The Evolution Of Man Scientifically Disproved
by William A. Williams
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A Canadian farmer gives $1000 to mail one to 5000 Canadian ministers and libraries. Who will give $2,000 to send one to 10,000 lawmakers in U.S.?

—Ministers, students, teachers, parents, yes, ALL are urged to be agents, employ sub-agents, earn wages, and do good. To agents, booksellers, libraries, churches, S.S.'s, organizations and societies needing funds, 2 to 25 mailed to any land, for 50c each cash; 25 or more, 40c—60% profit; 100 or more, 30c—70% profit! Books are the best outfit,—try 25 (show p. 76). To periodicals (for sale or premium), 30c. Special terms to general or national agents, speakers, publishers, colleges, seminaries, etc. Editors are hereby given permission FREE to use any selections. Add to each: From 'EVOLUTION DISPROVED' (cloth $1) by per. the author and pub., Rev. W. A. Williams, Camden, N.J. Mail marked selections and reviews.

The fight is on. Only about 2% of the members of evangelical churches, it is said, are modernists and evolutionists. Let the rest assert their rights and say: "Common honesty requires you to restore to orthodoxy the institutions you have purloined. We demand them back. Henceforth you shall not steal our colleges, seminaries and public schools, and make our children infidels and atheists. You shall not, with our consent, capture our pulpits, and strip the world's Redeemer of his power and glory."


The following problems, when solved by the reader, will deepen the conviction that evolution is impossible. The erroneous guesses by evolutionists may be checked up and disproved by mathematical problems. No stronger proof could well be devised. For pattern solutions, refer to the preceding text. A reward will be given to the first person who points out a material error. Test, verify or correct the following solutions:—

1. If the first human pair lived 2,000,000 years ago, as the evolutionists claim, and the population has doubled itself in every 1612.51 years (one-tenth the Jewish rate of net increase), what would be the present population of the globe? Ans. 18,932,139,737,991 followed by 360 figures; or 18,932,139,737,991 decillion, decillion, decillion, decillion, decillion, decillion, decillion, decillion, decillion, decillion; or 18,932,139,737,991 vigintillion, vigintillion, vigintillion, vigintillion, vigintillion, vigintillion.

2. If the first human pair lived 100,000 years ago (a period much less than evolution required), what Would be the present population at the same low rate of increase? Ans. 4,660,210,253,138,204,000; or 2,527,570,733 times as many as are living now.

3. At the above rate of increase, how many human beings would have survived in the 5177 years since Noah? Ans. 9. How many Jews, in the 3850 years since Jacob's marriage? Ans. 5.

4. If the human race doubled its numbers every 168.3 years since Noah became a father (5177 years) what would be the population of the globe? Ans. 1,804,187,000,—just what it is.

5. If the Jews doubled their numbers every 161.251 years since Jacob's marriage (3850 years ago), how many Jews would there have been in 1922? Ans. 15,393,815, just the number reported.

6. What guess of man's age can stand the test of mathematics? Ans. Not a single guess ever made assigning a great age to man,—nothing greater than the age indicated by the Scriptures; 2,000,000, or 1,000,000, or 100,000 years are clearly out of the question.

7. If life began 60,000,000 years ago, and the human race 2,000,000 years ago, how much sub-normal should have been the brain and mind of man at that time? Ans. 1/30 or 3-1/3%; or 96-2/3% normal; or 1450 c.c., counting 1500 c.c. normal,—more nearly normal than many nations now.

8. How much if life began 500,000,000 years ago? Ans. .4%; or 99.6% normal; or 1494 c.c., far more c.c. than a large part of mankind can claim.

9. If man had, in 58,000,000 years, developed only the same skull capacity as the other members of the simian family (not over 600 c.c.), how much must he have gained in 2,000,000 years? Ans. 900 c.c., which is a development 43.5 times as rapid in 2,000,000 years as in the 58,000,000 years preceding. How could that be?

