Fritiofs Saga
by Esaias Tegner
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2. gudars hem, the heavens.

3. Solundar-, an island near the Norwegian coast, probably at the outlet of Sognefjord. Today the group is called the Outer and the Inner Sol Islands.

4. gudatimrade, built by the gods. See note, canto 3: 164 seq.

5. kan du icke se fr natt, could not see because of the darkness.

5. dra seglaren i kvav. Drag the sailor into the deep. G i kvav, to founder, go down.

5. Ran(a), wife of gir and goddess of the sea, was hostile to men and sought to drag them down into the deep. She was passionately fond of gold, and sailors deemed it wise to have some of the yellow metal with them with which to appease her in case they foundered at sea. (See stanza 6.)

5. t oss, for us.

6. fsta havsbrud, plight troth with the goddess of the sea.

7. kvad den, called it forth by incantation.

8. skepna'n, skepnaden.

8. r du gudars dotter. See canto III: 164 seq.

9. hlla sjn, keep afloat.

10. Efjesund, a sound in the Orkney Islands. Angantyr was jarl of the Orkneys.

11. havets mr, the waves, nine beautiful daughters of gir and Ran who delighted in playing all over the surface of their father's vast domain.

11. mjdhorn vandrande p guldfot. The drinking horns of the ancients often had metal supports.


Stanza 1. sg ut t blnad ban, looked out over the blue course (sea).

1. allt som, just like.

2. blott hornet in han stack, he passed the horn back through the window to have it refilled.

4. P gngen och p pannan. The definite form may be used thus instead of the possessive when there is no ambiguity.

5. brsrk, from ber, bare, and serk, shirt or coat of mail. The berserk was an unarmed warrior that went to battle in a frenzy and possessed with preternatural strength. In their fury the berserks would attack indiscriminately friend or foe or even inanimate objects. They were looked upon as abnormal.

8. var runa stod i brand. See canto III: 74-81.

10. prva annan frd, try a new way.

13. till slut, at last.

13. livet ... p dig. A characteristic prepositional possessive.

14. jag ligger som jag lg, I will remain still.

15. hll mitt i hugget inne, stopped in the very act of striking.

16 trsten gr mig men, the thirst hurts me.

17-18. The description of Angantyr's hall is very much modernized by the poet.

20. som en ros i runa. May perhaps mean an embellished rune or a flower enclosed in a letter.

22. ej sitte fjrran frn, should not sit far away.

23. Sikel, Sicily.

24. Morven. Northern Scotland, which was often visited by vikings.

24. vlska, Gaelic, the language spoken in the Scotch Highlands.

24. norrna tunga, Norse tongue, the common language of Scandinavia before and during the Viking period.

29. mnner, archaic plural.

30. Astrild, Cupid.

32. fjrran myntat guld, gold coined far away, foreign money.

34. satt ... vintern ut, remained to the end of winter.


Line 9. girs dttrar, the waves. See canto X: 11.

19. dar, dagar.

21. vxer ut, assumes the form.

84. Eriksgata, from edh-vreks-gata (ed-givar-gata), the journey of early kings to receive the homage of their subjects. Some authorities see the origin of the word in the fact that Erik the Saint was supposed to be the first king to take one of these royal trips.

91. Disardalen, the valley of the gods where Balder's temple lay.

108. Loke, the evil giant-god, the enemy of all that was good.

129. Var, the goddess of plighted troth. She recorded the solemn promises of lovers and the marriage vows and avenged any violation of the same.

135. Balders Nanna. See canto I: 22.

145. sr hgens sd, sows the seed of the funeral mound, i. e., takes life.

164. Vidar, the silent god, who next to Tor was the strongest among the asar. He avenges Oden in Ragnark.

187. den dagen ... frn min runstav tagen. The early Scandinavians had some sort of calendars, consisting of runes carved on a staff.

198. Lofn, the mild and good goddess, and the deity of matrimony.

199. vite guden, Balder.

200. s nr som, except.


Stanza 2. d rr Hder fr vrlden, then Hder (der) rules the world. Hder, the blind brother of Balder, is the god of night and darkness.

7. Vstervgor, the western sea.

12. din like, one like you.

17. Fritiof blygs, att han darrar, Fritiof is so ashamed that he trembles. The antecedent of han may be Bjrn and not Fritiof, the meaning then being, that the latter is ashamed because Bjrn trembles.

20. fldar, pours water.

22. eldrd hane. The red cock, the symbol of fire.

25. Muspels sner, the flames. Muspel or Muspelhem, the fire world, lay south of the abyss Ginnungagap and was guarded by the flame giant Surt.


In the first part of this canto Fritiof gives free expression to his skepticism and to his contempt for the superstition of his day. See canto VIII, lines 145, 196, 197, 255; canto XIII, stanzas 3, 13. Such skepticism was common in Scandinavia just before the introduction of Christianity.

91. dna, for dna.

123. gudabloden. Blod is neuter but here used as a gender noun.

175. nidingsstnger were pillars raised at crossroads or other conspicuous places to mock an enemy or to indicate that he was held in contempt by every one. At the top was the head of a horse and further down were comic inscriptions giving the name of the despised person and the nature of his offence.

179. till lands, on land, antiquated genitive. There are many similar expressions in Swedish.

190. Gudbrands dld, the valley of Gudbrand in central Norway.

196. springa, break.

202. Heimskringla, the earth. Note the apt figure Heimskringlas panna, meaning the Northland.

233. sngar, poetical form for snar.


Stanza 3. Kort r hammarens skaft hos den segrande Tor. The handle of Tor's hammer, Mjlner, was very short; in his conflicts with the giants the god hurled it at the enemies. It always returned to his hand, no matter how far he might hurl it. Frej's sword, referred to, had the power of fighting successfully of its own accord as soon as it was drawn from the sheath.

4. den som stryker (segel), the one that lowers the sails, i.e., surrenders.

6. Valfader, Oden.

9. nu, equivalent to om.

15. vill du hlsas fr vr, if you would be hailed as one of us.

15. Ljungaren, the thunderer, Tor.


Stanza 4. holmgng, a duel, so called because originally fought on a small island (holme).

8. Hagbart, a Norse sea king, was secretly betrothed to Signe, daughter of Sigar, king of Seeland, who caused Hagbart to be captured and hanged. Signe then put fire to her chamber and perished in the flames. The tragic story formed a popular theme for Scandinavian bards.

8. rista blodrn, inscribe the blood eagle. This was a monstrous practice by which the Northmen sometimes wreaked vengeance upon their fallen enemies. The ribs were severed from the spinal column and bent outward in the form of wings and salt poured into the wounds, whereupon the entrails were torn out.


Stanza 6. helt mycket, a great deal.

6. I nger r jag uppfdd, seq. Fritiof's dejection blinds his eyes to the happy conditions of his boyhood and youth. What he says is not true. Compare with cantos I and III.

7. brnner salt vid strand, boils the sea water to get a residue of salt. This occupation was carried on by the poor and the aged and was considered a very menial service.

14. nu var lftets timme, och in brs Frejers galt. The yule time marked the return of light and was therefore an occasion for great rejoicing and sacrificing to Frej, the sun god. In his honor a roasted boar was placed on the table and with their hands on its head the warriors vowed that they would perform certain heroic deeds.

15. vinna, conquer.

18. i vinter, this winter.

24. helt skarpt, quite liberally, profusely.

24. ett rligt julerus, a good yuletide spree.


Stanza 6. Sleipner, the eight-footed steed of Odin, which was swifter than the wind and never grew tired.


Stansa 2. med kappor ver ga. The falcons were trained for the hunt by starving them and keeping a hood over their eyes. This was removed just before the bird was released. It then rose perpendicularly and started in pursuit of its prey.

3. Rota, a valkyr.

5. Odens sal, heaven.

5. valkyrjan, the huntress.

7. Grubblar viking. This has a conditional meaning; om implied before the clause.

9. Ty de hata mnskors tter. Fritiof had changed his ideas about the gods. See canto VIII: 235.

13-15. The birds give expression to Fritiof's own thoughts.

16. I, som aldrig skulle. The easier conversational form skulle is here used, rather than skullen, which the strict adherence to grammatical forms would require.

17. Nifelhem, the abode of mist and darkness.

25. varg i veum, wolf in the temple, i. e., profaner of the sanctuary.


Stanza 1. Skinfaxe, the shining steed of Dag, day.

3. vingade hsten, the ship.

10. rista geirs-odd, to take one's own life by wounding oneself with a lance.

13. blodiga drotter, bloody deeds of achievement.

13. tthgens dotter, the peace that awaits him in another world.

14. gjallarhorn, the trumpet of Heimdall, the sentry of the gods. Gjallarhornet can be heard to the remotest part of the world. Upon it Heimdall would blow one terrific blast to summon the gods to the final conflict in Ragnark.


Stanza 4. Vanadis. Freja, having been born in Vanaheim, was also known as Vanadis.

5. brsrk. See canto XI: 5.

9. dvrgarnas dag-glans, drakarnas bdd, gold. The dwarfs and dragons had a passionate desire for gold. Dvrgarnas dag-glans is an allusion to the belief that the subterranean caves of the dwarfs were illuminated by gold. Drakarnas bdd alludes to the supposition that all great treasures in caves were guarded by fierce dragons, as Fafner. See canto VIII: 164.


Stanza 1. Budkavlen. Men were summoned to assemblies by staffs that were inscribed with runes and passed from house to house.

7. p ppet ting. See canto VIII: 87.

11. Odens tt. See canto I: 35.

16. bndren, regular form, bnderna.

20. skldemr, shield maidens. The valkyrs were sometimes called norns.

20. De bygga under tidens trd och ovanfr. This refers to the norns who dwelt at the well of Urd by the world-tree Yggdrasil. But they also determine the fate of men on earth. Bygga means here build and dwell.


Stanza 2. o, den som, aldrig gungat drupp! Note how Fritiof has changed his mind regarding life on the sea. Contrast this with canto XII: 143 seq.; XIV: 65 seq.; XIX: 27 seq.

5. Nidhgg, a dragon that was continually gnawing at the roots of Yggdrasil in order to bring about the destruction of the gods.

5. mrkrets vrld, Nifelhem.

7. fromme gud, Balder.

9. Angantyr, a great warrior, who fell in a duel and was buried together with his famous sword, Tyrfing. His daughter Hervor appealed to him to give her the sword. This he did, at the same time predicting that it would some day bring disaster upon her and upon her people.

13. Breidablick, Balder's glittering palace, the most beautiful hall in Valhall. Its purity was such that nothing common or unclean could endure within its confines.

14. bst som, just as.

15. mr frn tidens klla. See canto XXII: 20.


Line 16. I voren tempelbrand fr mig en gng. Equivalent to saying: When I saw you I was reminded of the burning temple.


Line 5. hillebarder, halberds, weapons that were a combination of axe and spear.

9. templet i Uppsala likt. The ancient pagan temple at Uppsala was famous for its marvelous beauty.

23. Vala. The reference is to Voluspa, the Vala Prophecy, one of the oldest if not the oldest poetic production of Scandinavia.

26. fromhetsguden, Balder.

37-39. See canto I: 22.

56. Valaskjalf, a beautiful palace of Oden which was built by the gods and roofed with pure silver. In this palace is the throne Hlidskjalf. Seated there, Oden could overlook the whole world.

76. Jotunheim or Utgrd was the dark and chaotic realm of the giants, which lay in the uttermost part of the earth.

77. gudablte. Tors' wonderful belt, Megingjard which doubled his strength when he put it on. With his mailed gauntlets he seizes his hammer Mjlner.

78. Utgrda-Loke. The evil giant-god is so called because he has his realm in Utgrd. See note, line 76.

81. girs barm, the ocean.

88. Ymer, an enormous giant which the gods slew and from whose body they formed earth and heaven. His flesh constitutes the earth; the bones, mountains; the teeth, rocks; the skull, the heavenly vault; and the blood, oceans.

96. Asker, the first created man.

103. fgeln kommer flygande. See canto II: 22.

106. nr Balder fll. See canto I: 22.

110. Midgrdsormen, the serpent of Midgrd, which Oden threw into the sea where it grew until it encircled the earth.

111. Fenris or Fenrisulven, a giant wolf, son of Loke, which the gods bound securely to a solid rock. There he lies howling until the end of mundane things, when he breaks his fetters and devours Oden. Oden's son, Vidar, avenges his death by slaying Fenris.

