Hymns and Spiritual Songs
by Isaac Watts
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6 "Upon the empty air The earth was balanc'd well; "With joy I saw the mansion where "The sons of men should dwell.

7 "My busy thoughts at first "On their salvation ran, "Ere sin was born, or Adam's dust "Was fashioned to a man.

8 "Then come, receive my grace, "Ye children, and be wise; "Happy the man that keeps my ways; "The man that shuns them dies."

Hymn 1:93. Christ, or wisdom, obeyed or resisted, Prov. 8. 31 35 36.

1 Thus saith the wisdom of the Lord, "Bless'd is the man that hears my word, "Keeps daily watch before my gates, "And at my feet for mercy waits.

2 "The soul that seeks me shall obtain "Immortal wealth and heavenly gain; "Immortal life is his reward, "Life, and the favour of the Lord.

3 "But the vile wretch that flies from me "Doth his own soul an injury; Fools that against my grace rebel "Seek death, and love the road to hell."

Hymn 1:94. Justification by faith, not by works; or, The law condemns, grace justifies, Rom. 3. 19-22.

1 Vain are the hopes the sons of men On their own works have built; Their hearts by nature all unclean, And all their actions guilt.

2 Let Jew and Gentile stop their mouths Without a murmuring word, And the whole race of Adam stand Guilty before the Lord.

3 In vain we ask God's righteous law To justify us now, Since to convince and to condemn Is all the law can do.

4 Jesus, how glorious is thy grace, When in thy name we trust, Our faith receives a righteousness That makes the sinner just.

Hymn 1:95. Regeneration, John 1. 13. and 3. 3 &c.

1 Not all the outward forms on earth, Nor rites that God has given, Nor will of man, nor blood, nor birth, Can raise a soul to heaven.

2 The sovereign will of God alone Creates us heirs of grace; Born in the image of his Son, A new peculiar race.

3 The Spirit like some heavenly wind Blows on the sons of flesh, New models all the carnal mind, And forms the man afresh.

4 Our quicken'd souls awake, and rise From the long sleep of death; On heavenly things we fix our eyes, And praise employs our breath.

Hymn 1:96. Election excludes boasting, 1 Cor. 1. 26-31.

1 But few among the carnal wise, But few of noble race, Obtain the favour of thine eyes, Almighty King of Grace.

2 He takes the men of meanest name For sons and heirs of God; And thus he pours abundant shame On honourable blood.

3 He calls the fool, and makes him know The mysteries of his grace, To bring aspiring wisdom low, And all its pride abase.

4 Nature has all its glories lost When brought before his throne; No flesh shall in his presence boast But in the Lord alone.

Hymn 1:97. Christ our wisdom, righteousness, &c. 1 Cor. 1. 30.

1 Bury'd in shadows of the night We lie till Christ restores the light: Wisdom descends to heal the blind, And chase the darkness of the mind.

2 Our guilty souls are drown'd in tears Till his atoning blood appears, Then we awake from deep distress, And sing, "The Lord our Righteousness."

3 Our very frame is mix'd with sin, His Spirit makes our natures clean; Such virtues from his sufferings flow, At once to cleanse and pardon too.

4 Jesus beholds where Satan reigns, Binding his slaves in heavy chains; He sets the prisoners free, and breaks The iron bondage from our necks.

5 Poor helpless worms in thee possess Grace, wisdom, power, and righteousness; Thou art our mighty All, and we Give our whole selves, O Lord, to thee.

Hymn 1:98. The same.

1 How heavy is the night That hangs upon our eyes, Till Christ with his reviving light, Over our souls arise!

2 Our guilty spirits dread To meet the wrath of heaven But, in his righteousness array'd, We see our sins forgiven.

3 Unholy and impure Are all our thoughts and ways; His hands infected nature cure With sanctifying grace.

4 The powers of hell agree To hold our souls in vain; He sets the sons of bondage free, And breaks the cursed chain.

5 Lord, we adore thy ways To bring us near to God, Thy sovereign power, thy healing grace, And thine atoning blood.

Hymn 1:99. Stones made children of Abraham; or, Grace not conveyed by religious parents, Matt. 3. 9.

1 Vain are the hopes that rebels place Upon their birth and blood, Descended from a pious race; (Their fathers now with God.)

2 He from the caves of earth and hell Can take the hardest stones, And fill the house of Abra'm well With new-created sons.

3 Such wondrous power doth he possess Who form'd our mortal frame, Who call'd the world from emptiness, The world obey'd and came.

Hymn 1:100. Believe and be saved, John 3. 16 17 18.

1 Not to condemn the sons of men Did Christ, the Son of God, appear; No weapons in his hands are seen, No flaming sword, nor thunder there.

2 Such was the pity of our God, He lov'd the race of man so well, He sent his Son to bear our load Of sins, and save our souls from hell.

3 Sinners, believe the Saviour's word, Trust in his mighty name and live; A thousand joys his lips afford, His hands a thousand blessings give.

4 But vengeance and damnation lies On rebels who refuse the grace; Who God's eternal Son despise The hottest hell shall be their place.

Hymn 1:101. Joy in heaven for a repenting sinner, Luke 15. 7-10.

1 Who can describe the joys that rise Thro' all the courts of Paradise To see a prodigal return, To see an heir of glory born?

2 With joy the Father doth approve The fruit of his eternal love; The Son with joy looks down and sees The purchase of his agonies.

3 The Spirit takes delight to view The holy soul he form'd anew; And saints and angels join to sing The growing empire of their King.

Hymn 1:102. The beatitudes, Matt. 5. 3-12.

1 [Bless'd are the humble souls that see Their emptiness and poverty; Treasures of grace to them are given, And crowns of joy laid up in heaven.]

2 [Bless'd are the men of broken heart, Who mourn for sin with inward smart; The blood of Christ divinely flows, A healing balm for all their woes.]

3 [Bless'd are the meek, who stand afar From rage and passion, noise and war; God will secure their happy state, And plead their cause against the great.]

4 [Bless'd are the souls that thirst for grace, Hunger and long for righteousness, They shall be well supply'd and fed, With living streams and living bread.]

5 [Bless'd are the men whose bowels move And melt with sympathy and love; From Christ the Lord shall they obtain Like sympathy and love again.]

6 [Bless'd are the pure, whose hearts are clean From the defiling powers of sin, With endless pleasure they shall see A God of spotless purity.]

7 [Bless'd are the men of peaceful life Who quench the coals of growing strife, They shall be call'd the heirs of bliss, The sons of God, the God of peace.]

8 [Bless'd are the sufferers who partake Of pain and shame for Jesus' sake; Their souls shall triumph in the Lord, Glory and joy are their reward.]

Hymn 1:103. Not ashamed of the gospel, C Tim. 1. 12.

1 I'm not asham'd to own my Lord, Or to defend his cause, Maintain the honour of his word, The glory of his cross.

2 Jesus, my God, I know his Name, His Name is all my trust, Nor will he put my soul to shame, Nor let my hope be lost.

3 Firm as his throne his promise stands, And he can well secure What I've committed to his hands Till the decisive hour.

4 Then will he own my worthless name Before his Father's face, And in the new Jerusalem Appoint my soul a place.

Hymn 1:104. A state of nature and of grace, 1 Cor. 6. 10 11.

1 Not the malicious or profane, The wanton or the proud, Nor thieves, nor slanderers shall obtain The kingdom of our God.

2 Surprising grace! and such were we By nature and by sin, Heirs of immortal misery, Unholy and unclean.

3 But we are wash'd in Jesus' blood, We're pardon'd thro' his Name; And the good Spirit of our God Has sanctify'd our frame.

4 O for a persevering power To keep thy just commands! We would defile our hearts no more, No more pollute our hands.

Hymn 1:105. Heaven invisible and holy, 1 Cor. 2. 9 10. Rev. 21. 27.

1 Nor eye has seen, nor ear has heard, Nor sense nor reason known What joys the Father hath prepar'd For those that love the Son.

2 But the good Spirit of the Lord Reveals a heaven to come: The beams of glory in his word Allure and guide us home.

3 Pure are the joys above the sky, And all the region peace; No wanton lips, nor envious eye Can see or taste the bliss.

4 Those holy gates for ever bar Pollution, sin, and shame; None shall obtain admittance there But followers of the Lamb.

5 He keeps the Father's book of life, There all their names are found; The hypocrite in vain shall strive To tread the heavenly ground.

Hymn 1:106. Dead to sin by the cross of Christ, Rom. 6. 1 2 6.

1 Shall we go on to sin Because thy grace abounds, Or crucify the Lord again, And open all his wounds?

2 Forbid it, mighty God, Nor let it e'er be said That we whose sins are crucify'd Should raise them from the dead.

3 We will be slaves no more, Since Christ has made us free, Has nail'd our tyrants to his cross, And bought our liberty.

Hymn 1:107. The fall and recovery of man; or, Christ and Satan at enmity, Gen. 3 1 15 17 Gal. 4. 4. Col. 2. 15.

1 Deceiv'd by subtle snares of hell Adam our head, our father fell, When Satan in the serpent hid Propos'd the fruit that God forbid.

2 Death was the threatening; death began To take possession of the man; His unborn race receiv'd the wound, And heavy curses smote the ground.

3 But Satan found a worse reward; Thus saith the vengeance of the Lord, "Let everlasting hatred be "Betwixt the woman's seed and thee.

4 "The woman's seed shall be my Son, He shall destroy what thou hast done, "Shall break thy head, and only feel "Thy malice raging at his heel."

5 [He spake; and bid four thousand years Roll on;—at length his Son appears; Angels with joy descend to earth, And sing the young Redeemer's birth.

6 Lo, by the sons of hell he dies; But, as he hung 'twixt earth and skies, He gave their prince a fatal blow, And triumph'd o'er the powers below.]

Hymn 1:108. Christ unseen and beloved, 1 Pet. 1. 8.

1 Not with our mortal eyes Have we beheld the Lord, Yet we rejoice to hear his Name, And love him in his word.

2 On earth we want the sight Of our Redeemer's face, Yet, Lord, our inmost thoughts delight To dwell upon thy grace.

3 And when we taste thy love, Our joys divinely grow Unspeakable, like those above, And heaven begins below.

Hymn 1:109. The value of Christ and his righteousness, Phil. 3. 7 8 9.

1 No more, my God, I boast no more Of all the duties I have done; I quit the hopes I held before To trust the merits of thy Son.

2 Now for the love I bear his Name, What was my gain I count my loss, My former pride I call my shame, And nail my glory to his cross.

3 Yes, and I must and will esteem All things but loss for Jesus' sake O may my soul be found in him, And of his righteousness partake.

