A Concise Anglo-Saxon Dictionary - For the Use of Students
by John R. Clark Hall
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behrowsungtd f. time of repentance, Septuagesima,.

behrman to cover with hoarfrost, Wif 48.

behringan to surround, CP.

behrpan^7 to plague, importune, Lk 18^5.

behrmian to besmirch, WW.

behrmig sooty, MH 52^27.

bh f. witness, sign, Jud 174.

behwearf I. (eo) pret. 3 sg. of behweorfan. II. (EPs) = behwearft

behwearft m. exchange, LPs 43^13.

behweolfan (A) = behwylfan

behweorfan^3 to turn, change, spread about: see to, arrange, prepare, treat, : bury,.

behwerfan = behwirfan

behwirfan (e, y) to turn, change, convert, CP: exchange: prepare, instruct, exercise.

behwon whence, BH.

behwylfan to cover, vault over, Ex 426.

behwyrfan () = behwirfan

behycgan to consider, bear in mind: confide, trust(on).

behdan () to conceal, shelter, Mt; . ['behide']

be-hdednes, -hdnes f. concealment, secret place.

behdig careful, watchful, anxious, . adv. -hdiglce, -hdelce.

behdignes f. solicitude, care, anxiety. [hygdig] v.MP 1393.

behygd- = behd-

behyhtan to trust, W 48^8.

behyldan to flay, skin, AO.

behylian to cover, veil, L 33^237.

behpan () to surround, BH 188^14. [hpe]

behpian to hang up, OEG 3322.

behran to let on hire, WW.

behrung f. letting, loan, WW.

behelce sumptuously, WW 513^6.

beiernan^3 (i, y) to run up to, over, or into, incur: occurto.

beigbam = begbam

beinnan = binnan

beinsiglian to seal up, RHy 6^34.

beirnan = beiernan

beiundane = begeondan

belcan^7 to inclose, Rd 61^7.

beldian to excuse, clear, , AO, CP.

beldiendlic apologetic, that can be excused, OEG.

beldigend m. apologist, WW 332^2.

beldung f. apology, excuse, WW.

beldan to lead astray, RB. ['belead']

belfan to leave, spare: be left, remain, survive, Ps; . ['beleave']

belndan = belandian

belan to make hateful, pervert, W 47^7.

be-lwa (), -lwend, m. betrayer.

belwan to betray, .

belwung f. betrayal, treachery, .

belf I. pret. 3 sg. of belfan. II. v. behlf.

belandian to deprive of lands, Chr.

belcedswora adj. having an inflated neck, Rd 79^1. [blc]

belcentan, belcettan = bealcettan [[under "bealcan"]]

beld, beldo = bieldo

+beldan I. to cover, bind (a book)? JnL p188^3. II. = +bieldan

belan^6 to censure, reprove: charge with: dissuade, forbid, prevent,CP.

bel- (NG) = bel-

belecgan to cover, invest, surround, afflict, An; AO: attribute to, charge with, accuse. ['belay']

belfan = belfan

belendan = belandian

belene f. henbane.

belogan^2 to deceive by lying, GD: (impers.) be mistaken. ['belie']

beleoran (A) to pass by, pass over.

beleorendlic past, DR.

belosan^2 to be deprived of, lose.

belweda (LL 438^5) = belwend [[under "belwa"]]

belewit = bilewit

belfls n. bell-wether's fleece, LL 451 (14).

belg (, i, y) m. bag, purse, leathern bottle, pair of bellows, pod, husk. [v.'belly']

+belg m. anger: arrogance, RB 69^20.

belgan^3 (intr., refl.) to be or become angry, CP, : (+) offend, provoke.

belgnes f. injustice, MtL 20^13 (blig-).

+belh = +belg

belhring m. bell-ringing, RB.

belhs = bellhs

belibban to deprive of life.

belicgan^5 to lie round, surround, hedge in, encompass, ,AO.

belfan^1 _to remain over, be left_, _; AO. ['_belive_']

belfend m. survivor, OEG.

belfian = belibban

belig = belg

belman to glue together, Sc 96^19.

belimp n. event, occurrence, affair.

belimpan^3 to concern, regard, belong to, conduce to, Bo; CP: happen, B; : become: (impers.) befit. ['belimp']

be-lisnian, -listnian to castrate, . belisnod, -listnod pp. as sbm. eunuch. ws b. 'stupratur,' HGl 507.

belan^1 to deprive of. pp. beliden departed, dead, An 1087.

bell = belle

bellan^3 to bellow, bark, grunt, roar, Rd. ['bell']

belle f. 'bell,' KC; , CP.

bellhs n. 'bell-house,' belfry, LL, WW.

belltcen n. indication (sounding of the hour) by a bell, HL 11^65.

belltd f. a canonical hour marked by the ringing of a bell. (cp.belltcen)

belcian 'intendere,' RPs 44^5.

belone = belene

belt m. 'belt,' girdle, WW.

belcan^2 to lock, shut up, close, surround, enclose, embody, Bl, CP, Mt, VPs; AO: stop, impede, block up, choke, : preserve, protect: shut out, exclude, . ['belouke']

belune = belene

beltian to lie hid, GD 293^15.

belfan () to believe, . pp. belfed having belief.

belympan = belimpan

belyrtan (N) to deceive, cheat, MtL 2^16. ['belirt']

belytegian to allure, seduce, AO 112^26. [lytig]

bemnan _to 'bemoan,' bewail, mourn over, lament_, _.

bemancian to maim, Lcd 3214^20.

bmare = bmere

bme = beme

bemeldian to disclose, reveal, denounce.

bmere = bmere

bemetan^5 to estimate, account, consider, AO. ['bemete']

beman^1 to hide, conceal, CP: lie hid.

be-murcian, -murcnian, to murmur at, grumble over, AO 48^17.

bemurnan^3 (also wk.) to mourn, bewail, deplore, be sorry for: care for, take heed for.

bemtian to change, exchange for, Gu 42. [L. mutare]

bemyldan to bury, WW. [molde]

ben = benn

bn I. f. () prayer, request, Lk; AO, CP: compulsory service, LL 447 (v. 2418, Fron.). ['bene'] II. pret. 3 sg. of bannan.

bna m., bne f. suitor, petitioner, AO.

benacian to lay bare. [nacod]

benman () to take away, deprive of, rob of, , AO. [niman]

benc f. 'bench,' B.

bencian to make benches, LL 455 (13).

bencsittend m. one who sits on a bench.

bencswg m. bench-rejoicing, sound of revelry, B 1161.

bencel n. bench-board, wainscotted space where benches stand, B. [v.'theal']

bend mfn. (+b. MtL) bond, chain, fetter, BH, Bl, Mt, Ps; CP: band, ribbon, ornament, chaplet, crown, WW. ['bend']

bndagas mpl. days of prayer, 'dies rogationum,' A 8329^26.

bendan to bend (a bow), Ps: bind, fetter, Chr. ['bend']

bendfeorm = bnfeorm

beneah (pret. pres. vb.) pl. benugon, pret. benohte to have at one's disposal, possess, enjoy: require.

beneced = benacod pp. of benacian.

benman = benman

benemnan to name: stipulate, settle, declare, asseverate.

benotan^2 to deprive of, rob.

beneoan (i, y) prep. w. d. 'beneath,' under, below.

bnfeorm f. harvest feast? bean-feast? food required from a tenant? (BT), LL 452.

bengeat n. wound-gash, B 1121.

bendan to compel? A 9110.

beniman^4 to take, assume, obtain, AO: take away from, deprive of, bereave, rob, BH, Bo, Gen; AO, CP: contain: catch, apprehend. ['benim']

beniming f. deprival, WW (bi-).

benian = beneoan

bnlic (oe) that may be entreated, DR. adv. -lce beseechingly,DR.

benn f. wound, mortal injury. [bana]

bnn pret. 3 sg. of bannan.

benne f. reed-grass, BC (Mdf).

bennian to wound.

benohte v. beneah.

benoran in the north, northwards (of).

benoten pp. of benotan.

benotian to use, consume, ChrB. ['benote']

bnrp n. compulsory service rendered to a landowner at harvest time, LL 448. [cp. bedrp]

bnsian to pray, supplicate, BH.

benst pres. 2 sg. of bannan.

bntd f. prayer time, rogation days, #Men#75.

bntige, bnt(ig)e granting requests, gracious, LPs: obtaining requests, successful, Chr.

ben pres. 3 sg. of bannan.

benugon v. beneah.

bnyr f. ploughing required from a tenant, LL 448 (5,2).

benyan = beneoan

bo I. f. nap. bon; dp. bo(u)m 'bee,' Ps; . II. pres. 1 sg. of bon.

bobrad n. honey with the comb.

boce = bce

boceorl m. bee-master, bee-keeper, LL 448[5].

bocere m. bee-keeper, LL. [MHG. bkar]

+beod = +bed

bod m. table, Mt: bowl, dish. ['beod']

bodrn n. refectory, dining-room, (-ern). on boderne at table.

beodan = bidon pret. pl. of bdan.

bodan^2 to command, decree, summon, , AO, CP. b.t call out (anarmy), banish: declare, inform, announce, proclaim, Gu, LL: threaten: offer, proffer, give, grant, surrender, , Gen; AO: (refl.) show oneself, behave: exact, collect. ['bid,' 'i-bede']

bodbolle f. table-bowl, Gl.

bodcl m. 'gausape,' table-cloth, carpet, Gr 34^8.

boddern = bodrn

boddian to do joiner's work, LL 455 (13).

bodend m. preceptor, CM 967.

bodendlic = bebodendlic

bodern () = bodrn

bodft n. table-vessel, cup, WW 204^25.

bodfers n. grace at meal-time.

bodgst m. table-companion, An 1090.

bodgenat m. table-companion.

bodgereordu np. feast, Gen 1518.

bod(h)rgl n. table-cloth, WW 126^33.

bodlfa fp. table-leavings, Bl 53^13.

bodland n. land from which the table of monasteries, etc., was supplied, glebe-land,Ct.

bodls f. table-allowance, TC 474^6.

bodraf n. table-cloth, TC 530^36.

bod-scat n., -scte m. table-napkin, towel, WW 449^22.

bodwyst f. a table with food on it, LPs 22^5. [wist]

beofer = beofor

beofian = bifian

beofor (e, y) m. beaver.

beoft redupl. pret. of batan; beoftadon is from a later wk. *beoftian (ES3828).

beofung = bifung

bogang m. swarm of bees, WW.

