Heath's Modern Language Series: Mariucha
by Benito Perez Galdos
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reir quarrel, scold

reparacin f. restoration

reparar (en) notice, observe

reparn, -ona inquisitive

repentinamente suddenly

repeticin f. repetition

repetir repeat

repicar ring a bell; —— en el Cristo ring the bell at the shrine of the Christ

repique m. chime, peal

replegar fold up

replicar reply

reponer replace, reply; —se recover

reprobacin f. reprobation

reproducir reproduce, repeat, copy

repugnancia f. repugnance

repugnante repugnant, disgusting

repugnar de be repugnant to

reputacin f. reputation

requisito m. requisite, required adjunct

requisitoria f. requisition; summons

reservar keep

resignarse resign oneself

resistencia f. resistence

resistir resist; —se a hesitate to, dislike to

resolucin f. resolution, resolve

resolver(se) resolve, decide; —se change, settle

resorte m. spring

respetable worthy

respeto m. respect; de —— spare, extra; ceremonial, formal, "company"

respetuoso, -a respectful

respiracin f. breathing

respirar breathe, breathe freely

resplandecer gleam, shine

responder answer, correspond

responsabilidad f. responsibility

responsable responsible

responso m. responsory for the dead

respuesta f. reply, answer

restablecer restablish

restante left over, remaining; lo —— the remainder

resto m. rest

resucitar resuscitate

resuelto, -a (p.p. of resolver) settled

resultado m. result, product

resultar result, turn out, appear

retener retain, detain

retirar withdraw, take out, lead away; —se retire

retrica f. rhetoric; pl. sophistry, quibbling

retrasado, -a late, behind time

retraso m. delay

retro: a —— (Latin) see note to I, 254

retroceder retreat, go back, back up, retire

reunir unite, put together; —se get together

revelar reveal

reventar burst

reverencia f. bow

revestir dress (with ceremonial garb)

revolucin f. revolution

revolver overturn, upset; p.p. topsy-turvy

=rial= = =real=

ricacho m. rich guy

ricachona f. very wealthy woman

Ricardo m. Richard

rico, -a rich

ridiculez f. folly; mortification

ridculo, -a ridiculous; n.m. ridicule, ridiculous plight

riesgo m. risk

rgido, -a rigid

rigor m. severity, strictness

riqueza f. riches

riqusimo, -a very rich, splendid

risa f. laughter; humor

ristra f. string (of onions, etc.)

risueo, -a smiling

ritual m. ritual; libro de —— prayer book, book of services

robar steal, rob, deprive of

robustez f. vigor

roca f. rock

rodar roll

rodear surround, encircle

rodilla f. knee; de —s kneeling

rogar ask, request, plead

rojo, -a red

Roldn m. Roland

romera f. pilgrimage (to a country shrine; hence) picnic, festivity

romper break, tear; —— a hablar begin to speak

rompimiento m. break, breaking off

ropa f. (also pl.) clothes

ropita f. II, 236 the little clothes you had

roquero, -a rocky, built on a rock

rosario m. rosary; rezar el —— tell one's beads

rosbif m. roast beef

rostro m. face

roto p.p. of romper

rudo, -a rude, hard

Rue de Rivoli (French) Rivoli Street (in Paris, containing many famous shops)

ruido m. noise, racket

ruina f. ruin

ruinoso, -a ruinous

rumbo m. course

rumor m. sound, noise, report

Rusia f. Russia

ruso, -a Russian

rstico, -a rustic, rural


saber know, know how; learn (especially in the preterite tense); qu s yo? how do I know? no s qu some ... or other

sabidura f. wisdom

sacar draw out, take out, extract; draw on, find out, discover; get

saco m. sack, bag

sacrificar sacrifice

sacrificio m. sacrifice

sacristn m. sacristan, sexton

sagrado, -a sacred

sala f. parlor, hall, room

salado, -a witty, bright

saldo m. balance, settlement

saleroso, -a bright, witty

salir come out, issue, go out, get out, go away; enter (in stage directions); rise (of the sun); occur; —se con la suya get one's own way