10. If life began 500,000,000 years ago, how would the rapidity of skull and brain development in 2,000,000 years compare with that of the 498,000,000 years preceding? Ans. 373.5 times as great.

11. If the skull of the pithecanthropus was two-thirds normal, or 1000 c.c., how many years ago must it have lived, in case life began 60,000,000 years ago? Ans. 20,000,000; in case life began 500,000,000 years ago? Ans. 166,666,666.

12. If the Piltdown "man" had a normal skull capacity of 1070 c.c., as claimed, how long ago did he live, if life began 60,000,000 years ago? Ans. 17,200,000 years. If 500,000,000 years ago? Ans. 143,333,333 years.

13. If the Neanderthal man had a capacity of 1408 c.c. (assigned by Dr. Osborn), how many years ago must he have lived if 60,000,000 years have passed since life began? Ans. 3,680,000; if 500,000,000 years? Ans. 30,666,666. If 1800 c.c. be taken as normal instead of 1500 c.c. as some insist, these great periods since these "ape-men" existed must be enormously increased, in some cases 50%.

14. If, on the other hand, the pithecanthropus really lived 750,000 years ago, what, with normal development, should have been its skull capacity, if life began 60,000,000 ago? Ans. 98.75%; or 1481 c.c. If life began 500,000,000 years ago? Ans. 99.85%; or 1497.77 c.c. In either case, practically normal.

15. If the Piltdown "man" lived 150,000 years ago, as claimed, what should have been his brain capacity, if life has lasted 60,000,000 years? Ans. 99.75%; or 1496.25 c.c. If 500,000,000 years? Ans. 99.97%; or 1499.55 c.c. Very nearly normal.

The above problems prove either that these alleged links could not have lived in the periods assigned them, or else they must have had a brain capacity almost normal, and far greater than assigned to them.

16. The habitable countries of the world-total 50,670,837 sq. mi. If we estimate that the garden of Eden occupied 10,000 sq. mi. or 6,400,000 acres, there would be 5067 such areas in the world. What chance would Moses have, not knowing, to guess the correct location? Ans. 1 chance out of 5067,—virtually none at all.

17. If Moses, not knowing the order of creation, enumerates 11 great events in their correct scientific order, what chance had he to guess the correct order? Ans. I chance out of 39,916,800. If 15 great events, as some biblical scholars point out? Ans. I chance out of 1,307,674,368,000. (Solve by Permutation.)

18. If there are now 1,500,000 species of animals, coming from a single primordial germ or cell which existed 60,000,000 years ago, how many species of animals should have arisen or matured in the last 6000 years? Ans. 3000; or one every two years. If life has existed 500,000,000 years, 360 new animal species were due in the last 6000 years. Evolutionists declare they do not know that a single new species has arisen in the last 6000 years! Even Darwin said, "Not one change of species into another is on record."

19. If the skeletons of 200,000 prehistoric horses were found in a single locality, Lyons, France, how many skeletons of prehistoric man should we expect? Ans. Many millions. How many are there? Not a single or undisputed skeleton of an ape-man!

20. If each of the two eyes and ears as well as the nose and the mouth occupy, on an average, one-thousandth part of the surface of the body, what, if we exclude God's design, is the mathematical probability that they would appear where they are? Ans. .OO1 x .OO1 x .001 x .001 x .001 x .001; =.000,000,000,000,000,001; or 1 chance in a billion billion! (Solved by Compound Probability.)

21. Evolutionists claim at least 8 great transmutations from matter to man: matter, plant-life, invertebrates, vertebrates, fishes, amphibians, reptiles, mammals and man. If we make the extremely generous estimate of 60% to represent the probability of each transmutation, what is the compound probability that all would take place? Ans. 1 chance in 60, which means an extreme improbability.

22. If there is 1 chance in 10 that each transmutation has taken place, which is far more than the evidence warrants, what fraction represents the probability that all these great changes have occurred? Ans. .1 raised to the eighth power, or .00000001; or 1 chance in 100,000,000.