+bogol () submissive, obedient: forgiving, . [bgan]

bohta m. chief? prince? Ex 253?

beolone = belene

bom I. dp. of bo I. II. = bam. III. = bo pres. 1 sg. of bon.

bomder f. queen-bee, OEG.

bon I. anv. [conj. in full (WS and A) Wt 548] to be, exist, become, happen. b.ymbe to have to do with. b.of to be gone. (v.also eom, wesan.) II. nap. of boI.

bona gp. of bo I.

bonbrad = bobrad

bonbro n. mead? (or? banbro ES 38302).

bonnon pret. pl. of bannan.

bor n. strong drink, 'beer,' mead, Lk (v.A 27495). [bow]

+bor m. pot-companion, guest, .

beora = bearu

beoran = beran

borbyden f. beer-barrel, LL 455 (17).

beorc I. (e, i, y) f. birch, Mdf: name of the rune for b. II. () n. barking.

beorcan^3 (tr.) to 'bark,' CP: (intr.) bark at, Lcd.

beorce = beorc

beorcen (i, y) of birch.

beorcragu (e^1) f. lichen from a birch-tree, Lcd 99b.

beorcrind (e^1) f. birch-bark, Lcd 119b.

beord (BH 392^27) = bord

bordrst(e) f. dregs of beer, Lcd.

beorg m. mountain, hill, Lk, AO; Mdf: mound, tumulus, 'barrow,' burial place, , Lcd.

+beorg n. protection, defence, refuge, W.

beorglfen f. orcad.

beorgan I. sv^3 (w. d.) to save, deliver, preserve, guard, defend, fortify, spare, An, Ps; AO, CP: (w.refl.d.) beware of, avoid, guard against. ['bergh'] II. = byrganII.

beorg-hli n. nap. -hleou mountain-height, mountain-slope.

+beorglic fitting, profitable, LL, W: safe, prudent,.

beorgseel n. mountain dwelling. [setl]

beorgstede m. mound.

beorh I. == beorg. II. imperat. of beorgan.

beorhlode (WW 178^41) = burglode

+beorhnes f. refuge, CPs 30^3.

+beorhstw f. place of refuge, PPs 31^8.

beorht (e, y) I. 'bright,' shining, brilliant, light, clear, Bo, El, Gu: clear-sounding, loud, Cra: excellent, distinguished, remarkable, beautiful, magnificent, noble, glorious, PPs: pure, sublime, holy, divine. II. n. brightness, gleam, light. aganb. twinkling of an eye: sight.

beorhtan = bierhtan

beorhtblwende bright-blooming, Lcd 1404^9.

beorhte brightly, brilliantly, splendidly: clearly, lucidly, distinctly,CP.

beorhthwl (OEG) = bearhtmhwl

beorhtian to glisten, shine, BH, Ps: to sound clearly, B: to make bright, VPs. ['bright']

+beorhtian = +beorhtnian

beorhtlic brilliant, clear, shining, splendid. adv. -lce, Mk; . ['brightly']

beorhtm = bearhtm

beorhtnes f. 'brightness,' clearness, splendour, beauty, JnL, Lk;CP.

beorhtnian (e) to grow bright, OEG 534: glorify.

beorhtrodor m. shining heavens, Ex 94.

beorhtte (= *beorgihte) pl. mountainous, AO 10^25.

beorhtu = bierhtu

beorhtword (y^1) clear-voiced, Sat 238.

borhyrde m. cellarer, butler, Cra 75.

beorm- = bearm-

beorma m. 'barm,' yeast, leaven, Mt.

+beormad leavened, MtR 13^33.

beorn I. m. man: noble, hero, chief, prince, warrior, B, Ma: rich man, Run 12. ['berne'] II. = barn pret. 3 sg. of biernan. III. = bearn

beornan (VPs) = biernan

beorncyning m. lord of heroes, B 2148.

beorne = byrne

Beornice mp. Bernicians, inhabitants of part of Northumbria.

beorning (= ie) f. incense, LkL 1^11.

beornrat m. troop of men, Pa 50.

beornwiga m. warrior, hero.

borscealc reveller, feaster, B 1240.

borscipe, m. feast, banquet, revel, , CP.

borsele m. beer-hall, banqueting hall.

borsetl n. ale-bench, Jul 687.

beorswinig (NG) = brsynnig

boregu f. beer-drinking.

beor fn? birth: the thing born. [[from first edition]]

-beorling (ie) v. hyse-b. [[headword spelled "hyseberling"]]

beoror (e, o, u, y) n. child-bearing, child-birth: what is born, foetus, offspring.

beororcwelm m. abortion, WW 348^23.

beoruh = beorg

beosmrian = bismrian [[redirected to "bismerian"]]

bost m. beestings, the first milk of a cow after calving, WW: swelling (ofthe ground)? v.Mdf. ['beest']

beosu = basu

bot I. n. boastful speech, boast, threat, , Gen. onb. boastfully: promise, vow, AO: command: peril, danger, Da 265. [= beht; 'beot,' 'i-beot'] II. pret. 3 sg. of batan.

beotian = botian

botian to threaten, Jul: boast, vow, promise, AO. ['beoten']

botlic arrogant, exulting, boastful, threatening, . adv. -lce.

botmcg m. leader, Da 265.

boton pret. pl. of batan.

botung f. threatening.

botword n. boast: threat.

boof m. bee-thief, LL 54[9,2].

boum dp. of bo.

bow n. barley, Gl.

bowan = bwan

bowyrt f. bee-wort, sweet flag, Lcd.

bepcan to deceive, cheat, seduce, Mt; . ['bipeche']

bepcend m. deceiver, .

bepcestre f. whore, Gr 175^9.

bepcung f. deception, OEG.

beprwan () to wink, Bo, W.

br (NG) = br

bera m. '_bear_,' _.

berccan = bereccan

berdan to deprive, take by treachery, rob: betray, : deliberate on: get the betterof.

bersan to rush upon or into, , CP.

beran (eo) to 'bear,' carry, bring, take away, carry out, extend, B; , AO, CP: bring forth, produce, Bl, Mt, Gen (and v.'ibere'). berende fruitful. +boren born, own (bybirth): (withp) set forth, open (a case), Chr 1052#e#: wear, AO: endure, support, sustain, LL, Mt;CP.

berascin n. bear-skin, EC 250.

+berbed vermiculated, DR 4^3.

ber-bne, -bne f. verbena, Lcd.

berc == beorc

+berd- = +byrd-

+bre = +bre

bere m. barley, JnLR; . ['bear']

berern n. 'barn,' LkL. [bere, rn]

berafere m. despoiler, OEG 46^36.

berafian to 'bereave,' deprive of, take away, seize, rob, despoil, Bo; ,AO.

berafigend m. despoiler, robber.

berebrytta m. barn-keeper, LL 451 (17).

bercan to cause to smoke, smoke (tr.), Lcd 1106^16.

bereccan to relate: excuse or justify oneself,CP.

berecorn n. barley-corn.

+bered crushed, WW: harassed, oppressed,NG.

berfian (KGl) = berafian

bereflr m. barn-floor, threshing-floor, LkL. [v.'bear']

beregafol n. rent paid in barley, LL 116 (59^1). [cp. gafolbre]

beregrs n. barley-grass, fodder, WW 148^26.

berehalm n. barley haulm, straw, Lcd 157a.

bereland (ber-) barley land, KC 3367^9.

beren I. of barley, . II. = biren. III. = berern

berend m. bearer, carrier, Gl.

berendan to peel, take off husk, Lcd.

berende v. beran.

berendlce with fecundity, DR 32^8.

berendnes f. fertility, DR 108^11.

berenhulu f. barley-husk, Sc 95^19.

bernian to bring about, Ex 147: ornament, mount (with silver), KC 6101^22.

berocan^2 to fumigate, LL (164^5).

berofan^2 to bereave, deprive, rob of.

berotan^2 to bewail, Hell 6.

berowsian = behrowsian

-berere v. wter-b. [[under "wterberend"]]

berern (NG) = berern

beresd n. barley, BH 366^27.

beretn m. barley-inclosure, threshing-floor, barn, MtL; . ['barton']

berewstm m. barley-crop, Lcd 1402^6.

berewc f. barley-yard, demesne farm, TC. ['berewick']

berg = (1) bearg, (2) beorg

berg- = beri-, byrg-

berh = bearh pret. 3 sg. of beorgan.

berht = beorht

berht- = beorht-, bierht-

berhtm- = breahtm-

berian I. to make bare, clear, B 1239. [br] II. = byrganII.