saln m. room, parlor, large hall

salpicar splash, dot

saltar jump, jump over, start, skip

salud f. health; salvation

saludable salutary

saludar greet; bow to, salute

saludo m. greeting

salvacin f. salvation

salvador, -ra saving

salvar save

salvo except; poner a —— safeguard, preserve

sancin f. sanction, confirmation

Sanfelices Sanfelices

sangre f. blood; race

sano, -a healthy; whole

San Petersburgo Petrograd

Santamar not an actual Spanish place-name

santificar sanctify

santiguarse cross oneself

santsimo, -a most holy

santo, -a, san, saint, holy, blessed; n.m. saint

santuario m. sanctuary

sartn f. frying pan

sastre m. tailor

satisfaccin f. satisfaction; payment

satisfacer (p.p. satisfecho) satisfy

strapa m. satrap (governor of a province among the ancient Persians)

se himself, herself, etc. (both accusative and dative); replaces any third person object pronoun before another

secar dry

seco, -a dry

secretear speak in private, whisper

secreto, -a secret; n.m. secret

secuestrar kidnap, keep in confinement

secular centuries old

seda f. silk

sedacin f. calm, lull

seguida f.: en —— at once

seguir follow, continue; p.p. in succession

segn according to; as; according as; that depends

segundo, -a second; latter

seguramente surely

seguridad f. certainty, safety

seguro, -a sure, safe, certain; —o, de —o certainly, without fail

seiscientos, -as six hundred

selecto, -a choice

sellar seal

semana f. week

semblante m. face, appearance

semejante similar, such, such a

semejanza f. resemblance

sencillez f. simplicity

sencillo, -a simple

sendero m. path

seno m. bosom

sentar seat; benefit; fix, plant; —se sit down; —— la cabeza be sensible, settle down; —— la mano make felt the weight of one's displeasure

sentido m. sense; —— comn common sense

sentimiento m. sentiment

sentir feel; hear; regret, be sorry for

sea f. sign

seal f. sign

sealar mark; point to

seor m. sir, master, Mr., gentleman

seora f. lady, mistress; wife; Mrs., Madam

seoro m. nobility, upper class

seorita f. young lady, miss

seorito m. young gentleman

separacin f. separation

separar separate, keep distinct; —se depart, leave

septiembre m. September

ser be; —— de belong to; rase there was once

ser m. being

serenar calm

serenidad calmness

sereno, -a calm, cool-headed

serie f. series

sermn m. sermon

sermoneo m. sermonizing

servicio m. service

servidor m. servant

servil servile

servilismo m. servility

servir serve, be used, be of use, be fit; para —— a V. S. at your service; —se be kind enough to

sesenta sixty

severidad f. severity

severo, -a severe

si if, whether; indeed, of course, why; por —— to see whether; in case

s yes, indeed; decir que —— consent to marry; pron. himself, herself, itself, themselves

siempre always, ever; —— que each time that, whenever; provided that

sierra f. mountain range

siglo m. century

significar signify, mean

signo m. sign

siguiente following, next

silencio m. silence

silencioso, -a silent, mute

Silesia f. a province of Prussia

silla f. chair

simptico, -a likable, congenial

simple simple, mere

simultneamente simultaneously

sin without; —— que without

sinceridad f. sincerity

sincero, -a sincere

sino but, except; no... —— only; —— que but

siquiera even, at least; ni ——, ni tan —— not even

sitio m. spot, place

situacin f. situation

soberano, -a sovereign

soberbio, -a proud; splendid

sobra f. remnant, leavings

sobrar be in excess, be superfluous; be left over; medios le sobran he has a thousand ways; le sobra razn he is entirely right

