A Concise Anglo-Saxon Dictionary - For the Use of Students
by John R. Clark Hall
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foron to profit ('proficere'), GD 200.

forum = furum

forung f. furtherance, ANS 125^49.

forweard (e^2) I. inclined forward: advanced, progressing, growing, ready; enduring, everlasting, continual: future. adv. continually, PPs: prospectively, Gr: forwards, onwards, W 17^8. ['forthward'] II. m. look-out man, pilot? Gen 1436.

forweardes forwards, HL 16^203 (e).

forweardnes f. progress, GD 117^19.

forweaxan^7 to break forth, burst forth, GD. ['forthwax']

forweg m. journey, departure. in (on) forwege away.

forwerd == forweard

forwf n. matron, WW 309^44.

forwyrft tortured, mutilated, v. OEG 5028.

for I. conj. for that, because, therefore, Jn. ['forthy'] II. adv. for that, therefore, consequently.

for-yldian, -yld(i)gian, -yl(de)gian to bear, support, endure, wait patiently,.

forylman to shut in, enclose, envelop, obscure, cover over, overwhelm: suffocate, consume.

foryppan to make manifest, CVPs.

foryrnan^3 to run before, precede: continue,.

foryrrian to dry up, Lcd 82b.

forysmed obscured, WW 246^6.

fore = for

forud = forod

for-tan, -ton adv.; prep. w. d. except, without, Chr 1122. ['forout']

forwrnan = forwiernan

forwrnian (WW 442^18) = forweornian

forwana m. abundance? CP 465^16.

forwandian to hesitate, be reluctant, CP: be ashamed.

forwandung f. shame, SPs 68^23.

forwar = forwear pret. 3 sg. of forweoran.

forweard I. (NG) beginning, front: heading, title, chapter. II. adv. continually, always, Gen 788. [?= forweard; or foreweard, JGPh 12257]

forweardmercung f. heading, JnL p3^1.

forweaxan^7 to progress, grow too much, become overgrown, CP; AO. ['forwax']

forweddod pledged. [wedd]

forwegan^5 to kill, Ma 228.

forwel adv. very, very well, .

forwened insolent. [wenian]

forwned 'suspectus,' BDS 3012^104. [wnan]

forwenednes f. insolence, ANS 7989.

forweoren = forworen

forweornan = forwiernan

forweornian to dry up, wither, fade, grow old, rot, decay,.

forweorpan^3 to throw, cast out, cast down, drive off, reject, throw away, squander, B. ['forwerpe']

forweorpnes f. migration, MtL 1^17.

forweoran^3 (y) to perish, pass away, vanish, Mt; AO, CP, . f. on mde be grieved. ['forworth']

forweorenes = forwordenes

forweorfullic excellent, Bo 65^15.

forweosnian = forwisnian

forwercan = forwyrcan

forwerd = foreweard

forwered = forwerod

forwerednes f. old age, SPs 70^18.

forweren (WW 217^15) = forworen

forwerennes (RPs 70^18) = forwerednes

forwernedlice continently, W 284^8. [forwiernan]

forwerod worn out, very old, . [werian]

forwesing f. destroying.

forwest = forewost

forwiernan (e, eo, i, y) to hinder, prohibit, prevent, repel, refuse, repudiate, deny, withhold, oppose, AO, B (y); CP. ['forwarn']

forwird = forwyrd

forwirn- = forwiern-

forwisnian (eo) to wither away, dry up, decay, rot.

forwitan = forewitan

forwitolnes f. intelligence, diligence. [= fore-]

forwlencan to fill with pride, puff up, CP. ['forwlench']

forword I. n. iota, MtL 5^18. II. = foreweard

forwordenes f. destruction, failure.

forwordenlic perishable, W 263^13.

forworen (pp. of *forweosan) decrepit, decayed, OEG 2109.

forworhta = forwyrhta

forwracned banished, RB 82^2.

forwrecan^5 to drive forth, carry away: expel, banish.

forwrgan to accuse, calumniate, Chr. ['forwray']

forwron^1 to cover over, LkR 23^45.

forwrtan^1 to cut in two, B 2705.

forwran^1 to bind up, Lcd 122a.

forwundian to wound, Chr. ['forwound']

forwundorlic very wonderful, GD. adv. -lce.

forwuran = forweoran

forwyrcan (e) to do wrong, sin, , CP. forworht mann criminal, CP: ruin, undo, destroy, Cr; , AO, CP: condemn, convict, curse: forfeit: barricade, obstruct, closeup.

forwyrd fn. destruction, ruin, fall, death, , CP. [forweoran]

forwyrdan to perish, Andr.

forwyrdendlic perishable.

forwyrht n. misdeed, MF 160.

forwyrhta m. agent, deputy: evil-doer, malefactor, ruined person. [fore-]

forwyrnan () = forwiernan

forwyrnednes f. restraint, self-denial, continence, BH 160^10.

forwyrpnes f. casting out, LPs 21^7.

foryld = foreald

foryldan = forieldan

foryrman to reduce to poverty, bring low, BH, W. [earm]

fossere m. spade. [L. fossorium]

fster == fstor

fstor n. sustenance, maintenance, food, nourishment, Lcd; . ['foster']

fstorbearn n. foster-child.

fstorbror m. 'foster-brother,' WW.

fstorcild (e^2) n. foster-child, L.

fstorfder m. 'foster-father,' MH.

fstorland n. land granted for the support of the recipients, Ct. ['fosterland']

fstorlan n. payment for maintenance, LL 442[2]; Men 152.

fstorling m. foster-child, nursling, WW. ['fosterling']

fstormann m. bondsman, security.

fstormdor f. 'foster-mother,' MH.

fstorn m. pasture, sustenance, EPs 22^2.

fstorsweostor f. foster-sister.

fstra (e^2) m. food: manna.

fstrian to 'foster,' nourish, Sc().

fstring m. disciple, NG.

fstur = fstor

ft m. ds. ft, fte, nap. ft, ftas foot (as limb and as measure), B, LL, NG; , AO,CP.

ftdl fn. gout in the feet.

ftdlig having gout in the feet.

ftbred n. foot-board, stirrup, WW 107^6.

ftcl m. 'commissura'? MtL 9^16.

ftcopsian, ftcypsan to fetter, Pss.

ft-cosp, -cops m. foot-fetter, .

ftcou f. gout in the feet, OEG.

ftece m. gout in the feet, Lcd.

fter n. darnel, tares, MtL 13^27.

ftfeter f. fetter for the feet, WW 116^8.

ftgangende going on foot, OEG 5254.

ftgemearc n. foot-measurement, space of a foot, B 3043.

ftgemet n. foot-fetter, EPs 104^18.

ftgewde fn? covering for the feet, RB 88^14.

+ftian to hasten up, MkL 15^44.

ft-lst (), -lst mf. footprint, spoor.

ftlic on foot, pedestrian.

ftml n. foot-measure.

ftmlum adv. step by step, by degrees, CM 883.

ftrp m. the loose part of the sheet by which a sail is trimmed to the wind, 'propes,' WW 167^11.

ftsceamol (e^2, e^3, u^3) m. footstool, .

ftsceanea m. foreleg, Lcd 1362. [v. 'shank']

ftsetl n. footstool, Chr 1053#c#.

ftsd reaching to the feet, NC 289.

ftspor n. footprints, spoor, Lcd.

ftspure n. foot-rest, foot-support, Chr 1070#e#.

ftstn m. base, pedestal, .

ftstapol m. footstep, LPs 17^37.

ftsw n. (nap. -swau), ftswau f. footprint, footstep: foot,.

ftswile (y) m. swelling of the foot, Lcd.

ftwal n. washing of the feet, W, WW.

ftwrc n. pain in the foot, gout, Lcd.

ft-welm, -wylm, -wolma m. sole of the foot, .

f ind. pres. pl. of fn.

f-or (-er, -ur) n. load, cartload, Chr: food, fodder: covering, case, basket. ['fother']

forn m. lancet, Lcd 19b.

fwer = fower

fox m. 'fox,' Lk, VPs.

foxesclte f. burdock, Lcd 54a.

foxesclfe f. foxglove? greater burdock? WW 135#n#1.

foxesft m. fox-foot, xiphion, Lcd.

foxesglfe f. foxglove, WW 296^25.

foxhyll m. fox-hill.

foxung f. foxlike wile, craftiness, L 16^162.

fra = fram

fraced, frace, fracod == fraco

fraco I. adj. vile, bad, wicked, criminal, impious, filthy, abominable, BH: useless, worthless. ['fraced'] II. n. insult, contumely, disgrace: wickedness.

fracodd (-od) f. misdeed, W 188^15.

fracoe adv. contemptuously, shamefully.

fracolic base, ignominious, shameful, lewd, , CP. adv. -lce,CP.

fraco-licnes, -nes () f. vileness, coarseness, obscenity.

fracoscipe (-od) scandalous conduct, RB 141^6.

fracoword n. insulting word, GD 152^7.

fracud, fracu == fraco

fr- = fra-

frc == frec

frc- = frc- (v. ES 39327 ff. as to these four forms).

[[Printed on one line: frc == frec; frc- = frc-]]

frcful greedy, OEG 2445.

frcmse (e) f. titmouse, WW.

frc (Gl) = fraco

frfel n? cunning, Gl.

frfele bold, insolent, cunning. [Ger. frevel]

frfelian to be cunning, Gl.

frfellce shamelessly, AO (e): astutely.

frfelnes f. sharpness, shrewdness, OEG.

+frge () I. n. hearsay, report, knowledge. mine+f. as I have heard say. II. adj. well-known, celebrated, reputable, CP: notorious, disreputable. [fricgan]

frgn I. pret. 3 sg. of frignan. II. fregenII.

frgning f. questioning.

frm- = frem-

frmicel pre-eminent, WW 530^13.

frng = frgn

frpgian (NG) to accuse: reverence.

frt I. perverse, proud, obstinate. II. pret. 3 sg. of fretan.

frtegung () = frtwung

frtew-, frtew- = frtw-

frtgenga m. apostasy, Gl.

frtig perverse, proud, Jul 284.

frtlppa m. dew-lap, WW 179^3.

frton pres. pl. of fretan.

frtwa, frtwe fp. treasures, ornaments, trappings, armour: m. adorner, Cr 556. [+twe]

frtwdnes = frtwednes

frtwan, frt(te)wian to ornament, adorn, AO: clothe, cover over, CP 83^10.

frt-wednes, -wodnes f. adorning, decoration, ornament.

frtwian v. frtwan.

frtwung f. adorning, decoration, ornament, .

fragendlic = framigendlic

+frgian to learn by inquiry, MtL 2^16.

fram (o) I. prep. w. d. (instr.) (local) 'from,' by, , Bl, Chr: (temporal) since, A, Ma: (agent) by, Bl: as a result of, Mt: (with verbs of saying and hearing) of, about, concerning. to depart. comps. v.fram-, from-. II. adv. from, forth, out, away. III. adj. (eo) strenuous, active, bold, strong. [Ger. fromm]

framcyrran = framcyrran (in this and the following words fram- may often be taken as a separate preposition).

framdn anv. to take from, do away, cut off, cut out.

framdrfan^1 to drive away, expel.

framhyldan to turn from, Lcd.

framndan to drive away.

framsccan^6 to shake off.

framstyrian to remove, RPs 65^20.

framton^2 to draw away from.

framteran^4 'diripere,' Gr 168^10.

framwendan to turn from or away.

framweorpan^3 to cast away, Gr.

frambge m. apostasy, W 49^12.

frambringan^3 to take away, Lcd.

framceorfan^3 to cut off.

framcyme (o) m. issue, posterity, Gen 1765.

framcynn (o) n. issue, posterity: origin.

framcyrran (e) to turn from, avert: take from.

framdn anv. to put off, stop, interrupt, Sc 131^8.

framfreld m? n? departure, .

framfaru (o) f. excess, DR 17^8.

framfundung f. departure.

framgewtan^1 to apostatize, Sc 83^2.

framian to avail, benefit, RB.

framierning (o^1, e^2) f. outflowing, DR 8^1.

framigendlic effective.

framld f. departure, Gen 2098 (o).

framlce turned from, GPH 401.

framlic strong. adv. -lce boldly, strongly, strenuously, quickly.

framlcian (o^1) to look back, CP 403^6.

framnes (o^1) f. vigour, Nar 7^22.

framscpe I. m. exercise, action. II. m. fraternity.

framsetnung f. foundation, JnR 17^24.

frams (o) m. departure.

framslitnes f. desolation, NG (o).

framswengan to swing away, shake off, WW 524^30.

framung = fremung

framweard (o) about to depart, doomed to die, Bo, Seaf; CP: enterprising? ['fromward']

framweardes (o) adv. away from, Lcd. ['fromwards']

frn pret. 3 sg. of frnan. [[under "frignan"]]

franca m. lance, javelin, .

frsian to ask, inquire, find out by inquiry: tempt, try.

frsung f. questioning, temptation.

fratwian = frtwian [[under "frtwan"]]

fra I. m. gs. fran ruler, lord, king, master: the Lord, Christ, God: husband. [Goth. frauja] II. (VPs) = froI.

fra- intensitive prefix (= L. per-).

frabeorht glorious.

frabeorhtian () to proclaim, CPs 41^9.

frabodian to proclaim, declare, LPs 118^172.

fradrman to exult, LPs.

fradrihten m. lord, master.

fraftt (^1) very fat, WW 532^24.

fraglaw very wise, Dan 88.

frahrd (^1, -hr) very quick, Gl.

framre very celebrated.

framicel (^1) pre-eminent, WW 530^13.

framiht great strength, RPs 42^2.

freamsum = fremsum

fran = fron

[[Cross-reference uncertain: variant of "frogan" or form of "fro"?]]

fraofestlice (^1) very quickly, WW 530^13.

frareccere m. prince, LRPs 118^161.

fras pret. 3 sg. of frosan.

frasian = frsian

fratorht very bright, radiant.

fraancian to exult, RPs 52^7.

frawine m. lord and friend.

frawlitig very beautiful, NC 290.

frawrsn f. splendid chain, B 1451.

frbran = frfran

frec (, i) greedy, MtL (i); : eager, bold, daring, Met: dangerous (v.ES 39327ff.). ['freck']

freca m. warrior, hero.

frced- = frcen-

frcelnes = frcennes

frcelsod exposed to danger, WW 465^25.

frcen n. gs. frcnes danger, peril.

frcendlic, frcenlic (CP) dangerous, mischievous, perilous, terrible. adv. -lce,AO.

frcennes f. harm, danger, CP.

freceo 'lucor'? 'lurcor'? Cp 1240 (v. ES 39336; 42168).

frecful () greedy, OEG 2445.

freclce greedily, GD 31^1.

frecmse = frcmse

frcn- = frcen-

frcne () I. dangerous, perilous, CP: terrible: savage, wicked: daring, bold. [v.ES 39328f.] II. adv. dangerously: fiercely, severely: boldly, audaciously.

frecnes f. greediness.

frcnes = frcennes

+frecnian to make bold, Da 184: endanger, imperil, L 30436.

frecwsend m. gluttony, A 6100.

