A Concise Anglo-Saxon Dictionary - For the Use of Students
by John R. Clark Hall
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him ds. of h, dp. of h, ho, hit. ['him']

himming (Cp 1557) = hemming

hna v. hwan.

hinan = heonan [[under "heona"]]

hnan = henan

-hinca v. helle-h.

hind (y) f. 'hind,' (female deer), , Chr,WW.

hindan from behind, behind, in the rear, , AO. th. behind, . [Ger. hinten]

hindanweard adv. hindwards, at the end.

hindberge f. raspberry, Cp, Ep, Lcd. ['hindberry']

hindbrr m. raspberry bush, Lcd 146b (hinde-).

hindcealf mn. fawn, WW. ['hindcalf']

hindema superl. adj. hindmost, last.

hinder adj. after (thought), sad (thought), MF (Vesp. D xiv): adv. behind, back, after, in the farthest part, down. onh. backwards, . [Ger. hinter]

hindergap wily, cunning, deceitful, WW. ['hinderyeap']

hindergenga m. one who walks backwards, OEG 26^23: apostate, OEG 5^16.

hinderhc m. trick, Mod 34.

hinderling I. m. mean wretch, sneak, LL 665. II. adv. in phr. 'on hinderling' backwards, PPs. ['hinderling']

hindernes f. wickedness, guile, NC 301; MF 166.

hinderscipe m. wickedness, DHy, OEG.

hinderostru np. nether darkness, PPs 85^12.

hinderweard backward, slow.

hindeweard reversed, wrong end first, from behind,CP.

hindfalod n. hind-fold, KC 6112^31.

hind-hlee, -heolo(e) f. 'ambrosia,' water agrimony, WW. [v.'hindheal']

hindrian to 'hinder,' check, repress, Chr,LL.

hinds (Bl) = hins

hine I. as. of h. II. = heonan [[under "heona"]]

hne = hwene [[form of "hwen"?]]

hinfs ready to depart or die.

hingang m. departure, death.

hingrian (Bl; ) = hyngrian [[under "hyngran"]]

hinn- = hin-

hinon = heonan [[under "heona"]]

hins m. departure, death. [heonan] [[under "heona"]]

hinsgryre m. fear of death, Sat 456.

ho v. h.

hio- = heo-

hionne? f. 'dura mater,' LL 5[36].

hior = heorr

hored = hred

howesclce = hwisclce [[form of "hwisc"]]

hip- = hyp-

hipsful (OEG 11^180) = hyspful

hr = hr

hir- = hier-

hr- = hor-, her-

hira gp. of h, ho, hit.

hire gds. of ho. ['her']

hred (o, e, ) m. household, family, retinue, AO, Bo, Mt, WW: brotherhood, company, , Ct. ['hird']

hredcniht m. _member of a household_, _.

hredc domestic, familiar, Sc 203^13.

hredgerfa m. 'ex-consul,' WW 110^6.

hredlic pertaining to a household or court, domestic, familiar.

hredman m. retainer, follower, , Ma. ['hirdman']

hredprost m. chaplain, EC 255.

hredwfman m. female member of a household, TC 531^6.

hredwist f. familiarity, Sc 203^12.

his gs. of h. ['his']

hs (BH) = s

hsc- = hsc-

hispan = hyspan

hisse = hyse

hit v. h. ['it']

hittan (y) to fall in with, meet with, 'hit' upon, Chr 1066. [ON. hitta]

h- = hy-

hier = hider

hiu (NG) = ho

hw (o, e, ) n. appearance, form, species, kind, , Bl, WW: apparition, WW 236^8: 'hue,' colour, A, Bl: beauty: figure of speech.

hwan mp. (gen. hwna, h(g)na) members of a family, household or religious house, Chr, G; . ['hind,' 'hewe']

hwbeorht radiant, beautiful.

hwcund (hl-) familiar, domestic.

hwc (e) familiar, well-known, , CP.

hwclic domestic: familiar, GD 32. adv. -lce familiarly.

+hwclician to make known or familiar to, NC 294.

hwcnes f. familiarity, GD 71^24; 140^7.

hwcrdnes f. familiarity, WW 191^24.

hwen n. _household_, _. ['_hewen_']

hwere m. dissembler, hypocrite, .

hwfger comely of form, MFH 167.

hwfst comely, fair, OEG.

hwgedl n. divorce, G.

hwian I. _to form, fashion_, _WW_: _colour_: _dissimulate, feign, pretend_, _: _figure, signify_, : (+) _transform, transfigure_. ['_hue_,' '_hued_'] II. _to marry_, CP 318^1.

hwiend, hwigend 'informator,' OEG 365? 'meditator,' GPH 390.

hwisc n. household, : hide (of land v.hd). adv. -lce familiarly.

+hwlcan to form, shape, fashion, NC 294.

hwlas shapeless, WW: colourless, Lcd. ['hueless']

hwlic comely, Lcd, OEG.

hwna v. hwan.

hwrden f. family, household, religious house,.

hwscipe m. family, household: hide (of land), CC 127.

hw pres. 3 sg. of hawan.

hwung I. (o, ) f. () appearance, likeness, form, figure: pretence, hypocrisy, . II. f. marriage, AO 64^24.

hlacerian to deride, mock, LPs 24^3.

hlacerung f. unseemly behaviour, or words, LPs 43^14.

hladan^6 (, ea) to 'lade,' draw, or take in water, , JnR: heap up, lay on, build, load, burden, B, Gen, Rd;CP.

hladung f. drawing ('haustus'), DHy 58^6.

hl = hlw

hld n. heap? burden? CP 21^160. ['lade']

hldder (Bl), hlddre = hlder

hlddisc m. loaded dish? WW 126^39.

hldel m. 'ladle,' A, ZDA.

hlden I. m. bucket, WW 123^5. II. pp. of hladan.

hlder f. 'ladder,' A, ; CP.

hlderwyrt f. ladder-wort, Jacob's ladder, Lcd.

hldhweogl n. water-wheel, wheel for drawing up water, WW 347^7.

hldst = hltst pres. 2 sg. of hladan.

hldtrendel m. wheel for drawing water, OEG 502.

hlfdige (, ) f. mistress (over servants), LL, VPs (), WW: chatelaine, 'lady,' queen, Chr, Ct: the Virgin Mary, Cr. so ealdeh. the queen dowager, Chr 1051#c#.

hlfl = lfel

+hlg n. derision, scorn, Dom 15.

hlgulian (Cp 317) = hlagolian

hlhan (N, VPs) = hliehhan

hlhter = hleahtor

hlnan I. to cause to lean, Jul 63. II. = lnan

-hlnan v. -hl.

hlne '_lean_,' _; AO.

hlnian to become lean, CP: make lean, starve, CP. ['lean']

hlnnes f. 'leanness,' , OEG.

hlnsian to make lean, weaken, OEG. ['lense']

hlpewince (WW) = lapewince [[headword spelled "hlapewince"]]

hlst n. burden, load, freight, B, Rd. holmesh. finny tribe. ['last']

+hlstan (e) to load, burden, BH: adorn, Jud 36. [v.'last'vb.]

hlsting f. toll on loading a ship, TC 359.

hlstscip n. trading-vessel, Cp 147#h#.

hlt = lt

hltst pres. 2 sg. of hladan.

hlw () mn. mound, cairn, hill, mountain, B: grave-yard, barrow, Met: hollow mound, cave. ['low']

hlf m. 'loaf,' bread, food, A, JnL, MtL; , AO,CP.

hlfta m. ('loaf-eater'), dependant, LL.

hlfbrytta m. slave in charge of the bread-store? EC 255.

hlfdie (VPs) = hlfdige

hlfgang m. attendance at, or participation in, a meal, RB: procession with the host,LL.

hlf-gebrece , -gebroc n. bit of bread.

hlfhwte m. bread-wheat, TC 144^34.

hlflast f. want of bread.

hlfmsse f. 'Lammas' (August 1), AO;.

hlfmssedg m. Lammas-day.

hlfofn m. baker's oven, WW 411^8.

hlford m. _'lord,' master, ruler_, _A, AO, B, Chr, G_; , CP: _husband_, _Ct_: _the Lord, God_, _. [hlf, weard]

hlforddm m. lordship, authority, CP: patronage. ['lorddom']

hlfordhyldo f. loyalty, AO.

hlfording m. lord, master, W 298^7.

hlfordlas without a lord, leaderless, B. ['lordless']

hlfordlic 'lordly,' noble, OEG 187^1.

hlfordscipe m. 'lordship,' authority, rule, CP: 'dominatio' (title of an order of angels), H 1342^32.

hlfordsearu fn. high treason, LL.

hlfordscn f. act of seeking the protection of a lord,LL.

hlfordswica m. traitor, Lcd; . ['lordswike']

hlfordswice m. high treason, treachery.

hlford-swcung (MFN 167; W 225^28), -syrwung (LL16n5) f. betrayal of one's lord, treason.

hlfordrimm m. dominion, power, NC 302.

hlfrce f. oven-rake, OEG 53^43 (hlb-).

hlfsnung f. blessing of bread (on Lammas-day), MH 136^1.

hlfurd = hlford

hlagol inclined to laugh, W 40^8.

hlagolian () to sound.

hlmmsse = hlfmsse

hlanc 'lank,' lean, thin, Jud, PPs.

hland (o) n. urine, Lcd. ['lant']

hlaian = laian

hlw = hlw

hleadan = hladan

hleahter = hleahtor

hleahterful scornful, Guth.

hleahterlic ridiculous, Guth.

hleahtor (e) m. 'laughter,' jubilation, B, Bl, CP, Sc: derision.

hleahtorsmi m. laughter-maker, Ex 43.

hleahtrian (e) to deride, LPs 21^8.

hlapan^7 to 'leap,' run, go, jump, dance, spring, , B, BH, Chr, CP: (+) leap upon, mount (ahorse).

hlapere m. runner, courier, Chr: 'leaper,' dancer, WW: itinerant monk, RB 135^20.

hlapestre f. female dancer, WW 311^33.

hlapettan v. to leap up, BH 390^9.

hlapewince f. 'lapwing,' WW.

hlapung f. _dancing_, _. ['_leaping_']

hlat pret. 3 sg. of hlotan.

hlec leaky, CP, OEG. [v. 'leak']

hlecan^5 to cohere, CP 361^20.

hleda, hlede m. seat, Gr 34^3.

hlf = hlw

-hlfan (oe) v. -hl.

hlga (LkL 6^16) = lwa

hlehhan = hliehhan

hleht- = hleaht-

hlem m. sound, CP.

hlemman to cause to sound, clash, Whale 61. [hlimman]

hlnan = lnan

hlence f. coat of mail, Ex 218.

hlennan = hlynnan

hlenortar m. hyssop, LPs 50^8.

hlo m? n? (hlow), gs. hlowes (only found in sg.) covering, refuge, defence, shelter, protection, Cr, PPs: protector, lord. ['lee']

hlo- = hlow-

hlobord n. book-cover, Rd 27^12.

hloburh f. protecting city.

hlod = hld

+hleodu pl. of +hlid.

hlofst consoling, protecting, Cr,RB.

hlohrscnes f. 'supplantatio'? LPs 40^10.

hlolas without shelter, comfortless.

hleomoc m? hleomoce f. speedwell, Lcd. [v.'brooklime']

hlon = hlowan

hleon- = hlin-

hlona m. shelter, Gu 222.

hlonian to thrive, Ph 25.

hlop pret. 3 sg. of hlapan.

hlor n. cheek, Lcd, WW: face, countenance, Ep, Gu. ['leer']

hloran (L) = loran

hlorbn n. (cheek-bone), temple, LPs 131^5.

hlorbolster m. pillow, B 688.

hlordropa m. tear, Gu 1315.

hlorsceamu f. confusion of face, PPs 68^8.

hlorslge m. a blow on the cheek, CP 261^6.

hlortorht beautiful, Rd 69^6.

hlosceorp n. sheltering robe, Rd 10^5.

hlotan^1 to cast lots, , AO: () get by lot, obtain.

hlo = (1) hlow; (2) pres. pl. of hlowan.

hloor n. noise, sound, voice, melody, song: hearing.

+hloor harmonious, BH 60^18.

hloorcwide m. speaking, words, discourse, song, prophecy.

hloorcyme m. coming with trumpet-sound, Da 710.

hloorstede m. place of conference.

hlorian to sound, speak, sing, cry aloud, resound, proclaim,.

hlorung f. reproof, SPs 37^11.

hleou v. hli.

hlow == hlo

+hlow I. warm, sunny, Nar. adv. hlowe Lcd. [v.'lew'] II. = +hlw

hlowan (, ) () to warm, make warm, cherish, Bl: become warm or hot. ['lew']

hlowdryhten m. protector, patron, #Wid#94.

hlowfere fp. sheltering wings, Gen 2740.

hlowlora m. one who has lost a protector, Gen 1953.

hlowmg m. kinsman who is bound to afford protection.

hlowon pret. pl. of hlwan.

hlowstede m. sunny place, WW 336^50.

hlowstl m. shelter, asylum, Gen 2011.

hlow (, ) f. _shelter, covering, warmth_, _. ['_lewth_']

hlowung () f. shelter, protection, favour.

hlestan = hlstan, hlystan

hlet (KGl) pres. 3 sg. of hladan.

hlt (VPs; MkR) = hlet

+hla m. companion, denizen. [hl]

hlrian = hlorian

hlw = hlw

hlwesa = lwsa

hlw pres. 3 sg. of hlwan.

hlid I. n. _'lid,' covering, door, gate, opening_, _. II. = hli

+hlid n. (nap. hlidu, hleodu) covering, vault, roof.

hldan^1 to come forth, spring up, PPs 79^11?

hlidfst closed by a lid, .

hlidgeat n. swing-gate, folding-door, EC; ; Mdf. ['lidgate']

+hlidod (eo) provided with a lid, BH 320^10. ['lidded']

hliehhan^6 (e, i, y) to laugh, , CP: () laugh at, deride, , MtL: rejoice. ['laugh']

hlep () mf., hlepe f. 'leap,' bound, spring, sudden movement, Cr, Lcd: thing to leap from, AO: (?) v.CC54.

