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7. They never decompose or lose their strength.

8. They are absolutely free from minerals, mercurials, caustics or irritants.

9. They will do precisely what and all that is claimed for them.

Civiale's knowledge of the anatomy, physiology and pathology of the Genito-Urinary (Sexual and Urinary) organs, especially fitted him to study and investigate this subject. It did not take him long to perceive that Lallemand's idea that the deep urethra, where the seminal ducts open into it, was the real seat of the disease in both Spermatorrhoea and Impotence, was the true and correct one, and therefore, that any plan of treatment, to be successful, must look to allaying and healing the inflammation, congestion or ulceration of the urethra at the neck of the bladder, and stopping the losses.

He reasoned that when the inflammation, irritation and spasm of these parts, and of the seminal ducts, was relieved, the drain of the vital fluid would cease, the dilated mouths of the ducts contract, the vital fluid become thicker and healthier, the organs increase to natural size, and the distressing nervous symptoms, oftentimes dangerous to life or reason, cease to trouble the patient.

{Illustration: Fig. 7. Exact Size and Shape of a Civiale Soluble Urethral Crayon. (Inserted into canal of organ.)}

These Crayons shown here are small, soft, smooth, perfectly flexible, and dissolve as soon as they are pushed into the urethral canal, thus bringing the remedies directly in contact with the ulcerated and eroded parts, it even running down the ducts into the seminal vesicles themselves.

The growth, vigor and future prosperity of every nation depend upon the strength and energy of its young men, and if the places of the robust and healthy are to be filled by effeminate, weakened, nervous and physically drained youths, such as the terrible vice of masturbation is yearly giving us, the results cannot be other than disastrous. The advice, warning and guidance of parents and guardians must be looked to for prevention; the method and remedies of Lallemand and Civiale for a cure.


There are some persons who, from having used various forms of medicated bougies—having had sounds, catheters and bougies roughly passed upon them by unskillful persons—or merely from an indistinct belief, based upon hearsay or tradition, feel some hesitancy about passing anything into the organ for fear that it may do harm, cause pain, or give rise to stricture.

The majority of these timid people have got this idea from hearing it said that stricture and inflammation have often been caused by gonorrhoea (clap) injections, and they therefore have the idea that anything put into the urethra will do harm. There is not the slightest doubt but that strong injections of nitrate of silver, zinc, copper, carbolic acid and the like (of which these injections are usually made) have, in many instances, caused severe inflammation and, eventually, stricture.

But that is no reason why proper and absolutely unirritating and bland medicines, such as those in the Civiale Crayons, should do this—and they don't do it. Make up a strong injection of zinc, copper, &c., and take a swallow of it. It will burn and pain your mouth and throat, make you hoarse, and for days afterward you will find it painful to swallow. Put a troche or lozenge, properly medicated for the purpose, into your mouth, and, instead of causing pain, irritation and difficulty in swallowing, it will relieve these symptoms if they exist, cool and calm the membrane, soothe the irritation, and give tone and strength to the vocal chords.


(1.) They are wholly unlike any caustic, metallic or irritating injection.

(2.) They do not contain a grain of any mineral, caustic or irritant of any kind.

(3.) Their ingredients are purely vegetable.

(4.) They soothe, calm and allay irritation, and give strength and tone to the mucous membrane, Seminal Ducts, Generative Nerves and Prostate Gland.

(5.) They do not cause stricture, but they cure it if it exists.

(6.) Allow one to dissolve in the mouth, eye, ear, nose, or, in fact anywhere. and they will be found to possess only soothing and healing properties.

(7.) They can be inserted into the penis without the slightest trouble, and, melting rapidly and easily, flow down in a bland, soothing, healing and strength and life-giving stream, over the diseased parts.

These Crayons have been in constant use in Paris for the past 25 years, and have never yet, and never will, cause the slightest pain or irritation. Patients may rest assured, therefore, that in using these standard French Remedies they are absolutely protected, and need not feel the slightest degree of fear. Indeed, so well established is this fact that we are willing to pay $1,000 (one thousand dollars) to any person or persons who can cite a single instance when the Civiale Crayons have ever done the slightest harm.

The disease is in the Urethra or Urine Channel, whether it be Spermatorrhoe, Impotence, Prostatitis or gleet, and in order to effect a lasting cure, the remedies must be applied directly to the diseased membrane. In nine cases out of ten, Spasmodic Stricture already exists and must be cured before the person can get well, and the only way to cure it is to apply the medicines directly to it.

It would be as silly for a man with an ulcer on his leg, or a crushed finger, to expect to cure it by taking drugs by the stomach and not applying proper lotions and salves directly to it, as to try to cure seminal disease or weakness without going right to the spot, as can be done by the use of the elegant and harmless Crayons of Civiale.

It was by establishing the fact of local disease and a local remedy clearly and distinctly, upon both physiological and pathological grounds and data, that Lallemand and Civiale gained such world-wide reputation. And it was the discovery of not only the proper remedies, but an elegant and perfect means of applying them directly to the very seat and root of the disease, that has made the Civiale Method so justly famous, and has crowned its use with such undoubted success in this country, even in cases where every other plan and agent had failed.


We feel no hesitation whatever in guaranteeing a perfect and permanent cure of Spermatorrhoea, Impotence, Debility, &c., &c., in any case wherein our Medical Director decides that a cure is possible by any means, if the patient will use reasonable care and diligence in pursuing the treatment, and this is not hard or tiresome; on the contrary, it is easy, simple and direct.

We say "in any case wherein our Medical Director decides that a cure is possible by any means," and we say it with a purpose, for it is our aim and desire, at all times, to be perfectly frank and honest with those who consult us. There are cases that no remedy, be it ever so good, can cure, and when such a one occurs in our practice, we endeavor to show the patient his exact condition, and not (as is so often done) try to persuade him to purchase remedies that we know will do him no good, or, at least, be but an experiment. So, in consulting our Physicians, you may be sure of at least an honest opinion, in exact conformity with the facts in your case.



The Different Forms of Remedies for Different Forms of Sexual and Urinary Diseases.

These Crayons are put up in packages, each of which will last one month. A single package is ordinarily sufficient for mild cases of either Spermatorrhoea or Impotence. From two to three packages are required for chronic, severe or obstinate cases, or where the person is much debilitated or advanced in years. There are five kinds:

No. 1—For Spermatorrhoea and Chronic Debility. No. 2—For Impotence or Lost Power. No. 3—For Urinary, Kidney, Bladder or Prostate Troubles. No. 4—For Gonorrhoea. No. 5—For Gleet and Stricture (of Venereal Origin). Also: No. 6—A Before-Marriage Tonic Course. No. 7—A Developing Lotion for Weak and Wasted Organs.

The following are the main symptoms of each class, with the kind of course they usually call for. If the patient has the symptoms of both classes he is evidently in an advanced stage, and needs both courses.


The reader is warned against confounding the CIVIALE URETHRAL CRAYONS with the American Medicated Bougies, Injections, Pastilles, and the like. The disease is really seated in the Urethra (urine canal), and can be easily and painlessly medicated, and certainly cured, by means of the CIVIALE CRAYONS.

{Illustration: Fig. 8. Exact Size and Shape of a Civiale Soluble Urethral Crayon. (Inserted into canal of organ).}



For Spermatorrhoea, Nervous Debility and Masturbation.

SYMPTOMS: Emissions (day or night), Oozing of a glairy fluid under excitement and imaginings, presence of the opposite sex, etc., Partial and Imperfect Erections, Desire to Masturbate, Formation of Evil Pictures in the Mind, Flushing and Chilliness, Stupidity and Tendency to Doze or Sleep, Mental Hebetude, Failing Memory, Lack of Power of Application, Energy or Concentration, Restlessness, Pain and Smarting in passing urine, Wetting the Bed, Pain in the Kidneys, Headache, Pimples on the face or body, Itching or peculiar sensations about the scrotum (bag), thighs, legs, anus, etc., Wasting of the Organs, Stringiness and Softening of the Testicles, Dyspepsia, Sluggish Bowels, Torpid Liver, Failing Sight, Pains in the Head (front, top and back), Chest, Limbs, etc., Sensation of the Bowels Falling Out, Dizziness on stooping over or kneeling, Specks before the Eyes, Erotic dreams, Melancholy (developing sometimes into Insanity), Numbness of arms, hands, feet or legs (precursors of Paralysis), Twitchings of the muscles of the eyelids and elsewhere (sometimes ending in Epileptic Fits or St. Vitus' Dance), Timidity, Diabetes and Deposits in the Urine, Troubled Breathing, Indecision, Loss of Will Power, Bashfulness, Burning of the face, Coldness and Clamminess of the feet and hands, also of the Scrotum (or bag), Palpitation of the heart, Early loss of fluid during connection. Feelings of gloom, despondency, hopelessness of a cure, or fear of impending danger or misfortune, Tenderness of the scalp and spine, Dryness and Itching of the skin, Sudden Sweating, Sudden Nervous Trembling, Noises and Reports in the ears and brain, Weight on the brain, Weak and flabby muscles, easily tired after slight exertion, Desire to sleep late in the mornings, and failure to be rested by sleep, Weakness and torpor the day after a nightly emission has occurred, the Oozing of a thick white fluid from the urethra when constipated or straining at stool, Varicocele, etc., etc.

