Familiar Quotations
by John Bartlett
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heal sorrow by, 697. upon his bed has sate, 617. Weigh my eyelids down, 89. the man not his title, 282. Weighs upon the heart, 125. Weighed in the balances, 835. Weight, heavy and the weary, 467. if clay could think and mind were, 483. in gold, thrice their, 456. of learning, 634. of mightiest monarchies, 227. of seventy years, 479. of woe, bowed down by, 561. the enormous, 337. Weighty sense flows in fit words, 268. Weird sisters, 123. Welcome at an inn, warmest, 379. deep-mouthed, 556. ever smiles, 102. friend, when it comes say, 258. in your eye your hand, 117. peaceful evening in, 420. pure-eyed faith, 243. shade, more, 313. small cheer and great, 50. the coming guest, 328, 346. the sweet, more, 74. Welkin dome, lit the, 574. Well, all is well that ends, 13. bucket which hung in the, 537. descended, desirable to be, 729. done is done soon enough, 781. good deed to say, 98. heart's deep, 683. here, if we do, 439. if the end be well all is, 802. last drop in the, 553. live, what thou livest, 240. not so deep as a, 107. not wisely but too, 156. of English undefyled, 28. oft we mar what 's, 146. paid that is well satisfied, 65. read, exceedingly, 86. said again, 98. shaken, when taken to be, 454. still forever fare thee, 552. stricken in age, 813. to be honest and true, 689. to be merry and wise, 689. to be off with the old love, 689. to know her own, 238. worth doing, 352. Wells, buckets into empty, 419. Well-attired woodbine, 248. Well-born boys, necessary for, 760. Well-bred man, sensible and, 415. whisper close the scene, 419. Well experienced archer, 161. Well-favoured man, to be a, 51. Well-graced actor, after a, 82. Wellington minister of immortal fame, 609. Well-languaged Daniel, 201. Well-ordered mind, 751. Well-spring of pleasure, 640. Well-taught mind, 343. Well-trod stage, then to the, 249. Weltering in his blood, 271. Wench's black eye, white, 106. Wept away in transient tears, 679. Caesar hath, 113. each other's tears, 611. o'er his wounds, 396. we grieved we sighed we, 262. with delight at your smile, 680. Werken wel and hastily, 3. Werkman, ther n' is no, 3. Werling, young man's, 19. Wert thou all that I wish, 522. West, blue eyes sought the, 487. no South no North no East no, 517. topples round the dreary, 631. Western dome, him of the, 268. flower, a little, 58. star, lovers love the, 487. Westminster Abbey or victory, 446. we thrive at, 334, 800. Westward the course of empire, 312. the star of empire, 312. West-wind purr contented, 660. Wet damnation, 34. guess what I should perform in the, 787. sheet and flowing sea, 537. with unseen tears, 497. Wether, tainted, of the flock, 64. Wethers, return to our, 771. Whale, bobbed for, 217. throw a tub to the, 291. very like a, 139. Wharf, fat weed on Lethe, 131. What a fall was there, 114. a falling-off was there, 132. a monstrous tail our cat has, 285. a piece of work is a man, 134. a taking was he in, 46. and where they be, 631. are the wild waves saying, 680. are these so withered, 116. boots it at one gate, 242. can an old man do but die, 584. can ennoble sots, 319. care I how chaste she be, 26. care I how fair she be, 26. constitutes a State, 438. dire effects from civil discord, 299. do you read my lord, 133. God hath joined together, 840. has been has been, 274. has posterity done for us, 439. he has he gives, 102. he knew what 's, 8, 210, 786. is a lie, after all, 560. is a man profited, 840. is and what must be, 231. is done is done, 121. is done we may compute, 448. is gone and what 's past help, 77. is Hecuba to him, 134. is her history, 75. is impossible can't be, 454. is in a name, 105. is one man's poison, 199. is the night, 123. is worth in anything, 213. is writ is writ, 548. is yours is mine, 50, 700. makes all doctrines plain, 215. man dare I dare, 122. may man within him hide, 49. men daily do not knowing, 52. men dare do what men may do, 52. mighty contests rise, 325. more felicitie can fall, 30. ne'er was nor is, 323. news on the Rialto, 61. none hath dared thou hast done, 26. oft was thought, 323. seest thou else, 42. so rare as a day in June, 658. sought they thus afar, 569. the dickens, 46. thou liv'st live well, 240. thou wouldst highly, 117. though the field be lost, 223. was good shall be good, 649. was shall live as before, 649. we gave we have, 802. we have we prize not, 53. we left we lost, 802. we spent we had, 802. will Mrs. Grundy say, 457. Whatever is best administered, 318. is is in its causes just, 276. is is not, 284. is is right, 316. is worth doing at all, 352. was great seemed to him little, 591. was or is or will be, 740. Whatsoever a man soweth, 847. state I am, in, 847. thing is lost, 424. things are honest, 847. things are just, 847. things are lovely, 847. things are of good report, 847. things are pure, 847. things are true, 847. thy hand findeth to do, 831. ye would that men should do, 839. Wheat, as two grains of, 60. for this planting, 616. Wheedling arts, the, 348. Wheel, as she turns the giddy, 393. broken at the cistern, 831. butterfly upon a, 328. in the midst of a wheel, 835. noisy, was still, 634. shoulder to the, 189. the sofa round, 420. the world is a, 610. Wheels of brazen chariots, 236. of Phoebus' wain, 243. of weary life stood still, 276. Wheel-work, was man made a, 649. Wheeson week, Wednesday in, 89. Whelp and hound, mongrel, 400. When found make a note of, 652. he would he shall have nay, 9. I ope my lips, 60. in doubt win the trick, 861. Israel of the Lord, 493. Israel was from bondage led, 261. love speaks, 56. lovely woman stoops to folly, 403. shall we three meet again, 115. taken to be well shaken, 454. the age is in the wit is out, 52. the sea was roaring, 't was, 347. we two parted, 539. Whence and what art thou, 229. can comfort spring, 479. is thy learning, 348. Where dwellest thou, 103. go the poet's lines, 636. go we know not, 48. I would ever be, I am, 538. ignorance is bliss, 382. is my child, an echo answers, 550. law ends tyranny begins, 364. lives the man that has not tried, 492. Macgregor sits, 790. my Julia's lips do smile, 201. none admire, useless to excel, 377. the bee sucks there suck I, 43. the Lord knows, 318. the shoe pinches, 724. the tree falleth, 831. thou lodgest I will lodge, 814. was Roderick then, 492. your treasure is, 838. Whereabout, prate of my, 119. Where'er I roam, 394. Wherefore are these things hid, 74. art thou Romeo, 105. for every why a, 50, 210. in all things, why and, 93. Wheresoever whensoever, 436. Whether in sea or fire, 126. Whetstone, the blunt, 32. While I was musing, 819. stands the Coliseum, 546. thee I seek protecting Power, 674. there is life there 's hope, 349. Whining school-boy, 69. Whip, a hangman's, 448. in every honest hand a, 155. me such honest knaves, 149. Whips and scorns of time, 135. Whipped for o'erdoing termagant, 137. the offending Adam, 90. Whipping, who should 'scape, 134. Whipster, every puny, 156. Whirligig of time, 77. Whirlwind of passion, 137. reap the, 835. rides in the, 299, 331. Whirlwind's roar, 394. sway, sweeping, 383. Whisper, full well the busy, 397. hark they, 334. of the throne, shape the, 633. softness in chambers, 254. well-bred, close the scene, 419. with far-heard, 498. Whispers low, when duty, 600. of each other's watch, 91. of fancy, 367. the o'er-fraught heart, 124. Whispered in heaven, 't was, 674. it to the woods, 238. word, sweet in every, 551. Whispering humbleness, 61. I will ne'er consent, 556. lovers made, for, 395. tongues can poison truth, 500. wind, bayed the, 396. with white lips, 543. Whist, the wild waves, 42. Whistle and she will come to you, 