+frdan to feel, perceive, , Bo; CP. ['frede'; frd]

+frdendlic perceptible, Gr 4^6.

+frdmlum little by little, OEG 3245.

+frdnes f. feeling, perception, Bo.

+frdra more acute, CP 123^19.

frefelce = frfellce

frfernes f. consolation.

frfran to cheer, comfort, console, BH; CP. ['frover']

frfrend (ie^2) mf. comforter, consoler: the Comforter (Holy Ghost), Bl.

frfrian (Jn; ) = frfran

frfriend = frfrend

frfrung f. consolation, Gen 37^35.

+frge = +frge

fregen, fregn I. = frgn pret. 3 sg. of frignan. II. n. question, An 255.

fregnan = frignan

fregnearle enquiringly, L 23^566.

fregnung f. questioning, MkL p4^19.

freht n? 'auspicium,' DR 97^7.

frem = fram adj.

fremde foreign, alien, strange, LL; AO, CP: unfriendly, Sol (-ede): estranged from, devoid of, remote from. ['fremd']

fremdian to estrange, RB: curse, MkLR (v.A 16127).

freme I. vigorous, flourishing, B, Gen. ['frim'; fram] II. = fremu

fremede = fremde

fremedlcan to alienate, RPs 57^4.

fremednes f. accomplishment, fulfilment, effect,.

fremful useful, profitable, beneficial, Lcd. ['fremeful'] adv. -lce efficaciously.

fremfulnes f. utility, profit, RB 83^18.

fremian, fremman to further, advance, support, An, B: frame, make, do, perpetrate, commit, afford, B, Gen; CP: (w.d.) avail, benefit, do good, , Mt. ['freme']

fremlic (eo, o) profitable, BH 30^28.

fremming f. purpose, effect, performance, progress,.

fremnes = fremednes

fremsum beneficent, benign, kind, gracious, , CP.

fremsumlic benignant, kind, GD 280. adv. -lce,CP.

fremsumnes f. benefit, benignity, kindness, liberality.

frem- (NG) = fremd-

+fremian to curse, MkL 14^71.

fremlic = frymlic

fremu f. advantage, gain, benefit, Bo, Ep, Lcd; CP. ['freme']

fremung (eo, o) f. advantage, profit, good.

Frencisc 'French,' Chr.

frnd == frond

frendian to anathematize, WW 484^31. [cp. +fremian]

freng = frgn pret. 3 sg. of frignan.

fro I. nap. often frge 'free,' Bo, Ex, JnR; CP, : () glad, joyful: () noble, illustrious, Gen. [fro- v.also frg-] II. f. woman, lady. III. m. = fra. IV. imperat. of frogan. V. f? freedom, immunity.

frobearn n. free-born child, child of gentle birth.

froborh = friborh

frobror m. own brother, Ex 338.

froburh f. city, B 694.

frod I. f. peace, friendship: goodwill, affection. II. pp. of frogan. III. = frot

frode pret. 3 sg. of frogan.

frodohtor f. freeborn daughter, W 193^6.

frodm m. 'freedom,' state of free-will, charter, emancipation, deliverance, Bo; AO,CP.

frodryhten = fradrihten

frodscipe (ES 39340) = frondscipe?

frogan to 'free,' liberate, manumit, , Chr; AO: love, embrace, think of lovingly, honour.

froge = +frge

froh = fro

frolc n. freewill offering, oblation, LPs 50^21.

frolta m. freedman, WW.

frolic free, freeborn: glorious, stately, magnificent, noble, B: beautiful, charming. ['freely'] adv. -lce 'freely,' readily, Bo, VPs.

frols I. mn. freedom, immunity, privilege: feast-day, festival. [origl. frheals] II. = froI.

frolsfen m. eve of a feast, LL 383[56].

frolsbc f. charter of freedom, Ct.

frolsbryce (i) m. breach of festival.

frolsdg m. feast-day, festival-day, .

frolsdm = frodm

frols-end, -iend m. liberator, EPs.

frolsgefa m. emancipator, LL 13[8].

frolsgr n. year of jubilee, WW 420^31.

frolsian () _to deliver, liberate_, Bl, EPs: _to keep a feast or holy day, celebrate_, _. ['_frels_']

frolslic festive, festival, CM 350. adv. freely: solemnly.

frolsmann m. freedman, KC 3295^6.

frolsniht f. eve of a festival, NC 290.

frolsstw f. festival-place, LL 338[38].

frolstd f. festival, feast-day, .

frolsung f. celebration of a feast.

freom = fram III.

freom- = fram-, frem-

fromg m. free-kinsman.

fromann m. 'free-man,' freeborn man, Gen,LL.

fronama m. surname, BH.

frond m. ds. frend, nap. frend, frond, frondas 'friend,' relative, B, El, Gen; AO, CP: lover.

frondheald amiable, Lcd 3192^15.

frondhealdlic related, akin, WW 217^29.

frondlr f. friendly counsel, B 2377.

frondlau f. friendly invitation, B 1192.

frondlas 'friendless,' JnL. f. mann outlaw, LL.

frondlast f. want of friends, LL 336[35].

frondlic friendly, well-disposed, kindly, BH, W. adv. -lce,CP.

frondle kind to one's friends, ES 39340.

frondlufu f. friendship, love, Gen 1834.

frondmyne f. amorous intention, Gen 1831.

frondrden f. friendship, : conjugal love.

frondscipe m. 'friendship,' B, Lcd; AO, CP: conjugal love.

frondspd f. abundance of friends.

frondspdig rich in friends.

frone asm. of fro adj.

fronoma = fronama

frorig freezing, frozen, cold, chilly: blanched with fear, sad, mournful. [frosan]

frorig-fer, -md sad, Gu.

froriht n. rights of freemen, LL, W.

frosan^2 to 'freeze,' , Bl.

frosceat m. freedman, RB 138^21.

frot m. freedom, LL. frotes olian to be reduced to slavery.

frotgifa m. liberator, WW.

frot-gifu, -gift f. emancipation, WW.

frotmann m. freedman, Bk, TC, W.

freo- = fri-

-froan^2 v. -f.

freoo- = frio-

freou- = friu-

frowf (i^1) n. free-woman, LL 7[73].

frowine = frawine

Fresan = Frisan

Fresisc (y) in the Frisian manner, Frisian, Chr. [Frisan]

fretan^5 to devour, eat, consume, CP: break, Ex 147. [for, etan]

fretgenga = frtgenga

frettan to feed upon, consume. [fretan]

frettol greedy, gluttonous, WW 171^34.

fretw- = frtw-

freo = friu

freo- = frio-, friu

fr = fro I.

fra = fra

frand (A) = frond

frborh (v. LL 281) = friborh

fric (NG) = frec

fricca, friccea m. herald, crier, CP (? v. ES 39336).

fricgan^5 to ask, inquire into, investigate: (+) learn, find out by inquiry. [frignan; cp. Ger. fragen]

frcian to dance, Mt. ['frike']

friclan w. g. to seek, desire.

friclo f. appetite, Lcd 73a.

frico f. 'usura,' MtL 25^27 (v. ES 39328f.).

fricolo adv. eagerly, fervently.

frictrung (OET 26) = frihtrung

frdhengest = frhengest? [[headword spelled "frihengest"]]

frenan = frnan = frignan

frend v. frond.

+frend pl. friends, Lk (). ['i-freond']

frg == fro

frgan = frogan

frgdg = frgedg

frge I. fp. love. II. v. fro.

frgea m. lord, master, LL (= fra).

frgefen m. Thursday evening, .

frgedg m. 'Friday,' LL, Ma; .

+frgend m. liberator, VPs.

frigenes = frignes

frgeniht f. Thursday night, W 305^24.

frigest, frige pres. 2, 3 sg. of fricgan.

+frgian to embrace, MkL 10^16.

frignan^3, frnan ask, inquire, B, BH, Cp, Ps; AO, CP. ['frayne']

frignes f. interrogation, question.

frignung f. question, GD 137^29.

frigst, frihst pres. 2 sg. of fricgan.

frihtere m. diviner, soothsayer. [freht]

frihtrian to divine.

frihtrung f. soothsaying, divination, WW.

frimdig = frymdig

frnan = frignan

frnd = frend

fro == fro

frs () crisped, curled, GnE 96.

Frisan (e) mp. Frisians, AO.

frisca = frysca

fristmearc (Gl) = firstmearc

frit, frite, fritt pres. 3 sg. of fretan.

fri (y) mn. peace, tranquillity, security, refuge, AO; CP, . f.niman to make peace: privilege of special protection, and penalty for the breach of it, LL 10[5]: restoration of rights (toan outlaw), LL 316[13]. ['frith']

fr stately, beautiful, Rd 10^9.

fria (eo) m. protector, PPs 70^3.

fr m. oath of peace, Chr 1012#e#.

fribna m. suppliant, refugee, LL.

friborh m. surety for peace, LL.

fribrc f. breach of the peace, LL.

friburg f. town with which there is peace, city of refuge, LL 222[2,1].

fricandel f. the sun.

frielas = frilas

frigeard m. enclosed space, LL: court of peace (heaven), Cr.

frigedl n. death, Gen 1142. [ferh?]

frigegilda m. member of a peace-guild, LL 173 Pro.

frigeorn peaceable, MtL 5^9.

frigewrit n. peace agreement, LL 144.

frigild n. peace guild, LL 181.

frigsl m. peace-hostage, LL 378[9,1].

frihengest (frid-) m. horse of peace? Rd 23^4.

frihs n. sanctuary, WW 186^23.

friian (eo) to give 'fri' to, make peace with, be at peace with: () cherish, protect, guard, defend, keep, AO, Chr; CP: observe. ['frith']

friiend m. helper, defender, PPs, W 239^7.

friland n. friendly territory, Chr.

frilas peaceless, outlawed, LL 318.

frilic mild, lenient, LL.

friml n. article of peace, LL 220 Pro. [ml]

frimann m. man under special peace-protection, LL 222.

frio == freou, fri [[redirected to "friu"]]

friobacen (eo^1) n. sign of peace, Gen 1045.

frioscealc (eo) m. angel.

friosibb f. peace-bringer, B 2017.

friospd (eo) f. abundant peace.

friotcn n. sign of peace, Gen 2369.

frioawas (eo^1) mp. place.

friowr (eo^1) f. treaty of peace.

friowang (eo^1) m. peaceful plain, B 2959.

friowaru (eo) f. protection.

frio-webba (eo^1) m., -webbe f. peace-maker.

friscipe m. ship for defence, LL 441 (? read fyrdscipe).

friscn f. sanctuary, asylum, LL.

frisplott m. peace-spot, LL (248^5).

fristl m. sanctuary, asylum, refuge, LL, Ps. ['frithstool']

fristw f. refuge, sanctuary.

frisum pacific, peaceful: (+) safe, fortified.

frisumian to make peaceful, protect? NC 290.

friu (eo) fm. peace, safety, protection, AO, Mt: refuge, asylum. ['frith']

friu- = frio-

frocga = frogga

frd wise: old.

frdian to be wise, Rim 32.

frfer == frfor

frferian = frfran

frfor fmn. (e^2, u^2) gs. frfre _consolation, joy, refuge_, _; CP: _compensation, help, benefit_. ['_frover_']

frforbc (e^2) f. book of consolation, Bo 50^6.

