The Best Short Stories of 1917 - and the Yearbook of the American Short Story
Author: Various
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42. WHEN DID YOU WRITE YOUR MOTHER LAST? by Addison Lewis (Reedy's Mirror). This is the only story I have read in three years in which it seemed to me that I found the authentic voice of "O. Henry" speaking. Mr. Lewis has been publishing a series of these "Tales While You Wait" in Reedy's Mirror during the past few months, and I should much prefer them to those of Jack Lait for the complete success with which he has achieved his aims. Imitation of "O. Henry" has been the curse of American story-telling for the past ten years, because "O. Henry" is practically inimitable. Mr. Lewis is not an imitator, but he may well prove before very long to be "O. Henry's" successor. In the words of Padna Dan and Micus Pat, "Here's the chance for some one to make a discovery."

43. WIDOW LA RUE by Edgar Lee Masters (Reedy's Mirror). This is the best short story in verse that the year has produced, and as literature it realizes in my belief even greater imaginative fulfilment than "Spoon River Anthology." I should have most certainly wished to include it in "The Best Short Stories of 1917" had it been in prose, and it adds one more unforgettable legend to our folk imagination.

44. THE UNDERSTUDY by Johnson Morton (Harper's Magazine) is an ironic character study developed with much finesse in the tradition of Henry James. Its defect is a certain conventional atmosphere which demands an artificial attitude on the part of the reader. Its admirable distinction is its faithful rendering of a personality not unlike the "Tante" of Anne Douglas Sedgwick, if a novel portrait and a short story portrait may fittingly be compared. If the portraiture is unpleasant, it is at any rate rendered with incisive kindliness.

45. THE HEART OF LIFE by Meredith Nicholson (Scribner's Magazine). Mr. Nicholson has treated an old theme freshly in "The Heart of Life" and discovered in it new values of contrasting character. Among his short stories it stands out as notably as "A Hoosier Chronicle" among his novels. It is in such work as this that Mr. Nicholson justifies his calling, and it is by them that he has most hope of remembrance in American literature.

46. MURDER? by Seumas O'Brien (The Illustrated Sunday Magazine). With something of Hardy's stark rendering of atmosphere, Mr. O'Brien has portrayed a grim situation unforgettably. Woven out of the simplest elements, and with an entire lack of literary sophistication, his story is fairly comparable to the work of Daniel Corkery, whose volume, "A Munster Twilight," has interested me more than any other volume of short stories published in America this year. The story is of particular interest because Mr. O'Brien's reputation as an artist has been based solely upon his work as a satirist and Irish fabulist.

47. THE INTERVAL by Vincent O'Sullivan (Boston Evening Transcript). It is odd to reflect that a literary artist of Mr. O'Sullivan's distinction is not represented in American magazines during 1917 at all, and that it has been left to a daily newspaper to publish his work. In "The Interval," Mr. O'Sullivan has sought to suggest the spiritual effect of the war upon a certain type of mind. He has rendered with faithful subtleness the newly aroused longing for religious belief or some form of concrete spiritual expression that bereavement brings. This state has a pathos of its own that the author adequately realizes in his story, and his irony in portraying it is Gallic in its quality.

48. BIXBY'S BRIDGE by Georgia Wood Pangborn (Harper's Magazine). Mrs. Pangborn is well known for her artistic stories of the supernatural, and this will rank among the very best of them. She shares with Algernon Blackwood that gift for making spiritual illusion real which is so rare in contemporary work. What is specially distinctive is her gift of selection, by which she brings out the most illusive psychological contrasts.

49. "A CERTAIN RICH MAN—," by Lawrence Perry (Scribner's Magazine). I find in this story an emotional quality keyed up as tightly, but as surely, as in the best short stories by Mary Synon. Remote as its substance may seem, superficially, it touches the very heart of the experience that the war has brought to us all, and reveals the naked stuff out of which our war psychology has emerged.

50. THE PORTRAIT by Emery Pottle (The Touchstone). This study in Italian backgrounds is by another disciple of Henry James, who portrays with deft sure touches the nostalgia of an American girl unhappily married to an Italian nobleman. It just fails of complete persuasiveness because it is a trifle overstrung, but nevertheless it is memorable for its artistic sincerity.

51. THE PATH OF GLORY by Mary Brecht Pulver (Saturday Evening Post). This story of how distinction came to a poor family in the mountains through the death of their son in the French army is simply told with a quiet, unassuming earnestness that makes it very real. It marks a new phase of Mrs. Pulver's talent, and one which promises her a richer fulfilment in the future than her other stories have suggested. Time and time again I have been impressed this year by the folk quality that is manifest in our younger writers, and what is most encouraging is that, when they write of the poor and the lowly, there is less of that condescension toward their subject than has been characteristic of American folk-writing in the past.

52. MISS FOTHERGILL by Norval Richardson (Scribner's Magazine). The tradition in English fiction, which is most signally marked by "Pride and Prejudice," "Cranford," and "Barchester Towers," and which was so pleasantly continued by the late Dr. S. Weir Mitchell and by Margaret Deland, is admirably embodied in the work of this writer, whose work should be better known. The quiet blending of humor and pathos in "Miss Fothergill" is unusual.

53. THE SCAR THAT TRIPLED by William Gunn Shepherd (Metropolitan Magazine) is none the less truly a remarkable short story because it happens to be based on fact. "The Deserter" was the last fine short story written by the late Richard Harding Davis, and "The Scar That Tripled" is the engrossing narrative of the adventure which suggested that story. Personally, I regard it as superior to "The Deserter."

54. A COUNTRY CHRISTMAS by Grant Showerman (Century Magazine). Professor Showerman's country chronicles are now well known to American readers, and this is quite the best of them. These sketches rank with those of Hamlin Garland as a permanent and delightful record of a pioneer life that has passed away for ever. Their deliberate homeliness and consistent reflection of a small boy's attitude toward life have no equal to my knowledge.

55. THE CHRISTMAS ANGEL (The Pictorial Review), and 56. THE FLAG OF ELIPHALET (Boston Evening Transcript) by Elsie Singmaster add two more portraits to the pleasant gallery of Elsie Singmaster's vivid creations. Although her vein is a narrow one, no one is more competent than she in its expression, and few surpass her in the faithful rendering of homely but none the less real spiritual circumstance.

57. THE END OF THE ROAD by Gordon Arthur Smith (Scribner's Magazine) is a sequel to "Feet of Gold" and chronicles the further love adventures of Ferdinand Taillandy, and their tragic conclusion. In these two stories Mr. Smith has proven his literary kinship with Leonard Merrick, and these stories surely rank with the chronicles of Tricotrin and Pitou.

58. CHING, CHING, CHINAMAN (Pictorial Review), 59. KED'S HAND (Harper's Magazine), 60. WHITE HANDS (Pictorial Review), and 61. THE WOMAN AT SEVEN BROTHERS (Harper's Magazine) by Wilbur Daniel Steele. With these four stories, together with "A Devil of a Fellow," "Free," and "A Point of Honor," Mr. Steele assumes his rightful place with Katharine Fullerton Gerould and H. G. Dwight as a leader in American fiction. "Ching, Ching, Chinaman," "White Hands," and "The Woman at Seven Brothers" are, in my belief, the three best short stories that were published in 1917, by an American author, and I may safely predict their literary permanence. Mr. Steele's extraordinary gift for presenting action and spiritual conflict pictorially is unrivalled, and his sense of human mystery has a rich tragic humor akin to that of Thomas Hardy, though his philosophy of life is infinitely more hopeful.

62. NONE SO BLIND by Mary Synon (Harper's Magazine) is a study in tragic circumstance, the more powerful because it is so reticently handled. It is Miss Synon's first profound study in feminine psychology, and reveals an unusual sense of emotional values. Few backgrounds have been more subtly rendered in their influence upon character, and the action of the story is inevitable despite its character of surprise.

63. THE SCAR by Elisabeth Stead Taber (The Seven Arts). The brutal realism of this story may repel the reader, but its power and convincing quality cannot be gainsaid. So many writers have followed John Fox's example in writing about the mountaineers of the Alleghanies, that it is gratifying to chronicle so exceptional a story as this. It is as inevitable in its ugliness as "The Cat of the Cane-Brake" by Frederick Stuart Greene, and psychologically it is far more convincing.


The following table includes the averages of American periodicals published during 1917. One, two, and three asterisks are employed to indicate relative distinction. "Three-asterisk stories" are of somewhat permanent literary value. The list excludes reprints.

NO. OF PERCENTAGE OF NO. OF DISTINCTIVE DISTINCTIVE PERIODICALS STORIES STORIES STORIES PUB- PUBLISHED PUBLISHED LISHED - * ** *** * ** *** - - - - - - American Magazine 54 25 3 1 46 6 2 Atlantic Monthly 20 17 11 5 85 55 25 Bellman 47 34 17 2 72 36 4 Bookman 5 5 4 1 100 80 20 Boston Evening Transcript 6 6 6 2 100 100 33 Century 50 40 29 17 80 58 34 Collier's Weekly 108 51 22 3 47 20 3 Delineator 46 18 5 2 39 11 4 Everybody's Magazine 45 26 7 3 58 15 7 Every Week 87 18 5 2 21 6 2 Forum 6 4 1 1 67 17 17 Good Housekeeping 40 12 9 5 30 23 13 Harper's Magazine 80 64 39 27 80 49 34 Illustrated Sunday Magazine 25 10 4 1 40 16 4 Ladies' Home Journal 33 11 4 1 33 12 3 Masses (except Oct. and Nov.) 11 6 3 0 54 27 0 McClure's Magazine 45 9 4 2 20 9 4 Metropolitan 43 16 8 5 37 19 12 Midland 22 21 17 2 95 77 9 New Republic 5 5 2 1 100 40 20 New York Tribune 30 22 7 4 73 23 13 Outlook 18 10 8 1 56 44 6 Pagan 11 8 8 4 72 72 36 Pictorial Review 42 26 18 14 62 43 33 Reedy's Mirror 32 18 10 3 56 31 9 Saturday Evening Post 235 62 25 7 21 11 3 Scribner's Magazine 65 52 31 16 80 48 25 Seven Arts 23 22 19 14 96 83 69 Smart Set 107 22 12 3 20 11 3 Stratford Journal 10 10 10 9 100 100 90 Sunset Magazine 32 6 0 0 19 0 0 Touchstone 15 15 10 2 100 67 13 ==============================================================

The following tables indicate the rank, during 1917, by number and percentage of distinctive stories published, of the nineteen periodicals coming within the scope of my examination which have published during the past year over twenty-five stories and which have exceeded an average of 15% in stories of distinction. The lists exclude reprints.


1. Harper's Magazine 80% 2. Scribner's Magazine 80% 3. Century Magazine 80% 4. New York Tribune 73% 5. Bellman 72% 6. Pictorial Review 62% 7. Everybody's Magazine 58% 8. Reedy's Mirror 56% 9. Collier's Weekly 47% 10. American Magazine 46% 11. Delineator 39% 12. Metropolitan Magazine 37% 13. Ladies' Home Journal 33% 14. Good Housekeeping 30% 15. Saturday Evening Post 21% 16. Every Week 21% 17. Smart Set 20% 18. McClure's Magazine 20% 19. Sunset Magazine 19%


1. Harper's Magazine 64 2. Saturday Evening Post 62 3. Scribner's Magazine 52 4. Collier's Weekly 51 5. Century Magazine 40 6. Bellman 34 7. Everybody's Magazine 26 8. Pictorial Review 26 9. American Magazine 25 10. New York Tribune 22 11. Smart Set 22 12. Reedy's Mirror 18 13. Delineator 18 14. Every Week 18 15. Metropolitan Magazine 16 16. Good Housekeeping 12 17. Ladies' Home Journal 11 18. McClure's Magazine 9 19. Sunset Magazine 6

The following periodicals have published during 1917 ten or more "two-asterisk stories." The list excludes reprints. Periodicals represented in this list during 1915 as well are indicated by an asterisk. Periodicals represented in this list during 1916 are indicated by a dagger.

1. *Harper's Magazine 39 2. *Scribner's Magazine 31 3. *Century Magazine 29 4. *Saturday Evening Post 25 5. *+Collier's Weekly 20 6. Seven Arts 19 7. +Pictorial Review 18 8. Midland 17 9. *Bellman 17 10. *Smart Set 12 11. Atlantic Monthly 11 12. Touchstone 10

The following periodicals have published during 1917 five or more "three-asterisk stories." The list excludes reprints. Periodicals represented in this list during 1915 as well are indicated by an asterisk. Periodicals represented in this list during 1916 are indicated by a dagger.

1. *+Harper's Magazine 27 2. *+Century Magazine 17 3. *+Scribner's Magazine 16 4. Seven Arts 14 5. +Pictorial Review 14 6. Stratford Journal 9 7. *+Saturday Evening Post 7 8. Atlantic Monthly 5 9. *Metropolitan 5 10. Good Housekeeping 5

Ties in the above lists have been decided by taking relative rank in other lists into account.


All short stories published in the following magazines and newspapers during 1917 are indexed.

