Hymns and Spiritual Songs
by Isaac Watts
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5 He is a God of sovereign love That promis'd heaven to me, And taught my thoughts to soar above, Where happy spirits be.

6 Prepare me, Lord, for thy right-hand, Then come the joyful day, Come death, and some celestial band, To bear my soul away.

Hymn 2:53. The pilgrimage of the saints; or, Earth and heaven.

1 Lord! what a wretched land is this That yields us no supply! No cheering fruits no wholesome trees, Nor streams of living joy!

2 But pricking thorns thro' all the ground And mortal poisons grow, And all the rivers that are found With dangerous waters flow.

3 Yet the clear path to thine abode Lies thro' this horrid land; Lord! we would keep the heavenly road, And run at thy command.

4 [Our souls shall tread the desert thro' With undiverted feet; And faith and flaming zeal subdue The terrors that we meet.]

5 [A thousand savage beasts of prey Around the forest roam; But Judah's lion guards the way, And guides the strangers home.]

6 [Long nights and darkness dwell below, With scarce a twinkling ray; But the bright world to which we go Is everlasting day.]

7 [By glimmering hopes and gloomy fears We trace the sacred road, Thro' dismal deeps and dangerous snares We make our way to God.]

8 Our journey is a thorny maze, But we march upward still; Forget these troubles of the ways, And reach at Zion's hill.

9 [See the kind angels at the gates, Inviting us to come; There Jesus the fore-runner waits To welcome travellers home.]

10 There on a green and flowery mount Our weary souls shall sit, And with transporting joys recount The labours of our feet.

11 [No vain discourse shall fill our tongue, Nor trifles vex our ear, Infinite grace shall be our song, And God rejoice to hear.]

12 Eternal glories to the King That brought us safely thro'; Our tongues shall never cease to sing, And endless praise renew.

Hymn 2:54. God's presence is light in darkness.

1 My God, the spring of all my joys, The life of my delights, The glory of my brightest days, And comfort of my nights.

2 In darkest shades if he appear, My dawning is begun; He is my soul's sweet morning star And he my rising sun.

3 The opening heavens around me shine With beams of sacred bliss, While Jesus shews his heart is mine, And whispers, "I am his!"

4 My soul would leave this heavy clay At that transporting word, Run up with joy the shining way T' embrace my dearest Lord.

5 Fearless of hell and ghastly death! I'd break thro' every foe; The wings of love, and arms of faith Should bear me conqueror thro'.

Hymn 2:55. Frail life and succeeding eternity.

1 Thee we adore, eternal Name, And humbly own to thee, How feeble is our mortal frame! What dying worms are we!

2 [Our wasting lives grow shorter still As months and days increase; And every beating pulse we tell Leaves but the number less.

3 The year rolls round, and steals away The breath that first it gave; Whate'er we do, where'er we be, We're travelling to the grave.

4 Dangers stand thick thro' all the ground To push us to the tomb, And fierce diseases wait around To hurry mortals home.

5 Good God! on what a slender thread Hang everlasting things! Th' eternal states of all the dead Upon life's feeble strings.

6 Infinite joy or endless woe Attends on every breath; And yet how unconcern'd we go Upon the brink of death!

7 Waken, O Lord, our drowsy sense To walk this dangerous road; And if our souls are hurried hence, May they be found with God!

Hymn 2:56. The misery of being without God in this world; or, Vain prosperity.

1 O, I shall envy them no more Who grow profanely great, Tho' they increase their golden store, And rise to wondrous height.

2 They taste of all the joys that grow Upon this earthly clod, Well they may search the creature thro', For they have ne'er a God.

3 Shake off the thoughts of dying too, And think your life your own; But death comes hastening on to you To mow your glory down.

4 Yes, you must bow your stately head, Away your spirit flies, And no kind angel near your bed To bear it to the skies.

5 Go now, and boast of all your stores, And tell how bright you shine; Your heaps of glittering dust are yours, And my Redeemer's mine.

Hymn 2:57. The pleasures of a good conscience.

1 Lord, how secure and bless'd are they Who feel the joys of pardon'd sin! Should storms of wrath shake earth and sea, Their minds have heaven and peace within.

2 The day glides sweetly o'er their heads, Made up of innocence and love; And soft and silent as the shades Their nightly minutes gently move.

3 [Quick as their thoughts their joys come on, But fly not half so fast away; Their souls are ever bright as noon, And calm as summer evenings be.

4 How oft they look to th' heavenly hills, Where groves of living pleasure grow! And longing hopes and cheerful smiles Sit undisturb'd upon their brow.]

5 They scorn to seek our golden toys, But spend the day and share the night In numbering o'er the richer joys That heaven prepares for their delight.

6 While wretched we, like worms and moles, Lie grovelling in the dust below: Almighty grace, renew our souls, And we'll aspire to glory too.

Hymn 2:58 The shortness of life, and the goodness of God.

1 Time! what an empty vapour 'tis! And days how swift they are! Swift as an Indian arrow flies, Or like a shooting star.

2 [The present moments just appear, Then slide away in haste, That we can never say, "They're here," But only say, "They're past."]

3 [Our life is ever on the wing, And death is ever nigh; The moment when our lives begin We all begin to die.]

4 Yet, mighty God, our fleeting days Thy lasting favours share, Yet with the bounties of thy grace Thou load'st the rolling year.

5 'Tis sovereign mercy finds us food, And we are cloth d with love; While grace stands pointing out the road That leads our souls above.

6 His goodness runs an endless round; All glory to the Lord: His mercy never knows a bound, And be his Name ador'd!

7 Thus we begin the lasting song, And when we close our eyes, Let the next age thy praise prolong Till time and nature dies.

Hymn 2:59. Paradise on earth.

1 Glory to God that walks the sky, And sends his blessings thro', That tells his saints of joys on high, And gives a taste below.

2 [Glory to God that stoops his throne That dust and worms may see't, And brings a glimpse of glory down Around his sacred feet.

3 When Christ, with all his graces crown'd, Sheds his kind beams abroad, 'Tis a young heaven on earthly ground, And glory in the bud.

4 A blooming paradise of joy In this wild desert springs; And every sense I straight employ On sweet celestial things.

5 White lilies all around appear, And each his glory shows; The rose of Sharon blossoms here, The fairest flower that blows.

6 Cheerful I feast on heavenly fruit, And drink the pleasures down, Pleasures that flow hard by the foot Of the eternal throne.]

7 But ah! how soon my joys decay, How soon my sins arise, And snatch the heavenly scene away From these lamenting eyes!

8 When shall the time, dear Jesus, when The shining day appear, That I shall leave those clouds of sin, And guilt and darkness here?

9 Up to the fields above the skies My hasty feet would go, There everlasting flowers arise, And joys unwithering grow.

Hymn 2:60. The truth of God the promiser; or, The promises are our security.

1 Praise, everlasting praise be paid To him that earth's foundations laid; Praise to the God whose strong decrees Sway the creation as he please.

2 Praise to the goodness of the Lord Who rules his people by his word, And there as strong as his decrees He sets his kindest promises.

3 [Firm are the words his prophets give, Sweet words on which his children live; Each of them is the voice of God, Who spoke and spread the skies abroad.

4 Each of them powerful as that sound That bid the new-made heavens go round; And stronger than the solid poles, On which the wheel of nature rolls.]

5 Whence then should doubts and fears arise, Why trickling sorrows drown our eyes? Slowly, alas, our mind receives The comforts that our Maker gives.

6 O for a strong, a lasting faith To credit what th' almighty saith! T' embrace the message of his Son, And call the joys of heaven our own.

7 Then should the earth's old pillars shake, And all the wheels of nature break, Our steady souls should fear no more Than solid rocks when billows roar.

8 Our everlasting hopes arise Above the ruinable skies, Where the eternal Builder reigns, And his own courts his power sustains.

Hymn 2:61. A thought of death and glory.

1 My soul, come meditate the day, And think how near it stands, When thou must quit this house of clay, And fly to unknown lands.

2 [And you, mine eyes, look down and view The hollow gaping tomb, This gloomy prison waits for you Whene'er the summons come.]

3 O could we die with those that die, And place us in their stead, Then would our spirits learn to fly, And converse with the dead:

4 Then should we see the saints above In their own glorious forms, And wonder why our souls should love To dwell with mortal worms.

5 [How we should scorn these clothes of flesh, These fetters and this load! And long for evening to undress, That we may rest with God.]

6 We should almost forsake our clay Before the summons come, And pray, and wish our souls away To their eternal home.

Hymn 2:62. God the thunderer; or, The last judgment and hell.*

1 Sing to the Lord, ye heavenly hosts, And thou, O earth, adore, Let death and hell thro' all their coasts, Stand trembling at his power.

2 His sounding chariot shakes the sky, He makes the clouds his throne, There all his stores of lightning lie, Till vengeance dart them down.

3 His nostrils breathe out fiery streams, And from his awful tongue A sovereign voice divides the flames, And thunder roars along.

4 Think, O my soul, the dreadful day When this incensed God Shall rend the sky, and burn the sea, And fling his wrath abroad.

5 What shall the wretch the sinner do? He once defy'd the Lord; But he shall dread the Thunderer now, And sink beneath his word.

6 Tempests of angry fire shall roll To blast the rebel-worm, And beat upon his naked soul In one eternal storm.

* Made in a great sudden storm of thunder, August 20, 1697.

Hymn 2:63. A funeral thought.

1 Hark! from the tombs a doleful sound, My ears attend the cry, "Ye living men, come view the ground "Where you must shortly lie.

2 "Princes, this clay must be your bed, "In spite of all your towers; "The tall, the wise, the reverend head "Must lie as low as ours."

3 Great God, is this our certain doom? And are we still secure? Still walking downward to our tomb, And yet prepare no more?

4 Grant us the powers of quickening grace To fit our souls to fly, Then, when we drop this dying flesh, We'll rise above the sky.

Hymn 2:64. God the glory and defence of Sion.

1 Happy the church, thou sacred place, The seat of thy Creator's grace; Thine holy courts are his abode, Thou earthly palace of our God.

2 Thy walls are strength, and at thy gates A guard of heavenly warriors waits; Nor shall thy deep foundations move, Fix'd on his counsels and his love.

3 Thy foes in vain designs engage, Against his throne in vain they rage, Like rising waves, with angry roar, That dash and die upon the shore.

4 Then let our souls in Zion dwell, Nor fear the wrath of Rome and hell: His arms embrace this happy ground, Like brazen bulwarks built around.

5 God is our shield, and God our sun; Swift as the fleeting moments run, On us he sheds new beams of grace, And we reflect his brightest praise.

Hymn 2:65. The hope of heaven our support under trials on earth.

1 When I can read my title clear To mansions in the skies, I bid farewell to every fear, And wipe my weeping eyes.

2 Should earth against my soul engage, And hellish darts be hurl'd, Then I can smile at Satan's rage, And face a frowning world.

3 Let cares like a wild deluge come, And storms of sorrow fall, May I but safely reach my home, My God, my heaven, my all.

4 There shall I bathe my weary soul In seas of heavenly rest, And not a wave of trouble roll Across my peaceful breast.

Hymn 2:66. A prospect of heaven makes death easy.

1 There is a land of pure delight Where saints immortal reign, Infinite day excludes the night, And pleasures banish pain.

2 There everlasting spring abides, And never withering flowers: Death like a narrow sea divides This heavenly land from ours.

