Putnam's Word Book
by Louis A. Flemming
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lamb, n. eanling, yeanling, lambkin, cosset.

lambaste, v. (Low) pommel, maul, belabor, beat, strike.

lame, v. disable, maim, cripple, hamstring.

lame, a. crippled, hobbling, limping, halt, deformed, game, maimed, disabled; inconclusive, unconvincing, inefficient, feeble, unsatisfactory.

lament, v. bemoan, weep, wail, deplore, grieve, bewail, mourn.

lamentable, a. deplorable, grievous, pitiable, distressing, sorrowful.

lamentation, n. wailing, lament, grief, bewailing, plaint, sorrow.

lamented, a. mourned for, deplored.

lampoon, v. libel, defame, satirize.

lampoon, n. libel, pasqinade, iambic.

lance, n. spear, javelin, harpoon.

land, n. terra firma; country; freehold, ground, soil, earth; realty, real estate; demesne, glebe, close, garth, holm, arado, assart, reliction, dereliction, alluvium, cadastre, appanage, arable, fallow, allodium, innings, abuttal; farm, plantation; continent, island, peninsula, delta, isthmus, headland, cape, plateau, barens. Associated Words: agronomy, agronomist, agronomics, agronomic, agricultre, agricultral, agriculturist, georgics, geoponics, escheat, arable, inarable, agrarian, agrarianism, agrarianize, topography, tilth, terrain, terrene, till, geoscopy, geoponic.

land, v. disembark, debark; capture.

landing, n. disembarkation, debarkation; wharf, dock, quay; capture.

landlord, n. host, hotel-keeper, inn-keeper, Boniface; owner, proprietor.

Land of promise. Canaan.

landscape, n. scene, scenery, view, prospect.

language, n. speech, tongue, vernacular; dialect; idiom, phraseology, diction; argot, flash, slang, lingo, cant, jargon, gibberish; Volapuk, pasilaly, Esperanto. Associated Words: lingual, linguistic, linguist, linguistics, philology, philologist, philological, polyglot, glottology, glossology, paleography, glossologist, monoglot, grammar grammarian, chrestomathy, glossolaly, collingual.

languid, a. unanimated, flagging, lifeless, supine, listless, sluggish, tardy, slow.

languor, n. exhaustion, lassitude, inanition, listlessness.

lanky, a. gangling, overgrown.

lapse, n. slip, misstep, indiscretion; backsliding; devolution.

lard, n. grease; leaflard, flare; axunge.—v. interlard.

larder, n. buttery, pantry, spence.

lardy, a. lardaceous.

large, a. big, extensive, huge, unwieldy, vast, massive, immense, colossal, gigantic, bulky; ample, copious, liberal, unstinted; generous, liberal, munificent, princely; hypertrophied; spacious, commodious, capacious.

lariat, n. lasso, reata.

lark, n. frolic.

larrup, v. (Colloq.) whip, beat, trounce, flog.

larva, n. caterpillar, grub, maggot; pl. larvae. Associated words: silphology, pupa, chrysalis.

lascivious, a. lewd, libidinous, salacious. See lustful.

large, a. big, extensive, huge, unwieldy, vast, massive, immense, colossal, gigantic, bulky; ample, copious, liberal, unstinted; generous, liberal, munificent, princely; hypertrophied; spacious, commodious, capacious.

lariat, n. lasso, reata.

lark, n. frolic.

larrup, v. (Colloq.) whip, beat, trounce, flog.

larva, n. caterpillar, grub, maggot; pl. larvae. Associated words: silphology, pupa, chrysalis.

lascivious, a. lewd, libidinous, salacious. See lustful.

lash, n. scourge, thong, whip.

lash, v. scourge, castigate, flagellate; satirize, scold, rate. See whip.

lashing, n. scourging, castigation, flagellation; satire, scolding, rating.

lassitude, n. languor, weariness, exhaustion, languidness, enervation.

lasso, n. lariat, cabestro, reata.

last, a. final, hindmost, farthest, latest, ultimate.

last, v. continue, endure, remain.

lasting, a. enduring, durable, permanent, imperishable, abiding. Antonyms: ephemeral, transitory, fleeting, transient, fugitive, impermanent.

lastingness, n. durability, permanence, indestructibility, imperishability.

lastly, adv. finally.

late, a. tardy, delayed; recent.

lately, adv. recently.

latent, a. concealed, dormant, undeveloped, hidden.

later, a. subsequent, posterior.

latitude, n. breadth, width; room, range, scope, extent, freedom; laxity.

lattice, n. trellis, lattice-work; cancelli; grille.

lattice-work, n. lattice, trellis, treillage, espailier.

laud, v. extol, praise. See praise.

laundable, a. praisworth, commendable. Antonyms: illaudable, unpraiseworthy, indign.

laudatory, a. panegyrical, eulogistic, encomiastic, adulatory, commendatory.

laugh, v. cachinnate, roar, giggle, snicker, titter, chuckle, grin, twitter, cackle, chortle, hawhaw.

laughable, a. risible, comic, ludicrous, droll, facetious, farcical, amusing. See funny.

laughing, a. merry, gleeful, mirthful, smiling.

laughing gas. protoxide of nitrogen, nitrous oxide, hyponitrous oxide.

lattice-work, n. lattice, trellis, treillage, espalier.

laud, v. extol, praise. See praise.

laudable, a. praiseworthy, commendable. Antonyms: illaudable, unpraiseworthy, indign.

laudatory, a. panegyrical, eulogistic, encomiastic, adulatory, commendatory.

laugh, v. cachinnate, roar, giggle, snicker, titter, chuckle, grin, twitter, cackle, chortle, hawhaw.

laughable, a. risible, comic, ludicrous, droll, facetious, farcical, amusing. See funny.

laughing, a. merry, gleeful, mirthful, smiling.

laughing gas. protoxide of nitrogen, nitrous oxide, hyponitrous oxide.

laughter, n. mirth, laugh, cachinnation, giggle, snicker, roar, cackle, grin, chortle, chuckle, guffaw, titter. Associated Words: risible, risibles, risibility, risorial, abderian, sardonic, geloscopy, gelastic.

laugh to scorn. deride, ridicule.

launch, v. set afloat; set going, start; throw, hurl; expatiate, descant.

lava field. pedregal (Mexico and Western U.S.).

lavish, a. profuse, prodigal, free, unstinted; superabundant, immoderate, excessive, exuberant.

lavish, v. spend lavishly, bestow with profusion.

law, n. statute, ordinance, edict, enactment, decree, canon, usage. Associated Words: jurisprudence, nomology, nomography, nomocracy, antinomy, dysnomy, neonomian, code, codex, codify, codification, digest, forensic, legislate, legislation, legislative, enact, ordain, repeal, veto, jurat, juratory, juridic, juridical, jurist, juris consult, publicist, jurisprudent, juristic, pandect, moratory, judicial, causidical, nomothetic, nomistic.

law-breaker, n. criminal, malefactor, culprit, felon, delinquent, offender, sinner.

law-breaking, n. crime, misdemeanor, transgression, violation.

lawful, a. legal, legitimate, licit, legalized. Antonyms: See unlawful.

lawfulness, n. legality, legitimacy. Antonyms: unlawfulness, illegality.

lawing, n. litigation, lawsuit.

lawless, a. anarchical, riotous, mobocratic, licentious.

lawlessness, n. anarchy, unrestraint, abandon, mobocracy, license, riot.

lawmaker, n. legislator, lawgiver, Solon.

lawmaking, n. legislation.

lawsuit, n. litigation, case, suit, action. Associated Words: litigant, litigate, litigious, litigable, barratry.

lawyer, n. attorney, counselor, barrister, counsel, advocate, attorney-at-law, solicitor; pettifogger; (dishonest) shyster. Associated Words: client, clientele.

lax, a. loose, slack, flabby, relaxed; loose, vague, equivocal, doubtful; slack, remiss, negligent; unrestrained, dissolute, licentious.

laxative, a. aperient.

laxative, n. aperient.

laxness, n. laxity, looseness; relaxation, flabbiness; remissness, negligence, slackness.

lay, v. deposit, place; impose, assess; impute, charge, ascribe, attribute; submit, present, offer; superimpose.

lay, n. song, ballad, lyric.

lay, a. laic, laical.

layer, n. stratum, course, tier.

laymen, n. pl. laity.

lay open. uncover, reveal, expose, disclose, exhibit, show.

lay over. overlay, cover, apply; defer, postpone, prorogue.

lay siege to. besiege, beset, bombard, obsess.

lay to heart. take to heart, be grieved at, feel keenly, consider seriously.

lay up. store, treasure, save, hoard, garner; confine, disable.

lay wait for. lie in ambush for.

lay waste. desolate, devastate, pillage, sack, spoliate.

laziness, n. indolence, sloth.

lazy, a. indolent, slothful, sluggard, dronish. Antonyms: diligent, industrious, sedulous, hardworking.

lazy person. sluggard, drone, idler.

lea, n. meadow, lay, mead.

leach, v. lixiviate.

leaching, n. lixiviation.

lead, n. plumbum (Chem.); graphite, plumbago (black lead); plummet; blende (mock lead).

lead, v. guide, conduct, escort, direct; precede; induce, entice, influence, allure, persuade, actuate, impel; conduce, contribute, tend; have precedence; have charge of, command, head.

lead, n. precedence, initiative, command, guidance.

lead astray. mislead, seduce.

leader, n. guide, commander, corypheus, pilot, bellwether, protagonist, chief.

leadership, n. direction, command, guidance; primacy, supremacy, domination, hegemony.

leading, a. chief, principal, premiere, influential, guiding.

leaf, n. blade, spire; folio; lithophyll (fossil leaf). Associated words: foliar, foliferous, foliaceous, foliation, defoliate, defoliation, frond, bract, frondation, frondesce, frondescence, verticil, whorl, acanthus deciduous, indeciduous.

leaf-green, n. chlorophyll.

leaf-stalk, n. petiole.

league, n. alliance, confederation, coalition, confederacy, union, federation, association.

league, v. combine, confederate.

leak, v. percolate, filter, ooze.

leaky, a. defective.

lean, v. incline, slope, recline, tend; rely, depend; careen.

lean, a. thin, lank, spare, meager, poor, skinny, gaunt, emaciated, marcid, angular; slender, scant, bare.

leaning, a. reclining, inclining, supine.

leaning, n. inclination, tendency, propensity, bent, bias, proneness, predisposition, proclivity; reclination.

lean-to, n. penthouse, addition, shed.

leap, v. spring, jump, vault, bound, caper, gambol, prance, cavort, curvet.

leap, n. spring, jump, vault, bound, capriole.

leaping, a. springing, jumping, salient, saltigrade, saltatory.

leaping, n. springing, saltation, salience.

leap year. bissextile.

learn, v. master, acquire knowledge.

learned, a. educated, erudite, lettered, scholarly.

learning, n. education, erudition, lore, scholarship, knowledge. Associated Words: savant, philomath, philomathy, misology, oracle, pedant, pedantry.

lease, v. let, demise, rent.

lease, n. letting, demise; tenure. Associated Words: lessee, lessor.

least, n. minimum. Associated Words: minimize, minimization.

least, a. smallest, minimum.

leather-burning, n. pyrography.

leathery, a. coriaceous, tough, alutaceous.

leave, n. permission; leave-taking, adieu, farewell, conge; withdrawal, retirement, departure, leaving, egress.

leave, v. depart from, vacate, retire from; abandon, forsake, desert; abstain from, forego, desist from, forbear; permit, allow, let; commit, give over, intrust, consign, deliver; will, bequeath, devise; depart, set out, start, go.

leaves, n. pl. foliage, leafage. See leaf.

leavetaking, n. farewell, valedictory, conge, adieu.

leavings, n. pl. remnants, fragments, offal, refuse, waste, scraps, culls, orts.

lecher, n. rake, libertine, whoremonger.

lechery, n. libertinism, licentiousness.

lecture, n. discourse, address, dissertation, prelection; reproof, scolding.

lecture, v. discourse, address; reprove, censure, rate, upbraid, scold.

ledge, n. shelf; reef, ridge (of rocks); layer, stratum, lode.

left, n. Associated Words: sinister, sinistral, sinistrality, sinistrorse, sinistrorsal, haw, port, larboard.

left-hand, a. sinister, left.

left-handed, a. sinister, ambilevous.

leg, n. limb, shank, shin; (bones of the leg) tibia, fibula, femur, thigh bone, epipodiale. Associated Words: crotch, hock, hough, solen, cradle, puttee, hip, thigh, haunch gyve, scarpines, calf, galligaskins, spatterdashes, leggings.

legacy, n. bequest, devise.

legal, a. lawful, legitimate. Antonym: illegal.

legality, n. lawfulness, legitimacy. Antonym: illegality.

legalize, v. legitimize. Antonyms: illegalize, illegitimize.

legate, n. ambassador, envoy, representative.

legation, n. embassy.

legend, n. fable, myth; posy, inscription, motto.

legendary, a. mythical, traditional.

legerdemain, n. jugglery, sleight of hand.

legible, a. readable, decipherable. Antonym: illegible.

legion, n. host, horde, army.

legions, n. pl. battalions, troops, soldiers.

legitimate, a. lawful. Antonym: illegitimate.

lemon, n. Associated Words: citric, citrine, citrination, citrus.

lend, v. loan.

lending, n. loan.

lengthen, v. extend, elongate, stretch, prolong, protract; expatiate, amplify.

lengthening, n. extension, elongation, protraction, prolongation.

lengthwise, adv. longitudinally.

lengthy, a. long, prolix, protracted, verbose.

lenient, a. compassionate. See merciful.

lenity, n. clemency, mercy, lenience.