American Magazine Atlantic Monthly Bellman Bookman Boston Evening Transcript Century Collier's Weekly Current Opinion Delineator Everybody's Magazine Every Week Forum Harper's Magazine Illustrated Sunday Magazine Ladies' Home Journal Little Review (except Oct.) Masses (Jan.-Sept.) McClure's Magazine Metropolitan Midland New Republic New York Tribune Outlook Pictorial Review Poetry Pagan Reedy's Mirror Russian Review (Jan.-July) Saturday Evening Post Scribner's Magazine Seven Arts Stratford Journal Sunset Magazine Touchstone Yale Review

The October and November issues of the Masses are not listed, as they were not procurable through ordinary channels. The October issue of the Russian Review was not yet published when this book went to press. The October issue of the Little Review was withdrawn from circulation before it could come to my notice.

Short stories, of distinction only, published in the following magazines and newspapers during 1917 are indexed.

Black Cat Boston Herald Colonnade Cosmopolitan Good Housekeeping Harper's Bazar Hearst's Magazine Live Stories McCall's Magazine Milestones Munsey's Magazine Parisienne Pearson's Magazine Short Stories Smart Set Snappy Stories Southern Woman's Magazine To-day's Housewife Woman's Home Companion Youth's Companion

Certain stories of distinction published in the following magazines and newspapers during 1917 are indexed, because they have been called to my attention by authors or readers.

All-Story Weekly Art World Ainslee's Magazine Dernier Cri Detective Story Magazine Los Angeles Times Queen's Work Saucy Stories Top-Notch Magazine Woman's World Young's Magazine

The Red Book Magazine is not represented in these lists, in deference to the wishes of its editor, who sent me the following telegram: "We prefer not to be listed."

One, two, or three asterisks are prefixed to the titles of stories to indicate distinction. Three asterisks prefixed to a title indicate the more or less permanent literary value of a story, and entitle it to a place on the annual "Rolls of Honor." An asterisk before the name of an author indicates that he is not an American.

The following abbreviations are used in the index:—

Ain. Ainslee's Magazine All. All-Story Weekly Am. American Magazine Atl. Atlantic Monthly Art W. Art World B. C. Black Cat Bel. Bellman B. E. T. Boston Evening Transcript B. Her. Boston Herald Cen. Century C. O. Current Opinion Col. Collier's Weekly Colon. Colonnade Cos. Cosmopolitan Del. Delineator Det. Detective Story Magazine Ev. Everybody's Magazine E. W. Every Week For.. Forum G. H. Good Housekeeping Harp. B. Harper's Bazar Harp. M. Harper's Magazine Hear. Hearst's Magazine I. S. M. Illustrated Sunday Magazine L. A. Times. Los Angeles Times L. H. J. Ladies' Home Journal Lit. R. Little Review L. St. Live Stories McC. McClure's Magazine McCall McCall's Magazine Met. Metropolitan Mid. Midland Mir. Reedy's Mirror Mun. Munsey's Magazine N. Rep. New Republic N. Y. Trib. New York Tribune Outl. Outlook Pag. Pagan Par. Parisienne Pear. Pearson's Magazine Pict. R. Pictorial Review Q. W. Queen's Work (R.) (Reprint) Rus. R. Russian Review Sau. St. Saucy Stories Scr. Scribner's Magazine S. E. P. Saturday Evening Post Sev. A. Seven Arts Sh. St. Short Stories Sn. St. Snappy Stories So. Wo. M. Southern Woman's Magazine S. S. Smart Set Strat. J. Stratford Journal Sun. Sunset Magazine To-day To-day's Housewife Top-Notch Top-Notch Magazine Touch. Touchstone W. H. C. Woman's Home Companion Wom. W. Woman's World Yale Yale Review Y. C. Youth's Companion Young Young's Magazine


ABBOTT, FRANCES C. **Memorial Window, The. Del. Nov. Mrs. Bodkin's Debut. Del. June.

*ABDULLAH, ACHMED. (ACHMEND ABDULLAH NADIR KHAN EL-DURANI EL-IDDRISSYEH.) ("A. A. NADIR.") (1881- .) (See 1915 and 1916.) (See also UZZELL, THOMAS H., and ABDULLAH, ACHMED.) *As He Reaped. Ain. July. *Consider the Oath of M'Taga. All. March 10. *Disappointment. All. May 19. *East or West? Top-Notch. April 15. *Five-Dollar Gold-Piece, The. Sn. St. Dec. 18. **Gamut, The. S. S. Dec. **Gentlemen of the Old Regime, A. S. S. Feb. *Guerdon, The. S. S. Feb. **Home-Coming, The. Harp. M. May. **Letter, The. S. S. Jan. **Silence. All. April 21.

ADAMS, KATHARINE. *"Silent Brown." So. Wo. M. Oct.

ADAMS, MINNIE BARBOUR. (See 1916.) *Half a Boy. Pict. R. Sept.

ADAMS, SAMUEL HOPKINS. (1871- .) (See 1915 and 1916.) Letter to Nowhere, A. E. W. Feb. 12. *Little Red Doctor of Our Square, The. Col Aug. 25. *Meanest Man in Our Square, The. Col. March 24. *Paula of the Housetop. Col. July 7. *Room "12 A." Ev. Nov. "Wamble: His Day Out." Col. Jan. 13.

ADLER, HENRY. Coward, The. Pag. Sept.

*AICARD, JEAN. (1848- .) *Mariette's Gift. N. Y. Trib. Feb. 18.

ALEXANDER, MARY. Ashamed of Her Parents. Del. Nov. Girl Who Is Not Popular, The. Del. May. How Can I Meet the Right Sort of Men? Del. March. Out of Touch With Life. Del. Oct. Too Sure of Herself. Del. July. When She Runs After the Boys. Del. Aug.

ALLEN, FREDERICK LEWIS. (See 1915.) Big Game. Cen. March. Fixing Up the Balkans. Cen. May. Small Talk. Cen. Feb.

ALLEN, LORAINE ANDERSON. **Going of Agnes, The. Touch. Sept.

ALLENDORF, ANNA STAHL. *Dallying of Celia May, The. G. H. July. **Leavening of St. Rupert, The. G. H. June.

"AMID, JOHN." (M. M. STEARNS.) (See 1915 and 1916.) *Alone. Det. Sept. 25. *Busted Poor. All. Dec. 8. Freeze, The. Mid. Aug. *Interlude. Young. April. *Prem Singh. Bel. Dec. 1. ***Professor, A. Mid. Nov. Strachan's Hindu. Bel. Oct. 27.

ANDERSON, SHERWOOD. (See 1915 and 1916.) ***"Mother." Sev. A. March. ***Thinker, The. Sev. A. Sept. ***Untold Lie, The. Sev. A. Jan.

ANDERSON, WILLIAM ASHLEY. (See 1915 and 1916.) **Unwrit Dogma, The. Ev. Dec.

ANDRADE, CIPRIANO, JR. *Applied Hydraulics. S. E. P. Aug. 25.

ANDRES, MARY RAYMOND SHIPMAN. (See 1915 and 1916.) ***Blood Brothers. Scr. May. ***Return of K. of K., The. McC. March. *Russian, The. Milestones. Oct.

*ANDREYEV, LEONID NIKOLAEVICH. (1871- .) (See 1916.) ***Lazarus. Strat. J. June.

ANONYMOUS. Apparition, The. N. Y. Trib. Nov. 11. Coeur de Lion. N. Y. Trib. July 22. ***Evocation, The. N. Y. Trib. April 22. Eyes of the Soul, The. N. Y. Trib. Feb. 25. Fools. Mir. Sept. 28. ***"Huppdiwupp." Lit. R. Jan. *Pipe, The. N. Y. Trib. Nov. 4. **Poilu's Dream on Christmas Eve, The. B. Her. Dec. 23. *Rendezvous, The. N. Y. Trib. Sept. 30. **Slacker with a Soul, A. N. Y. Trib. Sept. 16. *Spirit of Alsace, The. N. Y. Trib. May 6. *Voice of the Church Bell, The. N. Y. Trib. Oct. 21. War Against War. McC. April-May. When Lulu Made Trouble. Mir. May 18.

ARBUCKLE, MARY. Freedom and Robbie May. Sun. Nov.

ARMSTRONG, WILLIAM. Cupid in High Finance. Del. Sept.

ASHE, ELIZABETH. (See 1915.) *Appraisement. Atl. March.

*ASSIS, MACHADO DE. (1839-1908.) (See 1916.) **Attendant's Confession, The. (R.) Strat. J. Dec.

AUERNHEIMER, RAOUL. (1876- .) *Demonstrating That War Is War. N. Y. Trib. Jan. 28.

*AUMONIER, STACY. (See 1915 and 1916.) ***In the Way of Business. Pict. R. March. ***Packet, The. Col. May 26. ***"Them Others." Cen. Aug.

AUSTIN, F. BRITTEN. (See 1915.) **Zu Befehl! S. E. P. Dec. 1.


BABCOCK, EDWINA STANTON. (See 1916.) ***Excursion, The. Pict. R. Oct.

BACON, JOSEPHINE DASKAM. (1876- .) (See 1915 and 1916.) Comrades in Arms. S. E. P. Oct. 27. *Entrances and Exits. Del. Oct. Ghost of Rosy Taylor, The. S. E. P. Nov. 17. *Magic Casements. Del. Nov. Square Peggy. S. E. P. Dec. 22. *Year of Cousin Quartus, A. Del. Feb.

BAILEY (IRENE) TEMPLE. (See 1915.) *Red Candle, The. Scr. Dec.

BAKER, KATHARINE. (See 1915 and 1916.) Fifty-Cent Kind, The. Atl. April.

BALL, WILLIAM DAVID. Man Who Paid, The. E. W. April 2.

BALMER, EDWIN. (1883- .) (See 1915.) Madcap. Col. Jan. 27. S. Orton, Stockholder. E. W. May 28. Telegraph Trail, The. Col. March 17. Thing That He Did, The. L. H. J. Jan. With Sealed Hood. Col. Sept. 22.

BANKS, HELEN WARD. *Mrs. Pepper Passes. Y. C. April 5.

*BARBUSSE, HENRI. **Paradis Polishes the Boots. (R.) C. O. Dec.

BARNARD, FLOY TOLBERT. (1879- .) (See 1916.) ***Surprise in Perspective, A. Harp. M. April.

BARRY, RICHARD. (1881- .) Legacy, The. Del. March.

BARTLETT, FREDERICK ORIN. (1876- .) (See 1915 and 1916.) Time to Go to Newport. E. W. July 23.

BARTLEY, NALBRO. Benedict & Company. S. E. P. Oct. 13. Briggles "Goes West." S. E. P. March 10. Have a Heart! S. E. P. April 7. Reel True. S. E. P. Nov. 10. Total Bewitcher, The. S. E. P. June 16. Town Mouse, The. S. E. P. April 21.

BASSETT, WILLARD KENNETH. *End of the Line, The. S. S. Oct.

BATES, SYLVIA CHATFIELD. (See 1915 and 1916.) *Let Nothing You Dismay. W. H. C. Dec. *Light from the Holy Hill. Wom. W. Dec.

*BAZIN, RENE. (1853- .) ***Mathurine's Eyes. Strat. J. March.

BEACH, ROY. Cline's Injunction. Sun. April.

BEATTY, JEROME. "Attaboy!" McC. March. Gee-Whiz Guy, The. McC. Aug. "Take 'Im Out!" McC. May.

BECHDOLT, FREDERICK R. Pecos Kid, The. Col. Jan. 6.

BECHDOLT, JACK. Black Widow's Mercy, The. (R.) Mir. Feb. 16.

BEER, THOMAS. (1889- .) ***Brothers, The. Cen. Feb. ***Onnie. Cen. May. **Rescuer, The. S. E. P. Aug. 11.

BEHRMAN, S. N. **Coming of the Lord, The. Touch. Oct. **Song of Ariel. Sev. A. May.


*BELL, J(OHN) J(OY). (1871- .) (See 1915 and 1916.) **Wanted—A Pussy-Mew. Bel. March 3.

BELL, LILIAN (LIDA). (1867- .) Mrs. Galloway Goes Shopping. Del. Sept. Mrs. Galloway Tries to Reduce. Del. Nov.

BENEFIELD, BARRY. (See 1915 and 1916.) ***Simply Sugar Pie. (R.) I. S. M. April 29.

BENET, WILLIAM ROSE. (1886- .) But Once a Year. Cen. Dec.


*BENSON, EDWARD FREDERIC. (1867- .) *"Through." Cen. July.

BENSON, RAMSEY. (1866- .) *Shad's Windfall. B. C. March.

*BERESFORD, JOHN DAVYS. (1873- .) (See 1916.) ***Escape, The. Sev. A. Feb. ***Little Town, The. Sev. A. June. ***Powers of the Air. Sev. A. Oct.

BERRY, JOHN. (See 1916.) *Clod, The. B. C. April.

BETTS, THOMAS JEFFRIES. (See 1916.) **Alone. Scr. May.

BIGGERS, EARL DERR. (1884- .) (See 1916.) Each According to His Gifts. S. E. P. April 14. Same Old Circle. S. E. P. April 7. Soap and Sophocles. McC. July.

*"BIRMINGHAM, GEORGE A." (CANON JAMES O. HANNAY.) (1865- .) (See 1915.) *Von Edelstein's Mistake. McC. Nov.

BLAIR, GERTRUDE. Water-Witch, The. Scr. May.

BLEDSOE, JOE. *Fuzz. B. C. May.

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BOOTH, FREDERICK. (See 1916.) **Cloud-Ring, The. Sev. A. April.

BOTTOME, PHYLLIS. (See 1916.) ***"Ironstone." Cen. March.

BOURNE, RANDOLPH. *Ernest, or Parent for a Day. Atl. June.

