffield. RUSKIN MUSEUM. Madonna adoring Child (designed by Verrocchio). Vienna. PRINCE LIECHTENSTEIN, 32. Portrait of Lady.


Berlin. 93. Sleeping Youth (terra-cotta). 97A. Entombment (terra-cotta). Florence. BARGELLO. David (bronze). Bust of Woman (marble). OPERA DEL DUOMO. Decapitation of Baptist (silver relief). 1480. UFFIZI. Madonna and Child (terra-cotta). PALAZZO VECCHIO, COURTYARD. Boy with Dolphin (bronze). S. LORENZO, SACRISTY. Tomb of Cosimo de' Medici (bronze). 1472. INNER SACRISTY. Lavabo (marble) (in part). OR SAN MICHELE, OUTSIDE: Christ and St. Thomas (bronze). Finished 1483. Paris. M. GUSTAVE DREYFUS. Bust of Lady (marble). Venice. PIAZZA SS. GIOVANNI E PAOLO. Equestrian Monument of Bartolommeo Colleoni (bronze). Left unfinished at death.



Agram (Croatia). STROSSMAYER COLLECTION: Albertinelli, Fra Angelico, Bugiardini, Cosimo Rosselli. Aix-en-Provence. MUSEE: Alunno di Domenico. Altenburg. LINDENAU MUSEUM: Amico di Sandro, Fra Angelico, Lorenzo Monaco, Mainardi, Pesellino, Pier Francesco Fiorentino, Sellajo. Amsterdam. DR. OTTO LANZ: Cosimo Rosselli. Arezzo. Alunno di Domenico, Rosso, Sellajo. Ashridge Park (Berkhampstead). EARL BROWNLOW: Fra Bartolommeo, Fra Filippo. Asolo. CANONICA DELLA PARROCCHIA: Bacchiacca. Assisi. S. FRANCESCO: Cimabue, Giotto and Assistants, Pollajuolo. Barnard Castle. BOWES MUSEUM: Franciabigio. Bergamo. CARRARA: Sellajo. LOCHIS: Albertinelli. MORELLI: Albertinelli, Amico di Sandro, Bacchiacca, Baldovinetti, Botticelli, Botticini, Bronzino, Ridolfo Ghirlandajo, Lorenzo Monaco, Pesellino, Pier Francesco Fiorentino, Pontormo. Berlin. Amico di Sandro, Andrea del Sarto, Fra Angelico, Bacchiacca, Baldovinetti, Fra Bartolommeo, Benozzo, Botticelli, Botticini, Bronzino, Bugiardini, Carli, Credi, Franciabigio, Garbo, Ridolfo Ghirlandajo, Assistant of Giotto, Granacci, Filippino Lippi, Fra Filippo Lippi, Lorenzo Monaco, Mainardi, Masaccio, Michelangelo, Pesellino, Pier di Cosimo, Pier Francesco Fiorentino, The Pollajuoli, Pontormo, Cosimo Rosselli, Sellajo, Domenico Veneziano, Verrocchio. SIMON COLLECTION: Amico di Sandro, Bronzino, Garbo. MUSEUM OF INDUSTRIAL ART: Bugiardini. PALACE OF EMPEROR WILLIAM I: Bugiardini. HERR VON DIRKSEN: Pontormo. VON KAUFMANN COLLECTION: Botticelli, Carli, Lorenzo Monaco, Orcagna, Pier di Cosimo. HERR EUGEN SCHWEIZER: Bacchiacca, Franciabigio, Sellajo. HERR EDWARD SIMON: Amico di Sandro. Besancon. MUSEE: Bronzino. CATHEDRAL: Fra Bartolommeo. Beziers. MUSEE: Benozzo. Bologna. Bugiardini, Franciabigio, Assistant of Giotto. S. DOMENICO: Filippino Lippi, Michelangelo. Bonn. 