Astounding Stories of Super-Science February 1930
Author: Various
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"Was this shadow opaque enough to even momentarily obscure your vision?" went on the doctor.

"Not that I am conscious of. It was just a breath of air such as a person might cause by passing very rapidly."

"What made you ask Trier if he had the money when you turned around?" asked the doctor of Winston.

"Say-y-y," broke in the detective. "Who the devil are you, and what do you mean by breaking into my examination and stopping it?"

Carnes tossed a leather wallet on the table.

"There are my credentials," he said in his quiet voice. "I am chief of one section of the United States Secret Service as you will see, and this is Mr. Berger, my assistant. We were in the bank, engaged on a counterfeiting case, when the robbery took place. We have had a good deal of experience along these lines and we are merely anxious to aid you."

Sturtevant examined Carnes' credentials carefully and returned them.

"This is a Chicago robbery," he said, "and we have had a little experience in robberies and in apprehending robbers ourselves. I think that we can get along without your help."

"You have had more experience with robberies than with apprehending robbers if the papers tell the truth," said Dr. Bird with a chuckle.

* * * * *

The detective's face flushed.

"That will be enough from you, Mr. Sherlock Holmes," he said. "If you open your mouth again, I'll arrest you as a material witness and as a possible accomplice."

"That sounds like Chicago methods," said Carnes quietly. "Now listen to me, Captain. My assistant and I are merely trying to assist you in this case. If you don't desire our assistance we'll proceed along our own lines without interfering, but in the meantime remember that this is a National Bank, and that our questions will be answered. The United States is higher than even the Chicago police force, and I am here under orders to investigate a counterfeiting case. If I desire, I can seal the doors of this bank and allow no one in or out until I have the evidence I desire. Do you understand?"

Sturtevant sprang to his feet with an oath, but the sight of the gold badge which Carnes displayed stopped him.

"Oh well," he said ungraciously. "I suppose that no harm will come of letting Winston answer your fool questions, but I'll warn you that I'll report to Washington that you are interfering with the course of justice and using your authority to aid the getaway of a criminal."

"That is your privilege," replied Carnes quietly. "Mr. Winston, will you answer Mr. Berger's question?"

"Why, I asked him because he was right close to the money and I thought that he might have reached through the wicket and picked it up. Then, too—"

He hesitated for a moment and Dr. Bird smiled encouragingly.

"What else?" he asked.

"Why, I can't exactly tell. It just seemed to me that I had heard the rustle that bills make when they are pulled across a counter. When I saw them gone, I thought that he might have taken them. Then when I turned toward him, I seemed to hear the rustle of bills behind me, although I knew that I was alone in the cage. When I looked back the money was gone."

"Did you see or hear anything like a shadow or a person moving?"

"No—yes—I don't know. Just as I turned around it seemed to me that the rear door to my cage had moved and there may have been a shadow for an instant. I don't know. I hadn't thought of it before."

"How long after that did you ring the alarm gongs?"

"Not over a second or two."

"That's all," said Dr. Bird.

"If your high and mightiness has no further questions to ask, perhaps you will let me ask a few," said Sturtevant.

* * * * *

"Go ahead, ask all you wish," replied Dr. Bird with a laugh. "I have all the information I desire here for the present. I may want to ask other questions later, but just now I think we'll be going."

"If you find any strange finger-prints on Winston's counter, I'll be glad to have them compared with our files," said Carnes.

"I am not bothering with finger-prints," snorted the detective. "This is an open and shut case. There would be lots of Winston's finger-prints there and no others. There isn't the slightest doubt that this is an inside case and I have the men I want right here. Mr. Rogers, your bank is closed for to-day. Everyone in it will be searched and then all those not needed to close up will be sent away. I will get a squad of men here to go over your building and locate the hiding place. Your money is still on the premises unless these men slipped it to a confederate who got out before the alarm was given. I'll question the guards about that. If that happened, a little sweating will get it out of them."

"Are you going to arrest me?" demanded Trier in surprise.

"Yes, dearie," answered the detective. "I am going to arrest you and your two little playmates if these Washington experts will allow me to. You will save a lot of time and quite a few painful experiences if you will come clean now instead of later."

"I demand to see my lawyer and to communicate with my firm," said the paymaster.

"Time enough for that when I am through with you," replied the detective.

He turned to Carnes.

"Have I your gracious permission to arrest these three criminals?" he asked.

"Yes indeed, Captain," replied Carnes sweetly. "You have my gracious permission to make just as big an ass of yourself as you wish. We're going now."

* * * * *

"By the way, Captain," said Dr. Bird as he followed Carnes out. "When you get through playing with your prisoners and start to look for the thief, here is a tip. Look for a left-handed man who has a thorough knowledge of chemistry and especially toxicology."

"It's easy enough to see that he was left-handed if he pulled that money out through the grill from the positions occupied by Trier and his guard, but what the dickens led you to suspect that he is a chemist and a toxicologist?" asked Carnes as he and the doctor left the bank.

"Merely a shrewd guess, my dear Watson," replied the doctor with a chuckle. "I am likely to be wrong, but there is a good chance that I am right. I am judging solely from the method used."

"Have you solved the method?" demanded Carnes in amazement. "What on earth was it? The more I have thought about it, the more inclined I am to believe that Sturtevant is right and that it is an inside job. It seems to me impossible that a man could have entered in broad daylight and lifted that money in front of three men and within sight of a hundred more without some one getting a glimpse of him. He must have taken the money out in a grip or a sack or something like that, yet the bank record shows that no one but Trier entered with a grip and no one left with a package for ten minutes before Trier entered."

"There may be something in what you say, Carnes, but I am inclined to have a different idea. I don't think it is the usual run of bank robbery, and I would rather not hazard a guess just now. I am going back to Washington to-night. Before I go any further into the matter, I need some rather specialized knowledge that I don't possess and I want to consult with Dr. Knolles. I'll be back in a week or so and then we can look into that counterfeiting case after we get this disposed of."

"What am I to do?" asked Carnes.

"Sit around the lobby of your hotel, eat three meals a day, and read the papers. If you get bored, I would recommend that you pay a visit to the Art Institute and admire the graceful lions which adorn the steps. Artistic contemplations may well improve your culture."

"All right," replied Carnes. "I'll assume a pensive air and moon at the lions, but I might do better if you told me what I was looking for."

"You are looking for knowledge, my dear Carnes," said the doctor with a laugh. "Remember the saying of the sages: To the wise man, no knowledge is useless."

* * * * *

A huge Martin bomber roared down to a landing at the Maywood airdrome, and a burly figure descended from the rear cockpit and waved his hand jovially to the waiting Carnes. The secret service man hastened over to greet his colleague.

"Have you got that truck I wired you to have ready?" demanded the doctor.

"Waiting at the entrance; but say, I've got some news for you."

"It can wait. Get a detail of men and help us to unload this ship. Some of the cases are pretty heavy."

Carnes hurried off and returned with a gang of laborers, who took from the bomber a dozen heavy packing cases of various sizes, several of them labelled either "Fragile" or "Inflammable" in large type.

"Where do they go, Doctor?" he asked when the last of them had been loaded onto the waiting truck.

"To the First National Bank," replied Dr. Bird, "and Casey here goes with them. You know Casey, don't you, Carnes? He is the best photographer in the Bureau."

"Shall I go along too?" asked Carnes as he acknowledged the introduction.

"No need for it. I wired Rogers and he knows the stuff is coming and what to do with it. Unpack as soon as you get there, Casey, and start setting up as soon as the bank closes."

"All right, Doctor," replied Casey as he mounted the truck beside the driver.

