Illustrated Catalogue of the Collections Obtained from the Pueblos of New Mexico and Arizona in 1881
by James Stevenson
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67308. Small plain yellow water bowl. K'ia-li-k'ia s-thlup-tsi-na tsa-na.

68239. Small cooking bowl with ears. S-mui-an tsa-na.

68231. Small cooking bowl with scalloped rim. W-li-a-k'ia s-tsa-na-wi-kop-tchi-thl-yel-ai-e.

66825. Small eating bowl. -to-na-k'ia-s-tsa-na.

66912. Small decorated toy bowl. I-k'osh-na-k'ia s-tsa-na.

68294. Small cooking bowl with ears. W-li-a-kia s-mui-an tsa-na.

66751. Small eating bowl. -to-na-k'ia s-tsa-na.

67279. Small eating bowl with figures of gentile quail or chaparral cocks, and flowers. -to-na-kia-sa-tsa-na, po-yi ta -te-a w-pa-no-pa.

68355. Small cooking bowl. W-li-a-k'ia s-tsa-na.

67017. Small eating bowl. I-to-na-k'ia s-tsa-na.

66578. Large flaring rimmed eating bowl with figures of wing feathers, &c., for decoration. I-to-na-k'ia s-thla-na sal-athl-k'ia-pan, la-kwai-na-tsn-e-ti-.

66571. Large eating bowl decorated with antelope, sacred plumes and red lightning figures. I-to-na-kia s-thla-na, na-pa-na, ta thla-pa-we p-tchi-pa.

67002. Small water bowl of red earthen with sunflower decoration in bottom. Sa-tsa-na shi-lo-a. O-ma-ta-pa-u-te-a -ti-e.

66969. Small red eating bowl with figure of star in center. -to-na-k'ia s-tsa-na mo-y-tchun -ti-e.

67014. Small flaring rimmed bowl with uncompleted decoration. -k'osh-na-kia sal-ythl-k'ia-pan shi lo-a, tsi-na y-nam ts-nai-e.

66890. Small drinking vessel with flaring rim. K'ia-li-k'ia s-tsa-na.

66845. Small white eating bowl. -to-na-k'ia s-tsa-na k'-ha-na.

68232. Small cooking bowl. W-li-a-kia s-tsa-na.

68268. Small cooking bowl with ears. W-li-a-kia s-mui-an tsa-na.

68291. Ditto, larger.

66846. Small eating bowl with representations of arrows. -to-na-k'ia sa-tsa-na, t-mush w-pa-no-pa.

67039. Small bowl for mixture of yellow flower paint. He-lin thlup-tsi-na on-a-k'ia s-tsa-na.

67314. Ancient form of the sacred medicine bowl used by the order of the Rattlesnake. Tch-k'ia-li-kwe a-wn ki-lin o-na-k'ia s-a-le. Tadpole and frog decoration.

66493. Small ornamentally painted yeast bowl. Mo-tse o-na-k'ia s-a-le t-tsi-na-pa.

67154. Sacred terraced medicine water bowl of the order of the ancient knife; frog, and dragon fly decorations. A-tchi-a-kwe a-wn k'ia-lin o-na-kia -wi-thluia-po-na s-thla-na.

67159, 67169. Ditto, small for medicine.

67195. Ditto, large, of resigned member of sacred order. Tchu-ne-k'oa-n.

——-. Bowl. S-a-le.

66804. Bowl. S-a-le.

68256. Small bowl for heating water. K'iap-a-ti-k'ia s-tsa-na.

68300. Small cooking bowl with small protuberating handles. W-li-a-k'ia s-mui-an-ne.

67305. Eating bowl of yellow ware. I-to-na-kia s-thla-na, tsi-na-shi-lo-a -ti-e.

66861, 67053, 66746. Small bowls. Sa-we—tsa-na.

67179. Small scalloped medicine water bowl. K'i-lin o-na-k'ia n-te-a-po-na s-a-le.

——-. Small phallic meal bowl with emblematic terraces. K'ia-wai-a w-li-k'ia -wi-thlui-a s-tsa-na.

67194. Sacred medicine water bowl with emblematic terraces, K'il-in—na-k'ia s-thla-na.

66923. Small bowl with emblematic hook decoration. S-tsa-na n-tsi-k'o-pa.

66859. Small bowl with emblems of growing vines and flowers. Sa-tsa-na -te-a ta p-wa-na-pa.

66665. Small eating bowl. I-to-na-k'ia s-tsa-na thla-e ta -te-a p-tchi-pa (with representation of sacred plume sticks and flowers.)

67170. Small sacred meal terraced bowl. -we-thlu-a-po-na s-tsa-na.

66602. Large eating bowl. -to-na-k'ia s-thla-na.

——-. Small bowl with figures of the hunting-deer. S-tsa-na n-pa-na-pa.

66675. Small eating bowl. I-to-nu-k'ia s-tsa-na.

66855, 66780. Small bowls.

——-. Small decorated eating bowl. I-to-na-k'ia s-tsa-na ts-na-pa.

67245. Large decorated bread bowl. Mo-tse n-k'ia s-thla-na.

66822. Small bowl decorated with sacred terraces. Sa-tsa-na -we-thluia-pa ts-na-pa.

66660. Eating bowl with flaring rim decorated with K-k checks. -to-na-kia s-a-le, su-po-li thl-yel-lai-e.

66967. Small yellow eating bowl with representation of scalloped lightning at rim. -to-na-k'ia s-tsa-na thlp-tsi-na w-k'op-tchi-al-thl-yel-lai-.

66659. Small decorated eating bowl. -to-na-k'ia s-tsa-na ts-na-pa.

67218. Small eating bowl with representation of shield rosette. -to-na-k'ia s-tsa-na, h-pa-k'in -t ts-nai-e.

66572. Eating bowl decorated with figures of tufted jay. -to-na-k'ia sa-thla-na ma-a w-pa-no-pa.

——-. Large totemic eating bowl with representations of the gentile crane. -to-na-kia s-thla-na, -no-te Kl-k-ta w-pa-no-pa.

66707. Small decorated eating bowl. -to-na-kia s-tsa-na.

67221. Small decorated eating bowl. -to-na-kia s-tsa-na.

66940. Small red ware eating bowl. -to-na-k'ia s-shi-lo-a tsa-na.

66666, 66599. Decorated eating bowls. -to-na-k'ia-s-a-le.

66799. Small bowl.

67032. Small yellow bowl. S-tsa-na thlp-tsi-na.

66767. Small bowls.

66966. Small red eating bowl, decorated. I-to-na-kia s-tsa-na sh-lo-a.

66866. Small bowl with flaring rim and ancient terrace decoration. Sa-tsa-na, thl-yl-a-pan ts-na-pa.

66858. Small bowl. S-tsa-na.

66856. Small bowl with representations of birds and emblematic wings. S-tsa-na, w-tsa-na, ta -ps-se w-pa-no-pa.

66917. Small decorated bowl. S-tsa-na.

66886. Small flaring rimmed bowl. S-tsa-na s-k'ia-p-nanne.

66958. Small decorated eating jar. -to-na-k'ia t-tsa-na.

——-. Small decorated eating bowl. -to-na-k'ia s-tsa-na.

66930. Large red eating bowl. I-to-na-k'ia s-thla-na sh-lo-a.

66617. Decorated eating bowl. -to-na-k'ia s-a-le.

——-. Small cooking bowl with ears. W-li-a-k'ia s-mui-an-ne.

66568. Decorated eating bowl. -to-na-k'ia s-a-le, n-pa-no-pa.

66987. Small red bowl. S-shi-lo-a tsa-na.

66797. Small, much-worn eating bowl. I-to-na-k'ia s-tsa-na.

——-. Eating bowl, remarkable for the decoration, which is an ornate representation of the God of the winged knife, or thunderbolt. I-to-na-k'ia s-a-le, -tchi-a la-to-pa, p-tchi-.

67239. Bread bowl with representation of sacred birds in rain storm. M-tse-na-k'ia s-a-le, k'i-she-ma w-tsa-na w-pa-no-pa.

66777. Small child's eating bowl. -to-na-k'ia s-tsa-na.

67123. Small milk bowl of red ware, with handle. A-k'wi-k'ish-na-k'ia s-mui-a sh-lo-a.

67160. Small sacred water bowl for suspension from hand in distribution of the medicine drinks; an example of the decorative style of the secret order of fire Ma-k'e-ts-na-kwe—"little fire people"—to which it once belonged—during their public dance-ceremonials. -wi-thlui-a-po-na s-a-le, Ma-ke ts-na-kwe a-wa thle-ap -kwai-tu-no-na, sh-me-ko-lo, m-tu-li-k'ia, ta t-k'ia w-pa-no-pa.

66737. Small decorated eating bowl. -to-na-k'ia s-tsa-na.

67606. Small decorated bowl. S-tsa-na.

——-. Small cooking bowl with ears. W-li-a-k'ia s-mui-an tsa-na.

——-. Small plain red bowl. Sa-tsa-na sh-lo-a.

67022. Small decorated bowl. S-tsa-na.

67238. Small decorated water bowl. K'ia-li-k'ia s-tsa-na.

68283. Small cooking bowl. Wo-li-a-k'ia s-mui-an tsa-na.

67049. Small rude toy white-wash-bowl. He-k'i w-li-po-k'ia s-tsa-na, -k'osh-na-kia.

66868. Small decorated bowl. Sa-tsa-na thl-yel-a-pa.

66999. Small plain red bowl. Sa-tsa-na sh-lo-a.

66770. Small water bowl with decorations of the altar stones. K'ial-li-k'ia sa-tsa-na -tesh-kwi p-tche-pa.

——-. Small plain yellow bowl. S-thlup-tsi-na tsa-na.

68275. Small cooking bowl with protuberances for handling. Wo-li-a-k'ia s-mui-an tsa-na.

66230. Plain yellow ware eating bowl. -to-na-k'ia s-a-le.

66714. Small decorated eating bowl. -to-na-k'ia s-tsa-na ts-na-pa.

——-. Small red eating bowl. -to-na-k'ia s-shi-lo-a tsa-na.

——-. Small bowl with flaring rim. S-tsa-na sl-athl-k'ia-pa-na.

67341. Small bowl of corrugated ware, made in ancient form. N-tu-li t-tsa-na.

——-. Small terraced medicine meal bowl. K'ia-wai-a wo-li-kia -wi-thlui-a-pa s-tsa-na.

66747. Small decorated eating bowl. -to-na-k'ia s-tsa-na.

66924. Small bowl with flaring rim.

——-. Small cooking bowl. W-li-a-k'ia s-tsa-na.

57181. Ancient sacred bowl for medicine water. -no-to-na, Ti-kin k'ial-i-k'ia s-tsa-na.

67298. Large decorated eating bowl with flaring rim. I-to-na-k'ia sa-thla-na, sl-yathl-k'ia-pan-ne.

——-. Large cooking bowl with ears. Wo-li-a-k'ia s-mui-an-ne.

66817. Small water bowl with obliquely decorated flaring rim. Sa-tsa-na-thl-yel-lai-e, tsi-na k'i-shuk-ta thl-yel-lai-e.

66853. Small bowl decorated with half lozenges at rim, and with growing field in center. K'ial-i-k'ia s-tsa-na, w-k'op-tchi-yl-athl-yel-la, ta t—tchi-nan -t ts-na-pa.

——-. Small red eating bowl. -to-na-k'ia s-tsa-na sh-lo-a.

——-. Small cooking bowl with corrugated rim. Wo-li-a-k'ia s-tsa-na, mu-ythl-yel-la.

68242. Small cooking bowl with ears. Wo-li-a-k'ia s-mui-an tsa-na.

66796. Small decorated eating bowl. I-to-na-k'ia s-tsa-na.

68297. Large cooking bowl with ears. Wo-li-a-k'ia s-mui-an thla-na.

69871. Bowl for heating water. K'ia-k'ithl-k'ia-na-k'ia s-a-li.

66953. Eating bowl of yellow ware. -to-na-k'ia s-thlup-tsi-na.

68363. Small cooking bowl used for heating. Ki'athl-k'ia-na-k'ia s-a-le.

67163. Small terraced bowl for the mixture of the sacred paint of flowers. U-te-a h-lin-o na-kia -wi-thluia-pa s-tsa-na, sh-me-k'o-lo ta t-k'ia w-pa-no-pa.

67378. Portion of a pepper dish. K'-wo-pu-k'ia t-le -p-tchi-nai-e.

——-. Large decorated eating bowl. -to-na-k'ia s-a-le.

66752. Small white eating bowl. -to-na-k'ia s-tsa-na k'-ha-na.

67161. Small terraced bowl for mixture of sacred medicine water. K'ia-lin o-na-k'ia -wi-thlui-a-pa s-a-le, mu-tu-l-k'ia w-pa-no-pa.

67174. Small terraced medicine water bowl. K'i-lin-o-na-k'ia -wi-thlui-a-po-na s-tsa-na.

——-. Small red water bowl. K'ial-i-k'ia s-tsa-na sh-lo-a.

66583. Small decorated eating bowl. -to-na-k'ia s-tsa-na.

66961. Small, plain, red eating bowl, white inside. -to-na-k'ia s-shi-lo-a, k'o-han -ti-.

67175. Small scalloped bowl, of knife order, for sacred water. N-te-po-a-pa k'i-lin o-na-k'ia s-tsa-na.

——-. Small bowl for pouring the hot mush used in making h-we or guyave. Hl-o na-k'ia-he-k'ithl-k'ia s-tsa-na.