4 The best obedience of my hands Dares not appear before thy throne; But faith can answer thy demands By pleading what my Lord has done.

Hymn 1:110. Death and immediate glory, 2 Cor. 5. 1 5-8.

1 There is a house not made with hands, Eternal and on high: And here my spirit waiting stands Till God shall bid it fly.

2 Shortly this prison of my clay Must be dissolv'd and fall, Then, O my soul, with joy obey Thy heavenly Father's call.

3 'Tis he by his almighty grace That forms thee fit for heaven, And as an earnest of the place, Has his own Spirit given.

4 We walk by faith of joys to come, Faith lives upon his word; But while the body is our home We're absent from the Lord.

5 'Tis pleasant to believe thy grace, But we had rather see; We would be absent from the flesh, And present, Lord, with thee.

Hymn 1:111. Salvation by grace, Titus 3. 3-7.

1 [Lord, we confess our numerous faults, How great our guilt has been! Foolish and vain were all our thoughts, And all our lives were sin.

2 But O, my soul, for ever praise, For ever love his Name, Who turns thy feet from dangerous ways Of folly, sin, and shame.]

3 ['Tis not by works of righteousness Which our own hands have done; But we are sav'd by sovereign grace Abounding thro' his Son.]

4 'Tis from the mercy of our God That all our hopes begin; 'Tis by the water and the blood Our souls are wash'd from sin.

5 'Tis thro' the purchase of his death, Who hung upon the tree, The Spirit is sent down to breathe On such dry bones as we.

6 Rais'd from the dead we live anew; And justify'd by grace We shall appear in glory too, And see our Father's face.

Hymn 1:112. The brazen serpent; or, Looking to Jesus, John 3. 14 15 16.

1 So did the Hebrew prophet raise The brazen serpent high, The wounded felt immediate ease, The camp forbore to die.

2 "Look upward in the dying hour, And live," the prophet cries; But Christ performs a nobler cure, When Faith lifts up her eyes.

3 High on the cross the Saviour hung, High in the heavens he reigns: Here sinners by th' old serpent stung Look, and forget their pains.

4 When God's own Son is lifted up, A dying world revives, The Jew beholds the glorious hope, Th' expiring Gentile lives.

Hymn 1:113. Abraham's blessings on the Gentiles, Gen. 17. 7. Rom. 15. 8. Mark 10. 14.

1 How large the promise! how divine, To Abra'am and his seed! "I'll be a God to thee and thine, "Supplying all their need."

2 The words of his extensive love From age to age endure; The angel of the covenant proves, And seals the blessing sure.

3 Jesus the ancient faith confirms To our great fathers given; He takes young children to his arms, And calls them heirs of heaven.

4 Our God, how faithful are his ways! His love endures the same; Nor from the promise of his grace Blots out the children's name.

Hymn 1:114. The same, Rom. 11. 16 17.

1 Gentiles by nature we belong To the wild olive wood; Grace took us from the barren tree, And grafts us in the good.

2 With the same blessings grace endows The Gentile and the Jew; If pure and holy be the root, Such are the branches too.

3 Then let the children of the saints Be dedicate to God; Pour out thy Spirit on them, Lord, And wash them in thy blood.

4 Thus to the parents and their seed Shall thy salvation come, And numerous households meet at last In one eternal home.

Hymn 1:115. Conviction of sin by the law, Rom. 7. 8 9 14 24.

1 Lord, how secure my conscience was, And felt no inward dread! I was alive without the law, And thought my sins were dead.

2 My hopes of heaven were firm and bright, But since the precept came With a convincing power and light, I find how vile I am.

3 [My guilt appear'd but small before, Till terribly I saw How perfect, holy, just, and pure, Was thine eternal law.

4 Then felt my soul the heavy load, My sins reviv'd again, I had provok'd a dreadful God, And all my hopes were slain.]

5 I'm like a helpless captive sold Under the power of sin; I cannot do the good I would, Nor keep my conscience clean.

6 My God, I cry with every breath For some kind power to save, To break the yoke of sin and death, And thus redeem the slave.

Hymn 1:116. Love to God and our neighbour, Matt. 22. 37-40.

1 Thus saith the first, the great command, "Let all thy inward powers unite "To love thy Maker and thy God, "With utmost vigour and delight.

2 "Then shall thy neighbour next in place "Share thine affections and esteem, "And let thy kindness to thyself "Measure and rule thy love to him."

3 This is the sense that Moses spoke, This did the prophets preach and prove, For want of this the law is broke, And the whole law's fulfill'd by love.

4 But O! how base our passions are! How cold our charity and zeal! Lord, fill our souls with heavenly fire, Or we shall ne'er perform thy will.

Hymn 1:117. Election sovereign and free, Rom. 9. 21 22 23 20.

1 Behold the potter and the clay, He forms his vessels as he please: Such is our God, and such are we, The subjects of his high decrees.

2 [Doth not the workman's power extend O'er all the mass, which part to choose, And mould it for a nobler end, And which to leave for viler use?]

3 May not the sovereign Lord on high Dispense his favours as he will, Choose some to life while others die, And yet be just and gracious still?

4 [What if to make his terror known He lets his patience long endure, Suffering vile rebels to go on And seal their own destruction sure!

5 What if he means to shew his grace, And his electing love employs To mark out some of mortal race, And form them fit for heavenly joys!]

6 Shall man reply against the Lord, And call his Maker's ways unjust, The thunder of whose dreadful word Can crush a thousand worlds to dust?

7 But, O my soul, if truths so bright Should dazzle and confound thy sight Yet still his written will obey, And wait the great decisive day.

8 Then shall he make his justice known, And the whole world before his throne With joy or terror shall confess The glory of his righteousness.

Hymn 1:118. Moses and Christ; or, Sins against the law and gospel, John 1. 17. Heb. 3. 3 5 6 and 10. 28 29.

1 The law by Moses came, But peace, and truth, and love, Were brought by Christ, a nobler name, Descending from above.

2 Amidst the house of God Their different works were done; Moses a faithful servant stood, But Christ a faithful Son.

3 Then to his new commands Be strict obedience paid; O'er all his Father's house he stands The sovereign and the head.

4 The man that durst despise The law that Moses brought, Behold! how terribly he dies For his presumptuous fault.

5 But sorer vengeance falls On that rebellious race, Who hate to hear when Jesus calls, And dare resist his grace.

Hymn 1:119. 'The different success of the gospel, 1 Cor. 1. 23 24. 2 Cor. 2. 16. 1 Cor. 3. 6 7.

1 Christ and his cross is all our theme; The mysteries that we speak Are scandal in the Jew's esteem, And folly to the Greek.

2 But souls enlighten'd from above With joy receive the word; They see what wisdom, power, and love Shines in their dying Lord.

3 The vital savour of his Name Restores their fainting breath; But unbelief perverts the same To guilt, despair, and death.

4 Till God diffuse his graces down, Like showers of heavenly rain, In vain Apollos sows the ground, And Paul may plant in vain.

Hymn 1:120. Faith of things unseen, Heb. 11. 1 3 8 10.

1 Faith is the brightest evidence Of things beyond our sight, Breaks thro' the clouds of flesh and sense, And dwells in heavenly light.

2 It sets times past in present view, Brings distant prospects home, Of things a thousand years ago, Or thousand years to come.

3 By faith we know the worlds were made By God's almighty word; Abra'm to unknown countries led, By faith obey'd the Lord.

4 He sought a city fair and high, Built by th' eternal hands; And faith assures us, tho' we die, That heavenly building stands.

Hymn 1:121. Children devoted to God, Gen. 17. 7 10. Acts 16. 14 15 33. (For those who practise infant Baptism.)

1 Thus saith the mercy of the Lord, "I'll be a God to thee; "I'll bless thy numerous race, and they "Shall be a seed for me."

2 Abra'm believ'd the promis'd grace, And gave his sons to God; But water seals the blessing now, That once was seal'd with blood.

3 Thus Lydia sanctify'd her house When she receiv'd the word; Thus the believing jailor gave His household to the Lord.

4 Thus later saints, eternal King, Thine ancient truth embrace; To thee their infant-offspring bring, And humbly claim the grace.

Hymn 1:122. Believers buried with Christ in baptism, Rom. 6. 3 &c.

1 Do we not know that solemn word, That we are bury'd with the Lord, Baptis'd into his death, and then Put off the body of our sin?

2 Our souls receive diviner breath, Rais'd from corruption, guilt, and death; So from the grave did Christ arise, And lives to God above the skies.

3 No more let sin or Satan reign Over our mortal flesh again; The various lusts we serv'd before Shall have dominion now no more.

Hymn 1:123. The repenting prodigal, Luke 15. 13 &c.

1 Behold the wretch whose lust and wine Had wasted his estate, He begs a share among the swine, To taste the husks they eat!

2 "I die with hunger here (he cries) "I starve in foreign lands, "My father's house has large supplies, "And bounteous are his hands.

3 "I'll go, and with a mournful tongue "Fall down before his face, "Father, I've done thy justice wrong, "Nor can deserve thy grace."

4 He said, and hasten'd to his home, To seek his father's love; The father saw the rebel come, And all his bowels move.

5 He ran, and fell upon his neck, Embrac'd and kiss'd his son; The rebel's heart with sorrow brake For follies he had done.

6 "Take off his clothes of shame and sin," (The father gives command) "Dress him in garments white and clean, "With rings adorn his hand.

7 "A day of feasting I ordain, "Let mirth and joy abound; "My son was dead, and lives again, "Was lost, and now is found."

Hymn 1:124. The first and second Adam, Rom. 5. 12 &c.

1 Deep in the dust before thy throne Our guilt and our disgrace we own; Great God, we own th' unhappy name Whence sprang our nature and our shame.

2 Adam, the sinner: At his fall Death like a conqueror seiz'd us all; A thousand new-born babes are dead By fatal union to their head.

3 But whilst our spirits fill'd with awe Behold the terrors of thy law, We sing the honours of thy grace, That sent to save our ruin'd race.

4 We sing thine everlasting Son, Who join'd our nature to his own; Adam the second, from the dust Raises the ruins of the first.

5 [By the rebellion of one man Thro' all his seed the mischief ran; And by one man's obedience now Are all his seed made righteous too.]

6 Where sin did reign, and death abound, There have the sons of Adam found Abounding life; there glorious grace Reigns thro' the Lord our righteousness.

Hymn 1:125. Christ's compassion to the weak and tempted, Heb. 4. 15 16. and 5. 7. Matt. 12. 20.