frforgst (frfre-) m. consoling spirit, Holy Ghost, Comforter, Jn; . [v.'frover']

frforlic (e^2) kind, helpful, W. adv. -lce, W 295^3.

frfornes f. consolation, LkL 6^24 (oe).

frforword n. word of consolation, GD 344^28.

frfrian = frfran

frogga m. 'frog,' , WW.

froht (NG) = forht

from == fram

from- also = frem-, frum-

froren pp. of frosan.

frosc = forsc

frost = forst

frwe f. woman, DD 291. [Ger. frau]

frox = forsc

frugnen pp., frugnon pret. pl. of frignan.

frum I. primal, original, first. II. = fram

fruma m. beginning, origin, cause, AO, CP: creation, Chr 33: originator, inventor, founder, creator: first-born, CPs 135^10: () prince, king, chief, ruler. on fruman at first. wstma fruman firstfruits. [fram]

frumcennes f. nativity, JnL p5^19.

frumbearn n. first-born child.

frumbyrd f. birth, TC 369^9.

frumbyrdling n. youth, WW 171^23. ['frumberdling']

frumcenned first-begotten, firstborn, , AO: original, primitive, Gr.

frumcnow n. primal generation, Ex 371.

frumcyn n. ancestry, origin, descent, lineage: race, tribe.

frumcynnend = frumcenned

frumcyrr m. first time, LL 164[25,2].

frumdysig n. first offence, NC 290.

frum-gr , -gra m. leader, patriarch, chieftain, noble. [cp. L. primi-pilus]

frumgesceap n. creation of the world, Cr 840.

frumgeweorc n. original construction, A 11174^6.

frumgewrit n. deed, document, W 252^12.

frumgifu f. prerogative, privilege, Gl.

frumgrpa m. firstling, W 113^6.

frumgyld n. first instalment, LL 190.

frumhowung () f. original formation, WW 467^27.

frumhrgl n. first garment (sc. of fig-leaves), Gen 943.

frumildo f. primeval time, WW 341^22. [ieldo]

frumloht n. dawn, AF 456.

frumlic original, primitive. adv. -lce.

frumlda m. chief sailor, v. OEG 32.

frumlhtan to dawn, Bl 207^35.

frummynetslege m. first coinage, L 23^479.

frumrd m. primary ordinance, LL 246.

frumrden f. space of time, An 147.

frumrinc (o^1) chieftain, RHy 4^15.

frumrpa m. firstfruits, LL 40[38].

frumsceaft f. first creation, origin, primeval condition, B: creature: home. ['frumschaft']

frumsceapen first created, first, .

frumsceatt m. firstfruits, ELPs.

frumscepend m. creator, DR 16^10.

frumscyld f. original sin.

frumsetnes f. authority, DR 123^8.

frumsetnung f. foundation, creation, JnR 17^24.

frumslp m. first sleep, AO.

frumspellung f. recapitulation, OEG 1153; 2^31.

frumsprc f. first saying: promise.

frumstaol m. first state, Rd 61^3.

frumstemn m. prow, WW 288^21.

frumstl m. first or principal seat, paternal home,LL.

frumtalu f. first statement (of a witness?) LL 385.

frumtd f. beginning, GD 212^5.

frumthtle f. first accusation, first charge, LL 336 (35). [tonII.]

frum = frym

frumwstm mf. firstfruits.

frumweorc n. primeval work, creation, An 805.

frumwfung f. first marriage, W 304^27.

frumwylm m. new-born zeal, RB 135^5.

frumwyrhta m. creator, DR 37^4.

frunen pp., frun(n)on pret. pl. of frnan. [[under "frignan"]]

frungon = frugnon pret. pl. of frignan.

fruron pret. pl. of frosan.

fr == fro

fryccea = fricca

fryht- (N) = forht-, fyrht-

frylsian (Bo) = freolsian [[headword spelled "frolsian"]]

frym- = frum-, fyrm-

frymdig (i) curious, inquisitive, : desirous. f.bon to entreat.

frymetling f. young cow, LL 451[13].

frym I. mf. origin, beginning, foundation, Bo; , AO: (inpl.) creation, El: creature. ['frumth'] II. = fyrm

frym-lic, -elic primeval, primitive, first. adv. -lce, OEG 5211.

frymu, frymo (MtL) = frym

frymyldo 'primvus'? v. OEG 2381.

frnd () nap. of frond.

frs = frs

Frysan = Frisan

frysca I. (i) m. kite, bittern, Gl. II. 'pusio'? Gl (v.A 19495).

frs pres. 3 sg. of frosan.

fryt pres. 3 sg. of fretan.

fry == fri

fry- also = freo-, fyr-

fugel == fugol

fugelbona m. fowler, Cra 80.

fugeldoppe f? water-fowl, WW 131^20.

fugelere (AO) = fuglere

fugeleswse f. larkspur, WW 298^24.

fugelhwata m. augur, WW 140^5.

fugellm m. bird-lime, OEG 3105.

fugelnett n. bird net, WW 277^16.

fugelno, fugelo = fugolo

fugeltimber n. young bird, Ph 236.

fugeltro n. perch (of a bird).

fugelweohlere m. augur, WW 108^12. [wiglere]

fuglere m. 'fowler,' AO.

fuglesban f. vetch, Gl.

fuglian to catch birds, Gr. ['fowl']

fuglung f. bird-catching, WW.

fugol m. gs. fugles 'fowl,' bird, B, Mt; CP; Mdf.

fugol-, see also fugel-.

fugolcynn n. _bird-tribe_, _. ['_fowlkin_']

fugoldg (u^2) m. feast-day, TC 460^20.

fugolhlsere m. augur.

fugolo m. bird-catching, fowling, .

fugolwylle swarming with birds, BH 30^10. [weallan]

fugul- = fugel-, fugol-

fuhl- = fugl-

fht damp, moist. [Ger. feucht]

fhtian to be moist, NC 290.

fuhton pret. pl. of feohtan.

ful I. n. beaker, cup, . II. == full

fl I. 'foul,' unclean, impure, vile, corrupt, rotten, , Bl, Cp, Cr, WW; CP. f.bam black alder, Lcd 29b: guilty, LL. II. n. filth, foulness, impurity, crime, offence, El, OET. ['foul']

fulbeorht very bright, resplendent, CP 87^23.

fulbrecan^4 to violate, LL 280[2,2].

fuldn anv. to satisfy, RB 70^21.

fle adv. foully.

fulode pret. 3 sg. of fullgn.

fletro n. black alder, Cp 430#a#.

fulfstnian to ratify fully, Chr 675#e#.

fulfaran^6 to travel, LL 383[56].

fulfealdan^7 'explicare,' Gr 138^9.

fulgeare quite well, L 3^456. [gearwe]

fulgd very good, L 6^124.

fulgon pret. pl. of folan.

fulhr completely grey, very hoary, WW 380^13.

fulhealden contented, WW 211^30.

fulht- = fulwiht-

flian to be or become foul, decay, rot, AO,Ps.

full I. adj. (w. g.) 'full' filled, complete, perfect, entire, utter, Gen, Ps, Lcd; , AO, CP: swelling, plump, Lcd. be fullan fully, perfectly, completely. II. adv. very, fully, entirely, completely, thoroughly, Bo, Ps. f.nah almost, very nearly. III. = ful

full- v. also ful-.

fulla m. assembly? Ct.

fullst (, ; fylst) m. help, support, Ex. ['filst']

fullstan () w. d. to help, support, AO; Lk. ['filst']

+fullan = +fyllan

fullberstan^3 to burst completely, W 267^18.

fullbtan to make full amends.

fullble very glad.

fullboren completely born, CP 367^18: of noble birth.

fullbryce m. complete breach of the peace, LL.

fullclne very pure, AS 29^12.

fullcrftig very efficient, virtuous.

fullc notorious, famous.

-fulle v. sin-f.

fullendian to complete, BH. ['fullend']

fullere m. 'fuller,' bleacher, Mk.

fullest == fullst

fullflon^2 to take to flight, escape completely.

fullforian to fulfil, NC 291.

fullfremed perfect, CP. adv. -lce fully, perfectly, completely, Bl.

fullfremednes f. perfection, BH; CP. ['fullfremedness']

full-fremman, -fremian to fulfil, perfect, practise, do fully, complete, Bo; CP. ['fullfreme']

fullfyligan to follow, obey, W 95^19: 'persequi,' EPs 7^6.

fullfyllan 'complere,' Gr 153^1. ['fulfil']

full-gn pret. 3 sg. -ode anv., -gangan^7 to accomplish, fulfil, perform, carry out, : follow, imitate, obey: help,AO.

fullgearwian to finish, complete, GD 126^2.

fullgedrifen (w. g.) driven full of.

fullgeorne very eagerly, CP 255^22.

fullgewpned fully armed, Chr.

fullgrwan^7 to grow to perfection, flourish, CP 67^23.

fullhl thoroughly well, GD 248^1.

fullian I. to fulfil, complete, perfect. II. (Jn) = fulwian

fullic full, Chr 785#c#?: 'catholicus,' CHy15. adv. -lce entirety, fully, perfectly, completely, A, BH;.

fllic foul, unclean, objectionable, shameful, base, Lcd, W. adv. -lce.

fulligan = fulwian

fullmannod fully peopled, Bo 40^17.

full-medeme excellent, perfect, GD. adv. -medomlce, GD 331^13.

fullnes f. fullness.

fllnes = flnes

fulloc final or definite agreement? LL 385.

fulloft adv. very often, CP.

fullungen (ful-) full-grown, RB 133^1.

fullungennes f. full development, MFH 160.

fulluht == fulwiht

fullunga adv. fully.

fullwpnod fully armed, Chr 1070#e#.

fullwer m. complete 'wer,' full atonement, Rd 24^14?

fullwyrcan to complete, fulfil.

fulmgen n. great power, W 186^14.

fulnah I. adj. very near. II. adv. very nearly, almost,CP.

flnes f. foulness, filthy smell.

flon rare pret. pl. of folan.

fulrae adv. very quickly, AO.

fulrpod mature, RB 139^9.

flstincende foul-stinking.

fulsumnes f. abundance, EPs 48^7.

fultam = fultum

fultem- (CP), fultom- = fultum-

fultrwian to confide in, Bo 60^23.

fultum (a) m. help, support, protection, B; , AO, CP: forces, army, AO. ['fultum']

+fultuma m. helper, SPs 18^16.

fultum-an, -ian to help, support, assist, , CP: () be propitious to, overlook.

fultumend, fultumiend m. helper, fellow-worker.

fultumlas without help, AO 56^21.

fulwa m. fuller, MH 26^26.

fulwearm entirely warm, CP 447^5.

fulwere m. baptizer, baptist.

fulwrig very tired, MFH 160.

fulwian to baptize, BH, MH; AO, CP. ['full']

fulwiht, fulluht (Mt) mfn. baptism, Christianity, Mt; AO, CP. ['fullought']

+fulwiht-an, -ian to baptize, Chr, NG.

fulwihtb n. baptismal bath, font, (fulluht-).

fulwihtbna m. 'competitor, amicus vel rogator baptismi,' WW 207^16.

fulwihtere m. baptizer: the Baptist.

fulwihtfder m. baptismal father, godfather, baptizer, Bl 205^17.

fulwihthd m. baptismal order or vow, Bl 109^28.

fulwihtnama m. baptismal name, Christian name.

+fulwihtnian (fulhtn-) to baptize, NC 291.

fulwihtstw f. baptistry, Bl 140^20.

fulwihttd f. time of baptism, Men 11.

fulwihtaw m. rite of baptism, Met 1^33.

fulwihtnung (-uht) f. baptismal service, W 38^9.

fulwihtwter n. laver of baptism, NC 291.

fulwihtwere m. baptist, Bl 161^6.

fulwuht = fulwiht

funde wk. pret. 3 sg., funden pp. of findan.

-fundelnes, -fundennes v. on-f.

fundian (w. of, t) to tend to, wish for, strive after, go, set out, go forward, hasten, , B, Cr, Gu; CP. ['found']

fundon pret. pl. of findan.

fundung f. setting forth, departure, Chr 1106.

fra v. furh.

furh f. gs. fre, ds. fyrh, furh, gp. fra 'furrow,' trench, BC, Bo;.

furhwudu m. pine, Cp 420#p#.

frian to furrow, OEG.

furlang n. length of furrow, furlong. [furh, lang]

furan, furon = furum

furerlucor = furorlcor

furor adv. (of place and time) 'further,' more distant, forwards, later, , Chr: more: superior. f.dn to promote, A.

furorlcor (e^2, u^3) cp. adv. more perfectly.

furra cp. adj. 'further' greater, superior, Jn.

furum (-an, -on) adv. even, exactly, quite, already, just as, at first, Bl, Mt; AO, CP: further, previously. syanf. just as soon as. ['forthen']

furumlic luxurious, indulging, AO 50^30.

furur == furor

furuh = furh

fs striving forward, eager for, ready for, inclined to, willing, prompt, B; : expectant, brave, noble: ready to depart, dying. ['fous']

fse = fslce

fslo n. death-song, dirge.

fslic ready to start: excellent. adv. -lce readily, gladly.

fsnes f. quickness, EHy 6^25.

fustra? 'focus,' 'ignis,' v. OEG 1428.

ff- = ff-

fyhfang = feohfang

fyht- = feoht-

fhtan () to moisten, OEG. [fht]

fyl = fiell

flan to befoul, defile, pollute, .