Lent, n. Quadragesima.

lessen, v. reduce, diminish, minify, depreciate, minimize, decrease, mitigate, abate.

lessening, n. reduction, diminution, decrease, decrement, depreciation, mitigation, shrinkage, abatement.

Lesser Bear. Cynosure.

lesson, n. task, exercise.

let, v. allow, permit, suffer; lease, rent.

let, n. hindrance.

lethargy, n. drowsiness, stupor, unconsciousness.

letter, n. epistle, favor, missive, note; encyclic, encyclical, decretal (letter of the Pope). Associated Words: correspond, epistolical, epistolary, epistolean, epistolize, epistler, epistolar, epistolography, postscript.

letter, n. initial (first letter).

letter-carrier, n. postman, mail-carrier, courier, mail-man, postboy, post.

letter for letter. literatim.

letters, n. pl. correspondence.

letters; n. pl. learning, literature, erudition, humanities.

let-up, n. (Colloq.) abatement, assuagement, respite, subsidence.

let up. (Colloq.) abate, subside, diminish, intermit.

level, a. even, flat, plain, smooth, flush, plumb; horizontal; steady, impartial, well-balanced. Antonyms: undulating uneven, concave, convex, warped.

level, v. flatten, equalize, even, smooth, reduce; raze, reduce, overthrow, demolish; adapt, adjust.

lever, n. pry. Associated Words: fulcrum, purchase, prize, prizing.

leverage, n. purchase.

levity, n. lightness, buoyancy; gayety, frivolity.

lewd, a. unchaste, lustful, licentious, libidinous, lecherous, incontinent, ribald, lascivious, rakish, ruttish, salacious, concupiscent, wanton, lubricous, prurient, pornographic. Antonyms: chaste, modest, pure.

lewdness, n. unchastity, incontinence, lust, lechery, ribaldry, salacity, concupiscence, profligacy, lasciviousness. Antonyms: chastity, modesty, purity.

liability, n. exposure, accountability, responsibility, amenability Antonyms: immunity, exemption.

liabilities, n. pl. debts, obligations, indebtedness.

liable, a. exposed, subject, accountable, answerable, amenable, bound. Antonyms: exempt, immune.

libel, n. defamation, lampoon, roorback.

libel, v. defame (by some publication), lampoon.

libellous, a. defamatory, slanderous, calumnious.

liberal, a. generous, open-handed, bounteous, munificent, unstinted, princely; profuse, lavish, ample, abundant; catholic, magnanimous, tolerant. Antonyms: illiberal, ungenerous, stingy, limited, narrow, bigoced.

liberality, n. generosity. Antonyms: illiberality, stinginess, bigotry.

liberate, v. See free.

liberation, n. See freeing.

libertine, n. lecher, debauchee, rake, roue, profligate.

libertine, a. licentious, lecherous, profligate, rakish.

liberty, n. freedom, independence; privilege, permission. Antonyms: captivity, bondage, servitude, subjection, constraint, serfdom, slavery.

license, n. privilege, right; lawlessness, anarchy.

license, v. legalize, permit.

licentious, a. immoral, dissolute, profligate, lewd, libertine, rakish, lascivious; unrestrained, uncurbed, uncontrolled.

lick, v. lap; (Colloq.) flog, thrash, chastise, castigate, trounce, drub. See whip.

lick, n. slap, stroke, blow.

licking, n. (Colloq.) flogging, chastisement, castigation, punishment, thrashing, whipping.

lid, n. cover.

lie, n. untruth, falsehood, fib; fiction, fabrication; subterfuge, evasion, misrepresentation.

lie, v. recline.

lie close. cuddle, nestle, snuggle.

lief, adv. willingly, gladly, freely, readily.

lien, n. incumbrance.

life, n. existence, being, animation, vitality; vivacity, spiritedness, energy, activity, briskness, sprightliness; biography, memoir. Associated Words: biology, biologist, vital, biometry, biogenesis, macrobiotics, vitalization, vitalize, bioplasm, protoplasm, elixir, biotic.

lifeless, a. dead, inanimate, spiritless, devitalized.

lifelessness, n. inanimation.

lift, v. raise, elevate.

lift, n. lifting, raising, elevation; help, assistance, aid; elevator, dumb waiter.

lifting machine. derrick, crane, tackle.

light, n. illumination; lamp, taper, candle, lantern, head-light, cresset; publicity, public notice; phosphorescence, luminescence; aureole, halo, nimbus, aureola, glory. Associated Words: photology, photologist, photophobia, catoptrics, dioptrics, photics, Ormuzd, luminary.

light, a. buoyant; easy, inoppressive; active, nimble, deft, fleet, swift, spry; spongy, porous, well-leavened; incompact, loose, porous; gossamery, sleazy, flimsy, thin, unsubstantial; volatile, unsteady, mercurial, fickle, frivolous.

light, v. ignite, illumine, illuminate.

light, v. dismount, alight, descend; rest, perch, settle.

lighten, v. light, illuminate, illume; ease, relieve, alleviate.

light-fingered, a. thievish, pilfering.

light-footed, a. nimble, agile.

lighthouse, n. beacon, fanal, pharos. Associated Words: holophote, pharology.

lighting, n. illumination.—a, luminous, luminiferous.

lightness, n. levity, levitation, buoyancy.

lightning-rod, n. paratonnerre.

like, a. similar, alike, cognate, analogous, homogeneous. Antonyms: See unlike.

like, n. counterpart, copy, equal; liking, preference.

like, v. fancy, approve of; prefer, choose, wish.

like blazes. (Low) furiously, rapidly.

likelihood, n. probability, verisimilitude. Antonyms: unlikelihood, improbability.

likely, a. probable, verisimilar; good-looking, comely; appropriate. Antonyms: unlikely, improbable.

liken, v. compare.

likeness, n. similitude, resemblance, similarity, appearance, guise, analogy; portrait, effigy, counterpart, image, copy, facsimile.

liking, n. fondness, partiality, affection, approval, preference, predilection. Antonyms: distaste, aversion, inappetency, hatred, antipathy, disapproval.

limb, n. branch, bough.

limber, a. flexible, pliant, limp, pliable, supple, lithe, lithesome. Antonyms: See stiff.

lime, n. Associated Words: calcareous, calciferous, calcariferous, calcification, calcify, calcified, calcivorous, calcination, calciform, slack, cretification, calcigerous, kalsomine.

limit, n. bound, boundary, confine, extent; restriction, check, restraint, limitation.

limit, v. restrict, circumscribe, define, confine.

limitation, n. limit, restriction, restraint, circumscription, finitude.

limited, a. restricted, confined, conditioned, finite, circumscribed. Antonyms: See unlimited.

limp, a. flaccid, flabby, limber, soft, flexile. Antonyms: See stiff.

limp, n. halt, limping, hobble.

limpid, a. clear, pellucid, lucid. See clear.

line, n. stripe, streak; cord, rope, thread, string, cable; course, route; branch, department; boundary, contour, periphery, circumference, outline; lineament; row, series, rank, file; secant; hachure, hatching. Associated Words: aliner, alignment, allineation, align, linear, lineal, lineation, interline, interlinear, interlining, interlineation.

linen, n. napery; lingerie; damask.

linen and wool. linsey-woolsey.

lines, n. pl. reins.

linger, v. loiter, saunter, tarry, lag.

lingering, a. protracted.

link, v. join, unite, connect, couple, concatenate.

lion, n. Felis Leo; lioness (female); whelp, lionel (young); Leo; griffin.

lionlike, a. leonine.

lip, n. Associated Words: labial, labially, labialize, labialization, labialism, chiloma, labret, philtrum, pout, labiochorea, cheiloplasty, labioplasty, harelip, blobber lip.

liquid, n. fluid.

list, n. catalogue, roster, schedule, register; selvage, selvedge, listing.

listen, v. hearken; eavesdrop; auscultate. Antonyms: disregard, ignore, scorn.

listening, n. hearkening; eavesdropping; auscultation, autophony.

listless, a. inattentive, indifferent, supine, heedless, unconcerned.

litigation, n. lawsuit.

litter, n. stretcher; mulch; disorder, untidiness; farrow.

little, a. small, diminutive, minute, tiny, wee, puny, dwarfish, insignificant, infinitesimal. See small.

little, n. miniature; modicum.

little by little. piecemeal, gradually.

live, v. exist; dwell, reside, abide.

live, a. alive, quick, animate, living.

liveliness, n. animation, vivacity, sprightliness, briskness, activity, lilt.

live longer than. survive, outlive.

lively, a. animated, spirited, vivacious, vigorous, active, brisk, energetic, stirring, sprightly; agile, nimble; hilarious frolicsome, gay, buoyant. Antonyms: slow, sluggish, inactive, quiet.

liver, n. Associated Words: hepatic, hepatology, hepatize, hepatization, cirrhosis, cirrhotic, giblets, bilious, viscera, hepatogenic, bile.

liver, heart, etc., of an animal. inmeats (edible viscera).

livid, a. ecchymosed, bruised, black and blue.

living, a. alive, quick, live; quickening, animating.

living, n. life, existence, being; livelihood, sustenance, subsistence, maintenance; benefice.

living again. redivivus, resurrected, revived, resurgent.

living in seclusion. eremitism, anchoretism, reclusion, seclusion, retirement.—a. hermitical, eremitic, anchoretic, solitary.

living picture. tableau vivant.

living together. cohabitation.

living upon others. parasitic.—n. parasitism.

lizard, n. saurian, reptile; chameleon, gecko, gila monster, iguana, dragon.

load, v. encumber, lade, burden, freight.

load, n. burden, cargo, lading, encumbrance, weight, impediment, incubus.

loaded, p.p. and a. laden, freighted, fraught.

loaf, v. lounge about, loiter.

loathe, v. abhor, hate, detest, abominate, despise, execrate, recoil from.

loathing, n. abhorrence, detestation, abomination, execration, hatred.

location, n. situation, locality, place.

lock, n. ringlet, curl, tress.

lock-jaw, n. tetanus. Associated Words: tetanic, tetanoid.

lofty, a. tall, towering.

log, n. puncheon (split log).

logical, a. consistent, sound. Antonym: illogical.

loins, n. pl. reins.

loiter, v. saunter, linger.

loitering, a. sauntering, dilatory.