*BOUTET, FREDERIC. *Convalescent's Return, The. N. Y. Trib. Dec. 30. ***Medallion, The. N. Y. Trib. Oct. 28. *Messenger, The. N. Y. Trib. Aug. 12. *Promise, The. N. Y. Trib. Sept. 2.

BOWER, B. M., and CONNOR, BUCK. (See 1916.) Go-Between, The. McC. March. Red Ride, The. McC. May.

BOYER, WILBUR S. *Bum Throwers. Ev. June. *Getting Even with Geo'gia. Ev. April. *One Week of Kelly. Ev. March. *There's Many a Slip. Ev. Nov.

*BOYES, DAN. Lilium Giganteum. (R.) Mir. Feb. 16.

BOYKIN, NANCY GUNTER. *Christmas Medley, A. Met. Jan. Leavings. E. W. Dec. 3. Retta Rosemary. E. W. July 16.

BRADY, ELIZABETH. *Ladislav Saves the Day. Q. W. Nov.

BRADY, MARIEL. (See 1916.) Thermopylae. Bel. Oct. 6.

BRALEY, BERTON. (See 1915.) Stuff of Dreams, The. Del. Aug.


"BRECK, JOHN." (ELIZABETH C. A. SMITH.) ***From Hungary. Bookman. Dec. **Man Who was Afraid, The. Ev. Sept.

BROOKS, ALDEN. (See 1916.) **Man From America, The. Cen. July. ***Three Slavs, The. Col. May 5.

BROWN, ALICE. (1857- .) (See 1915 and 1916.) ***Flying Teuton, The. Harp. M. Aug. ***Nemesis, Harp. M. April. *Preaching Peony, The. Harp. M. June.

BROWN, BERNICE. **Last of the Line, The. E. W. Nov. 5.

BROWN, KATHARINE HOLLAND. (See 1915 and 1916.) Millicent: Maker of History. Scr. June. **On a Brief Text from Isaiah. Scr. Feb.

BROWN, MARION FRANCIS. *Husks and Hawthorn. So. Wo. M. Aug.

BROWN, PHYLLIS WYATT. (PHYLLIS WYATT.) (See 1916.) *Checked Trousers, The. Masses. June. *Extra Chop, The. Cen. Oct.

BROWN, ROYAL. *Seventy Times Seven. McCall. April.

BROWNELL, AGNES MARY. *Fifer, The. Y. C. June 28.

BRUBAKER, HOWARD. (See 1915 and 1916.) *Baby's Place, A. Harp. M. Jan. Cabbages and Queens. Harp. M. Aug. Greeks Bearing Gifts. Harp. M. Nov. *Ranny and the Higher Life. Harp. M. June.

BRUCKMAN, CLYDE A. (See 1916.) Joe Gum. S. E. P. May 5.

BRYSON, LYMAN. (See 1915 and 1916.) **Under a Roof. Mid. July.

BULGER, BOZEMAN. (See 1915 and 1916.) *Heart of the System, The. S. E. P. Jan. 6. Queen's Mistake, The. S. E. P. March 3. *Skin Deep. Ev. March.

BUNNER, ANNE. Road to Arcady, The. Ev. July.

BURNET, DANA. (1888- .) (See 1915 and 1916.) *Christmas Fight of X 157. L. H. J. Dec. *Dub, The. S. E. P. March 17. ***Fog. (R.) I. S. M. April 1. Genevieve and Alonzo. L. H. J. March. **Sadie Goes to Heaven. G. H. Aug. **Sponge, The. Am. Jan.

BURNETT, FRANCES HODGSON. (1849- .) (See 1915.) **White People, The. Harp. M. Dec., '16-Jan., '17.

*BURROW, C. KENNETT. *Cafe de la Paix, The. (R.) Mir. Sept 21.

BURT, JEAN BROOKE. Way of the West, The. Sun. June.

BURT, MAXWELL STRUTHERS. (1882- .) (See 1915.) ***Closed Doors. Scr. Nov. ***Cup of Tea, A. Scr. July. ***Glory of the Wild Green Earth, The. Scr. Oct. ***John O'May. Scr. Jan. ***Panache, Le. Scr. Dec.

BUSBEY, KATHERINE GRAVES. (1872- .) **Senator's Son, The. Harp. M. March.

BUSS, KATE (MELDRAM). **Medals. Mid. May.

BUTLER, ELLIS PARKER. (1869- .) (See 1915 and 1916.) Markley's "Size-Up" of Dix. Am. July. Mutual Spurs, Limited. S. E. P. July 21. *Red Avengers, The. Am. Jan. *Scratch-Cat. E. W. Feb. 26. Temporary Receiver, The. Am. Aug. *Trouble with Martha, The. Harp. M. Dec. **Wasted Effort. Am. May.

BUZZELL, FRANCIS. (1882- .) (See 1915 and 1916.) ***Lonely Places. Pict. R. Dec. ***Long Vacation, The. Pict. R. Sept.

"BYRNE, DONN." (BRYAN OSWALD DONN-BYRNE.) (1888- .) (See 1915 and 1916.) **Day After Tomorrow. McC. Oct. Gryphon, The. S. E. P. April 28. *Prodigal in Utopia, The. S. E. P. Sept. 8. **Sound of Millstones, The. S. E. P. March 24. *Treasure Upon Earth, A. S. E. P. Nov. 3. *Woman in the House, A. S. E. P. March 3.


*CAINE, WILLIAM. (See 1916.) **Spanish Pride. Cen. Dec.

CAMERON, ANNE. Sadie's Opportunity. Am. March.

CAMERON, MARGARET. (MARGARET CAMERON LEWIS.) (1867- .) (See 1915 and 1916.) Dolliver's Devil. Harp. M. Jan.

CAMP (CHARLES) WADSWORTH. (See 1915 and 1916.) Veiled Woman, The. Col. Nov. 17.

CAMPBELL, FLETA. (1886- .) (See 1915 and 1916 under SPRINGER, FLETA CAMPBELL.) **Incompetent, Irrelevant, and Immaterial. Harp. M. May. **Millward. Harp. M. Oct. ***Mistress, The. Harp. B. Oct.

CAMPBELL, JAY. **Jim. Scr. Feb.


CARLTON, AUGUSTUS. *Lady from Ah-high-ah, The. Mir. Aug. 31.

CARRUTH, GORTON VEEDER. *Chivalry at Goldenbridge. Y. C. Aug. 30.

CARVER, ADA JACK. (See 1916.) *"Joyous Coast, The." So. Wo. M. Sept.

CASEY, PATRICK and TERENCE. (See 1915.) **Kid Brother, The. Col. May 19.

*CASTLE, EGERTON. (1858- .) *Guinea Smuggler, The. Bel. June 16.

CASTLE, EVERETT RHODES. Coats Is In. S. E. P. Nov. 17. Dark-Brown Liquid, The. S. E. P. Dec. 8. Harvest Gloom. S. E. P. Dec. 15. In the Movies They Do It. S. E. P. Dec. 29.

CATHER, WILLA SIBERT. (1875- .) (See 1915 and 1916.) **Gold Slipper, A. Harp. M. Jan.

CEDERSCHIOeLD, GUNNAR. ***Foundling, The. Col. Oct. 27.

CHAMBERLAIN, GEORGE AGNEW. (1879- .) (See 1915 and 1916.) ***Man Who Went Back, The. L. H. J. June. Neutrality and Siamese Cats. S. E. P. June 30.

CHAMBERLAIN, LUCIA. Under Side, The. S. E. P. Aug. 11.

CHAMBERS, ROBERT WILLIAM. (1865- .) (See 1915.) *Brabanconne, La. Hear. Feb.

CHANNING, GRACE ELLERY. (GRACE ELLERY CHANNING STETSON.) (1862- .) (See 1915 and 1916.) Out of the Earth. S. E. P. Aug. 18.


CHENAULT, FLETCHER. Strategy Wins. Col. March 31. Young Man from Texas, The. Col. June 23.

CHESTER, GEORGE RANDOLPH. (1869- .) (See 1915 and 1916.) Heavenly Spat, The. Ev. Jan.

CHILD, RICHARD WASHBURN. (1881- .) (See 1915 and 1916.) Chasm, The. S. E. P. Dec. 8. Eagle Shannon Assists Mr. Sleed. Col. May 12. Eagle Shannon Deals a Blow at Progress. Col. June 16. Eagle Shannon Gives a Treatment. Col. Feb. 10. Eagle Shannon Meets the Ivory Woman. Col. April 14. *Faith. E. W. Dec. 31. **Forever and Ever. Pict. R. April. God's Laugh. Col. March 17. *Hard of Head. E. W. Jan. 22. Her Boy. E. W. Oct. 15. *Her Countenance. Hear. Oct. Love Is Love. E. W. March 12.

*CHIRIKOV, EVGENIY. ***Past, The. Rus. R. Jan.

CLEGHORN, SARAH N(ORCLIFFE). (1876- .) ***"Mr. Charles Raleigh Rawdon, Ma'am." Cen. Feb.

*CLIFFORD, SIR HUGH. (1866- .) (See 1916.) **"Our Trusty and Well-Beloved." Sh. St. April.

*CLIFFORD, MRS. W. K. (See 1915.) Quenching, The. Scr. Jan.

CLOSSER, MYRA JO. **At the Gate. Cen. March.

CLOUD, VIRGINIA WOODWARD. Boy Without a Name, The. Bel. June 30. Her Arabian Night. Bel. Aug. 11.

COBB, IRVIN S(HREWSBURY). (1876- .) (See 1915 and 1916.) ***Boys Will Be Boys. S. E. P. Oct. 20. ***Cinnamon Seed and Sandy Bottom. S. E. P. June 9. *Ex-Fightin' Billy. Pict. R. June. ***Family Tree, The. S. E. P. March 24. *Garb of Men, The. S. E. P. Jan. 20. *Hark! From the Tombs. S. E. P. April 14. Kiss for Kindness, A. S. E. P. April 7. ***Quality Folks. S. E. P. Nov. 24.

COCKE, SARAH JOHNSON. **Men-Fokes' Doin's. S. E. P. Oct. 27. *Rooster and the Washpot, The. S. E. P. June 2.



COHEN, OCTAVUS ROY. (1891- .) (See 1915 and 1916.) (See also COHEN, OCTAVUS ROY, and LEVISON, ERIC.) **Fair Play. Col. Nov. 24. Lot for a Life, A. E. W. Jan. 1. Oil and Miss Watters. I. S. M. July 8. *Partners. Col. May 5.

COHEN, OCTAVUS ROY (1891-), and LEVISON, ERIC. *Pro Patria. Ev. July.

COLLAMORE, EDNA A. *Those Twin Easter Hats. Del. April.

COLLINS, DOROTHY. Honest Mind, An. Pag. March.

COLTON, JOHN. **On the Yellow Sea. E. W. Nov. 26.

COMFORT, WILL LEVINGTON. (1878- .) (See 1915 and 1916.) **Lempke. S. E. P. Nov. 3. *Lit Up. E. W. July 30. *Pale Torrent, The. Touch. June. *Plain Woman, The. S. E. P. Nov. 24. **Respectable House, A. Touch. Aug. *Shielding Wing, The. Hear. April. **Woman He Loved, The. Touch. Nov.

CONDON, FRANK. (See 1916.) Five, Six, Pick Up Sticks. S. E. P. Nov. 17. Ne Coco Domo. S. E. P. April 7. Nothing But Some Bones. Col. Oct. 20. This Way Out. S. E. P. March 10. Water on the Side. Col. April 28.

CONNOLLY, JAMES BRENDAN. (1868- .) (See 1915 and 1916.) ***Breath o'Dawn. Scr. Sept. *Bullfight, The. Col. Feb. 10. Strategists, The. Scr. July.

CONNOR, BREVARD MAYS. (See 1915 and 1916.) Desert Rose, The. Sun. Sept.

CONNOR, BUCK. (See Bower, B. M., and CONNOR, BUCK.)

CONNOR, TORREY. *"Si, Senor!" Sun. March.

*"CONRAD, JOSEPH." (JOSEPH CONRAD KORZENIOWSKI.) (1857- .) (See 1915 and 1916.) ***Warrior's Soul, The. Met. Dec.

CONVERSE, FLORENCE. (1871- .) (See 1915 and 1916.) Culprit, The. Atl. Jan.

CONWAY, NORMAN. *Cleansing, The. Masses. June.


COOKE, MARJORIE BENTON. (See 1915 and 1916.) "It Might Have Happened." Scr. April. Morals of Peter, The. Am. Aug.

COOPER, COURTNEY RYLEY. *Congo. Ev. Nov. Ship Comes In, The. Pict R. Nov.

CORBIN, JOHN. (1870- .) Father Comes Back. Col. June 23.

CORNELL, HUGHES. (See 1916.) *Holbrook Hollow. L. A. Times. June 23.

CORNISH, REYNELLE G. E., and CORNISH, EVELYN N. *Letter of the Law, The. Outl. July 4.



COWDERY, ALICE. (See 1915.) ***Robert. Harp. M. Feb.

CRABB, ARTHUR. Decision, The. S. E. P. Sept. 8. Third Woman, The. S. E. P. Sept. 15.

CRABBE, BERTHA HELEN. (1887- .) (See 1916.) *Lavender Satin. Y. C. Nov. 29. ***Once in a Lifetime. Bel. April 21.

CRAM, MILDRED R. (See 1916.) *Not Quite an Hour. S. S. Aug. **Statuette, The. S. S. May.

