A Concise Anglo-Saxon Dictionary - For the Use of Students
by John R. Clark Hall
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capitolmsse f. early mass, first mass.

+capitulod divided into chapters, LL (204^2).

cappa = cppe

capun m. 'capon,' WW. [L. capnem]

carbunculus m. carbuncle, CP. [L.]

carc-ern (AO, CP), -rn n. prison, jail. [L. carcer]

carcernystru f. prison darkness, LL.

carcernweard m. jailor, MH 24^15,19.

crclife = grclife

care- = car-

carful (ea) anxious, sad, Gu, Soul: 'careful,' attentive, painstaking, Ps, WW: troublesome. adv. -lce, LL.

carfulnes f. care, anxiety: 'carefulness,' Lcd.

cargealdor n. sorrowful song, Jul 618.

cargst m. sad spirit, devil, Gu 365.

carian to care for, be anxious.

caricum dp. of sb. with dried figs, L 23b^661. [L. carica]

carig (ea, e) sorrowful, anxious, Cr, Soul: grievous, DD. ['chary']

carl m. man. [ON. karl]

carlas 'careless,' free from care, RB.

carlasnes, carlast f. freedom from care, security, WW. ['carelessness']

carlfugol (ea^1, e^3) m. male bird, cock.

carlce (ea) wretchedly.

carlmann m. male, man, Chr.

carr m. stone, rock, NG. [Celtic]

carseld (ea) n. home of care, Seaf 5.

cars (ea) painful journey, B 2396.

carsorg f. sad anxiety, Gen 1114.

carte () f. paper for writing on, : document, deed. [L. charta]

caru (ea) f. 'care,' concern, anxiety, sorrow, B, Lk;AO.

carwylm (^2, e^2) m. welling sorrow.

casebill n. club, GPH 394 (v. A 3166).

cserdom m. imperial sway.

Csere (Cser, JnL) m. Csar, emperor, Bo; , AO. ['Kaser']

csering f. coin with Csar's head on it, drachma, didrachma,NG.

cserlic imperial, WW 427^40.

csern f. empress, AO 266^14.

cassuc m. hassock, sedge, Lcd.

cassuclaf np. hassock or sedge leaves, Lcd 170a.

castel I. m. 'castle,' fort, Chr. II. n. town, village, Mt, Mk,Lk.

castelmann m. townsman, Chr.

castelweall m. city wall, rampart.

castelweorc n. castle-building, Chr 1137.

castenere m. cabinet, chest, TC 531^7.

casul m. over-garment, 'birrus,' cloak, WW. ['chasuble']

csus m. (grammatical) case, Gr.

catt m., catte f. 'cat,' Gl; Mdf.

caul [S 6#n#1] = cawl I. and II.

cawellaf n. cabbage-leaf, Lcd.

cawelsd n. cabbage-seed, Lcd.

cawelstela m. cabbage-stalk, Lcd.

cawelstoc (cl-) m. cabbage-stalk, Lcd 1378^8.

cawelwurm m. caterpillar, WW 121^29.

cawl I. (e, ea, eo) m. basket, AO. ['cawl'] II. m. 'cole' ('caul,' 'cawel'), kale, cabbage, Lcd.

cac sm. basin, pitcher, jug, , CP: kettle, cauldron, LL 24; 104; 116.

cacdl (o) f. jaw-ache, Lcd 109a, 113a.

cacbn n. 'cheek-bone,' jaw, WW.

cacbora m. yoke for buckets, Gl.

ceace f. cake? (BT) WW 505^10?

cace (, ei, o) f. 'cheek,' jaw, jawbone, Lcd,WW.

ceacga m. broom, furze, BC, KC.

ceacl = ceafl

ceaf (e) n. nap. ceafu 'chaff,' Mt, Lk, WW; ,CP.

ceaf- = caf-, ceaf-, cief-

ceaffinc m. chaffinch, ANS 76206.

ceafl m. jaw, cheek, jaw-bone, cheek-bone, , Whale. ['jowl']

ceafldl (cealf-) f. disease of the jaws, Lcd 90b.

ceafor (e) m. cock-'chafer,' beetle, Ps, WW;.

ceahhe f. daw, KC 348^26.

ceahhetan to laugh loudly.

ceahhetung f. laughter, jesting, .

cealc (a) m. 'chalk,' lime, plaster, AO; Mdf: chalkstone, pebble, Ep,WW.

+cealcian () to whiten, MtL 23^27.

cealcstn m. limestone, chalk.

ceald I. adj. 'cold' ('cheald'), cool, Mt, Jn; AO, CP. adv. cealde. II. n. coldness, cold.

cealdheort cruel, An 138 (cald-).

cealdian to become cold, Rim. ['cold']

cealdnes f. coldness, cold, .

cealer m. pressed curds, jelly of curds or whey. [L. galmaria]

cealerbrw m. pottage of curds, Lcd.

cealf I. (, e) nm. (nap. cealfru) '_calf_,' _. II. = ceafl

+cealf (e) great with calf.

cealfdl = ceafldl

cealfian to calve, .

cealfloca m. calf-pen.

cealfre = cealre, cealer

cealfwyrt (a) 'eruca,' WW 136^17.

ceallian to 'call,' shout, Ma 91. [ON. kalla]

cealre = cealer and das. of cealer.

cealwa = calwa [[form of "calu"]]

cap (, ) m. _cattle_, CP: _purchase, sale, traffic, bargain, gain_, _B_; CP: _price_, _LL_. dopc. _high price_. btan cape _gratis_: _goods, possessions, property_, _Chr_; AO: _market_, _. ['_cheap_']

capcniht m. bought servant, slave, Gl.

capdg m. market-day, WW.

capadig? rich, wealthy, Gn 108.

capealeel n. alehouse (v. BT).

capgyld n. purchase money, market price: compensation, v.LL 2338.

capian to bargain, trade, Mt: buy, Jn, Cr; AO: endeavour to bribe, Da 739. ['cheap'; Ger. kaufen]

capman m. 'chapman,' trader, BH, LL.

capsceamul m. seat of custom or toll, treasury,G.

capscip n. trading vessel, AO 116^4.

capsetl (e^1) n. toll-booth, G.

capstw f. market-place, market, CP.

capstrt (, ) f. market-place.

capung f. traffic, trade, LL. ['cheaping']

capunggemt n. market, WW 450^1.

cear == car

cearcetung f. gnashing, grinding, W 200^18.

cearcian _to creak, gnash_, _. ['_chark_']

cearde = cierde pret. 3 sg. of cierran.

+cearfan to cut off, kill, NG.

cearm = cirm

cear-rige, -ruce a vehicle? Gl.

ceart wild common land, KC.

cearwund badly wounded? LL 6[63].

cas I. = cast. II. pret. 3 sg. of cosan.

-casega v. wl-c.

caslunger contentious, v. NC 276.

cast (, ) f. strife, quarrelling, contention, WW: reproof.

ceastel = castel

ceaster (, e) f. castle, fort, town, CP: heaven, hell.

ceastersc m. black hellebore, Lcd.

ceasterbend m. citizen, B 768.

ceastergewar- = ceasterwar-

ceasterherpa high road? (BT), KC 5217^1.

ceasterhlid n. city gate, Cr 314.

ceasterhof n. house in a city, An 1239.

ceaster-lod f. np. -lode citizens, NC 276.

ceasternisc () urban, municipal, TC 244^13.

ceaster-stan, -ste mp. citizens, TC.

ceaster-waran mp., -ware, -waru f. burghers, citizens.

ceasterweall (e^1) m. city wall.

ceasterwc f. village, Bl 69^35.

ceasterwyrt f. black hellebore, Lcd.

castful contentious.

caw pret. 3 sg. of cowan.

ceawl (MtL) = cawl I.

cce (VPs) = cace

ccel (coecil) cake, Gl.

cde (VPs) = cegde pret. 3 sg. of cegan.

cedelc f. the herb mercury.

ceder nmf. cedar. [L. cedrus]

ceder-bam mn., -trow () n. cedar-tree.

cedor- = ceder-

cdrisc of cedar, DR.

cef () = ceaf

cef- = cf-, ceaf-, cif-

cgan (VHy), cgian = cegan

cehhettung = ceahhetung

cece (MtLR) = cace

ceig- (N) = cg-

ceir cry, clamour, DR.

cel = cawl

clan () to cool, become cold, be cold, MH, VPs (oe): (+) quench (thirst), refresh. ['keel']

celc I. (M) m. chalice, cup. [= calic] II. = cealc

celde f. copious spring? [cp. Ger. quelle]

celdre = ceoldre

cele = (1) ceole; (2) ciele

celen-dre f., -der n. 'coliander,' coriander, Lcd.

cele-onie, -enie, cileonie f. celandine, swallow-wort, Lcd.

celf (A) = cealf

celic = calic

cling f. cooling, : cool place, .

celis 'peditis,' foot-covering, A 3745.

celiwearte = cielewearte

cell m. (monastic) cell, Chr 1129.

cellender n., cellendre f. = celendre

cellod (?) part. round? hollow? embossed? beaked? Fin 29; Ma 283.

celmertmonn m. hireling, NG (v. ES 42172).

clnes f. coolness, cool air, breeze, CP. [cl]

celod v. cellod.

celras = ceallras, nap. of cealer.

cemban () _to comb_, _. ['_kemb_']

cemes f. shirt. [L. camisia]

cempa () m. warrior, champion, Gl, Ma; , AO, CP. [camp] ['kemp']

cempestre f. female warrior, OEG.

cn m. pine-torch, pine: name of the rune for c. [Ger. kien]

cendlic = cynlic

cne bold, brave, fierce, CP, Lcd, Ma; , AO: powerful, VPs: learned, clever, Met 10^51. ['keen'; Ger. khn] also adv.

cenep m. moustache: bit (of a bridle). [ON. kanpr]

cenlic = cynlic

cnlce boldly, . ['keenly']

cennan to conceive, bring forth: beget, create, produce, Mt, VPs; CP: nominate, choose out, : assign, attribute, give: declare, show oneself, clear oneself, make a declaration in court (v.LL 232; 279 'cennan,' 'Anefang'), B, LL, Ps. ['ken']

cennend m. parent, Bl.

cennendlic genital.

cennes f. produce, what is produced, EHy 6^22: childbirth: birthday.

cennestre f. mother, .

cenning f. procreation, CP: parturition, birth, : declaration in court (v.cennan).

cenningstn (y^1) m. testing-stone.

cenningstow f. birthplace, .

cenningtd f. time of bringing forth, .

cennystre = cennestre

Cent, Centescr f. Kent. [L. Cantia]

centaur m. centaur.

centaurie f. centaury (plant).

Centingas mp. inhabitants of Kent, Kentish men. Chr.

Centisc Kentish.

Cent-land, -lond (AO) n. Kent.

Centrce n. kingdom of Kent.

Centware mp. inhabitants of Kent, Chr.

cnu f. boldness, B 2696.

co f. chough, jay, jackdaw, .

coce (WW) = cace

-cocian v. -c.

ceod? ceode? bag, pouch, CP, LL.

ceodor- = ceder-

ceofl, ceol (NG) = cawl I.

col m. ship.

ceolas mp. cold winds, cold, Az 103. [ciele?]

ceolbor- = cilfor-

ceoldre = cealre

ceole (e) f. throat: gorge, chasm: beak of ship, Gl. [Ger. kehle]

ceolor m. throat.

col-el n., -elu? f. deck of a ship, #Hu#8.

ceolwrc m. pain in the throat, Lcd 113a.

ceorcing f. complaining, GPH 398.

ceorfan^3 to cut, cut down, slay, Mk, ; LkL: carve, cut out, engrave: tear.

ceorfx f. axe, AO 160^15.

ceorfingsen n. branding iron, Sc.

ceorfsx n. surgeon's knife, scalpel, .

ceorian to murmur, complain, , AO.

ceorig querulous, complaining, OEG.

ceorl m. 'churl,' layman, peasant, husbandman, CP: freeman of the lowest class, LL; AO, CP: man: husband, Jn, WW; CP: hero, noble man.

ceorls (= ceorllas) unmarried (of women), LL 360, 73#b#.

ceorlboren low-born, not noble, LL.

ceorlfolc n. common people, .

ceorlian to marry (of the woman), LL, Mt; . ['churl']

ceorlic = ceorllic

ceorlisc (ie) of a 'ceorl,' 'churlish,' common, rustic, LL, WW. adv. -lisce.

ceorliscnes f. rudeness, vulgarity.

ceorllic common, belonging to the people generally. adv. -lce commonly, vulgarly.

ceorlman m. freeman, LL 73; 463.

ceorlstrang strong as a man, WW 108^18.

ceorm = cirm

ceorran I. (sv^3) to creak, Lcd 160a. II. (+) = cierran

ceorung f. murmuring, .

cosan^2 to 'choose,' ('i-cheose'), seek out, select, AO; : decide, test: accept, approve, B, Gen.

ceosel (i, y) m. gravel, sand, shingle, Ep, Mt; . ['chesil']

ceoselbre gravelly, shingly.

ceoselstn m. sand-stone, gravel, WW.

ceoslen (OEG 7^161), ceoslig (4^40) gravelly.

ceosol I. m? n? gullet, maw. II. = ceosel

cowan^2 to 'chew,' gnaw, , Soul: eat, consume,.

ceowl (NG) = cawl

cowung (, ) f. 'chewing,' WW ().

cp = cap

cp- = cap-, cp-

[[Printed on one line: cp; cp- = cap; cap-, cp-]]

cpan I. to 'keep,' guard, observe, attend, look out for, take heed, , Lcd, Ps: take, : avail oneself of, betake oneself to, take to, bear: seek after, desire, : meditate: regulate by: seize, . II. = cpan

cpnian to await eagerly, NC 276.

cer = cierr

ceren I. (, y) n? new wine, sweet wine. [L. carenum] II. = cyrn [[under "cyrin"]]

cer-felle, -fille f. 'chervil,' Lcd, WW. [L. cerefolium]

cerge = carig

cerlic = cirlic

cerm = cirm

cerr == cierr

cers- = crs-

cert- = ceart-, cyrt-

certare charioteer, L 18^295.

ceruphn cherubim, El 750.

ces- = ceos-

cs- = cs-, cs-

cs = cas pret. 3 sg. of cosan.