$5 per Box. Full Course of 3 Boxes, for obstinate and chronic cases, $12.

SPECIAL NOTE.—It is a rare thing for any one patient to have all these symptoms, and some may have some not here mentioned, but it is important to know just which they do have. Persons desiring treatment will, therefore, please tear out the proper page, and having crossed out such symptoms as they do not have, return it to us for the consideration of our physician. To save delay, it is best in ordinarily severe cases to send the price of one course, and leave the selection to our physician's discretion. When less is needed than what is paid for, the balance due the patient will be returned to him with the necessary medicine.



For Impotence, Failing or Lost Strength and Vigor of the Generative Organs, Sterility, etc., etc.

SYMPTOMS.—(Impotence may arise without any previous symptoms of Spermatorrhoea, and solely as the result of abuse, overwork, confinement, blows, falls, fever, etc., but it is often the direct result of Spermatorrhoea, forming the third stage of that disorder). Loss of Sexual Desire or Power, Imperfect or Rapidly Failing Erections, Too Early Emissions During Connection (denoting irritability), Delayed Emissions (denoting blunting of sensation), Failure to Consummate Marital Duties, Oozing of vital fluid, Unnatural Desire, but not sufficient power, Nervous Exhaustion, etc., Wasting of the Organs, etc., etc., etc.

1 Box, for simple or recent cases, $6. Full Course of 3 Boxes, for severe or chronic cases, men past middle age, feeble subjects, etc., etc., $15.



For Kidney, Bladder, Prostatic and Other Urinary Difficulties.

SYMPTOMS.—Frequent urination, Rising at night to urinate, Pain or Scalding in passing water, Dribbling of Urine after completing the act, Pain and aching in the perineum, Mucous oozing from Prostatitis, Gravel, brick-dust deposit, and other sediments, Stone in the bladder, Diabetes, Irritation and Enlargement of the Prostate Gland, Congestion and Inflammation of the Kidneys, Bloody Urination, etc., etc. (Many cases of Seminal Disease are due to or made worse by urinary trouble, especially Prostatic Disease, existing at the same time. Hence, when such is the case, it is important to treat the urinary as well as the seminal disease in order to be certain to permanently and thoroughly cure both. The action of the Civiale Urethral Crayons in these cases is prompt and satisfactory. Indeed, this is the only known means of reaching and curing Prostatic Affections.

1 Box, $5. 2 Boxes, $9. Full Course, 3 Boxes, $12.



For Gonorrhoea.

One box a certain cure. Prompt, painless, and leaves no stricture. Constantly used in L'Hopital du Midi and L'Hopital Lourcine, the two great venereal disease hospitals of Paris—the one for males, the other for females—as well as in the others.

$5 Per Box.



For Gleet and Stricture (When the result of Venereal Disease).

The formula used in preparing these Urethral Crayons is one of the finest the great Civiale conceived. Repeated trials and modifications finally ended in an almost perfect remedy. Gleet or obstinate milky discharge or oozing of from two to twelve years' standing yielded painlessly and permanently to their use. Stricture, too, even when organic, if not so far advanced as to interfere seriously with urination, yielded kindly to this treatment, being gradually dissolved and absorbed until, at last, the canal was left free and clear, and all the symptoms of urinary irritation had disappeared. Testimony from Dr. Lorey, Interne at the Hopital du Midi, will give some idea of the popularity of this form of treatment in Paris. With them he cured eighty consecutive cases of Chronic Gleet.

$5 Per Box. 2 Boxes, $8. 3 Boxes, $10.



This is the course we have already adverted to under the head of marriage, and we believe that enough was there said to make plain both its object and application. This, unlike the preceding courses, is, so to speak, a mixed one, consisting of a combination of (1) Tonics and Sexual Nervines to be taken by the mouth; (2) A Specially Prepared Course of Crayons (tonic, anti-spasmodic and detergent), to be used in the urethra, and (3) a lotion or application which, by being gently applied to the parts once a day with a sponge, soft cloth or the hand, adds greatly to the strength and erectile power, as well as the tone, development and vigor of the testicles.

These are put up under the strict personal supervision of our head chemist, Mr. Du Bell, and are exactly in accordance with the formlae and instructions of the late Prof. Civiale.

Price per Set, $25.

This Course may be used alone or in connection with any of the other Courses. No man (or woman either) could be injured by it, and many weak and impotent sufferers will find in its use health, strength and bodily and mental vigor.

In some instances the Tonic Regulator and Lotion part of this Course are advisable without the Crayons, and hence we quote their price separately.

Tonic Regulator, $10. Lotio Fortior, $5.

{Illustration: DR. LOREY, Interne at l'Hopital du Midi, Paris.}


Civiale's Tonic-Regulator is all that its name indicates and much more besides. It is composed of Tonics, Nervines, Bitters, Laxatives, Nerve Foods, Cholagogues (acting on the Liver), Diuretics and Diaphoretics (remedies acting on the Kidneys and Skin and thereby increasing their secretions and cleansing and purifying the Blood), Digestives, etc., etc., etc. It will thus be seen that a more complete and uniform General Tonic-Regulator could not be devised, for it acts upon the Brain, Mind, Nervous System, Digestive Organs, Spleen and Pancreas, the Bowels (keeping them in a healthy and regular manner only—not purging or weakening), upon the Heart, Lungs, Skin, Blood and Kidneys.

So skillfully is the combination made that no one ingredient interferes with the other, but on the contrary each seems to vie with the other in building up and renovating a shattered, weakened and disordered system.

Bilious, soggy, sleepy men, with aching heads, foul breaths, bad tasting mouths on rising, clogged secretions, sense of inability to exertion, furred or yellow tongues, and the like, absolutely need the Tonic-Regulator, and not Blue Mass or Anti-Bilious Pills. Weak, nervous, spiritless, exhausted, debilitated, pale, ambitionless, easily tired, prone to become short of breath and have pain in side on running, who find it hard to get sleep, are restless, brood over their troubles, real or imaginary, start at loud noises or sudden jars, perspire too easily, flush too readily, are not rested by sleep, and who are neuralgic, certainly need the Tonic-Regulator, and will find it rapid in action and very pleasant in its results. Health, strength, vigor, rosy cheeks, elastic step, cheery voice, zest and happiness, hope and ambition, hardy flesh and good ruddy blood, made by a perfect digestion of strong foods, will certainly follow, and as they come, all the old myths and phantoms, the melancholy, dread and brooding will disappear like unhealthy nightly vapors before the sun.

Men, young or old, who have let business cares and worries, mental trouble, family jars, overwork and constant brain wear and tear, confinement, or long hours in unhealthy offices, lack of exercise, too rapid bolting of food, and the like, ruin their previously good constitutions; or those who, through youthful abuses committed in ignorance and repented so bitterly, or later excesses from unbridled passions, have drained their vitality, established a condition of sexual atony (a, without; tonos, tone or strength or vigor), or done serious harm to their nervous systems, brains or minds, will find the very Vital Restorative and Special Generative Tonic they need the most in Civiale's Tonic-Regulator.

It does not do one thing; it does many. While it throws open one door to let health, strength and vigor enter, it opens others for poisonous secretions, blood impurities and waste products to escape. It not only makes the blood purer and richer, but it strengthens the organ (the heart) that pumps it everywhere throughout the system. It not only builds up and rejuvenates the general system, but it brings vernal strength and power to the weakened and debilitated organs.

It was here that Civiale made Common Sense and Medical Science join hands. (a) With his Medicated Urethral Crayons he healed and strengthened the organs of Generation by direct local application. (b) While with the Tonic-Regulator he sent his powerful yet harmless emissaries (Tonics, Digestives, Cholagogues, Nervines and Nerve Foods, Laxatives, Diuretics, etc., etc.) into the system, by the stomach, with the food, thus guaranteeing their entrance into the blood which carried them to every nerve fibre and tissue and attacked the disease on every side.

This is why this double treatment, intelligently carried out, cannot fail to rebuild the most debilitated and exhausted constitution and check the most serious drains and losses.