1 With joy we meditate the grace Of our High Priest above; His heart is made of tenderness, His bowels melt with love.

2 Touch'd with a sympathy within He knows our feeble frame; He knows what sore temptations mean, For he has felt the same.

3 But spotless, innocent, and pure The great Redeemer stood, While Satan's fiery darts he bore, And did resist to blood.

4 He in the days of feeble flesh Pour'd out his cries and tears, And in his measure feels afresh What every member bears.

5 [He'll never quench the smoking flax, But raise it to a flame; The bruised reed he never breaks, Nor scorns the meanest name.]

6 Then let our humble faith address His mercy and his power, We shall obtain delivering grace In the distressing hour.

Hymn 1:126. Charity and uncharitableness, Rom. 14. 17 19. 1 Cor. 10. 32.

1 Not different food, or different dress Compose the kingdom of our Lord, But peace and joy and righteousness, Faith and obedience to his word.

2 When weaker Christians we despise We do the gospel mighty wrong, For God the gracious and the wise Receives the feeble with the strong.

3 Let pride and wrath be banish'd hence, Meekness and love our souls pursue; Nor shall our practice give offence To saints, the Gentile or the Jew.

Hymn 1:127. Christ's invitation to sinners; or, Humility and pride, Matt. 11. 28 29 30.

1 "Come hither, all ye weary souls, "Ye heavy laden sinners, come, "I'll give you rest from all your toils, "And raise you to my heavenly home.

2 "They shall find rest that learn of me; "I'm of a meek and lowly mind; "But passion rages like the sea, "And pride is restless as the wind.

3 "Blest is the man whose shoulders take "My yoke, and bear it with delight; "My yoke is easy to his neck, "My grace shall make the burden light."

4 Jesus, we come at thy command, With faith and hope and humble zeal Resign our spirits to thy hand, To mould and guide us at thy will.

Hymn 1:128. The Apostles' commission; or, The gospel attested by miracles, Mark 16. 15 &c. Matt. 28. 18 &c.

1 "Go preach my gospel, (saith the Lord,) "Bid the whole earth my grace receive; "He shall be sav'd that trusts my word, "He shall be damn'd that won't believe.

2 "[I'll make your great commission known, "And ye shall prove my gospel true "By all the works that I have done, "By all the wonders ye shall do.

3 "Go heal the sick, go raise the dead, "Go cast out devils in my name; "Nor let my prophets be afraid, "Tho' Greeks reproach, and Jews blaspheme.]

4 "Teach all the nations my commands, "I'm with you till the world shall end; "All power is trusted to my hands, "I can destroy, and I defend."

He spake, and light shone round his head, On a bright cloud to heaven he rode; They to the farthest nations spread The grace of their ascended God.

Hymn 1:129. Submission and deliverance; or, Abraham offering his son, Gen. 22. 6 &c.

1 Saints, at your Father's heavenly word Give up your comforts to the Lord; He shall restore what you resign, Or grant you blessings more divine.

2 So Abraham with obedient hand, Led forth his son at God's command, The wood, the fire, the knife he took, His arm prepar'd the dreadful stroke.

3 "Abraham, forbear, (the angel cry'd) "Thy faith is known, thy love is try'd, "Thy son shall live, and in thy seed "Shall the whole earth be bless'd indeed."

4 Just in the last distressing hour The Lord displays delivering power; The mount of danger is the place Where we shall see surprising grace.

Hymn 1:130. Love and hatred, Phil. 2. 2. Eph. 4. 30 &c.

1 Now by the bowels of my God, His sharp distress, his sore complaints, By his last groans, his dying blood, I charge my soul to love the saints.

2 Clamour, and wrath, and war be gone, Envy and spite for ever cease, Let bitter words no more be known Amongst the saints, the sons of peace.

3 The Spirit, like a peaceful dove, Flies from the realms of noise and strife; Why should we vex and grieve his love, Who seals our souls to heavenly life?

4 Tender and kind be all our thoughts, Thro' all our lives let mercy run; So God forgives our numerous faults For the clear sake of Christ his Son.

Hymn 1:131. The Pharisee and the Publican, Luke 18. 10 &c.

1 Behold how sinners disagree, The Publican and Pharisee! One doth his righteousness proclaim, The other owns his guilt and shame.

2 This man at humble distance stands, And cries for grace with lifted hands; That boldly rises near the throne, And talks of duties he has done.

3 The Lord their different language knows, And different answers he bestows; The humble soul with grace he crowns, Whilst on the proud his anger frowns.

4 Dear Father, let me never be Join'd with the boasting Pharisee; I have no merits of my own, But plead the sufferings of thy Son.

Hymn 1:132. Holiness and grace, Titus 2. 10-13.

1 So let our lips and lives express The holy gospel we profess, So let our works and virtues shine To prove the doctrine all divine.

2 Thus shall we best proclaim abroad The honours of our saviour God; When the salvation reigns within, And grace subdues the power of sin.

3 Our flesh and sense must be deny'd, Passion and envy, lust and pride; While justice, temperance, truth and love Our inward piety approve.

4 Religion bears our spirits up, While we expect that blessed hope, The bright appearance of the Lord, And faith stands leaning on his word.

Hymn 1:133. Love and charity, 1 Cor. 13. 2-7 13.

1 Let Pharisees of high esteem Their faith and zeal declare, All their religion is a dream If love be wanting there.

2 Love suffers long with patient eye, Nor is provok'd in haste; She lets the present injury die, And long forgets the past.

3 [Malice and rage, those fires of hell, She quenches with her tongue; Hopes, and believes, and thinks no ill, Tho' she endure the wrong.]

4 [She nor desires nor seeks to know The scandals of the time; Nor looks with pride on those below, Nor envies those that climb.]

5 She lays her own advantage by To seek her neighbour's good; So God's own Son came down to die, And bought our lives with blood.

6 Love is the grace that keeps her power In all the realms above; There faith and hope are known no more, But saints for ever love.

Hymn 1:134. Religion vain without love, 1 Cor. 13. 1 2 3.

1 Had I the tongues of Greeks and Jews, And nobler speech that angels use, If love be absent, I am found Like tinkling brass, an empty sound.

2 Were I inspir'd to preach and tell All that is done in heaven and hell, Or could my faith the world remove, Still I am nothing without love.

3 Should I distribute all my store To feed the bowels of the poor, Or give my body to the flame To gain a martyr's glorious name;

4 If love to God and love to men Be absent, all my hopes are vain; Nor tongues, nor gifts, nor fiery zeal The work of love can e'er fulfil.

Hymn 1:135. The love of Christ shed abroad in the heart, Eph. 3. 16 &c.

1 Come, dearest Lord, descend and dwell By faith and love in every breast; Then shall we know, and taste, and feel The joys that cannot be exprest.

2 Come, fill our hearts with inward strength, Make our enlarged souls possess, And learn the height, and breadth, and length Of thine unmeasurable grace.

3 Now to the God whose power can do More than our thoughts or wishes know, Be everlasting honours done By all the church, thro' Christ his Son.

Hymn 1:136. Sincerity and hypocrisy; or, Formality in worship, John 4. 24. Psalm 139. 23 24.

1 God is a spirit just and wise, He sees our inmost mind; In vain to heaven we raise our cries And leave our souls behind.

2 Nothing but truth before his throne, With honour can appear, The painted hypocrites are known Thro' the disguise they wear.

3 Their lifted eyes salute the skies, Their bending knees the ground; But God abhors the sacrifice Where not the heart is found.

4 Lord, search my thoughts, and try my ways, And make my soul sincere; Then shall I stand before thy face, And find acceptance there.

Hymn 1:137. Salvation by grace in Christ, 2 Tim. 1. 9 10.

1 Now to the power of God supreme Be everlasting honours given, He saves from hell, (we bless his Name) He calls our wandering feet to heaven.

2 Not for our duties or deserts, But of his own abounding grace, He works salvation in our hearts, And forms a people for his praise.

3 'Twas his own purpose that begun To rescue rebels doom'd to die; He gave us grace in Christ his Son Before he spread the starry sky.

4 Jesus the Lord appears at last, And makes his Father's counsels known; Declares the great transactions past, And brings immortal blessings down.

5 He dies; and in that dreadful night Did all the powers of hell destroy; Rising he brought our heaven to light, And took possession of the joy.

Hymn 1:138. Saints in the hands of Christ, John 10. 28 29.

1 Firm as the earth thy gospel stands, My Lord, my hope, my trust; If I am found in Jesus' hands, My soul can ne'er be lost.

2 His honour is engag'd to save The meanest of his sheep, All that his heavenly Father gave His hands securely keep.

3 Nor death, nor hell shall e'er remove His favourites from his breast; In the dear bosom of his love They must for ever rest.

Hymn 1:139. Hope in the covenant; or, God's promise and truth unchangeable, Heb. 6. 17 18 19.

1 How oft have sin and Satan strove To rend my soul from thee, my God, But everlasting is thy love, And Jesus seals it with his blood.

2 The oath and promise of the Lord Join to confirm the wondrous grace; Eternal power performs the word, And fills all heaven with endless praise.

3 Amidst temptations sharp and long My soul to this dear refuge flies: Hope is my anchor firm and strong, While tempests blow, and billows rise.

4 The gospel bears my spirits up; A faithful and unchanging God Lays the foundation for my hope In oaths, and promises, and blood.

Hymn 1:140. A living and a dead faith. Collected from several scriptures.

1 Mistaken souls! that dream of heaven, And make their empty boast Of inward joys, and sins forgiven, While they are slaves to lust.

2 Vain are our fancies airy flights, If faith be cold and dead, None but a living power unites To Christ the living head.

3 'Tis faith that changes all the heart; 'Tis faith that works by love; That bids all sinful joys depart, And lifts the thoughts above.

4 'Tis faith that conquers earth and hell By a celestial power; This is the grace that shall prevail In the decisive hour.

5 [Faith must obey her Father's will As well as trust his grace; A pardoning God is jealous still For his own holiness.

6 When from the curse he sets us free, He makes our natures clean, Nor would he send his Son to be The minister of sin.

7 His Spirit purifies our frame, And seals our peace with God; Jesus, and his salvation, came By water and by blood.]

Hymn 1:141. The humiliation and exaltation of Christ, Isa. 53. 1-5 10 11 12.

1 Who has believ'd thy word, Or thy salvation known? Reveal thine arm, almighty Lord, And glorify thy Son.

2 The Jews esteem'd him here Too mean for their belief: Sorrows his chief acquaintance were, And his companion, grief.

3 They turn'd their eyes away, And treated him with scorn; But 'twas their grief upon him lay, Their sorrows he has borne.