-hlepe v. st-hl. [[headword spelled "sthlpe"]]

-hleplce v. st-hl. [[headword spelled "sthlplce"]]

hlepen pres. pl. of hlapan.

hlepgeat () n. a low gate, KC. ['leapgate']

hlet () m. lot, chance, fortune, CP.

hlfend (hlb-) threatening, Cp 223#m#.

hlfian to rise high, tower, overhang.

hlgan^{1?} to attribute (to), CP, Da.

hligsa (CP) = hlsa

hlihan, hlihcan, hlihhan = hliehhan

hlimman^3 (y) to sound, resound, roar, rage.

hlimme f. stream, torrent.

hlin I. m. maple-tree, Rd 56^9. [Ger. lehne] II. = hlynn

hlinbedd n. sick-bed, couch, B 3034.

hlinc m. ridge, bank, rising ground, hill, EC, Ph; Mdf. ['link']

hlincrw f. bank of turf, EC 370.

hlinduru f. latticed door.

hlinian (eo, y) to 'lean,' B (eo); : recline, lie down, rest, Jn, MkL;CP.

hlinrced n. prison.

hlin-sca , -scuwa m. darkness of confinement.

hlinsian = hlynsian

hlinung f. 'leaning,' Lk: seat, couch.

hlosa = hlsa

hlp pres. 3 sg. of hlapan.

hlra = lra

hlsa (o, ) m. sound: fame, rumour, renown, glory,CP.

hlsbre renowned, OEG.

hlsadig renowned, famed, Bo.

hlsadignes f. renown, Bo 75^28.

hlsful of good repute, famous, . adv. -lce, ,AO.

hlsig renowned, OEG 8^250.

hlistan = hlystan

hli I. n. (nap. hleou) cliff, precipice, slope, hill-side, hill, An, B; Mdf. ['lith'] II. == hlid

hlw == hlow

hloccetung f. sighing.

hld pret. 3 sg. of haldan.

hlodd = hlot

hlgon pret. pl., hlh pret. 3 sg. of hliehhan.

hlom (WW 117^25), hlond = hland

hlse f. pigsty, LL 454[10]; NC 302; Mdf.

hlosnere m. listener, OEG 2333.

hlosnian to listen: wait, : be on the look out for, spy, . hlosniend 'attonitus.'

hlot, hlott n. 'lot,' part, portion, share, , BC, Bl, G: (+) choice, decision, ,AO.

hloten pp. of hleotan. [[headword spelled "hlotan"]]

+hlotland n. allotted land, inheritance, .

hl f. troop, crowd, band, company, AO: booty, spoil: complicity with a band of robbers.

hlbt f. penalty imposed on a member of a gang of malefactors,LL.

hlere m. robber. [hl]

hlgecrod n. mass of troops, Rd 4^63.

hlian to spoil, plunder, BH.

hlsliht m. murder by a member of a gang of malefactors, LL 18[29].

+hlw n. lowing, bellowing, .

hlwan^7 to low, roar, bellow, .

hlwung f. lowing, bleating, bellowing, WW 192^7; 195^13.

hld adj. comp. hldre, hluddre 'loud,' sonorous, CP;.

hldclipol loud, noisy, RBL 35^11 (hlt-).

hluddre v. hld.

hlde adv. loudly, aloud, Bl; , CP. ['loud']

hldnes f. clamour, noise, A 8332. ['loudness']

hldstefne loud sounding, WW 416^18.

hldswge adv. loudly, .

hlummon pret. pl. of hlimman.

hlupon pret. pl. of hlapan.

hluton pret. pl. of hlotan.

hltor, hlttor (e^2) gsm. hltres pure, clear, bright, sincere, , CP. [Ger. lauter] adv. -lce.

hltorlicnes = hltornes

hltornes f. clearness, brightness, simplicity, purity,.

hltre I. adv. clearly, brightly. II. ds. of hltor.

hltter, hlttor = hltor

hlttrian wv. to clear, purify, make bright: to become clear.

hlyd = hlid

hld f. noise, sound: (+) tumult, disturbance, dissension. [hld]

Hlda m. March, Lcd. ['Lide'; hld]

hldan to make a noise, sound, clamour, vociferate, , CP. [hld]

hlde f. torrent, BC (Mdf).

hldig garrulous, OEG 1418. [hld]

hlding f. noise, cry, MtL 25^6 (l-).

hlyhhan = hliehhan

hlymman = hlimman

hlyn = hlynn

hlynian = (1) hlynnan; (2) hlinian

hlynn I. m. sound, noise, din, tumult, AO. II. f. torrent, JnL. ['linn']

hlynnan to make a noise, resound, shout, roar.

hlynrian to thunder, WW 519^34.

hlynsian (i) to resound.

hlp == hlep

hlsa () = hlsa

hlsfullce = hlsfullce [[form of "hlsful"]]

hlysnan to 'listen,' MtL; Cp.

hlysnere m. hearer, DR 29^4 (ly-).

hlyst f. sense of hearing, , Lcd: listening. ['list']

hlystan (e, i) to listen, hear, CP; : attend to, obey, Lk. ['list']

+hlyste audible, NC 294.

hlystend, hlystere m. listener, .

+hlystful attentive, gracious, LPs 89^13.

hlystung f. act of listening, Kl.

hlt, hlte m. lot, portion, : band, troop.

hlyta = hlytta

+hlyta m. companion. [hlot]

hltere m. clergyman, priest, NC 302.

hlytm m. casting of lots, B 3126?

hlytman to decide by lot, MFH 167.

hlytta m. diviner, soothsayer, AO 184^26. [hlot]

+hlytto fellowship, DR.

hlyttor (HGl 418) = hluttor, hltor

hlttrian to purify, Gr 222^7.

hlttrung f. cleaning, refining, WW 179^36.

-hlan (= e) v. be-hl.

hlre = lre

hlw- = hlow-

hlwing = hlowung

hnacod = nacod

hncan = ncan

hngan I. to bow down, bend, humble, curb, vanquish. [hngan] II. to 'neigh,' Gr. III. = ngan

hngung f. 'neighing,' Gr, Cp.

hnpp m. bowl, OEG, WW. ['nap'; Ger. napf]

hnpp- = hnapp-

hnppan to strike, Bo 130^19,20.

hnsce = hnesce

+hnst, +hnst n. collision, conflict, battle. [hntan]

hng, hnh I. bent down, abject, poor, humble, lowly: niggardly. II. pret. 3 sg. of hngan.

hnappian (, e, ea) to doze, slumber, sleep, CP, Mt; . ['nap']

hnappung (, ea) f. napping, dozing, slumbering,CP.

hnt pret. 3 sg. of hntan.

hneap- (VPs) = hnap-

hnaw mean, niggardly, stingy, miserly, CP. [Ger. genau] adv. -lce.

hnawnes f. meanness, CP.

hnecca m. 'neck,' , CP.

hngan = (1) ngan; (2) hngan

hneofule f. = hnifol

-hnopan v. -h. [cp. Goth. dishniupan]

hneoton pret. pl. of hntan.

hnep (GD 186^27) = hnpp

hneppian (KGl) = hnappian

hnesce (, i, y) soft, tender, mild, CP: weak, delicate, : slack, negligent, CP: effeminate, wanton, . ['nesh']

hnescian to make soft, soften, , CPs: become soft, give way, waver, CP, Lcd; L. ['nesh']

hnesclic soft, luxurious, effeminate, AO. adv. -lce softly, gently, tenderly, CP. ['neshly']

hnescnes f. softness, weakness, effeminacy, CP, Lcd, MtL; : soft part of anything. ['neshness']

hnett (MtL 4^18) = nett

hnexian () = hnescian

hnifol m. brow, forehead.

hnifol-crumb, -crump inclined, leaning over, prone,WW.

hngan^1 to bow oneself, bend, bow down: fall, decline, sink. [Ger. neigen]

hnigian to bend down (the head), #Lcd#7a.

hniglan = hnygelan

hnipend bending, lowly, HGl 436.

hnipian to bow down, Met, OEG; : bow the head, look gloomy, CP. ['nipe']

hnippan? to sink down, OEG 1579n.

hnisce (MkR 13^28) = hnesce

hntan^1 to thrust, butt, knock, come into collision with, encounter.

hnitol thrusting forwards, addicted to butting (ofanox).

hnitu f. louse-egg, 'nit,' Ep, Lcd;.

hnoll m. top, crown of the head, , VPs. ['noll']

hnossian to strike, Rd 6^7.

hnot bare, bald, 'close-cropped,' Gr. ['not']

hnutbam m. nut tree.

hnutcyrnel mn. kernel of a nut, Lcd.

hnutu f. gs. and nap. hnyte 'nut,' Erf, Lcd, MtR; Mdf.

+hnycned wrinkled? Lcd 97a.

hnydele = hydele

hnygelan (i) pl. clippings, WW.

hnlung f. reclining, WW 153^24.

+hnyscan to crush, MtR 21^44. [hnesce]

hnysce = hnesce

+hnyst contrite, PsC 127.

hnyte gs. and nap. of hnutu.

h = hh

hbanca m. couch, WW 280^12. [hh]

hc m. 'hook,' BH, WW: angle, Mt, Nar.

hocc m. mallow, Cp, Lcd. ['hock']

hcede curved, KC. ['hooked']

hcer = hcor

-hciht v. heoru-h.

hcsern n. small sickle, WW 235^1.

hoclaf n. mallow, Lcd.

hcor n. insult, derision, W 164^17.

hcorwyrde derisive, scornful, W 164^13.

hd m. 'hood,' Ep, WW.

hof n. enclosure, court, dwelling, building, house, hall: temple, sanctuary. [Ger. hof]

hf I. m. 'hoof,' Run, WW; . II. pret. 3 sg. of hebban.

hofding m. chief, leader. [ON. hfingi]

hfe f. 'hove,' alehoof (plant), Lcd,WW.

hofer m. hump, Gl: swelling.

hoferede humpbacked, CP, Lcd, WW. ['hovered']

hoferiend, +hoferod (L) = hoferede

-hfian v. be-h.

hflic pertaining to a court, OEG 2996.

+hfod hoofed, L 25^44.

hfon pret. pl. of hebban.

hofor == hofer

hf-rec, -rc n. hoof-track, bridle-track, Lcd.

hofrede confined to the house, bedridden, WW 162^8.

hfring m. print of a horse's hoof (= hfhring) OEG18.

hofweard m. dile, WW 111^20.

hog- = hoh-

hoga I. careful, prudent, DR, MtL. ['howe'] II. m. fear, care: attempt, struggle, OEG 8^283.

hoga- = hog-, hoh-

hogade = hogode

hogde pret. of hycgan or hogian.

hogelas free from care, NC 303.

hogg hog, NC 302.

hogian to care for, think about, reflect, busy oneself with, : intend, strive, wish for. [hyge]

hogode pret. of hogian.

hogu f. care, .

hogung f. endeavour, DHy 8^12.

hh m., gs. hs, nap. has, hs, dp. hum hough, heel, , Jn, Ps. onh. behind: point of land, Ct, Nar; Mdf. ['ho,' 'hoe']

hoh-fst, hog(a)- (NG) prudent, cautious, wise.

hhft m. heel, LPs 55^7.

hohful (hoga-, N) careful, thoughtful, : full of care, anxious, pensive, sad, Ct, Sc. ['howful']

hohfulnes f. care, trouble, KC 3349^11.

hh-hwyrfing, -hwerfing f. heel-turning, circle? v.OEG 18n.

hohlce (hog-) prudently, LkL 16^8.

hohmd sad, sorrowful, W 72^8.

hhscanca m. leg, shank, Lcd 14a.

hohscipe (hoga-) m. prudence, N.

hhsinu f. sinew of the heel, , Lcd. ['hough-sinew']

-hhsnian v. on-h.

hhspor n. heel, WW 160^26.

hol I. hollow, Lcd: depressed, lying in a hollow, CP, Ct, MH. ['holl'] II. n. hollow place, cave, hole, den, Ct, Lk, Met, WW; AO, : perforation, aperture, Cp. ['hole,' 'holl']

hl n. calumny, slander, .

-hola v. oter-h.

+hola m. protector, defender, . [helan]

holc n? holca? m. hole, cavity, Lcd. ['holk']

hold I. gracious, friendly, kind, favourable, AO, B; : true, faithful, loyal, , LL; CP: acceptable, pleasant. ['hold'; ON. hollr] adv. holde graciously, loyally, Ps. ['holde'] II. n. dead body, carcase, Mt; . ['hold'; ON. hold] III. m. holder of allodial land, ranking below a jarl (Danish word), LL: military chief, MkR 6^21. [ON. holdr]

hold m. oath of allegiance, Chr.

holdelce = holdlce

holdhlford m. gracious lord, liege lord, Chr 1014#e#.

holdian to cut up, disembowel, L 23^73. [hold II.]

holdlic faithful, friendly, OEG 50^29. adv. -lce graciously, , WW: faithfully, loyally. ['holdely']

holdrden f. fidelity, faithful service, H 2150^30.

holdscipe m. loyalty, allegiance, Chr.

holecerse a plant, Lcd.

holegn = holen I.

holen I. m. 'holly,' Cp, WW; ; Mdf. adj. of holly, Lcd. II. pp. of helan.

hlenga = hlinga

holenlaf n. holly leaf, Lcd 127a.

holenrind f. holly bark, Lcd 29b.

holenstybb m. holly-stump.

holh (CP), holg n. gs. hles hole, 'hollow.'

holian _to hollow out, scoop out_, _: _to become hollow, be perforated_, . ['_hole_']

hlian to oppress, Ps. ['hole']

+holian to obtain, CP 209^19.

holing f. hollow place, GD 113^11.

hlinga adv. in vain, without reason.

holl = hol II.

hollac n. onion? WW 270^29. ['holleke']

holm m. wave, sea, ocean, water, B: in prose, esp. in place-names island (esp. in a river or creek), Chr. ['holm']

holmrn n. ship, Gen 1422.

holmclif n. sea-cliff, rocky shore.

holmeg adj. of the sea, Ex 118.

holmmgen n. force of the waves, Rd 3^9.

holm-racu f., gs. -rce restless sea.

holmweall m. wall of sea water, Ex 467.

holmweard (An 359) = helmweard

holmweg m. sea-path, An 382.

holmwylm m. billows, B 2411.

holnes f. hollow place, GD 99^22 (o).

hlonga = hlinga

holpen pp. of helpan.

holrian = heolorian

holstf m. 'apex,' tittle, MtR 5^18.

holt nm. forest, wood, grove, thicket, , B; CP; Mdf: wood, timber, Jul. ['holt']

holt-hana, -ana m. woodcock, WW 344^30.

hltihte f. calumny, WW.

holtwudu m. forest, grove, Ph: wood (timber). [v.'holt']

hlunga = hlinga

hom == ham

hm == m

hman = man

hn I. (sv^7) pret. heng, pp. hangen to hang, suspend, crucify, : adorn. II. pl. tendrils of a vine? A 4143.

hon- = han-

hona = (1) heonu; (2) hana

hnede having heels, WW 161^26. [hh]

+honge = +hange

hop n. privet, v. OEG 36^14.

hp m. hoop? v. NC 303.

-hop v. fen-, mr-h.

hopa m. '_hope_,' _. [usu. thopa]

hpgehnst n. dashing of waves.

hopian to 'hope,' expect, look for, A, ; CP: put trust in, , Bo,Bl.

hpig eddying, surging, PPs 68^5.