CRAWFORD, CHARLOTTE HOLMES. (See 1915.) **Daughter of Nish, A. Col. Jan. 20.

CRISSEY, FORREST. (See 1915 and 1916.) Pretender, The. Harp. M. May.

CURTISS, PHILIP EVERETT. (1885- .) (See 1915 and 1916.) *Colonel Volunteers, The. Harp. M. Oct. Gods and Little Fishes, The. E. W. Oct. 29. "Overture and Beginners!" S. E. P. Oct. 13. Pioneers, The. Harp. M. Aug.

CURWOOD, JAMES OLIVER. (1878- .) *Fiddling Man, The. E. W. April 16.


DALY, ALICE F. *Aunt Virginia's Box. Y. C. Nov. 22. *Heirloom, The. Y. C. Dec. 6.

DAVIES, MARION. Runaway Romany. I. S. M. Sept. 16.

DAVIS, J. FRANK. *Almanzar's Perfect Day. E. W. Aug. 27. White Folks' Talk. E. W. June 25.

DAVIS, JACOB. *Striker, The. Mir. July 27.

DAVIS, ROSE B. Bremington's Job. Sun. March.

DAWSON, (FRANCIS) WARRINGTON. (1878- .) **Man, The. Atl. March.

DELANO, EDITH BARNARD. (See 1915.) Social Folks Next Door, The. L. H. J. Nov.

*DELARUE-MADRUS, LUCIE. ***Death of the Dead, The. Strat. J. Dec. Godmother, The. N. Y. Trib. Sept. 23. Godmother, The. (II.) N. Y. Trib. Oct. 14.

DERIEUX, SAMUEL A. (See 1916.) *Destiny of Dan VI, The. Am. March.

DICKSON, HARRIS. (1868- .) (See 1915 and 1916.) Jigadier Brindle, The. Col. July 14. *Jigadier's Drum, The. Col. Sept. 29. *Left Hind Tail, The. Pict. R. Feb. Redpate the Rookie. Col. July 21. War Trailer, The. Col. Sept. 15.

DIVINE, CHARLES. *Last Aristocrat, The. S. S. April. *Mrs. Smythe's Artistic Crisis. S. S. March.

DIX, BEULAH MARIE. (MRS. GEORGE H. FLEBBE.) (1876- .) (See 1915 and 1916.) **One Who Stayed, The. Harp. B. Sept.

DOBIE, CHARLES CALDWELL. (1881- .) (See 1916.) ***Empty Pistol, The. Harp. M. Dec. ***Gift, The. Harp. M. Aug. ***Laughter. Harp. M. April. ***Our Dog. Pict. R. Nov. *Sign Language, The. Harp. M. July. **Where the Road Forked. Harp. M. June.

DODGE, HENRY IRVING. (See 1916.) Skinner's Big Idea. S. E. P. Dec. 15.

DODGE, LOUIS. **Wilder's Ride. Scr. Dec.

DODGE, MABEL. ***Farmhands. Sev. A. Sept.

DORING, WINFIELD. Boy's Night, A. L. H. J. Jan.

DOTY, MADELEINE ZABRISKIE. (See 1915.) *Mutter, Die. (R.) C. O. May.

DOUGLAS, DAVID. (See 1915.) Casey Gets a Surprise. McC. Feb.

DOUNCE, HARRY ESTY. **Garden of Proserpine, The. Cen. Aug.

*DOYLE, SIR ARTHUR CONAN. (1859- .) (See 1916.) **His Last Bow. Col. Sept. 22.

*"DOYLE, LYNN." (LEWIS A. MONTGOMERY.) Compulsory Service in Ballygullion. Cen. April.

DRAPER, JOHN W. *Guilleford Errant. Colon. March.

DREISER, THEODORE. (1871- .) (See 1916.) *Married. Cos. Sept.

DRIGGS, LAURENCE LA TOURETTE. Battle Royal, The. Outl. Nov. 21. Bridge on the Oise, The. Outl. Oct. 31. My First Submarine. Outl. Nov. 7. Strafing Jack Johnson. Outl. Dec. 5. Zeppelin Raid over Paris, A. Outl. Oct. 17.

*DUDENEY, MRS. HENRY. (1866- .) (See 1915 and 1916.) ***Feather-bed, The. Harp. M. Oct.

DUNCAN, NORMAN. (1871-1916.) (See 1915 and 1916.) ***Little Nipper o' Hide-an'-Seek Harbor, A. Pict. R. May. *Mohammed of the Lion Heart. Del. Aug.

*DUNSANY, EDWARD JOHN MORETON DRAX PLUNKETT, 18TH BARON. (1878- .) (See 1915 and 1916.) ***East and West. (R.) Mir. Jan. 19. ***Gifts of the Gods, The. (R.) Mir. Oct. 5. ***How the Gods Avenged Meoul Ki Ning. S. S. Nov.

*DURING, STELLA M. Top Floor Front, The. I. S. M. Feb. 18.

*DUTTON, LOUISE ELIZABETH. (See 1915 and 1916.) Paradise Alley. Met. July. Poor Butterfly. S. E. P. Sept. 29. When the Half-Gods Go. S. E. P. July 14.

DWIGHT, H(ARRY) GRISWOLD. (1875- .) (See 1915 and 1916.) ***Emperor of Elam, The. Cen. July.

DWYER, JAMES FRANCIS. (1874- .) (See 1915 and 1916.) **Land of the Pilgrims' Pride. Col. April 28.

DYER, WALTER ALDEN. (1878- .) (See 1915 and 1916.) Annabel's Goose. Col. Dec. 15. Mission of McGregor, The. Col. Feb. 10.




EASTMAN, MAX. (1883- .) (See 1916.) **Lover of Animals, A. Masses. April.

EATON, JACQUETTE H., and CODY, ROSALIE M. *Thankful. Y. C. Nov. 22.

EATON, WALTER PRICHARD. (1878- .) (See 1915 and 1916.) Altitude. E. W. Sept. 24. White-Topped Boots, The. E. W. May 21.

*ECHEGARAY, JOSE. *Birth of the Flowers, The. (R.) C. O. Jan.

EDGAR, RANDOLPH. (See 1916.) **Iron. Bel. May 26.

EDGELOW, THOMAS. (See 1916.) Whimsical Tenderness, A. Scr. April.

ELLERBE, ALMA ESTABROOK. (See 1915 under ESTABROOK, ALMA MARTIN.) *Brock. Touch. July.

ELLERBE, ROSE L. *Peasant's Revolt, A. Pear. Nov.

EVANS, IDA MAY. (See 1915 and 1916.) Brew of Ashes. McC. April. End of a Perfect Day, The. Col. Sept. 1. Great Little Old Understander, A. S. E. P. Oct. 20. Ideal of His Dreams, The. S. E. P. March 10. Kimonos and Pink Chiffon. McC. Dec. Leaves of Graft. S. E. P. April 7. Whither Thou Goest. S. E. P. May 26. You Never Can Tell What a Minister's Son Will Do. S. E. P. Aug. 25.



*FARJEON, J. JEFFERSON. *Sixpence. (R.) Mir. Dec. 14.

*FARNOL, JEFFERY. *Absentee, The. Wom. W. June.

FAWCETT, MARGARET. Pursuit of Peter, The. Met. June.

FERBER, EDNA. (1887- .) (See 1915 and 1916.) **Cheerful—By Request. Col. Nov. 24. ***Gay Old Dog, The. Met. Oct.

FERRIS, ELEANOR. (See 1915.) *Coup de Grace. Cen. Oct.

FERRIS, ELMER ELLSWORTH. (1861- .) (See 1915.) *Helping Out Olaf. Am. April.

FERRIS, WALTER. (See 1916.) Matter of Quality, A. Ev. Sept.

FINN, MARY M. Bentley's Adventure in New York. Am. Sept.

FLOWER, ELLIOTT. (1863- .) (See 1915.) *Point of View, The. Harp. M. Aug.

FOLSOM, ELIZABETH IRONS. (1876- .) (See 1916.) ***Kamerad. Touch. Oct. **When the Devil Drives. Pag. July-Aug.

FORD, SEWELL. (1868- .) (See 1915 and 1916.) All the Way with Anna. E. W. Nov. 12. And Wilt Thou, Torchy? E. W. Jan. 15. At the Turn with Wilfred. E. W. Nov. 19. Back with Clara Belle. E. W. July 9. Carry-On for Clara, A. E. W. Oct. 22. Even Break with Bradley, An. E. W. Jan. 29. Flicketty One Looks On, A. E. W. Jan. 1. Little Sully's Double Play. E. W. June 11. On the Gate with Waldo. E. W. Aug. 6. Qualifying Turn for Torchy, A. E. W. April 30. Recruit for the Eight-Three, A. E. W. May 28. Ringer from Bedelia, A. E. W. Aug. 20. Showing Up Brick Hartley. E. W. Feb. 26. Switching Arts on Leon. E. W. May 14. Time Out for Joan. E. W. March 26. Torchy and Vee on the Way. E. W. Feb. 12. Torchy in the Gazinkus Class. E. W. June 25. Vee Goes Over the Top. E. W. Dec. 10. Vee with Variations. E. W. March 12. When Torchy Got the Call. E. W. July 23. Where Herm Belonged to Be. E. W. April 16.

FOSTER, MAXIMILIAN. (1872- .) (See 1915.) Dollar Bill, The. S. E. P. June 16. Fifi. S. E. P. July 7. Last Throw, The. S. E. P. Feb. 24. *Wraiths. S. E. P. April 7.

FOX, EDWARD LYELL. (1887- .) (See 1915 and 1916.) *Man and the Other Man, The. I. S. M. March 18.

FOX, JOHN (WILLIAM), JR. (1863- .) *Angel from Viper, The. Scr. May. *Battle-Prayer of Parson Small, The. Scr. April. *Compact of Christopher, The. Scr. Feb. *Courtship of Allaphair, The. Scr. Jan. *Goddess of Happy Valley, The. Scr. Oct. **Lord's Own Level, The. Scr. March. *Marquise of Queensberry, The. Scr. Sept. *Pope of the Big Sandy, The. Scr. June.

FOX, PAUL HERVEY. **Remembered Hour, The. Bel. June 2.

FRANK, WALDO. (1890- .) (See 1916.) ***Bread-Crumbs. Sev. A. May. ***Candles of Romance, The. S. S. Feb. ***Rudd. Sev. A. Aug.

FREEMAN, MARY E. WILKINS-. (1862- .) (See 1915 and 1916.) ***Boomerang, The. Pict. R. March. Both Cheeks. S. E. P. Nov. 17. ***Cloak Also, The. Harp. M. March. **Cross Purposes. (R.) I. S. M. Nov. 25. *Liar, The. Harp. M. Nov. ***Ring with the Green Stone, The. Harp. M. Feb. *Thanksgiving Crossroads. W. H. C. Nov.

*FREKSA, FRIEDRICH. (1882- .) *"Le Chatelet de Madame." N. Y. Trib. Jan. 14.

FUESSLE, NEWTON A. (See 1915 and 1916.) Legal Mind, The. Mir. Nov. 23.

FULLERTON, HUGH STEWART. (See 1916.) Bingles and Black Magic. Met. May. Old Ambish, The. Am. July. Runarounds, The. Col. April 14. Severe Attack of the Gerties, A. Am. Oct. Taking a Reef in Tadpole. Am. April. World Series—Mex., A. Col. Oct. 13.

FUTRELLE, (L.) MAY (PEEL). (MRS. JACQUES FUTRELLE.) (1876- .) (See 1915.) Late Betsy Baker, The. Ev. May.


GALE, ANNIE G. Out of Tophet. Sun. July.

GALE, ZONA. (1874- .) (See 1915 and 1916.) *Arpeggio Courts. Harp. M. Dec. Deal, The. E. W. Jan. 1. *When They Knew the Real Each Other. L. H. J. May.

*GALSWORTHY, JOHN. (1867- .) (See 1915 and 1916.) ***Defeat. Scr. Aug. ***Flotsam and Jetsam. Scr. Dec. ***Juryman, The. G. H. Sept.

GAMBIER, KENYON. Huge Black One-Eyed Man, The. S. E. P. June 23-30.


GARRETT, GARET. (1878- .) Gold Token, The. S. E. P. Jan. 6.

GATES, ELEANOR. (MRS. FREDERICK FERDINAND MOORE.) (1875- .) Tomboy. S. E. P. Jan. 27. **Waiting Soul, The. Harp. B. June.

GATLIN, DANA. (See 1915 and 1916.) (See also GATLIN, DANA, and HATELY, ARTHUR.) Full Measure of Devotion, The. McC. Nov. In a Japanese Garden. McC. Jan. Let's See What Happens Next! McC. Sept. Lovers and Lovers. Col. March 3. Orchids. McC. Dec. Rosemary's Great Wish. Am. April. *Spring Mischief. Met. April. Where Youth Is Also. Col. March 31. Wild Roses. McC. June.

GATLIN, DANA, and HATELY, ARTHUR. "Divided We Fall." McC. July.

GAUNT, MARY. Cyclone, The. For. March-April.

GEER, CORNELIA THROOP. ***Pearls Before Swine. Atl. Oct.

*GEORGE, W. L. (1882- .) ***Interlude. Harp. M. Feb. **Water. (R.) Mir. Dec. 7.

