Selections from early Middle English, 1130-1250 - Part I: Texts
Author: Various
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[Linenotes: 601. itt added in margin. 619. Before to him, to him deleted MS.]


+Crist is tokned urg is der. wos kinde we hauen told gu her. for he is faier, ouer alle men. so euen sterre o'uer ere fen. 630 ful 'wel he taunede his luue to man. wan he urg 'holi spel him wan. [&] longe he lai her i{n} an hole. wel him dat he it wulde olen. re daies slep he al on on. 635 anne he ded was in blod [&] bon. vp he ros [&] rmede i{}wis. of helle pine of heuene blis. [&] steg to heuene vue{m}est. er wune wi fader [&] holi gast. [f. 10v 640 Amonges men a swete [s]mel. he let her of his holi spel. wor{}urg we mugen folgen him. i{n}{}to his godcundnesse fin. [&] at wirm ure wierwine. 645 wor so of godes word if dine. ne dar he stiren. ne noman deren. er wile he lage [&] luue beren.

[Linenotes: 630. ouer] uer in margin MS. 631. wel in margin MS. 632.holi in margin MS. 637.i wis] in wif MS. 639.vuenest MS. 640.[&] holi gast on an erasure.]

Nature columbe. [&] signific{acio}.

+e culuer haue costes gode. 650 alle wes ogen to hauen in mode. seuene costes in hire kinde. alle it ogen to ben us minde. ge ne haue in hire no{n} galle. simple [&] softe be we alle. 655 ge ne liue nogt bi lagt. Ilc robbinge do we of {h}ac. e wirm ge lete [&] liue bi e sed. of cristes lore we haue ned. wi ore briddes ge do as moder. 660 so og ur ilk to don wi oer. woning [&] groning if{}lic hire song. bimene we us. we hauen don wrong. In wat{er} ge is wis of heuekes come. [&] we in boke wi deules nome. 665 In hole of ston ge make hire nest. In cristes milce ure hope is best.

[Linenotes: 656. bilagt MS. 657. hac] bac MS. 661.Before ilk a letter erased: l corr. out of h.]


[[MS description from Notes volume:

"Corpus Christi College, Cambridge, 444, former mark R 11; on vellum, 186 116 mm., in one hand of the end of thirteenth or of the beginning of the fourteenth century."]]


xii. ger or ysaac was dead. [f. 37v Jacobes sunes deden un{}red.

+FOr sextene ger ioseph was old. Q{u}ane he was in{}to egipte sold. He was iacobes gunkeste sune. 5 Brictest of was{tm}e and of witt{er} wune. If he sag hise breere mis{}faren. His fader he it gan vn{}hillen [&] baren. He wulde at he sulde hem ten. at he wel ewed sulde ben. 10 for{}i wexem wi [him] gret ni. And hate for it in ille li. o wex her hertes niful [&] bold. Q{u}anne he hem adde is dremes told. at is handful stod rigt up soren. 15 And here it leigen alle he{m} bi{}foren. And sunne [&] mone [&] sterres .xi^e. Wureden hi{m} wi frigti luue. o seide his fader hu mai is sen. at u salt us wured ben. 20 at ine breere and ic [&] she. at e bar sulen luten e. us he chidden hem bi{}twen. [f. 38r oge hogte iacob sie it sulde ben. Hise breere kepten at sichem. 25 Hirdnesse [&] iacob to sen hem. sente ioseph to dalen ebron. And he was redi his wil to don. Jn sichem feld ne fond e he{m} nogt. Jn dotaym he fond hem sogt. 30 He knewen hi{m} fro feren kumen. Hate hem on ros i{n} herte numen. Swilc ni [&] hate ros hem on. He redden alle him for{}to slon. Nai q{u}ad ruben slo we hi{m} nogt. 35 Oer sinne may ben wrogt. Q{u}at so him drempte or q{u}iles he slep. Jn is {c}isternesse old and dep. Get wur e worpen naked and cold. Q{u}at{}so his dremes owen a{}wold. 40 is dede was don wid herte sor. Ne wulde ruben nogt drechen or. He gede and sogte an oer stede. His erue i{n} bettre lewse he dede. Vdas dor q{u}iles gaf hem red. 45 at was fulfilt of derne sped. fro galaad men wi chafare Sag he or kumen wid spices ware. To{}warde egipte he gunne ten. [f. 38v Judas tagte hu it sulde ben. 50 Joseph solde e breere ten. for .xxx. plates to e chapmen. Get wast bettre he us was sold. dan he or storue i{n} here wold.

[Linenotes: 6. waspene MS. 29. fonde MS. 38. isterness MS. 39.wure MS.]

+an r{u}ben cam ider a{}gen. 55 to at cist{er}nesse he ran to sen. He missed joseph and hogte swem. Wende him slagen set up an rem. Nile he blinnen swilc sorwe h{im} cliued. Til him he sweren at he liued. 60 o nomen he e childes srud. e iacob hadde madim i{n} prud. Jn kides blod he wenten it. o was or{}on an rewli lit. Sondere men he it leiden on. 65 And senten it iacob i{n}{}to ebron. And shewed it hi{m}. and boden hi{m} sen. Jf his childes wede it migte ben. Senten him bode he funden it. o iacob sag dat sori writ. 70 He gret and seide at wilde der. Hauen min sune swolgen her. His cloes rent in haigre srid. Long grot and sorge is hi{m} bi{}tid. His sunes comen him to sen. [f. 39r 75 And hertedin him if it migte ben. Nai nai q{u}at he helped it nogt. Mai non herti{n}g on me ben wrogt. ic sal ligten till helle dale. And groten or min sunes bale. 80 or was in helle a sundri stede Wor e seli folc reste dede. or he stunden til helpe cam. Til i{es}u crist fro eden he{m} nam. e chapmen skinden here fare. 85 Jn{}to egipte ledden at ware. Wi putifar e kinges stiward. He maden swie bigetel forward. So michel fe or is hem told. He hauen him bogt he hauen sold. 90 . . . . . . [Linenotes: 59.him] he MS. 84. hem] he MS. 90. hauen] a corr. out of e MS.]