Csar (AO) = Csere

cester == ceaster

cestian = cystian

cte = cte

cetel, cetil = citel

can = can

cewl (NG) = cawl

chor, chora m. dance, choir (singers), CP: church-choir (place). [L. chorus]

chorglo n. dance, LPs.

can sbpl. gills, Gl. [Ger. kieme]

cicel = cycel

cicen (y) n. 'chicken,' Mt, WW.

cicene () = cycene

cicropisc cyclopean? WW 217^13.

+cd n. altercation, CP, DR, GD.

cdan (w. d. or wi) contend, quarrel, , WW: complain: 'chide,' blame, Mk; ,CP.

cdde I. pret. 3 sg. of cdan. II. = cde pret. 3 sg. of can.

cdung () f. chiding, rebuke, AO.

ciefes = cifes

cegan (, , ) (tr.) to call, name, (i): call upon, invoke, summon, convene, CP: (intr.) call out.

cield (o) f. cold. [ceald]

ciele (e, i, y) m. coolness, cold, 'chill,' frost, Bl; AO, CP. [ceald]

cielegicel (y^1) m. icicle.

cielewearte (e^1, y^1) f. goose-skin, WW.

cielewyrt (y) f. sorrel.

cielf = cealf

cielle (i, y) f. fire-pan, lamp. [OHG. kella]

cepa (e, i, y) m. merchant, trader, .

cepe = cpe

cepehs (^1) n. storehouse, WW 186^11.

cepemann (CP), cepmann (LL) m. merchant.

cepeing (, ) np. goods, merchandise.

ceplic () for sale, vendible, Sc 98^17.

cepung (, , ) f. marketing, trading, CP: market-place, market: merchandise: market dues.

cierice = cirice

cierlisc = ceorlisc

cierm = cirm

cierr (e, i, y) m. turn, change, time, occasion, , CP, Lk, Lcd: affair, business. t sumum cierrc at some time, once. ['chare']

cierran (eo, i, y) (tr. and intr.) turn, change, Ps, Sat: (intr.) turn oneself, go, proceed, turn back, return, Mt; : convert, be converted, CP: submit, Chr, W: make to submit, reduce. ['chare,' 'i-cherre']

+cierrednes (y) conversion, : entrance, admission,RB.

cierring (e, y) f. conversion, NC 341.

cese = cse

cest, ces pres. 3 sg. of cosan.

cifes (ie, e, y) f. concubine, harlot, AO. [Ger. kebse]

cifesboren adj. bastard, OEG 5042.

cifesdm m. fornication, OEG 5042.

cifesgemna m. fornication.

cifeshd m. fornication, WW.

cgan = cegan

+cgednes f. calling.

+cgendlic calling, vocative, Gr 23^2.

cgere (ei) one who calls, DR 194^1.

+cgnes f. calling, invocation, entreaty: name, A 10143^79.

cgung f. calling, invocation, NC 292.

cild (y) (nap. cild, cild-ra, -ru; gp. -ra) n. 'child,' infant, Mt, Lcd, etc.; , AO, CP: a youth of gentle birth, KC.

cildamssedg m. Childermas, Innocents' Day (Dec.28).

cildatrog = cildtrog

cildclas mp. swaddling-clothes.

cildcradol m. cradle, .

cildfdende nursing, MtR 24^19.

cild-fstre, -fstre f. nurse, LL. [v. 'foster']

cildgeogo f. childhood, L 30^320.

cildgeong youthful, infant.

cildhd m. 'childhood,' MkL.

cildhama m. womb, : after-birth.

cildisc 'childish,' Gen.

cildiugo = cildgeogo

cildlic childish, young, BH; . ['childly']

cildru v. cild.

cildsung f. childishness, LL.

cildtrog (cilt-, cilda-) m. cradle, Gl.

cile (AO) = ciele

cilforlamb n. ewe-lamb, , WW.

cilian to be cold. [ciele]

cilic m. sack-cloth of hair, NG. [L. cilicium]

cille = cyll

cim- = cym-

cimbal, cimbala m. 'cymbal,' Lcd, VPs. [L. cymbalum]

cimbalglwere m. cymbal-player.

cimbing f. commissure, joining, WW 15^5; 206^12.

cimbren n. edge-iron? (joining-iron, clamp?BT), LL 455[15].

cimbstn m. base, pedestal, Sc 226^2. [v.'chimb']

cin = (1) cinn; (2) cynn n.

cin- = cyn

cnan^1 to gape, yawn, crack.

cinbn n. chin-bone, jaw-bone, .

cinberg f. defence of the chin or cheek, cheek-guard, Ex 175. [beorg]

cincung f. boisterous laughter, WW 171^39.

cind = cynd

cine I. f. sheet of parchment, folded, 'diploma,' . II. f. chink, fissure, cavern.

cine- = cyn(e)-

cineht (io) chinky, cracked, WW 43^37.

cing, cining = cyning

cinn I. n. 'chin,' WW. II. = cynnn.

cinnan to gape, yawn? Rim 52.

cint m. front tooth, grinder, Gl.

cinu f. chink, fissure, , Bo, WW. ['chine']

cio- = ceo-

co == co

cip = cipp

cp- = cap-, cep-, cp-

cpe (e) f. onion. [L. cepa]

cpelac n. leek, WW 380^29.

cipersealf f. henna-ointment, WW 205^11. [L. cypros]

cipp (y) m. log, trunk: coulter, ploughshare: weaver's beam, A 9263.

cir = cierr

circ- = ciric-

circian to roar, Lcd 1390^11 (v. A 3156).

circolwyrde m. computer, mathematician, A 8306.

circul m. circle: cycle, zodiac. [L. circulum]

circuldl f. the shingles, Lcd.

cirebald (An 171) = cynebeald?

ciricw nf. marriage to the church (as when one takes orders),LL.

ciricbelle f. 'church-bell,' Lcd.

ciricbc f. 'church-book,' manual of the church services, W.

ciricbt f. repair of churches.

ciric-brc f., -bryce m. sacrilege, .

ciric-dor n., -duru church-door, LL.

cirice (ie, y) f. 'church,' religious community, , BH, Mt; CP: church (building), temple, AO; CP, Mdf: congregation (non-Christian), Ps.

ciricend m. an ecclesiastic.

ciricfri mn. right of sanctuary: penalty for breach of the right, v.LL 2537.

ciricfultum m. support from the church.

ciricgang (y) m. going to church, LL 473[7]: churching, purification (ofthe B.V.M.), CM 484.

ciricgemna (y) m. church-membership, W 103^23.

ciricgeorn zealous in church-going.

ciricgeriht n. church-due.

ciricgri (y) n. church-peace, right of sanctuary, LL: penalty for breach of the right, LL 263[3]; v.2537. ['church-grith']

cirichd m. an order of the church, LL.

cirichlgung f. consecration of a church.

cirichata m. church-tormentor, persecutor, W.

ciricland (y) n. land of the church, GD.

ciriclic ecclesiastical, BH, Chr. ['churchly']

ciricmrsung (y) f. dedication of a church, W 277^10.

ciricmangung f. simony, LL.

ciricmitta m. church measure (of ale), TC 144^33.

ciricnod f. requirements of the church.

ciricnytt f. church service, Cra 91.

ciricragu f. church-lichen or moss, Lcd 51b.

ciricrn (y^1) n. sacrilege, LL 254#k#. [rn]

ciricsang m. hymn: church-singing.

ciricsangere m. church-singer, BH 466^17.

ciricsceat m. 'church-scot,' church-due at Martinmas, BH,W.

ciricsceatweorc n. work connected with the grain given as church-scot,KC.

ciricscn (y^1) f. church-privilege, sanctuary, LL: territory of a church: attendance at church.

cirictd f. service-time, LL.

cirictn m. churchyard, LL.

ciricn m. minister of a church, LL.

ciricnung f. church-duty or service.

ciricing n. object belonging to a church, LL 381[27].

ciricingere m. priest, WW 155^29 (yrc).

ciricwcce f. vigil, LL.

ciricwd f. vestment, LL 258[51].

ciricwg m. wall of a church, LL.

ciricwaru f. congregation, LL 400; 2539.

ciricweard (e^2, y^2) m. churchwarden, sexton, .

cirisbam m. cherry-tree, Gl. [L. cerasum]

cirlic I. (e, y) charlock. II. = ciriclic

cirlisc = ceorlisc

cirm (e, ea, eo, ie, y) m. cry, shout, outcry, uproar, MtR, WW. ['chirm']

cirman (e, y) to cry, cry out, call, shriek, Gu, Jud. ['chirm']

cirnel (Gl) = cyrnel

cirps (y) curly. ['crisp']

cirpsian to crisp, curl.

cirr == cierr

cs fastidious. [cosan]

cse (, , ) m. 'cheese,' WW. [For compounds, v.also cs-]

cisel, cisil == ceosel

ciserppel m. dried fig, WW 367^2. [= ciris-?, cherry(BT)]

ciser-bam, cisir- = cirisbam

csnes f. fastidiousness.

cist (e, y) I. f. 'chest,' casket, Gl, JnR: coffin, BH, Lk: rush basket, WW: horn (asreceptacle?), WW. II. = cystI.

cst pres. 3 sg. of cosan.

ciste = cist I.

cistenbam m. chestnut-tree, Gl. [L. castanea]

cstmlum earnestly, OEG 4^32. [cast]

citel m. 'kettle,' cauldron, Ep (e), Lcd(y).

citelhrum (e^1) m. kettle-soot.

citelian v. to tickle.

citelung f. tickling, WW 278^6. ['kittling']

citere, citre (y) f. cithara, CJVPs.

c m. _seed, germ, shoot_, _: _mote_, CP. ['_chithe_']

cfst well-rooted, H 304^26.

cwung = cowung

cl = cla, clawu

clbre (Gl) = clfre

clac- = clc-, cleac-

clacu f. injury, W 86^10.

+clded (MkL 5^15) pp. of +clian.

cladersticca m. rattle-stick, Gl.

clclas harmless.

cldur (ea) rattle, Gl. [clader]

clferwyrt f. clover, Lcd.

clfre f. 'clover' trefoil, Lcd, WW; Mdf.

clg m. 'clay,' WW.

clig 'clayey,' Ct.

clman to smear, caulk, plaster, anoint, , Lcd. ['cleam']

clming f. blotting, smearing, Gr 256^4.

clmman (= clem-) to press, GD.

clmnes f. torture, BH 290^2.

clne (, ) I. 'clean,' CP, Lk, : pure, chaste, innocent, , Bl: clear, open, El, Lcd, Ps. on clnum felda in the open field (ofbattle), CP 227^25: honourable, true: acute, sagacious, intellectual. II. adv. clean, clearly, fully, purely, entirely, , Ct; AO,CP.

clngeorn yearning after purity, celibate.

clnheort pure in heart, .

clnlic ('cleanly'), pure, Bo, Met: excellent. adv. -lce = clne

clnnes f. (moral) 'cleanness,' purity, chastity, BH; ,CP.

clnsere (e) m. priest, CP 139^15; W 72^6.

clnsian (sn-) to 'cleanse,' purify, chasten, CP: clear out, purge, Lcd: (wa. andg.) justify, clear oneself.

clnsnian = clnsian

clnsung f. 'cleansing,' purifying, chastening, castigation, expiation, Mk; : purity, chastity.

clnsungdg m. day for purging, Lcd 1330^8.

clnsungdrenc (sn) m. purgative, MH 72^27.

clppettan to palpitate.

clppetung f. clapping; pulsation, pulse,.

clppian (a^1) to clap, beat, throb.

clsn- = clns-

cl == cl

clwea = clewea

clf pret. 3 sg. of clfan.

clfre (Gl) = clfre

clm I. m. paste, mortar, mud, clay, , Lcd: poultice. ['cloam'] II. = clam dp. of cla.

clamb pret. 3 sg. of climban.

clamm m. band, bond, fetter, chain, An, Bl, Rd: grip, grasp. [v.'clam']

cln- = cln-

clang pret. 3 sg. of clingan.

clappian = clppian

clsnian (VPs) = clnsian

cltacrop = clte

clte f. bur, burdock, clivers, Gl, Lcd. ['clote'; Ger. klette]

clatrung i. clattering, noise.

cl m. 'cloth,' 'clothes,' covering, sail, BH, Chr, Jn, Lcd; AO, CP. under Crstes clum in baptismal garments, Chr 688#e#.

