A Concise Anglo-Saxon Dictionary - For the Use of Students
by John R. Clark Hall
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gdspdig rich, happy.

godspel n. glad tidings, Mt: one of the four gospels, An; , CP: the 'gospel' (for the day), Mt.

godspelbodung f. gospel-preaching, new dispensation, L 25^682.

godspellbc f. book containing the four gospels, LL. ['gospel-book']

godspellere m. 'gospeller,' evangelist, Bl; ,CP.

godspellian to preach the gospel, evangelize, Ps; , CP. ['gospel']

godspell-ic (), -isc evangelical.

godspelltraht m. gospel commentary.

godsprce () n. oracle, BH.

godsunu m. 'godson,' BH, Chr.

godrymm m. divine majesty.

godrymnes f. divine glory, AS 9^4?

godwebb n. fine cloth, purple, CP.

godwebbcyn? (gode-) n. purple (cloth).

godwebben purple, Bl 95^19; GD 346^22.

godwebgyrla m. cloth of purple, W 197^1.

godwebwyrhta m. weaver of purple.

gdwillende well-pleased, EHy 16^6.

godwrc (e^2) wicked, Bl.

godwrclic impious, GD 232^13.

godwrecnes f. wickedness, impiety, BH 70^12#b#.

gofol = gafol

gian to lament, NC 346; JAW 27.

gl pret. 3 sg. of galan.

gold n. 'gold,' , OET; CP.

goldht f. wealth in gold, B 2748.

goldbeorht bright with gold.

goldbloh n. golden hue, WW 140^24.

goldblma m. golden bloom? W 251^11; Bl 105^18.

goldburg f. city in which gold is given? rich city?

golde f. 'solsequia,' heliotrope? marigold? WW 301^6. ['gold']

golde- = gold-

golden pp. of gieldan.

goldft n. golden vessel.

goldfted plated or adorned with gold, LL 460[10#h#].

goldfg variegated with gold, shining with gold.

goldfell n. gold plate, WW 358^15. [?= *goldell]

goldfinc m. 'goldfinch,' WW.

goldfinger m. ring-finger.

goldfrtwe fp. gold ornaments.

goldfyld covered with gold, WW 518^4. [gold, fealdan]

goldgearwe fp. gold ornaments, NC 298.

goldgeweben woven with gold, OEG 4297.

goldgeweorc n. golden object, MH 222.

goldgiefa (i, y) m. gold-giver, prince, lord.

goldhilted golden hilted, Rd 56^14.

goldhladen adorned with gold, Fin 13.

goldhoma m. gold-adorned coat of mail, El 992.

goldhord nm. treasure of gold, treasury, El, VPs; ,AO.

goldhordhs n. privy, WW 184^14.

goldhordian to collect treasure, hoard, Sc 173^12.

goldhroden ornamented with gold. [hrodan]

goldhwt greedy for gold, B 3074?

goldlfer f. gold plate, HGl 431.

goldlaf n. gold leaf or plate, W 263^6. [= lfer] [[error for "lfer"?]]

goldmstling (e) n. brass, WW. [cp. Ger. messing]

goldmm m. treasure, B 2414.

goldmestling = goldmstling

goldra m. gold ore, OEG 1810.

goldsele m. hall in which gold is distributed.

goldsmi m. '_goldsmith_,' _.

goldsmiu f. goldsmith's art, Wy 73.

goldspdig rich in gold, Jul 39.

goldtorht bright like gold, Creat 78.

goldof m. stealer of gold, LL 54[9,2].

goldrd m. gold thread, WW 196^15.

goldweard m. keeper of gold (dragon), B 3081.

goldwecg m. a lump of gold, OEG 451.

goldwine m. liberal prince, lord, king.

goldwlanc brave with gold, richly adorned.

goldwlencu f. gold ornament, Bl 195.

goldwyrt f. heliotrope, OEG 26^36.

golfetung (LPs 78^4) = gaffetung

glon pret. pl. of galan.

golpen pp. of gielpan.

gom- = gam-

gma m. (sg. or pl. used indifferently) inside of mouth or throat, palate, jaws, Lcd, Rd, VPs; . ['gum']

gombe f. tribute.

gomor _Hebrew measure, omer_, _. ['_gomer_']

gon- = gan-

gond- = gand-, geond-

gp m. slave, servant, Rd 50^3. [or ?= gap]

gor n. dung, dirt, filth, , Cp, Rd. ['gore']

gorettan to gaze, stare about, OEG 5^3: pour forth, emit, GPH 398.

gorettung f. gazing, OEG 5^3n.

gorian to gaze, stare about, OEG 7^8.

gors (Cp), gorst m. 'gorse,' furze, MH, MtR: juniper, Lcd.

gorstbam m. furze bush, Mk 12^26.

gs f. nap. gs 'goose,' LL, Rd, WW; .

gs-fugol m. nap. -fuglas goose, Ct.

gshafoc (u^3) m. 'goshawk,' WW.

gost = gorst [[under "gors"]]

gst = gst

Gota sg. -an pl. 'Goth,' BH.

goten pp. of gotan.

-gotennes v. t-g.

gotwoe f. goatweed, Lcd.

gung f. groaning, BH 76^15. [gian]

grd m. (), grde f. step, grade, degree, rank. [L. gradus]

grd m. grass.

grda = grada

grdan I. to cry, call out, Lcd: to crow (cock), CP. ['grede'] II. ds. of wk. adj. grassy, L 18^245.

grde = grd

grde-, grdi- = grdig-

grdig () 'greedy,' hungry, covetous, , B, Bl, Sol; CP. adv. -lce greedily, covetously, eagerly.

grdignes f. greediness, avarice, .

grdum adv. greedily, Gu 710.

grf I. (a) n. cave, 'grave,' trench, Seaf; Mdf. [grafan] II. n? style for writing, WW. [L. graphium]

grfa? grfe? bush, bramble, grove, thicket, WW; Mdf: brush-wood (for burning), fuel, Chr. ['greave']

grfen pp. of grafan.

grfere m. 'sculptor,' graver, WW 164^14.

grfhs n. grave, Sat 708.

grfsex n. graving tool, WW. [seax]

grft mfn. graven image, carved object, sculpture,.

grftgeweorc n. graven image.

grf pres. 3 sg. of grafan.

grg 'grey,' , Ep, Gen, Met, WW.

grggs f. grey (wild) goose, Gl.

grghwe grey, WW 402^40.

grghama grey-coated (of spear? or wolf?), #Fin#6.

grgml grey-coloured, B 2682.

grgs = grggs

grm- = grem-

grn- = gren-

grp = grp

+grppian to seize, MtL 14^31.

grs n. (nap. grasu) 'grass,' An, Cp, CP.

grsgrne 'grass-green,' Ep (e^1, oe^2).

grshoppa m. grass-hopper, locust.

grsmolde f. greensward, B 1881.

grswang m. greensward.

grt I. = pres. 3 sg. of (1) grdan, (2) grtan. II. = grat

grtan = grtan

graf == grf

grf nm. 'grove,' BC; Mdf.

-grfa v. ellen-g.

grafan^6 to dig, dig up, Met, Rd, Rim: 'grave,' engrave, carve, chisel, PPs.

grafet n. trench, EC 354; 355.

gram (o) adj. angry, cruel, fierce, AO: oppressive, hostile: (assb.) enemy. ['grame']

grama m. _rage, anger_, _: _trouble_, _Lcd_. ['_grame_']

gramatisccrft = grammaticcrft

grambre passionate, CP 289^5.

grame adv. angrily, fiercely, cruelly.

gramfrnes f. wrath, LL (= *grambrnes).

gramhegdig = gramhdig

gramheort hostile-minded.

gramhycgende hostile, PPs 68^25.

gramhdig hostile, malignant.

gramian to anger, enrage, W 199^2. gramigende raging, GPH 402.

gramlic _wrathful, fierce, cruel, severe_, _. adv. -lce, _Ps_. ['_gramely_']

grammaticcrft m. art of grammar, BH 258^15.

grammaticere m. grammarian, A 8327.

grammd cruel, Bl 223^33.

gramword n. evil speech, PPs 74^5.

grand pret. 3 sg. of grindan.

grandorlas (o) guileless, Jul 271.

grnian^2 to 'groan,' lament, Bl,Ps.

granu f. moustache, Cp 335#m#. [Ger. granne]

grnung f. _'groaning,' lamentation_, _.

grp I. f. grasp, grip. [grpan] II. pret. 3 sg. of grpan.

grpian to feel for, lay hold of, seize, touch, , B, Bl, Rd, VPs. ['grope']

grpigendlic tangible, H 1230.

grpung f. _sense of feeling, touch_, _. ['_groping_']

grscinnen made of grey skins or grey fur, Chr 1075#d#. [ON. grskinn]

grasian to 'graze,' Lcd.

grasu v. grs.

grtan sbpl. groats, Lcd 3292^24.

graul gradual, antiphon.

grada m. lap, bosom, CP, Lk. ['greade']

grat () comp. gretra 'great,' tall, large, thick, massive, A, , Bo, Chr, WW: coarse, BC, Lcd.

gratewyrt f. meadow saffron, WW 298^7.

gratian^2 to become enlarged, CP. ['great']

gratnes () f. 'greatness,' RB 88^15.

Grcisc Greek, Grecian, .

grd == grd

grf- = grf-

grg- = grg

grem- = grim-

gremian (AO, Mk), gremman to enrage, provoke, irritate, , CP: revile. ['greme']

gremung () f. provocation, LPs 94^9.

grne 'green,' Cp, Ct, Lcd: young, immature, Lcd: growing, living, LkL (oe): as sb., Lcd.

grnhwen green-coloured, WW 379^24.

grnian to become 'green,' flourish, Met.

grnnes f. greenness, BH; CP: (in pl.) green things, plants, A8310.

grennian to 'grin,' gnash the teeth, Jul, Sc;.

grennung () f. grinning, Cp 174#r#.

grofa m. pot, pan, WW. [Ger. griebe]

grop = grp

grosn (o) gravel, pebble, KGl 76^3. [Ger. greiss]

grot n. 'grit,' sand, earth, An, B, Gen;.

grotan^2 to cry, weep, lament, B, Sol. [v.'greet']

grothord n. body, Gu 1240.

grow pret. 3 sg. of grwan.

grp, grpe f. land-drain, ditch, furrow: burrow: privy, OEG().

gres- = grs-

grt- = grat-

grtan I. () to 'greet,' salute, accost, speak to, challenge, , B, Mk, Jul: () to seek out, approach, visit, B; W: ill-treat, attack, AO: touch, take hold of, handle, deal with, Gr. hearpan grtan play the harp: cohabit with. II. () to weep, bemoan, lament, deplore, Cr. [v.'greet']

grting f. 'greeting,' salutation, BH, LkL (oe): present.

grtinghs n. audience chamber, WW 184^3.

grtingword n. word of greeting, Gr 209^14.

gretta = grytta

gree 'sodalis'? OEG 29^2.

grw pres. 3 sg. of grwan.

griellan (i) to irritate, provoke, offend, CP: gnash the teeth at, creak. ['grill']

gretra v. grat.

grghund m. 'greyhound,' WW 276^3.

grillan = griellan

grim (CP) = grimm

grma m. mask, helmet: ghost.

grimena 'bruchus', caterpillar? EPs 104^34.

grimet- = grymet-

grimful fierce, violent, ES 39348.

grmhelm m. helmet (with visor).

grming spectre, WW 446^26.

grimlic fierce, blood-thirsty, cruel, severe, terrible, , AO. adv. -lce. ['grimly']

grimm fierce, savage, B, Bl: dire, severe, bitter, painful, BH; Bl. ['grim']

grimman^3 to rage: hasten on, B 306.

grimmn n. terrible sin, BH 50^8#b#.

grmme savagely, cruelly, severely, AO, Gen. ['grim']

grimnes f. ferocity, cruelty, Bl, Gu, WW. ['grimness']

grimsian to rage, BH.

grimsung f. harshness, severity, CP 125^14.

grin 'ilium,' region of the groin, LL.

grn (, ; also short?) nf. snare, gin, trap, PPs, VPs; , CP: halter, noose, Mt (y). ['grin']

+grnan to ensnare.

+grind n. impact, crash.

grindan^3 (y) to rub together, grate, scrape, Rd: gnash, Ps: 'grind,' sharpen, ,Mt.

grinde f. shingle, BC (v. Mdf).

grindel m. nap. grindlas bar, bolt. pl. grating, hurdle.

grindere m. miller, Lcd 3178^1.

grindet m. grinding tooth, molar, WW 440^26.

gring == cring

grnian to ensnare, KGl. ['grin']

grint pres. 3 sg. of grindan.

grosn = grosn

gripa m. handful, sheaf.

grpan^1 intr. (w. d. g. or t) to seek to get hold of, B, Bl, Gen: tr. (w.g.) seize, take, apprehend, Sol, WW. ['gripe']

gripe m. grasp, seizure, attack, B, WW; . gbillag. shield: handful, Lcd,Ps.

grpend m. seizer, robber, WW 516^13.