3 [Sweet fields beyond the swelling flood, Stand dress'd in living green So to the Jews old Canaan stood, While Jordan roll'd between.

4 But timorous mortals start and shrink To cross this narrow sea, And linger shivering on the brink, And fear to launch away.]

5 O! could we make our doubts remove, These gloomy doubts that rise, And see the Canaan that we love, With unbeclouded eyes!

6 Could we but climb where Moses stood, And view the landscape o'er, Not Jordan's stream, nor death's cold flood, Should fright us from the shore.

Hymn 2:67. God's eternal dominion.

1 Great God, how infinite art thou! What worthless worms are we! Let the whole race of creatures bow And pay their praise to thee.

2 Thy throne eternal ages stood, Ere seas or stars were made; Thou art the ever-living God Were all the nations dead.

3 Nature and time quite naked lie To thine immense survey, From the formation of the sky To the great burning day.

4 Eternity with all its years Stands present in thy view; To thee there's nothing old appears, Great God, there's nothing new.

5 Our lives thro' various scenes are drawn, And vex'd with trifling cares; While thine eternal thought moves on Thine undisturb'd affairs.

6 Great God, how infinite art thou! What worthless worms are we! Let the whole race of creatures bow And pay their praise to thee.

Hymn 2:68. The humble worship of heaven.

1 Father, I long, I faint to see The place of thine abode, I'd leave thy earthly courts and flee Up to thy seat, my God!

2 Here I behold thy distant face, And 'tis a pleasing sight; But to abide in thine embrace Is infinite delight.

3 I'd part with all the joys of sense To gaze upon thy throne; Pleasure springs fresh for ever thence, Unspeakable, unknown.

4 [There all the heavenly hosts are seen, In shining ranks they move, And drink immortal vigour in, With wonder and with love.

5 Then at thy feet with awful fear Th' adoring armies fall With joy they shrink to nothing there, Before th' Eternal All.

6 There I would vie with all the host In duty and in bliss, While less than nothing I could boast, And vanity confess.] [1]

7 The more thy glories strike mine eyes, The humbler I shall lie; Thus while I sink, my joys shall rise Unmeasurably high.

[1] Isaiah 40:17.

Hymn 2:69. The faithfulness of God in his promises.

1 [Begin, my tongue, some heavenly theme, And speak some boundless thing, The mighty works, or mightier name Of our eternal King.

2 Tell of his wondrous faithfulness, And sound his power abroad, Sing the sweet promise of his grace, And the performing God.

3 Proclaim "salvation from the Lord "For wretched dying men;" His hand has writ the sacred word With an immortal pen.

4 Engrav'd as in eternal brass, The mighty promise shines; Nor can the powers of darkness rase Those everlasting lines.]

5 [He that can dash whole worlds to death And make them when he please, He speaks, and that almighty breath Fulfils his great decrees.

6 His very word of grace is strong As that which built the skies, The voice that rolls the stars along Speaks all the promises.

7 He said, "Let the wide heaven be spread," And heaven was stretch'd abroad; "Abrah'm, I'll be thy God," he said, And he was Abrah'm's God.

8 O, might I hear thine heavenly tongue But whisper, "Thou art mine;" Those gentle words should raise my song To notes almost divine.

9 How would my leaping heart rejoice And think my heaven secure! I trust the all-creating voice, And faith desires no more.]

Hymn 2:70. God's dominion over the sea, Psalm 107. 23 &c.

1 God of the seas, thy thundering voice Makes all the roaring waves rejoice, And one soft word of thy command Can sink them silent in the sand.

2 If but a Moses wave thy rod, The sea divides, and owns its God: The stormy floods their Maker knew, And let his chosen armies thro'.

3 The scaly flocks amidst the sea, To thee, their Lord, a tribute pay; The meanest fish that swims the flood Leaps up, and means a praise to God.

4 [The larger monsters of the deep, On thy commands attendance keep, By thy permission sport and play, And cleave along their foaming way.

5 If God his voice of tempest rears, Leviathan lies still and fears, Anon he lifts his nostrils high, And spouts the ocean to the sky.]

6 How is thy glorious power ador'd, Amidst those watery nations, Lord! Yet the bold men that trace the seas, Bold men, refuse their Maker's praise.

7 [What scenes of miracle they see, And never tune a song to thee! While on the flood they safely ride, They curse the hand that smooths the tide.

8 Anon they plunge in watery graves, And some drink death among the waves: Yet the surviving crew blaspheme, Nor own the God that rescu'd them.]

9 O for some signal of thine hand! Shake all the seas, Lord, shake the land, Great Judge, descend, lest men deny That there's a God that rules the sky.

From the 70th to the 109th Hymn, I hope the reader will forgive the neglect of the rhyme in the first and third lines of the stanza.

Hymn 2:71. Praise to God from all creatures.

1 The glories of my Maker God, My joyful voice shall sing, And call the nations to adore Their Former and their King.

2 'Twas his right-hand that shap'd our clay, And wrought this human frame, But from his own immediate breath Our nobler spirits came.

3 We bring our mortal powers to God, And worship with our tongues: We claim some kindred with the skies And join th' angelic songs.

4 Let groveling beasts of every shape, And fowls of every wing, And rocks, and trees, and fires, and seas, Their various tribute bring.

5 Ye planets, to his honour shine, And wheels of nature roll, Praise him in your unwearied course Around the steady pole.

6 The brightness of our Maker's Name The wide creation fills, And his unbounded grandeur flies Beyond the heavenly hills.

Hymn 2:72. The Lord's Day; or, The resurrection of Christ.

1 Bless'd morning, whose young dawning rays Beheld our rising God, That saw him triumph o'er the dust, And leave his dark abode.

2 In the cold prison of a tomb, The dead Redeemer lay, Till the revolving skies had brought The third, th' appointed day.

3 Hell and the grave unite their force To hold our God in vain, The sleeping Conqueror arose, And burst their feeble chain.

4 To thy great Name, Almighty Lord, These sacred hours we pay, And loud hosannas shall proclaim The triumph of the day,

5 [Salvation and immortal praise To our victorious King, Let heaven, and earth, and rocks, and seas, With glad hosannas ring.]

Hymn 2:73. Doubts scattered; or, Spiritual joy restored.

1 Hence from my soul, sad thoughts, be gone, And leave me to my joys, My tongue shall triumph in my God, And make a joyful noise.

2 Darkness and doubts had veil'd my mind, And drown'd my head in tears, Till sovereign grace with shining rays Dispell'd my gloomy fears.

3 O what immortal joys I felt, And raptures all divine, When Jesus told me, I was his, And my Beloved mine.

4 In vain the tempter frights my soul, And breaks my peace in vain, One glimpse, dear Saviour, of thy face, Revives my joys again.

Hymn 2:74. Repentance from a sense of divine goodness; or, A complaint of ingratitude.

1 Is this the kind return, And these the thanks we owe, Thus to abuse eternal love, Whence all our blessings flow?

2 TO what a stubborn frame Has sin reduc'd our mind! What strange rebellious wretches we, And God as strangely kind!

3 [On us he bids the sun Shed his reviving rays, For us the skies their circles run To lengthen out our days.

4 The brutes obey their God, And bow their necks to men, But we more base, more brutish things Reject his easy reign.]

5 Turn, turn us, mighty God, And mould our souls afresh, Break, sovereign grace, these hearts of stone, And give us hearts of flesh.

6 Let old ingratitude Provoke our weeping eyes, And hourly as new mercies fall Let hourly thanks arise.

Hymn 2:75. Spiritual and eternal joys; or, The beatific sight of Christ.

1 From thee, my God, my joys shall rise, And run eternal rounds, Beyond the limits of the skies And all created bounds.

2 The holy triumphs of my soul Shall death itself out-brave, Leave dull mortality behind, And fly beyond the grave.

3 There, where my blessed Jesus reigns In heaven's unmeasur'd space, I'll spend a long eternity In pleasure and in praise.

4 Millions of years my wondering eyes Shall o'er thy beauties rove, And endless ages I'll adore The glories of thy love.

5 [Sweet Jesus, every smile of thine Shall fresh endearments bring, And thousand tastes of new delight From all thy graces spring.

6 Haste, my beloved, fetch my soul Up to thy bless'd abode, Fly, for my spirit longs to see My Saviour and my God.

Hymn 2:76. The resurrection and ascension of Christ.

1 Hosanna to the Prince of Light, That cloth'd himself in clay, Enter'd the iron gates of death, And tore the bars away.

2 Death is no more the king of dread Since our Immanuel rose, He took the tyrant's sting away, And spoil'd our hellish foes.

3 See how the Conqueror mounts aloft, And to his Father flies, With scars of honour in his flesh, And triumph in his eyes.

4 There our exalted Saviour reigns, And scatters blessings down, Our Jesus fills the middle seat Of the celestial throne.

5 [Raise your devotion, mortal tongues, To reach his bless'd abode, Sweet be the accents of your songs To our incarnate God.

6 Bright angels, strike your loudest strings, Your sweetest voices raise, Let heaven, and all created things, Sound our Immanuel's praise.]

Hymn 77. The Christian warfare.

1 [Stand up, my soul, shake off thy fears, And gird the gospel-armour on, March to the gates of endless joy Where thy great Captain-Saviour's gone.

2 Hell and thy sins resist thy course, But hell and sin are vanquish'd foes, Thy Jesus nail'd them to the cross, And sung the triumph when he rose.]

3 [What tho' the prince of darkness rage, And waste the fury of his spite, Eternal chains confine him down To fiery deeps, and endless night.

4 What tho' thine inward lusts rebel, 'Tis but a struggling gasp for life The weapons of victorious grace Shall slay thy sins, and end the strife.]

5 Then let my soul march boldly on, Press forward to the heavenly gate, There peace and joy eternal reign, And glittering robes for conquerors wait.

6 There shall I wear a starry crown, And triumph in almighty grace, While all the armies of the skies Join in my glorious leader's praise.

Hymn 2:78. Redemption by Christ.

1 When the first parents of our race Rebell'd and lost their God, And the infection of their sin Had tainted all our blood;

2 Infinite pity touch'd the heart Of the eternal Son, Descending from the heavenly court He left his Father's throne.

3 Aside the Prince of glory threw His most divine array, And wrapt his Godhead in a veil Of our inferior clay.

4 His living power, and dying love Redeem'd unhappy men, And rais'd the ruins of our race To life and God again.

5 To thee, dear Lord, our flesh and soul We joyfully resign, Bless'd Jesus, take us for thy own, For we are doubly thine.

6 Thine honour shall for ever be The business of our days, For ever shall our thankful tongue Speak thy deserved praise.

Hymn 2:79. Praise to the Redeemer.

1 Plung'd in a gulph of dark despair We wretched sinners lay, Without one cheerful beam of hope, Or spark of glimmering day.

2 With pitying eyes, the Prince of Grace Beheld our helpless grief, He saw, and (O amazing love!) He ran to our relief.

3 Down from the shining seats above With joyful haste he fled, Enter'd the grave in mortal flesh, And dwelt among the dead.

4 He spoil'd the Powers of darkness thus, And brake our iron chains; Jesus has freed our captive souls From everlasting pains.

5 [In vain the baffled prince of hell His cursed projects tries, We that were doom'd his endless slaves, Are rais'd above the skies.]