+fylce n. band of men, troop, army, host, CP. [folc]

fylcian to marshal troops. [folc]

fyld m. 'volumen,' 'ruga,' OEG.

fyldstl = fealdestl

fylgan w. d. or a. to follow, pursue, , CP: persecute: follow out, observe, obey.

fylgend m. follower, observer, BH 472^7.

fylgestre f. female follower, OEG 1228.

fylgian = fylgan

fylging f. I. following, DR. II. () harrowing, harrow. [fealg]

fylian, fyligan = fylgan

fyligendlic that can or ought to be imitated, CM 803.

fylignes f. following, practice, BH 160^23.

fyll = (1) fyllu; (2) fiell [[(1) under "fyllo"]]

fyllan I. to 'fill,' fill up, replenish, satisfy, An, Gen, Ps; : complete, fulfil, Az. [full] II. (,e; =ie) wv. to cause to fall, strike down, 'fell,' cut down, Ps, Rd. +fylled wdg. bereft: throw down, defeat, destroy, kill, BH, Cr, Ps: tumble: cause to stumble, MtR.

fylla m. filling, filling up, Gen 1513.

+fyllednes (i) f. fulness, completion, fulfilment,.

-fyllen (fylen) v. mna-f. [[under "mnafylen"]]

fyllend = fylgend

+fyllendlic filling, expletive, Gr 261^5.

fyllesoc epileptic.

fyllesocnes f. epilepsy, Lcd 1164^9.

fyllefld m. high tide, Gl.

fyllewrc n. epilepsy, Lcd 65a.

fylling f. filling, completion, NC 291.

+fyllingtd f. compline, WW 207^44n.

fyllnes f. fulness, plenitude, satiety: supplement: completion, fulfilment.

fyllo, fyllu f. fulness (of food), 'fill,' feast, satiety, AO, B; CP: impregnation.

fylmen = filmen

fylnes I. () f. fall, stumbling-block, offence, NG: (+) transmigration, MtL 1^12. II. = fyllnes

flnes = flnes

fylst I. fm. help, aid, Mt; , AO. II. pres. 2 sg. of feallan. III. pres. 2 sg. of fyllan.

+fylsta m. helper, .

fylstan (w. d.) to aid, support, help, protect, , AO. [= fullstan] [[headword spelled "fullstan"]]

fylstend m. helper, , BRPs.

fylt pres. 3 sg. of fealdan.

fyl I. pres. 3 sg. of fyllan. II. pres. 3 sg. of feallan.

fl f. 'filth,' uncleanness, impurity, Mt, Sc, W. [fl]

fylwrig faint to death, B 963. [fiell]

fyn- = fin-

fnd = fond

+fnd = +fend

fyndele m. invention, devising, Sc. ['findal']

fyne m? n? moisture, mould, WW 183^19.

fynegian = fynigian

fynig (i) _mouldy_, _. ['_fenny_']

fynigian (e^2) to become mouldy, LL. ['finew']

fyr v. feorr.

fr () n. 'fire,' Ex, G, VPs; , AO, CP: a fire, Gen.

fran I. = fran. II. to cut a furrow, OEG 2492n: castrate.

fras = fras

frbre fire-bearing, fiery, OEG.

frb n. fire-bath, hell-fire.

frbend m. bar forged in the fire, B 722.

frbta m. fireman, stoker, WW.

frbryne m. conflagration, AO 252^20.

fyrclian (?) to flash, flicker, Chr 1106.

frclomm m. band forged in the fire, #Sat#39.

frcrce f. crucible, Cp 963#c#.

frcynn n. fire, AO 252^20#c#.

fyrd = fierd

fyrdcrft m. warfare.

fyrdend enrolled for military service, L 25^383.

fyrdesne m. warrior, BH 148^8.

fyrdfreld n. fyrdfaru f. going to war, military service,LL.

fyrdgeatewe fp. war-gear, Run 27.

fyrdgemaca m. fellow-soldier, .

fyrdgestealla m. comrade in arms.

fyrdgetrum n. band of warriors.

fyrdham m. corslet, B 1504.

fyrdhrgl n. corslet, B 1527.

fyrdhwt warlike, brave.

fyrdian (ie) to go on an expedition, Chr.

fyrdlf f. remnant of an army, L 25^377.

fyrdlas (ie) without an army, Chr 894#a#.

fyrdlo n. war-song.

fyrdlic martial, .

fyrdmann m. warrior, Bo.

fyrdno (e) m. liability to military service, BC 371^7.

frdraca m. fire-spewing dragon, B 2689. ['firedrake']

fyrdrian wv. to serve in the army, go on active service, L 28^11.

fyrdrinc (e) m. warrior, soldier.

fyrdsceorp n. armour, Rd 15^13.

fyrdscip n. battle-ship, LL.

fyrdsearu n. accoutrements.

fyrdscn f. military service, Ct.

fyrdstemn m. body of soldiers who serve for a fixed term, army-corps, Chr 921.

fyrdtber n. military sacrifice? (Swt), WW 418^22; A 15187.

fyrdtruma m. martial band, army, H 1442^34.

fyrdung (eo, i) f. military expedition, armament, LL; : camp: fine for evading military service, LL. ['ferding']

fyrdwn (i) m. military carriage? EC 250^22.

fyrdweard f. military watch, LL 444[1].

fyrdwerod n. host, army, WW 399^30.

fyrdwc n. camp, .

fyrdwsa m. chieftain, Cra 77.

fyrdwse f. military style, Nar 9^28.

fyrdwte n. fine for evading military service.

fyrdwyre distinguished in war, B 1316.

-fyrede v. twi-, ri-f.

fyren == firen

fren I. of fire, fiery, AO, CP: on fire, burning, flaming. II. fire, CPs.

frenful fiery, LPs, W.

fyrengt (WW 423^11) = firgengt

frentcen n. fiery sign, MFH 131^12.

frentcnian 'compellere' (?) RHy 6^21.

frenecele f. firebrand, BH 476^15.

fyres = fyrs

fyrest = fyrst, fyrmest superl. adj.

fyrewyt = fyrwit

frfeaxen fiery-haired, WW.

frfda () m. fuel, twigs for burning, OEG 7^88.

frgearwunga fp. materials for a fire, WW 401^9.

frgebeorh n. firescreen? protection from fire? LL 455[17].

frgebrc n. crackling of fire, Gen 2560.

fyrgen == firgen

frgnst m. spark of fire, An 1548. [ON. gneisti]

fyrh v. furh.

frht hot as fire, burning, ardent, El. ['firehot']

frheard hardened by fire, B 305.

fyrht I. afraid, timid. [forht] II. = freht

fyrht-an, -ian (fryht-, N) to fear, tremble, DR: () frighten, terrify, BH. ['fright,'vb.]

fyrhtnes f. fear, AO.

fyrhto, fyrhtu (fryht-, N) f. 'fright,' fear, dread, trembling, Ps, VHy; , AO, CP: horrible sight. [forht]

fyrh == ferh

fyrhe n., fyr(h) f. wooded country? Ct. ['frith']

frhs n. 'caminatum,' house with a fireplace in it? WW. ['firehouse']

frhwolod v. fowerhwolod.

fyrian (B 378) = ferian

frian I. to supply with firing, LL. ['fire' vb.] II. () to cut a furrow. [furh]

fyrlen I. (eo, e) far off, distant, remote, . II. n. distance,.

frloht n. gleam of fire, B 1516. ['firelight']

frloma m. gleam of fire, Sat 128.

frlce = frlce

frloca m. fiery prison, Sat 58.

fyrm = feorm

frml m. mark burnt in by fire, An 1136.

fyrmest (o) superl. of forma I. 'foremost,' first, , CP, Lcd: most prominent, chief, best, El, Mt. II. adv. first of all, in the first place, at first, most, especially, very well, best.

fyrm f. harbouring, entertainment, LL: cleansing, washing. [feorm]

fyrn I. (i) adj. former, ancient, Rd. II. adv. () formerly, of old, long ago, once, L. ['fern']

fyrndagas mp. days of yore, L. frd fyrndagum old, aged.

fyrnful = firenful

fyrngar np. former years, Gn, Ps. ['fernyear']

fyrngara adv. formerly, of old.

fyrn-geflit n. nap. -geflitu former quarrel, old strife.

fyrngeflita m. old-standing enemy, Pa 34.

fyrngemynd n. ancient history, El 327.

fyrngesceap n. ancient decree, Ph 360.

fyrngesetu np. former seat, habitation.

fyrngestron n. ancient treasure, Sol 32.

fyrngeweorc n. former, ancient work.

fyrngewinn n. primeval struggle, B 1689.

fyrngewrit n. old writings, scripture.

fyrngewyrht n. former work, fate, Gu 944.

fyrngidd n. ancient prophecy, El 542.

fyrnian = firenian

fyrnlic former, of times past, .

fyrnmann m. man of old times, B 2761.

+fyrnnes f. antiquity, NC 294.

fyrnsgen f. old saying, ancient tradition, An 1491.

fyrnsceaa m. devil, An 1348.

fyrnstramas mp. ocean.

fyrnsynn f. sin of old times, Jul 347.

fyrnum = firenum

fyrnweorc n. work of old, creation.

fyrnwita (eo^2) m. sage, counsellor.

fr-panne, -ponne f. 'fire-pan,' brazier, Bl, MH,WW.

fyrr v. feorr.

frrace (frrece) f. fire-rake, WW 273^6.

fyrran = feorran

fyrs I. m. 'furze,' gorse, bramble, Bo, WW. II. n. = fers

frscofl f. 'fire-shovel,' WW 358^16.

fyrsian = feorsian

frsmeortende v. smeortan.

fyrsn = fiersn

frspearca m. fire-spark.

fyrst I. 'first,' Chr, Ex: foremost, principal, chief, LL. II. adv. in the first place, firstly, at first, originally, Ct. III. () = first I. andII.

+fyrst n. frost, LL 454[11].

fyrst- = forst-, first-

frstn m. 'firestone,' stone used for striking fire, flint, WW.

frsweart black with smoke, Cr 984.

frtang f. '(fire-)tongs,' A9263.

frtorr m. beacon, lighthouse, WW.

frling = forling

frolle f? furnace, stage on which martyrs were burned, OEG.

fyrran (Gl, AO), fyrian (Bo; ) to 'further,' urge on, advance, promote, benefit.

fyrringnes f., fyrrung (Lcd; W) f. furtherance, promotion. ['furthering']

fyrwet = fyrwit

fyrwetful curious, anxious.

fyrwetgeorn curious, anxious, inquisitive. adv. -lce (GD174^28).

fyrwetgeornes f. curiosity, Bl 69^22.

fyrwit I. n. curiosity, yearning, . II. adj. curious, inquisitive.

fyrwitnes f. curiosity, .

frwylm m. wave of fire, B 2672.

fsan to send forth, impel, stimulate: drive away, put to flight, banish: (usu. reflex.) hasten, prepare oneself, An, Gen. ['fuse']

fsian () to drive away, LL, W. ['feeze']

fst () f. 'fist,' , OET; CP.

fstgebat n. blow with the fist, CP 315.

+fstlian to strike with the fist, Sc 7^14.

fstslgen struck with the fist, WW 396^33.

fyer- = fier-, fower-

fyera, fyeras, fy(e)ru, nap. of fiere.

fyx = fisc

fyxe (OET) f. she-fox, vixen.

fyxen (i) I. f. she-fox, vixen. II. adj. of a fox.

fyxenhd (i) f. she-fox's skin.


g imperat. and pres. 1 sg. ind. of gn.

gab- (Gl) = gaf

gabote (u^2) f. side-dish, EGl. [L. gabata]

gd I. n. lack, want, need, desire. [Goth. gaidw] II. f. 'goad,' point, arrow-head, spear-head, Cp, Sol.

gada m. comrade, companion, L. [Ger. gatte]

gaderian () = gadrian

gaderscipe () m. matrimony, OEG.

gadertang continuous, united.

gadertangnes () f. continuation.

gaderung () f. gathering together: 'gathering,' Lcd: union, BH: assembly, A,Jn.

+gaderwyrhtan np. assembled workmen, L 6186.

gd-ren (LL 455, 15), -sen n. goad.

gador = geador

gadori(ge)an = gadrian

gadorwist f. companionship, WW.

gadrian () to 'gather,' unite: (+) (refl.) assemble, Chr: collect, store up, An, G, Ps; , CP: pluck (flowers, etc.): compile: (+) associate (with): (+) concentrate (thoughts), Bo. [geador]

g = ga

gc = gac

gd n. society, fellowship, Sol 449.

gd = gd I.

gdeling m. kinsman, fellow, companion in arms, comrade, B, Da. ['gadling']

gder- = gader-

gdr- = gadr-

gf = geaf pret. 3 sg. of giefan.

gfe = giefu

gfel I. = geafl I. II. (MtL) = gafol

gfon = gafon pret. pl. of giefan.