+gripenes, gripnes f. seizing, snare, captivity, EPs 34^8.

gripu f. kettle, caldron.

grpul 'capax', WW 198^39. ['gripple']

-grsan () v. -g.

grislic 'grisly,' horrible, HL 15^182 (very late).

grist n. action of grinding, WW: 'grist.' [grindan]

gristbat- = gristbit-

gristbite m. gnashing, W 188^5.

gristbitian to gnash the teeth, BH, Mk, WW; . ['gristbite']

gristbitung f. gnashing of teeth, Bl, Mt. ['gristbiting']

gristian to gnash, grind, Gl.

gristle f. 'gristle', Gl, WW.

gristlung (y) f. gnashing.

gristra m. baker, WW.

gritta = grytta

gri n. truce, (temporary) peace, Ma: protection of the person, asylum, sanctuary, guarantee of safety. ['grith']

gribryce m. breach of 'gri,' LL: penalty for such a breach, LL. ['grithbreach']

griian to make a truce or peace, Chr: protect,LL.

grilagu f. law of temporary or local peace, LL 470[9].

grilas unprotected, W 158^7.

groe- = gr-

grf pret. 3 sg. of grafan.

grom = gram

gron- = gran-

grond pret. 3 sg. of grindan.

gronwisc 'acus', Cp 160#a# (v. AB 935).

grpian = grpian

-groren v. be-g.

grorn I. m. sorrow, sadness. II. adj. sad, agitated. adv.-e.

grornhof n. sad home, hell, Jul 324.

grornian to mourn, complain.

grorntorn sadness, Rim 66?

grornung f. complaint, NG.

grot I. n. particle, Bo; AO. ['grot'] II. n. groats, coarse meal, Gl. [grot]

grotig earthy, GPH 396.

grwan^7 to 'grow,' increase, Bo, Cp, Rd, WW: germinate, KGl,Mk.

grwende 'growing,' Gen, KGl.

grwnes f. growth, BH.

grummon pret. pl. of grimman.

grund m. 'ground,' bottom, B, Gen, Sol, VPs: foundation, LkL: abyss, hell: plain, country land, earth, An, B, Bl, Wid: sea, water.

grundbedd n. ground, soil, Rd 81^24.

grundbend m. earth-dweller.

grunden pp. of grindan.

grundeswelge (i^3, u^3, v^3) f. 'groundsel,' Lcd.

grundfs hastening to hell, Mod 49.

grundhyrde m. keeper of the abyss, B 2136.

grundinga = grundlunga

grundlas bottomless, unfathomable, Bo: boundless, vast. ['groundless']

grundlaslic boundless, vast, CP 417^10.

grundling m. groundling (fish), BC 3525 (Mdf).

grundlunga (i^2) adv. from the foundation, completely, : to the ground, prone, prostrate,.

grundon pret. pl. of grindan.

grundscat m. region.

grundsele m. abysmal dwelling.

grundstn m. foundation-stone, WW. ['groundstone']

+grundstaelian to establish firmly, L 8^21.

grundwg m. earth, An 582.

grundwang m. (ground-plain), the earth: bottom (ofa lake).

grundweall m. foundation, , Lk. ['groundwall']

+grundweallian to establish, found, EPs 23^2.

grundwela m. earthly riches, Gen 957.

grundwyrgen f. water-wolf, B 1518.

grunian, grunnian (OEG) to grunt.

grunnettan to 'grunt,' Cp.

grunung, grunnung f. grunting, bellowing, OEG.

grut m. gulf, chasm, abyss: stone, rock, OEG 1814.

grt f. (ds. grt, grt) groats, coarse meal, Cp, Ct, Lcd: grains, the spent grain after brewing, Lcd. ['grout']

grutt, grutte = grut

gryllan = griellan

grym == grim(m)

grymet-tan, -tian (i) to grunt, roar, rage.

grymet-ung, -tung f. grunting, roaring, bellowing.

grymm = grimm

grymman = gremman [[under "gremian"]]

gryn = gyrn

grn = grn

+grynd n. plot of ground, TC 231^22.

gryndan I. to set, sink (of the sun), WW. ['grind'; grund] II. = grindan

grynde n. abyss.

grynel (WW 291^3) = cyrnel

grnian = grnian

grynsmi m. worker of ill, An 919.

grpe (OEG 4290; 4744) = grpe [[under "grp"]]

gryre m. horror, terror: fierceness, violence, DD 8: horrible thing.

gryrebrga m. terror, horror.

gryrefst terribly firm, El 76a.

gryrefh adj. (used as sb.) spotted horror, B.

gryregst (?) m. terrible stranger, B 2560.

gryregeatwe fp. war-gear, B 324.

gryrehwl f. terrible time, An 468.

gryrelo n. terrible song.

gryrelic terrible, horrible.

gryremiht f. terrible power, W 195^20.

gryres m. way of terror, dangerous expedition, B 1462.

gryrran to gnash, DD 195.

grys- = gris-

grs- = grs-

grt I. pres. 3 sg. of grotan. II. v. grt.

grto f. greatness, Nar 8^22. [grat]

grytta, gryttan pl. coarse meal, bran, chaff, Ep, Lcd, WW. ['grit']

grytte f. sand, Ps.

grttra (A 4151) = *grietra cp. of grat. ['greater']

gry- = gri-

g == go

guldon pret. pl. of gieldan.

gullon pret. pl. of giellan.

gulpon pret. pl. of gielpan.

guma m. man, hero, B. ['gome']

gumcynn sn. human race, men, mankind, nation.

gumcyst f. excellence, bravery, virtue, liberality. adv. -um excellently.

gumdram m. enjoyment of life, B 2469.

gumdryhten m. lord, B 1642.

gumfa m. troop, B 1401.

gumfra m. king, Da 651.

-gumian v. ofer-g.

gummann m. man, B 1028.

gumrce n. kingdom, earth.

gumrinc m. man, warrior.

gumstl m. ruler's seat, throne, B 1952.

gumegen m. man, Cra 83.

gumod f. folk, people, Gen 226.

gund m. matter, pus, Lcd. ['gound']

gundeswilge (Ep, Erf, Ln) = grundeswelge

gung = geong

gung- = ging-

gungon pret. pl. of gangan.

gunnon (BH) pret. pl. of ginnan.

gupan 'clunibus, renibus, coxe,' WW 205^41 (v. A 31522).

gurron pret. pl. of gyrran.

guton pret. pl. of gotan.

guttas mp. 'guts,' entrails, HGl 408.

g f. combat, battle, war.

gbeorn m. fighting-hero, B 314.

gbill n. battle-bill, sword.

gbord n. war-shield.

gbyrne f. corslet, coat of mail.

gcearu f. war-trouble, B 1258.

gcrft m. war-craft, B 127.

gcwn f. warrior queen.

gcyning m. warrior king.

gcyst f. troop, warrior band? (Kluge): bravery? (BT), Ex 343.

gda m. death in battle, B 2249.

gfana m. gonfanon, war-banner, ensign, standard, ,AO.

g-fl? f., -fln? mf. battle-arrow, Gen 2063.

gfloga m. winged fighter, B 2528.

gfona = gfana

gfra m. warlike prince, An 1335.

gfrec bold in battle.

gfreca m. warrior.

gfremmend m. warrior.

gfugol m. bird of war, eagle, Rd 25^5.

ggeatwe fp. armour.

ggelca m. warrior, El 43.

ggemt n. battle, combat.

ggetwe = ggeatwe

ggeingu np. battle, contest.

ggewde n. war-dress, armour.

ggeweorc n. warlike deed.

ggewinn n. battle.

ghafoc m. war-hawk, eagle, Chr 937#a#.

gheard bold in battle, El 204.

ghelm m. helmet, B 2487.

ghere m. warlike host, army.

ghorn m. war-horn, trumpet, B 1432.

ghr m. martial glory, B 819.

ghwt fierce in battle, Ap 57.

glo n. war-song, B 1522.

g-mcga, -maga m. warrior, Sol 90.

gmd warlike.

Gmyrce pl. Ethiopians, Ex 69.

gplega m. attach, battle.

grs m. battle-rush, onslaught.

graf n. armour, Jul 387.

grow fierce in battle, B 58. [hrow]

grinc m. warrior, hero.

grf brave in battle.

gscearu f. slaughter in battle, B 1213.

gsceaa m. ravaging invader, B 2318.

gsceorp n. armour, Jud 329.

gscrd n. armour, El 258.

gsearo n. armour.

gsele m. hall of warriors, B 443.

gspell n. tidings of a war, Gen 2097.

gsweord n. sword, B 2154.

gracu f. hostile attack.

grat m. warlike troop, Ex 193.

gweard m. war-lord, king.

gweorc n. warlike deed, An 1068.

gwrig wounded, B 1586.

gwiga m. warrior.

gwine m. battle-friend, weapon.

gwudu m. spear, Fin 6.

gy- = ge-

gyc- = gic-

gyd == gid(d)

gyden (AO), gydenu f. (occl. gs. gydenan) goddess. [god]

gydenlic 'vestalis' (= dealis? A 3163), WW 524^33.

gydig (i) possessed (by a spirit), insane, OEG 5009. ['giddy']

gyf = gif

gyf- = geof-, gief-, gif-

gf- = gf-

gyha () = gica

gyhu = gehu

gyld = gield

gyld- = gild-

+gyld = gylden

gyldan I. to gild. II. (AO) = gieldan

gylden 'golden,' B, Dan; , AO, CP.

gyldenbag (gilden-, ) m. crown.

gyldenfeax golden-haired, WW 348^35.

gyldenhwe golden-hued, OEG 43^5.

gyldenma golden-mouthed (Chrysostom), GD 94^24; ZDA 31^7.

gyldenwecg (gylding-) m. gold mine, WW 241^17.

gylian, gyllan to yell, shout. gyliende 'garrulus,' OEG 56^138.

gylm = gelm

gylp == gielp

gylt (e, i, ie) m. 'guilt,' sin, offence, crime, fault, A, Bl, Chr, Mt; AO,CP.

gyltan to commit sin, be guilty, CP, Mt, RB, VPs. ['guilt,' 'guilting']

gyltend m. sinner, debtor, CP.

gyltig offending, 'guilty,' Mt.

gylting f. sin, DR.

gyltlic sinful, DR.

gyltwte n. (gyld-) fine for unpaid tax, KC 514.

gylung? 'garrulitas,' OEG 56^141.

gym = gimm

gym- = gim-

gm- = gem-

gymian = gymmian

gymm = gimm

gymmian to cut the throat, kill, OEG 3799.

gyn- = geon-, gin-

gynde pret. of *giendan to drive.

-gpe (= ?) v. -g. [[headword spelled "gype"]]

gypigend yawning, GPH 398.

gypung f. gaping, open mouth, GPH.

gyr I. m. mud, marsh. II. fir tree, WW 269^14.

gyr- = geor-, gier-

gyra = gyr I.

gyrdan (pret. gyrde), to 'gird' (sword), Gen, PPs: encircle, surround, JnL: (+) invest with attributes, PPs.

gyrdel (e) m. 'girdle,' belt, zone, Lcd, Mt; : purse.

gyrdelbred n. 'pugillar,' WW 277^13.

gyrdelhring n. girdle, buckle, WW 432.

gyrdels, gyrder = gyrdel

gyrdil- = gyrdel-

gyrdweg m. road with a fence on either side (BT), KC 3412^21.

gyrdwte n. affliction caused by a rod (used of Moses' rod), #Ex#15.

gren = grn

gyrman (LPs 37^8) = cirman

gyrn mn. sorrow, misfortune.

gyrnstafas mp. injury, affliction, Jul 245.

gyrnwracu f. revenge for injury.

gyrran^3 [= gierran, georran] to sound, chatter, : to creak, grate, An 374.

gyrretan to roar (of lions), LPs.

gyrsandg (MFH 97) = gierstandg

gyrst = grist

gyrstandg () = gierstandg

gyrtrow n. fir tree, WW 138^11.

gyru f. = gyr

gyrwan = gierwian [[error for "gierwan"?]]

gyrwefenn n. marsh, Gr 60^10.

gse = gse

gsel = gsl

gyst = (1) gst, (2) gist

gyst- = gst-, giest-

gysternlicdg = gierstandg

gyt = git pron.

gt I. pres. 3 sg. of gotan. II. = get

gt- = get-, gt-

gyte, gytt (NG) m. pouring forth, shedding, : flood, . [gotan]

gytesl m. (dp. gyteslum) joy at wine-pouring, carousal, #Jud#22.

gytestram m. running stream, WW.

gytfeorm f. ploughing-feast, LL 452, 21, 4.

gcorn () n. spurge laurel? Lcd.

grife f. cockle, Lcd.

gu = go


h is often wrongly prefixed to words, as in Cockney English.

h m. oar-thole, rowlock. t h for each oar, or each oarsman, Chr 1040#c#. [Icel. hr]

habban anv. ptc. pres. hbbende; pres. 1 sg. hbbe, 2.hfst, 3.hf, pl. hbba, habba; pret. 3sg. hfde; subj. hbbe; imperat. hafa; pp. ()hf(e)d to 'have,' Bl, G: possess, own, hold, B, Bl, G: keep, retain, Bl, VPs: entertain, cherish: esteem, consider, BH: be subject to, experience, Mk: obtain, Chr, Mt: assert, Lcd: used as auxiliary to indicate past tense, have, , Chr, Ex. h.for consider: (+) hold, keep from, preserve, retain, CP, . yfle +h. afflict, torment.

haca m. hook, door-fastening, Cp 311#p#. [Ger. hake]

-haccian v. t-h.

hacele () f. cloak, coat, vestment, cassock, 'pallium,' AO, WW; . ['hackle']

hacod (, e) m. pike, WW. ['haked'; Ger. hecht]

hacole, hacule = hacele

hd m. (rare gs. hda) person, individuality, , BH, Mt: degree, rank, order, office (especially holy office), , BH, CP: condition, state, nature, character, form, manner, B, Sol: sex, BH, Chr: race, family, tribe: choir. ['had']

-hd masc. suffix; usu. denotes state or condition, as cildhd, mghd. [Eng. -hood]

+hada m. brother monk, LL.

hdbt f. compensation for injury or insult to a priest, LL. ['hadbot']

hdbreca m. violator of (holy) orders,LL.

hd-bryce, -brice m. violation of (holy) orders,LL.

hdelce adv. as to persons, DHy 29^6.

hdesmann m. member of a particular order, Chr 995#f#.

hdgri n. privilege (as regards peace) of holy orders, LL 471[19].

hdian to ordain, consecrate, BH; . ['hade']

hdnotu f. office of a priest, LL 458#h#.

hdor I. n. clearness, brightness, B 414 (or? hador = heaor). II. () bright, clear, fresh: distinct, loud. [Ger. heiter] adv. hdre.

hdswpa m. bridesman, WW 174^35.

hdswpe () f. bridesmaid, WW.

hdung f. consecration, ordination, Chr, LL. [v.'hade']. hdunge underfn to take the veil.

hdungdg (i^2) m. ordination day, L 33^59.

hb = hf

hb- (Gl) = hf-

hbb- = habb-, hebb-

hbbednes f. continence? A 8320^3.

hbbendlic 'habilis,' Gr 54^5.