112. Surt or Surtur, the god of fire, who guards the fiery realm Muspelhem. At Ragnark he is the first to ride forth to conflict with the gods. He carries a flaming sword that transcends the sun in brightness.

114-116. I Valhall gal gullkammig hane, seq. The cock, as the symbol of fire, announces the coming of Ragnark. A golden-combed cock awakens the halls of Valhall, a red cock crows on earth and beneath the earth.

161. Vigrids hundramilasltt. Vigrid's plains, one hundred miles square, upon which is waged the final conflict between the gods and the forces of evil.

175. Idavallen, the plains of Ida, where the gods first met after the creation of heaven and earth. Here the gods were at play when Balder fell. After Ragnark the regenerated gods return to Idavallen and recall to their mind the heroic deeds they had performed. In the grass they find the wonderful golden disks that had been the property of the ancient gods.

181. Gimles port, the portal of Gimle, a hall lined with gold and fairer than the sun, in which the righteous dwell after Ragnark in eternal bliss.

193. leder gngarn fram. The horse was used for food and for sacrifice.

211. jungfruns son, Christ. Returning warriors and tradesmen and captives of war had undoubtedly at the time of Fritiof brought to Scandinavia some knowledge of the teachings of the Christian religion. The Balder of Scandinavian mythology has many of the attributes of Christ.

237. Semings blod. Seming was one of the sons of Oden that became the progenitor of a family of kings. Ingeborg and her brothers had descended from him.

258. Jumala, a Finnish deity.

292. varg i veum. See canto XIX: 25.


[Figures refer to canto and line or stanza under which explanatory notes are given.]

Alfhem, 3: 88. Allfader, 1: 33. Asa-Tor, 8: 105. Asker, 24: 96. Astrild, 11: 30. Austre, 2: 11. Balder, 1: 22; 3: 99. Bifrost, 8: 57. Brage, 3: 36. Breidablick, 23: 13. Dag, 7: 3. Delling, 7: 3. Disardalen, 12: 91. Dvrgar, l: 7; 2: 11; 3: 59; 21: 9. Fafner, 8: 164. Fenris, 24: 111. Folkvang, 1:6. Forsete, 3: 100. Frigga, 1: 20. Frej, 2: 39; 3: 28, 194; 17: 14. Freja, 1: 6; 9: 8. Geflon, 8: 36. Gerda, 1: 21. Gimle, 24: 181. Gjallarhom, 20: 14. Glitner, 3: 100. Havamal, 2: 28. Hel, 1: 23; 4: 18. Heimdal, 20: 4. Heimskringla, 14: 207. Hildur, 3: 79. Hugin, 2: 22. Hder (der), 1: 22; 9: 8; 13: 2. Idavallen, 24: 175. Iduna, 1: 19. Jotunheim, 24: 76. Lofn, 12: 198. Loke, 1: 22; 12: 108. Megingjard, 24: 77. Midgrdsormen, 24: 110. Mimer, 3: 38. Mjlner, 15: 3. Munin, 2: 22. Muspelhem, 13: 25. Nanna, 2: 22. Nastrand, 8: 177. Natt, 7: 3. Nidhgg, 23: 5. Nifelhem, 19: 17. Nornor, 2: 32; 22: 20. Nordre, 2: 11. Oden, l: 32; 2: 22; 3: 90. Ragnark, 7: 20. Ran, 10: 5. Rota, 19: 3. Saga, 3: 90. Seming, 24: 237. Sigurd Fafnesbane, 8: 165. Skinfaxe, 20: 1. Skulda, 2: 32. Sleipner, 18: 6. Surt, 24: 112. Skvabck, 3: 90. Sdre, 2: 11. Tor, 1: 38; 15: 3. Trudvang, 1: 38. Urda, 2: 32; 7: 35. Utgrda-Loke, 24: 78. Vala, 24: 23. Valaskjalf, 24: 56. Valfader, 15: 6. Valhall, 1: 17. Valkyria, 7: 10. Vanadis, 21: 4. Var, 12: 129. Vaulund, 3: 84. Vegtam, 8: 150. Verdandi, 2: 32. Vidar, 12: 164. Vigrid, 24: 161. Vingolv, 7: 16. Vstre, 2: 11. Yggdrasil, 7: 35; 22: 20. Ymer, 24: 88. gir, 3: 164; 10: 11. lvor, 1: 7. der (Hder), 1: 22; 9: 8; 13: 2.


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In the case of nouns, the singular with the postpositive definite article and the indefinite plural are given in parenthesis. When a dash takes the place of a plural ending it indicates that the indefinite plural is the same as the indefinite singular. The vertical lines within a word indicate to what part the endings are to be added.

The principal parts of irregular and strong verbs are given in full.


ack, ah, oh, alas. adel, (-n), nobility, afton (-en, aftnar), evening. aftondagg (-en), evening dew. aftonrodnad (-en, -er), sunset glow. aftonsol (-en, -ar), evening sun. aftonvind (-en, -ar), evening breeze. akt, attention, giv , look out, take notice. akt a (-ade, -at), to consider worthy, respect, notice; sig, beware. akt giva (-gav, -givit), to notice, pay attention. aktning (-en), respect. al (-en, -ar) alder. aldrig, never. alf (-en, -er), elf. all, (allt, alla), all. allena, (allen), alone. allenast, only. Allfader (-n), Father of All, Oden. alltfr, altogether too. alltid, always, forever. alltren, already. alltjmt, all the time, always. allts, thus. alltnog, enough. alltsedan, ever since. allvar (-et), seriousness. allvarsam, serious, grave. almtrd (-et, ), elm. aln (-en, -ar), yard, ell. altare (-t, -n), altar. altarrund (-en, -er), altar circle. amm a (-ade, -at), to nurse. an, on, forward, up. an a (-ade, -at), to apprehend, divine. an bringa (-bragte, -bragt), to attach, put. and as (-ades, -ats), to breathe. and e (-en, -ar), spirit. andedrag (-et, ), breath. andre, andra, other, second. anfall (-et, ), attack. ankare (-t, -n), anchor. ankartg (-et, ), anchorchain. anklag a (-ade, -at), to accuse. anlete (-t, -n), face, countenance. anletsdrag (-et, ), features. annan, (ann, annat, def., andre, andra), other, different, else. annars, otherwise. annorlunda, different. anor, no sing., ancestral traits, descent. an sl (-slog, -slagit, -slagen), to strike, touch; sl an en sng, strike up a tune or song. arbet a (-ade, -at) to work, form. an taga (-tog, -tagit, -tagen), to accept, suppose. arbete, (-t, -n), work, labor. arm (-en, -ar), arm. arm, miserable, poor. armring (-en, -ar), armring, bracelet. art (-en, -er), kind, nature. arv (-et, ), inheritance. arvgrd (-en, -ar), ancestral estate. arving e (-en, -ar), heir. asablod (-et), blood of the gods. asafrnde (-n, -r), kinsman of the gods. asagst (-en, -er), guest of the gods. asaljus (-et), light of the gods. asar (def. sing. asen) gods. asason (-en, -sner), son of the gods. aska (-n), ashes, dust. att, to, that. av, by, of, from, with. av och an, back and forth. avbild (-en, -er), image. av bryta (-brt, -brutit, -bruten), to break, interrupt. avfall (-et, ), desertion, apostasy. av gra (-gjorde, -gjort), to decide. avgrund (-en, -er), abyss, precipice, hell. avgrundslg a (-an, -or), flame of hell. avsides, out of the way, remote. avsked (-et, ), farewell, dismissal. avstnd (-et, ), distance. avundsjuk, jealous. ax (-et, ), head of grain. ax el (-eln, -lar), shoulder.