6 O for this love, let rocks and hills Their lasting silence break, And all harmonious human tongues The Saviour's praises speak.

7 [Yes, we will praise thee, dearest Lord, Our souls are all on flame, Hosanna round the spacious earth To thine adored Name.

8 Angels, assist our mighty joys, Strike all your harps of gold; But when you raise your highest notes His love can ne'er be told.]

Hymn 2:80. God's awful power and goodness.

1 O the Almighty Lord! How matchless is his power! Tremble, O earth, beneath his word, And all the heavens adore.

2 Let proud imperious kings Bow low before his throne, Crouch to his feet, ye haughty things, Or he shall tread you down.

3 Above the skies he reigns, And with amazing blows He deals unsufferable pains On his rebellious foes.

4 Yet, everlasting God, We love to speak thy praise; Thy sceptre's equal to thy rod, The sceptre of thy grace.

5 The arms of mighty love Defend our Sion well, And heavenly mercy walls us round From Babylon and hell.

6 Salvation to the King That sits enthron'd above; Thus we adore the God of might, And bless the God of love.

Hymn 2:81. Our sin the cause of Christ's death.

1 And now the scales have left mine eyes, Now I begin to see; O the curs'd deeds my sins have done! What murderous things they be!

2 Were these the traitors, dearest Lord, That thy fair body tore? Monsters, that stain'd those heavenly limbs With floods of purple gore?

3 Was it for crimes that I had done My dearest Lord was slain When justice seiz'd God's only Son, And put his soul to pain?

4 Forgive my guilt, O Prince of peace, I'll wound my God no more; Hence from my heart, ye sins, be gone, For Jesus I adore.

5 Furnish me, Lord, with heavenly arms From grace's magazine, And I'll proclaim eternal war With every darling sin.

Hymn 2:82. Redemption and protection from spiritual enemies.

1 Arise my soul, my joyful powers, And triumph in my God, Awake, my voice, and loud proclaim His glorious grace abroad.

2 He rais'd me from the deeps of sin, The gates of gaping hell, And fix'd my standing more secure Than 'twas before I fell.

3 The arms of everlasting love Beneath my soul he plac'd, And on the rock of ages set My slippery footsteps fast.

4 The city of my bless'd abode Is wall'd around with grace Salvation for a bulwark stands To shield the sacred place.

5 Satan may vent his sharpest spite, And all his legions roar, Almighty mercy guards my life, And bounds his raging power.

6 Arise, my soul, awake, my voice, And tunes of pleasure sing, Loud hallelujahs shall address My Saviour and my King.

Hymn 2:83. The passion and exaltation of Christ.

1 Thus saith the Ruler of the skies, "Awake, my dreadful sword; "Awake, my wrath and smite the man, "My fellow," saith the Lord.

2 Vengeance receiv'd the dread command, And armed down she flies, Jesus submits t' his Father's hand, And bows his head and dies.

3 But O! the wisdom and the grace That join with vengeance now! He dies to save our guilty race, And yet he rises too.

4 A person so divine was he Who yielded to be slain, That he could give his soul away, And take his life again.

5 Live, glorious Lord, and reign on high, Let every nation sing, And angels sound with endless joy The Saviour and the King.

Hymn 2:84. The same.

1 Come, all harmonious tongues, Your noblest music bring, 'Tis Christ the everlasting God, And Christ the man we sing.

2 Tell how he took our flesh To take away our guilt, Sing the dear drops of sacred blood That hellish monsters spilt.

3 [Alas, the cruel spear Went deep into his side, And the rich flood of purple gore Their murderous weapons dy'd.]

4 [The waves of swelling grief Did o'er his bosom roll, And mountains of almighty wrath Lay heavy on his soul.]

5 Down to the shades of death He bow'd his awful head, Yet he arose to live and reign When death itself is dead.

6 No more the bloody spear, The cross and nails no more; For hell itself shakes at his Name, And all the heavens adore.

7 There the Redeemer sits High on the Father's throne; The Father lays his vengeance by, And smiles upon his Son.

8 There his full glories shine With uncreated rays, And bless his saints' and angels' eyes To everlasting days.

Hymn 2:85. Sufficiency of pardon.

1 Why does your face, ye humble souls, Those mournful colours wear? What doubts are these that waste your faith, And nourish your despair?

2 What tho' your numerous sins exceed The stars that fill the skies, And aiming at th' eternal throne, Like pointed mountains rise?

3 What tho' your mighty guilt beyond The wide creation swell, And has its curs'd foundations laid Low as the deeps of hell?

4 See here an endless ocean flows Of never-failing grace, Behold a dying Saviour's veins The sacred flood increase:

5 It rises high and drowns the hills, 'T has neither shore nor bound: Nor if we search to find our sins, Our sins can ne'er be found.

6 Awake, our hearts, adore the grace That buries all our faults, And pardoning blood that swells above Our follies and our thoughts.

Hymn 2:86. Freedom from sin and misery in heaven.

1 Our sins, alas, how strong they be! And like a violent sea They break our duty, Lord, to thee, And hurry us away.

2 The waves of trouble how they rise! How loud the tempests roar! But death shall land our weary souls Safe on the heavenly shore.

3 There to fulfil his sweet commands Our speedy feet shall move, No sin shall clog our winged zeal, Or cool our burning love.

4 There shall we sit, and sing, and tell The wonders of his grace, Till heavenly raptures fire our hearts, And smile in every face.

5 For ever his dear sacred Name Shall dwell upon our tongue, And Jesus and salvation be The close of every song.

Hymn 2:87. The divine glories above our reason.

1 How wond'rous great, how glorious bright Must our Creator be, Who dwells amidst the dazzling light Of vast infinity!

2 Our soaring spirits upward rise Tow'rd the celestial throne, Fain would we see the blessed Three, And the Almighty One.

3 Our reason stretches all its wings, And climbs above the skies; But still how far beneath thy feet Our groveling reason lies!

4 [Lord, here we bend our humble souls, And awfully adore, For the weak pinions of our mind Can stretch a thought no more.]

5 Thy glories infinitely rise Above our labouring tongue; In vain the highest seraph tries To form an equal song.

6 [In humble notes our faith adores The great mysterious King, While angels strain their nobler powers, And sweep th' immortal string.]

Hymn 2:88. Salvation.

1 Salvation! O, the joyful sound! 'Tis pleasure to our ears; A sovereign balm for every wound, A cordial for our fears.

2 Buried in sorrow and in sin, At hell's dark door we lay, But we arise by grace divine To see a heavenly day.

3 Salvation! let the echo fly The spacious earth around, While all the armies of the sky Conspire to raise the sound.

Hymn 2:89. Christ's victory over Satan.

1 Hosanna to our conquering King! The prince of darkness flies, His troops rush headlong down to hell Like lightning from the skies.

2 There, bound in chains, the lions roar, And fright the rescu'd sheep, But heavy bars confine their power And malice to the deep.

3 Hosanna to our conquering King, All hail, incarnate love! Ten thousand songs and glories wait To crown thy head above.

4 Thy victories and thy deathless fame Thro' the wide world shall run, And everlasting ages sing The triumphs thou hast won.

Hymn 2:90. Faith in Christ for pardon and sanctification.

1 How sad our state by nature is! Our sin how deep it stains! And Satan binds our captive minds Fast in his slavish chains.

2 But there's a voice of sovereign grace Sounds from the sacred word, "Ho, ye despairing sinners, come, "And trust upon the Lord."

3 My soul obeys th' almighty call, And runs to this relief, I would believe thy promise, Lord, O! help my unbelief.

4 [To the dear fountain of thy blood, Incarnate God, I fly, Here let me wash my spotted soul From crimes of deepest die.

5 Stretch out thine arm victorious King, My reigning sins subdue, Drive the old dragon from his seat, With all his hellish crew.]

6 A guilty, weak, and helpless worm, On thy kind arms I fall: Be thou my strength and righteousness, My Jesus, and my all.

Hymn 2:91. The glory of Christ in heaven.

1 O the delights, the heavenly joys, The glories of the place Where Jesus sheds the brightest beams Of his o'erflowing grace.

2 Sweet majesty and awful love Sit smiling on his brow, And all the glorious ranks above At humble distance bow.

3 [Princes to his imperial Name Bend their bright sceptres down, Dominions, thrones, and powers rejoice To see him wear the crown.]

4 Archangels sound his lofty praise Thro' every heavenly street, And lay their highest honours down Submissive at his feet.

5 Those soft, those blessed feet of his That once rude iron tore, High on a throne of light they stand, And all the saints adore.

6 His head, the dear majestic head That cruel thorns did wound, See what immortal glories shine, And circle it around.

7 This is the Man, th' exalted Man, Whom we unseen adore; But when our eyes behold his face, Our hearts shall love him more.

8 [Lord, how our souls are all on fire To see thy bless'd abode, Our tongues rejoice in tunes of praise To our incarnate God.

9 And whilst our faith enjoys this sight, We long to leave our clay, And wish thy fiery chariots, Lord, To fetch our souls away.]

Hymn 2:92 The church saved, and her enemies disappointed.

Composed the 5th of November, 1694.

1 Shout to the Lord, and let our joys Thro' the whole nation run; Ye British skies, resound the noise Beyond the rising sun.

2 Thee, mighty God, our souls admire, Thee our glad voices sing, And join with the celestial choir To praise th' eternal King.

3 Thy power the whole creation rules, And on the starry skies Sits smiling at the weak designs Thine envious foes devise.

4 Thy scorn derides their feeble rage, And with an awful frown Flings vast confusion on their plots, And shakes their Babel down.

5 [Their secret fires in caverns lay, And we the sacrifice: But gloomy caverns strove in vain To 'scape all-searching eyes.

6 Their dark designs were all reveal'd, Their treasons all betray'd: Praise to the God that broke the snare Their cursed hands had laid.]

7 In vain the busy sons of hell Still new rebellions try, Their souls shall pine with envious rage, And vex away and die.

8 Almighty grace defends our land From their malicious power, Let Britain with united songs Almighty grace adore.

Hymn 2:93. God all, and in all, Psalm 73. 25.

1 My God, my life, my love, To thee, to thee I call, I cannot live if thou remove, For thou art all in all.

2 [Thy shining grace can cheer, This dungeon where I dwell; 'Tis paradise when thou art here; If thou depart, 'tis hell.]

3 [The smilings of thy face, How amiable they are! 'Tis heaven to rest in thine embrace, And no where else but there.]

4 [To thee, and thee alone, The angels owe their bliss; They sit around thy gracious throne, And dwell where Jesus is.]

5 [Not all the harps above Can make a heavenly place, If God his residence remove, Or but conceal his face.]

6 Nor earth nor all the sky Can one delight afford; No not a drop of real joy, Without thy presence, Lord.

7 Thou art the sea of love, Where all my pleasures roll, The circle where my passions move, And centre of my soul.

8 [To thee my spirits fly With infinite desire; And yet how far from thee I lie! Dear Jesus, raise me higher!]

Hymn 2:94. God my only happiness, Psalm 73. 25.

1 My God, my portion, and my love, My everlasting all, I've none but thee in heaven above, Or on this earthly ball.

2 [What empty things are all the skies, And this inferior clod! There's nothing here deserves my joys, There's nothing like my God.]

3 [In vain the bright, the burning sun Scatters his feeble light; 'Tis thy sweet beams create my noon; If thou withdraw, 'tis night.