sobre above, on, upon; beside; —— todo especially

sobre m. envelope

sobresaltado, -a startled

sobreseer (una causa) withdraw, suspend (a suit), grant a stay in proceedings

sobrina f. niece

sociedad f. society

socorrer aid, help

socorro m. aid, assistance

soga f. rope

sol m. sun; hace —— it is sunny; de —— a —— from daybreak to dusk

soledad f. solitude; loneliness

solemne solemn

solemnidad f. solemnity

soler be accustomed, wont; be usually

solicitar beg for, ask for

slido, -a solid

solitario, -a solitary

solito, -a all alone

solo, -a deserted; single, only, alone; a solas alone

slo only, alone

soltar loose, let go, let fly, turn loose

soltero, -a unmarried

solucin f. solution

sollozar sob

sollozo m. sob

sombra f. shade, shadow

sombrero m. hat

someter subject, submit, subjugate

Somonte pr.n. (as adj. rough, crude)

son m. sound

sonar sound, sound natural

sonido m. sound

sonrer smile

sonrisa f. smile

sonrojo m. blush; offense (which causes a blush)

soador m. dreamer

soar (con) dream (of)

sopa f. (also pl.) soup with slices of bread in it

soportar endure, support

sordidez f. stinginess

sorprender surprise, catch

sorpresa f. surprise

sortija f. ring

sosegarse calm down, become quiet

sospecha f. suspicion

sospechar suspect, imagine

sostn m. support

sostener sustain, uphold, support

sostenimiento m. support

sotana f. cassock

subida f. rise, ascent

subir rise, come up, go up, climb; raise, hoist

sbito, -a sudden

suceder happen; follow, replace

suceso m. event, occurrence

sucumbir succumb

suelo m. floor; ground; por los —s on the ground, at the bottom

sueo m. sleep; dream; tener —— be sleepy

suerte f. luck, fate; good luck; way, manner

sufragio m. good deed which is applied to the aid of souls in purgatory

sufrimiento m. suffering

sufrir suffer

sugerir suggest

suicidarse commit suicide

suicidio m. suicide

sujeto, -a subject; fastened; n.m. subject; fellow, person

suma f. sum

sumamente extremely

superfluo, -a superfluous

superior superior, of fine quality

super-mujer f. superwoman

splica f. request

suplicar beg, request

suplicio m. torment

supremo, -a supreme

suprimir suppress

suscripcin f. subscription

suspender suspend, hang, cease

suspenso, -a in suspense

suspirar sigh

suspiro m. sigh

sustentar support, maintain

sustituir take the place of

susto m. fright, shock

sutil subtle

suyo, -a his, hers, its, theirs; of his, etc.; el ——, la -a, etc. pron. his, hers, its, theirs; hacer de las suyas be up to (his) usual tricks


tabla f. board, plank

tal such, such a, of the sort; el —— the said (person); con —— que, con —— de que provided that; qu ——? how is it going? —— vez perhaps

talento m. talent

tallar cut, carve

tamao, -a so great, of the size of; III, 80 —os as so big (with a gesture showing height); n.m. size

tambin also

tampoco neither, not either, nor that either

tan so, as, such a; —— slo only

tantico m. bit

tanto, -a so much, so many (sometimes used with singular noun in plural sense); por lo —— therefore

tanto adv. so much; n.m. a little; en —— que while; entre —— meanwhile

tapar conceal, cover up; stop, plug

tardanza f. delay

tardar delay, be late

tarde late; lo ms —— at the latest; n.f. afternoon

tarea f. task, labor

tarja f. tally stick (with notches, which form a primitive method of counting)

te m. tea

teatro m. theater

techo m. roof, ceiling

tela f. cloth

telegrama m. telegram

temblar tremble

temer fear, be afraid

temeroso, -a timid, afraid

temor m. fear

templado, -a lukewarm, mild; tempered

temprano, -a early

tendero m. shopkeeper

tenebroso, -a dark, gloomy

tener have, hold, keep; —— que hacer have to, be obliged to, do; tengo que hacer I have work to do; —— por consider