As has already been stated, in some persons Seminal Disease and Losses of Vital Fluid lead to a wasting away, shrinking or dwindling of the Generative Organs. It exists in others from birth, and is in no way connected with Seminal Disease. Whichever be the case, it is nevertheless true that a wasted or deformed part of the body, be it arm, leg or what not, cannot in this condition be expected to perform its function in a natural, vigorous and healthy manner.

There is a great deal of ignorance upon this subject—ignorance that interferes greatly with the full and proper treatment of cases of Seminal weakness. Many sufferers from Seminal Disease and Impotence seem to think that just as soon as the losses or emissions are stopped, or erectile power returns, the parts will begin to grow and develop, and soon be restored to natural size and proportions. This is not so. In some few instances it does occur, but in the large majority it does not.

It is therefore necessary in these cases to take special measures to fully and perfectly develop the defective parts, and it can only be done by giving a new start to growth and circulation to the nervous and nutritive centres of these parts. A breast, a limb, a hand, indeed any part of the human body, especially in persons not past fifty years of age, can be enlarged and developed, and so, too, can the sexual organs.

The Developmental Lotion that has been in use for many years, is a local application (viz., applied directly to the organs), and acts by stimulating growth, circulation and nutrition. It is cleanly, easily applied, rapid and satisfactory in its results, and we guarantee that it will give uniform satisfaction in all cases where our Board of Consulting Physicians recommend the case as favorable for it.

PRICE OF THE DEVELOPMENTAL LOTION, { Strongest, $15. { Less strong, 10.

It is put up in quantity sufficient to accomplish a full and perfect development. Should more than is at first sent be needed to complete the development, we will furnish it at half-price. Full instructions accompany it.

It should be used in connection with the remedies for Impotency or Spermatorrhoea in every case where the organs are wasted. Its effects in such cases are wonderful and the results very gratifying.

CIVIALE REMEDIAL AGENCY, 174 Fulton Street, New York.



{Transcriber's Note:

The names "G. G. Mortimer" and "S. Sorensen" are printed above the text in a different typeface. The original names, crossed out by hand, were "Millard F. (or E.) Flowers" (last four letters unclear) and "George H. Du Bell" (partially illegible). The curriculum vitae associated with each name is unchanged.}

G. G. MORTIMER, A.M., M.D., Ph.D., Chief of Staff.

RICHARD LEE, A.M., M.D., of the Universities of Oxford, London and Melbourne, Master of Arts, Member of the Royal College of Surgeons, of England; late Consulting Surgeon to the Beechworth Hospital and Professor of Botany and Chemistry at the Tasmanian Institute; Honorary Member of the Victoria Medical Society and Fellow of the Royal Society of Tasmania and of the Anthropological and Physical Societies of London; University Medalist, etc., etc. Chief of Personal Consultation.

HENRY H. KANE, A.M., M.D., late Medical Superintendent of the De Quincey Home, Interne at the Roosevelt, New York, Bellevue, Charity and Lenox Hospitals; Physician to the North-Eastern and Good Samaritan Dispensaries; Lecturer at the Women's Medical College, on Urinary and Renal Diseases, etc., etc., etc.

S. SORENSEN, A.M., Ph.D., Manufacturing, Analytical and Experimental Chemist, Licentiate of the School of Pharmacy of Heidelberg and Berlin, Germany. (This accomplished chemist has full charge of all analyses of urine, the preparation of our various formulae, the purchase and importation of all drugs, etc., etc.)

LOUIS B. JONES, Business and General Manager.

With such a complete and accomplished staff, it will be seen that the case of every person consulting us will receive the most careful and combined opinion, judgment and decision of all these men. We have the greatest and most generally successful remedies known, and by thoroughly understanding every detail of the cases submitted to us, and carefully applying these remedies, we seldom or never fail to perform a pleasant, absolute and lasting cure.


Patients desiring a consultation with our Chief of Staff will find our offices open and physicians in attendance from 8 A.M. to 6 P.M., daily, and from 9 to 12 Sundays.


Money should be sent by Post Office Order, Postal Note, Check, Draft or Express Order. Checks, etc., may be made payable either to the Civiale Remedial Agency, or, if secresy is desired, to our Superintendent, Mr. L. B. Jones. Please state in your letter to whom the order (when such is sent) is made payable, in order to avoid confusion in indorsing them for banking.


In sending urine, bear in mind the following:

Never send by Mail—always by Express—charges prepaid.

Send morning urine.

Write your name on a slip of paper and paste it on the bottle.

Pack the bottle securely in a box filled with sawdust or the like.




A very Common Disease Amongst Men and Boys, and one that has a very serious effect In Weakening the Sexual Powers, causing Emissions and Losses, and Preventing a Thorough and Permanent Cure of these Complaints.

Varicocele (from the Greek, pronounced Var-i-ko-seal, accent on either Var or seal) is a condition of bagging, bunching, bulging or twisting of the veins in the scrotum (bag or testicle sac.) It is most commonly found on the left side of the bag, but sometimes is to be seen on both sides. Usually the scrotum is bulged out on the side and sometimes hangs very low, so long and twisted are the veins. To the touch the veins feel like a bunch of angle-worms. In some cases they can be seen knotted and swollen through the thin skin of the bag.

{Illustration: Fig. 9. A VARICOCELE. Showing how the veins are affected and how they press upon the nerve, duct and artery, and waste the testicle. 1. Spermatic Artery. 2, 3. Spermatic Veins. 4. Spermatic Nerve. 5. Vas Deferens or Seminal Duct. 6. Testicle. 7. Converging Tubes. 8. Wormy bunch of Veins.}

{Illustration: Fig. 10. VARICOCELE, AND INSTRUMENT IN PLACE. On the right side, the drawing of the instrument is cut away, also the layers of skin and muscle, showing the dilated and knotty veins in the groin, before they reach the scrotum, also the Bell Pad in dotted outline, showing how and where the pressure is properly exerted. When the veins in the groin are thus affected, we have what is known as Varicocele of the Cord. On the left side, the Cradle and Compressor is shown in place.}


In cases of Varicocele of the Cord (one of the most dangerous of all forms), the veins in the bag are not affected, the trouble being mostly in the groin (in the canal through which the veins run), where the swollen and knotted veins press upon and seriously injure the cord, preventing the free flow of Vital Fluid, and thereby causing Impotence, Wasting of the Testicles, etc. A dull, heavy, aching or dragging pain in the groin, back or legs, is about the only symptom.

The great danger of this form of Varicocele lies in the fact that thousands of young men are going about to-day not knowing that they have the disease; not knowing that a persistent evil is nestling in this little canal, gnawing at their vitals, and slowly but surely undermining and destroying their sexual vigor and manhood.

We know this to be so because we are daily being consulted by men of different ages, who, until our physician, in the course of the examination, showed it to them, never suspected its existence. Many of these men had been "doctoring" for years for seminal weakness and the like, with varying success, never being quite cured, or, if cured, soon relapsing—all because a Varicocele of the Cord existed unsuspected and therefore untreated.

{Illustration: Fig. 11. COMPLETE INSTRUMENT. Showing mobility at points so that it will fit any individual.}

{Illustration: Fig. 12. SIDE VIEW. Showing Bell Spring, Pad and Pubic Shield.}

CAUSES.—The causes of this condition of the veins of the bag are very numerous. Some of the most important are Masturbation or excess, causing weakening of all the parts, the veins included; Falls, Blows, Strains, Excessive Horseback and Bicycle Riding, Running, Jumping, Mumps going to the Testicles, Gonorrhoeal Inflammation settling there, Kick in the Groin, Wearing of Improper Trusses, etc., etc. Masturbation is one of the most common of all the causes. In many instances, even if it does not directly cause the complaint, it weakens the parts, so that blows, strains, etc., that in others would not produce any particular trouble, readily cause it in these persons.

SYMPTOMS.—The symptoms are not many unless it has caused seminal weakness and lost vitality, in which case all the symptoms of these complaints may really be attributed to the Varicocele. Pains in the Groin, Limbs and Back; a sense of weight or dragging; Neuralgia of the Testicles, Fetid Perspiration; Itching and peculiar sensations in the Skin of the Bag; Chafing in warm weather; easy tiring under rapid walking or running, are not uncommon. In some very bad cases, however, none of these symptoms, or only a few, are present. Why, we cannot say.

PROGNOSIS.—In itself this disease is not dangerous. It is from the fact that the veins may go on bulging until an enormous swelling is produced (we have seen cases where the bag hung as low as the knee and was nearly as large around as a man's arm); that the testicles may be entirely wasted away, and that it may cause Spermatorrhoea, Lost Manhood, Total Impotence, &c., &c., constitute its greatest gravity.