+Pvtifar trewi hise wiwes tale [f. 40r And haued dempt iosep to bale. He bad ben sperd [him] fast[e] dun. And holden harde i{n} prisun. An litel stund q{u}ile he was er. 95 So gan him luuen e p{ri}suner. And hi{m} de chartre haue bi{}tagt. Wi o p{ri}sunes to liuen i{n} hagt. Or for misdede or for on sagen. or woren to at p{ri}sun dragen. 100 On at e kinges kuppe bed. .. And on e made e kinges bred. Hem drempte dremes boen onigt. And he wuren swie sore o{}frigt. Joseph hem seruede or on{}sel. 105 At here drink and at here mel. He herde hem m{ur}nen. he freinde for q{u}at. Harde dremes ogen awold at. o seide he to e butuler. Tel me in drem mi broer her. 110 Q{u}eer so it wure softe or strong. [f. 40v e reching wur on god bi{}long.

[Linenote: 107. he hem freinde MS.]

+Me drempte ic stod at a win{}tre. at adde waxen buges re. Orest it blomede and sien bar. 115 e beries ripe wur ic war. e kinges [cuppe] ic hadde on hond. e beries or{}inne me hugte ic wrong. And bar it drinken to pharaon. Me drempte als ic was wune to don. 120

+Good is q{u}a Joseph to dremen of win. heilnesse an blisse is er{}in. re daies ben get for{}to cumen. u salt ben ut of p{ri}sun numen. And on in offiz set agen. 125 Of me u henke an it sal ben. Bed min herdne to pharaon. a ic ut of p{ri}sun wure don. for ic am stolen of kinde lond. And her wrigteleslike holden i{n} bond. 130

+Qua is bred{}wrigte lie nu me. me drempte ic bar bread lepes re. And or{}in bread and oer meten. Q{u}ilke ben wune e kinges to eten. And fugeles hauen or{}on lagt. 135 or{}fore ic am i{n} sorge and hagt. for ic ne migte me nogt weren. [f. 41r Ne at mete fro hem beren.

+Me wore leuere q{u}ad Joseph. Of eddi dremes rechen swep. 140 u salt after e ridde dei. ben do on rode weila{}wei. And fugeles sulen i fleis to{}teren. at sal non agte mugen e weren. So wur so ioseph seide at. 145 is buteler joseph sone for{}gat. Two ger sien was joseph sperd. or in p{ri}sun wi{}uten erd.

+o drempte pharaon king a drem. No^t at he stod bi e flodes strem. 150 And eden ut{}comen .vii. neet. Eu{er}ilc wel swie fet and gret. And .vii. lene after o. e deden e .vii. fette wo. e lene hauen e fette freten. 155 is drem ne mai e king for{}geten. An oer drem cam hi{m} bi{}foren. .vii. eares wexen fette of coren. On an busk ranc and wel tidi. And .vii. lene rigt or{}bi. 160 Welkede and smale [&] drugte numen. e ranc he hauen o ou{er}{}cumen. To{}samen it smiten and on a stund. [f. 41v e fette rist hem to o grund. e king abraid and woc in hogt. 165 es dremes swep ne wot he nogt. Ne was non so wis man i{n} al his lond. e kude vn{}don is dremes bond. o him bi{}hogte at buteler. Of at him drempte in p{ri}sun er. 170 And of ioseph in e prisun. And he it tolde e king pharaun. Joseph was sone i{n} prisun o {s}ogt. And shauen [&] clad [&] to hi{m} brogt. e king hi{m} bad ben hardi [&] bold. 175 Jf he can rechen is dremes wold. He told him q{u}at him drempte o nigt. And iosep rechede his drem wel rigt. is two dremes boen ben on. God wile e tawnen king pharaon. 180 o .vij. ger ben get to cumen. Jn al fulsum hed sulen it ben numen. And .vij. oere sulen after ben. Sori and nedful men sulen is sen. Al at ise first .vii. maken. 185 Sulen is oere vii. rospen [&] raken. Jc rede e king nu her bi{}foren. To maken laes and gadere{n} coren. at in folc ne wur vnder{}numen. [f. 42r Q{u}an o hungri gere ben for{}cumen. 190 King pharaon listnede hise red. at wur him sien seli sped. He bi{}tagte iosep his ring. And his bege of gold for wuring. And bad him al his lond bi{}sen. 195 And under him hegest for{}to ben. And bad him welden in his hond. His folc and agte [&] al his lond. o was vnder him anne putifar. And his wif at hem so to{}bar. 200 Josep to wiue his dowter nam. Oer is nu {}an ear bi{}cam. And ghe er him two childer bar. Or men wur of at hunger war. first manassen and effraym. 205 He luueden god he geld it hem. e .vii. fulsu{m} geres faren. Josep cue him bi{}foren waren. an coren wantede in oer lond. o [was] ynug vnder his hond. 210

[Linenotes: 173. o sogt] ohogt MS. 202. an] {q}u{an} MS.]

+Hvnger wex in lond chanaan. And his .x. sunes iacob for{}an. Sente in to egipt to bringen coren. He bilef at hom e was gungest boren. e .x. comen for nede sogt. [f. 42v 215 To josep and he ne knewen hi{m} nogt. And og he lutten him frigtilike. An seiden to him mildelike. We ben sondes for nede driuen. To bigen coren or{}bi to liuen. 220 Josep hem knew al in his hogt Als he let he knew hem nogt. Jt semet wel at ge spies ben. And in to is lond cumen to sen. And cume ge for non oer ing. 225 but for to spien ur lord e king. Nai he seiden eu{er}ilc on. Spies were we neu{er} non. Oc alle we ben on faderes sunen. For hunger does hider cumen. 230 Oc nu ic wot ge spies ben. for bi gure bering men mai it sen. Hu sulde on man poure for{}geten. swilke and so manige sunes bigeten. for seldu{m} bi{}tid self ani king{e}. 235 swilc men to sen of hise ofspring{e}.

[Linenotes: 233. Hu suld sulde onman MS. 244. gure] pore MS.]

+A lou{er}d merci get is or on. migt he nogt fro his fader gon. He is gungest hoten beniamin. for we ben alle of ebrisse kin. 240 Nu bi e fei ic og to king pharaon. [f. 43r sule ge nogt alle een gon. Til ge me bringen beniamin. a gungeste broer of {gu}re kin. For o was josep sore for{}dred. 245 at he wore oc hurg hem for{}red. He dede hem binden and leden dun. And speren faste in his prisun. e ridde dai he let hem gon. Al but e ton broer symeon. 250 is symeon bi{}lef or in bond. To wedde under josepes hond. es oere breere sone on{}on. Token leue and wenten hom. And sone he weren eden went. 255 Wel sore he hauen hem bi{}ment. And seiden hem an or bi{}twen. Wrigtful we in sorwe ben. for we sinigeden q{u}ilu{m} or On hure broer michil mor. 260 for we werneden him merci. Nu drege we sorge al for{}i. Wende here non it on his mod. Oc Josep al it under{}stod.