Londoner, n. cockney (Contemptuous).

lone, a. alone, lonely, isolated, desolate; unfrequented, solitary, sequestered, secluded, lonesome.

lonely, a. sequestered, solitary, unfrequented; lonesome, desolate, dreary, lorn.

long, a. protracted, prolonged, lengthy, extended; lingering; extensive, inclusive; tedious, prolix, wordy, long-spun diffuse.

long, v. yearn for, hanker after, crave.

longer than broad. oblong.

long-handed, a. longimanous.

long-headed, a. shrewd, sagacious. See shrewd.

longing, n. yearning, craving.

long life. longevity.

longshoreman, n. stevedore.

long-suffering, a. forbearing, uncomplaining, patient.—n. forbearance, patience, longanimity.

look, v. glance, gaze, stare, see, con, gloat, glare, peek, peer, pry, peep, pore, lower, glower, scan, ogle; seem, appear; await, expect, anticipate; examine, investigate, inspect, contemplate, scrutinize.

look, n. glance, glimpse, inspection, scrutiny, gaze; expression, appearance, air, manner, mien, semblance, aspect, presence.

look down upon. See despise.

looking backward. retrospection, retrospect.—a. retrospective.

looking for. anticipation, expectation; search.

looking forward. anticipation, expectation, prospect, foresight.

looking forward. prospective, anticipative.

looking-glass, n. mirror; cheval glass.

looking within. introspection.—a. introspective.

look into. inspect, examine, probe, investigate.

look on. see, witness; regard, consider, deem, view.

lookout, n. observatory; watch-tower, conning tower; responsibility.

look over. examine, scrutinize, reconnoiter.

look upon. regard, esteem, consider.

look up to. honor, respect, defer to, venerate, reverence.

look within. introspect.

loop, n. staple, noose, bight.

loophole, n. excuse, plea, pretext.

loose, a. unbound, disengaged, movable, unfastened, unrestrained, detached; relaxed; incompact, porous.

loose, v. release, disengage, free, disentangle, liberate; absolve, remit; relax, loosen, slacken.

loosen, v. relax.

looseness, n. laxity, slackness, relaxation.

loot, n. spoil, booty, plunder, prize; plundering, pillage.

loot, v. plunder, sack, rifle, pillage.

lop, v. cut off, obtruncate.

lopsided, a. unbalanced, disproportioned.

loquacious, a. garrulous, voluble, talkative.

loquacity, n. garrulity, volubility, talkativeness.

lord, n. nobleman, peer, magnate, grandee; liege, suzerain.

lord, v. domineer.

Lord, have mercy upon us. Kyrie eleison.

lordly, a. overbearing, domineering, despotic, arrogant, imperious, uppish.

lordship, n. seigniory, dominion.

Lord's Prayer. Pater noster.

Lord's Supper. communion, eucharist.

lore, n. learning, knowledge, wisdom, erudition.

lorn, a. forsaken, lonely, solitary.

lose, v. miss, forfeit.

lose ground. retire, recede, retreat, decline.

loss, n. forfeiture. Associated Words: damnific, damnify, damnification.

lost, a. forfeited, missing; derelict, adrift; misspent, misemployed, wasted; irreclaimable, incorrigible, abandoned; preoccupied, abstracted, absent-minded.

lot, n. destiny, doom, fortune, fate; portion, parcel, part, allotment; (Colloq.) much, many.

loth, a. disinclined, unwilling, reluctant, averse, loath, indisposed.

lots, n. pl. Associated Word: sortilege.

loud, a. deafening, stentorian, resonant, clarion; clamorous, vociferous, boisterous; gaudy, flashy, ostentatious, showy; emphatic, urgent, appealing.

lounge, v. recline, loll.

lousiness, n. phthiriasis, pediculosis, pediculation.

lout, n. booby, boor, bumpkin, lubber, gawky.

loutish, a. boorish, lubberly, gawky, ungentlemanly.

lovable, a. amiable, winsome, lovely, winning.

lovableness, n. amability, winsomeness, amiability.

love, n. affection, devotion, infatuation, passion; amorousness, amativeness; Cupid, Eros, Venus, Aphrodite, Amorino; philanthropy; storge.

love affair. liaison (an illicit love affair), amour, intrigue.

love feast (of the primitive Christians), agape.

love-letter, n. billet-doux, billet d'amour.

lovely, a. charming, delightful, delectable, amiable, pleasing.

love potion. philter.

lover, n. amoroso, inamorato, swain, suitor, admirer, philander, gallant, beau, cicisbeo; paramour, leman.

loving, a. affectionate; enamored; amative, amorous, erotic.

loving-kindness, n. tenderness, mercy, compassion.

low, a. depressed; base, mean, vulgar, raffish, ignominious, undignified; moderate, reasonable, cheap; humble, lowly, obscure; feeble, faint, weak; subdued, grave, gentle; ignoble, groveling, abject, degraded, servile, menial, sordid, base.

low, adv. softly, sotto voce.

low, v. moo.

lowborn, a. baseborn, plebeian.

lowbred, a. unrefined, illbred, vulgar, rude.

lower, v. drop; depress, reduce; decrease, diminish, fall, humble, humiliate, degrade, abash, detrude, dishonor; frown, scowl, glower, look sullen.

lower, a. nether, under.

lower classes. proletariat, proletariate, proletarians.

lowering, a. threatening, dark, sullen.

lowest, a. nethermost.

lowest point. nadir.

low life. obscurity.

lowliness, n. humility, meekness, self-abasement.

low-lived, a. mean, dishonorable, ignominious, base.

lowly, a. humble, meek, unassuming.

low-minded, a. groveling, abject, sordid, base-minded.

loyal, a. true, constant, faithful, devoted, stanch, unwavering.

loyalty, n. fidelity, constancy, faithfulness, devotion, fealty, allegiance.

lozenge, n. tablet, troche, pastille.

lubber, n. boor, lout, bumpkin, looby, gawk, churl, lummox.

lubberly, a. boorish, loutish, gawky, clumsy, ungainly.

lucid, a. See clear.

lucidity, n. See clearness.

luck, n. fortune, chance, fortuity, haphazard, chance, hap-hazard. Associated Words: mascot, hoodoo.

luckless, a. See unlucky.

lucky, a. fortunate; favorable, auspicious, propitious.

lucrative, a. See profitable.

ludicrous, a. comical, ridiculous. See funny.

lug, v. drag, pull, tug, haul.

luggage, n. baggage, traps.

lugubrious, a. mournful, doleful, sorrowful, woful.

lukewarm, a. tepid; indifferent, cool, unconcerned.

lukewarmness, n. tepidity; indifference, unconcern, coolness.

lull, v. hush, still, quiet, tranquillize; subside, abate.

lull, n. calm, calmness, subsidence.

lumbering, a. unwieldy, ponderous, cumbersome, ungraceful.

luminous, a. See bright.

lummox, n. (Low) booby, gawk, lout, lubber, yahoo, bumpkin, boor.

lump, n. mass, aggregation, aggregate.—v. mass, amass.

lumpish, a. inert, heavy; stupid, dull, stolid.

lumpy jaw. actinomycosis.

lunatic, n. madman, maniac, bedlamite.

lunch, n. luncheon, refection.

luncheon, n. collation, refreshment, nuncheon, tiffin.

lunge, v. allonge, longe, thrust.

lungs, n. pl. lights (lungs of an animal or bird). Associated words: pulmonary, pulmonic, pneumonic, pleura, pleural lobe, spirometer, pneumology.

lurch, v. sway, stagger, roll; dodge, shift, evade, bilk.

lure, n. decoy, enticement, bait.

lure, v. entice, tempt, seduce, allure, decoy.

lurking-place, n. ambush, retreat, cover.

luscious, a. delicious, delectable; cloying, fulsome, unctuous.

lush, a. juicy, succulent.

lust, n. venereal appetite, concupiscence, salacity, sexual desire; longing, cupidity, desire, hankering. Antonym: anaphrodisia. See sexual desire.

luster, n. brightness, gloss, glitter, sheen, brilliancy.

lusterless, a. dull, lackluster.

lustful, a. lascivious, concupiscent, lecherous, licentiou-libidinous, salacious, carnal, lickerish, ruttish, prurient aphrodisiac, aphrodisiacal, lecherous.

lustre, n. brilliancy, glitter, radiance, resplendence.

lustrous, a. See bright.

lusty, a. robust, sturdy, stalwart, strapping, muscular.

luxuriance, n. exuberance, rampancy, richness.

luxuriant, a. exuberant, rampant, superabundant, excessive.

luxuriate, v. revel, wanton.

luxurious, a. voluptuous, epicurean, sybaritic.

luxury, n. voluptuousness, epicurism, sybaritism, luxuriousness.

lying, a. untruthful, false, mendacious, deceitful.

lying, n. falsehood, lie, untruth, mendacity, fabrication, fiction.

lying down. reclining, recumbent, accumbent; (face down) prone, prostrate; (face upward) supine.

lying down. reclining, reclination, accubation, recumbence; (face down) prostration, pronation; (face upward) supination, supineness.

lying in wait. ambush, ambuscade.

lying round. circumjacent.—n. circumjacence.

lyre, n. See harp.


Machine, n. automaton (self-moving machine); mechanism; organization, system.

machinist, n. mechanician.

mad, a. crazy, insane, demented, maniacal, raving; indignant, enraged, irate, resentful; rabid; distracted, wild, infatuated. See angry.

madcap, n. hotspur, blood.—a. wild, reckless, rash.

madden, v. incense, anger, enrage, infuriate, provoke, exasperate, vex, inflame.

made up. devised, fabricated, artificial, sham, false, counterfeit.

madhouse, n. bedlam, insane asylum.

madman, n. maniac, lunatic, bedlamite; monomaniac.

madness, n. dementia, insanity, craziness, mania, lunacy; monomania; frenzy, rage, wrath, ire, resentment, fury, indignation, anger.

magazine, n. storehouse, depot, repository; periodical, publication, ephemeris.

magic, n. enchantment, conjuration, wizardry, legerdemain prestidigitation, necromancy, jugglery, sorcery; fascination, witchery, charm.

magic, a. magical, necromantic, talismanic.

magician, n. conjurer, prestidigitator, sorcerer, wizard, necromancer, juggler, thaumaturge.

magnet, n. loadstone.

magnetist, n. magnetician.

magnificence, n. grandeur, sublimity, splendor, majesty

magnificent, a. splendid, superb, sublime, majestic, stately, grand.

magnify, v. augment, amplify, enlarge; overstate, exaggerate.

maid, n. See girl; lady's maid, Abigail; soubrette.

maiden, a. virgin; chaste, undefiled, pure; unused, fresh, new.

maidenhead, n. maidenhood; hymen (virginal membrane).

maidenhood, n. maidhood, girlhood, virginity.

mail, n. armor, hauberk; scale, shell; post.

mail, v. post.

mail-carrier, n. postman, letter-carrier, courier.

main, a. principal, leading, chief, capital, cardinal, paramount; requisite, necessary; sheer, pure.

main, n. ocean, high sea; gross, bulk, majority; strength, power, might, force.

mainland, n. continent.

mainly, adv. principally, chiefly, largely.

maintain, v. support, sustain; affirm, assert, contend, claim; conduct.

maintenance, n. support, sustenance.

majestic, a. august, imperial, regal, splendid, magnificent, imposing.

majesty, n. grandeur, magnificence, augustness, splendor.

major, a. greater, larger. Antonym: minor.

majority, n. seniority, manhood; plurality. Antonyms: minority, youth.

make, v. force, compel, coerce, constrain, require, necessitate, occasion, oblige; create, construct, fabricate manufacture, compose, invent, prepare, concoct, shape, form, forge.

make, n. construction, shape, form, structure, conformation

make account of. esteem, regard.

make away. alienate, transfer, make over.

make believe. feign, pretend, simulate, personate, affect.

make-believe, a. feigned, mock, sham, counterfeit, spurious, supposititious, simulated.

make-believe, n. pretense, simulation, affectation, feint.

make bold. presume, venture, dare; embolden.

make good. fulfill, vindicate, justify, establish; indemnify, reimburse, requite; verify, corroborate, confirm, ratify, substantiate.

make headway. advance, progress, thrive, prosper.

make known. declare, announce, publish, report, proclaim.

make little of. belittle, decry, disparage.

make love to. court, woo, spark.

make out. decipher.

make over, transfer, alienate, convey; remodel, rebuild, reconstruct, revamp.

make peace between, mediate, intercede, reconcile, propitiate, pacify, conciliate.

maker, n. manufacturer, constructor, producer.

makeshift, n. expedient, substitute.

make sport of. deride, ridicule, jeer.

make unfriendly. disaffect, alienate, estrange.

make up. reconcile, adjust, compose, settle; collect, amass, accumulate; supply, complete, provide.

make up for. See make good.

make up to. accost, address, salute, speak to.

make up with. become reconciled.

make up a face. grimace.

make way. advance, proceed, progress.

making, n. construction, fabrication, workmanship, invention.

malady, n. disorder, distemper, ailment, complaint, disease.