TREATMENT.—Cutting and tying operations are exceedingly dangerous, having frequently caused death; and even if successful, the testicles, having their blood supply thus entirely cut off, waste away, and Impotence certainly results. Prof. Chevillot, the great French surgeon, was assassinated by a patient, in whose case he tied the veins on both sides for a double Varicocele. Becoming totally impotent, on the very eve of his marriage with a beautiful and accomplished young lady, this man became desperate and attempted the surgeon's life.

To effect a cure, the following obstacles must be overcome:

Weakness and bulging of the walls of the veins.

Weakness and relaxation of the dartos muscle of the scrotum.

Over-clogging and stagnation of blood in the veins.

Healing and strengthening of the ruptured and relaxed valves of the veins.

Relief of the pressure and weight of the column of blood from above.

Suspensory Bandages are good, because they act as supports.

Astringent and Tonic Washes are good, because they strengthen the weakened veins and muscles and heal the relaxed valves.

Proper Trusses are good, because they break the great pressure of the blood from above, and act as do the valves in the veins in the groin in health. Also, because they act directly on the disease in cases of Varicocele of the Cord.

But neither one alone will cure a really serious case of Varicocele. Combine them, however, properly and scientifically, so that you have the practical outcome of these three sound principles of cure in the one appliance, and


Such a perfect and practical combination is to be found in the Elastic self-adjusting and adjustable Cradle and Compressor, which has succeeded in curing many very serious and (apparently) hopeless cases. Patented and thoroughly protected from all infringements and imitations (and many would-be ones, seeing our success and recognizing the merits of the Cradle-Compressor, have lately sprung up), both in this country and Europe, there is nothing like it. It combines all the good points of all previous instruments, and being easy to wear, rapid and pleasing in its results, and certain in its effects, is the only rational means for radically curing this disease.

Briefly: It consists of a very light and elastic triangle of tempered steel bands, that rests on the front of the abdomen, and is held in place by a soft silk-elastic waist-band. In each of the slanting arms of the triangle are small holes that admit the central pivot of a bell-pad, having a central spring, and so adjusted that it adapts itself to every movement of the body without being misplaced. By means of a thumb-screw and the perforations, it (the spring bell-pad) can be set at any point in the groin, and can be changed from day to day and hour to hour.

{Illustration: Fig. 13. INSTRUMENT ON BODY. a. a. Transverse Steel Band; b. b. Elastic Waist Belt; c. d. Metallic Arms, perforated to permit change of pad pressure; e. Pubic Shield to which Elastic Cradle is attached; f. Bell Spring Pad.}

By means of pivotal joints at the angles, the appliance can be made to fit any one perfectly; moreover, by means of the metallic shoulder below, the arms can be thrown into any lateral variation of the groin line.

We thus are able to obtain all the marked benefits of a truss without any of its drawbacks; and that special disadvantage, steady and wearisome pressure at one point, is wholly obviated. The whole appliance is held in place below by means of perineal tubular rubber bands that connect with the waist-belt behind.

Attached to the metallic shoulder below is the Elastic, Glove-Fitting, Self-Adjusting Testicle-Cradle, by means of which not only are the testicles perfectly supported and rested, but by the sheet-rubber lining and the elastic tie bands, a constant, easy and perfectly painless elastic pressure is kept up on the dilated and sagging veins, which are thereby emptied of their unhealthy and stagnated blood and allowed to regain their tone, strength and contractility.

By means of the elastic bands it is easy to regulate the amount of pressure, thereby constantly adapting it to the improvement that is steadily taking place.

The compression is so uniform, yet so elastic, that it is absolutely painless, and no motion of the body, however violent, can disarrange it. This, and the fact that the blood can enter and leave the testicle with perfect freedom, constitute some of its most marked advantages over the Truss.

Moreover, the wearer always feels a sense of rest and relief while wearing the Elastic Cradle-Compressor, and from the first day the symptoms of weakness and impotence improve. Being made in different sizes and shapes, and of the most durable yet softest silk, and powerful yet yielding elastic, they will wear perfectly until long after the Varicocele has entirely disappeared.

{Transcriber's Note: The left edge of this page was partially illegible. Words and letters in braces { } are conjectural; all came at the beginning of a line.}

{Illustration: Fig. 14. ELASTIC TESTICLE CRADLE, {Deta}ched from Compressor, and showing its appearance {when} worn singly. It is lined inside with sheet rubber, and {the t}ie cords are of the very best French elastic. The bag {cover} is of the finest knit silk.}

While it compresses the Varicocele, forces out the blood, and allows the veins a chance to regain their strength and proper size again, it simply supports and keeps from injury the testicle, which at once begins to grow larger. In addition to their curative value in Varicocele, they are now being extensively used by the medical profession for the relief of the pain and subduing of the inflammation of "swelled testicle;" also in hydrocele and haematocele.

Being applied over the whole scrotum, they will cure a Double as readily as a Single Varicocele.

In certain recent or simple cases the Elastic Testicle-Cradle alone will effect a perfect cure. If the case is severe or of long standing, if it involves the Cord, or if the sexual organs are affected, the complete instrument should be worn.

It is beautifully made and finished, and is strong and durable, yet light and easily worn.


{Comp}lete Instrument (all attachments) $15.00 {Extra} Central-Spring Bell-Pad, In case of Double Varicocele 3.00 {Elast}ic Glove-fitting Testicle-Sac and Cradle (separate) 6.00

{Sold ne}atly boxed, and with full and explicit directions for applying; as also a {_} prescription for a Tonic, Healing and Astringent Lotion, to be used {in conju}nction with it.

In ordering, please state girth around waist, circumference of scrotum, and length of same from root of penis to about the middle of the bottom of the bag.

The reason why Varicocele has until within the past ten or fifteen years received so little attention is owing to the fact that up to that time this bagging or bulging of the spermatic veins was looked upon as merely a local affection. No one seemed to be aware of the fact that its effect in nine cases out of ten was to produce Seminal Weakness and Loss of Sexual Power, etc. To-day no fact is so well recognized in medicine, although probably not so well known outside of the profession.

Then, too, until very recently, physicians either carelessly dismissed a patient with Varicocele with the advice to "get a suspensory bandage and wear it; the thing don't amount to anything;" or else, when the patient became persistent in his demands for a cure, advised him that the dangerous cutting or tying operations were the only means of relief. But this is all changed now. Physicians have come to know something about the disease, and means for both relief and cure are now speedy and certain, and in no sense painful or dangerous.

It is for the purpose of stating in as plain and concise a manner as possible all the more important facts relating to this disease, and pointing out to such as are troubled with it, or have friends so troubled, not only the proper manner of treatment, but also the danger of delay, that this little treatise has been compiled. Many a man well built and apparently healthy, yet totally bereft of manhood—in a word Impotent—can trace his deplorable condition to a neglected Varicocele.

Nor are these the only ones who need information upon the subject. Thousands of young men are to-day being treated for seminal troubles who will never be cured, because they are entirely ignorant of the existence of a Varicocele of the Cord, that most insidious and dangerous of all forms of Varicocele, or, if aware of it, do not understand the terrible influence it has on their Sexual Powers, and how great and persistent a stumbling-block it will be in the way of all treatment.

It is for the benefit of all such that this little essay is intended. For the sake of clearness we shall consider the subject under the heads of Definition, Frequency, Causes, Dangers, Influence on Sexual Diseases, Wasting of the Organs, Symptoms and Treatment.

Consultation with our physicians, by letter or in person, free, References and testimonials promptly and cheerfully furnished.

CIVIALE REMEDIAL AGENCY, 174 Fulton Street, New York.



In previous editions of this work, we made no attempt whatever to point out to our readers either our reputation as a medical business firm, or proofs of the efficacy or reliability of the remedies we represent and prescribe, supposing that any person at all familiar with the names and reputation of Professors Lallemand and Civiale, and the honors bestowed upon the latter by the French government, would need no such references, etc. We find, however, that there are but few men in this country who are as familiar as they should be with the nature and extent of Lallemand's and Civiale's medical labors, or indeed with French Medical History at all. We, therefore, for the benefit of such, have here transcribed extracts from that most reliable work, Appleton's Cyclopedia (copies of which may be found in many families, and every town and city library), from which may be learned the professional standing and reputation of these great men.

Furthermore: Of late years there have sprung up in various parts of the country, physicians and firms who have made it a business to prey upon foolish young men, who took everything that was sent to them for gospel. There are many young men (and old men, too) who do not know us, and for their benefit we have drawn up here and submitted such proofs of our probity, fair dealing and medical capacity, as well as of the reliability of the Civiale Remedies, as will, we believe, carry conviction of our truthfulness and probity to any honest man's mind.

We have always been averse to parading before the eyes of the careless, scoffing world the sufferings of the victims of abuse or excess, even when by doing so we might profit largely by such a course. We have a large number of letters from persons who have been cured by this treatment constantly on file in our office, and any sufferer really in earnest will be gladly given permission to examine them, should he so desire. But we certainly shall not parade such letters, written to us in the strictest confidence and secrecy, to every reader of a treatise of this kind, especially when we give an abundance of equally as good proof of another kind.

