Selections from early Middle English, 1130-1250 - Part I: Texts
Author: Various
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[Linenotes: 307. After at, w erased. 313. godel MS. 315.gulte] t over MS.]

+W wilnie fter woruld wle. e lange ne mei leste. 315 [&] legge eal ure iswinch. n in[gh]e unste'de feste. Swunche w for godes luue. healf [/] w do for hte. [f. 70r ne bo w naht sw f bicherd. ne sa uuele bi{}kehte. [Gh]if w serueden gode swa w do ermnges. mare w hedden en huene. enne eorles hr [&] kinges. 320 N mu[gh]en h werien heo{m} wi chele. wi urste ne wi hunger. ne wi ulde. ne wi deae. e uldre ne e [gh]eonger. Ac er nis hunger ne urst. ne die. ne unhele ne elde. of isse riche w enche fte. [&] of ere to selde.

We wilnie after wereldes wele e longe ne mai ilaste [&] lege mast al ure swinc on ing unstedefaste. 320 Swunke [we] for godes luue half at we do for eihte. Nare we naht swo ofte bicherd ne swo euele bikeihte [Gh]ief we serueden god half at we do for erminges We mihten habben more an heuene a[n] [gh]ierles [&] kinges Ne mu[gh]e we werien naer ne wi urst ne wi hunger 325 Ne wid elde ne wi dea e elder ne e [gh]eunger Ac ar nis hunger ne urst. dea ne unhale ne elde. Of esse riche we enche to ofte of are alto selde.

[Linenote: 326. After elde, ne wi elde MS.]

W scolden ealle us bienche fte. [&] wl ilome. 325 hwt w beo to whn w scule. [&] f hwn w come. H litle hwle w beo hr. h lange elle's hwre. hwt w mu[gh]e habben hr. [&] hwt finde ere. [Gh]ef w were wise men. is w scolde enche. bute w wure us wer. eos woruld wule us for{}drenche. 330 Mest ealle men he [gh]ue drinche. f ane deofles scenche. h sceal hi{m} cunne sculde wl. [gh]f h hne nele screnche.

We solden bienchen us wel ofte [&] ilom{e} Hwat we be to hwan we sullen [&] of hwan we come. 330 Hwu litle hwile we bie her hwu longe elles ḥware Hwat we mu[gh]en habben her [&] hwat we finde are. [Gh]ief [we] waren wise men us we solden enchen [f. 7v Bute we wuren us iwar is wereld us wile drenchen Mast alle men hit [gh]ieue drinken of on euele senche 335 He sal him cunnen silde wel [gh]ief hit him nele screnche.

[Linenote: 329.ilomo MS.]

+Mid ealmihti[gh]es godes luue. ute w us bi{}werien. wi ises wrecches woreldes luue. [/] h ma[gh]e us derien. Mid festen lmes [&] ibede. werie w us wi sunne. 335 Mi a wepne e god haue. bi{}[gh]ten man cunne. Lte w e brade strt. [&] ene wei bene. e le{t} [/] ni[gh]ee dl to helle of manne. [&] ma ich wne. G w ene nrewne wei. [&] ene wei grene. er for fare litel folc. ac hit is feir [&] scne. 340 brade strt is ure will. e s us la to forl[]te. a e eal fol[gh]e hs will. fare bi usse strte. H mu[gh]en lihtliche gn mid ere under{}hulde. urh ane godlese w{u}de 'in{}to ane bare felde. [f. 70v

[Linenotes: 338. let] ḷec MS. 344. wude] wade MS.]

Mid al{}mihtin godes luue te we us biwerien [W]i esses wreches woreldes luue at hit ne mu[gh]e us derien. Mid almesse. mid fasten [&] mid ibeden werie we us wid senne. Mid o wapne e god haued [gh]ieue alle man{}kenne. 340 [L]ate we e brode strate [&] ane wei[gh] bene []e lat e niee dal to helle of manne me mai wene. Go we ane narewe pa [&] ene wei grene []ar for fare wel litel folc [&] eche is fair [&] isene []e brode strate is ure wil. e is lo te lte. 345 []o e fol[gh]e here iwil hie fare bi are strate. [H]ie mu[gh]en lihtliche cumen mid are nier helde []urh one godelease wude to one bare felde

[Linenote: 343. Gowe MS.]

[]e nrewei s godes hse. er for{}fare wl fiewe. 345 [/] beo a e heo{m} sculde [gh]eorne wi []che un{}eawe. []as ga unee [gh]eanes e clue. a[gh]ean e hea[gh]e hulle. as lete eal heore a[gh]en wll. for godes hse to fulle. [G]a w alle ene wei. for he us wule bringe. mid te feawe feire men. be{}foren heuen kinge. 350 er is ealre murhe mest. mid englene sange. e s a usend wintre er. ne inc hi{m} naht to lange. e e lest haue. haf swa michel [/] h ne bit namare. e a blisse for as for{}lt ht hi{m} mei reowe sare. [N]e mei nan uuel ne na wane beon inne godes riche. 355 eh er beo wununges fele. ch oer uniliche.

[]a narewe pa is godes has ar for fare wel feawe []at be o e hem silde [gh]ierne wi achen uneawe. 350 []os go uneae a[gh]ien e cliue [&] a[gh]ien e heie hulle []os leten al here iwil for godes luue to fulle. [G]o we alle ane wei for he us wile bringe Mid o feawe faire men bi{}fore e heuen kinge []ar is alre blisse mast mid angles songe. 355 []e is a usend wintre ar ne unche hit him naht longe. e last haue blisse he haue sswo muchel at he ne bit no more [f. 8r e at blisse forgo hit sal him rewen sore. Ne mai non euel ne non wane ben in godes riche eih ar ben wuniinges fele elch oer uniliche 360

[Linenotes: 351. After uneae, cliue deleted MS. 357.After haue, bli deleted and sse corr. into sswo.]

Sume er habbe lesse murhe. [&] sume habbe mare. fter an e dude her. efter an [/] he swanc sare. [N]e sceal er beon ne bried ne wn. ne oer cunnes ste. god ane sceal beo eche lf. [&] blisse. [&] che reste. 360 [N] sceal er beo fah ne gri. ne kuning ne 'ermne. ne aquierne. ne martres cheole. ne beuer n sabelne. [N]e sceal er beo sciet ne scrud. ne woruld wele nane. eal e murhe e me us bi{}hat. al ht sceal beo god ane. [N]e mei na murhe. beo swa muchel. se is godes sihte. 365 [H]e s so sunne [&] briht. [&] dei buten nihte.

Sume ar habbe lasse blisse [&] sume ar habbe more Elch after at he dude her after ane e swanc sore Ne sal ar ben bread ne win ne oer kennes este God one sal ben ache lif [&] blisse [&] ache reste. Ne sal ar ben foh ne grai ne cunin ne ermine 365 Ne aquerne ne metheschele ne beuer ne sabeline. Ne sal ar ben naer scat ne srud ne wereldes wele none. Al e blisse e me us bihat al hit sal ben god one Ne mai no blisse ben alse muchel se is godes sihte. He is so sunne [&] briht [&] dai a{}bute nihte. 370

[H]e is lches godes ful. nis hi{m} na wi{}uten. na god nis him wane e wunie hi{m} abuten. er is wle bute gane. [&] reste abuten swinche. e mei [&] nele ider cume. sare hit hi{m} sceal f inche. 370

He is aches godes ful nis him no wiht uten. Nones godes hem nis wane e wunie him abuten. ar is wele a{}buten wane [&] reste a{}buten swunche. e mu[gh]en [&] nelle ider cume hit hem mai of{}unche.


er is blisse a{}buten tre[gh]e. [&] lif a{}buten deae [f. 12v e eure scullen wunien er. blie muwen ben ee er is [gh]eo[gh]ee bute ulde. [&] hele a{}buten vn{}hele nis er so'rewe ne sor. ne neure nan vn{}seale er me scal drihte sulf i{}seon. swa he is mid iwisse 375 he one mai [&] scal al beo. engle [&] manne blisse And eh ne beod heore e[gh]e naht. alle iliche brihte i nabbed hi nouht iliche. alle of godes lihte On isse 'liue hi neren nout. alle of one mihte ne er ne scullen hi habben god. alle bi one [gh]ihte 380 o scullen more of him seon. e luuede him her more [&] more icnawen [&] iwiten. his mihte [&] his ore

ar is blisse a{}buten trei[gh]e [&] lif abuten deae 375 o e afre sulle wunie ar blie hie mu[gh]e ben eae. ar is [gh]ieu abuten elde [&] hale abuten unhale Nis ar sare[gh]e ne sor non ne nafre unisale. ar me drihte self isien swo se is mid iwisse He one mai [&] sal al ben angles [&] manne blisse. 380 [&] eih ne bed here eien naht alle iliche brihte [f. 8v Hi nabbe naht iliche muchel alle of godes lihte On esse liue he naren naht alle of ore mihte Ne ar ne sullen habben god. alle bi one wihte. o sullen more of him isien e luueden hine more 385 [&] more icnowen [&] ec witen his mihte [&] his ore

[Linenote: 381. bed, or be: leaf pared away.]

On him hi scullen finden alat man mai to lesten hali boc hi sculle i{}seon. al at hi her nusten Crist scal one beon inou. alle his durlinges 385 he one is muchele mare [&] betere. anne alle oere inges Inoh he haued e hine haue. e alle ing wealded of him to sene nis no sed. wel hem is e hine bi{}healde God is so mere [&] swa muchel. in his godcunnesse [/] al [/] is. [&] al at wes is wurse. enne he [&] lesse 390 Ne mai it neure no man oer segge mid iwisse hu muchele murhe habbet o. e beod inne godes blisse

[Linenote: 388. hem] e above MS.]

On him hie sulle finden al at man mai to hleste On him he sullen ec isien al at hie ar nesten. [C]rist sal one bien ino[gh]h alle his derlinges. []e one is muche more [&] betere an alle oer inges. 390 [I]noh he haue e hine haue e alle ing wealde [O]f him to isiene nis non sd swo fair he is to bihelden [G]od is swo mere [&] swo muchel in his godcunnesse []at al at elles was [&] is is fele werse [&] lasse. [Ne] mai hit nafre noman oer seggen mid iwisse 395 [H]wu muchele murihe habbe o e be in godes blisse

[Linenote: 392.After isiene, erasure of one letter.]

+To ere blisse us bringe god. e rixlet abuten ende enne he vre soule vn{}bint. of licames bende Crist [gh]yue us leden her swilc lif. [&] habben her swilc ende 395 at we moten uder come. wanne we henne wende. AmeN.

[T]o are blisse us bringe god e rixle a buten ende. []ane he ure sowle unbint of lichamliche bende [C]rist [gh]ieue us laden her swilch lif [&] habben her swilch ende{;} []at we moten ider cumen ane we henne wende. 400


[Linenote: 397. After buten, erasure of one letter.]


[[MS description from Notes volume:

"i. Corpus Christi College, Cambridge, 402 (A); on vellum, 215 150 mm.... There are glosses in red pencil and words underlined in red.

"The MS. belongs to the second quarter of the thirteenth century. It cannot be earlier than 1225 A.D., for it mentions the Dominicans and Franciscans, and it is probably later than 1230. It is the most correct, but it has additions to the original, such as 62/46-64/62, 64/73-78.

"ii. Caius College, Cambridge, 234 (B); on vellum, 124 93 mm.; 368 pages; late thirteenth century. Pages 1-185 consist of extracts from the AR, but not in the order of the other manuscripts (ES iii. 536).

"iii. Cotton Nero A 14, British Museum (N); on vellum, 146 114 mm.; written in the second quarter of the thirteenth century. Its contents are ff. 1-120r, the Ancren Riwle; 120v-123v, The Orison, XVIII.

"iv. Cotton Titus D 18, British Museum (T); on vellum, 158 120 mm.; 148 folios in double columns, written from f. 14, where AR begins, to the end, about 1220 A.D."]]






[f. 56r] +vs mine leoue sustren ie wildernesse er [gh]e ga{;} in wi godes folc toward ierusalemes lond [/] is e riche of heouene{;} beo ulliche beastes ulliche wurmes. ne nat ich na sunne [/] ne mei beon ilead oer to an of ham seouene{;} oer to hare streones. vnsteaeluest bileaue a[gh]ein godes lare nis hit te spece{5} of prude inobedience? Herto falle sygaldren false teolunges lefunge o swefne o nore [&] on alle wicchecreftes. Neomunge of husel in eani heaued sunne oer ei oer sacrement nis hit te spece of prude [/] ich cleopede p{re}su{m}ptio [gh]ef me wat hwuch sunne hit is [f.56v] [gh]ef me hit nat nawt enne is hit [gh]emeles under{10} accidie [/] ich slawe cleopede. e ne warne oer of his uuel oer of his bi[gh]ete nis hit slaw [gh]emeles oer attri onde? teohei mis edhalden cwide fundles oer lane oer erwi mis{}fearen nis hit spece of [gh]isceunge{;} [&] aneS cunnes eofe?