GEROULD, KATHARINE FULLERTON. (1879- .) (See 1915 and 1916.) ***East of Eden. Harp. M. Dec. ***Hand of Jim Fane, The. Harp. M. Aug. ***Knight's Move, The. Atl. Feb. ***Wax Doll, The. Scr. May. ***What They Seem. Harp. M. Sept.

GERRISH, JOSETTE. Would-Be Free Lance, The. Met. May.

GERRY, MARGARITA SPALDING. (1870- .) (See 1915 and 1916.) Berenice's First Dance. L. H. J. April. Flag Factory, The. L. H. J. Oct. Her Record. Pict. R. Feb. *Midwinter-Night's Dream, A. Harp. M. Dec.

*GIBBON, PERCEVAL. (1879- .) (See 1915 and 1916.) **Plain German. S. E. P. Sept. 29.

*GIBSON, WILFRID WILSON. ***News, The. Poetry. Jan.

GIESY, J. U. Strategy of Desperation, The. Del. Nov.

GIFFORD, FRANKLIN KENT. (1861- .) Along Came George. L. H. J. March.

GILL, AUSTIN. (See 1916.) Introducing the Auto to Adder Gulch. Col. Jan. 6.


GLASGOW, ELLEN (ANDERSON GHOLSON.) (1874- .) (See 1916.) ***Dare's Gift. Harp. M. Feb.-March.

GLASPELL, SUSAN (KEATING.) (MRS. GEORGE CRAM COOK.) (1882- .) (See 1915 and 1916.) Everything You Want to Plant. E. W. Aug. 13. ***Hearing Ear, The. Harp. M. Jan. ***Jury of Her Peers, A. E. W. March 5. ***Matter of Gesture, A. McC. Aug.

GLEASON, ARTHUR HUNTINGTON. (1878- .) (See 1915 and 1916.) **Irishman, The. Cen. Oct.


GOLDEN, HARRY. End of the Argument, The. Sun. July.

GOLDMAN, RAYMOND LESLIE. Smell of the Sawdust, The. Col. Sept. 15.

GORDON, ARMISTEAD CHURCHILL. (1855- .) (See 1915 and 1916.) ***His Father's Flag. Scr. Oct. **Pharzy. Scr. March.

GRAEVE, OSCAR. (1884-). (See 1915 and 1916.) *Kamp. McC. May.

GRANICH, IRWIN. (See 1916.) **God Is Love. Masses. Aug.


GRAY, DAVID. (1870- .) (See 1915.) Felix. S. E. P. Feb. 17. Way a Man Marries, The. Pict. R. July.

GREENE, FREDERICK STUART. (1870- .) (See 1915 and 1916.) ***Bunker Mouse, The. Cen. March. ***"Molly McGuire, Fourteen." Cen. Sept. ***Ticket to North Carolina, A. (R.) I. S. M. April 15. **"Vengeance Is Mine!" McC. Sept.

GREENMAN, FRANCES. Impossible Angela. L. H. J. June. Impossible Angela Discovers That a Pretty Girl is Visiting the Jaspers. L. H. J. Aug.

GRIMES, KATHARINE ATHERTON. **Return of Michael Voiret, The. So. Wo. M. April.

GRUNBERG, ALFRED. Maizie, the Magazine Eater. Met. Jan.

GUILD, ALEXA. Farleigh's Farewell. I. S. M. April 15.


GURLITZ, AMY LANDON. **Eagle's Nest, The. Ev. May.


HAINES, DONAL HAMILTON. (1886- .) (See 1915 and 1916.) *Heels of Achilles, The. Bel. March 10. *Old Man Who was Always There, The. Bel. Nov. 17.

HALE, LOUISE CLOSSER. (1872- .) (See 1915.) Measure of a Man, The. Ev. Dec. *Parties of Maygie, The. Del. Dec. *Soldier of the Footlights, A. McC. Feb.

"HALL, HOLWORTHY." (HAROLD EVERETT PORTER.) (1887- .) (See 1915 and 1916.) Between Friends. Ev. Sept. "Consolation." Cen. June. Diplomat, The. E. W. Jan. 8. Dormie One. Ev. Feb. Grim Visage, The. McC. Oct. Iberia. S. E. P. March 31. "If You Don't Mind My Telling You." Cen. Jan. Last Round, The. Col. May 12. Man-Killer, The. S. E. P. March 10. Mouse-Traps. McC. Feb. Not a Chance in a Thousand. E. W. Dec. 24. Out in the Open Air. Ev. June. Persons of Rank. McC. Nov. Stingy! S. E. P. May 5. Straight from Headquarters. Dec. Sunset. S. E. P. Oct. 6. Turn About. E. W. Sept. 10. Wild Bill from Texas, Pict. R. Oct.

HALL, MAY EMERY. Countess' Reincarnation, The. Del. April.

HALL, WILBUR JAY. (See 1915 and 1916.) Elijah and the Widow's Cruiser. Col. Jan. 6. Matter of Pressure, A. S. E. P. April 14. Maxim—Caveat Emptor, The. S. E. P. Sept. 22. Pronounced Cwix-ot-ic. Ev. Dec. Typical Westerner, A. Sun. Aug.

HALLET, RICHARD MATTHEWS. (See 1915 and 1916.) ***Rainbow Pete. Pict. R. Oct.

HALSEY, FREDERICK. Up—Through the Garden. Am. May.

*HAMILTON, COSMO. (See 1915 and 1916.) ***Ladder Leaning on a Cloud, The. Del. July. *"Steady" Hardy's Christmas Present. G. H. Dec.

HAMILTON, GERTRUDE BROOKE. (See 1915 and 1916.) *Bonnie McGlint, Late of Broadway. Pict. R. May. Hot Coals. E. W. March 26. *Sons of God, The. G. H. Dec. Wax Beauty, The. E. W. Dec. 17.


HARGER, CHARLES MOREAU. (1863- .) (See 1916.) Workman No. 5,484. Outl. Oct. 10.

*HARKER, L(IZZIE) ALLEN. (1863- .) (See 1915 and 1916.) *Misfit, A. Scr. Dec.

HARPER, RALPH M. How the Rector Recovered. Outl. Aug. 8.

HARRIS, CORRA (MAY WHITE). (MRS. L. H. HARRIS.) (1869- .) (See 1915 and 1916.) Her Last Affair. S. E. P. Sept. 1. ***Other Soldiers in France, The. S. E. P. Nov. 3. Windmills of Love, The. Pict. R. Nov.

HARRIS, KENNETT. (See 1915 and 1916.) Crop Failure in Sullivan, A. S. E. P. April 7. Jai Alai. Pict. R. April. Talismans. S. E. P. May 5. Vendetta of Bogue Grenouille, The. S. E. P. July 7.

HARTMAN, LEE FOSTER. (1879- .) (See 1915.) *Consul at Paraminta, The. E. W. April 2. ***Frazee. Harp. M. Nov.



HAWES, CHARLES BOARDMAN. (See 1916.) Off Pernambuco. Bel. July 21. **On a Spring Tide. Bel. Sept. 29. *Patriots. Bel. June 9. *Thanks to the Cape Cod Finn. B. C. May. **"Within That Zone." B. E. T. Feb. 7.

HAWKES, CLARENCE. (1869- .) (See 1916.) *Angela. (R.) C. O. April.

*"HAY, IAN." (JOHN HAY BEITH.) (1876- .) (See 1915.) Noncombatant, The. S. E. P. March 24. *Petit Jean. Ev. April.

HECHT, BEN. (See 1915.) *Sort of a Story, A. All. Dec. 22. **Unlovely Sin, The. S. S. July. *Woman with the Odd Neck, The. B. C. Nov.

*HEINE, ANSELMA. ***Vision, The. Strat. J. Jan.

HEMENWAY, HETTY LAWRENCE. (MRS. AUGUSTE RICHARD.) **Adolescence. Cen. June. ***Four Days. Atl. May.

HENDRYX, JAMES B. *In the Outland. Ev. Oct.

HENSCHEN, SIGMUND. **Christmas in the Trenches. I. S. M. Dec. 23.

HEPBURN, ELIZABETH NEWPORT. (See 1916.) *Elm Tree Ghosts, The. McCall. Dec.

HERGESHEIMER, JOSEPH. (1880- .) (See 1915 and 1916.) Asphodel. S. E. P. Aug. 4. Epheimer. S. E. P. Feb. 3. **Tol'able David. S. E. P. July 14.

HERRICK, ELIZABETH. (See 1915.) **After All. Scr. Feb. *Canker at the Root, The. Sn. St. Jan. 18.

HERSEY, HAROLD. **Dead Book, The. Le Dernier Cri. Feb.-March.

HIGGINS, AILEEN CLEVELAND. (MRS. JOHN ARCHIBALD SINCLAIR.) (1882- .) (See 1916.) *'Dopters, The. Bel. Sept. 8.

HIGGINS, JOHN. *Man Who Was Ninety-Nine, The. Mir. Sept. 14.

HILLHOUSE, A. K. *Sheba. Sn. St. Nov. 4.

HINKLEY, LAURA L. *Magic of Dreams, The. W. H. C. Feb.

HOLLINGSWORTH, CEYLON. (See 1915 and 1916.) *Strong Medicine. Col. Dec. 1.

HOOPER, SAMUEL DIKE. Nemesis, The. Sun. June.

HOPPER, JAMES MARIE. (1876- .) (See 1915 and 1916.) *Enter Charity. Col. July 21. **Last Make-Believe, The. Col. June 9. *Rice, The. Col. June 30. Weight Above the Eyes. Col. Nov. 10. **Within the Swirl. S. E. P. July 7.


HOTCHKISS, CHAUNCEY CRAFTS. (1852- .) Taking of Spitzendorf. I. S. M. Nov. 11. Test, The. I. S. M. Sept. 16. Unexpected, The. I. S. M. Oct. 14.

HOUGH, EMERSON. (1857- .) (See 1915 and 1916.) *Claxton, O. C. Sun. Dec.

*HOUSMAN, LAURENCE. (1865- .) ***Inside-out. Cen. Aug.

HOUSTON, MARGARET BELLE. White Diane, The. Met. April.

HOWE, EDGAR WATSON. (1854- .) **Stubborn Woman, The. (R.) C. O. March.

HOWELLS, WILLIAM DEAN. (1837- .) (See 1915 and 1916.) **Tale Untold, A. Atl. Aug.

HOWLAND, ARTHUR HOAG. *Governor and the Poet, The. For. Sept.

HOYT, CHARLES A. *Goddess of the Griddle, The. Y. C. Nov. 29.


HUBBARD, PHILIP E. None But the Brave. S. E. P. Jan. 20. Very Temporary Captain McLean. S. E. P. Feb. 3-10.

HUGHES, ELIZABETH BURGESS. (See 1915.) Floods of Valpre. Sn. St. Jan. 18.

HUGHES, RUPERT. (1872- .) (See 1915 and 1916.) **Oompah Oompah, The. Hear. Nov.

HULL, ALEXANDER. **New Generation Shall Rise, A. E. W. Nov. 19.

HULL, GEORGE CHARLES. *"Breathes There the Man—." Scr. July. Through the Eyes of Mary Ellen. Scr. March.

HULL, HELEN R. (See 1915 and 1916.) **Blight. Touch. May. *Fire, The. Cen. Nov. **Groping. Sev. A. Feb. **"Till Death—." Masses. Jan.

HUNEKER, JAMES GIBBONS. (1860- .) (See 1915 and 1916.) **Modern Montsalvat, A. S. S. Feb.

HUNT, EDWARD EYRE. (See 1916.) **Flemish Tale, A. Outl. April 4. ***Ghosts. N. Rep. Jan. 13. **In the Street of the Spy. Outl. Oct. 10. **Microcosm. Outl. Aug. 8. **Pensioners, The. Outl. Feb. 7. ***Saint Dympna's Miracle. Atl. May. C. O. July. **White Island, The. Outl. Jan. 17.

HURST, FANNIE. (1889- .) (See 1915 and 1916.) ***Get Ready the Wreaths. Cos. Sept. *Golden Fleece. Cos. July. **Oats for the Woman. Cos. June. *On the Heights. Cos. Dec. **Sieve of Fulfilment. Cos. Oct. ***Solitary Reaper. Cos. May. **Would You? Met. May. *Wrong Pew, The. S. E. P. Jan. 6.

HUTCHISON, PERCY ADAMS. (See 1915.) ***Journey's End. Harp. M. Sept.


IRWIN, INEZ HAYNES (GILLMORE). (1873- .) (See 1916, and also 1915 under GILLMORE, INEZ HAYNES.) When Mother and Father Got Going. L. H. J. May.

IRWIN, WALLACE. (1875- .) (See 1915 and 1916.) Ah-Lee-Bung. Del. July. All Front and No Back. S. E. P. Oct. 13. Echo, The. S. E. P. Jan. 27. Eternal Youth. S. E. P. July 21. **Hole-in-the-Ground. Col. Oct. 27. Monkey on a Stick. S. E. P. Dec. 29. *Old Red Rambler. S. E. P. June 16. One of Ten Million. McC. Dec. Peaches and Cream. S. E. P. Nov. 10. Silence. Harp. M. July. Starch and Gasolene. Harp. M. Jan. **Wings. Col. April 7.

IRWIN, WILL(IAM HENRY). (1873- .) (See 1915 and 1916.) Evening in Society, An. S. E. P. April 28.


*JACOBS, W(ILLIAM) W(YMARK). (1863- .) (See 1915 and 1916.) *Convert, The. Hear. Sept. *Substitute, The. Hear. Dec.