"Where do we go, Doctor?" asked Carnes as the truck rolled off.

"To the Blackstone Hotel for a bath and some clean clothes," replied the doctor. "And now, what is the news you have for me?"

"The news is this, Doctor. I carried out your instructions diligently and, during the daylight hours, the lions have not moved."

* * * * *

Dr. Bird looked contrite.

"I beg your pardon, Carnes," he said. "I really didn't think when I left you so mystified how you must have felt. Believe me, I had my own reasons, excellent ones, for secrecy."

"I have usually been able to maintain silence when asked to," replied Carnes stiffly.

"My dear fellow, I didn't mean to question your discretion. I know that whatever I tell you is safe, but there are angles to this affair that are so weird and improbable that I don't dare to trust my own conclusions, let alone share them. I'll tell you all about it soon. Did you get those tickets I wired for?"

"Of course I got them, but what have two tickets to the A. A. U. track meet this afternoon got to do with a bank robbery?"

"One trouble with you, Carnes," replied the doctor with a judicial air, "is that you have no idea of the importance of proper relaxation. Is it possible that you have no desire to see Ladd, this new marvel who is smashing records right and left, run? He performs for the Illinois Athletic Club this afternoon, and it would not surprise me to see him lower the world's record again. He has already lowered the record for the hundred yard dash from nine and three-fifths to eight and four-fifths. There is no telling what he will do."

"Are we going to waste the whole afternoon just to watch a man run?" demanded Carnes in disgust.

"We will see many men run, my dear fellow, but there is only one in whom I have a deep abiding interest, and that is Mr. Ladd. Have you your binoculars with you?"


"Then by all means beg, borrow or steal two pairs before this afternoon. We might easily miss half the fun without them. Are our seats near the starting line for the sprints?"

"Yes. The big demand was for seats near the finish line."

"The start will be much more interesting, Carnes. I was somewhat of a minor star in track myself in my college days and it will be of the greatest interest to me to observe the starting form of this new speed artist. Now Carnes, don't ask any more questions. I may be barking up the wrong tree and I don't want to give you a chance to laugh at me. I'll tell you what to watch for at the track."

* * * * *

The sprinters lined up on the hundred yard mark and Dr. Bird and Carnes sat with their glasses glued to their eyes watching the slim figure in the colors of the Illinois Athletic Club, whose large "62" on his back identified him as the new star.

"On your mark!" cried the starter. "Get set!"

"Ah!" cried Dr. Bird. "Did you see that Carnes?"

The starting gun cracked and the runners were off on their short grind. Ladd leaped into the lead and rapidly distanced the field, his legs twinkling under him almost faster than the eye could follow. He was fully twenty yards in the lead when his speed suddenly lessened and the balance of the runners closed up the gap he had opened. His lead was too great for them, and he was still a good ten yards in the lead when he crossed the tape. The official time was posted as eight and nine-tenths seconds.

"Another thirty yards and he would have been beaten," said Carnes as he lowered his glasses.

"That is the way he has won all of his races," replied the doctor. "He piles up a huge lead at first and then loses a good deal at the finish. His speed doesn't hold up. Never mind that, though, it is only an additional point in my favor. Did you notice his jaws just before the gun went?"

"They seemed to clench and then he swallowed, but most of them did some thing like that."

"Watch him carefully for the next heat and see if he puts anything into his mouth. That is the important thing."

Dr. Bird sank into a brown study and paid no attention to the next few events, but he came to attention promptly when the final heat of the hundred yard dash was called. With his glasses he watched Ladd closely as the runner trotted up to the starting line.

"There, Carnes!" he cried suddenly. "Did you see?"

"I saw him wipe his mouth," said Carnes doubtfully.

"All right, now watch his jaws just before the gun goes."

* * * * *

The final heat was a duplicate of the first preliminary. Ladd took an early lead which he held for three-fourths of the distance to the tape, then his pace slackened and he finished only a bare ten yards ahead of the next runner. The time tied his previous world's record of eight and four-fifths seconds.

"He crunched and swallowed all right, Doctor," said Carnes.

"That is all I wanted to be sure of. Now Carnes, here is something for you to do. Get hold of the United States Commissioner and get a John Doe warrant and go back to the hotel with it and wait for me. I may phone you at any minute and I may not. If I don't, wait in your room until you hear from me. Don't leave it for a minute."

"Where are you going, Doctor?"

"I'm going down and congratulate Mr. Ladd. An old track man like me can't let such an opportunity pass."

"I don't know what this is all about, Doctor," replied Carnes, "but I know you well enough to obey orders and to keep my mouth shut until it is my turn to speak."

Few men could resist Dr. Bird when he set out to make a favorable impression, and even a world's champion is apt to be flattered by the attention of one of the greatest scientists of his day, especially when that scientist has made an enviable reputation as an athlete in his college days and can talk the jargon of the champion's particular sport. Henry Ladd promptly capitulated to the charm of the doctor and allowed himself to be led away to supper at Bird's club. The supper passed off pleasantly, and when the doctor requested an interview with the young athlete in a private room, he gladly consented. They entered the room together, remained for an hour and a half, and then came out. The smile had left Ladd's face and he appeared nervous and distracted. The doctor talked cheerfully with him but kept a firm grip on his arm as they descended the stairs together. They entered a telephone booth where the doctor made several calls, and then descended to the street, where they entered a taxi.

"Maywood airdrome," the doctor told the driver.

* * * * *

Two hours later the big Martin bomber which had carried the doctor to Chicago roared away into the night, and Bird turned back, reentered the taxi, and headed for the city alone.

When Carnes received the telephone call, which was one of those the doctor made from the booth in his club, he hurried over to the First National Bank. His badge secured him an entrance and he found Casey busily engaged in rigging up an elaborate piece of apparatus on one of the balconies where guards were normally stationed during banking hours.

"Dr. Bird said to tell you to keep on the job all night if necessary," he told Casey. "He thinks he will need your machine to-morrow."

"I'll have it ready to turn on the power at four A.M.," replied Casey.

Carnes watched him curiously for a while as he soldered together the electrical connections and assembled an apparatus which looked like a motion picture projector.

"What are you setting up?" he asked at length.

"It is a high speed motion picture camera," replied Casey, "with a telescopic lens. It is a piece of apparatus which Dr. Bird designed while he was in Washington last week and which I made from his sketches, using some apparatus we had on hand. It's a dandy, all right."

"What is special about it?"

"The speed. You know how fast an ordinary movie is taken, don't you? No? Well, it's sixteen exposures per second. The slow pictures are taken sometimes at a hundred and twenty-eight or two hundred and fifty-six exposures per second, and then shown at sixteen. This affair will take half a million pictures per second."

"I didn't know that a film would register with that short an exposure."

* * * * *

"That's slow," replied Casey with a laugh. "It all depends on the light. The best flash-light powder gives a flash about one ten-thousandth of a second in duration, but that is by no means the speed limit of the film. The only trouble is enough light and sufficient shutter speed. Pictures have been taken by means of spark photography with an exposure of less than one three-millionth of a second. The whole secret of this machine lies in the shutter. This big disc with the slots in the edge is set up before the lens and run at such a speed that half a million slots per second pass before the lens. The film, which is sixteen millimeter X-ray film, travels behind the lens at a speed of nearly five miles per second. It has to be gradually worked up to this speed, and after the whole thing is set up, it takes it nearly four hours to get to full speed."

"At that speed, it must take a million miles of film before you get up steam."