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PIETRO: Granacci. SCANDICCI, COMTESSE DE TURENNE: Credi. VILLAMAGNA, S. DONNINO: Granacci. Forli. Credi. Frankfort a./M. STAeDELINSTITUT: Pier Francesco Fiorentino, Pontormo, Rosso. Frome (Somerset). LADY HORNER, MELLS PARK: Pier Francesco Fiorentino. Geneva. MUSEE: Albertinelli. Genoa. PALAZZO ADORNO: Cosimo Rosselli. PALAZZO BIANCO: Filippino Lippi, Pontormo. PALAZZO BRIGNOLE-SALE: Pontormo. Glasgow. CORPORATION GALLERY: Garbo. MR. WILLIAM BEATTIE: Credi, Ridolfo Ghirlandajo, Pier di Cosimo. MR. JAMES MANN: Granacci. Gloucester. HIGHNAM COURT, SIR HUBERT PARRY: Albertinelli, Credi, Lorenzo Monaco, Pesellino, Pier Francesco Fiorentino, Sellajo. Goettingen. UNIVERSITY GALLERY: Botticini, Credi, Pier Francesco Fiorentino, Sellajo. Grenoble. MUSEE: Fra Bartolommeo. Gubbio. Pier Francesco Fiorentino. The Hague. Albertinelli, Bronzino, Pier di Cosimo. Hamburg. WEBER COLLECTION: Credi, Franciabigio, Mainardi, Pier Francesco Fiorentino. Hanover. KESTNER MUSEUM: Credi. PROVINZIALMUSEUM: Sellajo. Harrow-on-the-Hill. REV. J. STOGDON: Pier di Cosimo, Pier Francesco Fiorentino. Hatfield. MR. CHARLES BUTLER, WARREN WOOD: Pier Francesco Fiorentino, Pontormo. Hildesheim. Mainardi. Horsmonden (Kent). MRS. AUSTEN, CAPEL MANOR: Alunno di Domenico, Amico di Sandro. Ince Blundell Hall (Lancashire). MR. CHARLES WELD BLUNDELL: Sellajo. Kiel. PROF. MARTIUS: Filippino Lippi. Le Mans. MUSEE: Carli, Pier Francesco Fiorentino. Lewes. MR. E. P. WARREN, LEWES HOUSE: Filippino Lippi. Lille. MUSEE: Pier Francesco Fiorentino, Sellajo. Liverpool. WALKER ART GALLERY: Alunno di Domenico, Pier Francesco Fiorentino, Cosimo Rosselli, Sellajo. Locko Park (near Derby). MR. CHARLES DRURY-LOWE: Bacchiacca, Benozzo, Carli, Castagno, Mainardi. London. Amico di Sandro, Andrea del Sarto, Fra Angelico, Bacchiacca, Fra Bartolommeo, Benozzo, Botticelli, Botticini, Bronzino, Bugiardini, Castagno, Credi, Franciabigio, Domenico and Ridolfo Ghirlandajo, Filippino and Fra Filippo Lippi, Lorenzo Monaco, Mainardi, Michelangelo, Orcagna, Pier di Cosimo, Pier Francesco Fiorentino, Antonio Pollajuolo, Pontormo, Cosimo Rosselli, Sellajo, Paolo Uccello, Domenico Veneziano, Verrocchio. H. M. THE KING, BUCKINGHAM PALACE: Benozzo. BURLINGTON HOUSE, DIPLOMA GALLERY: Leonardo, Michelangelo. HERTFORD HOUSE: Andrea del Sarto, Pier di Cosimo. VICTORIA AND ALBERT MUSEUM: Amico di Sandro, Benozzo, Granacci, Michelangelo, Pier Francesco Fiorentino, Antonio Pollajuolo. BEIT COLLECTION: Michelangelo. MR. ROBERT BENSON: Amico di Sandro, Andrea del Sarto, Botticini, Carli, Franciabigio, Garbo, Domenico Ghirlandajo, Granacci, Filippino Lippi, Pier di Cosimo. MR. CHARLES BRINSLEY MARLAY: Alunno di