If we have always dealt fairly and with professional honor and ability with our corresponding and office patients in the past, we certainly shall continue to do so in the future.

First, let us call your attention to two very recent and very flattering extracts from editorial articles that appeared in newspapers of known standing and reputation in the city of New York, both of which articles were wholly unsolicited by us, being the spontaneous testimony of wholly disinterested journals.


from the


Of this Country and France.


From the New York TRIBUNE AND FARMER, Nov. 22, 1884.

It is a well-recognized fact by writers upon longevity that the men of the present day, both old and young, are less manly and vigorous, less able to resist the attacks of acute disease, and not only less likely to produce healthy and vigorous offspring, but in the majority of instances producing a fewer number as well as a less vigorous and robust progeny. The ratio of births to deaths has fallen off some 12 per cent. in births in the past fifteen years. This fact, coupled with the equally startling consideration that the mortality of infants has increased about 11 per cent. in the past ten years, must needs fill the mind of a lover of his kind with dismay and alarm. Although invested and thickly hedged about by ideas of false modesty and pseudo-propriety, in reality the whole fabric of national and individual prosperity, health, vigor and enjoyment, as well as the very important perpetuation of our species, depend upon perfectly strong, healthy and vigorous procreative powers. As an oak cannot grow from a flower seed, neither can weak, puny and debilitated parents give birth to strong, vigorous and mentally sound and active progeny.

The subject of Procreative Pathology deserves more careful and extended study and observation than the majority of our physicians have heretofore been inclined to give it. Most of them have let the more numerous and oftentimes the more trivial cases daily coming under their notice crowd this most serious matter from sight, and when applied to for advice or treatment by sufferers from these disorders or debilities, have either pooh-poohed it or have given some simple (or useless) placebo, believing the trouble to be more imaginary than real. Is it any wonder, then, that such patients have walked blindfold into the arms of quacks and charlatans who profess the most tender interest in even their minutest symptoms?

We have been led to make the foregoing remarks by what we have just finished reading in a very interesting and able work upon this subject recently issued from the press of the Civiale Remedial Agency, of 174 Fulton street, this city. The subject matter of this book cannot fail to interest every man, young or old, and must prove of special interest to men just married, and to that large class of middle-aged men who find to their surprise and chagrin that while their bodily health is apparently excellent, their procreative powers have prematurely declined.

The fact of the establishment in this city of an original institution under reputable business management, each department of which is presided over by a physician of special skill and qualifications, is something of which every citizen should feel proud. And to judge by the class of patients who may be found in their elegant consulting-rooms, and the very large amount of express and mail matter they are constantly receiving, we believe that they are appreciated.

With our magnificent hospitals, second to none in the world, our large medical colleges and dispensaries, and the establishment of so large and excellent an institution as the Civiale Agency, the main offices being now transferred from Paris to this city, New York may justly claim to be the great medical centre of the United States, and sooner or later of the world.

We maintain now, as we have always maintained, that the surest and best way to drive quacks and humbugs from any branch of medicine, is to have some of our very ablest and most honorable physicians make such a branch their specialty, and such is the course now being pursued by the Civiale Agency.

The very fact that it takes its name from and is engaged in manufacturing and prescribing the remedies of France's most illustrious specialist, Prof. Jean Civiale, is by itself evidence enough of its medical value and professional integrity. Our feelings upon these matters, i.e., the great importance of their bearing upon both individual and national vigor and prosperity, the necessity for driving from this field of practice those quacks and humbugs who entrap the foolish and ignorant, those cheap and worthless remedies that flood the drug market—our feelings upon these matters are, we repeat, very strong; and hence, when we find an institution for the treatment of these diseases conducted upon the highest moral, medical and business principles by men of undoubted medical and business standing and integrity, we feel that we cannot endorse them too heartily.

The Tribune and Farmer, of New York city, in its current issue of July 26th, 1884, says


"The propriety of devoting editorial space to the subject-matter of any medical advertisement that may appear in our columns may be doubted by some, and indeed, were it not for our personal knowledge of the skill and integrity of the Medical Director of the Civiale Remedial Agency of New York (whose advertisements will be found elsewhere in this issue), we should deem ourselves more than guilty were we to utter a word of endorsement as to the efficacy of their system of treating that serious class of diseases in men which has been generically termed Nervous Debility, and which for so many years has been, and is at present, made the stalking-horse for impudent swindlers, quacks and impostors to palm off worthless and often injurious compounds on their suffering fellow-men.

"Let it be understood, then, that we know whereof we speak, and that our object is simply to furnish those who are afflicted with such reliable information as will enable them to determine the true character of their disease, and the best means to be adopted for a cure.

"The method of treating diseases of the Genito-Urinary organs by means of the urethral canal is in the first place no new-fangled experiment, but is identical with the system which has been employed for the past fifteen years in the leading hospitals of France, and more especially in Paris, as the standard treatment, and one that gives uniform satisfaction; and in the history of medical science there are perhaps no two physicians who have done more for the alleviation of human suffering and the cure of Sexual and Seminal Diseases than those eminent French Surgeons, Prof. Jean Civiale and Prof. Claude Lallemand, to whose joint studies and endeavors this system owes its origin.

"We believe, in fact, that this theory and practice of medicine is an advance in the right direction, and we predicted, from its first introduction in the United States some time ago, that the people would readily see its truth and accept the wonderful benefits of its practice. And the result has certainly borne out our prediction, for thousands of sufferers from such ills as Impotence, Spermatorrhoea, Kidney, Liver and Urinary troubles have been cured by these remedies."


This celebrated hospital of Paris, the oldest as well as the largest and finest in the city, covers 22,000 square metres of land, has over 1,000 beds, and a corps of over 100 physicians on its medical and surgical staff. It is situated on the Ile de la Cite, near the famous church of Notre Dame. It was here that both LALLEMAND and CIVIALE studied under the celebrated DUPUYTREN, one of France's greatest surgeons, until, in after years, they themselves became sufficiently great to become its Consulting Surgeons. In France, honors are gained by ability alone, and not, as here, by political influence and wire-pulling.}

The following is a list of the French Hospitals with which Civiale and Lallemand were connected during their lives.


We next give extracts from Appleton's Cyclopedia, to which reference has already been made.

LALLEMAND, CLAUDE FRANCOIS, a French physician, born in Metz, Jan. 26, 1790, died in Marseilles, Aug. 25, 1854. After serving as assistant surgeon in the armies of the Empire, he studied in Paris at the Hotel Dieu under Dupuytren, and, from 1819 to 1845, was Professor of Clinical Surgery at Montpelier, with the exception of three years, during which he was suspended for his liberal political expressions. His most important work, Recherches Anatomica Pathologiques sur l'Encephale et ses Dependances (Paris, 1820-1836), established his reputation, and was translated into many languages. In 1845 he was elected to the Academy of Sciences, removed to Paris, and was consulted by patients from every part of Europe. He bequeathed 50,000 francs to the Institute. —[Appleton's Cyclopedia, vol. x, p. 144.

{Illustration: Prof. JEAN CIVIALE.}

{Illustration: Prof. CLAUDE F. LALLEMAND}

CIVIALE, JEAN, a French surgeon, the originator of the operation of Lithotrity, born near Thiezac, Auvergne, 1792, died in Paris, June 13, 1867. At a very early age, while a pupil of Dupuytren at the Hotel Dieu hospital in Paris, his attention is said to have been attracted to the subject of his future discovery; and, after many years of perseverance, he succeeded in perfecting and introducing to the profession his new operation of lithotrity. Before that time the only means was the serious and often dangerous operation of lithotomy (SEE STONE). He was the teacher of several generations of lithotriptists, became a member of the MEDICAL ACADEMY, and an officer of the LEGION OF HONOR. His principal publications are: De la Lithotritie, ou brolement de la pierre, (Paris), 1827); Lettres sur la Lithotritie, &c. (1827); Traite pratique et historique de la Lithotritie (1847); Resultats Cliniques de la Lithotritie pendent les Annes 1860-64 (1865). —[Appleton's Cyclopedia, vol. iv, p. 618.

We also take pleasure in referring—not as patients, but simply as to standing, probity, business capacity and the ability of our Consulting Staff—to the following firms or gentlemen in this city:

WEST SIDE PHARMACY, dealers in Drugs, Chemicals, &c., corner Hudson and Charlton streets.

COFFIN & ROGERS, 85 John street, New York.





