Alec Forbes of Howglen
by George MacDonald
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So she passed into the western road and through the trees to the bridge over the Wan Water. They stood so still in the moonlight! And the smell from the withering fields laid bare of the harvest and breathing out their damp odours, came to her mixed with the chill air from the dark hills around, already spiced with keen atoms of frost, soon to appear in spangly spikes. Beneath the bridge the river flowed maunderingly, blundering out unintelligible news of its parent bog and all the dreary places it had come through on its way to the strath of Glamerton, which nobody listened to but one glad-hearted, puzzle-brained girl, who stood looking down into it from the bridge when she ought to have been in bed and asleep. She was not far from Clippenstrae, but she could not go there so early, for her aunt would be frightened first and angry next. So she wandered up the stream to the old church-forsaken churchyard, and sat on one of the tombstones. It became very cold as the morning drew on. The moon went down; the stars grew dim; the river ran with a livelier murmur; and through all the fine gradations of dawn—cloudy wind and grey sky—the gates of orange and red burst open, and the sun came forth rejoicing. The long night was over. It had not been a very weary one; for Annie had thoughts of her own, and like the earth in the warm summer nights, could shine and flash up through the dark, seeking the face of God in the altar-flame of prayer. Yet she was glad when the sun came. With the first bubble of the spring of light bursting out on the hill-top, she rose and walked through the long shadows of the graves down to the river and through the long shadows of the stubble down the side of the river, which shone in the morning light like a flowing crystal of delicate brown—and so to Clippenstrae, where she found her aunt still in her night-cap. She was standing at the door, however, shading her eyes with her hand, looking abroad as if for some one that might be crossing hitherward from the east. She did not see Annie approaching from the north.

"What are ye luikin' for, auntie?"

"Naething. Nae for you, ony gait, lassie."

"Weel, ye see, I'm come ohn luikit for. But ye was luikin' for somebody, auntie."

"Na. I was only jist luikin'."

Even Annie did not then know that it was the soul's hunger, the vague sense of a need which nothing but the God of human faces, the God of the morning and of the starful night, the God of love and self-forgetfulness, can satisfy, that sent her money-loving, poverty-stricken, pining, grumbling old aunt out staring towards the east. It is this formless idea of something at hand that keeps men and women striving to tear from the bosom of the world the secret of their own hopes. How little they know what they look for in reality is their God! This is that for which their heart and their flesh cry out.

Lead, lead me on, my Hopes. I know that ye are true and not vain. Vanish from my eyes day after day, but arise in new forms. I will follow your holy deception;—follow till ye have brought me to the feet of my Father in Heaven, where I shall find you all with folded wings spangling the sapphire dusk whereon stands His throne, which is our home.

"What do ye want sae ear's this, Annie Anderson?"

Margaret's first thought was always—"What can the body be wantin'?"

"I want ye to tak' me in for a while," answered Annie.

"For an hoor or twa? Ow ay."

"Na. For a week or twa maybe."

"'Deed no. I'll do naething o' the kin', Lat them 'at made ye prood, keep ye prood."

"I'm nae prood, auntie. What gars ye say that?"

"Sae prood 'at ye wadna tak' a gude offer whan it was i' yer pooer. And syne they turn ye oot whan it shuits themsels. Gentle fowks is sair misca'd (misnamed). I'm no gaein' to tak' ye in. There's Dawvid Gordon wants a lass. Ye can jist gang till a place like ither fowk."

"I'll gang and luik efter 't direckly. Hoo far is't, Auntie?"

"Gaein' and giein' awa' yer siller to beggars as gin 't war stew (dust), jist to be a gran' lady! Ye're nane sae gran', I can tell ye. An' syne comin' to puir fowk like me to tak' ye in for a week or twa! Weel I wat!"

Auntie had been listening to evil tongues—so much easier to listen to than just tongues. With difficulty Annie kept back her tears. She made no defence; tried to eat the porridge which her aunt set before her; and departed. Before three hours were over, she had the charge of the dairy and cooking at Willowcraig for the next six months of coming winter and spring. Protected from suspicion, her spirits rose all the cheerier for their temporary depression, and she went singing about the house like a lintie.

"As she did not appear at breakfast, and was absent from the dinner-table as well, Mrs Forbes set out with Alec to inquire after her, and not knowing where else to go first, betook herself to Robert Bruce. He showed more surprise than pleasure at seeing Alec, smiling with his own acridness as he said,

"I doobt ye haena brocht hame that barrel o' ile ye promised me, Mr Alec? It wad hae cleared aff a guid sheave o' yer mither's debts."

Alec answered cheerily, although his face flushed,

"All in good time, I hope, Mr Bruce. I'm obliged to you for your forbearance, though."

He was too solemn-glad to be angry.

"It canna laist for ever, ye ken," rejoined Bruce, happy to be able to bite, although his poison-bag was gone.

Alec made no reply.

"Have you seen Annie Anderson to-day, Mr Bruce?" asked his mother.

"'Deed no, mem. She doesna aften trouble huz wi' her company. We're no gran' eneuch for her."

"Hasn't she been here to-day?" repeated Mrs Forbes, with discomposure in her look and tone.

"Hae ye tint her, mem?" rejoined Bruce. "That is a peety. She'll be awa' wi' that vaigabone, Willie Macwha. He was i' the toon last nicht. I saw him gang by wi' Baubie Peterson."

They made him no reply, understanding well enough that though the one premise might be true, the conclusion must be as false as it was illogical and spiteful. They did not go to George Macwha's, but set out for Clippenstrae. When they reached the cottage, they found Meg's nose in full vigour.

"Na. She's no here. What for sud she be here? She has no claim upo' me, although it pleases you to turn her oot—efter bringin' her up to notions that hae jist ruined her wi' pride."

"Indeed I didn't turn her out, Miss Anderson."

"Weel, ye sud never hae taen her in."

There was something in her manner which made them certain she knew where Annie was; but as she avoided every attempt to draw her into the admission, they departed foiled, although relieved. She knew well enough that Annie's refuge could not long remain concealed, but she found it pleasant to annoy Mrs Forbes.

And not many days passed before Mrs Forbes did learn where Annie was. But she was so taken up with her son, that weeks even passed before that part of her nature which needed a daughter's love began to assert itself again, and turn longingly towards her all but adopted child.

Alec went away once more to the great town. He had certain remnants of study to gather up at the university, and a certain experience to go through in the preparation of drugs, without which he could not obtain his surgeon's diploma. The good harvest would by and by put a little money in his mother's hands, and the sooner he was ready to practise the better.

The very day after he went, Mrs Forbes drove to Willowcraig to see Annie. She found her short-coated and short-wrappered, like any other girl at a farmhouse. Annie was rather embarrassed at the sight of her friend. Mrs Forbes could easily see, however, that there was no breach in her affection towards her. Yet it must be confessed that having regard to the final return of her son, she was quite as well pleased to know that she was bound to remain where she was for some time to come.

She found the winter very dreary without her, though.


Finding herself in good quarters, Annie re-engaged herself at the end of the half-year. She had spent the winter in house work, combined with the feeding of pigs and poultry, and partial ministrations to the wants of the cows, of which she had milked the few continuing to give milk upon turnips and straw, and made the best of their scanty supply for the use of the household. There was no hardship in her present life. She had plenty of wholesome food to eat, and she lay warm at night. The old farmer, who was rather overbearing with his men, was kind to her because he liked her; and the guidwife was a sonsy (well conditioned) dame, who, when she scolded, never meant anything by it.

She cherished her love for Alec, but was quite peaceful as to the future. How she might have felt had she heard that he was going to be married, I cannot take upon me to say.

When her work was done, she would go out for a lonely walk, without asking leave or giving offence, indulging in the same lawlessness as before, and seeming incapable of being restrained by other bonds than those of duty.

And now the month of April was nearly over, and the primroses were glintin' on the braes.

One evening she went out bare-headed to look how a certain den, wont to be haunted by wild-flowers and singing-birds, was getting on towards its complement of summer pleasures. As she was climbing over a fence, a horseman came round the corner of the road. She saw at a glance that it was Alec, and got down again.

Change had passed upon both since they parted. He was a full-grown man with a settled look. She was a lovely woman, even more delicate and graceful than her childhood had promised.

As she got down from the fence, he got down from his horse. Without a word on either side, their hands joined, and still they stood silent for a minute, Annie with her eyes on the ground, Alec gazing in her face, which was pale with more than its usual paleness.

"I saw Curly yesterday," said Alec at length, with what seemed to Annie a meaning look.

Her face flushed as red as fire.—Could Curly have betrayed her?

She managed to stammer out,

"Oh! Did you?

And then silence fell again.

"Eh! Alec," she said at length, taking up the conversation, in her turn, "we thought we would never see ye again."

"I thought so too," answered Alec, "when the great berg came down on us through the snow-storm, and flung the barque upon the floe with her side crushed in.—How I used to dream about the old school-days, Annie, and finding you in my hut!—And I did find you in the snow, Annie."

But a figure came round the other corner—for the road made a double sweep at this point—and cried—

"Annie, come hame direcly. Ye're wantit."

"I'm coming to see you again soon, Annie," said Alec. "But I must go away for a mouth or two first."

Annie replied with a smile and an outstretched hand—nothing more. She could wait well enough.