198, 449. and sing, still he'd, 436. clear as a, 351. free, the shrill winds, 653. her off and let her down, 153. paid dear for his, 361. them back, when he pleased, 399. wel ywette, 3. Whistles in his sound, pipes and, 69. Whistled for want of thought, 273. Whistling aloud to bear his courage up, 354. of a name, 262, 319. to keep from being afraid, 277. White, a moment, then melts, 451. as heaven, soul as, 197. as snow, beard was as, 142. black and gray, 231. or a black stone, 789. pure celestial, 574. radiance of eternity, 565. shall not neutralize the black, 651. so very white, nor, 464. wench's black eye, 106. will have its black, 404. wonder of Juliet's hand, 108. Whited sepulchres, 841. White-handed hope, 243. Whiteness, angel, 52. of his soul, he had kept the, 543. Whitens in the sun, web that, 526. Whiter than driven snow, 380. Whitewashed wall, 397. White-winged reapers, 264. Whither thou goest I will go, 814. Who ran to help me when I fell, 535. that hath ever been, 497. think not God at all, 242. think too little, 268. thinks must mourn, 289. would fardels bear, 136. would not be a boy, 541. would not weep, 327. Whole duty of man, 832. half was more than the, 758. head is sick, 832. heart is faint, 832. of it, let me taste the, 650. of life to live, 't is not the, 496. one stupendous, 316. part we see but not a, 315. stay of bread, 833. world, if he shall gain the, 840. world kin, makes the, 102. Wholesome restraint, liberty is, 531. the nights are, 127. Wholesomest, old wine is, 181. Whores were burnt alive, 287. Whose dog are you, 334. Whoso sheddeth man's blood, 812. Why a wherefore, every, 50, 210. and wherefore in all things, 93. ar' n't they all contented, 689. thus longing thus forever sighing, 680. Wicked cease from troubling, 816. flee when no man pursueth, 829. forsake his way, 834. little better than one of the, 83. man was never wise, 342. mercies of the, are cruel, 826. must have done something, 763. no man all at once, 721. no peace unto the, 834. or charitable, be thy intents, 130. something, this way comes, 123. world, vanity of this, 850. Wickedness, disgrace of, added to old age, 735. methods in man's, 197. one man's, 710. sweet in his mouth, 817. tents of, dwell in the, 821. Wickliffe's dust shall spread abroad, 484. Wide, a world too, 69. as a church door, 't is not so, 107. as his will extends, 342. as the waters be, 484. enough for thee and me, 378. is the gate, 839. sea, alone on a, 498. the villains march, 87. was his parish, 2. Widening, ever, slowly silence all, 629. Wide-waving wings, 424. Widow of fifty, here 's to the, 442. some undone, 194. weeds appears, in, 449. woman, 815. Widows, thousands of undone, 172. Widow's heart to sing, 817. Widowed wife and wedded maid, 494. Wielded at will, 241. Wife, all the world and his, 293. and children hostages to fortune, 165. and children impediments to great enterprises, 165. Caesar's, free from suspicion, 727. dearer than the bride, 377. giving honour unto the, 849. love your neighbour's, 591. man who tells his, all he knows, 222. mirror of an honest, 463. my particular plague is my, 730. not so much as suspected, 727. of mine, sweet wee, 450. of thy bosom, 813. sympathetic, 698. the shoemaker's, 15. the weaker vessel, 849. true and honourable, 112. what would you with my, 791. whoso findeth a, 827. widowed, and wedded maid, 494. with nine small children, 687. Wifly patience, flour of, 4. Wight borne to disastrous end, 30. if ever such, were, 151. O base Hungarian, 45. of high renown, 406. Wild and willowed shore, 487. by starts 't was, 390. in their attire, so, 116. in woods, when, 275. passion-waves lulled to rest, 562. the garden was a, 513. thyme blows, bank where the, 58. waves saying, what are the, 680. with all regret, 630. Wilderness, choice grain into this, 266. lodge in some vast, 418. lodging-place in the, 835. love in such a, 516. of single instances, 627. of sweets, 235. of warning, 661. Wildernesses, desert, 243. Wild-fowl, concerning, 77. Wild-goose chase, 786. Wild-warbling measures, 447. Wile, children with endearing, 397. Wiles, cranks and wanton, 248. transient sorrows simple, 474. Will and fate fix'd fate, 228. based upon her people's, 623. be there a, 444. complies against his, 215. craft of, 163. current of a woman's, 670. executes a freeman's, 538. for if she, she will, 313. for the deed, 292, 297, 772. glideth at his own sweet, 470. good or evil, save in the, 746. good or ill lies in the, 744. good, toward men, 841. had tongue at, 151. Honeycomb, 297. I should have my, 788. left free the human, 334. my poverty but not my, 108. not when he may, 9. one man's, to live by, 31. or won't, a woman, 313. pay thy poverty not thy, 108. puzzles the, 136. reason firm the temperate, 475. reason panders, 140. serveth not another's, 174. star of the unconquered, 613. state's collected, 438. to do the soul to dare, 491. torrent of a woman's, 313. unconquerable, 223. when you, they won't, 703. wielded at, 241. William cook, tell, 90. you are old father, 506. Willie Winkie, wee, 679. Willing hart, 11. the spirit indeed is, 841. to wound, 327. Willingly let it die, not, 253. Willow, all a green, 9. lake where drooped the, 596. willow willow, oh, 406. Willows, dew-drooping, 666. harps upon the, 824. Willowed shore, wild and, 487. Willowy brook, 455. Wills and fates do so contrary run, 138. to do or say, 238. Win a woman with his tongue, 44. the good we oft might, 47. the trick, when in doubt, 861. they laugh that, 155. us to our harm, 116. us with honest trifles, 116. with grace to, 600. wouldst wrongly, 117. Wins not more than honesty, 100. Wince, let the galled jade, 138. Wind and his nobility, betwixt the, 83. and tide, 10. argument against an east, 663. bayed the whispering, 396. beggared by the strumpet, 62. blew you hither, what, 90. blow, come wrack, 126. blow thou winter, 70. blows loudly, nor ever, 629. bloweth where it listeth, 842. breathing of the common, 471. crannying, save to the, 543. dry sun dry, 21. embraced by the strumpet, 62. fly upon the wings of the, 818. God gives, by measure, 206. God tempers the, 379. he that observeth the, 831. hears God in the, 315. him up for fourscore years, 276. hollow blasts of, 347. hope constancy in, 539. ill blows the, which profits nobody, 90. ill, turns none to good, 20. ill, which blows no man good, 90. is, see which way the, 195. large a charter as the, 68. let her down the, 153. may the east, never blow when he goes a-fishing, 207. of criticism, 375. or weather, nought cared for, 503. pass by me as the idle, 114. passeth over it, 823. run before the, 393. sails filled with lusty, 37. sits the, in that corner, 51. sorrow's keenest, 482. stands as never it stood, 20. streaming to the, 224. tears shall drown the, 118. that follows fast, 537. that grand old harper, 667. they have sown the, 835. thunder-storm against the, 546. to keep the, away, 144. upon the wings of the, 818. voice in every, 381. when she dances in the, 274. Winds and waves on the side of the ablest navigators, 430. blew great guns, though, 436. blow, crack your cheeks, 146. blow till they have wakened death, 151. can blow, wherever, 413. come, come as the, 493. courted by all the, 242. four-square to all the, 628. happy, upon her played, 627. imprisoned in the viewless, 48. in their hands, 712. naked woods and wailing, 573. of doctrine were let loose, 255. of heaven visit her face, 128. of March with beauty, take the, 77. on the wings of all the, 23. rides on the posting, 160. stormy, do blow, 176, 515. swept the mountain-height, 568. that hold them play, 242. their revels keep, 679. were love-sick, 157. whistle free, the shrill, 653. Wind-beaten hill, 