-ggan v. for-, ofer-g.

gglbrnes = gagolbrnes

glan to hinder, impede, keep in suspense, CP: (intr.) linger, delay. [gl]

gle pres. 3 sg. of galan.

gling f. delay, CP 39^1.

glnes = glnes

glsa () m., gls? (OEG 611) f. pride, wantonness, luxury, , W: (worldly) care, MtL13^22: a greedy person. [gl]

glslic 'luxuriosus,' NC 291.

gl pres. 3 sg. of galan.

gmnian = gamenian

gn- = gan-

-gnan v. t-g.

+gnge = +genge

gp = gap

gr- = gear-, gr-

gr == gar

gred wedge-shaped, BC 3251. [gr]

-grede v. twi-, ri-g.

grs (grs) n. 'grass,' blade (of grass), herb, young corn, hay, plant, An, Cp, CP;.

grsama = grsuma [[under "grsum"]]

grsbedd n. (grass-bed), grave, #PPs#102^15.

grsc m. blade of grass, AO 38^11.

grsgrne grass-green, WW 199^24.

grs-hoppa m., -hoppe (e^1) f. 'grasshopper,' locust, MtR (grs-), Ps, VPs(e).

grsstapa = grstapa

grsswn n. pasturage-swine, LL 445[2].

grstapa m. grasshopper, locust, , AO.

grstn m. grass-enclosure, meadow, LL. ['garston']

grstndc m. meadow-dike, Ct.

grsum mn., grsuma f. jewel, costly gift, treasure, riches, Chr. ['gersum']

grswyrt f. 'herba,' grass, #APs#36^2.

grsyr f. pasturage in return for ploughing, labour, LL447, 4, lc. ['grassearth']

gsne (, a) w. g. or on. deprived of, wanting, destitute, barren, sterile, An, Cr: dead. ['geason']

gst (a, e, i, ie, y) m. (nap. gastas) stranger, MtL (e), Rd: 'guest,' B, Gen (ie); RB (y): () enemy.

gst I. m. == gst. II. pres. 2 sg. of gn.

gstrn (e^1, y^1, e^2) n. guest-chamber: inn.

gstan to frighten, Jul 17. ['gast']

gsthof n. guest-house, Cr 821.

gsths (ie) n. 'guest-house,' guest-chamber, inn, Mk. [Ger. gasthaus]

gstlic hospitable: inhospitable, dreary? #Wa#73.

gstle (i^1) hospitable.

gstlnes f. hospitality: shelter, home, ANS122248.

gstmgen (i^1) n. band of guests? Gen 2494.

gstsele (e, y) m. guest-hall.

gs = gst

gt = geat

gt nap. of gt.

gtan = gatan

gten of or belonging to a goat.

g pres. 3 sg. of gn.

gaf = geaf pret. 3 sg. of giefan.

gafel = gafol

gafelian to rent (land), Ct. ['gavel']

gafellic (WW 403^21) = gafollic

gafelro(n)d (WW 204^33) = gafolrand

gafeluc m. spear, javelin, OEG, WW; L. ['gavelock']

gaffetung f. scoffing, mocking, .

gafol (, ea^1; e, u^2) I. n. gs. gafles tribute, tax, duty, AO, Gl, MtL (): interest, profit, rent, Gl (), Mt; . [giefan] II. f. fork, OET463 (v.A3660). ['gavel']

gafolbre m. barley paid as rent, TC 145^2.

gafolgerfa (^1, e^2) m. taxgatherer, MtR.

gafolgielda (AO) (i^3, y^3) m. tributary, tenant, debtor.

gafolgyld n. 'fiscus,' revenue? GPH 395.

gafolgyldere m. tributary, .

gafolheord f. taxable swarm (of bees), LL448[5].

gafolhwtel m. tribute-blanket, a legal tender instead of coin for the rent of a hide of land, LL108[44,1].

gafolland n. leased land, land let for rent or services, LL126[2].

gafollic fiscal, OEG 6^20.

gafolmd f. meadow which was mown as part of the rent, TC145^3.

gafolmanung (ea^1, o^3) f. place of tribute or custom, MkR 2^14.

gafolpenig m. tribute-penny, LL 446.

gafolrden f. tribute, rent, LL.

gafolrand m. compasses. [gafol II. +rind? A 3659]

gafolswn m. swine-herd who paid rent in kind for permission to depasture his stock, LL448[6].

gafoltning f. fencing-wood given as part of the rent, TC145^8.

gafolwydu m. firewood supplied as part of the rent, TC145^6.

gafolyr f. land subject to tribute, rented land, LL447.

gafsprc f. foolish speech, scurrility, L.

gaful = gafol

gagtes, gagtstn (WW 148^5) m. agate, jet, BH. ['gagate']

gagel m? 'gale,' bog-myrtle, Lcd; Mdf.

gagelcroppan mpl. tufts of gale, Lcd 33a.

gagelle, gagolle f. = gagel

gagol = (1) gl; (2) gagel

gagolbrnes (ggl-) f. wantonness, CP.

gagulswillan to gargle, Gl.

gl I. n. lust, luxury, wantonness, folly, levity. II. adj. gay, light, wanton, Bo, BH: proud, wicked. ['gole']

galan^6 to sing, call, cry, scream, B, Met: sing charms, practice incantation. ['gale']

galder- = galdor-

galdor (ea) n. magic song, incantation, spell, enchantment,.

galdorcrft m. occult art, incantation, magic.

galdorcrftiga m. wizard, LL 38[30].

galdorcwide m. incantation, Rd 49^7.

galdorgalend using enchantments, WW.

galdorgalere m. wizard, WW 346^15.

galdorlo n. incantation.

galdorsang m. incantation, W 253^10.

galdorword n. magic word, Rim 24.

galdre m. wizard, magician.

galdrigge f. enchantress, Gl.

galdru nap. of galdor.

galend m. enchanter, VPs.

galere m. wizard, snake-charmer, WW.

glferh wanton, licentious, Jud 62.

glfrols m. revel, 'lupercalia,' OEG.

glful wanton, lustful, luxurious. adv. -lce.

galg- = gealg-

glian to be wanton, Sc 87^10.

Galilisc Galilean.

galla (VPs; DR) = gealla

gallac = galloc

Galleas, Gallias mp. Gauls, Franks, French.

galled = gealled

gllic lustful, BH, Bo; . ['golelich']

Gallie = Galleas

Gallisc Gaulish, French.

galloc (u^2) m. comfrey, gall-apple.

glmd wanton, licentious, Jud 256.

glnes f. frivolity, wantonness, lust, Sc; . ['goleness']

glscipe m. _excess, luxury, lasciviousness, wantonness_, _: _pride_. ['_goleship_']

glsere m. licentious person, W 72^6.

glsmre frivolous, facetious, jocose, RB 30^8. [v.'smere']

galung f. incantation, OEG 4940. [galan]

Galwalas mp. Gauls, Frenchmen: France.

gambe (o) f. tribute.

gamel == gamol

gamelic = gamenlic

gamen (o) n. sport, joy, mirth, pastime, 'game,' amusement, B, Bo; ,CP.

gamenian to pun, play, joke, , Sc. ['game']

gamenlic _belonging to games, theatrical_, OEG. adv. -lce _artfully_, _. ['_gamely_']

gamenung f. jesting, pastime.

gamenwu (o^1) f. merry journey, B 854.

gamenwudu (o^1) m. mirthful wood, harp.

gamnian = gamenian

gamol old, aged, hoary, ancient. [ge-, ml]

gamolfeax grey-haired.

gamolferh old, aged, Gen 2867.

gn pret. 3 sg. of gnan.

gn pret. 3 sg. ode, anv. to 'go' ('i-go'), move, proceed, advance, traverse, walk, , BH, G; CP: happen, turn out, take place, Lk: () gain, conquer, occupy, overrun, AO: () observe, practice, exercise, effect.

gandra m. gander, Gr; Ct.

ganet = ganot

gang I. (e, eo, o, u) m. _going, journey, progress, track, footprint_, _B, Lcd, RB_; : _flow, stream, way, passage, course, path, bed_, _AO, Bl_: _drain, privy_, _: (inpl.) _platform, stage_, GPH394. ['_gang_,' '_gong_'] II. imperat. and pret. sg. of gangan.

+gang n. occurrence, WW 394^9; passage (lapse) of time, GD 179^10.

gangan^7 (B, Bl) pret. geng (eo, a) = gn

gangdg m. one of the three processional days before Ascension day, Rogation day, Chr. ['gangdays']

gangehere = ganghere

gangelwfre = gangewfre [[under "gangewifre"]]

gangern n. privy, WW 184^15. [rn]

gangewifre (eo^1, o^1; ^2; ^3) f. (a weaver as he goes), spider.

ganggeteld n. portable tent, WW 187^3.

ganghere m. army of foot-soldiers, AO 154^24.

gang-pytt m., -setl n., -stl m., -tn m. () privy.

gangweg m. thoroughfare, WW. ['gangway']

gangwuce f. Rogation week, the week of holy Thursday, Mk. ['gangweek']

gnian to yawn, gape, open, Ps; Gl. ['gane']

ganot m. 'gannet,' sea-bird, water-fowl, B, Chr. ganotes b the sea.

ganra = gandra

gnung f. yawning, WW 162^37.

-gapian v. ofer-g.

gr I. m. 'spear,' dart, javelin, B, PPs. ['gare'] II. tempest? Gen 316. III. = gra (Mdf).

gra m. corner, point of land, cape, promontory, AO. [gr; 'gore']

grbam m. spear-shaft, Ex 246.

grberend m. warrior.

grcne bold in fight, B 1958.

grclife f. agrimony, Lcd.

grcwealm m. death by the spear, B 2043.

gare = gearo

grfaru f. warlike expedition.

grgetrum armed company, Cr 673.

grgewinn n. fight with spears, battle.

grhap m. band of warriors, Ex 321.

grholt n. shafted spear, B 1835.

grlac n. 'garlic,' Lcd; .

grmitting f. battle, Chr 937.

grn m. conflict, war, GnE 128.

grrs m. battle, Ma 32.

grsecg m. ocean, sea, AO.

grtorn m. fighting rage, Sol 145.

gr-racu f. ds. -rce battle, El 1186.

grrst bold, daring.

garuwe = gearwe

gr-wiga , -wgend m. spearman, warrior.

grwudu m. spear-shaft, lance, Ex 325.

gsrc m. savage person? Rune Casket.

gast == gst

gst () m. breath, Ps, VPs: soul, spirit, life, Gen, Ex, Mt; CP: good or bad spirit, angel, demon, ; BH, Mt: Holy Ghost, A, Jn, VPs: man, human being, Gu. ['ghost']

gstan to meditate? AS 3^1.

gstberend () m. living soul, man.

gstbona m. soul-slayer, the Devil, B 177.

gstbrcende practising in the spirit, .

gstcofa m. breast, Leas 13.

gstcund () spiritual, Gu 743.

gstcwalu () f. torment, pains of hell, Gu 651.

gstcyning m. soul's king, God, Gen 2883.

gstedom () spirituality, MFH 112.

gstgedl n. death.

gstgehygd n. thought.

gstgemynd () n. thought, Gu 574.

gstgenla () m. devil, Jul 245.

gstgerne n. spiritual mystery: thought, consideration.

gstgewinn () n. soul-torment, pains of hell.

gstgifu f. special gift of the Holy Spirit (e.g. gift of tongues), WW200^8.

gsthlig holy in spirit, holy.

gstlas lifeless, dead, El. ['ghostless']

gstlic spiritual, holy, A, ; CP: clerical (not lay), BH; CP, : ghastly, spectral, Nic. adv. -lce spiritually, . ['ghostly']

gstlufu () f. spiritual love.

gstsunu m. spiritual son. Godes g. Christ.

gat = geat

gt f. gs. gte, gte, nap. gt, gt she-'goat,' Cr, Ep, Lcd,Rd.

gtahierde = gthyrde

gtahs n. goat-house, WW 185^8.

gtbucca m. he-goat, WW. ['goat-buck']

gtehr n. goat's hair, .

gtetrow n. cornel tree? Lcd 32b.

gthyrde (io) m. 'goat-herd,' LL.

gatu v. geat.

g pres. pl. of gn.

ge conj. and, also. both...and, not only...but also; whether...or. g(hw)er both...and; either...or.

ge- prefix (indicated by the sign + in this Dict.), original meaning together; but it has usually lost all collective or intensitive force.

g I. (e) pron. 2 pers. pl., dp. ow. ap. ow(ic) 'ye,' you. II. = ga

ga adv. 'yea,' yes, BH.

geabul = gafol

gac m. cuckoo. [v. 'gowk,' 'yeke']

gacessre f. wood-sorrel, Gl.

geador unitedly, together.

geadrung f. text, MtL p8^17.

geaduling = gdeling

geaf pret. 3 sg. of giefan.

geaf- = gif-

geafl = (1) gafol; (2) ceafl

geafol == gafol

gafon pret. pl. of giefan.

geafu = giefu

gagl I. mn. jaws, throat, gullet, Lcd. II. = gl

gaglisc (, ) light, wanton, BH 400^13.

gaglswile m. swelling of the jaws, Lcd.

geagn- = gegn-

gahl = gagl

gah = ga

geal pret. 3 sg. of giellan.

gealdl f. gall-disease, jaundice, Lcd 40b.

galg (ga l ga, AS) yea, amen, RHy.

geald pret. 3 sg. of gieldan.

geald- = gald-

gealg sad, gloomy, rebellious. [[from first edition]]

gealga (a) m. 'gallows,' cross, B, Jul, WW;CP.

gealgian = geealgian [[listed as "ealgian"]]

gealgmd sad, gloomy, angry.

gealgtrow (a) n. 'gallows-tree,' gallows, cross, B,DR.

gealh == gealg

galhswile = gaglswile

gealla (a, e) m. I. 'gall,' bile, Mt, VPs, WW; , CP. II. a galled place on the skin, Lcd. ['gall'] (I.and II. possibly the same word.)

gealldl f. 'melancholia,' v. OEG 7^223.

gealled 'galled' (of horses), Lcd.

geallig 'acris, tristis,' HGl 456.

gealp pret. 3 sg. of gielpan.

gealpettan (a) to boast, NC 291.

gealpettung () f. boastfulness, NC 291.

gamrung (VPs) = gomrung

gamung = gmung

gan = gn

gana = gna

gan-, see also gegn-

geanbc? f. duplicate charter, counterpart.

gancyme () m. meeting, EPs 63^3, ARSHy.