Teodolinda f. Theodolinda

Teplitz Teplitz-Schnau (a town in Bohemia, with warm springs for bathing)

tercero, -a third

Teresa f. Theresa

terminar end

trmino m. end; primer —— foreground

ternura f. tenderness

territorio m. territory, country, district within the jurisdiction of a court

tesn m. obstinacy, persistence, tenacity, firmness

tesoro m. treasure

testamento m. will, testament

tez f. complexion, skin

=ti= = =tiene=

tiempo m. time; weather; a —— in time; va para —— will take a long time

tienda f. shop, store

tierno, -a tender

tierra f. earth, soil; land, country, native place, home

timbre m. tone

timidez f. timidity

tmido, -a timid

to m. uncle; fellow, old man

tipo m. type

tirana f. tyranny

tirnico, -a tyrannical

tirano m. tyrant

tirar pull, drag; throw; attract; I, 100 tirando dragging about; V, 90 a eso tira that's what he's working for

ttulo m. title

tiznar smear, begrime, smuten

tizne m. grime

tocar touch; befit; play; me toca it falls to me or is my turn; a toca-teja cash down

todava still, yet

todito, -a absolutely all

todo, -a all, every; en —— este ao some time during the present year; n.m. all, everything; con —— nevertheless; del —— entirely, completely, quite

toilette (French) attire, dress

=to l'= = =todo el=

tolerancia f. tolerance

tolerar tolerate, endure, allow

tomar take, undertake; toma! I declare! well!

tonelada f. ton

tontaina m. fool, dolt

tontn m. silly boy

tonto, -a silly, foolish; n.m. fool, idiot

toque m. stroke

torbellino m. whirl, rush

torcer twist, turn aside; wring

tormento m. torment

torre f. tower

tortura f. torture

tosco, -a rough, rude

trabajador, -ra hard-working; n.m. laborer, workingman

trabajar work

trabajo m. work, labor, effort

trabajoso, -a toilsome

traer carry, bring, keep

trfico m. traffic, trade

tragar swallow

trada f. bringing; —— de aguas waterworks

=train= = =traen=

traje m. suit, clothes

tramitacin f. proceeding; poner en —— set in motion

trance m. emergency, crisis; a todo —— at any cost

tranquilidad f. peacefulness, calm

tranquilo, -a peaceful, quiet, at ease, free from anxiety

transformar transform

transicin f. transition, change

trapito m. little rag, remnant

trapom. rag, cloth; pl. (colloquial) women's clothes

tras after, behind; —— de behind

trastornar upset, disturb

trastorno m. disorder, confusion

tratamiento m. treatment; title of courtesy, mode of address

tratar treat; get well acquainted with; —— de try to; speak of, discuss, consider

trato m. bargain, business; intercourse, acquaintance

travs m.: al —— de through, across

travieso, -a mischievous

traza f. appearance, looks

trazar trace

trecho m. distance

treinta thirty

tremendo, -a terrible

trmulo, -a trembling

tren m. train

tres three; las —— three o'clock

tribulacin f. trouble, trial

trigo m. wheat

trinidad f. trinity

trino, -a triune (containing three in one)

triple m. triple, three times the

triste sad, wretched

tristeza f. sadness, sorrow

triunfante triumphant

triunfo m. triumph

tronado, -a ruined

tronco m. trunk

trozo m. bit, section, piece

=trujo= = =trajo=

turbar confuse, disturb; —se become confused

tutear address with t, speak familiarly to

tuteo m. thouing (addressing in the second person singular)


ultimatum (Latin) ultimatum

ltimo, -a last, final, latest; latter

ultraje m. insult

nicamente only

nico, -a only, single

unin f. union

unir unite, join; —se a join

universo m. universe

urbanidad f. urbanity, courtesy

urbanizacin f. city planning, carrying out municipal works (paving, lighting, etc.)

urgencia f. urgency

usar use; prenda usada second-hand article

uso m. use

usura f. usury

utensilio m. utensil


vaciar empty

vacilacin f. hesitation

vacilante hesitating

vacilar hesitate

vaco, -a vacant, empty; n.m. void

vagabundo, -a wandering

vago, -a vague

vagn m. railway car, car

vajilla f. table service

valenta f. courage

valer be worth, be of use; avail, bring; defend, protect; —— ms be better; —se de make use of, have recourse to

valeroso, -a brave, gallant

valiente brave, courageous; fine

valioso, -a valuable

valor m. worth, value; courage

valle m. valley, vale

vanidad f. vanity

vanidoso, -a vain, conceited

vano, -a vain, empty

variado, -a varied

variar (de) change

vaso m. glass

vaya! (from ir) I declare! fine! —— con el milagro! a great miracle that is!