66986. Small eating bowl of plain red ware. -to-na-k'ia s-tsa-na sh-lo-a.

66729. Small decorated eating bowl. -to-na-k'ia s-tsa-na.

66867. Small decorated water bowl. K'ia-li-k'ia s-tsa-na.

67276. Large decorated eating bowl. -to-na-k'ia s-thla-na.

67679. Small red ladle bowl. Wo-li-k'ia s-sho-kon mui-ai-e.

66869. Small decorated eating bowl. -to-na-k'ia s-tsa-na.

66721. Small eating bowl with flaring rim. -to-na-k'ia s-tsa-na, thl-yel-lai-e.

67219. Small eating bowl with conventional representation of spotted lightning about the rim. -to-na-k'ia s-tsa-na, w-lo-lo-na s-pa-no-pa ts-na thl-yel-lai-e.

66624. Decorated eating bowl. -to-na-k'ia s-a-le, ts-nai-e.

66996. Small bowl decorated in center with figure of tarantula among flowers or plants. S-tsa-na, -ha-tchi-k'ia-pa -ti-e.

——-. Small red bowl with Gentile quail figured in center, S-tsa-na-shi-lo-a, po-yi tsn e-ti-e.

66885. Small decorated eating bowl, rim flaring. S-tsa-na sl-athl-k'ia-pan-ne.

66870. Small eating bowl showing burnt decoration. -to-na-k'ia s-tsa-na, tsi-na tch-pi-nai-e.

66838. Small decorated bowl. S-tsa-na ts-na-pa.

66824. Small bowl with figure of morning star in center. S-tsa-na, mo-y-tchun tsn e-ti-e.

67080. Small handled bowl with ornate figure of one of the God stars. S-mui-an tsa-na, t-thl-shi-na tsn-mo-y-tchu -ti-e.

——-. Small flaring yellow earthen bowl. S-tsa-na thlp-tsi-na sl-athl-k'ia-pan-ne.

67307. Small yellow earthen water bowl. K'i-li-k'ia s-thlup-tsi-na tsa-na.

66694. Small deer decorated eating bowl. -to-na-k'ia s-tsa-na n-pa-no-pa.

67024. Small decorated bowl. S-tsa-na ts-na-pa.

——-. Small terraced basket bowl for sacred flour. K'i-wai-a w-pu-k'ia -we-thlui-a-pa s-tsa-na, m-te-po-a-pa.

66889. Small flaring rimmed red drinking bowl. K'i-li-k'ia sl-athl-k'ia-pan tsa-na.

66618. Very old eating bowl. -to-na-k'ia s-thl-shi.

68233. Small cooking bowl with protuberances. W-li-a-k'ia s-mui-an-ne.

67456. Small saucer shaped toy bowl. -tsan a-wa sl-athl-k'ia-pan tsa-na.

68272. Small cooking bowl. W-li-a-k'ia s-tsa-na.

——-. Small shallow decorated eating bowl. -to-na-k'ia s-te-ko-ni tsa-na.

67025. Very small eating bowl for children. -tsa-na a-wa -to-na-k'ia-s-tsa-na.

66833. Ditto, with figure of wild sunflower. Tsan-a-wa -to-na-k'ia s-tsa-na, o-ma-tsa-pa tsn e-ti-e.

66756. Small decorated flaring rimmed eating bowl. -to-na-k'ia s-tsa-na sl-athl-k'ia-pan-ne.

——-. Small red flaring bowl. Sl-athl-k'ia-pan tsa-na sh-lo-a.

66683. Large decorated eating bowl. -to-na-k'ia s-thla-na.

66621. Ditto, flaring rim with house and flowers represented in center. K'i-kwe, ta -te-a -lap-na tsn e-ti-e.

——-. Ditto, with flower decoration inside. -te-a w-pa-no-pa.

66559. Ditto, with sacred terraces and flowers. -we-thlui-a ta -te-a w-pa-no-pa.

——-. Eating bowl, small, red. Sh-lo-a, ts-na.

66864. Ditto, with flaring rim and representations of lightning and sacred plumes. Tthl-na ta w-lo-loa w-pa-no-pa.

66757. Ditto, large, with representation of centipedes. Sh-la w-pa-no-pa.

66646. Ditto, with representation of the world, sacred terrace or homes of man, and growing plants sheltered by clouds. -lch-nan, l-te-po-a-pa -wi-thlui-a-pan ta kwan-ha-a -t-pa.

66843. Ditto, with flower decoration. -te-a w-pa-no-pa.

66960. Ditto, of red ware, with representation of red cloud. L-te-po-a-pa.

66932. Ditto, large, with decoration of scrolls. Thl-na, ni-tsi-k'ia w-pa-no-pa.

——-. Ditto, small, with flaring rim. Ts-na sl-athl-k'ia-pan-.

——-. Ditto, with fret like figures of houses. K'i-kwe-pa-ti-e.

66871. Ditto, with flower decoration. -te-a w-pa-no-pa.

68284. Cooking bowl with protuberances. W-li-a-k'ia s-mui-a-tsa-na.

68331. Ditto, small. Ts-na.

68330. Small cooking bowl with representation of intestinal band. W-li-a-k'ia s-tsa-na, k'l -tu la-nai-e.

68353. Ditto, with protuberances. S-mui-ai-e.

——-. Cooking bowl, larger.

——-. Bowl for mixture of paint-sizing. N-he-lin o-na-k'ia s-tsa-na.

67173, 67496, 67152. Small terraced bowl for sacred flour used by high priest of the dance. -wi-thlui-a-po-na s-tsa-na, mi-ta-li-k'o p-tchi-pa.

——-. Cooking bowl with long legs. W-li-a-k'ia t-sa-kwi-pa.

——-. Ditto, without legs. S-tsa-na.

66769. Small eating bowl. -to-na-k'ia s-tsa-na.

66689, 66725. Ditto, flaring. Sl-athl-kia-pan-ne.

——-. Small bowl for mixing white paint. K'o-ha h-lin o-na-k'ia s-tsa-na.

66623. Eating bowl with representations of sacrificial plumes. -to-na-k'ia s-tsa-na, tthl-na-we w-pa-no-pa.

66654. Ditto, with representation of house and flowers. K'ia-kwn -ton nan -te-a kwa nai-.

66928. Ditto, red ware with representation of red cloud in center. Sh-lo-a, l-shi-lo-a t-po-a-pa.

66613. Small bowl for sacred paint of the dance, ancient. K i-se-ton-tsa-na h-li-po-kia.

66667, 66661. Larger bowl used for same purpose.

66687. Ditto, very ornate and smaller.

60762. Small eating bowl, with central flower, &c., design. -to-na-k'ia s-tsa-na, -te-a w-pa-no-pa.

66722. Ditto, with world clouds and growing plants represented.

66565. Eating bowl, larger.

66607. Ditto, star and plant design.

66834. Small water bowl. K'i-li-k'ia s-tsa-na.

66830. Ditto, with flaring rim.

66709, 67237, 66717. Ditto, for serving food.

68312, 68315. Small cooking-bowl, with ears. S-mui-an tsa-na.

68273, 68320, 68308, 68295. Cooking bowl, larger.

68323, 68337. Ditto, large.

68289, 68310. Ditto, small.

68288. Ditto, large and deep. T-mui-an-ne.

69872, 68270. Ditto, large.

67304, 67038, 67034, 67036, 67003, 67041, 67046, 66998, 67009. Small shallow drinking bowls of red ware. K'i-li-k'ia s-we -shi-lo-a.

68367. Small cooking or water heating vessel with corrugated ornamentation about neck. K'i-kithl-k'ia-na-k'ia t-tsa-na k'-nit u-lap-nai-.

68282. Small cooking bowl. W-li-a-k'ia t-we -tsa-na.

68262. -lo-i-k'ia-nan, -wi-thlui-a-po-na s-tsa-na. "For summer ceremonials, a sacred terraced bowl."

——-. Cooking bowl, larger, with addition of frog.

68377. Modern imitation of ancient corrugated ware cooking vessel. W-li-a-kia t-ni-tu-li tsa-na.

67176, 67190. Terraced sacred meal basket bowl. K'ia-wai-a w-pu-k'ia -wi-thlui-a-po-na s-mu-te-po-a-pa.

67072. Small toy bowl. -k'osh-na-k'ia s-tsa-na.

67060, 66921, 66899, 66897. Small drinking bowls. K'i-li-k'ia ta t-tu-na-k'ia s-tsa-na-we.

66904. Ditto, with plant decoration.

66925, 68370, 67012, 67018, 6751. Ditto, emblematic flower bird figures. -te-a-w-tsa-na ts-na-pa.

66906, 66907, 66892. Small drinking bowls for thin broth. He-k'i t-tu-na-k'ia s-tsa-na-we.

66812, 66786, 66877, 66844, 66888. Ditto, for serving food. -to-na-k'ia s-tsa-na-we.

66882, 67004, 66950, 66758, 66744, 66712, 66724, 67260, 66745, 66754, 66763, 66842, 66849-67334-66878, 67299. ——- Ditto, flower and star decoration.

67186. Ditto, tad-pole decoration.

68307. Bowl for toasting or parching corn-meal, used by children (girls) in learning. W-le-k'wi-k'ia s-tsa-na, a-tsa-na a-wa y-'ni-k'ia.

68316. Small cooking bowl, remarkable for corrugation representing the rising of the boiling waters of a flood. W-li-a-k'ia s-tsa-na, n-u-kwai-k'ia n-te-li-ah-na m-to-pa.

——-. Ditto, plain, very small.

68261. Ditto, with ears. S-mui-an-ne.

68318, 68258. Cooking bowl, large.

68279, 68280, 68321, 68317, 68324, 68302, 68286. Ditto, small.

68309, 68298. Ditto, shallow.

69870. Ditto, large.

68257. Ditto, deep.

66895. Small bowl. S-tsa-na.

67050. Small flaring bowl. S-tsa-na sl-athl-k'ia-pan-ne.

——-. Small red bowl. S-tsa-na sh-lo-a.

——-. Ditto, with ears. S-mui-an tsa-na.


67327, 67333. "Pitcher pot," elaborately decorated. -mush-ton t-thla-na.

67098. Ditto, small.

66494. Red ware yeast pot, with ancient decoration. M-tse-po-k'ia t—le.

67320. Ditto, with handle.

68296. Small cooking pot. Wo-li-a-k'ia-t—le.

68341, 68240. Ditto, for heating water.

68229, 68345. Cooking pots known as the Navajo variety. P-te—l.

68354. Ditto, small.

68338, 68342. Ditto, very tall.

68266. Small black ware cooking pot. W-le—k'ia t-tsa-na.

68228. Ditto.

——-. Ditto.

68340. Ditto. Wo-le-a-k'ia-t-tsa-na.

67442. Small cooking pot, ancient form of corrugated ware. W-le-a-k'ia t-tsa-na, n-tu-li-e.

67359. Small ornamented pot. M-po-k'ia te-we atch—ptch-i-pa.

68237. Small cooking pot of black ware. W-li-a-kia t-shi-k'in-na.

67415. Small water pot. Kil-i-k'ia t-tsa-na thlp-tsi-na.

67556. Small pot for sacred medicine paint, containing black pigment. H-li-po-k'ia t-tsa-na, h-lin-w-po-pa.

68374. Very small cooking pot.

——-. Small cooking pot, with corrugated rim. W-le-a-k'ia t-mu-an tsa-na.

67417. Small red salt pot, broken at rim. M-po-k'ia t-tsa-na.

67085. Small pitcher pot for paint sizing. He-li-po-nan k'il-i-k'ia, s-mui-an tsa-na.

68360. Small salt pot. M-po-k'ia-t-e-le.

68349. Small cooking pot, with protuberances at rim. W-li-a-k'ia s-mui-an tsa-na.

68260. Small cooking pot.

68322. Small cooking pot, with ears. W-li-a-k'ia s-mui-an tsa-na.

——-. Small Navajo cooking pot.

67073. Small pot with scalloped rim, for mixing paint. H-lin-o-na-kia s-tsa-na; n-te-po-a-ythl-ti-e.

68327. Small cooking pot, with ears.

68319. Wide-mouthed cooking pot. W-li-a-k'ia tl-ishi-k'i-pan-an.

66515. Small red salt pot. M-po-kia t-tsa-na Sh-lo-a.

68253. Small cooking pot.

67524. Small paint pot, ancient. H-li-po-k'ia t-tsa-na, -no-to-na.

68299. Small wide-mouthed cooking pot, W-li-a-k'ia t-tsa-na.

68249. Small deep cooking pot.

67465. Small pot for heating water, with protuberances, and ornate winding ridges for facilitating handling. K'i-k'ithl-k'ia-na-k'ia t-mu-to-pa tsa-na, n-li-pa.

68381. Small pot with wide rim, for heating water.

67480. Small pot for heating water, with protuberances, and ornate winding ridges for facilitating handling, or removing to and from the fire. Ki-k'ithl-k'ia-na-k'ia t-mu-to-pa tsa-na, n-li-pa.

68241. Small cooking pot. W-li-a-k'ia t-tsa-na.

68334. Small cooking pot.

67448. Small toy cooking vessel, with ears. -k'sh-na-k'ia w-li-a-k'ia s-mui-an-ne.

67423. Small toy pot for heating water, with ears on either side.

67445. Small earthen pot, new, for cooking and heating water. K'i-k'ithl-k'ia-na-k'ia t-mui-a tsa-na.

67455. Ditto.

68369. Ditto.

68358. Cooking pot, large.

68252. Ditto, t-mui-an-ne.

67447. Ditto, very small. -k'osh-na-k'ia t-tsa-na.

67484. Ditto, with decoration of finger prints.

67437. A small toy cooking pot. -k'osh-na-k'ia, w-li-a-k'ia s-mui-an tsa-na.

67470. Ditto, with protuberances. M-to-pa.

67461. Ditto, with rim provided with small knobs. Mu-top -lap-nai-e.

68350, 68290. Small cooking pot, with ears; small, ordinary cooking pot.