+Josepes men or q{u}iles deden. 265 Al{}so Josep hem adde beden. o breere seckes hauen he filt. [f. 43v And in eu{er}ilc e silu{er} pilt. at or was paid for e coren. And bunden e mues or bi{}foren. 270 Oc e breere ne wiste{n} it nogt. Hu is dede wure wrogt. Oc alle he weren ou{er}{}ogt. And hauen it so to iacob brogt And tolden him so of here sped. 275 And al he it listnede i{n} frigtihed. And q{u}an men o seckes or un{}bond And in e coren o agtes fond. Alle he woren ann{e} sori ofrigt. Jacob us him bi{}mene o{}rigt. 280 Wel michil sorge is me bi{}cumen. at min two childre ar{e}n me for{}nume{n}. Of josep wot ic ending non. And bondes ben leid on symeon. Jf ge beniamin fro me don. 285 Dead and sorge me sege on. Ai sal beniamin wi me bi{}lewen. or q{u}iles ic sal on werlde liuen. o q{u}a iudas us sal ben hard Jf we no holden him non forward 290

[Linenote: 279. anno MS.]

+Wex derke is coren is gon. Jacob eft bit hem faren agon. Oc he ne duren e weie cumen in [f. 44r but ge wi us senden beniamin. o q{u}a he q{u}an it is ned. 295 And [non] ne can no bettre red. Bere dat silu{er} hol agon. at hem or{}of ne wante non. And oer siluer or bi{}foren. for{}to bigen wi oer coren. 300 fruit and spices of dere pris. Bere at man at is so wis. God hunne him eimod {u}s ben. And sende me min childre agen. o nomen he for weie rigt. 305 Til he ben cumen i{n}{}to egypte ligt. And q{u}anne Josep hem alle sag. Kinde hogt i{n} his herte was. He bad his stiward gerken is meten. He seide he sulden wi him alle eten. 310 He ledde hem alle to Josepes biri. Her non hadden o loten miri. Lou{er}d he seiden o eu{er}ilc on. Gur silu{er} is gu brogt a{}gon. Jt was in ure seckes don. 315 Ne wiste ur non gilt or{}on. Be nu stille q{u}ad stiward for ic nu haue min forward or cam at broer symeon. [f. 44v And kiste is breere on and on. 320 Wel fagen he was of here come for he was numen or to nome. Jt was vndren time or more. Om cam at riche lou{er}d ore. And al o briere of frigti mod 325 fellen bi{}forn at lou{er}d{}is fot. And bedden him riche p{re}sent. at here fader hi[m] adde sent. And he leuelike it under{}stod. for alle he weren of kinde blod. 330

[Linenote: 303. ei modes MS.]

+LJue q{u}ad he at fader get. at us manige sunes bi{}gat. lou{er}d he seiden get he liue. Wot ic or non at he ne biue. And is is gunge beniamin. 335 Hider brogt after bode{}word in. o josep sag him or bi{}foren. Bi fader [&] moder broer boren. Him ou{er}{}wente his herte on{}on. Kinde luue gan hi{m} ou{er}{}gon. 340 Sone he gede ut and stille he gret. at al his wlite wur teres wet. After at grot he {w}eis is wliten. And cam an in and bad he{m} eten. He dede hem wassen him bi{}foren. [f. 45r 345 And sette hem as he weren boren. Get he hogte of his faderes wunes. Hu he sette at e mete hise sunes. Of euerilc sonde of eu{er}ilc win. most and best he gaf beniamin. 350 Jn fulsu{m} hed he wuren glae. Josep ne oht or{}of no scae. Oc it him likede swie wel. And hem lerede and tagte wel. And hu he sulden hem best leden. 355 Q{ua}ne he comen in vnkinde eden. And al e bettre sule ge speden. Jf ge wilen gu wi treweie leden. Eft on morwen q{u}an it was dai Or or e breere ferden a{}wei. 360 Here seckes woren alle filt wi coren. And e siluer or{}in bi{}foren. And e seck at agte beniamin. Josepes cuppe hid was or{}in. And q{u}uan he weren ut tune went. 365 Josep haue hem after sent. is sonde hem ou{er}take rae. And bi{}calle of harme and scae. Vn seli men, q{u}at haue ge don. Gret vn{}selehe is gu cumen on. 370 for is it nogt min lord for{}holen. a gure on haue is cuppe stolen [f. 45v [o] seiden e breere sikerlike. Vp q{u}am u it findes witterlike. He slagen [be] and we agen driuen. 375 Jn{}to raldom eu{er}mor to liuen. He gan hem ransaken on and on. And fond it or sone a{}non. And nam o breere eu{er}ilk on. And ledde hem sorful a{}gon. 380 And brogte hem bi{}for iosep. Wid reweli lote and sorwe and wep. o q{u}at iosep ne wiste ge nogt. at ic am o wol witter ogt. Mai nogt longe me ben for{}holen. 385 Q{u}at{}so{}eu{er}e on londe wur stolen. Lou{er}d q{u}ad judas do wi me. Q{u}at{}so i wille on werlde be. Wi{}an at u frie beniamin ic ledde ut on trewthe min. 390 at he sulde ef cumen a{}gen. to hise fader and wi him ben. o cam iosep swilc rewe up{}on. he dede halle ut e toere gon. And spac un{}ees, so e gret. 395 at alle hise wlite wur teres wet. Jc am iosep drede gu nogt. [f. 46r for gure hele or hider brogt. Two ger ben nu at derke is cumen. Get sulen .v. fulle ben numen. 400 at men ne sulen sowen ne sheren. So sal drugte e feldes deren. Rape gu to min fader a{}gen. And sei him q{u}ilke min blisses ben. And do him to me cumen hider. 405 And ge and gure orf al to{}gider. Of lewse god in lond gersen. sulen ge sundri riche ben. Eu{er}ilc he kiste. on ilc he gret. Ilc here was of is teres wet. 410

[Linenotes: 343. peis MS. 345. and him MS. 392. wi on an erasure.]