23. If the probability of a change of one member of one species into another species be expressed by .1 (an over-estimate), what fraction marks the probability of a million members making the same change? Ans. .1 raised to the millionth power; or 1 preceded by 999,999 decimal ciphers; or a common fraction with 1 as a numerator and a million figures as a denominator; or 1 chance out of a number expressed by 1,000,000 figures, which would fill 3 volumes like this book. Such changes were absolutely impossible, but necessary for evolution.

24. If the scattered remains of the pithecanthropus were found in the sand only 40 ft. below the surface, and the rate of accumulation were no greater than the slow accretions that buried the mountain city of Jerusalem 20 feet deep in 1900 years, what would be the extreme age of these remains? Ans. 3800 years, instead of 750,000 years.

25. If the Heidelberg jaw was found in sand 69 ft. deep, what would be its maximum age, estimated in the same way? Ans. 6555 years instead of 375,000. Who believes that sand in a river valley would accumulate no more rapidly than dust on the mountains? Or that it took 750,000 or even 375,000 years to cover with sand these precious remains such a shallow depth? A few centuries at most would account for such a depth. Can there be any doubt that these were abnormal bones of historic man and brute?

26. Did any other false theory that ever posed as science, have less to support its claims than evolution?

27. Believing that a Christian should give to the Lord all above his necessities, none of the profits on this book will be retained by the publisher, but all will be donated to missions, to be perpetually loaned to churches, and to preach the gospel through the secular newspapers, of the world, and to aid in the free distribution of this book as explained on pages 116 and 117. How many churches will every $1000 together with the compound interest thereon, help to build in 300 years, if the average loan to each church is $1000 for 5 years at 5%? Ans. 8,229,024; and the new principal will then be $2,273,528,000.

28. How could $1000 be given to do more good than for these three purposes?

29. "For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world and lose his own soul?"

30. What shall it profit a man, if he wins great fame as a scientist, persuades a great multitude to accept evolution, infidelity and atheism, and leads a great company to the lost world, by destroying their faith in God and in Jesus Christ?


From far-off Australia comes this sermon by Rev. R. Ditterich. What more fitting climax in honor of Christ, whose worshipers belt the globe? "Christ is All," a pean of praise, which has been sung both sides the sea, and published in three Hymnals and over sixty song books, will close this volume, dedicated to the glory of God.

Text: "Thou art the Christ, the Son of the living God."—Matt. 16.16.

Jesus asked a great question, and Peter made a great reply. No prophet, no priest, no king, no patriarch of Israel had ever been greeted in such fashion. Of nobody else in the world are these words spoken today. How pure must have been the life, how majestic the personality, how wise the utterances, how divine the deeds, that compelled this thrilling answer from the apostle's lips. Surely something really wonderful beyond all previous Hebrew experience was necessary before Jews could bring themselves to acknowledge any man, however exalted, as divine. The miracle of winning such a confession is testimony to the sovereign greatness of Jesus.

We, too, have to answer the same question, and there are facts which lead us to the same great confession of faith.


1. Jesus, a peasant, is hailed today as King by people speaking 750 languages and dialects, in all climes, and of all classes. People of every color raise to Him the song of praise and crown Him "Lord of all." There is nothing like this in all history. No other has ever approached this degree of sovereignty. His kingdom pervades the world. It is a fact that challenges thought. No world conqueror has ever had such an empire. Beside this the royalty of men like Alexander, Caesar, Charlemagne, Napoleon, and more modern aspirants is shadowy and ghostlike. His is an abiding and a spiritual dominion.

2. Though an unlettered peasant, Jesus has become the world's greatest teacher. For all our best knowledge of God, for the revelation of divine Fatherly love, for our highest ideals of virtue, for man's most glorious hope, people on all sides look to Him. Not only men of the highest rank, but men of the richest culture sit at His feet. The purest souls sit at His feet. His golden rule will never be supplanted. His name has become the synonym for all that is true and gracious. To be Christ-like must ever remain man's highest ideal.