+berian = +byrian

bericge = bearrige

berdan^1 to ride round, surround, besiege, LL: overtake, seize, capture, occupy, Chr. ['beride']

berie f. '_berry_,' _Lcd_: _grape_, _.

berig I. n. berry, RPs 77^47. II. = byrig, ds. of burg.

berigdrenc m. drink made of mulberries, WW 114^22.

berige = berie

berigea = byrga

be-rindan, -rindran to strip off bark, peel.

berinnan^3 to run upon, run over, wet, bedew, Cr 1176. ['berun']

berland = bereland

bern = berern

bern- = brn-, biern-

bernan (VPs) = brnan

bernhus n. barn, GD 68^22. [= beren-]

berfon (pret. pl. of *berafan or *berebban) despoiled, Gen 2078.

berwan^7 to row round, Chr 897#a#.

berst = byrst

+berst n. bursting, eruption, W 186^7.

berstan^3 intr. (tr. at Rd 2^8) to break, 'burst,' fail, fall, B, Lcd, Ma; , AO: break away from, escape: break to pieces, crash, resound.

berthwl = beorhthwl

bertn = beretn

ber- = beor-, byr-

+bru = +bru

bermod = behrmod, pp. of behrmian.

berunnen pp. of berinnan.

berwe ds. of bearu.

berwinde f. 'bearbind,' navel-wort, WW 300^19.

berfan to deprive, Mod 63. [raf]

berpan despoil of, strip, spoil, plunder, rob,.

besgan to sink, GPH 388^85.

besncan = besencan

bestian to lay wait for, AO 146^11.

besrgian to lament, bewail, be sorry for, pity, . [srig]

besrgung f. compassion,.

[[Entry before author's corrections: besrgung f. sorrowing, VHy: compassion, .]]

beswan^7 to sow, .

bescad (bi-) n. distinction.

bescadan^7 to separate, discriminate: scatter, sprinkle over, Lcd 20b.

besceadian (Sol 339) = besceaduwian

besceaduwian, to overshadow, RPs 139^8. ['beshade']

besceafan^6 to scrape thoroughly, Lcd 143b.

bescan pret. 3 sg. of bescnan.

besceatwyrpan 'despondi,' v. OEG 1^4555; 2^346; ES 42170.

bescawere m. observer, DHy 24^15

bescawian to look round upon, survey, contemplate, consider, watch, , AO: look to, care for. bescawod cautious, careful, Lcd 3436^11.

besceawiendlic contemplative, OEG 991.

bescawodnes f. vision, sight.

bescawung f. contemplation.

besceddan = besceadan [[headword spelled "bescadan"]]

bescencan to give to drink, Gu 596.

besceofan = bescfan

besceoren (WW 217^24) = bescoren pp. of bescieran.

bescotan^2 to shoot into, plunge into, implant: happen, occur,AO.

be-sceran, -scerwan = bescieran

bescerian = bescierian

bescieran^4 to shear, shave, cut hair, give the tonsure, , AO. ['beshear']

bescierednes (y^2) f. deprivation, WW 351^13.

bescierian to separate from, deprive of, Chr: defraud.

bescnan^1 to shine upon, light up, illuminate, Rd; . ['beshine']

besciran = bescieran

bescirian = bescierian

besctan^1 to befoul, WW 507^28.

bescradian to scrape off, clean off, ES 42171.

bescrepan^5 to scrape, Lcd 101a.

bescfan^2 to shove, impel, thrust down, hurl, throw, , AO: force,.

besclan to look askance, Bo 121^30. [sceol]

bescyr- = bescier-

bescan to beseech, beg urgently, MF (Vesp. D xiv).

besecgan to announce, introduce: defend, excuse oneself: (w.on) accuse,.

beselian = besylian

besellan to surround, cover (over): hand over.

besema = besma

besencan to cause to sink, submerge, immerse, drown, Bl, Mt; AO, CP: plunge into (fire), GD 317. ['besench']

besendan to send, .

besengan to singe, burn, AO.

beson I. sv^5 (tr., intr. and refl.) to see, look, look round, behold, , Mk, Ps; AO: look after, go to see, visit: provide for. b.t look upon, have regard to, CP. ['besee'] II. sv^1 to suffuse, Cr 1088.

besoan to boil down, Lcd.

besowian (, ) to sew together, sew up, Ep. ['besew']

be-serian, -serwan = besierwan

besettan to put, place, set near, appoint, : own, keep, occupy: 'beset,' cover, surround with, adorn, B; CP, : besiege, invest, An: institute, set going.

besdian to regulate the size of anything, RB 89^18. [sd]

besierwan to ensnare, surprise, deceive, defraud, oppress, AO. [searu]

besgan (on) to rush, v. OEG 4126.

besilfran to silver, VPs 67^14.

besincan^3 (intr.) to sink, AO. ['besink']

besingan^3 to sing of, bewail: sing charms, enchant,.

besirwan (AO, CP) = besierwan

besittan^5 to sit round, surround, beset, besiege, Chr; AO: hold council: occupy, possess. ['besit']

beswian = besowian

beslpan^7 to sleep, LL (284^3).

beslan^6 to strike, beat, cut off, take away, deprive by violence,.

beslpan to slip on, cover, impose, put on, clothe.

besltan^1 to slit, tear.

besma m. 'besom,' broom, rod, AO, Mt.

besmagan to consider about, inquire into, L 23b^633.

+bsmed curved, WW 515^9. [bsm]

bsming f. curve, curvature, WW. [bsm]

besmirwan to 'besmear,' WW.

besmtan^1 to soil, defile, pollute, dishonour, Bl; , CP. ['besmit']

besmitenes f. soil, stain, defilement, degradation, dirtiness,.

besmittian to defile.

besmiian to work (in metal), forge, surround with forged work.

besmocian to smoke, envelop with incense, ANS 843.

besmyred = besmirwed pp. of besmirwan.

besndan to cut, mutilate.

besnwian to cover with snow, WW. ['besnow']

be-snyian, -snyan to rob, deprive of.

besolcen stupefied, dull, sluggish, inactive, slow,CP.

besorg dear, beloved, .

besorgian to regret: be anxious about, dread, shrink from,.

besorh = besorg

besptan to spit upon, H 2248^24.

bespanan^6 to lead astray, entice, incite, urge, persuade,AO.

besparrian to bar, shut, Gl.

bespirian = bespyrigan

besprecan^5 to speak about, AO: speak against, accuse of, Ps: claim at law, LL: complain. ['bespeak']

besprengan to besprinkle, Lcd. ['bespreng']

bespyrigan to track, trace, LL.

best adv. (used as superl. of wel) best, most.

besta, beste wk. forms of superl. adj. betst.

bestlan () to lay a charge against, convict.

bestppan^6 to tread upon, step, go, enter, .

bestandan^6 _to stand round or about, beset, surround_, _: _attend to_, : _beset, harass_, _Jn_. ['_bestand_']

bestealcian to move stealthily, steal, 'stalk,' L 32^40. [stealc]

bestefnod ptc. provided with a fringe, WW 375^41.

bestelan^4 to move stealthily, steal away, steal upon, AO, LL; , CP: () deprive. ['besteal']

bestlan = bestlan

bestman = bestman

bestpan (= i) to deprive of (children), GD 76^18.

bestingan^3 to thrust in, push, .

bestrdan to bestrew, cover, BH 154^27 (b).

bestrowian _to 'bestrew,' besprinkle_, _.

bestrean to bestrew, cover over.

bestrcan^1 to make a stroke, Lcd 186b. [strca] [[headword spelled "strica"]]

bestrdan^1 _to 'bestride,' mount_, _.

bestrpan to strip, plunder, despoil.

bestrdan^7 to spoil, plunder, rob.

bestrpan = bestrpan

bestryan = bestrean

bestuddian to be careful for, trouble about, Kl 14^6.

bestman (e) to bedew, wet, flood, B 486. [stam]

bestyrian to heap up, BH. ['bestir']

bestyrman to agitate, Bo 9^11.

besu = basu

bespan^2 to sup up, swallow, Lcd 113b.

bestian to besmirch, GPH 403^26.

besan = be san

beswlan to burn, singe, scorch, .

beswpan = beswpan

beswtan to sweat, toil, Sc 111^14.

beswpan^7 to clothe, cover over, veil, protect, CP: persuade, BH. ['beswape']

beswelgan to swallow up, EPs 106^27; 123^3.

beswemman to make to bathe, Bo 115^8.

beswencan to afflict, CPs 68^18.

besweian to swathe, wrap up, wind round.

beswic n. treachery, deceit, AO (b-), CP: snare.

beswica (b-) m. deceiver.

beswican^1 to deceive, seduce, betray, circumvent, frustrate, Bl, Mt; AO, CP: to overcome, supplant, AO. ['beswike']

beswcend m. deceiver, seducer, Gl.

beswicenes f. deception: surrender.

beswicfalle f. trap, Gl.

beswician to escape, be free from, BH.

beswicol deceitful, CP 238^16. (bi-)

beswcung f. deception, WW.

beswincan^3 to toil, exert oneself, make with toil, Jn: till, plough, . beswuncen exhausted, tired out. ['beswink']

beswingan^3 _to flog, scourge, beat, strike_, _; CP. ['_beswinge_']

beswylian to drench, flood, Rood 23. [swilian]

besyftan to sprinkle, L 23^165. [siftan]

besylfran = besilfran

besylian to sully, defile, stain, .

besyr-ewian, -i(a)n = besierwan

bet adv. better, Bo. ['bet']

-bta v. dd-b.

betcnian to 'betoken,' designate.

betcan (w. d.) to make over, give up to, impart, deliver, entrust, commend to, , Lk; AO, CP: appoint (for), set apart as, dedicate: show, point out, Lk: give orders, RB 130^4: pursue, hunt, WW 92^28. ['beteach']

btan to amend, repair, restore, cure, CP: make good, make amends, remedy, compensate, atone, pay 'bt' for an offence, , Mt, Lcd; AO, CP: attend to (fire or light), AO. urstb. quench thirst. [bt; 'beet'vb.]

betast = betst

betboren of higher birth, LL.

bte f. 'beet,' beetroot, Lcd. [L. beta]

-bte v. twi-b.

btel = (1) betl; (2) btol [[second reference ambiguous]]

beteldan^3 to cover, hem in, surround: overload, oppress.

betellan to speak about, answer, defend oneself (against a charge), exculpate oneself, Chr;.

btend m. restorer, Ruin 28.