+clian (clan) to 'clothe,' NG.

clwoce f. wick of cloth, GPH 391.

clauster = clstor

clwan^7 to claw, .

clwian to scratch, 'claw,' Gr 170^11n.

clawu f. nap. clawe '_claw_,' _, Gl, Ph_: _hoof_, _: _hook_, : (pl.) _pincers_?

clwung f. griping pain, Lcd.

clea- = cl-, cleo-

cla = clawu

cleac f. stepping-stone, KC 436. [Celtic]

cleacian to hurry, .

claf pret. 3 sg. of clofan.

clm- = clm-

cln- = cln-

-clencan v. be-c.

clengan to adhere, Rd 29^8. ['clenge']

cleo- = cli-

clo- = cle-, cl-

clo = cla, clawu

cleofa (ea, i, y) m. cave, den: cell, chamber, cellar, , BH. ['cleve']

clofan^2 to 'cleave,' split, separate, A, Br, Ct, GPH.

cleofian = clifian

cleofu = nap. of clif.

clofung f. 'cleaving,' WW.

clone = clowene, ds. of clowen, clewen. [[under "clewen"]]

cleop- = clip-

clep- = clp-, cleop-, clip-

clerc == cleric

cler-ic (-ec, -oc; clerus, PPs 67^13) m. 'clerk' in holy orders, WW: clerk in minor orders, LL. [L. clericus]

clerichd m. condition of a (secular) clerk, clerical order, priesthood.

clewea (^1) m. itch, CP 71^19. [clwan]

clib- = clif-

clibbor clinging, Men 245. [clifian]

+clibs (e; cleps; clsp, y) clamour, CP.

clid-ren, -rin f. clatter.

cliepian = clipian

clewen, cliewen? (eo, io, i, y) n. sphere, ball, ball of thread or yarn, skein, , CP, Ph, WW: mass, group. ['clue']

clif n. (nap. cleofu, clifu) 'cliff,' rock, promontory, An, B, Ct; ,CP.

clifa = cleofa

clifhtig = clifihtig [[under "clifig"]]

clfan^1 to 'cleave,' adhere, ,CP.

clife f. 'clivers,' burdock, Lcd, WW.

clifeht = clifiht [[under "clifig"]]

clifer m. nap. clifras claw, .

cliferfte cloven-footed, L 25^79.

clif-hlp, -hlp m. a cliff-leap, plunge to ruin? (BT), Gl.

clifian (eo, y) to adhere, , CP.

clifig, clif-iht, -ihtig steep, Gl.

clifr- v. clifer.

clifrian to scarify, scratch, .

clifrung f. clawing, talon, GPH 398.

clifstn m. rock, WW 371^23.

clifwyrt f. cliff-wort, water-wort, foxglove, WW 134^3 and n.

+cliht pp. of +*cliccan, clyccan.

-clm v. calwer-c. [[under "calwerclm"]]

climban^3 (y) to 'climb,' Sol.

climpre = clympre

clincig rough.

clingan^3 _to stick together_, _An_: _shrink, wither, pine_, _. ['_cling_']

clipian (e, eo, y) (tr. and intr.) to speak, cry out, call, Mt, Jn, Ps; CP: () summon, invoke, ; (w.d.) cry to, implore. ['clepe']

clipigendlic (y) vocalic, #Gr# 5: vocative (gram.), #Gr#23.

clipol sounding, vocal: vocalic.

clipung (e, eo, y) f. cry, crying, clamour, MtR: () prayer, Ps: call, claim, Chr, 1129. clypunga kalends. ['cleping']

clipur m. bell-clapper.

cliroc = cleric

+clistre = +clystre [[under "clyster"]]

clite f. coltsfoot, Lcd 146a.

clia (eo, y) m. poultice.

-clan v. t-c.

clie f. burdock.

cliwyrt f. 'rubea minor,' clivers, Lcd 173b.

clwe, clwen = clewen

cloccettan to palpitate, Lcd.

cloccian to cluck, make a noise, rumble, A 8309.

clodhamer m. fieldfare, WW 287^17. [v. 'clod,' and Mdf]

clof- = cluf-

+clofa m. counterpart (of a document), CC 80. [clofan]

clofe f. buckle, Gl.

clofen pp. of clofan.

clomm I. m. = clamm. II. pret. 3 sg. of climban.

clop m? rock? v. Mdf.

clott lump, mass, HGl 488. ['clot']

clucge f. bell, BH 340^6.

cld m. mass of stone, rock, , AO: hill, ES 3818. ['cloud']

cldig rocky, hilly, AO. ['cloudy']

clufeht (i^2) bulbous, Lcd.

clufon pret. pl. of clofan.

clufung, clufunge f. crowfoot: a vegetable poison, v.OEG 896.

clufu f. clove (of garlic, etc.), bulb, tuber. [clofan]

clufwyrt f. 'batrachion,' buttercup, Lcd. ['clovewort']

clugge = clucge

clumben pp. of climban.

clumian, clummian to murmur, mumble, mutter.

clungen pp. of clingan.

cls, clse f. bar, bolt: enclosure: cell, prison. [L. clausum]

cluster = clyster

clster = clstor

clstor n. lock, bar, barrier: enclosure, cloister, cell, prison. [L. claustrum]

clstorcleofa m. prison-cell, An 1023.

clstorloc n. prison, Gl.

clt m. _'clout,' patch, cloth_, _Ep_: _piece of metal, plate_, _.

+cltod _'clouted,' patched_, _.

clyccan to 'clutch,' clench, IM,Sc.

clyf = clif

clyf- = clif-, cleof-

+clyfte adj. cleft, GPH 393. [clofan]

clymmian to climb, ascend, Sol 414.

-clympe v. calwer-c. [[under "calwerclm"]]

clympre m. lump of metal.

clyne n. lump of metal.

clynian I. to roll up, enfold, GPH. II. = clynnan

clynnan (intr.) to resound, ring, El 51: (tr.) knock,NG.

clyp- = clip-

clypnes f. embrace, BH 238^3.

clypp m., clypping f. embracing.

clyppan to embrace, clasp: surround, enclose, VPs: grip, Gen: prize, honour, cherish, , MkLR (io), CP. ['clip']

-clsan v. be-c. [clse] [[under "cls"]]

+clysp = +clibs

clyster, +clystre n. 'cluster,' bunch, branch, , Cp,WW.

clsung f. enclosure, apartment, : closing, period, conclusion of a sentence, clause.

clya = clia

clwen = clewen

cnht (NG) = cniht

cnpling m. youth, . [cnapa] [[under "cnafa"]]

cnpp (e) m. top, summit, , Lk: fibula, button, WW. ['knap']

+cnwe (w. g.) conscious of, acknowledging, : known, notorious, manifest,.

cnw pres. 3 sg. of cnwan.

cnafa, cnapa m. child, youth, , Sc: servant, , Mt, Ps. ['knape,' 'knave']

cnwan^7 (usu. +) to know, perceive, , B, Jul, OEG.

cnwelcing f. acknowledgement, KC 4193^12.

cnwlc (^2) knowledge, ES 42176.

+cnwnes f. acknowledgement, EC 265^2.

cna gp. of cno(w).

cnearr m. small ship, galley (of the ships of the Northmen), Chr. [ON. knorr]

cnatian to argue, dispute.

cnatung f. inquisition, investigation: dispute, debate.

cnedan^5 to knead, Lcd, LkL.

cneht = cniht

cno == cnow

cnodan = cndan

cneoht = cniht

+cneord eager, zealous, diligent.

cneordlcan to be diligent, .

cneordlic diligent, earnest, zealous, . adv. -lce.

cneordnes f. zeal, diligence, study, Gl.

cnordnes = +cnorenes

+cnor-enes, -ednes f. generation, race.

cnores = cnoriss [[under "cnorisn"]]

cnorift n? napkin (BT). kneehose? (Kluge), Gl.

cnorisbc f. Genesis, WW 414^29.

cnorisn (Bl), cneoris(s), cneornis(s) f. generation, posterity, family, tribe, nation, race.

cneorlcan = cneordlcan

cnow I. (o) n. 'knee,' AO, Bl, El, Mt: step in a pedigree, generation, . II. pret. 3 sg. of cnwan.

cnowbgung f. kneeling, genuflection.

cnow-ede, -ade having big knees, WW.

cnowgebed n. prayer on one's knees, .

cnowholen m. 'knee-holly,' butcher's broom, Lcd.

cnowian () _to kneel_, _: _know carnally_, L 12^7. ['_knee_']

cnowlian to 'kneel,' LL.

cnowmg m. nap. -mgas, -mgas kinsman, relation, ancestor.

cnowrm n. progeny, family.

cnowsibb f. generation, race (BDS 8527).

cnowung f. kneeling, genuflection, CM.

cnowwrc m. pain in the knees, Lcd.

cnowwyrst f. knee-joint, WW.

cnepp = cnpp

cnw == cnow

cndan^1 to beat, MtR 21^35.

cnieht = cniht

cnf m. knife, WW.

cniht (e, eo, ie, y) m. boy, youth, AO, Bl, LL: servant, attendant, retainer, disciple, warrior, Chr, Mt, Met: boyhood, Gr. ['knight']

cnihtcild (eo^1) n. male child, boy.

cnihtgebeoror n. child-birth, child-bearing, Bl.

cnihtgeong youthful, El 640.

cnihthd m. puberty, 'youth,' boyhood, , Bo; AO: (male) virginity. ['knighthood']

cnihtiugo f. youth, A 8299.

cnihtlas without an attendant, .

cnihtlic boyish, childish, Guth. ['knightly']

cnihtawas mp. boyish ways, GD 111^9.

cnihtwesende when a boy, as a youth.

cnihtwse f. boyishness.

cnissan = cnyssan

cntian to dispute, Sc 51^12.

cnittan = cnyttan

cnocian = cnucian

cndan (o) to attribute to, assign to, load with,CP.

cnoll m. 'knoll,' Ps; Mdf: summit, ,Bo.

cnop 'ballationes,' WW 8^28; 357^32.

-cnoppa v. wull-c.

+cnos n. collision, WW 376^2. [cnyssan]

cnsl n. stock, progeny, kin, family: native country.

cnossian to strike, hit upon, Seaf 8.

cnotmlum 'strictim,' A 1335^201.

cnotta m. 'knot,' fastening, : knotty point, puzzle, .

cnucian to 'knock' (door), , Mt: beat, pound, IM, Lcd(o).

cnian, cnwian to pound.

+cnycc n. bond, DR.

cnyccan pret. 3 sg. cnycte, cnyhte to tie.

+cnycled bent, crooked, WW 458^33.

cnyht = cniht

cnyll m. sound or signal of a bell, RB, WW. ['knell']

cnyllan to toll a bell: strike, knock, LkR, MtL. ['knell']

cnyllsian (LkL) = cnyllan

cnyrd- = cneord-

cnyssan to press, toss, strike, hew to pieces, dash, crash (together), beat, , AO, CP: overcome, overwhelm, oppress,CP.

cnyssung f. striking, stroke, Gr.

cnyttan to fasten, tie, bind, 'knit' ('i-knit,' Mt,WW), , Lcd; CP. [cnotta]

cnyttels m. string, sinew, OEG 2935.

coc = cocc

cc m. 'cook,' , Ps; CP. [L. coquus]

cocc m. cock, male bird, , Lcd, Mt; CP, Mdf.

coccel m. 'cockle,' darnel, tares, Mt.

cocer m. quiver, case, sheath: sword, spear.

cocerfl f. 'framea,' APs 16^13.

ccerpanne f. cooking-pan, frying-pan.

+ccnian (cca-) to season food.

ccnung f. seasoning, Lcd.

cocor = cocer

ccormete m. seasoned food, WW 281^6.

+ccsian to cook, roast, RPs 101^4.

ccunung = ccnung

cocur () = cocer

codd m. 'cod,' husk, Lcd: bag, Mt: scrotum.

coddppel m. quince, WW 411^15.

codic (coydic) 'lapsana,' charlock? A 3747.

coe- = ce-

ce- (N) = c-

cofa m. closet, chamber: ark: cave, den. ['cove']

cofgodas mp. household gods, Gl.

cofincel n. little chamber, WW.

-cofrian v. -c.

cohhetan to make a noise, cough? Jud 270.

col n., nap. colu, cola 'coal,' live coal, , CP, Lcd, VPs.

cl I. 'cool,' cold, B, Bo, Lcd: tranquil, calm. II. pret. 3 sg. of calan.

-colc v. den-, wn-c.

clcwyld f. 'frigida pestis,' ague? WW 243^11.

clian to 'cool,' grow cold, be cold, An, Gu, Lcd.

coliandre f. coriander, Lcd.

cll = cl

-colla v. morgen-c.

collecta f. collect, CM, LL.