[p. 126] [+]us mine leoue frend ie wildernesse at ge [p.127] gat in wid godes folc toward ier{usa}l{e}mes londe at is e riche of heouene{;} beod {}ulliche bestes ulliche wurmes Ne nat ich nan sunne at ne mai beon ilad oer to an of ham seoluen oer to hare streones vnstaelfast bi{}leaue agein hali lare nis hit of{5} p{ru}de i{n}obedience? Herto falled sigaldren false teolunges Lefunge o nore. o swefne [&] alle wicchecraftes. Neominge of husel in ei heaued sunne oer ai oer sac{re}ment nis hit spece of p{ru}de{;} at ich cleopede p{re}su{m}pciun gif me wat hwat sunne hit is. Gif me hit nat naut{;} enne is hit gemeles vnder accidie at ich sloue cleopede.{10} e at ne warned oer of his uuel oer of his bigete nis hit sla gemeles oer attri onde? To thehewen mis et halden cwude fundes oer lane nis is giscunge{;} eofe.

[Linenotes: 3. sulliche MS. 11. bigete] b corr. out of l.]

Edhalden ores hure ou{er} his rihte t{er}me nis hit strong reaflac hwa{}se [gh]elden hit mei e is{15} under [gh]isceunge? [Gh]ef me [gh]eme wurse ei ing ileanet oer bitaht to witene en he wene e ah hit nis hit oer triccherie oer [gh]emeles of slawe? alswa is dusi heast oer folliche ipliht trowe longe beon unbischpet falsliche gan to schrift oer to longe abiden ne teache p{ate}r no{ste}r godchild ne Credo eos [&] alle ulliche beo ilead to{20} slawe [/] is e feore moder of e seoue sunnen. e dronc drunch oer ei ing dude hwer urh na child ne schulde beon on hire istreonet oer [/] istreonede schulde forwuren nis is strong monslaht of galnesse awakenet? Alle sunnen sunderliche bi hare nomeliche nomen ne mahte namon rikenin ah i eo e ich habbe{25} iseid{;} alle ore beo bilokene. Ant nis ich wene namon e ne mei understonden him of his sunne nomeliche under sum of e ilke imeane e beo her iwritene.

at{}halden oeres hure ouer his richte terme nis hit strong reflac. at is under gissunge{;} gif me gemed wurse ai ing [p.128] ilened oer bitahted te witene en{15} he wene at hit ah nis oer tricherie oer gemeles of slaue. Alswa is dusi hest oer folliche iplicht troue Longe beon un{}bischbed falsliche gan to schrifte oer to longe abiden Ne teachen god{}child p{ate}r n{oste}r Ne Credo eos [&] alle ulliche beod ilad to slaue at is e feore moder of e seoue sunnen eo dronc druch{20} oer ai ing dude hwer urh na child ne shulde beon on hire istreoned oer at istreonede shulde for{}wuren{;} Nis is strong monslaht of galnasse awakened{;} Alle sunnen sunderliche bi hare nomeliche nome ne mahte na{}mon rikenen. Ah ieo at ich habbe iseid{;} alle oere beod bilokene. An nis ich wene namon at ne mai{25} under{}stonden him of his sunnen nomeliche wnder su{m}me of e ilke at imene{;} e beod er i writene.

[Linenote: 16.tricherie] over c, contraction mark for er.]

Of eose seoue beastes [&] of hare streones i wildernesse of anlich lif is iseid herto e alle e forfearinde fondi to fordonne. e liun of prude slea alle e prude {30} alle e beo hehe [&] ou{er}hohe iheortet. e attri neddre e ontfule [&] te luere ionket. Wreafule{;} e vnicorne. Alswa of e ore o rawe. to godd ha beo isleine ah [f.57r] ha libbe to e feond [&] beo alle in his hond. [&] serui him in his curt euch of e meoster e him to falle.{35}

Of eos sewe beastes [&] of hare strenes iwildernesse of anlich lif is iseid hiderto [p.129] e alle e forfarinde fondet te fordonne. e Leon of p{ru}de slead alle e p{ru}de. Alle at beod{30} hehe [&] for hehe iheorted. e aetri neddre{;} e ond{}fule. [&] e luere ionked. wredfule e unicorne. Al swa of en oer areawe. to god ha beod isleine Ah ha libbed to e feond [&] beod alle in is hird [&] serued him in his curt Euch of e mester et him to falle.

+e prude beo his bem{er}es drahe wind inward wi worltlich hereword [&] eft wi idel [gh]elp puffe hit ut ward as e bemeres do makie noise [&] lud dream to schawin hare orhel ah [gh]ef ha wel ohten of godes bemeres of e englene bemen e schulen o fowr half e world biuore e grurefule dom grisliche blawen Arise{40} deade arise cume to drihtines dom forte beon idemet ear na prud bem{er}e, ne schal beon iborhen [gh]ef ha ohten is wel{;} ha walden inohreae i e deofles seruise dimlukeR bemin. Of eose bem{er}es sei Jeremie Onager solitari{us} in desiderio anime sue attraxit uentum amoris sui Of e wind drahinde in for luue{45} of hereword sei as ich seide.

[+]E p{ru}de beod his bemeres Drahed wind inward of worldlich{35} hereword [&] eft wid idel ige'lp puffed hit utward as e bemares dod. Makied noise [&] lud drem to shawen hare p{ru}de. Ah gif ha uel othten of godes bemeres of e englene bemen at shulen afour half e word bi{}fore e grurefule dom g{ri}sliche blawen Arised deade arised Cumed to drichtines domes for{}to beon idemed er na pr{u}d{40} bemere ne shal beon iboregen Gif ha ohten wel is ha walden inoh rae ie deoueles seruise dimluker bemen. Of eose bemeres sei'd [p.130] Jeremie Onager solitarius in desiderio suo attraxit uentum amoris sui Of e wind drahinde in for luue of hereword{;} seid as ich seide.{45}

[Linenote: 43. seid] d above a blotted letter.]

+Summe iuglurs beo e ne cunnen seruin of nan oer gleo bute makien cheres wrenche e mu mis schulen wi ehnen. Of is meoster serui e unseli ontfule i e deofles curt to bringen o lahtre hare ondfule lau{er}d [gh]ef ei sei wel oer de wel{;} ne mahen{50} ha nanes weis lokin ider wi riht ehe of god heorte ah winki o [/] half [&] bihalde o{}luft [gh]ef er is eawt to edwiten oer ladliche iderward schule mi eier.

Summe iugelurs beod e ne cunen seruin of nan oer gleo buten maken cheres wrenchen e mud mis shuli wid e ehnen. of is mester seruid e unseli eon'dfule ie deoueles curt to bringen a lahtre hare on'dfule leouer. gef ei ded wel oer seid wel{;} ne mahen ha nanes weis liki iderwar wid richt ehe of god heorte Ah{50} winked o{}et half [&] bi{}halded a{}luft gif er is o{u}t to et{}wite oer{;} ladliche iderward shuled mid eier.

[Linenotes: 48, 49. eondfule, ondfule] d above in darker ink. 51.out] ont MS.]

Hwen ha ihere [/] god{;} skleatte e earen adun ah e lust a[gh]ein [/] uuel{;} is eau{er} wid open enne he wrenche e mu{;} hwen he turne god to uuel [&] [gh]ef hit is sumdel{55} uuel urh mare lastunge wrenche hit to wurse eos beo forecwidderes hare ahne p{ro}phetes eos bodie biuoren hu e eateliche deoflen schulen [gh]et ageasten ham wi hare grennunge [&] [f.57v] hu ha schulen ham seolf grennin [&] niuelin [&] makien sur semblant for e muchele angoise i e pine of helle. Ah for{}i ha{60} beo e leasse to meanen [/] ha biuoren hond leorni hare meoster to makien grim chere.

hwen ha ihered at god sklette e earen adun Ah e lust a{}gein et uuel is ea wid opene. enne wrenched e mud mis{;} hwen he turned et god to uuel [&] gef hit is [p.131] sumdel uuel{;} urh more lastunge wrenched hit to{55} wurse. eos beod for{}quiddares hare ahne p{ro}ph{et}es. eos bodied biuoren hu e ateliche deouelen shulen get agastan ham wid hare grennunge [&] hu ha shulen ham seolf grennen [&] niwelen [&] makien sur semblant for e muchele angoise ie pine of helle. Ah fori ha beod e lesse te meanen at ha bi{}foren hont leorned ha meoster te{60} makien grim chere.

[Linenotes: 53.eawid MS. 55.On lower margin in a later hand: Prude and nid and lecherie Grede and idelhed coueitise and glotunie beod seouen ded Sundes.]

+e wreaule biuore e feond skirme mid cniues [&] is his cnif warpere [&] pleie mid sweordes bere ha{m} bi e scharp ord up on his tunge. Sweord [&] cnif eier beo scharpe [&] keoruinde word{65} [/] he warpe from him [&] skirme toward ore [&] he bode hu e deoflen schulen pleien wi him mid hare scharpe eawles skirmi wi hi{m} abuten [&] dusten ase pilche clut euch toward oer ant wi helle sweordes asneasen him urh ut [/] beo kene ant eateliche ant keoruinde pineN.{70}

[+]E wreadfule biuoren e feond skirmed mid kniwes is his knif warpare [&] pleied mid sweordes bered ham bi e sharpe ord open his tunge. swerd [&] knif eier beo sherpe [&] keorwinde : word at he warped from him [&] skirmed toward oere. And he boded hu{65} e deouelen shulen pleien wid him mid hare sharpe eawles Skirmin wid him abuten [&] dusten as a pilche [p.132] clut Euch toward oere [&] wid helle sweordes asnesen urh ut at beod kene [&] eateliche keorwinde pinen.

[Linenote: 67. apilche MS.]

+e slawe li [&] slepe o e deofles bearm as his deore deorling [&] te deouel lei his tutel dun to his eare [&] tutele him al [/] he wule. for swa hit is sikerliche to hwa{m} se is idel of god{;} meaele e feond [gh]eorne [&] te idele underue luueliche his lare. Jdel [&] [gh]emeles is es deofleS bearnes slep ah he schal o domesdei grimliche abreiden{75} wi e dredfule dream of e englene bemen [&] in helle wontreae echeliche wakieN. Surgite aiunt mortui surgite [&] uenite ad iudicium saluatoriS.

[+]E slauwe lid [&] sleped oe deoules barm as his deore deorling [&]{70} e deouel leid his tutel dun to his earen [&] tutelid him al at he eawer uule. for swa hit is sikerliche to hwam se is idel of god Meaeled e feond georne. [&] e idele underweng luueliche his lare Idel [&] gemeles is es deoueles bernes slep Ah he shal a domes dai grimliche abreiden wid e dredfule drem of e englene bemen [&] in{75} helle wondrede etheliche wakien Surgite mortui qui jacetis in sepulcris surgite [&] venite ad Judiciu{m} saluatoris.

+e [gh]iscere is his eskibah feare abuten esken [&] bisiliche sture him to rukelin to gederes muchele [&] monie ruken blawe rin{80} [&] blent him seolf peaere [&] make rin figures of augrim as es rikeneres do e habbe muche to rikenin. is is al e canges blisse [&] te feond bihalt tis gomen [&] lahe [/] he berste. Wel un [f.58r] derstont euch wis mon [/] gold ba [&] seoluer [&] euch eorlich ahte nis bute eore [&] ahte esken e ablende euch moN e ham in blawe [/]{85} is e bolhe him urh ham i{n} heorte prude. Ant al [/] he rukele [&] gedere to{}gederes [&] ethalt of ei ing [/] nis bute esken mare en hit neode{;} schal in helle wuren him tadden [&] neddren [&] ba as ysaie sei schulen beon of wurmes{;} his cuuertur [&] his hwitel e nalde erwi neodfule feden ne schruden. Subt{er} te sternet{ur}{90} tinea [&] op{er}imentum tuum uermiS.

[+]E gissere is his eskebah fared abuten esken [&] bisiliche stured him te rukelen te{}gederes muchele [&] monie ruken blawed er [p.133] in [&] blend him seolf paered [&] maked er{}in figures of{80} augrim As eos rich'keneres dod at habbed muche te rikenen. is is es kanges blisse [&] e feond bi{}hald is gomen [&] lahed at he berste. wel under{}stonde is euch mon at gold ba [&] seoluer [&] euch worldlich ahte nis buten eore [&] esken at ablent euchmon at in ham blawe at is at at bolehed ham urh ham in heorte{85} prude. And al at he rukeled [&] gedered to{}gedere [&] ethalt of ani ing at nis buten esken mare en hit neode{;} shal in helle wurden him tadden [&] neddren [&] ba as ysaie sei shulen beon of wurmes his cuuertur [&] his 'witel at neolden war{}wi neodfule feden [&] shruden. Subt{er} te st{er}net{ur} tinea [&] op{er}im{en}tu{m} tuu{m}{90} u{er}mis.

[Linenote: 81. rich'keneneres MS.]