515. Winding bout, with many a, 249. Rhine, wide and, 543. up days with toil, 92. way, see them on their, 536. Winding-sheet of Edward's race, 383. snow shall be their, 515. Window like a pillory, each, 214. light through yonder, 105. of the east, the golden, 104. tirlin' at the, cryin' at the lock, 679. Windows of the sky, 357. of the soul, 782. storied, richly dight, 250. that exclude the light, 386. Windowed raggedness, 147. Windy night a rainy morrow, 162. side of the law, keep on the, 76. Wine, a cup of hot, 103. a new friend is as new, 837. and I 'll not look for, 179. and women dotages of human kind, 188. and women, let us have, 557. come come good, 152. flown with insolence and, 224. for thy stomach's sake, 848. good, needs no bush, 72. in toys in lusts or, 260. invisible spirit of, 152. is a good familiar creature, 152. is a mocker, 827. is the mirror of the heart, 696. ivy-branch over the, 714. like the best, 832. look not thou upon the, 828. of another, drink the, 764. of life is drawn, 120. of wits the wise beguile, 345. old books old, 401. old, to drink, 171. old, wholesomest, 181. our goblets gleam in, 678. out-did the frolic, 203. pernicious to mankind, 338. sudden friendship springs from, 350. sweet poison of misused, 243. that maketh glad the heart, 823. truth in, 719. walnuts and the, 623. women and, 811. Wines, purple as their, 332. Wine-press alone, trodden the, 834. Wing, as a noiseless, 543. bird on the, 680. conquest's crimson, 383. damp my intended, 238. dropped from an angel's, 484. human soul take, 552. ne'er stoops to earth her, 523. oblivion stretch her, 347. quill from an angel's, 484. Wings, add speed to thy, 229. at heaven's gate she claps her, 32. chickens under her, 841. clip an angel's, 574. flies with swallow's, 97. flung rose from their, 238. friendship is love without, 560. girt with golden, 243. golden hours on angel's, 450. healing in his, 836. in tears, dip their, 632. lend your, 335. lends corruption lighter, 322. like a dove, oh that I had, 820. love without his, 560. of all the winds, 23. of an ostrich, 590. of borrowed wit, 200. of night, falls from the, 614. of silence, float upon the, 244. of the morning, 824. of the wind, fly upon the, 818. of winds came flying, on, 327. on wide-waving, 424. riches make themselves, 828. sailing on obscene, 501. seem to walk on, 339. shadow of thy, 818. spreads his light, 333. that which hath, 831. Winged Cupid is painted blind, 57. hours of bliss, 514. sea-girt citadel, 541. the shaft, 539. Wink, I have not slept one, 160. Winkie, wee Willie, 679. Winking Mary-buds, 159. Winning wave, 201. world worth the, 272. Winsome wee thing, 450. Winter comes to rule, 356. in his bounty, no, 159. in thy year, no, 438. is past, for lo the, 832. lingering chills the lap of May, 394. loves a dirge-like sound, 486. my age is as a lusty, 67. of our discontent, 95. ruler of the inverted year, 420. weeds outworn, her, 566. when the dismal rain, 667. wind, blow blow thou, 70. Winters more, ran he on ten, 276. Winter's day, man's life like a, 263. day, sunbeam in a, 358. fury, withstood the, 671. head, crown old, 259. Wintry world, in this, 524. Wipe a bloody nose, 349. my weeping eyes, 303. Wiped away the weeds, 598. our eyes of drops, 69. with a little address, 416. Wisdom, all men's, 861. and wit are born with a man, 195. and wit are little seen, 312. apply our hearts unto, 822. at one entrance, 230. beyond the rules of physic, 167. crieth without, 824. earth sounds my, 344. finds a way, 444. from another's mishaps, 713. in the scorn of consequence, 623. is better than rubies, 825. is humble, 422. is justified of her children, 839. is rare in youth and beauty, 343. is the gray hair unto men, 836. is the principal thing, 825. is the result of human, 375. lingers but knowledge comes, 626. man of years, the man of, 309. married to immortal verse, 481. mounts her zenith, 433. nearer when we stoop, 479. never lies, 342. not acquired by years, 700. of many, wit of one, 861. of our ancestors, 407. overmatch for strength, 715. point of, to be silent, 729. price of, is above rubies, 817. seems the part of, 420. shall die with you, 816. short saying contains much, 697. spirit of, 833. staple of all, 409. the prime, 237. therefore get, 825. vain, all and false philosophy, 228. wake, though, 231. will not enter, there, 594. with each studious year, 544. with mirth, who mixed, 399. world is governed with little, 195. Wisdom's aid, friend of pleasure, 390. gate, suspicion sleeps at, 231. part, this is, 362. school, saint in, 181. self oft seeks solitude, 244. Wise above that which is written, 845. all that men held, 217. amazed temperate and furious, 120. among fools, to be, 721. and masterly inactivity, 457. and salutary neglect, 408. as serpents, 839. as the frogs, 352. be lowly, 237. be not worldly, 203. beacon of the, 102. coffee makes the politician, 326. consider her ways and be, 825. convey the, it call, 45. defer not to be, 295. do never live long, so, 97. dreams, fly with thy, 342. exceeding, fair spoken, 101. excel, arts in which the, 279. father knows his own child, 62. follies of the, 365. folly to be, 382. fool doth think he is, 71. for cure on exercise depend, 270. good to be merry and, 9, 37, 450. great men are not always, 817. he bids fair to grow, 712. healthy wealthy and, 360. histories make men, 168. how cautious are the, 345. if you are wise, be, 701. in his own conceit, 828. in show, 252. in their own craftiness, 816. in your own conceits, 844. is he that can himselven knowe, 4. little, the best fools be, 177. little too, 172. made lowly, 475. man is strong, 828. man poor like a sacred book, 181. man, silence an answer to a, 730. man, to discover a, 765. man's son, every, 75. men avoid the faults of fools, 725. men profit more by fools, 725. men's counters, words are, 200. no man is born, 790. passiveness, in a, 466. person and a fool, difference between, 702. pound foolish penny, 186. saws and modern instances, 69. son maketh a glad father, 825. so young never live long, so, 97. spirits of the, sit in the clouds, 89. swift is less than to be, 341. teach a monarch to be, 387. the only wretched are the, 287. the reverend head, 303. through time, 337. to resolve patient to perform, 342. to talk with our past hours, 307. to-day, be, 306. type of the, 485. well to be merry and, 689. what is it to be, 319. wine can of their wits the, beguile, 345. with speed be, 311. words of the, 832. Wisely, charming never so, 821. one that loved not, 156. whatever you do do, 802. who reasons, 320. worldly, be, 203. Wiser and better grow, 670. being good than bad, 650. for his learning, no man is, 195. in his own conceit, 828. in their generation, 842. second thoughts are ever, 699. than a daw, no, 93. than the children of light, 842. Wisest brightest meanest of mankind, 319. censure, mouths of, 152. man who is not wise, 472. may be perplexed, the, 408. men not the greatest clerks, 3, 17. men, relished by the, 389. of men, Socrates the, 241. to entrap the, 63. virtuousest best, 238. Wish and care, man whose, 334. her stay, who saw to, 237. his religion an anxious, 578. not what we, 390. was father to that thought, 90. Wishes, all their country's, 389. in idle, fools supinely stay, 444. lengthen like our shadows, 309. never learned to stray, their sober, 385. soon as granted fly, whose, 488. stilled, be my vain, 674. Wished devoutly to be, 135. she had not heard it, 150. Wishing, content myself with, 376. of all employments, 308. Wishings, good meanings and, 205. Wist, beware of had I, 9. Wit, a man in, 335. and gay rhetoric, 246. among lords, 369. and wisdom are little seen, 312. and wisdom born with a man, 195. brevity