+hopp n. small bag, WW 405^3.

hoppda m. upper garment, cope, WW 188^14.

hoppe f. a kind of ornament, AO: dog-collar, LL 194[8].

hoppestre f. _female dancer_, _. ['_hoppestere_']

hoppetan to leap for joy: to throb.

hoppian to hop, jump, leap, dance, : limp, L 21^417. [Ger. hpfen]

hopscte f. sheet, counterpane, (9^307).

hr n. adultery.

hora- = horu-

horas v. horh.

hrcwene f. whore, adulteress, LL.

hord nm. 'hoard,' treasure, B, Chr, Gen, MtR,WW.

hordrn = hordern

hordburg f. treasure-city, B, BC, Gen.

hord-cleofa, -clyfa m. treasure-chest, treasury, secret chamber,.

hordcofa m. treasure-chamber, closet: () breast, heart, thoughts.

hordere m. treasurer, chamberlain, steward, , KC. ['hoarder']

hordern n. treasury, storehouse, .

horderwce f. office of treasurer, Chr 1137.

hordft n. treasure-receptacle, .

hord-geat n., gs. -gates door to a treasure-chamber, Rd 43^11.

hordgestron n. hoarded treasure.

hordian _to 'hoard,'_ _.

hordloca m. treasure-chest, coffer: () secret thoughts, mind.

hordmgen n. riches, Da 675.

hordmm m. hoarded treasure.

hordweard m. guardian of treasure: king: heir, first-born.

hordwela m. hoarded wealth, B 2344.

hordweorung f. honouring by gifts from the hoard, B 952.

hordwitt n. treasure of wisdom, Kl.

hordwynn f. delightful treasure, B 2270.

hordwyre worth hoarding, B 2245?

hre f. whore, prostitute, OEG.

horeht = horwiht

+horgian to defile, Bk: spit.

horh (horg) mn., gs. hor(w)es, instr. horu, nap. horas phlegm, mucus, , El, Ep, Lcd: dirt, defilement, uncleanness; Mdf. ['hore']

horheht = horwiht

horian to cry out, Ps.

+horian (N) = +horgian

horig foul, filthy, , LL. ['hory']

hring m. adulterer, fornicator, W 309^21.

horn m. horn (musical instrument, drinking-horn, cupping-horn), beast's horn, Ct, Lcd, LL, VPs; AO: projection, pinnacle, Ps.

hornbre horned, Gr 27^16.

hornblwere m. horn-blower, trumpeter.

hornboga m. bow tipped with horn?

hornbora m. horn-bearer, trumpeter, WW.

hornfisc m. garfish, An 370.

hornfted hoofed, WW 213^22.

horngap broad between the pinnacles or gables.

horngestron n. wealth of pinnacles (on a house)? [or ?= hordgestron], #Ruin#23.

+hornian to insult, MkL 12^4.

hornlas without horns, ES 39349.

hornpc m. pinnacle, MtL. [v. 'pike']

hornreced n. hall with gables, B 704.

hornsl n. = hornsele

hornsca f. pinnacle, MtL 4^5.

hornscip n. beaked ship, An 274.

hornsele m. house with gables, Gen 1821.

hornungsunu m. bastard, WW 456^10.

horo- = horu-

horpytt m. mud-hole, EC 445^15.

hors n. horse, OET, WW, VPs; , AO, CP; Mdf.

horsbr f. horse-litter, BH; L. ['horse-bier']

horsc sharp, quick, active, ready, daring: quick-witted, wise, prudent.

horscamb m. 'horse-comb,' curry-comb, strigil, WW.

horschwl (= *horshwl) m. walrus, AO 17^36.

horsclic sordid, squalid, foul, OEG 1789. [horh]

horsclce briskly, readily, promptly: prudently, wisely.

horscniht m. master of the horse, equerry, groom, esquire, (8^242).

horscrt n. 'biga,' chariot, WW 194^26.

horselene f. elecampane, WW. ['horseheal']

horsern n. stable, WW.

horsgrstn m. meadow in which horses are kept, KC 3414^25.

horshelene = horselene

horshierde (i^2, y^2) m. ostler, groom.

horsian to provide with horses, Chr. ['horse']

horslce = horsclce

hors-egn, -n m. ostler, groom, equerry: muleteer, GD 191^23.

horswn m. chariot, WW 140^4.

horswealh m. groom, equerry, LL 22; 132.

horsweard f. care of horses, LL 445[2].

horsweg m. bridle-road, KC. ['horseway']

hortan sbpl. 'whortle'-berries, v. OEG 2^433.

horu = horh

horusa m. sink, pit, Bo 112^15.

horuweg (o^2) m. dirty road? KC 5173^17.

horweht = horwiht

horwes v. horh.

horwig = orweg

+horwigian to defile, spit upon.

horwiht (e^2) mucose, defiled, filthy, Guth 36^9.

horwyll m. muddy stream, EC 445^19.

horxlic = horsclic

hs I. f. escort, company, B 924. II. f. bramble, briar. III. v.hh.

hosa m., hose f. 'hose,' WW.

hosebend m. hose-band, garter, OEG 4822.

hosp m. reproach, insult, contumely, : blasphemy,.

hospcwide m. insulting speech, El 523.

hospettan to ridicule, Cp 697#s#.

hospsprc f. jeer, taunt, H 2514.

hospul 'irritus,' RPs 88^35.

hospword n. abusive language, contemptuous expression,.

hosse = hysse

hstig (L 35^192) = stig

hosu f. hose, RB: pod, husk, Cp 1867.

hotor = otor

homa m. darkness, the grave.

hr = hrw

hraca m. throat, Lcd? ['rake']

hrca () m. clearing of the throat: spittle, mucus.

hrace, hracu f. throat, , VPs (). ['rake']

hrad- v. hrd-

hrade = hrae

hradian (ea, ) to be quick, hasten, do diligently: further, prosper, L 20^78.

hradung () f. quickness, despatch, diligence. on hrdinge quickly,L.

hr- = hra-, hre-, hrea-

hr = hrw

hr- = hra-, hro-, r-

hrca m. clearing the throat. [= hrca]

hrcan tr. and intr. to 'reach,' bring up (blood or phlegm), CP, Lcd; .

+hrcan = +reccan

hrcetung f. eructation, Lcd 69b.

hrcgebrc n. sore throat, WW.

hrcing f. detention, DR 65^13.

hrctan to eructate, Lcd 84a.

hrctunge f. uvula, Lcd 17a.

hrcung f. clearing of the throat, Lcd. ['reaching']

hrd (e) (hrad- occly. in obl. cases) quick, nimble, ready, active, alert, prompt, CP, Gl, Mt. ['rad']

hrdbta m. blackbeetle, WW (hr-).

hrdfrnes f. swiftness, Bo 72^17.

hrdhdig hasty.

hrdhdignes f. haste, precipitation, CP.

hrding f. haste, W 22^14.

hrdlic () quick, sudden, premature, B, Bo; , AO, CP. adv. -lce quickly, hastily, soon, speedily, forthwith, , CP. ['radly,' 'rathely']

hrdlicnes (e) f. suddenness, Guth: earliness, EPs 118^147.

hrdmd hasty, L 16^342.

hrdnes f. () quickness: brevity.

hrdrpe (rd-) ripening early, WW.

hrdtfle quick at throwing dice? Cra 73 (v.ES 43339).

hrdung = hradung

hrdwn m. swift chariot.

hrdwilnes f. haste, precipitation, CP.

hrdwyrde hasty of speech, Wa 66.

hrfn I. hrfen (e) m. raven, , B, G, VPs: sign of the raven (the Danish banner). II. = hfern

hrfncynn (e) n. raven-species, .

hrfnesft m. ravensfoot, cinquefoil, OET p8.

-hrgan v. ofer-hr.

hrgel = hrgl

hrgelgefrtwodnes f. fine clothing, LL (396^27).

hrgelegn m. keeper of the robes, 'vestiarius.'

hrgl n. (e) dress, clothing, Gl, Jn; AO, CP: armour: sail. ['rail']

hrglcyst f. clothes-box, trunk, Ct.

hrglgewde n. dress, WW 430^33.

hrglhs f. vestry, RB.

hrglscara fp. shears for cutting cloth, WW 241^40 (rgl-).

hrgltalu f. vestment-fund, KC, RB.

hrglung f. clothing, WW 151^5.

hrglweard m. keeper of vestments or robes, WW 279^19.

hrgnloca = brgnloca

hrmn, hrm = hrfn

hrn = hrn

hrron pret. pl. of hrran.

hrs v. hrw.

hrscetung = rscetung [[Cross-reference uncertain.]]

-hrscian v. -hr.

hrtelwyrt f. rattlewort, WW 301^3.

hr == hrd. ['rathe']

hrw I. (, a) nm. gs. hrs living body: corpse, carcase, carrion. II. = hrawI.

hrwc (hra-) n. place of corpses, B 1214.

hrfyll m. slaughter, B 277.

hrgfre deadly, WW 408^10.

hrgra m. heron, Gl.

hramgealla = ramgealla

hrmig = hrmig

hramma m. cramp, spasm.

hram-sa (o) m., -se f. onion, garlic, Ep, Lcd, WW. ['rams,' 'ramson']

hramsacrop m. head of wild garlic, Gl.

hran (o) m. whale, Gl.

hrn I. m. reindeer, AO. II. pret. 3 sg. of hrnan.

hrand I. = rand. II. pret. 3 sg. of hrindan.

hrandsparwa (o^1) m. sparrow, MtL 10^29.

hranfix (o) m. whale, B 540.

hrnhund? m. deerhound? v. LL 2117.

hranmere (o) m. sea, Met 5^10.

hranrd f. (whale's-road), sea.

hratele f. 'bobonica' (plant), WW 296^2.

hratian to rush, hasten, OET (= hradian?).

hrae (, e) adv. comp. hraor, superl. hraost _hastily, quickly, promptly, readily, immediately, soon_, _, B, Bo, Cr, VPs_; CP: _too soon_, _Bo_. sw h. sw _as soon as_, _. ['_rathe_,' '_rather_,' '_rathest_']

hraer = hreer

hraian = hradian

hrw = hrw

hrwrig weary in body, Ph 554.

hrwlic = hrowlic

hra I. f. indigestion? Lcd 94b. [hraw I.] II. = hraw I. andII.

hrac m. 'rick,' heap, stack, TC, WW.

hraccopp m. top of a rick, LL 453[21,4].

hracmete m. food given to the labourers on completing a rick, LL 452.

-hrad v. earm-hr. [hroan] [[variant of "hran"?]]

hraf == raf

hram m. noise, outcry, alarm, , CP: cry, lamentation, sorrow, B, Cr. ['ream']

hramig clamorous: lamenting.

hranes = hrohnes

hras pret. 3 sg. of hrosan.

hrat pret. 3 sg. of hrtan.

hreaems (a^2) f. bat.

hreaian (VPs) = hradian

hraw I. (o) 'raw,' , Lcd. II. = hrw nm. III. pret. 3 sg. of hrowan.

hraw- = hrow-

hrawde pret. 3 sg. was raw, WW 215^43 (raw-).

hrawc = hrwc

hrawnes I. f. rawness, crudity, OEG 3283. II. = hrownes

+hrec = +rec

hrc- = hrc-

hred (KGl) = hrd

-hreda v. freda.

hreddan to free from, recover, rescue, save, Cr; : take away. ['redd']

hreddere m. defender, NC 303.

hreddung () f. salvation, liberation, .

hredmna = hrmna

hrfan to roof, . [hrf]

hrefn = (1) hrfn; (2) hfern

hrefnan = rfnan

hrefncynn = hrfncynn

hregresi? groin, MLN 11333; ZDA 33244.

hrh = hroh

hrem = hrfn I.

hrman I. to boast. [Ger. rhmen] II. = hrman

hrmig boasting, vaunting, exulting.

hremm == hrfn I.

hremman to hinder, cumber, .

hremming f. hindrance, obstacle.

hremn = hrfn I.

hrenian to smell of, be redolent of, Sc 106^5.

hro = hroh, hrow

hrocan = rocan

hrod n. 'reed,' rush, , BH, Gl; CP; Mdf.

hrodan^2 to adorn (only in pp. hroden).

hrodbedd n. '_reed-bed_,' _.

hrodcynn n. kind of reed, NC 303.

hrod-ig, -iht, -ihtig (e^2) reedy.

hrodwter n. reedy marsh, Nar 20^23.

hrof rough, scabby, leprous, Whale; CP. as sb. = leper. ['reof']

-hrofian v. -hr.

hrofl I. f. scabbiness, leprosy, CP. II. adj. leprous.

hrofla m. roughness of the skin, leprosy, : leper, . [hrof]

hrof-lic, -lig () leprous.

hrofnes f. leprosy, .

hrofol, hroful = hrofl I.

hrog = hroh

hroh () I. adj. rough, fierce, wild, angry, Met; , AO, CP: disturbed, troubled, sad (v.hrow): stormy, tempestuous, B, Bo, Chr. ['reh'] II. n. stormy weather, tempest.

hrohful stormy, ES 39349.

hrohlic stormy, tempestuous, W 136^27.

hrohmd savage, ferocious: sad, troubled.

hrohnes (a) f. rough weather, tempest, storm,.

hrol sb. 'reel,' A, WW; .

hron- = ron-

hrones = (1) hrohnes; (2) hrownes

hrop pret. 3 sg. of hrpan.

hreopian = hrepian

hrorig adj. in ruins, Ruin 3. [hrosan]

hrosan^2 to fall, sink, fall down, go to ruin, , B, Cr, VPs; AO, CP: rush. ['reose']

hrosendlic perishable.

hrosian = hrowsian

hros (KGl) pres. 3 sg. of hrosan.

-hroa (, a) v. bord-, scild-hr.

hroung (u) f. hardness of breathing, asthma.

hrow I. f. sorrow, regret, penitence, repentance, penance, B, Bl, CP, Cr. ['rue'] II. sorrowful, repentant. III. adj. = hroh? IV. = hraw I. and III.

hrowan^2 (often impersonal w. d. pers.) to affect (aperson) with regret or contrition, Bo, CP, Gen, LL: distress, grieve, Cr, Gen: (intr.) be penitent, repent, MkL. ['rue,' 'i-rew']

hrowcearig troubled, sad.

hrowende penitent, LkL (). ['rueing']

hrowesung = hrowsung

hrowian to repent, MkL 1^15.

hrowig sorrowful, sad, Gen 799.

hrowigferh sad, sorrowful.

hrowigmd sad, sorrowful.

hrowlic (, ) grievous, pitiful, sad, wretched, miserable, cruel, Chr, Ps. adv. -lce, AO, Chr.

hrownes (a) f. penitence, contrition, repentance, LL, Gl; CP. ['rueness,' 'rewniss']

hrowon = rowon pret. pl. of rwan.

hrowsende = hrosende [[form of "hrosan"]]

hrowsian () to feel sorrow or penitence, AO, Mt; CP. ['reusie']

hrowsung f. repentance, penitence, sorrow, CP, Lk; . ['reusing']

hrepian (eo), hreppan to touch, treat, Mt; : attack, Bk 6. ['repe']

hrepsung (L) = repsung

hrepung f. sense of touch, touch, .

hrr lightly boiled, Lcd. ['rear']

hrran (tr.) to move, shake, agitate. [hrr; Ger. rhren]

hrrednes () f. haste, LPs 51^6.

hrremus f. bat, WW. ['rearmouse'; hrran]

hrrnes () f. disturbance, commotion, tempest.

hresl = hrisil [[headword spelled "hrsel"]]

+hresp n. tearing, destruction, NC 294.