+e [gh]iuere glutun is e feondes manciple ah he stike eauer iceler oer icuchene his heorte is i e disscheS his oht al i e neppes his lif i e tunne his sawle i e crohhe Kime biuoren his lau{er}d bismuddet [&] bismulret a disch in his an hond a scale in his{95} oer. Meaele mis wordes wigle as fordrunke mon e haue imunt to fallen bihalt his greate wombe [&] te deouel lahhe. eose reati us godd urh ysaie

[+]e giuere glutun is es deoules manciple Ah he stiked eauer iceler oer icuche [p.134] ne his heorte is ie dishes his oht al ie nappes his lif ie tunne his saule ie crohhe kimed bi woren his lauert bi{}smudded [&] bi{}smured A dich in his an hond A scale in{95} his oer Meadeled mis wordes wigeled as for drunken mon at haued mint to fallen bi{}halt his greate wombe. [&] e deouel lahhe. eos reated us god urh ysaie

Serui mei comedent [&] uos esurietis [&] c'. Mine men schulen eoten [&] ow schal eauer hungrin [&] [gh]e schule beon feorle world buten ende. Q{ua}ntum glorificauit se [&] in deliciis{100} fuit{;} tantu{m} date illi tormen{t}um [&] luctum In apocal{ipsi} Cont{ra} unu{m} poculum q{uo}d miscuit miscete ei duo. [Gh]ef e kealche{}cuppe wallinde bres to drinken [Gh]eot in his wide rote [/] he swelte inwi. a[gh]ein an [gh]ef him twa. ullich is godes dom a[gh]ein [gh]iuere [&] druncwile ie apocalipse.{105}

Serui mei co{m}mede{n}t [&] uos esurietis [&] c'. Mine men shulen eoten [&] ow shal eawer hungren [&] ge shulen beon feondes fode world buten ende. Q{ua}ntu{m} gl[ori]ficauit{100} se [&] in deliciis fuit{;} tantu{m} date illi tormentu{m} [&] luctum Apocalip{sis} Contr{a} unu{m} q{uo}d miscuit date illi duo gef en kelche{}cuppe wallinde bras te drinken geot in his wide rote at he swelte in wi. agein gef him twa. ullich is godes dom agein giwere [&] druncwile ie apocalipse.{105}


ANCREN RIWLE (Cotton MS. Nero)

[[Explanation from Notes volume:

"Passages in C (mostly interlined or marginal) which are not in N are inserted between asterisks in the text of the latter. The collations ... show the other divergences of C and those of T from N; when not followed by any letter they give the readings of T; those followed by C are the readings of C, while B indicates agreement of T and C as against N."

In the collations, N = Nero; C = Cleopatra; T Titus.]]


[f. 112v] [Gh]e mine leoue sustren bute [gh]ef neod ow driue [&] ower meistre hit reade ne schulen habbe na beast bute cat ane. Ancre e haue ahte unche bet husewif ase Marthe wes ne lihtliche ne mei ha nawt beo Marie marthe suster wi grifullnesse [f.113r] of heorte. for enne mot ha enchen of e kues foddre of heorde{5} monne hure

[f. 116r] +[Gh]e mine leoue sustren *bute [gh]ef neod ow driue* ne schulen habben no best . bute kat one. ancre et haue eihte unche bet husewif ase marthe was . en ancre . ne none weis ne mei heo beon marie . *marthe suster* mid grifulnesse of heorte. Vor eonne mot heo enchen of e kues foddre and of{5} heordemonne huire .

[Collations: 1. mine ... sustren om. 2. schule [gh]e C haue na nan C beast B cat ane B e C 3. haues ahte achte C semes bet{er}e B as B wes C en ancre om. B nanes for 'lihtliche oer nanes C 4. weies mai ho ha C beo wi B 5. for enne B ho ha C cuwes C and om. B 6a. e heordes hure C]

Olhnin e heiward wearien hwen he punt hire [&] [gh]elden ah e hearmes. ladlich ing is hit wat crist hwen me make i tune man of ancre ahte. Nu enne [gh]ef eani mot nedlunge habben hit loki [/] hit namon ne eili ne ne hearmi ne [/] hire oht ne beo nawiht ron ifestnet. ancre ne ah to habben na ing [/] utward drahe hire{10} heorte.

oluhnen ene heiward . warien hwon me punt hire [&] [gh]elden auh e hermes. wat crist is is lodlich ing . hwon me [f.116v] make mone i{n} tune of ancre eihte. auh [gh]if eni mot nede habben ku : loke et heo none mo{n}ne ne eilie : ne ne hermie . ne et hire ouht ne beo nout eron i{}uestned. ancre ne ouh nout{10} to habben no ing et drawe utward hire heorte.

[Linenote: 8. me me MS.]

[Collations: 6b. Olcne olchni C e B haiward haiwart C hwen he B pundes 7. [gh]elde B ah ach C harmes B ladli ladlich C ing is wat c{ri}st hwen B 8. mo{n} makes B i{n} tune man itune man C ancres B ahte achte C Nu enne latter deleted, ah in margin Nu ach C [gh]ef C ani B 9. nedinge nedunge C haue ku] hit B hit na mo{n} B eile eili C harme harmi C 10. ni oht ocht C nawt nawicht C ter{}on ron C ifestnet Anker ah ach C nawt T om. C 11a. haue no ing om. T nan C utward drahe utwart dra[gh]e C]

+N+a chaffere ne driue [gh]e ancre [/] is chepilt [/] is bu forte sullen efter bi[gh]ete ha chepe hire sawle e chapmon of helle. ing ah [/] ha wurche ha mei urh hire meistres read{;} for hire neode sullen hali men sumhwile liueden bi hare honden.

none cheffare ne driue [gh]e. ancre et is cheapild .*e bu for te sullen efter bi[gh]ete*{12} heo cheape hire soule : e chepmon of helle. *ing ah [/] ha wurche{;} ha mei wel urh hire meistres read{;} for hire neode sullen. ah swa dernliche as ha mei for misliche mon{n}e wordes.*

[Linenote: 12. [gh]e over an erasure.]

[Collations: 11b. Na B chaffare cheffere C 12. Anker chapmon chepilt C] 13. ho ha C cheapes cheape C sawle saule to C chapmo{n} chepmo{n} C]

+N+awt deore dehtren ne wite [gh]e in ower hus of oer monne{15} inges ne ahte ne claes ne boistes ne chartres Scoren ne cyrograffes ne e chirch uestemenz ne e calices bute neode oer strenge hit makie{;} oer muchel eie. Of swuch witunge is muchel vuel ilumpen ofte sien.

Ne wite [gh]e{15} nout i{n} oure huse of oer mo{n}nes inges . ne eihte . ne cloes . ne nout ne vnderuo [gh]e e chirche uestimenz ne ene caliz bute [gh]if *neod oer* strence hit makie : oer muchel eie. vor of swuche witunge is i{}kumen muchel 'vuel oftesien.

[Linenote: 19.vuel on margin.]

[Collations: 15. Nawt ne Naut ne C [gh]e om. C 16. owre ouwer C hus B of om. B mon{n}e C ahte achte C claes ne nout ... caliz om. C, then interlined 'bute neod ... eie ne ... [gh]e om. 17. Nawt te chirche uestemenz ne e chaliz [gh]if ... oer om. 18. stre{n}ge make vor om. B swuch swich C lokinge witing C 19a. muchel bifallen muchel uuel ilu{m}pen C vuel om. sie]

IN wi ower wanes ne leote [gh]e namon slepeN [Gh]ef muchel neod mid alle make breoken ower hus hwil hit eauer is{20} ibroken habbe rinne wi ow a wummon of cleane lif deies ant nihteS.

wii{n}nen ower woanes : ne lete [gh]e nenne mon slepen. [gh]if muchel neode mid alle make breken{20} ower hus : eo hwule et hit eu{er} is i broken : loke et [gh]e habben eri{n}e mid ou one wu{m}mon of clene liue . deies [&] nihtes.

[Collations: 19b. Inwi B owre wahes wanes C lete [gh]e bis 20. na wepmo{n} nan mo{n} C [gh]ef C muche B ned neod C wi makes B to breke breoken C 21. owre e om. B hwil B et om. B eau{er} B loke et [gh]e om. B haues habbe C ter{}inne rinne C 22. wi ow B a an C cleane lif B daies nichtes C]

+F+or i [/] wepmen ne seo ow ne [gh]e ham wel mei don of ower cla beo hit hwit beo hit blac bute hit beo unorne warm [&] wel iwraht felles wel itawet [&] habbe ase monie as ow to neode to bedde [&] to rugge.{25}

+Uor{}i et no mon ne i{}sih ou . ne [gh]e ne i{}seo nenne mon : wel mei don of ower cloes . beon heo hwite: beon heo blake. bute et heo beon unorne [&] warme [&] wel i wrouhte. uelles wel i tauwed.{25} [&] habbe ase monie ase ou to neode . to bedde and eke to rugge.

[Linenote: 23, 24. welmeidon MS.]

[Collations: 23. For B na nan C seo si C ow B ne iseo om. B ham him C 24. duhen owre ouwer C cla B beo hit hwit beo hit blac bute hit beo B 25. [&] om. B warm B iwraht iwracht C felles B iteawet itauwet C 26. habbes as ow B to nedes eke om. B]

+N+est flesch ne schal nan werien linnene cla bute hit beo of hearde [&] of greate heorden. Stamin habbe hwa{}se wule hwa{}se wule beo buten. [Gh]e schulen in an hetter ant igurd liggen swa leoeliche ah [/] [gh]e mahen honden put [f.113v] ten er{}under. Nest lich nan ne gurde hire wi na cunne gurdles : bute urh schriftes leaue. Ne{30} beore nan irn ne here ne ilespiles felles ne ne beate hire er{}wi{;} ne wi scurge i{}leadet wi holin ne wi breres ne biblodgi hire seolf{;} wi{}ute schriftes leaue nohwer ne binetli hire ne ne beate bi{}uoren ne na keoruunge ne keorue ne ne neome ed eanes to luere disceplines te{m}ptaciuns forte acwenchen ne for na bote{35} a[gh]ein cundeliche secnesses nan uncundelich lechecreft ne leue [gh]e ne ne fondin wi{}uten ower meistres read{;} leste ow stonde wurse.

+Nexst fleshe ne schal non werien no linnene clo bute [gh]if hit beo of herde and of greate heorden. stamin 'habbe hwo{}se wule. and hwo{}se wule mei beon buten. [gh]e schullen liggen in on heater and i gurd. ne bere [gh]e non iren . ne here . ne [f.117r] irspiles felles.{30} ne ne beate'ouer mide. ne mid schurge i{}leered: ne i{}leaded. ne mid holie . ne mid breres . ne ne biblodge hire sulf: wi{}uten schriftes leaue . ne ne nime et enes to ueole disceplines.

[Collations: 27. Nest flesch B nan B werie no om. nan C clo om. B [gh]if om. B 28. harde B heordes were C hwa B wile 29. and om. hwa B nule{;} beo wi uten mei beon om. C schuln in schulen in C an B hatter hetter C 30. gurd liggen igurd liggen C were nan irn beore nan iren C haire ylespiles B 31. hire erwi B wi B i leered ne om. B ileadet B ne om. B 32. wi holin wi holine C wi B ne blodeke ne biblogi C selue{n} seolf C ute C schirches 33a. nine for ne ne neome C ateanes ed eanes C feole B disciplines diciplines C]

+O+wer schon i winter beon meoke greate [&] warme. I sumer [gh]e habbe leaue bearuot gan [&] sitten [&] lihte scheos werieN +H+osen wi ute vampez{;} ligge in hwa{}se like +I+scheoed ne slepe [gh]e nawt ne{40} noh wer bute i bedde. Sum wummon inohreae were e brech of here ful wel icnottet e streapeles dun to e vet ilacet ful feaste ah eauer is best e swete [&] te swote heorte. Me is leou{er}e [/] [gh]e olien wel an heard word{;} en an heard here.

ower schon beon greate and warme. Ine sumer [gh]e habbe leaue uorto gon and sitten baruot. and hosen wi{}uten uaumpez . and ligge ine ham: hwo{}so like. Su{m}{35} wu{m}on i{}nouh{}reae . were e brech of heare fulwel i{}knotted . and e strapeles adun to hire uet. i laced ful ueste.

[Collations: 33b. owre scheon C 34. I In C haue{n} barefot to Gan [&] sitten barfot gan [&] sitten C 35. and om. B Hose uampez uampe C and om. B ham om. B hwa se like hwase wule C 36. mon inohrae inochrae C weres te brec haire here C icnotten icnotted C and om. B 37a. strapples dun to e fet B faste]

[Gh]ef [gh]e muhen beo wimpelles [&] [gh]e wel wullen{;} beo bi warme cappen [&] er{}uppon hwite oer blake veiles.{45} Anc{re}n summe sungi in hare wimplunge{;} na leasse en leafdis. Ah ah sei sum [/] hit limpe to euch wummon cundeliche forte werien wimpel Nai wimpel ne heaued cla nower ne nempne hali writ{;} ah wriheles ane

[gh]if [gh]e muwen beon wimpel leas: *[&] [gh]e wel wullen* beo bi warme keppen . and eruppon *oer hwite oer* blake ueiles. *Ancren su{m}me sungi in ha[re] wimlunge na lesse ene lefdị Sum sei [/] hit limped . to e[i] wu{m}mon cu{n}deliche{;}{40} for{}te weri[en] wimpel. Nai . Wimpel ne hef[ed] nouer ne nemne hali writ{;} ah wriheles of heuet.