+btendnes f. amendment, OEG 58^6.

beton^1,2 to cover, surround, enclose, AO; , CP: dispose of, bestow, bequeath: impeach, accuse. ['betee']

betera 'better,' AO, Mk. followed by g. = better in respectof....

-btere v. dd-b. [[under "ddbta"]]

beterian to 'better,' improve, CP: trim (lamp),GD.

beterring f. improvement, .

betest = betst

betinan = betnan

betihtlian to accuse, LL.

betillan = betyllan

betimbran to construct, build, B. ['betimber']

betnan = betnan

bting = btung

btl = betl

betlic grand, excellent.

btnes f. reparation, atonement, LL (264^16).

betoce = betonice

betogenes f. accusation, LL.

betolden pp. of beteldan.

betonice f. 'betony,' Lcd.

betost = betst

betr- = beter-

betrppan = betreppan

betredan^5 to tread upon, cover, CPs 138^10.

betrendan to roll, ES 37180.

betreppan to entrap, catch, Chr. ['betrap']

be-trymman, -trymian to enclose, surround, besiege.

betst I. superl. adj. 'best,' first, AO, Chr, Cr; CP. as sb. people of position, WW, Chr. II. adv. in the best manner, most.

betstboren best-born, eldest.

bett == bet

be-tuh, -tuoxn (CP), -tux = betwux

betuldon pret. pl. of beteldan.

+btung f. repair, maintenance, LL.

betwnan = betwonan

betweoh, betweohs = betwux

betwonan, betwonum I. prep. w. g. d. a. between, among, amid, in the midst, Ps, Bl. II. adv. 'between,' BH: in the meantime, meanwhile: in turn, by turns, CM (-twn-).

betweox, betweoxn, betwih(s) = betwux

betwn- = betwon-

betwnforltnes f. intermission, DR.

betwux (, AO, CP) betwuht, betwix, betwux(t), betwisc prep. w. d. a. between, among, amongst, amidst, during. b.isum meanwhile. b. m e whilst. ['betwixt']

betwuxlegednes f. interjection, Gr 278^2.

betwuxworpennes f. interjection, Gr 10^20.

betwuxblinnes (twih) f. intermission, DR 12^3.

betwuxfc (yx) internal, OEG 3861.

betwuxgangan^7 (twih) to go between, VPs 28^7.

betwuxgangende (twih) separating.

betwuxgesett interposed.

betwuxlicgan^5 (twih) to lie between, BH 72^10.

betwuxsendan to send between.

betwuxt, -twyh, -twyx(t) = betwux

bethtlian = bethtlian [[headword spelled "betihtlian"]]

betyllan to allure, decoy, BH 358^4.

betnan (, e) to hedge in, enclose, shut, bury, AO, CP: end, BH. [tn]

betnung f. conclusion, OEG 3210.

betyran to pitch, stain a dark colour. [teoru]

betyrnan to turn round: prostrate oneself,RB.

be I. = bi pres. 3 sg. of bon. II. = b

bencan = beencan

bean = beian

beearfende needy, indigent, KGl 708.

beearflic profitable, L 23b^242.

beearfod needy, ES 8474^50.

beeccan to cover, protect, cover over, conceal.

been = beung

beencan to consider, remember, take thought for, take care of, care for, Gu: (refl.) reflect, 'bethink' oneself, Lk; : trust, confide in, entrust to,AO.

be-enian, -ennan to cover, stretch on or upon, spread over.

beodan to be joined (to), adhere (to), RB 134^20.

beerscan to winnow, thrash, PPs 43^7.

beettan to bathe, Lcd 390^15 (A 30397).

beian to heat, warm, foment, Lcd; : cherish. ['beath']

berwan^7 to twist, GPH 391^16.

beridian to circumvent, overcome, force, AO.

beringan^3 to encircle, encompass: beset, oppress, burden.

beryccan to press down, Cr 1446.

berydian, beryan = beridian

bern to press, NC 273.

beuncan (Rd 49^7) = beencan

beung f. bathing, bath, fomentation, cataplasm, Lcd; CP, . ['beathing'; b]

be-urfan swv. pres., 3 sg. -earf, pl. -urfon, pret. -orfte. (w.g. ora.) to need, have need of, want, ,CP.

bean = beian

bewan^6 to moisten, wet, LPs 6^7.

bewyrian to deprave, WW 386^7. [weorh]

ben to thrust, AO 158^6.

beufan = bufan

betan = btan

bewacian to watch, guard, .

bewadan^6 to emerge, Rd 88^24.

bewfan to enfold, wrap round, cover over, clothe, ,CP.

bewgan to deceive, frustrate, BVPs.

bewgnan to offer, proffer, B 1193.

bewlan to oppress, afflict, An 1363.

bewpnian to disarm, .

bewrlan to pass by: be free from, DR.

bewarenian to guard against, be on one's guard,CP.

bewarian to keep watch, guard, preserve, ward off,CP.

bewarnian = bewarenian

bewwan^7 to blow upon, Wa 76. (biwune = biwwene)

beweallan^7 to boil away, Lcd.

bewealwian to wallow, Bo 115^9.

beweardian to guard, protect: observe closely.

beweaxan^7 to grow over, cover over, surround, .

beweddendlic relating to marriage, OEG 1122.

beweddian to betroth, marry, : give security. ['bewed']

beweddung f. betrothal, LL 442Ha.

bewefan^5 to cover over, Lcd 3146^4.

bewegan^5 to cover.

bewled (^2) poisoned, polluted, ES 38^344. [wl]

bewellan to knead, mix together.

bewendan _to turn, turn round_, _; (refl.) _Mt_ 9^22: _turn one's attention, convert_, . ['_bewend_']

bewenian to entertain, take care of, attend upon.

beweorcan = bewyrcan

beweorpan^3 to cast, cast down, plunge, throw, , AO: beat, : surround.

beweorian to adorn, DD 118.

beweotian = bewitian

bewpan^7 _to weep over, mourn, bewail_, _; AO. ['_beweep_']

bewpendlic lamentable.

bewpnian = bewpnian

bewerenes f. prohibition, BH 86^13.

bewerian to guard, protect, defend, , AO: check, prevent, forbid,.

bewerigend m. protector, .

bewerung f. defence, fortification.

bewestan prep. w. d. or adv. to the west of, Chr. ['bewest']

bewcian to encamp, Chr 894#w#.

bewindan^3 to wind round, clasp, entwine, envelop, encircle, surround, B, Mt; AO, CP: brandish (asword). hafeb. bewail: turn, wind, revolve.

bewindla (bi-) m. hedge, border, BC (Mdf).

bewitan swv., pres. 3 sg. -wt, pret. 3 sg. -wiste to keep, care for, watch over, superintend, administer, lead, guide, ,AO.

bewitian (eo) to observe, attend to, care for, administer: perform.

bewltian to look at, behold, LPs 32^14.

bewltan^1 to look round, Gen 29^25.

bewpen (pp. of bewpan) lamented: tearful, weeping.

bewrecan^5 to drive: drive away, banish: drive round, beat round.

bewrencan to deceive.

bewron^1,2 to cover, hide, cover over, enwrap, protect, clothe, Sol, Met; CP. ['bewry']

bewreian to sustain, support, Rd 81^21.

bewrtan^1 to record? Creat 19: score round.

bewran^1 to bind, wind about, surround, envelop.

bewrixl-an, -ian to change: exchange, sell, PPs.

bewuna adj. indecl. accustomed, wont, AO.

bewyddian = beweddian

bewled = bewled

bewyllan (= ie) to boil away, Lcd.

bewylwian to roll down, roll together.

bewp = bewp pres. 3 sg. of bewpan.

bewyrcan to work, construct, surround with, enclose, cover, B; AO, : work in, insert, adorn, Lcd. ['bework']

bewyrpan = beweorpan

beyrfeweardian to disinherit, A 13321.

beyrnan = beiernan

bezera = bzere

bi, b (1) = be (prep.); (2) f. = bo

bi- v. also be-

bad = bod

biblioce f. biblioeoco (AO) biblieca m. _library_: _bible_, _. ['_bibliotheca_' (_L._)]

bbrad = bobrad

bicce, bice f. 'bitch,' Lcd, WW.

biccen = byccen

bicgan () = bycgan

bicge = bicce

bcn-an, -ian (, a, e, ) to make a sign, 'beckon,' wink, nod, Lk; CP: signify: summon. [bacn] [[error for "bacen"?]]