68263. Small cooking pot. W-li-a-k'ia t-tsa-na.

68234. Ditto.

68269. Ditto.

68278. Ditto.

68254. Cooking pot, large.

68255. Ditto, with ears. T-mui-an-ne.

68347. Ditto.

67483. Ditto, entire body of the vessel is covered with small protuberances to facilitate handling while hot. W-li a-a-k'ia t-mu-to-pa.

68357. Large cooking pot nsed in preparing-feasts. W-li-a-k'ia-t-thla-na.

68235. Small new cooking pot. W-li-a-kia t-chi-mo-na.

68336. Ditto, in imitation of a Navajo pot. These Navajo pots are all uniform in shape, with conical bottoms, slender bodies, and rims ornamented with relief or depressed figures. P-t—le.

68332. Ditto.

——-. Ditto.

68346. Ditto.

——-. Ditto, with Zui figure. Sh-wi-na ts-nai-e.

68281. Ditto, very small.

68227. Cooking pot of medium size.

68344. Ditto, medium size, long body.

69869. Ditto, small and bowl shaped.

——-. Ditto, with ornamentations, symbolic of war. S-mu-k'ia ts-nan -lp-nai-e.

——-. Kettle-shaped cooking pot.

68326. Ditto, small.

——-. Ditto, with ears.

——-. Ditto, with rope-like band around rim. K'ol-ap kul-nap-nai e.

68379. Ditto, with tripod legs. T-sa-kwi-pa.

——-. Pot with ears. T-mui an-ne.

——-. Small cooking pot of corrugated ware. -no-to-na n-tu-li t-tsa-na.

——-. Ditto, broken.

——-. Ditto, imperfect.

——-. Ancient round treasure pot for suspension. -no-to-na thla-wo-pu-k'ia t-pi-li-an tsa-na.

——-. Cooking pot of corrugated ware. W-li-a-k'ia t-ni-tu-li-a tsa-na.

——-. Small water pot for suspension, ancient. -no-to-na t-k'i-mo-li-an tsa-na.

——-. Cooking pot, Navajo variety.

——-. Pot, medium size.

——-. Small handled vessel for heating water. K'ia-k'ithl-na-k'ia t-mui-an tsa-na.


67709, 67713, 67722, 67719, 67711, 67735. Small plain earthen eating spoons. -to-na-k'ia s-sho-k'o tsa-na.

67736, 67733. Ditto, work of children.

67702. Small earthen eating spoons, with representation of male blackbird. Wo-tsa-na-t-si.

67712. Ditto, with female blackbird.

67715. Ditto, with figure of black pig. P-tsi-wi-ti-k'win ne.

67718. Ditto, with representation of shrike in center. Sh-k'i-ps-si ts-nai-e.

67705. Ditto, with representation of chaparral cock. P-yi-tsn-ai-e.

67710. Small eating spoon, with handles, in representation of human face. W-ha -to-na-k'ia s-sho-k'on tsa-na.

67570, 67574. Decorated soup ladle of earthenware. W-li-k'ia-s-sho-k'on ts-na-pa.

67678. Soup ladle, plain.

67691. Ditto, of red ware.

67689. Ditto, very large, with red cloud decoration.

67676. Ditto, very large.

67125. Ditto, cup-shaped, ancient. -no-to-na-k'ia s-sho-k'on mu-ai-e.

67569. Ditto, gourd-shaped, modern.

67680. Ditto, with rattle-handle.

66909. Small bowl made from broken eating ladle.

67224. Very ancient bowl of spoon. -no-to-na-k'ia s-sho-k'on tsa-na.

67716. Small earthen eating spoon. S-sho-k'on tsa-na.

67732. Small earthen eating spoon.

67564. Large earthen eating spoon, decorated. S-sho-k'on thla-na, ts-na-pa.

67690. Large earthen spoon for lifting food from a cooking pot. W-li-k'ia s-sho-k'on thla-na.

67683. Small earthen spoon. S-sho-k'on tsa-na.

67717. Small eating spoon.

——-. Large eating spoon of earthen ware. -to-na-k'ia s-sho-k'on thl-na.

67731. Ditto, small.

——-. Small eating spoon. -to-na-k'ia s-sho-k'on-tsa-na.

——-. Ditto.

67734. Eating spoon, of unburned clay. k-nam-me, meaning unburned.

67726. Ditto, white glazed earthen ware.

67730. Ditto.

67727. Ditto.

67725. Ditto.

67739. Ditto, small unburnt ware.

67738. Ditto.

67723. Ditto.

67707. Ditto, large. Thl-na.

——-. Ditto, small red ware. Sh-lo-a.

——-. Ditto.

67720. Ditto.

67706. Ditto.

67714. Ditto.

67701. Ditto.

——-. Ditto.

67703. Ditto, decorated.

67721. Medium sized eating spoon of earthen ware, decorated on the inner side with the figure of a grotesque bird, with long tail-feathers, long bill curving downward, short legs, a scroll figure on its back. -sho-na-k'ia h-lu-k'ia-w-tsa-na tsn e-ti-e = ("With the ornamental mud-hen little-bird, marked within the bottom").

67708. Ditto, with the figure of the sacred butterfly drawn on the inner side. P-la-k'ia -ti-e.

67729. Ditto, white.

67728. Ditto, plain.

67571. Large eating spoon of earthen ware. -to-na-k'ia s-sho-k'on thla-na.

67685. Small earthen ladle, W-li-k'ia sh-k'on tsa-na. This specimen is, like many in the collection, made for daily use, and hence without ornamentation.

67566. Small earthen eating ladle, -to-na-k'ia s-sho-k'on thla-na. In this case the Indian name is given in full for the kind of ladle designated, plain ware.

——-. Large cooking ladle, of red earthen ware. W-li-k'ia s-sho-k'on thla-na, sh-lo-a.

67770. Cooking ladle, small, plain.

67688. Ditto, small.

67692. Ditto, large.

67684. Ditto, plain, medium size.

67563. Ditto, of red ware.

——-. Small basin-shaped ladle, with handle. -kwi-k'ish-na-k'ia s-mui-an k'ia-pan.

——-. Small soup ladle, with primitive serpent design. W-tih-k'ia s-sho-k'on sh-lo-a, -no-to-na ts-nan w-pe.

67572. Ditto, without decoration, of red ware.

67693. Soup ladle, medium size, plain.

——-. Large earthenware ladle, decorated in center with picture of night moth. W-li-k'ia s-sho-k'on, p-la-k'ia -ti-e.

67694. Earthen soup ladle. W-li-k'ia s-sho-k'on-ne.

67575. Large bowl-shaped red ware soup-ladle. W-li-k'ia s-sho-k'on sh-lo-a.

67567. Large earthen ladle, with hook decoration. W-li-k'ia s-sho-k'on thla-na, n-tsi-kon -le.

67565. Ladle, small, red ware. Ts-na, sh-lo-a.

67696. Ditto.

67562. Ditto, plain.

67560. Ditto.

67561. Ditto, in imitation of a gourd. Tm sho-k'on n-te-li-ah-nan-o-na.

67781. Small earthern soup ladle, of red ware. W-li-k'ia s-sho-k'on tsa-na, sh-lo-a.

67698. Soup ladle of white ware.

——-. Ditto, white. K'-ha-na.

67682. Ditto, red ware.

67573. Ditto, decorated ware.

67686. Ditto.

67695. Ditto, very large, red ware. Thl-na, sh-lo-a.

67687. Ditto.

67697. Ditto.


67389. Salt and pepper jar. M-pu-k'ia t—le.

67356. Salt and pepper dish. M-pu-k'ia t-wi-pa-tchi-pa.

67402. Plain brown salt pot or earthern box. M-pu-k'ia-t—le.

67088. Small salt cup, with handle. M-pu-k'ia t-mui-an-ne.

——-. Large red earthen salt box or pot. M-pu-k'ia t-shi-lo-a.

——-. Small double salt and pepper earthen vessel, box-shaped, and decorated. M-pu-k'ia t-thle-lon, ts-na-pa.

67346. Large double salt and pepper jar. M-pu-k'ia -wi-p-tchin-na.

67364. Decorated salt pot.

67392. Small box-shaped red earthen salt pot. M-pu-k'ia t-wi-p-tchin sh-lo-a.

——-. Ditto, with figures of elks. M-pu-k'ia te-e-le, n-pa-no-pa.

67348. Double salt pot of red ware. M-pu-k'ia t-wi-p-tchi-pa sh-lo-a.

67356. Box-shaped salt and pepper jar, decorated with antelope and deer. M-pu-k'ia t—le, n-pa-no-pa.

67353. Double salt pot of plain white ware. M-pu-k'ia t-wi-p-tchin k'-ha-na.

——-. Box-shaped salt and pepper dish, with representation of bat on one side and deer on the other. M-pu-k'ia t-wi-p-tchin, sh-ho-i-ta, ta top-a-k'ia -shot-si p-tchi-pa.

——-. Small salt pot. M-pu-k'ia t—le.

67349. Small plain double salt pot. M-pu-k'ia t-wi-p-tchin tsa-na.

67358. Ditto, small and plain.

67352. Ditto, with handle. M-to-pa.

67361. Ditto, without handle.

67355. Double salt pot. M-pu-k'ia t-wi-p-tchin-ne.

67420, 67412. Ditto, broken.

67344. Ditto, large with handle. Thl-na, m-te-po-a-pa.

67376. Box salt pot in representation of a house, red ware. M-pu-k'ia-he-sho-ta-ik-na t—le.

67351. Salt and pepper dish. M-pu-k'ia t-tsa-na.

67395. Salt box of earthen. M-pu-k'ia t—le.

67357. Double salt pot. M-pu-k'ia t-wi-p-tchin-na.

66509, 66510. Pair very ancient yeast jars of whiteware. Mo-tse—pi-k'ia-na-k'ia t-tsa-na -tchi.


67403. Small connected paint pots. H-li-po-k'ia t-tsa-na-we, -p-tchi-pa.

——-. Small paint pot. H-li-pu-k'ia t-tsa-na.

67450. Paint jar. H-li-pu-k'ia t—le.

67453. Corrugated paint jar. N-tu-li h-li-po-k'ia, t-tsa-na.

67441. Small scalloped rim paint jar. H-l-po-k'ia t-tsa-na p-tchi-athl-yel-la.

67462. Small paint jar with protuberances. H-li-po-k'ia t-tsa-na m-to-pa.

68435. Small paint jar with protuberances. H-li-po-k'ia t-tsa-na m-to-pa.

66527. Small paint pot. H-li-po-k'ia t-tsa-na.

67074. Small paint pot. H-li-po-k'ia t-tsa-na.

67365. Small paint bowls, joined. H-li-po-k'ia sal-atch -pa-tchi-p.

67493. Small paint pot, with sacred terraces and emblems of summer. H-li-po-k'ia t-tsa-na -wi-thlui-a-p.

67432. Small red ware paint pot, with ears for suspension. H-li-po-k'ia t-tsa-na mui-a p-k'ia-a-k'ia.

——-. Paint jar. H-li-po-k'ia t—le.

——-. Ollas.

67558. Vase, in representation of knit moccasin, used as a toy. W-po-tcha t-tsa-na -k'osh-na-k'ia.

——-. Small connected paint pots. H-li-po-k'ia t-tsa-na -p-tchi-pa.

66481. Small paint pot. H-li-po-k'ia t-tsa-na m-pa-na-pa.

67520. Small black paint pot. H-li-po-k'ia t-tsa-na, k'wn-na.

——-. Small suspensory paint pot, used in the decoration of the paraphernalia of the God of War—A-hai-i-ta—in times of peace. H-li-po-k'ia t-tsa-na p-k'ai-a-pa, -lo-i-k'ia an-o-na.

——-. Paint pot of black ware. H-li-po-k'ia t-kwin-na.

67535. Small toy paint pot. H-li-po-k'ia t-tsa-na -k'osh-na-kia.

67413. Small earthen paint box. H-li-po-k'ia t-thle-lon-ne.

67533, 67497. Small paint pots. H-li-po-k'ia t-tsa-na.

67507. Small broken paint cup, plain. H-li-po-k'ia te-tsa-na p-tcha.

67381. Small pair of connected paint pots. He-li-po-k'ia t-wi-p-tchin tsa-na.

67522, 67531. Parts of connected paint pots. H-li-po-k'ia t-tsa-na -p-tchi, p-tchih-k'ia-no-na.

67394. Small connected pair of paint pots, old. -no-to-na h-li-po-kia t-wi-p-tchin tsa-na.

67375. Small connected paint pots. H-li-po-k'ia t-wi-pa-tchin.

——-. Small earthenware vase for white paint in form of moccasin. He-k'-tchu t-we kwin-ne.

——-. Plain yellow earthen paint bowl, containing paint-sizing. N-hel—ton s-thlup-tsi-na.

——-. Small earthen receptacle for the sizing of colors used in decorating water jars. T-tsi-na-k'ia h-lin o-na-k'ia te-we, n-hel—ton-na-pa.