[[Entry before author's corrections: gancyme () m. meeting, EPs 63^3, ARSHy: coming back, return: 'adinventio,' RHy 1^4.]]

gancyrr m. (-cyrnes? f. RPs 18^7) meeting, SPs 18^7: return. ['gainchare']

ganfr n. going again, return.

gangang () return? LL 8[84].

gangewrit () 'rescriptio,' OEG 862.

ganhweorfan^3 to return, HGl.

ganhworfennes f. return, HGl 470.

ganhwurf m. return, OEG 559.

ganhwyrft () m. turning again, LPs 125^1.

gannes f. meeting, HGl 513.

gano? complaint, OEG xiv. [Goth. gaunus]

ganryne m. meeting, ERLPs 58^6.

ganingian to reply, Gen 1009.

geanwyrde known, acknowledged, confessed.

gap I. (, ) open, wide, extensive, broad, spacious, lofty, steep, deep: bent, crooked: deceitful, cunning. II. pret. 3 sg. of gopan.

gapes (gs. of gap) adv. wide.

gaplic deceitful, cunning, . adv. -lce, .

gapneb adj. (epithet of corslet) meshed, Wald 2^19 (?= *gapweb wide-meshed).

-gapnes v. wr-g.

gapscipe m. cleverness, cunning, craft, deceit, trickery, artifice,.

gapweb v. gapneb.

gear pret. 3 sg. of georran.

gar (, ) nm. 'year,' , AO, CP. t gare in this year: yearly tribute: name of the rune for=g=.

geara = gearwe

geara- = gearo-

gara of 'yore,' formerly, in former times, once, long since, AO, CP. (gp.of gar)

gearcian to prepare, procure, supply, L. [gearo]

gearcung f. preparation.

gearcungdg m. preparation-day, day before the Sabbath,G.

garcyning m. consul, WW 375^2.

geard I. m. 'yard,' enclosure, court, residence, dwelling, land, Mdf. in geardum at home, in the world: hedge, GD, MtR. II. = gierd

gardagas mp. lifetime; days of yore, former days.

gardagum adv. formerly, in days of old, once.

geare = gearwe I. and II.

geare- = gear-, gearo-

gare = gara

garfc n. space of a year, W 72^1.

gearfo == earfo

gargemearc n. space of a year, Gu 1215.

gargemynd n. yearly commemoration, NC 292.

gargeriht n. yearly due, W 113^9.

gargerm () n. number of years, v. ES 39342.

gargetal (^1) n. number of years, Lcd 2284.

garhwamlce yearly, EC 226^6.

garlac = grlac

garlic yearly, of the year, annual, . adv. -lce,CP.

gearlce = gearolce

garmlum year by year, Met 1^5.

garmarcet n. annual fair, TC 372^15.

gearn (e) n. 'yarn,' spun wool, Gl.

gearnful (NG) = geornful

gearnung = geornung

gearnwinde f. yarn-winder, reel, Gl, LL455[15].

gearo (gearu) I. (wk gearwa) gsmn. -(o)wes; asm. gearone; napn. gearu prepared, ready, equipped, finished, Chr, W. ['yare'] II. = gearwe adv.

garo = gara

gearobrygd f. quick movement, deft playing (of an instrument), #Cra#50.

gearofolm with ready hand, B 2085.

gearolce readily, fully, clearly.

gearor comp. of gearo adj. and gearwe adv.

gearo-snotor, -snottor very skilful.

gearooncol ready-witted, Jud 342.

gearowes gsmn. of gearo.

gearowita m. intellect, understanding, Bo.

gearowitolnes (a^2) f. sagacity, W 53^16.

gearowyrdig ready of speech, Mod 51.

garrm n. number of years, AO.

gartorht perennially bright, Gen 1561.

garnung f. annual service, LL 382[38].

gearu == gearo

gearw- = gearaw-

gearugangende going swiftly, Rd 41^17.

gearuw- = gearw-

gearwan = gierwan

gearwanlaf = geormanlaf

gearwe I. adv. comp. gear(w)or; sup. gear(w)ost well, effectually, sufficiently, thoroughly, entirely, , AO, CP. [Ger. gar] II. f. ( clothing, equipment, ornament, trappings, harness, armour. III. (a, ) f. 'yarrow,' Lcd 147a.

gearwian (, e, i, ie, y) to equip, prepare, make ready, , CP: construct, erect, make: procure, supply: clothe, adorn.

gearwung f. preparation: parasceve.

gearwungdg (eo^1) m. parasceve, JnR.

+gearwungnes f. preparation.

gearwutol austere, LkL 19^21,22.

gasceaft v. gosceaft.

gasne (Jul) = gsne

geat n. (, e) nap. gatu (geatu VPs) 'gate,' door, opening, , BH, Bl, G; AO, CP; Mdf.

gat pret. 3 sg. of gotan.

gatan (, , o) to say 'yea,' consent, grant, confirm. [ga]

geatolic adorned, splendid, magnificent, stately.

geattorr m. gate-tower.

geatwa = geatwe

geatwan to equip, Rd 29^6.

geatwe fp. arms, equipments, trappings, ornaments: organs, members.

geatweard m. gate-keeper, door-keeper, porter, Jn. ['gateward']

ga f. foolishness, mockery. [gac]

gebellic (OET, Cp 881) = gafollic

gc (OET) = goc

gecel, gecile (Gl) = gicel

ged = gd, gidd

gedd == gidd

gederian = (1) gaderian; (2) derian

gee = ga

gef = (1) geaf pret. 3 sg. of giefan; (2) (N) gif

gef- = gief-

gglesc = gaglisc

gegn = gn

gegn- see also gan-

gegncwide m. reply, answer, retort: (in pl.) conversation.

+gegnian to meet, DR.

gegninga = gegnunga

gegnp m. opposing path, Rd 16^26.

gegnslege m. battle, An 1358.

gegnum adv. away, forwards, straight on, thither.

gegnunga adv. immediately, directly: certainly, plainly, precisely: completely, fully.

gego = geogu

geher (NG) = ar

gehhol = geohol, gol

gehu (eo, i) f. care, anxiety, grief.

geld = gield

geld- = gild-, gyld-

gelde sterile, WW 226^22; 394^26.

gell- = geall-, giell-

gellet n? bowl, Lcd 122a.

gelm = gilm

gelo = geolu

gelostr = geolster

gelp == gielp

glsa = glsa

gelt (KGl) = gylt

gme- = geme-

gmerian = gomrian

gemme = gimm

gmnes (VPs) = gemenes

gemstn (ES 7134) = gimmstn [[headword spelled "gimstn"]]

gmung (a, , ) f. marriage, MtR, DR.

gmungian to marry, DR 109^17.

gmunglic nuptial, MtR, DR.

gn I. (e) (A, rare in prose) adv. yet, now, still, again: further, besides, also, moreover: hitherto. II. adj. direct.

gn- = gan-, ggn-

gna = gn I.

gend == geond

gende = gengde pret. 3 sg. of gengan.

gnde = giende v. gian.

geng I. = geong. II. = gang. III. pret. 3 sg. of gangan.

+genga m. fellow-traveller, companion, W.

gengan, pret. gengde to go. [gong] [[under "gang"]]

genge I. prevailing, effectual, appropriate, BH, Gu. ['genge'] II. n. troop, Chr; FBO, W: privy. ['ging']

-gengel v. fter-, for(e)-g.

genigend = giniend pres. ptc. of ginian.

gno, gnu = gn

go (u) adv. once, formerly, of old, before, already, earlier, CP (go). [Goth.ju]

geoc n. 'yoke,' , AO, CP: yoke of oxen: a measure of land, OET (Ct): consort,NG.

goc (oc) f. help, support, rescue: safety: consolation.

geocboga m. yoke-bow, yoke.

gocend m. preserver, Saviour.

geocian (iuc-) to yoke, join together.

gocian (w. g. or d.) to preserve, rescue, save.

geocled n. geocleta (ioc-) m. a measure of land, OET (Ct), v.LL2527.

gocor harsh, terrible: bitter, sad. adv. gocre.

geocsa m. sob, Met 2^5.

geocstecca part of a yoke (Swt), bolt of a door, bar (BT), Gl. [sticca]

geocsung f. sobbing, WW 179^4.

geoctma (ioc-) m. animal yoked with another, WW106^36.

geoca = gica

godd (i-) f. deed of old, former deed.

geof = gif

geof- = gief-, gif-

geofen = geofon

geofena gp. of geofu = giefu

geofon (i, y) n. ocean, sea.

geofonfld m. ocean flood, Az 125.

geofonhs n. ship, Gen 1321.

geoga = geogu

go-gara, -gare adv. of old.

goglere, gogelere m. juggler, magician, W 98^9; HGl. [Ger. gaukler]

geogo (, AO) == geogu

geogu f. 'youth,' : young people, CP: junior warriors (asopposed to dugu): young of cattle.

geogucnsl n. young offspring, Rd 16^10.

geogufeorh n. time of youth.

geogu-hd m., -hdnes f. state of youth.

geogulic youthful.

geogulust m. youthful lust, Bl 59^9.

geogumyr f. joy of youth, Rd 39^2.

geogutoung f. tithe of calves.

geohol, geohhol = gol

geoh(h)el- = gol-

geohsa = geocsa

geoht (iuht) n. yoke, v. OEG 7^135.

geohu = gehu

gol n., gola m. 'Yule'-tide, Christmas. rra gola December. ftera gola January.

geolca = geoloca

geold = gield

goldg (geoh(h)el-) m. Yule-day, day at Yuletide.

golan (i-) n. reward for past deed, Wald 2^7.

geoleca = geoloca

geolerad = geolurad

geolhstor = geolster

golmna (il-) m. December.

geolo = geolu

geoloca, geol(e)ca m. 'yolk,' . [geolu]

geolorand m. buckler covered with yellow linden-bark.

geol-ster, -stor mn. matter, pus, poison, poisonous humour, disease, OEG.

geolstrig secreting poison, purulent, OEG.

geolu gmn. geolwes 'yellow.'

geoluhwt pale yellow.

geolurad reddish yellow, WW 375^18.

geolwian to become yellow.

gomann (u) m. man of past times.

gomowle (o) f. aged wife? B.

gomer- = gomor-, gomr-

gomor troubled, sad, miserable. adv. -more.

gomorfrd very old, Gen 2224.

gomorgidd n. dirge, elegy.

gomorlic sad, painful, AO. adv. -lce.

gomormd sorrowful, .

gomornes f. tribulation, LPs 118^143.

gomorung = gomrung

gomrian to be sad, complain, lament, bewail, mourn, , AO,CP.

gomrung f. lamentation, groaning, moaning, grief,.

gomur = gomor

geon adv. 'yon,' CP.

geon- = geond-

gona (NG) = gna, gn

geona pres. 3 sg. of geonian.

geond (e, i, y) I. prep. (w. a. and, rarely, d.) throughout, through, over. geond...innan throughout: up to, as far as, during. II. adv. yonder, thither.

geondan prep. (w. a.) beyond.

geondblwan^7 (i^1) to inspire, illuminate.

geondbrdan to spread over, cover entirely, B 1239.

geonddrencan (i^1) to drink excessively, get drunk, KGl 58^40.

geondeardian to inhabit, RPs 32^8.

geondfaran^7 to traverse, pervade, .

geondfolan^3 (only in pp. geondfolen) to fill completely, #Gen#43.

geondfran to traverse: surpass, L 23b^333.

geondflwan^7 to flow over or through, Hell 105.

geondflwende ebbing and flowing, OEG 2363.

geondfolen v. geondfolan.

geond-gn anv., -gangan^7 to traverse, go round.

geondgotan^2 to pour, pour upon, suffuse, .

geondhweorfan^3 to traverse, pass over, pass through.

geondhyrdan to harden thoroughly.

geondlcan^7 to traverse, flow over, Ph 70.