"It would, if the film were being exposed. There is only about a hundred yards of film all told, which will run over these huge drums in an endless belt. There is a regular camera shutter working on an electric principle which remains closed. When the switch is tripped, the shutter opens in about two thirty-thousandths of a second, stays open just one one-hundredth of a second, and then closes. This time is enough to expose nearly all of our film. When we have our picture, I shut the current down, start applying a magnetic brake, and let it slow down. It takes over an hour to stop it without breaking the film. It sounds complicated, but it works all right."

"Where is your switch?"

* * * * *

"That is the trick part of it. It is a remote control affair. The shutter opens and starts the machine taking pictures when the back door of the paying teller's cage is opened half an inch. There is also a hand switch in the line that can be opened so that you can open the door without setting off the camera, if you wish. When the hand switch is closed and the door opened, this is what happens. The shutter on the camera opens, the machine takes five thousand pictures during the next hundredth of a second, and then the shutter closes. Those five thousand exposures will take about five minutes to show at the usual rate of sixteen per second."

"You said that you had to get plenty of light. How are you managing that?"

"The camera is equipped with a special lens ground out of rock crystal. This lens lets in ultra-violet light which the ordinary lens shuts out, and X-ray film is especially sensitive to ultra-violet light. In order to be sure that we get enough illumination, I will set up these two ultra-violet floodlights to illumine the cage. The teller will have to wear glasses to protect his eyes and he'll get well sunburned, but something has to be sacrificed to science, as Dr. Bird is always telling me."

"It's too deep for me," said Carnes with a sigh. "Can I do anything to help? The doctor told me to stand by and do anything I could."

"I might be able to use you a little if you can use tools," said Casey with a grin. "You can start bolting together that light proof shield if you want to."

* * * * *

"Well, Carnes, did you have an instructive night?" asked Dr. Bird cheerfully as he entered the First National Bank at eight-thirty the next morning.

"I don't see that I did much good, Doctor. Casey would have had the machine ready on time anyway, and I'm no machinist."

"Well, frankly, Carnes, I didn't expect you to be of much help to him, but I did want you to see what Casey was doing, and a little of it was pretty heavy for him to handle alone. I suppose that everything is ready?"

"The motor reached full speed about fifteen minutes ago and Casey went out to get a cup of coffee. Would you mind telling me the object of the whole thing?"

"Not at all. I plan to make a permanent record of the work of the most ingenious bank robber in the world. I hope he keeps his word."

"What do you mean?"

"Three days ago when Sturtevant sweated a 'confession' out of poor Winston, the bank got a message that the robbery would be repeated this morning and dared them to prevent it. Rogers thought it was a hoax, but he telephoned me and I worked the Bureau men night and day to get my camera ready in time for him. I am afraid that I can't do much to prevent the robbery, but I may be able to take a picture of it and thus prevent other cases of a like nature."

"Was the warning written?"

"No. It was telephoned from a pay station in the loop district, and by the time it was traced and men got there, the telephoner was probably a mile away. He said that he would rob the same cage in the same manner as he did before."

"Aren't you taking any special precautions?"

"Oh, yes, the bank is putting on extra guards and making a lot of fuss of that sort, probably to the great amusement of the robber."

"Why not close the cage for the day?"

"Then he would rob a different one and we would have no way of photographing his actions. To be sure, we will put dummy money there, bundles with bills on the outside and paper on the inside, so if I don't get a picture of him, he won't get much. Every bill in the cage will be marked as well."

"Did he say at what time he would operate?"

"No, he didn't, so we'll have to stand by all day. Oh, hello, Casey, is everything all right?"

"As sweet as chocolate candy, Doctor. I have tested it out thoroughly, and unless we have to run it so long that the film wears out and breaks, we are sitting pretty. If we don't get the pictures you are looking for, I'm a dodo, and I haven't been called that yet."

"Good work, Casey. Keep the bearings oiled and pray that the film doesn't break."

* * * * *

The bank had been opened only ten minutes when the clangor of gongs announced a robbery. It was practically a duplicate of the first. The paying teller had turned from his window to take some bills from his rack and had found several dozens of bundles missing. As the gongs sounded, Dr. Bird and Casey leaped to the camera.

"She snapped, Doctor!" cried Casey as he threw two switches. "It'll take an hour to stop and half a day to develop the film, but I ought to be able to show you what we got by to-night."

"Good enough!" cried Dr. Bird. "Go ahead while I try to calm down the bank officials. Will you have everything ready by eight o'clock?"

"Easy, Doctor," replied Casey as he turned to the magnetic brake.

By eight o'clock quite a crowd had assembled in a private room at the Blackstone Hotel. Besides Dr. Bird and Carnes, Rogers and several other officials of the First National Bank were present, together with Detective-Captain Sturtevant and a group of the most prominent scientists and physicians gathered from the schools of the city.

"Gentlemen," said Dr. Bird when all had taken seats facing a miniature moving picture screen on one wall, "to-night I expect to show you some pictures which will, I am sure, astonish you. It marks the advent of a new departure in transcendental medicine. I will be glad to answer any questions you may wish to ask and to explain the pictures after they are shown, but before we start a discussion, I will ask that you examine what I have to show you. Lights out, please!"

He stepped to the rear of the room as the lights went out. As his eyes grew used to the dimness of the room he moved forward and took a vacant seat. His hand fumbled in his pocket for a second.

"Now!" he cried suddenly.

In the momentary silence which followed his cry, two dull metallic clicks could be heard, and a quick cry that was suddenly strangled as Dr. Bird clamped his hand over the mouth of the man who sat between him and Carnes.

"All right, Casey," called the doctor.

* * * * *

The whir of a projection machine could be heard and on the screen before them leaped a picture of the paying teller's cage of the First National Bank. Winston's successor was standing motionless at the wicket, his lips parted in a smile, but the attention of all was riveted on a figure who moved at the back of the cage. As the picture started, the figure was bent over an opened suitcase, stuffing into it bundles of bills. He straightened up and reached to the rack for more bills, and as he did so he faced the camera full for a moment. He picked up other bundles of bills, filled the suitcase, fastened it in a leisurely manner, opened the rear door of the cage and walked out.

"Again, please!" called Dr. Bird. "And stop when he faces us full."

The picture was repeated and stopped at the point indicated.

"Lights, please!" cried the doctor.

The lights flashed on and Dr. Bird rose to his feet, pulling up after him the wilted figure of a middle-aged man.

"Gentlemen," said the doctor in ringing tones, "allow me to present to you Professor James Kirkwood of the faculty of the Richton University, formerly known as James Collier of the Bureau of Standards, and robber of the First National Bank."

Detective-Captain Sturtevant jumped to his feet and cast a searching glance at the captive.

"He's the man all right," he cried. "Hang on to him until I get a wagon here!"

"Oh, shut up!" said Carnes. "He's under federal arrest just now, charged with the possession of narcotics. When we are through with him, you can have him if you want him."

"How did you get that picture, Doctor?" cried the cashier. "I watched that cage every minute during the morning and I'll swear that man never entered and stole that money as the picture shows, unless he managed to make himself invisible."

* * * * *

"You're closer to the truth than you suspect, Mr. Rogers," said Dr. Bird. "It is not quite a matter of invisibility, but something pretty close to it. It is a matter of catalysts."

"What kind of cats?" asked the cashier.

"Not cats, Mr. Rogers, catalysts. Catalysts is the name of a chemical reaction consisting essentially of a decomposition and a new combination effected by means of a catalyst which acts on the compound bodies in question, but which goes through the reaction itself unchanged. There are a great many of them which are used in the arts and in manufacturing, and while their action is not always clearly understood, the results are well known and can be banked on.

