Mushrooms: how to grow them - a practical treatise on mushroom culture for profit and pleasure
by William Falconer
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Southern States, 10

Spawn, 13 American-made, 86 Amount of Imported, 80 Another Method by Lachaume, 94 Black Colored to be Avoided, 86 Breaking, 23 Brick,* 80 Brick, Cut in Pieces for Planting,* 97 Brick, How to Make, 87 Brick, the Best, 95 Depth to Plant, 98 Effect of Heat and Moisture Upon, 83 Effect of Severe Frost Upon, 83 English, 81 English Brick, 23 Flake, 82, 99 Flake, Does Best under Cover, 95 Flake or French,* 82 French, 82 French Flake, 24 Homemade Around London, 137 How to Distinguish Good from Poor, 84 How to Get, 79 How to Keep, 83 How to make French (Flake), 91 Imported from Europe, 79 In Leaf Beds, 68 In Manure, Do not Bury, 10 Inserting French or Flake, 98 Inserting more than Three Inches Deep, 105 Insuring Development of, 49 Lachaume's Method of Making, 93 Making, Distinct Branch, 87 Making French Virgin, 92 Mill-track, 81 Mr. J. Burton's Method of Making, 90 Natural, 81 New Versus Old, 83 Never use Dibber in Planting, 98 Other Recipes for Making, 89 Planting of in Open Fields, 54 Preparing the, 97 Principal American Growers of, 86 Relative Merits of Flake and Brick, 94 Signs of Sterility in, 85 Simplest Way of Making, 88 Steeped, 99 The Way in which it Comes, 81 To tell Quality by Smell of, 85 Transplanting Pieces of Working, 99 "Very Dead," 84 "Very Living," 84 Virgin, 82, 91 What is Mushroom, 78 Where Obtained, 79

Spiders, Red, 12

Spores, Myriads of, 78

Spurious Fungi, 102

Stable, Empty Stall in Horse, 13

Staging, Erecting Temporary, 46

Stairway, 16 In Pit, 32

Standard Crop, 9

Stoke-hole, 12

Stove, Common Iron, 26

Straw, Rye, 47

Sunlight, Protection from, 10

Temperature, 10 At Night, 41 About 57 deg. Suitable, 23 Fluctuations of, 15 From 50 deg. to 60 deg., 18 High, 19 In Dosoris Cellars, 109 In Midwinter, 33 Low, 15 Proper, 75, 109 Sudden Changes to be Avoided, 47 Too High, Guard Against, 76 Winter, 60 deg. Necessary, 38

Thrips, 12

Toads, 131 Not to be Recommended, 131 Upheaving Clumps of Mushrooms, 131

Toadstools, 102 On Hotbeds, 102 On Manure Piles, 102

Trapping Rats and Mice, 131

Traps for Wood Lice, 129

Tunnel, Subterranean, 27

Ventilation, Assisting, 17

Ventilator, Chimney-like, 22

Ventilators, 16, 28 Side Window, 35 Window and Doors, 21

Village People and Suburban Residents, 13

Wall, Cold, not Injurious 30

Walls 35

Warmth, Artificial, 17 Steady, 17

Water, Manure, for Beds in Full Bearing, 112 Space and Double Casing, 32

Watering, Endeavor to Lessen Necessity of, 111 For, use Clean, Soft Water, 111 Over Mulching, 111 Pot, Size to use, 112

Wife, Farmer's, 14

Windows, 16

Winds, Piercing, and Draughts, 39

Women Searching for Remunerative Employment, 14

Wood Lice, 129 Abundant in Mushroom Houses, 129 Eating Potato, 129 How to Trap, 129

Work, Clean, 14

A Valuable Periodical for everybody in City, Village, and Country.

The American Agriculturist. (ESTABLISHED 1842.)