is the soul of, 133. brightens, how the, 324. cause that, is in other men, 88. eloquence and poetry, 260. enjoy your dear, 246. fault of a penetrating, 796. for so much room there is no, 222. hast so much, 300. her, was more than man, 270. high as metaphysic, 210. in a jest, whole, 196. in the combat, whose, 519. in the fountain of, 706. in the very first line, 399. invites you, his, 415. is a feather, 319. is out when age is in, 52. men of, will condescend, 290. miracle instead of, 311. mouses, not worth a leke, 4. much, but shy of using it, 209. nature dressed is true, 323. ne'er beware of my own, 67. no room for, heads so little, 222. of one, wisdom of many, 861. one man's, all men's wisdom, 861. piety nor, shall lure it back, 768. plentiful lack of, 133. put his whole, in a jest, 196. shines at the expense of his memory, 800. skirmish of, there 's a, 50. so narrow human, 323. sum of Shakespeare's, 600. that can creep, 328. the Scotch are void of, 389. to mortify a, 329. too fine a point to your, 792. too proud for a, 399. will come, and fancy, 336. will shine, 270. wine beguile the wise of, 345. wings of borrowed, 200. with dunces, 331. Wits, dunce with, 331. encounter of our, 96. good, jump, 791. great, jump, 378. home-keeping youth have homely, 44. lord among, 369. so many heads so many, 10. to madness near allied, 267. write pen devise, 55. Wit's end, at their, 12, 823. Witch hath power to charm, 127. the world with noble horsemanship, 86. Witches steal young children, 187. Witchcraft, hell of, 163. this only is the, I have used, 151. Witchery of the soft blue sky, 468. Witching time of night, 139. Witchingly instil a sweetness, 357. With thee, there 's no living, 300. Wither, his leaf also shall not, 818. her, age cannot, 157. Withered and shaken, 584. and so wild in their attire, 116. in their pride, 643. is the garland of the war, 159. when true hearts lie, 521. Withering fled, hope, 551. on the ground, 338. on the stalk, maidens, 477. on the virgin thorn, 57. Withers are unwrung, our, 138. at another's joy, 355. Within, I have that, which passeth show, 127. is good and fair, 503. it hardens a, 448. one of her, 297. that awful volume lies, 494. that 's innocent, 329. they that are, would fain go out, 176. Without or this or that, 322. thee I cannot live, 569. Thee we are poor, 421. they that are, would fain go in, 176. Witnesses, cloud of, 848. Witty in myself, I am not only, 88. it shall be not long, 353. to talk with, 256. words though ne'er so, 25. Wives are young men's mistresses, 165. men with mothers and, 585. strawberry, 171. Wiving and hanging go by destiny, 63. Wizards that peep and mutter, 833. Woe, aged in this world of, 542. Altama murmurs to their, 398. amid severest, 381. awaits a country, 489. being not unacquainted with, 185. bowed down by weight of, 561. by some degree of, 377. checkered paths of joy and, 362. day of, the watchful night, 508. deepest notes of, 452. doth tread upon another's heel, 143. every, a tear can claim, 548. fig for care fig for, 9. gave signs of, 239. heritage of, 551. is me to have seen what I have, 136. Jove gave us, 339. life protracted is protracted, 365. luxury of, 518. man of, not always a, 487. melt at others', 335, 346. mockery of, the, 335. not always a man of, 487. of years, knelled the, 646. pilot of my proper, 552. ponderous, though a, 289. raging impotence of, 341. rearward of a conquered, 162. sabler tints of, 386. silence in love bewrays more, 25. sleep the friend of, 508. smiles of joy the tears of, 524. source of my bliss and, 398. succeeds a woe, 202. teach me to feel another's, 334. that ever felt another's, 340. touch of joy or, 389. trappings and suits of, 127. truth denies all eloquence to, 551. Woes cluster, 308. from woman rose, what mighty, 345. historian of my country's, 342. new wail with old, 161. rare are solitary, 308. shall serve for sweet discourses, 108. starry Galileo with his, 545. tear that flows for others', 424. unnumbered, 336. Woe-begone, so dead in look so, 88. Wold not when he might, 405. Wolf dwell with the lamb, 833. from the door, 8. howling of the, 38. on the fold, like the, 551. Wolves, silence ye, 331. Woman a contradiction at best, 322. among all those, not found a, 830. and may be wooed, she 's a, 104. believe a, or an epitaph, 539. brawling, in a wide house, 827. contentious, 829. could play the, with mine eyes, 124. dare, what will not gentle, 507. destructive damnable deceitful, 280. died, the saint sustained it the, 335. excellent thing in, 149. for thy more sweet understanding a, 54. frailty thy name is, 128. fury of a disappointed, 296. good name in man and, 153. hath nine lives like a cat, 16. hell contains no fouler fiend than, 345. how divine a thing, may be made, 475. I hate a dumpy, 556. in her first passion, 557. in our hours of ease, 490. in this humour wooed, 96. in this humour won, 96. in unwomanly rags, 585. is at heart a rake, 321. is fair, die because a, 199. is woman's natural ally, 698. laborin' man and laborin', 658. laid old Troy in ashes, 280. lays his hand upon a, 463. light of a dark eye in, 544. like a dewdrop, 644. lost Mark Antony the world, 280. lovely woman, O, 280. loves her lover, 557. man delights not me no nor, 134. man that is born of, 817. mist is dispelled by, 348. moved is like a fountain troubled, 73. nature made thee to temper man, 280. O woman, perfect, 183. of her word, honest, 63. one hair of a, 191. one that was a, 143. perfect, nobly planned, 475. perfected, earth's noblest thing, 656. poor Ione, 89. preaching, 371. scorned, no fury like a, 294. she is a, 93, 104. should be good for everything at home, 699. smiled, till, 513. still be a, to you, 305. still gentler sister, 448. stoops to folly, when lovely, 403. stranger thing is, 559. such duty, oweth to her husband, 73. supper with such a, 561. take an elder, let the, 75. take some savage, 626. that deliberates is lost, 298. that seduces all mankind, 348. therefore may be won, 104. therefore may be wooed, 104. therefore to be won, 93. thou large-brain'd, 621. trusted a secret to a, 725. what mighty ills done by, 280. what mighty woes from, 345. widow, 815. will or won't depend on 't, 313. Woman's breast his favourite seat, 482. counsel, a virtuous, 36. eye, black is a pearl in a, 35. eye, such beauty as a, 55. eyes, light that lies in, 522. faith and woman's trust, 494. heart, the way to hit a, 597. looks, my only books were, 522. love, brief my lord as, 138. love, paths to a, 198. mood, fantastic as a, 492. nay stands for naught, 163. praise, sweeter sound of, 593. reason, no other but a, 44. whole existence, love is, 556. will, current of a, 670. will, torrent of a, 313. work is never done, 688. Woman-country! wooed not wed, 647. Womanhood and childhood, 614. Womankind, best of, 346. faith in, 630. Womb of morning dew, 28. of nature, wild abyss the, 229. of pia mater, in the, 55. of the morning, 823, 851. of uncreated night, 227. Women, alas the love of, 557. and brave men, 542. and song, wine, 811. bevy of fair, 240. England is a paradise for, 192. faded for ages, 648. find few real friends, 377. framed to make, false, 151. have no character, most, 321. hear these tell-tale, 97. in their first passion, 796. Italy is a hell for, 192. lamps shone o'er fair, 542. men and, merely players, 69. must weep, 664. pardoned all except her face, 559. passing the love of, 815. pleasing punishment of, 50. seven, take hold of one man, 833. sweet is revenge to, 556. wear the breeches, 186. went astray, if weak, 287. when Achilles hid himself among, 219. wine and, 188, 557. wish to be who love their lords, 392. won't, when you will, 703. words are, deeds are men, 206. Women's