malaria, n. miasma, miasm; fever and ague.

malarious, a. malarial, miasmatic.

male, a. masculine; staminate (Bot.).

malice, n. hatred, rancor, malevolence, animosity.

malicious, a. hateful, malevolent, rancorous, malignant.

malpractice, n. evil practice, misdoing, misbehavior.

maltreat, v. See abuse.

maltreatment, n. See abuse.

mammoth, a. colossal, gigantic, monstrous.

man, n. mortal, person, individual, adult, someone; mankind, humanity; valet; Primates, Anthropidae. Associated Words: anthropology, anthropogeny, anthropography, anthropolite, anthropoid, anthropometry, anthropometric, anthropocentric, anthropomorphic, android, manikin, ecorche, pithecanthrope, androphobia.

manacle, n. handcuff, fetter, shackle.

manacle, v. handcuff, shackle, restrain, fetter.

manage, v. conduct, administer, supervise, manipulate, superintend, engineer; contrive, husband, economize.

manageable, a. governable, tractable, docile, controllable, sequacious.

management, n. administration, conduct, guidance, regulation, superintendence, direction, procuracy, negotiation, contrivance, intrigue, economy, manipulation.

manager, n. conductor, administrator, superintendent, proctor, comptroller, economist, engineer, director.

managing, a. ruling, directing, managerial.

mandate, n. command, edict, order, injunction, precept.

mandatory, a. directory, commandatory, preceptive.

mandrake, n. mandragora; May apple.

mane, n.Associated Word: roach.

man-eater, n. cannibal, anthropophagite.

man-eating, a. cannibal, anthropophagous.

man-eating, n. cannibalism, anthropophagy.

manege, n. horsemanship, equestrianism; riding school.

maneuver, n. management, ruse, stratagem, artifice, trick, finesse.

maneuver, v. scheme, finesse, plan.

maneuverer, n. strategist, tactician.

manful, a. manly, resolute, brave.

mangel-wurtzel, n. mangold-wurtzel, scarcity-root.

mangle, v. mutilate, maim, dismember, hack; smooth, calender.

mangling, n. mutilation.

mangy, a. scabby, scurvy.

mangy creature. ronion, ronyon.

man-hater, n. misanthrope.

man-hating, a. misanthropic.

manhood, n. maturity, majority, man's estate; manliness, fortitude, resolution, manfulness; virility; humanity, men.

mania, n. madness, insanity, craziness. See insanity.

maniac, n. madman, bedlamite.

maniacal, a. raving, mad, insane, delirious.

manifest, v. show, exhibit, reveal, disclose.

manifest, a. apparent, obvious, patent.

manifestation, n. show, exhibition, revelation, disclosure.

manifold, a. many, various, sundry, diverse, multifarious, multitudinous, multiplex.

manikin, n. dwarf, pygmy, homunculus.

manipulate, v. handle, operate, manage.

manipulation, n. handling, management.

manly, a. manlike, resolute, brave, strong, dignified.

man-midwife, n. obstetrician, accoucheur.

manner, n. mode, method, style, fashion, way; bearing, demeanor, mien, air, carriage, deportment; mannerism, affectation, peculiarity; sort, kind, style; pl. civility, courtesy, politeness.

manners, n. pl. Associated Word: etiquette.

mannish, a. masculine, vigorous, bold. Antonyms: effeminate, feminine.

man of all work. factotum.

man-of-war, n. warship, battleship, cruiser.

mansion, n. palace; manor-house, hall.

man-stealer, n. kidnapper, abductor.

man-stealing, n. kidnapping, abduction.

mantle, n. cape, cloak; pallium; mantel-piece, mantel-shelf.

mantle, v. sparkle, foam, bubble, effervesce.

manual, n. handbook.

manufactory, n. factory, shop.

manufacture, n. making, fabrication, construction.

manufacture, v. make, fabricate, construct.

manufacturing, a. industrial.

manure, n. fertilizer, dung, compost, guano. Associated Word: fire-fanged.

manure, v. fertilize, enrich.

manuscript, n. copy; paleograph (an ancient manuscript).

man worship. anthropolatry.

many, a. various, numerous, sundry, divers, manifold, multitudinous, myriad, multiple, innumerable.

many-sided, a. versatile; polyhedral, polyhedrical.

many-sidedness, n. versatility.

many-times, adv. frequently, oftentimes, often, repeatedly.

many-ways, adv. variously, multifariously, diversely.

map, n. chart. Associated Words: cartography, cartographer, chorography, chorographer, atlas, hachure, contour line, culture.

map, v. sketch, plan, delineate, picture.

maple, n. Associated Words: aceric, spile.

mar, n. defacement, disfigurement, blemish, injury, defect.

mar, v. deface, damage, injure, impair.

marauder, n. See robber.

marble, n. brocatel (in a literary sense, granite-flint). Associated words: marmoreal, marmorean.

margin, n. confine, border, edge, limit, skirt, brink, rim, brim, verge. Associated Words: emarginate, emargination.

marine, a. maritime, naval, nautical, oceanic.

mariner, n. sailor, seaman.

marionette, n. puppet.

maritime, a. marine, naval, nautical.

mark, v. note, notice, remark, observe, see; indicate, betoken, characterize, stamp, imprint, impress, brand, stigmatize, label.

mark, n. characteristic, impress, impression, stamp, sign, trace, vestige, symptom, token, symbol, indication, brand, stigma; badge, cognizance; trademark, idiograph; target, bull's-eye; preeminence, distinction, prominence, earmark; wheal, weal, whelk.

marked, a. designated, noticeable, conspicuous, notable, salient.

market, n. mart, emporium, exchange, market-place.

marketable, a. salable, vendible. Antonyms: unmarketable, unsalable.

marl, n. greensand.

marriage, n. matrimony, wedlock; wedding, nuptials, espousals, nuptial rites. Antonyms: celibacy, divorce, bachelorhood, maidenhood. Associated Words: misogamy, misogamist, affiance, affianced, affinity, intermarriage, conjugality, misalliance, agamist, benedict, betroth, betrothal, desponsory, ante-nuptial, sponsal, hymeneal, schatchen, connubial, connubiality, fiance, Hymen, fiancee, troth, plight, nuptial, nuptiality, postnuptial, morganatic, banns, neogamist, matrimonial.

marriageability, n. nubility.

marriageable, a. nubile.

marriage song. epithalamium, prothalamion, prothalamium.

marrow, n. medulla, pith.

marrow-bones, n. pl. knees.

marry, v. wed, espouse.

Mars, n. Associated Word: Martian.

marsh, n. swamp, morass, fen, slough, bog, quagmire. See swamp.

marshal, v. arrange, range.

marsh gas. firedamp.

marsh grass. sedge.

marshy, a. boggy, fenny, swampy, sloughy, palustrine, paludine.

mart, n. market, emporium.

martial, a. military.

martinet, n. disciplinarian.

marvel, n. wonder, prodigy; amazement.

marvel, v. wonder.

marvelous, a. wonderful, amazing, stupendous, astonishing.

masculine, a. male; manly, virile, manful. Antonym: feminine.

masculineness, n. masculinity.

mask, n. disguise, pretext, subterfuge, screen, cloak, veil, ruse, feint, blind; domino; maskoid; masquerade; mascaron.

mask, v. disguise, masquerade, veil.

masker, n. masquerader, mummer.

masquerade, n. mask, revel; disguise.

mass, n. aggregate, aggregation, totality, lump, heap, assemblage, collection, accumulation; majority; size, bigness, bulk, dimensions, magnitude; conglomeration, agglomeration.

mass, v. amass, assemble, accumulate, agglomerate, conglomerate.

massacre, n. carnage, butchery (of human beings), slaughter, havoc.

massacre, v. butcher, slaughter.

massage, n. Associated Words: masseuse, masseur, massotherapeutics, massotherapy.

Mass book. missal.

massive, a. ponderous, bulky, immense, huge, cumbersome, massy.

massy, a. massive, compacted.

mast, n. nuts, acorns.

master, n. director, lord, commander, ruler, manager, governor; employer; leader, chief; owner, possessor, proprietor; padrone. Associated Word: dominicide.

master, v. conquer, overpower, subject, subjugate, overcome, subdue, vanquish.

masterful, a. domineering, imperious, arbitrary.

master-hand, n. expert, adept, dabster.

masterly, a. skillful, proficient, adroit, dexterous, finished.

masterpiece, n. masterstroke, chef-d'oeuvre.

mastery, n. dominion, command, supremacy, superiority, rule, sway, mastership, preeminence, leadership, influence; victory, triumph; acquirement, acquisition, attainment, dexterity, skill.

masturbation, n. onanism, self-abuse, self-pollution.

mat, n. rug; matting; petate.

mat, v. felt together, entangle, twist, interweave, snarl.

match, n. tally, mate, equal, peer; contest, competition, tournament, tourney; lucifer match, locofoco.

match, v. rival, equal, cope with; contend, pit, oppose; tally, correspond, be proportionate; adapt, fit, proportion, comport, harmonize; mate, couple, combine, sort, join.

matchable, a. comparable, proportionable, correspondent, similar.

matchless, a. peerless, incomparable, inimitable, unequalled, transcendent, surpassing.

mate, n. companion, associate, friend, chum, crony, compeer, intimate, partner, colleague; match, equal; assistant, subordinate; checkmate.

mate, v. oppose, cope with, vie with, compete with; match, marry.

material, n. substance, matter, fabric, stuff, cloth, staple; plasma.

material, a. corporeal, bodily, physical; important, essential, momentous.

materiality, n. corporeity, material existence; importance.

materially, adv. substantially; essentially, vitally.

materia medica. medicines; acology.

matrimonial, a. connubial, nuptial, hymeneal, conjugal.

matrimony, n. marriage, wedlock.

matron, n. dame.

matronly, a. elderly, dignified, matronal.

matted, a. tangled, snarled, entangled.

matter, n. substance, material, body; essence, pith, embodiment, elements; importance, significance, moment, consequence, weight, materiality; pus, purulence; manuscript, copy. Associated Words: material, immaterial, materiality, immateriality, atom, molecule, chemistry, hylism, hylotheism, hylopathism, hylogenesis, materialism, physics, somatics, somatology.

matter, v. import, signify, be of importance; maturate, suppurate.

matter-of-fact, a. practical, pragmatical, unimaginative, commonplace, prosaic.

maturate, v. suppurate; mature.

maturation, n. suppuration; maturing.

mature, a. full-grown, ripe, developed, perfect; prepared, finished. Antonyms: See immature.

mature, v. ripen, develop, perfect, season.

maturity, n. development, ripeness, perfection, completion. Antonym: immaturity.

maudlin, a. over-emotional, tearful; tipsy, fuddled, intoxicated.

maul, v. pound, pommel, beat, club, cudgel.

maul, n. beetle, mall.

mauling, n. pounding, beating, clubbing, cudgelling.

maw, n. stomach; craw, crop.

mawkish, a. nauseous, sickening, loathful, disgusting; squeamish, fastidious.

maxim, n. axiom, adage, proverb, aphorism, apothegm, saw, precept.

maybe, adv. perhaps, possibly, peradventure, haply.