back e (-en, -ar), hill. bad (-et ), bath. bad, see bedja. bad a (-ade, -at), to bathe. bak, behind. bakstam (-men, -mar), stern. baktill, behind, in the rear. Baldersbl (-et), Balder's pyre or stake. Balderslund (-en), Balder's grove. balk (-en, -ar), code, barrier. ban a (-an, -or), course, path. band, see binda. band (-et, ), band, bond. bane, murderer, death by violent means. bannlys a (-te, -t), to banish. bar, see bra. bar, bare. bara, merely, only. bark (-en), bark. barm (-en, -ar), bosom. barn (-et, ), child. barndom (-en), childhood. barndomsdag (-en, -ar), childhood day. barndomskrlek (-en), childhood love. barndomsminne (-t, -n), memory of childhood. barndomsvn (-nen, -ner), childhood friend. barndomsvrld (-en, -ar), childhood world. barnlek (-en, -ar), child's play, pl. childish games. barnslig, childish. bautasten (-en, -ar), memorial stone. be, abbrev. bedja. beckad, covered with pitch. becksvart, pitch black. bedja, be (bad, bedit or bett), to pray, ask. bedrift (-en, -er), achievement. be driva (-drev, -drivit, -driven), to carry on. bedrv a (-ade, -at), to distress, grieve. befallja (-de, -t), to command. be grava (-grov, -gravit, -graven), to bury. be grta (-grt, -grtit, -grten), to mourn, bewail. begyn na (-te, -t), to begin. begr (-et ), desire. begr a (-de, -t), to demand, ask. behag (-et), delight, charm, comeliness. behag a (-ade, -at) to please. behrsk a (-ade, -at), to dominate, rule. be hlla (-hll, -hllit, -hllen), to retain. behv a (-de, -t), to need. beklag a (-ade, -at), to deplore, pity; sig, complain. bekrans a (-ade, -at), to deck with flowers. belgen, situated. ben (-et ), leg, bone. benrad (-en, -er), spinal column, skeleton. bereda (beredde, berett), to prepare. berg (-et ), mountain. bergfast, firm as a mountain. bero (-dde, -tt), to depend; p, be dependent on. beryktad, famous. bermd, famous. be se (-sg, -sett, -sedd), to view, inspect. besegr a (-ade, -at), to conquer. besinn a (-ade, -at), to consider. be sjunga (-sjng,-sjungit, -sjungen), to praise or celebrate with song. beskrev, see beskriva. be skriva (-skrev, -skrivit, -skriven), to describe. beslut (-et, ), decision. be sluta (-slt, -slutit), to decide. besmittad, unclean, infected. besteg, see bestiga. be stiga (-steg, stigit, -stigen), to ascend. bestllsam, officious. bestmd, firm, decisive. bestm ma (-de, -t), to decide, determine, designate. bestndig, constant. besviken, deceived. besvurit, see besvrja. be svrja (pres. besvr, -svor, -svurit, -svuren), to implore, adjure. be stta (-satte, -satt), to set, mount (with jewels). besk a (-te, -t), to visit. bet, see bita. bet a (-ade, -at), to graze, betagen, enraptured, betal a (-ade, -at), to pay. beteckna (-ade, -at), to signify. beting (-et, ), condition. beting a (-ade, -at), to earn, demand. be tyda (-tydde, -tytt), to signify, mean. betnk a (-te, -t), to reflect, ponder. bi (-et, -n), bee. bid a (-ade, -at), to bide, wait. bifall (-et), permission, assent. bild (-en, -er), picture, scene. billig, reasonable, cheap. biltog, outlawed. binda, (band, pl. bundo, bundit, bunden), to bind, restrain. bister, grim, harsh. bita (bet, bitit, biten), to bite, cut, gnaw. bitter, bitter. bjuda (bjd, bjudit, bjuden), to invite, offer, bid. bjudning (-en, -ar), invitation. bjlk e (-en, -ar), joist, beam. bjd, see bjuda. bjrk (-en, -ar), birchtree. bjrkskog (-en, -ar), birch woods. bjrn (-en, -ar), bear. bjrnhud (-en, -ar), bearskin. bjrnram (-en, -ar), paw of bear. bjrnskinnsman (-nen, -mn), man clad in bearskin. blad (-et, ), blade, leaf. bland, among. bland a (-ade, -at), to mix. blank, bright, polished. blek, pale. blekbl, pale blue. bleklagd, pale-faced. blekn a (-ade, -at), to turn pale. bleknad, pale, having turned pale. blev, see bliva. bli, abbrev. of bliva. blick (-en, -ar), glance, look. blick a (-ade, -at), to look. blid, gentle. blidk a (-ade, -at), to propitiate. blind, blind. blindskr (-et, ), submerged rock. bliva, bli (blev, blivit, bliven), to become; efter, to be left behind. blixt (-en, -ar), lightning, thunderbolt, flash. blixtr a (-ade, -at), to lighten, flash. blod (et), blood. blod a (-ade, -at), to stain with blood. blodflckad, bloodstained. blodig, bloody. blodls, bloodless. blodman (-nen, -mn), headsman. blodregn (-et), blood rain. blodrd, blood red. blodshmnd (-en), blood vengeance. blodrn (-en, -ar), blood eagle. blomdoft (-en, -er), fragrance of flowers. blomkalk (-en, -ar), flower cup. blomm a (-ade, -at), to blossom. blomm a (-an, -or), flower. blomster (-ret, ), flower, blossom. blomsterdoft (-en, -er), rose fragrance. blomstergrdjel (-em, -lar), flower girdle. blomsterkransad, wreathed in flowers. blomsterkront, decked or crowned with flowers. blomstervidj a (-an, -or), rose willow. blomstervrld (-en), flower world. blomsterng (-en, -ar), flowery meadow or field. blomstr a (-ade, -at), to blossom. bloss (-et, ), torch. blossa (-ade, -at), to blaze, flash. blot (-et), blood sacrifice. blot a (-ade, -at), to sacrifice. blott, only, merely. blott a (-ade, -at), to lay bare. blyg as (-des, -ta), to be ashamed. bl, blue. blnande, blue. blnad, blue. bls a (-te, -t), to blow. blvit, light blue, or blue white. blgd, blue-eyed. blnd a (-ade, -at), to dazzle. blda (bldde, bltt), to bleed. bo (-et, -n), dwelling place, nest. bo (-dde, -tt), to dwell, live. bock (-en, -ar), buck, he-goat. bog (-en, -ax), shoulder of an animal. bok (-en, -ar), beech tree. bolster (-ret, -rar), pillow, mattress. bona (-ade, -at), to polish. bonde (-n, bnder), yeoman. bondelag (et, ), group of yeomen. bondeson (-en, -sner), yeoman's son. boning (-en, -ar), dwelling, abode. bord, om , on board. bord (-et, ), table. borg (-en, -ar), castle. borr a (-ade, -at), to bore, scuttle. bort, borta, away. bot (-en, bter), fine, penance. bott en (-nen, -nar), bottom. bottenls, bottomless. bra, good, well. bragd (-en, -er), achievement. brak (-et), crash, loud noise. brand (-en, brnder), firebrand, fire. brandgul, flame-colored. brann, see brinna. bras a (-an, -or), fire, blaze. brant (-en, -er), precipice, edge, declivity. brant, steep. bred, broad. breda (bredde, brett), to spread. bredvid, beside. bring a (-an, -or), chest of a horse or other animal. bring a (-ade or bragte, -at or bragt), to bring. brinna (brann, pl. brunno, brunnit, brunnen), to burn. brista (brast, pl. brusto, brustit, brusten), to break, to be lacking in; i grt, to burst into tears. bro (-n, -ar), bridge. broder (-n, brder), brother. brodersfamn (-en), brother's embrace. brokig, variegated. bror, contr. of broder. brottande (-t), wrestling. brott as (-ades, -ts), to wrestle. brottslig, criminal. brud (-en, -ar), bride. brudgumm e (-en, -ar), bridegroom. brudpar (-et, ), bridal couple. brudsmyckad, decked as a bride. brudsng (-en, -er), bridal song. brun, brown. brunno, see brinna. brusa (-ade, -at), to gush, roar. brutit, see bryta. bryg ga (-de, -t), to brew. bryn (-et, ), edge, horizon. brynj a (-an, -or), coat of mail. brynjohatare (-n, ), armor hater, sword. bryta (brt, brutit, bruten), to break, violate. brcklig, frail. brdd (-en, -ar), brim, edge. brn na (-de, -t), to burn. brd (-et, ), bread. brdrafred (-en), fraternal peace. brdren, for brderna. brllop (-et, ), wedding. brllopsdag (-en, -ar), wedding day. brllopsdrkt (-en, -ar), wedding costume. brllopsgrd (-en, -ar), house where a wedding is celebrated. brst (-et, ), breast, bosom. brt, see bryta. bud (-et, ), command, commandment, message, messenger. bud a (-ade, -at), to call, summon. [stick, summons. budkavl e (-en, -ar), lit. bid- budskap (-et, ), message. buk (-en, -ar), belly. bukt (-en, -er), bay. buktig, bent, convex, irregular. bull er (-ret), commotion, noise. bunden, see binda. bundo, see binda. buro, see bra. busk e (-en, -ar), bush, shrub. bygg a (-de, -t), to build. byte (-t, -n), prize, booty. bde, bd', both. bg e (-en, -ar), bow. bgig, curved. bl, (-et, ), stake, pyre. bng (-et), bluster, fuss. bngstyrig, refractory. bt a (-ade, -at), to be of avail. bck (-en, -ar), brook, stream. bdd (-en, -ar), bed. bdd a (-ade, -at), to make a bed. bgare (-n, ), goblet, cup. bgge, both. blte (-t, -n), belt. bltestad (-en), waist line. bnk (-en, -ar), bench, seat. br (-et, ), berry. bra (bar, pl. buro, burit, buren), to carry, bear, lead. brga (-ade, -at), to rescue; brgad sol, sun that has set. brsrk (-en, -er), berserk. brsrksgng (-en), berserk fury. brsrksskgg (-et), berserk's beard. bst, best. bttre, better. bvan, indecl., trepidation. bj a (-de, -t), to bend. bjlig, flexible. blj a (-an, -or), wave, billow. blja (-ade, -at), to surge. bn (-en, -er), prayer. bra (borde, bort), ought. brd (-en), rank. brd a (-an, -or), burden. brj a (-ade, -at), to begin. brjan, indecl., beginning.


dag (-en, -ar), day. dag as (-ades, -ats), to dawn, dag er (-ern, -rar), dawn. dagg (-en), dew. dagglans (-en), daylight splendor. dagsljus (-et), daylight. dal (-en, -ar), valley. dans (-en, -ar), dance. dans a (-ade, -at), to dance. dar, contr. of dagar. darr a (-ade, -at), to tremble. de, they, the, those. del a (-ade or -te, -at or -t), to divide, share, give. dem, them, those. den, the, that one, that, it. densamme, the same. denna, detta, this one. deras, their. dess, its; till , until. desslikes, likewise. det, it, the, there. diar, no. sing., chiefs having priestly and royal functions. dig, you, yourself, thee, thyself. dikt (-en, -er), poem, fiction, invention. dikt a (-ade, -at), to invent, imagine, compose. dimm a (-an, -or), fog. din, ditt, dina, your, yours, thy, thine. disarsal (-en, -ar), abode of the inferior gods. dit, thither. djup (-et, ), depth; adj. deep. djupbl, deep blue. djuptnkt, profound. djur (-et, ), animal. djrv, brave. djrvhet (-en), bravery, presumption. dock, yet, nevertheless, anyway. dock a (-an, -or), doll. dockspel (-et, ), doll's play. doft a (-ade, -at), to exhale perfume, scent. dog, see d. dom (-en, -ar), judgment, verdict. dom (-en, -er), dome. domare (-n, ), judge. domarsten (-en, -ar), judgment seat. domarstol (-en, -ar), judgment seat. dopp a (-ade, -at), to dip. dotter (-n, dttrar), daughter. drag (-et, ) feature. dra, abbrev. of draga. drack, see dricka, draga (drog, dragit, dragen), to draw, pull, go. drakje (-en, -ar), dragon. drakskepp (-et, ), dragon ship. drapja (-an, -or), dirge. dricka (drack, pl. drucko, druckit, drucken), to drink. dristig, bold. driva (drev, drivit, driven), to drive, drift. driv a (-an, -or), snow drift. driven, wrought, embossed. drog, see draga. dropp a (-ade, -at), to drip. dropp e (-en, -ar), drp. drott (-en, -ar), king. drottning (-en, -ar), queen. drottkvde (-t, -n), royal song. drucko, see dricka. druv a (-an, -or), grape. dryck (-en, -er), drink. dryckesbord (-et, ), drinking table. drunkn a (-ade, -at), to drown. dryckeshorn (-et, ), drinking horn. dryckessal (-en, -ar), drinking hall. dryg, lasting, overbearing, self-important. drpslag (-et, ), heavy blow, death blow. drkt (-en, -en), garb. drng (-en, -ar), young man, man-servant. drp a (-te, -t), to kill. drj a (-de, -t), to tarry. drm (-men, -mar), dream. drm ma (-de, -t), to dream. du, thou. dubbel, double. dugg a (-ade, -at), to drizzle. duk (-en, -ar), cloth, canvas. dum, foolish. dund er (-ret), thunder, roar. dundr a (-ade, -at), to roar, thunder. dunkel, dark, dim. duv a (-an, -or), dove. duvoving e (-en, -ar), dove's wing. dvaldes, see dvljas. dvljas (dvaldes, dvalts), to live, dwell. dvrg (-en, -ar), dwarf. dy (-n), mud, slime. dygd (-en, -er), virtue. dygn (-et, ), day of twentyfour hours. dyk a (-te or dk, -t), to dive. dyrbar, costly. dyrk a (ade, -at), to worship. dyrkpt, dearly bought. dyster, morose, gloomy. d, then, when. dd (-et, ), deed. dn (-et), din, noise. dn a (-ade, -at), to rumble, faint. dr a (-ade, -at), to deceive, fascinate. draktig, foolish. dr e (-en, -ar), fool. drskap (-en, -er), foolishness. dck (-et, ), deck. dld (-en, -er), valley. drav, thereof. dr, there, where. drefter, thereafter, thereupon. dremot, on the other hand. drfr(e), therefore. drhos, besides, In addition. dri, therein. drifrn, therefrom. drigenom, thereby, through it. drin, in there, into it. drmed, thereby. drnst, thereafter, next. dromkring, thereabout. drp, thereupon, thereafter. drstdes, there. drtill, thereto. drunder, under or during. druppe, up there. drupp, thereon, upon it. drur, out of it. drutver, beyond, above it drt, in that direction, towards. drver, above it. d (dog, dtt), to die. dd, dead. dd (-en, -ar), death. ddlig, deadly, mortal. ddsblek, death pale. ddsrunja (-an, -or), death rune, ddssng (-en, -er),death song, ddsrn (-en, -ar), death eagle, dlja (dolde, dolt or dljt, dold), to conceal. dm a (-de, -t), to judge, dn a (-ade, -at), to rumble, drr (-en, -ar), door, drrsven (-nen, -ner), guard, drrpost (-en, -er), doorpost dva (-ade, -at), to deafen.


ed (-en, -er), oath. eder, you, your. efter, after, behind. egen, own, peculiar. egg (-en, -ar), edge. ehur, although, albeit. einheriar, the blest, no sing. ej, not. eja, ah. ek, (-en, -ar), oak; af eke, of oak. ekebnk (-en, -ar), oak bench. eld (-en, -ar), fire. eldig, fiery. eldprov (-et, ), fire test. eldhav (-et, ), ocean of fire. eldrd, fiery red. eldsken (-et, ), glow of fire. eldstad (-en, -stder), fireplace. eldsvrd (-et, ), flaming sword. eller, or. emellan, between. emot, towards, against. emot taga (-tog, -tagit, tagen), to accept, receive. emottog, see emottaga. emedan, because. ena, den , one, the one. en, ett, a, one. enahanda, same. endast, only, solely. ende, enda, endaste, sole, only. endrkt (-en), concord. ens, even. ensam, alone. enslig, lonely. envar, everyone, each one. envigskamp (-en), duel. er, you, your. eriksgat a (-an, -or), royal journey. ettersvlld, swelled by poison. evar, wheresoever. evig, eternal. evighet (-en, -er), eternity.