-hbbere v. sulh-h.

hc fm. grating, 'hatch,' half-gate, Ct.

hc- = hac-

+hcca sausage, WW 411^20. [hacian] [[headword spelled "haccian"]]

hcce I. f. crozier. II. gs. of hc.

hcwer m. hatch-weir, a weir in which fish were caught, KC 3450.

hdor = hdor

hdre straitly, anxiously.

hdre = hdre [[form of "hdor"]]

hf I. n. (heaf-, haf- in obl. cases) sea, ocean. [cp. Ger. haff] II. (OEG) = hfe

hfd = hafod

hfde pret. sg. of habban.

hfe I. m. leaven. [Ger. hefe] II. = hefe

hfed = hafod

-hfednes v. be-, for-h.

hfegtsung? f. covetousness, EPs 118^36.

hfen I. f. property, possessions, . [Ger. habe] II. f. 'haven,' port, Chr. III. = hefen. IV. pp. of hebban.

hfen- = hafen-

hfenblte = hferblte

hfene = hfen II.

hfer (e) m. he-goat.

hferbte m. forceps, WW 198^16.

hferblte f? a bird? bittern? sea-gull? WW 116^41; 361^17.

hfergt = hfer

hfern m. crab, WW.

hfig = hefig

hfne = hfen

hfreblte = hferblte

hfst v. habban.

hft I. m. bond, fetter: captive, slave, servant: bondage, imprisonment, affliction, : () seizing, thing seized, CLPs 123^6. [Ger. haft] II. n. 'haft,' handle, Lcd, WW; . [Ger. heft] III. pp. of hftan.

hftan to bind, fetter: arrest, detain, imprison: condemn, DR 197^13. [Ger. heften]

hfte = hft II.

hfteclomm m. fetter, Chr 942#a#.

+hftednes f. captivity.

hftedm m. slavery, captivity, Met 25^65.

hften f. confinement, Chr 1095.

+hftend m. prisoner, MFH 136.

hftenod = hftned

hftincel (e^2) n. slave, WW.

hfting f. fastening, lock.

hftlic captious, OEG.

hftling m. prisoner, captive, .

hftmce m. hilted sword, B 1457.

hftnes (v. MF 165) = hftednes

hftne = hftno

hftnian to take prisoner: seize, detain.

hftned (AO), (, ; ) f. custody, imprisonment, bondage.

+hftnedan to take captive, GD 135^15.

hftnedling (^2, y^2) m. captive, L.

hftnednes () f. captivity, NC 299, GD 346^22.

hftno m. confinement, imprisonment.

hftnung f. confinement, captivity.

hftnd () == hftned

hftung f. fetter, MF (Vesp. D xiv).

hf pres. 3 sg. of habban.

hfuc = hafoc

hg- = hago-, hagu-, hege-

+hgan? to vex, harass? Ex 169 (GK). [ON.h]

+hge n. enclosure, meadow, OEG; Mdf.

hghl safe and sound, DR.

hg-tes, -tis, -tesse f. witch, pythoness.

hgorn () = haguorn

hgweard m. keeper of cattle in a common field, LL452[20].

hh- = hah-

hhtis = hgtes

hl n. omen, B 204.

hl I. = hlu. II. adj. = hl

hl- = hel-

hl- = hl-, hl-

hlan I. () to 'heal,' cure, save, CP, Lcd, Mt, Ps; (+): greet, salute, GD36^27. +hl! Hosanna! [hl] II. to castrate, #Lcd#3186^22.

+hld = +hield

hle m. man, hero.

hle = hlu

+hled = hl

+hlednes f. healing, GD 247^11.

hlend () m. Saviour, Christ. ['healend'; Ger. heiland]

hlendlic wholesome, OEG 153^8.

hlet- = hlet-

hle m. (nap. hleas, hle) man, hero, fighter, B. ['heleth'; Ger. held]

hlehelm = heolohelm

hlfter n. 'halter,' WW.

hlgere m. sanctifier, DR(a^2).

hlhiht full of corners. [healh I.]

hlig unstable, inconstant, Bo 115^3.

hling f. 'healing,' Nic.

hlm = healm

hlnes f. salvation, safety, CP: sanctuary. ['healness']

hlnesgri n. peace-privileges attaching to a sanctuary, LL471[19].

hlotd f. prosperous time, Chr 1065#d#.

hlsent (Cp 484#e#) = hlsiend

hlsere m. soothsayer, augur, Cp 953#a#.

hlsian to exercise augury, take omens, foretell, prophesy, Gl. [hl]

hls-iend, -igend () m. soothsayer, augur.

hlsung I. f. augury, divination. II. = hlsungI.

hl, hlo f. 'health,' : salvation, Lcd; : healing, .

hlu f. health, prosperity, safety, salvation, ,CP.

hlubearn n. Saviour, Christ.

hlwyrt f. 'pulegium,' pennyroyal, WW 300^24.

hlynd = hlend

hmht (MkR 1^22) = hahmiht

hman to have intercourse with, cohabit with, , CP: marry, MtR.

hmed () n. (nap. hmedru) cohabitation, , CP: marriage.

hmedceorl m. married man, LL.

hmedgemna m. matrimony, WW 441^24.

hmedlc n. coition, Rd 43^3.

hmedrim m. 'lenocinium,' OEG 5046.

hmedru v. hmed.

hmedscipe m. cohabitation, wedlock, OEG.

hmeding n. coition, cohabitation, L: marriage.

hmedwf n. married woman.

hmere m. consort, bedfellow, .

hmet, hme = hmed

hn == henn

hnan I. to stone, Jn; . ['hene'] II. = henan

hnep (e) m. 'hemp,' Lcd, WW. [Ger. hanf]

hnfugel = hennfugol

hnn == henn

hnu = heno

+hp, hplic fit, convenient.

+hplicnes f. convenience.

hpse f. 'hasp,' fastening, .

hpsian to 'hasp,' fasten, .

hpte (pret. 3 sg.) jumped, L 31^477.

hr (, ) n. 'hair,' Lcd; : a hair, , Cp (), Mk.

hr- = har-, hear-, her(e)-

hr- = hr-

hre f. sackcloth of hair, Mt; . ['haire']

+hre, +hrede hairy.

hren of hair, Bl, Lcd. ['hairen']

hrenfagol sb. hedgehog, SPs 103^19 (cp. hatte-f.).

hrfest (e) m. autumn, 'harvest'-time, A, Ct; AO: August, A10185. h.handful handful of corn (adue belonging to the husbandman on an estate), LL450. [Ger. herbst]

hrfestlic autumnal, .

hrfestmona m. 'harvest-month,' September, Gr43^8.

hrfest-td f., -tma m. autumn, harvest-time.

hrfestwta m. autumn rain, AO 102^7.

hrgripa (; v. late) m. seizing by the hair, LL611.

hriht hairy, WW 513^8.

hring m. 'herring,' Gl (), WW; .

hringtma m. herring season, Ct.

hrloccas mp. locks of hair, HGl. ['hairlock']

hrn f. wave, tide: () sea, ocean.

hrndl f. curling-pin, OEG 1200.

hrnflota m. ship, Gu 1307.

hrsceard n. hare-lip, Lcd. [Ger. hasenscharte]

hrsyfe () n. 'hair-sieve,' A 9264.

hs f. 'hest,' bidding, behest, command, , Gen. [htan]

hsel m. 'hazel' shrub, Gl, Lcd; ; Mdf.

hselhnutu f. 'hazel-nut,' Gl, WW (a).

hsere m. master, lord, LkLR.

hsl = hsel

hslen of hazel, Lcd. ['hazelen']

hsp = hpse

hssuc = hassuc

hst I. violent, vehement. adv. hst-e, -lce. II. f. violence, strife.

hswalwe (WW 7^28) = *sswealwe

ht m. 'hat,' Cp, AO; .

ht pres. 3 sg. of htan.

htan () tr. to 'heat,' Shr, Lcd: intr. become hot, Gl.

htcole = hcole

hte f. heat, , AO. [ht]

hteru np. garments, H. ['hater']

hto = htu

hts (L 18^350) = hgtes

htst pres. 2 sg. of htan.

htt = ht

htte = htte, v. htan.

httende attacking. [hatian]

httian (e) to scalp, LL 334, 30, 5.

htu (o^2, e^2) f. 'heat,' warmth, Bl, Mt, VPs; : fervour, ardour, VHy.

h I. mn. 'heath,' untilled land, waste, Ex; Mdf: heather, Gl, Lcd. II. = ha [[II. error for "ha"?]]

ha m. hot weather.

hberie f. whortleberry, Lcd.

hcole f. name of a plant, WW.

hen I. () 'heathen,' heathenish, pagan, , Bl; AO, CP. II. m. gentile, heathen man (especially of the Danes), ,Mk.

hena m. heathen, LkR 21^25.

hencyning m. heathen king, Da 54.

hencynn n. heathen race, Gen 2546.

hendm m. 'heathendom,' false religion, LL.

henfeoh n. heathen sacrifice? Jul 53.

henfolc n. heathen people, W 223^12.

hengield (i^3, y^3) n. idolatry: idol.

hengilda (y^3) m. idolater, .

henhere m. Danish army, Chr.

henisc 'heathenish,' pagan, AO.

hennes f. heathenism, paganism, BH. ['heathenesse']

henscipe m. paganism, idolatry, , Chr (). ['heathenship']

henstyrc m. heathen calf (the golden calf of the Israelites), #PPs#105^17.

hfeld m. heath-land, Bo 34^27.

hiht heathy, KC.

hin- = hen-

hstapa m. heath-stalker, wolf, stag. [stppan] [[under "steppan"]]

hung f. heating, H 1286. [*htung]

hwen () blue, purple, azure.

hwengrne cerulean, WW 379^23.

hwenhydele f. a plant, Lcd.

hafa, imperat. of habban; hafast, hafa = hfst, hf pres. 2 and 3 sg. of habban.

-hafa v. wan-h.

hafala = hafela

hafastu = hafast u [[form of "habban"]]

hafecere m. 'hawker,' LL.

hafela (ea) m. head.

hafelst = hafenlast

hafen pp. of hebban.

hafenian to hold, grasp. [hebban]

hafenlas destitute, needy, poor, , WW. ['haveless'; hfen]

hafenlast f. want, poverty, .

hfern = hfern [[headword spelled "hfern"]]

hafetian (i^2) to clap, flap, .

hafoc (ea) m. 'hawk,' OET, Wyrd.

hafoccynn n. hawk-tribe, .

hafocere m. hawker, WW 235^9.

hafocfugel m. hawk, LL (162^19).

hafocwyrt f. a plant, Lcd.

hafola = hafela

-hafol(nes) v. wan-h.

hafuc = hafoc

hafudland (WW 147^18) = heafodland [[headword spelled "hafodlond"]]

haga I. m. hedge, enclosure, curtilage, WW; Mdf: fortified enclosure, B: homestead, house, Ct. ['haw'] II. m. 'haw,' WW204^20: trifle, WW138^39; 269^5.

hagal == hagol

hagaorn = haguorn

hage- = hago-

+hagian (impers.) to please, suit. gif him (hine) t m +hagige if he can affordit.

hago- v. also hg-.

hagol (^1, e^1, a^2, e^2) m. 'hail,' , Gen, Met, Ph: hail shower, Bo: name of the rune for h.

hagolfaru (hgl-) f. hailstorm, Wa 105.

hagolian to 'hail,' AO (-gal-).

hagolscr m. hail-shower.

hagolstn m. '_hailstone_,' _.

hagorn (ea) f. spell, Nar 50^14.

hagospind (ea) n. cheek. [haga]

hagosteald I. (hg-, heh-) unmarried, independent. II. m. unmarried man attached to a court, bachelor, young man, warrior, liege man. [Ger. hagestolz] III. n. celibacy, #Rd#21^31. IV. (heh-) virgin, LL,NG.

hagostealdhad (hg-) m. unmarried state.

hagostealdlic (heh-) virgin, DR 66^1.

hagostealdmonn m. bachelor, warrior.

hagostealdnes (heh-) f. virginity, N.

hagu- = hago-

haguorn (^1) m. 'hawthorn,' Gl, Mt, Lcd.

ha ha interj. 'ha! ha!' Gr.

hal = heal

hal- = heal(h)-

hl- = hl-

hl 'hale,' 'whole,' entire, uninjured, healthy, well, sound, safe, genuine, straightforward, Lcd, Mt; , CP. wes uh., h.westu, u hail!

hlbre wholesome, salutary.

halc (OET 489) = healh

hald = heald

haldan = healdan

[[from first edition, printed as: hald, haldan = hald, healdan]]

hleg = hlig

hleg- = hlg-

hlettan () to greet, hail, salute.

hlettend m. middle finger (used in saluting),WW.

hlettung f. greeting, salutation.

hlfst pious? healthy? RB 72^6.

hlga I. wk. form of adj. hlig. II. m. saint, , Ct. ['hallow']

hlgawaras = hligwaras

hlgian to 'hallow,' sanctify, , Jn: consecrate, dedicate, ordain, BH, Bl, Chr; : reverence, Hy: keep holy, Bl.

