The Chosen People - A Compendium Of Sacred And Church History For School-Children
by Charlotte Mary Yonge
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7. Who was the great western emperor?

8. What power did Charles le Magne give the Pope?

9. What miseries came upon the west?

10. Who was the great and good English King?

11. How were the Northmen converted?

12. What harm did Charles le Magne's grant do at Rome?

13. What difference of opinion was there between east and west?

14. Why did the Greeks object to the new words in the Creed of Constantinople?

15. What claim had the Popes set up?

16. Who resisted their claim?

17. How was the rent made between the Greek and Latin Churches?

18. In what year did the schism begin?

19. How is the Church still one inwardly?

20. What rule did the Roman Church make about the clergy?

21. What error did she make in the celebration of the Holy Communion?


1. How many horns had sprung up in Daniel's vision of the Roman power?

2. What do these horns signify?

3. How had our Lord shown how Christianity should work through the nations?—Matt. xiii. 33.

4. But how had Solomon shown that too few would really honour the Lord?—Eccles. iv, 15, 16.

5. In what were the people too prone to trust?

6. Why was it wrong to trust in the intercessions of the Blessed Virgin?—1 Tim. ii. 5.

7. Who had the chief power in the Western Churches? 8. What was the old way of choosing a bishop?

9. How did the Romans prove that they could not be trusted with the choice?

10. Who took the choice of the Pope for a time?

11. Who took the choice of the Pope from the German Emperor?

12. How has the Pope been ever since elected?

13. In what manner did the western Church regard the Pope?

14. What rule did the Pope bear?

15. How did he punish disobedience?

16. How was the power of the Popes misused?

17. What saints lived about that time?

18. What good works were done?

19. What were built at this time?

20. Why are churches turned to the east?

21. Why does the font stand near the entrance?

22. Why are the people allowed to come into the chancel, not kept out like the Israelites?

23. What prophecy is fulfilled by constant services?—Ps. lxxii. 15.—Is. lx. 11.

24. What is partly fulfilled by the peace impressed around the Church, even upon fierce warriors?—Is. xi. 6-9.

25. What vows were knights made to take?

26. What wars were preached in the Middle Ages?

27. What reward did the Pope hold out?

28. What was meant by purgatory?

29. What was meant by an indulgence?

30. What success did the crusaders meet with?

31. How long was Jerusalem in the hands of the Christians?

32. How was the schism increased between the Greek and Roman Churches?

33. Who were the chief crusaders?

34. Why could not the Holy Land be kept?

35. What race of Mahometans came from the east?

36. What country did the Turks conquer?

37. What prophecy was fulfilled at Tyre?—Ezek. xxvi. 14.

38. What country was won back by the Christiana?


1. How had the Services of the Church come to be in an unknown tongue?

2. What deceit was practised upon the people?

3. How were those who found fault punished?

4. How was it that there was less ignorance than formerly?

5. Who began to preach against indulgences?

6. What translation did Luther make?

7. How did England separate from the Pope?

8. What became of the English monasteries?

9. Why did the Italian clergy hinder inquiry?

10. What were Luther's party called, and why?

11. Who was the Swiss reformer?

12. Who tried to obtain a General Council?

13. Where was the meeting held?

14. Why was it not a true Council?

15. How was the English Church purified?

16. In what reign was the Prayer Book translated?

17. After what pattern were the Services moulded?

18. What danger did the English Church undergo?

19. Who were the martyrs of the English Reformation?

20. How did it again become prosperous?

21. How did the Council of Trent end?

22. What decision did the foreign Reformers come to as to their Bishops?

23. How did the Roman Catholics treat them?

24. What Churches have Bishops?

25. How are such Churches still one?

26. What countries are Roman Catholic?

27. Which are Lutheran?

28. Which are Calvinist?

29. Which are Greek Catholic?


1. Who discovered America?

2. Who were the first inhabitants of America?

3. Why did the Pope think he had a right over them? 4. To whom did he give them?

5. How did the Spaniards use the Indians?

6. Who tried to prevent their cruelty?

7. What people were brought to the West Indies to work for the colonists?

8. What prophecy was thus fulfilled?—Gen. ix. 27.

9. What work did the Jesuits do in South America?

10. What harm did the Jesuits do at home?

11. What bad spirit rose up in Europe?

12. What prophecies were there that the Church should stretch out far?—Isaiah, liv. 2, 3.

13. Which part of America was settled by the Spaniards?

14. Which by the English and Dutch?

15. Who caused our present translation of the Bible to be made?

16. What did Charles I. try to do for Scotland?

17. How was he treated in England?

18. How was the Church persecuted?

19. How did St. Paul speak of such times?—2 Tim. iv. 3

20. How long did these evil times last?

21. How was the Church in England restored?

22. Why are Calvinists called Presbyterians?

23. What evils were prevailing in the colonies?

24. How were they neglected?

25. What was the great sin of France?

26. What was the consequence of French unbelief?


1. What schism arose in England?

2. How has St. Paul warned us against separations?—Romans, xvi. 17.

3. Why is it dangerous to follow any unordained minister?—St. John, x. I.

4. How has our Lord taught us to cling to His Church?—St. John, xv. 4.

5. How can we be sure that ours is a true branch of the Church?— A. Because our Bishops come straight from the Apostles, and our faith and our Sacraments are the same as theirs, and agree with Holy Scripture.


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