+Sone it was king pharaon kid. Hu is newe tiding wur bi{}tid. And he was blie in herte fagen. at Josep wulde him ider dragen. for luue of Josep migte he timen. 415 He bad cartes and waines nimen. And fechen wiues and childre and men. And gaf hem or al lond gersen. And het hem at he sulden hauen. More and bet an he kude crauen. 420 Josep gaf ilc here twinne srud. Beniamin most he made prud. fif weden best bar beniamin. [f. 46v re hundred plates of silu{er} fin. Al{}so fele ore or til. 425 He bad ben in is faderes wil. And .x. asses wi semes fest. Of alle egiptes welhe best. Gaf he is breere wi herte blie. And bad hem rapen hem homward swie. 430 And he so deden wi herte fagen. Toward here fader he gunen dragen. And q{u}ane he comen him bi{}foren. Ne wiste he nogt q{u}at he woren. Lou{er}d he seiden israel. 435 Josep in sune grete e wel. And sende e bode at he liue. Al egipte in his wil cliue. Jacob a{}braid and trewed it nogt. Til he sag al at wele brogt. 440 Wel me q{u}a he wel is me wel. at ic aue abiden us swil sel. And ic sal to min sune fare. And sen or ic of werlde chare. Acob wente ut of lond chanaan. No^t 445 And of is kinde wel manie a man. Josep wel faire him vnder{}stod. And pharaon ogte it ful good. for at he weren hirde men. [f. 47r He bad hem ben in lond gersen. 450 Jacob was brogt bi{}foren e king. for to geuen him his bliscing. fader dere q{u}a pharaon. hu fele ger be e on. An hundred ger and .xxx. mo. 455 Haue ic her drogen i{n} werlde wo. og inke me or{}offen fo. og ic is haue drogen i{n} wo. sien ic gan on werlde ben. Her vten erd man{}kin bi{}twen. 460 So inked eu{er}ilc wis[e] man. e wot q{u}or{}of man kin bi{}gan. And e of adames gilte mune at he her uten herdes wune.

[Linenote: 413. herte] h corr. out of b. 453. derer MS. 467. Him] He MS.]

+Pharaon bad him wuren wel. 465 in softe reste and seli mel. H{im} and hise sunes in reste dede. Jn lond gersen on sundri stede Sien or was mad on scite. e was yoten Ramese. 470 Jacob on liue wunede or Jn reste fulle .xiiij. ger. And god him let bi{}foren sen. Q{u}ilc time hise ending sulde ben. He bad iosep hise leue sune. [f. 47v 475 On hing at off e wel mune. at q{u}an it wur mid him don. He sulde him birien in ebron. And witterlike he it aue hi{m} seid. e stede or abraham was leid. 480 So was him lif to wuren leid. Q{u}uor ali gast stille hadde seid. Him and hise eldere. fer ear bi{}foren. Q{u}uor iesu crist wulde ben boren. And q{u}uor ben dead and q{u}uor ben grauen. 485 He dogt wi hem reste to hauen. Josep swor him al{}so he bad. And he or{}of wur blie [&] glad. Or an he wiste off werlde faren. He bad hise kinde to him charen. 490 And seide q{u}at of him sulde ben. Hali gast dede it him seen. Jn clene ending and ali lif. So he for{}let is werldes strif. Osep dede hise lich faire geren. 495 Wassen and riche{}like smeren. And spice{}like swete smaken. And egipte folc him bi{}waken. xl. nigtes and .xl. daiges. swilc woren egipte lages. 500 first .ix. nigt de liches been. [f. 48r And smeren and winden and bi{}q{ue}en. And waken is sien .xl. nigt. o men so deden e adden migt. And ebrisse folc adden an kire. 505 Nogt sone deluen it wi yre. Oc wassen it and kepen it rigt. Wi{}vten smerles seuene. nigt. And siden smered .xxx. daiges. Cristene folc haue oer laiges. 510 He ben smered or q{u}iles he liuen. Wi crisme and olie in trewe geuen. for trewe and gode dedes mide. on ben an al at wech dede. Su{m} on. sum. re. su{m} .vii. nigt 515 Su{m} .xxx. sum .xii. mone. rigt. And Sum eu{er}ilc wuren ger. or q{u}iles at he wunen her. don for e dede chirche{}gong. elmesse gifte and messe song. 520 And at is on e weches stede. Wel him mai ben dat wel it dede Egipte folc aue him waked. xl. nigt and feste maked. And hise sunes .xxx. daiges. 525 Jn clene lif and ali {l}aiges. So woren for .x. wukes gon. [f. 48v get adde jacob birigeles non. And pharaon king cam bode bi{}foren. at josep haue his fader sworen. 530 And he it hi{m} gatte or he wel dede. And bad hi{m} nimen hi{m} feres mide. Wel wopnede men and wis of here. dat noman hem bi weie deren. at bere is led is folc is rad 535 he foren a{}buten bi adad. ful seuene nigt he er abiden. And bi{}meni{n}g for iacob deden. So longe he hauen een numen. To flu{m} iurdon at he ben cumen. 540 And ou{er} pharan til ebron. or is at liche in biriele don. And josep in to egipte went. Wid al is folc ut wi him [s]ent.

[Linenotes: 476. offe MS. 526. daiges MS. 544. ent with a letter, apparently w, erased before it.]

+Hise breere comen hi{m} anne to. 545 And gunnen him bi{}seken alle so. vre fader he seiden or he was dead. vs he is bodewurd seigen bead. Hure sinne u hi{m} for{}giue. Wi{}anne at we vnder e liuen. 550 Alle he fellen him or to fot. To been mee and bedden oc. And he it for{}gaf hem mildelike. [f. 49r And luuede hem alle kinde{}like. Osep an hundred ger was hold. 555 And his kin wexen manige{}fold. He bad sibbe cumen him bi{}foren. Or he was ut of werlde boren. It sal q{u}a he ben so bi{}foren. at god ha ure eldere sworen. 560 He sal gu leden i{n} his hond. Heen to at hotene lond. for godes luue get bid ic gu Lested it anne hote it nu. at mine bene ne be for{}loren. 565 Wi gu ben mine bones boren. He it him gatten and wur he dead. God do e soule seli red. Hise liche was spice{}like maked And longe egipte{}like waked. 570 And o biried hem bi{}foren. And sien late of londe boren. Hise ore breere on and on. Woren ybiried at ebron. An her endede to ful in wis. 575 e boc e is hoten genesis. e moyses urg godes red Wrot for lefful soules ned. God schilde hise sowle fro helle bale. [f. 49v e made it us on engel tale. 580 And he at ise lettres wrot. God him helpe weli mot. And berge is sowle fro sorge [&] grot. Of helle pine cold [&] hot. And alle men e it heren welin. 585 God leue hem i{n} his blisse spilen. Among engeles [&] seli men. Wi{}uten ende in reste ben. And luue [&] pais us bi{}twen. And god so graunte amen ameN. 590

[Linenotes: 553.gaf] gaff in catch-word.]