4 'Twas for the stubborn Jews, And Gentiles then unknown, The God of justice pleas'd to bruise His best beloved Son.

5 "But I'll prolong his days, "And make his kingdom stand, "My pleasure, (saith the God of grace) "Shall prosper in his hand.

6 ["His joyful soul shall see "The purchase of his pain, "And by his knowledge justify "The guilty sons of men.]

7 ["Ten thousand captive slaves, "Releas'd from death and sin, "Shall quit their prisons and their graves; "And own his power divine.]

8 ["Heaven shall advance my Son "To joys that earth deny'd; "Who saw the follies men had done, "And bore their sins, and dy'd."]

Hymn 1:142. The same, Isa. 53. 6-9 12.

1 Like sheep we went astray, And broke the fold of God, Each wandering in a different way, But all the downward road.

2 How dreadful was the hour When God our wanderings laid, And did at once his vengeance pour Upon the Shepherd's head!

3 How glorious was the grace When Christ sustain'd the stroke! His life and blood the Shepherd pays, A ransom for the flock.

4 His honour and his breath Were taken both away; Join'd with the wicked in his death, And made as vile as they.

5 But God shall raise his head O'er all the sons of men, And make him see a numerous seed To recompense his pain.

6 "I'll give him, (saith the Lord) "A portion with the strong; "He shall possess a large reward, "And hold his honours long."

Hymn 1:143. Characters of the children of God, from several scriptures.

1 So new born babes desire the breast To feed, and grow, and thrive: So saints with joy the gospel taste, And by the gospel live.

2 [With inward gust their heart approves All that the word relates; They love the men their Father loves, And hate the works he hates.]

3 [Not all the flattering baits on earth Can make them slaves to lust; They can't forget their heavenly birth, Nor grovel in the dust.

4 Not all the chains that tyrants use Shall bind their souls to vice; Faith like a conqueror can produce A thousand victories.]

5 [Grace like an uncorrupting seed Abides and reigns within; Immortal principles forbid The sons of God to sin.]

6 [Not by the terrors of a slave Do they perform his will, But with the noblest powers they have His sweet commands fulfil.]

7 They find access at every hour, To God within the veil; Hence they derive a quickening power, And joys that never fail.

8 O happy souls! O glorious state Of overflowing grace! To dwell so near their Father's seat, And see his lovely face.

9 Lord, I address thy heavenly throne; Call me a child of thine, Send down the Spirit of thy Son To form my heart divine.

10 There shed thy choicest loves abroad, And make my comforts strong: Then shall I say, "My Father God," With an unwavering tongue.

Hymn 1:144. The witnessing and sealing Spirit, Rom. 8. 14 16. Eph. 1. 13 14.

1 Why should the children of a King Go mourning all their days? Great Comforter, descend and bring Some tokens of thy grace.

2 Dost thou not dwell in all the saints, And seal the heirs of heaven? When wilt thou banish my complaints, And shew my sins forgiven?

3 Assure my conscience of her part In the Redeemer's blood; And bear thy witness with my heart, That I am born of God.

4 Thou art the earnest of his love, The pledge of joys to come; And thy soft wings, celestial dove, Will safe convey me home.

Hymn 1:145. Christ and Aaron. Taken from Heb. 7. and 9.

1 Jesus, in thee our eyes behold A thousand glories more Than the rich gems and polish'd gold The sons of Aaron wore.

2 They first their own burnt-offerings brought To purge themselves from sin; Thy life was pure without a spot, And all thy nature clean.

3 [Fresh blood as constant as the day Was on their altar spilt; But thy one offering takes away For ever all our guilt.]

4 [Their priesthood ran thro' several hands. For mortal was their race; Thy never-changing office stands Eternal as thy days.]

5 [Once in the circuit of a year With blood, but not his own, Aaron within the veil appears Before the golden throne;

6 But Christ by his own powerful blood Ascends above the skies, And in the presence of our God Shews his own sacrifice.]

7 Jesus, the King of Glory, reigns On Sion's heavenly hill, Looks like a lamb that has been slain, And wears his priesthood still.

8 He ever lives to intercede Before his Father's face; Give him, my soul, thy cause to plead, Nor doubt the Father's grace.

Hymn 1:146. Characters of Christ, borrowed from inanimate things, in scripture.

1 Go, worship at Immanuel's feet, See in his face what wonders meet; Earth is too narrow to express His worth, his glory, or his grace.

2 [The whole creation can afford But some faint shadows of my Lord: Nature to make his beauties known Must mingle colours not her own.]

3 [Is he compar'd to wine or bread? Dear Lord, our souls would thus be fed; That flesh, that dying blood of thine, Is bread of life, is heavenly wine.]

4 [Is he a tree? The world receives Salvation from his healing leaves; That righteous branch, that fruitful bough, Is David's root and offspring too.]

5 [Is he a rose? Not Sharon yields Such fragrancy in all her fields: Or if the lily he assume, The vallies bless the rich perfume.]

6 [Is he a vine? His heavenly root Supplies the boughs with life and fruit: O let a lasting union join My soul the branch to Christ the vine:

7 [Is he the head? Each member lives, And owns the vital powers he gives; The saints below, and saints above, Join'd by his Spirit and his love.]

8 [Is he a fountain? There I bathe, And heal the plague of sin and death These waters all my soul renew, And cleanse my spotted garments too.]

9 [Is he a fire? he'll purge my dross, But the true gold sustains no loss; Like a refiner shall he sit, And tread the refuse with his feet.]

10 [Is he a rock? How firm he proves! The rock of ages never moves; Yet the sweet streams that from him flow Attend us all the desert thro'.]

11 [Is he a way? He leads to God, The path is drawn in lines of blood; There would I walk with hope and zeal, Till I arrive at Sion's hill.]

12 [Is he a door? I'll enter in Behold the pastures large and green, A paradise divinely fair, None but the sheep have freedom there.]

13 [Is he design'd a corner-stone, For men to build their heaven upon? I'll make him my foundation too, Nor fear the plots of hell below.]

14 [Is he a temple? I adore Th'indwelling majesty and power; And still to this most holy place, Whene'er I pray, I turn my face.]

15 [Is he a star? He breaks the night, Piercing the shades with dawning light; I know his glories from afar, I know the bright, the morning-star.]

16 [Is he a sun? His beams are grace, His course is joy, and righteousness; Nations rejoice when he appears To chase their clouds, and dry their tears.

17 O let me climb those higher skies, Where storms and darkness never rise! There he displays his powers abroad, And shines, and reigns th'incarnate God.]

18 Nor earth, nor seas, nor sun, nor stars, Nor heaven his full resemblance bears; His beauties we can never trace, Till we behold him face to face.

Hymn 1:147. The names and titles of Christ, from several scriptures.

1 ['Tis from the treasures of his word I borrow titles for my Lord? Nor art, nor nature can supply Sufficient forms of majesty.

2 Bright image of the Father's face, Shining with undiminish'd rays; Th' eternal God's eternal Son, The heir, and partner of his throne.]

3 The King of kings, the Lord most high, Writes his own Name upon his thigh: He wears a garment dipt in blood, And breaks the nations with his rod.

4 Where grace can neither melt nor move The Lamb resents his injur'd love, Awakes his wrath without delay, And Judah's Lion tears the prey.

5 But when for works of peace he comes, What winning titles he assumes! "Light of the World, and Life of Men;" Nor bears those characters in vain.

6 With tender pity in his heart He acts the Mediator's part; A friend and brother he appears, And well fulfils the names he wears.

7 At length the Judge his throne ascends, Divides the rebels from his friends, And saints in full fruition prove His rich variety of love.

Hymn 1:148. As the 148th Psalm. The same.

1 [With cheerful voice I sing The titles of my Lord, And borrow all the names Of honour from his word: Nature and art Can ne'er supply Sufficient forms Of majesty.

2 In Jesus we behold His Father's glorious face, Shining for ever bright With mild and lovely rays: Th' eternal God's Eternal Son Inherits and Partakes the throne.]

3 The sovereign King of kings, The Lord of lords most high, Writes his own name upon His garment and his thigh: His Name is call'd "The Word of God;" He rules the earth With iron rod.

4 Where promises and grace Can neither melt nor move, The angry Lamb resents The injuries of his love; Awakes his wrath Without delay, As lions roar And tear the prey.

5 But when for works of peace The great Redeemer comes, What gentle characters, What titles he assumes! "Light of the world, "And Life of men" Nor will he bear Those names in vain.

6 Immense compassion reigns In our Immanuel's heart, When he descends to act A Mediator's part: He is a friend And brother too Divinely kind, Divinely true.

7 At length the Lord the Judge His awful throne ascends, And drives the rebels far From favourites and friends: Then shall the saints Completely prove The heights and depths Of all his love.

Hymn 1:149. The offices of Christ, from several scriptures.

1 Join all the names of love and power That ever men or angels bore; All are too mean to speak his worth, Or set Immanuel's glory forth.

2 But O what condescending ways He takes to teach his heavenly grace! My eyes with joy and wonder see What forms of love he bears for me.

3 [The "Angel of the covenant" stands With his commission in his hands, Sent from his Father's milder throne, To make the great Salvation known.]

4 Great Prophet let me bless thy Name; By thee the joyful tidings came, Of wrath appeas'd, of sins forgiven, Of hell subdu'd, and peace with heaven.]

5 [My bright Example, and my Guide, I would be walking near thy side; O let me never run astray, Nor follow the forbidden way!]

6 [I love my Shepherd, he shall keep My wandering soul among his sheep: He feeds his flock, he calls their names, And in his bosom bears the lambs.]

7 [My surety undertakes my cause, Answering his Father's broken laws; Behold my soul at freedom set; My surety paid the dreadful debt.]

8 [Jesus, my great High Priest has dy'd, I seek no sacrifice beside; His blood did once for all atone, And now it pleads before the throne.]

9 [My advocate appears on high, The Father lays his thunder by; Not all that earth or hell can say, Shall turn my Father's heart away.]

10 [My Lord, my Conqu'ror and my King, Thy sceptre and thy sword I sing; Thine is the victory, and I sit A joyful subject at thy feet.]

11 [Aspire my soul, to glorious deeds, The "Captain of salvation" leads; March on, nor fear to win the day, Tho' death and hell obstruct the way.

12 Should death and hell, and powers unknown Put all their forms of mischief on, I shall be safe; for Christ displays Salvation in more sovereign ways.]

Hymn 1:150. As the 149th Psalm. The same.

1 Join all the glorious names Of wisdom, love, and power, That ever mortals knew, That angels ever bore: All are too mean To speak his worth, Too mean to set My Saviour forth.