fader (-n, fder), father. fager, pretty. falk (-en, -ar), falcon, falkving e (-en, -ar), falcon's wing. fall (-et, ), fall, falla, (fll, fallit, fallen), to fall. falsk, false. famn (-en), embrace. famna (-ade, -at), embrace. fann, see finna, far, abbrev. of fader, fara (for, farit, faren), to travel, go, depart. far a (-an, -or), danger. fart (-en), speed, course, farvl, farewell. fas a (-an, -or), terror, fast, firm. fast, although, fastn, although, fatt, gripa , f , hold, seize. fatt a (-ade, -at), to seize, hold, comprehend, take. fatt as (-ades, -ats), to fail, be the matter with. feg, cowardly. fejd (-en, -er), conflict. fel (-et, ), mistake, error. fel a (-ade, -at), to err, fail. fem, five. femton, fifteen. fest (-en, -er), feast, entertainment. fick, see f. fiende (-n, -r), enemy. fik a (-ade, -at), to seek, hanker after. finge, see f. fing er (-ret, rar), finger. finna (fann, pl. funno, funnit, funnen), to find. finnas (fanns, funnits), to be found, exist. finn e (-en, -ar), Finlander. fira (-ade, -at), to celebrate. fisk (-en, -ar), fish. fjord (-en, -ar), fiord, bay. fjder (-ern, -rar), feather. fjll (-en, -ar, or ), mountain. fjllig, scaly. fjrd (-en, -ar), bay. fjrde, fourth. fjril (en, -ar), butterfly. fjrran, far away, distant. fjttr a (-ade, -at), to chain. flagg a (-an, -or), flag. flamma (-ade, -at), to flame, flare. flamm a (-an, -or), flame, fire. flax a (-ade, -at), to flap the wings, flicker. flick a (-an, -or) girl. flintkniv (-en, -ar), flint knife. flitig, diligent. flockvis, in flocks. flod (-en, -er), river. flugen, see flyga. flutit, see flyta. fly (-dde, -tt), to flee. flyga, (flg, flugit, flugen), to fly, speed. flykt (-en), flight. flykt a (-ade, -at), to flee. flyktig, flighty, evanescent. flyta (flt, flutit, fluten), to flow, drift, float. flck (-en, -ar), spot, blemish. flck a (-ade, -at), to tarnish. flckls, spotless. flkt (-en, -ar), breeze, gust of wind. flrd (-en), vanity, deceit. flsk (-et), pork. flt a (-ade, -at), to braid. fld a (-ade, -at), to flow, pour. flg, see flyga. flt, see flyta. fnys a (-te, or fns, -t), to sniff, snort. fns, see fnysa. fog a (-ade, -at), to join, hop, to join together. folk (et, ), people. for, see fara. fordom, formerly. fordr a (-ade, -at), to demand. fordran, indecl., demand. forna, former. forntid (-en), antiquity, former time. forntidabild (-en, -er), ancient image. forntidsminne (-t, -n), memory of the past. fors (-en, -ar), rapids, current. fort, fast, hurriedly. fosterbroder (-n, -brder), fosterbrother. fosterdotter (-ern, -dttrar), fosterdaughter. fosterfader (-n, -fder), fosterfather. fosterjord (-en), native soil. fosterson (-en, -sner), fosterson. fostrare (-n, ), fosterer. fot (-en, ftter), foot. fradga (-n), foam. fragga, see fradga. fram, forth, along. fram bryta (-brt, -brutit), to advance, press forth. framfr a (-de, -t), to deliver, bring. framfr(e), before, in front of. framme, at destination, there. framsus a (-ade, -at), to murmur, rustle forth. fred (-en), peace. fredlig, peaceable. frestare (-n, ), tempter. frestelse (-n, -r), temptation. fri, free. fri a (-ade, -at), to court, woo. friare (-n, ), wooer. friboren, freeborn. frid (-en), peace. fridlyst, protected, inviolate. fridls, peaceless, outlawed. fridsam, peaceable. fridsbud (-et, ), peace messenger, message of peace. fridsm (-n, -r), peace maiden. fridsll, peaceable, peace loving. frieri (-et, -er), courtship. frihet (-en, -er) liberty, freedom. frisk, healthy, fresh. fristad (-en, -stder), haven of refuge. frod as (-ades, -ats), to flourish, grow, luxuriate. from, pious. fromhet (-en), piety. fromhetsgud (-en), god of piety. fromma, indecl., gain, advantage. fross a (-ade, -at), to revel, gormandize. fru (-n, -ar), lady, wife. frukt (-en, -er), fruit. frukt a (-ade, -at), to fear. frust a (-ade, -at), to snort, sputter. frysa (frs, frusit, frusen), to freeze. frg a (-ade, -at), to ask. frg a (-an, or), question. frn, from. frck, brazen. frls a (-ade or -te, -at or -t), to save, rescue. frmling (-en, -ar), stranger. frmmande, strange. frmst, foremost. frnde (-n, -r), male relative. frnk a (-an, -or), female relative. frs a (-te, -t), to frizzle, sputter, foam. fr (-et, -n), seed. frjd (-en, -er), joy, pleasure. full, full. fullbrddad, filled to the brim. fullvuxen, full grown. fullnd a (-ade, -at), to complete. funno, see finna. fur a (-an, -or), fir, pine; av furu, of pine wood. furst e (-en, -ar), prince. fyll a (-de, -t), to fill. fyllig, plump. fyra, four. f, few. f (fick, pl. fingo, ftt), to get, be allowed, receive, be compelled. ffng, vain. fg el (-eln, -lar), bird. fgelbo (-et, -n), bird's nest. fkunnig, ignorant. fl e (-en, -ar), colt, steed. fll a (-ade), to hem. fng a (-ade, -at, -ad or fngen), to capture. fr (-et, ), sheep. fder (pl. of fader, father), ancestors. fdernedal (-en, -ar), native valley. fdernesland (-et, ), native country. fdernestrand (-en, -strnder), native shore. fgn a (-ade, -at), to please. fll a (-de, -t), to strike down, fell. flt (-et, ), field. frd (-en, -er), journey; frde, on the way, pending. frdig, ready. frg (-en, -er), color. frg a (-ade, -at), to color. frgls, colorless. fst a (-ade, -at), to fasten, bind, attach. fste (-t, -n), stronghold, hilt, firmament. fstning (-en, -ar), fortification. fda (fdde, ftt), to give birth to, nourish. fdelse or fdsel (-n), birth. fga, little. flj a (-de, -t), to follow, accompany. fll, see falla. fnst er (-ret, ), window. fr, for, before, in behalf of. fr (-en), prow. fr a (-de, -t), to bring, conduct. frakt a (-ade, -at), to despise. fraktlig, scornful, despicable. frbannelse (-n, -r), curse. frbi, past. fr binda (-band, pl. -bundo, -bundit, -bunden), to bandage, unite. frbittrad, incensed. frbittring (-en), anger. frblev, see frbliva fr bliva (-blev, -blivit, -bliven), to remain. fr blda (-bldde, -bltt), to bleed to death. frbrn na (-de, -t), to consume by fire. frdjup a (-ade, -t), de deepen. frdraga (-drog, -dragit, -dragen), to tolerate. frdunkl a (-ade, -at) to make dim. frm a (-de, -t), to condemn. fre, before. frebild (-en, -er), prototype, model. fren a (-ade or -te, -at or -t), to unite. frening (-en, -ar), union. frespel (-et, ), prelude. fresprkersk a (-an, -or), female pleader, advocate. fre st (-stod, -sttt), to be near at hand, be imminent. fr flyta (-flt, -flutit, -fluten), to pass by, elapse. fr frysa (-frs, -frusit, -frusen), to freeze severely. frfrlig, terrible. frflj a (-de, -t), to pursue. frglm ma (-de, -t), to forget. fr grta (-grt, -grtit,) to pass the time in weeping; frgrten, red-eyed or swollen from weeping. fr g (-gick, -gtt, -gngen), to pass by (time); frgs, to perish. frgrd (-en, -ar), outer court. frgten, forgotten. frgves, in vain. frgm ma (-de, -t), to conceal. frhand, p , beforehand. frhoppning (-en, -ar), hope, expectation. frhoppningsfull, hopeful. frjag a (-ade, -at), to drive away. frkast a (-ade, -at), to reject. frklar a (-ade, -at), to explain. fr klda (-kldde, -kltt), to disguise, masque. frkldning (-en, -ar), disguise. frlama (-ade, -at), to paralyze. frliden, past. frlik a (-te, -t), to reconcile. frlit a (-ade, or frlet, -at), to depend upon. frlor a (-ade, -at), to lose. frlov, med , pardon me. fr lta (-lt, -ltit, -lten), to forgive. frlt, see frlta. frmrk a (-ade, -at), to darken. frnam, see frnimma. fr nimma, (-nam, -nummit, -nummen), to hear, perceive, ascertain. frnummit, see frnimma. frny a (-ade, -at), to renew. frnj a (-de, -t), to please. frolmpad, insulted. frplg a (-ade, -at), to feed, entertain. frr, before, formerly. fr rda (-rdde, -rtt, rdd), to betray. frrn, frrn, before, until. frrost a (-ade, -at), to rust. frsak a (-ade, -at), to renounce, deny oneself. frsaml a (-ade, -at), to gather, assemble. fr sjunka (-sjnk, -sjunkit, -sjunken), to sink down, frsjnk, see frsjunka. fr skjuta (-skt, -skjutit, -skjuten), to reject. frsm (-dde, -tt), to disdain. fr smlta (-smalt, -smultit), to melt. frson a (-ade, -at), to propitiate. frsonare (-n, ), propitiator. frsoning (-en), atonement, reconciliation. frsoningsdag (-en, -ar), day of atonement. fr sova, sig (-sov, sovit), to oversleep. frst, first. frstr (-dde, -tt), to divert, amuse. frlst (-stod, -sttt, -stdd), to understand. frstm ma (-de, -t), to depress. frstr a (-de, -t), to destroy. frsvann, see frsvinna. frsvar a (-ade, -at), to defend. frsvinna (-svann, pl. -svunno, -svunnit, -svunnen), to disappear. frsk a (-te, -t), to try. frtl a (-ade, -at), to relate, slander. frsvunnit, see frsvinna. frteg, see frtiga. fr tiga (-teg, -tegat), to conceal, keep back. frtjust, pleased, delighted. frtjn a (-ade, -at), to earn, deserve. frtjnst (-en, -er), merit. fortork a (-ade, -at), to dry up, wither. frtro (-dde, -tt), to entrust, confide. frtrogen (vn), confidential friend. fortroll a (-ade, -at), to bewitch. frtryck[a (-te, -t), to oppress. frtyn a (-ade, -at), to waste away. frtlj a (-de, or frtaide, -t, or frtalt), to relate, tell. frtrn a (-ade, -at), to anger, vex. frnderlig, changeable. forundr a (-ade, -at), to fill with wonder; sig, to wonder, marvel. frut, before. frutan, without. forvirr a (-ade, -at), to confuse, confound. frvgen, reckless. frvgr a (-ade, -at), to refuse. frndr a (-ade, -at), to change. fr da (-dde, -tt), to waste.