+hrespan to tear, PPs 43^12.

hrst = hrst pres. 3 sg. of hrosan.

hre = hrd

hr mn. victory, glory.

hra m. covering of goat-skin, Gl.

hran to exult, rejoice, Ex 573.

hree = hrae

hre = re

hradig glorious, victorious.

hremna = hrmna

hreer (a, ) m. breast, bosom: heart, mind, thought: womb.

hreerbealo n. heart-sorrow, B 1343.

hreercofa m. breast, Cr 1323.

hreerglaw wise, prudent, Ex 13.

hreerloca m. breast.

-hrig v. ad-, sige-, will-hr. [[headword spelled "wilhrig"]]

hrlas inglorious, Gu 878.

hrmna m. month of March.

hrnes f. cruelty, inclemency, N, P 136^23.

hreor = hreer

hrsigor m. glorious victory, B 2583.

hricg == hrycg

hrcian to cut, cut to pieces, L 23^73.

hricsc rick, wrench, sprain, Lcd 27a.

hriddel n. 'riddle,' sieve, LL 455[17].

hrder (_Gl_), hridder (_) n. _sieve_. ['_ridder_']

hrdrian to sift, winnow, Lk. ['ridder']

+hrered destroyed, WW 496^18.

hrew pres. 3 sg. of hrowan.

hrif n. belly, womb, , AO.

+hrifian to bring forth, LPs 7^15.

+hrifnian to tear off, AO 142^26.

hriftung f. pain in the bowels, WW 112^23.

hrfo f. scurfiness, Lcd 90b. [hrof]

hrifwrc (e^2) m. pain in the bowels, WW 112^23.

hrifwund wounded in the belly, LL 6[61].

hrig == hrycg

hrm m. 'rime,' hoar-frost, Ph; .

hrman (, ) _to cry out, shout, rave_, _ (), _CP_ (), _JnL_ (): _bewail, lament_. ['_reme_'; hram]

-hrman v. be-hr.

hrmceald icy cold, Wa 4.

hrmforst m. hoar-frost, LPs 77^47 (rm-).

hrmgicel m. icicle, Seaf 17.

hrmig rimy, frosty, Bl.

hrmigheard frozen hard, Rd 88^7.

+hrin n. morsel, EPs 147^17.

+hrn (NG) = +rn = +rn

hrnan^1 (w. a. g. or d.) to touch, lay hold of, reach, seize, strike, Ps. ['rine']

hrincg == hring

hrind = rind

hrindan^3 to thrust, push, Rd 55^4.

hrine m. sense of touch.

hrinenes f. touch, contact, BH.

hring I. m. ring, link of chain, fetter, festoon, B, CP, G, Lcd: circle, circular group, Ph: border, horizon, Gen: () (pl.) rings of gold (asornaments and as money): () corslet, B: circuit (ofa year), cycle, course: orb, globe. II. m. (only in wpes hr.) sound.

hringan to 'ring,' sound, clash, B, Sol: announce by bells, RB.

hringbn n. ring-shaped bone, WW 157. ['ringbone']

hringboga m. coiled serpent, B 2561.

hringe f. ring.

hringed made of rings.

hringedstefna m. ring-prowed ship.

hring-fg, -fh ring-spotted, variegated.

hringfinger m. 'ring-finger,' Lcd, WW.

hringgewindla m. sphere, WW 426^25.

hringren n. ring mail, B 322.

hringloca m. coat of ring-mail, Ma 145.

hring-ml , -mled adorned with a ring (of a sword).

hringmere n. bath, Ruin 455.

hringnaca m. ring-prowed ship, B 1863.

hringnett n. ring-mail, B 1889.

hringsele m. hall in which rings are bestowed.

hringsetl n. circus, OEG.

hringsittende sitting round, looking on, OEG 65.

hringegu f. receiving of rings.

hringweorung f. honouring by the gift of rings, B 3017.

hringwsan adv. ringwise, in rings, Nar 16^1.

hrning f. touch, JnL. [v. 'rine']

+hriorde (w) = +reorde [[form of "reord"?]]

hrp- = rp-

hrs n. twig, branch. [Ger. reis]

hrisc = risc

hrscan = hrscan

hrseht bushy, bristly, WW 513^8.

hrisel = rysel

hrsel, hrs(i)l f? shuttle: bone of the lower arm, radius. [hrisian]

[[Spelled "hrisil", "hrisl" in first edition: see entry for "hresl".]]

hrisian (y) (tr. and intr.) to shake, move, be shaken, clatter, An, B, Ps, VPs. ['rese']

hrsig (rsig) bushy, OEG 8^337.

hrst pres. 3 sg. of hrosan.

hristende, hristlende noisy, creaky.

hristle f. rattle, WW 391^18.

hristung f. shaking, quivering, rattling noise, Lcd 97a.

hri (u) m. fever, Lcd 80a.

hr I. f. snow-storm, tempest. II. = hrer

hridl f. fever, Lcd 80a.

hrer () n. neat cattle, ox, bull, cow, heifer, Bl, Ct, Lcd, WW. ['rother']

hreren of cattle, Lcd. ['rotheren']

hrerfrols () m. cattle-festival, OEG 4719.

hrerhawere (y) m. butcher, .

hrerheord () _herd of cattle_, _. [v. '_rother_']

hrerhyrde () m. herdsman, .

hrfald m. cattle-pen.

hrheorde (ie) = hrerhyrde

hriian to shake, be feverish, have a fever, .

hrig () storm-beaten? ruined? Wa 77. [hr]

hriing f. fever, Lcd 96b.

hrung = hroung

hrw- = hrow-

hrw pres. 3 sg. of hrowan.

hrc m. 'rook,' Cp, L.

hrd = rd

hroden I. () covered, adorned, ornamented (pp.of hrodan). II. = roden [[II. Cross-reference uncertain.]]

hroder = rodor

hrf m. 'roof,' ceiling, , B, Cr, G; AO, CP top, summit, Bo, Cr, Mk: heaven, sky, Cr.

hrffst with a firm roof, Met 7^6.

hrflas (rf-) roofless, WW 186^30.

hrfsele m. roofed hall, B 1515.

hrfstn m. roof stone, H 1508.

hrftgel f. roofing tile, WW.

hrftimber n. material for roofing, OEG 2256.

hrfwyrhta m. roof-maker, builder, WW.

hromsa = hramsa

hron == hran

hrop = rop

hrp m. clamour, outcry, lamentation, Bl. ['rope']

hrpan^7 to shout, proclaim: cry out, scream, howl, Gu, Ps. ['rope']

-hrops v. ofer-hr.

hropwyrc = ropwrc

hrr stirring, busy, active: strong, vigorous, brave.

+hror n. calamity, plague, ruin, BH 284^4. [hrosan]

hroren pp. of hrosan.

+hrorenes f. downfall, ruin, LPs 31^4.

+hrorenlic perishable, transitory, unstable, NC 294; MFH.

hrse = rse

hrst m. perch, 'roost,' LL 454[11].

hrstbag m. woodwork (of a roof), #Ruin#32.

hrot m. scum, Lcd 84a.

hrer = hror

hrgirela m. crown, RPs 20^4.

hrohund (A 8450) = rohund

hror m. solace, joy, pleasure: benefit.

hrm m. soot, Shr, WW.

-hrmian v. be-hr.

hrmig sooty, WW 362^12.

hrung f. cross-bar, spoke, Rd 23^10. ['rung']

hruron pret. pl. of hrosan.

hrurul 'deciduus,' BDS 3011^33.

hrse f. earth, soil, ground.

hrt (u?) 'balidus' (validus?), WW 361^13.

hrtan^5 to make a noise, whiz, snore, , Cp. ['rout']

hru = hri

hrer = hrer

+hrxl n. noise, tumult, v. ES 39344.

hrxlian (rx-) to make a noise, MtR 9^23.

hryc = hrycg

-hrycce v. corn-hr. [[variant of "cornhwicce"]]

hrycg (i) m. back, spine, , CP, Lcd; AO: 'ridge,' elevated surface, B, Ct, Lk, Ps; Mdf.

hrycgbn n. back-bone, spine, Ps. ['ridge-bone']

hrycgbrdan (hrig-) pl. flesh on each side of the spine, Lcd 3118^24.

hrycghr n. hair on an animal's back, Lcd 1360^19.

hrycghrgl (i) n. mantle, TC 529^10.

hrycg-mearg (i, -mear) n. spinal marrow, WW 292^7.

hrycgmergli n. spine, WW 265^23.

hrycgrib (i) n. rib, WW.

hrycg-rible, -riple flesh on each side of the spine,WW.

hrycgweg m. 'ridge-way,' road along a ridge, Ct.

hrycigan to plough over again, GPH 398.

hryding f. clearing, patch of cleared land, WW 147^12.

hrfing f. scab, Lcd 32b. [hrof]

hryg = hrycg

hrman (, ) to cry out, shout, rave, , CP: bewail, lament, JnL (). ['reme']

hrme = hrm

hrympelle = rimpel

+hryne = +ryne

hryre I. m. fall, ruin, destruction, decay, , B, Bo; AO, CP. [hrosan] II. perishable, . ['rure']

hrre- = hrr-, hrre-

hrscan to creak, v. ES 39344.

hrysel = rysel

hrysian, hryssan = hrisian

hryst = hyrst

hrst pres. 3 sg. of hrosan.

hrystan = hyrstan

hrte (y?) 'balidinus,' WW 163^18 (cp. hrt).

hrer == hrer

hrig = hrig

hrya = rya

hrwlic = hrowlic

hrwsian = hrowsian

hrw pres. 3 sg. of hrowsian.

h adv. 'how,' CP, . h gerdes; h meta how. h gares at what time of year. h nyta wherefore. h ne d...? do not...? h nys...? is not...?: (with comparatives) the: () in some way or other, Shr: h ne n 'nonne.'

hcs, hcx = hsc

hdenian to shake, CP 461^16.

hf- = f I. and II.

hfe covering for the head, Cp, WW. ['houve'; Ger. haube]

hfian to put a covering on the head, .

h-hwega, -hugu somewhere about. h. sw about.

hui! huig! interj.

huilpe = hwilpe

hulc m. 'hulk,' ship, LL, WW; : hut, , LL,WW.

hulfestre f. plover, WW 132^12.

hlic pron. of what sort.

hulpon pret. pl. of helpan.

hulu f. husk, pod, WW. ['hull']

hluco (AO) = hlic

huma = uma [[headword spelled "ma"]]

humele = hymele

hmen (VHy) = men [[headword spelled "ymen"]]

hmeta adv. in what way, how, .

huncettan to limp, halt, RPs 17^46.

hund I. n. hundred, A, AO, Mk; ; (incomp.) decade. ['hund'] II. m. hound, dog, Bo, CP, Jud; ,AO.

hundhtatig (VPs) = hundeahtatig

hundllef- (-ndlf-) = hundendlufon-

hundeahtatig num. 'eighty,' .

hundeahtatigwintere eighty years old, .

hundend-lufontig, -leftig (^2) hundred and ten.

hund-endlufontigoa, -lleftiogoa hundred and tenth,CP.

hundesbo f. dog's parasite, WW 380^21.

hundescwelcan pl. colocynth berries, WW 364^31.

hundesfloge f. dog's parasite, AO.

hundeshafod n. snapdragon, Lcd.

hundesls f. dog's parasite, .

hundes-micge, -tunge f. cynoglossum (plant), Lcd.

hundeswyrm m. dog's parasite, dog's worm, WW 122^25.

hundfeald _hundredfold_, _. ['_hundfold_']

hundfra m. centurion, MtL 22^19 mg.

hundlic of or like dogs, canine, .

hundnigontoa ninetieth, .

hundnigontig ninety, .

hundnigontigwintre ninety years old, .

hund-red, -ra n. 'hundred' (number), G, Ps, WW, MtL (a); : hundred (political district): hundred-court, or assembly of the men of a hundred. hundredes ealdor, mann head of the hundred court, centurion.

hundredgemt n. hundred-moot, LL.

hundredmann m. centurion, .

hundredpenig m. contribution levied by the sheriff or lord of the hundred for the support of his office, TC 432; 433.

hundre (MkR) = hundred

hundseofontig num. seventy, .

hundseofontigfeald seventy-fold, .

hundseofontigoa seventieth, CP (io^2, io^4).

hundseofontigwintre seventy years old, .

hundtontig hundred, .

hundtontig-feald, -fealdlic hundredfold. adv. -lce, W 237^9.

hundtontiggare being of the age of a hundred,.

hundtontigwintre a hundred years old, NC 303.

hundtwelftig num. hundred and twenty, ,AO.

hundtwentig num. hundred and twenty, .

hundtwentigwintre aged a hundred and twenty, .

hundwealh m. servant who looked after dogs, WW 111^25 (^2).

hundwelle a hundred-fold, MtL 13^8.

hundwintre aged a hundred years, .

hne f. horehound, Lcd.

h ne n 'nonne,' RPs 52^5; Hy 6^6.

hunger = hungor

hungerbiten hunger-bitten, starving, Chr 1096.

hungergar n. famine year, .

hungerlwe famishing, starving, LHy 3^5.

hungerlic hungry, famishing, WW.

hungor m. 'hunger,' desire, An, Cr, VPs, WW; CP: famine, , Mt, Chr.

hungrig 'hungry,' famishing, MtL, Gu; ,AO.

hungur = hungor

hunig n. 'honey,' AO, VPs; , CP.

hunigppel m. pastille? ball of honey? OET (Cp1512).

hunigbre honeyed, OEG.

hunigbin f. vessel for honey, LL 455[17].

hunigcamb f. 'honey-comb,' Sc 50^9.

hunigflwende flowing with honey, Gu 1250.

huniggafol n. rent paid in honey, LL 448[4,5].

hunigsge f. honeysuckle? clover? privet? Cp, WW. ['honeysuck']

hunigswte _'honey-sweet,' mellifluous_, _.

hunigtar m. honey which drips from the comb.

hunigtar-en, -lic nectar-like, Gl.

huni-sge, -sce = hunigsge

hnspora m. 'dolon,' pike? Cp 356#d#.

hunta m. huntsman, , AO: a kind of spider, Lcd 54a. ['hunt']

hunta = hunto

huntafaru f. hunting expedition, LL 252[22].

huntian, huntgan _to 'hunt'_ (intr.), _Lcd, WW_; (tr.) _.

hunticge f. huntress, A 6188.

huntigspere n. hunting-spear, WW.

huntigystre = hunticge

hunto, huntno, huntnold, huntna m. hunting, what is caught by hunting, game, prey, , Ct, Lcd; AO. ['hunteth']

huntung f. 'hunting,' WW: a hunt, chase, DR: what is hunted, game, ES 37188.

hnyrlu np. holes in the upper part of a mast, WW 288^15.

hon == hwn

hupbn, huppbn = hypbn

-hupian v. on-h.