3. He was a Jew, and yet He founded the brotherhood of man. In His day Jews had no dealings with Samaritans. But Jesus had. Jews were fenced off from all other nations in the most exclusive way. But His heart was all-inclusive, and He broke down all walls that separated class from class as well as nation from nation. His thought was universal. His spirit was international. He founded a kingdom based, as Napoleon said, not on force but on love, and love is universal. It leaps over mountains, it spans oceans. It speaks in all tongues. The true League of Nations and the real disarmament are part of His plan for the world. He was son of Israel only incidentally. Essentially He was Son of Man—the true brother of all mankind.

4. His life was short, but it changed the world. No one ever did so much in so short a time. At the most his years numbered thirty-three years, and of these only a little less than three were devoted to public ministry, and these were spent in a conquered province of the Roman Empire. He was killed by aliens at the request of His own countrymen. And yet time is reckoned from His birth. The very terms B.C. and A.D. have great significance. He divides not only time, but also space. The nations are Christian and non-Christian, which is about equal to saying, civilized and barbarous. One has only to think of the ideals and practices of pagan people before they received the influences of Christianity to see the difference He makes everywhere. No tribe on earth was ever lifted from savagery by the influence of Socrates, no crime-soaked soul was ever saved by his name and yet Socrates was the wisest and noblest of the Greeks. He lived for seventy years and for forty years taught the young men in the most cultured age and among the most intellectual people in the world. But Jesus has lifted cannibals and washed the souls of men who were steeped in blackest vice. The rationalist Lecky said that the simple record of His three brief years of active life had done more to regenerate and soften mankind than all the disquisitions of philosophers and than all the exhortations of moralists.

5. He was crucified, and made of the cross a throne from which to rule the hearts of men. The cross was a gallows far more hideous and cruel than the hangman's gallows. It was the symbol of crime, of shame, of degradation. He transformed it. It is today the symbol of love, of purity, of virtue. His dream came true. Once only did a man dream that by dying upon a cross would He teach men to say that God is love, that love is universal, that there is hope for sinners, and that the worship of God must be spiritual. This is the miracle of the ages. The Crucified has become the King.

Here then are five tremendous facts. They are unique. If only one were true it would make Him remarkable, but they are all true.


What shall we say of this Man? He accepted Peter's tribute. He allowed Jews to take up stones to stone Him for claiming to be Son of God. He was conscious of being divine. He forgave sins, which is God's prerogative. He promised rest to the weary soul, which the Old Testament set forth as God's own gift. He said that He came to give life eternal, although God is the giver of life. He said that none could know the Father except through Him. He spoke to God of the glory which they shared together before the world was. Just in proportion as men have acknowledged His claims in their hearts have they found peace with God and conquest over sin and the fear of worldly evil. As we consider all these things we are led to repeat Peter's confession, "Thou are the Christ, the Son of the living God," for God the Father's face shines upon us through Him and heaven is opened to us as we look upon Him. In the heart of this the purest of men was the clear, constant consciousness that He was divine. He always spoke and acted consistently with this consciousness. Unique in character, He made claims that would have stamped any other man as an impostor. Humility and majesty dwell together in Him. He could say, "I am meek and lowly in heart," and also "I and my Father are one." He would call men His "brethren" and yet accept from them the words, "My Lord and my God." This wonderful character came of a race that had for ages looked for the coming of a Messiah, and whose prophetic literature was burdened with this hope. After his death his disciples who were heartbroken and cowed became inspired with a heroism that cheerfully faced martyrdom. All these facts are shining lights that point to the truth which Peter confessed. That truth is enshrined in the triumphant words of the Te Deum, "Thou are the King of glory, O Christ. Thou art the everlasting Son of the Father."

And the Christ of history, the exalted Son of God, is a living Presence with us today. Not remote but ever near, He walks by our side in all life's experiences. Not only enthroned in heavenly glory

"But warm, sweet, tender, even yet A present help is He, And faith has still its Olivet And love its Galilee."