+hlgigend m. sanctifier, DHy 64^2.

hlgung f. 'hallowing,' consecration, BH.

hlgungbc f. benedictional, NC 299.

hlgungram m. consecrated ram, .

hli- = hlig-

hlig 'holy,' consecrated, sacred, A, Lk: venerated, , G, VPs: godly, saintly, CP, Mk. as sb. what is holy, MtL. adv. -lce.

hligan I. to heal up, get well, CP. II. = hlgian

hligdg m. holy day, Sabbath, MkL, LL. ['holiday']

hligdm m. _holiness, righteousness, sanctity_, _; CP: _holy place, sanctuary, chapel_, : _relics, holy things_, _LL_: _holy office_, CP51^1. ['_halidom_']

hligdmhs m. 'sacrarium,' CM 818.

hligern n. holy place, sanctuary.

hligmna m. (holy month), September.

hlignes f. 'holiness,' sanctity, religion, Bl, Ps; : holy place, sanctuary, CP, W: holy thing, relic.

hligportic m. sanctuary, CJVPs.

hlig-rift, -ryft, -reft f. veil, .

hligwcca m. vigil-keeper, LL (224^27).

hligwter n. 'holy water,' BH.

hlig-waras, -ware mp. saints, N.

hligweorc n. sanctuary, APs 73^7.

halm = healm

hlor n? salvation. [hl]

hlp = healp pret. 3 sg. of helpan.

hals- = heals-

hls- = hls-

hls f. salvation, Cr 587?

hlsere = hlsere

halsgang (WW 190^32) = healsgund

hlsian () (a) to adjure, call up, convoke, CP, Mt, OET, VPs: exorcise, LL. [v.'halse' and also hlsian, healsian]

hlsigend I. m. exorcist, . II. = hlsigend [[under "hlsiend"]]

halstn = healstn

hlsung f. exorcism, LL. [v. 'halsing'] (v.also hlsung and healsung.)

hlswurung f. thanksgiving for safety, #Ex#581. [hls]

halt == healt

hal = heald II.

hlwenda m. Saviour, .

hlwende healing, healthful, salutary, , CP: sanctifying,.

hlwendlic salutary, wholesome. adv. -lce, , CP.

hlwendnes f. salubrity, BH 28^30.

hlwynde = hlwende

ham I. m? under-garment ('subucula,' OEG), WW. ['hame'] II. = hamm

hm I. m. ds. hm 'home,' dwelling, house, Bl, Jn, LL; AO: manor, estate, hamlet, , BH, Mt. II. adv. 'home,' homewards, Chr, Jn; . III. 'cauterium,' A30258; 33390.

hama m. covering, dress, garment: womb, 'puerperium,' v.OEG: slough of a snake, NC299: bridle? #Lcd#342^12 (A30257).

hma m. cricket, WW. [Ger. heimchen]

hmc familiar, NG.

hmcyme m. _home-coming, return_, _. ['_homecome_']

hamele f. rowlock (only in phr. t lcre hamelan for every oar, i.e. rower, Chr 1039#e#). [ON. hamla; v.alsoh]

hamelian to hamstring, mutilate, Chr. ['hamble']

hamer = hamor

-hamer v. clod-h.

hmettan to house serfs, Ct, LL.

hmfrelt n. going home, AO 146^21.

hmfst resident, settled in or owning a house,.

hmfaru f. attack of an enemy in his house, housebreaking: fine for housebreaking. [v.LL2504]

hmhenn f. domestic fowl, Lcd 92a.

+hamian to establish in a home? JnL p188^7.

hmlas homeless, Rd 40^9.

hamm I. m. piece of pasture land, enclosure, dwelling, Ct; L; Mdf. ['ham'] II. f. 'ham' (part of leg), Lcd, WW;.

+hammen studded with nails (of shoes)? GD37^13.

-hamod v. +fier-h.

hamola (o^1) mutilated person? ANS 98127. t hamolan besciran to shave the beard off (asinsult), LL68, 35,3.

hamor (o^1, e^2) m. 'hammer,' Jul, WW.

hamorian (amer-) to beat out, forge, GPH 396.

hamorsecg m. hammer-sedge, Lcd.

hamorwyrt f. black hellebore, wall-pellitory, Lcd 1374. ['hammerwort']

hmscr f. aedileship, Gl.

-hmscyld v. riht-h.

hmsittend m. home-possessor.

hmsittende living at home.

hms m. return home, HL 10^273.

hmsian to return home, WW 118^18.

hmscn f. offence of attacking a man in his own house, LL: the franchise of holding pleas of this offence and receiving the penalties for it: the penalty itself, Ct. ['hamesucken']

hmsteall m. homestead, Ct. ['homestall']

hmstede m. 'homestead,' Ct.

hamule (Chr 1039#e#) = hamele

hamur = hamor

hmweard homewards, towards home, on the way home, Chr; . ['homeward']

hmweardes adv. 'homewards,' Chr.

hmweorung f. ornament of a home, B 2998.

hmwerod (eo^2, u^3) n. household, BH 191^22.

hmwerd () = hmweard

hmwyrt f. house-leek, Lcd. ['homewort']

hn f. (boundary-)stone, BC. ['hone']

hana m. cock, . [Ger. hahn]

hanasang m. cock-crow, MH 4^16.

hancrd () m. cock-crow, . [crwan]

hancrdtd (o^1) f. time of cock-crow, WW 413^35.

hand (o) f. (gds. handa) '_hand_,' _Jn, VPs, WW_; AO, CP, . brdh. _palm_. on h. gn _to yield_. on h. syllan _to give a pledge_: _side (indefining position_), _. swre, winstreh. _right, left, hand_. on gehwereh. _on both sides_: _power, control, possession, charge_, _Ps, RB_. on h. giefan, t handa ltan _to hand over (to)_. on handa sellan _promise, bargain_. t handa healdan _hold (land) of another_. on handa settan _entrust, commit_: _agency_, _Ps, VPs_: _person regarded as holder or receiver of something_.

handx f. 'dextralis,' a kind of axe, WW221^22.

handbftian (ea^2, a^3) to lament, NG.

handbana m. slayer by hand, B.

handbell f. 'hand-bell,' Ct.

handbc f. 'handbook,' manual, LL, WW.

handbona = handbana

handbred n. palm of the hand, breadth of the hand,L.

handcl n. _towel_, _. ['_handcloth_']

handcops m. handcuff, manacle.

handcrft m. manual skill, power of the hand, handicraft, , LL. ['handcraft']

handcwyrn f. hand-mill, . [cweorn]

handdda m. doer with his own hand, LL.

handele = handle

+handfstan to betroth.

handfstnung (e^2) f. joining hands in confirmation of a pledge,WW.

handfull nf. 'handful,' Ep, LPs.

handgang m. imposition of hands: surrender.

handgemaca m. companion in labour, L 23^421.

handgemt n. battle, B.

handgesceaft f. handiwork, Gen 455.

handgesella (o^1) m. companion, B 1481.

handgestealla m. companion, B.

handgeswing n. blow, stroke, El 115.

handgeweald n. power, possession, PPs 105^30.

handgeweorc n. 'handiwork,' creation, ,Ps.

handgewinn n. manual labour, work, struggle, contest.

handgewrit n. handwriting, agreement, deed.

handgewrien woven by hand, B 1937. [wran]

handgift f. wedding present, Hy 10^18.

handgong = handgang

handgripe m. 'hand-grip,' B 965?

handgri n. peace, protection given by the king's hand, LL (v.2494). ['handgrith']

handhabbend red-handed (thief), LL 172[6].

handhf m? n? burden, LkL 11^46.

handhamur m. 'hand-hammer,' WW 448^2.

handhrgl n. napkin, towel, WW 127^1.

handhrine m. touch, An 1022.

handhwl f. _instant_, _. ['_handwhile_']

handle f? 'handle,' Cp.

handlan n. requital, recompense.

handleng(u) f. a hand's length, IM 124^74.

handlian to 'handle,' feel, Lcd; : discuss, A 8304; 308.

handln n. hand-cloth, napkin.

handlinga adv. _by hand_, L 11^247: _hand to hand, at close quarters_, _. ['_handlings_']

handlocen joined together by hand.

handlung f. '_handling_,' _.

handmgen n. bodily strength.

handmitta = anmitta

handngl m. finger-nail, Lcd 125a.

handplega m. fight, battle.

handprost m. domestic chaplain, .

handrs m. onrush, attack, B 2072.

handrf famed for strength, Ex 247.

handscalu = handscolu

handscolu f. retinue, B.

handscyldig condemned to lose a hand, LL 471[13,1].

handseald given personally (by the king), LL637[12].

handseax n. dirk, dagger, .

handselen 'mancipatio,' WW 449^29.

handseten f. attestation, signature, ratification,Ct.

handsex = handseax

handslyht = andslyht

handsmll m. blow with the hand, 'alapa,' JnLR19^3.

handspitel m. hand-shovel, spade.

handsporu f. claw, finger, B 986.

handstoe n. cuff, sleeve, v. ES 38352.

handswgelce adv. similarly, RB. [and-]

handswyle m. swelling on the hand, WW 205^10.

handtam tamed by hand, L 8^86.

handegn m. retainer, servant.

handwal n. washing of the hands, WW 146^9.

handweorc n. handiwork, Rd, LL. ['handwork']

handworht made with hands.

handwundor n. marvel of handiwork, B 2768.

handwyrm (o) m. a kind of insect, Cp, WW. ['handworm']

handwyrst f. wrist, WW. ['handwrist']

+hange (o) disposed, inclined to, Rim 42.

hangelle f. appendix, Rd 45^6.

hangen pp. of hn.

hangian () (intr.) to 'hang,' be hanged, ; CP: depend, rest on, : (tr.) hang, suspend, , Lcd.

hangra m. hanger, wooded slope, Mdf.

hangrd? (ES 39348) = hancrd

hangwte? n. penally for miscarriage of justice, EC. [v.'hangwite']

hr I. 'hoar,' An: hoary, grey, old, B, Jud, Met, Wa. II. = hr

hara m. 'hare,' Ep; .

haranhige hare's foot (plant), Lcd.

haranspeccel viper's bugloss, WW 299^6.

hranwyrt = hrewyrt

harasteorra m. dogstar, WW 198^34.

hard = heard

hrehne = hrhne

hre-wyrt, hran- (Lcd) f. a plant, 'colocasia,' WW135^5.

hrhne f. horehound.

hrian to become hoary or grey, , Shr. ['hoar']

hrnes f. hoariness, WW. ['hoarness']

hrung f. hoariness, age, Gr 295^14.

hrwelle, hrwenge () hoary, grey-haired.

hrwengnes f. hoariness, old age, WW 198^31.

hs 'hoarse,' WW.

hsta m. oarsman, rower, Chr 1052#e#.[h]

hasewa = haswa wk. form of hasu.

hshrman to sound harshly.

hsian _to be or become 'hoarse,'_ _.

haslhnutu (WW) = hselhnutu

hsnes f. 'hoarseness,' WW; .

hassuc m. coarse grass, KC. ['hassock']

hsswge sounding hoarsely, GPH 391.

hasu (ea) dusky, grey, ashen.

hasufg grey, ashen, Rd 12^1.

hasupd grey-coated, Chr 937.

haswigfere grey-feathered.

ht [S 62] I. 'hot,' flaming, Gu, Lcd; , CP, AO: fervent, excited, Bl: intense, violent, An, Gu, Ph: inspiring? attractive? #Seaf#64. II. n. heat, fire. III. (, not + inN) n. promise, vow, LkL;CP.

+hata m. enemy, WW 393^30.

htan^7 active pret. h(h)t, h(h)ton; passive pret. (origly. pres.) htte (CP,Mt) to command, direct, bid, order, , Ct: summon, Dan: vow, promise, Jul: (w.nom. = voc.) name, call, AO; CP: be called, . ['hight']

hte adv. _hotly, fervidly_, _. ['_hot_']

htheort (y^2) I. n. anger, rage. II. () wrathful, furious, passionate, , CP: ardent, whole-hearted. adv. -lce.

htheorte f. = htheort I.

+htheortian to become angry.

htheortnes f. rage, fury, mania, , CP: zeal, fervour.

hthiertan (i, y) to become angry, CP.

hthige m. anger, PPs 89^7. [hyge]

hthort (KGl) = htheort

hat-ian, -igan to 'hate,' treat as an enemy, CP;.

htian to be or get 'hot,' VPs.

hatigend m. enemy, Gr 205^8.

htigende becoming hot, Lcd.

hatigendlic hateful, L 3^605.

+htland n. promised land, BH 346^8.

hatol hostile, bitter, , WW (KGl). ['hatel'; cp. hetol]

htte v. htan.

hattefagol sb. hedgehog, APs 103^8 (cp. hren-f.).

hatung f. hatred, LPs; . ['hating']

htung f. heating, inflammation, Lcd.

htwende hot, burning, Ex 74.

+haerian = heaorian

haolia m. elbow, Lcd 99a.

-hwe v. earfo-h.

hwere m. spectator, CP 229^17.

hwian to gaze on, view, look at, notice, , CP.

hwung f. observation, AS.

h m., ho f., hit n. (pers. pron.) 'he,' she, it; pl. they: (reflex. pron.) himself, herself, itself.

ha I. np. and nsm. (wk.) of hah adj. II. = hah adv. III. = he, h, nap. ofh.

ha- = hah-

heador = heaor

hador, hador == hahdor

haf m. mourning, lamentation, wailing, AO. [= hof]

hafd- = hafod-

heafdian to behead.

hafed = hafod

heafela = hafela

hafian () = hofian

haflic sad, grievous, Bl 123^6.

heafo (B 2478) nap. of hf.

heafoc = hafoc

hafod n. gs. hafdes 'head,' , JnR, VPs. hafdes olian to forfeit life: top, OET: source, origin: chief, leader, CP, Chr: capital (city), AO.

hafodcer (afu) m. chief field, WW 147^19.

hafoddre f. cephalic vein, Lcd 95b.

hafodbn n. skull, Lcd.

hafodbag m. crown, Bo 112^23.

hafodbend m. diadem, crown: head-bond, fetter about the head,.

hafodbeorg f. helmet, B 1030.

hafodbeorht with a splendid, shining head, #Rd#20^2.

hafodbiscop m. high priest, .

hafodbolla m. skull.

hafodbolster n. pillow.

hafodbotl n. ancestral seat, Ct.

hafodburh f. chief city, , AO.

hafodcl n. head-cloth, head-dress, WW; L. ['headcloth']

hafodcwide m. important saying, LL: chapter,DR.

hafodcyrice f. cathedral, LL.

hafodece m. headache, .

hafodfrtennes (e^3) f. hairpin, ornament for the hair,WW.

hafod-gemcca, -gemaca (CP) m. mate, companion, fellow-servant.

hafodgerm n. number by heads, greatest number, #Jud#309.

hafodgetel n. cardinal number, Gr 283^8.

hafodgewde n. face-covering, veil, , W.

hafodgilt m. deadly sin, capital offence, LL 380[2].

hafodgimm m. head's gem, eye.

hafodgold n. crown, PPs, W.

hafodhr n. hair of the head, WW.

hafodhebba m. beginning, A 8304: prime mover, L23^365.

hafodhrgl (u^2) n. head-dress, Sc 74^2.

hafodhrefo f. scurfiness of the head, #Lcd#85b.

hafodiht (e^3) with a head or tuft.

hafodleahter m. capital crime, deadly sin, .

hafodlas 'headless,' WW; .

hafodlic capital, deadly (crime), Bl. ['headly']

hafodling m. equal, fellow-servant, MtL (ud). ['headling']

hafodlond n. strip of land in a field, left for turning a plough, Ct; WW. ['headland']

hafod-mg , -mga m. near blood-relation.