hupseax n. hip-sword, short sword, dagger. [hup- = hype-]

hurnitu = hyrnetu [[under "hyrnet"]]

hru adv. at least, at all events, however, nevertheless, yet, even, only, LL; : about, not less than, AO: surely, truly, certainly, indeed, especially, CP. h.swost most particularly. ['hure']

hruinga at least, especially, .

hs n. 'house,' B, G, RB; , AO, CP: dwelling-place, El, Ph: household, JnL: family, race, Ps.

hsa m. member of a household, G.

hsrn n. dwelling-house, NC 303.

hsbonda (^2?) m. householder, master of a house, Mt, Chr. ['husband']

hsbonde f. mistress of a house, .

hsbryce (e^2, i^2) m. housebreaking, burglary, LL. ['housebreach']

hsbrycel m. housebreaking, burglary, WW 205^28.

hsbryne m. burning of a house, Ct.

hsbunda = hsbonda

hsc n. mockery, derision, scorn, insult, Gen, WW. ['hux']

hscarl m. one of the household corps, member of the king's bodyguard, Chr, KC. ['housecarl'; ON.]

hsclic shameful, ignominious, . adv. -lce.

hscword n. insulting speech, An. [v. 'hux']

hsel = hsl

hselbox receptacle of the host, P 178^6.

hselhlgung f. attendance at the eucharist, communicating,.

hsellf f. remains of the eucharist, LL (358^22).

hselportic (u^2) m. sacristy, BH 94^10.

hsfst adj. occupying a house, Ct.

hshefen m. ceiling, WW 432^8. [heofon]

hshlford m. master of the house, .

hshlow n. housing, shelter, LL (282^25); W 74^4.

hsian to 'house,' receive into one's house, LL.

hsincel n. habitation, DR, VPs.

hsl (-sel, -sul) n. 'housel,' eucharist, Lord's supper, , BH: the host, LL: a sacrifice, MtL 12^7.

hslbearn (-ul) n. communicant, Gu 531.

hsldisc m. housel-dish, paten.

hsl-ft n. nap. -fatu sacrificial or sacramental vessel.

hslgang m. going to, partaking of the eucharist,.

hslgenga m. communicant, v. LL 2263.

hslian to administer the sacrament, LL. ['housel']

hsln m. acolyte, LL.

hslung f. _administration of the sacrament_, _. ['_houseling_']

hslwer (-el) m. communicant, Gu 768.

hsrden f. household, family, LPs.

hsscipe m. house (e.g. of Israel), race.

hsstede m. site of a house, Lcd.

hsting n. tribunal, court (esp. in London), Chr. ['husting']

hsul = hsl

hsul- = hs(e)l-

hswist f. home, LPs 5^8.

h f. plunder, booty, prey, .

hx == hsc

hw mf., hwt n. pron. (interrog.) 'who,' what, , AO, CP: (indef.) any one, some one, anything, something, , AO, CP: each. sw hw sw whosoever. sw hwt sw whatsoever. t hwm wherefore.

+hw each one, every one, any one, whoever.

+hwde slight, scanty, small, young, .

hwder (CP) = hwider

+hwdnes f. fewness, insignificance: fineness, subtlety.

hwg () n? 'whey,' LL.

hwl I. (usu. hwal-in obl. cases) m. 'whale,' walrus, , AO. II. pret. 3 sg. of hwelan. III. = hwall. IV. (Ex 161) = wln?

hwlan like a whale? Sol 263.

hwlhunta m. whale-fisher, whaler, , AO.

hwlhunta m. whale-fishery, whaling, AO.

hwlmere m. sea.

hwlweg (wl-) m. sea, Seaf 63.

hwm = hwemm

hwm ds. of hw, hwt.

+hwmlic each, every, LkL 9^23.

-hwnan v. -hw.

hwne = hwone, asm. of hw.

hwne = hwne

hwnne, hwne ('when') = hwonne

hwr == hwer

hwr () adv. and conj. 'where,' whither, : somewhere, anywhere, everywhere, , CP. welh. nearly everywhere. sw hw. sw wheresoever, wherever. elles hw. elsewhere. hwr...hwr here...there.

+hwr everywhere, in all directions, : on every occasion, always.

hwrf == hwearf

hwrfan = hwierfan

hwrflung = hwyrflung

hws I. sharp, piercing, Cr 1444. II. gs. of hw, hwt.

hwsan^7 () to 'wheeze,' breathe hard,.

hwst? blowing, v. OEG 2452n.

hwstrian () to murmur, mutter, NG.

hwstrung () f. murmur, whispering, muttering.

hwt I. (neut. of hw, which see) adv. why, wherefore: indeed, surely, truly, for: interj. what! lo! (calls attention to a following statement) ah! behold! . II. adj. (obl. cases have hwat-) sharp, brisk, quick, active: bold, brave, AO. III. (CP) pres. 3 sg. of hwettan.

+hwt (Cr) neut. of +hw. ['i-hwat']

hwte () m. 'wheat,' corn, , CP. [hwt]

hwtadig very brave, El 1195?

hwtecorn n. corn of wheat, Lcd 13a.

hwtecynn n. wheat, PPs 147^3.

hwtegryttan pl. wheaten groats, WW 141^20.

hwtehealm m. wheat straw, Lcd 49a.

hwteland m. wheat-land, KC 3159^21.

hwtemelu n. wheat-meal, Lcd 126a.

hwten 'wheaten,' .

hwtesmedma m. wheat-meal, Lcd.

hwtewstm m. corn, CPs 77^25.

hwthwara = hwthwugu

hwt-hwugu, -hwigu, -hugu, -hwega, -hwegu, -hwygu pron. and adv. somewhat, slightly, a little, something.

hwt-hwugununges (CP), -hweganunges, -huguningas adv. somewhat.

hwtlce adv. quickly, promptly.

hwtmd bold, courageous.

hwtnes f. quickness, activity.

hwtrd firm, determined. [rd = rd]

hwtscipe m. activity, vigour, boldness, bravery, AO,CP.

hwer (e) I. adj. pron. which of two, 'whether,' . sw hw. sw whichever. hwer...e whether...or: each of two, both: one of two, either, CP. II. conj. (with subj.) and adv. whether, ,CP.

+hwer both, either, each.

hwere, hw()re I. adv. however, yet, nevertheless, still, , AO, CP. II. = hwer adv.

+hwere nevertheless.

+hweres everywhere.

hwal- v. hwl.

hwalf = hwealf I.

hwall (= ) forward, bold, WW 499^17; 532^32. [hwelan]

hwm ds. of hw, hwt.

hwamm (o) m. corner, angle, prominence, , CP: porch.

hwamstn (o^1) m. corner-stone, MtL 21^42.

hwan = hwon instr. of hwt.

hwn = hwm

hwanan = hwanon

hwane = hwone asm. of hw.

hwanne = hwonne

hwanon, hwanone adv. whence, .

+hwanon adv. from every quarter.

hwanonhwegu adv. from anywhere.

hwr, hwra = hwr

hwst- = hwst-

hwasta? m. eunuch, Mt, WW.

hwat- v. hwt.

hwat-a I. m. augur, soothsayer, . II. (), -an fpl. augury, divination.

hwatend 'iris Illyrica' (plant).

hwatung f. augury, divination, LL.

hwal (WW 162^25) = wal

hwealf I. concave, hollow, arched, vaulted. II. f. vault. [cp. Ger. gewlbe]

hwealhafoc = wealhhafoc [[headword spelled "-hfoc"]]

hwealp = hwelp

hwearf I. m. crowd, troop, concourse. [hweorfan] II. (a,e,eo) m. exchange: what is exchanged: (+) vicissitude: error, MtR 27^64: going, distance, LkLR 24^13. III. pret. 3 sg. of hweorfan.

hwearfan = hwierfan

hwearfian to turn, roll or toss about, revolve, wave, CP: change: wander, move, pass by,AO.

hwearflic changing, mutable, transitory: quick, agile, Fin 35? adv. -lce in turn.

+hwearfnes f. conversion, CP 447^13.

hwearft m. revolution, circuit, circle: lapse (oftime).

hwearftlian (y) to revolve, turn round, .

hwearfung f. revolution: change, vicissitude: exchange.

hwebbung = webbung

hweder = hwider

+hwdnes (KGl) = +hwdnes

hwg = hwg

hwegl = hwol

hwelan^4 (y) to roar, rage.

hwelc (AO, CP) == hwilc

hwelian, hwellan? to suppurate, CP: cause to suppurate.

hwelp (ea, y) m. 'whelp,' the young of an animal, cub,AO.

hwelung f. din, WW 423^20.

hwem = hwemm

hwemdragen sloping, slanting, Bl 207^17.

hwemm () m. corner, angle, . [hwamm]

hwemman to bend, turn, incline, Chr 1052.

hwne () adv. somewhat, a little, , AO, CP. [instr. of hwn]

hweogl = hwol

hwol, hweogul, hweohl n. 'wheel,' Bo; Mdf.

hwolfg having a circular border or decoration, WW 375^32.

hwollst m. orbit, DHy 93^17.

hwolrd f. rut, Cp 233#o#.

hwop pret. 3 sg. of hwpan.

+hweorf converted, MtR 18^3 (+werf): active? #Cra#68.

hweorfa m. whorl of a spindle.

hweorfan^3 (o, u) to turn, change. feohtan mid hweorfendum sigum to fight with varying success, AO: move, go, come: wander about, roam, go about: turn back, return, turn from, depart: die: be converted.

hweorfbn (u, y) n. joint, kneecap.

hweorfian (e) to return, AS.

hwos pret. 3 sg. of hwsan.

hweoa = hwia

hweowl, hweowol = hwol

hwer (, y) m. pot, basin, bowl, kettle, caldron,.

+hwr = +hwr

hwerbn = hweorfbn

hwerf I. m. 'wharf,' dam or bank to keep out water, EC 299. II. = hwearf

hwerf- = hwearf-, hweorf-, hwierf-

hwergen adv. only in phr. elles hwergen elsehere.

hwerhwette f. cucumber.

hwsan () = hwsan

hwt == wt

hwte (KGl) = hwte

hwete-, hwet-stn m. whetstone, AO.

hwettan to 'whet,' sharpen, incite, encourage, , CP. [hwt]

-hwette v. hwer-h.

hweer = hwer

hwere = hwere

hw = hw

hwicce f. locker, chest, trunk, OEG 18b^11.

hwicung f. squeaking (of mice), GD 185^4 (c).

hwider () adv. 'whither,' , AO, CP. sw hw. sw wherever, whithersoever.

+hwider in every direction, everywhere, anywhere, whithersoever.

hwiderryne adj. directed whither, Ln 43^33.

hwe = hw

-hwielfan (e, y) v. -, be-, of-hw. [hwealf]

hwierfan (, e, ea, i, y) to turn, change, convert, return, CP: wander, move, go, depart, AO: exchange, barter: (+) overturn, destroy. [hwearf]

+hwierfednes (y) f. conversion, BH.

-hwierfere v. pening-hw. [[headword spelled "-hwyrfere"]]

hwig = hw

hwl f. 'while,' time, , CP: a long time. hwle (e) while, whilst, meanwhile. n hwle just now, a while ago. ealle hwle all the while. re hwle at one another time.

hwilc (e, y) interrog. pron. and adj. which, what: (indef.) whosoever, whichever: any (one), some (one). sw hw. sw whosoever, whatever.

+hwilc each, every (one), all, many, whoever, whatever. nra +hw. each one.

hwilchwega = hwilchwugu

hwilc-hwene, -hwone pron. some, some one.

hwilc-hwugu, -hugu (hwilc is declined) pron. any, some, some one, AO,CP.

hwilcnes f. quality, .

hwlen passing, transitory, Whale 87.

hwlende (Sc), hwlendlic (CP) = hwlwendlic

hwile pres. 3 sg. of hwelan.

hwlhwega adv. for some time.

hwlon () = hwlum

hwilpe f. curlew? Seaf 21. [Du. wilp]

hwlsticce n. interval, short space of time, odd moment, WW 420^28, GD 254^24.

hwltdum adv. sometimes, at times, , CP. hwltdum...hwltdum at some others.

hwlrg f. period of time, GD 243^19.

hwlum adv. (dp. of hwl) 'whilom,' sometimes, once, , CP. hwlum...hwlum, at one another. ['whilom']

hwlwende transitory, temporary, .

hwlwendlic transitory, temporary, temporal, . adv. -lce,.

hwimpel = wimpel

hwnan^1 to hiss, whizz, whistle. ['whine']

hwinsian to whine, NC 303.

hwinsung f. whining, NC 303.

hwirfan = hwierfan

hwirf pres. 3 sg. of hweorfan.

hwrlic (HGl 434) = hwearflic

hwiscettung f. squeaking (of mice), GD 185^4 (o).

hwisprian to 'whisper,' murmur, NG.

hwisprung f. whispering, murmuring, JnR 7^12.

hwistle f. reed, whistle, pipe.

hwistlere m. whistler, piper.

hwistlian to 'whistle,' hiss, Nar 43^17.

hwistlung f. whistling, piping, music.

hwt I. 'white': bright, radiant, glistening, flashing, clear, fair. II. n. white of egg,.

hwtan to whiten: brighten, polish.

hwtcorn n. manna, JnL 6^31mg.

hwt-cwidu, -cudu m. mastic, Lcd.

hwtehlf m. white bread.

hwtel () m. blanket, cloak, . [hwt]

hwtft white-footed, Gl.

hwtian to whiten, become white, be white, .

hwtingmelu n. whiting-powder, Lcd 119b.

hwtingtrow n. whitten tree.

hwtlac n. onion, WW 353^8.

hwtling m. a kind of fish, whiting? NC 303.

hwt-loc , -loccede fair-haired, blonde, Rd.

hwtnes f. whiteness, , Bl.

hwia m., hwiu (eo) f? air, breeze, , CP.

hwol? 'infigens,' OEG 37^6.

hwomm = hwamm

hwon form of instr. case of hw, only found in adverbial phrases like 't hwon, for hwon' why.

hwn I. adj. little, few. II. n. a little, trifle, somewhat, a little while. III. adv. somewhat.

hwonan = hwanon

hwone asm. of hw.

hwnlic little, small, . adv. -lce, moderately, slightly, little,.

hwnlotum (= -hlotum) adv. in small quantities, Gl.

hwonne adv. when, then, at some time, CP: at any time. n hw. just now: as long as, until.

hwonon = hwanon

hwpan^7 to threaten.

hworfan = hweorfan

hwsta m. cough, WW. ['hoast?']

hwstan to cough, Lcd 96b (hwsa).

hwoerian to foam, surge, H 2388^19. [hwia]

hworung f. murmur, a low sound, OEG 26^14.

hwu (LWS) = h

hwugudl m. small part, HL 18^346.

hwurf- = hwearf-, hweorf-, hwyrf-

hwurfon pret. pl. of hweorfan.

hwurful fickle, CP. [hweorfan]

hwurfulnes f. inconstancy, mutability, CP.

hw (inst. of hwt) adv. and conj. 'why.' t hw wherefore.

hwyder () = hwider

hwylan = hwelan

hwylc == hwilc

hwylca m. tumour, boil, WW 161^17.

hwlon = hwlum

hwylp = hwelp

hwyr = hwer

hwyrf- = hweorf-, hwierf-

hwyrfel m. circuit, exterior, higher part? Bl 125^21: (meaning doubtful), EC 328.

hwyrfepl m. whirlpool, eddy, WW 383^34.

hwyrflede 'rotundus,' v. OEG 23^42.

hwyrflung () f. turning, revolution, month? v. OEG 1992: wandering.

hwyrfnes f. dizziness, giddiness, Lcd.

hwyrft m. turning, circuit, revolution, motion, course, orbit: way out, outlet. +hw. gares anniversary.

hwyrftlian = hwearftlian

hwyrftweg m. escape, Rd 4^6.

hwystl- = wistl-

hwtel = hwtel

h = he

+han = han III.

hycgan (i) to think, consider, meditate, study: resolve upon, determine, purpose: remember: hope. h.fram be averseto.

hd I. 'hide,' skin, Chr, LL; AO, CP, . hde olian to undergo a flogging. II. = hd

+hd I. furnished with a skin, Nar 50^5. II. pp. of han. III. = +hygd

hdan I. to 'hide' ('i-hede'), conceal, preserve, Bo, CP: (refl. and intr.) hide oneself, CP, Ps: sheath (asword), bury (acorpse), . II. = hdan

hddern = hddern

-hydele v. hwen-h.