[Collations: 37b. For [gh]if ... bi, T has habbes [gh]ef [gh]e mahen (over muchel del.) beo wimpelles C 38. cappes cappen C and ... wimlunge in l.52 om. ruppo{n} C 39. ueilles C]

Ad corinthios Mulier uelet caput suu{m} Wummon sei e apostle schal wreon hire heaued. wrihen he sei{50} nawt wimpliN. wrihen ha schal hire scheome as eue sunfule dohteR i mungunge of e sunne [/] schende us on earst alle ant nawt drahe e wriheles to tiffunge [&] to prude

Ad cor[inth.] M{u}lier uelet cap{ut} suu{m}. Wu{m}mon sei e apostel schal wrihen hi[re] heauet. wrihen he sei naut wimplin. wrihen ha schal hire scheome as sunfule eue dohte[r{;}] i mu{n}gunge of e su{n}ne [/] sch[en]de us erst alle [&] naut{45} drah[en] [/] wriheles te tiffung [&] te p{ru}[e].

Eft wule [f.114r] e apostle [/] wummon wreo i chirche hire neb [gh]etten leste uuel oht arise urh hire onsihe Et hoc {est} propt{er} ang{e}los. hwi enne{55} u chirch ancre iwimplet openest i neb to wepmonnes ehe{;} to[gh]eines e sist men{;} speke e apostle [gh]ef u e ne hudest. ah [gh]ef [/] ei ing wrihe i neb from monnes ehe beo hit wah beo hit cla i wel i rund windowe wel mei duhen ancre of oer wimplunge. To[gh]eines e e {us} ne dest{;} speke e apostle nawt to[gh]eines ore [/]{60} hare ahne wah wrihe wi euch{}monnes sihe. er awakeni ofte wake ohtes of [&] werkes oerhwileS. Hwa{}se wule beon isehen{;} ah ha atiffi hire nis nawt muche wunder{;} ah to godes ehnen ha is lufsumre{;} e is for e luue of him{;} untiffet wi{}uteN.

Eft wule seinte pauel [/] wu{m}m[o{n}] wreo i chirche hire neb [gh]ette leste vuel oht arise urh hir[e] on{}sihe [&] h{oc} {est} p{ro}p{ter} ang[e]los. Hwi enne u chirche ancre al beo u iwimplet{;} openest ah i neb to weopmones ehe . Te [gh]eines e. e isist men speke seinte pauel. Ah [gh]ef ei ing{50} wrihe{;} i neb fro{m} mo{n}nes ehe{;} beo hit wah beo hit cla i{}i p{ar}lures url{;} wel mei duhen ancre of oer wimlu{ng}e.* Hwo{}se wule beon i{}seien . auh heo atiffe hire{;} nis nout muchel wunder. auh to godes eien . heo is lufsumere et is uor e luue of him{;} untiffed wi{}uten.

[Linenote: 52. wimlumpe MS.]

[Collations: 52. hwa B 53. wile isehen ise[gh]en C of alle hire cume{n} to add. ah ach C ho ha C atiffen atifi C ham na nan C muche B 54. Ah ach C ehne echne{n} C ho ha C lufsumer e is C for B 55a. untiffet B]

+R+ing ne broche ne habbe [gh]e ne gurdel imembret ne glouen ne nan swuch{65} ing [/] ow ne deh to habben. A meoke surpliz [gh]e mahen in hat sumer werien.

Ring . ne broche nabbe [gh]e . ne gurdel i{}me{m}bred .{55} ne glouen . ne no swuch ing et ou . ne deih for{}to habben. *vnderstonde . [/] of alle eose inges nis nan hest ne forbot for alle ha beo of e vttere riwle [/] is lute strence of{;} for hwon [/] te inre beo wel iwist as ic seide i e frume . {ha} mei beon ichanget hwer{}se euer ei neod oder eni skile hit aske . eft{er} [/] ha mei ase{60} uften . best seruin e leafdi riwle.*

[Linenotes: 55. i menbred MS. 59.ha] & MS.]

[Collations: 55b. ni ni i membret 56. ni gloues na nan C swich C ow B deah i bur C for om. B]

+E+auer me is leou{er}e se [gh]e do greattre werkes. +N+e makie [gh]e nane purses forte freondin ow wi bute to eo [/] ower meistre [gh]eue ow his leaue ne huue ne blod{}binde of seolc ne laz buten leaue Ah schapie [&] seowi [&] mendi chirche claes [&] poure monne hettren.{70} na swuch ing ne schule [gh]e [gh]eouen wi{}uteN schriftes leaue namare en neomen [/] [gh]e ne seggen hi{m} fore{;} as of ore inges kun oer cue hu ofte [gh]e under uengen hulonge [gh]e edheolden. tendre of cunne limpe nawt ancre beonne. A mon wes of religiun [&] com to him efter help his fleschliche broer [&] he tahte him to his ridde{75} breer e wes dead biburiet. e ondswerede wundrinde Nai q{uo} he nis he dead? ant ich q{uo} e hali mon [f.114v] am dead gasteliche. Na fleschlich freond ne easki me fleschlich froure. Amices [&] parures worldliche leafdis mahen inoh wurchen ant [gh]ef [gh]e ham makie{;} ne makie [gh]e rof na mustreisun veine gloire attre alle{80} gode eawes [&] alle gode werkes. Criblin ne schal nan of ow for luue ne for hure. Taueles ne forbeode ich nawt. [Gh]ef sum riue surpliz oeR measse kemese{;} ore riuunges ne riue ha nawt nomeliche oueregede bute for muche neode.

[Linenotes: 75. to his] is on erasure. 76. breer] er on erasure. 77.Before nis, d erased.]

+Euer me is leouere . so [gh]e don gretture werkes. ne makie none purses . uorte ureonden ou mide .* bute to eo [/] ower meistre [gh]eoue ow his leaue*{;} ne blodbendes of seolke .* ne laz . bute leaue*{;} auh schepie and seouwe and amende chirche cloes . and poure{65} monne cloes. no ing ne schule [gh]e [gh]iuen: wi{}uten schriftes leaue.

[Collations: 62. Eauer B leu{er}e leoure C se B gratt{er}e grett{er}e C] Ne ... cloes in l.66 om. make [gh]e C nane C 63. forto freonden ow wi C 64. blod binden of seolc C 65. Ach schap'ie [&] seowe [&] mende (e over ạ) C claes C 66. menne hettren C Na nan 'swuc C [gh]eoue{n} bute [gh]e hauen chirches leaue [gh]euen C]

+H+elpe ow wi ower ahne swinc se for se [gh]e eauer mahen to schriden ow seoluen [&] feden [gh]ef{85} neod is [&] eo e ow serui. +A+s sein Jerome leare ne beo [gh]e neauer longe ne lihtliche of sum{}ing allunges idel for anan rihtes e feond beot hire his werc e i godes werc ne swinke [&] tutele anan toward hire. foR hwil he si hire bisi{;} he enche us for nawt ich schulde nu cume neh hire{;} ne mei ha nawt i[gh]emen to lustni{90} mi lare. Of idelnesse awakene muchel flesches fondunge. Iniquitas Sodome{;} saturitas panis [&] ocium [/] is SodomeS cwedschipe com of idelnesse [&] of ful wombe. Irn [/] li stille gedere sone rust weater e ne sture nawt{;} readliche stinke.

helpe mid ower owune swinke so uor so [gh]e muwen to schruden ou suluen and *feden [gh]ef neod is* eo et ou serue . ase seint ierome lere: ne beo [gh]e neu{er} idel . uor anonrihtes e ueond beot hire his werc: et ine godes werke ne wurche . and he tutele anonrihtes{70} touward hire. uor eo hwule [f.117v] et he isih hire bisi . 'he enche us . vor nout ich schulde nu kumen neih hire{;} ne mei heo nout i{}hwulen uorto her'cnen mine lore. of idelnesse awakene muchel flesshes fondunge . Iniq{ui}tas sodome . sat{ur}itas panis [&] ociu{m}. et is. al sodomes cweadschipe kom of idelnesse: [&] of ful{75} wombe. Iren et li stille{;} gedere sone rust . and water et ne sture nout readliche stinke.

[Collations: 67. Helpes wi B owre ahne achne C swinc swinch C se for se B muhen much[gh]en C 68. ow seluen ow seoluen C ta [/] ow serue{n} ow serui C As B sein 69. leares leare C neau{er} B 'allu{n}ge idel '[&] se for as [gh]e mahen C for B ananrihtes ananrichtes C te feond feont C bedes. 70. e C i in C werc B swinkes swinke C he om. B tuteles anan B 71. toward towart C for hwil he B seos si C 72. he e swike enches t{us} for B noht naut C ischulde nu cume to hire cumen nu nech hire C mai 73. ho ha C nawt naut C [gh]eme nu i[gh]emen C to B lustne{n} mi lustin min C lare B wakene{n} 74. muchele flesches B fondinges 75. al om. B sodome cwedschipe C com B 76. wambe Irn [/] lis Gederes muche C and om. B 77a. stures nawt naut C raliche readiliche C stinkes]

+A+ncre ne schal nawt forwure scolmeistre ne turnen ancre husto{95} childrene scole hire meiden mei learen sum oer meiden [/] were pliht of to leornin among{e} wepmen oer bimong gromes. ah ancre ne ah to [gh]emen bute godd ane ah bi hire meistres read ha mei sum rihten [&] helpen to learen.

ancre ne schal nout forwuren scolme'istre: ne turnen hire ancre hus{;} to childrene scole. hire meiden mei auh techen su{m} lutel meiden. et were dute of forto leornen among gromes . auh ancre ne ouh forto [gh]emen bute god one. *ah{80} bi hire meistres read{;} ha mei su{m} rihten [&] helpe te leren.*

[Collations: 77b. [gh]e ne schule sende lettres. Ne underfo lettres bute leaue C nawt naut C forwure B scolemeister scol above erasure C 78. hire om. B ancres childre'ne schole C Hire ... leren in l. 81 om. 79. auh om. C learen C lute C of{;} to C 80. bimong gremes C Ach C nach to [gh]eme C ane C]

[Gh]e ne schulen senden leattres ne underuon leattres ne writen bute leaue. [Gh]e schulen beon i doddet {100} oer [gh]ef [gh]e wulle ischauen fowr sien i e [gh]er to lihtin ower heaued beo bi e her ieueset{;} [f.115r] hwa{}se swa is leouere ant as ofte ileten blod [&] [gh]ef neod iS{;} oftre e mei beo er buten{;} ich hit mei wel olien. Hwen [gh]e beo ilete blod{;} [gh]e ne schule don na ing e reo dahes [/] ow greue ah talki to ower{105} meidnes [&] wi eawfule talen schurte ow to{}gederes. [Gh]e maheN swa don ofte hwen ow unche heuie{;} oer beo for sum worltlich ing sare oer seke ah euch worltlich froure is unwure to ancre.

[Linenote: 104. After beo, al greie struck out.]

+[Gh]e ne schulen senden lettres . ne underuon lettres . ne writen: buten leaue. [gh]e schulen beon i{}dodded four sien ie [gh]ere: uorto lihten ower heaued. *oer [gh]ef [gh]e wulled ischauen. hwa se wule ieveset. ah ha mot te oft{er}e weschen [&] kemben hire heauet*{;} and ase ofte ileten{85} blod . and oftere [gh]if neod is . and hwo so mei beon er wi uten{;} ich hit mei wel i olien. hwon [gh]e beo i{}leten blod . [gh]e ne schulen don no ing eo reo dawes{;} et ou greue . auh talke mid ower meidenes. and mid eaufule talen: schurte ou to gederes. [gh]e muwen don so ofte: hwon ou unche heuie . oer beo uor sume worldliche inge{90} sorie: oer seke.

[Collations: 82. und{er}fon bute 83. schule C beo idoddet C i{e} [gh]er fiftene sie [gh]er C uorto ... heauet in l.85 om. to lichten ower heauet C 85. [&] fowr sie ilet{en} [&] as ofte ilete blod '[&] [gh]ef neod is oftere C 86. oftre ned and ... olien om. C Hwa se mai wel beo wi ute{n}: ich hit mai olie{n} 87. Hwon ... blod om. C Hwe{n} arn schule C do reo daies na i{n}g [/] ow greues don 'eo reo da[gh]es nan ing [/] ow greue C 88. Ah ach C talkes to B owre seruant ower meidnes C 89. wi B eawfule eufule C tales: schurtes ow schurti C muhen mu[gh]e C swa don ofte hwen ow B 90. u{n}ches heui C arn for sum B worldlich C ing B 91a. sari B]

+S+wa wisliche wite ow in ower blodletunge{;} [&] halde ow i swuch reste{;} [/] [gh]e longe reft{er} mahen i godes seruise e monluker swinken {110} ant alswa hwen [gh]e fele eani secnesse. Muchel sotschipe hit is leosen for an dei{;} tene oer tweolue. +V+essche ow hwer{}se neod is as ofte as [gh]e wulle

So wisliche wite ou i{n} our blod{}letunge: and holde ou ine swuche reste . et [gh]e longe er efter muwen ine godes seruise e monluker swinken . and also hwon [gh]e i{}uele eni secnesse . vor muchel sotschipe hit is. uorto [f.118r] uorleosen uor one deie . tene oer tweolue. Wasshe ou hwar se [gh]e habbe neode: ase ofte {95} ase [gh]e wulle.