How lovely the flowers in the dyke-sides looked as she followed Mrs Gordon home! But the thought that perhaps Curly had told him something was like the serpent under them. Yet somehow she had got so beautiful before she reached the house, that her aunt, who had come to see her, called out,

"Losh! lassie! What hae ye been aboot? Ye hae a colour by ordinar'."

"That's easy accoontet for," said her mistress roguishly. "She was stan'in' killoguin wi' a bonnie young lad an' a horse. I winna hae sic doin's aboot my hoose, I can tell ye, lass."

Margaret Anderson flew into a passion, and abused her with many words, which Annie, so far from resenting, scarcely even heard. At length she ceased, and departed almost without an adieu. But what did it matter?—What did any earthly thing matter, if only Curly had not told him?

Now, all that Curly had told Alec was that Annie was not engaged to him.

So the days and nights passed, and Spring, the girl, changed into Summer, the woman; and still Alec did not come.

One evening, when a wind that blew from the west, and seemed to smell of the roses of the sunset, was filling her rosy heart with joy—Annie sat in a rough little seat, scarcely an arbour, at the bottom of a garden of the true country order, where all the dear old-fashioned glories of sweet-peas, cabbage-roses, larkspur, gardener's garters, honesty, poppies, and peonies, grew in homely companionship with gooseberry and currant bushes, with potatoes and pease. The scent of the sunset came in reality from a cheval de frise of wallflower on the coping of the low stone wall behind where she was sitting with her Milton. She read aloud in a low voice that sonnet beginning "Lady that in the prime of earliest youth." As she finished it, a voice, as low, said, almost in her ear,

"That's you, Annie."

Alec was looking over the garden wall behind her.

"Eh, Alec," she cried, starting to her feet, at once shocked and delighted, "dinna say that. It's dreidfu' to hear ye say sic a thing. I wish I was a wee like her."

"Weel, Annie, I think ye're jist like her. But come oot wi' me. I hae a story to tell ye. Gie me yer han', and pit yer fit upo' the seat."

She was over the wall in a moment, and they were soon seated under the trees of the copse near which Annie had met him before. The brown twilight was coming on, and a warm sleepy hush pervaded earth and air, broken only by the stream below them, cantering away over its stones to join the Wan Water. Neither of them was inclined to quarrel with the treeless country about them: they were lapped in foliage; nor with the desolate moorland hills around them: they only drove them closer together.

Time unmeasured by either passed without speech.

"They tell't me," said Alec at length, "that you and Curly had made it up."

"Alec!" exclaimed Annie, and looked up in his face as if he had accused her of infidelity, but, instantly dropping her eyes, said no more.

"I wad hae fun' ye oot afore a day was ower, gin it hadna been for that."

Annie's heart beat violently, but she said nothing, and, after a silence, Alec went on.

"Did my mother ever tell ye about how the barque was lost?"

"No, Alec."

"It was a terrible snow-storm with wind. We couldn't see more than a few yards a-head. We were under bare poles, but we couldn't keep from drifting. All in a moment a huge ghastly thing came out of the gloamin' to windward, bore down on us like a spectre, and dashed us on a floating field of ice. The barque was thrown right upon it with one side stove in; but nobody was killed. It was an awful night, Annie; but I'm not going to tell you about it now. We made a rough sledge, and loaded it with provisions, and set out westward, and were carried westward at the same time on the floe, till we came near land. Then we launched our boat and got to the shore of Greenland. There we set out travelling southwards. Many of our men died, do what I could to keep them alive. But I'll tell you all about it another time, if you'll let me. What I want to tell you noo's this.—Ilka nicht, as sure as I lay doon i' the snaw to sleep, I dreamed I was at hame. A' the auld stories cam' back. I woke ance, thinkin' I was carryin' you throu' the water i' the lobby o' the schuil, and that ye was greitin' upo' my face. And whan I woke, my face was weet. I doobt I had been greitin mysel'. A' the auld faces cam' roon' me ilka nicht, Thomas Crann and Jeames Dow and my mother—whiles ane and whiles anither—but ye was aye there.

"Ae mornin', whan I woke up, I was my lane. I dinna ken richtly hoo it had happened. I think the men war nigh-han' dazed wi' the terrible cauld and the weariness o' the traivel, and I had sleepit ower lang, and they had forgotten a' aboot me. And what think ye was the first thocht i' my heid, whan I cam' to mysel', i' the terrible white desolation o' cauld and ice and snaw? I wantit to run straucht to you, and lay my heid upo' yer shouther. For I had been dreamin' a' nicht that I was lyin' i' my bed at hame, terrible ill, and ye war gaein aboot the room like an angel, wi' the glimmer o' white wings aboot ye, which I reckon was the snaw comin' throu' my dream. And ye wad never come near me; and I cudna speak to cry to ye to come; till at last, whan my hert was like to brak 'cause ye wadna luik at me, ye turned wi' tears i' yer een, and cam' to the bedside and leaned ower me, and—"

Here Alec's voice failed him.

"Sae ye see it was nae wonner that I wantit you, whan I fand mysel' a' my lane i' the dreidfu' place, the very beauty o' which was deidly.

"Weel, that wasna a'. I got mair that day than I thocht ever to get. Annie, I think what Thomas Crann used to say maun be true. Annie, I think a body may some day get a kin' o' a sicht o' the face o' God.—I was sae dooncast, whan I saw mysel' left ahin', that I sat doon upon a rock and glowered at naething. It was awfu'. An' it grew waur and waur, till the only comfort I had was that I cudna live lang. And wi' that the thocht o' God cam' into my heid, and it seemed as gin I had a richt, as it war, to call upon him—I was sae miserable.

"And there cam' ower me a quaietness, and like a warm breath o' spring air. I dinna ken what it was—but it set me upo' my feet, and I startit to follow the lave. Snaw had fa'en, sae that I could hardly see the track. And I never cam' up wi' them, and I haena heard o' them sin' syne.

"The silence at first had been fearfu'; but noo, somehoo or ither, I canna richtly explain 't, the silence seemed to be God himsel' a' aboot me.

"And I'll never forget him again, Annie.

"I cam' upo' tracks, but no o' oor ain men. They war the fowk o' the country. And they brocht me whaur there was a schooner lyin' ready to gang to Archangel. And here I am."

Was there ever a gladder heart than Annie's? She was weeping as if her life would flow away in tears. She had known that Alec would come back to God some day.

He ceased speaking, but she could not cease weeping. If she had tried to stop the tears, she would have been torn with sobs. They sat silent for a long time. At length Alec spoke again:

"Annie, I don't deserve it—but will you be my wife some day?"

And all the answer Annie made was to lay her head on his bosom and weep on.


Is it worth while, I debate with myself, to write one word more?—Shall I tie the ends of my warp, or leave them loose?—I will tie them, but no one needs sit out the process.

The farm of Howglen prospered. Alec never practised in his profession, but became a first-rate farmer. Within two years Annie and he were married, and began a new chapter of their history.

When Mrs Forbes found that Alec and Annie were engaged, she discovered that she had been in reality wishing it for a long time, and that the opposing sense of duty had been worldly.

Mr Cupples came to see them every summer, and generally remained over the harvest. He never married. But he wrote a good book.

Thomas Crann and he had many long disputes, and did each other good. Thomas grew gentler as he grew older. And he learned to hope more for other people. And then he hoped more for himself too.

The first time Curly saw Annie after the wedding, he was amazed at his own presumption in ever thinking of marrying such a lady. When about thirty, by which time he had a good business of his own, he married Isie Constable—still little, still old-fashioned, and still wise.

Margaret Anderson was taken good care of by Annie Forbes, but kept herself clear of all obligation by never acknowledging any.

Robert Bruce had to refund, and content himself with his rights. He died worth a good deal of money notwithstanding, which must have been a great comfort to him at the last.

Young Robert is a clergyman, has married a rich wife, hopes to be Moderator of the Assembly some day, and never alludes to his royal ancestor.