+hdelicnes = +helicnes

hdels m. hiding-place, cave, MkR, LL. ['hidels']

hyder = hider

hdgild (y^2) n. fine to save one's skin (i.e. instead of flogging), LL. ['hidegild']

hdig I. leathern, WW 125^35. II. = hygdig

+hdnes f. comfort, Cp 210#o#: security, CP 387.

hdscip = hscip

hf f. 'hive,' Cp, Lcd, WW.

+hygd (i), hygd (at PPs 120^4) fn. mind, thought: reflection, forethought.

hygdig heedful, thoughtful, careful: chaste, modest. adv. -lce chastely.

hygdignes f. chastity, modesty, DR.

hyge (i) m. thought, mind, heart, disposition, intention, Seaf, Da: courage: pride, Gen 354. ['high']

hygebend mf. heart-strings, B 1878.

hygeblind mentally blind, Jul 61.

hygeble blithe of heart, glad, joyful.

hygeclne pure in heart, PPs 104^3.

hygecrft m. power of mind, wisdom.

hygecrftig wise, prudent.

hgedriht f. band of household retainers? Rim 21. [hw]

hygefst wise, Rd 43^14.

hygefrd wise, Gen 1953.

hygefrfor f. consolation.

hygeglsa hesitating, slow, sluggish, Ph 314. [glan]

hygegl loose, wanton, Rd 13^12.

hygegr m. wile, Mod 34.

hygegomor sad in mind.

hygeglaw prudent in mind.

hygegrim savage, cruel, Jul 595.

hygelas (e, i) thoughtless, foolish, rash, .

hygelaslic (i) unbridled, OEG 3170.

hygelast f. heedlessness, folly, .

hygemum (i) reverently, B 2909.

hygeme sad, saddening, B 2442.

hygerf stout-hearted, brave.

hygern f. secret, El 1099.

hygesceaft f. mind, heart, Gen 288.

hygesnottor sagacious, wise.

hygesorg f. heart sorrow, anxiety.

hygestrang (i) brave, Men 42.

hygetona m. injury, insult.

hygetrow f. fidelity, Gen 2367.

hygeanc m. thought.

hygeancol thoughtful, wise.

hygeihtig (i^1) courageous, B 746.

hygerymm (i^1) m. courage, B 339.

hyger (i) f. pride, insolence, Gen 2238.

hygewlm m. agitation of mind, anger.

hygewlanc haughty, proud.

hyggean = hycgan

hgl (LPs) = hgl

hhsan = hscan [[headword spelled "hyscan"]]

hhst v. hah.

hyht (e, i) mf. () hope, trust, Bl, Ps; , CP: joy, exultation: () desire, expectation: (+) comfort. ['hight']

hyhtan (i) to hope, trust, Ps: rejoice, exult, be glad: soften (hardship), Guth 86^8. ['hight']

+hyhtendlic to be hoped for, GD 269^13.

hyhtful (e, i) hopeful: full of joy, mirthful, pleasant, glad.

hyhtgiefu f. pleasing gift, Rim 21.

hyhtgifa m. giver of joy, El 852.

hyhting (i^1) f. exultation, WW 233^42.

hyhtlas (i^1) unbelieving, Gen 2387.

hyhtlic hopeful, joyful, pleasant. adv. -lce.

+hyhtlic commodious.

hyhtplega m. joyous play, sport.

hyhtwilla m. hoped-for joy.

hyhtwynn f. joy of hope, joy.

hho = hehu

hyl = hyll

hylc (i) m. bend, turn, Gl.

+hylced divergent, GPH 398.

hyld (e, i) m. grace, Gen: loyalty, fidelity, Chr (e), LL. ['held']

hyldan I. (e) = hieldan. II. to flay, skin, , WW. ['hild'; holdII.]

hyld m. oath of allegiance, LL 396#b#.

hylde f. declivity, slope, KC, WW (e). ['hield']

+hyldelic secure, safe, GD 348^10.

hyldemg m. near kinsman.

hyldere m. flayer, butcher, Gl. [hold II.]

+hyldig patient, SPs 7^12.

hylding f. curve, inclination, WW 382^2. [heald]

hyldo f. favour, grace, kindness, protection: allegiance, loyalty, reverence, AO, CP. [holdI.]

hyldrden f. fidelity, TC 610^31 (e^1).

hyldu () = hyldo

hylest pres. 2 sg. of helan.

hylf () = hielf

hyll I. mf. '_hill_,' _; Mdf. II. = hell

hyllehma (i) m. 'cicada,' cricket, grasshopper, Gl.

+hylman = helmian

-hylman v. for-, ofer-h. [["oferhylman" only in form "oferhylmend"]]

hylp = help

hylp pres. 3 sg. of helpan.

hylsten baked (on the hearth), WW 393^31.

hylsung f. 'tympanum,' timbrel? (BB 482), EPs 150^4.

hylt = hielt pres. 3 sg. of healdan.

-hylte v. hah-h.

hylto = hielto

hylwyrt f. 'hillwort,' pulegium, WW.

hym = him

hymblice (Gl) = hymlic

Hymbre sbpl. Northumbrians, OET 571.

hymele f. hop plant, WW; Mdf. [L. humulus]

hymelic = hymlic

hmen = men [[headword spelled "ymen"]]

hymlic (e) m., hymlce f. 'hemlock,' Gl, Lcd,WW.

hn = han

hnan () = henan

hynd == hind

-hynde v. six-, twelf-, twi-h.; of-hende.

hynden f. community of 100 men, LL.

hyndenmann m. chief man in the community of 100 men, LL 175; 178.

hyne = hine as. of h.

hyngran, hyngrian (i) to be hungry, 'hunger,' (impers.) , JnL; (intr.) Cr, Lk: (trans.) hunger for, Mt 5^6.

hyngrig = hungrig

hnnes f. persecution, BH 34^5. [han]

hynnilc (Ep) = ynnilac [[under "ynnelac"]]

hn, hnu = heno

+hpan () = +hapian

hypbn n. hip-bone, WW 201^9.

hype m. 'hip,' Bl, WW; , CP.

hpe f. heap, .

hypebn = hypbn

hpel m. heap, mound, Gl.

hypesex = hupseax

+hypsan (LPs 9^25) = hyspan

hypwrc (i^1, e^2) n. pain in the hips, WW 113^15.

hr () f. 'hire,' wages, , LL: interest, usury,.

hyra gp. of h, ho, hit.

hra m. servant, follower, mercenary, hireling,CP.

hyran to spit, MkR 14^65. [cp. +horian]

hran = (1) heran; (2) hrian

hyrcnian = heorcnian

hyrd f. door, Gen 2695. [Goth. hards]

hyrd-, heord-, hyrwd- = hierd-

hyrdel m. 'hurdle,' , WW.

hyre gds. of ho.

hre = hore

hreborg (e) m. interest an money, WW 515^1.

hred = hered

hrefter = hrfter

hre-geoc, -geoht = hrgeoht

hregilda m. mercenary, hired servant, WW 111^11.

hremann = heremann [[headword spelled "hereman"]]

hrgeoht n. hired yoke of oxen, LL 24[60].

hyrian to imitate, Bo.

hrian to 'hire' ('i-hire'), ,Mt.

hrigmann I. m. hireling, A, Mk. ['hireman'] II. = heremann [[headword spelled "hereman"]]

hyring f. imitation.

hrling m. 'hireling,' Mk 1^20.

hrmann = hrigmann

hyrnan to jut out like a horn, Ct.

hyrne f. angle, corner, CP, Mt; Mdf. ['hern']

hyrned horned, beaked, Lcd; . ['i-horned']

hyrnednebba horny-billed, horn-beaked. [horn]

hyrnen I. of horn, LRPs 97^6. II. angular, OEG 7^20.

hrnes = hernes

hyrnet, hyrnetu f. 'hornet,' Gl, WW: gadfly? WW 121^12.

hyrnful angular, having many angles, OEG 121.

hyrnig angular, OEG 121.

hyrnstn m. corner-stone, keystone, H 1106.

hroxa m. hired ox, LL 116#b#.

hyrra (KGl) = heorra, heorr

hrra I. v. hah. II. = hra

hyrst I. f. () ornament, decoration, jewel, treasure: accoutrements, trappings, armour. [Ger. rstung] II. m. hillock, eminence, height, wood, wooded eminence, Rd, OET; Mdf. ['hurst']

hyrst- = hierst-

hyrstan I. to decorate, adorn, ornament, equip. [Ger. rsten] II. (+) to murmur, LkLR 15^2. III. = hierstan

hrsum == hersum

hyrtan = hiertan

hyrten = heorten

hyr f. skin, hide, ES 41323.

hyril (Cp) = hyrdel

+hrung f. hiring, WW 213^12.

hyrw- = hierw-

hys = his

hsan ?= hscan [[headword spelled "hyscan"]]

hyscan (ea, i) (tr.) to jeer at, deride, reproach, Jul, Ps: (intr.) to rail, utter taunts, W. ['heascen']

[[Spelled "hscan" in 3 of 5 cross-references, and in compound onhscan; first edition also has "hscan".]]

hscend () m. reviler, GPH 398.

hyscild (WW 170^12) = hysecild

hyse nap. hyssas m. son, youth, young man, warrior.

hysebeoror n. the bearing of male offspring: boy, young man.

hyse-berling, -byrding m. the bearing of male offspring.

hyseberre f. woman who bears a son, SHy 50^17. [byrere]

hysecild n. male child, , AO.

hyserinc m. young man, GD 338^22.

hysewse adv. after the manner of young men, WW 417^35.

hysope = ysope

hyspan (e, i) pret. hyspde and hyspte to mock, scorn, deride, revile, AO. [hosp]

hyspend m. calumniator, RPs 71^4.

+hyspendlic abominable, LPs 13^1.

hyspful ridiculous, OEG 11^180.

hysp-nes, -ung f. contumely.

hysse = hyse

hyt I. f. heat, B 2649. [ON. hita; or ? read ht] II. = hit pron.

ht pres. 3 sg. of hdan.

hyttan = hittan

h I. f. landing-place, harbour, creek, port, Cp, Guth, Met, Ps; , CP. ['hithe'] II. f. booty, prey.

+h appropriate, convenient, .

han () plunder, ravage. [h]

hegian to facilitate.

hegung f. advantage, Sc 12^6.

helic suitable, proper, convenient, advantageous. adv. -lce.

+helicnes f. 'opportunitas,' NC 345.

hgild n. harbour offering, sacrifice or service, OEG.

hlic belonging to a harbour, WW.

+hlic = +helic

+hnes f. advantage, L 23b^252: occasion, EPs 9^27.

hscip () n. a light, piratical vessel, Gl.

h f. gain, advantage.

+hyo n. subsistence, L 23b^492.

hweard m. warden of a harbour, B 1915.

hw == hw

+hwan = +ewan

hxan = hscan [[headword spelled "hyscan"]]


a () = ga

acessre = gacessre

acinctus, acintus m. jacinth, CP. [L. hyacinthus]

agul = gagl

iara = gearo

iarwan = gierwan

b- = f-

ic pron. (1st pers.) 'I,' Cp, Jn. [Ger. ich]

can, icean = ecan

ce = ce

cend m. 'auctor,' Gr 48^12. [ecan]

cestre f. 'auctrix,' Gr 48^12.

icge only in phr. 'icge gold,' treasure-gold? rich gold? B 1108.

dges adv. on the same day, .

del I. (often dl- in obl. cases) _worthless, useless, vain_, _, Cp, Gen, Mt, VPs_: _empty, desolate, bare, void, destitute, devoid (of)_, _, B, VPs_; CP: _'idle,' unemployed_, _Mt_. on. adv. _in vain_, _. II. n. _emptiness, frivolity, idleness_, _Lcd, LL, Sol_ (): _inattention, carelessness_.

delgeorn slothful, idle.

delgielp (e^3, i^3) n. empty boasting, vainglory, CP, DHy,WW.

delgild n. vain worship, idolatry, .

delgildoffrung f. offering to an idol, .

delhende empty-handed, empty, , CP.

delinga (a^2) 'frivola,' GPH 389.

dellic vain, idle. adv. -lce, VPs. ['idly']

delnes f. frivolity, vanity, emptiness, falseness, VPs; CP. in (on) delnisse in vain: 'idleness,' idle, vain existence, LL.