"One of the commonest instances of the use of a catalyst is the use of sponge platinum in the manufacture of sulphuric acid. I will not burden you with the details of the 'contact' process, as it is known, but the combination is effected by means of finely divided platinum which is neither changed, consumed or wasted during the process. While there are a number of other catalysts known, for instance iron in reactions in which metallic magnesium is concerned, the commonest are the metals of the platinum group.

"Less is known of the action of catalysts in the organic reactions, but it has been the subject of intensive study by Dr. Knolles of the Bureau of Standards for several years. His studies of the effects of different colored lights, that is, rays of different wave-lengths, on the reactions which constitute growth in plants have had a great effect on hothouse forcing of plants and promise to revolutionize the truck gardening industry. He has speeded up the rate of growth to as high as ten times the normal rate in some cases.

"A few years ago, he and his assistant, James Collier, turned their attention toward discovering a catalyst which would do for the metabolic reactions in animal life what his light rays did for plants. What his method was, I will not disclose for obvious reasons, but suffice it to say that he met with great success. He took a puppy and by treating it with his catalytic drugs, made it grow to maturity, pass through its entire normal life span, and die of old age in six months."

* * * * *

"That is very interesting, Doctor, but I fail to see what bearing it has on the robbery."

"Mr. Rogers, how, on a dark day and in the absence of a timepiece, would you judge the passage of time?"

"Why, by my stomach, I guess."

"Exactly. By your metabolic rate. You eat a meal, it digests, you expend the energy which you have taken into your system, your stomach becomes empty and your system demands more energy. You are hungry and you judge that some five or six hours must have passed since you last ate. Do you follow?"


"Let us suppose that by means of some tonic, some catalytic drug, your rate of metabolism and also your rate of expenditure of energy has been increased six fold. You would eat a meal and in one hour you would be hungry again. Having no timepiece, and assuming that you were in a light-proof room, you would judge that some five hours had passed, would you not?"

"I expect so."

"Very well. Now suppose that this accelerated rate of digestion and expenditure of energy continued. You would be sleepy in perhaps three hours, would sleep about an hour and a quarter, and would then wake, ready for your breakfast. In other words, you would have lived through a day in four hours."

"What advantage would there be in that?"

"None, from your standpoint. It would, however, increase the rate of reproduction of cattle greatly and might be a great boom to agriculture, but we will not discuss this phase now. Suppose it were possible to increase your rate of metabolism and expenditure of energy, in other words, your rate of living, not six times, but thirty thousand times. In such a case you would live five minutes in one one-hundredth of a second."

"Naturally, and you would live a year in about seventeen and one-half minutes, and a normal lifespan of seventy years in about twenty hours. You would be as badly off as any common may-fly."

* * * * *

"Agreed, but suppose that you could so regulate the dose of your catalyst that its effect would last for only one one-hundredth of a second. During that short period of time, you would be able to do the work that would ordinarily take you five minutes. In other words, you could enter a bank, pack a satchel with currency and walk out. You would be working in a leisurely manner, yet your actions would have been so quick that no human eye could have detected them. This is my theory of what actually took place. For verification, I will turn to Dr. Kirkwood, as he prefers to be known now."

"I don't know how you got that picture, but what you have said is about right," replied the prisoner.

"I got that picture by using a speed of thirty thousand times the normal sixteen exposures per second," replied Dr. Bird. "That figure I got from Dr. Knolles, the man who perfected the secret you stole when you left the Bureau three years ago. You secured only part of it and I suppose it took all your time since to perfect and complete it. You gave yourself away when you experimented on young Ladd. I was a track man myself in my college days and when I saw an account of his running, I smelt a rat, so I came back and watched him. As soon as I saw him crush and swallow a capsule just as the gun was fired, I was sure, and got hold of him. He was pretty stubborn, but he finally told me what name you were running under now, and the rest was easy. I would have got you in time anyway, but your bravado in telling us when you would next operate gave me the idea of letting you do it and photographing you at work. That is all I have to say. Captain Sturtevant, you can take your prisoner whenever you want him."

* * * * *

"I reckoned without you, Dr. Bird, but the end hasn't come yet. You may send me up for a few years, but you'll never find that money. I'm sure of that."

"Tut, tut, Professor," laughed Carnes. "Your safety deposit box in the Commercial National is already sealed until a court orders it opened. The bills you took this morning were all marked, so that is merely additional proof, if we needed it. You surely didn't think that such a transparent device as changing your name from 'James Collier' to 'John Collyer' and signing with your left hand instead of your right would fool the secret service, did you? Remember, your old Bureau records showed you to be ambidextrous."

"What about Winston's confession?" asked Rogers suddenly.

"Detective-Captain Sturtevant can explain that to a court when Mr. Winston brings suit against him for false arrest and brutal treatment," replied Carnes.

"A very interesting case, Carnes," remarked the doctor a few hours later. "It was an enjoyable interlude in the routine of most of the cases on which you consult me, but our play time is over. We'll have to get after that counterfeiting case to-morrow."

* * * * *


BRIGANDS OF THE MOON Beginning an Amazing Four-part Interplanetary Novel By RAY CUMMINGS

THE SOUL MASTER A Thrilling Novelette of the Substitution of Personality By WILL SMITH and R. J. ROBBINS

COLD LIGHT An Extraordinary Scientific Mystery By CAPT. S. P. MEEK


* * * * *

Sick at heart, the trembling girl shuddered at the words that delivered her to this terrible fate of the East. How could she escape from this Oriental monster into whose hands she had been given—this mysterious man of mighty power whose face none had yet seen?

Here is an extraordinary situation. What was to be the fate of this beautiful girl? Who was this strange emissary whom no one really knew?

To know the answer to this and the most exciting tales of Oriental adventure and mystery ever told, read on through the most thrilling, absorbing, entertaining and fascinating pages ever written.

Masterpieces of Oriental Mystery 11 Superb Volumes by SAX ROHMER Written with his uncanny knowledge of things Oriental

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Just A Twist Of The Wrist

Banishes Old-Style Can Openers to the Scrap Heap and BRINGS AGENTS $5 to $12 IN AN HOUR

Women universally detest the old-style can opener. Yet in every home in the land cans are being opened with it, often several times a day. Imagine how thankfully they welcome this new method—this automatic way of doing their most distasteful job. With the Speedo can opening machine you can just put the can in the machine, turn the handle, and almost instantly the job is done.

End This Waste and Danger

You undoubtedly know what a nasty, dangerous job it is to open cans with the old-fashioned can opener. You have to hack your way along slowly—ripping a jagged furrow around the edge. Next thing you know, the can opener slips. Good night! You've torn a hole in your finger. As often as not it will get infected and stay sore a long time. Perhaps even your life will be endangered from blood poisoning!

You may be lucky enough to get the can open without cutting yourself. But there's still the fact to consider that the ragged edge of tin left around the top makes it almost impossible to pour out all of the food. Yet now, all this trouble, waste and danger is ended. No wonder salesmen everywhere are finding this invention a truly revolutionary money maker!

New "Million Dollar" Can Opening Machine

The Speedo holds the can—opens it, flips up the lid so you can grab it—and gives you back the can without a drop spilled, without any rough edges to snag your fingers—all in a couple of seconds! It's so easy even a 10-year-old child can do it in perfect safety! No wonder women—and men, too—simply go wild over it! No wonder Speedo salesmen often sell to every house in the block and make up to $10 an hour.

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Speedo sells to 9 out of 10 prospects."

M. Ornoff, Va.

PART TIME 14 sales in 2 hours

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SPARE TIME Big Money Spare Time

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CENTRAL STATES MFG. CO., Dept. B-2403 4500 Mary Ave. (Est. over 20 years) St. Louis, Mo.