*JAMESON, ELAINE MARY. (See 1915 and 1916.) Return of Sanderson, The. Del. May.

JENKINS, NATHALIE. *Winter's Tale, A. So. Wo. M. Jan.

JOHNSON, ALVIN SAUNDERS. (1874- .) (See 1916.) *Lynching in Bass County. N. Rep. Aug. 18. *Place in the Sun, A. N. Rep. Nov. 17.

JOHNSON, BURGES. (1877- .) (See 1916.) Unmelancholy Dane, An. Pict. R. Sept.

JOHNSON, FANNY KEMBLE. (See 1916.) (FANNY KEMBLE COSTELLO.) *Idyl of Uncle Paley, The. Harp. M. March. *Magic Casements. Cen. Oct. *New Lamps for Old. Cen. July. *On the Altar of Friendship. Cen. Feb. ***Strange-Looking Man, The. Pag. Dec.

JOHNSON, GLADYS E. Two-Bit Seats. Am. July.

JOHNSTON, CALVIN. (See 1915.) *Playgrounds Dim. S. E. P. Aug. 25.

JOHNSTON, CHARLES. (1867- .) (See 1915.) How Liberty Came to Ivan Ivanovitch. Col. Dec. 22.

JOHNSTON, ERLE. *Man with Eyes in His Back, The. Cen. Sept. *Square Edge and Sound. Cen. Nov.

JOHNSTON, HUBERT MCBEAN. Honest Value. Am. July.

JONES, (E.) CLEMENT. (1890- .) ***Sea-Turn, The. Sev. A. Oct.

JONES, FRANK GOEWEY. (See 1915 and 1916.) *Christmas "Bunk," The. L. H. J. Dec. Divided Spoils. McC. Sept. Nine Points of the Law. Col. Oct. 13. Suspense Account, The. E. W. Sept. 3. Wall Street Puzzle, A. S. E. P. May 26. Warm Dollars. S. E. P. Feb. 17.

JONES, JOHNSON. Great American Spoof Snake, The. Bel. Nov. 3.

JONES, THANE MILLER. Invaders of Sanctuary. S. E. P. Sept. 8. N. Brown. S. E. P. Aug. 18.

JORDAN, ELIZABETH (GARVER). (1867- .) (See 1915 and 1916.) Mollycoddle, The. E. W. June 4. What Everyone Else Knew. L. H. J. April. Young Ellsworth's Hat Size. S. E. P. June 16.

*JOY, MAURICE. *Twenty-Four Hours. S. S. Sept.

JULIUS, EMANUEL HALDIMAN-. "Young Man, You're Raving." Pag. Jan.


KAHLER, HUGH. *Unforbidden. S. S. Sept.

KAUFFMAN, REGINALD WRIGHT. (1877- .) (See 1916.) **Bounty-Jumper, The. Bel. Feb. 10. ***Lonely House, The. S. S. Feb.

KELLAND, CLARENCE BUDINGTON. (1881- .) (See 1915 and 1916.) *Leak, The. E. W. July 9. *Mountain Comes to Scattergood, The. S. E. P. Nov. 24. Omitted Question, The. E. W. Feb. 19. Options. S. E. P. March 24. *Practice Makes Cock-Sure. E. W. Aug. 27. Saving It For Dad. S. E. P. Jan. 20. Scattergood Baines-Invader. S. E. P. June 30. Scattergood Kicks Up the Dust. S. E. P. Oct. 13. Speaking of Souls. E. W. Aug. 6.

KELLER, LUCY STONE. Hail to the Conqueror. Del. Jan.

KELLEY, LEON. All Under One Roof. McC. Oct. Four Cylinders and Twelve. McC. Aug.

KELLY, KATE. Emancipation of Galatea, The. S. E. P. March 3.

KENAMORE, CLAIR. *Sonora Nights' Entertainments. Bookman. July.

KENNON, HARRY B. (See 1915 and 1916.) Back from the Border. Mir. May 4. Crumbs of Conservation. Mir. Dec. 28. Fifty-Twelve. Mir. Sept. 21. Girl Who Talked Out Loud, The. L. H. J. Nov. Gold Tooth. Mir. May 18. **Hell's Legacy. Mir. Aug. 24. Mrs. Chichester's Confession. Mir. June 1. Poppy Seed. Mir. March 16. Rice and Old Shoes. Mir. Nov. 16. *Scum. Mir. April 6. Three Modern Musketeers. Mir. Dec. 14.

KENT, EILEEN. *Moon Madness. Masses. May.

KENTON, EDNA. *Black Flies. Sn. St. Dec. 18.

KENYON, CAMILLA E. L. Pocketville Bride, The. Sun. Oct. Runaways, The. Sun. May. Treasure from the Sea. Sun. Sept. Tuesday. Sun. April.

KERR, SOPHIE. (1880- .) (See 1915 and 1916.) Bitterest Pill, The. McC. Jan. *Clock That Went Backward, The. W. H. C. July. "Governor Putty." McC. Feb. High Explosive. McC. June. Marriage By Capture. E. W. May 7. *Monsieur Rienzi Takes a Hand. Am. June. *Orchard, The. Col. Dec. 15. Over-Reached. McC. Nov.

KILBOURNE, FANNIE. (See 1915.) *Betty Bell and Love. Wom. W. Oct. Bluffer, The. Del. March.

KILTY, MACK. Taotaomona, The. Bel. Sept. 1.

*KIPLING, RUDYARD. (1865- .) (See 1915.) *Regulus. Met. April.

KIRK, R. G. *Glenmere White Monarch and the Gas-House Pup. S. E. P. March 17. *Zanoza. S. E. P. Oct. 27.

KLAHR, EVELYN GILL. (See 1915.) She of the U. J. L. H. J. Sept. *Souvenirs of Letty Loomis. Harp. M. March.

KLINE, BURTON. (1877- .) (See 1915 and 1916.) ***Caller in the Night, The. Strat. J. Dec. **Point of Collision, The. S. S. Nov.

KNIGHT, LEAVITT ASHLEY. (See 1915 and 1916.) *Village Orator, The. Am. March.

KNIGHT, REYNOLDS. (See 1915 and 1916.) *Clay. Mid. April.

KOBBE, GUSTAV. (1857- .) Clothes. (R.) Mir. Jan. 12.


KRYSTO, CHRISTINA. (1887- .) ***Babanchik. Atl. April.

KUMMER, FREDERIC ARNOLD. (See 1915 and 1916.) Madman, The. Pict. R. Feb.-March.

KYNE, PETER BERNARD. (1880- .) (See 1915 and 1916.) Cappy Ricks Takes On the Kaiser. S. E. P. Sept. 8. Cappy Ricks, Wheat Baron. S. E. P. Feb. 17. Circumventing Wilhelm. S. E. P. April 21. Floating the Dundee Lassie. Col. Feb. 17. For Revenue Only. S. E. P. June 9. Over and Back. Col. March 10. *Saint Patrick's Day in the Morning. S. E. P. May 19. Salt of the Earth. S. E. P. Feb. 3. Swanker, The. Sun. Oct.


LAIT, JACK. (JACQUIN L.) (1882- .) (See 1916.) *Clause for Santa Claus, A. Milestones. Dec. If a Party Meet a Party. (R.) Mir. Jan. 26. *Jersey Lil. Am. June. Toilers in the Night. Am. Nov.

LANE, GEORGE C. *Jones of the Iron Grip. Y. C. Dec. 20.

LARDNER, RING W. (See 1915 and 1916.) Ball-a-Hole. S. E. P. May 12. Facts, The. Met. Jan. Friendly Game, A. S. E. P. May 5. Hold-Out, The. S. E. P. March 24. Three Without, Doubled. S. E. P. Jan. 13. Tour Y-10. Met. Feb. Yellow Kid, The. S. E. P. June 23.


*LAWRENCE, D. H. (See 1915.) ***England My England. Met. April. ***Mortal Coil, The. Sev. A. July. ***Thimble, The. Sev. A. March.

LAZAR, MAURICE. Boarder, The. Masses. Feb. *Habit. Touch. July.

LEA, FANNIE HEASLIP. (MRS. H. P. AGEE.) (1884- .) (See 1915 and 1916.) Big Things. McC. May. Lone Wolf, The. Harp. M. Aug. On the Spring Idea. E. W. April 9. Opened by Censor 1762. Del. Sept.

*LE BRAZ, ANATOLE. (1859- .) ***Christmas Treasure, The. So. Wo. M. Dec. **Frame, The. Outl. Feb. 21.

LEE, JENNETTE (BARBOUR PERRY). (1860- .) (See 1915 and 1916.) ***John Fairchild's Mirror. Cen. April. Miss Somebody's Chair. L. H. J. June. Three Boats that the Two Men Saw, The. L. H. J. Aug. *Two Doctors, The. L. H. J. July.

*LE GALLIENNE, RICHARD. (1866- .) (See 1915 and 1916.) ***Bugler of the Immortals, The. Del. July.

LERNER, MARY. (See 1915 and 1916.) *Forsaking All Others. Col. May 26. ***Little Selves. (R.) I. S. M. May 13. *Sixteen. McCall. March. **Wages of Virtue. All. Feb. 3.

*LEV, BERNARD. ***Bert, the Scamp. Strat. J. Dec. ***Marfa's Assumption. Strat. J. Dec.

*LEVEL, MAURICE. *After the War. N. Y. Trib. Oct. 7. *At the Movies. N. Y. Trib. Dec. 9. **Great Scene, The. B. Her. Dec. 2.

LEVERAGE, HENRY. *Last Link, The. Sh. St. April. *Passage for Archangel, A. Sh. St. Feb. *Salt of the Sea. Sh. St. May.



LEWIS, ADDISON. (1889- .) **Black Disc, The. Mir. Oct. 26. "Elevator Stops At All Floors." Mir. Dec. 7. *End of the Lane, The. Mir. Feb. 2. *New Silhouette, The. Mir. Nov. 2. *9:15, The. Mir. Nov. 16. **Rejected, The. Mir. Oct. 12. **Sign Painter, The. Mir. Oct. 5. **Spite. Mir. Oct. 19. ***When Did You Write Your Mother Last? Mir. Nov. 9.

LEWIS, AUSTIN. (See 1916.) Contra Bonos Mores. Masses. Sept. Lucky Sweasy! Masses. Jan.

LEWIS, SINCLAIR. (1885- .) (See 1915 and 1916.) Black Snow and Orange Sky. Met. Oct. *For the Zelda Bunch. McC. Oct. Hobohemia. S. E. P. April 7. Joy-Joy. S. E. P. Oct. 20. Poinsettia Widow, The. Met. March. *Scarlet Sign, The. Met. June. Snappy Display. Met. Aug. Twenty-Four Hours in June. S. E. P. Feb. 17. Whisperer, The. S. E. P. Aug. 11. Woman By Candlelight, A. S. E. P. July 28. **Young Man Axelbrod. Cen. June.

*LIDDELL, SCOTLAND. **Olitchka. (R.) C. O. Nov.


LIGHTON, WILLIAM RHEEM. (1866- .) (See 1915 and 1916.) (See also LIGHTON, WILLIAM RHEEM, and LIGHTON, LOUIS DURYEA.) Billy Fortune and the Hard Proposition. E. W. May 14. Judge Jerry and the Eternal Feminine. Pict. R. July.

LIGHTON, WILLIAM RHEEM (1866- .), and LIGHTON, LOUIS DURYEA. (See 1916.) *Billy Fortune and That Dead Broke Feeling. Pict. R. May. Billy Fortune and the Spice of Life. Pict. R. March. Man Without a Character, The. Sun. May.

LINDAS, B. F. (See 1916.) *Dago, The. Mir. Jan. 19.


LONDON, JACK. (1876-1916.) (See 1915 and 1916.) *Grit of Women, The. (R.) I. S. M. Jan. 7. ***Like Argus of the Ancient Time. Hear. March. *Thousand Deaths, A. (R.) B. C. Jan LONG, LILY AUGUSTA. "To Love, Honor, and Obey." Harp. M. May.


"LOPEZ, INEZ." (MRS. OCTAVUS ROY COHEN.) **Answer, The. B. E. T. May 5.

LOWE, CORINNE. Flavius Best, Pinxit. S. E. P. Sept 29-Oct. 6. Slicker, The. S. E. P. Nov. 17.

LUDWIG, FRANCES A. Square Pegs in Round Holes. Am. Dec.

LUND, ADELAIDE. *Pay-Roll Clerk, The. Atl. Aug.

LYNCH, J. BERNARD. *Making Good on the Props. Hear. Feb.

LYNN, MARGARET. (See 1915.) **Mr. Fannet and the Afterglow. Atl. Nov.


MABIE, LOUISE KENNEDY. (See 1915.) Efficient Mrs. Broderick, The. L. H. J. Feb.

MCCASLAND, VINE. **Spring Rains. Mir. May 25.

MCCLURE, JOHN. (See 1916.) **King of Sorrows, The. S. S. Nov.

MCCONNELL, SARAH WARDER. Influence, The. Ev. Oct.

MCCOURT, EDNA WAHLERT. (See 1915.) *David's Birthright. Sev. A. Jan.

MCCOY, WILLIAM M. *Little Red Decides. Am. Dec. *Rough Hands—But Gentle Hearts. Am. Nov. Scum of the Earth. Col. Sept. 8.

