Sea-Power and Other Studies
by Admiral Sir Cyprian Bridge
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Gardiner, Dr. S. R., quoted Genoese Navy German Navy, in the Baltic Gibbon, quoted Gibraltar; siege of Gravelines, battle of Greek Navy Green, J. R., quoted Grierson, Colonel B. H. Grouchy, Admiral Gutteridge, Mr.

Hall, Mr. Hubert Hammond, Dr. W. A. 'Handy man' evolution of the Hannay, Mr. D. Hannibal Hawke, Lord Hawkins, Sir J. Herodotus, quoted History, influence of naval campaigns on; of war Hoche, General Holm, Adolf Hood, Lord; and Nelson Hosier, Admiral Howard of Effingham, Lord; quoted Howe, Lord; at Gibraltar; his tactics Hughes, Sir Edward Humbert's Bxpedition

Illustrious Training School Impressment; exemption of foreigners from; inefficiency of; legalised forcible; popular misconceptions of; exemptions from (seealsounder Press gang) Indian Mutiny International law, and the sea; and the sale of bad food Invasion, prevention of; of British Isles; over sea and land raids; land defence against; as a means of war Ireland, French invasion of

Jamaica, seizure of James, quoted Japan and China war Jena, battle of Jessopp, Dr. A. Joyeuse, Admiral Villaret

Keith, Lord Killigrew, Vice-Admiral Kinglake, quoted

La Hogue, battle of Laughton, Professor Sir J. K.; 'Defeat of the Armada,'; on Nelson Lepanto, battle of Lindsay, W. S. Local defence, inefficiency of; of naval bases Lyons, Admiral Lord

Mahan, Captain A. T.; on the Roman Navy; on sea commerce; on early naval warfare; on the naval 'calling'; on the American War of Independence; influence of his teaching; on the Spanish-American War; on control of the sea; on impressment; on Nelson at Trafalgar Malaga, battle of Manoeuvres Marathon, battle of Marines and impressment Martin, Admiral Sir T. Byam Medina-Sidonia, Duke of Mediterranean, command of the Mends, Dr. Stilon —— Admiral Sir W. Merchant Service, foreign seamen in our; historical relations of the navy with the; its exemption from impressment (_see_ _also_under_ Commerce) Minorca Mischenko, General Mortality from disease in war Motley, quoted Mutiny at the Nore

Napoleon, Emperor; and the invasion of England; expedition to Egypt; on losses in War Naval bases; defence of; cost of _Naval_Chronicle_ Naval strategy; in the American War of Independence; the frontier in; and command of the sea; the fleet's position in War; compared with military; and the French Expedition to Egypt; in defence of Empire; for weak navies; at the time of Trafalgar —— tactics, Nelson's achievements in; at Trafalgar; consideration of cost in —— warfare, influence on history of; the true objective in (_see_also_under_ War) Navies, costliness of; strength of foreign Navigation Act (1651) Navy, necessity for a strong; and Army co-operation; human element in the; changes in organisation; conditions of service in the; peace training of the; historical relations with the merchant service; impressment in the; records of the; Queen Elizabeth's; victualling the; pay in the; its mobility; and the two-power standard; question of size of ships for the; economy and efficiency in the Navy Records Society Nelson, Lord; on blockades; and the 'Nile'; his strategy; and Trafalgar; his tactics Netley Hospital Newbolt, Mr. H. Nile, battle of the

Oil, ship's allowance of Oppenheim, Mr. M. Oversea raids

Palmer, Six Henry Peace training, and war; of the 'handy man' Pepys, quoted Pericles, quoted Persian Navy Peter the Great Phillip, Rear-Admiral Arthur Phoenician Navy Pitt, William; quoted Piracy Pocock, Rev. Thomas Poitiers, battle of Policing the sea Port Arthur, battle off Ports, fortification of Portuguese Navy Press gang; popular misconceptions of the; facts and fancies about the; in literature and art; operations of the Price, Dr.

Quiberon Bay, battle of

Raiding attacks; prevention of Raids, oversea and on land Raleigh, Sir Walter Recruiting, from the merchant service; by the press gang Recruits, bounty for Rhodes Navy Robinson, Commander Rodney, Lord Rogers, Thorold Roman Navy Rooke, Sir George Roosevelt, Mr. Theodore, quoted Russo-Japanese War —— Turkish War

St. Vincent, Lord Salamis, battle of Salute, the claim to a Saracen Navy Schill, Colonel Sea, International law and the Sea Power, history and meaning of the term; defined; influence on history of naval campaigns; of the Phoenicians; of Greece and Persia; of Rome and Carthage; in the Middle Ages; of the Saracens; and the Crusades; of Venice, Pisa and Genoa; of the Turks; in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries; of Portugal and Spain; rise in England of; and exploration and adventure; and military co-operation; of the Dutch; and naval strategy; in the eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries; examples of its efficiency; in recent times; in Crimean War; in American War of Secession; in Russo-Turkish war; in Chino-Japanese War; in Spanish-American War Sebastopol, siege of Seeley, Sir J. R. Seymour, Lord Henry Ships for the navy, question of size of; for supply Sismondi, quoted Sluys, battle of Smith, Sir Sydney Spanish Armada, defeat of the; Records of; Queen Elizabeth and the —— American War Spanish Indies —— Navy Spartan Army Stirling, Sir James Stores, reserve of ship's Strategy (_see_under_ Naval Strategy) Stuart, General J. E. B. Suffren, Admiral Supply and communications of a fleet Supply ships, sizes of Syracuse, battle of

Tactics (seeunder Naval Tactics) Tate, Colonel Themistocles; and the Greek Navy Thucydides, quoted Times, quoted Torpedo boats, defence against Torrington, Earl of Tourville, Admiral Trafalgar, battle of; tactics of; British losses at; the attack; contemporary strategy and tactics Training (seeunder Peace Training) Turkish Navy

United States Navy

Venetian Navy Victualling allowances; and modern preserved foods

Walcheren Expedition, mortality in Wales, French invasion of

War, and its chief lessons; human element in; the unexpected in; under modern conditions; how to avoid surprise in; mortality from disease in; methods of making; command of the sea in; compensation for losses in; Napoleon on loss of life in; supplies in (seealsounder Invasion, Naval Warfare, and Raids) Washington, George Water, ship's allowance of Waterloo, battle of Wellington, Duke of William III, King Wilmot, Sir S. Eardley

Xerxes; his highly trained Army


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