French Polishing and Enamelling - A Practical Work of Instruction
by Richard Bitmead
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METAL TURNER'S HANDYBOOK. A Practical Manual for Workers at the Foot-Lathe. With 100 Illustrations 1/0

"The book displays thorough knowledge of the subject."—Scotsman.

WOOD TURNER'S HANDYBOOK. A Practical Manual for Workers at the Lathe. With 100 Illustrations 1/0

"We recommend the book to young turners and amateurs."—Mechanical World.

WATCH JOBBER'S HANDYBOOK. A Practical Manual of Cleaning, Repairing, and Adjusting. With 100 Illustrations 1/0

"All connected with the trade should acquire and study this work."—Clerkenwell Chronicle.

PATTERN MAKER'S HANDYBOOK. A Practical Manual on the Construction of Patterns. With 100 Illustrations 1/0

"A most valuable, if not indispensable, manual for the pattern-maker."—Knowledge.

MECHANIC'S WORKSHOP HANDYBOOK. A Practical Manual on Mechanical Manipulation, embracing Information on various Handicraft Processes. With Useful Notes and Miscellaneous Memoranda. Comprising about 200 Subjects 1/0

"Should be found in every workshop, and in all technical Schools."—Saturday Review.

MODEL ENGINEER'S HANDYBOOK. A Practical Manual on the Construction of Model Steam Engines. With upwards of 100 Illustrations 1/0

"Mr. Hasluck has produced a very good little book."—Builder.

CLOCK JOBBER'S HANDYBOOK. A Practical Manual on Cleaning, Repairing, and Adjusting. With 100 Illustrations 1/0

"It is of inestimable service to those commencing the trade."—Coventry Standard.

CABINET WORKER'S HANDYBOOK. A Practical Manual on the Tools, Materials, Appliances, and Processes employed in Cabinet Work. With upwards of 100 Illustrations 1/0

"Amongst the most practical guides for beginners in cabinet-work."—Saturday Review.

WOODWORKER'S HANDYBOOK. Embracing information on the Tools, Materials, Appliances and Processes Employed in Woodworking. With 104 Illustrations 1/0

"Written by a man who knows, not only how work ought to be done, but how to do it, and how to convey his knowledge to others."—Engineering.

"Mr. Hasluck writes admirably, and gives complete instructions."—Engineer.

"Mr. Hasluck combines the experience of a practical teacher with the manipulative skill and scientific knowledge of processes of the trained mechanician, and the manuals are marvels of what can be produced at a popular price."—Schoolmaster.

"Helpful to workmen of all ages and degrees of experience."—Daily Chronicle.




Geometry, Descriptive. J. F. HEATHER 2/- Practical Plane Geometry. J. F. HEATHER 2/- Analytical Geometry. J. HANN & J. R. YOUNG 2/- Geometry. Part I. (Euclid, Bks. I.—III.) H. LAW 1/6 Part II. (Euclid, Books IV., V., VI., XI., XII.). H. LAW 1/6 Geometry, in 1 vol. (Euclid's Elements) 2/6 Plane Trigonometry. J. HANN 1/6 Spherical Trigonometry. J. HANN 1/- The above 2 vols., bound together 2/6 Differential Calculus. W. S. B. WOOLHOUSE 1/6 Integral Calculus. H. COX 1/6 Algebra. J. HADDON 2/- Key to ditto 1/6 Book-keeping. J. HADDON 1/6 Arithmetic. J. R. YOUNG 1/6 Key to ditto 1/6 Equational Arithmetic. W. HIPSLEY 1/6 Arithmetic. J. HADDON 1/6 Mathematical Instruments. HEATHER & WALMISLEY 2/- Drawing & Measuring Instruments. J. F. HEATHER 1/6 Optical Instruments, J. F. HEATHER 1/6 Surveying & Astronomical Instruments. J. F. HEATHER 1/6 The above 3 vols., bound together 4/6 Mensuration and Measuring. T. BAKER 1/6 Slide Rule, & How to Use it. C. HOARE 2/6 Measures, Weights, & Moneys. W. S. B. WOOLHOUSE 2/6 Logarithms, Treatise on, with Tables. H. LAW 3/- Compound Interest and Annuities. F. THOMAN 4/- Compendious Calculator. D. O'GORMAN 2/6 Mathematics. F. CAMPIN 3/- Astronomy. R. MAIN & W. T. LYNN 2/- Statics and Dynamics. T. BAKER 1/6 Superficial Measurement. J. HAWKINGS 3/6