(For once we transgress our rule—never to put a debility patient's letter in print unless the patient urges us to do so—and do it at the request of our Medical Chief of Staff, and with the patient's full consent. The name, however, we omit, simply stating that should any intending patient desire to come and see or send some friend living in the city, to see and verify that letter and many more like it, we shall be most happy to oblige them.)

RODNEY, MISS., August 14, 1884.

Dear Sirs:—My course of treatment being almost all used, I feel it my duty to state to you my present condition, and I can say without hesitation that I am almost a new man, and I thank God that improvement has been so thorough and rapid, may it be but lasting. Sexual desire is now perfect, erections are perfect, emissions come at the right time, oozing of vital fluid at stools and in the urine has stopped, I rest well at night with the exception I shall state further on, appetite is good and digestion almost perfect. I can now approach the presence of the opposite sex with some satisfaction to myself; ambition is returning, and in fact a whole new lease of life seems suddenly to have been allotted to me. The varicocele has almost disappeared. I cannot say enough in praise for this beautiful little appliance, "the Cradle Compressor." Now, if it were not for the urinary disorder which still remains, I should call myself well; that this remains, however, is no fault of the crayons, and could the Course No. 3 have reached me undamaged by heat, as did the Course No. 2, I have not the least doubt I should now be well. The symptoms of this disorder, still present, are dreams at night, not nervous ones as before, but still unpleasant; mucous oozing after straining, also in the morning on rising I find the lips of organ glued, and on forcing apart a drop of this mucous fluid makes its appearance. I have no doubt whatever that had crayons reached me perfectly, this disorder would have been conquered same as the other. Now, in your little circular you guarantee a cure "in all cases wherein your Medical Examiner decides a cure is possible." Now this certainly holds good in my case. Please let me know what you are willing to do about the matter, for I certainly need another course of No. 3 crayons, and if you would furnish them in place of the ones destroyed in transit, I should consider your guarantee fulfilled. The course you sent me last could not be used at all; they were ten times worse than the first ones, and I only wasted them in trying to use same. However, do not send any crayons till you hear from me, and I think the weather cool enough, as they would only be wasted again. Could you furnish me, and at what price, a suspensory, such as you would recommend, if not, where could I get one? I think it advisable to wear one after laying aside the Compressor, as I have to be on my feet all the time.

Please excuse encroachment on your time and believe me ever,

Yours very truly, —— SINGER.


(These letters are published at the patient's own request, and he will be most happy to correspond with any earnest and honest inquirer).


"ISLIP, Suffolk County, N.Y.

"Manager of the Civiale Remedial Agency, "174 Fulton street, New York.

"Dear Sir:—My attention has been several times called to your method of curing Varicocele of the Bag without any cutting or tying, and I am now going to describe my case to you, and get your idea whether you can cure me or not. I would have done this long ago if I hadn't been afraid of being humbugged, as I often have been by doctors and men who said they could cure me right off without any pain or trouble. But they all fooled me out of my money, and that's all. But I'm going to try once more, and please tell me if you think my case is too bad for your Compress and Cradle.

"I'm pretty badly off I know, but it seems to me that this thing ought to be able to be cured by some one. This is how mine was. Eight or nine years ago I fell from the rigging of a schooner, and was laid up for nearly sixteen weeks with a broken thigh. I also had both testicles terribly sore and swollen, and it was a long time after my leg got well before I was able to walk, the pain in the groin, testicles and small of my back was so bad. Sometimes, even when I was sitting quiet, it would cut me like the stab of a knife. The first I noticed of the Varicocele was one day when I was taking a bath I saw there was a sort of bulging there, and come to notice it closer, it felt just like a bunch of angle worms all twisted together. I tried cold water to it and wore a suspension bag for a long time, but it didn't do much good. At first it didn't trouble me much in winter, but was bad in summer. Now it's bad all the time, and I don't believe I could walk half a mile without I wore a supporter.

"I have tried most everything I ever heard of, but it's no use. Some of the things helped me for a while, but they didn't last, and now I'm pretty well discouraged, for I don't dare have it operated on; not so much that I'm afraid of the pain, but because a young man I knew went to a hospital in New York to be operated on, and died, because the veins got inflamed from the cutting and tying.

"I am willing to pay any one a fair price for curing me, because as I am now I can't do a fair day's work, and my testes are wasting away very fast. But I don't want any more humbugging, and if you treat me, you have got to give me good proofs that you can do as you say."

"Truly yours, D. L. B.

"I forgot to say that my Varicocele is on both sides, but the left side is much the worse. It is twice as bulgy as the other."



"Dear Sir:—I went to the depot night before last and got the package all right, and when I got up yesterday morning, bathed as the circular said, and put the Cradle and Compressor on me. I write to tell you how pleased I am. I always felt sure some one would find a cure for this thing, and believe I've got hold of the right thing at last, though I'm not going to crow this time till I'm part way out of the woods at least.

"Any way, I'm satisfied so far. The appliance is just what it was represented, and I find that it fits me to a t, and is the most easy and comfortable thing I ever wore. I haven't had a bit of pain since I put it on yesterday morning, and I have done some hard work these two days, purposely twisting and wrenching my body about to see if I would get it out of place.

"So far it is all right, and I am very thankful to you, for if it never cured me it would be a God-send to wear for relief of that horrid dead ache and dragging pain in my groin and back. I shall want some of your Crayons soon, and will write again in a few weeks. Please tell me how long the wash ought to stand before it is strained, and whether it would hurt me to use it twice a day instead of once.

"Very respectfully, D. L. B."


"ISLIP, Suffolk County, N.Y., February 13, 1884.

"Dear Sir:—It is now over two months since I quit wearing the Cradle-Compressor, and I seat myself to tell you that the Varicocele seems to be entirely well. The left side is a trifle larger than the right, but the veins are not wormy as they used to be, and the blood don't stagnate in them any more. The dragging pain is all gone away, and the small of my back hasn't pained me for a long time. When I came to see you in New York, your doctor told me I musn't feel sure that I was cured until every bit of worminess was gone and the canal was free of swelled veins. You can tell him that this is so now, and that the testicles aren't shrunk and wasted the way they used to be.

"Our doctor here, who told me I couldn't be cured unless I had it operated on, says it's the most remarkable thing he ever saw. Those are his very words. He didn't seem any too chipper to find out he was wrong about having to get cut.

"I am a thousand times grateful to you. You have made me a man again, and I shall not forget it. I am ashamed to think how mean a letter I wrote you last summer about humbugging and the like, but I apologize now, and if you find any other people that don't feel sure you can cure them, send them this letter or get them to write to me.

"I shall remember all you wrote in your last letter about not 'presuming too much on my improvement,' and to be careful about jumping, straining and lifting hard, and the like. The Crayons did their work just as well as the Compress Instrument, and I never can tell you how grateful I am to you. There's several men I know here that are going to write you about their cases. One of them, —— ——, is going down on the train to-morrow, and will bring this letter with him, he says, for introduction. Good bye.

Yours respectfully and gratefully, DAVID L. B."


The foregoing three letters tell their story plainly and concisely, and need little or no explanation. We only desire to append the following note from our Case Book—"D—— B——; RESIDENCE—Bay Shore, Suffolk County, Long Island, N.Y.; AGE—54; Sex—Male; CIVIL CONDITION—Widower; OCCUPATION—Track-Walker on L.I. Railroad (formerly Bayman and Sailor); DISEASE—Double Varicocele, most pronounced on the left side; glands much softened and wasted; cord also varicose and very painful. COMPLICATION—Impaired powers, losses and commencing Impotence. CAUSE—Indirect and Contributive Abuse in earlier years. DIRECT—Fall from rigging of a vessel. TREATMENT—Medium Cradle and Inguinal Compressor and one No. 2 Course Civiale's Soluble Crayons. RESULT—Perfect cure in about 9 months. REMARKS—As severe and complicated a case as can be found in any records. The symptoms of Impotence were undoubtedly due to the pressure of the dilated veins on the testicles in the scrotum and the seminal duct in the Inguinal Canal. Patient promises to report, in person, at the end of six months, to determine whether the cure remains perfect." Mr. B—— has since moved to Islip, Long Island, where letters of inquiry (containing a stamp for reply) will reach him.


If you should conclude to place your case in our hands, we shall be pleased to hear from you, and promise you the most careful and thorough attention. Our Consulting Staff is large, each physician has his special department to attend to, and each case is afterwards reviewed by the whole Board, so as to avoid all possibility of error and give each sufferer the benefit of the highest skill and research. Our patients, while numerous, are not such a multitude but that we can and do give each one of them individually the closest attention. Should it be convenient for you to visit us in person you will be cordially welcomed.