Mayflower, n. hawthorn, white thorn; trailing arbutus.

maze, n. perplexity, bewilderment; labyrinth, intricacy.

maze, v. perplex, bewilder, confuse, puzzle.

mazy, a. intricate, labyrinthian, confusing.

mead, n. metheglin, hydromel; meadow, lea.

meadow, n. mead, lea.

meadow mice. Arvicola. Associated Words: arvicoline, arvicolous.

meager, a. poor, emaciated, gaunt; barren, sterile, unproductive, arid.

meal, n. repast.

mealy, a. farinaceous.

mean, v. intend, purpose, design, contemplate; signify, purport, denote, betoken, imply, typify, indicate.

mean, a. contemptible, despicable, low-minded, base, abject, groveling, dishonorable, shabby, scurvy, servile, menial, undignified, unbecoming, disingenuous; obscure, ignoble, plebeian, inglorious, undistinguished, vulgar; penurious, illiberal, sordid, miserly, stingy, mercenary parsimonious, ungenerous; midway, average, moderate, middle, medium, mediocre; intermediate, mediate, intervening; insignificant, paltry, inconsequential, piddling, frivolous, inferior, poor.

mean, n. middle, medium.

meander, v. wind, turn.

meandering, a. winding, tortuous, crooked, serpentine, meandrous.

meaning, n. signification, significance, import, acceptation, intent. Associated Words: lexicology, semasiology.

meaningly, adv. significantly.

meanly, adv. dishonorably, basely, ungenerously.

means, n. property, possessions, wealth, resources, riches, estate; instrument, agency, instrumentality, method, way, facility; expedient, resource, contrivance, resort, device, artifice.

meantime, n. interval, interim, meanwhile.

meantime, adv. meanwhile.

meanwhile, adv. meantime, during the interval.

measles, n. rubeola.

measurable, a. mensurable, computable.

measure, n. gauge, rule; dimensions, capacity, size, extent, degree, limit; quantity, amount; proportion, allotment, share; metre; act, step, means.

measure, v. gauge, mete; appraise, estimate, compute, adjust; allot, mete out, apportion, distribute.

measureless, a. immeasurable.

measurement, n. mensuration; dimensions, size, extent, area, capacity, bulk.

meat, n. flesh (of animals). See flesh.

meat pie. mince pie; pasty.

mechanic, n. mechanician, artisan, artificer, handicraftsman, craftsman.

mechanical, a. automatic, involuntary.

mechanician, n. machinist.

medal, n. medallion.

meddle, v. interfere, interpose, intermeddle, obtrude.

meddlesome, a. officious, intrusive, obtrusive, pragmatical, intermeddling.

meddling, n. interference, intrusion, intermeddling.

mediation, n. intercession.

mediator, n. intercessor. See peacemaker.

mediatorial, a. intercessory, mediatory, propitiatory.

medical, a. medicinal, therapeutical, therapeutic, curative.

medicinal, a. medicative, medical, therapeutic.

medicine, n. materia medica, medicament, remedy, restorative, corrective, specific, physic, antidote, tonic, panacea; nostrum.

mediocre, a. middling, ordinary, medium, commonplace.

mediocrity, n. commonplaceness, indifference, middle state.

meditate, v. contemplate, muse, ponder, cogitate, reflect, think.

meditation, n. contemplation, musing, cogitation, reflection, thought.

meditative, a. thoughtful, contemplative, reflective.

Mediterranean Sea. Associated Word: Levant.

medium, a. intermediate, middling, mean, average, mediocre.

medium, n. middle; means, instrumentality, agency; menstruum; psychic.

medley, n. mixture, jumble, hodgepodge, potpourri, olio, melange, farrago.

meed, n. reward, recompense, prize; merit, desert, worth.

meek, a. humble, unassuming, modest, retiring, docile, lowly.

meerschaum, n. magnesite, seafoam, sepiolite.

meet, v. encounter, confront, collide, converge, engage; intercept; assemble, congregate, convene, collect, muster; agree, harmonize, unite; equal, satisfy, fulfill, match. Antonyms: avoid, elude, escape, disperse, scatter.

meet, a. suitable, proper, befitting, seemly, appropriate.

meeting, n. assembly, assemblage, congregation, convention, convocation, conference, synod, mall, concourse, gathering, mustering; juncture, convergence, crossing, junction, confluence; encounter; collision, clash; interception; interview; tryst, rendezvous.

melancholia, n. hypochondria, hypochondriasis.

melancholy, n. despondency, hypochondria, dejection, disconsolation, melancholia.

melancholy, a. despondent, hypochondriac, depressed, disconsolate, dispirited.

melee, n. affray, scuffle, set-to, brawl, fight (hand to hand).

melodious, a. tuneful, harmonious, dulcet, musical, sweet, euphonious, ariose, mellifluous.

melody, n. music; descant, tune, song, air, theme. Antonyms: discord, dissonance.

melt, v. dissolve, liquefy, thaw, fuse, soften, blend, swale, colliquate.

meltable, a. dissolvable, soluble, liquefiable, fusible.

melted, a. molten.

melting, a. dissolving, thawing; affecting, touching.

melting, n. dissolution, liquefaction, fusion, thawing, inteneration, dissipation, colliquation.

melting-pot, n. crucible.

member, n. part, organ, limb; constituent, component, part.

memento, n. souvenir, keepsake, memorial.

memoir, n. biography, autobiography.

memorandum, n. record, minute, note.

memorial, a. commemorative.

memory, n. remembrance, recollection, reminiscence; retrospection. Antonyms: oblivion, forgetfulness, Lethe, amnesia, ecmnesia. Associated words: mnemonics, mnemonic, mnemonician, mnemotechny, phrenotypics, Mnemosyne, immortalize, immemorial, memorable, memorabilia, memorize, remember, amnesic.

menace, n. threat, threatening.

menace, v. threaten.

menacing, a. threatening, minatory.

menage, n. household, family.

mend, v. repair, patch; improve.

mendacious, a. lying, untruthful, false, deceitful.

mendacity, n. untruthfulness, lying, falsehood, lie, untruth.

mendicant, n. beggar.—a. begging.

mending, n. repairing, patching, restoration; improvement.

menial, a. serving; low, servile.

mental, a. intellectual.

mentality, n. intellectuality.

mentor, n. monitor, counselor, guide.

mentorial, a. admonitory, monitory.

mercantile, a. trading, commercial.

mercenary, a. hired, hireling, purchased; greedy, sordid, avaricious, grasping.

mercenary, n. hireling.

merchandise, n. wares, goods, commodities.

merchant, n. trader, dealer, trafficker, shopkeeper, tradesman.

merchantable, a. salable, vendible, marketable.

merciful, a. pitiful, lenient, clement, compassionate, benignant, indulgent, kind, gracious, forgiving.

merciless, a. unmerciful, remorseless, cruel, pitiless, ruthless, inexorable, implacable.

Mercury, n. Hermes; quicksilver; messenger.

Mercury's staff. caduceus.

mercy, n. clemency, pity, lenity, leniency, lenience, compassion, forgiveness, placability; discretion, disposal; blessing, favor. Antonyms: revenge, implacability, inclemency, incompassion.

mercy seat. propitiatory.

merely, a. purely, absolutely; simply, barely, only.

merge, v. swallow up, absorb, immerse, take in; be swallowed up, be absorbed.

merger, n. absorption.

meridian, n. noon, midday; culmination, zenith, pinnacle, apex. Antonym: nadir.

meridian, a. midday, meridional.

merit, n. desert, worth, meed, worthiness; worth, excellence, goodness; reward; pl. claim, right. Antonym: demerit.

merit, v. deserve, earn.

meritorious, a. worthy, commendable, meedful, deserving.

merriment, n. mirth, gayety, glee, levity, laughter, sportiveness, jocularity.

merry, a. mirthful, gay, jolly, gleeful, jovial, sportive, jocular, bonny.

mesa, n. tableland, plateau.

mesh, n. net, network.

mess, n. rations, food; mixture, medley, farrago, litter, hodgepodge, jumble, melange.

message, n. communication, notice, word; telegram, despatch, cablegram.

messenger, n. courier, herald, forerunner, precursor, harbinger, mercury, emissary.

metaphor, n. simile.

meteor, n. fireball, shooting star; bolis, bolide.

meteoric stone. meteorite, aerolite.

methodical, a. systematic, orderly, methodic. Antonyms: immethodical, unsystematic.

meticulous, a. timid, fearful, diffident.

mettle, n. spirit, disposition; pluck, nerve, hardihood, stamina, spirit.

mettled, a. high-spirited, mettlesome, fiery, ardent.

mettlesome, a. spirited, mettled.

mew, v. moult.

mew, n. cage, coop; sea-mew, gull, cob.

miasma, n. malaria.

miaul, n. mew, caterwaul.

midbrain, n. mesencephalon.

midday, n. noon, meridian, noontide.

middle, a. mean, medial; intermediate, intervening.

middle, n. center, midst.

Middle Ages. Associated Words: medieval, medievalism, medievalist, medievals.

middle class. bourgeoisie.

middleman, n. factor, go-between, agent, broker, commissioner.

middling, a. mediocre, medium, passable, tolerable, average, so-so, ordinary.

midwife, n. accoucheuse, obstetrician (female).

midwifery, n. obstetrics, tocology.

mien, n. aspect, air, manner, demeanor, appearance, bearing, deportment.

miff, n. pique, pet, tiff, displeasure.

miff, v. displease, vex, offend (slightly).

miffed, a. offended, displeased, piqued, provoked.

might, n. strength, power, force, puissance, potency.

mighty, a. strong, powerful, potent, invincible.

mighty, adv. (Colloq.) very.

migratory, a. roving, wandering, nomadic, unsettled.

Mikado, n. Emperor of Japan.

mild, a. gentle, indulgent, tender, merciful, clement, lenient, bland, demulcent, lenitive, emollient, mitigative. Antonyms: severe, drastic, rigorous, violent, harsh.

mildew, n. mould, mustiness, must, blight.

military, a. martial.

military command. strategy, generalship, tactics, logistics.

military dress. regimentals, uniform.

military rule. stratocracy.

militia, n. troops, military; trainband.

milk, n. Associated Words: emulsion, emulsify, lacteal, lactiferous, lactation milch, lactometer lactic, lactivorous, koumiss, whey, curd, serum, lactage, rennet, clabber, lactifuge, casein, curdle, posset.

milkiness, n. lactescence.

milkmaid, n. dairymaid.

milkman, n. dairyman.

milk room. dairy.

milky, a. lacteal, lactean, emulsive.

Milky Way. Galaxy.

milt, n. spleen.

mimic, n. mime, mimicker, imitator, personator.

mimic, v. personate, ape, imitate, mock.

mimicry, n. mocking; imitation, mimesis.

mince, v. hash.

mind, v. obey, regard; consider, heed, mark, note; purpose, intend, design. Antonyms: disobey, disregard, ignore.

mind, n. intellect, faculties; opinion, judgment; temperament, humor, disposition. Associated Words: mental, mentality, mentally, intellectual, intellectuality, intellectually, psychic, psychical, psychiatry, psychography, psychology, psychologist, menticulture, alienist, alienism, telepathy, telepathic, noemics, nomology, nooelogy metaphysics, psychotherapy, psychotherapeutics, psychodynamic, psychopathology, psychopathic, psychological, psychopathy, psychosis, noetic, subliminal, compos mentis, non compos mentis.

mindful, a. heedful, regardful, observant.

mindless, a. irrational; unmindful, heedless, inattentive.

mingle, v. blend, mix, intermix, amalgamate, intermingle, incorporate; consort, associate, fraternize.

mingling, n. blending, mixture, intermixture, amalgamation.

minister, n. ambassador, envoy, plenipotentiary, delegate: ecclesiastic, parson, divine, rector. See clergyman.

minister, v. administer, serve; officiate.

ministerial, a. clerical; ambassadorial.

ministration, n. officiating, ministry.

ministry, n. ministration; cabinet, administration.

minnow, n. minim, minny.

minny, n. minnow.

minor, a. subordinate, secondary, less, smaller.

minority, n. nonage, pupilage.

minstrel, n. gleeman, bard.

mint, v. coin.

minute, a. little, tiny, microscopic, diminutive; critical, precise, particular, circumstantial.

minute, n. moment; memorandum, record, item, note.

minutiae, n. pl. details.

miraculous, a. supernatural, hyperphysical, incredible.

mire, n. slough, ooze, mud, slime.

mirror, n. reflector, looking-glass, speculum; cheval glass.

mirror, v. reflect.

mirth, n. merriment, jollity, glee, gayety, fun.

mirthful, a. merry, jolly, gleeful, gay, sportive.

miry, a. oozy, slimy, muddy.

misapply, v. misemploy, pervert, misuse.

miscarriage, n. frustration, failure; abortion.

miscellaneous, a. mixed, diversified, promiscuous, heterogeneous, diverse, multifarious.

miscellany, n. medley, mixture; symposium, anthology.

misdeed, n. offense, misdemeanor.

misdemeanor, n. offense, transgression.

misdoer, n. malefactor, offender, delinquent.

misdoing, n. See wrong-doing.

misemploy, v. pervert, misuse, misapply, prostitute.

misemployment, n. misapplication, misuse, perversion, prostitution.

miser, n. niggard, muckworm, curmudgeon, skinflint, hunks, lickpenny, pinchfist, screw, scrimp.

miserable, a. wretched, abject; deplorable, grievous, pitiable, calamitous; mean, despicable, contemptible, base, arrant, sordid, groveling.