4 And whilst upon my restless bed, Amongst the shades I roll, If my Redeemer shew his head 'Tis morning with my soul.]

5 To thee we owe our wealth and friends, And health, and safe abode; Thanks to thy Name for meaner things, But they are not my God.

6 How vain a toy is glittering wealth, If once compar'd to thee; Or what's my safety, or my health, Or all my friends to me?

7 Were I possessor of the earth, And call'd the stars my own Without thy graces and thyself I were a wretch undone.

8 Let others stretch their arms like seas, And grasp in all the shore, Grant me the visits of thy face, And I desire no more.

Hymn 2:95. Look on him whom they pierced, and mourn.

1 Infinite grief! amazing woe! Behold my bleeding Lord: Hell and the Jews conspir'd his death, And us'd the Roman sword.

2 O the sharp pangs of smarting pain My dear Redeemer bore, When knotty whips and ragged thorns His sacred body tore!

3 But knotty whips and ragged thorns In vain do I accuse; In vain I blame the Roman bands, And the more spiteful Jews.

4 'Twere you, my sins, my cruel sins, His chief tormentors were; Each of my crimes became a nail, And unbelief the spear.

5 'Twere you that pull'd the vengeance down Upon his guiltless head: Break, break, my heart, O burst mine eyes! And let my sorrows bleed.

6 Strike, mighty grace, my flinty soul, Till melting waters flow, And deep repentance drown mine eyes In undissembled woe.

Hymn 2:96. Distinguishing love; or, Angels punished and men saved.

1 Down headlong from their native skies The rebel angels fell, And thunderbolts of flaming wrath Pursu'd them deep to hell.

2 Down from the top of earthly bliss Rebellious man was hurl'd And Jesus stoop'd beneath the grave To reach a sinking world.

3 O love of infinite degree! Unmeasurable grace! Must heaven's eternal Darling die To save a traitorous race?

4 Must angels sink for ever down, And burn in quenchless fire, While God forsakes his shining throne To raise us wretches higher?

5 O for this love let earth and skies With hallelujahs ring, And the full choir of human tongues All hallelujah sing.

Hymn 2:97. The same.

1 From heaven the sinning angels fell, And wrath and darkness chain'd them down; But man, vile man, forsook his bliss, And mercy lifts him to a crown.

2 Amazing work of sovereign grace That could distinguish rebels so! Our guilty treasons call'd aloud For everlasting fetters too.

3 To thee, to thee, Almighty Love, Our souls, ourselves, our all we pay: Millions of tongues shall sound thy praise On the bright hills of heavenly day.

Hymn 2:98. Hardness of heart complained of.

1 My heart, how dreadful hard it is! How heavy here it lies, Heavy and cold within my breast Just like a rock of ice!

2 Sin like a raging tyrant sits Upon this flinty throne, And every grace lies buried deep Beneath this heart of stone.

3 How seldom do I rise to God, Or taste the joys above! This mountain presses down my faith, And chills my flaming love.

4 When smiling mercy courts my soul With all its heavenly charms, This stubborn, this relentless thing Would thrust it from my arms.

5 Against the thunders of thy word Rebellious I have stood, My heart it shakes not at the wrath And terrors of a God.

6 Dear Saviour, steep this rock of mine In thine own crimson sea: None but a bath of blood divine Can melt the flint away.

Hymn 2:99. The book of God's decrees.

1 Let the whole race of creatures lie Abas'd before their God; Whate'er his sovereign voice hath form'd He governs with a nod.

2 [Ten thousand ages ere the skies Were into motion brought, All the long years and worlds to come Stood present to his thought.]

5 [There's not a sparrow or a worm But's found in his decrees; He raises monarchs to their thrones, And sinks them as he please.]

4 If light attends the course I run, 'Tis he provides those rays; And 'tis his hand that hides my sun, If darkness cloud my days.

5 Yet I would not be much concern'd, Nor vainly long to see The volume of his deep decrees, What months are writ for me.

6 When he reveals the book of life, O, may I read my name Amongst the chosen of his love, The followers of the Lamb!

Hymn 2:100. The presence of Christ is the life of my soul.

1 [How full of anguish is the thought, How it distracts and tears my heart If God, at last, my sovereign Judge, Should frown, and bid my soul, "Depart!"]

2 Lord, when I quit this earthly stage, Where shall I fly but to thy breast? For I have sought no other home For I have learn'd no other rest.

3 I cannot live contented here, Without some glimpses of thy face; And heaven without thy presence there Would be a dark and tiresome place.

4 When earthly cares engross the day And hold my thoughts aside from thee, The shining hours of cheerful light Are long and tedious years to me.

5 And if no evening visit's paid Between my Saviour and my soul, How dull the night! how sad the shade! How mournfully the minutes roll!

6 This flesh of mine might learn as soon To live, yet part with all my blood; To breathe when vital air is gone, Or thrive and grow without my food.

7 [Christ is my light, my life, my care, My blessed hope, my heavenly prize, Dearer than all my passions are, My limbs, my bowels, or my eyes.

8 The strings that twine about my heart, Tortures and racks may tear them off, But they can never, never part With their dear hold of Christ my love.]

9 [My God! and can an humble child That loves thee with a flame so high, Be ever from thy face exil'd Without the pity of thine eye?

10 Impossible—For thine own hands Have tied my heart so fast to thee; And in thy book the promise stands, That where thou art thy friends must be.

Hymn 2:101. The world's three great temptations.

1 When in the light of faith divine We look on things below, Honour, and gold, and sensual joy, How vain and dangerous too!

2 [Honour's a puff of noisy breath; Yet men expose their blood, And venture everlasting death To gain that airy good.

3 Whilst others starve the nobler mind, And feed on shining dust, They rob the serpent of his food T' indulge a sordid lust.]

4 The pleasures that allure our sense Are dangerous snares to souls; There's but a drop of flattering sweet, And dash'd with bitter bowls.

5 God is mine all-sufficient good, My portion and my choice; In him my vast desires are fill'd, And all my powers rejoice.

6 In vain the world accosts my ear, And tempts my heart anew; I cannot buy your bliss so dear, Nor part with heaven for you.

Hymn 2:102. A happy resurrection.

1 No, I'll repine at death no more, But with a cheerful gasp resign To the cold dungeon of the grave These dying, withering limbs of mine.

2 Let worms devour my wasting flesh, And crumble all my bones to dust, My God shall raise my frame anew At the revival of the just.

3 Break, sacred morning, thro' the skies, Bring that delightful, dreadful day, Cut short the hours, dear Lord, and come, Thy lingering wheels, how long they stay!

4 [Our weary spirits faint to see The light of thy returning face, And hear the language of those lips Where God has shed his richest grace.]

5 Haste then upon the wings of love, Rouse all the pious sleeping clay, That we may join in heavenly joys, And sing the triumph of the day.

Hymn 2:103. Christ's commission, John 3. 16 17.

1 Come happy souls, approach your God With new melodious songs; Come, render to almighty grace The tribute of your tongues.

2 So strange, so boundless was the love That pity'd dying men, The Father sent his equal Son To give them life again.

3 Thy hands, dear Jesus, were not arm'd With a revenging rod, No hard commission to perform The vengeance of a God.

4 But all was mercy, all was mild, And wrath forsook the throne, When Christ on the kind errand came, And brought salvation down.

5 Here, sinners, you may heal your wounds, And wipe your sorrows dry; Trust in the mighty Saviour's Name, And you shall never die.

6 See, dearest Lord our willing souls Accept thine offer'd grace; We bless the great Redeemer's love, And give the Father praise.

Hymn 2:104. The same.

1 Raise your triumphant songs To an immortal tune, Let the wide earth resound the deeds Celestial grace has done.

2 Sing how eternal love Its chief beloved chose, And bid him raise our wretched race From their abyss of woes.

3 His hand no thunder bears, Nor terror clothes his brow, No bolts to drive our guilty souls To fiercer flames below.

4 'Twas mercy fill'd the throne, And wrath stood silent by, When Christ was sent with pardons down To rebels doom'd to die.

5 Now, sinners, dry your tears, Let hopeless sorrow cease; Bow to the sceptre of his love, And take the offer'd peace.

6 Lord we obey thy call; We lay an humble claim To the salvation thou hast brought, And love and praise thy Name.

Hymn 2:105. Repentance flowing from the patience of God.

1 And are we wretches yet alive? And do we yet rebel? 'Tis boundless, 'tis amazing love That bears us up from hell!

2 The burden of our weighty guilt Would sink us down to flames, And threatening vengeance rolls above To crush our feeble frames.

3 Almighty goodness cries, "Forbear;" And straight the thunder stays; And dare we now provoke his wrath, And weary out his grace?

4 Lord, we have long abus'd thy love, Too long indulg'd our sin; Our aching hearts e'en bleed to see What rebels we have been.

5 No more, ye lusts, shall ye command, No more will we obey; Stretch out, O God, thy conquering hand, And drive thy foes away.

Hymn 2:106. Repentance at the cross.

1 Oh, if my soul was form'd for woe, How would I vent my sighs! Repentance should like rivers flow From both my streaming eyes.

2 'Twas for my sins, my dearest Lord Hung on the cursed tree, And groan'd away a dying life, For thee, my soul, for thee.

3 O how I hate those lusts of mine That crucify'd my God, Those sins that pierc'd and nail'd his flesh Fast to the fatal wood!

4 Yes, my Redeemer, they shall die, My heart has so decreed, Nor will I spare the guilty things That made my Saviour bleed.

5 Whilst with a melting broken heart My murder'd Lord I view, I'll raise revenge against my sins, And slay the murderers too.

Hymn 2:107. The everlasting absence of God intolerable.

1 That awful day will surely come, Th' appointed hour makes haste, When I must stand before my Judge, And pass the solemn test.

2 Thou lovely chief of all my joys, Thou sovereign of my heart, How could I bear to hear thy voice Pronounce the sound, "Depart?"

3 [The thunder of that dismal word, Would so torment my ear, 'Twould tear my soul asunder, Lord, With most tormenting fear.]

4 [What, to be banish'd from my life, And yet forbid to die! To linger in eternal pain, Yet death for ever fly!]

5 O wretched state of deep despair, To see my God remove, And fix my doleful station where I must not taste his Love.

6 Jesus, I throw my arms around, And hang upon thy breast; Without a gracious smile from thee My spirit cannot rest.

7 O tell me that my worthless name Is graven on thy hands; Shew me some promise in thy book Where my salvation stands!

8 [Give me one kind assuring word, To sink my fears again, And cheerfully my soul shall wait Her threescore years and ten.]

Hymn 2:108. Access to the throne of grace by a Mediator.

1 Come, let us lift our joyful eyes Up to the courts above, And smile to see our Father there Upon a throne of love.

2 Once 'twas a seat of dreadful wrath, And shot devouring flame; Our God appear'd consuming fire, And vengeance was his name.

3 Rich were the drops of Jesus' blood, That calm'd his frowning face, That sprinkled o'er the burning throne, And turn'd the wrath to grace.

4 Now we may bow before his feet, And venture near the Lord; No fiery cherub guards his seat, Nor double-flaming sword.

5 The peaceful gates of heavenly bliss Are open'd by the Son; High let us raise our notes of praise, And reach th' Almighty throne.

6 To thee ten thousand thanks we bring Great Advocate on high: And glory to th' eternal King That lays his fury by.

Hymn 2:109. The darkness of providence.