[Collations: 91b. Swa B wislich C wites Of ower blodletunge in marg. C ow B owre ower C blodletinge 92. haldes halde C ow B iswuch in swich C rest raft{er} reft{er} C muhen mu[gh]en C ine om. C i{}godes 93. e om. C wurchen C alswa alse C hwen B felen fele C ani B 94. vor om. B muche B sotchipe C uorto om. C to lose leosen C for an B dai dei C 95. twelue tweọlue C Vas del. wasches in marg. wesche C ow B hwer B ned is neod is C as B 96. as B wiln wull{et} C Ouwer meidnes riwle in marg. C]

[[96. wull{et} C corrected in Notes from "wulh"]]

[&] ower ore inges. Nes neauer fule godd leof ah pou{er}te [&] unorneschipe beon him licwure. VNderstonde eauer of alle eose inges [/] nan nis heast ne forbod [/]{115} beo of e uttre riwle et is lute strenge of. for hwon [/] te inre beo wel iwist as ich seide i e frume eos mei beon ichanget hwer{}se eani neod oer eani skile hit easke efter [/] ha best mei e leafdi riwle seruin as hire eadmode uften ah sikerliche wi{}uten hire e leafdi feare to wundre.

[Linenote: 120.towundre MS.]

[[This section has no parallel in the Cotton MSS.]]

+A+ncre e naue nawt neh{120} honde hire fode{;} beo bisie twa wummen. An eauer e leaue ed hame{;} an oer e wende ut hwenne driue neod [&] eo beo ful unorne wi{}uten euch tiffunge oer a lutel uftene{;} oer of feier ealde. Bi e wei as ha gea{;} ga singinde hire beoden ne ne halde na tale wi mon ne wi wummon ne sitte ne ne stonde bute [/]{125} leaste et ha eauer mei ear en ha ham cume. Nohwider elles ne ga [f.115v] heo bute ider as me send hire wi{}ute leaue ne ne eote ha ne ne drinke ute

+Ancre et naue nout neih honde hire uode: beo bisie two wu{m}men . on et bi{}leaue eu{er} ethom . an oer et wende ut hwon hit is neod . and eo beo ful unorne *oer a lute uhten* oer of feir elde and bie weie ase heo ge . go singinde hire beoden .{100} ne ne holde heo nout none tale mid mon ne mid wu{m}mon . ne ne sitte ne ne stonde bute et leste et heo mei er en heo kume hom. nouhwuder elles ne go heo{;} bute ider ase me sent hire. wi{}ute leaue: ne ete heo ne ne drinke ute.

[Linenote: 102. After mei erasure of one letter.]

[Collations: 97. Anker e C naues nawt naut C neh hond nech hont C fode B beos bisi twa wimmen B 98. an B e C leaue eau{er} with erasure of two letters before eauer leaue C at hame ed hame C e C 99. hwen B ned driues neod driue C tat 100. of om. fei[gh]er C ealde B and om. B wei as B ho Gas ha gea C Ga B seiende segginde C beodes 101. Ni ne halde B heo nout om. B na nan C wi B wi B ni sitte ne stonde Ne sitten ne stonden C 102. e B leaste ho ha C ear B enne C ho ha C ham cume B 103. Nohwider Nochwder C ga B heo om. ha C as B mo{n} sendes 104a. eote C ho ha C]

e oer beo eauer inne ne wi{}ute e [gh]eten: ne ga wi{}ute leaue. Ba beon obedient to hare dame in alle ing bute i sunne ane na ing nabben et heo hit nute ne underuo na{130} ing ne ne [gh]eoue nower{;} wi{}uten hire leaue. Na mon ne leote [gh]e in ne e [gh]ung{re} ne speoke wi namon bute leaue ne ga ha nawt ut of tune: wi{}uten siker fere [gh]ef hit swa mei beon{;} ne ne ligge ute. [gh]ef heo ne con oboke{;} segge bi pa{te}r n{ost}res ant bi auez hire ures [&] wurche [/] me hat hire wi ute gruchu{n}ge. habbe eauer hire{135} earen opene toward hire dame.

e oer beo eu{er} i{n}ne . ne wi{}ute e [gh]eate ne go heo nout wi{}ute leaue. boe beon obedient to hore{105} dame i{n} alle inges{;} bute ine sunne one. no ing nabben heo{;} et hore dame hit nute . ne ne underuon no ing . ne ne [gh]iuen wi{}uten hire leaue. Nenne mon ne leten heo in . ne e [gh]ungre ne speke mid none monne: bute leaue . ne ne go nout ut of tune . wi{}uten siker uere . ne ne ligge ute. [gh]if heo ne con o boke: sigge bi p{ate}r n{ostr}es{110} and bi auez hire vres . and wurche et me hat hire wi{}uten grucchunge. habbe euer hire earen opene touward hire dame.

[Collations: 104b. eauer B 105. [gh]ate [gh]ete C ga B heo om. ha C nout om. B Bae ba C hare C 106. ing B in B ane B Na Nan C heo om. 107. ho heo C for hore dame ni vnderfo Ne underuo C na nan C [gh]iue [gh]eouen C add nower nouer C 108. leue Na Nan C heo om. B ni e [gh]ungre om. C speoken C mid none monne om. C wi na wepmo{n} 109. wi ute B leue Ne ga B noht naut C 110. fere B [gh]ef C ho ha C on C segge B 111. auees C wurche [&] do hwat C mo{n} bides wi{}ute grucchinge B 112a. eau{er} B eares toward towart C lafdi]

Nower of e wummen ne beore from hare dame ne ne bringe to hire nane idele talen{;} ne neowe tidinges ne bitweonen ham seolf{;} ne singen ne ne speoken na ne worldliche spechen ne lahhen swa ne pleien{;} et ei mon [/] hit sehe{;} mahte hit to uuel turnen. Ouer alle inges leasunges [&] luere wordes{140} heatien. hare her beo icoruen hare heaued cla sitte lahe eier ligge ane. Hare cop beo hehe isticchet [&] bute broche. na{}mon ne seo ham unleppet ne open heaued. lah locunge habben.

[Linenote: 141. laḥhe MS.]

nouer of e wu{m}men ne beren urom hore dame . ne ne bringen to hire . none idele talen: ne neowe tiinges . ne bitweonen ha{m} sulf ne singen . ne ne speken none worldliche spechen . ne lauhwen ne ne pleien so et{115} ei mon et hit iseie . muhte [f.118v] hit to v'uel t{ur}nen. ou{er} alle ing leasunge and luere wordes . hatien. Hore her beo i{}koruen . hore heuedclo sitte lowe. eier ligge one. Hore hesmel beo heie istihd{;} al wi{}ute broche. no mon ne i{}seo ham unweawed . ne open heaued. *Inwi e wanes ha muhe werie scapeloris hwen mantel{120} ham heuege . ute{;} gan i{}mantlet e heauet i{}hudeket.* louh lokunge habben.

[Collations: 112b. Nower 113. of e wummen om. C of e familiers ne beo fra{m} hire lafdi ni ni bringe nower ne beore ne ne bringe to heore dame C none om. B 114. tales newe tidinges C bitwenen B self seolf C ne ne singen C ni ne speken ne ne speoken ham seolf C 115. none om. C nane speches lahhen swa ne pleien [/] lach[gh]en swa ne plei[gh]en [/] C 116. ani sehe sech[gh]e C mihte machte C hit om. C turnen hit 117. i{n}ge leasinges leasing C uuele C hare C beon C icoruen B 118. hore ... i hudeket om. hare C cla C lach[gh]e C ane C hare cop beo hech[gh]e isticched C 119. al om. C na C seo C unlepped C]

Heo ne schulen cussen na{}mon ne cumon ne cunnes mon ne for na cue cluppen ne weschen hare heaued ne lokin feaste o na mon{;} ne toggin{145} wi ne pleien. Hare weden beon of swuch schape [&] al hare aturn swuch{;} et hit beo edscene hwerto ha beo iturnde. Hare lates lokin warliche [/] nan ne mahe edwiten ham{;} in hus ne ut of hus. On alle wise forbeoren to wreaen hare dame [&] as ofte as heo hit do{;} ear ha drinken oer eoten{;} makien [f.116r] hare venie o cneon{150} dun biuoren hire [&] seggen mea culpa [&] underuon e penitence [/] ha lei up{}on hire lutinde hire lahe.

heo ne schulen cussen nenne mon .* ne cu{}mon ne cunes mo{n} . ne for nan cue cluppen* ne uor luue cluppen . ne ku ne unku . ne wasshen hore heaued . ne loken ueste o none monne . ne toggen mid him{;} ne pleien. hore weaden beon of swuche scheape {125} [&] alle hore aturn swuch{;} et hit beo ecene hwarto heo beo i{}turnde. hore lates loken warliche . et non ne edwite ham ne ine huse ne ut of huse. on alle wise uorberen to wreen hore dame . and ase ofte ase heo hit do er heo drinken oer eten . makien hore uenie akneon adun to er eore biuoren hire: [&] sigge mea culpa . and underuon{130} e penitence: et heo lei upon hire lutende hire louwe.

[Linenote: corr. out of en.]

[Collations: 121. Lah lokinge Lach locunge C 122. Eier ligge ane add. ho ha C schulen om. C schule cusse B na nan C cu{n}nes 123. ni na ne uor ... unku om. B 124. ne ... heaued om. nene weschen hare C Ni loke B faste o na on an C mo{n} B 125. toggle toggi C wi B him om. B plei[gh]en C Hare B wede weden C beo swuch swich C schape B 126. al [&] of swic aturn [/] 'hit C escene edsene C hwerto B ho ha C beon B 127. Hare B werliche C nan B etwite over wite del. C ne om. B i{n} hus B 128. hus forbeoren B wraden wraen C hare C as B 129. as B ho ha C don ear ho ha C eoten C Maken C hire B o cneos acneon C 130. dun to er eore om. B bifore biforen C segge{n} B vnd{er} fo 131a. penitance C ho ha C leis ha{m} B lutinde C lahe lach[gh]e C]

e ancre refter neauer mare [/] ilke gult ne upbreide for na wreae bute [gh]ef ha eft sone falle i [/] ilke ah do hit allunge ut of hire heorte. [Gh]ef ei strif arise bitweone e wummen{;} e ancre makie eier to makien oer venie o cneon to er{155} eore [&] eier rihte up oer{;} [&] cussen on ende ant te ancre legge on eier{;} sum penitence mare up o e ilke e greatluker gulte. is is a ing witen ha wel [/] is gode leouest{;} Sahtnesse [&] some [&] te feond laest for{}i he is eauer umben to arearen sum leae.

e ancre neu{er} more er efter ene ilke gult ne upb[r]eide hire: uor none wree . bute [gh]if heo eft sone ualle iet ilke . auh do hit allunge ut of hire heorte. and [gh]if eni strif arise bitweonen e wu{m}men{;} e ancre makie eier of ha{m} to makien oer venie akneon to er eore . and{135} eier rihte up oer: [&] kussen ha{m} on ende . and e ancre legge on eier su{m} penitence. More upon eo ilke: et gretluker haue agult. is is o ing wute '[gh]e [f.119r] wel to soe et is gode leouest{;} seih[t]nesse [&] some. [&] e ueonde loest. and for{}i he is eu{er} umbe to arearen sume wree.

[Linenote: 138.[gh]e added in margin.]

[Collations: 131b. anker 132. ilke gult neau{er} mare r aft{er} er efter neau{er} mare ilke gult C hire om. B for B na nan C 133. wrae B [gh]ef C ho ha C sones falle B i at ilke i ilke C Ah Ach C 134. and om. B [gh]ef C ani B rises bitwene{n} ham utewi{;} bitwene e wi{m}men C e anker 135. make B of ham om. B make B e oer C o cneos o cneon C dun to e to e C 136. richte C cussen on B te anker leie 137. penitance C Mare B up o [/] ilke up on ilke C e C greatluker gulte B 138. is om. C a an C wite{n} B ho ha C to soe om. B godd god C leuest 139. sahtnesse sachtnesse C somentale te feond e feont C laest B and om. B eau{er} umben B 140a. reare arere C su{m} lae B]

Nu si e sweoke wel [/] hwen fur is wel o brune{;} [&] me wule [/] hit aga{;}{160} me sundre e brondes [&] he de {n}ond [/] ilke. luue is ih{es}u c{ri}stes fur [/] he wule [/] bleasie aa i in heorte ant te deouel blawe forte puffen hit ut. Hwen his blawunge ne geine nawt he bringe up sum uuel word oer sum oer nohtunge hwer urh ha to hurten eier fro{m}mard oer [&] te hali gastes fuR cwenche hwen e{165} brondes urh wreae beo isundret. fori halden ham i luue feaste to gederes Ant ne beo ha{m} nawt of hwen e feond blawe nomeliche [gh]ef monie beon iueietsomet{;} [&] wel wi luue ontende.

[Linenote: 161. hond MS.]

nu isih e deouel wel et hwon et fur{140} is wel o brune . [&] me wule et hit go ut: me sundre e brondes . and he de 'also onond et ilke. luue is ih{es}u cristes fur et he wule et blasie i{n} vre heorte . and e deouel blowe forto puffen hit ut . and hwon his blowinge ne geine nout: eonne bringe he up su{m} luer word . oer su{m} oer nouhtunge: hwar uruh heo to hurte eier{145} uro{m}mard oer{;} and e holi gostes fur{;} acwenche hwon e brondes uruh wree{;} beo i{}sundred. and for{}i holden ha{m} ine luue ueste to{}gederes . and ne beo ha{m} nout of{;} hwon e ueond blowe . and nomeliche [gh]if monie beo i ueied somed{;} and wel mid luue ontende.