[[The page break is shown as printed, at the end of line 552.]]


[[MS description from Notes volume:

"Laud Misc. 471, Bodleian Library; on vellum, 188 130 mm.: consists of two manuscripts bound together.... The second manuscript, of the end of the thirteenth century, begins at f. 92...."]]

[[Each sermon was printed in a single paragraph. They have been broken up for this e-text.]]

[Headnote: Obtulerunt Ei Munera]

S{er}mo jn die epiphanie. [f. 128v

+CVM natus esset ih{esus} i{n} betleem iude in dieb{us} herodis regis ecce magi ab oriente ueneru{n}t ierosolima{m} dicentes. Vbi e{st} qui natus est rex iudeor{um}.

We redeth i o holi godespelle of te dai ase ure louerd godalmichti{5} i{}bore was of ure lauedi sei{n}te Marie i e cite of bethleem. et si sterre was seauinge of his beringe. swo a{}pierede te o rie kinges of heenesse. to{}janes o sunne risindde. And al swo hi bi{}knewe [f.128v] his beringe bi o sterre. swo hi nom{en} conseil be{}tuene hem et hi wolden gon for to hyne an{}uri. and et hi wolden offri{10} him gold and stor and Mirre. And al swo hi hedden aparailed here offrendes swo kam si sterre et yede to for hem in{}to ier{usa}l{e}m. ere hi{}speke{n} to herodes and hym askede. wer was se king of gyus et was i{}bore. And herodes i{}herde et o king was i{}bore et solde bi king of geus. swo was michel anud. and alle hise men. for et he was{15} of{}dred for to liese his king{}riche of ier{usa}l{e}m. o dede he somoni alle o wyse clerekes et kue e laghe and hem askede wer crist solde bien i{}bore. Hi answerden et ine ier{usa}l{e}m. for hit was swo i{}seid and be{}hote hwile{m} bi o profetes. And al{}swo herodes i{}herde is. swo spac te o rie kinges. and hem seide. Go ha seide into{20} bethleem and sechez et child. and wanne ye hit habbeth hi{}funde swo an{}uret hit. and efter et cometh to me. and hic wille go and an{}uri hit. [f.129r] et ne seide he nocht herodes for et he hit wolde on uri{;} ac for et he hit wolde slon. yef he hit michte finde. o kinges hem wenten and hi seghen o sterre et yede bi{}fore hem.{25} al{}wat hi{}kam over o huse. war ure louerd was. and al swo hi hedden i{}fonden ure louerd{;} swo hin an urede. and him offrede hire offrendes. Gold. and. stor. and Mirre. o nicht efter et aperede an ongel of heuene in here slepe ine metinge and hem seide and het. et hi ne solde a{}yen wende be herodes. ac be an oer weye wende into hire{30} londes.

+L+ordinges and leuedis is is si glorius miracle. and si gl{or}ius seywinge of ure lordes beringe. et us tel et holi godespel of te day. and ye muee wel under{}stonde be o speche of e godspelle et me sal to dai mor makie offrinke an an oren dai. and er of us yeft ensample o rie kinges of heenesse. et comen fram verrene{35} londes ure louerd [f.129r] to seche. and him makie offrinke. And be e't hi offrede gold. et is cuuenable yeftte to kinge{;} seawede et he was sothfast kink. and be et hi offrede Stor. et me offrede wylem be o ialde laghe to here 'godes sacrefise{;} seawede e he was verray prest. And be et hi offrede Mirre. et is biter ing. signefieth et hi{40} hedde be{}liaue et he was diadlich. et diath solde suffri for man ken. Nu i{}hiereth wet signefieth et Gold. et. Stor. et Mirre. And offre we Gostliche to ure lorde. e't i offrede flesliche. et Gold et is bricht and glareth ine o brichtnesse of o sunne. signefieth e gode beleaue. et is bricht ine e gode cristenemannes herte. Si gode{45} beleaue licht and is bricht ine o herte of o gode Ma{n}ne ase gold. Offre we anne god almichti god gold. Be{}leue we stede{}fast{}liche. et 'he is fader and sune. and holy gost. is onlepi god. Wo so hath beleaue ine gode swo offreth him god gold [f.129v] et Stor signefied gode werkes. for ase se smech of e store wanne hit is i{}do{50} into e uer and goth upward to o heuene and to gode ward Swo amuntet si gode biddinge to gode of o herte of o gode cristenema{n}ne. Swo we mowe sigge et stor signefieth e herte. and se smech luue of gode.

[Linenote: 53. After stor, e erased.]

{B}i 'et Mirre at is biter. a{n}d be o biternesse defendet et Cors et is mide i{}smered. et no werm nel co{m}me i{}hende{;} signefiet{55} o gode werkes et is biter to o yemernesse of ure flesce. Si Mirre signefiet uastinge. for o luue of gode wakie. go ine pelrimage. uisiti e poure. and to{}sike. and to do alle e gode et me may do for godes luue. o ilke inges so bieth bitere to o wrichede flessce. Ac al{}so si mirre loket et bodi et no werm ne may er i{}hende come{;} so us defe{n}det{60} o ilke inges fram senne. and fram e amonesteme{n}t of o dieule et ha ne may us mis{}do. Lordinges nu ye habbet i{}herd o signefia{n}ce of o offringes et maden [f.129v] o rie kinges of heenesse to gode. hye habbet to gode 'i offred of yure selure. and of yure erliche godes. Ne ne offreth him nacht on lepiliche to day. ac{65} alle o daies i o yere gostliche. Gold. and Stor. and Mirre. ase hic habbe i{}told. Gold{;} fore Gode belaue. Stor{;} for holy urisun. Mirre. for gode werkes. et bieth o offringes. et ure louerd be{}seke auerichedaye o cristenema{n}ne. and werefore se xpiste{n}ma{n} yef has de{;} of seruet o blisce of heuene. And ih{es}u crist et for us wolde{70} an ere bi bore. a{n}d anured of o rie kinges of painime{;} he yeu[e] us his grace of o holi gost in ure hertes wer{}bi we moue hatie o ileke inges et he hatedh. and lete o ileke inges at he for{}biet. and luuie o ilek inkes at he luued. and do o ilek inges at he ht. ine him so bileue and bidde a{n}d serui. et we mowe habbe o blisce{75} of heueriche. Q{uo}d uobis p{restare} d{ignetur} p{er}.