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fellows; folk, body,person; fellow,also body bonnie,good; beautiful; pretty; handsome, bonnier,better; more beautiful; prettier, bonniest,best; most beautiful; prettiest,also considerable bonny,good; beautiful; pretty; handsome, booed,bowed, bossie,large wooden bowl,serving bowl bothie,cottage in common for farm-servants, boucht,bought, boun',bound, brack,break, brackin',breaking, bracks,breaks, brae,hill; hillside; high ground by a river, braes,hills; hillsides; high ground by a river, braggin',bragging, braid,broad; having a strong accent, brak,break, brak',break, brakfast,breakfast, brakin',breaking, brat,child,term of contempt braw,beautiful; good; fine,also lovely (girl); handsome (boy) brawly,admirably; very; very much; well, breathin',breathing, breedin',breeding, breek-pooch,trouser pocket, breeks,breeches; trousers, breest,breast, breid,bread, breist,breast, briest,breast, brig,bridge, brigs,bridges, brimstane,brimstone, bringin',bringing, brither,brother, brithers,brothers; fellows, brithren,brethren; brothers, brocht,brought, brods,boards; (book covers), broo,brow; eyebrow,also brew; liquor broon,brown, brose,water; soup; meal; oatmeal pudding, broucht,brought, bruik,broke, brunstane,brimstone, brunt,burned, buckie,periwinkle,also trifle of no value bude,would prefer to; behoved,also must; had to buik,book,also Bible buikie,little book,diminutive buiks,books, buird,board, buirds,boards, bunce,bounce, burnie,little stream,diminutive burnin',burning, burnin's,burnings, burns,water; streams; brooks, buryin',burying,also funeral but,main room in a croft; outside,includes kitchen and storage; also but butt,main room in a croft; outside,includes kitchen and storage butt the hoose,into the house; into the kitchen, by gangs,passes by; goes by, by ordinar,out of the ordinary; supernatural,also unusual; exceptional by ordinar',out of the ordinary; supernatural,also unusual; exceptional bye and aboon,over and above, byganes,bygones, bykes,hives; swarms; crowds,also bees' or wasps' nests byous,exceedingly; extraordinary; very, byre,cowshed, byre-wa',cowshed wall, ca,drive; impell; hammer, ca',call; name, ca'd,called,also driven; impelled; hammered cadger,carrier; peddlar, cairt,card,also cart cairts,cards, calcleation,calculation, callan,stripling; lad,term of affection caller,fresh; refreshing; cool, cam,came, cam',came, camna,did not come, camstairie,unmanageable; wild; obstinate,also perverse cankert,cross; ill-humoured,also fretful can'le,candle, can'le-licht,candle-light, can'les,candles, canna,cannot,also cotton-grass canna-down,cotton-grass, cannie,cautious; prudent; shrewd; artful,also gentle; snug; pleasant canny,cautious; prudent; shrewd; artful,also gentle; snug; pleasant capawcity,capacity, carefu',careful, carin',caring, carl,man; clown; boor in manners; churl, carlin,old woman; shrew; hag, carr,calves, carritchis,catechism, carryin',carrying, ca's,calls, cast,thrown off; discarded (clothes),also appearance; aspect; lose colour; fade cast up,taunt; reproach, castin',casting, ca't,call it,also hammer it; impel it; hammer it catchin',catching, cat-loup,short distance; moment of time, caud,cold (illness), cauf,calf,also fool cauld,cold, 'cause,because, caution,security; guarantee, caw,drive; impell; hammer, cawed,driven; impelled; hammered, cawpable,capable, ceevil,civil, ceevily,civilly, 'cep,except; but, 'cep',except; but, chairge,charge, chait,cheat, change-hoose,alehouse; tavern, chap,knock; hammer; strike; rap, chappit,knocked; hammered; struck; rapped, chaumer,chamber; room; bedroom, cheap,thoroughly deserving, cheemistry,chemistry, cheerman,chairman, cheese,choose, cheir,chair, cheirs,chairs, chice,choice, chiel',child; young person; fellow,term of fondness or intimacy chield,child; young person; fellow,term of fondness or intimacy chimley,chimney, chimleys,chimneys, chokin',choking, chop,shop; store, chop-door,shop door, chowin',chewing, chowse,choose, chucken,chicken, civileezed,civilized, claes,clothes; dress, claik,cackle of a hen,also idle or false report claiks,cackles of a hen,also idle or false reports claisp't,clasped, clampit,made a noise of shoes when walking, clanjamfrie,low worthless people, clappit,patted; stroked; fondled,also pressed down clash,blow; slap; mess,also gossip; tittle-tattle; tale-bearing clave,cleaved, claver,talk idly or foolishly; gossip; chat, clean,altogether; entirely,also comely; shapely; empty; clean cleanin',cleaning, cleckit,hatched; born, cleuks,claws; hands; paws, clift,cleft, clippin',clipping; shearing (sheep), clood,cloud, cloods,clouds, cloot,clout; box (ear); beat; slap,also patch; mend clortit,besmeared; dirtied, close,narrow alley; blind alley,also enclosed land cloured,struck; indented; beat, cluds,clouds, cluiks,hands; claws; paws; clutches, clured,struck; indented; beaten, cnottie,little lump,diminutive coampliments,compliments, coatie,children's coat; petticoat, coats,petticoats, coch,coach, cockit,cocked, cogues,small wooden vessel, coguie,small wooden vessel,for holding milk (diminutive) collieshangie,uproar; squabble; outbreak, colliginer,college student,also college boy colliginers,college students,college boys comena,do not come, comin,coming, comin',coming, compaingon,companion, compairateevely,comparatively, compleen,complain, compleenin',complaining, compoon,compound, condeetion,condition, conduc',conduct, conductin',conducting, confoon',confound, conformin',conforming, conneckit,connected, consequens,consequence, consolin',consoling, consortin',consorting, contack,contact, conteenin',containing, conteens,contains, contred,contradicted; thwarted; crossed, contrivin',contriving; designing, convertin',converting, convertit,converted, coo,cow, cooardly,cowardly, cooncellor,councilor, coonsel,counsel, coont,count, coontenance,countenance, coonter,counter, coontit,counted, coonty,county, coorse,coarse,also course coortin',courting, copyin',copying, corp,body; corpse, corpus,corpse, corpuses,corpses, correck,correct, corrup',corrupt, cot,cottage, cottar,farm tenant; cottager, couldna,could not, coup,tilt; tumble; drink off, couples,rafters, couthy,kind; snug; comfortable; familiar, coverin',covering, cowerin',cowering, cowmon,common, crack,news; story; chat; gossip,also crack-brained crackin',cracking; thundering, cracklin',crackling, craik,to croak; cry out harshly; murmur, crap,top part,also crept crater,creature, craters,creatures, cratur,creature, cratur',creature, craturs,creatures, crawn,crowed, crayter,creature, creepie,(three legged) stool,a child's chair crew,crowed, creysh,grease, cried,called; summoned, crinkle-crankle,rustling and creaking, crisping,crackling,sound as ground under foot in a slight frost cronie,crony; friend; companion, crookit,crooked; bent; twisted, croon,crown, crumblin',crumbling, crunkle,crease; wrinkle; crumple, cruppen,crept, cryin',calling; summoning, cud,could, cudna,could not, cummummerate,commemorate, cupples,rafters, curbstane,curbstone, curfufflin',ruffling; disheveling, curst,cursed, cuttin',cutting, cuttit,cut; harvested, cutty-clay,short clay-pipe, dacency,decency, dacent,decent, daft,mentally deranged; delirious; silly, damnin',damning; condemning, dam't,damned, dang,knock; bang; drive,also damn darg,day's work,work done in a day dauner,stroll; saunter; amble, daun'er,stroll; saunter; amble, daur,dare; challenge, daured,dared; challenged, dauredna,did not dare; did not challenge, daurna,dare not; do not dare, daurs,dares; challenges, daursay,dare say, daw,dawn, Dawgon,Dagon; Philistine god,see 1 Samuel 5:2-7 dawtie,darling; pet,term of endearment Dawvid,David, daylicht,daylight, dazin',dazing; bemuddling, de,do, dealin',dealing, dearie,sweetheart; darling, deave,deafen, deceesion,decision, dee,do,also die deed,died,also deed; indeed 'deed,indeed, deedie,water in a mill race, deef,deaf, deein',doing,also dying deevil,devil, deevilich,devilish,also extraordinary; supernatural deevilry,devilry, deevils,devils, defamin',defaming, defen',defend, defyin',defying, deid,dead,also death deidly,deadly, deif,deaf, deil,devil,also not a de'il,devil,also not a Deil a bit!,Not at all! Not a bit!, deils,devils, dein',dying, deith,death, delicat,delicate, denner,dinner, denner-time,dinner time, deowty,duty, depairt,depart, depen',depend, depen'in',depending, deuke,duck, deycons,deacons, dictionar',dictionary, didna,did not, differ,difference; dissent,also differ dight,wipe; clean, din,sound; din; report; fame, ding,overcome; weary; vex,also drive; dash dingin',overcoming; wearying; vexing,also driving; raining/snowing heavily dinna,do not, direc,direct, direc',direct, direckly,directly; immediately, direcly,directly, dirk,dirk; dagger, dirl,thrill; tingle, dirrty,dirty, dis,does, discipleen,discipline, discoont,discount, discoorse,discourse, disinteresstitness,disinterestedness, disjaskit,worn