Such is our wonderful Saviour, a Friend with human heart of sympathy who has trod our pathway and is touched with the feeling of our infirmities; a Shepherd who gave His life for the sheep in an all-atoning sacrifice; an Advocate who represents us with all-prevailing power before the throne of the Judge Eternal; a Champion who Can break the power of canceled sin and set the prisoner free; a Victor who can smite death's threatening wave before us; a Lord in whom we see the beauty and glory of the face of God. We are called upon to confess Him with lip and life. To us to live is Christ. Knowing Him we have eternal life. We have all the soul needs in Jesus. There is no substitute for Him. None can share His throne in our hearts. The Kingdom is His who is the Christ—the anointed King. Our joy is in Him, where all fullness dwells. We can say with Charles Wesley, "Thou, O Christ, art all I want," and our daily life should be one of close, constant communion with Christ.


"Unto you therefore which believe he is precious."—Pet. 11:7.

W. A. WILLIAMS, by per.

Effectiva as a Soprano Solo, Ad lib.

1. I entered once a home of care, For age and penury were there, Yet peace and joy withal; I asked the lonely mother whence Her helpless widowhood's defence. She told me, "Christ was all." Christ is all, all in all, She told me "Christ was all".

2. I stood beside a dying bed, Where lay a child with aching head, Waiting for Jesus' call, I marked his smile, 'twas sweet as May, And as his spirit passed away, He whispered, "Christ is all." Christ is all, all in all, He whispered "Christ is all."

3. I saw the martyr at the at the stake, The flames could not his courage shake, Nor death his soul appall, I asked him whence his strength was giv'n, He looked triumphantly to Heav'n, And answered "Christ is all." Christ is all, all in all, He answered, "Christ is all."

4. I saw the gospel herald go, To Afric's sand and Greenland's snow, To save from Satan's thrall: No home nor life he counted dear, Midst wants and perils owned no fear. He felt that "Christ is all." Christ is all, all in all, He felt that "Christ is all."

5. I dreamed that hoary time had fled; The earth and sea gave up their dead, A fire dissolved this ball; I saw the church's ransom'd throng, I heard the burden of their song. 'twas "Christ is all in all." Christ is all, all in all, 'Twas Christ is all in all.

6. Then come to Christ, oh! come today. The Father, Son, and Spirit say; The Bride repeats the call; For he will cleanse your guilty stains, His love will sooth your weary pains, For "Christ is all in all." Christ is all, all in all, For "Christ is all in all."



Theories of Evolution

PART ONE: Evolution of the Human Body

The Unity of the Human Race

1. The Population of the World 2. The Unity of Languages 3. Religions 4. Place of the Origin of Man 5. Civilizations 6. The Mendelian Inheritance Law 7. Biometry 8. No New Species Now 9. Mathematical Probability 10. The Age of the Earth 11. Geology and History 12. Geographical Distribution 13. God Not Absent Nor Inactive 14. Chance or Design? 15. Evolution Atheistic 16. Brute Descent Impossible 17. Eight Impassable Gulfs 18. Ancestral Apes and Monkeys 19. A Staggering Speculation 20. Sex 21. Man Hairless and Tailless 22. Hybrids 23. The Instinct of Animals 24. Special Creation: Gen. I 25. Analogy; Mathematics, Laws 26. Desperate Arguements 27. Twenty Objections Admitted 28. Scientists Condemn Evolution

PART TWO: Evidence Answered

29. Paleontology 30. Confessed Collapse of Proof 31. Pictures in Caverns 32. Vestigial Organs 33. Serology, or Blood Tests 34. Embryology


35. The Origin of the Soul 36. Personality 37. Intellect, Emotions and Will 38. Abstract Reason 39. Conscience 40. Spirituality 4l. The Hope of Immortality 42. Sin 43. Redemption 44. Evolution Aids Infidelity and Atheism 45. Evolution Wars With Christianity 46. Camouflage of Terms 47. What Are We to Believe? 48. What Can We Do? 49. Problems for Review 50. The Supremacy of Jesus

Song: Christ Is All


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