Building Estates. F. MAITLAND 2/- Science of Building. E. W. TARN 3/6 Building, Art of. E. DOBSON and J. P. ALLEN 2/- Book on Building. Sir E. BECKETT 4/6 Dwelling Houses, Erection of. S. H. BROOKS 2/6 Cottage Building. C. B. ALLEN 2/- Acoustics of Public Buildings. Prof. T. R. SMITH. 1/6 Practical Bricklaying. A. HAMMOND 1/6 Practical Brick Cutting & Setting. A. HAMMOND 1/6 Brickwork. F. WALKER 1/6 Brick and Tile Making. E. DOBSON 3/- Practical Brick & Tile Book. DOBSON & HAMMOND 6/- Carpentry and Joinery. T. TREDGOLD & E. W. TARN 3/6 Atlas of 35 plates to the above 6/- Handrailing, and Staircasing. G. COLLINGS 2/6 Circular Work in Carpentry. G. COLLINGS 2/6 Roof Carpentry. G. COLLINGS 2/- Construction of Roofs. E. W. TARN 1/6 Joints used by Builders. J. W. CHRISTY 3/- Shoring. G. H. BLAGROVE 1/6 Timber Importer's & Builder's Guide. R. E. GRANDY 2/- Plumbing. W. P. BUCHAN 3/6 Ventilation of Buildings. W. P. BUCHAN 3/6 Practical Plasterer. W. KEMP 2/- House-Painting. E. A. DAVIDSON 5/- Elementary Decoration. J. W. FACEY 2/- Practical House Decoration. J. W. FACEY 2/6 Gas-Fitting. J. BLACK 2/6 Portland Cement for Users. H. FAIJA & D. B. BUTLER 3/- Limes, Cements, & Mortars. G. R. BURNELL 1/6 Masonry and Stone Cutting. E. DOBSON 2/6 Arches, Piers, and Buttresses. W. BLAND 1/6 Quantities and Measurements. A. C. BEATON 1/6 Complete Measurer. R. HORTON 4/- Superficial Measurement. J. HAWKINGS 3/6 Light, for use of Architects. E. W. TARN 1/6 Hints to Young Architects. WIGHTWICK & GUILLAUME 3/6 Dictionary of Architectural Terms. J. WEALE 5/- Architecture, Orders. W. H. LEEDS 1/6 Architecture, Styles. T. T. BURY 2/- The above 2 vols., bound together 3/6 Architecture, Design. E. L. GARBETT 2/6 The above 3 vols., bound together 6/- Architectural Modelling. T. A. RICHARDSON 1/6 Vitruvius' Architecture. J. GWILT 5/- Grecian Architecture. Lord ABERDEEN 1/- The above 2 vols., bound together 6/-


Dictionary of Painters. P. DARYL 2/6 Painting, Fine Art. T. J. GULLICK & J. TIMBS 5/- Grammar of Colouring. G. FIELD & E. A. DAVIDSON 3/- Perspective. G. PYNE 2/- Glass Staining & Painting on Glass 2/6 Music. C. C. SPENCER 2/6 Pianoforte Instruction. C. C. SPENCER 1/6