+collenferhtan to make empty, exhaust.

collen-ferh, -fyrh, -fer proud, elated, bold. [*cwellan (toswell)?]

colloncrog m. water-lily, nympha.

colmse f. 'coal-mouse,' tit-mouse, WW.

clnes f. 'coolness,' Ps.

colpytt m. (char-)coal pit, Ct.

colsweart coal-black, NC 277.

colt m. '_colt_,' _.

coltetrppe f. a plant, 'caltrop,' WW.

coltgrg f? colt's-foot, WW 136^18.

coltrppe = coltetrppe

col-rd, -rd m. plumb-line, Gl.

columne f. column.

cm pret. 3 sg. of cuman.

coman (AO 70^24) = cuman

comb = camb

combol = cumbol

comta m. comet, Chr 975. [L.]

commuc = cammoc

cmon pret. pl. of cuman.

comp == camp

con = can pres. 1, 3 sg. of cunnan.

condel = candel

conn = cann pres. 1, 3 sg. of cunnan.

consolde f. comfrey. [L.]

const = canst pres. 2 sg. of cunnan.

consul m. consul, AO. [L.]

coorte f. cohort, AO. [L.]

cop = copp

cp m? 'ependytes,' cope, vestment.

+cp proper, fitting, CP.

copel unsteady, rocking? (BT), BC 3624.

cpenere m. lover, CP.

coper, copor n. 'copper,' Lcd. [L. cuprum]

copian to plunder, steal, WW 379^17.

+cplic proper, fitting. adv. -lce.

copp I. m. top, summit, HGl. ['cop'] II. m. cup, NG. ['cop']

-coppe v. tor-c.

copped polled, lopped, pollard, Ct.

cops (WW) == cosp

+cor n. decision. [cosan]

corc m. increase? choice growth? Lcd 3212^9 (v.A 3156).

cordewnere m. 'cordwainer,' shoemaker, EC. [OFr.]

coren (pp. of cosan) chosen, elect, choice, fit, : precious, dear.

corenbg m. crown, A 9172. [L. corona]

corenes f. choice, election: (+) goodness.

+corenlic elegant. adv. -lce, WW.

corenscipe m. election, excellence.

corfen pp. of ceorfan.

corflian to mince. [ceorfan]

corn n. 'corn,' grain, Chr, CP; , AO: seed, berry, CP, Jn, Lcd; : a corn-like pimple, corn.

cornsceda fp. chaff, WW 118^1.

cornappla np. pomegranates, OEG.

corn-bre, -berende corn-bearing.

corngebrot n. corn dropped in carrying to barn, LL 451[17].

corngeslig rich in corn, Lcd.

corngesceot n. payment in corn, Ct.

cornhs n. granary, WW 185^28.

cornhwicce f. corn-bin, .

cornld f. leading of corn, LL 453[21,4].

cornsd n. a grain of corn, GD 253^1.

corntoung f. tithe of corn, W.

corntrow n. cornel-tree, WW.

corntrog m. corn-bin, WW 107^1.

cornuc, cornuch = cranoc

cornwurma m. scarlet dye, Gl.

corna m. crown. [L.]

+cornian to crown, PPs 5^13.

corsnd f. piece of consecrated bread which an accused person swallowed as a test of innocence,LL.

coror , corer fn. troop, band, multitude, throng, retinue: pomp.

corwurma = cornwurma

cos = coss

cosp m. fetter, bond, Bo. ['cops']

+cospende, +cosped fettered, LPs.

coss m. 'kiss,' embrace, , Lk, WW.

cossetung f. kissing, NG.

cossian _to 'kiss,'_ _.

cost I. m. option, choice, possibility: manner, way, DR: condition. s costes e on condition that. ['cost'; v.NC 341] II. () tried, chosen, excellent. [cosan] III. m? costmary, tansy, Lcd. ['cost']

costere I. m? spade, shovel, WW 106^18. II. = costnere

costian (w. g. or a., also intr.) to tempt, try, prove, examine, AO, CP. [Ger. kosten]

costigend m. tempter.

costnere m. tempter, .

+costnes f. proving, temptation, trial, BH 218^10.

costnian = costian

costnigend = costigend

costnungstw f. place of temptation.

costung, costnung f. temptation, testing, trial, tribulation, Mt; , CP. ['costnung']

cot (AO) n. (nap. cotu); cote f. 'cot,' cottage, bedchamber, den, AO, Lk, Mt; Mdf.

cotesetla = cotsetla

cotlf n. hamlet, village, manor, Chr: dwelling. ['cotlif']

cotsetla m. cottager, LL. ['cotsetla']

cott = cot

cottuc, cotuc m. mallow, Gl.

coa m., coe f. = cou

coig diseased.

colce ill, miserably, Met 25^36.

con (AO) = con pret. pl. of cunnan.

cou f. disease, sickness, , Chr, Lcd. ['cothe']

+cow n. thing to be chewed, food, NC 292.

cowen pp. of cowan.

cr n? croaking, WW 208^10.

crabba m. 'crab,' WW: Cancer (sign of the zodiac), Lcd.

cracelung? 'crepacula,' OEG 56^249.

crcettan = crcettan

cracian to resound, 'crack,' Ps.

cradol, cradel m. 'cradle,' cot, WW.

cradolcild n. child in the cradle, infant, W 158^14.

cr = crwe [[under "crwa"]]

crcettan to croak, GD 118^25. [cr]

crcetung f. croaking.

crf- = craf-

crft m. physical strength, might, courage, A, AO, Sol: science, skill, art, ability, talent, virtue, excellence, Bo; , CP: trade, handicraft, calling, BH, CP, RB; : work or product of art, Hex: trick, fraud, deceit, Bl: machine, instrument. ['craft']

crfta = crftiga

crftan to exercise a craft, build: bring about, contrive,.

crftelce = crftlce

+crftgian to strengthen, render powerful, AO.

crftglaw skilful, wise, Chr 975.

crf-t(i)ca, -t(e)ga = crftiga

crftig strong, powerful, AO: skilful, cunning, ingenious, Bl: learned, instructive, A 8321: knowing a craft, scientific: virtuous. ['crafty']

crftiga m. craftsman, artificer, workman, architect, ,CP.

crftiglce skilfully.

crftlas artless, unskilful.

crftlic artificial, A 8317: skilful. adv. -lce.

crftwyrc n. clever workmanship.

crt n. nap. cratu, creatu cart, waggon, chariot,.

crtehors n. cart-horse, WW 108^24.

crtwn m. chariot, AO.

crtwsa m. charioteer, L 18^295.

crw pres. 3 sg. of crwan.

crafian () to 'crave,' ask, implore, demand, Chr, LL: summon, Lcd.

crafing () f. claim, demand, TC 644.

crammian to 'cram,' stuff, Gr.

crammingpohha m. 'viscarium,' NC.

crampul m. crane-pool. [= cran, pl]

cran m. 'crane,' WW.

crancstf m. weaving implement, crank, LL 455[15].

crang pret. 3 sg. of cringan.

cranic m. record, chronicle. [L.]

cranicwrtere m. chronicler, OEG 7^24.

cranoc m. crane. [Ger. kranich]

crs f. food, dainty, Nar 11^14.

crat (WW 140^31) = crt

cratu v. crt.

crwa m., crwe f. 'crow,' raven, Gl,Ps.

crwan^7 to 'crow,' Mt; CP.

crwan-lac (crw-) n. crow-garlic.

crac- = crc-

crad pret. 3 sg. of crdan.

creaft- = crft-

crap pret. 3 sg, of cropan.

cras fine, elegant, NC 277.

craslic dainty, rich. v. NC 277.

crasnes f. elegance: presumption, elation, OEG 1108.

creat = crt

Crcas mp. the 'Greeks,' AO, BH.

Crce = Crcas

Crcisc Grecian, Greek, AO.

crda m. creed, belief, confession of faith, . [L. credo]

credic? a bowl, OEG 29^3.

creft (AS) == crft

crencestre f. female weaver, spinster. [cranc] [[only in compound "crancstf"]]

cropan^2 (occly. refl.) to creep, crawl, , Bo; AO, CP.

creopel = crypel

cropere m. cripple. ['creeper']

cropung f. 'creeping,' Gl.

crow pret. 3 sg. of crwan.

crepel = crypel

cressa m. (Gl), cresse f. = crse

cribb (y) f. 'crib,' stall, Cr 1426.

cricc = crycc

crde pret. 3 sg. of crgan.

crgan? to bubble up. v. OEG 7101.

crimman^3 to cram, put in, insert: crumble.

crinc 'cothurnus,' ZDA 33250^2.

crincan = cringan

cring (gr-) downfall, slaughter. El 115.

cringan^3 to yield, fall (in battle), die.

cringwracu (gr-) f. torment, Jul 265.

crippan = cryppan

crp pres. 3 sg of cropan.

crisma m. chrism, holy oil: chrisome-cloth: anointing.

crismal m? n? chrismale, W 36^17.

crismhlgung f. consecration of the chrism.

crismlsing (^2) f. chrism-loosing, loosing of the chrismale, confirmation, Chr.

crisp (BH) = cirps ['crisp']

Crst m. anointed one, Christ, , CP.

cristalla m. crystal, .

cristallisc of crystal, A 4143.

crstelml = crstesml

crstelmlbam m. tree surmounted by a cross? upright shaft of a cross? EC 385.

crsten 'Christian,' AO, BH; . crstnan = the English as opposed to the Danes, Chr 894.

crsten m. crst(e)na f. 'Christian,' AO.

crstendm m. 'Christendom,' the church, Christianity, AO;.

crstenlic Christian, DR.

crstenmann m. a Christian, MH 170^25.

crstennes f. Christianity: Christian baptism, LL 412[1]; 413[13a].

crstes-ml (Chr), -ml mn. (Christ's mark), the cross. wyrcanc. to make the sign of the cross.

crstlic Christian, LL.

crstmsse f. Christmas, Chr 1021#d#.

crstna = crsten

crstnere m. catechist.

crstnes = crstennes

crstnian to anoint with chrism (as a catechumen), 'christen,' baptize, catechize, BH.

crstnung f. christening, anointing with chrism or holy oil, W 33^16.

cr = crge (v. crgan)?

crocc f., crocca m. 'crock,' pot, vessel, Lcd.

crocchwer? m. earthen pot, OEG 4672.

crced = crged

+crcod crooked, bent, NC 292.

crocsceard n. potsherd, .

crocwyrhta m. potter, Gr.

+crod n. crowd, throng.

croden pp. of crdan.

croft m. croft, small field.

crg m. crock, pitcher, vessel, Gl.

crgcynn n. kind of vessel, wine-jar, WW 210^39.

+crged (c) 'croceus, coccineus,' OEG 5204.

croh m. saffron.

crh I. m. shoot, twig, tendril. II. = crg

crohha = crocca [[under "crocc"]]

croma = cruma

crompeht 'placenta,' a flat cake, ES 42174; A 3748.

crong = crang, pret. 3 sg. of cringan.

crop = cropp

cropen pp. of cropan.

crop-lac, -lc n. garlic.

cropp, croppa m. _cluster, bunch_: _sprout, flower, berry, ear of corn_, _Ep, LkL, WW_: _'crop' (ofa bird)_, _: _kidney_; _pebble_.

croppiht clustered, Lcd 38b.

crc m. cross, Lcd, LV 74. ['crouch']

crce f. pot, pitcher, Gl.

cruceths n. torture-chamber, Chr 1137.

crdan^2 to press, hasten, drive.

cruft m? crufte f. crypt. [L.]

cruma (o) m. 'crumb,' fragment, Mt, WW.

crumb, crump crooked, bent, stooping, Gl. ['crump'; Ger. krumm]

crumen (crumm-) pp. of crimman.

cruncon pret. pl. of crincan.

crundel mn. ravine, Mdf.

crungen pp. of cringan.

crupon pret. pl. of cropan.

crse f? cruse, A 3750.

crsene, crsne f. fur coat, Gl. [cp. Ger. krschner]

crybb = cribb

crycc f. 'crutch,' staff, BH; .

cryccen made of clay, GPH 398.

crde pres. 3 sg. of crdan.

crymbing f. curvature, bend, inclination, WW 382^2. [crumb]

+crymian, +crymman (tr.) to crumble.