If you hesitate from ordering, from any cause, we shall be pleased to correspond with you. We try to feel as if we have a personal acquaintance with every patient, and treat him as a valued friend; and, whether you ever order or not, we shall be glad to hear from you and know your conclusions on this subject. Of course, every letter is sacredly private. No one reads these but the Manager, and even our old and trusted medical advisers do not know the names of our patients—only the numbers and descriptions of cases go into their hands. As a further assurance we destroy letters, or return them to the writers, whichever they prefer.

We solicit your influence with your friends, and will be ready to reciprocate such favors. You will also be often doing such friends a favor, for which they will always thank you.

We shall be particularly pleased to hear from men advanced in years, who feel the necessity of counteracting growing weakness incident to their age, and who know the worse than folly of resorting to pernicious secret preparations, the effect of which is to give unnatural stimulation for a brief time, to be followed by a dangerous, perhaps fatal, reaction.


We make special terms on our instruments and treatment to physicians, and cordially invite them to correspond with us. We will do all in our power to serve the profession to their satisfaction. We have the benefit of the best medical advice and facilities in certain lines not attainable from any other source on the continent.


We cannot refrain, before closing this chapter, from saying a word or two about the incompetency of the large majority of "general practitioners" and "family physicians," and their evident carelessness, and in some instances, even disgust, in the diagnosis and treatment of this class of cases.

The readers of this may be among that class who think the "family physician" the embodiment of medical wisdom, and that if he has failed to cure the case or pooh-poohed it away, there is no hope. But no one M.D., however learned, knows all about the ills of flesh. In this, as in the legal and other learned professions, a man may practice a score of years, and still know little or nothing about various peculiar cases, because they don't come under his notice; he has no opportunity to study them practically, and little inducement to theorize. And the class of cases we are now considering, it may surprise the sufferer to know, are deemed by many "regular" physicians beneath their attention. The physician's calling is a noble one, and he justly takes a high ground regarding his duties. We honor the scruples of our medical friends, but we do not understand nor approve the spirit which leads them to meet these cases with ridicule or evasive answers.

That they do thus meet this class of cases, and that their course is censured by the most eminent of the profession, we have abundant evidence.

One of the best known medical writers of England, F. B. Courtnay, member of the Royal College of Surgeons, etc., says in one of his works ("True and False Spermatorrhoea" pp. 20-21):

"Again, some medical men * * * * affect to consider these cases 'objectionable,' and on these grounds seek to avoid them. Others boldly declare, that as most of such cases are the result of unnatural and immoral habits, the sufferers are justly punished for their conduct, and are unworthy of the attention and sympathy of any one.

"Now I conceive this to be a monstrous fallacy; for surely it is entirely beyond the scope of any medical man's duty to sit in judgment on the applicants for his professional services. According to my idea of professional duty, every man is bound to do all in his power to afford relief to every sufferer who seeks it at his hands, without question as to the causes and nature of the malady."

Speaking of one of his patients the same writer says:

"He had consulted one of the most eminent members of the medical profession; and this gentleman evidently listened to his narration of his case with great impatience and indifference, and upon the conclusion of his history handed him a prescription, saying: 'There, take that for six weeks, and if it does not do you any good, I don't know what will.' The interpretation the patient put on his conduct and the remarks was, that he need not trouble himself to call again.

"Now, I have the pleasure of personally knowing the professional gentleman here referred to, and during the last twenty years have been in the constant habit of meeting him in consultation, and I am sure, from my knowledge of him, that his behavior resulted from no intentional unkindness on his part, but solely from the unfortunate feeling of reluctance to attend to such cases, which, both from my own observations and from information obtained from patients, I know to be entertained by too many members of the profession. * * * I am well aware that patients of this class are often most tedious in the narration of their cases; that the details they conceive themselves bound to enter upon are most painful, not to say disgusting, to hear; nevertheless we must, as in many other instances in the discharge of our duties, submit with patience, taking the rough and smooth with the same equanimity, and in the special cases in question, we should endeavor to forget the patient's vices in his woes."

Another distinguished physician writes:

"I cannot disregard the appeals of unhappy and humiliated people. Men have come to me who were ashamed to show their organs because of their diminutiveness, and who practiced masturbation and lived in celibacy rather than bear the humiliation of exposure of the parts. Nothing can be more pitiable than such a condition."

If these very moral and dainty practitioners, who, as Dr. Courtnay says, affect to consider these cases "objectionable" and the sufferers "unworthy of the attention or sympathy of any one"—if these moralists could sit at our desk, and day after day, week after week, read the affecting stories of enforced celibacy, shattered health, broken family ties, the anguish of jealousy, despair, misanthropy, the consciousness of physical, mental and moral inferiority begotten by this sad condition—we think that then these gentlemen would agree with us that medical science and philanthropy can have no higher object than the saving of these wrecks.


Our correspondents are candid—they cannot well afford to be otherwise—and it is seldom we read one of their letters without feeling all the interest in the writer that one can for an honest suffering fellow being. We would not feel this interest did they not evince an earnest desire to profit by their misfortunes. Our aid is not sought by those wishing a brute's power for excesses, for we hold out no inducements to this class, but plainly tell them that they will inevitably pay the penalty for abuse of nature's laws. Nor are our patrons among the vicious and imaginative youth, or the class termed "greenhorns." We confine our advertising almost wholly to the daily press, thus reaching the most intelligent class of citizens only.

We regret that, for obvious reasons, we cannot present some of the letters we have received from those who have been treated by our method. We are pledged to secresy with our correspondents, however, and cannot use their names publicly; we cannot publish testimonials, although we have scores of such a nature as to satisfy the most incredulous, yet all must understand that it would be a breach of confidence on our part to make these public, and would ruin our practice besides, as we can only do business of this nature under guarantee of strict privacy. But of the many hundreds we have successfully treated, a number have voluntarily given us permission to refer to them in correspondence with interested parties.

We will cheerfully furnish, on conditions named below, a list of some of the persons who have taken this mode of treatment, been thoroughly developed in size and strength of the organs, and relieved of every trace of seminal disease or weakness, and from gratitude and good hearts have volunteered to answer any questions addressed to them by interested persons, who are, of course, expected to hold such correspondence confidential. Bear in mind that we use these names only by permission, which was given us unsought by patrons who paid for our services, and now tender this privilege more through kindness to sufferers than a desire to benefit us financially. To save these gentlemen annoyance and useless correspondence, we prefer not to furnish their names except to those who have had previous correspondence with us and who will accompany the request with references.


We are sorry to note in some of our patrons a feeling of shame in taking this treatment. Such feeling we cannot but regard as absurd, and the outgrowth of false ideas. If their present condition has been brought on by evil habits, it is well enough to be ashamed of that fact, but it is certainly altogether creditable to make use of the first opportunity to restore or attain a perfectly natural condition and check such disastrous losses, and in many cases it is absolutely necessary for the welfare and happiness of themselves and others. A well-known medical writer says:

"This treatment does not interfere with any regular habits or employment, and may be followed without the knowledge or suspicion of any person whatever. It is beneficial to the general health and quite pleasant in its effects, giving the person a rejuvenated, buoyant feeling, infusing new life and manhood; seemingly dashing young strong blood through all the sluggish veins and arteries of the form."

To those who really need this treatment its importance cannot be overestimated. Each sufferer can answer to himself how very different life would be if free from his infirmity. Would you not be better capacitated for business, labor or pleasure? Is not your mind on the rack often—perhaps always? Have you not at this time, and in consequence of this deficiency, a tendency to misanthrophy, a bitter feeling that you are the victim of an unkind Providence, or else bowed by humiliation due to your own ignorance or vices? Does not your very incapacity keep your mind filled with lewd thoughts, which in a state of perfect manhood would not exist?

From the confession of hundreds we know how each of you will answer most or all of these questions.

Is not the means, then, which will raise you above these deplorable conditions, a blessing inestimable? Is it not an agent of moral as well as physical regeneration? When this means of deliverance is offered, will you hesitate in availing yourself of its benefits and making it known to others who are sufferers like yourself? Let an honest heart and candid judgment answer for you.


There are many men who are affected more or less seriously with Diseases of the Sexual Organs who are constantly on the look-out for so-called cheap remedies, and in the course of a few years manage to spend upon these cheap and trashy medicines and appliances twice or three times as much money as would have been necessary to thoroughly cure them. And what have they got to show for it? Nothing—absolutely nothing, aye, even worse than nothing, i.e., positive injury to the organs, for, in nine cases out of ten, these cheap, clap-trap potions, by over stimulating, imitating and often inflaming the organs, do them actual harm, hasten and aggravate the disease and leave the patient in a much worse condition than if he had taken no treatment at all.

How often have we had cases referred to us for diagnosis and treatment, where irreparable injury had been done by wrong treatment. Some were in such a state that no treatment, however excellent, could possibly help them; in others we have had to labor for months to eliminate these poisonous medicines from the system and get the Sexual Organs into proper condition to admit of a restorative treatment; and in still others the effect of our usually quick and thorough-going remedies were delayed and interfered with by the ignorance or botchwork of some quack or bungler, or the well-meant but stupid doctoring of some "family physician" who thinks himself competent to treat these diseases.