Cements, Pastes, Glues & Gums. H. C. STANDAGE 2/- Clocks, Watches and Bells. Lord GRIMTHORPE 4/6 Goldsmith's Handbook. G. E. GEE 3/- Silversmith's Handbook. G. E. GEE 3/- Goldsmith's & Silversmith's Handbook. G. E. GEE 7/- Hall-Marking of Jewelry. G. E. GEE 2/- Cabinet Maker's Guide. R. BITMEAD 2/6 Practical Organ Building. W. E. DICKSON 2/6 Coach Building. J. W. BURGESS 2/6 Brass Founder's Manual. W. GRAHAM 2/- French Polishing and Enamelling. R. BITMEAD 1/6 House Decoration. J. W. FACEY 5/- Letter-Painting Made Easy. J. G. BADENOCH 1/6 Boot and Shoemaking. J. B. LENO 2/- Mechanical Dentistry. C. HUNTER 3/- Wood Engraving. W. N. BROWN 1/6 Laundry Management 2/-

CROSBY LOCKWOOD & SON, 7, Stationers' Hall Court, E.C.

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Civil Engineering. H. LAW & D. K. CLARK 6/6 Pioneer Engineering. E. DOBSON 4/6 Iron Bridges of Moderate Span. H. W. PENDRED 2/- Iron and Steel Bridges & Viaducts. F. CAMPIN 3/6 Constructional Steel & Ironwork. F. CAMPIN 3/6 Tubular & Girder Bridges. G. D. DEMPSEY 2/- Materials and Construction. F. CAMPIN 3/- Sanitary Work. C. SLAGG 3/- Roads & Streets. LAW, CLARK, & WALLIS-TAYLER 6/- Construction of Gasworks. S. HUGHES & H. O'CONNOR 6/- Well-Sinking. J. G. SWINDELL & G. R. BURNELL 2/- Drainage. G. D. DEMPSEY & D. K. CLARK 4/6 Blasting and Quarrying. J. BURGOYNE 1/6 Foundations and Concrete Work. E. DOBSON 1/6 Pneumatics. C. TOMLINSON 1/6 Surveying. T. BAKER & F. E. DIXON 2/-


Engineering Drawing. J. MAXTON 3/6 Fuels, Analysis and Valuation. H. J. PHILLIPS 2/- Fuel. C. W. WILLIAMS & D. K. CLARK 3/6 Boilermaker's Assistant. J. COURTNEY 2/- Boilermaker's Ready Reckoner. J. COURTNEY 4/- Boilermaker's Ready Reckoner and Assistant 7/- Steam Boilers. R. ARMSTRONG 1/6 Steam and Machinery Management. M. P. BALE 2/6 Steam and the Steam Engine. D. K. CLARK 3/6 Steam Engine, Theory of. T. BAKER 1/6 Steam Engine. Dr. LARDNER 1/6 Locomotive Engines. G. D. DEMPSEY & D. K. CLARK 3/- Locomotive Engine Driving. M. REYNOLDS 3/6 Stationary Engine Driving. M. REYNOLDS 3/6 Model Locomotive Engineer. M. REYNOLDS 3/6 Modern Workshop Practice. J. G. WINTON 3/6 Mechanical Engineering. F. CAMPIN 2/6 Details of Machinery. F. CAMPIN 3/- Elementary Marine Engineering. J. S. BREWER 1/6 Power of Water. J. GLYNN 2/- Mechanism and Machines. T. BAKER & J. NASMYTH 2/6 Mechanics. C. TOMLINSON 1/6 Cranes and Machinery. J. GLYNN 1/6 Smithy and Forge. W. J. E. CRANE 2/6 Sheet-Metal Worker's Guide. W. J. E. CRANE 1/6 Elementary Electric Lighting. A. A. C. SWINTON 1/6