out; fatigued; exhausted,also dejected; depressed disna,does not, displeesur,displeasure, displeesur',displeasure, disposin',disposing, disregaird,disregard, disrespeck,disrespect, dist,dust, disturbin',disturbing, disturbit,disturbed, div,do, divna,do not, divot,thin flat piece of sod; turf, dizzen,dozen, dochter,daughter, dochters,daughters, dochtna,could not, dockit,clipped, doctorin',doctoring, doesna,does not, doin',doing, doin's,doings, doited,foolish; stupefied; crazy, dominie,minister; schoolmaster,slightly contemptuous dominies,ministers; schoolmasters,slightly contemptuous doo,dove,darling—term of endearment dooble,double; duplicate,also double dealing; devious doobt,suspect; know; doubt,have an unpleasant conviction doobtfu',doubtful, doobtin',suspecting; knowing,also doubting doobts,suspects; knows,also doubts doom,doom; end; sentence, dooms,extremely; exceedingly; very, doom's,extremely; exceedingly; very; great, doon,down, dooncast,downcast, doonfa',downfall, doonhertit,downhearted, doonricht,downright, doonwith,downward, door-cheek,door-post; threshold; doorway, door-sill,threshold, doot,doubt,also suspect; suspect do't,do it, dottle,unconsumed tobacco in a pipe, douce,gentle; sensible; sober; prudent, doun,down, doup,bottom; backside; buttocks, dour,hard; stern; stiff; sullen, draan,drawn, draigon,dragon; also boy's paper kite,reference to Revelation 12-13 drap,drop; small quantity of, drappit,dropped, drappy,little drop; a little (liquor),diminutive drap's bluid,related by blood, drave,drove, drawers,chest of drawers, dreadfu',dreadful, dreamin',dreaming, drede,dread, dreidfu',dreadful; dreadfully, drift,snow driven by the wind, drinkin',drinking, drippin',dripping, drivin',driving, droon,drown, drooned,drowned, droonin',drowning, droons,drowns, droont,drowned, drouth,thirst; dryness,also drought drucken,drunken; tipsy, drunken,drank; drunk, dryin',drying, dub,mud; small pool of water, dubby,miry; muddy; dirty, duds,clothes; rags; tatters, dune,done, dune't,done it, dwin'lin',dwindling, dyin',dying, dyke,wall of stone or turf, ear',early, eatin',eating, Edam,Adam, edder,adder, edication,education, ee,eye, eebrees,eyebrows, eemage,image, een,eyes, eeran',errand, eesicht,eyesight; by all appearances, effecks,effects, efter,after; afterwards, efterhin,after; afterwards, efternoon,afternoon, efterwards,afterwards, eicht,eight; eighth, elbuck,elbow, elec,elect,chosen by God for salvation (Calvinism) elec',elect,chosen by God for salvation (Calvinism) eleck,elect,chosen by God for salvation (Calvinism) en',end, endeevour,endeavour, endeevours,endeavours, eneuch,enough, enlichten,enlighten, enterest,interest, entick,dam built across a river, everlastin',everlasting, exackly,exactly, excep',except, expec',expect, expecket,expected, expeckin',expecting, expeckit,expected, extrornar,extraordinary, eyther,either, Ezakiel,Ezekiel,book in the Old Testament fa',fall; befall, fac,fact; truth; reality, fac',fact; truth; reality, fa'en,fallen, faimily,family, fa'in',falling, faintin',fainting, Faith!,Indeed!; Truly!,exclamation fallow,fellow; chap, fallows,fellows; chaps, fand,found, fareweel,farewell, farmin',farming, farrer,farther, fa's,falls, fash,trouble; inconvenience; vex, fashous,troublesome; vexing, faul'd,folded, faun',found, faund,found, fause,false, faushion,fashion, fau't,fault; blame, fauts,faults, fau'ts,faults, fau't's,fault is, feared,afraid; frightened; scared, fearfu',fearful; easily frightened, fearsome,terrifying; fearful; awful, fecht,fight; struggle, fechtin',fighting; struggling, feckless,weak; feeble; incapable, feelin',feeling, feelin's,feelings, fegs!,truly!; really!; goodness!; faith!,mild oath; exclamation of surprise fell,very; potent; keen; harsh; sharp,intensifies; also turf; lot; destiny feow,few, ferm,farm, fess,fetch; bring, fest,fast, fin,find,also feel fin',find,also feel fin'in',finding; feeling, firs,first, fit,foot; base,also fit; capable; able fit-haud,foothold, fiver,fever, flamin',flaming, flang,kicked; threw, flannin,flannel, flauchterin',fluttering, flaw,flew, flee,fly; flee,also fly (the insect) fleechin',wheedling; flattering; fawning, fleein',flying; fleeing, fleg,blow; kick; stroke,also scare; frighten fleggin',blowing; kicking; stroking,also scaring; frightening fleyt,terrified; frightened, fling,kick; throw, fling't,kick it; throw it, flit,shift; remove; depart, floatin',floating, flooer,flower, flooers,flowers, floories,little flowers,diminutive flure,floor, flutterin',fluttering, followin',following, forbears,ancestors; forefathers, forby,as well; as well as; besides,also over and above forbye,as well; as well as; besides,also over and above forenichts,fore-nights; early evenings,also late afternoons foreordeen't,foreordained, foret,forward, forfochten,worn out; exhausted, forgettin',forgetting, forgie,forgive, for's,for his, for't,for it, fortnicht,fortnight; two weeks, fother,fodder; provision, foughten,fought, foul-fa',devil take; evil befall, foul-mou'd,foul-mouthed, fourt,fourth, fower,four, fowk,folk, fowks,folks, fra,from, frae,from, frae't,from it, free,frank; outspoken; genial; familiar, freely,quite; very; thoroughly, frein',friend, frichtit,frightened; scared away, frien',friend, frien's,friends, fu',full; very; much, fule,fool, fules,fools, fumblin',fumbling, fun',found, fundation,foundation, fund't,founded, furth,forth, fushionless,pithless; tasteless; feeble, fusionless,pithless; tasteless; feeble, futteret,weasel,term of contempt fykes,trifles; troubles; cares; whims, gad,iron bar, gae,gave,also go ga'e,gave, gaed,went, gaein,going, gaein',going, gaeins,goings, gairden,garden, gait,way; fashion,also route; street gaither,gather, gaits,ways,also routes; streets gane,gone, gane hame,gone home,also passed away; died gang,go; goes; depart; walk, gang yer wa's,go on, gangs,goes; walks, gar,cause; make; compel, garred,made; caused; compelled, garrin',making; causing; compelling, gars,makes; causes; compels, gart,made; caused; compelled, gaun,going, gear,possessions; money; property,also livestock geid,gave, gentlefowk,gentlefolk; gentry, gerss,grass, gether,gather, gethered,gathered, getna,do not get, gettin',getting, gey,fairly; considerably,also considerable gey and,somewhat; rather, ghaist,ghost; soul; spirit, ghaistly,ghostly, gie,give, gie a lift,give a helping hand, gied,gave, giein,giving, giein',giving, gien,if; as if; then; whether,also given gi'en,given, gien't,if it,also given it gies,gives, gie's,gives; give us; give his, gie't,give it, gif,if; whether, gimp,slender; neat, gin,if; as if; then; whether, gin't,if it, girnel,granary; meal-chest, girnel-kist,meal-chest, girnell,granary; meal-chest, girnin',grimacing; snarling, girns,grimaces; snarls; twists the features, girrl,girl, girse,grass, glaid,glad, glaidle,gladly, glaidness,gladness, glaiss,glass, gleanins,gleanings, gleg,quick; lively; smart; quick-witted, gleg ee,quick or sharp eye (to notice things), gleg-eed,quick-eyed; sharp eyed, gleg-ee'd,quick-eyed; sharp eyed, glimmerin',glimmering, glimmert,glimmered, glimp,glimpse; glance,also the least degree glimp',glimpse; glance,also the least degree glinted,twinkled; glittered, glintin',twinkling; glittering, gloamin,twilight; dusk, gloamin',twilight; dusk, glorifeed,glorified, glowered,stared; gazed; scowled, glowerin',staring; gazing; scowling, glowert,stared; gazed; scowled, God-fearin',God-fearing, gomeril,fool; blockhead, goo,taste; odour; smell, goody,old woman,also child's name for a sweet goon,gown, gowd,gold, gowden,golden, gowk,cuckoo; fool; blockhead, grainie,little particle; little bit,diminutive grainy,little particle; little bit, graip,three-pronged fork,used in farming graivitation,gravitation, gran',grand; capital; first-rate, gran'-dochter,grand-daughter, grandur,grandeur, gran'mither,grandmother, grat,cried; wept, gravestanes,gravestones; tombstones; headstones, greet,cry; weep, greetin,crying; weeping, greetin',crying; weeping, greit,cry; weep, greitin,crying; weeping, greitin',crying; weeping, grin',grind, grip,grasp; understand,also hold grips,grasps; understands,seizures; colic grit,great; big, grosert,gooseberry, growin,growing, growin',growing, growlin',growling, grue,feeling of horror; tremor,also tremble grummle,grumble, grun',ground, gruntit,grunted,also grumbled; complained grutten,cried; wept, guairdian,guardian, guddle,mangle, guddlet,mangled, gude,good,also God gude wife,mistress of the house; wife,also farmer's wife gudewife,mistress of the house; wife,also farmer's wife gueed,good,also God guid,good,also God guide,treat; handle; look after; manage; keep, guidit,treated; handled; managed, guidman,master; husband; head of household,also farmer guidwife,mistress of the house; wife,also farmer's wife