gagn a (-ade, -at), to benefit. gala (gol, galit), to crow. galder (-n, galdrar), incantation. galt (-en, -ar), boar. gammal, old. gamman, indecl., pleasure, joy. gap (-et, ), mouth, jaws. gapa (-ade, -at), to yawn, gape. gav, see giva. geirsodd (-en), death rune. gemensam, common, mutual. gen, short, near. genast, at once. genml a (-de, -t), to retort. genom, through. genomborr a (-ade, -at), to pierce, thrust through. genomstrmm a (-ade, -at), to flow through. gestalt (-en, -er), figure, body. gick, see g. giftoman (-nen, -mn), one who gives another in marriage. giljarfrd (-en, -er), wooing trip or expedition. ginge, gingo, see g. gissning (-en, -ar), guess. giva, ge (gav, g&vo, givit, given), to give. givmild, generous. gjallarhorn (-et), giallarhorn, the trumpet of Heimdall. gjord, see gra. gjuta (gt, gjutit, gjuten), to pour, mold, shed. glad, glad, happy, merry. gladde, see gldja. glans (-en), splendor, glasrut a (-an, -or), window pane. glatt, smooth. glesn a (-ade, -at), to grow sparse. glittr a (-ade, -at), to glitter. gldja (pr. glder, gladde, glatt), to make glad, rejoice. glder, see gldja. gldje (-n), joy. glttig, glad, happy. gld (-en), glow. glda (gldde, gltt), to glow. gldhet, glowing hot. glm ma (-de -t), to forget. glmska (-n), oblivion, forgetfulness. gnist a (-an, -or), spark. gnistr a (-ade, -at), to sparkle. gnugga (-ade, -at), to rub. gny (-et), commotion, murmur. gngg a (-ade, -at), to neigh. god, good. godo, med or i , willingly. gods (-et, ), goods, property. golv (-et, ), floor. grav (-en, -ar), grave. gravhg (-en, -ar), barrow, grave mound. gravl (-et), funeral feast. gren (-en, -ar), branch. grep, see gripa. griff el (-eln, -lar), pencil. grift (-en, -er), grave. gripa (grep, gripit, gripen), to seize. gro (-dde, -tt), to sprout, grow. groll (-et), grudge, quarrel. grop (-en, -ar), dimple, pit. grovhyvlad, rough planed. grubb la (-ade, -at), to brood. gruml a (-ade, -at), to make turbid. grund, shallow. grund (-et, ), shoal; till , to the bottom. grund (-en, -er), basis, foundation. grundmurad, provided with solid floor and walls of masonry. grus, (-et), gravel, earth, i in ruins. gry (-de, -tt), to dawn, break. grym, fierce, cruel. grhrig, grayhaired. grskggig, having gray beard. grta (grt, grtit), to weep. grtersk a (-an, -or), woman who weeps. grns (-en, -er), boundary, limit. grs (-et), grass. grselig or grslig, hideous. grt, see grta. grn, green. grnkldd, covered with verdure. grnlummig, leafy, with dense foliage. grnsk a (-ade, -at), to turn or grow green. grnska (-n), verdure. grnvirkad, crocheted in green. gubb e (-en, -ar), old man. gud (-en, -ar), god. gudabarm (-en, -ar), divine bosom. gudablod (-et), blood of the gods, of divine ancestry. gudablte (-t, -n), divine girdle. gudaglans (-en), divine splendor. gudahus (-et, ), temple. gudakrans (-en, -ar), divine wreath. gudalund (-en, -ar or -er), sacred grove. gudatimrad, god-built. gudinn a (-an, -or), goddess. gudomlig, divine. gul, yellow, golden. guld, gull (-et), gold. guldbelagd, gold inlaid. guldfot (-en, -ftter), gold foot. guldgul, golden yellow. guldhjlm, (-en, -ar), gold helmet. guldhov (-en, -ar), gold-shod hoof. guldinlagd, gold inlaid. guldkam (-men, -mar), golden comb. guldkammig, golden combed. guldklo (-n, -r), golden claw. guldring (-en, -ar), gold ring. guldsadlad, with gold-mounted saddle. guldskld (-en, -ar), gold shield. guldstol (-en, -ar), golden chair or seat. guldstrng (-en, -ar), gold string. guldtand (-en, -tnder), golden tooth. gull, see guld. gullhov, see guldhov. gullmanig, with golden mane. guln a (-ade, -at), to turn yellow. gung a (-ade, -at), to rock. gyllene, golden. gyllenlder (-ret), gilded leather, bronze leather. g (gick, pl. gingo, gtt, gngen), to go, extend, move. gng (-en, -ar), path, walk, course. gng (-en, -er), time, occasion. gngare (-n, ), steed, horse. gr, i , yesterday. grd (-en, -ar), homestead, estate, yard. gv a (-an, -or), gift. gvo, see giva. gck a (-ade, -at), to scorn, deceive. gld a (-ade, -at), to make amends for. gll a (-de, -t), to be of account, lifvet, life is at stake. grd (-en, -er), tribute, reward. grna, willingly, freely. gst (-en, -er), guest. gst a (-ade, -at), to visit as guest. gstabud (-et, ), banquet, feast. gstfri, hospitable. gstfrihet (-en), hospitality. gl (-en, -ar), pool. gm ma (-de, -t), to conceal. gra (gjorde, gjort, gjord), to do, make. grd el (-eln, -lar), girdle, gt, see gjuta.


ha, abbrev. of hava. hag e (-en, -ar), pasture, grove. hade, see hava. hagelskur (-en, -ar), shower of hail, hail storm. hagl a (-ade, -at), to hail. halm (-en), straw. hak a (-ade, -at), to hook. hals (-en, -ar), neck. halt a (-ade, -at), to limp, hobble. halv, half. halvbrnd, half burnt. halvdrnkt, half submerged. halvrund (-en, -er), semicircle. halvslocknad, half extinguished. halvslckt, half extinguished. halvvred, vexed, angry. hammare (-n, or hamrar), hammer. hamn (-en, -ar), harbor. hamr a (ade, -at), to hammer. han, he. hand (-en, hnder), hand. handfull, handful. handkraft (-en), physical power. handsbred, one hand wide. handslag (-et, ), hand clasp. han e (-en, -ar), cock. hang, see hnga, hann, see hunno. hans, his. harm (-en), anger. harp a (-an, -or), harp. harpoljud (-et, ), sound of the harp. harpoton (-en, -er), tone of the harp. hast, haste. hast a (-ade, -at), to hasten. hastig, speedy. hat (-et), hatred. hat a (-ade, -at), to hate. hatt (-en, -ar), hat. hav (-et, ), ocean. hava, ha (hade, haft), to have. havsbrud (-en, -ar), ocean bride. havsskum (-met), ocean spray. havstroll (-et, ), sea monster. havsval (-en, -ar), whale. havsrn (-en, -ar), sea eagle. hed (-en, -ar), heath. heden, heathen. heder (-n), honor. hedersgubb e (-en, -ar), worthy or venerable old man. hejsan, hey, hurrah. hel, whole, entire. helt, quite, entirely. helgedom (-en, -ar), temple. helig, sacred, holy. hell, hail. heller, either. hellre, helst, rather, more or most willingly. helstekt, roasted whole. hem (-met, ), home. hembygd (-en, -er), native place. hemma, at home. hemsk, terrible. hemvg, (-en, -ar), the way home. henne, acc. of hon, her. hennes, gen. of hon, hers. hermelin (-en), ermine. hermelinsmantlad, ermine mantled. herr, sir. herr e (-en, -ar), master, lord. het, warm. het a (-te, -at), to be called, named. hillebard (-en, -er), halberd. himlabg e (-en, -ar), heavenly arch. himlaflamm a (-an, -or), lightning flash. himlarand (-en), horizon. him mel (-meln, -len or -melen, -lar), heaven, sky. himmelsk, heavenly. himmelsbl, azure blue. himlaflt (-et, ), firmament, sky. hin, the. hind (-en, -ar), hind, young deer. hind er (-ret, ), hindrance, obstacle. hindr a (-ade, -at), to hinder. hingst (-en, -ar), stallion. hinna (hann, pl hunno, hunnit, hunnen), to have time for, overtake. hinsidan, on the other side. hiss a (-ade, -at), to hoist; segel, to set sail. hit, hither. hitt a (-ade, -at), to find. hjalt (-et, ), hilt. hjord (-en, -ar), flock. hjort (-en, -ar), stag. hjul (-et, ), wheel. hjlm (-en, -ar), helmet. hjlmhatt (-en, -ar), helmet, helmet hat. hjlp a (-te, or halp, -t, or hulpit, hulpen), to assist, help. hjlt e (-en, -ar), hero. hjlteamma (-an, -or), mother of heroes. hjltearm (-en, -ar), heroic arm. hjltebarm (-en, -ar), heroic bosom. hjlteblick (-en, -ar), heroic glance. hjltefader (-n, -fder), heroic father, father of heroes. hjltebragd (-en, -er), heroic deed. hjltefog (-et), heroic tone or mien. hjltekraft (-en), heroic power. hjltemod (-et), heroic courage. hjltemull (-en), heroic soil, dust of heroes. hjlterykte (-t), heroic fame. hjltesinne (-t), heroic mind. hjlteson (-en, sner), heroic son, son of a hero. hjltesng (-en, -er), heroic song. hjltevrede (-n), heroic anger. hjrta (-t, -n), heart. hjrtlig, hearty, sincere. hjss a (-an, -or), crown of the head. holmgng (-en, -ar), duel. hon, she. honom, acc. of han, him. honungG (-en), honey. hop (-en, -ar), crowd, throng. hopfog a (-ade, -at), to join together. hopp (-et, ), leap. hopp (-et), faith, hope. hopp a (-ade, -at), to jump. hopp as (-ades, -ats), to hope. hoptrng a (-de, -t), to compress. horn (-et, ), horn. horndryck (-en), drink from the horn. hos, by, with, at the home of. hot (-et), threat. hot a (-ade, -at), to threaten. hov (-en, -ar), hoof. hov (-et, ), court. hov, see hva. hovman (-nen, -mn), courtier. hud (-en, -ar), skin, pelt. hugg (-et, ), blow, thrust, stroke. hugga (hgg, huggit, huggen), to hew, cut, strike. hull (-et), flesh. hulling (-en, -ar), barb, hook. hulpit, see hjlpa. humle (-n), hops. hund (-en, -ar), dog. hundra, hundrade, hundred. hundramilasltt (-en, -er), plain of a hundred miles. hundrarig, a hundred years old. hungrig, hungry. hunnit, see hinna. hur, huru, how, howsoever. hus (-et, ), house, dwelling. husfolk (-et, ), house servants. husvill, homeless. huvud (-et, -en), head. huvudskall e (-en, -ar), skull. hucklare (-n, ), hypocrite. hg (-en), mind, inclination. hl (-et, ), hole. hll (-et, ), direction. hlla (hll, hllit, hllen), to hold, keep, contain. hllning (-en), bearing. hn (-et), scorn. hr (-et, ), hair. hrd, hard, cruel, severe. hrdhet (-en), hardness, harshness. hrdhnt, rough, severe. hrvuxen, hairy. hg er (-ern, -rar), heron. hgn a (-ade, -at), to protect. hgring (-en, -ar), mirage. hlft (-en, -er), a half. hll (-en, -ar), hearth, rock. hls a (-ade, -t), ta greet, acclaim. hlsa, (-n), health. hlsning (-en, -ar), greeting. hmnd (-en), revenge. hmn a (-ade, -at), to avenge. hmt a (-ade, -at), to bring, fetch. hn, away. hn da (-de, -t), to happen. hng a (-de, or hang, -t), to hng. hngls (-et, ), padlock. hnryckning (-en), ecstasy. hpen, astounded. hr, here. hr (-en, -ar), army. hrbud (-et, ), war messenger, or message. hrd (-en, -ar), hearth. hrd a (-ade, -at), to harden. hrinne, in here. hrj a (-ade, -at), to devastate. hrlig, glorious, beautiful. hrmed, herewith. hrnad (-en, -er), warfare, warlike expedition. hrold (-en, -er), herald. hrom, concerning it. hrskarbud (-et, -en), word of command. hrskarblick (-en, -ar), lordly mien, glance of a ruler. hrskarnyck (-en, -er), whim of authority. hrskarord (-et, -en), royal command, word of authority. hrskri (-et, , or -n), warcry. hrskld (-en, -ar), war shield. hrslag (-et, ), battle. hrtg (-et, ), military expedition. hst (-en, -ar), horse. hv a (-de, -t), to raise, lift, rise and fall. hvd (-en, -er), annals. hft (-en, -er), hip, hg (-en, -ar),mound, pile, grave. hg, high, loud. hgbarmad, high-bosomed. hgg, see hugga. hgbnk (-en, -ar), high seat, seat of honor. hghornad, long-horned. hgre, higher. hgstespelare (-n, ), pillar of the high seat, or seat of honor. hgvlvd, high arched. hgttad, of high descent. hj a (-de, -t), to raise, lift. hjd (-en, -er), height, eminence. hk (-en, -ar), hawk. hlj a (-de, -t), to cover. hll, see hlla. hr a (-de, -t), to hear, listen. samman, belong together, till, belong to. hst (-en, -ar), autumn. hstting (-et, ), fall thing or court. hv as (-des, -ts), to be fitting, hvding (-en, -ar), chief. hvisk, courtly, polite.


i, you. i, in, into, at, for, to, by, with. ibland, among, sometimes. icke, not. idel, nothing but. idrott (-en, -er), sport, achievement. ifrn, from. igen, again. igenkn na (-de, -t), to recognize. igenom, through. ihjl, to death; sl , to kill. ihop, together. il (-en, -ar), gust of wind. il a (-ade, -at), to run fast. illa, bad, evil. in, in, on. in driva (-drev, -drivit, -driven), to collect. infr, before, face to face with. ingen, no, no one, none. ingenting, nothing. in giva (-gav, pl. gvo, -givit, -given), to give, inspire. innan, before, ere. innanfr, within. inne, in, within. inom, within. insteg, see instiga. in stiga (-steg, -stigit, -stigen), to enter. insvep a (-te, -t), to envelop, dress. in taga (-tog, -tagit, -tagen), to seize, take possession of. intet, nothing. intill, to, unto. intog, see intaga. in trda (-trdde, -trtt), to enter. inunder, under. invid, by, close to. invn da (-de, -t), to interpose objection, answer. irr a (-ade, -at), to wander about aimlessly. is (-en, -ar), ice. isbjrn (-en, -ar), polar bear. itu, in twain. iver (-n), zeal, animation.


