Russian Fairy Tales - A Choice Collection of Muscovite Folk-lore
by W. R. S. Ralston
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Rye, legends about, 332

Saints, legends about, 341; Ilya or Elijah, 341-343; story of Elijah and Nicholas, 344; St. Andrew, 348; St. George, 348-352; St. Nicholas, 352-354; St. Kasian, 352

Scissors story, 49

Semiletka, story of, 44

Shroud, story of the, 311

Skazkas or Russian folk-tales, their value as pictures of Russian life, 19-23; occurrence of word skazka in, 23; their openings, 62; their endings, 83

Smith and the Demon, story of the, 70

Snake, the mythical, his appearance, 78; story of Ivan Popyalof, 79; story of the Water Snake, 126; Snake Husbands, 129; legend about the Common Snake, 334; likeness between Snakes and Demons, 380

Soldier and Demon, story of, 380

Soldier and the Devil, legend about, 366

Soldier and the Vampire, story of the, 318

Soldier's Midnight Watch, story of the, 279

Sozh and Dnieper, story of, 216

Sparrow, legends about the, 335

Spasibo or Thank You, 202

Spider, story of the, 68

Stakes driven through Vampires, 326-328

Stepmothers, character of, 94

Strength and Weakness, Waters of, 243

Suicides and Vampires, 327

Sunday, tales about, 211

Sun's Sister, 178-182

Swallow, legends about the, 335

Swan Maidens, 129

Symplegades, 242

Terema or Upper Chambers, 182

Three Copecks, story of the, 56

Treasure, story of the, 36

Troyan, City of, legend about, 351

Two Corpses, story of the, 316

Two Friends, story of the, 309

Ujak or Snake, 126

Unwashed, story of the, 366

Usuinya-Bird, 95

Vampires, stories about, 313-322; account of the belief in, 322-328

Vasilissa the Fair, story of, 158

Vazuza and Volga, story of, 215

Vechernitsa or Village Soiree, 24

Verlioka, story of, 170

Vieszcy, the Kashoube Vampire, 325

Vikhor or the Whirlwind, story of, 232-244

Volga, story of Vazuza and, 215; of Dnieper and Dvina and, 217

Vy, the Servian, 84

Warlock, story of the, 292

Water King and Vasilissa the Wise, story of the, 130

Water Snake, story of the, 126

Waters of Life and Death, 237-242

Waters of Strength and Weakness, 243

Wednesday, legend of, 208

Week, Days of the, 206-21

Whirlwind, story of the, 232

Whittington's Cat, 56-58

Wife, story of the Bad, 49; about a Good, 56

Wife-Gaining Leap, stories of a, 266-269

Witch, story of the, 171

Witch, story of the Dead, 34

Witch and Sun's Sister, story of the, 178

Witch Girl, story of the, 274

Witchcraft, 170-183, 273-295

Woe, story of, 193

Wolf-fiend, story of a, 376

Wolves, traditions about, 349

Women, jokes about, 49-56

Yaga Baba. See Baba Yaga

Youth, Fountain of, 72

Zhar-Ptitsa or Glow Bird, 289-292

Zluidni, malevolent beings called, 201

Transcriber's Note:

This book was originally typeset using three different font sizes: largest for the main body of the text, smaller for the text of the tales, and smallest for the square bracketed author notes. As font size cannot be varied in this version of the e-text, the effect has been reproduced here using indentation: no indentation for the main body of the text, small indentation for the tales, and larger indentation for the square bracketed author notes.

The frontispiece illustration has been moved to follow the title page.

There are a few Greek words in this text. They have been transliterated in this version, and are surrounded with + signs, like this.

The footnotes relating to vampires (pp. 323-4) reference modern Greek. In these cases only, beta has been transliterated as a v rather than a b.

There are a small number of non-Latin1 characters in this book, which have been treated as follows: oe ligatures have not been retained; a with macron (straight line) above it has been rendered as ā; e with breve (u-shaped symbol) above has been rendered as ĕ.

There were a very large number of typographic errors in the source edition of this text. Minor punctuation errors (omitted or incorrect punctuation, mismatched quote marks etc.) have been amended without note. Regularly used abbreviations (for example, "Grimm, KM." or "P.V.S.") have been made consistent throughout, without note. Use of accents have been made consistent throughout without note. Hyphenation has been made consistent throughout, without note.

The author uses some alternative spellings—for example, "arn't" rather than "aren't", "dulness" rather than "dullness", both "shan't" and "sha'n't"—which have been left unchanged. There are also some unusual grammatical structures in places, which probably result from the author's intention to render the translations as literally as possible. These have also been left unchanged.