hafodmann m. 'head-man,' leader, captain, WW;.

hafodmynster n. church, cathedral.

hafodpanne f. skull, Mt. ['headpan']

hafodport m. chief town, Chr 1086.

hafodrce n. empire, AO 58^31.

hafodsr m. pain in the head, Lcd.

hafodsen f. (eyesight), eye.

hafodslge (u^2) m. head of a pillar, WW 376^15.

hafodsml 'capitium,' part of a woman's dress, WW276^18; 369^19.

hafodstede m. chief place, AO: high place, sacred place, LL470[3,5].

hafodstl m. capital, AO.

hafodstw f. place for the head, BH 324^3.

hafodswma m. dizziness, Gen 1568.

hafodsn = hafodsen

hafodsynn (^1) f. deadly sin, W 290^25.

hafodwal n. washing of the head, WW 146^8.

hafodwrc m. pain in the head, Lcd; WW. ['headwark']

hafodweard I. f. watch over the head? B2909: body-guard, LL444[1]. ['headward'] II. m. chief protector, leader. III. f. chapter.

hafodwind m. chief wind (E, S, W or N wind), #Lcd#3274.

hafodwsa m. chief, director.

hafodw f. voice, Rd 9^3.

hafodwund f. wound in the head, LL 20[44].

hafodwylm m. tears, El 1133: burning pain in the head.

hafodwyrhta m. chief workman, H 2530.

heafola = hafela

hafre = hahfore

hafsang m. dirge, WW 430^22. [hofan]

heafu (B 1862) nap. of hf.

heafuc (VPs) = hafoc

hafud = hafod

hag == hah

heaga- = hago-

hage (_) = hah adv.

heago- = hago-, hagu-

hagum v. hah.

hah I. () gsm. has, asm. han(n)e, gp. har(r)a, dp. hagum, ham, comp. herra (,ah, e,); sup. hehst (a,,) 'high,' tall, lofty, , BH, Lcd, VPs, etc.: high-class, exalted, sublime, illustrious, important, CP, VPs: proud, haughty: deep: right (hand). II. adv. 'high,' aloft, Gr.

hahaltre m. high altar, W.

hahbeorg m. mountain, PPs 94^4.

hahbiscop m. archbishop, pontiff: (Jewish) high priest, HL10^430.

hahbliss f. exultation, PPs 118^111.

hahboda m. archangel, Cr 295.

hahburg f. chief city, metropolis: () town on an eminence.

hahcsere m. emperor, Hy 7^60.

hahcleofa m. principal chamber.

hah-clif n. nap. -cleofu high cliff.

hahcrft m. high skill, Rd 36^4.

hahcrftiga m. architect.

hahcyning m. high king, God.

hahdor n. stag, deer.

hahdorhund (hador-) m. stag-hound.

hahdorhunta m. stag-hunter, Ct.

hahdacon m. archdeacon.

hah-eald* superl. -yldest (CM 36) excellent, distinguished.

hah-ealdor, -ealdormann m. ruler, patrician.

hahengel m. archangel, .

hahfder m. patriarch, , CP: God.

hahfst permanent, immutable, Wid 143.

hahfsten n. fortified town, city.

hahfld m. deep water, high tide.

hahfore f. 'heifer,' , BH, WW.

hahfra m. high lord.

hahfrols m. great festival, LL 344[47].

hahfrolsdg m. great feast day, LL 252[25].

hahfrolstd f. great festival, LL 252[22,2].

hahfru (WW) = hahfore

hahfr n. towering flame, Whale 22.

hahgst m. Holy Ghost, Cr 358.

hahgealdor n. charm, PPs 57^4.

hahgerfa m. high sheriff, chief officer, proconsul, prefect,.

hahgesamnung f. principal synagogue, #Mk#5^22.

hahgesceaft f. noble creature, Gen 4.

hahgesceap n. fate, B 3084.

hahgestron n. rich treasure.

hahgetimbrad high-built, Sat 29.

hahgetimbru npl. lofty edifice.

hahgering n. whelming flood, Rd 4^27.

hahgeungen = hahungen

hahgeweorc n. excellent work.

hahgnornung f. deep grief.

hahgod m. Most High, God, PPs 56^2.

hahgrft carved in bas-relief, WW 348^9.

hahhd m. holy orders, LL (334^6).

hahhelm loftily crested, ZDA 33238.

hahholode (h-) f. elecampane, Lcd 28b.

hahheort proud, Da 540.

hahhli n. high hill.

hahhwiolod (^1) having high wheels, WW 140^32.

hahhylte n? high wood? Ct.

hahhyrde m. archimandrite, head abbot, OEG 910.

hahhyrne = aghyrne

hahlce m. learned physician, MH.

hahland n. mountainous country.

hahlrow m. head teacher, WW.

hahlce = hahlce

hahleornere n. high teacher, master, OEG 910.

hahlic = halic

hahlufe f. great love.

hahmgen n. great force: power, virtue,L.

hahmsse f. high mass.

hahmssedg m. high-mass day, NC 300.

hahmiht f. high authority, great might.

hahmd high spirited, exultant: proud, haughty.

hahmdnes f. pride, CP 301^1.

hahmunt m. mountain.

hahnama m. most exalted name, Hy 7^18.

hahnes () = hanes

hahra v. hah.

hahreced n. high building, temple.

hahrodor m. high heaven, Gen 151.

hahrn = hagorn

hahscerd m. high or chief priest.

hahsl f. great happiness.

hahsof? m. chief pirate, WW.

hahsangere m. chief singer, BH 314^3.

hahsceaa m. chief pirate, OEG 8^228. [scaa] [[under "sceaa"]]

hahscawere (^1) m. 'pontifex,' DR 21^1.

hahscreman (^1) m. 'procurator,' DR 193^6.

hahseld n. rostrum, throne.

hahsele m. high hall, B 647.

hahsetl n. exalted seat, throne, judgment-seat, , JnL (e^1). [v.'settle']

hahsomnung (MkL; ^1) = hahgesamnung

hahstap very high, Gen 2839.

hahstede m. high place, B 285.

hahstefn having a high prow.

hahstrt m. highway, Ct. ['high street']

hahstrengu f. strength, PPs 107^7.

hahsunne (^1) adj. mp. very sinful, MkR 2^15.

hahsynn f. deadly sin, crime.

hahtd f. festival, holy day, LL. ['hightide']

hahtimber m. lofty building, Cra 45.

hahtrow f. solemn compact, Ex 388.

hahearf f. great need, PPs 117.

hahegen m. chief officer, captain, : apostle, : angel.

hahegnung f. important function, Ex 96.

hahod (^1) f. great people.

hahra m. great terror, Gen 2545.

hahrymm m., hahrymnes f. great glory.

hahu = hehu

hahungen of high rank, illustrious, AO.

hahwofod n. high altar, WW 186^21.

hahweorc = hahgeweorc

hahwita m. high councillor, Chr 1009.

hahyldest v. haheald.

heal = (1) healh; (2) heall I.

hal (Bl) = hl

hala m. hydrocele, CP 65^5.

healrn n. hall-building, B 78.

heald I. n. protection, Chr 1036; KC. ['hold'; = hield] II. sloping, inclined, bent.

+heald = +hield

healdan^7 (a) () (tr. and intr.) to 'hold' ('i-hald'), contain, hold fast, grasp, retain, possess, inhabit, , Chr; CP. t handah. hold (land, etc.) of another: () curb, restrain, rule, reign, Chr, CP: () keep, guard, preserve, foster, cherish, defend, , Bl, Mt, Ps; AO: withhold, lock up: maintain, uphold, support, , LL: regard, observe, fulfil, do, practise, Bl; : take care, CP: celebrate, hold (festival): hold out (intr.), last. onganh. resist: proceed, go: treat, behave to, bear oneself.

+healddagas mp. kalends, WW 176^27.

+healde contented? careful? v. MF 162.

healdend m. protector, guardian, ruler, king, lord, God.

+healdendgeorn continent, DR 45^10? (a^1).

healdiend 'custodiens,' EPs 114^9.

healdnes f. keeping, observance, BH: guard, watch, #APs#38^2.

healdsum (hal-) sufficient, ANS 12925.

+healdsum provident, economical, frugal, CP: chaste, continent,L.

healdsumnes f. keeping, observance, devotion, : custody, preservation: continence, chastity.

+healdung f. keeping.

halce (Gl) = hahlce

halede suffering from hydrocele, ruptured, CP.

healf (a) I. adj. 'half,' A, Ct, Jud, Lcd; , AO. riddeh., etc. = two and a half, etc. [Ger. drittehalb] II. (a) f. half, , G, Chr: side, Gl (a), Mt, Ct; , AO: part,CP.

healfclmed half-plastered, HL 17^267.

healfclungen (a^1) half-withered, Cp 265#s#.

healfclypigende adj. semi-vowel, Gr.

healf-cwic, -cucu half dead, AO, CP.

healfdad half-dead, Lcd.

healfeald (a^1) half-grown, Lcd 92a.

healffe lame, GPH 396.

healffro half-free, W 171^4#e#.

healfhr somewhat hoary, A 8449.

healfhafod n. front part of the head, #Gr#74^5.

healfhrh half-rough, WW 152^14.

healfhunding m. cynocephalus, Nar.

healfhwt somewhat white, WW 163^7.

healfhd half a hide (of land), LL 460[7,1].

healfmann m. 'halfman,' Gr 27.

healfmarc half a mark (v. marc).

healfpenigwur n. halfpenny-worth, LL, W.

healfrad reddish, WW 149^35.

healfscyldig partially guilty, ZDA 3123.

healfsester m. half a 'sester' (measure of bulk), WW444^4. [L. sextarius]

healfsinewealt semicircular, WW 179^28.

healfslpende half-asleep, LV 3; MH 138^1.

healfsoden half-cooked.

healfter = hlfter

healftryndel n. hemisphere, WW 140^7.

healfunga to a certain extent, partially, imperfectly, ,CP.

healfwudu m. field-balm, Lcd 44b.

healgamen m. social enjoyment, B 1066.

healgian = halgian [[headword spelled "hlgian"]]

healh m. (? n. at LHy 6^31) (nap. halas) corner, nook, secret place, CP, Guth, WW: corner of land left by the stream in a river valley, Ct (v.Mdf). ['hale']

healhihte having many angles, OEG 121.

halic () _high, elevated, exalted, lofty, sublime_, _; CP: _deep, profound, intense_, , CP: _lordly, noble, great, illustrious, distinguished_, _; CP: _proud, haughty_: _egregious, heinous_, W. adv. -lce _highly, aloft_, _: _in or to high position or rank, loftily_, _BH_: _intensely, very_, _Bl_. ['_highly_']

halicnes f. sublimity, majesty, .

heall I. f. 'hall,' dwelling, house, B, Mt; , CP. II. = healh. III. rock, OEG4111.

heallic palatial.

heallraf n. wall-tapestry, Ct.

heallwhrift n. wall-tapestry, Ct.

healm I. (a, ) m. 'haulm,' stalk, straw, Lcd, MtL, VPs: 'culmen,' thatched roof? land? LL116[61]. II. = helm

healmstraw n. stubble, SPs 82^14.

healoc = holc

healp pret. 3 sg. of helpan.

healreced n. hall-building, B 68.

heals (a) m. neck, Gen: prow of a ship. ['halse'; Ger. hals]

healsbag m. collar, necklace.

healsbeorg f. neck-armour, OEG.

halsbc f. phylactery, G. [hls]

healsbrynige corslet, v. OEG 2^418.

healsfst adj. as a slave, Gen 2238.

healsfang n. fine prescribed in substitution for capital and other punishments, preferential share of the 'wergeld,' LL (v.2489). ['halsfang']

healsgebedda f. beloved bedfellow, consort, wife, B63.

healsgund (a^1) m. neck-tumour, Lcd, WW.

healsian to entreat earnestly, beseech, implore, AO, CP. [v.also hlsian, hlsian]

healsiendlic (), -igendlic that may be intreated, APs 89^13: imploring, GD 17^23. adv. -lce importunately.