vecindad f. locality, neighborhood, proximity

vecino, -a neighboring; n. neighbor; inhabitant

veinte twenty

veinticuatro twenty-four

vejamen m. annoyance, persecution

vela f. candle

velar (por) keep watch, keep guard (over)

velo m. veil

velocidad f. speed; en pequea —— by freight

vencer conquer, overcome; fall due

vencida f. vanquishment; a la cuarta [vez] va la —— the fourth time never fails

vencimiento m. falling due

vendedor, -ra m. and f. vender

vender sell

veneciano, -a Venetian

venganza f. revenge

vengar revenge

venia f. permission

venir come; bien venido welcome

venta f. sale

ventaja f. advantage

ventajoso, -a advantageous

ventana f. window

ventanal m. large window

ventolera f. whim

ver see; a —— let's see; vamos a —— look here; no puedo —le I can't bear the sight of him; por lo visto apparently

verano m. summer

veras: de —— really

verdad f. truth; genuine; de —— really; es —— it is true; la —— in truth; —— que s? was it really? no es ——? isn't that so?

verdadero, -a real

verde green

vergonzoso, -a timid, bashful

vergenza f. shame; shameful thing; sense of shame

vrtigo m. dizziness; insanity

vestido m. dress, garment; pl. clothes

vestigio m. vestige, trace

vestimenta f. clothes, dress

vestir dress, clothe, wear

vez f. time, turn; a la —— at the same time, together; otra —— again; a veces, a las veces sometimes; tal —— perhaps; de una —— once for all; una —— once; cada —— ms more and more; en —— de instead of; de —— en cuando from time to time

via crucis (Latin) way of the cross

viaje m. journey

viajero m. traveler

vibracin f. vibration

Vicenta f. of Vincent

vicio m. vice, bad habit

vctima f. victim

vida f. life; en mi —— never in my life

vidrio m. windowpane, glass

viejo, -a old

viento m. wind; con la cabeza llena de —— full of airs

vigilar keep watch

vigoroso, -a vigorous

vil vile, base

vilipendiar revile

villa f. town, city

villano, -a villainous; n.m. rustic, villain

vino m. wine

violacin f. violation, breaking open

violento, -a violent, hard

virgen f. virgin

virtud f. virtue, good quality

visita f. visit; visitor

visitar visit

vista f. sight, eyes; appearance; view, vista; a la —— plain, evident, in plain sight; se me va la —— I go blind

vistazo m. glance

viuda f. widow

vivamente quickly, excitedly

viveza f. quickness

vivienda f. lodgings, rooms

vivir live; —— de live on or by; viva hurrah for, vive; quin vive? who goes there?

vivo, -a alive, living; intense, bright; quick, lively; a —a fuerza by main force

vocacin f. vocation

volar fly

voltereta f. somersault, turn

voluminoso, -a voluminous

voluntad f. will; good will

volver turn, return; —— a hacer do again; —— en s recover consciousness; —se become; return

voz f. voice; shout; word, report; en —— alta aloud

=vuecencia= f. (= =vuestra excelencia=) your honor, your worship

vuelta f. turn, return; change; trip

vulgar vulgar, common, ordinary

vulgaridad f. vulgarity


y and

ya already, now, then, this time, soon; certainly, to be sure; —— que since; —— no not again, not now; —— no ms never again; ——, —— yes, yes

yankee m. Yankee (applied by Spaniards indiscriminately to all natives of the U. S. A.)

yo I

York York; Yorkshire (a county of England, famous for its hams)


zcalo m. paneling (on a wall, next to the floor), baseboard

zona f. zone; coronel de la ——, i.e., zona para reclutamiento y reemplazo del ejrcito an administrative district organized for the drafting of recruits, etc.

zumbn, -ona joking, mocking

zurcido m. darning

zurcir darn

* * * * *


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