geondleccan to water, LPs 103^13.

geond-leccung (gynd-) f. moistening, watering, Sc 27^7.

geond-lhtan (CP), -lhtan to illuminate, enlighten,CP.

geondlhtend m. illuminator, DHy 128^5.

geondmengan to confuse, bewilder, Sol 59.

geondswan^7 to strew, scatter.

geondscawian to survey, consider, reflect upon, review.

geondscnan^1 to shine upon, illuminate.

geondscran^1 to pass through, traverse, stride to and fro, MFH163; W250^3.

geondscring f. course, passage, OEG 263.

geond-scan pret. 3 sg. -shte to search thoroughly: pervade.

geondsendan to overspread.

geondson^5 to examine, B 3087.

geondsmagan to investigate, examine, discuss.

geondsptan to squirt through, Lcd 78a.

geondsprengan to besprinkle.

geondspringan^3 to penetrate, OEG 2840.

geondsprtan^2 to pervade, Cr 42.

geond-spurnan, -spyrnian to cause to stumble,NG.

geond-stregdan, -strdan to scatter, suffuse, besprinkle,.

geondstyrian to stir up, agitate, Met 6^15.

geondencan to reflect upon, consider.

geondwadan^6 (i^1) to know thoroughly, be versed in, CP9^10.

geondwltan^1 to look over, contemplate, examine, scan.

geondyrnan^3 to run over, Gr 277^3.

geong I. (e, i, u) comp. gingra; superl. gingest 'young,' youthful, , AO, CP: recent, new, fresh: (superl.) last, B. II. (NG) = gang. III. = geng pret. 3 sg. of gangan.

geongan = gangan

geongerdm = geongordm

geongewifre = gangewifre

geonglcan (gyng-, iung-) to pass one's youth, HGl 508; OEG4361.

geonglic young, youthful, .

geonglicnes f. youth.

geongling (iu-) m. youth, Gr 3^1.

geongordm , geongorscipe m. discipleship, allegiance. [OS. jungardm; jungarskepi]

geongra (i) m. youth: disciple, follower, dependant, servant, vassal, AO: assistant, deputy. [Ger. jnger]

geongre (i) f. female attendant, assistant, deputy, Jud 132.

geonian = ginian

geonlic (MF 103^20) = geonglic?

geonofer adv. thither.

geons m. departure hence, death, MFH 163.

geonung = ginung

gopan^2 to absorb, swallow, Rd 24^9.

geormanlaf n. mallow.

geormenletic mallow, WW 135^27.

georn I. (usu. w. g.) desirous, eager, earnest, diligent, studious, AO, CP. [Ger. gern] II. = gearn pret. 3 sg. of +iernan.

geornan = giernan

georne adv. eagerly, zealously, earnestly, gladly, , AO, CP: well, carefully, completely, exactly, . [Ger. gern]

geornes = geornnes

georneste (WW 499^1) = eornoste

georn-ful, -fullic desirous, eager, zealous, diligent, AO, CP. adv. -lce,.

geornfulnes f. eagerness, zeal, diligence, , AO, CP: desire.

geornian = giernan

geornlic adj. desirable, AO. adv. -lce zealously, earnestly, diligently, carefully, ,CP.

geornnes f. zeal, industry: evil desire, lust, wickedness,NG.

geornung f. yearning, desire: diligence.

geornust- = eornost-

georowyrde (BH) = gearowyrdig

georran = gyrran

georst = gorst [[under "gors"]]

georstandg = gierstandg

georstu interj. O! VPs. [heran]

gosceaft f. destiny, fate, B 1234.

gosceaftgst m. doomed spirit, B 1266.

geostra, geostran (ie, ei, y) 'yester' (-day, -night). [Ger. gestern]

got = get

-gota v. lad-g. [[headword spelled "ladgeota"]]

gotan I. (sv^2) to pour, pour forth, shed, AO, CP: flow, flood, overwhelm: () found, cast. [Ger. giessen] II. = gatan

gotend m. artery, WW 352^25.

gotenlic molten, fluid, GPH 394.

gotere m. founder (of metal), AO 54.

-goting v. in-, on-g. [[headword spelled "ongotung"]]

gotton pret. pl. of gotan II.

geou = geohu = gehu

gow = gw

gower (GPH 395) = ower

gowian = +owan = +ewan

gowine (u) m. departed friend, Seaf 92.

geoxa = geocsa

gp == gap

ger- = gr-, gearw-, gier-

gr == gar

gerd = gierd

gerd- = gyrd-

gerew-, gerw- = gearw-

gernwinde = gearnwinde

grscipe m. jest? Rim 11.

gs v. gs.

gesca, gescea = geocsa

gse (, ) adv. 'yes.' [ga, sw]

gesen entrails, intestines, WW 231^39.

gsine, gsne = gsne

gest = giest

gst = gst

gest- = gst-, giest-

gstende (OEG 2499) = stende [[form of "stan"]]

get = geat

gt I. = gt nap. of gt. II. = gat pret. 3 sg. of gotan. III. (VPs), gta = get, geta

gtan I. to destroy, kill, B 2940 (or? grtan). II. = gatan

gtenwyrde consenting, agreeing. [gatan]

gi- (NG, etc.) = ge-

gib = gif

giccan to 'itch,' Lcd.

gicce 'itch,' Ln 33^3 (y).

giccig purulent, HGl 453.

gicel, gicela (y) m. icicle, ice, DD, WW. ['ickle']

gicelgebland n. frost, RHy 7^70.

gicelig glacial, icy, OEG.

gicelstn m. hailstone.

gicenes (y) f. itching, itch, Gl.

gica (ie, io, y) m. scab, itch, itching, , CP: hiccough, Lcd.

gid- = gyd-

gd- = gt-

gidd (e, ie, y) n. song, poem: saying, proverb, riddle: speech, story, tale, narrative.

giddian (ie) to speak formally, discuss: speak with alliteration, recite, sing,AO.

giddung f. utterance, saying, prophecy, song, poetry, poetical recitation, metre,.

ge = g

gieca (CP) = gica?

giedd == gidd

gief (rare EWS) = gif

gief- = gif-

giefa (eo, i, y) m. donor, CP.

giefan^5 (e, eo, io; ea, ia (A), i, y) w. d. and a. to 'give,' bestow, B, Sol; AO, CP: commit, entrust, Da: give in marriage, Chr.

giefend (e) m. giver, DR.

gefernes (CP) = gfernes

giefl (i, y) n. morsel, food.

giefnes (e) f. pardon, DR.

giefu (e, eo, i, y) f. gift, B, Bo, Mt; AO, CP. t giefe, giefes gratis, freely: favour, grace, Bl, Lk: name of the rune for g. ['give']

gield (eo, i) n. service, offering, worship, sacrifice: money-payment, tax, tribute, compensation, substitute: guild, brotherhood: idol, god.

gieldan^3 (e, i, y) to 'yield,' pay, AO, CP: pay for: reward, requite, render, AO, CP: worship, serve, sacrifice to: punish.

-gieldere (y) v. gafol-g. [[under "gafolgyldere"]]

gieldra = ieldra comp. of eald.

-giella (e, i) v. stn-g. [[under "stngella"]]

giellan^3 (e, i, y) to 'yell,' sound, shout.

gielp (e, i, y) mn. boasting, pride, arrogance: fame, glory,AO.

gielpan^3 (i, y) to boast, exult, CP. ['yelp']

gielpcwide m. boastful speech.

gielpen (i) boastful, CP.

gielpgeorn (i, y) eager for glory, BH 92^4.

gielpgeornes (i) f. desire for glory, W.

gielphlden (i) boastful, B 868.

gielping (y) f. glory, Sc 144^11.

gielplic (i) vainglorious, boastful: ostentatious, showy. adv. -lce.

gielpna (i) m. boaster, CP.

gielpplega (y) m. war, Ex 240.

gielpsceaa (e^1, a^2) m. arrogant, boastful enemy.

gielpsprc f. boastful speech, B 981.

gielpword (y) n. boast, AO.

gielt = gylt

giem = gimm

geman (, , ) (w. g. or a.) to care for, heal, CP: take notice of, take heed to, regard, observe, AO,CP.

geme f. care.

gemelas (, ) careless, neglected, stray, CP: incurable, MtL p20^11.

gemelasian to neglect, despise.

gemelaslic careless, CP. adv. -lce.

gemelasnes (, ) f. negligence, BH 242^18.

geme-last, -lest f. carelessness, neglect, CP.

gemen (, , ) f. care, oversight, heed, diligence, rule, AO,CP.

gemend () m. governor, Sc 117^7.

gem(e)nes () f. care, anxiety, DR, NG.

geming f. care, anxiety, CP 129^20.

gen = gn

gena = gna

giend = geond

giendan v. gynde.

gieng == geong

gierd (ea, i, y) f. 'yard,' rod, staff, twig, CP: rood (measure). [Ger. gerte]

gierede pret. 3 sg. of gierwan.

gierela (e, i, y) m. dress, apparel, AO, CP. [gearwian]

gier(e)lian (e) to clothe.

+gierelic (e) adj. of clothes, WW 503^18.

gierian = gearwian

+giering f. 'directio,' RPs 138^3.

giernan (eo, y) (w. g.) to 'yearn' for, strive, be eager, desire, entreat, seek for, beg, demand, AO, CP. [georn]

+giernendlic (y) desirable, EPs 18^11.

giernes = geornes

gierning (CP) = geornung

gierran = gyrran

gierstandg (eo, y) m. yesterday. [giestran]

gierstenlic adj. of yesterday, DHy 47 (eo).

gierwan (ea, y) to prepare: cook: deck, dress, clothe, AO,CP.

giest (, e, i, y) m. 'guest,' Gen, RB (y): stranger, MtL (e), Rd (): () enemy.

giesths (, y) n. 'guest house,' Mk.

giestian (y) to lodge, be a guest.

giestig (e) adj. being a stranger, MtL 25^38.

giesting (e) f. exile, Gl.

giestning (e) f. hospitality, lodging, NC 296.

giestran adv. yesterday, Rd 41^44.

giestranfen m. yesterday evening. adv. -fene.

get I. (, , ) adv. 'yet,' still, besides, further, again, moreover. . g. yet, still. ng. until now. II. pres. 3 sg. of gotan.

geta = get I.

-gietan v. be-g.

getsere = gtsere

getsian = gtsian

gif (e, ie, y) conj. (w. ind. or subj.) 'if,' B, G, etc.; CP: whether, though, B.

gifa = giefa

gifan = giefan

gifect (Gl) = gefeoht [[listed as "feoht"]]

gifel = giefl

gifen I. pp. of giefan. II. = geofon

gfer m. glutton, Soul 118.

gfere = gfre

gferlce greedily.

gfernes f. greediness, gluttony, avarice, , CP.

gifee I. granted by fate, given. II. n. fate, lot, B 3085.

giffst endowed, talented: (w. g.) capable of.

gifheall f. hall in which gifts were bestowed, B 838.

gifian (ea, eo) to present, endow: glorify, DR 78^14: (+) wait for, expect? DR 20^8.

gifig rich, A 11171.

gifl = giefl

gifnes f. grace, favour.

gifol liberal, generous, bountiful, CP.

gifola m. giver, AS 2^13.

gifolnes (io) f. liberality.

gifre useful, Rd 27^28; 50^3.

gfre greedy, rapacious, ravenous, CP: desirousof.

gifsceatt m. present, B 378.

gifstl m. gift-seat, throne.

gift (y) nf. what is given, price, 'gift,' portion, marriage gift (bythe bridegroom), dowry: (pl.) nuptials, wedding, marriage, . [giefan]

giftbr m. bride-chamber, EPs 18^5.

giftelic = giftlic

giftfeorm f. marriage-feast, NC 297.

gifths (y) n. house at which a wedding is being celebrated, Mt 22^10.

giftian (y) to give in marriage (of the woman),G.

giftlo n. epithalamium, WW 165^33.

giftlic nuptial, belonging to a wedding, .

gifu () = giefu

giful = gifol

gifung (y) f. consent, BH 86^25.

gg (Cp 142#g#) = gw

ggant m. giant. [L. gigantem]

ggantmcg m. son of a giant, Gen 1268.

gigo == geogu

ghsa = geocsa

giha = gica

gihu = gehu

gild = gield

gild- = gyld-

gild (y) n. 'guild,' society, Ct.

gilda m. member of a brotherhood of related persons, v.LL 2378; 445.

gildan = (1) gieldan; (2) gyldan

gilddagas mp. guild-days, festival-days.

gilde v. twi-g.