The remaining amendments are listed below. All were checked against a later edition of the book that had been retypeset, and references to other works were additionally checked against online library catalogues. In the case of proper names, the amendments were based on other available occurrences of the name in the text.

Page 9—Khudyayof amended to Khudyakof—"KHUDYAKOF (I.A.). ..."

Page 9, footnote [7]—1 amended to i—"... Afanasief," i. No. 2, ..."

Page 10—Karadjich amended to Karajich—"The name "Karajich" refers to the ..."

Page 10—Tale amended to Tales—"... the "Popular Tales of the West Highlands," 4 vols. ..."

Page 14—page reference for The Shroud amended from 351 to 311.

Page 14—page reference for The Dog and the Corpse amended from 316 to 317.

Page 16—medieval amended to mediaeval—"... a blurred transcript of a page of mediaeval history ..."

Page 20, footnote [13]—Helen amended to Helena—"... the close of the story of Helena the Fair ..."

Page 32—bare amended to bore—"Well, the mistress bore a son ..."

Page 37—garveyard amended to graveyard—"I'll go to the graveyard, ..."

Page 37—pack amended to back—"... and hobbled back again ..."

Page 41—rubles amended to roubles—"... he had gained a hundred and fifty thousand roubles ..."

Page 42, footnote [37]—Nicola's amended to Nicholas's—"In another story St. Nicolas's picture is the surety."

Page 44, footnote [41]—Dei amended to Die—"Die kluge Bauerntochter"

Page 45—crouched amended to couched—"... couched in terms of the utmost severity ..."

Page 49—alternation amended to alteration—"... how little alteration it may undergo."

Page 54, footnote [54]—chortevnok amended to chortenok—"... (chortenok = a little chort or devil) ..."

Page 55—Golovh amended to Golova—"Golova = head"

Page 59—the author uses the statement, "The folk-tales of all lands delight to gird at misers and skinflints ...". While gird does not seem to be the right word in this context, it's unclear what the author really intended—possibly gibe?—so it is left as printed.

Page 80, footnote [77]—Afansief amended to Afanasief—"... i.e., says Afanasief ..."

Page 83, footnote [83]—Wissenchaften amended to Wissenschaften—"... Gesellschaft der Wissenschaften ..."

Page 92—Maehrchen amended to Maerchen—"...Schleicher's "Litauische Maerchen" ..."

Page 97, footnote [101]—Afansief amended to Afanasief—"Afanasief, viii. No. 8. ..."

Page 98—gronnd amended to ground—"The Eagle smote upon the ground ..."

Page 101—Is it amended to It is—"It is possible to sow wheat, ..."

Page 104—me amended to met—"Presently there met him a lioness ..."

Page 104—omitted 'I' added—"... so hungry, I feel quite unwell!"

Page 109, footnote [108]—No. 20o amended to No. 20—"Khudyakof, No. 20."

Page 110—faries amended to fairies—"... a lake in which fairies of the swan-maiden ..."

Page 113, footnote [114]—chigunnova amended to chugunnova—"Do chugunnova kamnya, to an iron stone."

Page 120, footnote [128]—Siebenbuegen amended to Siebenbuergen—"... Deutsche Volksmaerchen aus dem Sachsenlande in Siebenbuergen ..."

Page 123, footnote [136]—Professer amended to Professor—"... referred to by Professor Benfey ..."

Page 123, footnote [136]—Egyptain amended to Egyptian—"... parallel to part of the Egyptian myth ..."

Page 126—nto amended to into—"Then in a moment they rolled themselves into ..."

Page 129, footnote [142]—Rusalk amended to Rusalka—"For a description of the Rusalka ..."

Page 138, footnote [146]—traslated amended to translated—"The word here translated ..."

Page 143, footnote [148]—Afansief amended to Afanasief—"Afanasief, v. No. 28. In the preceding story ..."

Page 146, footnote [160]—the word "jenzi" is repeated. Probably one of the occurrences had a diacritical mark which was not reproduced in this edition; it has been left as printed.

Page 153—foul's amended to fowl's—"... twirling round on "a fowl's leg.""

Page 160—By-and-bye amended to By-and-by—"By-and-by she put out the lights ..."

Page 167, footnote [194]—government amended to Government—"From the Poltava Government."

Page 170, footnote [204]—Afansief amended to Afanasief—"Afanasief, vii. No. 18."

Page 170, footnote [205]—Sanscrit amended to Sanskrit—"... answering to the Sanskrit ..."

Page 171, footnote [206]—Voronej amended to Voroneje—"From the Voroneje Government."

Page 172, footnote [208]—Shazka amended to Skazka—"... the Skazka for that of witch ..."

Page 172—Ivaschechko amended to Ivashechko (verse following "... called to her son")—"Ivashechko, Ivashechko, my boy ..."

