Higher Lessons in English
by Alonzo Reed and Brainerd Kellogg
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Figures of Speech basis of definition illustrations of names of uses of First two, etc. Force (see Energy) For to

Gender defined distinguished from sex of names of animals of what importance of pronouns, errors in used in personification Gender Forms Genders, the three defined

Had better, rather, sooner Hand in hand, construction of Have written, history of He or one after the indefinite one Humor, in style Hyphen, use of

Idea distinguished from object If for even if, although for whether omission of variety of uses Imagery, discussion of Imperative Sentence definition of order of words in In and Into distinguished In case that, construction of Independent Clauses definition of joined without conjunction punctuated Independent Expressions, punctuated Indirect, or Dative, Object Inference, expressed by an independent clause Infinitive (the), and assumed subject after for definition of double nature of old dative of use of present perfect after past indicative why called infinitive Infinitive Phrase after a preposition as adjective as adjective modifier as adverb modifier as attribute complement as explanatory modifier as object complement as objective complement as subject cleft or split does not with the noun form a clause expansion into clauses independent In order that, construction of Interjections Interrogation Point, use of Interrogative Pronouns declension definition list Interrogative Sentences definition of order of words in Intransitive Verbs, definition Introductory Words Invitations, form of Irregular Verbs definition of inflections of list of persistence of It for a clause idiomatic use of use for animals and children vague It is me, him, etc. Just as, construction of Language definition of made up of words natural word Last two, etc. Lay and lie Less, the final s of, and lesser Lest equaling that not various uses of with noun clause Letters, the alphabet Letters body of conclusion of heading of illustration of introduction of parts of superscription of Letter-Writing Loose Sentence Many a, explanation of Manner, adverbs of Masculine Gender distinguished Masculine Pronoun, use of May Metaphor definition of exercises in use of Methinks Metonymy definition of exercises in use of Mine, thine, of mine, etc Mode is what Modes classes, imperative indicative potential subjunctive definitions of imperative, no 2d and 3d persons indicative, uses of potential omitted subjunctive Modifications, definition Modified Complement Modifiers, definition different rank explanatory, punctuation Must Myself, explanatory

N, Saxon ne, the negative particle Narrative Style Natural Language Need, without s form Negation by adverbs Negatives, double No and yes, sentence-words No body (or one) else's Nominative Forms, eight Noun a, definition of Nouns abstract as adjective modifiers as adverb modifiers cases of classes of collective common and proper declension gender of number, kinds of person of roots of scheme for general review Noun Clauses as attribute complement as explanatory modifier as object complement as principal term of prepositional phrase as subject connectives of contraction of definition of position of punctuation of Noun Modifier explanatory (appositive) explanatory of a sentence possessive Number definition of kinds of of noun agreeing with adjective of nouns determined of verbs shows what

0 and oh distinguished Object and Object Complement distinguished Object, indirect Object, indirect, made subject Object Complement becoming subject compound definition of retained after verb in passive Objective Forms, seven Objective Complement an infinitive phrase a participle becoming an attribute complement definition of extended beyond its factitive sense Of in place of possessive sign not always indicating possession Of mine, etc On condition that One another syntax of with two or more Only, position of syntax of Order (words and phrases) transposed usual Other, misuse of Ought Paragraph (the) composition of definition of topics and subtopics of unity of Paragraphing, exercises in Parallel Construction Parenthesis, marks of Parenthetical Classes, punctuation Parsing definition of first step in models for written Participles adjectival as adjective modifiers as attribute complements as mere adjectives as mere nouns as objective complements as prepositions as principal word in a phrase definition of expansion of forms of in independent phrases misuse of modified by a and the modified by a possessive nounal, called gerunds, infinitives, verbal nouns place of punctuation of used in slurring Passive Voice, idiomatic constructions Period, use of Periodic Sentence Person forms of a noun or pronoun of a verb why regarded in the grammar Personification, the figure Persons, the three defined Perspicuity definition of exercises in Phrases absolute adjective and adverb as prepositions complex and compound definition of infinitive interchange with clauses interchange with words participial position of prepositional punctuation of used independently verb Place, adverbs of Plural Number Plural ending, origin foreign forms of formed irregularly formed regularly form same as singular forms treated as singular no form for of compound words of letters, figures, etc. of proper names some originally singular some words always two forms with different meaning without singular of like meaning Possessive Ending added to explanatory word ambiguity avoided by attached to the adjective confined to what error respecting errors in use of of for of compound names origin of when omitted when pronounced es Predicate adjective defined a verb or contains one compound definition of modified noun defined of two or more words Preposition a, defined Prepositions becoming adverbs ending a sentence ending in ing errors in use of list of two before a noun where sometimes found with verb before a noun Pronoun a, defined Pronouns agreement Nom. and Obj. forms classes adjective interrogative personal relative declension of denote relations errors in use of need of number scheme for review vagueness of Pronouns (Adjective) a (day) or two all, both, and whole before of any body (or one) else's, etc. declension of definition of demonstrative distributive each other, with two or more either, neither, with two or more either for each first two, last three, etc., he, etc. after indefinite one indefinite none in both numbers ones, plural other and than, words between other two, when one of three is taken partial list of such or so with adjectives Pronouns (Interrogative) declension definition list Pronouns (Personal) avoided when compound consistent use of declension definition its, history of misuse of them for those my and mine, etc. order of ours, yours, etc., double possessives Pronouns (Personal) (cont.) use of compound used needlessly we hardly plural of I we instead of I ye has given way to you Pronouns (Relative) agreement of compound declension definition discriminated in use omitted when same with same antecedent that in restrictive clauses that instead of who and which what misused for that who and which restrictive and unrestrictive with omitted antecedents Pun, a Punctuation Marks exercises in summary of rules for Qualities of Style Question, direct and indirect Quotation Marks, use of Quotations capitalization of definition of direct indirect punctuation of Quoth