[Linenotes: 54. Bi] Li MS. 64.i offred on margin. 71.yeuus MS.]

[Headnote: Servasti Bonum Vinum Usque Adhuc]

Do{mi}ni[ca] s{e}c{un}da post octav{am} epiphanie. S{er}mo eu{a}n.

+Nuptie f{a}c{t}e su{n}t in chana [f. 130r] galil. [&] erat mat{er} ih{es}u ibi. Vocatus est au{tem} ih{esu}s ad nuptias [&] discipuli eius.

et holi godspel of to day us tel. et a bredale{80} was i{}maked ine o londe of ier{usa}l{e}m. in ane cite at was i{}cleped Cane in a time at godes sune yede in ere flesliche. 'ac To a bredale was ure leuedi sei{n}te Marie. and ure louerd ih{esus} crist and hise deciples. so iuel auenture et wyn failede. at ise bredale. o seide ure leuedi seinte Marie. to here sune. hi ne habbet no wyn. And ure{85} louerd answerde and sede to hire. Wat be longeth hit to me oer to e wyman. Nu ne dorste hi namore sigge. ure lauedi. Hac hye spac to o Serganz et seruede of o wyne. and hem seyde. al et he hot yu do{;} so do. And ure louerd clepede e serganz a{n}d seyde to hem. ffol vellet ha seyde. os ydres. et is to sigge os Crs. oer{90} os fate{n} of watere. for er were. vi. ydres of stone. et ware i{}clepede baieres wer o gi{us} hem wesse for clenesse. and for religiun.

[Linenote: 82. flesliche ac. To MS.]

Ase e custome [f.130r] was ine o time. o serga{n}z uuluelden o faten of watere and hasteliche was i{}went into wyne. bie o wille of ure louerde. o seide ure lord. to o serganz. Moveth to{}gid{er}e and{95} bereth to Architriclin. at was se et ferst was i{}serued. And al{}so hedde i{}drunke of ise wyne et ure louerd hedde i{}maked of e watere{;} ha niste nocht e miracle. ac o serganz wel hit wiste. et hedde et water i{}brocht. o seide Archit{ri}clin to o bredgume. Oer men seyde he do for et beste wyn et hi habbe ferst at{100} here bredale. and u hest ido e cont{ra}rie 'et u hest i{}hialde et beste wyn wath nu{;} is was e co{m}me{n}ceme{n}t of o miracles of ure loruerde et he made flesliche in ere. and 'o beleuede on him{;} his deciples. Ine sigge nacht et hi ne hedden er before ine him beliaue{;} ac fore 'e miracle et hi seghe{;} was here beliaue e more{105} i{}stre{n}ged.

Nu ye habbe i{}herd e Miracle. nu i{}here e signefiance. et water bi{}tockned se euele xpistenema{n}. [f.130v] for al{}so et wat{er} is natureliche schald and a kel alle o et hit drinke{;} so is se euele xpisteman chald of o luue of Gode. for o euele werkes et hi do. Ase so is Lecherie. spusbreche. Roberie.{110} Manslechte{r}. husberners. bakbiteres. and alle ore euele deden. urch wyche inkes man of serueth et fer of helle. Ase godes oghe mudh hit seid. and alle o signefied et wat{er}{;} et urch yem{er}e werkes. oer urch yemer i{}wil liesed o blisce of heuene. et wyn at is naturel{}liche hot ine him selue{;} and an{}het alle o et hit drinked{;}{115} be{}tokned alle o et bied an{}ht of e luue of ure lorde.

[Linenote: 111. Manslechtes MS.]

Nu lordinges ure lord god almichti. at hwylem in one stede. and ine one time flesliche makede of wat{er}e wyn{;} yet ha{bb}e manitime maked of watere wyn{;} gostliche. wanne urch his grace maked of o euele manne good man. of e orgeilus umble. of e lechur chaste.{120} of e niinge [f.130v] large. and of alle ore folies{;} so ha maket of o wat{er}e wyn. is his si signefiance of e miracle. Nu loke euerich man toward him{}seluen. yef he is win{;} et is to siggen yef he is an{}heet of o luue of gode. oer yef he is wat{er}. et is yef u art chold of godes luue. yef u art euel man{;} besech ure lorde et he do ine e{125} his uertu. et ha e wende of euele into gode. and et he do e do swiche werkes et u mote habbe o blisce of heuene. Q{uo}d u{o}b{is}. pr{est}are dig{netur}.

[Linenotes: 118.hade MS. 123.he he is win MS.]

Dominica tercia post oct{avam} ep{iphanie}.

+Cvm descendiss{et} ih{esus} de monte. secute su{n}t eum{130} turbe multe. Et ecce leprosus ueniens adorabat eu{m} dicens. D{omi}ne si uis{;} potes me mu{n}dare.

et holi godspel of to dai us tel. et ure lord ih{esus} crist. ase he hedde i{}yue o newe laghe. in one montayne. and hedde i{}maked et formeste sarmun et euerte made in ere{;} suo him folgede michel folk. Swo{135} kam a leprus. a sikman and onurede him and seyde. Lord. [f.131r] lord ha seide yef u wilt{;} u me micht wel makie hool of mine lepre. of mine euele. And ure lord him seide and sp{re}dde his hond. and tok his lepre{;} hic wille seide ure lord et u bi clensed. and al{}so rae he was i{}warisd of his maladie.