[Collations: 140b. seos si C te swike e sweoke C hwe{n} fur B 141. onbrune C mo{n} wile Ga B mon sundres te brendes C 142. dos hond to [/] ilke de [/] ilke C fuir wile 143. owre te blawes blawe C 144. and om. B hwe{n} B blast blawunge C Geines nawt naut C eonne om. B he bringes he bringe C 145. luer om. hwat nochtunge C hwer B urh urch C ho ha C hurren B 146. framward fro{m}mart C te hali gastes B cwenches cwenche C hwe{n} 147. urh urch C wrae B beo{n} isundret and om. B halde halden C iluue inluue C faste feste C 148. nawt naut C hwe{n} B feo{n}d feont C blawe B and om. B 149. nomeli [gh]ef C beon B ifest to Gedere iuei[gh]et somet C wel om. wi B ontendet]

ah e ancre on hire meidnes for openliche gultes legge penitence{;} to e preost noeleater schriuen ham hwen neod is ah eauer ah wi leaue. [Gh]ef ha{170} ne cunnen nawt e mete g{ra}ceS seggen in hare stude{;} p{ate}r n{oste}r biuoren{;} [&] aue Maria [&] eft{er} mete alswa ant a Credo mare [&] segge {us} on ende feader Sune hali gast al mihti godd [gh]eoue ure dame his g{ra}ce [f.116v] se lengre se mare [&] leue hire [&] us ba neomen god ende for{}[gh]elde alle e us god do [&] milci hare sawle e us god{175} idon habbe hare sawle [&] alle cristene sawleS.

auh e ancre on hire meidenes uor openliche gultes . legge penitence{150} neu{er} e later to e preoste schriuen ha{m} ofte . auh eu{er} auh mid leaue. and [gh]if heo ne kunnen nout e mete graces: siggen i{n} hore stude{;} p{ate}r . n{oste}r . [&] aue maria biuoren mete . and efter mete also . [&] credo moare . and siggen us on ende . veder [&] sune [&] holi gost . [&] on almihti god{;} he [gh]iue ure dame his grace{;} so lengre so more .{155} [&] leue hire [&] us boe nimen god endinge . [&] for[gh]elde alle et us god do . [&] milce hore soulen: et us god i don habbe . hore soulen [&] alle cristene soulen. am{en}.

[Collations: 150. ah ach C e om. anker seruanz for B Giltes leie penitance C 151. to p{re}ost no e lat{er}e to e preost no e latere C Ah Ach C eau{er} B ah ach C wi B 152. and om. B [gh]ef C ho ha C cunen noht cunne naut C te seggen B hare C 153. studen C Pat{er} n{oste}r biforen p{ate}r n{oste}r biuoren C maria. Aft{er} mete alswa marie. eft{er} mete alse C 154. a crede C mare B seggen segge C fader sune B [&] om. hali gast B 155. [&] om. B an B almichtin C godd he om. B [gh]eoue C lauedi se B se mare B 156. bae ba C nime neome C ende B [&] om. B e C 157. don heore C sawle saule C [&] [/] us e us C haue{n} hore soulen om. C sawle 158a. sawle saule C am{en} om. B]

+B+itweone mel ne gruchesi [gh]e nawt nower frut ne oerhwet{;} ne drinken bute leaue . [&] te leaue beo liht in al [/] nis sunne. Ed te mete na word oer lut{;} [&] teo stille. Alswa efter e ancre complie aet p{ri}me ne don na ing ne seggen{;} hweR{}urh hire silence mahe{180} beon isturbet.

[Linenote: 177. gruchesi] ch on an erasure.]

Bitweonen mele ne gruselie [gh]e nout . nouer frut{;} 'ne oerhwat . ne 'ne drinken wi{}uten leaue . [f.119v] auh e leaue beo liht i{n} alle eo inges{;} er nis sunne. Ette mete {160} no word . oer lut . [&] eo beon stille. also efter e ancre cu{m}plie uort midmorwen . ne don no ing . ne ne siggen . hwar uruh hire silence muwe beon i{}sturbed.

[Collations: 158b. Bitwene B meal mel C gruse gruuesi C [gh]e om. C nawt naut C 159. nower nouer C fruit oer hwet C ni ne C drinke bute B 160. [&] te [&] e C licht C al [/] nis B At te ed e C na nan C 161. [&] ta stille [&] eo stille C Alswa B aft{er} ancres B aet p{ri}me oet prime C 162. ni do i{n}g ne segge ne don nan ing ne seggen C hwer urh hwar urch C 163a. muhe mu[gh]e C beo dest{ur}bet beon to sturbed C]

+N+an ancre seruant ne ahte bi rihte to easkin iset hure bute mete [&] hure [/] ha mei flutte bi{;} ant godes milce. Ne mis{}leue nan godd{;} hwet{}se tide of e ancre [/] he hire trukie. e meidnes wi{}uten [gh]ef ha serui e ancre alswa as ha ahen hare hure schal beon e hehe blisse of heouene. Hwa{}se haue ehe of hope toward{185} se heh bure{;} gleadliche wule ha seruui [&] lihtliche alle wa [&] alle teone olien. wi eise [&] wi este ne bu me nawt bliSSe.

non ancre seruant ne ouhte mid rihte uorto asken i{}sette huire{;} bute mete [&] clo: et heo mei vlutten bi . [&] godes milce. ne mis{}leue no{n} god{;} hwat so bitide of e ancre: {165} et he hire trukie. e meidenes wi{}uten [gh]if heo serue e ancre also ase heo owen{;} hore hure schal beon e eche blisse of heouene. hwo{}so haue eie hope touward so heie hure: gledliche wule heo seruen [&] lihtliche alle wo and alle teone olien. Mid eise ne mid este{;} ne kume me nout toer heouene. {170}

[Collations: 163b. Nan B ancres seruante ah achte C bi B 164. richte C to B iset hure B ant C cla B ho ha C mai flutte B 165. nan B godd hwet C se tide B anker 166. over trukie faile C eo [/] arn wi{}ute{n} meidnes C [gh]ef C ho ha C serue{n} serui C anker 167. alswa as B hom ahen ha ach[gh]en C hare C beo 168. Hwa se B haues ehe of e[gh]e of C toward towart C se B heh hech C gladli wile ho ha C seruin C 169. lichtliche C wa B tene wi B este ne C wi B eise C 170. bue mon nawt blisse bu me naut blisse C]

+[Gh]e ancres ahen is leaste stucche reden to ower wummen euche wike eanes aet ha hit cunnen. Ant muche neod is [/] [gh]e neomen to ham muche [gh]eme for [gh]e mahen muchel beon urh ham i{}godet [&]{190} iwurset. On oer half [gh]ef et ha sungi urh ower [gh]emeles{;} [gh]e schule beo bicleopet rof biuore e hehe deme [&] for{}i as ow is muche neod [&] ham [gh]et mare{;} [gh]eornliche leare ham to halden hare riwle ba for ow [&] for ham seolf{;} lieliche [&] luueliche for swuch ah wummone lare to beonne luuelich [&] lie [&] selthwenne sturne.

+[Gh]e ancren owen is lutle laste stucchen reden to our wu{m}men eu{er}iche wike enes uort et heo hit kunnen. and muche neod is ou beoe: et [gh]e nimen to ha{m} gode [gh]eme . vor [gh]e muwen muchel uruh ha{m} beon i{}goded. and i{}wursed on oer halue. [gh]if heo sunege uruh ower [gh]emeleaste{;} [gh]e schulen beon bicleoped er{}of biuoren e{175} heie demare . and for{}i ase ou is muche neod . [&] ha{m} is [gh]ete more{;} [gh]eorneliche teche ha{m} to holden hore riulen . boe uor ou: [&] for ha{m} suluen . lieliche auh [&] luueliche{;} uor swuch ouh wu{m}mone lore to beon . luuelich and lie and seldwhonne sturne.

[Linenote: 173. After gode ḍẹ MS.]

[Collations: 171. ancres B ahen ach[gh]e C laste lutle B stucche stuche C rede owre ower C seruanz 172. euche uche C eanes B til [/] ho oet 'til ha C cunne{n} B ned is [/] [gh]e B 173. neomen C to ham nimen god muche C for B muhen mughe C muchel om. C muche urh B 174. hom beo igodet B wursnet. iwurset. C On B half B [gh]ef C ho ha C sunehe sunge C 175. urh urch C owre [gh]emeles [gh]emeles'chipe C schule beo bicleopet rof ref C bifore biforen C 176. hehe hech[gh]e C deme dom C and om. B as B ow B ned hom heom C is om. B [gh]ette [gh]et C mare B 177. [gh]eornliche leares leare C halde{n} hare B riwle riuwlen C bae ba'e C for ow B 178. seolf B auh om. B luuelice C for B swich C ah ach C wu{m}mones lare B of religiun add. 179a. second and om. C seldscene selthwenne C]

Ba is riht [/] ha{195} ow dreden [&] luuien ant ah [/] ter beo eauer mare of luue{;} en of drede enne schal hit wel fearen Me schal healden eoli [&] win ba i wunden efter godes lare ah mare of softe eoli{;} en of [f.117r] bitinde win . [/] is Mare of lie wordes{;} en of suhinde for er of kime inge best{;} [/] is luue eie. lihtliche [&] sweteliche foR[gh]eoued{200} ham hare gultes hwen ha ham icnawe [&] bihate bote.

Boe hit is riht et heo ou [f.120r] dreden [&] luuien . auh et er beo . more eu{er}{180} of luue: en of drede. eonne schal hit wel uaren. Me schal helden eoli and win beoe i{}ne wunden, efter godere lore . auh more of e softe eolie{;} en of e bitinde wine . et is . more of lie wordes: en of suwinde . vor erof kume inge best{;} et is luue{}eie. lihtliche [&] sweteliche uor[gh]iue ha{m} hore gultes: hwon heo ha{m} iknowe and{185} bihote bote.

[Collations: 179b. Bae ba'e C hit om. B richt C 180. ho he corr. out of ha C ow B ah ach C ter eau{er} mare mare eau{er} C 181. of e e{n}ne B fare{n} B Mo{n} heolde 182. bae ba C i{n} B wundes wundesi erasure of two letters C aft{er} godes lare B Ah Ach C mare B e om. B 183. eoli B enne C e om. B bitende win B ma ma're C enne C 184. suhiende sturne C for B cumes kime C Lichtliche C 185. swetelich for [gh]iues for[gh]eoue C hare C hwen B ho ha C arn cnawe icnawe C 186. bihaten bihate]

+A+se for as [gh]e mahen of mete [&] of claes [&] of ore inges et neode of flesch easke{;} beo large toward ham{;} ah [gh]e nearowe beon [&] hearde to ow seoluen. Swa de e wel blawe{;} went te nearewe of e horn to his ahne mu{;} ant utward [/] wide. Ant [gh]e don alswa as [gh]e wulle [/]{205} ower beoden bemin wel [&] dremen{;} i drihtines earen nawt ane to ower ahnes{;} ah to alle folkes heale as ure lau{er}d leue urh e g{ra}ce of him seolf [/] hit swa mote ameN.

+Se uor ase [gh]e muwen of drunch and of mete and of clo and of oer inges et neode of fleshe aske: beo large touward ha{m}: auh [gh]e e neruwure beon and te herdure to ou suluen . vor so de e wel blowe . went ene neruwure ende of e horne to his owune{190} mue . [&] utward ene wide. and [gh]e don also . ase [gh]e wulle et ower beoden bemen [&] dreamen wel: ine drihtenes earen . and nout one to ower ones{;} auh to alle uolkes heale . ase ure lou{er}d leue uruh e grace of hi{m}sulf . et hit so mote beon. am{en}.

[Collations: 187. Ase Alse C for as B muhen mu[gh]en C bae add. drinch of drunch and om. C and after mete om. claes B 188. ore C i{n}g ned flesch fles C askes beos toward B 189. ah ach C e om. B narewe beon [&] harde to ow seolue{n} B vor om. 'for C Swa swa C dos 190. [/] blawes blawe C wendes te e C narewe ende om. 'ende C horn B toward ahne achne C 191. mu B te e C do alswa as B wiln wull{et} C owre beodes 192. beme{n} wel [&] B i drihtines i{n} drichtines C eare and om. B Nawt naut C ane B 193. owre anres a'unes C Ah ach C folkes B as B lau{er}d B urh urch C 194. hi{m}self him seolf C swa mote B beon. am{en} om. B]

[[191. wull{et} C corrected in Notes from "wull"]]

[[This section has no parallel in the Cotton MSS.]]

