Life and Literature - Over two thousand extracts from ancient and modern writers, - and classified in alphabetical order
by J. Purver Richardson
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Wrong, Avoidance of, helps the power to do right, 2117 Remedy for, is to forget, 2118 Report of, pains, 2119

Yankee, Derivation of the word, 2120

Yawn, Why does one, make another? 2121

Yesterday, Were bright, then may die to-day, 2122 Thy, is past, thy to-day, 2123

Young, The, speak gently to, 2124

Youth, Beauty and possibilities of, 2125 Easy, makes hard old age, 2126 I approve of a, 2127 Judges in haste, 2128 Proper bride for, 2129 Riches for illusions, 2130 What it is, 2131 What youngsters think nowadays, 2132 Work in, brings repose to age, 2133

Zeal, Excessive, better than none, 2134


Quotations 1824 and 2081 are missing in the original.

The following corrections have been made to the text:


Page 15 (#55): Do you seek Alcides'[original has Alcide's] equal?

Page 17 (#64): Phaedrus[original has Phoedrus].

Page 20 (#81): "'[single quote missing in original]This horse is not my brother!'[original has double quote]

Page 23 (#86): ensconce[original has escone] thy legs

Page 59 (#227): he overcomes all things."[quotation mark missing in original]

Page 85 (#335): When musing on companions gone[original has gon]

Page 87 (#348): Conceit may[original has many] puff a man up

Page 90 (#376): Quarles[original has Quarle].

Page 91 (#386): Epictetus.[original has Epictatus.]

Page 93 (#401): Antisthenes.[original has Antishenes.]

Page 107 (#478): God, is alas!—forgotten[original has forgotton]

Page 114 (#518): Rochefoucauld[original has Rochefaucauld].

Page 116 (#524): common among Englishmen towards strangers.[original has extraneous quotation mark]

Page 116 (#525): Rochefoucauld[original has Rochefaucauld] said, "The truest mark

Page 129 (#596): of consequence enough to be flattered."[quotation mark missing in original]

Page 142 (#680): Claude Mermet.[period missing in original]

Page 147 (#715): value of it is seldom known[original has knows] until it is lost

Page 153 (#751): By Winthrop M. Praed[original has Pread].

Page 154 (#753): addition and subtraction[original has substraction]

Page 155 (#757): to the foliage of a boundless forest."[quotation mark missing in original]

Page 155 (#758): I Cor.[original has colon] 2, 9v.

Page 164 (#797): When the tree is felled, its[original has it's] shadows disappear.

Page 166 (#805): described as to his favorite dish.[original has extraneous double quote]

Page 167 (#807a): From Memoir[original has Memior] of Dr. Guthrie.

Page 170 (#821): way to stop the mouth.[period missing in original]

Page 170 (#822): addressing the Deity[original has Diety]

Page 181 (#871): Conspicuous[original has Conspicious] as the brightness

Page 192 (#909): He knew me as soon as I came in, and said,[original has extraneous single quote]

Page 192 (#912): would have sent to Denmark for it, so[original has So] unconditional

Page 199 (#951): to the person who uses it.[period missing in original]

Page 205 (#986): From Littell's[original has Littel's] Living Age.

Page 215 (#1036): charms were crowned by the sun[original has sum], which had fully emerged from the horizon

Page 236 (#1139): He hath a use for thee![original has extraneous quotation mark]

Page 243 (#1178): getting rather more than thy share."[quotation mark missing in original]

Page 264 (#1288): a man may be as happy, as with any one woman[original has women] in particular

Page 274 (#1330): earnest about it, I said—'[original has double quote]He is certainly

Page 274 (#1330): for aught I know to the contrary.'[single quote missing in original]"

Page 306 (#1483): try to make lawyers, doctors,[comma missing in original] preachers

Page 313 (#1516): The thirsty earth soaks[original has soakes] up the rain

Page 323 (#1562): [quotation mark missing in original]"Where did you leave God?"

Page 328 (#1592): could not have gone on without it.[original has extraneous double quote]

Page 339 (#1656): eighteen centuries of Christianity."[quotation mark missing in original]

Page 341 (#1666): I said, "No, never!" "[original has single quote]Why not?"

Page 344 (#1683): Hesiod[original has Hesoid], a Greek, 850 B. C.

Page 350 (#1711): when you go out.[period missing in original]

Page 353 (#1732): From the address of a grateful[original has greatful] Hindoo

Page 360 (#1775): and every disposition to scandal."[quotation mark missing in original]

Page 361 (#1780): Slaves cannot breathe in Britain[original has Britian]

Page 373 (#1841): Will show the myriads[original has myraids] more

Page 386 (#1924): "You are wrong there, too.[original has comma]"

Page 393 (#1957): In Boswell's Life of Johnson, he says:—[original has extraneous double quote]Next morning

Page 404 (#1997): "Come to my arms,[comma missing in original]" said his father

Page 407 (#2014): Her every want to meet."[quotation mark missing in original]

Page 407 (#2014): "Why, sakes alive," cried he.[period missing in original]

Page 423 (#2056): one could not remember what she had on."[quotation mark missing in original]

Page 425 (#2071): Theognis, a Greek.[original has comma instead of period]

Page 432 (#2115): wrote exactly in the Scotch style."[quotation mark missing in original]

Page 460: under Life, "I did," and "I didn't,"[quotation mark missing in original] 1133

Page 468: Philanthropy[original has Philanthrophy], Its satisfaction, 1507

Page 475: under Soul, Where is home of,[original has comma followed by a question mark] 1830


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