+N+u lordinges is is e miracle{140} et et godspel of te dai us tel. ac great is e tokni{n}gge. Se leprus signefiez o senuulle men. si lepre o se{n}ne{n}. et scab bi{}tokned o litle se{n}nen. si lepre be{}tokned o g{r}ete sennen et biedh diadliche. Ase so is lecherie. spusbreche. Gauelinge. Roberie. efte. Glutunie. drunkenesse. and alle o sennen urch wiche me liest o luue of gode{145} almichti and of alle his haleghen. urch S'cab nis nacht man and wyman deseiurd fram ma{n}nes felarede. Ne for o litle sennen. et noman hine ne mai loki. nis noon deseurd pardurableliche fram gode{;} ne fram holi chereche. for lepre is man deseurd of o co{m}painie of gode and of alle his angles. at is to sigge for diadliche{150} senne.

[f.131r] Nu ye habbet i{}herd e miracle and wet hit be{}tokned. Nu loke we yef we bie clene of ise lepre. at is to siggen of diadliche senne. Se [leprus] liest e felarede of oer men{;} for se et sterft inne diadliche senne{;} so for liest e co{m}painie of gode. And yef ye bie clene{;} loke et ye ne falle nocht. et ye ne{155} bie deseuerd fram e felarede of gode al{}michti. urch none euele werkes urch none euele i{}wil. And yef ye bie lepr{us} urch diadliche senne. greded gode Merci{;} et o leprus yaf hele ine bodie{;} et he us yeue gostliche hele. in ure saule. Come to srifte for leted yure sennen and er of bie a{}soiled. anne sollie habbe o hele of{160} heuene. at is lif with uten ende.

Q{uo}d uob{is}. pr{est}are dig{netur}. p{er}.

[Headnote: Domine, Salva Nos, Perimus]

Dominica q{ua}rta post oct{avam} ep{iphanie}.

+Ascendente ih{es}u i{n} nauiculam. secuti su{n}t eu{m} discipuli eius. Et ecce motus factus est magn{us} i{n} mari. Ita{165} ut nauicula op{er}iret{ur} fluctib{us}. Erat an{tem} illis{;} uent{us} {con}trarius.

[f.131v] We redeth i e holi godspelle of to dai at ure lord ih{es}u c{ri}st yede one time in to ane ssipe and ise deciples mid him in{}to e s. And so hi were i{n} o ssipe so a{}ros a great te{m}peste. of winde. And ure lord was i{}leid him don to slepe. ine o{170} ssipe. er ane is tempeste a{}rs. Hise deciples hedde g{re}t drede of ise te{m}peste. so a{}wakede hine. and seiden to him. lord saue us{;} for we p{er}isset. And ha wiste wel et hi ne hadde nocht gode beleaue ine him{;} o seide to hem. wat dret yw folk of litle beliaue. o a{}ros up ure lord and tok ane wynd and to s{;} and al{}so rae hit was{175} stille. And al{}se o men et weren in o ssipe hedde i{}seghe o miracle so awondrede hem michel. is is si vaire miracle et et godspel of te day us tel. ere{}fore sal hure be{}liaue bie e betere a{}strenged. Ine swiche lorde et siche miracle mai do and do wanne he wile. Ac hit is us nyede et se et sucurede he{m} ine a p{er}il{;} et{180} us sucuri ine [f.131v] ure niedes. et we clepie to him et ha us helpe. and he hit wille do bleeliche. yef we him bisecheth merci mid good i{}wille al{}so him seluen seith bi e holi writes.

Salus p{o}p{u}li ego su{m}. [&] cet{er}a. Hic am ha sei helere of e folke. wanne hi to me clepiedh ine hire sorghen. and ine hire niedes hic hi sucuri{185} and beneme hem al here euel with{}ute ende. Grede we to him merci sikerliche. yef se deuel us wille a{}cu{m}bri urch senne. urch p{r}ede oer urch an{}vie. oer urh wree. oer urch oer manere of diadliche senne g{r}ede we to him Merci. and sigge we him lord sauue us et we ne p{er}issi. and et he us deliuri of alle eueles. and et ha{190} yef us swiche werkes to done in ise wordle{;} et o saulen of us mote bien isauued a domes dai. and gon to o blisce of heuene. Q{uo}d ip{s}e pr{est}are d{ignetur}.

D{omi}nica In sexagesima. S{er}mo.

[Headnote: Ite et Vos in Vineam Mean]

+Simile est regnu{m} celoru{m} ho{min}i pat{ri}familias. qui{195} exijt p{ri}mo mane {con}ducere op{er}arios in uineam suam.

[f. 132r] +Hure lord godalmichti to us speke ine o holi godespelle of te day. and us seaweth one forbisne. et yef we uilleth don his seruise. e't we sollen habbe{200} o mede wel griat ine heuene. For so seyth ure lord ine o godspelle of to dai. et on goodman was. at ferst uut{}yede bi e Moreghen for to here werkmen in to his wi{n}yarde. for ane peny of forewerde. and al{}so he hedde i{}mad ise forewerde{;} so ha sente hi into his wynyarde. so ha dede at undre{n} and at midday al{}so. o at hit was{205} a{}yen an euen{;} so ha ka{m} into e Marcatte. so he fond werkmen et were idel. o seyde he to hem. W bie ye idel{;} and hie answerden{;} and seyde. lord{;} for we 'ne fonden te dai at us herde. Go nu ha seide se godeman into mine wynyarde{;} and hic at richt is{;} yu sal yeue. os yede into ise wynyarde. mid o ore. o et hi wel{210} euen. o seide e lord to his sergant. Clepe o werkmen a{n}d yeld hem here trauail. and a{}gyn to hem at comen last, and go al to o ferste. yef eue[f 132r]riche of hem ane peny.

Se sergant dede es lordes co{m}ma{n}dem{en}t. so paide o werkmen and yaf euerich ane peny. And so hi seghen o et bi e Morghen waren i{}comen. et{215} hi et waren last i{}cume. Hedde{n} here euerich ane peny{;} o we{n}den hi more habbe{;} o gruchchede hi a{}menges hem. and seyden. os laste on ure habbe i{}travailed. and u his makest velaghes to us. et habbeth al{}deai i{}bye ine ine wynyarde. and habbet i{}oled e berdene of o pine. and of o hete of al o daie. o ansuerede se gode man{220} to on of hem. Frend ha seide ine do e noon unricht. Wat for i{n}gketh at hic do min i{}wil{;} a{n}d al{}so ure lord hedde i{}told ise forbisne{;} so he seide efter{}ward. so sulle o uerste bie last{;} and o laste ferst. Fele bie i{}clepede{;} ac feaue bie i{}corn.