67393. Small double paint pot of red ware. H-li-po-k'ia t-wi-p-tchin, shi-lo-a ts-na.

67400. Small four lobed and handled paint vessel. H-li-po-k'ia t-wi-p-tchi-pa tsa-na, n-te-po-a, a-ythl ton.

67396. Small double paint pot. H-li-po-k'ia t-wi-p-tchin tsa-na.

67477. Small decorated paint pot with spinous protuberances to facilitate handling. H-li-po-k'ia t-mui-a-pa.

——-. Small ancient paint pot with ears. -no-to-na h-li-po-k'ia t-mui-an-ne.

68274. Small sizing pot for paint. N-hel-e-ton s-tsa-na.

67387. Small connected paint pots. H-li-po-k'ia t-tsa-na, -pa-tchin-ne.

67372. Primitive earthenware paint box with six compartments, for decoration in sacred dance. H-li-po-k'ia t-wi-p-tchi-we-ts-na.

67374. Small earthen paint box. H-li-po-k'ia t-thle-lon tsa-na.

67463. Small paint pot with spinous protuberances to facilitate handling. H-li-po-k'ia t-tsa-na, mu-a-pa.

67366. Small double paint dish. H-li-po-k'ia t-wi-ptch-in-ne.

67468, 67466, 67467. Three small paint pots with spinous protuberances to facilitate handling. H-li-po-k'ia t-tsa-na-we, -mui-a-pa.

67416. Small paint jar broken from handle. H-li-po-k'ia t-tsa-na.

——-. Small paint pot with protuberances representing spines of cactus fruit and made to facilitate handling. H-li-po-k'ia t-mu-to-pa, tu-we n-te-li-ah-na y-nai-e.

67474. Small paint pot with band of protuberances or knobs. H-li-po-k'ia t-tsa-na m-to pi-lan—lap-nai-e.

67529. Small paint pot broken from handle. H-li-po-k'ia t-tsa-na.

67424. Small paint pot in form of the native wild gourd. H-li-po-k'ia m-thl-o-na t-tsa-na.

——-. Small paint pot of black ware. H-li-po-k'ia t-tsa-na-k'wn-ne.

67472. Small plain paint pot with protuberances. H-li-po-k'ia t-tsa-na.

67492. Ditto, with sacred terraces represented. -wi-thlui-a-po-na.

67559. Ditto, in form of moccasin. W-po-tcha.

67510. Small paint pots. H-li-po-k'ia t-wi-p tchi-k'ia tsa-na.

67384, 67360, 67362, 67368. Small double paint pots. H-li-po-k'ia t-wi-p-tchin tsa-na.

67513, 67499. Small paint jars or pots. H-li-po-k'ia t-tsa-na.

67399. Small imitation paint pot, with compartments. H-li-po-k'ia n-te-li-ah-na t-wi-p-tchin tsa-na.

67487. Small terraced paint pots. H-li-po-k'ia -wi-thlui-a-po-na t-tsa-na.

66517. Small paint jar. H-li-po-k'ia t-tsa-na.

67429, 67464. Small paint jars, covered with protuberances.

67382. Small paint pot. H-li-po-k'ia t-wi-p-tchin-ne.

——-. Paint pot, broken.

67504, 67369, 67371. Ditto, larger, broken.

——-. Toy paint pot in form of moccasin, -k'osh-na-k'ia w-kwi-po-tcha-te h-li-po-k'ia t-tsa-na.

——-. Ditto, in form of a pair of moccasins with figures of two parrots. H-li-po-k'ia w-po-tchin-tsa-na, p-tchi atch poa ythl ti-e.

——-. Crude paint jar with four compartments.

67438. Small corrugated paint jar. H-li-po-k'ia t-tsa-na.

67489. Small paint jar with terraced ears for suspension. H-li-po-k'ia-tl a-wi-thlui-a-pa.

67444. Small scalloped rim paint pot. H-li-po-k'ia t-tsa-na p-tchi-thl-yel-ai-e.

67406. Small connected paint cups. H-li-po-k'ia t-tsa-na-we -p-tchi-pa.

67515. Small paint cup. H-li-po-k'ia t-tsa-na.

67518. Part of double paint pot. H-li-po-k'ia t-tsa-na.

67523. Small paint pot showing method of joining. H-li-po-k'ia t-tsa-na, -pa-tchi-na-k'ia un-ah-nai-e.

67500. Small ancient paint pot with ears. H-li-po-k'ia t-mui-an, -no-to-na.

67414. Small paint pot divided into compartments for different pigments. H-li-po-k'ia t-tsa-na, h-te-kwi -li-pa.

67457. Small paint jars furnished with protuberances to facilitate handling. H-li-po-k'ia t-mui-a-pa tsa-na.

67528. Small paint pot of corrugated ware. H-li-po-k'ia n-tu-li t-tsa-na.

67398. Parts of double broken paint pot. H-li-po-k'ia t-wi-p-tchin tsa-na.

67404. Paint pot, with four compartments for the paints of the fire gods. Sh-la-wt-si h-li-nai-.

67391. Ditto, double.

66519. Small decorated paint pot of yellow ware. H-li-po-k'ia t-tsa-na.

67419, 67428. Ditto, plain red. Sh-lo-a.

67421, 67426. Ditto, with ears. M-to-pa.

67498. Small deep paint dish in form of Navajo cooking pot. H-li-po-k'ia t-tsa-na, P-tel k-na.

67422, 67481. Ditto, with bear-shaped handle. inᵍ-shi m-ti-e.

68368. Ditto, plain with sacred black paint. H-k'win h-li-pon-ne.

67521, 67519. Ditto, plain, crude.

66525. Small paint pot of corrugated ware. -no-to-na n-tu-li t-tsa-na.

67451. Paint pot, very small.

67427. Small toy cooking pot. -k'osh-na-k'ia w-li-a-k'ia t-tsa-na.

67537. Toy cooking pot, very small.

67479, 67443. Small paint pots with protuberances. H-li-po-k'ia-t-mui-an-tsa-na.

67503, 67506. Ditto, plain.

67409, 67408, 67379, 67526, 67509. Small plain paint pots. H-li-po-k'ia-t-tsa-na-we.

68287. Small ancient paint pot. -no-to-na h-li-po-k'ia-t-tsa-na.

67407. Small four-lobed paint pot with figure of parrot. H-li-po-k'ia t-wi-p-tchin tsa-na, P-tchi po-a-ythl ti-e.

67478. Ditto, plain.

67495. Ditto, plain, pot shaped, flat bottomed.

67397. Ditto, toy. -k'osh-na-k'ia.

67502. Paint pots used in decorating sacred plume sticks, with ears for suspension. H-li-po-k'ia t-tsa-na, p-k'ia-a-pa.

68375, 67508, 67505, 67511. Ditto, in form of small cooking pot.

67501, 67494, 67530, 67512, 67490. Small paint pots. H-li-po-k'ia t-we—tsa-na.

67388, 67363. Ditto, double.

67525. Ditto, double, broken.

67554. Small paint pot in form of moccasin. He-li-po-k'ia w-po-tcha t—le.

67315. Small squash shaped paint pot, ancient. -no-to-na h-li-po-k'ia-t-mu-k'i-mo-pa.

66478, 66524, 66487, 66488. Small sacred paint pots. H-li-po-k'ia t-tsa-na. (Distinguished from ordinary variety by decoration.)

67354, 67350, 67405. Double salt pots. M-pu-k'ia t-wi-p-tchin-ne.

67418. Ditto, broken.

67380. Ditto, box shaped.

67377. Salt box, single. M-pu-k'ia t-thle-lon-ne.

68343. Small water pot for medicine, teas, &c. K'i-pa-ti-k'ia t-tom-tsa-na.

67473. Small sacred paint vessel with protuberances and decorated with frog figure. H-li-po-k'ia t-tsa-na m-to-pa, t-k'ia ts-na-pa.

67431, 67454. Ditto, ordinary.

67434. Ditto, ancient, from ruins of T-ia or Las Nutrias.

67756. Ancient vessel of earthenware in representation of frog, for suspension. -no-to-na k'i-me-he-t, t-k'ia an-te-li-ah-nai-e.


67430. Crude paint jars covered with protuberances to facilitate handling. H-li-po-k'ia t-tsa-na m-to-pa.

67471. Ditto, small.

67436. Ditto, with horse figure handle.

67390, 67370. Double box shaped paint jars. H-li-po-k'ia t-wi-p-tchin-ne.

67401. Paint jars, with four compartments.

67440. Small corrugated paint bottle. N-tu-li h-li-po-k'ia t-tsa-na.

67552. Milk vase, in representation of knit moccasin. -kwi-k'ish-na-k'ia w-kwi po-tcha t-mui-a tsa-na.

67551. Ditto, small, representing buckskin moccasin.

67410, 67402, 67409, 67408. Small crucibles of native manufacture for reducing silver and copper in the manufacture of ornaments. H-k'ia o-na-k'ia t-tsa-na-we.


67783. Figure in earthenware of the "Grand Buck Antelope." M-wo-tsi-thla-na m-he-t.

67775. Figure in earthenware of sitting white bear bearing young. Ainᵍ-sh-k-ha-na, m-to-ok-te -me ch-se- ti-e

67553. Small earthen figure of moccasin, used as a toy. W-po-tchi-ne.

67751. Small plain figure of owl, for sacred water. M-hu-kwe m-he-t tsa-na.

67763. Ditto.

——-. Small earthen figure of barn fowl. Thl-po-po-k'-a-m-he-t.

67743. Small figure of an owl. M-hu-kwe tsa-na m-he-t.

——-. Representation of the totemic chaparrel cock or road-runner. P-yi k'win m-he-t tsa-na.

67741. Small figure of an owl. M-hu-kwi m-he-t tsa-na.

——-. Canteen or vase in form of an owl, for sacred water. M-hu-kwe m-he-ton-ne.

67749. Small, owl-shaped sacred jar.

——-. Large doll in representation of the H-me-shi-kwe dance. H-me-shi-kwe w-ha.

——-. Small, in representation of the black dance or Tch-kwe-na, w-ha.

——-. Doll in representation of the last Autumn dance.

67740. Figure of decoy for antelope, used in ceremonials. M-a-we sa-o-sho-kwn n-te-li-ah-no-na.

——-. Caricature of a Mexican mounted on a buck goat. Tch-wa-tu-t-si, Ts-po-lo-a m-mthl-ti-e.

67546. Small figure of owl, ancient. -no-to-na m-hu-kw m-he-t tsa-na.

67815. Mold for the large cooking pots, made from a bread bowl. W-li-a-k'ia te-thla-na -pa-lin-ne.

67075. Small mold for vase of small cooking vessels. W-li-a-k'ia t-tsa-na -pa-lin-ne.

69317. Small doll made in imitation of the Moqui sacred dance. -mu-kwe a-wen w-ha n-te-li-ah-nai-e.

67283. Broken M-tse-n-k'ia s-a-le.

67557. Small pair of toy earthen moccasins. W-po-tche tsan-atch -k'osh-na-kia.

66688. Mold for the base of large cooking jars or pots. W-li-a-k'ia-tw-a-o-na-k'ia -pal-lin-ne.

69392. Doll for child, made in representation of the K'i-thlan-o-na or Great water dancer. K'i-thlan-o-na w-ha tsa-na.

69395. Small wooden dolls in representation of the sacred dance of "Thl-tchi-he."

69380. Small toy or doll kilt of the sacred dance known as S-la-mo-pi-a or the sacred carrier of the bone rattle. I-k'osh-na-kia S-la-mo-pia w-h'an p-thlan-tsa-na.

69651. Small sacred kilt for the k-k dance. K-k a-wen p-thlan tsin-thl-yel-ai-e.

69324. Small doll in representation of the black dance, or Tch-kwe-na w-ha.

69323. Doll in representation of the H-ma-shi-kwe or last, sacred dance of autumn. H-ma-shi-kwe w-ha.

69674. Large doll in representation of the H-me-shi-kwe dance. H-me-shi-kwe w-ha.



67568. Small wooden eating spoon. -to-na-k'ia tm-sho-k'on tsa-na.

68430. Large soup ladle of wood. W-li-k'ia tm-sho-k'on thla-na.

68439. Large wooden soup ladle. W-li-k'ia tm-sho-k'on thla-na.

68435. Large wooden ladle, W-li-k'ia tm-sho-k'on thla-na.

68431. Small wooden soup ladle. W-li-k'ia tm-sho-k'on tsa-na.

68440, 68433. Large wooden soup ladles. W-li-k'ia tm-sho-k'o-we.

68447. Large wooden ladle for removing food from the larger cooking-pots. Tm-sho-k'on thla-na.

68438. Large wooden cooking ladle. W-li-k'ia tm-sho-k'on thla-na.

——-. Large ladles of wood. Tm-sho-k'o-we.

68443. Ladle of wood. W-li-k'ia tm-sho-k'on tsa-na.

——-. Wooden ladle for removing soup. W-li-k'ia tm-sho-kon-ne.

68459. Small wooden eating spoon. -to-na-k'ia tm-sho-k'on tsa-na.

69341. Small wooden eating spoon, ornamented, for identification. -to-na-kia tm-sho-kon tsa-na, n-a-pi-tu-no-na ts-nai-e.

68453. Wood eating spoon, small. Tm-sho-k'on-ne.

68463. Ditto, gourd. -to-na-k'ia shp sho-kon tsa-na.

68449. Small ladle for eating soup. -to-na-k'ia tm-sho-k'on-ne.

69346. Small ladles used in stirring or dishing out soup. W-li-k'ia tm-sho-ko -tsa-na.

69342-43. Soup ladles used in dishing out and stirring cooking food. W-li-k'ia tm-sho-k'o-we.