eyes, from, 56. weapons water-drops, 146. Won, grace that, 237. nor lost, neither, 672. not unsought be, 237. she is a woman therefore to be, 93. showed how fields were, 396. though baffled oft is ever, 548. was ever woman in this humour, 96. when the battle 's lost and, 145. Wonder, all mankind's, 279. grew, still the, 397. how the devil they got there, 327. last but nine deies, 6. nine days', 616. of an hour, 541. of Juliet's hand, white, 108. of our stage, the, 179. what I was begun for, 689. where you stole 'em, 290. without our special, 122. Wonders, hair on end at his own, 420. that I yet have heard, 112. to perform, his, 423. Wonderful is death, how, 567. most wonderful, 70. their unanimity is, 441. thy love to me was, 815. yet again, 70. Wonderfully and fearfully made, 824. Wondering for his bread, 420. Wondrous excellence, 163. kind, makes one, 387. pitiful, 't was, 150. strange, this is, 133. strong yet lovely in your strength, 544. sweet and fair, so, 220. Won't, if she, she won't, 313. Wonted fires, e'en in our ashes, 385. Woo her, and that would, 151. her as the lion wooes his brides, 392. men are April when they, 71. Wood, born in a, 202. deep and gloomy, 467. drudgery at the desk's dead, 509. land to plant a, 289. not stones nor, make a state, 437. old, burns brightest, 181. one impulse from a vernal, 466. sighs to find them in the, 573. till Birnam, do come, 125. till Birnam, remove, 124. to burn, old, 171. what, a cudgel 's by the blow, 213. Woods against a stormy sky, 569. and pastures new, fresh, 248. are full of them, 860. Greta, are green, 492. have eares, 17. or steepy mountains, 40. pleasure in the pathless, 547. senators of mighty, 575. stoic of the, 516. to the sleeping, singeth, 499. wailing winds and naked, 573. when wild in, 275. whispered it to the, 238. Woodbine, luscious, 58. well-attired, 248. Woodcocks, springes to catch, 130. Wooden shoes, round-heads and, 300. walls of England, 861. Woodman spare that tree, 595. spare the beechen tree, 516. Woodman's axe lies free, 570. Wood-notes wild, native, 249. Wood-pigeons breed, where the, 380. Wooed, beautiful therefore to be, 93. in haste to wed at leisure, 72. woman therefore may be, 104. woman in this humour, 96. would be, not unsought be won, 237. Wooer, was a thriving, 295. Woof, spun out of Iris', 243. weave the warp weave the, 383. Wooing in my boys, I 'll go, 406. the caress, 555. Wooingly, heaven's breath smells, 117. Wool, all cry and no, 211. go for, come home shorn, 791. moche crye and no, 7. of bat and tongue of dog, 123. tease the huswife's, 246. Wool-gathering, thoughts ran a, 792. wits from, 173. Woollen, odious in, 321. Word, accoutred as I was upon the, 110. Alone, knells in that, 606. Alone, that worn out, 606. and a blow, 107, 277. and measured phrase, 470. answer me in one, 70. as fail, no such, 606. as good as his bond, 790. at random spoken, 492. changed for a worse one, 343. character dead at every, 442. choleric, in the captain, 48. damned use that, in hell, 108. dropped a tear upon the, 379. everich, he most reherse, 2. every whispered, 551. farewell a, that must be, 548. farewell that fatal, 551. fitly spoken, 828. flirtation that significant, 353. for teaching me that, 65. God in his works and, 304. He was the, that spake it, 177. honest woman of her, 63. honour, what is that, 87. in season spoken, 611. it was bilbow, the, 351. light dies before thy uncreating, 332. never break thy, 750. never wanted a good, 400. no man relies on, 279. of Caesar might have stood, 113. of onset gave, 474. of promise to our ear, 126. of righteousness, 848. once familiar, 581. reputation dies at every, 326. so idly spoken, 606. spoken in due season, 826. suit the action to the, 137. sweet in every whispered, 551. tears wash out a, 768. that must be, 548. think not thy, alone is right, 692. to scorn, laughed his, 415. to the action, suit the, 137. to throw at a dog, 66. too large, tempted her with, 52. torture one poor, 270. voice like a prophet's, 562. wash out a, of it, 768. whose lightest, 131. with her sharp is the, 294. with this learned Theban, 147. Words all ears took captive, whose, 74. all the power of, 330. and actions, from all her, 238. apt and gracious, delivers in, 55. are but empty thanks, 296. are faint, all, 437. are like leaves, 323. are men's daughters, 368. are no deeds, 98. are the daughters of earth, 368. are the physician of a mind diseased, 695. are things, 558. are wise men's counters, 200. are women deeds are men, 206. as in fashions, in, 324. at random flung, 437. be few, let thy, 830. be not confused in, 755. bethumped with, 78. brave Raleigh spoke, 330. charm agony with, 53. congealed by cold, 738. darkeneth counsel by, 817. deceiving, in, 251. deeds not, 185. Emerson whose rich, 658. fair, never hurt the tongue, 38. familiar as household, 92. finden, newe, 2. fine, wonder where you stole 'em, 290. flows in fit, 268. fly up, my, 140. forcible are right, 816. give sorrow, 124. have suffered corruption, 174. he multiplieth, 817. I understand a fury in your, 155. immodest, admit of no defence, 278. in their best order, 505. intellectual power through, 480. joys of sense lie in three, 319. like airy servitors, 253. long-tailed, in osity, 462. men of few, are the best men, 91. move slow, the, 324. multitude of, 758. Narcissa's last, 321. no, can paint, 437. no, suffice the secret soul, 551. of all sad, of tongue or pen, 619. of learned length, 397. of love then spoken, 523. of Marmion, the last, 490. of Mercury are harsh, 57. of the wise as goads, 832. of truth and soberness, 843. repeats his, 79. report thy, how he may, 242. rhapsody of, 140. smell of the apron, 732. smelt of the lamp, 728. smoother than butter, 821. sounding on through, 465. spareth his, 827. sweet as honey, 337. ten low, in one dull line, 324. that Bacon or Raleigh spoke, 330. that burn, 382. that have been so nimble, 196. that weep and tears that speak, 262. the unpleasantest, 64. the shadows of actions, 729. things not made for, 759. thou hast spoken, 682. though ne'er so witty, 25. to give fair, 12. to them, wut 's, 660. two narrow, hic jacet, 27. two, to that bargain, 294. unpack my heart with, 135. weighty sense flows in fit, 268. were few, looks were fond, 537. were now written, that my, 817. with heavenly, 36. with these dark, 479. without knowledge, 817. without thoughts, 140. words words, 133. worst of thoughts the worst of, 153. writ in waters, 37. Wordsworth's healing power, 665. Wordy, be not, 750. Wore a wreath of roses, 581. Work and tools, there is always, 656. books or, or healthful play, 302. born with him, man's, 656. creature 's at his dirty, again, 327. for man to mend, 270. goes bravely on, the, 295. huddle up their, 419. is done, the reaper's, 570. made manifest, 845. man goeth forth unto his, 823. many hands make light, 17. men must, 664. nature's noblest, 446. night cometh when no man can, 843. noblest, she classes O, 446. of a moment, 785. of God, the noblest, 319. of our hands, 822. of polished idleness, 457. of their own hearts, 566. rising to a man's, 753. together for good, 844. to sport as tedious as to, 83. under our labour grows, 238. what a piece of, is a man, 134. who first invented, 509. woman's, is never done, 688. workman known by the, 797. Works done least rapidly, 647. each natural agent, 36. follows God in his, 304. full of good, 843. in, subdued to what it, 163. most authors steal their, 325. nature sighing through all hell, 239. of nature, ford of all, 30. rich in good, 848. son of his own, 785. these are thy glorious, 235. universal, blank of nature's, 230. Workers, men the, 626. Working our salvation, tools of, 215. out a pure intent, 482. out