Nu i{}here e signefiance. es godeman{;} be tockne godalmichti ure lord. Se{225} winyard be{}tockne. e seruise of ure lorde. e werkmen. be tockne alle o et do cristes seruise. [f.132v] o tides of o daie{;} be{}tokne e time of is world. Bie e Morghen i{}herde ure lord werkmen in{}to his winyarde. o ha sente e pat{ri}arches. ate begininge of is wordl. ine is seruise. et urch gode beleau him seruede. and seden{230} his techi{n}ge to alle o et hi hedden hit to siggen. Al{}so at undren. and at midday. i{}herede he werkmen into is winyarde. o ha sente be o time et Moyses was a{n}d aaro{n}. and i e time of his p{ro}phetes dede he mani god man i{n}{}to his seruise{;} et urch griate luue to him helden. and deden his seruise. To yenes a{n} euen{;} godalmichti{235} i{}hierde werkmen in{}to his winyarde. o at he alast of is wordle naam fles and blod ine e Maidene sei{n}te Marie. and seauede ine is world. o fond he Men. et al day hedden i{}be idel. Werefore he fond et heen folk et be o time et was i{}go{;} hedden i{}be ut of godes be{}liaue. and of his luue. and of his seruise. Hi ne hedden{240} nocht i{}be idel [f.132v] for to done o deueles werkes.

Ac ere{}fore seith et godspel et hedden i{}be idel{;} o et hi nedden bi{}leued ane god{}almichti. ne him louie ne hi{m} serui. For al at is ine is wordle. et man is. bote yef ha luuie godalmichti. and hi{m} serui{;} al hit him may e{n}che for lore and idelnesse. o a{}resunede ure lord e paens{245} be ise apostles. vre{}fore hi hedde{n} i{}be so longe idel. o et hi ne hedden i{}be in his seruise{;} o ansuerden e pae{n}s{;} et non ne hedden i{}herd hij. et is to sigge et hi ne hedden neuer te i{}heed p{ro}ph{et}e ne a{}postle ne prechur. et hem seaude ne hem tachte hu i{}solden ine gode beleue ne him serui. Go a seide ure lord inte mine{250} winyarde. et is inte mine beleaue. and hic yw sal yeue yure peni et is heueriche blisce. o heen men yeden be a daghen into cristes seruise{;} and we et of hem bie i{}cume. and habbe cristendom under fonge{;} bie i entred i{n} to cristes seruise ere fore we sollen habbe ure peni et is e blisce of heuene. [f.133r] also wel ase{255} o et comen bi e Morghen. for al so we hopie for te habbe heueriche blisce{;} ase o pat{ri}arches and o p{ro}ph{et}es. and o apostles and o gode men et hwile{m} ine is world godalmichti s{er}ueden.

So as we habe i seid of diuers wordles. et god almichti dede werkmen into his winyarde{;} so we mowe sigge of o elde of eueriche me{n}.{260} For godalmichti de werkm{en} into his winyarde bi e Morghen. Wanne ha clepe of swiche er bie into his seruise ine here childhede. Wanne hi of is world wende. beswo et hi ne be ine no diadlich senne. At undren ha se{n}t men in to his winyarde. et a turne into his s{er}uise. of age of man. At Middai wanne o dai is{265} aler hotestd be tokned o men of .xxx^ti. wyntre. oer of furti. for e nat{ur}e of Man is of greater stre{n}ge and of greater hete ine o age. Se euen bi tockne. elde of Man. et is se ende of e liue. Vre lord de werkmen into his winyarde a genes o e[f.133r]uen{;} Wanne fele ine here elde wende ut of here senne i{n} to cristes seruise. As so{270} solle hi habbe o blisce of heuene{;} ase o et ferst come{n} into e winyyarde. Nocht for an for ise griate bunte et ure iord yef ne solde no man targi for to wende to godalmichti ne him to serui. for al so seid et holi writ et now ne wot ane dai of his diae. for Man mai longe liues wene and ofte him leghe se wre{n}ch.

Nu gode men{275} ye habbe i herd et godspel and e forbisne. Nu loke yef ye bie with inne o winyarde. et is et yef ye bie ine godes seruise yef ye bie with ute diadliche senne yef ye hatied at he hate. yef ye luuie et he luue. and do et he hot. and but ye do{;} ye bie hut of his winyarde. e is ut of his seruise. and ye do et ure lord ht, so ye{280} of serue ane peni. et 'is heueriche blisce. ye of s{er}ue et good et noon herte ne may i{}enche ne noon yare i here ne tunge telle. o blisce et god [f.133v] halt alle o et hine luuie. ider lord granti us to cumene. Q{uo}d ipse pr{est}are dignet{ur}. p{er}.

[Linenotes: 224. On margin, Multi s{un}t uocati{;} p{auci}.] MS. 278.he he MS.]


* * * * * * * * * * * * * *

[Design of the e-text:

Lines of prose have been shortened for readability. The original line numbers are shown in {braces} within the text. Mid-line caesuras are marked as in the original, with additional space.

Page numbers from the source MSS are shown as printed inline in the prose passages, marginal in verse with their original brackets. Page breaks in verse were marked with a simple line .

In Linenotes and Collations, single and double lines have been added by the transcriber where the original used extra space between entries.

Several selections offer parallel readings from two or more MSS, originally printed on facing pages. These parallel readings are shown in sequence, with differing amounts of indentation; long prose passages have been broken into smaller units for easier comparison.

Editorial material:

As explained in the editor's Introduction, "Additions are made within square brackets, and interlineations are printed between accents." Brackets added by the transcriber are also used to enclose footnotes and similar multi-line blocks of text. The 'accents occur in pairs, and are used nowhere else. Some selections use *asterisks*, also in pairs.

In notes and other editorial material, lines represent italics. Headnotes were retained only when they contain text that does not appear elsewhere on the page.

Errors and Inconsistencies:

A few Linenotes were separated by semicolons (;) instead of extra space; these have been regularized to lines.

Line numbers are in multiples of 5. Both in the e-text and in the original book, variations in line number are for mechanical reasons such as unusually long lines, or to avoid collision with marginal folio numbers.

When a new selection began at mid-page, linenotes were sometimes identified by selection number. These were randomly printed in upper or lower case, as "XVII" or "xvii".]


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