69344. Ditto, very large.

69351. Ditto, large.

68444, 69347, 69630, 69629, 68445. Ditto, large.

68429. Ditto, very large.

——-. Small wooden eating spoon.

68450. Ditto, without handle.

68458. Wooden eating spoon, very small.

68461. Eating spoon, of horn.

68462. Ditto, of gourd. Sh-po sh-kon-ne.

68428, 68442, 68441. Large wooden ladles. W-li-k'ia tm-sho-k'o -thla-na.

68457, 68460, 68456. Small wooden eating spoons. -to-na-k'ia tam sho-k'o-we ts-na.

68452, 68451. Ditto, large.


68614. Small decorated basket tray for sacred flour of the dance. Thl-lin ts-na-pa, k'ia-wai-a w-li-k'ia.

68472. Small basket bowl for containing sacred flour, ancient. -no-to-na h-i-tom k'ia-wai-a w-pu-k'ia.

68469. Large ancient basket bowl for sacred flour. -no-to-na h-in-thla-na k'i-wai-a -pu-kia.

68522. Small basket and pitch canteen for use in traveling. K'o-se tm-tsa-na.

68506. Large rectangularly woven water basket for use in traveling. K'o-se tm, sh-k'u-tu-li-a.

68538. Small water basket for use in traveling. K'o-se tm-tsa-na.

——-. Small basket bottle for carrying water on journeys. K'o-se tm-tsa-na.


68512. Small splint basket bottle for carrying water on journeys. Tch-ku-to-li-an k'i-pu-kia k'o-se tm-tsa-na.

68553. Small willow basket for gathering and caging the larvae of locusts. Pi-la h-tche-pon tsa-na.

68570. Small willow basket for gathering and caging locusts. Pi-la h-tche-pon tsa-na, tch-mal p-tchu-na-kia.

68466. Small burden basket for carrying fruit. M-pu-k'ia h-tche-pon tsa-na.

68568. Small willow basket for gathering and caging locusts. Tch-mal p-tchu-na-kia.

68605. Small basket for parched corn. K'o-se ts-tsa-na -le-kwi w-pu-k'ia.

68545. Small willow basket for gathering and caging locusts. Pi-la-h-tche-pon-tsa-na, tch-mal-up-tchu-na-k'ia.

68598. Small willow toasting basket. Pi-la ts-tche-pon-tsa-na, -le-kwi-k'ia-na-k'ia.

68576. Small white-strand basket for locust gathering. H-k'o-ha h-tche-pon tsa-na, tch-mal p-tchu-na-k'ia.

68556. Small willow basket for gathering locusts. Pi-la h-tche-pon tsa-na, tch-mal p-tchu-na-k'ia.

68489. Small basket jar for containing sacred flour, ancient. -no-to-na h-i-tm, k'i-wai-a w-pu-k'ia.

68577. Small white strand basket for gathering locusts. H-k'o-ha h-tche-pon-tsa-na, tch-mal p-tchu-na-k'ia.

68549. Small basket for gathering locusts. K'o-se h-tche-pon-tsa-na, tch-mal p-tchu-na-kia.

68468. Large burden basket for carrying peaches. H-tche-pon thla-na, m-tchi-kwa w-pu-k'ia.

68503. Small round basket for medicine flour. H-i-tm, k'i-wai-a w-pu-kia.

68554. Small round basket for gathering locusts. K'o-se h-tche-pon, tch-mal up-tchu-na-k'ia.

68487. Small round flour basket. H-in tsa-na, -e w-li-k'ia.

68484. Small round basket of splints for sacred flour. H-i-tm shu-k'ish-pa, k'i-wai-a w-pu-k'ia.

68558. Small willow basket for gathering locusts. Pi-la h-tche-pon-tsa-na tch-mal p-tchu-na-k'ia.

68552, 68584. Small willow baskets for gathering locusts. H-tche-po-tsan-na, atch tch-mal p-tchu-na-k'ia.

68572. Large cage baskets for gathering and confining the pupae of locusts. Tch-mal p-tchu-na-k'ia h-tche-pa thla-na.

68555. Small willow cage basket for the pupae of locusts. Tch-mal p-tchu-na-k'ia h-tche-pon tsa-na.

68464. Small peach pannier. M-tchi-kwa m-pu-kia h-tche-pon thla-na.

68582. Small loosely woven basket for gathering and confining pupae of the locust. H-tche-pon tsa-na, tch-mal-p-tchu-na-k'ia.

68561, 68560. Small loosely plaited willow baskets for gathering locusts. Pi-la h-tche-pon tsa-na, tch-mal p-tchu-na-kia.

68551. Small loosely plaited willow basket for gathering locusts. Pi-la h-tche-pon tsa-na.

68586. Small loosely plaited basket of furze strands. H-k'o-ha tchu-mal p-tchu-na-kia h-tche-pon-tsa-na.

68580. Small loosely-plaited baskets of furze strands for gathering locusts. H-k'o-ha h-tche-pon tsa-na, tch-mal p-tchu-na-k'ia.

68567. Small loosely plaited basket of willow for gathering locusts. Pi-la h-tche-pon tsa-na, tch-mal p-tchu-na-k'ia.

——-. Large-sized white herb basket for gathering and confining locusts. Tch-mal p-tchu-na-kia h-tche-pon-ne.

68488. An ancient vessel-shaped spiral basket for sacred meal and treasures. K'i-wai-a ta thl-w-pu-k'ia h-i-tm.

68573. Large-sized basket for gathering and confining locusts. Tch-mal p-tchu-na-k'ia h-k'o-ha h-tche-pon-ne.

——-. Small ancient basket vase for sacred flour. K'i-wai-a w-pu-k'ia h-i-tm.

68474. Small ancient sacred-flour basket. -no-te-kwe a-wa h-i-tm, k'i-wai-a w-pu-kia.

68592. Small willow basket tray. Pi-la ts-tsa-na.

68593. Small decorated basket tray for sacred flour of the dance. Thla-lin ts-na-pa, k'i-wai-a w-li-k'ia.

68593. Small loosely plated basket tray. Tsm-tsa-na.

68634. Large basket tray of marsh grass for washing corn. Tch-k'o-sha-na-k'ia ts-shu-k'wi-ts-thla-na.

68600. Small basket-bowl sieve for parching or toasting corn or pions. Pi-la ts-che-pon tsa-na, -le-k'wi-k'ia.

68609. Small basket sieve for sifting ashes from toasted corn. -le-k'wi-k'ia ts-tche-pon tsa-na.

68610. Small basket sieve for toasting or parching corn. K'o-se ts-tsa-na.

68594. Small basket sieve for parching corn or pions. Pi-la ts-tsa-na, -le-k'wi w-lu-kia.

68611. Small basket tray for sifting parched corn, made of willow ware. Pi-la—le-k'wi-k'ia ts-tche-pon-ne.

68606, 68589, 68596. Small basket trays of willow work for parching corn, &c. A-le-k'wi-k'ia ts-tche-pon-ne.

68467. Small burden basket, mostly used for carrying fruit. H-tche-pon tsa-na.

68588. Small basket for toasted corn or pions. Ts-tsa-na.

68562. Small basket cage for gathering locusts. Tsi-tche-pon tsa-na, tch-mal p-tchu-na-kia.

68566. Large loosely woven basket for gathering the larv of locusts. Tch-mal p-tchu-na-k'ia h-tche-pon tsa-na.

68557. Small loosely woven round basket for gathering and caging the larv of locusts.

68579. Small loosely woven round basket for gathering and caging the larv of young locusts. H-tche-pon-k'i-mo-li-a tch-mal p-tchu-na-k'ia.

68548. Small round basket of white strands. H-k'o-ha h-tche-pon tsa-na.

68604. White branch or strand basket. H-k'o-ha ts—le.

68612. Small willow basket for children. Pi-la ts-tsa-na.

68485. Small ancient basket for medicine. A-k'wa w-pu-k'ia h-i-tm-me, sh-k'o-to-li-a.

68481. Small treasure basket in form of water vessel. H-i-tom tsa-na-thl-w-pu-kia.

68477. Small vessel-shaped treasure basket. Thl-w-pu-k'ia k'o-se tm.

68493. Small basket bottle for carrying water during journeys. K'o-se-tm, tch-k'o-to-li-a.

68533. Small basket bottle for carrying water during journeys. K'i-pu-k'ia k'o-se-tm.

68519. Small water bottle of basket work and pitch. K'ia-pu-k'ia k'o-se-tm.

68480. Small water bottle. K'o-se tm, tch-k'o-to-li a.

68521. Large wicker and pitch water bottle. K'o-se tm thla-na k'i-pu-k'ia.

68509. Small water bottle of wicker work. H-tche-pon tsa-na, tch-k'o-to-li-a.

68537. Small basket water bottle. K'o-se tm-tsa-na, k'ia-pu-kia.

68529. Small wicker and pitch water bottle. K'o-se tm tchu-k'o-to-li.

68510. Small water bottle with open neck. K'o-se tm sh-k'ish-pa.

68532. Large water bottle of wicker work and pitch for carrying water. K'o-se-tm thla-na, k'ia-pu-kia.

68497. Water bottle of wicker work and pitch. K'o-se tm-me.

68507. Large wicker work water vessel for use in traveling. K'i-pu-k'ia k'o-se tom thla-na.

68515. Small wicker water vessel. K'o-se tm-tsa-na.

68542. Small double lobed and necked water vessel of wicker work. K'o-se tm wi-k'ithl-to-na.

68530. Small wicker work water vessel. K'i-pu-kia ko-se tm-tsa-na.

68508. Small water vessel of wicker work. K'o-se tm-tsa-na.

68211. Gourd jar for water in the fields. Sho-po m-wi-k'i-lik-ton-ne.

——-. Small drinking dipper of gourd. Tu-tu-na-k'ia m-sho-k'on-tsa-na.

——-. Large basket canteen for traveling. K'o-se tm thla-na.

68492. Basket canteen for traveling. K'o-se tom, -pi-'thlan i-kwi e.

68516. Small basket-work canteen for traveling. K'o-se tm-tsa-na, k'i-pu-kia.

68531, 68497. Small basket and pitch canteens for use in traveling. K'o-se tm-ma -tsa-na, k'i-pu-kia.

68543. Small double canteen with contraction at middle to facilitate suspension. K'o-se tm i-k'i-lik-to-pa-k'ia, k'i-pu-k'ia.

68490, 68518, 68514, 68491, 68500, 68495, 68499, 68524, 68536, 68498. Series of ten basket bottles for use in traveling, made waterproof by coating of pitch. K'i-pu-k'ia k'o-se tm-a-we.

68501, 68502, 68483. Basket bottles, round and short necked.

68478, 68517, 68513, 68527, 68526, 68511, 68529. Ditto, bottle shaped.

68540, 68535, 68541, 68534. Ditto, double bodied or lobed. K'o-se tom-me -k'ithl-t pa.

68595. Small basket for parching corn. -le-k'wi-k'ia ts-tsa-na.

68625. Small sacred coiled basket. (Moqui.) -mu-kwe a-wen n-tu-li thl-lin-ne.

68647. Small basket, for washing corn. Tch-k'o-sho-na-k'ia h-tsi—le.

68482. Small basket for securing young locusts, with twig loop for suspension. Tchu-mal p-tchu-na-k'ia h-tche-pon, p-k'iai-ai-e.

68571, 68565, 68581, 68544, 68583, 68578, 68574, 68559, 68587, 68590, 68569, 68563, 68547, 68575, 68585, 68564. Ditto, gradually diminishing in size in the order given.

68615. Small basket cup with handle. -le-k'wi-k'ia ts-tche-pon tsan-na.

68599, 68602, 68601. Small basket trays. H-k'o-ha ts-tsa-na -tchi.

68623. Small toy meal bowl of water-tight basket work. H-in tsa-na.

68486. Ditto, long, flat-bottomed, for sacred seed. T-shon w-pu-k'ia h-i-tm-me.

68471, 68473, 68475. Large, urn-shaped bowl of water-tight basket work, for sacred meal. K'ia-wai-a w-pu-kia.

69390. Native wooden stool. Thlm-pia-an-ne.

68504, 68505. Yery primitive small-mouthed treasure jars. Thl-w-pu-k'ia t-tsa-na -tchi.

68494. Ditto, of red willow ware.

68651. Corn-meal sieve of amole. H-tsi-pi-kwai-k'ia.


69692-69704. Large hard-wood slats for pounding down the warp in the manufacture of serapes or blankets. Sh-tche-wo-na-k'ia thl-we.

69731-33. Ditto, used in the manufacture of women's blankets. -he wo-na-k'ia thl-we.

69734-35. Ditto, for finishing. K'wan i-ya a-k'ia-na-k'ia thl-tsa-na-we.

69471-74. Frames of looms for stringing the woof for weaving belts and garters. Thl-k'ia-pa-we.

69663-71. Knife-shaped hard-wood sticks for pounding down the warp in the manufacture of garters and belts. -ni wo-na-k'ia-thle-we.

69808. Frame for setting up the warp of small figured blankets. P-sal o-na-k'ia pi-ti-k'ia thl-we.

69804. Ditto, larger.

69787. Poles or sticks on which the warp is supported in the weaving of large serapes; also a brace. Sh-tche won-na-k'ia -yl-a-we.

69752-58. Appurtenances to a loom, consisting of threading sticks (1), woof beaters (2), comb for straightening thread (3), and braces for warp (4). Thl-tsa-na p-an ne, (1) Sh-pi-to-k'ia, (2) Thlm-me, (3) -'na-pa-ne, (4) Thla-k'win-ne.