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Central States Mfg. Co., 4500 Mary Ave. Dept. B-2403 St. Louis, Mo.

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Half a Million People

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You, too, Can Learn to Play Your Favorite Instrument Without a Teacher

Easy as A-B-C

Yes, half a million delighted men and women all over the world have learned music this quick, easy way.

Half a million—500,000—what a gigantic orchestra they would make! Some are playing on the stage, others in orchestras, and many thousands are daily enjoying the pleasure and popularity of being able to play some instrument.

Surely this is convincing proof of the success of the new, modern method perfected by the U.S. School of Music! And what these people have done, YOU, too, can do!

Many of this half million didn't know one note from another—others had never touched an instrument—yet in half the usual time they learned to play their favorite instrument. Best of all, they found learning music amazingly easy. No monotonous hours of exercises—no tedious scales—no expensive teachers. This simplified method made learning music as easy as A-B-C!

It is like a fascinating game. From the very start you are playing real tunes, perfectly, by note. You simply can't go wrong, for every step, from beginning to end, is right before your eyes in print and picture. First you are told how to do a thing, then a picture shows you how, then you do it yourself and hear it. And almost before you know it, you are playing your favorite pieces—jazz, ballads, classics. No private teacher could make it clearer. Little theory—plenty of accomplishment. That's why students of the U.S. School of Music get ahead twice as fast—three times as fast as those who study old-fashioned, plodding methods.

You don't need any special "talent." Many of the half-million who have already become accomplished players never dreamed they possessed musical ability. They only wanted to play some instrument—just like you—and they found they could quickly learn how this easy way. Just a little of your spare time each day is needed—and you enjoy every minute of it. The cost is surprisingly low—averaging only a few cents a day—and the price is the same for whatever instrument you choose. And remember, you are studying right in your own home—without paying big fees to private teachers.

Don't miss any more good times! Learn now to play your favorite instrument and surprise all your friends. Change from a wallflower to the center of attraction. Music is the best thing to offer at a party—musicians are invited everywhere. Enjoy the popularity you have been missing. Get your share of the musician's pleasure and profit! Start now!

Free Booklet and Demonstration Lesson

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WHAT INSTRUMENT FOR YOU? Piano Organ Violin Clarinet Flute Harp Coronet 'Cello Guitar Ukulele Saxophone Banjo, (Plectrum 5-String or Tenor) Piccolo Hawaiian Steel Guitar Drums and Traps Mandolin Sight Singing Trombone Piano Accordion Voice and Speech Culture Harmony and Composition Automatic Finger Control Italian and German Accordion

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U.S. SCHOOL OF MUSIC, 3692 Brunswick Bldg., New York City.

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Only 28 years old and earning $15,000 a year

W. T. Carson was forced to leave school at an early age. His help was needed at home. He took a "job" in a shoe factory in Huntington, W. Va., at $12 a week.

Carson determined to make something of himself before it was too late, so he took up a course with the International Correspondence Schools and studied in spare time.

Today W. T. Carson is the owner of one of the largest battery service stations in West Virginia, with an income of $15,000 a year. And he is only 28 years old!

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This is the Only Course Sponsored by Radio Corporation of America

RCA sets the standards for the entire Radio industry.... The RCA Institutes' Home Laboratory Training Course enables you to quickly learn all the secrets of Radio.... In your spare time you can obtain a thorough, practical education in Radio.

You learn Radio by actual experience with the remarkable outlay of apparatus given to every student. That's why every graduate of RCA Institutes has the experience, the ability and the confidence to hold a big-money Radio job.

For the added convenience of students who prefer a Resident Study Course, RCA Institutes, Inc., has established Resident Schools in the following cities:

New York 326 Broadway Boston, Mass. 899 Boylston St. Philadelphia, Pa. 1211 Chestnut St. Baltimore, Md. 1215 N. Charles St. Newark, N.J. 560 Broad St.

Home Study graduates may also attend any one of our resident schools for post-graduate instruction at no extra charge.

Graduates of RCA Institutes Find It Easier to Get Good Jobs

Students of RCA Institutes get first-hand knowledge, get it quickly and get it complete. Success in Radio depends upon training and that's the training you get with RCA Institutes. That's why every graduate of RCA Institutes who desired a position has been able to get one.... That's why graduates are always in big demand!

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High Spots in the Life of a Big Game Photographer


"Into the African Blue" is Africa—the land of romance—of adventure.

African big game is rapidly being shot off; the end is in sight, and it is for the purpose of recording in pictures and in story the remarkable wild life which soon must vanish, that Martin and Osa Johnson undertake their safaris into the remotest corners of the "Blue."

Johnson's photographs are magnificent! They portray the primitive drama of the wilderness. We see close-ups of elephants and giraffes suckling their young; lions lolling in the broiling sun or disputing possession of a zebra kill. We are introduced into the inner family circle of rhinos, leopards, eland, oryx, gazelle and others—all unconscious of the nearby presence of man. And there are, of course, thrilling moments when a cantankerous rhino, elephant or lion resents the intrusion and charges the camera with deadly intent.

This thrilling serial, profusely illustrated with photographs by the author, began in the December issue of FOREST and STREAM. Follow Martin and Osa Johnson through the Soudan, the Congo, Kenya and Tanganyika; share their adventures

Forest and Stream 80 Lafayette Street, New York, N.Y.


In addition to this thrilling serial, which in book form would cost not less than $3.00, the next six issues of FOREST and STREAM will contain much of interest to the outdoorsman—angler, hunter, camper and nature lover.

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Hundreds of N. R. I. trained men are today making big money—holding down big jobs—in the Radio field. You, too, should get into Radio. You can stay home, hold your job and learn in your spare time. Lack of high school education or Radio experience are no drawbacks.

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Your Money Back If Not Satisfied

My course fits you for all lines—manufacturing, selling, servicing sets, in business for yourself, operating on board ship, or in a broadcasting station—and many others. I back up my training with a signed agreement to refund every penny of your money if, after completion, you are not satisfied with the lessons and instructions I give you.

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Largest and Oldest Exclusive Health and Accident Insurance Company in America.

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Pledge to the Public on Used Car Sales

1 Every used car is conspicuously marked with its lowest price in plain figures, and that price, just as the price of our new cars, is rigidly maintained.

2 All Studebaker automobiles which are marked as CERTIFIED CARS have been properly reconditioned, and carry a 30-day guarantee for replacement of defective parts and free service on adjustments.

3 Every purchaser of a used car may drive it for five days, and then, if not satisfied for any reason, bring it back and apply the money paid as a credit on the purchase of any other car in stock—new or used. (It is assumed that the car has not been damaged in the meantime.)

(C) 1929 The Studebaker Corporation of America.

You can save money and get a better motor car

if you buy according to the Studebaker Pledge plan


A well constructed car, sold at 40 or 50 per cent of its original price, offers maximum transportation value. Studebaker dealers offer many fine used cars—Studebakers, Erskines and other makes—which have been driven only a few thousand miles.

Reconditioning of mechanical parts, refinishing of bodies give new car life to these cars at prices no greater than you must pay for a cheap new car. And as a final measure of protection, these cars are sold according to the Studebaker Pledge—which offers 5 days' driving trial on all cars and a 30-day guarantee on all certified cars.

Prices being plainly marked provides the same price for everyone. Millions of people buy "used" houses. Every car on the road is a used car the week after it is purchased.

Invest 2c—you may save $200

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Builder of Champions

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No Books—No Lessons

No dull books, no baffling charts, no classes, you get individual training ... all real actual work ... building real batteries ... winding real armatures, operating real motors, dynamos and generators, wiring houses, etc.