[[Original entry: healsiendlic () that may be intreated, SPs 89^13. adv. -lce importunately.]]

healsittend m. sitter in hall.

healsleer n. reins, OET 522.

healsmge f. beloved maid, Gen 2155.

healsmyne m. necklace, . [mene]

healsod (a^1; e^2) mn. head-cloth.

healsme f. neck-tumour, Lcd 132b.

healsrefeer (a^1) f. feathers of a pillow, down, #Rd#41^86. [cp. OHG. halsare 'cervical']

heals-scod, -ed = healsod

healstn (a) m. small cake, WW.

healsung f. prayer, supplication, conjuring, entreaty. [v.'halse' and also hlsung and hlsung]

healsunggebed (a) n. litany.

healsungtma (a) m. time of supplication, NC 299.

healswrc m. pain in the neck, Lcd 113a.

healswria m. necklace, Rd 5^4.

healswyrt (a) f. a plant, daffodil? 'epicurium, auris leporis,' Lcd, WW; OEG. ['halswort']

healt (eo) 'halt,' limping, lame, AO.

healt- = heald-

healtian to 'halt,' limp, CP, VPs (a); : hesitate, L18^98: fall away, BH.

healegn m. hall-officer.

healwudu m. woodwork of hall, B 1317.

ham v. hah.

ham-ol, -ul miserly, frugal, Cp.

hamolscipe m. miserliness, NC 300.

han I. lowly, despised, poor, mean, abject, B, VPs; , AO. ['hean'] adv. hane. II. v.hah. III. () to raise, exalt, extol, BH. [= *hen, hn; 'high']

hanes f. 'highness,' A (hah-), CP: something high, high place, height, Mt (hah-), VPs. on hanissum in the highest, 'in excelsis,' : excellence, sublimity, CP: high rank.

hanhd m. difficulty, WW.

hanlic ignominious, abject, poor, AO. adv. -lce.

hanmd downcast, depressed, sad.

hannes I. () f. treading down, NG. II. = hanes

hanspdig poor, Cra 26.

hap mf. (of things) 'heap,' Cp, CP: host, crowd, assembly, company, troop, band, Bl; ,CP.

hapian to 'heap' up, collect, bring together, accumulate, Lk.

hapmlum adv. by companies, in troops, flocks, , CP; AO. ['heapmeal']

hapum adv. in heaps, in troops.

hapung f. heap, BH. ['heaping']

hear- (N) = heor-

hara = hahra (v. hah)

hearcnung = heorcnung

heard (a) 'hard,' harsh, severe, stern, cruel (things and persons), B, Bl, Cr, Mt, Lcd: strong, intense, vigorous, violent, B, Bl: hardy, bold, B;AO.

heardcwide m. harsh speech, abuse (or ? hearmcwide), #Cr#1444.

hearde adv. _'hard,' hardly, firmly, very severely, strictly, vehemently_, _: _exceedingly, greatly_,.

heardecg I. sharp of edge. II. f. sword, #El#758.

heardhara m. a fish, mullet? Cp.

heardhaw chisel, Cp 408#c#.

heardheort hard-hearted, : stubborn, obstinate,.

heardheortnes f. hard-heartedness, , CP.

heardhicgende brave.

heardian to be or become hard, Lcd: harden, Lcd. ['hard']

hearding m. bold man, hero.

heardlic severe, harsh, terrible: excessive. adv. -lce harshly, resolutely, severely, sternly: stoutly, bravely, : excessively: hardly ('paulatim,' 'tractim'), ES42174.

heardlicnes f. austerity.

heardmd brave, bold, over-confident, : obstinate, L36^326.

heardmdnes f. obstinacy, H 1252^18.

heardnebba m. raven, H 2144^15.

heardnes f. 'hardness,' Ep, Mt, Lcd, RB.

heardra (OEG) = heardhara

heardrd firm, constant, Gen 2348.

heardslig unfortunate, unhappy.

heardslnes f. calamity, AO 104^17.

heardsl f. hard lot, calamity, unhappiness: misconduct, wickedness,CP.

heardwendlce strictly, BH 365^15.

hearg (, e) nap. heargas, (e) m. temple, altar, sanctuary, idol, AO, CP: grove? #Az#110.

heargeard (herh-) m. dwelling in the woods, #Wif#15.

hearglic (h) idolatrous, WW 236^2.

heargtrf (^1) n. idol-temple, B 175.

heargweard m. temple-warden, priest (herig-), #An#1126.

hearh == hearg

hearm (e) I. m. damage, 'harm,' injury, evil, affliction, B, Gen; , CP: grief, pain, Gen: insult, calumny. II. adj. harmful, malignant, evil.

harm = hram

hearma m. shrew-mouse? weasel? OET (Cp 666). [OHG. harmo]

hearmascinnen made of weasel skins? Chr 1075#d#.

hearmberg () m. grave, Rune Casket.

hearmcwalu f. great suffering, Cr 1609.

hearmcweodelian (VPs) wv. = hearmcwean

hearmcwean^5 to speak evil of, revile, NG.

hearmcweend (e^1) m. slanderer, JPs 71^4.

hearmcwiddian to calumniate, Bo.

hearmcwide m. calumny, blasphemy: heavy sentence, curse.

hearmcwidol evil-speaking, slanderous, .

hearmcwidolian (eo^2, e^3) to calumniate, Ps 118^122.

hearmcwidolnes f. slander, EPs 118^134.

hearmdg m. day of grief, B 3153.

hearmedwt n. grievous reproach.

hearm-ful, -fullic hurtful, noxious.

-hearmgeorn v. un-h.

hearmheortnes f. murmuring, complaint, WW 511^16.

hearmian _to 'harm,' injure_, _.

hearmlo n. elegy, lamentation.

hearmlic harmful, grievous, .

hearmloca m. prison: hell.

hearmplega m. fight, strife, Gen 1898.

hearmscaa m. terrible enemy, B 766.

hearmscearu f. affliction, punishment, penalty. [sceran] [[under "scieran"]]

hearmslege m. grievous blow, Cr 1435.

hearmsprc f. calumny, WW 198^3.

hearmstf m. harm, sorrow, tribulation.

hearmtn m. shoot of sorrow, Gen 992.

hearpe () f. 'harp,' , VPs; CP.

hearpengel m. plectrum.

hearpere (a) m. harper, Bo, Ln; , CP.

hearpestre f. (female) harper, WW 190^6.

hearpestreng m. 'harp-string,' ApT.

hearpian to 'harp,' Bo; .

hearpngel = hearpengel

hearpsang m. psalm, WW 129^40.

hearpslege m. plectrum (instrument for striking the harp), OEG: harp-playing.

hearpswg m. sound of the harp, BlPs 150^3.

hearpung f. 'harping,' Bo.

hearra (, e, ie, eo) m. lord, master, Chr (), Gen. ['her'; Ger. herr]

harra = hahra (v. hah)

hearstepanne = hierstepanne [[under "hierste"]]

harsum = hiersum [[headword spelled "hersum"]]

heart (NG) == heord, heorot

-hearwa v. Sigel-h.

has v. hah.

heascan = hyscan

heasu = hasu

heao- = heau- (= war)

heaor n. restraint, confinement.

heaorian (e^2) to shut in, restrain, control.

harym = hahrymm

heaubyrne f. war-corslet.

heaudor bold, brave.

heaufremmende fighting, El 130.

heaufr n. cruel fire.

heaugeong young in war, Fin 2.

heaugiemm m. wound got in battle, Rd 57^3.

heaugrim fierce.

heaulc n. battle-play, battle.

heaulind f. shield of linden wood, Chr 937.

haulende m. seafaring warrior.

heaumre famed in battle, B 2802.

heaurs m. onrush, attack.

heauraf n. war-gear, B 401.

heaurinc m. warrior.

heaurf famed in war, brave.

heausceard? dinted in war, B 2830? (or ? heauscearp battle-sharp).

heausoc wounded, B 2754.

heausigel m. sun, Rd 72^16.

heaustap towering in battle.

heauswt m. blood of battle.

heausweng m. battle-stroke, B 2581.

heautorht clear as a battle-cry, B 2553.

heauwd f. armour, B 39.

heauweorc n. battle-deed, B 2892.

heauwrig weary from fighting, Wald 2^17.

heauwylm (^3, e^3) m. fierce flame.

haum = hagum dp. of hah.

+haw n. gnashing, grinding.

haw- = hw- (hawi, Cp 303#c# = hwen)

hawan^7 to 'hew,' hack, strike, cleave, cut, cut down, kill, , BH, Chr, Jud, LL: make by hewing, A. ftanh. to slander, W 160^4.

heawen (K) = heofon

-hawere v. hrer-, wudu-h.

-hebba v. hafod-h.

hebban^6 () pres. 3 sg. hf, pl. hfon, pp. hafen (hfen) (wk.forms in LWS, pret. hefde, pp. hefod) to 'heave,' raise, lift, lift up, exalt, , B, Bl, Ps; CP: intr. rise, W 100^3.

hebbe = hbbe v. habban.

-hebbe, -hebbing v. p-h.

hebbendlic exalted, DR 181^14.

hebeld = hefeld

heben = heofon

heber = hfer

hebuc = hafoc

hecc = hc

heced = hacod

hcen n. kid, ES 35332; NC 357.

hecg (Chr 547#e#?) = hege

hecga-spind, -swind = hagospind

hdan I. (w. g.) _to 'heed,' observe_, _B, LL_; : _look after, care for, guard, protect, take charge of_: _obtain, receive, take_, _. II. = hdan

hedcl m. a coarse, thick, upper garment like a chasuble, Lcd 1346^17.

hddern () n. storehouse.

hde pret. 3 sg. of hgan.

heden m. robe, hood, chasuble, LL.

hedendlic captious, OEG 3208. adv. -lce, WW 199^1.

hefaldian = hefeldian

hefde I. (VPs) = hfde pret. 3 sg. of habban. II. v.hebban.

hefe () m. weight, burden, : 'mina, talentum,' GPH 396.

hefeful severe, RB 49^18.

hefeg == hefig

hefeld m. weaver's beam, Gl. [v. 'heald']

hefeldian (a^2) to fix the weft, begin the web, Gl.

hefeldrd m. thread (for weaving), Gl.

hefelgyrd (e^3) f. 'liciatorium,' weaver's shuttle, Gl.

hefelic = hefiglic

hefelce = hefiglce

hefen I. () f. burden, load? RB 49^13. II. = heofon

hefetme = hefigtme [[under "hefigtme"]]

hefe pres. 3 sg. of hebban.

hefgian = hefigian

hefig () 'heavy,' Met, Mt: important, grave, severe, serious, A, Bl, Mt: oppressive, grievous, Ps, LL. [hebban] adv. hefige, Ps.

hefigian to make heavy, VPs: weigh down, oppress, afflict, grieve, BH, CP, Mt: aggravate, increase: become heavy, depressed, weakened, CP, Gu. ['heavy']

hefiglic weighty, serious, severe, burdensome, grievous, sad, . adv. -lce, , CP, G. ['heavily']

hefigmd oppressive, ERPs 54^4.

hefignes () f. 'heaviness,' weight, burden, affliction, MtL; CP: dulness, torpor, Bo().

hefigtme (^3) grievous, severe, troublesome, oppressive, . [tam]

hefigtmnes f. trouble, .

hefod wk. pp., hef pres. 3 sg. of hebban.

hefon = heofon

heft- = hft-

hefug = hefigu pl. of hefig, CP 285^1.

hg == heg

hgan to perform, achieve: hold (a meeting).

hegdig = hygdig

hege (ea) m. 'hedge,' fence, , Gl; Mdf.

hegeclife f. hedge-clivers, Lcd 20a.

hegegian = hegian

hegehymele f. hop-plant, WW 302^5.

hegel (VPs) = hgl, hagol

hegerw f. 'hedgerow,' KC (^3).

hegerife f. cleavers, goose grass, Lcd. ['hairif']

hegeshl m. hedge-stake, GD 24^28.

hegessugge hedge-sparrow, WW. [sucga; 'haysugge']

hegian to fence in, hedge, enclose, Sc. greph. to cut a grip, LL 455[13]. ['hay']

hgnes = hanes

hegstf m. fence, enclosure, WW 205^31.

hegstald- = hgsteald-

hh (VPs, N) = hah

hh- = hah-

+hhan (VHy) = han III.

h h indicates laughter, Gr. ['he']

hehstald = hagosteald

hehstald- = hgsteald-

hht pret. 3 sg. of htan.

hhu = hehu

+heige (KGl 83^40) = +hge

hista = hhsta v. hah.

hiweg m. highway? EC 130.

hel == hell

hla () m. 'heel,' JnL, Lcd, OET, WW.

helan^4 to conceal, cover, hide, AO, VPs; CP. ['hele'; Ger. hehlen]

hlan I. (oe) to calumniate, MtR 5^44. II. = hlanI.

held I. = hyld, hyldo. II. = hield

heldan = hieldan

helde I. f. tansy, Lcd, WW; . ['helde'] II. = hyldo

hele f. subterfuge, LL (320^17). ['hele']

hele- = helle-, ele-

hlend = hlend

helerung = heolorung

hele = hle

helf- = healf-, hielf-

helfan to halve, Cp 303#b#? (herbid).

helgod = hellgod

helhrne = hellerne

helian to conceal, cover, hide, , LL. ['hele']

hlic = hahlic

hlce = halce

hell f. Hades, , VPs: 'hell,' infernal regions, place of torment, Gehenna, Bo, RB; AO, CP, . [helan]

hellbend mf. bond of hell, B 3072.

hellcniht m. devil, demon, L 3^372.

hellcrft m. hellish power, An 1104.

hellcund of hell, W 254^15.

hellcwalu f. pains of hell.

helldor n. gate of hell.

hellebealu n. hell-bale, Cr 1427.

hellebrga m. terror of hell, LPs.

hellebryne m. hell-fire, Jud, W.

hellecgan pl. keys of hell, MFH 128.

helleceafl m. jaws of hell, An 1702.

hellecinn n. hellish race, Cr 1620.

helleclamm m. hell-bond, Gen 373.

helledofol mn. devil.

helle-dor n., -duru f. gate of hell.

helleflr m. floor of hell, courts of hell, #Sat#70.

hellefr n. hell-fire.

hellegst (a^3) m. spirit of hell.

hellegeat n. gate of hell, H 1288, MP 1610.

hellegrund m. abyss of hell.

hellegrut m. pit of hell, OEG 684.

hellegryre m. horror of hell, Sat 433.

helle-hft , -hfta , -hftling m. prisoner of hell, devil.

hellehaf m. wailings or howlings of hell, #Gen#38.

hellehinca m. hell-limper, devil, An 1173. [cp. Ger. hinken]

hellehund m. hell-hound, KC 3350^18.

hellehs n. hell-house, Gu 649.

hellelic = hellic

helleloc n. hell-prison, GD 325^30.

hellemgen n. troop of hell, MFH 166.

hellemere m. Stygian lake, WW.

hellen m. torments of hell, Gen 775.

hellerne f. pythoness, sorceress, .

hellescealc m. devil, Sat 133.

hellesceaa = hellsceaa

hellesa m. pit of hell.

hellestw f. infernal region, hell, GD 332^10.

hellessl n. hell-torment, .

helleegn (hel-) m. devil.

hellewte n. hell-pains, torment, .

hellewtebrga m. horror of hell-torment, W 151^21.

hellfiren f. hellish crime, Part 6.

hellfs bound for hell.

hellgewing n. confinement in hell. Gen 696.

hellgod n. god of the lower world.

hellheort terrified, NC 301.

hellheoo f. vault of hell, hell, Sat 700 (or? two words).

hellic _hellish_, _. ['_hellick_']

hellsceaa m. hell-foe, devil: 'infernus.'

hell-trf, nap. -trafu n. devil's temple, An 1693.

helltrega m. hell-torture, Gen 73.

hell-waran, -ware mp., -waru fp. dwellers in hell,.

hellwerod n. host of hell, W.

hellwiht (hel-) fn. devil, W 186^2.

helm m. protection, defence, covering, crown, , Rd: summit, top (oftrees), , Bo, WW; CP: helmet, Cp, WW: () protector, lord. ['helm']

helma m. 'helm,' rudder, Bo, Cp, WW;.

helm-bre, -berende leafy.

helmberend m. helmeted warrior.

helmian (y) to cover, crown, An: provide with a helmet, Gr. ['helm'; 'i-helmed']

-helmig v. laf-h.

helmiht leafy, WW 395^5; 493^28.

helmweard (holm-) m. pilot, An 359.

hlo = hlu

helor = heolor

help (y) fm. 'help,' succour, aid, AO, B,Bl.

helpan^3 (w. g. or d.) to 'help,' support, succour, , CP, Ct, G, LL, Ps: benefit, do good to, Lcd (intr.), LL: cure, amend, Mk.

helpe f. = help

helpend m. 'helper,' Bl.

helpendlic auxiliary.

helrn = helleruna [[headword spelled "hellerne"]]

helrna m. hellish monster, B 163.

helrnegu f. sorceress, witch, WW 472^11.

hlspure f. heel, VPs.

helt I. = hilt. II. pres. 3 sg. of heldan. III. (KGl) = hielt pres. 3 sg. of healdan.

helegn = helleegn

helur == heolor

hem m. 'hem,' border, WW 125^13.