Regular Verbs definition increasing inflections of Relative Clauses, position Result, clauses of Review Questions Review of Sentence, scheme for

Satire Semicolon, rules for Sentence (the) balanced contracted defined expanded loose period Sentences (classed) form complex compound simple meaning declarative exclamatory imperative interrogative Set and sit Shall and will Should and would Simile, definition and exercises in Simple Sentences definition of treatment of Since, various uses of Singular Number So ... as, construction of Some body (or one) else's Sounds and Letters Speech figures of mechanism of Spelling, rules for Style argumentative definition of descriptive illustrations narrative qualities of Subject assumed, what assumed, changed to prevent ambiguity compound defined determined how Subject (cont.), modified, or logical Subjunctive Mode definition of disappearing uses of Subordinate Conjunctions Subordinate Connectives Synecdoche Synopsis is what Syntax, rules for

Tense defined future, how used future perfect, how used past, how used past perfect, how used present, how used present perfect, how used Tenses defined emphatic form of errors in use of conjunctive adverb Than errors in use of followed by adjective replaced by but, etc. use after comparatives with me after it Than whom That and this, adjectives, plurals That and this (Adj. Pro.) declension reference That (Conj.) with cause clause with noun clause with purpose clause That, Conj. Adv., degree clause That (Rel. Pr.) distinguished from who and which for who and which generally restrictive preposition follows The, uses of The ... the construction of explanation of Themes framework of how to write them subjects for The one, the other This Thought, how expressed Three times four is twelve To with infinitive construction of expressing relation extension of no part of not expressed position of without relation Transitive Verbs definition of conjugated passively

Unity of paragraphs Unless (= if not) Usage

Variety how secured illustrations of want of Verb a, defined Verb Be an auxiliary conjugation of derivation of Verb-Phrases Verbs (classes) form irregular regular meaning intransitive transitive Verbs a modern passive progressive form analysis of compound tense forms as nouns auxiliary changing their voice conjugated in progressive form conjugated interrogatively conjugated negatively conjugation of Verbs (cont.) defective forms not asserting improper forms used indicative and potential with subjunctive meaning inflections of intransitive definition of made transitive irregular definition of list of persistence of principal parts of mode, defined model for written parsing number forms number of defined passive form compound periphrastic forms resolved, person forms person of potential auxiliaries principal parts redundant regular definition of increasing scheme for gen. review Strong (or Old), Weak (or New) subjunctive form fading tense the e and the d of past tense, the e and the d of past participle transitive, definition of conjugated passively voice Verbs (agreement of) attracted errors in with and in what with collective noun with subjects connected by and with subjects connected by or or nor with subjects emphatically distinguished with subjects naming same thing with subjects one affirmative and one negative with subjects following with subjects preceded by each, every, etc. with subjects varying in person Vocal Consonants Voice, the voices defined Voices changed Vowels What equal to that or whom in origin misuse for that various uses of without antecedent

When conjunctive adverb connecting various clauses in adjective clauses interrogative adverb Where conjunctive adverb connecting various clauses in adjective clauses interrogative adverb Whether repeated with more than two Whether or no Which an adjective an interrogative pronoun a relative pronoun clause as antecedent composition of declension Which and Who in restrictive clauses in unrestrictive clauses that used for While, connecting various clauses Will and would Words great number of in Eng. spoken words what transposed order of use of determining the class of usual order of written words what Words and Phrases (cont.) connected, each making good sense with context independent independent nearly in pairs, punctuation interchangeable made prominent modifying sentences Worth, a verb

Ye Yes and No You, verb form with


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