2 But O what gentle terms, What condescending ways Doth our Redeemer use To teach his heavenly grace! Mine eyes with joy And wonder see What forms of love He bears for me.

3 [Array'd in mortal flesh He like an angel stands, And holds the promises And pardons in his hands: Commission'd from His Father's throne To make his grace To mortals known.]

4 [Great Prophet of my God, My tongue would bless thy Name; By thee the joyful news Of our salvation came. The joyful news Of sins forgiven, Of hell subdu'd, And peace with heaven.]

5 [Be thou my counsellor, My pattern and my guide, And thro' this desert land Still keep me near thy side: O let my feet Ne'er run astray, Nor rove nor seek The crooked way.]

6 [I love my Shepherd's voice, His watchful eyes shall keep My wandering soul among The thousands of his sheep: He feeds his flock, He calls their names, His bosom bears The tender lambs.]

7 [To this dear surety's hand Will I commit my cause; He answers and fulfils His Father's broken laws: Behold my soul At freedom set! My surety paid The dreadful debt.]

8 [Jesus my great high Priest Offer'd his blood and dy'd; My guilty conscience seeks No sacrifice beside: His powerful blood Did once atone; And now it pleads Before the throne.]

9 [My Advocate appears For my defence on high, The Father bows his ear, And lays his thunder by: Not all that hell Or sin can say Shall turn his heart, His love away.]

10 [My dear Almighty Lord, My Conqu'ror and my King, Thy sceptre and thy sword, Thy reigning grace I sing: Thine is the power; Behold I sit In willing bonds Before thy feet.]

11 [Now let my soul arise, And tread the tempter down My captain leads me forth To conquest and a crown. A feeble saint Shall win the day, Tho' death and hell Obstruct the way.]

12 Should all the hosts of death, And powers of hell unknown, Put their most dreadful forms Of rage and mischief on; I shall be safe, For Christ displays Superior power, And guardian grace.

End of the First Book.


Book 2.

Composed on Divine Subjects.

Hymn 2:1. A song of praise to God from Great Britain.

1 Nature with all her powers shall sing God the Creator and the King; Nor air, nor earth, nor skies, nor seas Deny the tribute of their praise.

2 [Begin to make his glories known, Ye seraphs that sit near his throne; Tune your harps high, and spread the sound To the creation's utmost bound.

3 All mortal things of meaner frame, Exert your force and own his Name; Whilst with our souls and with our voice We sing his honours and our joys.]

4 [To him be sacred all we have From the young cradle to the grave: Our lips shall his loud wonders tell, And every word a miracle.]

5 [This northern isle, our native land, Lies safe in God th' Almighty's hand: Our foes of victory dream in vain, And wear the captivating chain.

6 He builds and guards the British throne, And makes it gracious like his own, Makes our successive princes kind, And gives our dangers to the wind.]

7 Raise monumental praises high To him that thunders thro' the sky, And with an awful nod or frown Shakes an aspiring tyrant down.

8 [Pillars of lasting brass proclaim The triumphs of th' eternal Name; While trembling nations read from far The honours of the God of war.]

9 Thus let our flaming zeal employ Our loftiest thoughts and loudest songs Britain pronounce with warmest joy Hosanna from ten thousand tongues.

10 Yet, mighty God, our feeble frame Attempts in vain to reach thy Name; The strongest notes that angels raise Faint in the worship and the praise.

Hymn 2:2. The death of a sinner.

1 My thoughts on awful subjects roll, Damnation and the dead; What horrors seize the guilty soul Upon a dying bed!

2 Lingering about these mortal shores, She makes a long delay, Till like a flood with rapid force Death sweeps the wretch away.

3 Then swift and dreadful she descends Down to the fiery coast, Amongst abominable fiends, Herself a frightful ghost.

4 There endless crowds of sinners lie, And darkness makes their chains; Tortur'd with keen despair they cry, Yet wait for fiercer pains.

5 Not all their anguish and their blood For their old guilt atones, Nor the compassions of a God Shall hearken to their groans.

6 Amazing grace, that kept my breath, Nor bid my soul remove, Till I had learn'd my Saviour's death, And well insur'd his love!

Hymn 2:3. The death and burial of a saint.

1 Why do we mourn departing friends Or shake at death's alarms? 'Tis but the voice that Jesus sends To call them to his arms.

2 Are we not tending upward too As fast as time can move? Nor would we wish the hours more slow To keep us from our love.

3 Why should we tremble to convey Their bodies to the tomb? There the dear flesh of Jesus lay, And left a long perfume.

4 The graves of all his saints he bless'd, And soften'd every bed; Where should the dying members rest, But with the dying head?

5 Thence he arose, ascending high, And shew'd our feet the way; Up to the Lord our flesh shall fly At the great rising day.

6 Then let the last loud trumpet sound, And bid our kindred rise, Awake, ye nations under ground, Ye saints, ascend the skies.

Hymn 2:4. Salvation in the cross.

1 Here at thy cross, my dying God, I lay my soul beneath thy love, Beneath the droppings of thy blood, Jesus, nor shall it e'er remove.

2 Not all that tyrants think or say, With rage and lightning in their eyes, Nor hell shall fright my heart away, Should hell with all its legions rise.

3 Should worlds conspire to drive me thence, Moveless and firm this heart should lie; Resolv'd (for that's my last defence) If I must perish, there to die.

4 But speak, my Lord, and calm my fear, Am I not safe beneath thy, shade? Thy vengeance will not strike me here, Nor Satan dares my soul invade.

5 Yes, I'm secure beneath thy blood, And all my foes shall lose their aim, Hosanna to my dying God, And my best honours to his Name.

Hymn 2:5. Longing to praise Christ better.

1 Lord, when my thoughts with wonder roll O'er the sharp sorrows of thy soul, And read my Maker's broken laws Repair'd and honour'd by thy cross;

2 When I behold death, hell and sin, Vanquish'd by that dear blood of thine, And see the man that groan'd and dy'd Sit glorious by his Father's side;

3 My passions rise and soar above, I'm wing'd with faith and fir'd with love; Fain would I reach eternal things, And learn the notes that Gabriel sings.

4 But my heart fails, my tongue complains, For want of their immortal strains; And in such humble notes as these Must fall below thy victories.

5 Well, the kind minute must appear When we shall leave these bodies here, These clogs of clay, and mount on high, To join the songs above the sky.

Hymn 2:6. A morning song.

1 Once more, my soul, the rising day Salutes thy waking eyes. Once more, my voice, thy tribute pay To him that rolls the skies.

2 Night unto night his name repeats, The day renews the sound, Wide as the heaven on which he sits To turn the seasons round.

3 'Tis he supports my mortal frame, My tongue shall speak his praise; My sins would rouse his wrath to flame, And yet his wrath delays.

4 On a poor worm thy power might tread, And I could ne'er withstand; Thy justice might have crush'd me dead, But mercy held thine hand.

5 A thousand wretched souls are fled Since the last setting sun, And yet thou length'nest out my thread, And yet my moments run.

6 Dear God, let all my hours be thine Whilst I enjoy the light, Then shall my sun in smiles decline, And bring a pleasing night.

Hymn 2:7. An evening song.

1 [Dread Sovereign, let my evening song Like holy incense rise; Assist the offerings of my tongue To reach the lofty skies.

2 Thro' all the dangers of the day, Thy hand was still my guard, And still to drive my wants away Thy mercy stood prepar'd.]

3 Perpetual blessings from above Encompass me around, But O how few returns of love Hath my Creator found!

4 What have I done for him that dy'd To save my wretched soul? How are my follies multiply'd, Fast as my minutes roll;

5 Lord, with this guilty heart of mine To thy dear cross I flee, And to thy grace my soul resign To be renew'd by thee.

6 Sprinkled afresh with pardoning blood I lay me down to rest, As in th' embraces of my God, Or on my Saviour's breast.

Hymn 2:8. A hymn for morning or evening.

1 Hosanna, with a cheerful sound, To God's upholding hand; Ten thousand snares attend us round, And yet secure we stand.

2 That was a most amazing power That rais'd us with a word, And every day and every hour We lean upon the Lord.

3 The evening rests our weary head, And angels guard the room; We wake and we admire the bed That was not made our tomb.

4 The rising morning can't assure That we shall end the day, For death stands ready at the door To seize our lives away.

5 Our breath is forfeited by sin To God's revenging law; We own thy grace, immortal King, In every gasp we draw.

6 God is our sun, whose daily light Our joy and safety brings: Our feeble flesh lies safe at night Beneath his shady wings.

Hymn 2:9. Godly sorrow arising from the sufferings of Christ.

1 Alas! and did my Saviour bleed, And did my Sovereign die? Would he devote that sacred head For such a worm as I?

2 [Thy body slain, sweet Jesus, thine, And bath'd in its own blood, While all expos'd to wrath divine The glorious Sufferer stood.]

3 Was it for crimes that I had done He groan'd upon the tree? Amazing pity! grace unknown! And love beyond degree!

4 Well might the sun in darkness hide, And shut his glories in, When God the mighty Maker dy'd For man the creature's sin.

5 Thus might I hide my blushing face While his dear cross appears, Dissolve my heart in thankfulness, And melt my eyes to tears.

6 But drops of grief can ne'er repay The debt of love I owe; Here, Lord, I give myself away, 'Tis all that I can do.

Hymn 2:10. Parting with carnal joys.

1 My soul forsakes her vain delight, And bids the world farewell Base as the dirt beneath my feet, And mischievous as hell.

2 No longer will I ask your love, Nor seek your friendship more; The happiness that I approve Lies not within your power.

3 There's nothing round this spacious earth That suits my large desire; To boundless joy and solid mirth My nobler thoughts aspire.

4 [Where pleasure rolls its living flood, From sin and dross refin'd, Still springing from the throne of God, And fit to cheer the mind.

5 Th' Almighty Ruler of the sphere, The glorious and the great, Brings his own all-sufficience there, To make our bliss complete.]

6 Had I the pinions of a dove, I'd climb the heavenly road; There sits my Saviour dress'd in love, And there my smiling God.

Hymn 2:11. The same.

1 Send the joys of earth away, Away ye tempters of the mind, False as the smooth deceitful sea, And empty as the whistling wind.

2 Your streams were floating me along Down to the gulf of black despair, And whilst I listen'd to your song, Your streams had e'en convey'd me there.

3 Lord, I adore thy matchless grace, That warn'd me of that dark abyss, That drew me from those treacherous seas, And bid me seek superior bliss.