miserly, a. niggardly, avaricious, sordid, parsimonious, penurious, close-fisted, close, stingy, curmudgeonly, hard-fisted.

misfortune, n. disaster, calamity, frustration, mischance, reverse, affliction, mishap, bad luck.

misgiving, n. doubt, suspicion, evil premonition.

misgovern, v. misrule.

misgovernment, n. maladministration, misrule.

mishap, n. See accident.

mishmash, n. medley, mixture.

misinterpret, v. misconstrue.

misinterpretation, n. misconstruction.

misleading, a. delusive, deceitful, fallacious, illusive.

misnaming, n. misnomer.

misrepresent, v. falsify, distort.

misrepresentation, n. falsification, distortion.

misrule, n. misgovernment, maladministration.

miss, n. failure, miscarriage; omission, oversight, default, mistake, error.

miss, v. fail, miscarry, skip, omit, overlook.

misshapen, a. deformed, unshapely.

missile, n. projectile, dejectile.

missing, a. absent, wanting.

mission, n. commission, delegation; errand, trust.

missionary, n. evangelist, missioner, revivalist, propagandist.

misspelling, n. cacography.

misstate, v. falsify, distort, misrepresent.

misstatement, n. falsification, misrepresentation.

misstep, n. faux pas.

mist, n. mizzle, misle, drizzle; fog, haze, brume.

mist, v. mizzle, drizzle; obscure, dim, befog.

mistake, n. misunderstanding, misapprehension, misconception; error, blunder, oversight, solecism, faux pas. impropriety, bull.

mistranslate, v. misrender, misconstrue, misinterpret.

mistreat, v. misuse, abuse, maltreat.

mistreatment, n. misuse, abuse, maltreatment.

mistress, n. matron, superior; sweetheart, flame, dulcinea, ladylove, amaryllis; paramour, concubine; demirep, lorette, Delilah, Phryne, corotte.

mistrust, v. doubt, question, suspect, distrust, apprehend.

mistrustful, a. distrustful, suspicious, apprehensive.

misty, a. obscure, hazy, foggy, orumous.

misunderstand, v. misconceive, miscomprehend, misapprehend.

misunderstanding, n. misconception, miscomprehension, misapprehension; variance, disagreement, dissension, controversy.

misuse, v. misapply, prostitute, pervert, profane; maltreat, abuse.

misuse, n. misapplication, prostitution, perversion, profanation, maltreatment, abuse.

mite, n. molecule, speck, atom, particle, mote.

mites, n. pl. Acarina.

mitigate, v. meliorate, alleviate, assuage, temper.

mitigation, n. melioration, alleviation, assuagement.

mitigative, a. assuasive, meliorative, mollifying.

mix, v. mingle, blend, combine, concoct, incorporate, amalgamate, commingle, impregnate, commix, compound, intermix, intersperse, interlard; associate, consort, fraternize.

mixable, a. miscible.

mixed, a. mingled, blended, amalgamated, compounded; promiscuous, miscellaneous, composite, conglomerate, indiscriminate, heterogeneous, motley. Antonyms: assorted, selected, unmixed.

mixture, n. blending, mingling, amalgamation, incorporation, conglomeration, infusion, intermixture, commixture, compound, decoction, concoction; medley, miscellany, gallimaufry, maslin, olio, farrago, hodgepodge, salmagundi, jumble, melange, heterogoneity, promiscuity.

moat, n. fosse, graffe.

mob, n. rabble, rabblerout; populace, canaille, riffraff.

mob law. lynch law.

mob rule. mobocracy, ochlocracy.

mock, a. sham, spurious, counterfieit, imitational.

mock, v. mimic, flout, taunt, imitate, gibe, ridicule, jeer, schout; balk, disappoint, delude, tantalize, elude; defy, disregard; ape, mimic, personate.

mocker, n. scorner, scoffer, jeerer; mimic.

mockery, n. mimicry, ridicule, derision, jeering, scouting, counterfeit, sham, travesty, farce; disappointment.

mocking, a. derisive, jeering; imitating, mimicking.

mode, n. manner, method, fashion, vogue, style.

model, n. pattern, prototype, exemplar, gauge, criterion, standard, paragon, archetype; manikin, manequin.

model, v. fashion, mould, shape.

model, a. exemplary.

moderate, v. temper, appease, diminish, mitigate, reduce.

moderate, a. sparing, temperate, frugal; reasonable, calm, deliberate; temperate, mild, clement, open; mediocre medium. Antonyms: See immoderate.

moderation, n. mitigation, diminution; temperance, restraint; calmness.

modest, a. unassuming, shy, unpretentious, unpretending, unobtrusive, retiring, demure, coy, reserved, unostentatious. Antonyms: See immodest.

modesty, n. unobtrusiveness, humility; delicacy, chastity, purity, decency, pudicity. Antonyms: immodesty, boldness, indelicacy.

modify, v. limit, qualify, adjust.

modulate, v. inflect; harmonize, attune, adjust, adapt.

modulation, n. inflection; adaptation, adjustment.

mogul, n. Mongolian; lord.

Mohammedan, n. Mahometan, Mussulman, Moslem, Saracen.

Mohammedanism, n. Mahometanism, Islam, Islamism, Moslemism.

moist, a. damp, humid, dank.

moisten, v. dampen, damp, wet.

moisture, n. dampness, humidity; humor. Associated Words: hygrostatics, hygrograph, hygrometer, hygroscopic, hygrometric, hygrometry, deliquescent.

molasses, n. treacle.

molecule, n. atom, monad.

molest, v. disturb, trouble, annoy.

molestation, n. disturbance.

mollify, v. appease, pacify, tranquilize.

moment, n. instant, minute, jiffy, trice; force, momentum, impetus; importance, materiality, weight, consequence.

momentary, a. instantaneous, transient.

momentum, n. impetus, force, moment.

monarch, n. sovereign. See ruler.

monarchy, n. sovereignty, kingdom, empire, realm.

monastery, n. abbey, priory, cloister, convent; hospice.

monetary, a. pecuniary.

money, n. currency, coin, capital, funds, finances, change, legal tender, lucre, pelf, specie, sterling, revenue, assets, wherewithal, spondulics (Slang); wampum; boodle; bribe; bonus. Associated Words: bullion, cambist, bank, banker, capitalist, chrysology, till, coffer, economics, coin, coinage, mint, mintage, financial, financier, Mammon, treasury, treasurer, monetary, monetize, monetization, demonetize, demonetization, numismatist, mumismatics, alimony, cameralistics, almoner, alms, numismatology.

mongrel, a. hybrid.

monitor, n. mentor, adviser, counselor.

monk, n. religious, monastic, cenobite, anchoret, friar, abbe, fakir. Associated Words: monkish, monastic, monastery, monasticism, conventual.

monk's-hood, n. wolfsbane, aconite.

monk's hood. cowl.

monkeylike, a. simious.

monogram, n. cipher.

monologist, n. soliloquist.

monologue, n. soliloquy.

monopolize, v. engross, forestall.

monotonous, a. unvaried, uniform, uninteresting, humdrum, tedious.

monotony, n. monotone, tedium.

monster, n. prodigy, enormity, abnormality, monstrosity lusus naturae; fiend, brute, ogre, villain; Cerberus, Chimera, Minotaur, Bucentaur.

monstrosity, n. abnormality, monster, lusus naturae.

monstrous, a. abnormal; enormous, colossal; atrocious.

month, n. Associated Words: ultimo, proximo, instant.

monthly, a. mensal, menstrual.

monument, n. tombstone, memorial; cenotaph; dolmen, cromlech. Associated Words: epitaph, lapidary.

mood, n. humor.

moon, n. satellite; Luna, Cynthia. Associated Words: selenology, selenography, apogee, wax, wane, epigee, selenocentric, selenograph, halo, orb, lunar, lunarian, interlunary, lunation, appulse, crescent, luniform.

moonshine, n. balderdash, flummery, fustian, nonsense.

moot, a. undecided, unsettled, debatable.

mooted, a. moot.

mop, n. malkin, swab; merkin (cannon mop).

mopboard, n. baseboard, surbase.

mopish, a. dejected, glum, dumpish, listless, dull, spiritless.

moral, a. ethical; virtuous, good; accountable, responsible, probable. Antonyms: immoral, licentious.

moral insanity. aesthesiomania.

morality, n. virtue, rectitude, probity, goodness. Antonym: immorality.

moral philosophy. deontology, ethology, ethics.

morass, n. slough, quagmire, bog, marsh, swamp.

Mormon, n. Latter-day Saint.

morning, n. forenoon; dawn, daybreak, aurora, cock-crowing, sunrise.

morning, a. matin, matutinal.

morning concert. (in the open air) aubade.

morning reception. levee.

morning service. matins.

morose, a. churlish, sulky, sullen, moody, splenetic, unamiable.

morsel, n. bite, mouthful; fragment, crumb, scrap.

mortally, adv. fatally.

mortar, n. Associated Word: pestle.

mortification, n. gangrene; chagrin, humiliation, abasement, embarrassment; repression, subjection.

mortify, v. gangrene; chagrin, embarrass, abase; repress, deny, restrain.

mosaic, a. tessellated, inlaid, variegated.

most, n. majority.

mote, n. particle, speck, mite.

moth-eaten, a. moth-fretted.

mother, n. materfamilias, matron, matriarch; generatrix; dam. Associated Words: cognate, cognation, matricide, maternalism, uterine, matriarchy, matriarchal.

motherhood, n. maternity.

motherly, a. maternal.

mother-of-pearl, n. nacre.

motion, n. movement, activity; gesture, signal, gesticulation; port, gait; impulse. Antonyms: inertia, rest, stagnation, immobility, quiescence, repose.

motionless, a. stationary, inert, stagnant, quiescent.

motive, n. incentive, inducement, incitement.

mottled, a. piebald, party-colored, spotted.

mould, n. matrix, matrice; pattern, model; mouldiness, mildew, blight, smut, fungus.

mould, v. form, shape, model, cast; knead.

mouldy, a. musty, mildewed, fusty, decaying.

moult, v. mew, exuviate.

moulting, n. exuviation.

mount, v. ascend; bestride.

mountain, n. mount. Associated Words: orology, orography, orogeny, montiform, butte, arete, spur, montanic, intermontane, oread, mountainous, ultramontane, bergstock, subalpine, alpenstock, range, ridge, submontane, alpestrine.

mountebank, n. quack; charlatan, impostor, empiric.

mourn, v. deplore, lament, regret, grieve, repine, sorrow, bemoan, bewail.

mournful, a. sorrowful, lugubrious, doleful, woful.

mourning, n. sorrow, grief, bereavement; weeds.

mouse, n. murine, rodent; pl. mice, vermin.

mousing, a. meddlesome, prying, intrusive.

mouthpiece, n. embouchure; spokesman.

movable, a. portable, mobile. Antonyms: immovable, fast, immobile.

move, v. transfer; migrate, immigrate, emigrate, remove; impel, propel, actuate, influence; budge, stir.

movement, n. motion, locomotion, transference, removal.

movement cure. kinesiatrics, kinesitherapy, lingism.

moving, a. motive.

mow, v. reap.

mowing, n. reaping.

mucus, n. phlegm.

mud, n. mire, ooze, muck; silt.

mud bath. illutation.

muddiness, n. turbidness, feculence, obscurity, miriness.

muddle, v. confuse, fuddle, bewilder.

muddle, n. confusion.

muddled, a. confused, addled.

muddy, a. feculent, turbid, roily; opaque, intransparent, confused, involved, incoherent.

mud-eating, a. limivorous.

muffle, v. wrap, envelop; deaden, subdue.

muffler, n. scarf, tippet.

mulct, n. fine, amercement.

mule, n. hybrid, hinny.

mule-driver, n. muleteer.

mulish, a. See stubborn.

mull, v. ruminate, ponder, cogitate.

mulligrubs, n. (Slang) colic.

multitude, n. crowd, throng, host.

mum, a. silent, speechless, dumb, mute.

mumble, v. mutter, maunder, mump.

mumbling, a. muttering, inarticulate, indistinct, incoherent.

mummery, n. masquerade, mimicry.

mumpish, a. moody, sullen, morose, sulky, unamiable.

mumps, n. parotitis; sullenness, the sulks.

munch, v. craunch.

murder, n. homicide.

murderer, n. homicide.

murderous, a. sanguinary, homicidal, fell.

muriatic acid. hydrochloric acid.

murky, a. lowering, dark.

murmur, v. grumble, complain, repine.

murmur, n. plaint, complaint; purl, babble; undertone.

murmuring, a. complaining, querulous, repining.

muscle, n. brawn, thew; sinew, tendon.

muscular, a. brawny, thewy, sinewy, stalwart.

muse, v. contemplate, ruminate, brood, ponder, mull, reflect.

muse, n. contemplation, meditation, revery.