A MONTHLY MAGAZINE of from 48 to 64 pages in each number, containing in each volume upward of 700 pages and over 1000 original engravings of typical and prize-winning Horses, Cattle, Sheep, Swine, and Fowls; New Fruits, Vegetables, and Flowers; House and Barn Plans; New Implements and Labor-saving Contrivances; and many pleasing and instructive pictures for young and old.

THE STANDARD AUTHORITY in all matters pertaining to Agriculture, Horticulture, and Rural Arts, and the oldest and most ably edited periodical of its class in the world.


The thousands of hints and suggestions given in every volume are prepared by practical, intelligent farmers, who know what they write about.

The Household Department is valuable to every housekeeper, affording very many useful hints and directions calculated to lighten and facilitate indoor work.

The Department for Children and Youth is prepared with special care, to furnish not only amusement, but also to inculcate knowledge and sound moral principles.

Subscription Terms: $1.50 a year, postage included; sample copies, 15c. each,


Address, AMERICAN AGRICULTURIST, 52 & 54 Lafayette Place, New York.



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Containing 116 8vo pages, profusely illustrated, and giving full descriptions of nearly 600 works on the following subjects:

Farm And Garden, Fruits, Flowers, Etc., Cattle, Sheep, and Swine, Dogs, Etc., Horses, Riding, Etc., Poultry, Pigeons, and Bees, Angling and Fishing, Boating, Canoeing, and Sailing, Field Sports and Natural History, Hunting, Shooting, Etc., Architecture and Building, Landscape Gardening, Household and Miscellaneous.

PUBLISHERS AND IMPORTERS. ORANGE JUDD CO., 52 & 54 Lafayette Place, New York.


Mushrooms. How to Grow Them.

For home use fresh Mushrooms are a delicious, highly nutritious and wholesome delicacy; and for market they are less bulky than eggs, and, when properly handled, no crop is more remunerative. Anyone who has an ordinary house cellar, woodshed, or barn can grow Mushrooms. This is the most practical work on the subject ever written, and the only book on growing Mushrooms ever published in America. The whole subject is treated in detail, minutely and plainly, as only a practical man, actively engaged in Mushroom growing, can handle it. The author describes how he himself grows Mushrooms, and how they are grown for profit by the leading market gardeners, and for home use by the most successful private growers. The book is amply and pointedly illustrated, with engravings drawn from nature expressly for this work. By Wm. Falconer. Is nicely printed and bound in cloth. Price, post-paid. 1.50

Allen's Mew American Farm Book.

The very best work on the subject; comprising all that can be condensed into an available volume. Originally by Richard L. Allen. Revised and greatly enlarged by Lewis F. Allen. Cloth, 12mo. 2.50

Henderson's Gardening for Profit.

By Peter Henderson. New edition. Entirely rewritten and greatly enlarged. The standard work on Market and Family Gardening. The successful experience of the author for more than thirty years, and his willingness to tell, as he does in this work, the secret of his success for the benefit of others, enables him to give most valuable information. The book is profusely illustrated. Cloth, 12mo. 2.00

Fuller's Practical Forestry.

A Treatise on the Propagation, Planting, and Cultivation, with a description and the botanical and proper names of all the indigenous trees of the United States, both Evergreen and Deciduous, with Notes on a large number of the most valuable Exotic Species. By Andrew S. Fuller, author of "Grape Culturist" "Small Fruit Culturist" etc. 1.50

The Dairyman's Manual.

By Henry Stewart, author of "The Shepherd's Manual," "Irrigation," etc. A useful and practical work by a writer who is well known as thoroughly familiar with the subject of which he writes. Cloth, 12mo. 2.00

Truck Farming at the South.

A work giving the experience of a successful grower of vegetables or "grain truck" for Northern markets. Essential to any one who contemplates entering this promising field of Agriculture. By A. Oemler, of Georgia. Illustrated. Cloth, 12mo. 1.50

Harris on the Pig.

New edition. Revised and enlarged by the author. The points of the various English and American breeds are thoroughly discussed, and the great advantage of using thoroughbred males clearly shown. The work is equally valuable to the farmer who keeps but few pigs, and to the breeder on an extensive scale. By Joseph Harris. Illustrated. Cloth, 12mo. 1.50

Jones's Peanut Plant—Its Cultivation and Uses.