1 Lord, we adore thy vast designs, Th' obscure abyss of providence, Too deep to sound with mortal lines Too dark to view with feeble sense.

2 Now thou array'st thine awful face In angry frowns, without a smile; We thro' the cloud believe thy grace, Secure of thy compassion still.

3 Thro' seas and storms of deep distress We sail by faith and not by sight; Faith guides us in the wilderness Through all the briers and the night.

4 Dear Father, if thy lifted rod Resolve to scourge us here below, Still we must lean upon our God, Thine arm shall bear us safely thro'.

Hymn 2:110. Triumph over death in hope of the resurrection.

1 And must this body die? This mortal frame decay? And must these active limbs of mine Lie mouldering in the clay?

2 Corruption, earth and worms, Shall but refine this flesh, Till my triumphant spirit comes To put it on afresh.

3 God my Redeemer lives, And often from the skies Looks down, and watches all my dust, Till he shall bid it rise.

4 Array'd in glorious grace Shall these vile bodies shine, And every shape and every face Look heavenly and divine.

5 These lively hopes we owe To Jesus' dying love; We would adore his grace below, And sing his power above.

6 Dear Lord, accept the praise Of these our humble songs, Till tunes of nobler sound we raise With our immortal tongues.

Hymn 2:111. Thanksgiving for victory; or, God's dominion and our deliverance.

1 Zion rejoice, and Judah sing; The Lord assumes his throne; Let Britain own the heavenly King, And make his glories known.

2 The great, the wicked, and the proud, From their high seats are hurl'd; Jehovah rides upon a cloud, And thunders thro' the world.

3 He reigns upon th' eternal hills, Distributes mortal crowns, Empires are fix'd beneath his smiles, And totter at his frowns.

4 Navies, that rule the ocean wide, Are vanquish'd by his breath; And legions arm'd with power and pride Descend to watery death.

5 Let tyrants make no more pretence To vex our happy land; Jehovah's Name is our defence, Our buckler is his hand.

6 [Long may the King our Sovereign live To rule us by his word; And all the honours he can give Be offer'd to the Lord.]

Hymn 2:112. Angels ministering to Christ and saints.

1 Great God, to what a glorious height Hast thou advanc'd the Lord thy Son! Angels, in all their robes of light, Are made the servants of his throne.

2 Before his feet their armies wait, And swift as flames of fire they move, To manage his affairs of state In works of vengeance or of love.

3 His orders run thro' all their hosts, Legions descend at his command To shield and guard the British coasts, When foreign rage invades our land.

4 Now they are sent to guide our feet Up to the gates of thine abode, Thro' all the dangers that we meet In travelling the heavenly road.

5 Lord, when I leave this mortal ground, And thou shall bid me rise and come, Send a beloved angel down Safe to conduct my spirit home.

Hymn 2:113. The same.

1 The majesty of Solomon! How glorious to behold The servants waiting round his throne, The ivory and the gold.

2 But, mighty God, thy palace shines With far superior beams; Thine angel-guards are swift as winds, Thy ministers are flames.

3 [Soon as thine only Son had made His entrance on this earth, A shining army downward fled To celebrate his birth.

4 And when oppress'd with pains and fears On the cold ground he lies, Behold a heavenly form appears T' allay his agonies.]

5 Now to the hands of Christ our King Are all their legions given; They wait upon his saints, and bring His chosen heirs to heaven.

6 Pleasure and praise run thro' their host To see a sinner turn; Then Satan has a captive lost, And Christ a subject born.

7 But there's an hour of brighter joy, When he his angels sends Obstinate rebels to destroy, And gather in his friends.

8 O! could I say, without a doubt, There shall my soul be found, Then let the great archangel shout, And the last trumpet sound.

Hymn 2:114. Christ's death, victory and dominion.

1 I sing my Saviour's wondrous death; He conquer'd when he fell: 'Tis finish'd, said his dying breath, And shook the gates of hell.

2 'Tis finish'd, our Immanuel cries, The dreadful work is done; Hence shall his sovereign throne arise, His kingdom is begun.

3 His cross a sure foundation laid For glory and renown, When thro' the regions of the dead He pass'd to reach the crown.

4 Exalted at his Father's side Sits our victorious Lord; To heaven and hell his hands divide The vengeance or reward.

5 The saints from his propitious eye Await their several crowns, And all the sons of darkness fly The terror of his frowns.

Hymn 2:115. God the avenger of his saints; or, His kingdom.

1 High as the heavens above the ground Reigns the Creator God; Wide as the whole creation's bound Extends his awful rod.

2 Let princes of exalted state To him ascribe their crown, Render their homage at his feet, And cast their glories down.

3 Know that his kingdom is supreme, Your lofty thoughts are vain; He calls you gods, that awful name, But ye must die like men.

4 Then let the sovereigns of the globe Not dare to vex the just; He puts on vengeance like a robe, And treads the worms to dust.

5 Ye judges of the earth, be wise, And think on heaven with fear; The meanest saint that you despise Has an avenger there.

Hymn 2:116. Mercies and thanks.

1 How can I sink with such a prop As my eternal God, Who bears the earth's huge pillars up, And spreads the heavens abroad?

2 How can I die while Jesus lives, Who rose and left the dead? Pardon and grace my soul receives From mine exalted head.

3 All that I am, and all I have Shall be for ever thine, Whate'er my duty bids me give My cheerful hands resign.

4 Yet if I might make some reserve, And duty did not call, I love my God with zeal so great That I should give him all.

Hymn 2:117. Living and dying with God present.

1 I cannot bear thine absence, Lord, My life expires if thou depart; Be thou, my heart, still near my God, And thou, my God, be near my heart.

2 I was not born for earth and sin, Nor can I live on things so vile; Yet I would stay my Father's time, And hope and wait for heaven a while.

3 Then, dearest Lord, in thine embrace Let me resign my fleeting breath, And with a smile upon my face Pass the important hour of death.

Hymn 2:118. The priesthood of Christ.

1 Blood has a voice to pierce the skies Revenge, the blood of Abel cries; But the dear stream when Christ was slain Speaks Peace as loud from ev'ry vein.

2 Pardon and peace from God on high, Behold he lays his vengeance by, And rebels that deserv'd his sword, Become the favourites of the Lord.

3 To Jesus let our praises rise, Who gave his life a sacrifice; Now he appears before his God, And for our pardon pleads his blood.

Hymn 2:119. The holy scriptures.

1 Laden with guilt, and full of fears, I fly to thee, my Lord, And not a glimpse of hope appears, But in thy written word.

2 The volume of my Father's grace Does all my griefs assuage: Here I behold my Saviour's face Almost in every page.

3 [This is the field where hidden lies The pearl of price unknown, That merchant is divinely wise Who makes the pearl his own.]

4 [Here consecrated water flows To quench my thirst of sin; Here the fair tree of knowledge grows, Nor danger dwells therein.]

5 This is the Judge that ends the strife, Where wit and reason fail; My guide to everlasting life, Thro' all this gloomy vale.

6 O may thy counsels, mighty God, My roving feet command; Nor I forsake the happy road That leads to thy right-hand.

Hymn 2:120. The law and gospel joined in scripture.

1 The Lord declares his will, And keeps the world in awe; Amidst the smoke on Sinai's hill Breaks out his fiery law.

2 The Lord reveals his face, And smiling from above, Sends down the gospel of his grace, Th' epistles of his love.

3 These sacred words impart Our Maker's just commands; The pity of his melting heart, And vengeance of his hands.

4 [Hence we awake our fear, We draw our comfort hence; The arms of grace are treasur'd here, And armour of defence.

5 We learn Christ crucify'd, And here behold his blood: All arts and knowledges beside Will do us little good.]

6 We read the heavenly word, We take the offer'd grace, Obey the statutes of the Lord, And trust his promises.

7 In vain shall Satan rage Against a book divine; Where wrath and lightning guard the page, Where beams of mercy shine.

Hymn 2:121. The law and gospel distinguished.

1 The law commands, and makes us know What duties to our God we owe; But 'tis the gospel must reveal Where lies our strength to do his will.

2 The law discovers guilt and sin, And shews how vile our hearts have been; Only the gospel can express Forgiving love and cleansing grace.

3 What curses doth the law denounce Against the man that fails but once! But in the gospel Christ appears Pardoning the guilt of numerous years.

4 My soul, no more attempt to draw Thy life and comfort from the law, Fly to the hope the gospel gives; The man that trusts the promise lives.

Hymn 2:122. Retirement and meditation.

1 My God, permit me not to be A stranger to myself and thee; Amidst a thousand thoughts I rove Forgetful of my highest love.

2 Why should my passions mix with earth, And thus debase my heavenly birth? Why should I cleave to things below, And let my God, my Saviour go?

3 Call me away from flesh and sense, One sovereign word can draw me thence; I would obey the voice divine, And all inferior joys resign.

4 Be earth with all her scenes withdrawn, Let noise and vanity be gone; In secret silence of the mind, My heaven, and there my God I find.

Hymn 2:123. The benefit of public ordinances.

1 Away from every mortal care, Away from earth our souls retreat; We leave this worthless world afar, And wait and worship near thy seat.

2 Lord, in the temple of thy grace We see thy feet, and we adore; We gaze upon thy lovely face, And learn the wonders of thy power.

3 While here our various wants we mourn, United groans ascend on high, And prayer bears a quick return Of blessings in variety.

4 [If Satan rage and sin grow strong, Here we receive some cheering word; We gird the gospel armour on To fight the battles of the Lord.

5 Or if our spirit faints and dies, (Our conscience gall'd with inward stings) Here doth the righteous sun arise With healing beams beneath his wings.]

6 Father, my soul would still abide Within thy temple, near thy side; But if my feet must hence depart Still keep thy dwelling in my heart.

Hymn 2:124. Moses, Aaron, and Joshua.

1 'Tis not the law of ten commands On holy Sinai given, Or sent to men by Moses' hands, Can bring us safe to heaven.

2 'Tis not the blood which Aaron spilt, Nor smoke of sweetest smell, Can buy a pardon for our guilt, Or save our souls from hell.

3 Aaron the priest resigns his breath At God's immediate will; And in the desert yields to death Upon th' appointed hill.

4 And thus on Jordan's yonder side The tribes of Israel stand, While Moses bow'd his head and dy'd Short of the promis'd land.

5 Israel rejoice, now Joshua * leads, He'll bring your tribes to rest; So far the Saviour's name exceeds The ruler and the priest.

* Joshua, the same with Jesus, and signifies a Saviour.

Hymn 2:125. Faith and repentance; unbelief and impenitence.

1 Life and immortal joys are given To those that mourn the sins they've done, Children of wrath made heirs of heaven By faith in God's eternal Son.

2 Woe to the wretch that never felt The inward pangs of pious grief, But adds to all his crying guilt The stubborn sin of unbelief.

3 The law condemns the rebel dead, Under the wrath of God he lies, He seals the curse on his own head, And with a double vengeance dies.

Hymn 2:126. God glorified in the gospel.

1 The Lord, descending from above, Invites his children near, While power and truth and boundless love Display their glories here.

2 Here in thy gospel's wondrous frame Fresh wisdom we pursue; A thousand angels learn thy Name Beyond whate'er they knew.

3 Thy Name is writ in fairest lines, Thy wonders here we trace; Wisdom thro' all the mystery shines, And shines in Jesu's face.