Muses, n. pl. Pierides, tuneful nine (Calliope, Clio, Erato, Euterpe, Melpomene, Polymnia, Terpsichore, Thalia, Urania). Associated Word: Pierian.

mushroom, a. ephemeral, transitory.

mushrooms, n. pl. Fungi, agaric, Agaricaceae. Associated Words: mycology, agaricin, pileus, gills, spore. See Fungi.

music, n. melody, symphony, harmony; melodies, harmonics.

musical, a. melodious, harmonious, tuneful, symphonious.

musical entertainment. musicale, concert.

muskmelon, n. cantaloupe.

muss, n. confusion, litter, jumble, disorder.—v. disarrange, rumple, dishevel.

mustard plaster. sinapism.

muster, v. assemble, marshal.

musty, a. mildewed, fusty, mouldy, frowzy, rank, stale.

mute, a. dumb, obmutescent; silent, speechless.

mutilate, v. maim, dismember, mangle.

mutilation, n. maim, dismemberment, mangling.

mutinous, a. rebellious, insubordinate, seditious, insurgent, insurrectionary.

mutiny, n. insurrection, rebellion, insubordination, revolt.

mutter, v. maunder.

muttering, a. inarticulate, indistinct, maundering.

mutual, a. reciprocal.

mutuality, n. correlation, reciprocation, interchange.

muzzle, v. restrain, repress.

mysterious, a. inscrutable, cryptic, obscure, unexplainable, enigmatical, unfathomed, unfathomable, abstruse, mystic, inexplicable, recondite, cabalistic, occult, unexplained.

mystery, n. secret, enigma, riddle, intricacy, arcanum.

mystic, a. occult, esoteric, cabalistic, mystical.

mystification, n. bewilderment, perplexity, obfuscation.

mystify, v. bewilder, perplex, obfuscate, befog, nonplus.

mystifying, a. perplexing, confusing, bewildering, mysterious.

myth, n. legend, tradition, fable.

mythical, a. fabulous, legendary, traditional.


nab, v. (Colloq.) grab, snatch, seize.

nag, v. (Colloq.) plague, tease, twit, hector, torment, scold.

naive, a. artless, innocent, ingenuous, frank.

naivete, n. artlessness, innocence, ingenuousness, candor.

naked, a. nude, undressed, bare; unexaggerated, uncolored, exact, literal.

nakedness, n. nudity, bareness; exactness, literalness, accuracy.

name, n. appellation, designation, denomination; epithet, title, cognomen, surname, cognomination, pseudonym, patronymic, metronymic, alias, penname, praenomen, sobriquet, nom de plume, nom de guerre, nickname, eponym, misnomer, euphemism, agnomen, allonym, anonym, autonym, appellative, byname, caconym, cryptonym, compellation, compellative, dionym, trionym, polyonym, diminutive; repute, fame, renown, reputation. Associated Words: nominal, nominally, titular, titulary, onomatology, patronomatology, onomasticon, orismology, pseudepigraphy, pseudonymity, roster, register, nee, nomancy, namesake, eponymy, of that ilk, nomenclator, heteronym, synedoche, nominative.

name, v. entitle, denominate, style, call, christen, dub, term; designate, specify, nominate.

nameless, a. unnamed; undistinguished, inglorious, unknown, obscure; anonymous; unnamable, inexpressible.

namelessness, n. anonymity; obscurity.

names, n. pl. nomenclature, terminology.

Naples, n. Associated Word: Neapolitan.

narcotic, n. stupefacient, sedative, anaesthetic, opiate, anodyne.

narrate, v. recount, recite, tell about, relate.

narration, n. narrative, relation, recital, story.

narrative, n. narration, account, portrayal, story, tale.

narrow, a. limited, circumscribed, incapacious, contracted, straitened, cramped; bigoted, illiberal, uncatholic, narrow-minded, insular.

narrow, v. contract, reduce, constrict, restrict, limit, cramp, confine.

narrowing, n. contraction, reduction, constriction, limitation circumscription.

narrow-minded, a. illiberal, bigoted, intolerant, narrow, uncatholic.

narrow-mindedness, n. illiberality, bigotry, bias, intolerance, insularity, uncatholicity.

narrowness, n. contractedness, incapaciousness, circumscription.

narrows, n. strait, sound.

nastiness, n. squalor, filthiness, pollution, filth, corruption, dirtiness; indecency, smut, obscenity, bawdry, ribaldry, indelicacy, lewdness.

nasty, a. filthy, squalid, foul, polluted, dirty; indecent, indelicate, gross, ribald, lewd, obscene, smutty, shameless; odious, sickening, repulsive, nauseous, disgusting, disagreeable.

native, a. natal; indigenous, natural, aboriginal, autochthonal; vernacular, mother; genuine, congenital, inherent, inborn, inbred, innate, original. Antonyms: foreign, artificial, exotic, acquired, assumed, unnatural.

native, n. aboriginal, denizen (by birth), indigene.

natives, n. pl. aborigines.

natty, a. (Colloq.) neat, spruce, trim, jaunty, dapper, chic.

natural, a. native, inborn, congenital, innate, characteristic; original, indigenous; normal, regular, legitimate; artless, unaffected, ingenuous, spontaneous, simple; unregenerate. Antonyms: unnatural, acquired, affected, simulated.

naturalization, n. denization.

naturalize, v. familiarize, accustom, habituate, acclimatize, adapt, acclimate.

natural philosophy. physics.

nature, n. creation, universe, cosmos, world; kind, sort, character, quality, species; disposition, mood, temper, essence, constitution. Associated Words: physiography, physiogony, connatural, connaturalness.

nature worship. physiolatry.

naughty, a. disobedient, mischievous, perverse, forward, refractory.

nausea, n. seasickness; qualm, squeamishness, queasiness, qualmishness.

nauseate, v. sicken, disgust, revolt; recoil from, abhor, abominate.

nauseous, a. disgusting, nauseating, offensive, sickening, fulsome, distasteful.

nautical, a. naval, marine, maritime, oceanic.

nautilus, n. Tetrabranchiata; argonaut, paper nautilus; diving-bell.

naval, a. nautical, marine, maritime.

navel, n. umbilicus, omphalos.

navel string, funis, umbilical cord.

navigate, v. sail, cruise; guide, steer, direct; circumnavigate

near, a. nigh, close, adjacent, neighboring, contiguous, proximate, approximate to; intimate, confidential, bosom; immediate, imminent, impending, forthcoming.

Antonyms: distant, remote, far.

nearness, n. closeness, proximity, propinquity, contiguity, adjacency, imminence, approximation, approxi-mateness intimacy, familiarity.

near-sighted, a. myopic, short-sighted, purblind.

near-sightedness, n. myopia.

near-sighted person. myope.

neat, a. tidy, orderly, trim, clean, cleanly; tasteful, trim, finished, artistic, nice, excellent, adroit; dainty; spruce; dapper, natty. Antonyms: dowdy, slovenly, slatternly, untidy, tawdry, gaudy, frowzy, disorderly, unkempt.

necessary, a. requisite, essential, needed, needful, indispensable inevitable, unavoidable. Antonyms: nonessential, unnecessary, optional, discretional, casual, needless.

necessary, n. requisite, requirement, essential, sine qua non.

necessity, n. requisite, necessary, requirement, essential; exigency, urgency; indispensability. Antonyms: choice, option, contingency, doubtfulness, possibility.

neck, n. Associated Words: nape, cervical, scruff, atlas, axis, palea, dewlap, scrag, gula, nucha, auchenium, decollete, jugular, jugulum, wattle, wimple, wryneck, torticollis, Adam's apple, splenius, ruche, colliform, fichu, withers, gorget, carotid, goiter, retrocollic, cruels, nuchalgia, ruff, crane.

necktie, n. cravat, neckcloth, scarf, tie.

necromancer, n. wizard, sorcerer, magician, conjurer, exorcist, soothsayer, diviner.

necromancy, n. magic, conjuration, enchantment, sorcery, black art.

need, n. want, necessity, extremity, strait, exigency, urgency; poverty, penury, privation, indigence.

need, v. require, lack, want.

needful, a. requisite, necessary, essential, indispensable, required.

needleprick, n. acupuncture.

needless, a. unnecessary, groundless, unfounded.

needlewoman, n. seamstress.

needs, adv. necessarily.

needy, a. destitute, indigent, penniless, impecunious.

nefarious, a. atrocious, flagitious, heinous.

negation, n. denial, disavowal.

negative, n. denial, refusal. Antonym: affirmative.

neglect, n. disregard, omission, negligence, default, dereliction, remissness, oversight.

neglect, v. disregard, slight, overlook, ignore, omit.

neglectful, a. See negligent.

negligence, n. neglect, remissness, oversight, heedlessness, laches (Law).

negligent, a. neglectful, heedless, indifferent, slack, remiss, regardless, slothful, derelict, inattentive, careless Antonyms: careful, attentive, heedful.

negotiable, a. transferable.

negro, n. African, blackamoor, Ethiopian, Nigritian, Senegambian, Mandingo, negrillo, Papuan, Krooman; darkey, buck, nigger; (of mixed blood) mulatto, quadroon, octoroon, mestee, Zambo, Sambo, sacatra. Associated Words: negrophile, negrophilist, negrophilism, negrophobia.

negro, a. negritic, African, Ethiopian, negroid.

negro child. pickaninny.

negro woman. negress, wench.

neigh, n. and v. whinny.

neighborhood, n. vicinity, vicinage, locality, neighbors, venue (Law).

neighboring, a. adjacent, contiguous, neighbor, near.

neophyte, n. convert, proselyte; novice, tyro, beginner.

nerve, n. (Slang) boldness, audacity, presumption, effrontery, courage, assurance.

nerve, n. Associated Words: neurology, neurologist, neurography, neuron, lecithin, rete, plexus, neurasthenia, neurasthenic, neurotic, sensorium, funiculus, ganglion, hilum, neurism, innervation, neuration, neuritis, neuropathic, nervine, neuroma, neuropathy, neuroid, neuric, neuricity, aneuria, glioma, neurosis, cinerea, cholesterin, perineurium, epineurium, internuncial.

nerve, v. brace, strengthen, fortify, invigorate, energize.

nervous, a. excitable, sensitive, timorous.

nest, n. nidus; eyrie, aerie; retreat, den, haunt, resort. Associated Words: nidificate, nidification, neossine, caliology, cubilose, nidulant.

nestle, v. cuddle, snuggle.

net, n. toil, snare, gin, mesh; caul, trammel, seine, trawl, dredge, dragnet.

netted, a. reticulated, retiary, interwoven, complicated, reticulose.

nettle, n. Urtica. Associated words: urticate, urtication urtical.

nettle, v. irritate, provoke, exasperate, ruffle, incense, annoy.

network, n. mesh, interlacement, reticulation; plexus, rete, ganglion.

neutrality, n. indifference.

neutralize, v. counteract, counterbalance, invalidate.

nevertheless, adv. or conj. yet, however, notwithstanding.

new, a. recent, fresh, modern, novel, newfangled, neoteric, unfamiliar, strange; renewed, renovated, repaired, refreshed; unaccustomed, untried, inexperienced.

new custom. innovation.

newly, adv. lately, recently, freshly; anew, afresh, again.

news, n. tidings, word, report.

new word. neologism, neoterism, coinage. Associated Words: neology, neologic, neologist, neoterist, neoterize coin.

New York. Gotham.