4 Now to the shining realms above I stretch my hands, and glance mine eyes; O for the pinions of a dove To bear me to the upper skies.

5 There from the bosom of my God Oceans of endless pleasure roll; There would I fix my last abode, And drown the sorrows of my soul.

Hymn 2:12. Christ is the substance of the Levitical priesthood.

1 The true Messiah now appears, The types are all withdrawn; So fly the shadows and the stars Before the rising dawn.

2 No smoking sweets, nor bleeding lambs, Nor kid, nor bullock slain, Incense and spice of costly names Would all be burnt in vain.

3 Aaron must lay his robes away; His mitre and his vest, When God himself comes down to be The offering and the priest.

4 He took our mortal flesh to show The wonders of his love; For us he paid his life below, And prays for us above.

5 "Father, (he cries) forgive their sins, "For I myself have dy'd," And then he shews his open'd veins, And pleads his wounded side.

Hymn 2:13. The creation, preservation, dissolution, and restoration of this world.

1 Sing to the Lord that built the skies, The Lord that rear'd this stately frame; Let half the nations sound his praise, And lands unknown repeat his Name.

2 He form'd the seas, and form'd the hills, Made every drop and every dust, Nature and time with all their wheels, And push'd them into motion first.

3 Now from his high imperial throne He looks far down upon the spheres; He bids the shining orbs roll on, And round he turns our hasty years.

4 Thus shall this moving engine last Till all his saints are gather'd in, Then for the trumpet's dreadful blast To shake it all to dust again!

5 Yet when the sound shall tear the skies, And lightning burn the globe below, Saints, you may lift your joyful eyes, There's a new heaven and earth for you.

Hymn 2:14. The Lord's day; or, Delight in ordinances.

1 Welcome, sweet day of rest, That saw the Lord arise; Welcome to this reviving breast, And these rejoicing eyes!

2 The King himself comes near, And feasts his saints to-day, Here we may sit, and see him here, And love, and praise, and pray.

3 One day amidst the place Where my dear God hath been, Is sweeter than ten thousand days Of pleasurable sin.

4 My willing soul would stay In such a frame as this, And sit and sing herself away To everlasting bliss.

Hymn 2:15. The enjoyment of Christ; or, Delight in worship.

1 Far from my thoughts, vain world, be gone, Let my religious hours alone; Fain would my eyes my Saviour see, I wait a visit, Lord, from thee.

2 My heart grows warm with holy fire, And kindles with a pure desire: Come, my dear Jesus, from above, And feed my soul with heavenly love.

3 [The trees of life immortal stand In flourishing rows at thy right-hand, And in sweet murmurs by their side Rivers of bliss perpetual glide.

4 Haste then, but with a smiling face, And spread the table of thy grace: Bring down a taste of fruit divine, And cheer my heart with sacred wine.]

6 Blest Jesus, what delicious fare! How sweet thy entertainments are! Never did angels taste above Redeeming grace, and dying love.

6 Hail, great Immanuel, all divine, In thee thy Father's glories shine; Thou brightest, sweetest, fairest one, That eyes have seen, or angels known.

Hymn 2:16. Part the second.

7 Lord, what a heaven of saving grace, Shines thro' the beauties of thy face, And lights our passions to a flame! Lord, how we love thy charming Name!

8 When I can say, my God is mine, When I can feel thy glories shine, I tread the world beneath my feet, And all that earth calls good or great.

9 While such a scene of sacred joys Our raptur'd eyes and souls employs, Here we could sit, and gaze away A long, an everlasting day.

10 Well, we shall quickly pass the night To the fair coasts of perfect light; Then shall our joyful senses rove O'er the dear object of our love.

11 [There shall we drink full draughts of bliss, And pluck new life from heavenly trees: Yet now, and then, dear Lord, bestow A drop of heaven on worms below.

12 Send comforts down from thy right-hand, While we pass thro' this barren land, And in thy temple let us see A glimpse of love, a glimpse of thee.]

Hymn 2:17 God's eternity.

1 Rise, rise, my soul, and leave the ground, Stretch all thy thoughts abroad, And rouse up every tuneful sound To praise th' eternal God.

2 Long ere the lofty skies were spread Jehovah fill'd his throne; Or Adam form'd, or angels made, The Maker liv'd alone.

3 His boundless years can ne'er decrease, But still maintain their prime; Eternity's his dwelling-place, And ever is his time.

4 While like a tide our minutes flow, The present and the past, He fills his own immortal now, And sees our ages waste.

5 The sea and sky must perish too, And vast destruction come! The creatures—look, how old they grow, And wait their fiery doom!

6 Well, let the sea shrink all away, And flame melt down the skies, My God shall live an endless day, When th' old creation dies.

Hymn 2:18. The ministry of angels.

1 High on a hill of dazzling light, The King of Glory spreads his seat, And troops of angels stretch'd for flight, Stand waiting round his awful feet.

2 "Go," saith the Lord, "my Gabriel go, "Salute the virgin's fruitful womb,[1] "Make haste, ye cherubs, down below, Sing and proclaim the Saviour come."

3 Here a bright squadron leaves the skies, And thick around Elisha stands;[2] Anon a heavenly soldier flies, And breaks the chains from Peter's hands.[3]

4 Thy winged troops, O God of hosts, Wait on thy wandering church below, Here we are sailing to thy coasts, Let angels be our convoy too.

5 Are they not all thy servants,[4] Lord? At thy command they go and come With cheerful haste obey thy word, And guard thy children to their home.

[1] Luke 1:16. [2] Luke 2:13. [3] Acts 11:7. [4] Heb. 1:14.

Hymn 2:19. Our frail bodies, and God our preserver.

1 Let others boast how strong they be, Nor death, nor danger fear; But we'll confess, O Lord, to thee, What feeble things we are.

2 Fresh as the grass our bodies stand, And flourish bright and gay, A blasting wind sweeps o'er the land, And fades the grass away.

3 Our life contains a thousand springs, And dies if one be gone; Strange! that a harp of thousand strings Should keep in tune so long.

4 But 'tis our God supports our frame, The God that built us first; Salvation to th' Almighty Name, That rear'd us from the dust.

5 [He spoke, and straight our hearts and brains In all their motions rose; "Let blood, (said he) flow round the veins," And round the veins it flows.

6 While we have breath, or use our tongues, Our Maker we'll adore; His Spirit moves our heaving lungs Or they would breathe no more.]

Hymn 2:20. Backslidings and returns; or, The inconstancy of our love.

1 Why is my heart so far from thee, My God, my chief delight? Why are my thoughts no more by day With thee, no more by night?

2 [Why should my foolish passions rove? Where can such sweetness be As I have tasted in thy love; As I have found in thee?]

3 When my forgetful soul renews The savour of thy grace, My heart presumes I cannot lose The relish all my days.

4 But ere one fleeting hour is pass'd, The flattering world employs Some sensual bait to seize my taste, And to pollute my joys.

5 [Trifles of nature or of art With fair deceitful charms Intrude upon my thoughtless heart, And thrust thee from my arms.]

6 Then I repent and vex my soul That I should leave thee so, Where will those wild affections roll That let a Saviour go?

7 [Sin's promis'd joys are turn'd to pain, And I am drown'd in grief; But my dear Lord returns again, He flies to my relief.

8 Seizing my soul with sweet surprise He draws with loving bands; Divine compassion in his eyes, And pardon in his hands.]

9 [Wretch that I am to wander thus In chase of false delight! Let me be fasten'd to thy cross, Rather than lose thy sight.]

10 [Make haste, my days, to reach the goal, And bring my heart to rest On the dear centre of my soul, My God, my Saviour's breast.]

Hymn 2:21. A song of praise to God the Redeemer.

1 Let the old heathens tune their song Of great Diana and of Jove; But the sweet theme that moves my tongue Is my Redeemer and his love.

2 Behold a God descends and dies To save my soul from gaping hell; How the black gulf where Satan lies Yawn'd to receive me when I fell!

3 How justice frown'd and vengeance stood To drive me down to endless pain! But the great Son propos'd his blood, And heavenly wrath grew mild again.

4 Infinite lover, gracious Lord, To thee be endless honours given; Thy wondrous Name shall be ador'd Round the wide earth, and wider heaven.

Hymn 2:22. With God is terrible majesty.

1 Terrible God, that reign'st on high, How awful is thy thundering hand! Thy fiery bolts how fierce they fly! Nor can all earth or hell withstand.

2 This the old rebel angels knew, And Satan fell beneath thy frown: Thine arrows struck the traitor thro', And weighty vengeance sunk him down.

3 This Sodom felt, and feels it still, And roars beneath th' eternal load, "With endless burnings who can dwell, "Or bear the fury of a God!"

4 Tremble, ye sinners, and submit, Throw down your arms before his throne, Bend your heads low beneath his feet, Or his strong hand shall crush you down.

5 And ye, blest saints, that love him too, With rev'rence bow before his Name, Thus all his heavenly servants do: God is a bright and burning flame.

Hymn 2:23. The sight of God and Christ in heaven.

1 Descend from heaven, immortal Dove, Stoop down and take us on thy wings, And mount and bear us far above The reach of these inferior things.

2 Beyond, beyond this lower sky, Up where eternal ages roll, Where solid pleasures never die, And fruits immortal feast the soul.

3 O for a sight, a pleasing sight Of our almighty Father's throne! There sits our Saviour crown'd with light Cloth'd in a body like our own.

4 Adoring saints around him stand, And thrones, and powers before him fall; The God shines gracious thro' the man, And sheds sweet glories on them all.

5 O what amazing joys they feel While to their golden harps they sing, And sit on every heavenly hill, And spread the triumphs of their King!

6 When shall the day, dear Lord, appear That I shall mount to dwell above, And stand and bow amongst them there, And view thy face, and sing, and love!

Hymn 2:24. The evil of sin visible in the fall of angels and men.

1 When the great Builder arch'd the skies, And form'd all nature with a word, The joyful cherubs tun'd his praise, And every bending throne ador'd.

2 High in the midst of all the throng, Satan, a tall archangel, sat, Amongst the morning stars he sung [1] Till sin destroy'd his heavenly state.

3 ['Twas sin that hurl'd him from his throne, Grov'ling in fire the rebel lies: "How art thou sunk in darkness down, "Son of the morning, from the skies!" [2]

4 And thus our two first parents stood Till sin defil'd the happy place They lost their garden and their God, And ruin'd all their unborn race.

5 [So sprung the plague from Adam's bower, And spread destruction all abroad; Sin, the curs'd name, that in one hour Spoil'd six days labour of a God.]