MACFARLANE, PETER CLARK. (1871- .) **Deacon Falls, The. S. E. P. Nov. 10. Great Are Simple, The. S. E. P. Sept. 1. Live and Let Live! S. E. P. Sept. 22.

MACGOWAN, ALICE. (1858- .) (See 1916.) Golden Hope, The. E. W. June 4.

MACGRATH, HAROLD. (1871- .) (See 1915.) *Seas That Mourn, The. Col. Oct. 6.

*MACHARD, ALFRED. *Repatriation. N. Y. Trib. Dec. 16.

*MACHEN, ARTHUR. (1863- .) ***Coming of the Terror, The. Cen. Oct.

MACKENZIE, CAMERON. (1882- .) (See 1916.) Firm, The. S. E. P. Oct. 6. Main-Chance Lady, The. S. E. P. Feb. 10. Thing, The. McC. Jan.

MCLAURIN, KATE L. (See 1916.) *"Sleep of the Spinning Top, The." (R.) C. O. Aug.

MACMANUS, SEUMAS. (1870- .) (See 1915 and 1916.) **Fluttering Wisp, The. Del. Dec. **Lord Mayor of Buffalo, The. Del. Oct. ***Mad Man, the Dead Man, and the Devil, The. Pict. R. April.

MACNICHOL, KENNETH. *Long Live Liberty! Col. June 2.

*MADEIROS E ALBUQUERQUE, JOSE DE. (1867- .) ***Vengeance of Felix, The. Strat. J. Dec.


MANNING, MARIE. (MRS. HERMAN E. GASCH.) (See 1915 and 1916.) No Clue. McC. June. Seventeen-Year Locusts, The. Pict. R. June.

MARKS, JEANNETTE. (1875- .) (See 1916.) Golden Door, The. Bel. April 7.

MARQUIS, DON (ROBERT PERRY). (1878- .) (See 1915 and 1916.) *Being a Public Character. Am. Sept.

MARRIOTT, CRITTENDEN. (1867- .) (See 1915 and 1916.) God's Messenger. E. W. July 16.

MARSH, GEORGE T. (See 1915 and 1916.) **For the Great Father. Scr. March. **Out of the Mist. Cen. April. *Valley of the Windigo, The. Scr. June.

MARSHALL, EDISON. (See 1916.) Chicago Charlie Lancelot. Am. Sept. ***Man That Was in Him, The. Am. Aug. *Vagabond or Gentleman? Am. June.

MARSHALL, RACHAEL, and TERRELL, MAVERICK. Heroizing of Amos Chubby, The. Pict. R. Aug.

MARTIN, KATHARINE. *Celebrating Father. L. H. J. Nov.

*MASON, ALFRED EDWARD WOODLEY. (1865- .) (See 1915 and 1916.) *Silver Ship, The. Met. Jan.

MASON, GRACE SARTWELL. (1877- .) (See 1915 and 1916.) For I'm To Be Queen of the May. E. W. April 30. *Jessie Passes. E. W. Feb. 5. Potato Soldier, The. E. W. Nov. 12. Summer Wives. Met. Nov. *Woman Who Was a Shadow, The. Met. Aug.

MASTERS, EDGAR LEE. ("EDGAR LA RUE.") (1868- .) ***Boyhood Friends. Yale. Jan. ***Widow La Rue. Mir. Jan. 19.

*MAXWELL, WILLIAM BABINGTON. *Woman's Portion, The. Ev. Dec.

MAY, NOBLE. *Mabel Plays the Game. Am. Feb.

MEAKER, S. D. Man's Own Wife, A. Scr. April.

MELLETT, BERTHE KNATVOLD. (See 1915 and 1916.) Kolinsky. Col. March 10.

MERCHANT, ABBY. **Presentiment, The. Harp. M. July.

METCALF, THOMAS NEWELL. Martin's Chickens. Cen. Nov.

MEYER, ERNEST L. Non Compos Mentis. (R.) Mir. Feb. 16.

MILES, EMMA BELL. (See 1915.) *Destroying Angel, The. So. Wo. M. May.

*MILLE, PIERRE. (1864- .) *How They Do It. N. Y. Trib. July 8. *Man Who Was Afraid, The. N. Y. Trib. June 24. *Soldier Who Conquered Sleep, The. N. Y. Trib. March 11.

MILLER, HELEN TOPPING. (See 1915 and 1916.) From Wimbleton to Wambleton. Del. March.

MINNIGERODE, MEADE. (See 1916.) Macaroons. S. E. P. Feb. 24.

MINUIT, PETER. *Class of 19—, The. Sev. A. June. Modern Accident, A. Sev. A. April.

MITCHELL, MARY ESTHER. (See 1915 and 1916.) **Miss Barcy's Waterloo. Harp. M. Oct. **Smaller Craft, The. Harp. M. March. *Strike in the Mines, A. Harp. M. Nov. *"Then Came David." Harp. M. Sept.

MITCHELL, RUTH COMFORT. (See 1916.) **Call, The. Mir. March 30. N. Y. Trib. April 15. Glory Girl, The. Cen. Dec. *Jane Meets an Extremely Civil Engineer. Cen. Sept. Jane Puts It Over. Cen. Jan. *Let Nothing You Dismay! Mir. Dec. 21.



MOORE, JAMES MERRIAM. *On an Old Army Post. Atl. July.

*MORDAUNT, ELINOR. (See 1915.) ***Gold Fish, The. Met. Feb.

MORLEY, CHRISTOPHER. *Question of Plumage, A. Bel. Jan. 20. **Revenge. B. E. T. Feb. 28. **Rhubarb. Col. Dec. 29.

MOROSO, JOHN ANTONIO. (1874- .) (See 1915 and 1916.) *Dad. Am. May. *Light in the Window, The. Wom. W. Feb. *Maggie. I. S. M. Oct. 28. Mister Jones. I. S. M. March 4. *Poor 'Toinette. Del. Oct. *Shoes that Danced, The. Met. Dec. *Uncle Jules. Del. April.

MORRIS, GOUVERNEUR. (1876- .) (See 1915 and 1916.) **"Death in Both Pockets." Harp. B. Sept. *Doing Her Bit. S. E. P. Sept. 22. *Honor Thy Father. Harp. B. Oct. *Mary May and Miss Phyllis. Harp. B. Nov. Senator in Pelham Bay Park, A. Col. Dec. 8.

MORTON, JOHNSON. Henrietta Intervenes. Harp. M. Sept. ***Understudy, The. Harp. M. Aug.

*MUENZER, KURT. (1879- .) "Weltfried." N. Y. Trib. Jan. 21.

MUILENBURG, WALTER J. (See 1915 and 1916.) ***At the End of the Road. (R.) I. S. M. May 27. *Thanksgiving Lost and Found. To-day. Nov.

MUIR, BLISS. Wedding Dress, The. Met. July.

MUIR, WARD. **Unflawed Friendship, The. S. S. Jan.

MUMFORD, ETHEL WATTS. (MRS. ETHEL WATTS-MUMFORD GRANT.) (1878- .) (See 1915 and 1916.) **Bounty. G. H. May. Opal Morning, The. McC. April. *Second Sight of Hepsey McLean, The. Col. July 28.



NAFE, GERTRUDE. (1883- .) ***One Hundred Dollars. Cen. Feb.

NEIDIG, WILLIAM JONATHAN. (1870- .) (See 1916.) *Camel from Home, The. Harp. M. Oct. Gunman, The. S. E. P. March 10. *Hair of the Dog, The. S. E. P. Dec. 15.

*NETTO, COELHO. (1864- .) ***Pigeons, The. Strat. J. Dec.

NICHOLSON, MEREDITH. (1866- .) (See 1915 and 1916.) Doubtful Dollars. S. E. P. Jan. 13. ***Heart of Life, The. Scr. Dec. Made in Mazooma. Met. Feb.

NORRIS, KATHLEEN. (1880- .) (See 1915 and 1916.) Children, The. Pict. R. Jan.

NORTON, ROY. (1869-1917.) (See 1915 and 1916.) ***Aunt Seliny. Pict. R. April. **Fine Old Fool, The. L. H. J. July.


O'BRIEN, HOWARD VINCENT. Eight Minutes from the Station. L. H. J. Jan.

O'BRIEN, SEUMAS. (1880- .) (See 1915 and 1916.) **Bargain of Bargains, A. I. S. M. Feb. 4. ***Murder? I. S. M. Dec. 9.

O'HARA, FRANK HURBURT. (See 1915 and 1916.) Green Silk Dress, The. E. W. Jan. 22. Sham Girl, The. E. W. April 23.

O'HIGGINS, HARVEY J. (1876- .) (See 1915.) **Benjamin McNeil Murdock. S. E. P. Sept. 8. **From the Life: Sir Watson Tyler. Cen. March. ***From the Life: Thomas Wales Warren. Cen. April. **Jane Shore. Cen. July.

*OKUNEV, J. *Flanking Movement, A. Rus. R. Jan.

OLIVER, JENNIE HARRIS. *Devil's Whirlpool, The. Del. Aug. *Rusty. Del. Nov.

O'NEILL, EUGENE G. **Tomorrow. Sev. A. June.

*OPOTAWSHU, JOSEPH K. (See 1916.) **Cabalist, The. Pag. April-May. **New-World Idyll. Pag. Oct.-Nov. **Night in the Forest, A. Pag. April-May.

*OPPENHEIM, EDWARD PHILLIPS. (1866- .) (See 1916.) Bride's Necklace, The. (R.) I. S. M. Feb. 4. *Cunning of Harvey Grimm, The. Harp. B. Dec. Sad Faced Hermit, The. (R.) I. S. M. Sept. 30. Unlucky Rehearsal, An. I. S. M. Jan. 7.

O'REILLY, EDWARD S. (See 1916.) **Dead or Alive. Col. Sept. 29. Dominant Male, The. Pict. R. Dec. Soothing the Savage Breast. Pict. R. Nov. Two-Cylinder Lochinvar, A. Pict. R. Oct.

OSBORNE, (SAMUEL) DUFFIELD. (1858- .) (See 1915.) **Dark Places. Art W. Oct.

OSBORNE, WILLIAM HAMILTON. (1873- .) (See 1915 and 1916.) Clandestine Career, A. S. E. P. April 14. **Knife, The. Bel. May 12. Kotow de Luxe. S. E. P. Nov. 3. *Signor. Sn. St. March 4.

OSBOURNE, LLOYD. (1868- .) (See 1915.) Marrying Money. S. E. P. Oct. 6. *Out of the Mist. S. E. P. Dec. 1.

OSTRANDER, ISABEL. (See 1915 and 1916.) Eye for an Eye, An. I. S. M. April 29. Followers of the Star. I. S. M. Dec. 23. Ransom, The. I. S. M. April 1. Winged Clue, The. I. S. M. May 27.

O'SULLIVAN, VINCENT. (1872- .) (See 1916.) ***Interval, The. B. E. T. Sept. 8.

OXFORD, JOHN BARTON. *Importance of Mr. and Mrs. Dinsmore, The. Am. Oct.


PAIN, WELLESLEY. Beginner's Luck. (R.) Mir. Sept. 7.

PAINE, ALBERT BIGELOW. (1861- .) (See 1915 and 1916.) Excursion in Memory, An. Harp. M. March.

PALMER, HELEN. Old Diggums. Bel. Jan. 6.

PALMER, VANCE. (See 1915 and 1916.) Island of the Dead, The. Bel. Oct. 13. Love and the Lotus. Sun. May. Rajah and the Rolling Stone, The. Bel. Dec. 8. Will to Live, The. Bel. Jan. 13.

PANGBORN, GEORGIA WOOD. (1872- .) (See 1915 and 1916.) ***Bixby's Bridge. Harp. M. March. *Twilight Gardener, The. Touch. June.

PATTEE, LOUEEN. Muted Message, A. Outl. Feb. 14.

PATTULLO, GEORGE. (1879- .) (See 1915 and 1916.) Being Nice to Nellie. S. E. P. Jan. 27. First Aid to M'sieu Hicks. S. E. P. Oct. 20. Going After the Inner Meaning. S. E. P. Aug. 11. Half a Man. S. E. P. Feb. 3. Little Sunbeam. E. W. June 18. Never Again! S. E. P. March 24. *Wrong Road, The. S. E. P. Jan. 6.

PAYNE, WILL. (1865- .) (See 1915 and 1916.) *Crime at Pribbles, The. S. E. P. Nov. 10. Natural Oversight, A. S. E. P. Oct. 13.

PEAKE, ELMORE ELLIOTT. (1871- .) (See 1915 and 1916.) Foreman of Talulla, The. Del. June. House of Hoblitzell, The. E. W. June 11. Wrath of Elihu, The. E. W. May 7.

PEARL, JEANETTE D. Pride. Masses. June.

PEATTIE, ELIA WILKINSON. (1862- .) (See 1915.) *Lion Light, The. Y. C. Nov. 1.

PECK, WARD. Forty-Niner, The. Sun. June.

PEELER, CLARE P. (See 1916.) Jewel Song, The. E. W. July 2. Prince Enchanted, The. E. W. Jan. 29.

PELLEY, WILLIAM DUDLEY. (See 1916.) Courtin' Calamity. S. E. P. April 21. *Four-Square Man, The. Am. Oct. Jerry Out-o'-My-Way. S. E. P. March 3. One-Thing-at-a-Time O'Day. S. E. P. May 19. *Russet and Gold. Am. Dec. *She's "Only a Woman." Am. Nov. *Their Mother. Am. Aug.