guiss,guess, guissin',guessing, gumption,common-sense; shrewdness, gurglin',gurgling, gutter-partans,gutter crab, ha',have,also hall; house hadna,had not, hae,have; has,also here; understand haein,having, haein',having, haeing,having, haena,have not; do not have, haena',have not; do not have, hae't,have it, haill,whole, hained,saved; hoard; shield, hairm,harm, Hairries,Harrys, hairst,harvest, hairst-play,school holidays during harvest, Haith!,Faith!,exclamation of surprise half-a-croon,half-crown; half a crown,=2 shillings and 6 pence half-gaits,half-way, half-hoor,half-hour, hame,home, han',hand, handit,handed, han'fu',handful, hangin',hanging, hangt,hanged, han'le,handle, han's,hands, hantel,much; large quantity; far, hantle,much; large quantity; far, happent,happened, happin',hopping, h'ard,heard, hardent,hardened, hard-hertit,hard-hearted, hards,what of boiled food,adheres to the pot hard-workin',hard-working, harlin',rough-casting a wall,with a mixture of mortar and gravel hasna,does not have; has not; hasn't, haud,hold; keep, hauden,held; kept, haudin',holding; keeping, hauds,holds; keeps, hause,neck; throat, haven,heaven, haverin',talking incoherently; babbling, havers,nonsense; foolish talk; babble, haythen,heathen, he that will to Coupar maun to Coupar,a wilful man must have his way, heap,very much,also heap hearin',hearing, heark,listen, hearken,hearken; hear; listen, hearkened,hearkened; heard; listened, hearkenin',hearkening; listening, hearkent,hearkened; heard; listened, hearthstane,hearthstone, Hech!,Oh! strange!,a sighing exclamation heedlong,headlong, heedna,heed not; do not heed, heep,very much,also heap heepocreet,hypocrite, heid,head; heading, heidit,headed, heid-quarters,headquarters, heids,heads; headings, helpin',helping, her lane,on her own; her alone, hermaphrodeet,hermaphrodite, herrin,herring, herrin',herring, hersel,herself, hersel',herself, hersel's,herself has; herself is, hert,heart, herts,hearts, hert-sair,heart sore, herty,heartily; hearty, het,hot; burning, heumble,humble, heumbly,humbly, hidin',hiding,also beating; thrashing hidin'-place,hidding place, Hielanman,Highland man, hillo,,a call to attract attention him lane,on his own; him alone, himsel,himself, himsel',himself, hinder,hinder; hind; latter, hing,hang, hingin',hanging, hinner,hinder; hind; latter, hinner en',end; end of life, hinner-en',end; end of life, hinnie,honey, hirin',hiring, hirple,limp; hobble, hirpling,limping; hobbling, hit,it,emphatic hizzie,hussy; silly girl, hizzies,hussies; silly girls, hogsheid,hogshead; large barrel or cask, hoo,how, hooever,however, hooly,slowly; cautiously; gently,also 'take your time' hooly and fairly,slowly and gently, hoor,hour, hoors,hours, hoo's,how is, hoose,house; home, hoose-gear,household goods, hooses,houses; homes, hoose-taps,house-tops, hoosie,little house,diminutive hoot,pshaw,exclamation of doubt or contempt hoot toot,tut!,exclamation of annoyance hoots,pshaw,exclamation of doubt or contempt horn,comb,also horn Horney,the devil, horsie,little horse,diminutive host,cough, hough,man's leg or thigh, houp,hope, houpes,hopes, houpfu',hopeful, houps,hopes, how,hollow; valley; glen, howdie,midwife, howk,dig; excavate, howkin',digging; excavating, hoydenish,inelegantly,also inelegant; homely hungert,starved, hunner,hundred, hurtit,hurt, huz,us,emphatic i',in; into, I doobt,I know; I suspect, I doot,I know; I suspect, I doubt,I know; I suspect, I s' awa.,I'm off.; I'd better go., I wad,I know; I assure (you), idleset,idleness; frivolous amusement,also laziness ile,oil, ilka,every; each,also common; ordinary ill,bad; evil; hard; harsh; badly,also misfortune; harm 'ill,will, ill-aff,poor; miserable; badly off, ill-contrived,tricky; mischievous,also badly behaved; ill-tempered ill-designed,evilly disposed, ill-faured,unbecoming; ill-mannered; clumsy,also unpleasant; unsavoury ill-guide,mismanage; ill-treat, ill-guideship,mismanagement; ill-treatment, ill-nater'd,ill-natured, ill-natert,ill-natured, ill-pleased,not pleased; unhappy, ill-tongued,foul-tongued; abusive, 'im,him, imaigin',imagine, imaigine,imagine, impidence,impudence, impident,impudent, impruvment,improvement, incomins,comings in, incontinent,forthwith; immediately, indwellin',indwelling, ingle-neuk,chimney-corner or recess; fireside, in's,in his, insicht,insight, instruc',instruct, instruck,instruct, in't,in it, intendit,intended , interrup',interrupt, intil,into; in; within, intil's,into his; into us, intil't,into it, inveesible,invisible, Is',I should; I shall, isna,is not; is no, isna't,is it not, is't,is it, ither,other; another; further,also else; otherwise ithers,others, itsel,itself, itsel',itself, itsel's,itself is, jabberin',chattering; idle talking, jabble,ripple; small broken waves, jaud,lass; girl; worthless woman,old worn-out horse jawd,lass; girl; worthless woman,old worn-out horse jawds,lasses; girls; worthless women,old worn-out horses jawin',talking; chattering, jaws,billows; splashes; surges; waves, Jeames,James, jeedge,judge, jeedgement,judgement, jeedgment,judgement, jeerin',mocking, jeest,jest; joke, jeist,jest, jeistin',jesting, jiffie,moment, jine,join, jined,joined, jist,just, jokin',joking, jummlin',jumbling, jumps,tallies; coincides,also eagerly accepts kail,colewort,also food; dinner keekin',looking; peeping; prying, keekit,looked; peeped; spied, keepin',keeping, keepit,kept, ken,know; be acquainted with; recognise, kenna,do not know, kenned,known; knew, kennin,knowing, kennin',knowing, kens,knows, kensna,does not know, kent,known; knew, ken't,know it, kentna,did not know, kettlefu',kettleful, key-stane,key-stone, killin',killing, killoguin,plotting; conspiring, killt,killed, kin',kind; nature; sort; agreeable,also somewhat; in some degree kin'-herted,kind-hearted, kin'-hertit,kind-hearted, kin'list,kindliest, kin'ness,kindness, kirk,church, kirk-buiks,kirk-session's records or minute-books, kirkies,little churches,diminutive kirkyard,churchyard, kirk-yard,churchyard, kirsten,christen, kist,chest; coffer; box; chest of drawers, kitchie,kitchen,also addition or relish to plain fare kittle,ticklish, kittlin',kitten, kye,cattle; cows, laad,lad; boy,term of commendation or reverence laads,lads; boys,term of commendation or reverence labourin',labouring, laddie,boy,term of affection laddies,boys,term of affection lade,load, ladles,small wooden box with a long handle,for collecting offerings in church laft,loft, laich,low; inferior, lainch,launch, laip,leap, laird,landed proprietor; squire; lord, laist,last, Laitin,Latin, lamentin',lamenting, lammie,little lamb,term of endearment lammies,little lambs,term of endearment lan',land; country; ground, lane,lone; alone; lonely; solitary, lanes,lone; alone, lanesome,lonesome, lang,long; big; large; many,also slow; tedious langer,longer, langheided,shrewd; far-seeing; intelligent, lang-leggit,long legged, lang's,long as, lang-sichtit,far-sighted, langsome,slow; tedious; weary, lap,leaped, lass,girl; young woman,term of address lass-bairns,female children; girl children, lasses,girls; young women, lassie,girl,term of endearment lassies,girls,term of endearment lat,let; allow, lat ower,swallow, lat's,let's; let us; let his, lattin,letting; allowing, lattin',letting; allowing, lauch,laugh, lauchen,laughed, lauchin,laughing, lauchin',laughing, lauchs,laughs, lauchter,laughter, lave,rest; remainder; others,also leave laverock,lark (type of bird), lay awa',to lay eggs in out-of-the-way places,used of hens layin',laying, lay't,lay it, lea',leave, leal,loyal; faithful; sincere; true, learnin',learning,also teaching learnt,learned,also taught leddies,ladies, leddy,lady,also boy; lad; laddy lee,pasture; fallow ground,also shelter from wind or rain; lie leeberties,liberties, leeberty,liberty, leebrarian,librarian, leebrary,library, leein',lying; telling lies, lee-lang,whole, leemited,limited, lees,lies, leevin',living; living being, leisur',leisure, leme,gleam, lemin',blazing; gleaming; flashing, len',lend; give; grant,also loan lenth,length, len'th,length, len'ths,lengths, lere,lore, leuch,laughed, leuk,look; watch; appearance, leukin,looking; watching, licht,light, lichter,lighter, licht-heidit,light-headed, lichtlied,made light of; disparaged,also despised; scorned lichtnin',lightning, lichts,lights, lick,thrash; punish; whip,also small quantity licked,thrashed; punished; whipped, lickin',thrashing; punishment; whipping, licking,thrashing; punishment; whipping, lickins,thrashings; punishments; whippings, lickit,thrashed; punished; whipped,also licked licks,thrashes; punishments; whips, lift,load; boost; lift; helping hand,also sky; heavens liftin',lifting, liftit,lifted, liker,more like; better suited, likest,most like, likin',liking, likit,liked, likly,likely, limmer,rascal; rogue,also loose woman; prostitute links,stretch of sandy grass-covered ground,near the seashore lintie,linnet; type of