-delsprce v. fela-.

ides virgin: () woman, wife, lady, queen.

idig busy? active? (BT); greedy for? desirous of? (GK), Ph 407?

dl- v. del.

dlian to become useless.

dol n. idol, LL. [L.]

e v. a.

ecan (, , a, , ) pret. ecte, hte to increase, enlarge, add to, augment, prolong, An, Lcd, Lk (): (+) fulfil, carry out, RSL 11486. ['eche'; ac]

ecinctus = acinctus

ecsesre = gacessre

edel- = del-

eg (g) f. island. [a]

egbend m. islander, CP.

egclif (g-) n. sea-cliff, B 2893.

egland (, ) n. island.

egstram (^1) m. current, river, sea.

ehtan = htan

ielc- = ilc-

ield = ieldo

ieldan (i, y) to delay, put off, prolong, hesitate, tarry, CP: connive at, dissimulate. ['eld'; eald]

ieldcian (CP) = elcian

ielde (e, ea, i, y) mp. men.

ielden () n. delay, BH 400^20.

ieldend (y) m. one who delays.

ieldendlic (e) dilatory, WW 441^2.

ieldest (, e, y) superl. of eald (, Mt, CP; 'eldest').

ieldesta m. chief.

ieldful (i, y) dilatory, delaying, OEG.

ieldian (y) to put off, delay, .

ielding f. delay, tarrying, CP: dissimulation.

ieldo (, e, i, y) f. age, , Gu, Lcd: period: old age, old people, , Bl; CP: an age of the world, , Gu. ['eld'; eald]

ieldra (y) (comp. of eald) used as sbpl. parents, ancestors, B, Bo, El, Rd. ['elder']

ieldrafder (ld-) m. grandfather, WW 7^34.

ieldu = ieldo

ielfe (y) mp. elves (v. lf).

ielfen (, e, y) f. elf, fairy.

ielfig (y) raving, frantic, mad, WW. [v. 'giddy']

imung (WW 277^22) = gmung

ierd = gierd

ierf- v. also yrf-.

ierfe (, e, i, y) n. heritage, bequest, property, CP: cattle. [Ger. erbe]

ierfian (i) to inherit, possess: (+) to stock with cattle.

iergan to dishearten. [earg]

iergu f. remissness, sloth, cowardice, AO. [earg]

ierlic (i) angry, vehement, ApT.

ierman to harass, vex, afflict, CP. [earm]

ierming (eo, e, y) m. person of no account, poor wretch, AO,CP.

ierm, iermu (e, ea, eo, y) f. misery, distress, poverty, B, Bo, Ps: disease: crime: reproach, calumny, CPs 118^134. ['ermth'; earm]

iernan^3 (, i, y; rinnan) pret. 3 sg. arn, orn, pl. urnon; pp. urnen () to run, move rapidly, hasten, flow, spread, , AO, CP, Lcd, VPs: pursue, Bo, Ps: cause to move rapidly, turn, grind, AO, BH: () get to, attain, meet with: () occur (toone's mind), GD: () coagulate, Lcd: () grow up. ['ern']

ierning (e) f. discharge, flow, NG.

ierre I. (i, y) wandering, erring, perverse, depraved, Ps, Sol: angry, fierce, , Bl, Chr, CP; AO. II. n. anger, Bl, CP, El, Lk. ['irre']

ierremd (y) wrathful, wild, B 726.

ierrenga (eo^1, y^1, i^2, u^2) adv. angrily, fiercely,CP.

ierreweorh (y) very angry, Sat 399?

ierscipe (y) m. anger, LPs 9^25.

iersian (i, io, y) to be angry with, rage: enrage, irritate,CP.

iersigendlic passionate, emotional, (y).

iersung (i, y) f. anger, CP.

iersunga adv. angrily.

ier- = eor-, yr-

iesca (Ep, Erf) = geocsa

iesend, iesende entrails, WW. [= gesen]

iete pres. 3 sg. of etan.

e adv. comp. (= a) easily, An, Met; AO, CP. ['eath']

+ean () to alleviate, Gu 1179: compassionate, GD 216 ().

ee I. easy, good-natured, pleasant, B; AO. II. () = e

eegean = gian

eelic easy, CP: adv. -lce easily, AO,CP.

enes f. ease, pleasure, CP 425^11.

ewan (a, o, ) to show, display, reveal, disclose, point out, CP. [age; cp. owan]

fegn = fig

fig n. 'ivy,' Gl, Lcd, Shr.

figbearo ivy-grove, CC 50.

fig-crop, -croppa m. cluster of ivy berries.

figlaf n. ivy leaf, Lcd 117b.

fig-tearo, -tara n. ivy tar, resin from tar, Lcd.

fiht ivy-covered, KC.

ig = ic

g = eg

gbend = egbend

igdges = dges

igel = l

igg = eg

igga, iggo, g(e)o m. 'ait,' eyot, small island, , Chr.

igil, igl () = l

gland () n. 'island,' BH, Bo, Chr, Whale.

go, g = igga

ih = ic

hte pret. 3 sg. of ecan.

l (igil) m. hedgehog, porcupine, Shr, WW; CP. ['il']

land = gland

ilca (y) pron. (always wk) the same, An, Bo, Chr, OET; CP. ['ilk']

ilce adv. v. sw.

ild- = ield-

ile (y) m. sole of the foot, : callosity, corn, . [cp. Ger. eilen]

ilfetu, ilfe(t)te (y) f. swan, Gl; Mdf.

illca = ilca

illeracu f. surfeit, WW 378^15.

+illerocad surfeited, CVPs 77^65.

ilnetu (WW 367^27) = ilfetu

ilugsecg v. eolhsecg.

imbe = ymbe II.

imberdling, imbyrdling = inbyrdling

impa? m., impe? f. graft, shoot, scion, CP 381^17. ['imp']

impian to 'imp,' implant, graft, LL 454[12]: (+) busy oneself with, CP 132^25.

in I. prep. with a. and d. (instr.) (local) 'in,' into, upon, on, at, to, among: (temporal) in, at, about, towards, during: (purpose) in, to, for. II. sb. and adv. = inn

in- (v. BH xxxiii ff.) = on-

inberan^4 (inn-) to bring in, .

indl f. internal disease, Lcd.

inlan (VPs) = onlan

ingn = ingn

ingode = inode pret. 3 sg. of ingn.

insendan to send in.

inwritting f. inscription, LkL 20^24.

inbrnednes (CPs 66); inbrnes (Gl) f. burning, incense, frankincense. [= onb-]

inbecwean^5 to inculcate, WW 429^36.

inbeldan to lead in.

inbelcan^2 to shut, Bl 217^26.

inbend mf. internal bond, Gu 928.

inber- = on-, in-byr-

inberan to carry in, LL 386[1].

inbernes (VPs) = inbrnes [[under "inbrnednes"]]

inbeslan to hack into (any one), LL 86[74].

inbestingan^3 to penetrate, LL 7[64,2].

inbetnednes f. life of a recluse, GD 212^5.

inbewindan^3 to enfold, enwrap.

inbirdling = inbyrdling

inblwan^7 to inspire, breathe upon, JnR: inflate, puff up, EC. ['inblow']

inboden proclaimed. [onbodan]

inbolgen exasperated. [= onb-]

inboren ptc. indigenous, native, GPH 390. ['inborn']

inborh m. bail, security in cases of theft, LL. ['inborgh']

inbrdan^3 to burst in upon, GPH 393.

in-brengan, -bringan to bring in, present, Mk. ['inbring']

inbryne (byr) m. conflagration.

inbryrd- = onbryrd-

inban to inhabit, MtL 23^21.

inbend m. inhabitant, WW 210^13.

in-burg, -burh f. hall, WW.

inbyrde born on the estate, Ct.

inbyrdling (e) m. slave born in a master's house,.

inbyrne (DR) = inbryne

inbyr pres. 3 sg. of inberan.

inc (Mt, Mk) da. of git, dual pers. pron. ['inc']

inca m. question, scruple, suspicion, doubt: grievance, quarrel, grudge, BH. incan witan to have a grudge.

incaode = ingeode [[form of "ingeod"]]

ince = ynce

incgan to call upon, DR 119^3. [cgan]

incgung f. invocation, DR.

incempa m. soldier of the same company, WW 207^6.

incer (y) I. gen. of git, dual pers. pron. II. adj. pron. of or belonging to both of you, Mt. ['inker']

+incfullian to offend, scandalize, MtR. [inca]

incga = inca

incit acc. of git, dual personal pronoun.

incleofa (i, y) m. chamber, closet: cave, den.

incniht m. household servant, .

incofa m. inner chamber, L: breast, heart, Met 22^18.

incou f. internal disease, .

incuman^4 _to come in, go into, enter_, _. ['_income_']

incund interior, internal, inward, secret, , CP. adv. -lce,.

incundnes f. inward conviction, sincerity, W 105^30: inward part, recess, DHy.

inc strange, extraordinary. adv. -lce.

incyme m. entrance, LV 32.

indlan to infuse, DR.

indpan to dip in, LkL 16^24.

Indisc Indian, .

indrencan = ondrencan

indrfan^1 to ejaculate, utter, Sat 80.

indrihten = indryhten

indrincan^3 to imbibe, drink. indruncen plied with drink.

indryhten distinguished, noble, excellent.

indryhto f. honour, glory.

ineardian to dwell in, inhabit, VPs.

inddisc n. household stuff, furniture, WW 147^32. [ddisc]

inelfe = innelfe

inerfe = innierfe

infr n. ingress, entrance, entry, , WW. ['infare']

infreld n. in-coming, entrance, : interior: vestibule.

infangene-of, infangen-f sb. right of judging thieves caught within the limits of one's jurisdiction, and of taking the fines for the crime, Ct; v.LL 2523. ['infangthief']

infaran^6 I. to enter, , Jn. ['infare'] II. = innefaran

infaru f. incursion, inroad, Chr 1048.

infeallan^7 to fall in, VPs.

infeccan to fetch in, Bl 175^1.

infran to enter in, .

infiht n. brawl in a house, LL 597.

infindan^3 to find, discover, NG.

inflde full of water.

inflon^2 to fly from, Rim 44.

infster n. bringing up, rearing, LL 396.

infrd very aged, experienced.

ing I. name of the rune for ng. II. = ging, geong

-ing suffix, as in earming, lytling (originally patronymic).

in-gn anv. pret. -ode to go in, enter, BH, Mt. ['ingo']

ingang m. ingress, entrance, access, beginning, BH, Ps (inn-): entrance fee. ['ingang']

ingangan^7 to go in, enter, .

ingebed n. earnest prayer, PPs 87^2.

ingeberigan (NG) = onbyrgan

ingebringan^3 to bring in, LL 150.

inge-cgan, -cgan 'invocare,' VPs; CPs 90^15.

ingedn anv. to put in, BH 434^20.

ingedrincan (GPH 391) = indrincan

ingefeallan^7 'incidere,' Ps.

ingefeoht n. internal war, BH.

ingefolc n. native race, Ex 142.

ingehrif (-gerif) n. womb, LPs 21^8.

inge-hygd, -hd (), -hd f. consciousness, mind, conscience, sense, understanding: intention, purpose, design.

ingehygdnes f. intention, LPs 48^5.

ingeldan = inldan

ingelaian to invite.

ingemang v. gemang prep.

ingemynd fn. recollection, memory, mind.

ingemynde well-remembered, El 896.

ingenga m. visitor, intruder, B 1776.

ingeongan (NG) = ingangan

ingotan^2 to pour in, fill.

ingoting (yn- ?= ymb-) f. inpouring, OEG.

ingerec n. broil, BH. [= ungerec]

ingerif = ingehrif

ingeseted placed in, inserted.

ingesteald household goods, B 1155.

ingeswel n. internal swelling, WW 113^5.

ingeanc mn. thought, mind, conscience, intention, ,CP.

ingeod f. nation.

ingeweaxen implanted, WW 427^8.

ingewinn n. civil war, AO 88^29.

ingewitnes f. consciousness, conscience, BH.

ingong (CP) = ingang

ingyte m. pouring in, infusion, inspiration, CM 424. [gotan]

inhtan to inflame, GD 29^9.

inhebban (Cr 313) = onhebban

inheldan = onhieldan

inheord f. herd kept by the lord on his lands, LL 449[7].

inhred m. family, household, .

in-hwan, -hgan sbpl. members of a household or community, servants.

inhold loyal in heart, Lcd 3442^28.

inhrnes f. possession, EC 364.

inilfe = innelfe

ininnan = oninnan

inld f. right of water-passage inland: entrance-fee.

inldan 'inducere,' to introduce, NG.

inlnd- = inlend-

inlagian to reverse sentence of outlawry, Chr, LL. ['inlaw']

inland n. land in the lord's own occupation, domain, demesne.

inlaian to invite.

inlaigend m. inviter, Sc 170^12.

inlec = inlic

inlgan (VPs) = onlegan [[error for "onlicgan"?]]

inlhtan = inlhtan

inlenda m. native, Gl.

in-lende, -lendisc native, indigenous.

inlohtan = inlhtan

inlic internal, interior, inward, BH: native. adv. -lce inwardly: thoroughly, sincerely, heartily, BH, Bo. ['inly']

inlchomung f. incarnation, DR.

inlhtan (= on-) to shine, illuminate, enlighten.

inlhtend m. illuminator, DR 2^6.

inlhtian (= on-) to illuminate, enlighten, NG.

inlhtnes f. illumination, VPs.

inliewc = unliuwc [[headword spelled "unliowc"]]

inlxan to become light, dawn, LkL 23^54.

inlocast superl. adv. innermost, most heartily. [inlce]

inlhtan = inlhtan

inmearg n. marrow, GPH 397.

inmde close to one's heart, important in one's estimation, RB; #Bk#15.

inn I. n. dwelling, apartment, lodging, chamber, house, , Mt; AO: quartering oneself (ofsoldiers). ['inn'] II. adv. in, inwards, within, inside of: into. inn on into.

inn- = in-

inna (LkL) = inno

innan I. prep. (w. a. g. d.) from within, B: within, in, into, G, Gen, Lcd; CP. II. adv. within, inside, in, AO. ['inne']

innanbordes adv. (within borders), at home,CP.

innanburhware sbpl. residents within the walls of a town, TC 510^31.

innancund inner, inward, internal: thorough, hearty.

innane = innan II.

innanweard = inweard

inna = inno

innwritting (LkL) = onwrting

inne adv. in, inside, within, in-doors, A, AO, BH, Chr, Ct, Lcd.

inne- = inn-, in-

innecund adj. inward, CP 139.

inne-faran, -foran bowels, Lcd.

innelfe n. bowels: womb.

innemest (superl. of inne) adj. 'inmost,' Sc: most intimate, deep or close, CP. adv. inmost.

innera (compar. of inne) 'inner,' interior, WW: mental, spiritual, BH, LL,Sc.

inne = inno

inne-weard, -werd = inweard

innheardmann m. one of the household troops, MtL 8^9. [inhred]

innhere m. home force, native army, Chr 1006#e#.

innian to go in, Bo: () put up, lodge, Chr 1048: () include: () fill, restore, make good, . ['inn']

innierfe (e^2) n. household stuff, furniture, goods, Bo 31^19.

innifli (Cp 115#i#) = innelfe

inniht (WW 450^21) = incniht?

innwian to renew, DR 168^12.

innon = innan

innor (Gr) compar. of inne. ['inner']

inno mf. inside, entrails, stomach, womb, breast, heart, BH, Bo, G; ,CP.

innomgen (e^3) n. strength, EHy 5^16.

innotdernes f. weakness of the bowels, Lcd 105a.

innowund f. internal wound, Lcd 88b.

innra = innera

innung f. dwelling: contents, takings, revenue, Bo, KC. ['inning']

innweardlce = inweardlce

innweorud n. retainers, household, Wid 111.

innylfe = innelfe

inorf n. household goods, furniture.

inra () = innera

inrcan 'ingesserunt,' WW 420^18 (v. A 31532).

inrsan to rush upon.

inrcels n. incense, LkR 1^9.

insglung = inseglung

inste adj. dependent, WW 185^9.

instnes = insetnes

inscawere m. inspector, DR 194.

inscawung f. inspection, view, NG.

insceende = unsceende [[redirected to "unscende"]]

in-segel, -segl () n. seal, signet, , Ct. ['inseil'; L.]

inseglian () to seal, LL; L. ['inseil']

inseglung f. sealing, seal, ().

insendan to send in, put in, VPs.

insetnes f. regulation, DR.