Page 177—servants-maids amended to servant-maids—"... the bereaved mother sends three servant-maids ..."

Page 177, footnote [214]—Id. amended to Ibid.—"Ibid. No. 52."

Page 179—woman amended to women—"... where two old women were sewing ..."

Page 190—in amended to it—"... there is no occasion to dwell upon it here."

Page 208, footnote [255]—Rhudyakof amended to Khudyakof—"Khudyakof, No. 166."

Page 213—plating amended to plaiting—"... sat a moujik plaiting a bast shoe."

Page 214—alloting amended to allotting—"... when God was allotting their shares ..."

Page 215, footnote [267]—i.i. amended to ii.—"Afanasief, P.V.S., ii. 226."

Page 217, footnote [271]—Borichesky amended to Borichefsky—"Quoted from Borichefsky ..."

Page 218—withen amended to within—"... when he came within a few versts of the sea-shore ..."

Page 225—superfluous 'to' removed before "out to merry-makings"

Page 228—put amended to puts—"... the girl puts on the robes, and appears ..."

Page 233—n amended to in—"... went out one day to walk in the garden."

Page 233—omitted 'a' added—"... hiding him behind a number of cushions, ..."

Page 241—Brynhildr amended to Brynhild—"... who bear so great a resemblance to Brynhild ..."

Page 252, footnote [321]—omitted roman i. reference added—"See A. de Gubernatis, "Zool. Mythology," i. 181."

Page 255—euough amended to enough—"That's no go, sure enough!"

Page 257—t amended to it—"If the Princess found it out, ..."

Page 260, footnote [326]—omitted word 'Cox' added—"... by G. W. Cox ..."

Page 261, footnote [328]—Kullish amended to Kulish—"For a little-Russian version see Kulish ..."

Page 262—shaskas amended to skazkas—"But skazkas tell that ..."

Page 276—the amended to The—"The fiend disappears howling, ..."

Page 276, footnote [363]—Maerchensammlung amended to Maehrchensammlung—"Brockhaus's "Maehrchensammlung des Somadeva Bhatta" ..."

Page 277—dont amended to don't—"... from your psalter and don't look behind ..."

Page 286—of amended to off—"Do you drive off with the coffin, ..."

Page 288, footnote [368]—Gessellschaft amended to Gesellschaft—"... Koenigl. Saechs. Gesellschaft der Wissenschaften ..."

Page 291—sportman amended to sportsman—"... a sportsman finds in a forest ..."

Page 313, footnote [407]—Geoethe amended to Goethe—"... Goethe founded his weird ballad ..."

Page 321—omitted word 'in' added—"The pyre became wrapped in flames ..."

Page 334, footnote [430]—Tereschenko amended to Tereshchenko—"Tereshchenko, v. p. 45."

Page 335, footnote [433]—Tereschenko amended to Tereshchenko—"Tereshchenko, v. 47."

Page 344, footnote [445]—Il'inskomy amended to Il'inskomu—"Il'inskomu bat'kye—to the Elijah father."

Page 350, footnote [448]—page reference 206 amended to 212—"... mentioned above, p. 212."

Page 354, footnote [453]—page reference 27 amended to 40—"... See above, p. 40."

Page 365, footnote [464]—omitted apostrophe added after Prolub—"Prolub'"

Page 369—merged amended to emerged—"At last he emerged from his ecstasy"

Page 374—cap amended to chap—"... into the "Gesta Romanorum" (chap. clxii.) ..."

Page 378—youself amended to yourself—"Hire yourself to him ..."

Page 379, footnote [482]—Governmen amended to Government—"From the Tula Government."

Page 381, footnote [486]—familar amended to familiar—"... a tale familiar to many lands."

Page 383—page reference 316 amended to 317 in index entry for "Dog and Corpse, story of the".

Page 384—page reference 194 amended to 201 in index entry for "Mythology, &c. Personifications of Good and Evil,—Zluidni".

Page 385 and Page 386—page reference 243 amended to 242 in index entries for "Symplegades".

Page 385—lighting amended to lightning—"superstitions about lightning, 343;"

Page 385—page reference 255 amended to 355 in index entry for "Priest with the Greedy Eyes, story of the".

Page 385—page reference 383 amended to 157 in index entry for "Russian children, appearance of".

Page 385—page reference 36 amended to 49 in index entry for "Russian peasants—their jokes against women".

Page 386—page reference 83 amended to 84 in index entry for "Vy, the Servian,".

Page 386—page reference 113 amended to 130 in index entry for "Water King and Vasilissa the Wise, story of the".

Page 386—30-237 amended to 237-242, in line with other index entry for "Waters of Life and Death".


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