4 The law its best obedience owes To our incarnate God; And thy revenging justice shows Its honours in his blood.

6 But still the lustre of thy grace Our warmer thoughts employs, Gilds the whole scene with brighter rays, And more exalts our joys.

Hymn 2:127. Circumcision and baptism. (Written only for those who practise infant baptism.)

1 Thus did the sons of Abrah'm pass Under the bloody seal of grace; The young disciples bore the yoke, Till Christ the painful bondage broke.

2 By milder ways doth Jesus prove His Father's covenant, and his love; He seals to saints his glorious grace, And not forbids their infant race.

3 Their seed is sprinkled with his blood, Their children set apart for God, His Spirit on their offspring shed, Like water pour'd upon the head.

4 Let every saint with cheerful voice In this large covenant rejoice; Young children in their early days Shall give the God of Abrah'm praise.

Hymn 2:128. Corrupt nature from Adam.

1 Bless'd with the joy of innocence Adam, our father, stood, Till he debas'd his soul to sense, And ate th' unlawful food.

2 Now we are born a sensual race, To sinful joys inclin'd; Reason has lost its native place, And flesh enslaves the mind.

3 While flesh and sense and passion reigns, Sin is the sweetest good: We fancy music in our chains, And so forget the load.

4 Great God, renew our ruin'd frame, Our broken powers restore, Inspire us with a heavenly flame, And flesh shall reign no more.

5 Eternal Spirit, write thy law Upon our inward parts, And let the second Adam draw His image on our hearts.

Hymn 2:129. We walk by faith, not by sight.

1 'Tis by the faith of joys to come We walk thro' deserts dark as night; Till we arrive at heaven our home, Faith is our guide, and faith our light.

2 The want of sight she well supplies, She makes the pearly gates appear; Far into distant worlds she pries, And brings eternal glories near.

3 Cheerful we tread the desert thro', While faith inspires a heavenly ray, Tho' lions roar, and tempests blow, And rocks and dangers fill the way.

4 So Abrah'm, by divine command, Left his own house to walk with God; His faith beheld the promis'd land, And fir'd his zeal along the road.

Hymn 2:130. The new creation.

1 Attend while God's exalted Son Doth his own glories shew; "Behold I sit upon my throne Creating all things new.

2 "Nature and sin are pass'd away, And the old Adam dies; "My hands a new foundation lay, "See the new world arise.

3 "I'll be a sun of righteousness "To the new-heavens I make; "None but the new-born heirs of grace "My glories shall partake."

4 Mighty Redeemer, set me free From my old state of sin; O make my soul alive to thee, Create new powers within.

5 Renew mine eyes, and form mine ears, And mould my heart afresh; Give me new passions, joys and fears, And turn the stone to flesh.

6 Far from the regions of the dead, From sin, and earth, and hell, In the new-world that grace has made I would for ever dwell.

Hymn 2:131. The excellency of the Christian religion.

1 Let everlasting glories crown Thy head, my Saviour and my Lord; Thy hands have brought salvation down, And writ the blessings in thy word.

2 [What if we trace the globe around, And search from Britain to Japan, There shall be no religion found So just to God, so safe for man.]

3 In vain the trembling conscience seeks Some solid ground to rest upon; With long despair the spirit breaks, Till we apply to Christ alone.

4 How well thy blessed truths agree! How wise and holy thy commands! Thy promises how firm they be! How firm our hope and comfort stands!

5 [Not the feign'd fields of heathenish bliss Could raise such pleasures in the mind; Nor does the Turkish paradise Pretend to joys so well refin'd.]

6 Should all the forms that men devise Assault my faith with treacherous art, I'd call them vanity and lies And bind the gospel to my heart.

Hymn 2:132. The offices of Christ.

1 We bless the Prophet of the Lord, That comes with truth and grace; Jesus, thy Spirit and thy word Shall lead us in thy ways.

2 We reverence our High Priest above, Who offer'd up his blood, And lives to carry on his love, By pleading with our God.

3 We honour our exalted King, How sweet are his commands! He guards our souls from hell and sin By his almighty hands.

4 Hosanna to his glorious Name, Who saves by different ways; His mercies lay a sovereign claim To our immortal praise.

Hymn 2:133. The operations of the Holy Spirit.

1 Eternal Spirit! we confess And sing the wonders of thy grace; Thy power conveys our blessings down From God the Father and the Son.

2 Enlighten'd by thine heavenly ray Our shades and darkness turn to day; Thine inward teachings make us know Our danger and our refuge too.

3 Thy power and glory works within, And breaks the chains of reigning sin, Doth our imperious lusts subdue, And forms our wretched hearts anew.

4 The troubled conscience knows thy voice, Thy cheering words awake our joys; Thy words allay the stormy wind, And calm the surges of the mind.

Hymn 2:134. Circumcision abolished.

1 The promise was divinely free, Extensive was the grace; "I will the God of Abrah'm be, "And of his numerous race."

2 He said; and with a bloody seal Confirm'd the words he spoke; Long did the Sons of Abrah'm feel The sharp and painful yoke.

3 Till God's own Son, descending low, Gave his own flesh to bleed; And Gentiles taste the blessing now, From the hard bondage freed.

4 The God of Abrah'm claims our praise, His promises endure; And Christ the Lord in gentler ways Makes the salvation sure.

Hymn 2:135. Types and prophecies of Christ.

1 Behold the woman's promis'd seed! Behold the great Messiah come! Behold the prophets all agreed To give him the superior room!

2 Abrah'm the saint rejoic'd of old When visions of the Lord he saw; Moses the man of God foretold This great fulfiller of his law.

3 The types bore witness to his Name, Obtain'd their chief design, and ceas'd; The incense and the bleeding lamb, The ark, the altar, and the priest.

4 Predictions in abundance meet To join their blessings on his head; Jesus, we worship at thy feet, And nations own the promis'd seed.

Hymn 2:136. Miracles at the birth of Christ.

1 The King of Glory sends his Son To make his entrance on this earth! Behold the midnight bright as noon, And heavenly hosts declare his birth!

2 About the young Redeemer's head What wonders and what glories meet! An unknown star arose, and led The eastern sages to his feet.

3 Simeon and Anna both conspire The Infant-Saviour to proclaim; Inward they felt the sacred fire, And bless'd the babe, and own'd his Name.

4 Let Jews and Greeks blaspheme aloud, And treat the holy Child with scorn; Our souls adore th' eternal God Who condescended to be born.

Hymn 2:137. Miracles in the life, death, and resurrection of Christ.

1 Behold the blind their sight receive; Behold the dead awake and live; The dumb speak wonders, and the lame Leap like the hart, and bless his Name.

2 Thus doth th' eternal Spirit own And seal the mission of the Son; The Father vindicates his cause, While he hangs bleeding on the cross.

3 He dies; the heavens in mourning stood; He rises, and appears a God; Behold the Lord ascending high, No more to bleed, no more to die.

4 Hence and for ever from my heart I bid my doubts and fears depart; And to those hands my soul resign Which bear credentials so divine.

Hymn 2:138. The power of the gospel.

1 This is the word of truth and love, Sent to the nations from above; Jehovah here resolves to shew What his almighty grace can do.

2 This remedy did wisdom find To heal diseases of the mind: This sovereign balm, whose virtues can Restore the ruin'd creature, man.

3 The gospel bids the dead revive, Sinners obey the voice, and live; Dry bones are rais'd and cloth'd afresh, And hearts of stone are turn'd to flesh.

4 [Where Satan reign'd in shades of night The gospel strikes a heavenly light; Our lusts its wondrous power controls, And calms the rage of angry souls.]

5 [Lions and beasts of savage name Put on the nature of the lamb; Whilst the wild world esteems it strange Gaze, and admire, and hate the change.]

6 May but this grace my soul renew, Let sinners gaze and hate me too; The word that saves me does engage A sure defence from all their rage.

Hymn 2:139. The example of Christ.

1 My dear Redeemer and my Lord, I read my duty in thy word; But in thy life the law appears Drawn out in living characters.

2 Such was thy truth, and such thy zeal, Such deference to thy Father's will, Such love, and meekness so divine, I would transcribe, and make them mine.

3 Cold mountains and the midnight air Witness'd the fervor of thy prayer: The desert thy temptations knew, Thy conflict and thy victory too.

4 Be thou my pattern; make me bear More of thy gracious image here; Then God the Judge shall own my name, Amongst the followers of the Lamb.

Hymn 2:140. The example: of Christ and the saints.

1 Give me the wings of faith to rise Within the veil, and see The saints above, how great their joys, How bright their glories be.

2 Once they were mourning here below, And wet their couch with tears; They wrestled hard, as we do now, With sins, and doubts, and fears.

3 I ask them whence their victory came, They, with united breath, Ascribe their conquest to the Lamb, Their triumph to his death.

4 They mark'd the footsteps that he trod, (His zeal inspir'd their breast;) And following their incarnate God Possess the promis'd rest.

5 Our glorious Leader claims our praise For his own pattern given, While the long cloud of witnesses Shew the same path to heaven.

Hymn 2:141. Faith assisted by sense; or, Preaching, baptism, and the Lord's Supper.

1 My Saviour-God, my Sovereign-Prince Reigns far above the skies; But brings his graces down to sense, And helps my faith to rise.

2 My eyes and ears shall bless his Name, They read and hear his word; My touch and taste shall do the same When they receive the Lord.

3 Baptismal water is design'd To seal his cleansing grace; While at his feast of bread and wine He gives his saints a place.

4 But not the waters of a flood Can make my flesh so clean, As by his Spirit and his blood He'll wash my soul from sin.

5 Not choicest meats or noblest wines, So much my heart refresh, As when my faith goes thro' the signs, And feeds upon his flesh.

6 I love the Lord, that stoops so low To give his word a seal; But the rich grace his hands bestow Exceeds the figures still.

Hymn 2:142. Faith in Christ our sacrifice.

1 Not all the blood of beasts On Jewish altars slain Could give the guilty conscience peace, Or wash away the stain.

2 But Christ the heavenly Lamb Takes all our sins away; A sacrifice of nobler name And richer blood than they.

3 My faith would lay her hand On that dear head of thine, While like a penitent I stand And there confess my sin.

4 My soul looks back to see The burdens thou didst bear When hanging on the cursed tree, And hopes her guilt was there.

5 Believing we rejoice To see the curse remove; We bless the Lamb with cheerful voice, And sing his bleeding love.

Hymn 2:143. Flesh and spirit.

1 What different powers of grace and sin Attend our mortal state! I hate the thoughts that work within, And do the works I hate.

2 Now I complain, and groan, and die, While sin and Satan reign: Now raise my songs of triumph high, For grace prevails again.

3 So darkness struggles with the light Till perfect day arise; Water and fire maintain the fight Until the weaker dies.

4 Thus will the flesh and spirit strive, And vex and break my peace; But I shall quit this mortal life, And sin for ever cease.

Hymn 2:144. The effusion of the Spirit; or, The success of the gospel.

1 Great was the day, the joy was great, When the divine disciples met; Whilst on their heads the Spirit came, And sat like tongues of cloven flame.

2 What gifts, what miracles he gave! And power to kill, and power to save! Furnish'd their tongues with wondrous words, Instead of shields, and spears, and swords.