69676-91. Slats or hard-wood woof beaters. Thl-we.

69738-51. Small woof beaters for finishing blankets and serapes. Sho-tche y-k'ia-na-k'ia, thl-tsa-na-we.

69770-79. Braces for the warp of small serapes and blankets. -thla-k'wi-po-a-we (sing., thl-kwin-ne).

69759-68. Ditto.

69780-86. Ditto, larger, for serapes.

69821-32. Small sticks for separating the warp of small blankets. (Thl-tsa-na.) Thl-tsa-na p-a-we.

69469, 69410, 69411, 69396-97, 69399, 69402. Small combs for straightening the warp in weaving. P-li-li-na-k'ia -na-pa, p-a-we.

69814-20. End sticks for supporting warp in manufacture of small blankets and shirts. U-tchun o-na-kia -yl-la-we.

69797-69803. Portions of loom used in weaving blankets. -thla-kwi po-an-ne.

69833-42. Sticks used in supporting the warp in the weaving of serapes. Sh-pi-to-k'ia thl-p-a-we.

69790-96. Ditto, with other portions of loom.

69705-29. Knife shaped woof beaters used in the manufacture of belts and garters. -ni wo-na-kia thl-we.

69653-61. (No. 1.) Rollers or sticks on which the belt is rolled during the process of weaving. -ni-wo-na-kia -yal-lu-na-we. (No. 2.) Frames for the stringing of the warp of belts, &c. Thl k'ia-pa-we.

——-. Small stick used in separating or confining the warp of belts. -ni wo-na-k'ia sh-pi to-k'ia thlm tsa-na.


69455-66. Small rabbit clubs or boomerangs. k-shk thl-ta-kia thl-a-we.

69603. Ditto, showing lightning grooves. k-shk thl-ta-k'ia thl an-ne, sho-we -he-a-kwa-pa wi-lo-lo-a -tsi-na-pa.

69535-49. Bows, plain, and sinew-backed, one (small) used as a toy, with some arrows. Pi-thla-we thl-pa-na, sho-we -hi-k'ia. (Small) -k'osh-na-k'ia p'-tsa-na.

69493, 69497-69514, 69476-92, 69494-96, 69435-54. Rabbit sticks or boomerangs (large variety). P-k'ia thla-ta-k'ia thl-a-we.

69516-34, 69632-50. Wooden war clubs of the order of warriors, or priesthood of the bow. -pi-thlan-Sh-wa-ni a-wan tam k'iap-na-we.

69595, 69596-69600. Small toy bows and arrows, with baskets attached, customarily presented by the sacred dancers to little boys. A-tsa-na a-wen K-k p-thla-we, ta sh-we. H-tchep p, k'ia-ai-e.

69551-67. Ditto, more ornate.

69573-94. Bows for hunting. Thl-ta-k'ia p-thla-we.

69602. Arrows pointed with iron (twelve specimens). Sho-we -he-kwi-pa.

69601. Ditto, unpointed.


69268. Tubes and ball for the sacred game of the hidden ball. k'osh-na-k'ia -an-k'o-lo-k'ia t-ma-we. -lin-ne.

69340. Wooden cards for betting game. -to-sa-na-k'ia t-sho-we.

69468. Articles used in the game of the hidden ball, one of the sacred games of the God of War; played in spring and early summer. -an-k'o-lo-k'ia t-ma-we, ta t-po-an-ne.

69272, 69269. Ditto, small.

69351. Ditto, large, an especial hereditary set of the tribe.

69282-83. Flat sticks used in the game of boys. T-sho-li-we.

69338, 69353, 69281, 69286-87. Sticks used in native betting game. T-sho-li-we.

69285. (Six specimens.) Ditto, small.

69271. Tubes and counters of the sacred game of the hidden ball. -an-k'o-lo-k'ia tm-a-we, ta t-we.


69264. Hand gourd rattle of the K-k or sacred dance institution. K-k a-wen tch-mon-ne.

69265. Gourd rattle of the dance or K k. K-k a-wen tch-mon-ne.

69263. Battle of the sacred dance. K-k a-wen tch-mon-ne.

69860. Long gourd rattle with handle and string for suspension when not in use—of the order of the "Knife." -tchi-a-kwe a-wa tch-mon-ne.


69258. Large hoop-shaped drum-sticks, for the olla or vase drum, used in the songs of the sacred orders only. T-pe-ha t-se-a-k'ia-na-k'ia ts-k'on ne.

69259. Ditto.

69260. Ditto.

——-. Ditto.

69325-31. Forks or wooden tweezers for plucking the early fruit of the cactus. Tui-ysh-na-k'ia k'oi-y-tchi-we.

69234, 69237, 69238, 69244, 69245, 69293. Spinning shafts or whorls of wood. Thlp-na-k'ia thlt-ta-we.

69248. Ditto, for very small cotton cords.

69231. Ditto, for spinning very coarse cords.

——-. Bow drills, 1005 and 1009, with stone whorls and flint points. -a o-na-k'ia thla-to-we, -thl-to-pa, ta t-mush -tsa-na tchthl-to-pa. For use, see pl. xlii.

69261-62. Hoops for drumming on the large olla or vase-drums in the sacred orders. T-pe-ha te-se'e-k'ia-k'ia-tsi-k'o-we.

69851-59. Shepherds' crooks. T'ch-tsa-na y-te-n-k'ia thl-tsi-k'o-we.

69631. Wooden snow shovel. -te-pish-na-k'ia thlm-me.

69628. Ditto, also used for taking bread from an oven. M-lo w-po-k'ia, thlm tsa-na.

69622. Cane used by the aged or blind. -thl-shi a-wa tam-tethl-nan-ne.

69672. Carved cross-piece for top of ladder. Thl-tsi-lon an thlm-pethl-ton-ne.

69350. Combing broom, or broom and comb combined, composed of fine grass, bound in the center; the butt end being used for combing, the top end as a brush or broom. It is also used as a strainer. -psh-na-k'ia p-pe. See pl. xliii.

69604. Bunch of mush sticks, used in stirring mush or corn while parching. W-le-kwi-k'ia thl-pa-po-an-ne.

69308-09. Twisters used in the manufacture of hair riatas or ropes. Ts-to-ni-wo-na-k'ia w-tsi-nan-ne (-tchi).

69289. Canes used in the sacred game of Sh-li-ne, played during winter and early spring. Sh-li po-an-ne.

69424. Pegs used in stretching skins. K'-pi-li-li-a-k'ia thl-po-an ne.

69430. Vermin-killers, or louse-traps. M-'thla-ta-k'ia thl-ton ne.

69431. Ditto.

69274. Sticks kicked in the race of T-kwa-we. T-kwa thla-we.

69275. Ditto.

69812. Frames for setting up the warp of scrapes. P-ti-k'ia thl-we.

69675. Lance of iron used in the wars of the past. -thlak-na-kia lan-sa.

69235, 69232, 69233, 69236, 69239, 69243, 69246, 69294, 69292, 69295, 69247-48-49-50. Spindles used in spinning and twisting wool and fiber. Thlp-na-k'ia thlt-to-we. With smoothing comb attached.

69251, 69252, 69257, 69290. Bow drills for manufacture of shell and turquoise ornaments. -'a-na-k'ia thl-to-we.

——-. Small dice-sticks used in a game of the basket tray. Thlthl pa-tsa-we.

69339. Boards or blocks used in confining the hair of women in sacred dances, as a mark of virginity. M-tsi-k'wa-k'ia thl-we.

69279. Ditto.

69280. Ditto.

69321. Small pair of symbolical tablets carried in the hand during dance of the priests of the tablet dancers. Thl-he-kwe a-wa thl-we.

69406. Slats on which the hair is bunched, to indicate virginity of women in sacred dance of the flute. Ma-tsi-k'wa-k'ia thl-we.

69321. Small pair of symbolic tablets carried in the hand during the dance of the Priestess of the Tablet dancers. Thl-he-kwe a-wa thl-we.

69375. Small ceremonial war club of the order of the Priesthood of the Bow. -pi-thlan-Shi-wa-ni a-wa tam k'iap-nan-ne.

69014. Toy cradle board for doll. Wi-ha ythl-to-k'ia thlm-me.

69391. Ditto.

——-. Ditto.

69405. Frame of wood for pommel of saddle. -wo-kon o-na-k'ia tm-me.

69312. Sacred warbling flute. Tch-he-he-lon-ne.

69467. Sacred flute. Shoh-k'on-ne.

——-. Peg for suspending. Tm-kwai-nan-ne.

——-. Very large pegs used in the (sacred) running game of the two war gods. T-kwa-we, -hai-iu-ta -tchi-a.

——-. Small sacred wand of the god of fire. K-k-shu-le-wi-ts an tthl-nan-ne.

——-. Small darts used by children.

——-. Wooden buzz and pivot. Thl mo-la-ton-ne.

——-. Drinking gourd. T-tu-na-kia sh-pon-ne.

——-. Wooden buzzers used as a warning by war Priests, members of sacred orders, in procession of Gods or sacred Medicine relics. Thlm-tu-nu-nun-ne.

69423 (eleven specimens). Wooden whizzers used in ceremonials or sacred dances as warnings for the observances of certain forms. Thl-tu-nu-nu-we (sing., thlem-tu-nu-nun-ne).

69426-27. Fire sticks used in kindling the sacred New Year fire. M-k'e wo-na-kia -su-su-k'ia-na-k'ia.

69374. Gourd-handle boxes used in carrying the sacred tobacco at the councils or meetings. -na-te wo-po-k'ia tm-a-we.

69348. Ditto, smaller.

69425. Wooden rope-twister without handle, used mostly in the manufacture of hair riatas. W-tsi-tsi-nan-ne.

69315. Small symbolical tablet carried by the priests of the flute dance. Shoh-ko M-son-ne an thlm.

69273. A cane used in the national game of the god of war during winter and early spring. Sh-li-we. Sticks kicked in the national sacred race of T-kwa-we.

——-. Indented ring for supporting eating-bowls on the head, of Spanish bayonet. W-thlak-to-k'ia ha-k'in k'-withl-to-pa.

68629, 68628, 68627, 6828, 68632, 68629, 6828, 68629, 68633, 68629. Pads or rings of Spanish bayonet for supporting round-bottomed vessels on the head. W-thlak-to-k'ia h-ha-k'i-we.

68630 (six specimens), 68631 (five specimens). Rings of Spanish bayonet for supporting round-bottomed vessels on the head. W-thlak-to-kia h-ki-we.

68626. Pad or ring of Spanish bayonet for supporting round bodies on the head. W-thlak-to-k'ia h-k'in-ne.

——-. Rings of Spanish bayonet for supporting round-bottomed vessels on the head. W-thlak-to-k'ia h-k'i-we.

69605-21. Planting prods or spuds for planting corn and melons. Tch-ti-na-k'ia t-sa-kwi-we.

69673. Patu or digging-stick. Tsm-me.

69418. Wooden hook for wood burdens. Tk-na-k'ia tm-tsi-k'on-ne.

69365-72. Hooks or crotches used in securing burdens. K'ia-ha-tche po-an-ne.

——-. Curved pine boxes for sacred plumes. L-po-k'ia thl-lo-we.—"Sacred council boxes."

——-. Ditto, round bottomed. L-po-kia thl-lon ki-mo-lin.

69382-89. Long square plume boxes of pine. L-po-k'ia thl-lon-ne.

69270. Wooden tubes (1), ball (2), and straw counters (3) used in the ancient game of the Gods of War. 1. -n-k'o-lo-k'ia tm-a-we. 2. -lin-ne. 3. T-we.

69296. Curious wooden slat dance appurtenance made to represent lightning and its motions. W-lo-lo-a-nan an-te-li-ash-nan-ai-e.

69255, 69470. Wooden spindle whorls and cord-stretchers of cob. Thla-ton, ta thlun-p-tsa-thli-k'ia, also whorls used by many of the Eastern Pueblos in drilling turquois and shell ornaments.

69412, 69413, 69414, 69415, 69416. Small tops. Mo-l-to-we -tsa-na.

69409. Wooden stirrups. T-i-te-tchu-na-we.

69662. Small knife-shaped stick for pounding down the woof of belts. -ni-wo-na-k'ia thlem-me.

69434. Small louse smashers or traps of flat slats (three specimens). Me-we -k'u-tsu-a-k'ia-na-k'ia thlp-ton-ne.

69433. Small louse crusher of wooden slats. -meh-k'wsh-na-k'ia-thlp-ton-ne.

69422. Small whizzer used in sacred and medicine dances. Thlm-tu-nu-nun-tsa-na.

69314. Ditto, decorated with lightning.

69417, 69419, 69420, 69421. Hooks and eyes of wood for securing burdens. M-to-k'ia t-tsi-k'o-we.

69301, 69310. Small wooden figures of birds for decoration of altars. Wo-tsa-na-tesh-kwin po-ai-ythl-to-k'ia.

69311. Ditto, of dove.

69475. Small loom for weaving belts. Thl-k'ia-pan-ne.

69401, 69402, 69403, 69404, 69398. Wooden combs for straightening warp of blanket in weaving. Tam -na-we.

69276. Small pegs used in (the sacred) running game of the two War Gods. -hai-in-ta -tchi-nai-a t-kwa-we.

69305, 69428, 69306. Wands of the bearers of the wand or sacred arrow. Thle-we-kwe a-wen -k'withl-tchu-na-k'ia sh-we.

69355, 69284, 69352. Sticks used in the game of t-sho-li-we.