Domenico, Botticini, Sellajo. DUKE OF BUCCLEUGH: Granacci. MR. CHARLES BUTLER: Bacchiacca, Botticini, Credi, Pier Francesco Fiorentino, Cosimo Rosselli, Sellajo. EARL CRAWFORD: Sellajo. MR. WILLIAM E. GREY: Pier Francesco Fiorentino. MRS. LOUISA HERBERT: Pier Francesco Fiorentino. MR. J. P. HESELTINE: Botticelli. COL. G. L. HOLFORD, DORCHESTER HOUSE: Fra Bartolommeo, Garbo, Pesellino. LADY HORNER: Pier Francesco Fiorentino. SIR H. HOWORTH: Mainardi. EARL OF ILCHESTER, HOLLAND HOUSE: Sellajo. SIR KENNETH MUIR MACKENZIE: Alunno di Domenico. MR. LUDWIG MOND: Fra Bartolommeo, Botticelli, Domenico Ghirlandajo, Pontormo. MR. J. PIERPONT MORGAN: Castagno, Domenico Ghirlandajo. EARL OF NORTHBROOK: Fra Bartolommeo, Bugiardini, Franciabigio. EARL OF PLYMOUTH: Pier di Cosimo, Pontormo. MR. CHARLES RICKETTS: Garbo, Pier di Cosimo, Sellajo. MR. C. N. ROBINSON: Benozzo. EARL OF ROSEBERY: Credi. MR. LEOPOLD DE ROTHSCHILD: Andrea del Sarto. MR. GEORGE SALTING: Domenico and Ridolfo Ghirlandajo, Mainardi, Sellajo. SIR HENRY SAMUELSON: Garbo, Filippino Lippi. MR. A. E. STREET: Pier di Cosimo. MRS. J. E. TAYLOR: Fra Angelico. MR. T. VASEL: Franciabigio. MR. HENRY WAGNER: Lorenzo Monaco, Pier Francesco Fiorentino. MR. VERNON WATNEY: Sellajo. SIR JULIUS WERNHER: Filippino Lippi. MR. FREDERICK A. WHITE: Bacchiacca. EARL OF YARBOROUGH: Franciabigio. Longleat (Warminster). MARQUESS OF BATH: Alunno di Domenico, Credi, Mainardi. Lovere. GALLERIA TADINI: Alunno di Domenico. Lucardo (near Certaldo). PARISH CHURCH: Ridolfo Ghirlandajo. Lucca. Fra Bartolommeo, Bronzino, Carli, Pontormo. MARCHESE MANSI (S. M. FORISPORTAM): Granacci. DUOMO: Fra Bartolommeo, Domenico Ghirlandajo, Cosimo Rosselli. S. FRANCESCO: Cosimo Rosselli. S. MICHELE: Filippino Lippi. Lyons. MUSEE: Sellajo. M. EDOUARD AYNARD: Fra Angelico, Garbo, Fra Filippo Lippi, Mainardi, Pier di Cosimo, Sellajo. Madrid. MUSEE DEL PRADO: Andrea del Sarto, Fra Angelico. DUKE OF ALBA: Albertinelli, Fra Angelico. Marseilles. MUSEE: Sellajo. Mayence. Credi. Meiningen. GRAND DUCAL PALACE: Amico di Sandro, Benozzo. Milan. AMBROSIANA: Botticelli. BORROMEO: Alunno di Domenico, Pier di Cosimo. BRERA: Benozzo, Bronzino. POLDI-PEZZOLI: Albertinelli, Alunno di Domenico, Botticelli, Carli, Pesellino, Sellajo, Verrocchio. CONTI BAGATI VALSECCHI: Sellajo. CONTE CASATTI: Credi, Cosimo Rosselli. COMM. BENIGNO CRESPI: Bacchiacca, Ridolfo Ghirlandajo, Granacci, Lorenzo Monaco, Mainardi. DR. GUSTAVO FRIZZONI: Bacchiacca. CAV. ALDO NOSEDA: Lorenzo Monaco. PRINCE TRIVULZIO: Amico di Sandro, Michelangelo, Pier di Cosimo, Pontormo, Sellajo. S. MARIA DELLE GRAZIE: Bugiardini, Leonardo. Modena. Botticini, Bugiardini, Franciabigio. Mombello (near Milan). PRINCE PIO DI SAVOIA: Bugiardini. Montefalco. PINACOTECA (S. FRANCESCO): Benozzo. S. FORTUNATO: Benozzo. Montefortino (near Amandola, Marches). MUNICIPIO: Botticini, Pier Francesco Fiorentino. Montemarciano (Val d'Arno Superiore). Masaccio. Montepulciano. Carli. Munich. ALTE PINAKOTEK: Albertinelli, Fra Angelico, Bacchiacca, Credi, Garbo, Giotto and Assistant, Granacci, Fra Filippo Lippi, Mainardi, Masolino, Sellajo. LOTZBECK COLLECTION: Lorenzo Monaco. Muenster i./W. KUNSTVEREIN: Mainardi, Cosimo Rosselli, Sellajo. Nantes. MUSEE DES BEAUX ARTS: Sellajo. MUSEE DOBRET: Sellajo. Naples. Amico di Sandro, Andrea del Sarto, Fra Bartolommeo, Garbo, Filippino Lippi, Masaccio, Masolino. MUSEO FILANGIERI: Amico di Sandro. Narbonne. MUSEE: Pier Francesco Fiorentino. Narni. MUNICIPIO: Alunno di Domenico, Benozzo, Domenico Ghirlandajo. New Haven (Conn., U. S. A.). JARVES COLLECTION: Alunno di Domenico, Domenico and Ridolfo Ghirlandajo, Granacci, Filippino Lippi, Lorenzo Monaco, Orcagna, Pier di Cosimo, Pier Francesco Fiorentino, Antonio Pollajuolo, Pontormo, Sellajo. Newlands Manor (Hampshire). COL. CORNWALLIS WEST: Pier di Cosimo. Newport. (U. S. A.). MR. THEODORE M. DAVIS, THE REEF: Bugiardini. New York. METROPOLITAN MUSEUM: Bugiardini, Pier di Cosimo, Piero Pollajuolo, Paolo Uccello. MRS. GOULD: Bronzino. HAVEMEYER COLLECTION: Bronzino. JAMES COLLECTION: Sellajo. MR. STANLEY MORTIMER: Sellajo. MR. RUTHERFORD STUYVESANT: Franciabigio. MR. SAMUEL UNTERMEYER: Albertinelli. Nimes. GOWER COLLECTION: Franciabigio. Olantigh Towers (Wye). MR. ERLE-DRAX: Bugiardini, Carli. Oldenburg. Bugiardini, Pontormo. Orvieto. DUOMO: Fra Angelico. Oxford. CHRIST CHURCH LIBRARY: Alunno di Domenico, Amico di Sandro, Bacchiacca, Carli, Granacci, Filippino Lippi, Pier di Cosimo, Sellajo. UNIVERSITY GALLERIES: Bronzino, Credi, Granacci, Fra Filippo Lippi, Mainardi, Paolo Uccello. MR. T. W. JACKSON: Franciabigio, Sellajo. Padua. ARENA CHAPEL: Giotto. Palermo. BARON CHIARAMONTE BORDONARO: Alunno di Domenico, Botticini, Mainardi, Orcagna, Pier Francesco Fiorentino, Pontormo, Sellajo. Panshanger (Hertford). Fra Bartolommeo, Granacci, Pontormo. Panzano (between Florence and Siena). S. MARIA: Botticini. Parcieux (near Trevoux). LA GRANGE BLANCHE, M. HENRI CHALANDON: Botticini, Lorenzo Monaco, Pier Francesco Fiorentino. Paris. LOUVRE: Albertinelli, Alunno di Domenico, Amico di Sandro, Andrea del Sarto, Fra Angelico, Baldovinetti, Fra Bartolommeo, Benozzo, Botticelli, Botticini, Bronzino, Bugiardini, Carli, Cimabue, Credi, Franciabigio, Domenico and Ridolfo Ghirlandajo, Assistant of Giotto, Leonardo, Fra Filippo Lippi, Lorenzo