+gildheall (y) f. guild-hall, KC 4277^21.

gildlic adj. of a guild.

gildrden (y) f. guild-membership, Ct.

gildscipe m. guild, brotherhood, Ct, LL. ['guildship']

gildsester (y) m. measure of bulk belonging to a corporate body, TC 606; 611.

gillan = giellan

gillister n. gillistre, f. phlegm, pus, matter, Lcd. [= geolster]

gilm, gilma (e) m. handful; sheaf.

gilp == gielp

gilt == gylt

gilte f. young sow, WW 119^25.

gim = gimm

gm- = gem-

gimbre gem-bearing, OEG.

gimcynn n. precious stone, gem.

gimfst (B 1272) = ginfst

gimm (y) m. (occl. nap. gimme) precious stone, 'gem,' jewel; , Bl, VPs; CP: () sun, star. [L. gemma]

gimmian to adorn with gems.

gimmisc jewelled, Nar 5^13.

gimreced n. bejewelled hall, palace, Met 8^25.

gimrodor m. draconite (precious stone), OEG.

gimstn m. _stone capable of being made into a gem, jewel_, _; AO. ['_gemstone_']

gmung = gmung

gimwyrhta m. jeweller, (y).

gin I. n. yawning deep, Ex 430. II. adj. = ginn

gn = gn

gna = gna

gnan^1 to yawn.

gind == geond

ginfst ample, liberal. [ginn]

ging, gingest v. geong.

gingi-ber, -fer(e) f. 'ginger,' Lcd.

gingra I. () v. geong. II. = geongra

gingre = geongre

ginian (eo, y) to 'yawn,' gape, make a noise, AO. [gnan]

ginn spacious, wide, ample.

ginnan = onginnan

ginnes f. gap, interval, Cp 373#i#.

ginnfst = ginfst

ginnwsed (y) very wise, Gu 839?

ginung (eo, y) f. gaping, yawning, Gl.

go == go

giofol == gifol

giohhd = geoguhd

gow = gw

giowian (RG) = giwian

gipung = gypung

gir- = gearw-, geor-, gier-, gyr-

gird = gierd

giren (VPs) = grn

girstbtung = gristbtung [[headword spelled "gristbitung"]]

girwan = gearwian

+gscan to close, bolt, bar, Gl.

giscian to sob, Bo 8^8.

gse = gse

gsl, gsel m. hostage, AO. [Ger. geisel]

gslhd m. state of being a hostage, Cp 99#o#.

gslian to give hostages, Chr.

gist I. m. 'yeast,' froth, Lcd. II. = gst

gist- = gst-, giest-

gst = st

gistran = geostran [[under "geostra"]]

gstung = gtsung

git dual of pron. 2 pers. (u); g. incer; d. inc; a. inc(it) you two. git Johannis thou and John.

gt = get

gta = geta

gitrife = girife [[variant of "grife"?]]

gtsere m. miser, , CP.

gtsian () to be greedy, long for, covet, , CP: (+) attain, CP 364^22. [Ger. geizen]

gtsiendlic insatiable, RPs 100^5.

gtsung () f. avarice, greediness, covetousness, desire,CP.

g- = g-

giu = gehu

gu () == go

giu- = geo-

Guling July, Cp 70#q# (A 20137).

gw (o) m. griffin, vulture, WW 258^7.

giwian (? v. A 1698) to ask, NG.

giwung f. petition, N.

gld pret. 3 sg. of gldan.

glad- v. gld.

gladian (ea) () to gleam, glisten: () intr. be glad, rejoice, JnLR, Lcd: () tr. gladden, rejoice, gratify, appease, , VPs. ['glad']

gladine = gldene

gladung f. rejoicing, RB. ['gladding']

gld I. (glad- in obl. cases) () bright, shining, brilliant, gleaming, Gen, Ph, Sol: cheerful, 'glad,' joyous, Cr; , CP: pleasant, kind, gracious, , B, G. II. n. joy, gladness, #Wy#68.

gldene (a, e) f. iris, gladiolus, Gl; Lcd. ['gladdon']

gldestede = gldstede

gldine (Gl) = gldene

gldlic bright, shining, Wid: pleasant, agreeable, Ps. adv. -lce 'gladly,' joyfully, kindly, willingly, BH.

gldmd glad-hearted, cheerful, joyous: kind, gracious.

gldmdnes f. kindness, bounty, CP 391^6.

gldnes f. 'gladness,' joy, BH; , DR(+).

gldscipe m. gladness, joy.

gldstede = gldstede

glm m. 'gleam,' brilliance, brightness, splendour, beauty, Gen, Jul: a brilliant light, Gu.

glng == gleng

glr m. amber, resin, WW.

glren vitreous, glassy. [gls]

gls n. nap. glasu, and (once) glsas (GPH 397) 'glass,' Bo, Cr;.

glsen of glass, glassy, Bl. ['glassen']

glsenage grey-eyed, WW 416^1.

glsft n. glass (vessel), BH 398^3 (o, b), GD 10^16.

glsful m. a glassful, BH 398^3 (t).

glshltor clear, transparent.

glterian to glitter, OEG, WW.

glterung f. shining, RPs 48^15.

gltlic = gldlic

glw = glaw

glappe f. burdock, buckbean? Lcd.

glasu v. gls.

glw = glaw

glam m? n? revelry, joy, Gen 12.

glaw (, , ) penetrating, prudent, wise, skilful, G, VPs; , AO, CP: ()good. adv. -e. ['glew']

glawferh prudent.

glawhycgende , glawhdig thoughtful, wise, prudent.

glawlic (, o) wise, prudent, diligent. adv. -lce.

glawmd wise, sagacious, CP.

glawnes () f. wisdom, prudence, penetration, .

glawscipe m. wisdom, thoughtfulness, diligence: proof, indication.

gld (oe) f. glowing coal, ember, fire, flame, Ps; . [glwan; 'gleed']

+gldan to make hot, kindle.

gleddian to sprinkle, throw over, Lcd 3292^14.

gldegesa m. fiery terror, B 2650.

gledene = gldene

gldft n. chafing-dish, Lcd 123b.

gledine = gldene

glednes (KGl) = gldnes

gldscofl (oe) f. fire-shovel, Cp 7#u#.

gldstede m. altar.

glemm m? blemish, spot, W 67^8.

glencan = glengan

glendran to devour, swallow, MtR.

+glendrian to precipitate, LkL 4^29.

gleng mf. (nap. gleng(e)as, glenge, glenga) ornament, honour, CP: building,NG.

glengan () to adorn, decorate, L: trim (lamp): (+) set in order, compose.

glenge = gleng

+glengendlic magnificent, brilliant. adv. -lce, OEG 1202.

glengful decked out, adorned, GPH 395.

glenglic = glengendlic

glentrian = glendran

glo == glw

glof (v. late) = glow II.

gleomu f. splendour, Ruin 34?

glow I. = glw. II. pret. 3 sg. of glwan.

glow- = glaw-, glw-

glsan to gloss, Gr 293^13. [L. glossa]

glsing f. glossing, explanation, translation, Gr 293^14.

glw = glaw

gla (OEG 3173) = glga gp. of glg.

glida (io) m. kite, vulture, , Cp. ['glede']

gldan^1 to 'glide,' slip, slide, An, B; , AO, CP: glide away, vanish.

glidder slippery, VHy. ['glidder']

gliddrian to slip, be unstable, OEG 4104.

glider (W 239^14) = glidder

gliderung (y) f. phantom, WW 401^40.

glg == glw

glind m. hedge, fence, BC 1296.

glioda (Cp) = glida

glsian to glitter, WW. ['glise']

glisnian (y) to 'glisten,' gleam, glitter, Shr, Run.

glt pres. 3 sg. of gldan.

glitenian to glitter, shine.

glitenung f. coruscation, gleam.

glitin- = gliten-

glw (o, g, o, u, ow) n. 'glee,' pleasure, mirth, play, sport, Ph: music, Gn.

glwbeam (g) m. musical instrument, harp, timbrel, LRSPs 149^3.

glwbydenestre () f. female musician, LPs 67^26.

glwcrft m. music, minstrelsy.

glwcum 'tibiis,' LPs 146^10 ().

glwdram (o) m. music, mirth, B 3021.

glwere m. buffoon, parasite, OEG.

glwgamen (g) n. revelry, W 46^16.

glwgeorn (g) fond of sport.

glwhloriendlic musical, WW 446^36.

glwian to make merry, jest, play (music), sing, BH (o), LL: adorn, Rd 27^13. ['glew']

glwiend m. performer, player, SPs 67^26.

glwingman (OEG 50^9) ?= glwman

glwlic mimic, comic, GPH 396.

glwmden (e) n. female musician, ERPs 67^26.

glwman m. 'gleeman,' minstrel, player, jester, B (o); CP, WW(g).

glwre = glwere

glwstf m. melody, joy, Wa 52.

glwstl m. seat of joy, Rd 88^8.

glwung f. boisterous laughter, OEG 1472.

glwword (ow) n. song, poem, Met 7^2.

glf, glfe f. 'glove,' B, Guth. foxes g. foxglove.

+glfed gloved, AS 42^11.

glfung f. supplying with gloves, LL 450[10].

glfwyrt f. glovewort, dog's tongue, lily of the valley, Lcd.

glm m? gloaming, twilight, Creat 71.

glmung f. 'gloaming,' twilight, DHy; GD.

glwan^7 to 'glow,' , OEG.

glwende 'glowing,' burning, Lcd 80b.

gly- = gli-

gnd pret. 3 sg. of gndan.

gngen = gnagen pp. of gnagan.

gnt m. 'gnat,' midge, AO, Lcd, Mt.

gnagan^6 to 'gnaw,' , Ct, DD.

-gnst v. fr-g.

gna niggardly, B, BH: frugal. [v.'gnede']

gnalicnes f. frugality, OEG 2437.

gne scanty, sparing, WW. adv. -lce, GD. [v.'gnethe']

gnelicnes = gnalicnes

gnen moderate, modest.

gnnes f. frugality: scarcity.

gndan^1 to rub, grind together, crumble, Lk; , AO. ['gnide']

gnidil m? rubber, pestle, Cp 440#p#.

gnt pres. 3 sg. of gndan.

gngon pret. pl. of gnagan.

gnorn I. sad, sorrowful, troubled, depressed. II. m. sadness, sorrow, trouble.

gnornan = gnornian

gnorncearig sad, troubled, Jul 529.

gnorngan = gnornian

gnornhof n. prison, cell.

gnornian to be sad, murmur, complain, mourn, lament, grieve,CP.

gnornscendende hastening away in sadness, PPs 89^10. [scyndan]

gnornsorg f. sadness, sorrow.

gnornung (e) f. sadness, sorrow, lamentation, , AO,CP.

gnornword n. sad speech, lamentation.

gnuddian to rub, OEG 56^33.

gnyran = gnyrran

gnyrn f. sadness, mourning, calamity: wrong, insult, fault, blemish. [gnorn]

gnyrnwracu f. revenge, enmity, El 359.

gnyrran to grind the teeth, W 138^29: creak, Lcd.

+gnysan = cnyssan

gne = gna

ga 3 p. sg. pres. of gian.

gc = goc

God m. np. -as, -u a 'god,' image of a god, , Jul, LL, Ps; AO: God, the (Christian) Deity, , BH;CP.

gd I. comp. bet(e)ra, bettra, superl. bet(e)st 'good' (ofpersons or things), virtuous, B, Bl, Chr, G: desirable, favourable, salutary, pleasant, Bl: valid, efficient, suitable, Az, Jul, Lcd: considerable, sufficiently great, Chr. II. n. good thing, advantage, benefit, gift, B, Bl, Mt; , AO, CP: 'good,' goodness, welfare, CP: ability, doughtiness: goods, property, wealth,CP.

godppel m. quince, WW 364^16. [= coddppel]

godbearn n. divine child, Son of God: godchild, W. ['godbairn']

godborg m? solemn pledge (given in church?), LL 18[33]; 66[33] and v.2332,1d.

godbt f. atonement, LL 258[51].

godcund religious, sacred, divine, heaven-sent, Gen, Chr; , CP. ['godcund']

godcundlic divine, , CP. adv. -lce divinely, : canonically.

godcundmht n? divine majesty, MtL.

godcundnes f. divine nature, divinity, Godhead, , Lcd: divine service. ['godcundness']

gddd f. good work, Cr: benefit, PPs.

goddohtor f. 'goddaughter,' Ct.

gddnd m. (nap. gddnd) doer of good, benefactor.

goddram m. joy of heaven.

gode- = god-

godfder m. God the Father: 'godfather,' Ct,LL.

godfrecnes (BH 70^12) = godwrecnes

gdfremmend m. doer of good? B 299.

godfyrht (e, i) godfearing, pious, An. ['godfright']

godgeld = godgield

godgesprce (BH) = godsprce

godgield (e^2, i^2, y^2) n. heathen god, idol, AO.

godgildlic of idols, WW 466^16.

godgim m. heavenly jewel? El 1114.

godhd m. divine nature, CP 261^17.

gdian to improve, get better, Chr, Lcd: make better: () endow, enrich, KC; . ['good']

goding m. Son of God, LkR 4^1.

gdlr f. good teaching, LL 304#b#.

gdlas bad, evil, BH. ['goodless']

gdlic 'goodly,' excellent, Gen: comely, fair, GPH 394.

godmgen n. divine power, divinity.

godmdor f. 'godmother,' Shr.

gdnes f. virtue, Bo: goodwill, beneficence, kindliness, Bo, . ['goodness']

godsd n. (God's seed), piety, #Da#90.

gdscipe m. kindness, DR. ['goodship']

godscyld f. sin against God, impiety, #Jul#204.

godscyldig impious, Gu 834.

godsibb m. sponsor, W. ['gossip']

godsibbrden f. sponsorial obligations, W 228^3.

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