69152. Elaborate head-dress of the women used in the dance of the tablets. Thla-he-kwe a-wan thlethl-p-yan-ne. Star, moon, and ladder to the skies represented.

69276. Ditto, sun and star represented.

69318. Sacred tablet of the bearers of the wand fastened to a spatula which is forced down the throat of members during public ceremonials. Thl-we-kwe a-wen thl-wi-k'withl-tchu-na-k'ia-thlem, y-tchun, m-y-tchun, ta-y-o-non p-tchi-pa.

69320. The great star (of wood) of the sacred altar of the Lesser Spark Order. M-k'e-ts-na-kwe a-wen m-y-tchun-thla-na tsh-kwin-pi-k'ia a-ythl-to-k'ia.

69850, 69849, 69848. Sticks used in lighting cigarettes in Council. Po-ne mk-tchu-k'ia thl-kwi-mo-we.

69349. Gourd for sacred (native) tobacco used at ceremonials of secret orders. A-na-te w-pu-k'ia sho-po tm-tsa-na.


69335, 69334, 69333, 69336, 69332. Small bow guards of leather ornamented with plates of tin. Km-pas-si-kwin h-lo-pa-na.

69393, 69299. Horn arrow straighteners. Sh mo-thla-k'ia-na-k'ia si-a-we.

69400. Belt of hair and green rawhide used in the costume of the order of cactus. K-shi-kwe a-wen km-i-k'win -pi-thlai-e.

69304. Rawhide head band and horn used in the dance of the feast of dead enemies or -i-na-he. -i-na-he a-wa km-othl-pan, si-a-i-e.

69307. Small darts used by children in a game of the War God, made of feathers and cobs. L-po-tchi-we.

6379. Deer-horn prod for use in basket weaving. Ts-o-na-k'ia sa-an-ne.

69302. Horns used in sacred dance of blue horn. K-k-thli-an an sa-a-we.

69337. Pair of heel-bands used by women in the dance of fallen enemies, etc. (two specimens). W-thle-a-kwi-we.

69266. Deer hoof rattles attached to sacred turtle shell. Thl-a-kwi an n-k'u-tchi-we.

69381. Eagle feathers from shield. K'i-k'il l-ai-yl-la-k'ia l-we.

69267. Tortoise shell used in sacred dance. K-k a-wen thl-a-kwi-we.

69376, 69377, 69378. Bone awls used in weaving. P-ti s-wi-k'ia-na-k'ia sam si-mi-we.

Miscellaneous objects not numbered in Collector's Catalogue.

——-. Three bow guards for children. Km pas si-kwi-we.

——-. Two small rattles for children. A-tsa-na a-wen tch-mo-we.

——-. Three awls used in weaving blankets and baskets. S-si-mi-we.

——-. Four sets of small flat sticks used in the game of T-sho-li-we.

——-. The blue horn used in the head-dress of the women of the horn-dance. S-te-tchi -k'ia an sa-an-ne.

69303. Burden-strap for forehead. Ythl-ton-ne.

69297. Arrow straighteners of mountain-goat horn. Sh tsathl-tchu-na-k'ia sa-an-ne.

69652. Embroidered sash used in sacred dances. T-k'un -kwin, K-k -wen.

69298. Horn arrow straightener. Sh tsathl-tchu-na-k'ia sa-an-ne.

69407. Paddle-shaped ornament used in the head-dress of the women during the dance of the S-te-tchi.



69876-69950. Flat rubbing-stones used for grinding grain on metates.

69951-69971. Metates.

69972-69975. Stone slabs for baking bread.

69976-70063. Stone mortars for grinding paint, chili, etc.

70064. Two fragments of stone mortars.

70065. Metate and two fragments of stone rubbers.

70066. Grinding-stone and muller.

70067-70078. Stone mullers.

70079-70155. Stones used for rubbing, smoothing, and polishing.

70156-70164. Grooved stones used for smoothing and polishing arrows.

70165-70175. Stones used for pounding, hammering, &c.

70176-70313. Stone axes and hammers, mostly of basalt.

70314-70435. Stone hammers and mauls, mostly of coarse ferruginous sandstone.

70436-70475. Stone pestles.

70476-70500. Stones used for grinding paint, chili, pepper, etc.

70501-70508. Hammer-stones, etc.

70509 }. Stone axes with handles. 70510 }

70511-70524. Images carved in sandstone.

71037. Fifteen rubbing or smoothing stones for pottery.

71038. Four rubbing stones.

71039. Stone scraper.

71041. A lot of flakes of obsidian, flint, etc.


70525. An imperforate earthen pipe.

70526-45. Water vases or tinajas with various styles of ornamentation.

70546-50. Toy water vases or tinajas.

70551-601. White ware bowls of various sizes and styles of ornamentation.

70602-618. Red ware bowls, variously ornamented.

70619. A paint cup.

70620-23. Coarse toy cups.

70624-31. Small and medium sized water vases. 70628-9, are without ornamentation.

70632-46. Earthenware cups with handles and variously ornamented.

70647-50. Small basket-shaped vessels.

70651-8. Square and oblong dishes, ornamented.

70659-75. Ollas or cooking vessels of various sizes.

70676-95. Medium and large sized ollas or cooking vessels.

70696-98. Toy cooking vessels.

70699-700. Basket-shaped vessels.

70701-39. Canteens without ornament, large size.

70740-44. Canteens, ornamented.

70745-51. Small plain canteens.

70752-56. Calabash or double gourd-shaped water-vessels, some plain and others ornamented.

70757-70789. Large ollas.

70790-70802. Pans, cups and dishes.

70803-882. Ladles of various shapes, sizes and styles of ornamentation.

70883-87. Curiously shaped and ornamented paint-boxes.

70892-901. Salt and pepper boxes.

70902-9. Vessels in the shape of birds with the opening in the top of the head or in the back.

70910. Moccasin shaped vessel.

70911-25. Images of the human figure.

70926-7. Images of an animal, very rude.

71040. Earthenware pipe.



70928-36. Large deep baskets, for carrying loads.

70937. Small deep baskets.

70938-40. Large, oblong, shallow tray baskets.

70941-47. Small, circular, flat basket trays.

70948-50. Circular round-bottomed baskets.

70951-55. Circular flat basket trays, woven in colors.

70956. Wicker-work cradle.

70957-8. Toy cradles.

70959-61. Basket work head guards for cradles.

70962-6. Basket work head pads.

70967-73. Small deep baskets.

70974. Small dipper-shaped basket, with handle.

70975. Head-dress, with horns, used in dances.

70976-82. Shallow circular baskets.

70983-87. Small square baskets, somewhat smaller at the top than at the bottom.

70988-96. Small circular baskets deep, and smaller at the top than at the bottom.

70997. Small circular basket tray.

70998. Hat of plaited straw.

70999. Sock or moccasin of straw.

71000. Ball for a game.

71001-4. Medium-sized circular basket trays.

71005-8. Smaller-sized circular basket trays.

71009-12. Still smaller-sized circular basket trays.

71013-4. Deep circular baskets, much smaller at the mouth than at the bottom.

71015-8. Small deep circular baskets with handles reaching from side to side.

71019-22. Small saucer-shaped water-tight baskets.

71023-28. Jug and gourd-shaped water-tight baskets.

71029-30. Small circular deep baskets.


68701-25. Gourds for carrying water, &c.

68726-57. Gourd rattles, variously ornamented, used in dances.

68758. Gourd drinking vessel.

68759-75. Bows and arrows, used in dances.

68776. Toy bows and arrows.

68777. Bow, bow case, quiver, and arrows.

68778. Strands of beads made of black seeds.

68779-83. Wooden birds with movable wings, used in dances and ceremonies.

68797-800. Wooden forceps.

68802. A hinged toy, used in dances to imitate lightning.

68803. Whirligig, a child's toy.

68804. Necklace of acorn-cups.

68818-20. Wooden combs.

68821-25. Cylindrical wooden boxes for small articles.

68826. Drum, the body of wood, the heads of skin.

68827-8. Drumsticks.

68829-32. Sticks and tops, used in a game.

68833. Blocks or tops, used in a game.

68834. Spinning toy, a kind of top, consisting of a disk with a spindle through its center.

68835. Tops.

68837. Wooden tongs.

68838. Wooden comb.

68839-40. Wooden knives.

68841. Child's pop-gun.

68842. Stick with a stone, covered with skin at one end, used as a mallet in a ball game.

68844. Notched stick for bird trap.

66847-9. Wooden hoops or arches, used by girls to arrange the hair at the sides of the head.

68850. Wooden implement used for twisting ropes.

68851-2. Notched sticks and deer's scapulae, used as rattles.

68853-9. Notched sticks, used as rattles in dances.

68862. Wooden hooks used with the ropes, with which the load is secured upon the back of an animal.

68863-8. Flat wooden sticks, variously notched and painted, which, when attached to a string and whirled swiftly round, produce a buzzing noise; used in dances.

68870-4. Sets of cylindrical blocks, used in a game.

68875. Ornament of wood painted light green, and with a tuft of dark brown wool in the middle; used in dances.

68876-97. Spindles used in spinning. They are composed of a disk of wood, or earthenware, about 4 inches in diameter, through the center of which passes a slender stick, a foot or more in length. Several of them have a piece of corn-cob on the end of the stick. For use, see pl. xliv.

68898. Sticks used in spinning.

68899. Sticks used for arrow shafts.

68900. Bird snares.

68901-7, 69025. Sleys used in weaving.

68908-9. Reed matting.

68910-15. Bundles of grass stems used as hair brushes.

68916-25. Ceremonial sticks with balls attached.

68965-6. Waist or breech cloths of cotton cloth.

68979. Grass hair brush.


68981. Dancing head-dress, made of a hemispherical wicker-work basket to fit the head, surmounted by large horns of skin painted with light colored clay, and supposed to represent the mountain sheep (ovis americanus).

68983. Head-dress of leather and cotton cloth, painted white and black.

68986. Head-dress composed of a ring of cotton cloth, stuffed with some soft substance, and with a wooden tablet at one side and a horn at the other, and painted black and white.

68987-90. Head-dresses, segments of a circle of basketware, with zigzag sticks protruding from the edge to represent lightning.

68991-4. Head-dress shaped like 68986, but the ring is of rawhide, and the rest of wood. The horn on one side is a frame-work of twigs covered with a netting of cotton twine.

68996-9. Yoke-shaped wooden stick with funnel-shaped ornament of cotton string, stretched over ribs of iron wire at one end of it.

69000. A dance ornament very similar in shape to the preceding, but the funnel is of gourd, painted green, and the stick is ornamented with white, red, and black in the center.

69001. Ceremonial throwing stick or "boomerang," painted white, red, and black.

69002. Dance ornament of wood, ornamented with a tuft of wool.

69003. Gambling sticks painted in lozenges, black and white.

69004. Gambling sticks, plain black.

69005. Bird upon the end of painted stick, used in dances.

69006-7. Large wooden melon shaped balls, painted, used in ceremonies.

69009-15. Toy cradles of wood and basket work.

69016-17. Ornament made of corn husks, like three flowers upon a stalk, carried in the corn dance.

69018-19. Head ornament. A ring of corn husk is surmounted by eight pieces of corn cob, equidistant, and ornamented with feathers.

69027. Ornament made of husks for the corn dance.

69032. Head dress. A ring of corn husks, from which protrude horizontally zigzag sticks, pointed, and painted red, green, and yellow, which are set close together around the circle; these sticks are said to represent lightning.

69033. Ornament used in the grass dance; a piece of wood, notched on both edges, gaily painted, yellow, green, white, and black, and decorated with a tuft of grass.

69034-6. Ornaments similar to the above, but without the tuft of grass; carried in dances.

69037. Ornament similar to above, with tuft of grass and feathers.

60038. Ornament similar to above, with tuft of feathers tied with bright-colored cotton and woolen yarns.

69039-44. Ear ornaments, a sort of rosette made by winding bright-colored cotton and woolen yarns upon a framework of wood, and worn over the ears in dances.

69045-47. Dance ornament; a funnel shaped section of gourd, gaily painted.

69048. Dance ornaments or charms, made of two small tablets of wood, and painted of a whitish color, upon which is drawn, with black lines, an elongated shield shaped figure divided into squares, in each of which is a black dot.

69049-52. Wooden knobs painted yellow, used as dance ornaments.

69053-65. Wooden dance ornaments, gaily painted, and having disks of wood or leather, and balls attached.

69066-7. Horn shaped dance ornaments of gourd, painted and carved, with two balls attached to each one by strings.

69068-75. Horn shaped dance ornaments of gourd, painted and carved.

69076-69107. Wooden dolls or images, very brightly painted. They are from six to eight inches in height, rudely carved, and sometimes ornamented with feathers.

69108. A ceremonial image or idol, painted white, with black ornaments. It has a fan-shaped head-dress of white rays tipped with black.

69109-12. Ceremonial images with large head-dresses of various combinations of pyramidal figures, vividly colored green, red, black, and white.

69113-4. Large elaborately carved and painted ceremonial head-dresses.

69115. Carved wooden bird.

69116. Small wooden dance ornament, red, green, and blue.

69117. Small wooden dance ornament, shaped like the tail of a fan-tailed pigeon; the body green; the radiating sticks red.

69118. Ornament similar to the preceding, but circular in shape.

69119-20. Are head ornaments of wood, painted blue, red, green, and yellow, in which the pyramidal figure is variously combined; 69120 has a strap of leather to fasten it to the head.

69121. An ornament formed of two small wooden tablets, hinged together in the center with thongs of hide, the upper part of each tablet cut into steps, so that the two form a pyramid, painted green, with tadpoles in black scattered over side.