3 Thus arm'd, he sent the champions forth From east to west, from south to north; "Go, and assert your Saviour's cause, "Go, spread the mystery of his cross."

4 These weapons of the holy war, Of what almighty force they are To make our stubborn passions bow, And lay the proudest rebel low!

5 Nations, the learned and the rude, Are by these heavenly arms subdu'd; While Satan rages at his loss, And hates the doctrine of the cross.

6 Great King of Grace, my heart subdue, I would be led in triumph too, A willing captive to my Lord, And sing the victories of his word.

Hymn 2:145. Sight through a glass, and face to face.

1 I love the windows of thy grace Thro' which my Lord is seen, And long to meet my Saviour's face Without a glass between.

2 O, that the happy hour were come To change my faith to sight! I shall behold my Lord at home In a diviner light.

3 Haste, my beloved, and remove These interposing days: Then shall my passions all be love, And all my powers be praise.

Hymn 2:146. The vanity of creatures; or, No rest on earth.

1 Man has a soul of vast desires, He burns within with restless fires; Tost to and fro, his passions fly From vanity to vanity.

2 In vain on earth we hope to find Some solid good to fill the mind, We try new pleasures, but we feel The inward thirst and torment still.

3 So when a raging fever burns We shift from side to side by turns, And 'tis a poor relief we gain To change the place, but keep the pain.

4 Great God, subdue this vicious thirst, This love to vanity and dust; Cure the vile fever of the mind, And feed our souls with joys refin'd.

Hymn 2:147. The creation of the world, Gen. 1.

1 "Now let a spacious world arise," Said the Creator-Lord: At once the obedient earth and skies Rose at his sovereign word.

2 [Dark was the deep; the waters lay Confus'd and drown'd the land: He call'd the light; the new-born day Attends on his command.

3 He bids the clouds ascend on high; The clouds ascend and bear A watery treasure to the sky, And float on softer air.

4 The liquid element below Was gather'd by his hand; The rolling seas together flow, And leave the solid land.

5 With herbs and plants, a flowery birth, The naked globe he crown'd, Ere there was rain to bless the earth, Or sun to warm the ground.

6 Then he adorn'd the upper skies; Behold the sun appears, The moon and stars in order rise To make our months and years,

7 Out of the deep th' almighty King Did vital beings frame; The painted fowls of every wing, And fish of every name.]

8 He gave the lion and the worm At once their wondrous birth; And grazing beasts of various form, Rose from the teeming earth.

9 Adam was fram'd of equal clay, Tho' sovereign of the rest, Design'd for nobler ends than they, With God's own image bless'd.

10 Thus glorious in the Maker's eye The young creation stood; He saw the building from on high, His word pronounc'd it good.

11 Lord, while the frame of nature stands, Thy praise shall fill my tongue; But the new world of grace demands A more exalted song.

Hymn 2:148. God reconciled in Christ.

1 Dearest of all the names above My Jesus, and my God, Who can resist thy heavenly love, Or trifle with thy blood?

2 'Tis by the merits of thy death The Father smiles again; 'Tis by thine interceding breath The Spirit dwells with men.

3 Till God in human flesh I see, My thoughts no comfort find; The holy, just, and sacred Three Are terrors to my mind.

4 But if Immanuel's face appear, My hope, my joy, begins; His Name forbids my slavish fear, His grace removes my sins.

5 While Jews on their own law rely, And Greeks of wisdom boast, I love th' incarnate mystery, And there I fix my trust.

Hymn 2:149. Honour to Magistrates; or, Government from God.

1 Eternal Sovereign of the sky, And Lord of all below, We mortals to thy majesty Our first obedience owe.

2 Our souls adore thy throne supreme, And bless thy providence For magistrates of meaner name, Our glory and defence.

3 [The crowns of British princes shine With rays above the rest, Where laws and liberties combine To make the nation bless'd.]

4 Kingdoms on firm foundations stand, While virtue finds reward; And sinners perish from the land By justice and the sword.

5 Let Cesar's due be ever paid To Cesar and his throne; But consciences and souls were made To be the Lord's alone.

Hymn 2:150. The deceitfulness of sin.

1 Sin has a thousand treacherous arts To practise on the mind; With flattering looks she tempts our hearts But leaves a sting behind.

2 With names of virtue she deceives The aged and the young; And while the heedless wretch believes, She makes his fetters strong.

3 She pleads for all the joys she brings, And gives a fair pretence; But cheats the soul of heavenly things, And chains it down to sense.

4 So on a tree divinely fair Grew the forbidden food; Our mother took the poison there, And tainted all her blood.

Hymn 2:151. Prophesy and inspiration.

1 'Twas by an order from the Lord The ancient prophets spoke his word; His Spirit did their tongues inspire, And warm'd their hearts with heavenly fire.

2 The works and wonders which they wrought Confirm'd the messages they brought; The prophet's pen succeeds his breath To save the holy words from death.

3 Great God, mine eyes with pleasure look On the dear volume of thy book; There my Redeemer's face I see, And read his name who dy'd for me.

4 Let the false raptures of the mind Be lost and vanish in the wind; Here I can fix my hopes secure, This is thy word, and must endure.

Hymn 2:152. Sinai and Sion, Heb. 12. 18 &c.

1 Not to the terrors of the Lord, The tempest, fire, and smoke, Not to the thunder of that word Which God on Sinai spoke;

2 But we are come to Sion's hill, The city of our God, Where milder words declare his will And spread his love abroad.

3 Behold th' innumerable host Of angels cloth'd in light! Behold the spirits of the just Whose faith is turn'd to sight!

4 Behold the bless'd assembly there, Whose names are writ in heaven; And God the judge of all declares Their vilest sins forgiven.

5 The saints on earth and all the dead But one communion make; All join in Christ their living head, And of his grace partake.

6 In such society as this My weary soul would rest: The man that dwells where Jesus is, Must be for ever blest.

Hymn 2:153. The distemper, folly, and madness of sin.

1 Sin like a venomous disease Infects our vital blood; The only balm is sovereign grace, And the physician, God.

2 Our beauty and our strength are fled, And we draw near to death; But Christ the Lord recalls the dead With his almighty breath.

3 Madness by nature reigns within, The passions burn and rage; Till God's own Son with skill divine The inward fire assuage.

4 [We lick the dust, we grasp the wind, And solid good despise; Such is the folly of the mind, Till Jesus makes us wise.

5 We give our souls the wounds they feel, We drink the poisonous gall, And rush with fury down to hell; But heaven prevents the fall.]

6 [The man possess'd amongst the tombs, Cuts his own flesh and cries; He foams, and raves, till Jesus comes, And the foul spirit flies.]

Hymn 2:154. Self-righteousness insufficient.

1 "Where are the mourners, [1] (saith the Lord) "That wait and tremble at my word, "That walk in darkness all the day? "Come, make my name your trust and stay.

2 ["No works nor duties of your own "Can for the smallest sin atone; "The robes [2] that nature may provide "Will not your least pollutions hide.

3 "The softest couch that nature knows "Can give the conscience no repose: "Look to my righteousness, and live; "Comfort and peace are mine to give.]

4 "Ye sons of pride that kindle coals "With your own hands to warm your souls, "Walk in the light of your own fire, "Enjoy the sparks that ye desire.

5 "This is your portion at my hands; "Hell waits you with her iron bands, "Ye shall lie down in sorrow there, "In death, in darkness, and despair."

[1] Isaiah 1:10-11. [2] Isaiah 28:20.

Hymn 2:155. Christ our passover.

1 Lo the destroying angel flies To Pharaoh's stubborn land: The pride and flower of Egypt dies By his vindictive hand.

2 He pass'd the tents of Jacob o'er, Nor pour'd the wrath divine; He saw the blood on every door, And bless'd the peaceful sign.

3 Thus th' appointed Lamb must bleed To break th' Egyptian yoke; Thus Israel is from bondage freed, And 'scapes the angel's stroke.

4 Lord, if my heart were sprinkled too With blood so rich as thine, Justice no longer would pursue This guilty soul of mine.

5 Jesus our passover was slain, And has at once procur'd Freedom from Satan's heavy chain, And God's avenging sword.

Hymn 2:156. Presumption and despair; or, Satan's various temptations.

1 I hate the tempter and his charms, I hate his flattering breath; The serpent takes a thousand forms To cheat our souls to death.

2 He feeds our hopes with airy dreams, Or kills with slavish fear; And holds us still in wide extremes, Presumption, or despair.

3 Now he persuades, "How easy 'tis "To walk the road to heaven;" Anon he swells our sins, and cries, "They cannot be forgiven."

4 [He bids young sinners, "Yet forbear "To think of God or death; "For prayer and devotion are "But melancholy breath."

5 He tells the aged, "They must die, "And 'tis too late to pray; "In vain for mercy now they cry, "For they have lost their day."]

6 Thus he supports his cruel throne By mischief and deceit; And drags the sons of Adam down To darkness and the pit.

7 Almighty God, cut short his power, Let him in darkness dwell; And, that he vex the earth no more, Confine him down to hell.

Hymn 2:157. The same.

1 Now Satan comes with dreadful roar, And threatens to destroy; He worries whom he can't devour With a malicious joy.

2 Ye sons of God, oppose his rage, Resist, and he'll be gone; Thus did our dearest Lord engage And vanquish him alone.

3 Now he appears almost divine Like innocence and love, But the old serpent lurks within When he assumes the dove.

4 Fly from the false deceiver's tongue, Ye Sons of Adam, fly; Our parents found the snare too strong, Nor should the children try.

Hymn 2:158. Few saved; or, The almost Christian, the hypocrite, and apostate.

1 Broad is the road that leads to death, And thousands walk together there; But wisdom shews a narrower path, With here and there a traveller.

2 "Deny thyself, and take thy cross," Is the Redeemer's great command; Nature must count her gold but dross If she would gain this heavenly land.

3 The fearful soul that tires and faints, And walks the ways of God no more, Is but esteem'd almost a saint, And makes his own destruction sure.

4 Lord, let not all my hopes be vain; Create my heart entirely new, Which hypocrites could ne'er attain, Which false apostates never knew.

Hymn 2:159. An unconverted state; or, Converting grace.

1 [Great King of Glory and of grace, We own with humble shame, How vile is our degenerate race, And our first father's name.]

2 From Adam flows our tainted blood, The poison reigns within, Makes us averse to all that's good, And willing slaves to sin.

3 [Daily we break thy holy laws, And then reject thy grace; Engag'd in the old serpent's cause Against our Maker's face.]

4 We live estrang'd afar from God, And love the distance well; With haste we run the dangerous road That leads to death and hell.

5 And can such rebels be restor'd? Such natures made divine? Let sinners see thy glory, Lord, And feel this power of thine.

6 We raise our Father's name on high, Who his own Spirit sends To bring rebellious strangers nigh, And turn his foes to friends.

Hymn 2:160. Custom in sin.

1 Let the wild leopards of the wood Put off the spots that nature gives, Then may the wicked turn to God, And change their tempers and their lives.

2 As well might Ethiopian slaves Wash out the darkness of their skin; The dead as well might leave their graves, As old transgressors cease to sin.

3 Where vice has held its empire long 'Twill not endure the least control; None but a power divinely strong Can turn the current of the soul.

4 Great God, I own thy power divine, That works to change this heart of mine; I would be form'd anew, and bless The wonders of creating grace.

Hymn 2:161. Christian virtues; or, The difficulty of conversion.