6 Tremble, my soul, and mourn for grief, That such a foe should seize thy breast; Fly to thy Lord for quick relief; O! may he slay this treacherous guest.

Then to thy throne, victorious King, Then to thy throne our shouts shall rise, Thine everlasting arm we sing, For sin the monster bleeds and dies.

[1] Job 38:7. [2] Isaiah 14:12.

Hymn 2:25. Complaining of spiritual sloth.

1 My drowsy powers, why sleep ye so? Awake, my sluggish soul! Nothing has half thy work to do, Yet nothing's half so dull.

2 The little ants for one poor grain Labour, and tug, and strive, Yet we who have a heaven t' obtain, How negligent we live!

3 We for whose sake all nature stands And stars their courses move; We for whose guard the angel bands Come flying from above;

4 We for whom God the Son came down, And labour'd for our good, How careless to secure that crown He purchas'd with his blood!

5 Lord, shall we lie so sluggish still, And never act our parts? Come, holy Dove, from th' heavenly hill, And sit and warm our hearts.

6 Then shall our active spirits move, Upward our souls shall rise: With hands of faith and wings of love We'll fly and take the prize.

Hymn 2:26. God invisible.

1 Lord, we are blind, we mortals blind, We can't behold thy bright abode; O 'tis beyond a creature-mind To glance a thought half-way to God.

2 Infinite leagues beyond the sky The great Eternal reigns alone, Where neither wings nor soul can fly, Nor angels climb the topless throne.

3 The Lord of glory builds his seat Of gems insufferably bright, And lays beneath his sacred feet Substantial beams of gloomy night.

4 Yet, glorious Lord, thy gracious eyes Look thro', and cheer us from above; Beyond our praise thy grandeur flies, Yet we adore, and yet we love.

Hymn 2:27. Praise ye him, all his angels, Psalm 148. 2.

1 God! the eternal awful Name That the whole heavenly army fears, That shakes the wide creation's frame, And Satan trembles when he hears.

2 Like flames of fire his servants are, And light surrounds his dwelling place; But, O ye fiery flames, declare The brighter glories of his face.

3 'Tis not for such poor worms as we To speak so infinite a thing, But your immortal eyes survey The beauties of your sovereign King.

4 Tell how he shews his smiling face, And clothes all heaven in bright array; Triumph and joy run thro' the place, And songs eternal as the day.

5 Speak, (for you feel his burning love) What zeal it spreads thro' all your frame: That sacred fire dwells all above, For we on earth have lost the name.

6 [Sing of his power and justice too, That infinite right-hand of his That vanquish'd Satan and his crew, And thunder drove them down from bliss.

7 [What mighty storms of poison'd darts Were hurl'd upon the rebels there! What deadly jav'lins nail'd their hearts Fast to the racks of long despair!]

8 [Shout to your King, you heavenly host, You that beheld the sinking foe; Firmly ye stood when they were lost; Praise the rich grace that kept you so.]

9 Proclaim his wonders from the skies, Let every distant nation hear; And while you sound his lofty praise, Let humble mortals bow and fear.

Hymn 2:28. Death and eternity.

1 Stoop down, my thoughts, that use to rise, Converse awhile with death: Think how a gasping mortal lies, And pants away his breath.

2 His quivering lip hangs feebly down His pulses faint and few, Then, speechless, with a doleful groan He bids the world adieu.

3 But, O the soul that never dies! At once it leaves the clay! Ye thoughts, pursue it where it flies, And track its wondrous way.

4 Up to the courts where angels dwell, It mounts triumphing there, Or devils plunge it down to hell In infinite despair.

5 And must my body faint and die? And must this soul remove? O for some guardian angel nigh To bear it safe above!

6 Jesus, to thy dear faithful hand My naked soul I trust, And my flesh waits for thy command To drop into my dust.

Hymn 2:29. Redemption by price and power.

1 Jesus, with all thy saints above My tongue would bear her part, Would sound aloud thy saving love, And sing thy bleeding heart.

2 Bless'd be the Lamb, my dearest Lord, Who bought me with his blood, And quench'd his Father's flaming sword In his own vital blood:

3 The Lamb that freed my captive soul From Satan's heavy chains, And sent the lion down to howl Where hell and horror reigns.

4 All glory to the dying Lamb, And never ceasing praise, While angels live to know his Name, Or saints to feel his grace.

Hymn 2:30. Heavenly joy on earth.

1 [Come, we that love the Lord, And let our joys be known; Join in a song with sweet accord, And thus surround the throne.

2 The sorrows of the mind Be banish'd from the place! Religion never was design'd To make our pleasures less.]

3 Let those refuse to sing That never knew our God, But favourites of the heavenly King May speak their joys abroad.

4 [The God that rules on high, And thunders when he please, That rides upon the stormy sky And manages the seas.]

5 This awful God is ours, Our Father and our love, He shall send down his heavenly powers To carry us above.

6 There we shall see his face, And never, never sin; There from the rivers of his grace Drink endless pleasures in.

7 Yes, and before we rise To that immortal state, The thoughts of such amazing bliss Should constant joys create.

8 [The men of grace have found Glory begun below, Celestial fruits on earthly ground From faith and hope may grow.]

9 The hill of Sion yields A thousand sacred sweets, Before we reach the heavenly fields, Or walk the golden streets.

10 Then let our songs abound, And every tear be dry; We're marching thro' Immanuel's ground To fairer worlds on high.

Hymn 2:31. Christ's presence makes death easy.

1 Why should we start and fear to die? What timorous worms we mortals are! Death is the gate of endless joy, And yet we dread to enter there.

2 The pains, the groans, and dying strife, Fright our approaching souls away; Still we shrink back again to life, Fond of our prison and our clay.

3 O, if my Lord would come and meet, My soul should stretch her wings in haste, Fly fearless thro' death's iron gate, Nor feel the terrors as she pass'd.

4 Jesus can make a dying bed Feel soft as downy pillows are, While on his breast I lean my head, And breathe my life out sweetly there.

Hymn 2:32. Frailty and Folly.

1 How short and hasty is our life! How vast our souls' affairs! Yet senseless mortals vainly strive To lavish out their years.

2 Our days run thoughtlessly along, Without a moment's stay; Just like a story or a song We pass our lives away.

3 God from on high invites us home, But we march heedless on, And ever hastening to the tomb, Stoop downwards as we run.

4 How we deserve the deepest hell That slight the joys above! What chains of vengeance should we feel That break such cords of love!

5 Draw us, O God, with sovereign grace, And lift our thoughts on high, That we may end this mortal race And see salvation nigh.

Hymn 2:33. The blessed society in heaven.

1 Raise thee, my soul, fly up, and run Thro' every heavenly street, And say, there's nought below the sun That's worthy of thy feet.

2 [Thus will we mount on sacred wings, And tread the courts above; Nor earth, nor all her mightiest things Shall tempt our meanest love.]

3 There on a high majestic throne Th' Almighty Father reigns, And sheds his glorious goodness down On all the blissful plains.

4 Bright like a sun the Saviour sits, And spreads eternal noon, No evenings there, nor gloomy nights, To want the feeble moon.

5 Amidst those ever-shining skies Behold the sacred Dove, While banish'd sin and sorrow flies From all the realms of love.

6 The glorious tenants of the place Stand bending round the throne; And saints and seraphs sing and praise The infinite Three One.

7 [But O what beams of heavenly grace Transport them all the while! Ten thousand smiles from Jesus' face, And love in every smile!]

8 [Jesus, and when shall that dear day, That joyful hour appear, When I shall leave this house of clay To dwell amongst them there?]

Hymn 2:34. Breathing after the Holy Spirit; or, Fervency of devotion desired.

1 Come, holy Spirit, heavenly Dove, With all thy quickening powers, Kindle a flame of sacred love, In these cold hearts of ours.

2 Look, how we grovel here below, Fond of these trifling toys; Our souls can neither fly nor go To reach eternal joys.

3 In vain we tune our formal songs, In vain we strive to rise; Hosannas languish on our tongues, And our devotion dies.

4 Dear Lord! and shall we ever lie At this poor dying rate? Our love so faint, so cold to thee, And thine to us so great?

5 Come holy Spirit, heavenly Dove, With all thy quickening powers; Come shed abroad a Saviour's love, And that shall kindle ours.

Hymn 2:35. Praise to God for creation and redemption.

1 Let them neglect thy glory, Lord, Who never knew thy grace, But our loud songs shall still record The wonders of thy praise.

2 We raise our shouts, O God, to thee, And send them to thy throne, All glory to th' united Three, The undivided One.

3 'Twas he (and we'll adore his Name) That form'd us by a word, 'Tis he restores our ruin'd frame; Salvation to the Lord.

4 Hosanna! let the earth and skies Repeat the joyful sound, Rocks, hills, and vales, reflect the voice In one eternal round.

Hymn 2:36. Christ's intercession.

1 Well, the Redeemer's gone T' appear before our God, To sprinkle o'er the flaming throne With his atoning blood.

2 No fiery vengeance now, Nor burning wrath comes down; If justice call for sinners' blood, The Saviour shews his own.

3 Before his Father's eye Our humble suit he moves, The Father lays his thunder by, And looks, and smiles, and loves.

4 Now may our joyful tongues Our Maker's honour sing, Jesus the priest receives our songs, And bears them to the King.

5 [We bow before his face, And sound his glories high, "Hosanna to the God of grace "That lays his thunder by.]

6 "On earth thy mercy reigns, "And triumphs all above;" But, Lord how weak are mortal strains To speak immortal love!

7 [How jarring and how low Are all the notes we sing! Sweet Saviour, tune our songs anew, And they shall please the King.]

Hymn 2:37. The same.

1 Lift up your eyes to th' heavenly seats Where your Redeemer stays; Kind intercessor, there he sits, And loves, and pleads, and prays.

2 'Twas well, my soul he dy'd for thee, And shed his vital blood, Appeas'd stern justice on the tree, And then arose to God.

3 Petitions now and praise may rise, And saints their offerings bring, The priest with his own sacrifice Presents them to the King.

4 [Let Papists trust what names they please, Their saints and angels boast; We've no such advocates as these, Nor pray to th' heavenly host.]

6 Jesus alone shall bear my cries Up to his Father's throne, He, dearest Lord! perfumes my sighs, And sweetens every groan.

6 [Ten thousand praises to the King, Hosanna in the highest; Ten thousand thanks our spirits bring To God and to his Christ.]

Hymn 2:38. Love to God.

1 Happy the heart where graces reign, Where love inspires the breast; Love is the brightest of the train, And strengthens all the rest.