+bcnend (), bicni(g)end m. indicator, discloser: forefinger.

bcnendlic, +bcni(g)endlic allegorical; (gram.) indicative, Gr 124^14.

bcnol indicating, indicative, GPH 398^193.

bcnung (a, ) f. beckoning, nodding: token, symbol, figure, : figurative speech.

bcwide m. _byword, proverb, fable, tale_, _. ['_bequeath_']

bd n. lingering, hesitation, delay, halt, Rd. ['bide']

bdan^1 (intr.) to stay, continue, live, remain, delay, AO, Ps: (tr.usu. w.g.) wait for, await, expect, Bl, Mt; AO, CP: endure, experience, find: attain, obtain. ['bide']

biddan^5 to ask, entreat, pray, beseech, AO, Bl. b. and bodan, hlsian to beg and pray: order, command, require, AO, CP. ['bid']

+biddan^5 (often refl.) to beg, ask, pray, Bl, Mt; , CP: worship, , AO. ['i-bid']

biddere m. petitioner.

bidenft = bydenft

biderp = bedrp

bide (CP) pres. 3 sg. of biddan.

bdfst firm, forced to stand out.

bding f. abiding place, abode, Gu 180.

bdsteall m. halt, stand.

be = bo pres. 1 sg. of bon.

becn = bacen

becn- = bcn-

began (, , ) to bend, turn, turn back, incline, Bo, Mk: depress, abase, humiliate: subject: persuade, convert: +bged bowed down, infirm, Nic 471^29. ['bey,' bgan]

bieldan (, e, i, y) to encourage, excite, impel, exhort, confirm, CP, Ma; , AO. ['bield'; beald]

bieldo (y^2) f. boldness, courage, arrogance, confidence, BH; CP. ['bield']

bielg = belg

bielw- = bilew-

beme (, i, ) f. trumpet, CP, WW: tablet, billet. ['beme']

ben = ban

bencoddas = bancoddas [[under "banbelgas"]]

+bierde = +byrde

+bierhtan (e, y) to brighten, be or make bright, illuminate, enlighten, CP: make clear: celebrate. [beorht]

bierhtu (e, eo, i, y) f. brightness, effulgence, brilliance, CP. [beorht]

bierm = bearm

biernan^3 (ea, eo, i, y) to 'burn,' be on fire, give light, , Lk, Ex, VPs.

bierste, bierst pres. 3 sg. of berstan.

bier pres. 3 sg. of beran.

biesen = bisen

biesgian = bysgian [[redirected to "bisgian"]]

bieter- = biter-

betl (, , ) m. 'beetle,' mallet, hammer, CP, Jud(y).

bietr- = biter-

be = bo pres. pl. of bon.

bfran to feed, ES 41^324.

bifian to tremble, be moved, shake, quake, Bo, Ps; . ['bive']

bifigendlic (byfg-) terrible, NC 274.

bifung f. trembling, shaking, .

-bifung (eo^1) v. eor-b. [[under "eorbeofung"]]

bfylce n. neighbouring people. [folc]

big = be

big- = be-, b-, bycg-

bg- = beg-

bige = byge

+bgednes f. inflection, declension, case, Gr.

bgegnes = bgengnes

bgels m. arch, vault, : inclination.

+bgendlic inflectional, Gr 91^8.

+bgendnes = +bgednes

bgeng f. _practice, exercise, observance, worship_, _: _cultivation_, . ['_bigeng_']

bgenga m. inhabitant: cultivator, : worshipper, : benefactor.

bgenge n. practice, worship.

bgengere m. worker: worshipper.

bgengestre f. handmaiden, attendant, worshipper, Gl.

bgengnes, f. application, study.

+bige = +byge pres. 3 sg. of +bycgan.

bging f. bending, WW 216^38.

bigleaf- (eo, i) = bleof-

bgnes f. power of bending, bending. [began]

+bgnes () f. frequented place, assembly? EPs 117^27.

+big = +bige

bgyrdel m. girdle, belt, purse, , Mt: treasury. ['bygirdle']

bigytan = begietan

bihianda (MtL 5^27) = behindan

bhst = bhst pres. 2 sg. of bgan.

+bih f. abode? Gu 346. [cp. byht]

bil = bill

bilcettan = bealcettan [[under "bealcan"]]

bildan = bieldan

+bilde bold, brave, . [beald]

bile m. 'bill,' beak, trunk (of an elephant), WW: prow.

ble = ble

blefa = bleofa

bilehwt == bilewit

bleofa (i^2) m., bleofen f. support, sustenance, food, nourishment, , WW: money, pay. ['bylive'; libban]

bilofian to support, feed upon, Guth 34^7.

bilewet == bilewit

bilewit innocent, pure, simple, sincere, honest, BH, Mt; , CP: calm, gentle, merciful, gracious: plausible. ['bilewhit'], adv. -lce.

bilewitnes f. mildness, simplicity, innocence, purity, ,CP.

bilgesleht = billgesliht

bilgst, bilhst pres. 2 sg. of belgan.

bilg pres. 3 sg. of belgan.

bilherge = billere

blibb-, blif- = bleof-

bilig = belg

biliw- = bilew-

bill n. 'bill,' chopper, battle-axe, falchion, sword, B,WW.

billere m. 'bibulta' (plant), WW.

billgesliht n. clashing of swords, battle, Chr 937.

billhete m. murderous hate, strife, #An#78.

+bilod having a bill or beak. [bile]

bil-sw n. (nap. -swau) sword track, wound, Ex 329.

bilw- = bilew-

blyht = bliht

bma (m.?), bme = beme

bin = binn

bnama m. pronoun, A 8313.

+bind n. binding, fetter: costiveness.

bindan sv^3 to tie, 'bind,' fetter, fasten, restrain, , Bl, Mt, Jn; AO, CP: adorn.

binde f. head-band? KC 6133. ['bind']

bindele, -elle f. binding: bandage.

bindere m. 'binder,' Rd 28^6.

binding f. binding, OEG 324b.

binn, binne f. 'bin,' basket, crib, manger, Bl, LkL.

binnan I. prep. (w. d. a.) within, in, inside of, into. II. adv. inside, within, less than, during, whilst. ['bin']

binne = binn

bint pres. 3 sg. of bindan.

bio- = beo-, bi-

biosmrung = bismrung [[redirected to "bismerung"]]

birce = beorc, beorce

bird (LkLR) = bridd

+bird = +byrd

birele = byrele

biren f. she-bear, OET (Ct).

birg == byrg

birg, birh pres. 3 sg. of beorgan.

birht- = bierht-

birig = byrig

birig- = byrg-

birihte (y) prep. w. d. near, beside, An 850.

birihto = bierhtu

birle = byrele

birnan = beornan

birst, birste pres. 3 sg. of berstan.

birst pres. 2 sg., bir(e) pres. 3 sg. of beran.

biryhte = birihte

bisc n? m? wallet, MtR 10^10. [L. bisaccium]

bsc contested, disputed, LL.

bsc f. visit, Gu 188.

bisceop (o^2) m. 'bishop,' CP: high-priest, chief priest (ofthe Jews), heathen priest, AO, MkL.

bisceopcyn (o^2) n. episcopal (high-priestly) stock.

bisceopdm m. episcopate, bishopric: ex-communication.

bisceopealder m. high priest, HL.

bisceopfolgo m. episcopate, GD 65^31.

bisceopgegyrelan mpl. episcopal robes, BH 90^2.

bisceophd m. 'bishophood,' office of bishop, ordination as bishop, episcopate, bishopric, CPPs.

bisceophdung f. episcopal ordination, L 31^286.

bisceophm m. bishop's estate, EC 365.

bisceophafodln (o^2) n. head ornament worn by bishops, WW 152^23.

bisceophred (o) m. clergy subject to a bishop.

bisceopian to confirm, LL. ['bishop']

bisceopland (o) n. episcopal or diocesan land, LL 173^10.

bisceoplic 'bishoply,' episcopal, BH.

bisceoprce n. 'bishopric,' diocese, province of a bishop, BH.

bisceoprocc m. bishop's rochet, dalmatic, Lcd 3202^26.

bisceoprd f. bishop's cross.

bisceopscr, -scr f. diocese: episcopate.

bisceop-seld, -setl, -sel n. bishop's seat or see, bishopric.

bisceopseono m. synod of bishops, A 118^1.

bisceopstl m. episcopal see, bishopric, KC. ['bishopstool']

bisceopsunu m. godson at a 'bishoping' or confirmation.

bisceopnung f. office of a bishop, BH.

bisceopung f. confirmation, .

bisceopwte n. fine payable to a bishop? (BT), forced entertaining of a bishop? (Lieb: v.LL 2667).

bisceopwyrt f. bishop's-wort, betony, vervain, marshmallow.

bisceopwyrtil (o^2) vervain, WW 134^41.

biscep == bisceop

bisceran = bescieran

biscerian (i^2, y^2) = bescierian

biscop == bisceop

biscup = bisceop

bisegu = bysgu [[redirected to "bisgu"]]

bisen, bisene (y) fn. example, pattern, model, JnLR; , AO, CP: similitude, parable, parallel: rule, command, precept. ['bysen']

bsene (y) blind, MtL; NC 274; JAW 22. ['bisson'?]

bisenian (ie, y) to give, set an example, instruct by example, Bo: follow an example or pattern, CP: express figuratively. ['byen'vb.]

bisenung f. example, pattern, (y).

bises m. the extra day intercalated in leap year, Men 32. [L. bissextus]

bisgian to occupy, employ, , Bo; CP: trouble, afflict, Lcd, Met. ['busy']

bisgu, bisigu f. occupation, labour, CP, (yse): affliction, trouble.

bisgung f. business, occupation, care, CP.

bisig (y) 'busy,' occupied, diligent, Ma, Sol.

bisignes f. 'business,' MtL (Cont. p. xx).

bismr- = bismer-

bisme = besma

bismer (y) nmf. disgrace, scandal, shame, mockery, insult, reproach, scorn, AO, Bl; CP: filthiness, defilement, (y). t bismere ignominiously, shamefully: blasphemy: infamous deed, AO. ['bismer']

bismerful infamous, disgraceful, ignominious, shameful, (y).

bismerglow (y) n. shameful lust, .

bismerian (y) to mock, revile, illtreat, blaspheme, Mk; AO. ['bismer'vb.]

bismeriend m. mocker, KGl 298.

bismerlas blameless, Cr 1326 (y).

bismerlo n. scurrilous song, Gl.