Monaco, Mainardi, Michelangelo, Pesellino, Pier di Cosimo, Piero Pollajuolo, Pontormo, Cosimo Rosselli, Rosso, Sellajo, Paolo Uccello. MUSEE DES ARTS DECORATIFS: Bugiardini, Cosimo Rosselli. BARONNE D'ADELSWARD: Benozzo. MME. EDOUARD ANDRE: Baldovinetti, Botticini, Bugiardini, Pier Francesco Fiorentino, Cosimo Rosselli, Paolo Uccello. COMTESSE ARCONATI-VISCONTI: Botticini, Mainardi. M. LEON BONNAT: Pier Francesco Fiorentino, Sellajo. M. GEORGES CHALANDON: Fra Angelico. M. JEAN DOLLFUS: Alunno di Domenico, Granacci. M. GUSTAVE DREYFUS: Credi, Mainardi, Sellajo, Verrocchio. M. HENRI HEUGEL: Botticini, Garbo, Pier Francesco Fiorentino. BARON MICHELE LAZZARONI: Carli, Sellajo. COMTE PASTRE: Amico di Sandro. M. EMILE RICHTEMBERGER: Carli, Granacci, Sellajo. BARON EDOUARD DE ROTHSCHILD: Garbo. BARON ARTHUR SCHICKLER: Verrocchio. BARON SCHLICHTING: Amico di Sandro. M. JOSEPH SPIRIDON: Alunno di Domenico, Granacci, Cosimo Rosselli. M. NOEL VALOIS: Fra Angelico. Parma. Fra Angelico, Garbo. Pavia. GALLERIA MALASPINA: Pier Francesco Fiorentino. Peace Dale (Rhode Island, U. S. A.). MRS. BACON, THE ACORNS: Sellajo. Perigueux. MUSEE: Amico di Sandro. Perugia. Fra Angelico, Benozzo. MARCHESE MENICONI BRACCESCHI: Pier Francesco Fiorentino. Petworth House (Sussex). LORD LECONFIELD: Andrea del Sarto. Philadelphia. MR. JOHN G. JOHNSON: Amico di Sandro, Fra Bartolommeo, Franciabigio, Granacci, Mainardi, Pier di Cosimo, Pier Francesco Fiorentino, Cosimo Rosselli, Sellajo. MR. PETER WIDENER: Benozzo, Bugiardini, Ridolfo Ghirlandajo, Pier Francesco Fiorentino. Pinerolo (Piedmont). VILLA LAMBA DORIA: Franciabigio. Pisa. MUSEO CIVICO: Fra Angelico, Benozzo, Carli, Domenico Ghirlandajo, Masaccio. CAMPO SANTO: Benozzo. RICOVERO: Benozzo. UNIVERSITA DEI CAPPELLANI: Benozzo. S. CATERINA: Albertinelli. DUOMO: Andrea del Sarto. S. MATTEO: Carli. S. STEFANO: Bronzino. Pistoia. DUOMO: Credi, Verrocchio. MADONNA DEL LETTO: Credi. S. PIETRO MAGGIORE: Ridolfo Ghirlandajo. Poggibonsi. S. LUCCHESE: Carli. Poitiers. HOTEL DE VILLE: Sellajo. Pontormo (near Empoli). PARISH CHURCH: Pontormo. Posen. RACZYNSKI COLLECTION: Lorenzo Monaco. Prato. Botticini, Carli, Filippino Lippi, Lorenzo Monaco. TABERNACLE IN STREET: Filippino Lippi. DUOMO: Ridolfo Ghirlandajo, Fra Filippo Lippi. Reigate. THE PRIORY, MR. SOMERS SOMERSET: Ridolfo Ghirlandajo, Cosimo Rosselli. Richmond (Surrey). SIR FREDERICK COOK: Bacchiacca, Fra Bartolommeo, Botticini, Fra Filippo Lippi, Lorenzo Monaco, Pier Francesco Fiorentino. Rome. BARBERINI GALLERY: Franciabigio, Pontormo. BORGHESE GALLERY: Albertinelli, Andrea del Sarto, Bacchiacca, Bronzino, Bugiardini, Credi, Franciabigio, Granacci, Pier