its way, fiery soul, 267. Workings, hum of mighty, 576. Working-day world, full of briers, 66. Workman known by the work, 797. not to be ashamed, 848. World, all corners of the, 160. all is right with the, 644. all the beauty of the, 262. all the uses of this, 128. along its path advances, 523. always morn somewhere in the, 604. an idler too, busy, 420. and his wife, all the, 293. and its dread laugh, 356. and worldlings base, 90. another and a better, 805. applaud the hollow ghost, 665. as good be out of the, 296. assassination has never changed the history of the, 607. bade the, farewell, 513. balance of the old, 464. banish all the, 85. bank-note, 563. before the whole, 798. bestride the narrow, 110. better, than this, 66. blows and buffets of the, 121. books a substantial, 477. borrow the name of the, 166. breathers of this, 162. breathes out contagion to this, 139. brought death into the, 223. but as a stage, 784. called the new, into existence, 464. calls idle, whom the, 420. came up stairs into the, 294. can give, not a joy the, 553. can never fill, void the, 422. cankers of a calm, 86. cast out of the, and despised, 27. children of this, 842. citizen of the, 605, 739, 764. commandress of the, 35. creation's heir the, 394. daffed the, aside, 86. dissolves, when all the, 41. doth but two nations bear, 263. dreams books are each a, 477. drowsy syrups of the, 154. enchants the, 356. envy of the, 408. ere the, be past, 396. falls when Rome falls, 546. far from ours, some, 567. fashion of this, passeth away, 845. fever of the, 467. for all the, he was, 90. flesh and the devil, 850. foremost man of all this, 114. forgetting by the world forgot, 333. four corners of the, 781. gain the whole, 840. gifts of the, 66. girdle round about the, 36. give the, the lie, 25. goes, honest as this, 133. goes up the world goes down, 664. goes with no eyes, 148. good bye proud, 598. good deed in a naughty, 66. grew pale, name at which the, 365. had wanted many an idle song, 326. half-brother of the, America, 654. half of the, knoweth not how the other half liveth, 771. harmoniously confused, 333. harmony of the, 31. has nothing to bestow, 362. hath flattered all the, 26. he gave his honours to the, 100. he pleases all the, 800. he that knows not the, 755. he was for all the, 90. him who bore the, 483. his arm he flung against the, 642. how little wisdom governs the, 195. how this, goes with no eyes, 148. I have not loved the, 544. I hold the, but as the world, 60. I never have sought the, 374. if all the, were young, 68. if God hath made this, so fair, 497. impossible to please all the, 797. in arms, against a, 593. in arms, come the, 80. in charity with the, 292. in love with night, 107. in that new, 627. in the morning of the, 644. in the universal, 93. in this canting, 378. in this wintry, 524. in vain had tried, 526. in which I moved alone, 564. inhabit this bleak, alone, 521. into this breathing, 95. is a bubble, 170. is a comedy, 389. is a stage, all the, 69, 173, 780. is a strange affair, 797. is a theatre the earth a stage, 194. is a tragedy to those who feel, 389. is a wheel, the, 610. is all a fleeting show, this, 524. is ancient, when the, 169. is given to lying, how this, 88. is good and the people are good, 673. is grown so bad, 96. is mine oyster, 45. is not thy friend, 108. is too much with us, 476. is wide enough for both, 378. its veterans rewards, 321. jest and riddle of the, 317. knows me in my book, 778. knows nothing of its greatest men, 594. knows only two, 178. light of the, ye are the, 838. lights of the, 414. little foolery governs the, 195. little of this great, can I speak, 150. look round the habitable, 274. man is one, and hath another, 205. man of letters amongst men of the, 591. man of the, amongst men of letters, 591. man's ingress into the, 439. must be peopled, 51. my country is the, 605. naked through the, 155. natural and political, 409. ne'er saw, monster the, 279. no copy, leave the, 74. nourish all the, 56. now a bubble burst and now a, 315. of death, back to a, 500. of folke, 6. of happy days, to buy a, 96. of one religion, the, 604. of pleurisy and people, curest the, 199. of sighs, for my pains a, 150. of vile ill-favoured faults, 46. of waters, the rising, 230. of woe, aged in this, 542. one custom corrupt the, 629. our country is the, 605. out of fashion out of the, 296. peace to be found in the, 518. pendant hanging in a golden chain, 230. pomp and glory of this, 99. prevailed and its dread laugh, 356. proclaim, to all the sensual, 493. puritans gave action to the, 641. queen of the, 674. quiet limit of the, 625. rack of this tough, 149. reckless what I do to spite the, 121. rewards its votaries, 802. round about the pendent, 48. rub, let the, 786. secrets of the nether, 749. secure amidst a falling, 300. service of the antique, 67. shall mourn her, all the, 101. she followed him through all the, 627. shot heard round the, 599. sink, let the, 205. slide, let the, 9, 72, 198. slumbering, o'er a, 306. smooth its way through the, 353. snug farm of the, 507. so fair, God hath made this, 497. so runs the, away, 138. solitary monk who shook the, 610. soul of this, 742. spin forever, let the great, 626. stand up and say to all the, 115. start of the majestic, 110. statue that enchants the, 356. steal from the, 334. stood against the, 113. syllables govern the, 196. ten hours to the, 438. that few is all the, 39. that nourish all the, 56. the fever of the, 467. the flesh and the devil, 850. the lie, give the, 25. the whole, kin, 102. there is not in the wide, 520. this great roundabout, 424. this little, 81. this pendent, 230. this unintelligible, 467. three corners of the, 80. tired of wandering o'er the, 594. to curtain her sleeping, 568. to darkness, leaves the, 384. to give the, assurance, 140. to hide virtues in, 74. to live in, very good, 279. to peep at such a, 420. to see, a, 33. too glad and free, 589. too much respect upon the, 59. too noble for the, 103. too open for the, 655. too wide for his shrunk shank, 69. truth throughout the, 483. two nations bear, the, 263. uncertain comes and goes, 602. unheard by the, 524. unknown, into a, 616. upon the rack of this tough, 149. up stairs into the, I came, 294. uses of this, all the, 128. vanity of this wicked, 850. virtue passes current over the, 699. visitations daze the, 594. wag, let the, 11. wags, how the, 68. was all before them, 240. was guilty of a ballad, 54. was heard the, around, 251. was not to seek me, 374. was not worthy, of whom the, 848. was sad till woman smiled, 513. was worthy such men, 620. were young, if all the, 25. what I may appear to the, 278. when all the, dissolves, 41. where is any author in the, 55. who lost Mark Antony the, 280. who would inhabit alone this bleak, 521. wide enough for thee and me, 378. will come round to him, 601. will disagree in faith and hope, 318. witch the, with noble horsemanship, 86. with all its motley rout, 424. without a sun, 513. working-day, full of briers, 66. worship of the, but no repose, 565. worst, that ever was known, 279. worth the winning, 272. Worlds, allured to brighter, 396. best of all possible, 801. exhausted, imagined new, 366. in the yet unformed occident, 39. not realized, in, 478. should conquer twenty, 181. so many, so much to do, 633. wandering between two, 665. whose course is equable, 482. wrecks of matter and crush of, 299. World's altar-stairs, 632. creation, most ancient since the, 169. dread laugh, 356. great age begins anew, 566. great men, the, 638. law, nor the, 108. new fashion planted, 54. Shakespeare is not our poet but the, 511. tired denizen, the, 541. Worldlings do, testament as, 67. world and, 