bismerlic shameful, ignominious, contemptuous, AO: ridiculous, frivolous. adv. -lce.

bismernes f. pollution; insult; contemptibleness.

bismer-sprc, -spc f. blasphemy, G.

bismerung (y) mockery, scorn: blasphemy: infamy, disrepute,AO.

bismerword (^2) n. reproach, insult, LL 10^11.

bismor = bismer

bism(o)r- = bismer-

bisn- = bisen-

+bisnere f. imitator, DR 45^7.

bspell (big-) n. example, proverb, : parable, fable, allegory, story, MtL; CP. ['byspel']

bspellbc (big-) f. book of Proverbs, .

bissextus, gen. -te the intercalary day of leap year: leap year. [L.]

bist pres. 2 sg. of bon.

bst = bdst, pres. 2 sg. of bdan.

biswic = beswic

bit pres. 3 sg. of biddan.

bt pres. 3 sg. of (1) bdan; (2) btan.

bita m. I. 'bit,' morsel, piece, Jn; . II. biter, wild beast.

btan^1 to 'bite,' tear, B, Rd; : cut, wound: (+) dash down, MkL 9^18.

bite m. 'bite,' sting, AO, Lcd: sword-cut, Ap, B: cancer.

bitela m. 'beetle,' Gl.

biter 'bitter,' sharp, cutting, Gu; : stinging, PPs 117^12: exasperated, angry, embittered: painful, disastrous, virulent, cruel, B, Bl. adv. -lce, Mt.

bitere = bitre

biterian to be or become bitter, CP: make bitter. ['bitter'vb.]

biternes f. 'bitterness,' grief, El; ,CP.

biterwyrde bitter in speech, .

biterwyrtdrenc m. drink of bitter herbs, WW 114^18.

btl = betl

bitmlum piecemeal, bit by bit, Gr 239^10.

bitol n. bridle.

btol m. beetle (insect). [btan] [[from first edition]]

bitor = biter

bitre bitterly, sharply, painfully, severely: very.

bitres, bittres gsmn. of biter.

bitst pres. 2 sg. of biddan.

btst pres. 2 sg. of bdan and btan.

bitt I. pres. 3 sg. of (1) biddan; (2) beodan. II. = bytt

btt pres. 3 sg. of btan.

+bitt n. biting, gnashing, .

bitter == biter

bittor = biter

bittre = bitre

bitula = bitela

bi pres. 3 sg. of bon.

biwune v. bewwan.

bwist fm. sustenance, food, provision, necessaries, Bo, . ['bewiste']

bword (u) n. proverb, household word: adverb, A 8313^7.

bwyrde n. 'byword,' proverb, WW.

bixen = byxen

bizant m. bezant (a gold coin). [L. byzanteum]

blc I. () bright, shining, glittering, flashing, Rd: pale, pallid, wan, AO, CP. [blcan; 'bleak,' to 'bleach'] II. pret. 3 sg. of blcan.

blac = blc

blcern n. lamp, candle, light, CP ().

blchlor with pale cheeks.

blcian to turn pale, .

blcung f. a turning pale, pallor, .

bladesian to flame, blaze, be hot: emit an odour, OEG 554.

bladesnung (at-) f. odour, WW 405^1.

bladesung (at-, t-) f. shining, lightning, EPs 76^19.

blc (a) I. 'black' dark, B, BH, . II. n. ink, LL, WW. ['bleck']

blc == blc

blcan to bleach, whiten. [blc]

blcce f. black matter, OEG 652.

blce n.? irritation of the skin, leprosy, Lcd.

blcernleoht () n. lantern-light.

blcfexede black-haired, H 1456^16. [feax]

blcgymm m. jet, BH 26^16.

blchorn (e) n. ink-horn, IM 128^18.

blco f. pallor, Lcd.

blcpytt m. bleaching-pit? EC 383.

blcrustfel n. leprosy, Cp 103#b#.

bld n. (nap. bladu) 'blade,' WW: leaf, Gen.

bld () I. m. blowing, blast: inspiration, : breath, spirit, : life, mind: glory, dignity, splendour: prosperity, riches, success. II. = bldI.

bldgende renowned, B 1013.

bldbylig m. bellows, WW 241^33.

blddg m. day of prosperity.

bldderwrc m. pain in the bladder, Lcd.

blddre = bldre

bldfst glorious, prosperous.

+bldfstnes f. provision, sustenance, L 23b^492.

bldgifa m. giver of prosperity.

bldhorn m. trumpet, .

bldnes f. blossom, fruit, A 8311. [bld]

bldre () f. blister, pimple, AO: 'bladder,' Lcd. [blwan]

bldwela m. abundant riches, Cr 1392.

blge f. gudgeon, bleak, WW. ['blay']

blgettan (a) to cry, GD 278^12.

blhwen light blue.

bls = blst

blsbelg (OET 28) = blstbelg

blse (a) f. firebrand, torch, lamp, , Jn. ['blaze']

blsere m. incendiary, LL.

blshorn m. blowing-horn, trumpet, LL 194 (8).

blst m. blowing, 'blast' (of wind), breeze, Ex: flame.

blstan to blow, Andr 123^30: rush? (v.BT).

blstbelg m. bellows, Gl.

blstm m? flame, blaze, MFH 90^7.

bltan to 'bleat,' Gr, Rd.

bltesung = bladesung

blts- = blts-

blwen = blhwen

blwest, blwst pres. 2 sg., blw(e) pres. 3 sg. of blwan.

blagettan = blgettan

blan pret. 3 sg. of blinnan.

blanca m. (white?) horse, B. ['blonk']

bland n. blending, mixture, confusion, turmoil.

blandan^7 to blend, mix, mingle, Rd. ['bland']

blandenfeax grizzly-haired, grey-haired, old. [blandan]

blann pret. 3 sg. of blinnan.

blase = blse

blasere = blsere

blstbelg = blstbelg

blaster = plaster

blt livid, pale, wan, ghastly: low, hoarse (sound)? An 1279. [cp. blat]

bltan to be livid, pale. [[from first edition]]

blte lividly, pallidly, Met.

blatesnung = bladesnung

bltian to be livid, pale, Gen 981 (GK).

blwan^7 () (tr. or intr.) to 'blow,' breathe, Mt, Lk, Jn: be blown, sound: inflate: () kindle, inflame, WW 208^14: () spit, MkLR 7^33.

blwend m. inspirer, H 2478^8.

blwere m. 'blower,' CP.

blwung f. _'blowing,' blast_, _: _inflation_.

bleac = blc

blat miserable? Gu 963. ['blete']. adv. blate, B 2824.

bla gentle, shy, cowardly, timid, Rd: slothful, inactive, effeminate, AO. ['blethe'; Ger. blde]

blec == blc

blce = blce

blca 'vitiligo,' WW 53^28.

bled = bld

bld- = blt-

bld I. () f. shoot, branch, flower, blossom, leaf, foliage, fruit, Mt, Lcd; CP: harvest, crops. ['blede'; blwan] II. = bldI.

bldan to 'bleed,' let blood, Sol.

bldhwt growing quickly or profusely? Rd 2^9.

bldre = bldre

bledu f. dish, bowl, goblet, .

blegen, blegne f. 'blain,' boil, blister, ulcer, Lcd.

blencan to deceive, cheat, Mod. ['blench']

blnd (e) pret. 3 sg. of blandan.

blend-an, -ian to blind, deprive of sight, Bo: deceive. ['blend']

blendnes f. blindness, DR 38^5.

blent pres. 3 sg. of (1) blendan, (2) blandan.

blo n. gs. blos, ds. blo, gp. blo(na), dip. blom, blo(w)um colour, Bo; CP: appearance, form, Sol. ['blee']

blobord n. coloured board, chess-board.

blobrygd n? combination of colours, scintillation, Ph 292. [bregdan]

blocrft m. art of embroidery, WW 354^9.

+blod beautiful, Cr 909.

bleodu = bledu

blofstnes f. 'delici,' RPs 138^11.

blofg variegated, Gl.

bloh = blo

blomete m. dainty food, GD 99^18.

blona gp. of blo.

blorad purple, WW.

blostning f. tesselated pavement, WW 444^10.

blot pret. 3 sg. of (1) bltan, (2) bltan.

bleoum dip. of blo.

blow pret. 3 sg. of (1) blwan, (2) blwan.

blowum dp. of blo.

blere, blerig bald, WW.

blese = blse

blt pret. 3 sg. of (1) bltan, (2) bltan.

bltan = bltan

bltsian to consecrate, ordain, Mt, JnL (oe): 'bless,' give thanks, adore, extol, Da, Ps, Lk: sign with the cross, : pronounce or make happy, . [bld]

bltsingbc f. blessing-book, benedictional, EC 250.

bltsingsealm m. the Benedicite, RB 36^18.

bltst pres. 2 sg. of bltan.

bltsung f. consecration, Chr: 'blessing,' benediction, Chr; : favour (ofGod), Bl, VPs.

blw = blow pret. 3 sg. of blwan.

blw pres. 3 sg. of blwan.

blcan^1 to glitter, shine, gleam, sparkle, dazzle, Sol: appear, Sol 144. ['blik']

bliccettan to glitter, quiver, Gl.

bliccettung f. glittering, shining, VPs.

blice m. exposure, LL 5[34].

blicgan = blycgan

blcian to shine, OEG 1499.

blc pres. 3 sg. of blcan.

blds = bliss

blin imperat. of blinnan.

blind 'blind,' Mk; CP, : dark, obscure, opaque, DD; : internal, not showing outwardly: unintelligent: not stinging, WW 322^29. adv. -lce blindly, rashly,AO.

blindboren born blind, JnL 9^32.