+H+wen ower sustres meidnes cume to ow to froure{;} cume to ham to e url{;} earunder [&] ouerunder eanes oer twien [&] ga a[gh]ein sone{;} to ower note gastelich {210} ne biuore Complie ne sitte [gh]e nawt for ham ouer riht time swa [/] hare cume beo na lure of ower religiun{;} ah gastelich bi[gh]ete. [gh]ef er is eani word iseid [/] mahte hurten heorte{;} ne beo hit nawt iboren ut{;} ne ibroht to oer ancre{;} [/] is e hurte. To him hit schal beon iseid{;} e loke ham alle. Twa niht is inoh [/] ei beo edhalden ant [/] beo{215} ful seldene ne for heom ne breoke silence ed te mete{;} ne for blodletunge bute [gh]ef sum muche god oer neod hit makie. e ancre ne hire meiden ne plohien 'nane worldliche gomenes ed te urle ne ne ticki to{}gederes foR ase sei seint Beornard. vnwure ing is to euch gastelich mon [&] nomeliche to ancre{;} euch swuch fleschlich{220} froure [&] hit binime gastelich [/] is wi{}ute met utnume murhe [&] [/] is uuel change as is iseid ruppe.

[Linenote: 191. [gh]ef above urh deleted.]

[[This section has no parallel in the Cotton MSS.]]

+Of is boc rede hwen [gh]e beo eise euche dei{;} leasse oer mare. Jch hopie [/] hit [f.117v] schal beon ow [gh]ef [gh]e hit rede ofte{;} swie biheue{;} urh godes muchele grace elles ich hefde uuele bitohe{225} mi muchele hwile. Me were leou{er}e godd hit wite do me toward rome{;} en forte biginnen hit eft forte donne. [Gh]ef [gh]e finde [/] [gh]e do alswa as [gh]e rede{;} oncki godd [gh]eorne [gh]ef [gh]e ne do nawt{;} bidde godes are [&] beo umben eronuuen [/] [gh]e hit bet halden efter ower mihte.{230}

[Linenote: 225. godes] d corr. out of g MS.]

+O isse boc rede eu{er}iche deie: hwon [gh]e beo eise . eu{er}iche deie{195} lesse oer more. uor ich hopie et hit schal beon ou [gh]if [gh]e hit rede ofte: swue biheue uruh godes grace . and elles ich heuede vuele bitowen muchel of mine hwule. God hit wot me were leouere uorto don me touward rome{;} en uorto biginnen hit eft forto donne. and [gh]if [gh]e iuinde et [gh]e do also ase [gh]e rede{;} onke god [gh]eorne .{200} and [gh]if [gh]e ne do nout{;} bidde godes ore . [f.120v] and beo umbe er abuten: et [gh]e hit bet hol holden: efter ower mihte.

[Collations: 195. Of C is B redes eu{er}iche deie om. B hwe{n} B arn aise C euche dai uchedei C 196. mare B uor om. B et om. ow B [gh]ef C 197. hit add. B reden swie B biheoue urh B 'godes C and om. B hafde hefde C 198. bitohen bitoch[gh]en uuele C muche hwile B God ... wot om. B leu{er}e leoure C deu le set add. B 199. to do B toward towart C for to for te C 200. and om. B [gh]ef C finde{n} finde C don alswa as B rede{n}. onkes godd 201. and om. B [gh]ef C don nawt naut C biddes godd are B beos umbe{n} B 202a. er onuuen er an ouen C hit bett{er}e halde{n} hit halden C aft{er} owre mihte eft{er} ower michte C]

+Feader Sune hali gast an almihti godd wite ow in hiS warde he gleadie ow [&] frouri ow mine leoue sustren ant for al [/] [gh]e for him drehe [&] dreaie ne [gh]eoue ow neauer leasse en al{}to{}gedere him seoluen Beo he aa iheiet from world in{}to worlde aa on ecnesse AMeN.

Veder and sune and holi gost . and on almihti god: he wite ou in his warde. he gledie ou and froure ou{;} mine leoue sustren. and for al et [gh]e uor him drie and suffre . he ne [gh]iue ou neu{er} lesse huire en{205} alto gedere him suluen. he beo eu{er} i{}heid from worlde to worlde . eu{er} on ecchenesse. amen.

[Collations: 202b. Fad{er} sune. haligast an B 203. almichti C godd he om. B ow B 204. gladie ow B frouri C ow B leue sustre 205. for B drehen oer drehden dre[gh]e [&] drei[gh]e C he om. B ni [gh]iue Ne [gh]eoue C ow B neau{er} B lasse hure C 206. selue{n} seoluen C Beo he B ai ihehet eau{er} ihech[gh]et C fra{m} into B 207. a on ecnesse 'a on echnesse C]

+A+se ofte aS [gh]e habbe ired eawiht her on{;} grete e leafdi{235} wi aN aue{;} for him [/] swonc her{}abuten Jnoh meaful ich am e bidde se lutel Explicit +J+ench o i writere i{}ine beoden sum chearre{;} ne beo hit ne se lutel. Hit turne e to gode{;} [/] tu bidest for ore.

ase ofte ase [gh]e reade out o isse boc{;} grete e lefdi mid one aue marie uor him et makede eos riwle . and for hi{m} et hire wrot and swonc her abuten. Inouh meful ich am{;} et bidde so lutel.{210}

[Collations: 208. As C as B hauen red habbe ired C oht o is boc eawet ron C Gretes ure lauedi lafdi C wi an B 209. marie om. B for B [/] swanc her abute{n}. e swong her abute{n}. C 210. Inouh ... lutel om. 'Jnoh meful ic am e bidde se lutel C]


[[MS description from Notes volume:

"Lambeth 487: see [VIII, Poema Morale]."]]

[[The selection was printed in a single paragraph. It has been broken up for this e-text.]]

[Headnote: The Privileges of Sunday]

[f. 15v] LEOFEMEN [gh]ef [gh]e lusten wule. [&] [gh]e willeliche hit under{}stonden we eow wulle [f.16r] suteliche seggen of a fredome e limpe to an deie e is iclepe sunedei. Sunedei is ihaten es lauerdes dei [&] ec e dei of blisse [&] of lisse [&] of alle irest. On on deie a engles of heofene ham iblissie.{5} fori e a ermi{n}g saulen habbe rest of heore pine. Gif hwa wule witen hwa erest bi won reste am wrecche saule to soe ic eow segge. et wes s{an}c{t}e paul e apostel and mihhal e archangel heo tweien eoden et sume time in{}to helle alswa heo{m} drihten het for to lokien hu hit er ferde. Mihhal eode bi{}foren [&] paul co{m} efter [&] a{10} scawede mihhal to s{an}c{t}e paul a wrecche sunfulle e er were wuniende [.] er{}efter he him sceawede he[gh]e treon eisliche beorninde et foren helle [gh]ete. and uppon an treon he him sceawede e wrecche saulen a{}honge. Su{m}me bi a fet. su{m}me bi a honden. su{m}me bi e tunge. su{m}me bi e e[gh]en. su{m}me bi e hefede. su{m}me bi er{15} heorte.

[Linenotes: 4. In MS. su sunedei. 11. sunfulle wrecche with marks of transposition in MS.]

Seodan he him sceaude an ouen on berni{n}de fure he warp ut of him seofe leies uwil[c]an of seolcure heowe e alle weren eateliche to bi{}haldene [&] muchele strengre en eani {in}g to olien. [&] er wi{}i{n}nen weren swie feole saule a{}honge. [Gh]ette he him sceawede ane welle of fure [&] alle hire stremes urnen fur berni{n}de. [&] a{20} welle bi{}wisten .xii. meister [f.16v] deoflen swilc ha weren kinges to pinen er wiinnen a earmi{n}g saulen e for{}gult weren; [&] heore a[gh]ene pine neure nere e lesse ah heo meistres weren. Eft{er} on he him sceawede e sea of helle [&] i{n}nan an sea weren .vii. bittere ue. e forme wes snau . at oer is. et ridde fur. et feore blod. e{25} fifte neddren. e siste smorer. e seofee ful stunch. heo wes wurse to olien enne efreni of alle a ore pine.

[Linenotes:] urg MS. 25.snau] swnau MS.]

Innan an ilke sea weren un{}aneo{m}ned deor su{m}me feer fotetd. Su{m}me al bute fet . [&] heore e[gh]en weren al swilc swa fur. [&] heore eem scean swa de e leit a{}monge unre. as ilke nefre ne swiken ne dei ne niht to{30} brekene a ermi{n}g licome of a ilca men e on isse liue her hare sc{ri}ft enden nalden. Su{m}me of an mo{n}ne sare wepe. Su{m}me swa deor lude reme. su{m}me er g{ra}ninde sike. su{m}me er reowliche gne[gh]e his a[gh]ene{}tunge. Su{m}me er wepe. [&] alle heore teres beo berni{n}de gleden glide{n}de ouer heore a[gh]ene nebbe. [&] swie reowliche{35} ilome [gh]ei[gh]e [&] [gh]eorne biseche at me ham ibure[gh]e fro{m} am uuele pinan [.] of as pinan speked .d{aui}d. e halie wite[gh]e. [&] us sei. Misere're nost{ri} d{omi}ne quia penas inferni sustinere no{n} possumus. Lauerd haue merci of us foron a pinen of helle we ham ne ma[gh]en iolien.

[f.17r] Seo{}an he him sceawede an{e} stude{40} i{n}ne{}midde ware helle. [&] bi{}foren am ilke stude were{n} seofen clusterlokan ar neh ne mihte nan liuiende mon gan for an ufele bree [&] er wi{}i{n}na he him sceawede gan 'on ald mon [/] .iiii. deoflen ledden abuten. a escade paul to mihhal hwet e alde mo{n} were. a cwe mihhal heh engel he wes an biscop on eore liue e nefre{45} nalde c{ri}stes la[gh]en lokien ne halden. ofter he walde an{}uppon his underlinges mid wohe motien [&] longe dringan enne he walde salmes singen oer eani oer god don. Herefter iseh paul hwer .iii. deoflen ledden an meiden swie unbisor[gh]eliche{;} '[&] [gh]eorne escade to mihhal hwi me heo swa ledde. a cwe mihhal. heo wes an meiden on oer liue{50} [/] wel wiste hire licome in alle clenesse. Ah heo nalde nefre nan oer god don. Elmes[gh]eorn nes heo nefre. ah prud heo wes swie [&] modi. [&] li[gh]ere [&] swikel. [&] wreful [&] ontful. [&] fori heo bi wuniende inne isse pine.

[Linenotes: 40.ane] and MS. 46.wụalde MS. 53.wẹreful MS.]

Nu bi{}gon paul to wepen wunderliche. [&] mihhal heh engel er weop for mid him. a co{m} ure drihten of heueneriche to{55} heo{m} on {}unres liche [&] us cwe. A hwi wepest u paul. paul him onswerde. Lauer ic biwepe as monifolde pine e ic her in helle iseo. a cwe ure lauerd. A hwi nalden heo witen mine [f.17v] la[gh]e e hwile heo weren en eore? a seide paul him mildeliche to{}[gh]eines. Louerd nu ic bidde e [gh]ef in wille is [/] u heom [gh]efe{60} reste la hwure en su{n}ne dei a et cume domesdei. a cwe drihten to him. paul wel ic wat hwer ic{}sceal milcien. Ic heom wulle{}milcien e weren eft{er}ward mine milce a hwile heo on liue weren.

[Linenote: 56.unres] wunres MS.]

a wes s{an}c{t}e paul swie wa. [&] abeh him redliche to his lauerdes fet [&] on halsien hine gon mid as ilke weord e [gh]e ma[gh]en iheren. Lauerd{65} he cwe a. Nu ic e bidde for ine kinedome [&] for ine engles. [&] for ine muchele milce. [&] for alle ine weorkes. [&] for alle ine hale[gh]en. [&] ec ine icorene. at u heom milcie es e reder [/] ic to heo{m} com [&] reste [gh]efe en sunne{}dei a [/] cume in heh domes dei. a onswerede him drihten mildere steuene. Aris nu paul aris. Ic ha{m}{70} [gh]eue reste al swa u ibeden hauest fro{m} non on sat{er}dei a a cume monedeis lihting. [/] efre for to domes dei. Nu leofe brere [gh]e habbe iher hwa erest bi won reste a{m} forgulte saule. Nu bi{}cum'e hit erfore to uwilche c{ri}stene monne mucheles e mare to hali[gh]en [&] to wurien e{n}ne dei e is icleped sunne{}dei. for of am deie ure{75} lauerd seolf sei.

Dies d{omi}nicus est dies leticie [&] requiei. [f.18r] Sunne{}dei is dei of blisse [&] of alle ireste. Non facietur in ea aliquid nisi deum orare manducare [&] bibere cu{m} pace et leticia. Ne beo in hire naing iwrat bute chirche bisocnie [&] beode to criste [&] eoten [&] dri{n}ken mid grie [&] mid{80} gledscipe. Sicut dici{tur}. pax in t{er}ra. pax in celo. pax int{er} homines. for swa is iset. gri on eore. [&] gri on hefene. [&] gri bitwenen uwilc c{ri}stene mo{n}ne. eft ure lauerd seolf seit. Maledictus h{om}o qui no{n} custodit sabatum. Amansed beo e mon e sunne{}dei nulle iloken. And for{}i leofemen uw'ilc{85} sunne dei is to locan al swa ester dei for heo is mune[gh]ing of his halie ariste from dee to liue. [&] mune[gh]eing of am halie gast e he sende in his apostles on on dei e is icleped wit{}sunne{}dei. ec we understonde [/] on sunne{}dei drihten cume to demene al mon{}cun; we a[gh]en ene sunne{}dei swieliche wel to wurien.{90} [&] on alle clenesse to locan.

for heo haf mid hire reo wurdliche mihte e [gh]e iheren ma[gh]en. et forme mihte is [/] heo on eore '[gh]eue reste to alle eore relles wepmen [&] wifmen of heore rel{}weorkes. et oer mihte is on heouene. for i a engles heo{m} rested mare e{n}n on su{m} oer dei. [/] ridde mihte is [/] {}a{95} ermi{n}g saule habbe ireste i{n}ne helle [f.18v] of heore muchele pine. Hwa efre enne ilokie wel ene sunne{}dei. oer a oer halie da[gh]es e mon beot in chirche to lokien swa e sunne{}dei. beo heo dal{}neominde of heofene riches blisse{;} mid an fedre. [&] mid an sunne. [&] mid an halie gast abuten ende. ameN.{100} Quod ip{s}e prestare dignetur qui uiuit [&] regnat deus. p{er} om{ni}a secula seculor{um}. AmeN.