Mining Calculations. T. A. O'DONAHUE 3/6 Mineralogy. A. RAMSAY 3/6 Coal Mining. Sir W. W. SMYTH & T. F. BROWN 3/6 Metallurgy of Iron. H. BAUERMAN 5/- Mineral Surveyor's Guide. W. LINTERN 3/6 Slate and Slate Quarrying. D. C. DAVIES 3/- Mining and Quarrying. J. H. COLLINS 1/6 Subterraneous Surveying. T. FENWICK & T. BAKER 2/6 Mining Tools. W. MORGANS 2/6 Plates to ditto. 4to 4/6 Physical Geology. PORTLOCK & TATE 2/- Historical Geology. R. TATE 2/6 The above 2 vols., bound together. 4/6 Electro-Metallurgy. A. WATT 3/6


Navigation. J. GREENWOOD & W. H. ROSSER 2/6 Practical Navigation. GREENWOOD, ROSSER & LAW 7/- Navigation and Nautical Astronomy. J. R. YOUNG 2/6 Mathematical & Nautical Tables. LAW & YOUNG 4/- Masting and Rigging. R. KIPPING 2/- Sails and Sailmaking. R. KIPPING 2/6 Marine Engines. R. MURRAY & G. CARLISLE 4/6 Naval Architecture. J. PEAKE 3/6 Ships, Construction of. H. A. SOMMERFELDT 1/6 Plates to ditto. 4to 7/6 Ships and Boats. W. BLAND 1/6


Fertilisers & Feeding Stuffs. DR. B. DYER net 1/- Draining and Embanking. PROF. J. SCOTT 1/6 Irrigation and Water Supply. PROF. J. SCOTT 1/6 Farm Roads, Fences, and Gates. PROF. J. SCOTT 1/6 Farm Buildings. PROF. J. SCOTT 2/- Barn Implements and Machines. PROF. J. SCOTT 2/- Field Implements and Machines. PROF. J. SCOTT 2/- Agricultural Surveying. PROF. J. SCOTT 1/6 The above 7 vols., bound together 12/- Farm Management. R. S. BURN 2/6 Landed Estates Management. R. S. BURN 2/6 Farming—Soils, Manures, and Crops. R. S. BURN 2/- Farming—Outlines—Farming Economy. R. S. BURN 3/- Farming—Cattle, Sheep, and Horses. R. S. BURN 2/6 Farming—Dairy, Pigs, and Poultry. R. S. BURN 2/- Farming—Sewage & Irrigation. R. S. BURN 2/6 The above 5 vols., bound together 12/- Book-keeping for Farmers. J. M. WOODMAN 2/6 Ready Reckoner for Land. A. ARMAN 2/- Miller's & Farmer's Ready Reckoner 2/- Hay and Straw Measurer. J. STEELE 2/- Meat Production. J. EWART 2/6 The Sheep. W. C. SPOONER 3/6 Multum-in-Parvo Gardening. S. WOOD 1/- Forcing Garden. S. WOOD 3/6 Market and Kitchen Gardening. C. W. SHAW 3/- Kitchen Gardening. G. M. F. GLENNY 1/6 Cottage Gardening. E. HOBDAY 1/6 Garden Receipts. C. W. QUIN 1/6 Potatoes: How to Grow. J. PINK 2/- Culture of Fruit Trees. M. DU BREUIL 3/6 Tree Planter & Plant Propagator. S. WOOD 2/- Tree Pruner. S. WOOD 1/6 Tree Planter, Propagator, & Pruner. S. WOOD 3/6 Grafting and Budding. C. BALTET 2/6 Bees for Pleasure & Profit. G. G. SAMSON net 1/-

CROSBY LOCKWOOD & SON, 7, Stationers' Hall Court, E.C.

Transcriber's notes: page 14. add period after "the above processes" 29. varnsh corrected to varnish 31. from corrected 32. closing quote added after Polish 44. polish aud spirits changed to and 93. added parens close after "finish 95. earthern corrected to earthen 97. boiled-linseed oil corrected to boiled linseed-oil 104. period after coarsely 114. campeachiaum corrected to campeachianum 130. published net added right bracket 131. net added right bracket 131. OF METALS added period 134. added right bracket ] 135. Material [added right bracket] Uses of 137. "Refining"—Power Consumption added dashes 138. added ] in 3 places

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