+blinfellian to blind, blindfold, HL ^276.

-blindian v. of-b.

blindnes f. blindness, .

blinn n? cessation.

blinnan^3 to cease, leave off, rest from, Mt; CP: lose, forfeit: be vacant (bishopric). ['blin'; be, linnan]

blinnes f. cessation, intermission, LL.

blis (CP) = bliss

blisa = blysa

bliscan = blyscan

blisgere m. incendiary. [blysige]

bliss m. 'bliss,' merriment, happiness, Bl; CP: kindness, friendship, grace, favour, Met: cause of happiness, Ps. [ble]

blissian (intr.) to be glad, rejoice, exult, CP, Lk; : (tr.) make happy, gladden, endow, Hy: applaud, ANS 109306. ['bliss']

blissig joyful, RPs 112^9.

blissigendlic exulting, H 1354^11.

blissung f. exultation, EPs 64^13.

bl == ble

ble I. 'blithe,' joyous, cheerful, pleasant, , AO, CP: gracious, well-disposed, friendly, kind, El: agreeable, willing: quiet, peaceful, gentle, Ps: (+b. occurs at Guth 161^9). II. adv. Ps.

blelic gentle, pleasant, glad. adv. -lce (Lk). ['blithely']

blemd glad, cheerful: well-wishing, friendly.

blheort happy, joyful: gracious.

+blian to make glad, RPs 91^4.

blnes f. joy, gladness, pleasure, Lcd; AO. ['blitheness']

bls == bliss

blwum = blo(w)um, dp. of blo.

blod = bold

bld n. 'blood,' , G, Lcd; AO, CP: vein.

bld-dolg, -dolh n. bleeding wound, Lcd.

blddryne m. bloodshed, AO 162^3.

bldegesa m. bloody horror, Ex 477.

+bldegian = bldgian

blden bloody, WW 217^35?

bldfg blood-stained, bloody.

bldgemang n. a blood-mixture, WW 220^7.

bldgemenged blood-stained, W 182^11.

bldgot = bldgte [[headword spelled "bldgyte"]]

bldgotend m. shedder of blood, LPs 50^16.

bldgotende bloody, LPs 5^8.

bldgian to be bloodthirsty, WW 215^43: make bloody.

bldgyte m. bloodshed, AO.

bldhrcung f. spitting of blood, WW 113^6.

bldhrow sanguinary, cruel, Ps.

bldig 'bloody,' WW; AO.

bldigt bloody-toothed, B 2083.

bld-ls, -lswu f. blood-letting, bleeding.

bldlstd f. time for blood-letting, Lcd 55a.

bldltere m. blood-letter, WW.

bldlas bloodless, Gr 56^14.

bld-orc, -mna = bltorc, etc.

bldrad blood-red.

bldrow = bldhrow

bldryne m. issue of blood, bloody flux: bursting of a blood-vessel, AO 288^27.

bldsx (e) n. lancet, Gl.

blodscawung f. supply of blood? (BT) Lcd 83a.

bldseten something to stop bleeding, Lcd.

bldsihte f. flowing of blood, Lcd 64a.

bldigen f. tasting of blood, LL.

bldwte n. blood-offering, LPs 15^4.

bldyrnende having an issue of blood, BH 78^16#b#.

blma m. lump of metal, mass, Gl.

blon pret. 3 sg. of blinnan.

blonca = blanca

blond- = bland-

blonn pret. 3 sg. of blinnan.

blsa, blsma = blstma [[under "blstm"]]

blstbre = blstmbre

blstm (), blstma mf. 'blossom,' flower, fruit, Bl, Lcd.

blstmbre (), -brende flower-bearing.

blstmfrols m. floral festival, OEG 4720.

blstmian to 'blossom,' bloom, BH.

blt n. sacrifice, AO. [bld]

blt- = bld-

bltan^7 (and ? wv) to sacrifice, kill for sacrifice, AO,CP.

bltere m. sacrificer, GPH 398^99.

bltmna m. month of sacrifice (8 Oct.-8 Nov.), November.

bltorc m. sacrificial vessel, GPH 397.

bltspung f. spitting of blood, WW 113^7.

bltung f. sacrifice, AO 102^16.

blwan I. sv^7 to 'blow,' flower, flourish, blossom, Lcd. II. = blwan

blwendlic blooming, WW 240^28.

blunnen pp., blunnon pret. pl. of blinnan.

-blycgan v. -b.

blys, blyss = bliss

blysa m. firebrand, torch, .

blyscan 'rutilare,' HGl 434^75 (v. OEG 1196 and 'blush').

blyse f. = blysa

blysere = blsere

blysian to burn, blaze, PPs 17^8.

blysige = blyse

blyssian () = blissian

ble = ble

blelce = blelce

b = b, nafn. of bgen.

bc I. fn. ds. and nap. bc 'beech'-tree, WW; Mdf: beech-nut, NC 274: 'book,' writing, Bible, Bl, Jn, CP; AO, . Crstesb. gospel: deed, charter, conveyance, LL. II. pret. 3 sg. of bacan.

bcceras mpl. freehold lands.

bcblc (e) n. ink, W 225^1.

bcce = bce

bc-cest, -cist(e) f. book-chest.

bccrft m. learning, Bo. ['bookcraft']

bccrftig book-learned.

bcere m. scholar, scribe, writer, .

bcfell n. parchment, vellum, LL. ['bookfell']

bcfdder n. bookcase, WW 194^13.

bcgesamnung f. library, WW 203^16.

bcgestron n. library, BH.

bchord n. library, WW. ['bookhoard']

bchs n. library, WW 185^35.

bcian to grant by charter: supply with books.

bclden n. literary Latin, learned language.

bcland n. land held by written title, LL; , AO. v.LL 2323. ['bookland']

bclr f. book-lore, learning.

bcleden = bclden

bclic of or belonging to a book, : biblical, scriptural. b. stf 'ars liberalis,' HGl 503.

bcon pret. pl. of bacan.

bcrdere m. reader of books, WW 439^25.

bcrding f. reading of books, WW.

bcrad red colour used in illuminating manuscripts, vermilion,WW.

bcrde f. reading of books, A 10143^101.

bcriht n. right given by will or charter, LL 444(1).

bcscyld m. beech-wood shield, TC 561^5.

bcstf m. nap. -stafas letter, character, El. ['bocstaff'; Ger. buchstabe]

bcstigel f. beech-wood stile, KC 570^25.

bc-tcung, -talu f. teaching or narrative, written in books,LL.

bctrow n. beech-tree, .

bcweorc n. study of books, LL (314^18).

bcwudu m. beech-wood, Rd 41^106.

bod (+ exc. N) n. command, message, precept, Bo, Hy; : preaching. ['bode,' 'i-bod'; Ger. gebot]

boda m. messenger, herald, apostle, angel, , CP: prophet. ['bode'; Ger. bote]

bodan = botm

bode pret. of bgan.

bodeg = bodig

boden pp. of bodan.

bodere m. teacher, NG.

bodian to tell, proclaim, announce, Hy; AO, CP: preach, Mt; , CP: foretell, El: boast. ['bode']

bodiend m. proclaimer, teacher, preacher.

bodig n. 'body,' trunk, frame, bodily presence, , BH, etc., CP: main part, Lcd.

bodigendlic to be celebrated, L 7232.

bodlc n. decree, ordinance, Chr 1129.

bodscipe m. command: message.

bodung f. message, recital, preaching, : interpretation: assertiveness, RB 136^22.

bodungdg m. Annunciation Day, H 1200^26.

bg m. _arm, shoulder_, _; CP: _'bough,' twig, branch_, _Mt_; CP: _offspring_. [bgan]

boga m. _'bow,' (weapon)_, _Gn_; : _arch, arched place, vault_, _B_: _rainbow_, _: _folded parchment_. [cp. _Ger._ bogen]

bga = bg

bgan to boast, RB.

boganet = bogenett

bogefdder m. quiver, WW 143^19.

bogen I. name of a plant, Lcd. II. pp. of bgan.

bogenett n. wicker basket with a narrow neck for catching fish,WW.

bogetung f. curve, WW 355^15.

bgh = bg

bgian I. (intr.) _to dwell_, _: (tr.) _to inhabit_. II. = bgan

bogiht full of bends, MtL 7^14.

bgincel n. small bough, OEG.

bgung (bung) f. boastfulness, arrogance, display,.

bh = bg

bhscyld m. shoulder shield, EC 226.

bohte pret. 3 sg. of bycgan.

bhtimber n. building timber, AS 1^3. [bgian, ES 42172]

blan = bgan

bol? m. bole, trunk, Lcd 143a.

bolca m. gangway of a ship.

bold (= botl) n. house, dwelling-place, mansion, hall, castle, B: temple. ['bold']

boldgend m. homestead-owner.

boldgestron (botl) household goods.

boldgetl collection of houses: (political) district, county, province,GD.

boldgetimbru npl. houses.

boldweard (botl-) m. housekeeper, steward, .

boldwela m. wealth: splendid dwelling, paradise, heaven: village, Gen 1799. (botl-)

bolgen pp. of belgan.

bolgenmd enraged.

bolla m., bolle f. 'bowl,' cup, pot, beaker, measure, L, Jn, Lcd.

bolster mn. 'bolster,' head-pillow, cushion, B;CP.