GET THE FACTS Coyne is your one great chance to get into electricity. Every obstacle is removed. This school is 30 years old—Coyne training is tested—proven beyond all doubt—endorsed by many large electrical concerns. You can find out everything absolutely free. Simply mail the coupon and let me send you the big, free Coyne book of 150 photographs ... facts ... jobs ... salaries ... opportunities. Tells you how many earn expenses while training and how we assist our graduates in the field. This does not obligate you. So act at once. Just mail coupon.


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Business men gargle daily to check colds and sore throat

Why is Listerine to be found in the offices of a majority of American business men? Why do they use it at the noon hour? Why do they sometimes halt important meetings, to gargle with it?

Simply because, like you, they recognize in this safe antiseptic a swift, effective enemy of sore throat and the common cold. Used at the first sign of trouble, it has prevented thousands of cases from becoming serious.

Its effectiveness is due to its amazing power to destroy disease germs, millions of which lodge in the oral cavity. Though safe to use and pleasant to taste, full strength Listerine kills even such resistant organisms as the Staphylococcus Aureus (pus) and Bacillus Typhosus (typhoid) in counts ranging to 200,000,000 in 15 seconds. We could not make this statement unless prepared to prove it to the entire satisfaction of the medical profession and the U.S. Government.

As a preventive of sore throat and colds use Listerine systematically every day. And at the first definite sign that either is developing, increase the frequency of the gargle. You will be amazed to see how quickly the condition disappears. Lambert Pharmacal Co., St. Louis, Mo.


Kills 200,000,000 germs in 15 seconds

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Go to School at Home!

You Want to Earn Big Money!

And you will not be satisfied unless you earn steady promotion. But are you prepared for the job ahead of you? Do you measure up to the standard that insures success? For a more responsible position a fairly good education is necessary. To write a sensible business letter, to prepare estimates, to figure cost and to compute interest, you must have a certain amount of preparation. All this you must be able to do before you will earn promotion.

Many business houses hire no men whose general knowledge is not equal to a high school course. Why? Because big business refuses to burden itself with men who are barred from promotion by the lack of elementary education.

Can You Qualify for a Better Position

We have a plan whereby you can. We can give you a complete but simplified high school course in two years, giving you all the essentials that form the foundation of practical business. It will prepare you to hold your own where competition is keen and exacting. Do not doubt your ability, but make up your mind to it and you will soon have the requirements that will bring you success and big money. YOU CAN DO IT.

Let us show you how to get on the road to success. It will not cost you a single working hour. Write today. It costs you nothing but a stamp.

American School

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American School Dept. H-237 Drexel Ave. and 58th St., Chicago

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Most Practical Boiler & Cooker

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Easily Cleaned

Cap removed in a second; no burning of hands. An ideal low pressure-boiler and pasteurizer for home and farm.

Save 20% by ordering direct from factory. No article of such high quality and utility ever sold at such amazingly low prices. Prices quoted are each with order or one-fourth cash, balance C.O.D. Send check or money order: prompt shipment made in plain strong box. The only boiler worth having. Large Catalog Free.

HOME MANUFACTURING CO. Dept. 5850 18 E. Kinzie St. Chicago, Illinois

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Agents! Sell Shirts

Start without investment in a profitable shirt business of your own. Take orders in your district for nationally known Bostonian Shirts. $1.50 commission for you on sale of 3 shirts for $6.95—Postage Paid. $9 value, guaranteed fast colors. No experience needed. Complete selling equipment FREE!

Good Pay for Honest Workers

Big earnings for ambitious workers. Genuine Broadcloth in four fast colors. Write for money-making plan, free outfit, with actual cloth samples and everything need to start. Name and address on postal will do. Write TODAY! SURE!

BOSTONIAN MFG. CO., B-300, 89 Bickford St., Boston, Mass.

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Multitudes of persons with defective hearing and Head Noises enjoy conversation, go to Theatre and Church because they Use Leonard Invisible Ear Drums which resemble Tiny Megaphones fitting in the Ear entirely out of sight. No wires, batteries or head piece. They are inexpensive. Write for booklet and sworn statement of the inventor who was himself deaf.

A. O. LEONARD, Inc., Suite 683, 70 5th Ave., New York

* * * * *

Denison's Plays

54 Years of Hits

We supply all entertainment needs for dramatic clubs, schools, lodges, etc., and for every occasion.

Songs Minstrels Musical Comedies Revues Vaudeville Acts Blackface Skits

Catalogue Free

T. S. Denison & Co. 623 S. Wabash, Dept. 130 Chicago

* * * * *

Don't Stop Tobacco

Without precautions against injurious effects. Baco-Cure gives the necessary assistance. Use tobacco while you take it. Has aided hundreds. Complete $5.00 treatment guaranteed to get results or money refunded. Write for booklet.

Eureka Chemical Co., B-26 Columbus, Ohio

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Easy, Quick Way To Get Into Aviation

Let Major Rockwell Train You AT HOME

My new, practical, amazing, Home Study Course prepares you quickly to fill any of the fascinating Aviation jobs, either on the ground or as a skilled flyer, paying $50 to $150 a week. I train you to succeed quickly, to fill one of the thousands of air and ground jobs now open, and I help you find your right place in Aviation.

I'll Help You Get Your Job

Learn at home in your spare hours. In 12 short weeks you can be ready to take your flying instructions at greatly reduced rates at any airport near your home, or right here in Dayton. Or you can step into any aviation ground job with my help. Experience or advanced education not necessary. Aviation—the fastest growing industry is calling you! You risk nothing. If you are not satisfied after completing my course, I'll refund your tuition. Take the first step by writing NOW for my big FREE Book and Tuition offer. State age.


The Dayton School of Aviation Desk B-6 Dayton, Ohio

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Easy to Play Easy To Pay

Simplified Key Arrangement

Fingers fall naturally into playing position. Makes it extremely easy to play rapidly on the Buescher.

The Buescher True-Tone Saxophone is the easiest of all wind instruments to play and one of the most beautiful. You can learn the scale in an hour, and in a few weeks be playing popular music. First 3 lessons free, with each new Saxophone. For home entertainment—church—lodge—school or for Orchestra Dance Music, the Saxophone is the ideal instrument.

FREE TRIAL—We allow 6 days' free trial on any Buescher Saxophone in your own home and arrange easy payments so you can pay while you play. Write for Saxophone Catalog.


* * * * *

Nearest their homes—everywhere—to train for Firemen, Brakemen; average wages $150-$200 monthly. Promoted to Conductor or Engineer—highest wages on railroads. Also clerks. Railway Educational Association, Dept. D-30, Brooklyn, New York.

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If you want a real job—at real pay or if you want to start profitable business of your own—become a trained Poultryman. It's interesting, healthful, profitable. Our famous home study Course gives short cuts to success. Write for Free Book, "How to Raise Poultry for Profit."

National Poultry Institute, Dept. 415-F, Washington, D.C.

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EAGER power under instant control—speed that leaves the car-parades behind—lightning response to throttle and brakes—these are just a few of the thousand thrills of motorcycling. Ask any Harley-Davidson rider—he'll tell you of dozens more. And they are all yours at low cost, in a Harley-Davidson "45"—the wonderful Twin at a popular price.

Let your dealer show you the 1930 features of this motorcycle—try the comfortable, low-swung saddle—get the "feel" of this wonder Twin. Ask about his Pay-As-You-Ride Plan.

Mail the Coupon!

for literature showing our full line of Singles, Twins, and Sidecars. Motorcycle prices range from $235 f. o. b. factory.