New Yorker. Gothamite.

nice, a. fastidious, exacting, particular, punctilious, queasy, finical, difficult, squeamish, dainty; delicate, refined, dainty; discriminating, scrupulous, precise, discerning, subtle; exquisite, agreeable, pleasant, enjoyable, gratifying; fine, neat, finished.

nicety, n. niceness, precision; punctilio, subtlety, fine point.

niche, n. recess, cavity, nook, tabernacle.

nick, n. notch, indentation, dent, score, dint.

nick, v. notch, mar, deface, indent.

nickname, n. sobriquet.

nigger, n. (Colloq.) negro.

night, n. darkness. Associated Words: nocturnal, noctuary, noctidial, noctilucous, belated, benight, benighted, noctivagant, noctivagation, noctivagous, nocturne, noctiflorous pernoctalian, pernoctation, lychnobite.

night-blindness, n. hemeralopia.

nightingale, n. philomel, philomela.

nightly, a. nocturnal.

nightmare, n. incubus, cacodemon, succubus.

nightshade, n. belladonna.

night-sight, n. nyctalopia.

nimble, a. agile, sprightly, deft, lively, swift, brisk, active, spry. Antonyms: slow, sluggish, clumsy, dilatory, unready, dull, heavy.

nimble-fingered, a. dexterous.

nimbus, n. halo, glory, aureola.

nincompoop, n. (Slang) simpleton, dolt, witling, dunce. See fool.

nine, n. novenary, ennead.—a. enneatic. Associated Words: novennial, enneagon, nonagon, enneagonal, enneahedral, enneahedron.

nine days' devotion (religious). novena.

ninety, n. Associated Word: nonagesimal.

ninety years. Associated Word: nonagenarian.

nip, n. pinch; blast, cut; sarcasm, taunt, gibe.

nip, v. pinch; clip, cut off; blast, kill; chill, deaden, benumb.

nippers, n. pl. pincers, tweezers, pinchers, pliers.

nipping, a. biting, pinching, blasting, destructive.

nipple, n. teat, pap, dug, mammilla.

nitric acid. spirit of nitre, aquafortis.

nitrogen, n. azote.

no, n. refusal, denial, negative.

nobby, a. (Colloq.) modish, stylish, fashionable.

nobility, n. nobleness, high-mindedness, magnanimity, excellence, superiority, dignity; peerage, aristocracy, patrician class.

noble, a. eminent, exalted, magnanimous, superior; stately, magnificent, splendid, imposing, grand; aristocratic highborn, patrician.

noble, n. nobleman, peer, grandee. Antonyms: commoner, proletary, plebeian.

nobleman, n. noble, peer, lord, aristocrat, patrician, grandee.

noblewoman, n. peeress.

nobody, n. nonentity, jackstraw.

nod, n. bow.

nodding, n. bowing, nutation.—a. annuent, bowing, nutant.

noise, n. sound; racket, clamor, din, outcry, clatter, uproar, hubbub, tumult, rout, blare, vociferation, hullabaloo (Colloq.), powwow (Slang), hilarity.

noiseless, a. still, silent, quiet, inaudible.

noisome, a. unwholesome, noxious, pestilential; offensive, malodorous, fetid, stinking.

noisy, a. clamorous, boisterous, vociferous, turbulent, riotous, obstreperous, uproarious, blatant, discordant, brawling, hilarious.

nomad, n. wanderer.

nomadic, a. wandering, nomad.

nonchalance, n. indifference, coolness, carelessness, sang-froid, insouciance.

nonchalant, a. indifferent, cool, unconcerned, insouciant.

nonconformist, n. dissenter, recusant.

nonconformity, n. recusancy, dissent.

nondescript, a. undescribed, unclassifiable.

nonentity, n. non-existence; nobody, cipher.

non-essential, a. unimportant, incidental, adventitious.

nonesuch, n. paragon, pattern, nonpareil, model.

non-interference, n. laissez faire.

nonplus, v. perplex, puzzle, disconcert, confuse, embarrass, mystify, bewilder.

nonsense, n. absurdity, twaddle, bosh, fudge, silliness, balderdash, moonshine, amphigory, rigmarole.

nonsensical, a. absurd, senseless, preposterous, insensate, amphigoric, silly.

nook, n. retreat, corner, recess.

noon, n. meridian, noonday, noontide, midday.

normal, a. natural, regular. Antonyms: abnormal, unnatural.

northern, a. boreal, north, arctic, northerly, septentrion.

northern lights. aurora borealis.

northern regions. arctic regions, Thule, septentrion.

north pole. Associated Words: Polynia, polar, circumpolar.

north star. polestar, lodestar, Cynosure, Polaris.

north wind. Boreas.

Norwegian Parliament. Storthing, Lagthing.

nose, n. snout, nozzle, spout, proboscis, muzzle.

nose, n. Associated Words: nasal, rhinal, rhinology, rhinoplasty, coryza, aquiline, simous, retrousse, pug, snuff, snuffle, vomer, nostril, nasalize, nasalization, nasiform, polypus, vibrissa, grogblossom, rosedrop, snivel, rhinitis, rhinolith, septum.

nosebleeding, n. epistaxis.

nostalgia, n. homesickness.

notable, a. noticeable, conspicuous, plain, evident; signal, remarkable, famous.

notch, v. nick, score, indent, crenellate.

notch, n. nick, indentation, score, dent, crenature, serration, emargination.

notched, a. serrated, crenated, incised, emarginated.

notching, n. notch, indentation, serration, crenation.

note, n. billet; memorandum, minute, record; remark, comment, annotation, commentary, scholium, gloss; mark, token, sign, feature, peculiarity; observation, notice; distinction, repute, celebrity, reputation, fame, renown.

note, v. See notice; record, jot down; annotate, comment, postillate.

note-book, n. memorandum-book, commonplace book, adversaria, journal, diary.

noted, a. celebrated, renowned, eminent, distinguished, famous.

notes, n. pl. marginalia (marginal notes), adversaria.

noteworthy, a. memorable, remarkable.

nothing, n. non-existence, nonentity; bagatelle; naught, cipher, zero, null, nullity.

nothingness, n. nihility, non-existence, nullity.

notice, n. observation, cognizance, note, heed, attention, regard; announcement, citation, warning, notification; bulletin; recognition, civility, courtesy. Antonyms: disregard, connivance, inattention, heedlessness, ignoring, oversight, slight.

notice, v. see, observe, note, heed, recognize, perceive, mark, take cognizance of, pay attention to. Antonyms: ignore, connive, skip, neglect, slight, overlook, disregard.

noticeable, a. observable, appreciable, conspicuous, salient, prominent. Antonyms: unobservable, inappreciable, inconspicuous.

notification, n. See telling; notice, announcement, warning.

notify, v. inform, acquaint, tell, apprise, give notice to.

notion, n. conception, idea, concept; opinion, judgment, belief, view; inclination, intention, disposition; (Colloq.) knicknack, device.

notional, a. whimsical, capricious, irresolute, freakish, crotchety, changeable.

notoriety, n. repute (unfavorable), publicity.

notorious, a. talked of, evident, obvious, noted, famous (usually unfavorable).

notwithstanding, conj. despite, nevertheless, however.

noun, n. substantive.

nourish, v. feed, nurture; support; encourage, foster, cherish, promote.

nourishing, a. nutritious.

nourishment, n. nutrition; food, nutriment.

novel, a. new, recent, fresh, unusual, rare, unique, innovative.

novel, n. fiction, romance, story, tale.

novelty, n. newness; change, curiosity, innovation.

novice, n. tyro; probationer, proselyte, convert, novitiate

novitiate, n. apprenticeship; probation, tyronism, noviceship.

now, adv. instantly, immediately, at once, instanter.

now and then. occasionally, at intervals, infrequently, intermittently, sometimes, periodically, once in a while.

noxious, a. injurious, baneful, unwholesome, noisome.

nub, n. (Colloq.) knob, jag, protuberance, snag, excrescence.

nucleus, n. kernel, core, heart, center.

nude, a. See naked.

nudge, v. poke (with the elbow).

nugatory, a. futile, ineffectual, unavailing. See vain.

nuisance, n. plague, pest, bane, infliction, bore, offense.

null, a. invalid, nugatory.

nullification, n. invalidation, abrogation, cancellation, repeal.

nullify, v. invalidate, abrogate, cancel, repeal, countermand.

numb, a. deadened, unfeeling, insensible, benumbed.

numb, v. benumb, deaden.

number, v. enumerate; figure up, count, numerate.

number, n. numeral, figure, digit, integer; collection, multitude.

numbers, n. poetry, music, verse, song.

numbers, n. pl. Associated Words: numeral, numeric, notation, coefficient, numerary.

numbness, n. insensibility.

numerous, a. many, plentiful, multitudinous.

numskull, n. (Colloq.) dolt, dullard, dunce, lackwit, simpleton. See fool.

nunnery, n. convent, cloister, mynchery (ruins).

nuptial, a. hymeneal, bridal.

nuptials, n. pl. wedding, marriage, espousals.

nurse, v. suckle; nourish, cherish, foster, succor, foment, encourage; attend, tend; bring up, raise, nurture, rear.

nursery, n. creche (public nursery).

nursling, n. and a. suckling.

nurture, n. care, training; food, nourishment.

nurture, v. feed, nourish, nurse; educate, train, school.

nut-bearing, a. nuciferous.

nutriment, n. nourishment, food, aliment.

nutrition, n. nourishment, feeding; nutriment, food; eutrophy, (healthy nutrition); malnutrition, denutrition, innutrition, dystrophy (defective nutrition). Associated Words: threpsology, trophology, trophic.

nutritious, a. nourishing, nutritive. Antonym: innutritious.

nuts, n. pl. mast.

nut-shaped, a. nuciform.

nymph, n. dryad, sylph, Undine, nereid, hydriad, oread, houri, Daphne.


oar, n. paddle, scull, spoon oar. Associated Words: rowlock, loom, blade, wash, oarlock.

oar-shaped, a. remiform.

oat grasses. Avena. Associated Words: avenaceous, oaten.

oath, n. adjuration, pledge, sworn promise; curse, profanity, swearing, expletive, blasphemy. Associated Words: juratory, profane, imprecate.

oath-breaking, n. perjury.

obedience, n. compliance, submission, subservience; dutifulness. Antonyms: disobedience, incompliance, defiance, revolt, insubordination.

obedient, a. submissive, tractable, deferential, subservient, compliant, dutiful, docile, amenable. Antonyms: unsubmissive, intractable, disobedient.

obelisk, n. Associated Words: pyramidion, monolithic, hieroglyphics.

obey, v. comply, submit to, heed, regard, be ruled by.

object, v. disapprove, oppose, demur, contravene, gainsay, except, cavil.

object, n. thing, article; goal, purpose, aim, motive, intent, design, target, butt, destination, view.

objection, n. exception, scruple, demurrer, cavil. Antonyms: approval, acquiescence.

objectionable, a. exceptionable, offensive, obnoxious, undesirable, displeasing.

objectless, a. aimless, desultory, purposeless, vague.

obligation, n. accountableness, responsibility, incumbency, duty, indebtedness; agreement, contract, stipulation, covenant, bond.

obligatory, a. binding, incumbent, imperative, coercive. Antonyms: optional, discretional.

oblige, v. constrain, obligate; please, gratify, accommodate, coerce, compel, necessitate, force.

obliging, a. complaisant, gracious, accommodating, affable, debonair, deferential, yielding.

obliterate, v. efface, erase, blot out, remove, destroy, expunge.

obliteration, n. extinction, erasure, effacement, removal.

oblivious, a. unmindful, unconscious, forgetful, heedless, disregardful.

obnoxious, a. subject, liable; offensive, odious, hateful, displeasing.

obscene, a. smutty, lewd, gross, indecent, immodest, indelicate, ribald.

obscenity, n. lewdness, smut, ribaldry, indecency, bawdiness, immodesty.

obscure, a. abstruse, vague, recondite, indefinite, ambiguous; humble, inglorious, mean, undistinguished; secluded, retired, remote; shaded, darkened.

obscure, v. darken, obfuscate, bedim, eclipse; involve, dissemble, disguise, confuse.

obscuring, n. obscuration, obscurity.

obscurity, n. ambiguity, vagueness; privacy, seclusion, retirement; darkness, obfuscation, obscuration.

obsequious, a. sycophantic, cringing, fawning, deferential, servile.

obsequiousness, n. sycophancy.

obsolete, a. disused, archaic, antiquated, unfashionable, old-fashioned.

obstacle, n. obstruction, barrier, impediment, hindrance, stumbling-block.

obstetrician, n. midwife, accoucheur.

obstetrics, n. tocology, midwifery.

obstinacy, n. incompliance, doggedness, perversity, obduracy, intractability, stubbornness.

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