+crympan to curl.

crypel I. m. 'cripple,' LkL. II. crippled. III. m. narrow passage, burrow, drain, OEG; v.Mdf.

crypelgeat n. narrow opening in a wall or fence? BC 2399^1.

crypelnes f. paralysis.

crpe, crp pres. 3 sg. of cropan.

cryppan to crook (finger), close (hand), bend.

cryps = cirps

crysm- = crism-

crt = crde pres. 3 sg. of crdan.

c f. gs. c(e), c, cs; ds. c; nap. c, ce; gp. c(n)a, cna; dp. cm; 'cow,' , Lk, VPs; Mdf.

cbutere f. butter, Lcd. [c]

cbre m. cow-byre, cow-shed, Ct.

cuc == cwic

ccealf () n. calf, Erf, LL. ['cowcalf']

cuceler, cuce(le)re = cucler(e)

cucelere 'capo,' WW 380^25.

cucler, cuculer, cuclere m. spoon, spoonful. [cp. L. cochlear]

cuclerml n. spoonful, Lcd.

cucu (, AO, CP) v. cwic.

cucurbite f. gourd, Lcd 92a. [L.]

cudele f. cuttlefish, WW 181^7.

cudu () = cwudu

cage f. eye of a cow, LL 116#b#n.

cuean = cwean

cufel f. 'cowl,' hood (v. NED 2 p. viii).

cfel = cfl

cufle, cuffie = cufel

cugle, cug(e)le, cuhle f. cap, 'cowl,' hood, head-covering, RB (v.'cowl').

chorn m. cow's horn, LL 116.

chyrde m. cowherd.

cle = cugle

culfer, cul(e)fre f. 'culver,' pigeon, dove, Gen, VPs,WW.

culmille f. small centaury, Lcd 22a.

culpan as. of *culpa? m. or *culpe? f. fault, sin, Cr 177.

culpian to humble oneself, cringe, Bo 71^24.

culter m. 'coulter,' WW: dagger, knife, WW. [L. culter]

culufre = culfre [[under "culfer"]]

cm v. c.

cuma mf. stranger, guest, , AO, CP. cumena hs, inn, wcung inn, guestchamber.

cuman^4 to 'come,' approach, get to, attain, Lk, VPs; , AO, CP. c.p land, be born: () go, depart, , AO: come to oneself, recover: become: happen (also c. for): put: (+)come together, arrive, assemble, : () w. inf. of verbs of motion, forming a sort of periphrastic conjugation for such verbs. cm gangan he came. cm swimman he swam, etc.

cumb I. m. valley, BC; Mdf. ['coomb'] II. m. liquid measure, BC. [v.'comb']

cumbelgehnd = cumbolgehnst [[under "cumbolgebrec"]]

cumbl = (1) cumbol; (2) cumul

cumbol n. sign, standard, banner.

cumbolgebrec , -gehnst n. crash of banners, battle.

cumbolhaga m. compact rank, phalanx, Jul 395.

cumbolhete m. warlike hate, Jul 637.

cumbolwga m. warrior.

cumbor, cumbul == cumbol

cumen pp. of cuman.

cumendre f. godmother. [*cumdre A 3752]

cmeoluc f. cow's milk, Lcd 15a.

Cumere? -eras? np. Cumbrians, .

cumfeorm f. entertainment for travellers, Ct. [cuma, feorm]

c-micge f. -migoa m. cow's urine, Lcd.

cuml = cumbl

cumle hospitable. [cuma]

cumlian to be a guest.

cumlnes f. hospitality, : sojourn as guest.

cummse f. a kind of bird, 'parra,' WW 260^19.

cumpder m. godfather, Chr 894#a#. [L. compater]

cumul, cuml n. swelling, Lcd 160.

cna v. c.

cund == cynd

-cund adjectival suffix denoting derivation, origin or likeness. (-kind) as in deofol-cund, god-cund.

cuneglsse f. hound's tongue, Lcd 41b. [L. cynoglossum]

cunele, cunelle, cunille f. wild thyme. [Ger. quendel]

cuning = cyning

cunnan pres. 1 and 3 sg. can(n), pl. cunnon; pret. ce, pp. c swv. to be or become acquainted with, be thoroughly conversant with, know, AO, B, Lcd; CP, : know how to, have power to, be able to, can, , CP: express (thanks), Chr 1092. ['can,' 'con']

cunnere m. tempter, NG.

cunnian (w. g. or a.) to search into, try, test, seek for, explore, investigate, B, Bo, Sol; , CP: experience: have experience of, to make trial of. ['cun']

cunnung f. knowledge: trial, probation, experience.

cuopel f? small boat, MtL. ['coble']

cuppe f. 'cup,' Lcd, WW; .

curfon pret. pl. of ceorfan.

curmealle (e, i) f. centaury.

curnstn = cweornstn

curon pret. pl. of cosan.

curs m. malediction, 'curse,' Ct, LL,Sc.

cursian I. to 'curse,' Ps. II. to plait? MkR 15^17.

cursumbor incense, MtL 2^11.

cursung f. 'cursing,' damnation, LkL: place of torment, MtL.

cs v. c.

csc chaste, modest, virtuous, Gen 618. [Ger. keusch]

cscote (eo, u) f. 'cushat' dove, wood-pigeon, Gl.

cself f. cow's fat, suet, GPH 392. [sealf]

c-sloppe, -slyppe f. 'cowslip,' Lcd, WW.

csnes = csnes

ctgl m. tail of a cow, LL 169[59#b#].

c known, plain, manifest, certain, Da, Ps, Rd; , AO, CP: well known, usual: noted, excellent, famous, Ex: intimate, familiar, friendly, related. ['couth']

ca m. acquaintance, relative, CP.

ce I. clearly, plainly. ['couth'] II. pret. 3 sg. of cunnan.

celic = clic

cian to become known.

cice = clce

clcan to make known: make friends with,L.

clic known, certain, evident. adv. -lce clearly, evidently, certainly, openly, BH; CP, : familiarly, kindly, affably, An, BH; : therefore, to be sure, hence.

cnes f. acquaintance, knowledge.

cnoma m. surname, NG.

con pret. pl. of cunnan.

cwearm warm from the cow (milk), Lcd 126a.

cuwon pret. pl. of cowan.

cwacian to 'quake,' tremble, chatter (ofteeth), , AO, Cr, LkL, VPs.

cwacung f. 'quaking,' trembling, , VPs;AO.

cwc- = cwac-

cwdon pret. pl. of cwean.

cwl pret. 3 sg., cwlon pret. pl., of cwelan.

cwl- = cwal-, cwiel-, cwil-

cwman = cwman

cwn = cwn

cwrtern = cweartern

cw pret. 3 sg. of cwean.

cwal- = cweal-

cwalstw (LL 556[10,2]) = cwealmstw

cwalu f. killing, murder, violent death, destruction, , CP. [cwelan]

cwnian (tr. and intr.) to lament, bewail, deplore, mourn. [Goth. kwainon]

cwnig sad, sorrowful, El 377.

cwnung f. lamentation, NC 279.

cwartern = cweartern

cwatern the number four at dice, Gl. [L.]

cwad n. dung, dirt, filth. [Ger. kot]

cweaht pp. of cweccan.

cweald pp. of cwellan.

cwealm (e) mn. death, murder, slaughter: torment, pain: plague, pestilence, H; AO. ['qualm'; cwelan]

+cwealmbran to torture.

cwealmbre deadly, murderous, bloodthirsty, .

cwealmbrnes (e) f. mortality, destruction, ruin,.

cwealmbealu n. death, B 1940.

cwealmberendlic (y^1) pestilent, deadly, NC 279.

cwealmcuma m. death-bringer, B 792.

cwealmdror m. blood shed in death, Gen 985.

+cwealmful (y^1) pernicious, HGl 428.

cwealmnes f. pain, torment, BH.

cwealmstede m. death-place.

cwealmstw f. place of execution, BH 38^6 (b).

cwealmra m. deadly terror, Gen 2507.

cwearn = cweornstn

cweartern (a, , e) n. prison, .

cwearternlic of a prison.

cweccan to shake, swing, move, vibrate, Mt, VPs; . ['quetch'; cwacian]

cweccung f. moving, shaking, wagging.

cwecesand m. quicksand, WW 357^6.

+cwed n. declaration, WW 423^22.

cweddian = cwiddian

cwedel = cwedol

cweden pp. of cwean.

+cwedfsten f. appointed fast, A 1199; ES 43162.

+cwednes f. name, HGl 441.

cwedol talkative, eloquent.

+cwedrden (i, y) f. agreement, AO: conspiracy.

+cwedrdnes (y) f. agreement, covenant, NC 292.

+cwedstw f. appointed place, place of meeting, GD 183^7.

cwehte pret. sg. of cweccan.

cwelan^4 to die, , CP.

cweldeht corrupted, mortified, Lcd 47b. [= *cwildeht]

cwelderde (^1)? evening rider? bat, Shr 29^8. [ON. kveld]

cwellan to kill, murder, execute, CP; , AO. ['quell']

cwellend m. killer, slayer, GPH 400.

cwellere m. murderer, executioner, BH, Mk; . ['queller']

cwelm = cwealm (but v. MFH 106), cwielm-

cwelmere, cwelre = cwellere

cwman (w. d.) to gratify, please, satisfy, propitiate, , AO, CP: comply with, be obedient to, serve. ['queme'; 'i-queme']

cwme pleasant, agreeable, acceptable, NG, WG. ['i-queme']

cwme- = cwm-

cwmed- = cwm-

cwming f. pleasing, satisfaction, complaisance,CP.

cwmlic pleasing, satisfying, DR. adv. -lce graciously, kindly, humbly.

cwmnes f. pleasure, satisfaction, mitigation.

cwn () f. woman, Sc; : wife, consort, AO, Chr, Gen: 'queen,' empress, royal princess, , AO, Chr, Cr, VPs. [Goth. kwns]

cwene f. woman, Rd, W: female serf, 'quean,' prostitute, AO. [Goth. kwin]

cwenfugol hen-bird.

cwnhirde m. eunuch, MtL 19^12.

cwnlic womanly? queenly? B 1940.

cweodu = cwudu

cweorn f. 'quern,' handmill, mill, MtL;CP.

cweornbill 'lapidaria,' a stone chisel for dressing querns (BT), WW 438^18.

cweornburna m. mill-stream, Ct.

cweorne = cweorn

cweornstn m. mill-stone, Mt. ['quernstone']

cweornt mp. molars, grinders, Gl.

-cweorra v. mete-c.

-cweorran v. -c.

cweor name of the rune for cw (q).

cwern (NG) == cweorn

cwertern = cweartern

cwean^6 to say, speak, name, call, proclaim, summon, declare, Bl, VPs; , AO, CP: () order, give orders: c. (t) agree, settle, resolve: () consider, regard, L 1^117. c. on hwone assign to one. cwyst l sayest thou? 'numquid.' cwee g think you? ['quethe']

cwic [cuc, cucu (this last form is archaic, and has an occasional asm. cucone, cucune)] 'quick,' living, alive, BH, Bl, Bo, CP, Lcd;AO.

cwicht f. live stock, LL 60[18,1].

cwicbam m. aspen, juniper, Gl, Lcd. ['quick-beam']

cwicbeamen of aspen, Lcd.

cwicbamrind f. aspen bark, Lcd.

cwiccliende moving rapidly? tottering? OEG 2234.

cwice fm. 'couch' ('quitch')-grass, Gl, Lcd.

cwicfr n. sulphur, LkR 17^29.

cwichrrende living and moving, Creat 5.

cwician to quicken, create, JnL: come to life, come to one's self, , Lcd. ['quick']

cwiclc n. a living sacrifice, NG.

cwiclic living, vital, DR. adv. -lce vigorously.

cwiclifigende living.

cwicrind = cwicbamrind

cwicseolfor n. 'quicksilver,' Lcd.

cwicssl nf. hell torment, punishment, torture,.

cwicsslen purgatorial, ApT 26.

cwictrow n. aspen, WW.

cwicu == cwic

+cwicung f. restoration to life, GD 218^17.

cwicwelle living (of water), JnR.

cwid- = cwed-, cwud-

cwidbc f. Book of Proverbs, CP: book of homilies, MF (Vesp. D xiv).

cwiddian (e, y) to talk, speak, say, discuss, report: make a claim against, LL 400[3,1].

cwiddung (y) f. speech, saying, report, .

cwide (y) m. speech, saying, word, sentence, phrase, proverb, argument, proposal, discourse, homily, Bo; , CP: testament, will, enactment, decree, decision, judgment, TC; . ['quide'; cwean]

+cwide n. sentence, decree, fate.

cwidegiedd (i) n. speech, song, Wa 55.

cwidelas speechless, (y): intestate, EC 212.

cwielman (, e, i, y) to torment, afflict, mortify, destroy, kill, Bl, VPs; AO, CP. ['quelm'] For compounds v.cwylm-.

cwiferlce zealously, RB 122^2.

cwild (y) mfn. destruction, death, pestilence, murrain. [cwelan]

cwildbre deadly, dangerous, pestiferous. adv. -brlce.

cwildberendlic (y) deadly, NC 279.

cwildefld nm. deluge, CPs 28^10.

cwildful (y) deadly, OEG.

cwildrf deadly, savage, Ex 166.

cwilman = cwielman

cwil pres. 3 sg. of cwelan.

-cwnan v. -c.

-cwincan v. -c.

cwine = cwene

+cwis conspiracy, OEG 4955.

-cwisse v. un-c.

cwist pres. 2 sg. of cwean.

cwi I. (also cwia) m. belly, womb. [Goth. kwius] II. pres. 3 sg. of cwean.

cwan to bewail: accuse, LL.

cwie = cwide

cwienlic natural, WW 412^30.

cwnes f. complaint, lament, GD.

cwist pres. 2 sg. of cwean.

cwung (qu-) f. complaint, WW 488^37.

cwolen pp. of cwelan.