No more delicate, complicated or easily injured or disarranged piece of mechanism than the Sexual Organs exists. In health, they must be treated with care and reason—in disease, with the utmost circumspection. This branch of medicine, least of all, should be the parade ground of ignorance, carelessness or false economy. A man's very health, life, happiness and vigor, his power to procreate his species, to perpetuate his name, his ability to make his wife happy and his children strong and vigorous, all depend upon the treatment he selects. What is worth doing at all is worth doing well, and he who jeopardizes health and happiness, present and future, on the mistaken basis of false economy, is far from wise.

Everything has a value. If a man offers to sell to another a gold watch worth $150 for $5, you would at once set him down as an impostor, and the watch as injured or worthless or fraudulent. Yet there are thousands of men who try to find for a few dollars a remedy for a most serious and complicated disease. In medicine, as elsewhere, Common Sense plays an important part. Such remedies cannot possibly do what is claimed for them. Reputable, honest men, educated and skilled physicians who have spent thousands of dollars in obtaining a proper medical education, cannot afford to waste their time for such slight remuneration. Hence, unscrupulous scoundrels, who have no reputations either to make or lose, who make most glaring promises in their printed matter, who are willing to guarantee anything to anybody, infest this field. They know how great is man's cupidity, and trade upon it willingly, caring nothing for the consequences.


We not speak thus disparagingly of cheap remedies because ours are dear, for no patient who has gone the round of cheap remedies, and has at last profited by Civiale's method, but will tell you that our treatment is cheap at any price.

We charge what we consider a fair and reasonable profit on our remedies. Our entire institution is conducted on the very highest and most ethical medical basis. The Physicians comprising our Consulting Staff are men of the best standing, of fine education, and having special experience in this branch of medical science; our remedies are made up under the direct personal supervision of one of the most expert chemists in this country, and precisely after Civiale's formulae; our drugs are purchased from such firms as McKesson & Robbins, Schieffelin, etc., and are of the purest and best, and our aim at all times is to give the patient consulting us the full value of his money.

For such skill and services we charge fairly and reasonably, and we have yet to find a patient who is dissatisfied. Our cases get well, provided our advice is followed and a cure is possible. If it is not, we frankly and candidly tell the truth. We cannot afford to make false statements or false promises, to hold out hopes we cannot justify, to ruin our established and well-known reputation for honesty, fair dealing and medical skill in order to make a few dollars. We find that one man cured is the very best advertisement we can have, and that one such case makes us one warm friend and advocate, and brings us many patients, where one man deceived and defrauded would make us one bitter enemy and injure us in the eyes of many. Thus, every other consideration of honor and honesty aside, it pays us better to deal fairly with our patrons.

This treatment has been thoroughly tried in the most desperate and adverse cases, and has stood the test of time and repeated trials, has stood these tests as no other remedy or remedies ever have or ever will, and in them men of all ages and all conditions may find strength, health and vigor.


—> Please address all Medical and Business Letters to Offices, 174 Fulton street. They may be addressed to CIVIALE AGENCY, or Mr. L. B. Jones, our Business Manager.

(From the New Orleans Weekly Picayune, May 23, 1885.)

CIVIALE REMEDIAL AGENCY.—Every man, whether he be young, middle aged, or old, suffering from weakness, debility, or impotency, will be made healthy and happy by writing to this excellent concern, at 174 Fulton street, New York. The advertisement should be read, which will show skeptics that the agency is worthy of confidence. The press and medical profession indorse the gentlemen connected with it in strong terms.



In preparing both the first and later editions of this little work (that has brought happiness to so many by opening the way to knowledge of a proper means of cure and methods of regaining health and vigor), the utmost care and circumspection have been exercised in an endeavor to exclude from its pages anything that could be construed by the most fastidious as immodest, obscene, or in any way offensive to decency, morality or good breeding. Indeed, although purely and essentially a medical work, and intended solely for such persons whose duty it is to be acquainted with the facts given, in order to understand their complaint, to place themselves under proper treatment, and to avoid the dangers of quackery, we have in many instances wholly excluded or materially modified the wording of passages in order to comply with our original ideas of the strictest purity of thought and speech commensurate with a truthful and honest statement of facts.

We wish it distinctly understood that this treatise is intended solely for persons suffering from Genito-Urinary Diseases, and that it is never mailed to any person who has not voluntarily requested us to send it, and then not to boys or to members of the opposite sex. (Our application books show a large number of such refusals.)

We look upon our special mission in the field of medicine as distinct, laudable and holy. There are those who look down upon this special branch of medicine, and some ignoramuses who assert that such diseases only exist in the imaginations of such patients as a result of reading the pamphlets of quacks who paint frightful pictures of insanity, idiocy, etc. To such men as these we have only this to say: Consult the works of Hammond, Black, Acton, Wilson, Lallemand, Civiale, Courtenay, Lee etc., etc., the authors of which have world-wide reputations, not only as physicians, but as truthful, honest and moral men. They will then see how really grave are such affections and how needful of aid.

God knows that the misery, despondency and actual organic disease, as a result of early vices, are prevalent enough even to-day to make a lover of his fellow men sincerely pity and desire to help them. And we claim (and every honest man cannot but admit) that it is only by the widespread dissemination of a knowledge of certain facts to young and old, especially the former, that such vice and its consequences can be met and overcome. We are daily spreading such knowledge throughout the length and breadth of this land, not only warning and advising the young and cautioning the older, but also pointing out to all such as need it a perfect and easy means of cure and restoration to health and vigor.

Our mission is as real, noble and important as that of preaching the Gospel, and aside from its bearing on the enlightenment of those who would otherwise go astray, and offering the means of relief to those who have already sinned against Nature, it is of a broader and even more sweeping importance. As every whole must needs be the sum total of its integrals, so each nation and people must—in mental, moral and physical traits—be that which its individual members make it. Hence, if perfect general health, full procreative ability and healthy offspring mark the majority of the individuals, so naturally must the health, vigor, populousness and power of the nation be accordingly. As secret vice diminishes, public virtue and morality become greater. Diseases of the Prostate Gland, Urinary Organs and Sexual Apparatus are as real, as embarassing and as needful of cure as those of the lungs, heart, stomach, or any other organ—indeed, more important, for the latter only affect the life or health of the individual immediately concerned, while the former concern not only the person affected, but his offspring also.

There is no reason why false modesty or pseudo-delicacy should reign supreme here. If the Almighty had intended these matters to be viewed and treated in the light which some fanatics and extremists seem to desire, we would certainly have been created without the power of procreation entirely. As it is, such organs and such diseases do exist, are of the greatest (individual and national) importance, and provided a full knowledge of the causes and consequences of vice and abuse as related to these parts can be brought vividly and strongly before the mind of every man, young or old, in a chaste, decent and strictly professional manner, the result can only be a good one, and those who deny it are engaged in moral hair-splitting.

We felt that the foregoing remarks were both apropos and necessary with a view to contradicting some statements recently made regarding the uselessness and demoralizing effects of everything concerning this branch of medical practice, and as due ourselves in distinctly recording our belief and practice in the matter; more especially to refute the false accusation that special medical treatises were being scattered broadcast over the land and made to invade the privacy of homes, and coming into the hands of young boys and females.


{Illustration (Civiale Agency)}

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{Errors and irregularities noted by transcriber:

Civiale : Civiale inconsistent spellings in original

the secrecy of his chamber or his bed or, if secresy is desired the strictest confidence and secrecy We are pledged to secresy variant spellings in original

HUMAN SPERMATAZOA. ... well developed and active zoa-sperms

to their freinds

Impotency (from the Latin words im [not] and potens [to be able] no closing parenthesis

{Footnote 7: Beltrage zur anat-uns Phys., Bd. iv. and Bd. vii.} {Footnote 20: Endoskopische Befunde bei Erkrankungen des Samenhugels Wein, 1880.} Spelling and punctuation of all footnotes as in original. Footnotes 1-25 were printed in a block, although the text referencing 24 and 25 was on the following page.

Bloody Urination, etc., etc. (Many cases of no closing parenthesis

in accordance with the formlae

[Appleton's Cyclopedia, vol. x, p. 144. [Appleton's Cyclopedia, vol. iv, p. 618. open-ended brackets in original "vol. iv" illegible

(Paris), 1827) extra parenthesis in original

Again, some medical men * * * * affect to consider too many members of the profession. * * * I am well aware asterisks in original

your doctor told me I musn't feel sure

a tendency to misanthrophy

as real, as embarassing and as needful of cure }


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