A practical Book, instructing the beginner how to raise good crops of Peanuts. By B. W. Jones, Surry Co., Va. Paper Cover, .50

Barry's Fruit Garden.

By P. Barry. A standard work on fruit and fruit-trees; the author having had over thirty years' practical experience at the head of one of the largest nurseries in this country. New edition, revised up to date. Invaluable to all fruit-growers. Illustrated. Cloth, 12mo. 2.00

The Propagation of Plants.

By Andrew S. Fuller. Illustrated with numerous engravings. An eminently practical and useful work. Describing the process of hybridizing and crossing species and varieties, and also the many different modes by which cultivated plants may be propagated and multiplied. Cloth, 12mo. 1.50

Stewart's Shepherd's Manual.

A Valuable Practical Treatise on the Sheep for American farmers and sheep growers. It is so plain that a farmer, or a farmer's son, who has never kept a sheep, may learn from its pages how to manage a flock successfully, and yet so complete that even the experienced shepherd may gather many suggestions from it. The results of personal experience of some years with the characters of the various modern breeds of sheep, and the sheep-raising capabilities of many portions of our extensive territory and that of Canada—and the careful study of the diseases to which our sheep are chiefly subject, with those by which they may eventually be afflicted through unforeseen accidents—as well as the methods of management called for under our circumstances, are here gathered. By Henry Stewart. Illustrated. Cloth, 12mo. 1.50

Allen's American Cattle.

Their History, Breeding, and Management. By Lewis F. Allen. This Book will be considered indispensable by every breeder of live stock. The large experience of the author in improving the character of American herds adds to the weight of his observations, and has enabled him to produce a work which will at once make good his claims as a standard authority on the subject. New and revised edition. Illustrated. Cloth, 12mo. 2.50

Fuller's Grape Culturist.

By. A. S. Fuller. This is one of the very best of works on the culture of the hardy grapes, with full directions for all departments of propagation, culture, etc., with 150 excellent engravings, illustrating planting, training, grafting, etc. Cloth, 12mo. 1.50

White's Cranberry Culture.

CONTENTS:—Natural History.— History of Cultivation.— Choice of Location.— Preparing the Ground.— Planting the Vines.— Management of Meadows.— Flooding— Enemies and Difficulties Overcome.— Picking.— Keeping.— Profit and Loss.— Letters from Practical Growers.— Insects Injurious to the Cranberry. By Joseph J. White. A practical grower. Illustrated. Cloth, 12mo. New and revised edition. 1.25

Herbert's Hints to Horse-Keepers.

This is one of the best and most popular works on the Horse in this country. A Complete Manual for Horsemen, embracing: How to Breed a Horse; How to Buy a Horse; How to Break a Horse; How to Use a Horse; How to Feed a Horse; How to Physic a Horse (Allopathy or Homoepathy); How to Groom a Horse; How to Drive a Horse; How to Ride a Horse, etc. By the late Henry William Herbert (Frank Forester), Beautifully Illustrated. Cloth, 12mo. 1.75

Henderson's Practical Floriculture.

By Peter Henderson. A guide to the successful propagation and cultivation of florists' plants. The work is not one for florists and gardeners only, but the amateur's wants are constantly kept in mind, and we have a very complete treatise on the cultivation of flowers under glass, or in the open air, suited to those who grow flowers for pleasure as well as those who make them a matter of trade. The work is characterized by the same radical common sense that marked the author's "Gardening for Profit," and it holds a high place in the estimation of lovers of agriculture. Beautifully illustrated. New and enlarged edition. Cloth, 12mo. 1.50

Harris's Talks on Manures.