insettan to institute, BH, JnL.

insigle n. seal, signet. [insegel]

insiht f. narrative, JnL.

insittende sitting within, Rd 47^7.

insmoh m. slough, MH 162^11.

inscn f. brawl in a house, LL 597[80,12].

insomnian to gather in, BH 274^1.

inspinn n. spindle, WW.

instpe I. m. entrance, H 184. II. = instpes

instpes adv. forthwith, directly.

instppan () = insteppan

instandan^6 (o^2) to be present, DR.

instandendlic (o^2) required for present use, MtR 6^11.

instede (y) immediately, NG.

in-stepe, -stepes = instpes

insteppan^6 () to go in, enter, .

instice m. internal stitching pain, Lcd.

instgan^1 to climb in, GD 24.

instihtian to appoint, arrange, LkL p2^6.

insting = onsting

instyde = instede

inswn m. lord's swineherd, LL 447.

inswgan^7 to invade, BH 278^8.

inswgennes f. onrush, BH 110^33.

intiga (KGl) = intinga

intimb- = ontimb-

intinga m. matter, business, : cause: fault. butan intingan in vain, emptily.

int prep. with d. (instr.), a. into, to, against, in,.

intrahtnung f. interpretation, MtL p2^7.

iner adv. apart, MtR 17^1.

inicce crass, thick, MtL 13^15.

innen f. female servant, GPH 401.

ining (N) = intinga

inwan = onwan

in-wrc, -wrc m. internal pain.

inwte f. internal humour, Lcd 97a.

inweard I. (innan-, inne-) adj. internal, inward, inner, intrinsic, deep, sincere, earnest, , B, Bo, Cr. as sbn. inward parts, , WW. II. adv. within: mentally, spiritually, LkL. ['inward']

inweardlic (e) internal, Lcd: sincere, W. adv. -lce 'inwardly,' : deeply, thoroughly, heartily, sincerely, , Met.

inwendan to change, VPs.

inweorc n. indoor work, LL 454[11].

inwerd- = inweard-

inwid == inwit

inwidda m. adversary, enemy.

inwise f. condiment, Lcd 69a.

inwit I. n. evil, deceit, guile. II. adj. wicked, malign, deceitful.

inwitfeng m. spiteful clutch, B 1447.

inwitfln m. treacherous shaft, Mod 37.

inwitful wicked, crafty.

inwitgst m. evil guest, B 2670.

inwitgecynd n. evil nature, Sol 329.

inwitgyren f. treacherous snare, PPs 139^5.

inwithlemm (id) m. treacherous wound.

inwithrf m. unfriendly roof, B 3123.

inwitnet n. net of malice, B 2167.

inwitn m. cunning hostility.

inwitrn f. evil, crafty counsel.

inwitscear m. murderous attack, B 2478.

inwitsearo n. artful intrigue, B 1101.

inwitsorh f. sorrow.

inwitspell n. tale of woe, Gen 2024.

inwitstf m. wickedness, evil.

inwitanc m. malicious thought, hostile intent.

inwitwrsn f. hostile fetter.

inwrc = inwrc

inwrtere m. writer, secretary, ZDA 3123.

inwritting f. inscription.

inwund f. internal wound, Lcd 70a.

inwunenes f. persistence, WW 426^5.

inwunung f. residence in, NC 304.

io- = geo-

o (= u) == go

ioc == geoc

iom = eom

ionna (N) adv. within.

ionna = inno

or m. name of a river-fish (eel?): name of the rune for io.

iorning = rning

iorn = iern pres. 3 sg. of iernan.

iorsian (KGl) = iersian

otas mpl. the Jutes.

ow m. = w

owan = ewan

ippingren = yppingren

ren == sen

irfe = ierfe

irgian = eargian

Iringes weg m. milky way, WW 53^23.

irm- = ierm-; iern-

irn- = iern-, eorn-

irre == ierre

irs- = iers-

irsenhelm = senhelm

irling = yrling

is pres. 3 sg. of eom, anv.

s n. 'ice,' BH, Met, PPs: (pl.) pieces of ice, BH: name of the rune for i.

srn (Gl) = searn

sceald icy cold, Met, Seaf. ['icecold']

ise (N) = gise [[headword spelled "gse"]]

searn (, e) m. halcyon, kingfisher.

sen I. (sern, ren) n. 'iron,' , BH, CP, Gl, LL: iron instrument, Lcd: fetter, Ps: () iron weapon, sword, B: ordeal of red-hot iron, LL 230[6]. [Ger. eisen] II. adj. of iron, 'iron,' , B, Bl, CP,Da.

senbend (r-) mf. iron bond, fetter.

senbyrne (sern-) f. iron corslet, B 671.

isend = iesend

senesmi = sensmi

senfetor (sern-) f. iron fetter, Gl.

sengelma (r-) m. iron instrument, Nar 9^19.

sengrf m. iron-mine? KC 5234^28.

sengrg (gri) 'iron-grey,' WW.

senheard (r-) hard as iron, B 112. ['iron-hard']

senhearde f. ('iron-hard'), black centaury, vervain, knapweed, Lcd.

senhelm (irsen-) m. iron helmet, WW 142^2.

senhere (-ern) m. iron-clad army, Ex 348.

senhyrst adj. with iron fittings, KC.

senordl () n. ordeal by iron, LL.

senre f. iron mine, Gl.

sen-panna m., -panne f. frying pan, Gl.

senscofl f. iron shovel, Gl (sernscobl).

senscr f. shower of arrows, B 3116 (-ern).

sensmi m. blacksmith.

senswt m. dross of iron? Lcd.

sentang f. snuffers, WW 327^14.

senrat m. iron clad troop, B 330 (r-).

senwyrhta m. blacksmith, WW 310^33.

isern = iesende [[under "iesend"]]

sern (1) == sen; (2) = searn

sgebind n. fetters of ice, B 1113.

sgebld () n. ice-blister, chilblain? Lcd.

sig 'icy,' Met: shining? glistening? covered with ice? B 33.

sigfeera with frosted wings, Seaf 24.

siht icy, L 23b^572.

ses adv. immediately, LL (338^11).

smere m. icy lake, Met 28^62.

snian to cover with iron. pp. snod iron-clad, WW 236^19.

itest, itst pres. 2 sg., ite, itt pres. 3 sg. of etan.

== e

an (, , ) to lay waste, ravage, devastate, desolate, destroy,.

iu- = geo-

i = go

iuc == geoc

Idas sbmp. the Jews, G.

Idisc Jewish, G.

iugian = geocian

uih (NG) = owic, ow

uwian (AS 7^19) = ewan

w (ow) m. 'yew,' yew-tree, ; Mdf.

wberge (ow) f. yew-berry, Lcd.


Words beginning with k will be found under c.


l interj. lo! behold! oh! ah! . l lof O Lord! O sir!: indeed, verily, . hwt l what! w l w! alas!

label = (*lafel), lfel

laber (Lcd) = lfer

lc nf. play, sport: () strife, battle: sacrifice, offering, , CP: gift, present, Mt; : booty, B: () message. ['lake']

+lac n. tumult, commotion. sweorda +l. battle: crowd, host, Cr 896.

lcan^7 pret. 3 sg. leolc to move up and down, leap, jump, swing, fly, Jul: play (instrument): () fight, contend, B: (+) incite to, AO: be rewarded. ['lake']

lcdd f. munificence, OEG 3833.

lcgeofa m. generous giver, PPs 67^18.

+lcian to present, bestow.

lclic sacrificial, LL (380^18).

lcnian (, ) to heal, cure, treat, look after, , BH, LkL; AO, CP: foment, dress (awound). ['lechne']

lcnigendlic surgical, HGl 478.

lcnimende only in bon l. 'munerari,' BHy 3^19.

lcnung f. healing, cure: medicament, remedy.

lcsang m. offertory hymn, WW 130^2.

lactuc, lactu-ce, m. -ca f. lettuce, . [L.]

lacu f. running water, stream, pool, 'lake,' Chr 656#e#.

ld I. f. course, journey, An, B: () way, street, water-way: leading, carrying, LL: maintenance, support. ['load,' 'lode'] II. f. clearing from blame or accusation, purgation, exculpation,CP.

ladan (NG) = hladan

ldian to clear oneself from blame or accusation, exculpate oneself: let off, excuse, , AO,CP.

ldiendlic excusable, WW 233^31.

ldmann m. _conductor, guide_, _. ['_lodeman_']

ld-rinc? -rincman m. conductor, escort, LL 3[7] (v.2441).

ladsar = laser [[headword spelled "lser"]]

ldscipe m. leadership, WW 481^6.

ldtow, ldow == lttow

ldung f. exculpation, excuse, defence, apology, ,CP.

lc = (1) lac; (2) lc

lca = lce

-lca v. g-, ellen-l. etc.

+lca emulous, GPH 391.

lcan to spring up, rise, flare up, Sat 716.

+lcan to emulate, GPH 391: join with, make common cause with? CPs 140^4. [lc]

lccan _to seize, grasp, comprehend_, _: _capture, catch_, _Chr, G, LL_: _receive_, L. ['_latch_,' '_i-lecche_']

lce (, ) m. physician, doctor, BH, LkL; , CP: 'leech,' WW;.

lcebc f. book of prescriptions, Lcd.

lcecrft m. 'leech-craft,' art of healing, Bo, Lcd; : medicament, remedy, prescription,.

lcecrftig skilled in medicine, Lcd 186b.

lcecynn n. race of physicians, Rd 6^10.

lcecyst f. medicine chest, GD 344^17.

lcedm m. medicament, medicine, BH, WW (e); , CP: salvation. ['leechdom']

lcedmlic salutary, A 5458.

lcedmnes f. cataplasm, WW.

lcefeoh n. doctor's fee, LL (148^19).

lcefinger m. ('leech-finger'), fourth finger, Lcd.

lcegeatwa? (-getea) fp. medical apparatus, v. NC 304.

lcehs n. sick room, hospital.

lceiren n. surgeon's knife, lancet, GD 32.

lcesealf f. medicinal ointment, WW 514^21.

lceseax n. lancet, CP 187^9.

lcewyrt f. medicinal herb, drug, : ribwort.

lcnian = lcnian

ldan () to 'lead,' guide, conduct, carry, lift, take, bring, , BH, Bl, Chr, VPs; CP. wfl. take a wife, marry: () produce, bring forth: pass, lead (life), BH, Met: to mark or beat the bounds of land, EC 155: perform, do, An: place, lay, : sprout forth, grow, spread.

lde (BH 400^2) = lwede

lden I. (, o) n. 'Latin,' A, BH, CP: any foreign language, Lcd ('leden'). II. adj. Latin.

ldenboc (e) f. Latin book, .

ldend I. m. bringer. II. m. excuser, apologist. [*ldan]

ldengereord n. Latin language, Lcd.

ldengeode n. Latin language, CP.

lden-isc, -lic Latin.

ldenlr f. knowledge of Latin, W 124^12.

+ldenlic 'ductilis,' EPs 97^6.

ldennama m. Latin noun, Gr 292^18.

ldensprc () f. Latin language, , CP.

ldenstfum () adv. in Latin, Jn 19^20.

ldenware mpl. Latin people, Romans, CP.

ldenword () n. Latin word, Gr 122^6.

ldnes f. bringing forth, BH.

ldtow = lttow

lf = (1) lf; (2) laf

lfan () I. _to 'leave,' bequeath_, _B, Jn_; , CP: _spare, leave behind, have left_, _Lk, Mk_: _remain_, _. [lf] II. = lefan

lfel (e) m. spoon, basin, vessel, bowl, cup. [Ger. lffel; L. labellum]

lfend (WW 168^17) = lwend

lfer f. rush, reed, iris, gladiolus, Lcd, WW; : metal plate, . ['laver'; 'levers']

lferbed n. reed-bed, WW 138^29.

lfnes = lafnes

lg pret. 3 sg. of licgan.

lg = (1) lag; (2) leg

lgde = legde pret. sg. of lecgan.

lgon pret. pl. of licgan.

lgt = lget

lht pp., lhte pret. sg. of lccan.

ll () f., lla m. rod, whip, switch: bruise, weal, stripe, Ex.

llan, llian to become black and blue, be bruised.

lmen () of clay, earthen, . [lm]

lmian = lmian [[headword spelled "lemian"]]

ln () I. nf. loan, borrowing, lease, grant, gift, present, benefit, , CP. [lon] II. = lnland

lnan () to 'lend,' WW; CP: give, grant, lease, Gen,.

lndagas mpl. loan-days, transitory days, days of a man's life.

lnde-, lnden- = lenden-

lne () lent, temporary, inconstant, transitory: perishable, frail, poor: weak, sinful, CP. [ln]

lnelic passing, transitory.

lnend m. lender, WW. ['lenend']

lnendlic = lnelic

lnere m. 'lender,' WW 189^21.

lng = leng

lngten- = lencten-

lnian = lanian

lnland n. leased land, v. LL 2323.

lnlic = lnelic

-lnung v. feoh-l.

lpeldre f. dish, .

lpewince (e) f. lapwing, Gl.

lppa (a) m. lappet, piece, section, lobe, portion, district, CP, Lcd; . ['lap']

-lppede v. ff-l.

lran () to teach, instruct, A, BH: enjoin, advise, persuade, urge, preach. l.for hand down (toothers): () convert: () recall, ES 37197. lred learned (opposed to lwed), hence clerical (asopposed to lay), spiritual (asopposed to temporal), , CP. ['lere']

+lre empty, hungry, NC 295. [Ger. leer]

+lrednes f. learning, skill, BH.

lrest = lst

lrestre f. instructress, .

lrgedfe adapted for instruction? FT 61.

lrig m. edge, border (of a shield)? v. A 3755.

-lrigian v. ymb-l. [[headword spelled "ymblrgian"]]

lringmden n. female pupil.

lringmann m. disciple, RB 20^6.

lrnes f. emptiness, Lcd 22b. ['leerness']

ls pret. 3 sg. of lesan.

ls I. () adv. and sbn. less, lest, , AO, CP. ls (e) conj. w. subj. lest. II. f. gs. lswe pasture, JnL (), WW; ; Mdf. ['lease,' 'leasow'] III. f. (blood-)letting, Lcd.

lsboren of lower birth, LL (246^21).

lsest (MtR) = lst I.

lsian = lswian

lson pret. pl. of lesan.

lssa adj. (comp. of ltel) 'less,' smaller, fewer, , Bo, Chr: inferior, MtL, MtR (). sb. A, . adv. BH.

lst f. fault, sin, NC 305. [ON.]

lst I. superl. of ltel 'least,' Gu, Lcd; CP, AO. e lste lest, CM. II. f. performance, fulfilment, Ex 308. III. = lst

lstan () to follow, help, serve, B, Bl, Met, OET; AO perform, do, carry out, accomplish, AO: endure, last, continue, Cr; : furnish, pay, W ['last'; Ger. leisten]

lste f. 'last' (for the foot), WW.

lstend m. doer, performer, BH.

+lstfullian to testify, LPs 80^9.

lstwyrhta (eo^2) m. shoemaker, WW.

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