+hme? customary? AS 32^24.

hemed (BC 2522) v. hemman.

hmed = hmed

hme = hmed

hemee under-garment. [Ger. hemd]

hemlic () = hymlic

hemman to stop up, close, PPs 106^42. [MHG. hemmen]

hemming m. shoe of undressed leather, WW 468^31. ['heming']

hen == henn

hn = han

hn- = hen-

hnan = henan

+hendan to hold, PPs 138^8. [hand]

+hende _near, at hand_, _, Mk_: _handy, convenient_, _AO_. adv. _near, at home_, _. ['_hend_']

-hendig v. list-h.

+hendnes f. neighbourhood, proximity, .

henep = hnep

heng pret. 3 sg. of hn.

hengeclif n. overhanging cliff, WW 180^4.

hengen f. hanging, : cross, : rack, torture, : imprisonment.

hengenwtnung f. imprisonment, LL 471[16].

hengest, hengst m. stallion, steed, horse, gelding, Ct, WW; . ['hengest']

hengetrow (enge-) n. gallows, GPH 395.

hengwte n. fine for not detaining an offender, LL 496[4].

henn () f. 'hen' A, Mt, Lcd.

henna m. fowl, LL (220^13).

hennebelle () f. henbane.

hennfugol m. hen, Ct.

hentan to pursue, attack, LL; : () appropriate, seize, Chr. ['hent,' 'i-hente']

hn = hn

hnu = hnu [[under "hn"]]

henu = heonu

ho I. nasf. and nap. of pron. 3 pers. 'she,' they. II. = hew

hodg adv. to-day, Gen 661. [Ger. heute]

hof I. m. wailing, mourning, grief, , AO. II. str. pret. 3 sg. of hofan.

hofan^{7?} (pret. hof, hf, hofon) to lament,CP.

heofen = heofon

hofendlic dismal, mournful, WW. adv. -lce.

hof-ian, -igian to lament, .

heofig- = hefig-

hofigendlic mourning, lamenting, A 10146; 188.

hoflic lamentable.

hofod == hafod

heofog (Bl) == hefig

heofon (e) mf. (often in pl.) sky, firmament, , Bo, VPs: 'heaven' , Mt: the power of heaven, Mt,Lk.

hofon I. f. lamentation? Ex 46. II. str. pret. pl. of hofan.

heofonbeacen n. sign in the sky, Ex 107.

heofonbeorht heavenly bright.

heofonbiggende 'clebs,' DHy. [ON. byggja]

heofonbme f. heavenly trumpet, Cr 949.

heofoncandel f. light of the heavens, sun, moon, stars.

heofoncenned heaven-born, DHy 108^4.

heofoncolu npl. heat of the sun, Ex 71.

heofoncund celestial, heavenly, CP.

heofoncundlic heavenly, W.

heofoncyning m. king of heaven, Christ, Bl 201. ['heavenking']

heofondma m. heavenly ruler, Sat 658.

hofondlce = hofendlce

heofondram m. joy of heaven.

heofondugu f. heavenly host, Cr 1655.

heofone (, W) = heofon

heofonengel m. angel of heaven.

heofonfugol m. fowl of the air.

heofonfr n. fire from heaven, W 262^15.

heofonhlig holy and heavenly, An 728.

heofonhm m. heavenly home.

heofonhah reaching to heaven, Da 553. ['heavenhigh']

heofonheall f. heavenly hall, LL (382^10).

heofonhlf m. bread of heaven, manna.

heofonhrf m. vault of heaven, heaven: roof, ceiling.

heofonhwealf f. vault of heaven.

heofonhyrst f. ornament of the heavens, Gen 2189.

heofonisc (e^2) heavenly, AO 1^6.

heofonloht n. heavenly light, An 976.

heofonloma m. heavenly light, An 840.

heofonlic 'heavenly,' celestial, Bl; Lk. adv. -lce, Gr, DHy.

heofonmgen n. heavenly force.

heofonrce n. kingdom of heaven, Bl, Cr; AO. ['heavenric']

heofonsetl n. throne of heaven, DD 277.

heofonsteorra m. star of heaven.

heofonstl m. throne of heaven, Gen 8.

heofontimber n. heavenly structure, Gen 146.

heofontorht very bright, glorious.

heofontungol n. heavenly luminary.

heofonrat m. heavenly company, Sat 222.

heofonrymm m. heavenly glory.

heofon-ware, -waran mp., -waru fp. _inhabitants of heaven_, _. ['_heavenware_']

heofonwealdend (e^2) 'arcitenens,' OEG 23^10.

heofonweard m. heaven's keeper, God.

heofonwerod n. heavenly host, W.

heofonwlitig divinely fair, NC 301.

heofonwolcen n. cloud of heaven.

heofonwma m. terrible noise from heaven.

heofonwuldor n. heavenly glory, Hy 6^12.

hofsi m. lamentable state, Rim 43? [hof]

heofun = heofon

hofung f. lamentation, mourning, .

hofungdg m. day of mourning, .

hofungtd f. time of mourning, .

heolan = helan

heold pret. 3 sg. of healdan.

heoldan = healdan

heolfor n. gore, blood.

heolfrig gory, bloody.

heolor (e^1, e^2, u^2) f. scales, balance.

heolorbledu (e^1, u^2) f. the scale of a balance, WW 427^35.

heolorian to weigh, ponder, Gl.

heolorung (e^1, e^2) f. 'momentum,' the turning of a scale, WW 450^12.

heolocynn n. denizens of hell, Cr 1542.

-holoe v. hah-h. [[headword spelled "hahholode"]]

heolohelm () m. helmet which makes the wearer invisible.

heolp = healp

heolr- = heolor-

heolstor (e^2) I. m. darkness, concealment, cover, hiding-place, retreat. [helan] II. adj. dark, shadowy,.

heolstorcofa m. dark chamber, grave, #Ph#49.

heolstorhof n. hell, El 764.

heolstorloca m. prison, cell.

heolstor-sceado f., -scuwa m. concealing shade, darkness.

heolstrig shadowy, obscure, WW.

heolt = healt

heom dp. of h, ho, hit.

heona (LkL), heonan, VPs (io), heonane (Gen) = heonon(e)

heono (NG) = heonu

heonon, heonone hence, from here, away, Mt: from now. h.for henceforth. ['hen']

heononsi m. departure, death, #Dom# 86, #Bk#21.

heononweard transient.

heonu (an(n)a, ne, eno, (he)ono) if, but, therefore, moreover, whether, ANS 91205.

heonun (Mt) = heonon

hop (LPs 67^14) = hap

hopbremel (y^2) m. dog-rose, bramble, Lcd. [v.'hip']

hope f. 'hip,' seed-vessel of wild-rose, Cp, Lcd, WW; : bush, brier.

heor = heorr

heora gp. of h, ho, hit.

horan = heran

heorcnian (e, y) tr. and intr. to 'hearken,' listen, , Guth.

heorcnung f. _'hearkening,' listening, power of hearing_, _.

heord I. (e, io) f. 'herd,' flock, , Mt, WW; CP: keeping, care, custody, CP. II. sycamore, LkR 19^4. [heorot-?] III. = hred

heordan pl. 'hards' (of flax), tow, Cp,WW.

heorde I. (VPs) == hierde. II. = heord

heordnes f. custody, keeping, watch.

heordrden f. custody, care, keeping, watch, ward, L(y^1).

+heordung f. guard, watch, ERPs 38^2.

hore I. () pleasant, secure, B: gentle, mild, pure, Gen. ['here'] II. = here

[[Cross-reference uncertain: may be form of "hera", see "hah".]]

heorl = eorl

heoro == heoru

horod = hered

heorot m. 'hart,' stag, Bo (heort), VPs(-ut).

heorotberge f. buckthorn-berry, WW.

heorotbrembel m. buckthorn, Lcd.

heorotbrr f. buckthorn, LkR 17^6 (heart-).

heorotclfre f. 'hart-clover,' hemp agrimony, Lcd.

heorotcrop m. cluster of hartwort flowers.

heorotsmeoru n. hart's grease, Lcd 45a.

heorotsol n. stag's wallowing-place, Ct.

heorr mf. hinge, B, Bo, Cp, LPs: cardinal point, Lcd. ['harre']

heorra = (1) hearra; (2) heorr

heort I. () high-minded, stout-hearted, L. II. == heorot

heortan = hiertan

heortancnys f. '(com)pulsus cordis'? v. ZDA 3113n.

heortbucc m. roebuck, WW 119^12.

heortcou f. heart disease, Lcd 65b.

heorte f. heart (organ), Lcd, VPs: soul, spirit, A, B, G, RB, VPs: will, desire, VPs: courage, Gen, VPs: intellect, Mt, JnL.

heortece m. 'heartache,' pain at the heart, Lcd.

heorten (y) of a hart, Lcd 1216^15.

heortgesida pl. entrails, .

heortgryre m. terror of heart, W 86^15.

heorthama m. pericardium, internal fat, .

heorthogu f. heart-care, W 177^7.

heortlas dispirited, DD 124, W 137^22.

+heortlce adv. cheeringly, GD 317^16.

heortlufu f. hearty love, Hy 9^29.

heortscrf n. heart, DD 39.

heortsoc ill from heart disease.

heortwrc m. pain at the heart, Lcd.

heor (e) m. 'hearth,' fireplace, Gl, Az: house, home, , LL.

heor- = eor-

heora I. m. deer- (or goat-?) skin, WW 337^3. II. (HGl 483) = heorda [[form of "heardan"?]]

heorbacen baked on the hearth, .

heorcneoht m. attendant, CP 361^18.

heorfst having a settled home, LL 322.

heorgenat m. retainer.

heorpening m. 'hearth-penny,' tax (for the Church), Peter's penny, LL (v.2506).

heorswpe f. bridesmaid, Cp 701#p#.

heorwerod n. body of retainers.

heoru m. sword.

heorublc mortally wounded, B 2488?

heorucumbul n. standard, El 107.

heorudolg n. deadly wound, An 944.

heorudror m. sword-blood, gore.

heorudrorig blood-stained: dejected, crest-fallen.

heorudrync m. sword-drink, blood shed by the sword, B 2358.

heorufm m. deadly grasp, Ex 504.

heorufl f. arrow, LPs 56^5.

heorugfre fierce, greedy for slaughter.

heorugrdig bloodthirsty.

heorugrimm savage, fierce.

heoruhciht with formidable hooks, savagely barbed, B 1438.

heorung = herung

heoruscearp very sharp, Rd 6^8.

heorusceorp n. war equipments, Hell 73.

heoruserce f. coat of mail.

heoruswealwe f. falcon, hawk, Wy 186.

heorusweng m. sword-stroke.

heorut = heorot

heoruwpen n. sword, Jud 263.

heoruweallende gushing with destruction.

heoruwearg m. bloodthirsty wolf, B 1267.

heoruword n. hostile speech, FT 84.

heoruwulf m. warrior, Ex 181.

how I. pret. 3 sg. of hawan. II. = hw

how- = hw-

howan = hofan

heplic = hplic [[only in form "hplicnes"]]

her- = hear-, hier-

hr I. adv. 'here,' in this place, , G, VPs: in this world, Bl, LL: at this point of time, at this date, now, Chr, Ct: towards this place, hither, B. II. = hr

hr- = hr-, her-, hr-

hrfter () adv. 'hereafter,' later on, A,BH.

hrbeforan adv. before, previously, W 52^11; FM 361^23.

hr-beufan, -biufan adv. here above, previously,CP.

hrbende mp. here-dwellers, dwellers on earth.

herbyrg == herebeorg

hercnian = heorcnian

hrcyme m. coming here, advent, Cr 250.

herd = heord

herd- = hierd-

hrd- = herd-

here (obl. cases usu. have herg-, herig-) m. predatory band, troop, army, host, multitude, Chr, Mt; AO, CP ('se h.' almost always = the Danish army in Chr): battle, war, devastation. ['here'; Ger. heer]

hre I. f. dignity, majesty, importance. II. (VPs) = hre

here-bacen, -bacn n. military ensign, standard: beacon, lighthouse.

here-beorg, -byrg f. lodgings, quarters, NC 346. [Ger. herberge]

herebeorgian to take up one's quarters, lodge, Chr 1048#f#. [Ger. herbergen]

herebla cowardly, Ex 453.

herebrga m. dread of war, B 462.

herebme f. trumpet, sackbut.

herebyrgian = herebeorgian

herebyrne f. corslet, B 1443.

herecirm m. war cry, Gu 872.

herecist = herecyst

herecombol n. standard, El 25?

herecyst f. warlike band.