PENDEXTER, HUGH. (1875- .) (See 1915 and 1916.) Brand from the Burning, A. I. S. M. Lost and Found. I. S. M. Sept. 2.


PERRY, LAWRENCE. (1875- .) (See 1915 and 1916.) ***"Certain Rich Man——, A." Scr. Nov. Diffident Mr. Kyle, The. Harp. M. Sept. Golf Cure, The. Scr. June. King's Cup, The. Met. Aug. Sea Call, The. Harp. M. June.

*PERTWEE, ROLAND. (See 1916.) ***Camouflage. Cen. May. Page from a Notebook, A. S. E. P. Dec. 8. ***Red and White. Cen. Aug. Third Encounter, The. S. E. P. Jan. 20.


*PHILIPPE, CHARLES-LOUIS. ***Meeting, The. Mir. May 11.

*PHILLPOTTS, EDEN. (1862- .) (See 1915 and 1916.) *Christmas Day in the Morning. Del. Dec. *Key to the Church, The. Del. June. **Told to Parson. Bel. July 14. Mir. Aug. 17. *Under Messines Ridge. Bel. Sept. 15.

PIPER, EDWIN FORD. (1871- .) **Claim-Jumper, The. Mid. Dec. **In a Public Place. Mid. Dec. **In the Canyon. Mid. Oct. **Joe Taylor. Mid. Dec. **Man With the Key Once More, The. Mid. Dec. **Meanwhile. Mid. April. **Mister Dwiggins. Mid. Dec. **Nathan Briggs. Mid. Dec. **Ridge Farm, The. Mid. Oct. **Well Digger, The. Mid. Feb.

PIPER, MARGARET REBECCA. (1879- .) **Boy's Will, A. Harp. M. Feb.

PITT, CHART. *Law of the Abalone, The. B. C. July.


PORTER, LAURA SPENCER. (See 1915 and 1916.) ***Boy's Mother, The. Harp. M. June. ***Idealist, The. Harp. M. April.

POST, MELVILLE DAVISSON. (1871- .) (See 1915 and 1916.) ***Act of God, An. (R.) I. S. M. March 4. **Adopted Daughter, The. (R.) I. S. M. May 13. **Devil's Tools, The. (R.) I. S. M. Dec. 9. **Lord Winton's Adventure. Hear. June. *Pacifist, The. S. E. P. Dec. 29. ***Riddle, The. (R.) I. S. M. Jan. 21. ***Straw Man, The. (R.) I. S. M. June 10. **Wage-Earners, The. S. E. P. Sept. 15. *Witch of the Lecca, The. Hear. Jan.

POTTLE, EMERY. ***Breach in the Wall, The. Harp. M. March. Mistake in the Horoscope, A. Harp. M. Nov. Music Heavenly Maid. Col. Feb. 24. ***Portrait, The. Touch. Dec. Sophie's Great Moment. McC. Sept.

PRATT, LUCY. (1874- .) (See 1916.) **Sunny Door, The. Pict. R. June.

PROUTY, OLIVE HIGGINS. (1882- .) (See 1916.) ***New England War Bride, A. Ev. May. Pluck. Am. Feb. Price of Catalogues, The. Ev. Jan. Unwanted. Am. May.

PULVER, MARY BRECHT. (1883- .) (See 1915 and 1916.) Good Fight, The. S. E. P. May 5. Inept Lover, The. S. E. P. Dec. 8. *Long Carry, The. S. E. P. Oct. 20. Man-Hater, The. S. E. P. June 9. Man Who Was Afraid, The. S. E. P. Feb. 10. ***Path of Glory, The. S. E. P. March 10. Pomegranate Coat, The. S. E. P. Jan. 13.

PUTNAM, NINA WILCOX. (1888- .) (See 1915 and 1916.) Spring Night, A. Ev. Feb.


*QUILLER-COUCH, SIR ARTHUR THOMAS. (1863- .) **Fire at Rescrugga, The. Bel. March 24. **"Not Here, O Apollo!" Bel. May 19. **Pilot Matthey's Christmas. Bel. Dec. 22.


R., J. Wrestlers. (R.) Mir. Feb. 9.

RAISIN, OVRO'OM. (See 1916.) ***Ascetic, The. Pag. Dec.

RAPHAEL, JOHN N. (See 1916.) *From Marie-Anne to Anne-Marie. Ev. Oct.

REED, JOHN (S). (1887- .) (See 1915 and 1916.) **Buccaneer's Grandson, The. Met. Jan.

REELY, MARY KATHARINE. *Doctor Goes North, A. Mid. Nov. **Mothers' Day. Mid. May.

REESE, LOWELL OTUS. (See 1916.) Constable of Copper Sky, The. S. E. P. March 31. Grandpa Makes Him Sick. S. E. P. Feb. 10. *Kentucky Turns. S. E. P. March 17. Pariah, The. S. E. P. Aug. 25.

REIGHARD, J. GAMBLE. Pedro. Bel. June 23.

"RELONDE, MAURICE." **Delightful Legend, A. Sev. A. March.

REYHER, FERDINAND M. (1891- .) (See 1916.) Astor Place. S. E. P. April 21.

RICE, MARGARET. **Harvest Home. Touch. Nov.

RICH, BERTHA A. (See 1916.) Goat Man and Nancy, The. Am. July.


RICHARDS, RAYMOND. *Chink, The. B. C. March.

RICHARDSON, ANNA STEESE. (1865- .) Not a Cent in the House. McC. June-July.

RICHARDSON, NORVAL. (1877- .) **Adelaide. Scr. Aug. ***Miss Fothergill. Scr. Oct. **Mrs. Merryweather. Scr. Sept. **Sheila. Scr. Nov.

RICHMOND, GRACE S. Taking It Standing. (R.) C. O. Dec. Whistling Mother, The. L. H. J. Aug.

RICHTER, CONRAD. (See 1915 and 1916.) Girl That "Got" Colly, The. L. H. J. May. Sure Thing, The. S. E. P. Nov. 17.

RIDEOUT, HENRY MILNER. (1877- .) (See 1915 and 1916.) *Hury Seke. S. E. P. Sept. 22.


*RINCK, C. A. ***Song, The. N. Y. Trib. Jan. 7.

RINEHART, MARY ROBERTS. (1876- .) (See 1915 and 1916.) Bab's Burglar. S. E. P. May 12. *Down Happy Valley. (R.) I. S. M. Nov. 25. G. A. C., The. S. E. P. June 2. Her Dairy. S. E. P. Feb. 17. Tish Does Her Part. S. E. P. July 28. Twenty-Two. Met. June.

RINEHART, ROBERT E. *And Tezla Laughed. Par. Feb.

RITCHIE, ROBERT WELLES. (See 1915 and 1916.) Blue Bob Comes Home. Col. July 28. Dreadful Fleece, The. Sun. Aug. Light That Burned All Night, The. Sun. Oct. **Road to Sundance, The. Col. June 16. *Rods of the Law. Harp. M. April. Schoolma'am's Little Lamp, The. L. H. J. March. Shuttle, The. E. W. Oct. 22. *Trail from Desolation, The. S. E. P. Sept. 29.

RIX, GEORGE. Russet Bag, The. Sun. Sept.

ROBBINS, F. E. C. *Good Listener, A. Y. C. Nov. 8. **Writer of Fiction, A. Y. C. Oct. 4.

ROBBINS, ROYAL. *After Fifty Years. So. Wo. M. Dec.

ROBERTS, CHARLES GEORGE DOUGLAS. (See 1915.) *Eagle, The. Cos. Nov.

ROBERTS, KENNETH L. Good Will and Almond Shells. S. E. P. Dec. 22.

*ROBERTS, MORLEY. (1857- .) **Man Who Lost His Likeness, The. Met. Sept.

ROBERTSON, EDNA. *Moon Maid, The. I. S. M. July 22.

ROBINS, ELIZABETH. (MRS. JOSEPH PENNELL.) (1855- .) (See 1915.) *Tortoise-shell Cat, The. Cos. Aug.

ROBINSON, ELOISE. (1889- .) (See 1916.) *Bargain in a Baby, A. Harp. M. July. *Beautiful as the Morning. Harp. M. Dec. *Idols and Images. Harp. M. Feb. *Infant Tenderness, The. Harp. M. April.

ROCHE, ARTHUR SOMERS. (See 1915.) Scent of Apple Blossoms, The. S. E. P. Feb. 10.

ROE, VINGIE E. (See 1915 and 1916.) *Broken Hilt, The. Col. Aug. 11. Euphemia Miller. Col. Feb. 3. *Little Boy Makes It Through, The. Sun. Nov. Little Boy of Panther Mountain, The. Sun. July. Pocket Hunter, The. Sun. Dec. Smoky Face. Col. June 9. True-Bred. Col. Nov. 17.

ROGERS, HOWARD O. Jenkins' Secret. Sun. July.

*"ROHMER, SAX." (ARTHUR SARSFIELD WARD.) (1883- .) (See 1915 and 1916.) Black Chapel, The. Col. June 2. House of Hashish. Col. Feb. 17. Ki-Ming. Col. March 3. *Shrine of Seven Lamps. Col. April 21. *Valley of the Just, The. Pict. R. Sept. Zagazig Cryptogram, The. Col. Jan. 6.

ROSENBLATT, BENJAMIN. (1880- .) (See 1915 and 1916.) ***Madonna, The. Mid. Sept. ***Menorah, The. (R.) I. S. M. July 8.

ROTHERY, JULIAN. (See 1916.) *Idaho Thriller, An. Am. Jan. *Legend of 'Frisco Bar, The. Am. April.

ROUSE, WILLIAM MERRIAM. (See 1915 and 1916.) *Dog Fight, The. Bel. May 5. In the Name of the Great Jehovah. For. Jan. *Light in the Valley, The. Bel. Dec. 29. *Pete the Gump. Bel. Feb. 24. *Strawberry Shortcake. Y. C. July 5. *Strength of Simeon Niles, The. Mid. March.

RUSSELL, JOHN. (See 1916.) *Doubloon Gold. S. E. P. Jan. 20. *East of Eastward. Col. Oct. 20. **Fourth Man, The. Col. Jan. 6. Jetsam. Col. Feb. 24. *Jonah. S. E. P. Sept. 15. *Lost God, The. Col. Aug. 18. **Meaning—Chase Yourself. Col. March 17. **Practicing of Christopher, The. Col. Dec. 29. *Wicks of Macassar, The. Col. Jan. 27. Wise Men, The. Del. Jan.-Feb.

RUTLEDGE, ARCHIBALD (HAMILTON). (1883- .) *Terrible Brink, The. B. C. April.


RYDER, CHARLES T. (See 1915 and 1916.) **Rahim of the Hollow Tree. Bel. Sept. 22.

RYERSON, FLORENCE. (See 1915.) Apartment No. 3. E. W. Oct. 1.



SABIN, EDWIN L(EGRAND). (1870- .) (See 1915 and 1916.) Best Man. Sun. Aug. *True Blood. Mun. Dec.

*SALTYKOV, M. Y. ("N. SCHEDRIN.") ***Hungry Officials and the Accommodating Muzhik, The. (R.) C. O. Sept.

*"SAPPER." **Awakening of John Walters, The. Col. Nov. 3. *Point of Detail, A. Col. Aug. 4.

SAWHILL, MYRA. Acid Test, The. Am. Feb.

SAWYER, RUTH. (MRS. ALBERT C. DURAND.) (1880- .) (See 1915 and 1916.) **Man Who Wouldn't Die, The. L. H. J. April. *Wee Lad on the Road to Arden, The. L. H. J. March.

SAXBY, CHARLES. (See 1916.) *Reginald Sydney and the Enemy Spy. Sh. St. Oct.

*SCAPINELLI, COUNT CARL. Russian Lead. N. Y. Trib. Feb. 11.



SCHNEIDER, HERMAN. (1872- .) **Arthur McQuaid, American. Outl. May 23. ***Shaft of Light, A. Outl. Aug. 22.

SCHNEIDER, LOUIS. *Their Piece of Art. B. C. March.

SCOTT, HAROLD H. *Checkmate. Sun. Feb.

SCOTT, LEROY. (1875- .) (See 1915 and 1916.) Fate of Mary Regan, The. Met. Nov. Golden Doors, The. Met. May. Life Pulls the Strings. Met. March. Mary Goes Alone. Met. July. Master of Dreams, The. Met. Oct. Return of Mary Regan, The. Met. Feb. Squire of Dames, The. Met. Sept. Testing of Mary Regan, The. Met. Aug.

SCOTT, MILDRED WILKES. "In Time." Del. Sept.

SCOTT, ROSE NAOMI. (See 1916.) **Chasm of a Night, The. So. Wo. M. Oct.

SEARS, MARY. Expectations. (R.) Mir. Aug. 31.

*SEEFELD, HANS. "In the Woods Stands a Hillock." N. Y. Trib. Feb. 4.

SHAWE, VICTOR. Book and the Believers, The. S. E. P. June 2.

SHELDON, MARY BOARDMAN. *Aunts Redundant. Harp. M. Jan.

SHEPHERD, WILLIAM GUNN. *Bell, The. Bel. Feb. 17. ***Scar that Tripled, The. Met. July.

SHIPP, MARGARET BUSBEE. Kitten in the Market, A. Ev. Aug.

SHOWERMAN, GRANT. (1870- .) (See 1916.) ***Country Christmas, A. Cen. Dec. **Old Neighbors. Mid. Oct. **Summertime. Mid. Sept.

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