90. Worldly ends, thus neglecting, 42. goods, with all my, 851. life, the weariest, 49. wise, be not, 203. World-wide fluctuation, 634. Worm, bit with an envious, 104. darkness and the, 308. dieth not, where their, 841. in the bud, concealment like a, 75. is in the bud of youth, 423. man cannot make a, 776. needlessly sets foot upon a, 422. no god dare wrong a, 600. that hath eat of a king, 141. the canker and the grief, 555. the smallest, will turn, 95. Worms and epitaphs, let 's talk of, 81. devils at, 770. have eaten men, 71. of Nile, outvenoms all the, 160. Worn out with eating time, 276. Worn-out word Alone, 606. plan, man made on a, 660. Worse, make the, appear the better reason, 226, 759. deed, better day the, 282. for better for, 850. for the excuse, 80. for the wearing, 16. for wear, not much the, 417. further and fared, 17. greater feeling to the, 81. one word changed for a, 343. pray God they change for, 25. remains behind, 141. than a crime, it is, 805. than a man, little, 61. that which makes man no, 751. truth put to the, 255. Worship God he says, 447. of the great of old, silent, 554. of the world, they have the, 565. stated calls to, 369. still to the star of its, 524. the gods of the place, 193. to the garish sun, pay no, 107. too divine to love too fair to, 564. Worshipped stocks and stones, 252. sun, hour before the, 104. the rising than the setting sun, 726. Worshipper, nature mourns her, 488. Worst, bottom of the, 102. comes to the worst, 172, 785. inn's worst room, 322. of slaves, corrupted freemen, 387. of thoughts the worst of words, 153. speak something good, the, 205. that man can feel, 341. things present seem, 89. this is the, 148. to-morrow do thy, 273. treason has done his, 121. what began best can't end, 650. world that ever was known, 279. Worst-humored muse, 400. Worst-natured muse, 279. Worth a thousand men, 492. a whole eternity, 298. by poverty depressed, 366. conscience of her, 237. doing well, 352. in anything, what is, 213. makes the man, 319. man is, as he esteems himself, 771. of everything, 713. promise of celestial, 311. sad relic of departed, 541. slow rises, 366. stones of, like, 162. takes away half his, 346. the candle, not, 206. the search, not, 60. the winning, 272. this coil that 's made for me, 78. two of that, I know a trick, 84. what we have we prize not to the, 53. Worthier, would it were, 548. Worthily, life spent, 443. Worthless pomp of homage, 571. Worthy of all acceptation, 284. of their steel, 491. of your love, 471. world was not, of whom the, 848. Wot, as by lot God, 404. not what they are, 54. Would and we would not, 49. he shall have nay when he, 9. I, fain, but I dare not, 25. I had met my dearest foe, 128. I were a boy again, 679. I were dead now, 584. it were bedtime, 87. letting I dare not wait upon I, 118. not if I could be gay, 456. not live alway, I, 678. not when he might, 405. should do when we, 142. that I were low laid in my grave, 78. to be as be we, 38. Wouldst highly, what thou, 117. not play false, 117. thou holily, that, 117. wrongly win, 117. Wound, earth felt the, 239. felt a stain like a, 410. grief of a, take away the, 87. her very shoe has power to, 378. of Caesar, tongue in every, 114. purple with love's, 58. that never felt a, 105. tongue in every, 114. us, no tongue to, 522. willing to, 327. with a touch, 350. Wounds, bind up my, 97. of a friend, faithful are the, 829. wept o'er his, 396. Wounded hearts, here bring your, 524. in the house of my friends, 836. snake, like a, 324. spirit who can bear, 827. the spirit that loved thee, 682. Wrack, blow wind come, 126. Wranglers, imprisoned, 420. Wrangling lawyers, our, 186. Wraps the present hour, 380. their clay, turf that, 390. Wrath, Achilles', 336. allay, no twilight dews his, 493. be slow to, 849. infinite, and infinite despair, 231. measure of my, not within the, 44. nursing her, 451. of heaven, 464. soft answer turneth away, 826. sun go down upon your, 847. Wreath of roses, she wore a, 581. Wreaths, bound with victorious, 95. that endure affliction's heaviest shower, 482. Wreathed horn, Triton with his, 477. smiles, becks and, 248. Wreck of power, lay down the, 571. way out of his, 100. Wrecks, I saw a thousand fearful, 96. of matter, 299. Wrecked, greatest men oftest, 240. Wrens make prey, 96. Wrestle with, virtue has difficulties to, 775. Wrestles with us, he that, 411. Wrestled with him, 208. Wrestling, more like, than dancing, 754. Wretch concentred all in self, 488. condemned with life to part, 398. excellent, 153. hollow-eyed sharp-looking, 50. in order, to haud the, 448. leaves the, to weep, 402. on hope relies, the, 398. thou slave thou coward, 79. to live like a, 188. tremble thou, 147. Wretches feel, feel what, 147. hang that jurymen may dine, 326. poor naked, 147. such as I, weary road to, 448. Wretched are the wise, the only, 287. soul bruised with adversity, 50. souls of those that lived, 769. to relieve the, was his pride, 396. un-idea'd girls, 369. Wring his bosom, 403. under the load of sorrow, 53. your heart, let me, 140. Wrinkle, time writes no, 547. Wrinkles won't flatter, 559. Wrinkled care derides, 248. front of war, 95. Writ by God's own hand, 310. in choice Italian, 138. in remembrance, 81. in sour misfortune's book, 108. in water, deeds, 197. in water, whose name was, 577. in water, words, 37. proofs of holy, 154. stolen out of holy, 96. what is, is writ, 548. within the leaf of pity, 109. your annals true, 103. Write a verse or two, 204. about it goddess, 332. and cipher too, 397. and read comes by nature, to, 51. as funny as I can, 636. at any time, a man may, 371. fair, hold it baseness to, 145. finely upon a broomstick, 294. force them to, 211. in rhyme, those that, 213. in water, their virtues we, 100. it before them in a table, 834. look in thy heart and, 34. me down an ass, 53. nothing to, about, 748. pen devise wit, 55. the characters in dust, 494. the vision and make it plain, 836. though an angel should, 520. well hereafter, hope to, 253. with a goose pen, 76. with ease, you, 443. Writes, the moving finger, 768. Writer, one, excels at a plan, 403. pen of a ready, 820. Writers against religion, 407. Writing, easy, is curst hard reading, 443. maketh an exact man, 168. scarcely any style of, 367. true ease in, 324. well, nature's masterpiece is, 279. Written a book, that mine adversary, 817. out of reputation by himself, 284. that my words were now, 817. to after times, 253. troubles of the brain, 125. wise above that which is, 845. with a pen of iron, 835. Wrong, always in the, 268. cradled into poetry by, 566. day of, I have seen the, 56. dread of all who, 619. forever on the throne, 657. great right of an excessive, 650. him who treasures up a, 555. his argument, 399. his can't be, whose life is right, 318. in some nice tenets might be, 260. multitude is always in the, 278. one, but one idea and that a, 371, 609. oppressor's, 135. our country right or, 675. pursue yet condemn the, 295. side of thirty, 292. sow by the ear, 19, 785. that does no harm, 500. they may gang a kennin', 448. they ne'er pardon who have done the, 275. to dally with, 500. vengeance waits on, 344. we are both in the, 348. Wrongs in marble, some write their, 314. of base mankind, 345. of night, 203. unredressed, 480. Wrongdoer has left something undone, 755. Wronged orphans' tears, 194. Wrongly win, wouldst, 117. Wrote with ease, gentlemen who, 329. like an angel, 388. reading what they never, 419. them in the dust, 314. Wroth with one we love, 500. Wrought and afterwards he taught, 2. brain too finely, 413. by want of thought, 584. in a sad sincerity, 598. Wry-necked fife, squeaking of the, 62. Wut 's words to them, 660.