-cwolstan v. for-c.

cwm pret. 3 sg. of cuman.

cwuc, cwucu = cwic

cwudu (eo, i) n. what is chewed, cud, : resin of trees. hwtc. chewing gum, mastic.

cwyc == cwic

cwyd- = cwed-, cwid-, cwidd-

cwydele f. pustule, tumour, boil.

cwyld == cwild

cwyldseten f. first hours of night, Gl.

cwyldtd m. evening, WW. [ON. kveld]

cwylla m. well, spring, KC 2265^30. [Ger. quelle]

cwylm = cwealm

cwylm- = cwielm-

[[Printed on one line: cwylm = cwealm, cwielm-]]

cwylmend m. tormentor, destroyer, GD.

cwylmende excruciating, deadly.

+cwylmful pernicious, HGl 428.

cwylmian (intr.) to suffer: (tr.) torment, kill, crucify, . [cwealm]

cwylming f. suffering, tribulation, : (metaph.) cross: death.

cwylmnes f. pain, torment.

cwylseten = cwyldseten

cwyltd = cwyldtd

cwyl pres. 3 sg. of cwelan.

cwyne = cwene

cwyrn == cweorn

cwsan to squeeze, dash against, bruise, .

cwyst pres. 2 sg. of cwean.

cwy pres. 3 sg. of cwean.

cwan = cwan

cwye = cwide

cwyst pres. 2 sg. of cwean.

c v. c.

cycel (i) m. small cake, Gl.

cycen = cicen

cycene f. 'kitchen,' , WW. [L. coquina]

cycennung f. service in the kitchen, NC 279.

cycgel m. 'cudgel,' BDS, CP.

cdde pret. 3 sg. of can.

cdung = cdung

ce I. v. c. II. = co

cf f. _tub, vat, cask, bushel_, _. ['_keeve_']

cyfes == ciefes

cfl m. tub, bucket.

cgan = cegan

cgling = cling

+cygd = +cd

+cgednes = +cgednes

cylcan 'ructare,' OEG 20^2.

cyld = (1) cild; (2) ceald

cyldfaru f. carrying of children, .

cyle == ciele

cylen f. 'kiln,' oven, Cp, WW.

cyleenie = celeonie

cylew = cylu

cylin = cylen

cyll f. skin, leather bottle, flagon, vessel, censer, , AO,CP.

cylle I. mf. = cyll. II. = cielle

cyllfylling f. act of filling a bottle, GD 250^27.

cyln = cylen

cylu spotted, speckled, WW 163^29.

cym imperat. of cuman.

cymbala = cimbala [[under "cimbal"]]

cyme (i) m. coming, arrival, advent, approach, Bo, MtR; AO, CP. ['come']

cme () comely, lovely, glorious, splendid.

cymed n. germander, Lcd.

cymen I. mn. 'cumin,' CP, Mt. [L.] II. pp. of cuman. III. (and cymin) = cinimin

[[Referenced word could not be identified.]]

cmlic 'comely,' lovely, splendid, Ps. adv. -lce, B.

cmnes f. fastidiousness, daintiness, Gl.

cymst pres. 2 sg., cym(e) pres. 3 sg. of cuman.

cyn = (1) cynn; (2) cinn

cna gp. of c.

cyncan as. of sb. small bundle, bunch? (BT) Lcd 258^22.

cynd (usu.) nf. nature, 'kind,' ('i-cunde') property, quality, Bl, Gu, Met: character, Bo: gender, Ph: () race, species, Bl, Bo, El: (+) origin, generation, birth, +Hy: () offspring: () 'genitalia,'.

+cyndbc f. book of Genesis.

+cynde natural, native, innate, B, Bo, WW; , AO, CP: proper, fitting, Met: lawful, rightful, Chr, Met. ['kind,' 'i-cunde']

cyndelic 'kindly,' natural, innate, Bo, Lcd: generative, of generation, LL 7[64]: proper, suitable, Bo: lawful, BH. adv. -lce, Bo.

+cyndlim n. womb: pl. 'genitalia.'

+cyndnes f. nation: produce, increase, RHy 6^22.

+cynd-o, -u f. = cynd

cyne = cine II.

cne = cne

cynebnd m. diadem, NC 279.

cynebeald royally bold, very brave.

cynebearn (a^3) n. royal child, Christ.

cyneboren royally born, .

cynebt f. king's compensation, LL.

cynebotl n. palace, .

cynecynn n. royal race, pedigree or family, , AO.

cynedm (cyning-, Da) m. royal dignity, kingly rule, government, Chr, Gl; AO: royal ordinance or law: 'kingdom' ('kindom'), royal possessions.

cyneg = cyning

cyne-geard, -gerd = cynegyrd

cynegewdu np. royal robes, BH 32^25.

cynegierela m. royal robe, Met 25^23 (e^3).

cynegild n. king's compensation, LL 462.

cynegd noble, well-born, excellent.

cynegold n. regal gold, crown.

cyne-gyrd, -ge(a)rd f. sceptre, .

cynehd m. kingly honour, state, or dignity, CP.

cynehm m. royal manor, EC.

cyne-helm, -healm m. diadem, royal crown, : royal power.

cynehelmian to crown, ZDA 2037.

cynehlford m. liege lord, king.

cynehof n. king's palace, GPH 391.

cynelic I. kingly, royal, CP: public. adv. -lce. II. = cynlic

cynelicnes f. kingliness, BH 194^34.

cynemann m. royal personage, NG.

cyneren = cynren

cynerce (cyning-) n. rule, sovereignty, Chr, Ct; CP: region, nation, AO. ['kinrick,' 'kingrick']

cyneriht n. royal prerogative, EC 202^18.

cynerf noble, renowned.

cynescipe m. royalty, majesty, kingly power, .

cynesetl n. throne, capital city, AO.

cynestl m. throne, royal dwelling, city, , AO,CP.

cynestrt f. public road, WW 71^6.

cynerymlic very glorious, NC 279.

cynerymm m. royal glory, majesty, power: kingly host, Da 706.

cynewen [-wden?] of royal purple, TC 538.

cynewse f. state, commonwealth.

cynewie f. royal diadem, Gl.

cyneword n. fitting word, Rd 44^16. [cynn]

cynewyre noble, kingly, A 8308, MF 157.

cyng, cynig == cyning

cyning m. 'king,' ruler, Bo, Bl, Chr; , AO, CP: God, Christ, Bl, OET: () Satan.

cyning- = cyne-

cyninge man entitled to take oath as a king's thane, LL 112[54#bh#].

cyninge f. queen, Bl 13^1.

cyningeswyrt f. marjoram, WW 301^17.

cyningfeorm f. king's sustenance, provision for the king's household.

cyninggenla m. great feud, El 610.

cyninggereordu np. royal banquet, WW 411^28.

cynlic fitting, proper, convenient, becoming, sufficient. adv. -lce.

cynn I. (i) n. kind, sort, rank, quality: family, generation, offspring, pedigree, kin, race, people, , Bl, CP, Chr: gender, sex, , Lcd: propriety, etiquette. II. adj. becoming, proper, suitable,CP.

+cynn = +cynd

cynn- = cenn-

cynnig noble, of good family, OEG.

cynnreccenes f. genealogy, NG.

cynren, cynrd (EPs) n. kindred, family, generation, posterity, stock, CP: kind, species.

cynresu a generation, Mt (pref.).

cynryn = cynren

co = co

cyp = cypp

cp- = cep-

cpa m. I. (also cpe) f. vessel, basket, Lk, OEG. ['kipe'] II. (,) m. chapman, trader, merchant,.

cpan () to traffic, buy, sell, barter. [Ger. kaufen]

+cpe adj. for sale, .

cpe- = cap-, cepe-

cpedg m. market day, OEG.

cpend m. one who sells, merchant.

cypera m. spawning salmon, Met 19^12.

cyperen () = cypren

cypp = cipp

cypren made of copper, copper, AO. [copor] [[under "coper"]]

cypresse f. cypress, Lcd 3118^21. [L.]

cypsan = cyspan

cyr- = cer-, cier-, cir-

cyre m. _choice, free will_, _. ['_cure_']

cyre m. oath sworn by an accused man and by other chosen persons. v.LL 2293.

cyrelf n. state of dependence on a lord whom a person has chosen?: person in such a state (v.BT and NC 279).

cyren = (1) ceren, (2) cyrn [[under "cyrin"]]

cyrf m. _cutting, cutting off_, _: _what is cut off_. ['_kerf_']

cyrft = cyrfet

cyrfel m. little stake, peg, WW 126^18.

cyrfet m. gourd. [Ger. krbis]

cyrf pres. 3 sg. of ceorfan.

cyrige v. wl-c.

cyrin, cyrn (e) f. 'churn,' WW.

cyrnel (i) mn. (nap. cyrnlu) seed, 'kernel,' pip, , Lcd: (enlarged) gland, swelling, Lcd. [corn]

+cyrnod, +cyrnlod granulated, rough, OEG.

cyrps = cirps

cyrriol the Kyrie Eleeson, A 8320.

cyrs- = crs-, cris-

cyrstrow n. cherry-tree, WW 138. [ciris; L.]

+cyrtan to shorten.

cyrtel m. (man's) tunic, coat, , AO: (woman's) gown, Ct. ['kirtle']

cyrten I. fair, comely, : intelligent. adv. -lce (and cyrtelce) elegantly, neatly, fairly, well, exactly. II. ornament? WW 216^7.

cyrtenes (e^1) f. elegance, beauty.

cyrtenlcan (e^1) to beautify, make elegant, .

cyr pres. 3 sg. of cyrran. [[redirected to "cierran"]]

cys- = cyse-, ceos-

cs- = cs-

[[Printed on one line: cys-, cs- = cyse-, ceos-, cs-]]

cseft n. cheese vat, WW 379^27.

csehwg n. whey, Lcd 119b.

csft (LL 455^17) = cseft

csgerunn n. rennet.

cysirbam = cirisbam

cslybb n. rennet, Lcd. ['cheeselip']

cyspan to fetter, bind. [cosp]

cyssan to 'kiss,' , BH, Mt. [coss]

cssticce n. piece of cheese.

cyst I. fm. free-will, choice, election: ( the best of anything, the choicest, : picked host: moral excellence, virtue, goodness, CP, : generosity, munificence, CP. [cosan] II. = cistI.

cst pres. 3 sg. of cosan.

cystan to spend, lay out, get the value of, Chr 1124.

cystbam = cistenbam

cystel (= cist-) f. chestnut-tree.

cystelce = cystiglce [[form of "cystig"]]

cystian (e) to put in a coffin, W. [cest] [[under "cist"]]

cystig charitable, liberal, generous, CP; : virtuous, good. ['custi'] adv. -lce.

cystignes, cystines f. liberality, bounty, goodness, : abundance.

cystlas worthless, bad, Gen 1004.

cystlic = cystig

cystnes = cystignes

cs = ces pres. 3 sg. of cosan.

cswucu f. the last week in which cheese was allowed to be eaten before Lent.

cswyrhte f. (female) cheese-maker, LL 451[16].

cta m. 'kite,' bittern, Cp.

cte () f. cottage, hut, cabin, : cell, cubicle,.

cytel = citel

cytere = citere

cytwer m. weir for catching fish.

c = (1) c, (2) c

can to proclaim, utter, make known, show forth, tell, relate, Cp, Cr, Jn; CP: prove, show, testify, confess, Mt, VPs: exercise, perform, practise, B: () confirm, LL: () make celebrated. wundorc. perform a miracle. ['kithe'; c]

+cednes f. testimony, LPs 121^4.

cere m. witness, martyr, .

cig known: (+) knowing, aware of, DR.

cing f. statement, narration, GD 86^14.

clcan to become known.

cling = cing

cnes f. testimony: testament (often of Old and New Test.), : knowledge, acquaintance.

c, cu f. kinship, relationship: 'kith,' kinsfolk, fellow-countrymen, neighbours, Lk: acquaintance, friendship: () native land, home, Bo; AO, CP: knowledge, familiarity, ,BH.

cywes- = cyfes-

cw pres. 3 sg. of cowan.

cwung = cowung


d f. doe (female deer), .

dd I. () f. (nap. dda, dde) 'deed,' action, transaction, event, , B, Bl, VPs. II. = dad

ddbana m. murderer, LL 266[23].

dd-bta (), -btere m. a penitent.

ddbtan to atone for, make amends, be penitent, repent, . [ddbt]

ddbtnes f. penitence.

ddbt f. amends, atonement, repentance, penitence, Mt; AO. ['deedbote']

ddbtlihting f. mitigation of penance.

ddbtnes = ddbtnes

ddcne bold in deed, B 1645.

ddfrom energetic, PPs 109^8.

ddfruma m. doer of deeds (good or bad), worker.

ddhata m. ravager, B 275.

ddhwt energetic, bold.

ddlata m. sluggard.

ddlan n. recompense, Ex 263.

ddlic active, Gr.

ddon = dydon pret. pl. of dn.

ddrf bold in deeds, valiant.

ddsca (Cr 257) = dasca?

ddweorc n. mighty work, Ex 575.

df- = daf-

dftan to put in order, arrange, , CP.