By Joseph Harris, M. S., author of "Walks and Talks on the Farm," "Harris on the Pig." etc. Revised and enlarged by the author. A series of familiar and practical talks between the author and the deacon, the doctor, and other neighbors, on the whole subject of manures and fertilizers; including a chapter specially written for it by Sir John Bennet Lawes, of Rothamsted, England. Cloth, 12mo. 1.75

Waring's Draining for Profit and Draining for Health.

This book is a very complete and practical treatise, the directions in which are plain, and easily followed. The subject of thorough farm drainage is discussed in all its bearings, and also that more extensive land drainage by which the sanitary condition of any district may be greatly improved, even to the banishment of fever and ague, typhoid and malarious fever. By Geo. E. Waring, Jr. Illustrated. Cloth 12mo. 1.50

The Practical Rabbit-Keeper.

By Cuniculus. Illustrated. A comprehensive work on keeping and raising Rabbits for pleasure as well as for profit. The book is abundantly illustrated with all the various Courts, Warrens, Hutches, Fencing, etc., and also with excellent portraits of the most important species of rabbits throughout the world. 12mo. 1.50

Quinby's New Bee-Keeping.

The Mysteries of Bee-keeping Explained. Combining the results of Fifty Years' Experience, with the latest discoveries and inventions, and presenting the most approved methods, forming a complete work. Cloth, 12mo. 1.50

Profits in Poultry.

Useful and Ornamental Breeds and their Profitable Management. This excellent work contains the combined experience of a number of practical men in all departments of poultry raising. It is profusely illustrated and forms an unique and important addition to our poultry literature. Cloth, 12mo. 1.00

Barn Plans and Outbuildings.

Two Hundred and Fifty-seven Illustrations. A most Valuable Work, full of Ideas, Hints, Suggestions, Plans, etc., for the Construction of Barns and Outbuildings, by Practical writers. Chapters are devoted, among other subjects, to the Economic Erection and Use of Barns. Grain Barns, House Barns, Cattle Barns, Sheep Barns, Corn Houses, Smoke Houses, Ice Houses, Pig Pens, Granaries, etc. There are likewise chapters upon Bird Houses, Dog Houses, Tool Sheds, Ventilators, Roofs and Roofing, Doors and Fastenings, Work Shops, Poultry Houses, Manure Sheds, Barn Yards, Root Pits, etc. Recently published. Cloth, 12mo. 1.50

Parsons on the Rose.

By Samuel B. Parsons. A treatise on the propagation, culture, and history of the rose. New and revised edition. In his work upon the rose, Mr. Parsons has gathered up the curious legends concerning the flower, and gives us an idea of the esteem in which it was held in former times. A simple garden classification has been adopted, and the leading varieties under each class enumerated and briefly described. The chapters on multiplication, cultivation, and training are very full, and the work is altogether one of the most complete before the public. Illustrated. Cloth, 12mo. 1.00

Heinrich's Window Flower Garden.

The author is a practical florist, and this enterprising volume embodies his personal experiences in Window Gardening during a long period. New and enlarged edition. By Julius J. Heinrich. Fully Illustrated. Cloth, 12mo. .75

Liautard's Chart of the Age of the Domestic Animals.

Adopted by the United States Army. Enables one to accurately determine the age of horses, cattle, sheep, dogs, and pigs. .50

Pedder's Land Measurer for Farmers.

A convenient Pocket Companion, showing at once the contents of any piece of land, when its length and width are known, up to 1,500 feet either way, with various other useful farm tables. Cloth, 18mo; .60

How to Plant and What to Do with the Crops.

With other valuable hints for the Farm, Garden and Orchard. By Mark W. Johnson. Illustrated. CONTENTS: Times for Sowing Seeds; Covering Seeds; Field Crops; Garden or Vegetable Seeds, Sweet Herbs, etc.; Tree Seeds; Flower Seeds; Fruit Trees; Distances Apart for Fruit Trees and Shrubs; Profitable Farming; Green or Manuring Crops; Root Crops; Forage Plants; What to do with the Crops; The Rotation of Crops; Varieties; Paper Covers, post-paid. .50

Your Plants.