69122, 69125. Dance ornaments similar to 69119-20.

69123-4, 69126-31. Are zigzag sticks or wands, variously painted green, yellow, red; are-carried in the hands in dances.

69132-5. Dance ornaments. In the center of two sticks, which form a cross, is placed a ring of wood, over which a piece of skin is stretched, upon which a face is painted in a rudely conventional manner, the colors being green, yellow, red, white, and black. Outside of this is secured a zigzag ring of cornhusks.

69136-7. Pads of cornhusks worn by women on the side of the head.

69138-40. Small wooden hoops covered with a netting of cotton yarn.

69141. Small wooden hoop with a visor of skin, like a shade for the eyes.

69142-45. Wooden hoops, over which cotton cloth is stretched, and painted green, upon which grotesque faces and other figures are rudely drawn in black.

69146-7. Triangular wooden frame covered with cotton cloth, painted green and ornamented with a figure in black, red, and yellow.

69148. Two oblong wooden frames, similar to preceding.

69149. Ceremonial throwing sticky or boomerang.

69150. Wooden ornament carried in the dance.

69151-2. Ceremonial head-dresses. A circular rim of wood supports semi-circular arched ribs, which cross each other, and from their center rises a perpendicular wooden tablet, carved and painted.

69153. Head-dress, formed of four narrow slats of wood, neatly hinged together with small thongs of skin; the outer slats are longer than the two middle ones, thus leaving a square recess for the head. The upper part of each slat is cut into a pyramid of steps, which are each painted of a different color. The whole is brilliantly colored in red, green, yellow, and blue.

69154. A similar head-dress, but it is of a single piece, and the top is in three scollops.

69155. Similar to preceding, but the top line is straight.

69159-60. Similar to preceding, but the top rises in three steps, forming a pyramid, brightly painted and quite elaborately ornamented.

69156-8. Wooden wands, variously painted and ornamented. They are carried in the hands at dances.

69161. Wooden board with two handles at lower end, painted with two dancing figures, with joined hands, and other ornaments. Carried in the hands in dances.

69165. Board similar to above, but without the human figures, and is curiously painted in red, green, yellow, black, and white.

69162. Wand or rod with a wisp of grass attached at one end.

69163-4, 69166-91. Narrow wooden slats with a handle notched in one end, and variously ornamented. The predominant design is a curiously conventionalized human figure, painted in gaudy colors.

59192. An Indian flute.

69193-218. Throwing-sticks or boomerangs, some painted, others plain.


69219-20. Looms with cloth partly woven.

69221-2. Sticks, part of loom.

69223-6. Flat sticks for breaking up the woof.

69227. Curved, flat-batten stick.

69228-29. Wooden agricultural implement for digging.



68784-8. Cow and sheep bells made of horn.

68789. Horns of an antelope.

68790. Horn of a goat.

68791. Rattle of turtle shell.

68792-6. Implements of horn for straightening and polishing arrow shafts.

68810-17. Perforators of bone.

68969-78. Children's buckskin moccasins.

68982. Head-dress of buckskin, with long horns of the same material, painted black and white. Used in dances.

68980. Fringed leather girdle.


69020-4. Feather ornaments used in dances.


68928. Woven woolen belt, red and black, with green borders.

68929. A head-dress cut out of a gray felt hat, and ornamented with pieces of red woolen cloth, and figures drawn with black lines.

68861. Plaited woolen rope, with wooden hooks attached, used for fastening the load upon the back of an animal.


68801. Head-strap of raw hide used for carrying loads.

68805-9. Bags or pouches made of bull's scrotum.

68836. Leathern pouch.

68843. Skin-covered ball for a game.

68845-6. Wristlets for protecting the arm when shooting with the bow and arrow.

68861. Leather ring used with a rope or lariat for fastening loads upon the backs of animals.

68869. Foot-ball of skin stuffed with wool.

68926-7. Belts of raw hide.

68930. Leather pouch and strap.

68931-2. Buckskin pouches.

68933-4. Knife-sheaths of skin.

68935. Leather pouch.

68996-7, Fringed deer-skin bands.

68938. Sling of buckskin.

68939-46. Ornamental bands for the ankle; made of narrow strips of skin, ornamented with bright colored woolen yarns.

68947-8. The same ornamented with porcupine quills.

68949-50. Fringed leather girdles.

68951. Leather wristlet.

68952-8. Anklets of buckskin, fringed.

68959-63. Leggings of buckskin.

68964. Waistcloth of buckskin and cotton.

68967-8. Saddle-bags of buckskin, ornamented with red woolen cloth, and long fringe of buckskin.


Axes, Collection of Indian 521

Baskets, Collection of Indian 576-586, 589 Bottles, Collections of Indian water 533-538 Bowls, Collection of 546-564 Bows, Collection of 589

Canteens, Collection of Indian 538-543 Chase and war, Collection of implements of 581 Clay articles, Catalogues of 531-575 Collections in 1881 from Arizona; Wolpi 587 New Mexico; Zui 521 Pueblos 511-592 amulets, Hunting and war 527 arrows 589 axes 521 baskets 546, 576-580, 589 bowls 546-564 bows 589 condiment vessels 569 cooking-pots 561-566 cups 545 dippers 566 effigies 574 gourds 589 head-dresses 590 implements of gambling 581 implements of the dance 582 implements of the loom 580 instruments of war and chase 581 ladles 566, 575 metates 521 mortars 522 mullers 524 paint jars 573 pots 570-573 pitchers 543 rattles 589 spoons 560, 575 water bottles 533-538 canteens 538-543 jars 531-533 jugs 538-543 Cups, Collection of Indian 545 Cushing, Frank H. on Zui fetiches 591 prepared field catalogue for Zui collection 517

Dance implements 582 Dippers, collection of Indian 566

Effigies, collection of Indian 574

Gambling implements, Collection of 581 Gourds, Collection of Indian 589

Head-dresses, Collection of Indian 590

Jars, Collection of Indian paint 573 Jugs, Collection of Indian water 538-543

Loom implements, Collection of Indian 580

Metal objects in collection 585 Metates, Collection of 521 Mindeleff, V., Work of 517 Mortars, Collection of Indian 522 Mullers, Collection of 524

New Mexico; Collection from pueblos of 511

Paint jars, Collection of Indian 573 pots, Collection of Indian 570-573 Pitchers, Collection of Indian 543 Pots, Collection of cooking 564-566 paint 570-573

Rattles, Collection of Indian 589

Spoons, Collection of Indian 560, 575

Vessels, Collection of condiment 569

War and chase, Collection of implements of 581 hunting amulets, Collection of 527 Water jars, Collection of 531-533 Wolpi, Arizona, by J. Stevenson, Collections from pueblos of 587-592

Zui, Collection from 521-586 cooking pots, Collection of 564-566 loom implements, Collection of 580 paint-jars, Collection of 573 pots, Collection of 570-573

* * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Technical Note on Zuni words

The system of transliteration is not explained in the text. It was therefore difficult, often impossible, to distinguish typograpical errors from variant forms or imperfect transcription.

The sound rendered as "thl" would be written today as l (l with crossing line). The backward apostrophe ' probably represents the glottal stop; the simple apostrophe ' may indicate the same sound. The two characters seem to occur in complementary distribution (initial vs. non-initial syllables), but exceptions were too numerous to list. The free-standing accent may be a stress marker. Small raised g could not be identified.

The spelling "Zui" with tilde is Spanish; today the word is generally written "Zuni."

Words Containing Unusual Letters

ⱥ = macron 66497. ... K'ia-wih-na-k'ia t-tsa-na, sh-lo-a. 67028. ... Sa-tsa-na sh-lo-a. 66966. ... I-to-na-kia s-tsa-na sh-lo-a. 66930. ... I-to-na-k'ia s-thla-na sh-lo-a. [before 67022] ——-. ... Sa-tsa-na sh-lo-a. [after 67050] ——-. ... S-tsa-na sh-lo-a. 67348. ... M-pu-k'ia t-wi-p-tchi-pa sh-lo-a. last element of all phrases: sh-lo-ⱥ

ă ĭ ŏ = breve 66532. ... -wi-thlui-a po-na ... -wi-thlui-ă po-na [after 68160] ——-. ... -ma-tsa-pa—te-a / ythl-ti-e. ythl-tĭ-e 68161. ... su-pa-no-pa hai-a-we -lap-nai-e; tch-set ti-e. haĭ-a-we 66636. ... H-wi-ms-sin -no-to-na, t-sh-ho-i-t'o-k'ia p-tchi-e. t-sh-hŏ-i-t'o-k'ia 67188. ... -wi-thlui a-po-na s-ni-te-po-a-pa. -wi-thluĭ

{g} = small raised g 67422, 67481. ... inᵍ- shi m-ti-e. in{g}-shi 67775. ... Ainᵍ-sh-k-ha-na, m-to-ok-te -me ch-se-ti-e. Ain{g}-sh-k-ha-na

* * * * *

Errors and Anomalies

Punctuation in the catalog has been silently regularized. Inconsistent spacing in the phrase "earthen( )ware" was left as printed.

English text (changed, except as noted)

[Table of Contents] Zuni / Articles of Clay / Paint jars missing from printed text [under 65934 ...] 3 Of the variety known as ... (archaic). text reads "archaric" 55. Great pray God ... wording as in original 66474. Small water jar for children. K'i-wih-na-k'ia t-tsa-na. entire text, except catalog number, printed twice in original 66884. Small bowl ... text reads "Small bow" 67308. Small plain yellow water bowl ... text reads "waterbowl" 67279 ... gentile quail or chaparral / cocks, and flowers. text reads "chapparrel, / cocks, and flowers" 67402. Plain brown salt pot or earthen box. M-pu-k'ia-t—le. text reads "earthern" 69235 ... With smoothing comb attached. text reads "smoothing cob" [after 69273] ——-. Indented ring for supporting eating-bowls ... text reads "for supporting for" 69255 ... in drilling turquois and shell ornaments. text reads "torquois" ("turquois" without final "e" is usual Bureau of Ethnology spelling) 70620-23. Coarse toy cups. text reads "Coorse"

Zuni words in catalog

Vowel variation, especially the inconsistent use of diacritics, has generally not been noted.

Probable errors (changed)

66316 ... Tch-ok-na-k'ia -k'i. text reads -na-ki'a 66160 ... K-k a-wa he-lin o-na-kia -shok-ton-ne. text reads K-k a-wa 65982, 66000. Polishers. K'i-thl-na-k'ia a-we. text reads K'i-thl-na-kia a-we 65972 ... T-k'i-thl-kia-na-k'ia -tsa-na ... text reads T-k'i-thl-kia-na-kia 65935 ... Wo-le-a -k'os-kwi-k'ia. text reads -k'os-kwi-ki'a [after 67818] ——- ... a-wi-thlui-a-p-na-pa. text reads a-wi-thuli- 66946. Small red ware bowl for eating. -to-na-k'ia ... text reads -to-na-ki'a 67502 ... p-k'ia-a-pa. text reads p-k'ai-a-pa 68647 ... Tch-k'o-sho-na-k'ia h-tsi—le. text reads Tch-k'o-sho-na-kia 69320 ... tsh-kwin-pi-k'ia ... text reads tsh-kwin-pi-k'ai 69297 ... tsathl-tchu-na-k'ia sa-an-ne. text reads tsathl-tchu-na-ki'a

Possible errors (not changed)

65940 ... T-k'i ... character occurs nowhere else: error for T-k'i or T-k'i? 66068 ... wo-lu-k'ia -we. error for wo-li-k'ia? 66407 ... K'i-wih-na-k'ia t-le n-pa-o-pa. error for n-pa-no-pa? 66520 ... k'i-ti t-hi-a ... error for k'i-ti tchi-a? 66675. Small eating bowl. I-to-nu-k'ia s-tsa-na. error for I-to-na-k'ia? 68594 ... w-lu-kia. error for w-li-k'ia?


Hyphens were inserted, or replaced with spaces, where multiple occurrences of the same word or phrase made it safe to conjecture. Unusual syllable divisions are listed here.

67085 ... He-li-po-nan k'il-i-k'ia ... error for k'i-li-k'ia? 66027 ... on-ak'ia -tsa-na, kwl-li-mk-te h-k'o-pa. error for o-na-k'ia? 67825 ... M-wi-k'il-ik-ton shi-lo-a tsa-na. error for M-wi-k'i-lik-ton? 67087 ... on-a-kia ... error for o-na-kia? 66974 ... h-thli-a-k'ian a-k'ia ... error for -a-k'ia na-k'ia? 67177 ... on-a-k'ia ... error for o-na-k'ia? 67178 ... u-te-a hel-in o-na-kia. error for he-lin? 67039 ... on-a-k'ia s-tsa-na. error for o-na-k'ia?

Catalog numbers

67517-67516. Small jars ... numbers as in original 66925, 68370, 67012, 67018, 6751. Ditto ... number as printed: may be error for 67514 66882, 67004, 66950, 66758, 66744, 66712, 66724, 67260, 66745, 66754, 66763, 66842, 66849-67334-66878, 67299. ——- Ditto ... hyphens and dash as in original [before 68512] ——-. empty line as printed 69321. Small pair of symbolical tablets ... 69321. Small pair of symbolic tablets ... one of the two entries may be an error for 69322 69351. Ditto, large. 69351. Ditto, large, an especial hereditary set of the tribe. duplication could not be resolved 68629, 68628, 68627, 6828, 68632, 68629, 6828, 68629, 68633, 68629. all numbers as printed 6379. Deer-horn prod ... number as printed: may be error for 69379


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