+dfte mild, gentle, meek, Mt. ['daft'; gedafen]

+dftelce, +dftlce fitly, in moderation, in season,CP.

dg m. gs. dges; nap. dagas day, lifetime, , Mt, Mk; AO, CP. andlangned. all day long. dges, or ond. by day. td., t dge to-day. d.r the day before. sume dge one day. ofer midned. afternoon. on his dge in his time. dges and nihtes by day and by night. lange ond. far on, late in the day. emnihtesd. equinox. ealle dagas always, Mt: Last Day, Bl: name of the rune for d.

dgcandel (o^2) f. sun.

dgc open, clear as the day.

dge f. (female) bread maker.

dge- = dg-

dgehwelc daily.

dgenlic of this day.

dges adv. v. dg.

dges-age, -ge n. 'daisy,' Lcd, WW.

+dge pres. 3 sg. dares? braves? W 220^28.

dgfsten n. a day's fast.

dgfeorm f. day's provision, EC 226^2.

dghluttre adv. clearly, as day, Gu 665.

dghryne = dgryne

dghwm adv. daily.

dghwmlic of day, daily, . adv. -lce, , AO.

dghwl f. (pl.) days, lifetime, B 2726.

dghwonlce = dghwmlce

dglang (o^2) lasting a day, Sol 501.

dglanges adv. during a day, .

dglic = dghwmlic

dgml nm. horologe, dial.

dgmlsplu f. gnomon of a dial, WW 126^31.

dgmlscawere m. horoscope-observer, astrologer,WW.

dgmete m. breakfast, dinner, WW 267^13.

dgol = dgol

dg-rd (or ? dgred) (, CP) -rd n. daybreak, dawn, Lk. ['dayred']

dgrdloma m. light of dawn, NC 280.

dgrdlic belonging to morning, early.

dgrdsang m. matins, RB, CM.

dgrdwma m. dawn.

dgrm n. number of days.

dgrima m. _dawn, daybreak, morning_, _. ['_day-rim_']

dgryne daily, of a day, WW 224^29.

dgsang m. daily service, W 290^22.

dgsceald m? (shield by day?) sun, #Ex#79.

dgsteorra m. 'daystar,' morning star, , Lcd.

dgswsendo np. a day's food, LL (220^30).

dgtd f. day-time, time, period.

dgtdum by day, in the day-time.

dgtma m. day-time, day, LPs 120^6.

dgerlic of the day, of to-day, daily, present,.

dgern f. interval of a day, Lcd.

dgerne adj. for use by day, every-day, CM.

dgwccan fp. day-watches, WW 110^24.

dgweard m. day-watchman, WW 110^25.

dgweorc n. work of a day, fixed or stated service, Ex: day-time. ['daywork']

dgweorung f. feast day, El 1234.

dgwilla wished for day, Gen 2776.

dgwine n? day's pay, Gl.

dgwist f. food, meal, .

dgwma = dgrdwma

dl I. nap. dalu n. 'dale,' valley, gorge, abyss, AO. II. pret. 3 sg. of delan.

dl () mn. (p. dl-as, -e) _portion, part, share, lot_, _Cp, Bl, Gu_ (), _VPs_; AO, CP: _division, separation_, _ (): _quantity, amount_, _Lcd_: _region, district_, AO. d.wintra _a good number of years_. be dle _in part, partly_. be healfum dle _by half_. be nigum dle _at all, to any extent_. be m dle _to that extent_. can be dle _to make a partial or '_ex parte_' statement_. sume dle, be sumum dle _partly_: _part of speech, word_, Gr. ['_deal_']

dlan to divide, part, separate, share, Da; , CP: bestow, distribute, dispense, spend, hand over to, An, Mk: take part in, share with, Gen: be divided. hilde, earfoe dlan to fight, contend. ['deal']

+dledlce separately.

dlend m. divider, Lk 12^4.

dlere m. _divider, distributor_, _WW_: _agent, negociator_, _: _almsgiver_, . ['_dealer_']

dling f. dividing, sharing, HGl 423.

+dlland = +dlland

dllas deficient, unskilled: destitute of, without.

dlmlum adv. by parts or pieces, .

dl-neom-, -nym- = dlnim-

dlnes f. sharing out.

dlnimend m. sharer, participator, : participle, Gr. [Ger. teilnehmend]

dlnimendnes f. participation, BJPs 121^2.

dlnimung f. participation, portion, share.

dlnumelnes = dlnimendnes

dm- = dm-

dn- = den-

dp = dop

dre v. daru.

drne = dierne

drst, drste (e) f. leaven, NG, DR: (pl.) dregs, refuse, Lcd (e), Ps. ['drast']

+drsted leavened, fermented, NG.

d = da

dwig = dawig

+dafen I. n. what is fitting, GD 84^6. II. becoming, suitable, fit, proper.

+dafenian (often impers.) to beseem, befit, be right,.

+dafenlic fit, becoming, proper, suitable, right. adv. -lce.

dafenlcnes f. fit time, opportunity.

+daflic = +dafenlic

dafn- = dafen-

+dafniendlic = +dafenlic

dg m? (dh) 'dough,' Lcd: mass of metal.

dagas, dages v. dg.

dagian to dawn, be day, BH; . ['daw']

dagung f. day-break, dawn, BH. on dagunge at daybreak.

dh = dg

dl = dl

+dal n. part, GD 311^11.

dalc m. bracelet, brooch.

dalf (NG) = dealf pret. 3 sg. of delfan.

dalisc (? for *dedalisc) 'dedaleus,' WW 221^3.

+dlland n. land under joint ownership, common land divided into strips. v.LL 2443.

dlmd f. meadow-land held in common and apportioned between the holders, KC 3260^3.

dalmatice f. dalmatic (vestment), ANS 8413; GD 329^34.

dalu v. dl.

dara, dare = daro

darian to lurk, be hidden, L 23^322.

daro m. dart, spear, javelin. daroa lf those left by spears, survivors of a battle.

darohbbende spear-bearing, Jul 68.

darolcende (e) mp. spear-warriors.

darosceaft (deore-) m. javelin-shaft, Gen 1984.

daru f. gds. dre injury, hurt, damage, calamity, .

datrum m. (indecl.) date.

da 'bloma,' mass of metal, WW 141^36.

Davtic adj. of David (psalms).

dacon = dacon

dad () 'dead,' , B, Mt; AO, CP: torpid, dull. d.bld congealed blood.

dad- = da-

dadboren still-born, Lcd 1206.

dadian to die, JnL. ['dead']

dadlic _subject to death, mortal, perishable_, _: _causing death_, _'deadly,' fatal_, _AO_: _about to die_. adv. -lce.

dadrgel n. shroud, WW 37^6. [hrgl]

dadspring m. ulcer, Lcd.

dadwylle barren, AO 26^16.

daf I. 'deaf,' Mt, Jul; VPs: empty, barren, CP 411^20. II. pret. 3 sg. of dfan.

-dafian v. -d.

daflic = dfelic

dafu f. deafness, Lcd.

deag = dg

dag I. hue, tinge, , WW: 'dye,' WW. II. pres. 3 sg. of dugan.

dagan to discolour, dye, colour (Earle); to conceal oneself, hide (Leo). B 851. [[from first edition]]

dagel = d(e)gol

daggede gouty, WW 161^31. [daw]

dagian to 'dye,' OEG.

dagol = degol

dagol- = dgol-

dagung f. _'dying,' colouring_, _.

dagwyrmede gouty, WW 161^31. [daw]

dah = dag I. and II.

dahl = dgol

deal = deall

dealf pret. 3 sg. of delfan.

deall proud, exulting, bold, renowned.

dear pres. 3 sg. of *durran.

dearc = deorc

deare = daro

dearf I. pret. 3 sg. of deorfan. II. bold,NG.

dearflic bold, presumptuous, NG.

dearfscipe m. boldness, presumption, NG.

dearn-unga, -unge (e^2, i^2) secretly, privately, insidiously, , AO,CP.

dearo = daro

dearr pres. 3 sg. of *durran.

dearste (VPs) = drste [[under "drst"]]

da (o) m. 'death,' dying, An, Bo, Mt; CP: cause of death, Bl: in pl. 'manes,' ghosts.

da- = dad- (v. ES 39324).

dabre deadly, CP.

dabrlic (dad-) deadly.

dabacnigende boding death.

dabam m. death-bringing tree, Gen 638.

dabedd n. bed of death, grave.

daberende fatal, deadly, CP.

dabrnes f. deadliness, destructiveness, LkL 21^11.

dacwalu f. deadly throe, agony: death by violence.

dacwealm m. death by violence, B 1670.

dacwylmende killed.

dadg m. death-day.

dadenu f. valley of death.

dadrepe m. death-blow, Ex 495.

dafge doomed to death, B 850.

dafiren f. deadly sin, Cr 1207.

dagedl n. separation of body and soul by death, Gu 936.

dagodas mp. infernal deities, WW 447^19.

+daian to kill.

dalg m. deadly flame, Gr 983.

dalic 'deathly,' mortal, Bl: deadly: dead.

dalicnes f. mortality, mortal state: deadliness.

damgen n. deadly band, Gu 867.

darced (= e^2) n. sepulchre, Ph 48.

dars m. sudden death, An 997.

daraf n. clothing taken from the dead, spoils, WW 397^22.

darow murderous, fierce, An 1316.

da-sca, -scufa m. death-shadow, spirit of death, devil.

dascyld f. crime worthy of death, LL 130.

dascyldig (LL), dadsynnig (NG) condemned to death.

dasele m. death-hall, hell.

daslege m. death-stroke, Rd 6^14.

daspere n. deadly spear, Rd 4^53.

dastede m. place of death, Ex 589.

dasynnignes f. guiltiness of death, DR.

danung f. exequies, last offices to the dead, funeral.

dawang m. plain of death, An 1005.

dawge n. deadly cup, Gu 964. [wge]

dawrig dead, B 2125.

dawc n. dwelling of death, B 1275.

dawyrd f. fate, death, WW 408^23.

daw mn. 'dew,' , CP, VPs.

+daw dewy.

dawdras m. fall of dew? Da 277. [drosan]

dawig (, ) 'dewy,' Ex.

dawigendlc? dewy, HGl 408.

dawigfeera dewy-feathered.

dawung f. dew, EHy 7^64.

dawwyrm m. 'dew-worm,' ring-worm, tetter, Lcd.

decan m. one who has charge of ten monks.

dcan to smear, plaster.

decanhd m. office of a 'decan.'

decanon = decan

Decembris m. December.

declnian to decline, Gr.

declnigendlic subject to inflection, Gr.

declnung f. declension, A 8313^5.

dd I. (A) = dd. II. = dad

dde (KGl) = dyde pret. 3 sg. of dn.

+dfe (doefe once, in NG) befitting, suitable, proper: meek, gentle, kindly. also adv.

+dfelic fit, becoming, proper. adv. -lce, BH.

defen- = dafen-

dflic = dfelic

+dfnes f. mildness, gentleness, LPs 89^10.

+deftlce = +dftlce [[under "dftelce"]]

deg = dg

dg (NG) = dag pres. 3 sg. of dugan.

dg- = dag-, deg-, dg-

degn = egn

dehter ds. of dohtor.

dehtnung (KGl) = dihtnung

del = dl

dela nap. of delu.

delan^4 to fall, decay? (Grein) to be arrogant, proud, boastful (Leo). Gen 23. [[from first edition]]

dlan = dlan

+delf n. digging, excavation, , AO: what is dug, trench, quarry, canal, Mdf.

delfan^3 to 'delve,' dig, dig out, burrow, , Bo, G; AO: bury.

delfere m. digger, Bo 140^13.

delfn dolphin, WW 293^13. [L.]

delfsen n. spade, WW.

delfung f. digging, WW 149^10.

+delgian = +telgian

dell nm. dell, hollow, dale, BH; Mdf.

delu f. teat, nipple, CP 405^1. [OHG. tili]

dem = demm

dma m. judge, ruler, , CP.

dman to 'deem' ('i-deme'), consider, think, estimate, compute, , BH: judge, determine, decide, decree, sentence, condemn, BH, G, El; CP: assign: () praise, glorify: () tell, declare, FAp.

dmedlic that may be judged, GD 336^20.

dmend n. judge, arbiter.

dmere m. judge, MtL (oe). ['deemer']

demm m. damage, injury, loss, misfortune, AO, CP.

-demman v. for-d.

dmon demon, devil, DR.

den = denn

dn = dn pp. of dn.

Denalagu, f. the 'Dane law,' law for the part of England occupied by the Danes, LL.

den-bre, -berende n. swine-pasture, Mdf.

dene = denu

Dene mp. the 'Danes,' Chr; AO.

deneland () valley.