Plain and Practical Directions for the Treatment of Tender and Hardy Plants in the House and in the Garden. By James Sheehan. The above title well describes the character of the work—"Plain and Practical." The author, a commercial florist and gardener, has endeavored, in this work, to answer the many questions asked by his customers, as to the proper treatment of plants. The book shows all through that its author is a practical man, and he writes as one with a large store of experience. The work better meets the wants of the amateur who grows a few plants in the window, or has a small flower Garden, than a larger treatise intended for those who cultivate plants upon a more extended-scale. Price, post-paid, paper covers. .40

Husmann's American Grape-Growing and Wine-Making.

By George Husmann of Talcoa vineyards, Napa, California. New and enlarged edition. With contributions from well-known grape-growers, giving a wide range of experience. The author of this book is a recognized authority on the subject. Cloth, 12mo. 1.50

The Scientific Angler.

A general and instructive work on Artistic Angling, by the late David Foster. Compiled by his Sons. With an Introductory Chapter and Copious Foot Notes, by William C. Harris, Editor of the "American Angler." Cloth, 12mo. 1.50

Keeping One Cow.

A collection of Prize Essays, and selections from a number of other Essays, with editorial notes, suggestions, etc. This book gives the latest information, and in a clear and condensed form, upon the management of a single Milch Cow. Illustrated with full-page engravings of the most famous dairy cows. Recently published. Cloth, 12mo. 1.00

Law's Veterinary Adviser.

A Guide to the Prevention and Treatment of Disease in Domestic Animals. This is one of the best works on this subject, and is especially designed to supply the need of the busy American Farmer, who can rarely avail himself of the advice of a Scientific Veterinarian. It is brought up to date and treats of the Prevention of Disease, as well as of the Remedies. By Prof. Jas. Law. Cloth, Crown 8vo. 3.00

Guenon's Treatise on Milch Cows.

A Treatise on the Bovine Species in General. An entirely new translation of the last edition of this popular and instructive book. By Thos. J. Hand, Secretary of the American Jersey Cattle Club. With over 100 Illustrations, especially engraved for this work. Cloth, 12mo. 1.00

The Cider Maker's Handbook.

A complete guide for making and keeping pure cider. By J. M. Trowbridge. Fully Illustrated. Cloth, 12mo. 1.00

Long's Ornamental Gardening for Americans.

A treatise on Beautifying Homes, Rural Districts, and Cemeteries. A plain and practical work at a moderate price, with numerous illustrations, and instructions so plain that they may be readily followed. By Elias A. Long. Landscape Architect. Illustrated. Cloth, 12mo. 2.00

The Dogs of Great Britain, America and Other Countries.

New, enlarged and revised edition. Their breeding training and management, in health and disease; comprising all the essential parts of the two standard works on the dog, by "Stonehenge," thereby furnishing for $2 what once cost $11.25. Contains Lists of all Premiums given at the last Dog Shows. It Describes the Best Game and Hunting Grounds in America. Contains over One Hundred Beautiful Engravings, embracing most noted Dogs in both Continents, making together, with Chapters by American Writers, the most Complete Dog Book ever published. Cloth, 12mo. 2.00

Stewart's Feeding Animals.

By Elliot W. Stewart. A new and valuable practical work upon the laws of animal growth, specially applied to the rearing and feeding horses, cattle, diary cows, sheep and swine. Illustrated. Cloth, 12mo. 2.00

How to Co-operate.

A Manual for Co-operators. By Herbert Myrick. This book describes the how rather than the wherefore of co-operation. In other words it tells how to manage a co-operative store, farm or factory, and co-operative dairying, banking and fire insurance, and co-operative farmers' and women's exchanges for both buying and selling. The directions given are based on the actual experience of successful co-operative enterprises in all parts of the United States. The character and usefulness of the book commend it to the attention of all men and women who desire to better their condition. 12mo. Cloth. 1.50

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2. Asterisks are used in the index to refer to illustrations.


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