jag, I. jag a (-ade, -at), to hunt, chase, drive. jakt (-en, -er), hunt. jarl (-en, -ar), jarl, earl. joll er (-ret), foolish prattle. jord (-en), earth, soil. jordisk, earthly. jul (-en, -ar), yule. jul a (-ade, -at), to celebrate yule. julerus (-et, ), yuletide spree. jungfru (-n, -r), maiden, virgin. jungfrubur (-en, -ar), maiden's bower. just, just, exactly. juv er (-ret, ), udder. jgare (-n, ), hunter. jgarskar a (-an, -or), band of hunters. jmnrig, of the same age. jmt, always. jmte, by, also, besides. jmvl, besides. jrn (-et), iron. jrnek (-en, -ar), holly oak. jrnfast, firm or strong as iron. jrnlans (-en, -ar), iron lance. jrnsko (-n, -r), iron shoe. jtt e (-en, -ar), giant. jttesten (-en, -ar), giant rock. jtteverk (-et, ), giant undertaking.


kalk a (-ade, -at), to cover with lime. kall, cold. kall a (-ade, -at), to call. kall as (-ades, -ats), to be named. kallbrckt, cold-short, brittle. kalln a (-ade, -at), to grow cold. kam (-men, -mar), comb. kamin (-en, -er), stove. kammar(e) (-n, ), chamber. kamp (-en), struggle. kamrat (-en, -er), comrade. kan, see kunna. kanhnda, perhaps. kanske, perhaps. kant, (-en, -er), border. kapp, i , in a race. kapp a (-an, -or), mantle, cloak, hood. karg, chary. karm (-en, -ar), back and arms of a chair. kast a (-ade, -at), to cast, throw. kedj a (-an, -or), chain. kind (-en, -er), cheek. klag a (-ade, -at), to complain. klagan, indecl., complaint. klagorst (-en, -er), voice of complaint. klandr a (-ade, -at), to criticise. klang, see klinga. klang (-en), ring, clang. klapp a (-ade, -at), to clap, beat, knock. klar, clear. klarnad, clear. klenod, (-en, -er), gem, jewel, valuable. kling a (-ade or klang, pl. klungo, -at or klungit), to resound, drink a toast. kling a (-an, -or), sword. klint (-en, -er), peak, brow of rock. klipp a (-an, -or), cliff, rock. klipp g, rocky. klo (-n, -r) claw. klok, wise. klot (-et, ), sphere, ball. klungo, see klinga. klyft a (-an, or), cleft, ravine. klyva (klv, kluvit, kluven), to cleave, split. klda (kldde, kltt), to clothe. klder, no sing., clothes, klm ma (-de, -t), to squeeze, press. klttr a (-ade, -at), to climb, klsja (-te, -t), to tear with claws or nails. klv, see klyva. knak a (-ade, -at), to creak. knapp, scarce. knapp (-en, -ar), button, knob. knappast, hardly. knattr a (-ade, at), to crackle. knopp (-en, -ar), bud. knopp as (-ades, -ats), to bud. knot (-et), complaint. knuten, see knyta. knyta (knt, knutit, knuten), to tie, bind. kn (-et, -n), knee. knpp a (-te, -t), to fasten, buckle; hnderna, clasp the hands. knsatt, placed in one's lap. kog er (-ret, ), quiver. koka (-ade, -at), to boil. kolsvart, coal black. kolv (-en, -ar), butt. komma (kom, kommit, kommen), to come, get, fram, come up, forth, arrive. konst (-en, -er), art. konstnr (-en, -er), artist. konstarbetad, artistically wrought. konsterfaren, skilled, artistic. konstfull, artistic. konstnr (-en, -er), artist. konung (-en, -ar), king. konungasal (-en, -ar), king's hall. konungason, (-en, -sner), king's son. konungastad (-en, -stder), royal city. konungaval (-et, ), royal election. kopparkl (-en, -ar), copper keel. kopparstpt, molded in copper. koppartrsk el (-eln, -lar), copper threshold. kor a (-ade, -at), to choose. korall (-en, -er), coral. korn, (-et), barley, grain. kornland (-et, ), field of grain. kors a (-ade, -at), to cross. kort, short; inom , shortly, ere long, soon. kos, g, fly sin , depart. kos a (-an, -or), course. kost a (-ade, -at), to cost. kostelig, costly, precious. krafs a (-ade, -at), to scratch. kraft (-en, -er), power, strength. kraftls, powerless. kram (-et), merchandise, gimcrack, trumpery, trash. krans (-en, -ar), wreath. krets (-en, -ar), circle. krig (-et, ), war. kring, round, around, about. kringdans a (-ade, -at) to dance around. kring stryka (-strk, -strukit), to roam about. kringsvrm a (-ade, -at), to roam about. kringng a (-ade, -at), surround by perfume. kroknbb (-et, ), hook-bill, one having a crooked beak. kron a (-an, -or), crown. kropp (-en, -ar), body. kross a (ade, -at), to crush. kryck a (-an, -or), crutch. krmare (-n, ), merchant, trader. krnk a (-te, -t), to insult, wrong. krv a (-de, -t), to exact, demand. krkt, bent, crooked. krn a (-te, -t), to crown, adore. kul a (-an, -or), cave, den. kulen, bleak. kull e (-en, -ar), knoll, hill. kum mel (-let, ), funeral mound, cairn. kung (-en, -ar), king. kungablod (-et), royal blood. kungadotter (-n, -dttrar), king's daughter. kungaed (-en, -er), royal oath. kungahus (-et, ), king's house, royal house. kungahghet (-en), royal greatness. kungasal (-en, -ar), royal hall. kungason (-en, -sner), king's son. kungastol (-en, -ar), royal seat. kungaval (-et, ), royal election. kungaste (-t, -n), royal seat. kunglig, royal. kungsgrd (-en, -ar), king's hall or estate. kungsniding (-en, -ar), traitor king. kungsord (-et, ), royal word. kungssal (-en, -ar), king's hall. kunna (pres. kan, kunde, kunnat), to be able, can, know. kupig, convex. kust (-en, -er), coast, shore. kuttr a (-ade, -at), to coo. kvald, see kvlja. kvar, remaining, left. kvar bliva (-blev, -blivit, -bliven), to remain. kvar hlla (-hll, -hllit, -hllen), to retain, keep. kvarhll, see kvarhlla. kvav, sultry, close; g i , go to the bottom. kvickn a (-ade, -at) vid, to revive, come to life again. kvida (kved, kvidit), to wail, whine. kvinn a (-an, -or), woman. kvinnoskepnad (-en, -er), woman's form. kvist (-en, -ar), branch. kvittr a (-ade, -at), to twitter. kvda (kvad, kvdit, kvden), to sing, speak. kvde (-t, -n), song. kvlj a (-de or kvalde, kvalt, kvald), to choke, torment. kvll (-en, -ar), evening. kvv a (-de, -t), to suffocate, quench. kyl a (-de, -t), to cool. kyss a (-te, -t), to kiss. kck, brave, spirited. kll a (-an, -or), spring, fountain. kllare (-n, ), cellar. kmp a (-ade, -at), to fight, struggle. kmp e (-en, -ar), warrior. kmpehand (-en, -hnder), heroic hand. kmpehr (-en, -ar), army of warriors. knd, known. kn na (-de, -t), to know, feel. knsl a (-an, -or), feeling. kr, dear. krl (-et, ), vessel. krlek (-en), love. krleksbrev (-et, ), love letter. krleksfull, loving. krn a (-an, -or), kernel. krnfull, rich, pithy. krnfur (-an, -or), sound fir tree. krnsprk (-et, ), wise saying. kl (-en, -ar), keel. kld (-en), cold. kr a (-de, -t), to drive.


lack a (-ade, -at), to drip (of perspiration). lad a (-an, -or), barn, granary. laddning (-en, -ar), cargo. lade, see lgga. lag (-en, -ar), law. lag (-et, ), group, crowd. lagerlund (-en, -ar), laurel grove. lamm m (-met, ), lamb. land (-et, lnder or ), land. landsflykt (-en), exile. lans (-en, -ar), lance. larm (-et), noise, din. larm a (-ade, -at), to make noise. le (log, lett), smile, laugh. led, mean, ugly. led, see lida. leda (ledde, lett), to lead, direct. ledig, vacant. ledsen, sad; vid, weary of. lek (-en, -ar), play, frolic. lek a (-te, -t), to play. lekplats (-en, -er), playground. let a (-te or -ade, -at), to search. lev a (-de, -t), to live. levnad (-en), life. levnadslust (-en), joy of living. lida (led, lidit, liden), to suffer pain; mot, or emot, approach. lidande (-t, -n), suffering. ligga (lg, legat, legad), to lie. lik, lika, like, just as, equally. likafullt, just the same. lik e (no def. sing., -ar), equal. likn a (-ade, -at), to resemble. liksom, just as, as though, as. likvl, anyway. lilj a (-an, -or), lily. liljehy (-n), lily white complexion. liljekull e (-en, -ar), lily mound. liljestng el (-eln, -lar), lily stem. liljevit, lily white. lilla, little, small. lind (-en, -ar), linden tree. lind a (-ade, -at), to twine around. list (-en), deceit, cunning. lit a (-ade, or let, -at), to depend upon. liten, little, small. liv (-et, ), life, waist. livstid (-en, -er), life time. ljud (-et, ), sound. ljuda (ljd, ljudit), resound. ljuga (ljg, ljugit), to lie. ljung (-en), heather. ljung a (-ade, -at), to flash. ljungare (-n) the thunderer. ljungeld (-en, -ar), flash of lightning. ljus, bright, light. ljus (-et, ), light. ljusalf (-en, -er), light elf. ljusbl, light blue. ljuslockig, light-haired. ljuv, beautiful, sweet. ljuvlig, sweet, delightful. lock (-en, -ar), lock. lock a (-ade, -at), to entice, lure. lodrt, perpendicular. log, see le. loft (-et, ), loft. lossa (-ade, -at), to loosen, set free. lott (-en, -er), lot, fate. lottning (-en, -ar), casting of lot. lov (-et), praise. lov a (-ade, -at), to promise, praise. lovlig, permissible. luden, hairy, shaggy. luft (-en), air. luftig, airy. lugn (-et), peace, calm, lull. lugn, quiet, calm. lull a (-ade, -at), to hum. ljummig, leafy, shady. lumpen, mean, paltry, sordid. lumpor, no sing., rags. lund (-en, -er or -ar), grove. lung a (-an, -or), lung. lur (-en, -ar), trumpet. lur a (-ade, -at), to lurk. lurvhrig, shaggy. lust (-en), pleasure, desire. lustig, comical, lively, pleasurable. lut a (-ade, -at), to incline, bend, lean. luttr a (-ade, -at), to purify. lycka (-n), good fortune. lyck as (-ades, -ats), to succeed. lycklig, fortunate, happy. lyda, (lydde, lytt), to obey. lydig, obedient. lyft a (-ade, or -e, -at, or lyft), to lift. lykt a (-ade, -at), to close. lykt a (-an, -or), lantern, lamp. lysa (-te, -t), to shine. lysmask (-en, -ar), glowworm. lyssn a (-ade, -at), to listen. lys ta (-te, -t), to desire. lg, low. lg, see lgga. lg a (-an, -or), flame. lg a (-ade, -at), to glare, glow. ln a (-ade or -te, -at or -t), to borrow, loan. LNG, long, far. lngsam, tedious, slow. lngskepp (-et, ), warship of the viking period. ls (-et, ), lock. lta (lt, ltit), to let, permit, sound. lgga (lade, lagt, lagd), to lay, put; i land, to land. lgre, lower. lmn a (-ade, -at), to leave. ln a (-te, -t), to borrow, loan. lnd (-en, -er), loin, side. lnge, long time, long. lnger, lngre, longer. lngs (med), along, along the side of. lngst, longest, farthest. lngt a (-ade, -at), to long. lngtan, indecl., longing. lngtansfull, longingly. lngtersk a (-an, -or), the longing one. lnte, see lna. lpp (-en, -ar), lip. lr, likely, it is said. lr a (-de, -t), to learn, teach. lx a (-an, -or), teaching, doctrine. lrk a (-an, -or), lark. lrospn (-en, or -et, ), first exploit, achievement. ls a (-te, -t), to Read. lt, see lta. ltt, light, easy, lightly. ldig, of pure metal, genuine. lfte (-t, -n), promise. lg a (-ade, -at), to wash. lgn (-en, -er), lie. lje (-t, -n), laughter, smile. ln (-en, -er), reward. lnvalv (-et, ), secret vault or chamber. lpning (-en, -ar), running, race, run. ls, loose. ls a (-te, -t), to loosen, dissolve; en uppgift, discharge a duty. lslig, loose. lv (et, ), leaf. lv as (-ades, -ts), to sprout, become green, get leaves. lvsal (-en, -ar), leafy bower, arbor.