[Linenotes: 93.[gh]eue ... eore added on margin. 94-5.hem heø rested MS. a] [/]a MS. 99.ferde MS.]


[[MS description from Notes volume:

"As for piece x." Described under VIII, Poema Morale.]]

[[The selection was printed in a single paragraph. It has been broken up for this e-text.]]

Missus est ieremias in puteum [&] stetit ibi usq{ue} ad os. Qui cu{m} aliqu{am}diu ibi stetisset{;} debilitatum est corp{us} eius. [&] ta{n}dem dimissis funib{us} subtractus est. Et cu{m} eor{um} duriciam. quia debilis erat sustinere no{n} posset. allati sunt panni de domo regia [&]{5} circumpositi sunt funib{us} ne [e]or{um} duricia lederetuR.+ Leofemen we uinde in halie boc. [/]. ieremie e p{ro}ph{et}e stod in ane putte. [&] [/] in e uenne up to his mue [&] a he hefede er ane hwile istonde. a bi{}co{m} his licome swie feble. [&] me nom rapes [&] caste i{n} to hi{m} for to dra[gh]en hine ut of isse putte.{10} Ah his licome wes se swie feble{;} [/] he ne mihte noht iolie e herdnesse of e rapes. a sende me claes ut of es kinges huse for to bi{}winden e rapes. [/] his licome e feble wes ne sc'eolde noht wursien. Leofemen eos ilke weord e ic habbe her iseit habbe muchele bi tacnu{n}ge [f.19r] [&] god ha beo to heren and muchele{15} betere to et halden. Is hit god for to hiheren godes weordes and heom athalden? [gh]e fuliwis. for ure lauerd godalmihtin sei in an halie god spelle.

[Linenotes: 4. After erat ṣṭ MS. 10. for] fro MS.]

Beati qui audiunt uerbum dei [&] c{us}todiu{n}t ill{u}d. die [&] blessede beon alle eo e ihere godes weordes [&] heom athalde. Nu [gh]e habbe iherd wulc hit is for to iheren godes{20} weordes [&] heom ethalden. Nu we sculen heow sceawen hwilc hit is heo{m} for to heren [&] nawiht for to ethalden. for seint gregori sei. Melius est uiam ueritatis non agnoscere{;} q{ua}m post agnitam retroire. Betre hit is [/] mon ne iknawe noht e wei to godalmihtin e he hine icnawe [&] seode hine for{}ho[gh]ie{;} and on oer{25} stude he sei. Qui obturat aures suas ne audiat legem dei{;} orac{i}o eius erit exec{ra}bilis. e mon e tune his eren in halie chirche to{}[gh]eines godes la[gh]e and nule noht iheren e weordes e of him beo. his beoden beo aweriede [&] unwure gode.

[Linenote: 28.goḷdes MS.]

Puteus est peccati p{ro}funditas. quia q{ua}m diu stas in luto{;} tam diu{30} iaces in mortali peccato. es put bitacne deopnesse of sunne. for alse longe alse we ligge in heue sunnen{;} al a hwile we sto[n]de in e putte. [&] [/] in e uenne up to e mue al{}se eos men do e ligge inne eubruche [&] ine glutenerie [&] ine manaas. [&] ineprude. [&] ine ore fule sunnen. [&] [/] beo riche men [f.19v] alremest{35} e habbe as muchele prude i{n} is world. e habbe fe'ire huses. [&] feire hames. [&] feire wifes. [&] feire children. feire hors [&] feire claes. heauekes [&] hundes. castles [&] tunes. her{}uppon heo ench'e muchele mare en uppo{n} godalmihtin e al is heom haue isend a e ligge i{n}ne swilc sunne. [&] ne enche noht for to arisen{;} heo delue{40} deihwamliche heore put deoppre [&] deoppre.

[Linenote: 34.ligge] i above MS.]

vnde p{ro}ph{et}a. No{n} claudit sup{er} te puteus os suu{m} nisi clauseris os tuum. e p{ro}ph{et}e sei. [/] e put ne tune noht lihtliche his mu ouer us bute we tunen ure mu. ah [gh]if we tune ure mu{;} e{n}ne do {w}e alse e mon e delue ene put feower da[gh]e's oer fiue [&] enne{45} he haue hine alra le{n}gest idoluen{;} enne ualle he er{}inne. [/]. him breke e sweore. [/]. is [/] he ualle in to helle pine er neuer eft ne cume of bote. Ah leofemen godalmihtin haue isceawe us wel muchele g{ra}ce. enne he haue geuen us to beon mud freo. [/]. we ma[gh]e{n} mid ure mue bringen us ut of isse putte{;} e{50} bitacne eo deopnesse of sunne. [&] [/] urh reo herde weies e us beo ihaten.

[Linenotes: 44.we] e MS. 46.After haue, ạḷ MS. 49.Before grace, ḷụụẹ MS.]

Cordis contricione. Oris confessione. Operis satisfactione. ur heorte bireusunke . urh mues openunge. urh dede wel endinge. Cordis cont{ri}tione morit{ur} peccatum. [f.20r] oris confessione defertur ad tumulum. op{er}is satisfact{i}one{55} tumulatur in p{er}petuum. e[nne] we beo sari in ure heorte [/] we isuneged habbe enne slage we ure sunne; ene we to sunbote cume. enne do we bi ure sunne al swa me dea bi e deade. for eft{er}an [/] e mon bi dead me lei ene licome in ere ruh. Al swa u leist ine sunne i{n} are ruh{;} hwenne u{60} scrift underuongest of e sunnen e u idon hauest to{}[gh]eines godes wille. enne u hauest ine su{n}nen ibet{;} eft{er} ines scriftes wissunge. enne buriest u ine su{n}nen and bringest heom ut of ine on walde.

P{er} ieremiam notat{u}r quilibet peccator qui in suo peccato moram facit. Bi ieremie e p{ro}ph{et}e we a[gh]en to understo{n}den{65} ulcne mon sunfulle. [/]. li i{n} heuie sunne [&] urh soe sc{ri}ft his sunbendes nule slakien. funiculi amaritudines penitencie significa{n}t. e rapes e weren icast to him{;} bitacne e herdnesse of scrifte. for nis nan of us se strong e hefde idon re hef[ed] sunnen [/] his licome nere swie feble er he hefde idre[gh]en et{70} sc{ri}ft e er to bilimpe.

panni circu{m}positi funib{us}{;} eccl{es}ie sac{ra}menta significant. quib{us} penitencie duricia mitigatur. as kinges hus bitacne hali chirch[e. a] claes [/] weren isende ut of [es kinges huse] for to binden e rapes [f.20v] mid{;} bitacnet e halie ureisuns e me singe in halie ch'irche. [&] e halie sac{ra}me{n}s{75} e me sacre in alesnesse of alla sunfulle. Leofemen nu [gh]e habbe iher of is putte e bitacni{n}ge e ic habbe embe ispeken. [&] e bitacninge of e p{ro}ph{et}e. [&] [/]. e rapes bitacne. [&] hwat a claes bi{}tacne e e rapes weren mide biwu{n}den. Ihere nue whulche inges wunie in isse putte. er wunie fower cunnes{80} wurmes inne. [/] fordo nue al eos midelerd. er wunie in{}ne fa[gh]e neddren. [&] beore atter u{n}der heore tunge. Blake tadden [&] habbe atter uppon 'heore heorte. [gh]eluwe froggen. [&] crabben. Crabbe is an manere of fissce in ere sea. is fis is of swulc cunde. [/]. euer se he mare strengde him to{85} sw[i]mminde mid e watere{;} se he mare swi{m}me abac. [&] e alde crabbe seide to e [gh]u{n}ge. hwi ne swi{m}mest u for war in ere sea alse oer fisses do '[&] heo seide. leofe moder swim u foren me [&] tech me hu ic scal swi{m}men forward [&] [heo] bi{}gon to swi{m}men forward mid e streme. [&] swam hire er{}a[gh]en. as{90} fa[gh]e neddre bitacne is fa[gh]e folc e wune i{n} isse weor'lde. e speket alse feire bi{}foren heore eue{n}c{ri}sten'e [f.21r] alse heo heom walde in to heore bosme puten. [&] swa sone se hi beo iturnd awey fro{m} heom{;} heom to{}twicche [&] to{}dra[gh]e mid ufele weordes.

[Linenotes: 73, 74.MS. defective. 75.Before halie ureisuns, .]

Hii eciam sunt doctores [&] falsi xp{isti}ani. os men e us{95} to{}dra[gh]e heore euenc{ri}stene bi{}hinden heo habbe e nome of c{ri}stene ah ah heo beo c{ri}stes unwines [&] beo monsla[gh]en for heo sla[gh]e heore a[gh]ene saule. [&] bringe heon in to are eche pine of helle. os blaca tadden [/] habbe [/] atter uppon heore heorte. bi{}tacne es riche men e habbe es mucheles weorldes ehte [&] na{100} ma[gh]en noht itimien ar{}of to eten ne to drinken ne na god don er{}of for e luue of godalmihtin e haue hit heom al geuen. ah ligge er{}uppon alse e tadde de in ere eore [/] neure ne mei itimien to eten hire fulle{;} swa heo is afered leste eo eore hire trukie. eos ilke ehte e eos us ouerligge heom turne to swart{105} atter for heo falle er{}urh in to er stronge pine et na mon ne mei tellen.

[Linenote: 103.ḥeore MS.]

eos [gh]eol'ewe [froggen bi{}tacne eos wimmen e clae heom mid [gh]eoluwe] clae. for e [gh]eolewe cla is es deofles helfter. eos wi{m}men e us lu{m}e beo es deofles musestoch iclepede. for enne e mon wule tilden his musestoch he binde{110} uppon a swike chese [&] bret hine for on [/] he scolde swote smelle. and urh e [f.21v] sweote smel of e chese{;} he bicherre monie mus to e stoke. Alswa do monie of as wi{m}men heo smurie heom mid blanchet [/] is es deofles sape [&] clae heom mid [gh]eoluwe clae [/] is es deofles helft{er}. [&] seodan heo lokie{115} in e scawere. [/] is es deofles hindene. us heo do for to feiren heom seoluen. [&] to dra[gh]en lechurs to ham. ah heo fule heom soluen er{}mide. Nu leofemen for godes lufe wite how wi es deofles musestoch [&] wite eow et [gh]e ne beo noht e foa[gh]e neddre. ne e blake tadde. ne e [gh]olewe frogge. e feder. [&] e sune. [&] e{120} halie gast. iscild us er{}wi. [&] wi alle sunnen a buten e{n}de. per om{n}ia s{e}c{u}la s{e}c{u}lor{um}. AmeN.

[Linenotes: 107.eos [gh]eolowe claes MS. 108.iṣ is MS. 109.lume] luuie MS. 111.sclode MS.]


[[MS description from Notes volume:

"Trinity College, Cambridge, B. 14. 52. See [VIII, Poema Morale]."]]

[[Each sermon was printed as a single paragraph. They have been broken up for this e-text.]]

[Headnote: Quia Mitis Sum et Humilis Corde]


[f. 42v] +Turbe que p{re}cedebant d{omi}n{u}m. [&] que sequebant{ur} clamaba{nt} dicentes. osanna filio d{aui}d{;} b{e}n{e}dict{us} qui uenit i{n} no{m}i{n}e d{omi}ni. It is custume [/] ech chirchsocne go is dai ap{ro}ce'ssion. [&] is wune haue e biginnigge of e holie p{ro}cession. e ure [f.43r] helende makede{5} to{}ward te stede er he wolde de olen.

+E+t cu{m} ueniss{et} bethfage ad monte{m} o{liuarum}. Mittens [duos] de dis{cipulis} iussit adduci asina{m} [&] sedit sup{er} eam. o e co{m} to bethfage Swo hatte e rop e p{re}ste one wunien. bi sides ier{usa}l{e}m on e fot of e dune e men clepen mu{n}t oliuete. o sende tweien of hise diciples{10} in{}to e bureh of ier{usa}l{e}m. [&] bed hem bringen wig one te riden. noer stede. ne palefrei. ne fair mule. ac eh he [were] alre lou{er}des lou{er}d. [&] alre kingene ki[n]g. naeles he sende aft{er} e alre unwureste wig one to riden. [&] [/] is asse. [&] gaf us forbisne of admodnesse on his dede. alse he do on ore stede on his speche us{15} queinde.

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