di Cosimo, Pontormo. COLONNA GALLERY: Alunno di Domenico, Bronzino, Bugiardini. CORSINI GALLERY: Fra Angelico, Fra Bartolommeo, Bronzino, Bugiardini, Franciabigio, Granacci, Pier di Cosimo, Pontormo. DORIA GALLERY: Bronzino. LATERAN (presently to be united with the Vatican): Fra Bartolommeo, Benozzo, Fra Filippo Lippi. VATICAN, PINACOTECA: Fra Angelico, Leonardo. MUSEO CRISTIANO (presently to be united with the Pinacoteca): Fra Angelico, Benozzo, Lorenzo Monaco, Mainardi, Masolino. CHAPEL OF NICHOLAS V: Fra Angelico. CAPPELLA PAOLINA: Michelangelo. SIXTINE CHAPEL: Botticelli, Domenico Ghirlandajo, Michelangelo, Pier di Cosimo, Cosimo Rosselli. PRINCE COLONNA: Bugiardini. PRINCE DORIA: Bronzino, Fra Filippo Lippi, Pesellino. MISS HERTZ: Bacchiacca. MR. LUDWIG MOND: Fra Filippo Lippi, Cosimo Rosselli. PALAZZO RONDANINI: Michelangelo. PRINCE ROSPIGLIOSI: Bronzino. CONTESSA SPALETTI: Bugiardini. COUNT GREGORI STROGANOFF: Amico di Sandro, Fra Angelico, Mainardi, Sellajo. MARCHESE VISCONTI VENOSTA: Fra Bartolommeo. ARACOELI: Benozzo. S. CLEMENTE: Masolino. S. GIOVANNI LATERANO: Giotto. S. MARIA SOPRA MINERVA: Filippino Lippi, Michelangelo. ST. PETER'S: Assistant of Giotto, Michelangelo, Antonio Pollajuolo. S. PIETRO IN VINCOLI: Michelangelo. San Gemignano. MUNICIPIO: Benozzo, Mainardi, Pier Francesco Fiorentino. OSPEDALE DI S. FINA: Mainardi. S. GIOVANNI: Mainardi. S. AGOSTINO: Benozzo, Mainardi, Pier Francesco Fiorentino. S. ANDREA: Benozzo. CAPPELLA DI MONTE: Pier Francesco Fiorentino. COLLEGIATA: Benozzo, Domenico Ghirlandajo, Mainardi, Pier Francesco Fiorentino, Piero Pollajuolo. S. JACOPO: Pier Francesco Fiorentino. S. LUCIA: Pier Francesco Fiorentino. MONTE OLIVETO: Benozzo, Mainardi. PANCOLE (near San Gemignano), S. MARIA ASSUNTA: Pier Francesco Fiorentino. PIEVE DI ULIGNANO (near San Gemignano), S. BARTOLOMMEO: Pier Francesco Fiorentino. San Giovanni Valdarno. ORATORIO DI S. M. DELLE GRAZIE: Sellajo. San Miniato al Tedesco (Val d'Arno). S. DOMENICO: Carli. Scotland. CAWDER HOUSE, (BISHOPBRIGGS) CAPT. ARCHIBALD STIRLING: Pier di Cosimo. (GLASGOW, Cf. under G.) GOSFORD HOUSE EARL OF WEMYSS: Albertinelli, Botticini, Masolino, Pier di Cosimo. KIER (DUNBLANE), CAPT. ARCHIBALD STIRLING: Pontormo. LANGTON (DUNS), HON. MRS. BAILLIE-HAMILTON: Alunno di Domenico, Bugiardini. NEWBATTLE ABBEY (DALKEITH), MARQUESS OF LOTHIAN: Amico di Sandro, Pier di Cosimo, Pontormo, Sellajo. ROSSIE PRIORY (INCHTURE, PERTHSHIRE), LORD KINNAIRD: Granacci. Sermoneta. PARISH CHURCH: Benozzo. Sheffield. RUSKIN MUSEUM: Verrocchio. Siena. Albertinelli, Lorenzo Monaco, Pier Francesco Fiorentino, Rosso. PALAZZO SARACINI: Bugiardini, Mainardi. S. MARIA