Denemearc (^1, a^3, e^3) Denm-, f. Denmark.

dengan (ncg) to beat, strike, NC 281.

denge = dyncge

Denisc 'Danish,' Chr. wk. nap. Deniscan the Danes.

denn n. 'den,' lair, cave, ; WW: swine-pasture, v.Mdf.

dennian () to become slippery? Chr 937.

denstw f. place of pasture, BC 3144^21.

denu f. valley, vale, dale, , Lk, VPs; Mdf. ['dean']

dof = daf pret. 3 sg. of dfan.

dofel-, dofl- = dofol-

deofenian = dafenian

dofol mn. gs. dofles, nap. doflu, dofol, a 'devil,' demon, false god, B, Mt, VPs; AO: the devil, CP, Jn, Jul; : diabolical person, JnLR. [L. diabolus]

dofolcrft m. witchcraft, AO.

dofolcund fiendish, Jud 61.

dofoldd f. fiendish deed, Da 18.

dofol-gield (AO, CP), -gild, -geld (AO, VHy), -gyld () n. devil-worship, idolatry: idol, image of the devil,.

dofolgielda (y^3) m. devil-worshipper, idolater, H 170^23.

dofolgieldhs n. idol temple, AO 284^9.

dofolgtsung (dwl-) f. unrighteous mammon, LkL 16^11.

dofollic _devilish, diabolical, of the devil_, _. ['_devilly_'] adv. -lce.

dofolscn n. evil spirit, demon.

dofolscpe m. idolatry, NC 286.

dofolsoc possessed by devils, lunatic, .

dofolsocnes f. demoniacal possession.

dofolwtga m. wizard, magician, Da 128.

doful == dofol

dog pret. 3 sg. of dagan.

dohl, dogol = degol

don (A) to suck, JAW 19.

dop I. 'deep,' profound, Ps: awful, mysterious, CP: () heinous, Gu, Jul: serious, solemn, earnest, Ex. d.cap high price, great price. II. n. depth, abyss, Ex, Mt: the deep, sea, Lk.

dope adv. deeply, thoroughly, entirely, earnestly, solemnly, Ps.

dophycgende dophdig deeply meditating, pensive.

dopian to get deep, Lcd 125b.

doplic deep, profound, thorough, fundamental, , CP: grievous. adv. -lce 'deeply,' Bo,WW.

dopnes f. depth, abyss, LPs, Nic: profundity, mystery, subtlety, . ['deepness']

dopancol contemplative, very thoughtful, W 248^7; A 8329. adv. -lce.

dor I. n. animal, beast (usu. wild), Lk, Met, WW; , CP: 'deer,' reindeer, AO. II. brave, bold, An, Sol: ferocious, B: grievous, severe, violent, Da, Sol. ['dear'] III. = dore

doran = dran [[variant of "drsian"]]

dorboren of noble birth, LL 104[34,1].

deorc 'dark,' obscure, gloomy, B, Ps: sad, cheerless: sinister, wicked, Lk, Sat. adv. deorce.

deorcegrg dark grey, WW.

deorcful dark, gloomy, Sc. ['darkfull']

deorclce 'darkly,' horribly, foully, GPH 391^22.

deorcnes f. 'darkness,' Sc 228^3.

deorcung f. gloaming, twilight, .

dorcynn n. race of animals, .

dore I. 'dear,' beloved, Jul: precious, costly, valuable, Bo: noble, excellent. II. adv. dearly, at great cost, Met, WW. III. adv. fiercely, cruelly. [dorII.]

doren of a wild animal.

deoresceaft = darosceaft

deorf n. labour: difficulty, hardship, trouble, danger,.

dorfald m. enclosure for wild beasts, WW 201^34.

deorfan^3 _to exert oneself, labour_, _: _be in peril, perish, be wrecked_, AO. ['_derve_']

dorfellen made of hides, WW 328^18.

+deorflas free from trouble, Gl.

+deorfnes f. trouble, tribulation, LPs 45^2.

dorfri n. preservation of game, deer-protection, Chr 1086.

+deorfsum troublesome, grievous, Chr 1103; 1005(y).

dorgat n. gate for animals, Ct.

dorhege m. deer-fence, LL.

deorian (Chr) = derian

dorlic brave, renowned, B 585.

dorlce 'dearly,' preciously, richly, El: sincerely, acceptably, AS 4^19.

dorling (, ) m. 'darling,' favourite, minion, , Bo, CP: household god.

dormd courageous, bold.

dornett n. hunting-net, WW 183^12.

deornunga = dearnunga

deorsterlce = dyrstelce

dortn m. park, Gl.

dor-wiere (CP), -wure (), -wyre precious, dear, valuable, costly, Bl, Bo. ['dearworth']

dorwyrlic (eo^2, u^2) precious, valuable. adv. -lce splendidly, : as a thing of value,.

dorwyrnes (u^2) f. treasure.

do (NG) = da

dpan = dpan

dpe = dop

deppan = dyppan

dr = dor

Dra, Dre mp. Deirans, inhabitants of Deira.

derian (w. d.) to damage, injure, hurt, Bo; , AO, CP. ['dere']

deriendlic injurious, mischievous, noxious, hurtful,.

drling (NG) = dorling

derne = dierne

derne- = dyrne-

dernegelegerscipe (derneleger-) m. adultery, fornication,N.

derneleger adulterous, NG. adv. -ere licentiously,NG.

dernunga (NG) = dearnunga

derodine m. scarlet dye, CP 83^25.

derste (VPs) = drste [[under "drst"]]

derung f. injury, GD.

desig = dysig

dst v. dn.

d I. 3 p. sg. pres. of dn. II. 'manipulus,' sheaf? EPs 125^6.

+dian to kill, mortify, DR, NG.

ding f. putting to death, DR 72^13.

dean? to suck, LkR.

dwig = dawig

dacon m. 'deacon,' minister, levite, , BH,Jn.

dacongegyrela m. deacon's robe, BH 90^2.

daconhd m. office of a deacon, .

daconrocc m. dalmatic, CM 723.

daconnung f. office of a deacon, BH 272^17.

dan (A) = don (A)

dc mf. 'dike,' trench, ditch, moat, AO, BH, Chr; ; Mdf: an earthwork with a trench.

dcere m. digger, .

dcian to make a dyke or bank.

dcsceard n. breach of a dike, LL 455[13].

dcung f. construction of a dike, WW. ['diking']

dcwalu f. bank of a ditch? KC 5334^28.

dide, didon = dyde, dydon (v. dn).

diegan to die, NR 38.

degel = degol

degellce (e, eo, i^1, o^2) secretly, AO, CP.

degelnes f. privacy, secrecy, solitude, CP: hiding-place, recess, (): secret, secret thought, mystery, AO, CP; ().

deglan, -lian to hide, cover, conceal, hide oneself,CP.

degle = degol

degol (, , a, o, , ) I. adj. secret, hidden, obscure, unknown, deep. [for compounds v. degel-.] II. adv. secretly. III. n. concealment, obscurity, secrecy, mystery: hidden place, grave.

degolful (^1) mysterious, Rd 80^14.

dielf = dealf pret. 3 sg. of delfan.

dielgian = dilegian [[headword spelled "dlegian"]]

diend m. suckling, NG. [don]

dere () 'dear,' beloved, Lk: precious, costly, AO: noble, excellent.

diernan (e, y) to keep secret, hide, restrain, repress, AO; (y). ['dern']

dierne (, e, y) I. hidden, secret, obscure, remote, B, El, Lk; CP: deceitful, evil, magical, B, CP, Gen. ['dern'] II. (y) n. secret.

dierne- = derne-, dyrne-

derra comp. of dere, dore.

dgan = dagian

+dgan (, ) to endure, survive, overcome.

dgel = degol (wk. dgla, dgle).

dgel- = degel-

dgl- = degl-

dhl- = degel-

digner = dnor

dgol, dgul = degol

dgol- = degel-

[[Printed on one line: dgol, dgul, dgol- = degol, degel-]]

dihnian = dihtnian

diht n. arrangement, disposal, deliberation, purpose, : administration, office: direction, command, prescription, : conduct, : (+) piece of writing, composition, literary work.

dihtan, dihtian _to arrange, dispose, appoint, direct, dictate, impose_, , G: _compose, write_, _. ['_dight_']

dihtere m. informant, expositor, WW: steward, (= dihtnere): one who dictates, Guth. ['dighter']

dihtfstendg m. appointed fast.

dihtig = dyhtig

dihtnere m. manager, steward, .

dihtnian = dihtian [[under "dihtan"]]

diht-nung, -ung f. ordering, disposition.

dile m. 'dill,' anise, Gl, Mt, Lcd;CP.

dlegian to destroy, blot out, CP. ['dilghe'; Ger. tilgen]

dilf pres. 3 sg. of delfan.

dlgian (CP) = dlegian

dlignes f. annihilation, destruction, Gl.

dill = dile

dim = dimm

dimhiw of dark colour.

dim-hof n., -hofe f. place of concealment, .

dimhs n. prison, OEG.

dimlic (y) dim, obscure, secret, hidden, .

dimm 'dim' dark, gloomy, obscure, Bo, Gen, Sat: blurred, faint, MH: wicked: wretched, grievous.

dimmian to be or become dim.

dimnes (y) f. 'dimness,' darkness, obscurity, gloom, Lcd, VPs; : evil: obscuration, moral obliquity, LL 476[14]: a dark place.

dimsca m. darkness, sin? An 141.

dincge = dyncge

dner = dnor

ding I. v. dung I. II. = dung II.

dingiung f. manuring, WW 104^8.

dinig? (A 8450) = dung

dnor m. a piece of money, Gr. [L. denarius]

do- = do-, dg-

dowl- (NG) = dofol-

dippan = dyppan

dirige dirge, 'vigilia,' CM.

drling (CP) = dorling

dirn- = diern-, dyrn-

dis- = dys-

disc m. 'dish,' plate, bowl, Gl, Mt.

discberend m. dish-bearer, seneschal, WW.

discipul m. 'disciple,' scholar, BH, Mt.

discipula female disciple, BH 236^34.

discipulhd m. 'disciplehood,' BH.

disc-egn, -n m. dish-servant, waiter, seneschal, steward,.

disg, disig = dysig

dism (ism) m. 'vapor,' 'fumus,' ES 41324.

disma m., disme f? musk? moss? OEG 46^4 (A30123): 'cassia,' Ps 44^9(y).

distf m. 'distaff,' WW; .

dwl- = dofol

dob- = dof-, dop-

dc m. bastard son, WW.

docce f. 'dock,' sorrel, Lcd.

docga m. 'dog,' GPH.

dcincel n. bastard.

defe v. +dfe.

deg = dg

dema (NG) = dma

dere m. doer, worker, DR 198^6.

doe- = da-

dofen pp. of dfan.

dofian (dobian) to be doting, Gl.

dofung f. stupidity, frenzy, madness, Gl.

dger = dgor

dogga = docga

dogian to endure? Rd 1^9.

dgor mn. (ds. dgor and dgore) day, AO, CP.

dgor-germ, -rm n. series of days, time, allotted time of life.

dh = dg

dohtar, dohter = dohtor

dohte pret. 3 sg. of dugan.

dohtig competent, good, valiant, 'doughty,' Chr. [dugan]

dohtor f. gs. dohtor, ds. dohtor, dehter, nap. doh-tor, -tra, -tru 'daughter,' Mt; , AO, CP: female descendant, Jn.

dohtorsunu m. daughter's son, grandson, Chr 982#c#.

dohx = dox

dol I. adj. foolish, silly, CP: presumptuous. [Goth. dwals; Ger. toll] II. n. folly,CP.

dolc = dalc

dolcswau = dolgswau [[under "dolgsw"]]

dolfen pp. of delfan.

dolg (dolh) nm. wound, scar, cut, sore: boil, tumour,.

dolgbenn f. wound, An 1399.

dolgbt f. fine or compensation for wounding, LL 62[23,2].

dolgian to wound, Rd.

dolgilp m. idle boasting, B 509.

dolgrne f. pellitory, Lcd 25a.

dolgsealf f. poultice for a wound, Lcd.

dolgslege m. wounding blow, An.

dolgsw n., dolgswau f. scar, .

dolh == dolg

dolhdrenc m. drink for a wound, antidote.

dolhsmeltas mp. linen bandages, WW 107^33.

dolhwund wounded.

dol-lic audacious, rash, foolhardy, foolish. adv. -lce,CP.

dolmanus = dulmunus

dolsceaa m. fell destroyer, B 479.

dolscipe m. folly, error, CP 387^34.

dolsmeltas = dolhsmeltas

dolsprc f. silly talk, CP 385^6.

dolwillen I. rash, bold, Jul 451. II. n. rashness, madness, Jul 202.

dolwte n. pain of a wound? (BT), punishment of the wicked, pains of hell? (Tupper), Rd 27^17.

dm m. 'doom,' judgment, ordeal, sentence, BH, JnL; , CP: decree, law, ordinance, custom, , VPs: justice, equity, VPs: opinion, advice: choice, option, freewill: condition: authority, supremacy, majesty, power, might, Jn; AO: reputation, dignity, glory, honour, splendour, AO: court, tribunal, assembly: meaning, interpretation.

-dm masc. abstract suffix = state, condition, power, etc., as in frodm.

dmrn n. judgment-hall, tribunal.

dmbc f. code of laws, statute-book, manual of justice, , LL. ['doombook']

dmdg m. 'doomsday,' judgment-day.

dmadig mighty, renowned.

dmere m. judge, Bo, LL; CP. ['doomer']

dmern () = dmrn

dmfst just, renowned, mighty.

dmfstnes f. righteous judgment, LPs 100^1.

dmgeorn ambitious: righteous.

dmhs n. law-court, tribunal, Gl.

dmhwt adj. eager for renown? strenuous in judgment? Cr 428.

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