finch (bird), lippen,trust; depend on,also look after lippent,trusted; depended on,also looked after litster,dyer, livin',living, 'll,will, loadent,loaded, lockit,locked, lo'e,love, lo'ed,loved, lo'ein',loving, lo'es,loves, longin',longing, lood,loud, loof,palm of the hand,also hoof lookin',looking, loon,rascal; rogue; ragamuffin,also boy; lad loons,rascals; rogues; ragamuffins,also boys; lads loot,let; allowed; permitted, looten,let; allowed, lore,talk; conversation, Losh!,corrupt form of 'Lord',exclamation of surprise or wonder losin',losing, lot,let, loun,rascal; rogue; ragamuffin,also boy; lad loup,leap; jump; spring, loupin',leaping; jumping; springing, lousened,loosened, low,flame, lowerin',stooping, lowin',flaming, lown,calm; serene; sheltered, lowne,calm; serene; sheltered, lowse,loose; free,also dishonest; immoral luckie,old woman, lucky,old woman, lug,ear; fin (fish); handle,also shallow wooden dish lugs,ears, luik,look, luik'd,looked, luikin,looking, luikin',looking, luikit,looked, luiks,looks, luik't,looked, lum,chimney, lyin',lying, 'm,him, magistrand,student about to become M.A.,at Aberdeen University magistrands,students about to become M.A.,at Aberdeen University mainner,manner, mainners,manners, mair,more; greater, mairgin,margin, mairtyrs,martyrs, maist,most; almost, 'maist,almost, maister,master; mister,also schoolmaster maistly,mostly; most of all, maitter,matter, maitters,matters, mak,make; do, mak',make; do, makin',making; doing, maks,makes; does, mak's,makes; does, mappy,bunny; rabbit, mathemawtics,mathematics, mathewmawtics,mathematics, maukin,hare,also a reference to a poem by Burns maun,must; have to; has to, maunna,must not; may not, mayhap,perhaps; maybe, mayna,may not, meal-mull,meal mill, mealy-mou'd,mealy-mouthed, meanin',meaning, meddlet,meddled, meeserable,miserable, meetin,meeting, meetin',meeting, mem,Ma'am; Miss; Madam, men',mend, mendit,mended; healed, men'in',mending; healing, menseless,ill-bred; boorish; unmannerly, men't,mended, meowlin,mewing, merchan's,merchants; shopkeepers, mercifu',merciful; favourable, merryin',marrying; getting married, metapheesical,metaphysical, micht,might, michtna,might not, michty,mighty; God, midden,dunghill; manure pile, middlin',tolerable; mediocre; fairly well, midnicht,midnight, mids,midst; middle, mids',midst; middle, millstane,millstone, min',mind; recollection,also recollect; remember; remind mind,mind; recollection,also recollect; remember; remind min'd,minded; recollected; remembered,also reminded mindit,minded; recollected; remembered,also reminded minds,reminds, ministerin',ministering, minnie,mother; mommy,pet name minnisters,ministers, min's,minds; reminds; recollects, mint,insinuate; hint; feign,also aim at; attempt mintin',insinuating; hinting; feigning,also aiming at; attempting mirk,darkness; gloom; night, misbelief,unbelief, misca'd,spoke evil of; scolded; called names,also misnamed misca's,speaks evil of; scolds; calls names, mischeef,mischief; injury; harm, misdoobt,doubt; disbelieve; suspect, misgreein',growing stunted or crooked, misgrugled,disfigured; marred; handled roughly, misguided,wasted; mismanaged; ill-used, misguidit,wasted; mismanaged; ill-used, missionar,missionary, missionars,missionaries, mista'en,mistaken, mista'en',mistaken, mistak,mistake, mistak',mistake, mistakin',mistaking, mistak's,mistake as, mither,mother, mithers,mothers, mixter,mixture, mock,fun; jest; sham; swindle, Mononday,Monday, mony,many, mooly,earthy; earth-stained, moonlicht,moonlight, moose,mouse, mornin',morning, mou,mouth, mou',mouth, moudiwarp,mole, moufu',mouthful, mou'fu',mouthful, moul',mould; loose earth; top soil, mouls,moulds; soils; graves, mous,mouths, mou's,mouths, mowse,joke; jest, 'msel',himself, muck,wet dung; mud; mire, muckle,huge; enormous; big; great; much, mull,snuff-box,also mill mune,moon, munelicht,moonlight, munsie,monsieur; contemptible figure,also spectacle through ill-treatment murlocks,crumbs; fragments, murrin',purring; murmuring, mutch,woman's cap with protruding frill,worn under the bonnet mutched,wearing a mutch or woman's cap, mutches,woman's caps with protruding frill,worn under the bonnet mutterin',muttering, muv,move; affect, My certy!,Take my word for it!, my lane,on my own, mysel,myself, mysel',myself, na,no; none; not; by no means,an exclamation of surprise nae,no; none; not, naebody,nobody; no one, naething,nothing, nainsel',one's own self, naisty,nasty, naiteral,natural, nane,none, nate,neat, nater,nature, nateral,natural, natur,nature, natur',nature, naturs,natures, nay-say,to deny; refuse; contradict, nearhan',nearly; almost; near by, near-han',nearly; almost; near by, neb,tip; point; nib; beak; nose, necessar',necessary, neebor,neighbour, neebors,neighbours, needfu',needful; necessary; needy, needin',needing, needna,do not need; need not, neep,turnip, neeps,turnips, neglec,neglect, neglec',neglect, negleck,neglect, neip,turnip, neist,next; nearest, neuk,nook; recess; interior angle,also corner neyther,neither, nib,point; tip; human nose, nicher,snigger, nicherin',sniggering, nicht,night; evening, nichts,nights, nickerin',neighing; whinnying; sniggering, nickum,mischievous and tricky boy, nigh-han',nearly, niz,nose, no,not, no mowse,not to be meddled with, noathing,nothing, noo,now, noo's,now is, nor,than; although; if,also nor norsin',nursing, nott,(bank) note, notwithstandin',notwithstanding, nowther,neither, nummer,number, o',of; on, objec',object, objecs,objects, obleeged,obliged, Od,disguised form of 'God',mince oath odds,consequence; change, offendin',offending, ohn,without; un-,uses past participle not present progressive 'oman,woman, ony,any, ony gait,anyway, onybody,anybody; anyone, onygait,anyway, onyhoo,anyhow, onything,anything, ook,week, oolets,owls, oor,our, oors,ours, oorsels,ourselves, oot,out, ootgang,going out; exit, ootgoins,goings out, ootlandish,outlandish, ootlay,outlay, ootluik,outlook, ootricht,outright, oots,outs, ootside,outside, opeenion,opinion, open'd,opened, openin',opening, opingon,opinion, or,before; ere; until; by,also or orderin',ordering, ordinar,ordinary; usual; natural,also custom; habit ordinar',ordinary; usual; natural,also custom; habit oreeginal,original, ou,oh, oucht,anything; all,also ought oughtna,ought not, ow,oh,exclamation of surprise ower,over; upon; too, owercome,overcome; recover, owerheard,overheard, owerluik,overlook, ower-turn,overturn, Paceefic,Pacific (Ocean), pailace,palace, pairis,parrish, pairt,part, pairtin',parting, pairtit,parted, pairts,parts, pan,skull; head, pandies,strokes on the palm with a cane,form of punishment pandy,stroke on the palm with a cane,form of punishment pang,pain; ache,also pack to the utmost; cram Paradees,Paradise, parritch,oatmeal porridge, pat,put; made, patchin',patching, pauky,shrewd; cunning; knowing; artful, Pawtmos,Patmos, payin',paying, peat-moss,place where peats are dug, peddlin',peddling, peety,pity, peggin',hammering; beating, peowpils,pupils, perfec,perfect, perishin',perishing, perswaud,persuade, Pheelip,Philip, pheesiology,physiology, Phillisteens,Philistines, philoasophy,philosophy, picket,strike on the knuckles,also choice; dressed; pickit,picked, piece,slice of bread; lunch,also piece (of oat-cake) pig,stone bottle, pikin',picking; gathering; pilfering, pint,point, pints,points, pirn,reel; bobbin,on which thread is wound pit,put; make,also pit pitawta,potato, pitawtas,potatoes, pits,puts; makes,also pits pitten,put; made, pittin,putting; making, pittin',putting; making, pityin',pitying, plack,the smallest coin,worth 1/3 of a penny plaguesome,annoying; troublesome, plaguit,plagued; troubled, plaid,plaid used as a blanket, plantin',plantation, play,school holidays during harvest,see hairst-play; also holiday; game playin',playing, pleesant,pleasant, pleesur,pleasure, pleesur',pleasure, pleuch,plough, pliskie,trick; prank; practical joke, plooed,ploughed, plooin',ploughing, ploy,amusement; sport; escapade, ploys,amusements; sports; escapades, pluckit,plucked, plunky,preparation of treacle and flour, pock,smallpox, pooch,pocket; pouch, pooches,pockets, pooer,power, poor,pour,also poor pose,hoard; secret store; savings, positeevely,positively, potty,putty, poun',pound (sterling), pour,steady flow; heavy shower, powther,powder, praiched,preached, Praise be thankit!,,exclamation of thanks to God praisin',praising, prankin',prancing, prayin',praying, preachin',preaching, preceese,precise, precenter,one who leads the singing, precentor,one who leads the singing, pree,taste; try; prove; experience, preeviledges,privileges, preevileege,privilege, prencipal,principal; capital sum (of a loan), prenciple,principle, prenciples,principles, prent,print, preparet,prepared, press,wall-cupboard with