Xanadu, Kubla Khan in, 500. Xarifa, rise up, 677. Xerxes did die and so must I, 687.

Yaller pines, under the, 660. Yarn, is of a mingled, 74. Yawn confess, everlasting, 332. when churchyards, 139. Ye distant spires, 381. gentlemen of England, 176. gods it doth amaze me, 110. mariners of England, 514. Yea-forsooth knave, 88. Year, almanacs of the last, 258. by year we lose friends, 569. Christmas comes but once a, 20. days saddest of the, 573. happiest of the glad new, 624. heaven's eternal, is thine, 270. if I preach a whole, 439. mellowing, 246. memory outlive life half a, 138. moments make the, 311. no winter in thy, 438. rich with forty pounds a, 396. rolling, is full of Thee, 357. seasons return with the, 230. starry girdle of the, 513. three hundred pounds a, 46. vernal seasons of the, 254. were playing holidays, 83. where are the snows of last, 769. winter comes to rule the varied, 356. winter ruler of the inverted, 420. wisdom with each studious, 544. Years, ah happy, 541. days of our, 822. declined into the vale of, 153. dim with the mist of, 541. eternal, of God are hers, 573. fate seemed to wind him up for fourscore, 276. flag has braved a thousand, 514. flight of, unmeasured by the, 497. following years, 330. fourteen hundred, ago, 82. full of honor and, 655. if by reason of strength they be fourscore, 822. knelled the woe of, 646. laden with unhonoured, 449. life seemed formed of sunny, 679. love of life increased with, 432. man of wisdom is the man of, 309. measured by deeds not, 443. nature sink in, 299. none would live past, again, 276. O tide of the, 668. of Europe, better fifty, 626. of man, the first, 368. of peace, thousand, 633. outweighs, whole, 319. return, the golden, 566. sad presage of his future, 427. steal fire from the mind, 542. tears of boyhood's, 523. that bring the philosophic mind, 478. thought of our past, 478. thousand, in thy sight, 822. thousand, to form a state, 541. three thousand, ago, 517. threescore, and ten, 822. through endless, 526. through many changing, 611. time who steals our, 518. to be let for life or, 204. vanity in, 85. we do not count a man's, 603. we live in deeds not, 654. we spend our, as a tale, 822. weight of seventy, 479. where sleep the joys of other, 497. wisdom not acquired by, 700. with all the hopes of future, 615. young, seventy, 638. Years' pith, seven, 149. Yellow leaf, my days are in the, 555. leaf, sere the, 124. melancholy, green and, 76. primrose was to him, 468. sands, come unto these, 42. to the jaundiced eye, 325. Yemen sword, with his, 811. Yeoman's service, it did me, 145. Yesterday and to-day, 848. great families of, 286. in embryo, man, 753. O call back, bid time return, 81. sweet sleep which thou owedst, 154. the word of Caesar, 113. when it is past, but as, 822. Yesterdays, cheerful, 481. have lighted fools, 125. look backwards with a smile, 307. Yesterday's sneer and frown, 664. Yestreen, I saw the moon late, 404. Yew, hails me to yonder, 180. never a spray of, 665. Yielded, by her, by him received, 232. with coy submission, 232. Yielding marble of her snowy breast, 219. Yoke, Flanders hath received our, 220. of bullocks at Stamford fair, 89. Yore, we have been glad of, 471. Yorick, alas poor, I knew him, 144. York, this sun of, 95. 't is on the Tweed, 318. Young and fair, ladies, 68. and so fair, 586. as beautiful and soft as young, 308. body with so old a head, 64. both were, and one was beautiful, 552. desire, nurse of, 427. disease, the, 317. ever fair and ever, 271. fellows will be young, 428. I have been, and now am old, 819. idea how to shoot, teach the, 355. idle wild and, 676. if all the world and love were, 25. if he be caught, 371. if ladies be but, and fair, 68. ladies making nets, 291. man's fancy lightly turns, 625. men are fools, old men know, 36. men think old men fools, 36. men's vision, the, 268. Obadias David Josias, 686. seventy years, 638. so wise so, never live long, 97. spurned by the, 585. though I am, I scorn to flit, 200. till forty, look, 275. Timothy learnt sin to fly, 686. to be, was very heaven, 476. war seeks its victims in the, 697. when my bosom was, 515. who always find us, 599. whom the gods love die, 558. Young-eyed cherubins, 65. Younger than thyself, let thy love be, 75. Younker or a prodigal, how like a, 62. Yours, what 's mine is, 50, 700. Youth, a happy, 471. against time and age, 24. age 'twixt boy and, 489. and health, joy of, 444. and home, the music tells of, 523. and I lived in 't together, 503. and love, kiss of, 557. and pleasure meet, 542. and vigour dies, 341. begin in gladness in our, 470. bounds of freakish, 419. crabbed age and, 163. delight, gives his, 318. delusion of, 608. dew of thy, 823. did dress themselves, 89. distressful stroke of my, 150. eagle mewing her mighty, 255. examples for the instruction of, 411. fiery vehemence of, 491. flourish in immortal, 299. flower of, 703. follies may cease with their, 376. friends of my, where are they, 550. glass wherein the noble, 89. home-keeping, 44. in my hot, 556. in the bloom of, 702. in the lexicon of, 606. is a blunder, 608. is more than a, 50. is vain and life is thorny, 500. learning in the freshness of its, 695. morn and liquid dew of, 129. morning like the spirit of, 158. now green in, 338. of frolics an old age of cards, 321. of labour with an age of ease, 396. of pleasure wasteful, was your, 651. of primy nature, violet in the, 129. of the realm, corrupted the, 94. on the prow, 383. our joys our, 26. our, we can have but to-day, 312. plaything gives his, delight, 318. promises of, 368. rebellious liquors in my, 67. rejoice in thy, 831. remember thy Creator in, 831. replies I can, 600. riband in the cap of, 142. sheltered me in, 595. so sinks the, 338. some salt of our, 45. spirit of, in everything, 163. that fired the Ephesian dome, 296. that means to be of note, 158. they had been friends in, 500. time that takes in trust our, 26. 't is now the summer of your, 378. to fame unknown, 386. to many a, and many a maid, 248. to whom was given, 472. virtue be as wax to flaming, 140. waneth by encreasing, 24. we poets in our, 470. wears the rose of, upon him, 158. what he steals from her, 378. whom the gods favour dies in, 700. whose fond heart, 550. whoso neglects learning in his, 699. wisdom is rare in, 343. worm is in the bud of, 423. Youthful follies o'er, count their, 492. hart, fly like a, 302. hose well saved, 69. jollity, jest and, 248. poets dream, such sights as, 249. poets fancy when they love, 301. sports, my joy of, 547. Yreken, ashen cold is fire, 3. Ywette, joly whistle wel, 3.

Zaccheus he did climb the tree, 687. Zeal, heavenly race demands thy, 359. of God, 844. served God with half the, 100. with commutual, 342. Zealand, traveller from New, 591. Zealots fight, let graceless, 318. Zealous for nothing, 373. yet modest, 428. Zealously affected, good to be, 846. Zekle crep' up quite unbeknown, 659. Zembla or the Lord knows where, 318. Zenith, dropped from the, 225. wisdom mounts her, 433. Zephyr gently blows, when the, 324. soft the, blows, 383. Zeus, impossible to escape the will of, 693. the dice of, fall ever luckily, 697. Zigzag manuscript, 419. Zion the city of the great king, 820. Zone, as a circling, 236. best gem upon her, 598. Zurich's daughters, fairest of fair, 677. waters, margin of fair, 677. Zuyder Zee, traveller on the, 592.

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