1 Strait is the way, the door is strait That leads to joys on high; 'Tis but a few that find the gate, While crowds mistake and die.

2 Beloved self must be deny'd, The mind and will renew'd: Passion suppress'd, and patience try'd, And vain desires subdu'd.

3 [Flesh is a dangerous foe to grace, Where it prevails and rules; Flesh must be humbled, pride abas'd, Lest they destroy our souls.

4 The love of gold be banish'd hence, (That vile idolatry); And every member, every sense In sweet subjection lie.]

5 The tongue, that most unruly power, Requires a strong restraint; We must be watchful every hour, And pray, but never faint.

6 Lord, can a feeble helpless worm Fulfil a task so hard? Thy grace must all my work perform, And give the free reward.

Hymn 2:162 Meditation of heaven; or, The joy of faith.

1 My thoughts surmount these lower skies And look within the veil; There springs of endless pleasure rise, The waters never fail.

2 There I behold with sweet delight The blessed Three in One; And strong affections fix my sight On God's incarnate Son.

3 His promise stands for ever firm, His grace shall ne'er depart; He binds my name upon his arm, And seals it on his heart.

4 Light are the pains that' nature brings, How short our sorrows are, When with eternal future things, The present we compare!

5 I would not be a stranger still To that celestial place, Where I for ever hope to dwell Near my Redeemer's face.

Hymn 2:163. Complaint of desertion and temptations.

1 Dear Lord, behold our sore distress; Our sins attempt to reign; Stretch out thine arm of conquering grace, And let thy foes be slain.

2 [The lion with his dreadful roar Affrights thy feeble sheep; Reveal the glory of thy power, And chain him to the deep.

3 Must we indulge a long despair, Shall our petitions die; Our mournings never reach thine ear, Nor tears affect thine eye?]

4 If thou despise a mortal groan, Yet hear a Saviour's blood; An Advocate so near the throne Pleads and prevails with God.

5 He bought the Spirit's powerful sword To slay our deadly foes; Our sins shall die beneath thy word, And hell in vain oppose.

6 How boundless is our Father's grace, In height and depth, and length! He makes his Son our righteousness, His Spirit is our strength.

Hymn 2:164. The end of the world.

1 Why should this earth delight us so? Why should we fix our eyes On these low grounds where sorrows grow, And every pleasure dies?

2 While time his sharpest teeth prepares Our comforts to devour, There is a land above the stars, And joys above his power.

3 Nature shall be dissolv'd and die, The sun must end his race, The earth and sea for ever fly Before my Saviour's face.

4 When will that glorious morning rise! When the last trumpet sound, And call the nations to the skies From underneath the ground?

Hymn 2:165. Unfruitfulness, ignorance, and unsanctified affections.

1 Long have I sat beneath the sound Of thy salvation, Lord But still how weak my faith is found, And knowledge of thy word!

2 Oft I frequent thy holy place And hear almost in vain; How small a portion of thy grace My memory can retain!

3 [My dear Almighty, and my God, How little art thou known By all the judgments of thy rod, And blessings of thy throne!]

4 [How cold and feeble is my love! How negligent my fear! How low my hope of joys above! How few affections there!]

5 Great God, thy sovereign power impart To give thy word success: Write the salvation in my heart, And make me learn the grace.

6 [Shew my forgetful feet the way That leads to joys on high; There knowledge grows without decay, And love shall never die.]

Hymn 2:166. The divine perfections.

1 How shall I praise th' eternal God, That infinite unknown? Who can ascend his high abode, Or venture near his throne?

2 [The great Invisible! he dwells Conceal'd in dazzling light; But his all-searching eye reveals The secrets of the night.

3 Those watchful eyes that never sleep Survey the world around; His wisdom is a boundless deep Where all our thoughts are drown'd.]

4 [Speak we of strength? His arm is strong To save or to destroy: Infinite years his life prolong, And endless is his joy.]

5 [He knows no shadow of a change, Nor alters his decrees; Firm as a rock his truth remains To guard his promises.]

6 [Sinners before his presence die; How holy is his Name! His anger and his jealousy Burn like devouring flame.]

7 Justice upon a dreadful throne Maintains the rights of God; While Mercy sends her pardons down, Bought with a Saviour's blood.

8 Now to my soul, immortal King, Speak some forgiving word; Then 't will be double joy to sing The glories of my Lord.

Hymn 2:167. The divine perfections.

1 Great God, thy glories shall employ My holy fear, my humble joy; My lips in songs of honour bring Their tribute to th' eternal King.

[2 Earth and the stars and worlds unknown, Depend precarious on his throne, All nature hangs upon his word, And grace and glory own their Lord.]

3 [His sovereign power what mortal knows? If he command who dares oppose? With strength he girds himself around, And treads the rebels to the ground.]

4 [Who shall pretend to teach him skill? Or guide the counsels of his will? His wisdom like a sea divine, Flows deep and high beyond our line.]

5 [His Name is holy, and his eye Burns with immortal jealousy; He hates the sons of pride, and sheds His fiery vengeance on their heads.]

6 [The beamings of his piercing sight Bring dark hypocrisy to light; Death and destruction naked lie, And hell uncover'd to his eye.]

7 [Th' eternal law before him stands; His justice with impartial hands Divides to all their due reward, Or by the sceptre or the sword.]

8 [His mercy like a boundless sea Washes our loads of guilt away, While his own Son came down and dy'd, T' engage his justice on our side.]

9 [Each of his words demands my faith, My soul can rest on all he saith; His truth inviolably keeps The largest promise of his lips.]

10 O tell me with a gentle voice, "Thou art my God," and I'll rejoice! Fill'd with thy love, I dare proclaim The brightest honours of thy Name.

Hymn 2:168. The same.

1 Jehovah reigns, his throne is high, His robes are light and majesty; His glory shines with beams so bright No mortal can sustain the sight.

2 His terrors keep the world in awe, His justice guards his holy law; His love reveals a smiling face, His truth and promise seal the grace.

3 Thro' all his works his wisdom shines, And baffles Satan's deep designs; His power is sovereign to fulfil The noblest counsels of his will.

4 And will this glorious Lord descend To be my father and my friend? Then let my songs with angels join; Heaven is secure if God be mine.

Hymn 2:169. As the 148th Psalm. The same.

1 The Lord Jehovah reigns His throne is built on high; The garments he assumes Are light and majesty; His glories shine With beams so bright No mortal eye Can bear the sight.

2 The thunders of his hand Keep the wide world in awe; His wrath and justice stand To guard his holy law; And where his love Resolves to bless, His truth confirms And seals the grace.

3 Thro' all his ancient works Surprising wisdom shines, Confounds the powers of hell, And breaks their curs'd designs: Strong is his arm, And shall fulfil His great decrees, His sovereign will.

4 And can this mighty King Of Glory condescend? And will he write his Name, "My Father and my Friend?" I love his Name, I love his word; Join all my powers, And praise the Lord.

Hymn 2:170. God incomprehensible and sovereign.

1 Can creatures to perfection find [1] Th' eternal uncreated mind? Or can the largest stretch of thought Measure and search his nature out?

2 'Tis high as heaven, 'tis deep as hell, And what can mortals know or tell? His glory spreads beyond the sky, And all the shining worlds on high.

3 But man, vain man, would fain be wise, Born like a wild young colt he flies Thro' all the follies of his mind, And swells and snuffs the empty wind.

4 God is a King of power unknown, Firm are the orders of his throne; If he resolve, who dares oppose, Or ask him why, or what he does?

5 He wounds the heart, and he makes whole; He calms the tempest of the soul; When he shuts up in long despair Who can remove the heavy bar?

6 He frowns, [2] and darkness veils the moon; The fainting sun grows dim at noon; The pillars [3] of heaven's starry roof Tremble and start at his reproof.

7 He gave the vaulted heaven its form, The crooked serpent and the worm; He breaks the billows with his breath, And smites the Sons of pride to death.

8 These are a portion of his ways, But who shall dare describe his face? Who can endure his light, or stand To hear the thunders of his hand?

[1] Job 11:7 &c. [2] Job 25:5. [3] Job 26:11 &c.

End of the Second Book.


Book 3.

Prepared for the Lord's Supper.

Hymn 3:1. The Lord's Supper instituted, 1 Corinthians 11:23 &c.

1 'Twas on that dark, that doleful night When powers of earth and hell arose Against the Son of God's delight, And friends betray'd him to his foes;

2 Before the mournful scene began He took the bread, and bless'd, and brake: What love thro' all his actions ran! What wondrous words of grace he spake! 3 "This is my body broke for sin, "Receive and eat the living food:" Then took the cup, and bless'd the wine; "'Tis the new covenant in my blood."

4 [For us his flesh with nails was torn, He bore the scourge, he felt the thorn; And justice pour'd upon his head Its heavy vengeance in our stead.

5 For us his vital blood was spilt, To buy the pardon of our guilt, When for black crimes of biggest size He gave his soul a sacrifice.]

6 "Do this, (he cry'd) till time shall end, "In memory of your dying Friend; "Meet at my table, and record "The love of your departed Lord."

7 [Jesus, thy feast we celebrate, We shew thy death, we sing thy Name, Till thou return, and we shall eat The marriage-supper of the Lamb.]

Hymn 3:2. Communion with Christ, and with saints, 1 Cor. 10. 16 17.

1 [Jesus invites his saints To meet around his board; Here pardon'd rebels sit, and hold Communion with their Lord.

2 For food he gives his flesh, He bids us drink his blood, Amazing favour! matchless grace Of our descending God!]

3 This holy bread and wine Maintains our fainting breath, By union with our living Lord, And interest in his death.

4 Our heavenly Father calls Christ and his members one; We the young children of his love, And he the first-born Son.

5 We are but several parts Of the same broken bread; One body hath its several limbs, But Jesus is the head.

6 Let all our powers be join'd His glorious Name to raise; Pleasure and love fill every mind, And every voice be praise.

Hymn 3:3. The new testament in the blood of Christ; or, The new covenant sealed.

1 "The promise of my Father's love "Shall stand for ever good;" He said, and gave his soul to death, And seal'd the grace with blood.

2 To this dear covenant of thy word I set my worthless name; I seal th' engagement to my Lord, And make my humble claim.

3 Thy light, and strength, and pardoning grace, And glory shall be mine; My life and soul, my heart and flesh, And all my powers are thine.

4 I call that legacy my own Which Jesus did bequeath; 'Twas purchas'd with a dying groan, And ratify'd in death.

5 Sweet is the memory of his Name, Who bless'd us in his will, And to his testament of love Made his own life the seal.

Hymn 3:4. Christ's dying love; or, Our pardon bought at a dear price.

1 How condescending and how kind Was God's eternal Son! Our misery reach'd his heavenly mind, And pity brought him down.

2 [When Justice by our sins provok'd Drew forth its dreadful sword, He gave his soul up to the stroke, Without a murmuring word.]

3 [He sunk beneath our heavy woes To raise us to his throne; There's ne'er a gift his hand bestows But cost his heart a groan.]

4 This was compassion like a God, That when the Saviour knew The price of pardon was his blood, His pity ne'er withdrew.

5 Now tho' he reigns exalted high, His love is still as great: Well he remembers Calvary, Nor lets his saints forget.

6 [Here we behold his bowels roll, As kind as when he dy'd; And see the sorrows of his soul Bleed thro' his wounded side.]

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