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Interested in your motorcycles. Send literature.

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My age is [ ] 16-19 years, [ ] 20-30 years, [ ] 31 years and up, [ ] under 16 years. Check your age group.

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"How I Licked Wretched Old Age at 63"

I Quit Getting up Nights—Banished Foot and Leg Pains ... Got Rid of Rheumatic Pains and Constipation ... Improved My Health Generally ... Found Renewed Strength.

"At 61, I thought I was through. I blamed old age, but it never occurred to me to actually fight back. I was only half-living, getting up nights ... constipated ... constantly tormented by aches and pains. At 62 my condition became almost intolerable. I had about given up hope when a doctor recommended your treatment. Then at 63, it seemed that I shook off 20 years almost overnight."

Forty—The Danger Age

These are the facts, just as I learned them. In 65% of all men, the vital prostate gland shows up soon after all. No pain is experienced, but as this distressing condition continues, sciatica, backache, severe bladder weakness, constipation, etc., often develop.


These are frequently the signs of prostate trouble. Now thousands suffer these handicaps needlessly! For a prominent American Scientist after seven years of research, discovered a new, safe way to stimulate the prostate gland to normal health and activity in many cases. This new hygiene is worthy to be called a notable achievement of the age.

A National Institution for Men Past 40

Its success has been startling, its growth rapid. This new hygiene is rapidly gaining in national prominence. The institution in Steubenville has now reached large proportions. Scores and even hundreds of letters pour in every day, and in many cases reported results have been little short of amazing. In case after case, men have reported that they have felt ten years younger in six days. Now physicians in every part of the country are using and recommending this treatment.

Quick as is the response to this new hygiene, it is actually a pleasant, natural relaxation, involving no drugs, medicine or electric rays whatever. The scientist explains this discovery and tells why many men are old at forty in a new book now sent free, in 24-page, illustrated form. Send for it. Every man past forty should know the true meaning of three frank facts. No cost or obligation is incurred. But act at once before this free edition is exhausted. Simply fill in your name below, tear off and mail.

THE ELECTRO THERMAL COMPANY 4826 Morris Avenue Steubenville, Ohio

If you live West of the Rockies, address The Electro Thermal Co., 303 Van Nuys Building, Dept. 48-C, Los Angeles, Calif. In Canada, address The Electro Thermal Co., Desk 48-C, 53 Yonge St., Toronto, Can.

THE ELECTRO THERMAL CO., 4826 Morris Ave., Steubenville, Ohio.

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How To Secure A Government Position

Why worry about strikes, layoffs, hard times? Get a Government job! Increased salaries, steady work, travel, good pay. Examinations coming. I'll help you become a Custom House Clerk, Railway Postal Clerk, Post Office Clerk, City Mail Carrier, Rural Carrier—or get into any other Government job you want. I was a Secretary-Examiner of Civil Service Commission for 8 years. Have helped thousands.


My 32-page book tells about the jobs open—and how I can help you get one. Write TODAY. ARTHUR R. PATTERSON. Civil Service Expert. PATTERSON SCHOOL, 1082 Wisner Building, Rochester. N.Y.

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Size 16x20 inches


Same price for full length or best form groups, landscapes, or pet animals, etc., enlargements of any part of group picture. Safe return of your own original photo guaranteed.


SEND NO MONEY Just mail photo or snapshot (any size) and within a week you will receive your beautiful life-like enlargement size 16x20 in. guaranteed fadeless. Pay postman 98c plus postage or send $1.00 with order and we pay postage. With each enlargement we will send FREE a hand-tinted miniature reproduction of photo sent. Take advantage now of this amazing offer—send your photo today.

UNITED PORTRAIT COMPANY 1652 Ogden Ave. Dept. B-590, Chicago, Ill.

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This well made and effective pistol is modelled on the pattern of the latest type of Revolver, the appearance of which alone is enough to scare a burglar, whilst, when loaded, it will probably prove just as effective as a revolver with real bullets without the danger to life. It takes the standard .22 Calibre Blank Cartridges, that are obtainable most everywhere. Special cash with order offer: 1 superior quality Blank Cartridge Pistol. 100 Blank Cartridges, and our new 550-page DeLuxe Catalog of latest novelties all for ONLY $1.50. Shipped by express only. Cannot go by parcel post. Extra Blank Cartridges 50c per 100. Remember it is quite harmless, as it will not accommodate loaded cartridges. Special Holster (Cowboy Type) for pistol 50c. No C.O.D. Shipments.

Special Offer

1 Blank Cartridge Pistol, 100 Blank Cartridges, 1 550-page Novelty Catalog ONLY $1.50

The Lot Shipped by Express Only Cash with Order Only

JOHNSON SMITH & COMPANY. Dept 212, Racine, Wisconsin

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EARN UP TO $250 Per Month Expenses Paid

Unusual opportunities for men 19 to 55 in this uncrowded profession. Travel or remain near home. Pleasant, fascinating work. Advancement rapid. Prepare in 3 months' spare time, home instruction. We assist you to a position upon completion, paying $120 to $135 per month, plus expenses or refund your tuition. Learn about Traffic Inspection now. Our free booklet shows how it can make your future a certainty. Write for it today.

Standard Business Training Institute DIV. 13 Buffalo, N.Y.

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Sleep Disturbed?

If irritating kidney excretions frequently disturb your sleep or cause backache, leg pains and make you feel tired, achy, depressed and discouraged, why not try the Cystex 48 Hour Test? No dopes or habit-forming drugs. List of pure ingredients in each package. Get Cystex (pronounced Siss-tex) at your drug store for only 60c. Use all of it. See how it works. Money back if it doesn't satisfy you completely.

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FREE New, Big Sample OUTFIT

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An enchanting exotic perfume of irresistible charm, clinging for hours like lovers loath to part. Just a few drops are enough. Full size bottle 98c prepaid or $1.39 C.O.D. plus postage. Directions with every order. FREE: 1 full size bottle if you order 2 vials.

D'ORO CO. Box 90, Varick Station, New York Dept NSG 2

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I make myself hear, after being deaf for 25 years, with these Artificial Ear Drums. I wear them day and night. They stop head noises and ringing ears. They are perfectly comfortable. No one sees them. Write me and I will tell you a true story, how I got deaf and how I make you hear. Address

GEO. P. WAY, Artificial Ear Drum Co. (Inc.) 300 Hoffman Bldg. Detroit, Mich.

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Be A Detective

Make Secret Investigations

Earn Big Money. Work home or travel. Fascinating work. Experience unnecessary. DETECTIVE Particulars FREE, Write NOW to GEO. N. WAGNER, 2190 Broadway, New York

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Habit Overcome Or No Pay

Over 500,000 men and women used Superba Remedy to help stop Cigarettes, Cigars, Pipe, Chewing or Snuff. Write for full treatment on trial. Contains no dope or habit forming drugs. Costs $2.00 if successful, nothing if not. SUPERBA CO., A-11, Baltimore, Md.

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Get Strong WITH

These Improved Muscle Builders

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Why pay an extravagant price for strength—here's an opportunity to get all the equipment you require along with an excellent course of instructions for only $5.00. Realize your ambition and develop muscles of a super-man. Get strong and amaze your friends. We show you how to easily master feats which now seem difficult—or if you just want physical culture for your health's sake, this equipment is just what you need. With this special offer you save at least $20.00. We furnish a ten cable chest expander which is adjustable to give resistance up to 200 lbs. It is made of new live extra strength, springy rubber so as to ensure long wear and give the resistance you need for real muscle development. You also get a pair of patented hand grips for developing powerful grip and forearms.