shelves, preten',pretend, pretendit,pretended, pretennin',pretending, prin,pin, proaper,proper, proceedin',proceeding, proceedins,proceedings, procleemed,proclaimed, prood,proud, prophecee,prophecy, prophecees,prophecies, propheseein',prophesying, prospec',prospect, pruv,prove, pu',pull, public,public house; pub, public-hoose,public house; pub, pu'd,pulled, pu'ed,pulled, puir,poor, pump,beer-shop,also pump pun',pound (sterling), pyke,pick; pluck,also steal; pilfer quaiet,quiet, quaiet sough,quiet tongue, quaieter,quieter, quaietest,quietest, quaietit,quieted, quaietly,quietly, quaietness,quietness, quawlifee,qualify, quean,queen; young girl; hussy, queston,question,also sum questons,questions,also sums quhilk,which; who, quittance,quittance; riddance, quo',swore; said; quoth, rackit,wrenched; strained, rade,rode, rael,real, railly,really, raither,rather, rale,real; true; very, rampaugin',rampaging, rampin',stamping about in fury, rarely,excellently, rase,rose, rashes,rushes, rave,tore, rax,extend; overdo it; stretch,also hand; pass; reach readin',reading, reamy,creamy, recogneeze,recognize, redd,set in order; tidy; clean; comb, reek,smoke; mist; fog; smell, reeks,billows of smoke, reelin',reeling, reestlin',rustling, reet,root, referrin',referring, regaird,regard, regairdet,regarded, regairds,regards, reglar,regular, reid,red, reid-het,red hot, reid-wud,fiercely or wildly angry, remarkin',remarking, remeid,remedy; cure; redress, remembert,remembered, remin',remind, remin't,reminded, rendert,rendered, repentin',repenting, repentit,repented, reposin',reposing, respec,respect, respec',respect, respeck,respect; consider worthy, restin',resting, rheumateese,rheumatism, rheumateeze,rheumatism, rheumatize,rheumatism, richt,right; correct,also mend richteous,righteous, richteousness,righteousness, richtful,rightful, richtly,rightly; certainly; positively, richts,rights, richtyisness,righteousness, riddlet,riddled, ridickleous,ridiculous, riggin,ridge; roof, riggin',ridge; roof, riggin-stane,stone forming part of the ridge,of a roof riggin-tree,rooftree; ridge-beam of the house, rigwiddie,stubborn in disposition, rin,run, ringin',ringing, rinnin',running, rins,runs, rintheroot,gadabout; homeless vagrant; tramp, ripe,search thoroughly,also clear an obstruction risin',rising, rist,rest, rive,rent; tear; tug; wrench,also; fight rivin',renting; tearing; tugging; wrenching,also riven; torn; burst; fighting rizzon,reason, rizzonable,reasonable, road-metal,broken stones used for road repair, roarin',roaring, roddin,mountain-ash (tree), roon,around; round, roon',around; round, roost,rust, roostit,rusted, rory-bories,aurora borealis, rosten,roasting, rottan-holes,rat holes, rottans,rats, rottit,rotted, rouch,rough, roun,around; round,also whisper roun',around; round, roup,sale by auction, roupin',selling by auction, roupit,sold at auction, rousin',rousing, row,roll; wrap up; wind, rowin',rolling; wrapping up; winding, royt,frolicsome; unruly; wild; riotous, ruggin',pulling forcibly; tugging; tearing, rulin',ruling, 's,us; his; as; is,also has s',shall, sae,so; as, saft,muddy; soft; silly; foolish, safter,muddier; softer; sillier, saft-hertit,soft-hearted, saicrifeesed,sacrificed, saiddle,saddle, sailin',sailing, sair,sore; sorely; sad; hard; very; greatly,also serve; satisfy sair heid,headache, saired,served, sairer,harder; sadder; sorer, sairest,sorest; hardest; saddest, saitisfeed,satisfied, saiven,seven, saivenpence,sevenpence, saivent,seventh, sall,shall, san',sand, sanct,saint, sancts,saints, sang,song, sang-buik,songbook, sangs,songs, sanna,shall not, sark,shirt, sarks,shirts, sattle,settle, sattled,settled, saut,salt, savin',saving,also except savours,unctions, saw,sow, Sawbath,Sabbath; Sunday, saws,sows, Sawtan,Satan, Sawton,Satan, sax,six, saxpence,sixpence, saxpences,sixpences, saxpenny,sixpence, sayin',saying, say't,say it, scart,scratch; strike a match; scrape, scathe,injury; loss; damage, scatterin',scattering, scaur,cliff; bare place on the side of a hill, schochlin',waddling; mean, schoolin',schooling; education, schuil,school, schule,school, scomfish,suffocate; smother; choke, scoonrel,scoundrel, scraich,shriek; scream; bird's shrill cry, screed,recite rapidly; talk tediously; reel off,also scraping sound; long thin strip screeds,recites rapidly; talks tediously,also scraping sounds; long thin strips screwin',screwing; scraping, scrimpit,stunted, Scripter,Scripture, Scriptur,Scripture, Scriptur',Scripture, scunners,disgusts, scushlin,slide; shuffle in walking, scushlin',sliding; shuffling in walking, seck,sack, seein',seeing, seekin',seeking, see't,see it, sel',self, semi,second year's university student,especially at Aberdeen University sen',send, senawtus,senatus, servan',servant, servan's,servants, servin',serving, set,set out; start off; become,also inclined; disposed Setterday,Saturday, settin',setting, Shackspere,Shakespeare, shaidow,shadow, shaidows,shadows, shairper,sharper, shak',shake, shanna,shall not, shargar,thin stunted person; scrag, shaw,show; reveal,also grove sheave,slice, sheued,scared away; frightened away, shillin',shilling, shillins,shillings, shimmerin',shimmering, shinin',shining, shochlin',waddling; in-kneed, shoonless,shoeless; without shoes, shoothers,shoulders, shore,reaped; cut, short-sichtit,near-sighted, shouther,shoulder, shouthers,shoulders, shuits,suits, shune,shoes, sib,relation; akin; closely related, sic,such; so; similar, sicht,sight, sichtit,sighted, sichts,sights, sicker,secure; safe; firm; sure, sickerer,more secure; more sure, signin',signing, siller,silver; money; wealth, sin,since; ago; since then,also sin; sun sin',since; ago; since then, singin',singing, sipple,tipple, sittin',sitting, sizzon,season, skatcher,skate, sleek,smooth, sleepin',sleeping, sleepit,slept, slidin',sliding, slippit,slipped, slocken,slake; drench; quench, sloomin',slinking; sneaking, slow-fittit,slow footed, sma',small; little; slight; narrow; young, smatchit,pert impudent child, smellin',smelling, smiddy,blacksmith's workshop, smilet,smiled, smilin',smiling, smokin',smoking; smouldering, smokit,smoked, smoored,smothered; suffocated; stifled, smore,smother; suffocate; stifle, smo'red,smothered; suffocated; stifled, snaw,snow, sneeshin,snuff, sneeshin',snuff, snod,smooth; neat; trim; tidy; snug, snodded,smoothed; trimmed; tidied, snoot,snout; nose; face, snubbert,nose; snout,contemptuous sock,ploughshare, socks,ploughshares, sod,sad, some,somewhat; rather; quite; very,also some somehoo,somehow, somewhaur,somewhere, sonsy,well conditioned; good-tempered, soo,ache; throb,also sow sook,sip; drink; suck, sooks,sucks, soord,sword, souffin',whistling in a low tone; humming, sough,sigh; sound of wind; deep breath, soun',sound, soun'est,soundest, sounies,little sounds,diminutive sowl,soul, spait,spate; flood, spak,spoke, spak',spoke, spale,woodchip; woodshaving, spales,woodchips; woodshavings, spanged,leaped; bounded; sprung; spanned, sparin',sparing, spate,spate; flood, speakin',speaking, spean,wean, speerit,spirit, speerits,spirits, speeritual,spiritual, speik,speak, speiken,speaking, speikin',speaking, speir,ask; enquire; question, speired,asked; enquired; questioned, speirin',asking; enquiring; questioning, speirt,asked; enquired; questioned, spells,woodchips; woodshavings, spen'in',spending, speyk,speak, speyks,speaks, spidder,spider, spied,to prophesy?,possible past participle of spae spier,ask; enquire; question, spiered,asked; enquired; questioned, spiers,asks; enquires; questions, spinnin',spinning, spite,provocation; disappointment, spither,spider, squaure,square, stack,stuck, staiggerin',staggering, stammachfu',stomachful, stammack,stomach, stan',stand; stop, stane,stone,also measure of weight; 1 stone = 14 pounds stanes,stones, stan'in,standing, stan'in',standing, stank,ditch; moat; pond, stannin',standing, stan's,stands, starnie,very small quantity, starns,stars, startit,started, statin',stating, stave,short song, stealin',stealing, steekin',shutting; closing; clenching, steekit,shut; closed; clenched, steid,stayed, steikit,shut; closed; clenched; stopped, stent,leave off; cease; stop, sterns,stars, stew,dust; vapour; smoke,also stench; stink sticket,stuck; gored,also unsuccessful or failing in one's profession sticket minister,probationer who fails to obtain a,settled charge stickin',sticking; goring, stickit,stuck; gored,also unsuccessful or failing in one's profession stickit minister,probationer who fails to obtain a,settled charge stile,gate; passage over a wall, stinkin',stinking, stirkie,little steer; stupid fellow,diminutive stockin',stocking, stockin'-fit,feet clothed in stockings,i.e. without shoes stoon,ache; throb, stoor,dust (cloud); spray; gush, stoorum,thin porridge; gruel, stoppin',stopping, stoppit,stopped, stour,dust (cloud); spray; gush, stown't,stolen it, straik,stroke; blow; caress; comb,also streak stramash,uproar; tumult; fuss; brawl, strand,stream; rivulet;,also