9 Knowledge, alas! 'Tis all in vain, And all in vain our fear, Our stubborn sins will fight and reign If love be absent there.

3 'Tis love that makes our cheerful feet In swift obedience move, The devils know and tremble too, But Satan cannot love.

4 This is the grace that lives and sings When faith and hope shall cease, 'Tis this shall strike our joyful strings In the sweet realms of bliss.

5 Before we quite forsake our clay, Or leave this dark abode, The wings of love bear us away To see our smiling God.

Hymn 2:39. The shortness and misery of life.

1 Our days, alas! our mortal days Are short and wretched too; "Evil and few," the patriarch says, [1] And well the patriarch knew.

2 'Tis but at best a narrow bound That heaven allows to men, And pains and sins run thro' the round Of threescore years and ten.

3 Well, if ye must be sad and few, Run on, my days, in haste; Moments of sin, and months of woe, Ye cannot fly too fast.

4 Let heavenly love prepare my soul, And call her to the skies, Where years of long salvation roll, And glory never dies.

[1] Genesis 47:9.

Hymn 2:40. Our comfort in the covenant made with Christ.

1 Our God, how firm his promise stands, E'en when he hides his face! He trusts in our Redeemer's hands His glory and his grace.

2 Then why, my soul, these sad complaints, Since Christ and we are one; Thy God is faithful to his saints, Is faithful to his Son.

3 Beneath his smiles my heart has liv'd, And part of heaven possess'd; I praise his Name for grace receiv'd, And trust him for the rest.

Hymn 2:41. A sight of God mortifies us to the world.

1 [Up to the fields where angels lie, And living waters gently roll, Fain would my thoughts leap out and fly, But sin hangs heavy on my soul.

2 Thy wondrous blood, dear dying Christ, Can make this load of guilt remove; And thou canst bear me where thou fly'st, On thy kind wings, celestial Dove!]

3 O might I once mount up and see The glories of th' eternal skies, What little things these worlds would be! How despicable to my eyes!

4 Had I a glance of thee, my God, Kingdoms and men would vanish soon, Vanish, as tho' I saw them not, As a dim candle dies at noon.

5 Then they might fight, and rage, and rave, I should perceive the noise no more Than we can hear a shaking leaf, While rattling thunders round us roar.

6 Great All in All, eternal King, Let me but view thy lovely face, And all my powers shall bow and sing Thine endless grandeur and thy grace.

Hymn 2:42. Delight in God.

1 My God, what endless pleasures dwell Above at thy right-hand! The courts below, how amiable, Where all thy graces stand!

2 The swallow near thy temple lies, And chirps a cheerful note; The lark mounts upward to thy skies, And tunes her warbling throat:

3 And we, when in thy presence, Lord, We shout with joyful tongues, Or sitting round our Father's board, We crown the feast with songs.

4 While Jesus shines with quickening grace, We sing and mount on high; But if a frown becloud his face, We faint, and tire, and die.

5 [Just as we see the lonesome dove Bemoan her widow'd state, Wandering she flies thro' all the grove, And mourns her loving mate.

6 Just so our thoughts from thing to thing In restless circles rove, Just so we drop, and hang the wing, When Jesus hides his love.]

Hymn 2:43. Christ's sufferings and glory.

1 Now for a tune of lofty praise To great Jehovah's equal Son! Awake, my voice, in heavenly lays, Tell the loud wonders he hath done.

2 Sing how he left the worlds of light And the bright robes he wore above, How swift and joyful was his flight On wings of everlasting love.

3 Down to this base, this sinful earth He came to raise our nature high; He came t' atone almighty wrath; Jesus the God was born to die.]

4 [Hell and its lions roar'd around, His precious blood the monsters spilt, While weighty sorrows press'd him down, Large as the loads of all our guilt.]

5 Deep in the shades of gloomy death Th' almighty Captive pris'ner lay; Th' almighty Captive left the earth, And rose to everlasting day.

6 Lift up your eyes, ye sons of light, Up to his throne of shining grace, See what immortal glories sit Round the sweet beauties of his face.

7 Amongst a thousand harps and songs Jesus the God exalted reigns, His sacred Name fills all their tongues And echoes thro' the heavenly plains!

Hymn 2:44. Hell; or, The vengeance of God.

1 With holy fear and humble song, The dreadful God our souls adore; Reverence and awe becomes the tongue That speaks the terrors of his power.

2 Far in the deep where darkness dwells, The land of horror and despair, Justice has built a dismal hell, And laid her stores of vengeance there.

3 [Eternal plagues and heavy chains, Tormenting racks and fiery coals, And darts t' inflict immortal pains, Dy'd in the blood of damned souls.]

4 [There Satan the first sinner lies, And roars, and bites his iron bands; In vain the rebel strives to rise, Crush'd with the weight of both thine hands.]

5 There guilty ghosts of Adam's race Shriek out, and howl beneath thy rod; Once they could scorn a Saviour's grace, But they incens'd a dreadful God.

6 Tremble, my soul, and kiss the Son; Sinners, obey the Saviour's call; Else your damnation hastens on, And hell gapes wide to wait your fall.

Hymn 2:45. God's condescension to our worship.

1 Thy favours Lord, surprise our souls; Will the Eternal dwell with us? What canst thou find beneath the poles To tempt thy chariot downward thus?

2 Still might he fill his starry throne, And please his ears with Gabriel's songs; But th' heavenly Majesty comes down, And bows to hearken to our tongues.

3 Great God, what poor returns we pay For love so infinite as thine! Words are but air, and tongues but clay, But thy compassion's all divine.

Hymn 2:46. God's condescension to human affairs.

1 Up to the Lord that reigns on high, And views the nations from afar, Let everlasting praises fly, And tell how large his bounties are.

2 [He that can shake the worlds he made, Or with his word, or with his rod, His goodness how amazing great! And what a condescending God!]

3 [God that must stoop to view the skies, And how to see what angels do, Down to our earth he casts his eyes, And bends his footsteps downward too.]

4 He over-rules all mortal things, And manages our mean affairs; On humble souls the King of kings Bestows his counsels and his cares.

5 Our sorrows and our tears we pour Into the bosom of our God, He hears us in the mournful hour, And helps us bear the heavy load.

6 In vain might lofty princes try Such condescension to perform; For worms were never rais'd so high Above their meanest fellow-worm.

7 O could our thankful hearts devise A tribute equal to thy grace, To the third heaven our songs should rise, And teach the golden harps thy praise.

Hymn 2:47. Glory and grace in the person of Christ.

1 Now to the Lord a noble song! Awake, my soul, awake, my tongue; Hosanna to th' eternal Name, And all his boundless love proclaim.

2 See where it shines in Jesus' face, The brightest image of his grace; God, in the person of his Son, Has all his mightiest works outdone.

3 The spacious earth and spreading flood Proclaim the wise, the powerful God; And thy rich glories from afar Sparkle in every rolling star.

4 But in his looks a glory stands, The noblest labour of thine hands: The pleasing lustre of his eyes Outshines the wonders of the skies.

5 Grace, 'tis a sweet, a charming theme; My thoughts rejoice at Jesus' name: Ye angels, dwell upon the sound, Ye heavens, reflect it to the ground!

6 O, may I live to reach the place Where he unveils his lovely face, Where all his beauties you behold, And sing his Name to harps of gold!

Hymn 2:48. Love to the creatures is dangerous.

1 How vain are all things here below! How false, and yet how fair! Each pleasure hath its poison too, And every sweet a snare.

2 The brightest things below the sky Give but a flattering light; We should suspect some danger nigh Where we possess delight.

3 Our dearest joys, and nearest friends, The partners of our blood, How they divide our wavering minds, And leave but half for God!

4 The fondness of a creature's love, How strong it strikes the sense! Thither the warm affections move, Nor can we call them thence.

5 Dear Saviour, let thy beauties be My soul's eternal food; And grace command my heart away From all created good.

Hymn 2:49. Moses dying in the embraces of God.

1 Death cannot make our souls afraid If God be with us there; We may walk thro' her darkest shade, And never yield to fear.

2 I could renounce my all below, If my Creator bid, And run, if I were call'd to go, And die as Moses did.

3 Might I but climb to Pisgah's top, And view the promis'd land, My flesh itself shall long to drop, And pray for the command.

4 Clasp'd in my heavenly Father's arms I would forget my breath, And lose my life among the charms Of so divine a death.

Hymn 2:50. Comfort under sorrows and pains.

1 Now let the Lord my Saviour smile, And shew my name upon his heart, I would forget my pains awhile, And in the pleasure lose the smart.

But O it swells my sorrows high To see my blessed Jesus frown! My spirits sink, my comforts die, And all the springs of life are down.

3 Yet why, my soul, why these complaints? Still while he frowns his bowels move; Still on his heart he bears his saints, And feels their sorrows and his love.

4 My name is printed on his breast; His book of life contains my name; I'd rather have it there impress'd Than in the bright records of fame.

5 When the last fire burns all things here, Those letters shall securely stand, And in the Lamb's fair book appear, Writ by th' eternal Father's hand.

6 Now shall my minutes smoothly run, Whil'st here I wait my Father's will; My rising and my setting sun Roll gently up and down the hill.

Hymn 2:51. God the Son equal with the Father.

1 Bright King of Glory, dreadful God! Our spirits bow before thy seat, To thee we lift an humble thought, And worship at thine awful feet.

2 [Thy power hath form'd, thy wisdom sways All nature with a sovereign word; And the bright world of stars obeys The will of their superior Lord.]

3 [Mercy and truth unite in one, And smiling sit at thy right-hand; Eternal justice guards thy throne, And vengeance waits thy dread command.]

4 A thousand seraphs strong and bright Stand round the glorious Deity; But who amongst the sons of light Pretends comparison with thee?

5 Yet there is one of human frame, Jesus, array'd in flesh and blood, Thinks it no robbery to claim A full equality with God.

6 Their glory shines with equal beams; Their essence is for ever one, Tho' they are known by different names The Father God, and God the Son.

7 Then let the name of Christ our King With equal honours be ador'd; His praise let every angel sing, And all the nations own their Lord.

Hymn 2:52. Death dreadful or delightful.

1 Death! 'tis a melancholy day To those that have no God, When the poor soul is forc'd away To seek her last abode.

2 In vain to heaven she lifts her eyes, But guilt, a heavy chain, Still drags her downward from the skies To darkness, fire, and pain.

3 Awake and mourn, ye heirs of hell, Let stubborn sinners fear, You must be driven from earth, and dwell A long for-ever there.

4 See how the pit gapes wide for you, And flashes in your face, And thou, my soul, look downwards too, And sing recovering grace.

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