makja (-ade, -at), to move, shift. maka (-n, -r), mate, wife. mak e (-en, -ar), husband. makt (-en, -er), power, might. malm (-en, -er), ore. man (-en, -ar), mane. man (-nen, mn, or poet, manner), man. man, one. mandomsrn (-et, ), manly achievement. manlig, manly. mannaring (-en, -ar), circle of men. manshg, man high. mant el (-eln, -lar), mantle, cloak. mark (-en, -er), mark (about 1/2 kilogram). mark (-en), ground. marmorbarm (-en, -ar), marble breast. marmorklyft (-en), solid block of marble. marmorsten (-en, -ar), marble. marmortemp el (-let, ), marble temple. marvad, i , waterlogged. mast (-en, -er), mast. mastfur a (-an, -or), fir tree, mast tree. mat (-en), food. mat a (-ade, -at), to feed. matt, weak. med, with, along, for, to, of. mellan, between. men, indecl., injury, bane. men, but. men a (-ade or -te, -at or -t), to mean, intend, mened (-en), perjury, mening (-en, -ar), meaning, intention, opinion, mer(a), more, middag (-en, -ar), midday, dinner. midj a (-an, -or), waist. midnattsdagg (-en), midnight dew. midnatssol (-en), midnight sun. midnatstid (-en), time of midnight. midsommar (-en, -somrar), midsummer. midsommarfest (-en, -er), festival of midsummer. midsommarsol (-en), midsummer sun. mig, acc. of jag, me. mil (-en, ), mile. mild, mild. mildhet (-en), mildness, kindness. min, mitt, mina, my, mine. mindre, less, smaller. min nas (-des, -ts), to remember. minne (-t, -n), memory, token of remembrance. minst, least, smallest. missnjd, dissatisfied. mist a (-ade, or -te, -at or -t), to lose. mjd (-et), mead. mjdhorn (-et, ), meadhorn. mjlkvit, milk white. mod (-et), courage, valor. moder (-n, mdrar), mother. modig, brave. mogen, ripe. mogn a (-ade, -at), to ripen. moln (-et, ), cloud. mor, abbrev. of moder. mordbrand (-en), incendiarism. mordbrnnarkung (-en, -ar), incendiary king. mogn a (-ade, -at) sig, to become fully awake. morgon (-en, morgnar), morning. morgondager (-n), dawn. morgondagg (-en), morning dew. morgondrm (-men, -mar), morning dream. morgonglans (-en), morning light. morgongryning (-en), dawn. morgonrodnad (-en, -er), glow of dawn, aurora. morgonstund (-en, -er), morning hour. morgonvind (-en, -ar), morning wind. morn a (-ade, -at) sig, to become fully awake. mossvxt (-en, -er), moss. mot, against, towards. mot a (-ade, -at), to stop, keep back. motvg a (-de, -t), to counterbalance. mulen, dark, gloomy. mull (-en), ground, sod. multen, decayed. mun (-nen, -nar), mouth. mund, see mun. munter, jolly, jovial, glad. mur (-en, -ar), wall. mur a (-ade, -at), to do masonry work. must (-en), sap, juice, fat. mycket, much. myntad, coined. m (mtte), may. ml (-et, ), goal. ml a (-ade, -at), to paint. mlsman (-nen, -mn), advocate, sponsor. mn (mnde), perchance, might. mnad (-en, -er), month. mnde, see mn. mn e (-en, -ar), moon. mngen, many a one, many. mngfaldig, manifold. mngvis, erudite, very wise. mnne, perhaps, do you think. mnskensblick (-en, -ar), dim glances. mnskensfrst e (-en, -ar), moonlight prince. mrd (-en, -ar), marten. mste, must. mtt (-et, ), measure. mktig, mighty. mngd (-en), great number. mnner, poetical for mn, men. mnska, see mnniska. mnsklig, human. mnsklighet (-en), humanity. mnskobrst (-et, ), human heart, breast. mnnisk a (-an, -or), man, human being. mnniskokraft (-en, -er), power of man. mnskohand (-en, -hnder), human hand. mnskott (-en, -er), human family. mnskode (-et, -n), human affairs, human destiny. mrg (-en), marrow. mrk a (-te, -t), to notice. mstare (-n, ), master. m (-n, -r), maiden. md a (-an, -or), hardship, pains. mderne (-t), mother's side. mnstr a (-ade, -at), to review, examine. mrd a (-ade, -at), to kill, murder. mrdarhand (-en, -hnder), murderer's hand. mrk, dark. mrkbl, dark blue. mrk er (-ret), darkness. mrkn a (-ade, -at), to grow dark. mt a (-te, -t), to meet. mte (-t, -n), meeting.


nag el (-em, -lar), finger nail, spike. naken, naked, bare. nalk as (-ades, -ats), to approach. namn (-et, ), name. namnls, nameless. narr (-en, -ar), fool. narrspel (-et, ), foolery. natt (-en, ntter), night. nattgammal, one night old. nattlig, nightly, dark as night. natur (-en), nature. ned, neder, ner, down. nedanfr, below. neder, see ned. nederkall a (-ade, -at), to call down, invoke. nederslagen, see nedersl. neder sl (-slog, -slagit, -slagen), to strike down. nederst, lowest. nedrig, low, rascally. nedsteg, see nedstiga, ned stiga (-steg, -stigit, -stigen), to step down, descend. nedt, downwards. nej, no. nek a (-ade, -at), to deny, refuse. nerifrn, from below. ner, see ned. nere, down. nick a (-ade, -at), to nod. nidingsdd (-et, ), villainous deed. niding (-en, -ar), outlaw, villain. nidingsfunder, no sing., malicious artifices. nidingsstng (-en, -stnger), niding post, pillory. njuta (njt, njutit, njuten), to enjoy. nog, indeed, enough. noga, careful, carefully. nord (-en), the North, Scandinavia. nordbo (-n, -r), Northerner. nordisk, Northern. nordland (-et), the Northland, Scandinavia. nordman (-nen, -mn), Northerner. nordmannakung (-en, -ar), king of the North. nordmannastt (-et, ), manner of the North. norn a (-an, -or), norn. norr, north. norrsken (-et, ), Northern light. norrna, Norse tongue. nu, now. ny, new. nyck (-en, -er), whim. nyckel (-eln, -lar), key. nyflld, new-fallen. nyfdd, newborn. nyinvigd, newly dedicated. nyskapad, newly created. nyss, just now, a while ago, recently. nyttig, useful. nyvald, newly elected. n (-dde, -tt), to reach. ngon, some, some one, any, anyone. nktergal (-en, -ar), nightingale. nmn a (-de, -t), to mention, call. nr, when. nra, nr, near. nr a (-de, -t), to nourish. nring (-en, -ar, pl. in sense of occupation), nourishment. nrmast, nearest. ns (-et, ), point, peninsula. nst, next. nt (-et, ), net. nd (-en), misery, hardship. ndig, necessary. ndvndig, necessary. ndvndighet (-en), necessity. njd, contented.


o, oh, O. oavvnd, fixed, unceasing. obemrkt, unnoticed. obeprvad, untried. obevpnad, unarmed. och, and. ock, also. ocks, also. odalbond e (-en, -bonder), freehold land owner. oddlig, immortal. off er (-ret, ), sacrifice. offerboll (-en, -ar), sacrificial bowl. offerlamp a (-an, -or), sacrificial fire. offerhus (-et, ), sacrificial temple. offerkniv (-en, -ar), sacrificial knife. offerlund (-en, -ar), sacrificial grove. offerfrest (-en, -er), sacrificial priest. offersten (-en, -ar), sacrificial stone. offerng a (-an, -or), sacrificial incense. offr a (-ade, -at), to sacrifice. ofruktbar, sterile, unfruitful. ofta, often. ofrd (-en), misfortune, disaster. ofrsonlig, unrelenting, unforgiving. ofrsont, unpropitiated. ohmnad, unavenged. ohrd, unheard, unheeded. oknd, unknown. om, about, if, concerning, for, during, in, at. ombord, aboard. omfluten, encompassed, surrounded by water. omge, see omgiva. om giva, omge (-gav, -givit, -given), to surround. omhng a (-ade, -at), to protect, hedge in. omkring, around. omlind a (-ade, -at), to entwine. omsider, at last. omstrl a (-ade, -at), to surround with light. omjlig, impossible. ond, evil, angry, bad. ondig, unnecessary. opp, upp, up. ord (-et, ), word. orm (-en, -ar), serpent. ormsling a (-an, -or), serpentine ring or figure. orolig, disturbed. ort (-en, -er), place, locality. orknelig, innumerable. ortt, wrong. ortt (-en), injustice, wrong. osedd, unseen. oskadd, uninjured. oskapelig, unshapely. oskuld (-en), innocence. oskuldsfull, innocent. oss, us. osviklig, unfailing. osdd, unsown. outsglig, unspeakable. outtydd, unexplained. ovan, above. ovan, unaccustomed, unusual. ovanfrn, from above. ovanfr, above. ovanom, above. ovanupp, above. oviss, uncertain. ovn (-nen, -ner), enemy. ondlig, illimitable, infinite.


palm (-en, -er), palm. pann a (-an, -or), forehead, pansar (-et, ), armor, sheath. par (-et, ), pair. park (-en, -er), park. parvis, in pairs. pass a (-ade, -at), to fit, be fitting. pek a (-ade, -at), to point. pelargng (-en, -ar), colonnade. pelarrad (-en, -er), row of pillars. pelarstam (-men, -mar), shaft of column. pelarstod (-en, -er), column. pels (-en, -ar), fur coat. pestsjuk, pestsmitten. pil (-en, -ar), arrow. pilregn (-et), shower of arrows. pilt (-en, -ar), lad. plank a (-an, -or), plank. plant a (-an, -or), plant. plats (-en, -er), place, spot. plock a (-ade, -at), to pluck, gather. plog (-en, -ar), plow. plundr a (-ade, -at), to plunder. port (-en, -ar), gate, portal. prakt (-en), splendor. pris (-et), price, prize, honor. pris a (-ade, -at), to praise. propp a (-ade, -at), to stuff. pryda (prydde, prytt), to adorn. prktig, excellent, splendid. prst (-en, -er), priest. prv a (-ade, -at), to test, try. puls (-en, -ar), pulse. pung (-en, -ar), pouch, purse. purpur (-et), purple. purpurbetslad, with purple bridle. purpurbrm (-et, ), purple border. purpurduk (-en), purple cloth. purpurglans (-en), purple glow. purpurhatt (-en, -ar), purple hat. purpurtcke (-t, -n), purple drapery. p, on, upon, at, in, by. p skjuta (-skt, -skjutit), to push, press forward. prl a (-an, -or), pearl.