We include wall exercising parts which permit you to develop your back, arms and legs—a real muscle necessity. You know that business men and athletes, too, first show their age in their legs. Develop your leg muscles with the foot strap which we furnish. This will give you speed and endurance—but that isn't all that you get. In addition we include a specially written course which contains pictures and diagrams showing you how to develop any part of your body so that you will quickly get on with these exercises and gain the greatest advantage from their use. Act now while you can get in on this special offer. It might be withdrawn, so rush the coupon.


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All Crusader products are guaranteed to give entire satisfaction or money back.

CRUSADER APPARATUS CO., Dept. 2002, 44 Parker Ave., Maplewood, N.J.

I accept your offer. Send me everything described in your advertisement by return mail. I will pay postman $5.00 plus postage on arrival. It is understood if I am not entirely satisfied after examination I can return the goods and you will refund my money.

Note:—No C.O.D. Orders to Foreign Countries or Canada.

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Win $3,500.00

Prizes from $1800.00 to $4245.00 each have been won through our unique advertising plan. In our last, an old man of 69, out of work, won over $5000.00. A boy, only 15, won $900.00. In next 3 or 4 months thousands of dollars will be awarded to fortunate persons who solve our puzzles and win our prizes.


Watch out! These twelve pictures of a famous woman flyer all look alike—BUT—two, and only two, are exactly alike. Find these twin flyers! Some pictures are different in the collar, helmet, goggles, or tie. Remember, only two of the twelve are exactly alike. Find them, and send the numbers of the twin flyers on a post card or letter today. If correct, your answer will qualify you for this opportunity.


Over 25 prizes, and duplicate prizes in case of ties. It's up to the winner whether he or she chooses $2875.00 in cash or a new Waco airplane, a big automobile, or a new home. A gorgeous prize list! ANYONE WHO ANSWERS THIS PUZZLE CORRECTLY MAY RECEIVE PRIZES OR CASH.


Be prompt! It pays. Find the real twin flyers, and I will send Certificate which will be good for $625.00 if you are prompt and win first prize. Imagine, a first prize of $3500.00!

NO MORE PUZZLES TO SOLVE. Any man, woman, boy, or girl in the U.S.A.—anyone at all, except residents of Chicago, Illinois, and former major prize winners. 25 of the people who take up this offer are going to win these wonderful prizes. Be one of them. Send the numbers of the twin flyers. Send no money, but be prompt.

J. D. SNYDER, Dept. 36, 54 W. Illinois St., Chicago, Ill.

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Hundreds of men are already training for big-pay Aviation jobs through Lt. Hinton's practical home-study course. This thorough training is just the foundation you need to enter Aviation in any of its many branches, for the course covers Terms and Definitions, Principles of Flight, Rigging, Repairing, Construction, Instruments, Aerology, Engines, Ignition, Carburetion, Airports; Aviation from A to Z. After graduation Hinton's Employment Department puts you in touch with real jobs, or, if you want to be a pilot, Hinton arranges special flying rates at an accredited Air College near your home. Hinton-trained men are in demand and they are making good. His Big Free Book explains everything. Send for your copy at once!


WALTER HINTON, President, 316-D Aviation Institute of U.S.A. 1115 Conn. Ave., Washington, D.C.

Name .......................... Age ......... (Must be 18) Address .....................................

City ...................... State ...........

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$8 often made in one day by many of our sales Agents

Sell finest line new guaranteed hosiery you ever saw, for men, women, children. Written guarantee to wear and satisfy or replaced. 126 styles, colors. Finest silks. All at lowest prices.


We offer our agents a new Ford Car when earned under our plan. Your commission daily. Credit given. Extra bonus. We deliver or you deliver—suit yourself.


Our new plan gives you fine silk hosiery for your own use. I want men and women to act as Local Sales Agents. Spare time is satisfactory. Write quick. A post card will do.

WILKNIT HOSIERY CO. No. 2807 Greenfield, Ohio

* * * * *



PRICE 10c 3-25c no stamps


BOYS You apparently see thru Clothes, Wood, Stone, any object. See Bones in Flesh. FREE Pkg. radio picture films, takes pictures without camera. You'll like 'em. (1 pkg. with each 25c order.)


* * * * *




$1700 to $3400 a Year for Life

No "layoffs" because of strikes, poor business, etc.—sure pay—rapid advancement. Many other U.S. Government Jobs. City and country residents stand same chance. Common sense education usually sufficient.


Cut coupon and mail it before turning the page

MEN—BOYS 18 to 45

Use Coupon Before You Lose It

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FRANKLIN INSTITUTE, Dept. E267, Rochester, N.Y.

Rush to me, free of charge. (1) A full description of the positions checked below. (2) 32-page book with list of positions obtainable. (3) Tell me how to get the positions checked.

[ ] Railway Postal Clerk ($1900 to $2700) [ ] Postoffice Clerk ($1700 to $2300) [ ] City Mail Carrier ($1700 to $2100) [ ] General Clerk ($1200 to $2100) [ ] Customs Inspector ($2100 up) [ ] Rural Mail Carrier ($2100 to $3300)

Name ........................................

Address .....................................

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Get Strong QUICKLY

Giant Chest Expander

ONLY $2.00

Here's an opportunity for everyone to develop big muscles and obtain great strength by using this heavy-tensioned PROGRESSIVE EXERCISER, adjustable from 20 to 200 lbs. resistance. Complete instructions with each exerciser.

Get rid of those aches and pains, indigestion, constipation, headaches, etc. Build up your body and look like a real He-man.


Simply pay the postman $2.00, plus a few cents postage, for five-cabled exerciser or $4.00 plus a few cents postage, for ten-cabled exerciser. Money back in five days if dissatisfied.

Progressive Exerciser Co. Dept. 5002, Langdon Building Duane Street and Broadway New York City

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Become a lawyer. Legally trained men win high positions and big success in business and public life. Be independent. Greater opportunities now than ever before. Big corporations are headed by men with legal training. Earn

$5,000 to $10,000 Annually

We guide you step by step. You can train at home during spare time. Degree of LL. B. conferred. LaSalle students found among practicing attorneys of every state. We furnish all text material, including fourteen-volume Law Library. Low cost, easy terms. Get our valuable 64-page "Law Guide" and "Evidence" books FREE. Send for them NOW.

LaSalle Extension University, Dept. 275-L, Chicago The World's Largest Business Training Institution

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Did you have trouble shaving this morning? If your razor blade scraped and pulled you will appreciate this remarkable new discovery.... Gold Nugget Strop Dressing ... can be used satisfactorily on all stropping devices ... puts keen cutting edge on any razor blade.... Easy to apply ... results assured. Makes you feel like singing when you shave. $1 postpaid.

NO-HONE COMPANY 3124 California St. Omaha, Nebraska

* * * * *


Time counts in applying for patents. Don't risk delay in protecting your ideas. Send sketch or model for instructions or write for FREE book. "How to Obtain a Patent" and "Record of Invention" form. No charge for information on how to proceed. Communications strictly confidential. Prompt, careful, efficient service. Clarence A. O'Brien, Registered Patent Attorney, 1876 Security Savings and Comm'l Bank Building (directly across street from Patent Office) Washington, D.C.

* * * * *

STOP Tobacco

No human being can escape the harmful effects of tobacco. Don't try to quit without assistance. Let our simple inexpensive remedy help you. A complete treatment costs but $2.00. Every penny promptly refunded if you do not get desired results.

Ours is a harmless preparation, carefully compounded to overcome the condition, that will make quitting of tobacco pleasant, and easy. It comes with a money back guarantee.

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