DEGLI ANGELI: Carli. MONASTERO DEL SANTUCCIO: Pier di Cosimo. Sinalunga (Val di Chiana). S. MARTINO: Pier Francesco Fiorentino. Spoleto. DUOMO: Fra Filippo Lippi. Staggia (near Siena). S. MARIA ASSUNTA: The Pollajuoli. Stockholm. ROYAL PALACE: Botticini, Pier di Cosimo. St. Petersburg. HERMITAGE: Andrea del Sarto, Fra Angelico, Fra Bartolommeo, Botticelli, Bugiardini, Ridolfo Ghirlandajo, Granacci, Michelangelo. PALAIS STROGANOFF: Amico di Sandro, Filippino Lippi. Strasburg. UNIVERSITY GALLERY: Bugiardini, Credi, Assistant of Giotto, Masaccio, Pier di Cosimo, Piero Pollajuolo. Stuttgart. Albertinelli, Bugiardini. Terni. BIBLIOTECA: Benozzo. Todi. MUNICIPIO: Pier Francesco Fiorentino. S. FORTUNATO: Masolino. Troyes. MUSEE: Bacchiacca. Turin. Amico di Sandro, Fra Angelico, Botticini, Bronzino, Bugiardini, Credi, Franciabigio, Pier Francesco Fiorentino, The Pollajuoli, Pontormo, Cosimo Roselli. ACCADEMIA ALBERTINA: Fra Filippo Lippi. ARMERIA REALE: Rosso. MUSEO CIVICO: Bugiardini, Lorenzo Monaco. Urbino. DUCAL PALACE: Paolo Uccello. Vallombrosa. PIEVE CARLI. Venice. ACADEMY: Carli, Rosso. QUERINI STAMPALIA GALLERY: Credi. SEMINARIO: Albertinelli, Bacchiacca, Bronzino, Carli, Filippino Lippi. BARON GIORGIO FRANCHETTI: Bugiardini. PRINCE GIOVANELLI: Bacchiacca. LADY LAYARD: Garbo. PIAZZA SS. GIOVANNI E PAOLO: Verrocchio. Vercelli. MUSEO BORGOGNA: Domenico Ghirlandajo. Vienna. Andrea del Sarto, Fra Bartolommeo Benozzo, Bronzino, Bugiardini, Franciabigio, Pontormo. ACADEMY: Bugiardini. HERR EUGEN VON MILLER AICHOLZ: Filippino Lippi. DR. A. FIGDOR: Alunno di Domenico. HARRACH COLLECTION: Mainardi, Pier di Cosimo. COUNT LANCKORONSKI: Alunno di Domenico, Franciabigio, Granacci, Masaccio, Pier Francesco Fiorentino, Rosso, Sellajo, Paolo Uccello. PRINCE LIECHTENSTEIN: Amico di Sandro, Credi, Franciabigio, Mainardi, Pier di Cosimo, Sellajo, Verrocchio. BARON TUCHER: Fra Angelico Benozzo. HERR CARL WITTGENSTEIN: Granacci. Volterra. MUNICIPIO: Carli, Domenico Ghirlandajo, Pier Francesco Fiorentino, Rosso. ORATORIO DI S. ANTONIO: Pier Francesco Fiorentino. DUOMO: Albertinelli, Benozzo. Wantage. LOCKINGE HOUSE, LADY WANTAGE: Ridolfo Ghirlandajo, Pesellino. Warwick Castle. EARL OF WARWICK: Alunno di Domenico, Granacci. Washington. MR. VICTOR FISCHER: Carli, Lorenzo Monaco, Mainardi. Weston Birt (Tetbury). COL. G. L. HOLFORD: Carli. Wiesbaden. NASSAUISCHES KUNSTVEREIN: Bacchiacca, Franciabigio, Sellajo. Wigan. HAIGH HALL, EARL CRAWFORD: Botticini. Windsor Castle. Andrea del Sarto, Franciabigio. Worksop (Nottinghamshire). CLUMBER PARK, DUKE OF NEWCASTLE: Pier di Cosimo.


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