rad (-en, -er), row, line. radvis, line by line, in lines. ragl a (-ade, -at), to stagger. rak, straight. rand (-en, rnder), edge, stripe. rand a (-ade, -at), to make lines, stripe, make edge or border. rand as (-ades, -ats), (dagen), to dawn. rank a (-an, -or), vine. ras a (-ade, -at), to rage. rasslande, rattling. red, see rida. redan, already. redlig, honest. redo gra (-gjorde, -gjort, -gjord), to give an account. regn (-et, ), rain. ren, pure, clean. ren, contr. of redan, already. ren a (-ade, -at), to cleanse, purify. res a (-te, -t), to rise, raise, go, travel. ret a (-ade, -at), to arouse to anger, irritate. rev a (-ade, -at), to reef; segel, take in the sail. rida (red, ridit), to ride. rig el (-eln, -lar), bolt. rik, rich. rike (-t, -n), kingdom, dominion. rikedom (-en, -ar), wealth. ring (-en, -ar), ring. ringa, little, insignificant. ring el (-eln, -lar), coil, ring. rist a (-ade, -at), to cut, scratch. rit a (-ade, -at), to write, trace. riva (rev, rivit, riven), to tear. ro (-n), peace, quiet. ro (-dde, -tt), to row. rod er (-ret, ), rudder. roderstng (-en, -stnger), rudder bar. rodn a (-ade, -at), to blush. rop a (-ade, -at), to call, cry, shout. ros (-en, -or), rose. rosenfrg (-en, -er), rose color. rosenfrgad, rose-colored. rosengrd (-en, -ar), rose garden. rosenkalk (-en, -ar), rose calyx. rosenkind (-en, -er), rosy cheek. rosenknopp (-en, -ar), rosebud. rosenlpp (-en, -ar), rosy lip. rosenrd, roseate, red. rosenving e (-en, -ar), roseate wing. rosig, rosy. rost (-en), rust. rostad, rusty. rot (-en, rtter), root. rotfstad, rooted, firm. rov (-et, ), prey, quarry. rubb a (-ade, -at), to disturb. rubin (-en, -er), ruby. rubinknapp (-en, -ar), ruby gem. rull a (-ade, -at), to roll, revolve. rum (-met, ), room, place. run a (-an, -or), rune. runbeskriven, inscribed with runes. rund, round. rund (-en, -er), circle. rund a (-ade, -at), to surround. rund el (-eln, -lar), circle. runeskrift (-en, -er), runic inscription. runetavl a (-an, -or), runic tablet. runogrift (-en, -er), runic crypt. runohll (-en, -ar), rune stone. runoflg a (-an, -or), rune flame. runstav (-en, -ar), rune staff. runsten (-en, -ar), rune stone. runtomkring, round about. rus (-et, ), spree, intoxication. rut a (-an, -or), square, check, pane. ruttn a (-ade, -at), to rot. ruv a (-ade, -at), to brood. ryck a (-te, -t), to tear, pull. rygg (-en, -ar), back. ryka (rk, rukit, or rykte, rykt), to smoke or steam, emit smoke. rykte (-t, -n), report, fame, rumor. rymd (-en, -er), space. rymlig, spacious. rynk a (-ade, -at), to knit, as eyebrow or forehead. rys a (-te, -t), to shudder. ryslig, hideous. ryst a (-ade, -at), to shake. ryta (rt, rutit, or rytit), to roar. r (-n, -r), yard (nautical term). r (-dde, -tt) fr, to be responsible for, ver, govern. rd (-et, ), advice. rda, (rdde, rtt), to rule, advise. rg (-en), rye. rg a (-ade, -at), to fill to overflowing. rn a (-ade, -at), to rob. rck a (-te, -t), to reach, extend. rdas (rddes), to be afraid. rdd, afraid. rdd a (-ade, -at), to save. rkn a (-ade, -at), to count, reckon. rmna (-ade, -at), to split open. rtt, right. rtta, med , justly, by right. rtt (-en), justice, right. rttvis, just. rttvisa (-n), justice. rv (-en, -ar), fox. rd, red. rk, see ryka. rk (-en), smoke. rkfng (-et, ), smoke escape, flue. rkmoln (-et, ), cloud of smoke. rn a (-te, -t), to experience. rr a (-de, -t), to move, touch. rrpil (-en, -ar), reed. rst (-en, -er), voice. rt, see ryta. rv a (-ade, -at), to rob. rvare (-n, ), robber.


sade, see sga. sag a (-an, -or), saga, story. sagt, see sga. sak (-en, -er), matter, thing. sakn a (-ade, -at), to miss. saknad (-en), regret, longing; knna , to miss. sakta, slowly. saktmod (-et), meekness. sal (-en, -ar), hall, main room. salig, blessed. salighet (-en, -er), blessedness. salsdrr (-en, -ar), hall door. salt (-et), salt, adj. salt. saltad, salt. saltskum (-met), briny foam. sam, see simma. samarv (-et, ), joint inheritance. saml a (-ade, -at), to gather. samma, the same. samman, together. sammetsmantel (-eln, -lar), velvet cloak. sand (-en), sand. sann, true. sanning (-en, -ar), truth. sans a (-ade, -at) sig, to compose oneself. sansad, reasonable, sober. sansking (-en), sense, composure. satt, see sltta or stta. schack (-et), chess. schackbord (-et, ), chess board. scharlakansrd, scarlet. se (sg, sett, sedd), to see, look. sed (-en, -er), custom. sedan, sen, since, after. seg el (-let, ), sail. seg er (-ern, -rar), victory. segl a (-ade, -at), to sail. seglare (-n, ), sailor. segling (-en, -ar), cruise, sailing. segr a (-ade, -at), to conquer. sen, see sedan; dess, since then. sen, late, tardy; sent omsider, at last. sen a (-an, -or), sinew. sett, see se. sex, six. si, behold. sid a (-an, -or), side. sig, himself, herself, itself, themselves. silverblank, bright as silver. silverblte (-t, -n), silver belt. silke (-t, -n), silk. silv er (-ret), silver. silverbild (-en, -er), silver image. silverfat (-et, ), silver platter. silverfot (-en, -ftter), silver foot. silverfr a (-an, -or), silvery furrow or band. silverhjlm (-en, -ar), silver helmet. silverhr (-et, ), silvery hair. silverhrig, silver-haired, gray. silverlock (-en, -ar), silvery lock. silvermn e (-en, -ar), silver moon. silverplt (-en, -ar), silver plate. silverport (-en, -ar), silver gate. silverskrid a (-an, -or), silver scabbard. silverskir (-et), silver gauze. silverskgg (-et), gray beard. silverstak e (-en, -ar), silver candlestick. silverstol (-en, -ar), silver chair. silvertak (-et, ), silver roof or ceiling. silvervg (-en, -or), silvery wave. simma (sam, summit), to swim. simmare (-n, ), swimmer. sin, sitt, sina, his, her, its, their. sinne (-t, -n), mind. sir a (-ade, -at), to adorn, entwine. sist, last. sitta (satt, pl. sutto, suttit), to sit. sjunde, seventh. sjunga (sjng, sjungit, sjungen), to sing. sjunka (sjnk, sjunkit" sjunken), to sink. sjl (-en, -ar), soul. sjlv, self. sj (-n, -ar), lake. sjbl, water blue. sjgrn, sea-green. sjhst (-en, -ar), sea horse. sjkonung (-en, -ar), sea king. sjng, see sjunga. sjnk, se sjunka. skad a (-ade, -at), to hurt. skad a (-an, -or), injury, harm, waste, misfortune. skaft (-et, ), handle. skak a (-ade, -at), to shake. skal (-et, ), shell, skal a (-ade, -at), to scale. skald (-en, -er), poet. skalk (-en, -ar), rogue. skall, see skola. skallra (-ade, -at), to rattle. skall a (-ade, -at), to resound. skall e (-en, -ar), skull. skap a (-ade, -at), to create. skapelse (-n, -r), creation. skar, see skra. skar a (-an, -or), flock, crowd. skarp, sharp, keen. skatt (-en, -er), tax, treasure. skatt a (-ade, -at), to value, treasure. skattskyldig, liable to taxation. ske (-dde, -tt), to happen. sken (-et, ), light. sken, see skina. skepnad (-en, -er), form. skepp (-et, ), ship. skeppsbord (-et, ), deck. skeppsdck (-et, ), deck. skeppsvrak (-et, ), wreck. skick a (-ade, -at), to send. skidgrd (-en, -ar), paling, palisade. skift a (-ade, -at), to exchange, apportion, change, shift. skifte (-t, -n), vicissitude. skiltvakt (-en, -er), sentry. skil ja (-de, -t), to divide, separate, part, distinguish. skim mer (-ret), shimmer, gleam. skimr a (-ade, -at), to shimmer. skina (sken, skinit), to shine. skinn (-et, ), hide, fur, skin. skip a (-ade, -at) lag, to administer law. skir (-et), gauze. skiv a (-an, -or), plate, disk. skjuta (skt, skjutit, skjuten), to shoot, push. sko (-dde, -tt), to shoe. skog (-en, -ar), forest. skola (skall, skulle, skolat), shall, will, must. skon a (-ade, -at), to spare. skoning (-en), mercy, exemption. skot (-et), sheet, sail. skraml a (-ade, -at), to rattle. skrap a (-ade, -at), to scrape, paw. skred, see skrida, skrek, see skrika. skrev, see skriva. skri (-et, ), shriek. skrida (skred, skridit, skriden), to glide, proceed, walk slowly. skrika (skrek, skrikit), to cry. skriva, (skrev, skrivit, skriven), to write. skrud (-en, -ar), attire. skrck (-en), terror. skrm ma (-de, -t), to frighten. skugg a (-an, -or), shadow. skuggig, shady. skuld (-en, -er), debt, blame, fault. skulderblad (-et), shoulder-blade. skuldls, guiltless, innocent. skuldr a (-an, -or), shoulder. skull, sake, fault; fr ngons , on account of, for the sake of some one. skulle, see skola. skum (-met), foam. skum, dark. skumma (-ade, -at), to foam. skur a (-ade, -at), to scrub, wash, polish. skurit, see skra. skuro, see skra. skvallrja (-ade, -at), to tattle, gossip. sky (-n, -ar), sky, cloud. skydd (-et), protection. skydd a (-ade, -at), to protect. skygd, indecl., protection. skymf (-en, -er), insult. skymf a (-ade, -at), to insult. skymt a (-ade, -at), to appear by a glimpse, catch a glimpse of. skynd a (-ade, -at), to hurry. skd a (-ade, -at), to see, be-hold. skl (-en, -ar), cup, toast, health. skp (-et, ), cupboard. skgg (-et, ), beard. skl (-et, ), reason. sklv a (-de or skalv, sklvt), to tremble. skmt a (-ade, -at), to jest. sknk (-en, -er), gift. sknk a (-te, -t), to donate, give. skr (-et, ), rock, skerry. skra (skar, pl. skuro, skurit, skuren), to cut. skrad, cleansed, shriven. skld (-en, -ar), shield. skldborg (-en, -ar), circle of shields. skldburen, borne or lifted on a shield. skldegny (-et), din of shields. skldeklang (-en), clang of shields. skldm (-n, -r), shield maiden, valkyr. skldrand (-en, -rnder), edge of a shield. skn, beautiful. sknj a (-de, -t), to discern. skrd (-en, -ar), harvest. skt, see skjuta. skte (-t), lap, bosom. slag (-et, ), stroke, battle. slagsml (-et, ), fight. slagsvrd (-et, ), sword. slaktning (-en, -ar), battle, slaughter. slapp, slack, lax. slav (-en, -ar), slave. slet, see slita. slita (slet, slitit, sliten), to tear, wear. slockn a (-ade, -at), to become extinct. slag, see sl. slumr a (-ade, -at), to slumber. slung a (-ade, -at), to hurl. slup (-en, -ar), boat, sloop. slut (-et), end; till , at last. sluta (slt, slutit, sluten), to cease, press, close, attack. slutligen, finally. sluttande, sloping. sl (slog, slagit, slagen), to strike; ned, alight, cast down, an en sng, strike up a song. slss (slogs, slagits), to fight. slck a (-te, -t), to extinguish. sld e (-en, -ar), sleigh, sled. sldtravare (-n, ), sleigh-trotter slkt (-en, -er), generation, kinsfolk. slang a (-de, -t), to throw. slpp a (-te, -t), to relinquish, release; ut, to let out. sltt (-en, -er), plain, level place. slj a (-an, -or), veil. sls a (-ade, -at), to squander. smak a (-ade, -t), to taste. smal, slender, narrow. smalt, see smlta. smattr a (-ade, -at), to beat, crackle, blare. smida (smidde, smitt), to forge. smidig, lithe. smultron (-et, ), strawberry. smyck a (-ade, -at), to adorn. smycke (-t, -n), ornament. smyga (smg, smugit), to go stealthily, steal. sm (pl. of liten), small, little. sm le (-log, -lett), to smile. sml ta (-te, or smalt, smultit or smlt), to melt. smrt, slender. smdlig, derisive. smrt a (-an, -or), pain, suffering. smg, see smyga. snar, soon, near, quick. snck a (-an, -or), shell,

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