+heredlic (LPs 105^2) = +hierendlic [[headword spelled "herendlic"]]

herefeld m. battle-field, field.

herefeoh n. booty, AO 118^5.

herefa m. war-troop, Cr 1013.

hereflma () m. fugitive from battle, deserter.

herefolc n. army.

herefong m. osprey, WW.

herefugol m. bird of prey, vulture, eagle, Ex 161.

hereg- = herg-, herig-

heregang m. incursion, W 312^1.

here-geat fn. gp. -geat(w)e, -geat(w)a, -geatu war-gear, military equipment, Bo, Ma: 'heriot,' Ct, LL (v.2500).

heregeatland n. heriot-land, LL 220.

heregild (e, eo, y) n. war-tax, Danegeld, Chr, Ct. ['heregeld']

heregrma m. helmet.

herehand f. violence of war, BH 356^22.

herehl f. war-host, troop, Gu 1042.

here-h, -h f. booty, prey, plunder, , AO.

herelf f. remains of host, : spoil, .

herelic martial, WW 374^26.

herelof mn. fame, glory, OEG.

heremcg m. warrior, Gen 2483.

heremgen n. warlike force, multitude.

heremann m. soldier, LkL 7^8.

hremann = heremann [[headword spelled "hereman"]]

heremeel n. national assembly, El 550.

herenes () f. praise.

herenett n. corslet, B 1553.

heren m. warfare, B 2474.

herepd f. corslet, coat of mail.

her(e)-pa, -p m. military road, highway, v. CC 46 and Mdf.

herers m. hostile raid, W 271^2.

hererswa m. commander.

hereraf f. war spoil, plunder, booty, .

hererinc m. warrior.

heresceaft m. spear, B 335.

heresceorp n. war-dress, Fin 45.

heres m. warlike expedition.

herespd f. success in war, B 64.

hrespel n. discourse, Creat 77.

herestrl m. arrow, B 1435.

herestrt f. highway, main road, CP 375^9 and n (LL556, 10,2).

hereswg m. martial sound, Ruin 23.

heresyrce f. corslet, B 1511.

heretam m. plunder, devastation: predatory excursion.

here-tma, -tma m. army leader, general, king, ruler.

here-toga, -toha m. commander, general, chieftain, , BH; AO, CP. ['heretoga'; Ger. herzog]

hererat m. war-band, troop.

hererym m. phalanx, WW 411^34.

herewd f. mail, armour, B 1897.

herewpen n. weapon, PPs 34^3.

herewsma m. prowess, B 677.

herewa m. warrior.

hereweg m. highway, WW 146^33.

hereweorc n. war-work, El 656.

herewian = hierwan

herewc n. dwellings, camp, Bl.

herewsa m. captain, general.

herewp m. the cry of an army, Ex 460.

hereword n. praise, renown, Chr 1009#f#.

herewsa m. warrior.

herewulf m. warrior, Gen 2015.

herewurd (HGl 423) = hereword

herfest = hrfest

herg = hearg

herg- = herg-, hereg-, heri(g)-

herga m. harrying, plundering, devastation.

hergere m. one who praises, DR. ['heryer']

hergian to ravage, plunder, lay waste, 'harry,' AO, Chr; , CP. ['harrow'; here]

hergo = herga

hergung (AO), hergiung f. _'harrying,' ravaging, raid, invasion, attack_, _BH, Chr_: _plunder, booty_: '_harrowing_,' _.

herh = hearg

herian I. to extol, praise, commend, , AO, CP, VPs (). ['hery'] II. = hierwan. III. = hergian. IV. = erian

herig == hearg; v. also here.

herigendlic laudable, commendable, . adv. -lce.

hering = herung

hrinne adv. '_herein_,' _.

herlic = herelic

hrof adv. 'hereof,' of this, A.

hron adv. herein, Ct; LL. ['hereon']

hrongean adv. contrarily, in opposition, W 52^8.

hrongemong at this point, in this connection, meanwhile, CP: among others,CP.

her-pa, -po = herepa

hrra = harra, herra (v. hah)

herst- = hierst-

hrsum == hersum

hrt thus far, OEG 56^80.

hrtacan besides, W.

her = heor

heran pl. 'testiculi,' LL 84[65].

herbelig m. 'scrotum,' WW.

herland (NC 357) = yrland

herung (eo) f. praise, , CP. ['herying']

herutbeg (OEG 54^2) = heorotberge

herw- = hierw-, hirw-

herwi adv. 'herewith,' EC 236.

hes- = hys-

hst = hst

ht pret. 3 sg. of htan.

hetan to attack, L 35^280.

hete (ea) m. 'hate,' envy, malice, hostility, persecution, B, BH, VPs; , AO,CP.

hetegrim fierce, cruel.

hetel == hetol

hetelic _hostile, malignant, horrible, violent, excessive_, _AO, B_. ['_hatelich_'] adv. -lce, _. ['_hately_']

hetend = hettend

heten m. hostility, spite, wickedness.

heterf full of hate, An 1422.

hetern f. charm which produces hate, Rd 34^7.

hetesprc f. defiant speech, Gen 263.

hetesweng m. hostile blow, B 2225.

heteanc m. hostile design.

heteoncol hostile, Jul 105.

hetol hating, hostile, evil, , W: violent, severe, RB 67^16.

hetolnes (e^2) f. fierceness, OEG 11^152.

hton pret. pl. of htan.

htt (AO) = ht pres. 3 sg. of htan.

hettend m. enemy, antagonist.

hettende pres. part. of hatian.

hen = hen

hwen = hwen

h = ho, he

hicemse f. blue titmouse, WW 132^24.

hicgan = hycgan

hicol m. woodpecker, BC 147 (Mdf).

hd I. fn. a 'hide' of land (about 120 acres, but amount varied greatly), BH, LL, v.EC pp 457-461 and LL 2513. [hwan] II. = hd

hdan = hdan

hidenofer adv. hither.

hider adv. 'hither,' to this side, on this side, , Cp, VPs. comp. hideror nearer. h. and ider (Cp,CP), hidres idres (dres), Bo, hither and thither.

hidercyme m. advent, arrival, BH. ['hithercome']

hidergeond adv. thither, yonder.

hiderryne adj. directed hither.

hidertcyme = hidercyme

hiderweard adj. and adv. 'hitherward,' towards this place, Chr.

hdgild I. n. tax paid on each hide of land, Ct. ['hidegeld'] II. = hdgild

hidir- = hider-

hdmlum adv. by hides, KC 698^4.

hidres v. hider.

he I. nap. of h, ho, hit. ['hi, hy'] II. = ho nasf. of h. ['hi,hy']

hieder = hider

heg (, ) n. 'hay,' cut grass, G, Lcd, VPs. [hawan]

heghs (, ) n. hay store, WW. ['hay-house']

hegian (CP) = hgian

hegse () m. hay-scythe, GD 37^13.

hehra, hehst ['highest'] v. hah.

hehu (, a, ) f. (often indecl.) 'height,' highest point, summit, Sc: the heavens, heaven, Cr, El, Gu, Sc: glory. [hah]

hield (, ea, eo, i, y) f. (usu. +) keeping, custody, guard, protection, CP: observance, observation, watching: secret place: protector, guardian.

hieldan (e, y) intr. to lean, incline, slope, Bo (e): tr. force downwards, bow or bend down, B, Lk (y). ['hield']

-hielde (y) v. earfo-h. [[under "earfohylde"]]

hielf (e, y) m. handle, CP, WW. ['helve']

hielfling (e) m. mite, farthing, LkL 12^6. [healf]

hiellan to make a noise, EPs 82^3.

hielpe pres. 3 sg. of helpan.

hielt pres. 3 sg. of healdan.

-hieltan (y) v. -h. [healt] [[under "hyltan"]]

hielto f. lameness, MH 116^10 (e, y).

henan (, , ) to fell, prostrate: weaken, crush, afflict, injure, oppress: abase, humble, insult, B, LkL: (+) accuse, condemn, CP. ['hean']

hiene as. of h. ['hin']

+hene () ready to fall, DR 189^16.

henend (e^1) m. accuser, JnL p5^9.

heno (, , ) f. humiliation, affliction, oppression, annoyance, CP: loss, damage, harm: act of hanging, DHy 59^7.

hiera gp. of h, ho, hit. ['her']

hera = herra v. hah.

heran (, o, , ) tr. and intr. to 'hear,' listen (to), B, Mt, Jul, VPs: (w.d.) obey, follow, , Mk; CP: accede to, grant, Bl: be subject to, belong to, A, AO, B,Ct.

hierdan (i, y) to harden, make hard: strengthen, fortify, confirm, encourage, CP. [heard]

hierde (eo, i, y) m. shepherd, herdsman, CP, G: guardian, keeper, B, Bl, Gen, Met, WW: pastor. ['herd']

hierdebc f. pastoral book (translation of the Cura Pastoralis of Pope Gregory),CP.

hierdebelig (e) m. shepherd's bag, Bl 31^17.

hierdecnapa (y) m. shepherd boy, L 23^418.

hierdelas (i, y) _without a shepherd or pastor_, _. ['_herdless_']

hierdelic (y) pastoral, CP.

hierdeman m. _shepherd_, _ (y). ['_herdsman_']

hierdewyrt (i) f. name of a plant, Lcd.

hierdnes (eo, i, y) f. custody, watch, guard.

hierdung (y) f. strengthening, restoring, WW 150^34.

hiere gds. of ho. ['her']

hered = hred

hereman (, , ) m. retainer, servant, subject, hearer, parishioner, CP. [heran]

+herend m. hearer, CP.

+herendlic 'auditus,' LPs 142^8 (^1); 'audiendus,' Gr 152^6().

+hering () f. hearing, hearsay, LPs 111^7.

heringman (e^1) m. subject, A 11377^149.

hernes (, ) f. (+) hearing, report: () obedience, subjection, allegiance, CP: jurisdiction, district.

hierra = hearra

herra v. hah. ['higher']

hierstan (e, i, y) to fry, roast, scorch, pain, CP. [cp. OHG. giharsten]

hierste (e, y) f. hierstepanne (ea, y) f. frying-pan,CP.

hiersting (y) f. frying, burning, CP.

hierstinghlf (e) m. crust, WW 372^18.

hersum (, a, , ) w. d. obedient, docile, BH (), Gu (a). ['hearsum']

hersumian (i, y) w. d. to obey, serve, BH (a), Mt (); AO: (+) reduce, subject, conquer, Chr. ['hearsum']

hersumnes (, ) f. obedience, submission, BH (); CP. ['hersumnesse']

hiertan (e, eo, y) to cheer, encourage, CP; . ['heart'; heort]

hierwan (e, i, y) to abuse, blaspheme, condemn, illtreat: to deride, despise.

hierwend (i) m. blasphemer.

hierwendlic contemptible. adv. -lce (e) with contempt.

hierwing (y) f. blasphemy, Sc 137^12.

hierwnes (i, y) f. contempt, reproach: blasphemy, W 70^12.

hew == hw

hewestn m. hewn stone, AO 212^10.

hewet () n. cutting, CP. [hawan]

hewian = hwian

hew (CP) pres. 3 sg. of hawan.

hf- (v. OEG 3913) = hw-

hig = he I.

hg == heg

hgan = hwan

hige == hyge

hgendlce quickly, immediately, MF (Vesp. D xiv). [hgian]

higera m., higere f. jay, magpie, jackdaw, woodpecker. [Ger. hher]

higgan = hycgan

hgian to 'hie,' exert oneself, strive, hasten, Bl, Bo,CP.

hgid = hd

hgl 'heu!' RPs 119^5.

higlast = hygelast

hgna v. hwan.

hgo (N) = hwan

higora = higera

higre = higere [[under "higera"]]

hgscipe = hwscipe

hg f. exertion, effort, ZDA. ['hight']

hgung f. effort, GD 254^34.

hihsan = hyscan

hiht == hyht

hihting f. exultation, gladness, WW 233^42.

hho = hehu

hilc = hylc

hild I. f. war, battle, combat. II. = hield, hyldo

hildbedd n. deathbed, An 1094.

hildebill n. sword.

hildeblc deadly pale, B 2488.

hildebord n. buckler.

hildecalla m. war-herald, Ex 252.

hildecoror n. warlike band, Ap 41.

hildecyst f. valour, B 2598.

hildedoful n. demon, PPs 95^5.

hildedor war-fierce, brave, .

hildefreca m. warrior.

hildefrfor f. war-help, sword? shield? Wald 2^12.

hildegeatwe fp. war-harness.

hildegesa m. terror of battle, El 113.

hildegicel m. battle-icicle (blood dripping from a sword), B 1606.

hildegiest m. enemy, Rd 54^9.

hildegrdig eager for battle.

hildegrp f. hostile grip.

hildeheard bold in battle, Ap 21.

hildehlem m. crash of battle.

hildeloma m. Gleam of battle (name of a sword),B.

hildelo n. war-song, Jud 211.

hildemce m. sword, B 2202.

hildemecg m. warrior, B 799.

hildendre f. war-snake, arrow.

hildepl m. dart, javelin.

hilders m. charge, attack, B 300.

hilderand m. shield, B 1242.

hilderinc m. warrior, hero.

hildesd battle-worn, B 2723.

hildesceorp n. armour, B 2155.

hildescr m. shower of darts, Gu 1116.

hildeserce f. corslet, El 234.

hildesetl m. saddle, B 1039.

hildespell n. warlike speech, Ex 573.

hildestrengo f. vigour for battle, B 2113.

hildeswt m. vapour of battle? B 2558.

hildeswg m. sound of battle, Gen 1991.

hildetorht shining in battle, Met 25^9.

hildetux m. tusk (as weapon), B 1511.

hilderemma m. warrior, Jul 64.

hilderymm m., hilder f., warlike strength, valour.

hildewpen m. weapon of war, B 39.

hildewsa m. commander, B 1064.

hildewma m. crash of battle.

hildewrsn f. fetter for captives, Sol 292.

hildewulf m. hero, Gen 2051.

hildfreca = hildefreca

hildfrom valiant in war, An 1204.

hildfruma m. battle-chief, prince, emperor.

hildlata m. laggard in battle, coward.

hildstapa m. warrior, An 1260.

hildracu f. onset of battle, Gen 2157.

hile = hil

hilhma = hyllehma

hill = hyll, hell

hilman helmet, cover, Gl. [helm]

+hilman = helmian

hilpestu = hilpest u (pres. 2 sg. of helpan and pron. 2 pers. sing.)

hilpe, hilp pres. 3 sg. of helpan.

hilt I. pres. 3 sg. of healdan. II. mn. = hilte

hilte fn. handle, 'hilt' (of sword), B, WW; (pl.=sg.) , B, Sol.

hiltecumbor n. banner with a staff, B 1022 (or ? hilde-).

hilted 'hilted,' with a hilt, B.

hilting m. sword, OEG 758.

hiltlas having no hilt, WW 142^34.

hiltu np. (as sg.) hilt.

hil pres. 3 sg. of helan.

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