gutter strang,strong, strath,valley or plain,through which a river runs straucht,straighten; straight, strauchtforet,straightforward; forthwith, straughtways,straightway, stravaguin',saunter; stroll; go about aimlessly, stucken,stuck, stud,stood, study,anvil, stule,stool, stumpin',hobbling; walking with a wooden leg, subjec,subject, subjec',subject, suckin',sucking; nursing, sucklin's,sucklings, sud,should, sudna,should not, sufferin',suffering, sune,soon; early, suner,sooner, sune's,soon as, sung,singed, sunlicht,sunlight, sup,drink, supperstitious,superstitious, supposin',supposing, sutor,shoemaker; cobbler, swall,swell,also swallow; devour swallowin',swallowing, swarmin',swarming, sweepit,swept, sweer,swear,also lazy; slow; reluctant sweerin',swearing, sweir,swear, sweirin',swearing, sweyp,sweep, swimmin',swimming, syne,ago; since; then; at that time,also in (good) time 't,it, tae,toe; also tea,also the one; to taed,toad, taen,taken; seized, ta'en,taken; seized, taes,toes, tag,whip; scourge,leather strap cut into strips taicklet,tackled, taings,tongs; prongs, tak,take; seize, tak',take; seize, tak tent,look out; pay attention; watch; care, tak' tent,look out; pay attention; watch; care, takin',taking, taks,takes; seizes, tak's,takes; seizes,also take his Tam,Tom, tane,the one,also taken tap,top; tip; head, tap-dressin',top-dressing, tappit,crested; having a top, tappit hen,Scottish quart-measure of ale/claret, tards,whip; scourge,leather strap cut into strips tauld,told, taws,leather strap cut into strips,used for school punishment tawse,leather strap cut into strips,used for school punishment tay,tea; supper, teachin',teaching, ted,child; diminutive person,term of disgust teetles,titles, tellin',telling, tellt,told, tell't,told, telt,told, tent,attention; care; heed; notice, tertians,third year's students in arts,at Aberdeen University teuk,took, thack,thatch; cover; roof, thae,those; these, Thamas,Thomas, than,then,also than thankfu',thankful, thankin',thanking, thankit,thanked, the day,today, the morn,tomorrow, the morn's,tomorrow is,also tomorrow the nicht,tonight, the noo,just now; now, thegither,together, them-lanes,on their own; alone, themsels,themselves, themsel's,themselves, theroot,outside; out there; out-of-doors, thievin',thieving, thinkin',thinking, thocht,thought, thochtless,thoughtless, thochtna,did not think, thochts,thoughts, thoom,thumb, thoomb,thumb, thoosan',thousand, thoucht,thought, thouchts,thoughts, thow,thaw, thrang,full; well filled; busy; crowded, thrapple,windpipe; throat, thrashin',threshing; beating, thrashol',threshold, thraw,throw; turn; twist, thrawin',throwing; turning; twisting, thrawn,thrown; turned; twisted, thrivin',thriving, throng,intimate, throosh,thrashed; beat, throu,through, throu',through, throughoot,throughout, throuither,confused; disorderly, throu't,through it, throw,through, til,to; till; until; about; at; before, till,to; till; until; about; at; before, till's,to his; to us, till't,to it, timmer,timber; wood, timmer-leg,wooden leg, tint,lost; got lost, tippit,tipped, tither,the other, to the fore,remaining, tobawco,tobacco, tooer,tower, toom,empty; unload, toomed,emptied; unloaded, toon,town; village, toon-en',end of the main street,of a town or village toons,towns; villages, toot,tut!,exclamation of annoyance Toots!,Tuts!; Tush!, toun,town; village, tow,rope; string; cable, towie,string, towmon,twelvemonth; year, trail,drag forcibly; haul along, train-ile,train oil; whale oil, traitet,treated, traivel,travel, traivellin',travelling, translatin',translating, treatin',treating, triacle,treacle, tribble,trouble, trimles,trembles, triumphin',triumphing, troublin',troubling, trouth,truth; indeed,also used as an exclamation trowth,truth; indeed,also used as an exclamation truf,turf; sod; peat, truff,turf; sod; peat, tryin',trying, 'ts,its, 'tsel',itself, tuik,took, tumler,tumbler; glass (of whisky), turnin',turning, twa,two; a few, twa three,several, twal,twelve, twal',twelve, 'twar,it were, 'twas,it was, 'tween,between, twistin',twisting, 'twixt,betwixt; between, tyke,dog,also rough clownish fellow tykes,dogs, tyne,lose; get lost; miss, tynes,loses; gets lost; misses, ugsome,disgusting; frightful; ghastly, unce,ounce, unceevil,uncivil, unco,unknown; odd; strange; uncouth,also very great unco',unknown; odd; strange; uncouth,also very great undertakin',undertaking, ungratefu',ungrateful, unner,under, unnerstan',understand, unnerstans,understands, unnertook,undertook, unrichteous,unrighteous, unshuitable,unsuitable, up the stair,upstairs,also to heaven upbraidin',upbraiding, upbringin',upbringing; education; training, uphaud,uphold; maintain; support, upliftit,uplifted; elated, upmak,make up; compensate,also fabrication; invention upmak',make up; compensate,also fabrication; invention upo',upon; on; to; at, upo's,upon us; upon his, upricht,upright, vaigabon',vagabond, vaigabone,vagabond, vainished,vanished, veesion,vision, verra,very; true; real, vertue,virtue, vertues,virtues, visitin',visiting, vratch,wretch, wa',wall,also way; away wab,web, wacht,weight,also guard; watch wad,would,see also 'I wad'; pledge; promise; wager wadna,would not, wae,woe; sad; sorrowful, waesome,sorrowful; sad, waitin',waiting, Walawa!,lamentation,exclamation of sorrow wale,welt, waled,thrashed, walkin',walking, walleen,well-eyes; quagmire-springs, wame,belly; stomach; womb; hollow, wan,reached; gained; got,also wan wanner,more wan, wantin',wanting; lacking; without; in want of, wantit,wanted, war,were, wark,work; labour,also show of affection warks,works, warl,world; worldly goods,also a large number warl',world; worldly goods,also a large number warld,world, warlock,wizard, warna,were not, warnin',warning, warpit,warped, warran',warrant; guarantee, warst,worst, warstle,wrestle, warstlin',wrestling, wa's,walls,also ways washin',washing, wasna,was not, wast,west, was't,was it, wastit,wasted, wastlin,westward; western, wastrie,waste; extravagance, wastry,waste; extravagance,also prodigal wat,wet,see also 'I wat'; pledge promise watchin',watching, wather,weather, watshod,with wet feet; brimful of tears, watter,water, wauk,wake, waukin',waking, wauk-mill,fulling-mill, waur,worse,also spend money waured,spent (money), wee,small; little; bit,also short time; while weel,well; fine,also happiness; prosperity; weal weel-behaved,well-behaved, weel-deserved,well-deserved, weel-pleased,well-pleased, weel's,well as, weet,wet; dew; rain, weicht,weight, weir,wear,also hedge; fence; enclosure wel,well, weyd,weed, weyds,weeds, weyk,weak, weyver,weaver; knitter,also knitter of stockings; spider wha,who, whaever,whoever, whan,when, whanever,whenever, wha's,who is,also whose whase,whose, What for no?,Why not?, What for?,Why?, whaul,whale, whaul-fishin',whale-fishing; whaling, whauls,whales, whaur,where, whaur's,where is; where has, whaur't,where it, whaurupon,whereupon, wheel,eddy; pool; deep still part of the river,also wheel; see also weel wheelie,wheel,diminutive wheen,little; few; number; quantity, whiles,sometimes; at times; now and then, whilie,short time, whilk,which, wholpies,silly stupid fellows, whuch,which, whunstane,whinstone, whups,whipping, whurlin',whirling, whusky,whisky, whustlin',whistling, wi',with, wice,wise, widdiefows,gallows' birds; scamps,also small ill-tempered persons wifies,women; landladies,term of endearment willin',willing, willin'ly,willingly, wimmen,women, win,reach; gain; get; go; come, win',wind,also reach; gain; get; go; come windin',winding, win'in',winding, winkit,winked, winna,will not, winnock-lug,window corner; side of the window, winnocks,windows, wins,reaches; gains; gets,also winds wi'oot,without, wi's,with us; with his, wiss,wish, wissin',wishing, wi't,with it, wite,blame; reproach; fault, withoot,without, won,reached; gained; got, wonna,will not; won't, wonner,wonder; marvel, wonnerfu,wonderful; great; large, wonnerfu',wonderful; great; large, wonnerin',wondering, wonno,will not, workin',working, worryin',worrying, worshippin',worshipping, wow,woe,exclamation of wonder or grief or satisfaction wrang,wrong; injured, wranged,wronged, wrinklet,wrinkled, wrocht,wrought, wull,will; wish; desire,also astray; stray; wild wumman,woman, wynd,narrow lane or street; alley, wyte,blame; reproach; fault, yairds,yards; gardens,also yards (1 yard = 36 inches) yallow,yellow, ye,you; yourself, ye'll,you will, yer,your,also year yer lane,on your own, yer lanes,on your own, ye're,you are, yerl,earl, yersel,yourself, yersel',yourself, yersels,yourselves, ye't,it to you,also did you [get] it yett,gate, yetts,gates, ye've,you have, yill,ale, yird,earth, yon,that; those; that there; these, yonner,yonder; over there; in that place, yon's,that is; that (thing) there is, younker,youngster, yoursel',yourself, yowth,youth,


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