+bolstrian to support with pillows, prop up, A 8308.

bolt m. 'bolt': cross-bow for throwing bolts or arrows, WW.

bolttimber n. building timber, AS 1^3. [botl; v. ES 42^172]

bn I. f. ornament, Chr 1063#d#. II. = bgan

bon- = ban-

bond- = band-

bnda m. householder, LL: freeman, plebeian; husband. ['bond']

bndeland n. land held by a bnda, Chr 777#e#. [ON. bndi]

bne = bn

+bnian to polish, burnish, TC. [Ger. bohnen]

bonn == bann

bor borer, gimlet, Gl: lancet, scalpel, graving tool, Gl. [borian]

bora m. ruler, Sat 500. [? rdbora]

borcen pret. 3 sg. of beorcan.

borcian to bark.

bord n. 'board,' plank, , Gen: table, Ps: side of a ship, Gen: ship, El, Gn: shield, El.

borda m. embroidery, ornament, Gl.

bordcl m. table-cloth, OEG 56^22.

bordgelc n. weapon, dart, Cr 769.

bordhbbende shield-bearing, B 2895.

bordhaga m. cover of shields, El 652.

bordhroa () m. shield-ornament: phalanx.

bordrand m. shield, B 2559.

bordrima m. rim, edge.

bordriig a stream running in a channel made of planks? (BT), EC 450^11.

bordst n. sea-shore, An 442.

bordaca m. shield-covering, testudo, Gl: board for roofing,WW.

bordweall m. wall of shields, phalanx: buckler, shield: side of ship, Rd 34^6.

bordwudu m. shield, B 1243.

boren pp. of beran.

borettan to brandish, Gl.

borg m. pledge, security, bail, debt, obligation, LL (v.2331; 641); CP: bondsman: debtor. ['borrow'sb.]

borgbryce m. breach of surety, LL.

borgen pp. of beorgan.

borggelda m. borrower: lender.

borgian to 'borrow,' Mt, Ps: lend: be surety for, OEG 3812.

borgiend m. lender, usurer.

borg-sorg (burg-) f. trouble on account of lending or security, #Rim#63.

borgwedd n. pledge, WW 279^16.

borh == borg

borhfst fast bound, HL 18^254.

borhfstan to bind by pledge or surety.

borhhand fm. security, surety (person), .

borhlas without a pledge, without security, LL 230[5].

borian to bore, perforate.

borlce very, extremely, fitly, excellently, A 8302, 307, 329.

born = barn, pret. 3 sg. of biernan.

+borsnung = +brosnung

borsten pp. of berstan.

boror = beoror

bsig m? n? stall, crib, LkLR. ['boosy']

bsm (CP), bsum m. _'bosom,' breast, womb_, _: _surface_, _An_: _ship's hold_, _Gen_.

bsmig sinuous, OEG 8^2.

bt f. help, relief, advantage, remedy, An, Da, Lcd; AO: compensation for an injury or wrong, LL (v.2336): (peace) offering, recompense, amends, atonement, reformation, penance, repentance, Bl; CP. t bte to 'boot,' besides, moreover. [Ger. busse]

btan = btan

btettan to improve, repair.

botian to get better.

botl (CP, ) == bold

btlas unpardonable, not to be atoned for by bt.

botm m. 'bottom,' ground, foundation, B, WW: abyss, Gen.

btwyre pardonable, that can be atoned for by bt. [cp. btlas]

b = bge pres. 3 sg. of bgan.

boen mn? rosemary: darnel, : thyme, GPH 390.

bung = bgung

box mn. box-tree, WW: 'box,' case, Mt. [L. buxus]

boxtrow n. box-tree, Gr 20^19.

braccas mp. breeches, Lcd 3198^28. [L.]

bracce (Mdf) = brc I.

brachwl f. moment, A 8318.

-bracian v. -b.

brd I. comp. brdra, brdra 'broad,' flat, open, extended, spacious, wide, Gen, Chr; , AO, CP: ample, copious, B; #El#. II. n. breadth, #Rim#13?

brdx f. broad axe, Gl.

brdbrim n. wide sea.

brde far and wide, broadly, widely.

brdelac n. leek, Gl.

brdhand f. palm of the hand, WW 264^34.

brdian to extend, reach, AO 234^10.

brdlstx f. broad axe, Gl.

brdlinga flatly, with the hand open.

brdnes sf. breadth, greatness, extent, surface, : liberality.

brdpanne = brdepanne

brc I. a strip of unfilled land? (BT), KC. II. = pret. 3 sg. of brecan.

brc I. () n. catarrh, cough. II. f. breaking, destruction, L 5^292. III. = brc nap. of brcI.

brcce breeches, OET. [L.]

brccou f. falling sickness, epilepsy, WW 112^27.

+brceo = brc I.

brcdrenc () cough medicine, WW 351^88.

brclian to cackle, make a noise, GD 236^12.

brcon pret. pl. of brecan.

brcsoc epileptic, lunatic.

brd I. f. breadth, width, AO. [brd] II. f. flesh, Ph 240. [OHG. brt] III. m. trick, fraud, deceit, craft. [= *brgd; 'braid'] IV. pret. 3 sg. of brdan, bregdan. V. pres. 3 sg. and pp. of brdan.

brd- = brgd- (bregd-)

brdan (e) I. to make broad, extend, spread, stretch out, BH; AO: be extended, rise, grow. ['brede'; brd] II. to roast, toast, bake, broil, cook, WW. ['brede'; Ger. braten]

brde m. roast meat, WW. ['brede'; Ger. braten]

-brdels v. ofer-b.

brdepanne f. frying-pan (v. WW 363#n#3).

brding I. f. extension, Bo 46^6: bedding, bed, DR. II. f. roast meat, OEG 3760.

brdingpanne = brdepanne

brdsen n. 'scalpellum,' Gl, WW.

brdra v. brd.

brdu, brdo f. breadth, width, extent, Ps. ['brede']

+brgd = brd III.

brgdan = bregdan

brgdboga m. deceitful bow, Cr 765.

brgden (e) I. () deceitful, crafty, AO. adv. -lce. [bregdan] II. fraud.

brgdnes (d-) f. fraud, cunning.

brgdws crafty, Gu 58. [bregd]

brgen (a, c) n. 'brain,' Lcd, Ps; , CP.

brgenpanne f. brain-pan, skull, OEG 2815.

brgensoc brain-sick, mad, OEG.

brgn = brgen

brgnloca (brgn-) m. brain-house, head, Rd 72^21.

brgpanne = brgenpanne

brhtm (A) = breahtm

brmbel, brmel == brmel

brme (NG) = brme

brr () = brr

brs n. _'brass,' bronze_, _.

brsen 'brazen,' of brass, LPs; .

brsian to do work in brass, make of brass, Gr 215^17.

brsne = bresne

br m. odour, scent, stink, exhalation, vapour, AO. ['breath']

brw (a) m. eye-brow, eye-lid, BH, Lcd, Ps, WW; CP. ['bree']

bragen = brgen

brahtan = brohton pret. pl. of bringan.

brand () m. fire, flame, B; : 'brand,' torch, JnL, Da; : sword, B.

brandht burning hot, ardent.

brandhord (o^1) n? treasure exciting ardent desires (BT); care, anxiety (GK), #Rim#46.

brand-ren, -sen n. fire-dog, trivet, grate, WW. ['brandise']

brandm (o^1) m. 'rubigo,' WW 44^14.

brandrd (o^2, e^2) f. fire-dog, trivet, Gl.

brandrida m. fire-grate, WW 266^26.

brandstfn (o^1) high-prowed? An 504. [= brant- ?]

brang pret. 3 sg. of bringan.

brant (o) deep, steep, high, An, El. ['brant']

branwyrt f. whortleberry plant, WW 133^23.

brasian = brsian

+brastl (-sl) n. crackling (of flames), DD,W.

brastlian (-sl) _to roar, rustle, crackle_, _. ['_brastle_'; _Ger._ prasseln]

brastlung f. _crackling, rustling, crashing_, _.

bratt m. cloak, MtL 5^40. ['bratt']

brac pret. 3 sg. of brcan.

brad n. bit, crumb, morsel: 'bread,' JnL.

+breadian = +bredian

brag = brw

breahtm I. (bearhtm; , e, eo, y) m. cry, noise, revelry. II. = bearhtm

breahtmian (earht) to creak, resound.

breahtmung f. 'convolatus,' WW 376^3.

breahtumhwt = bearhtmhwt

breard = brerd

brat- = brot-

bra brittle, Lcd 1260^7.

braw = brw

brawern n. brew-house, WW 145^29.

brc fp. breeches, Lcd, RB. ['breech'; v.ES 38345]

+brec n. noise, sound, CP.

brc = brc I.

brecan I. sv^4 to 'break,' shatter, burst, tear, B, Bl, Ps: curtail, injure, violate, destroy, oppress, B, Da, KC; AO, CP: break into, rush into, storm, capture (city), Ma; CP: press, force: break or crash through, burst forth, spring out, An, Ph: subdue, tame, CP. II. to roar? Cr 951. [ON. braka]

brchrgl n. breeches, PPs 108^28.

brecmlum = brytmlum

brecnes f. breach, EPs.

-brec v. -, eodor-b.

breca m. broken condition. mdes b. sorrow of heart, B 171.

brecung f. 'breaking,' LkR.

bred n. _surface_: _board, plank_, CP: _tablet_, _. ['_bred_']

brd = (1) brd, (2) brd, (3) brd III.

brdan I. _to produce, or cherish, a brood_, _. ['_breed_'] II. () = bregdan. III. () = brdan I. andII.

breden (i, y) of boards, wooden, .

brdende deceitful, cunning, AO. [bregdan]

brdettan = brogdettan

+bredian (ea) to regenerate, restore.

brdi(ng)panne = brdepanne

brdsern = brdsen

bredweall m. wall of boards, palisade, ES 20148.

bredwian (eo) to strike down, trample.

+brfan to write down, A 8308^11. [cp. Ger. brief]

brg (VPs) = brw

brega () = brego

brgan to alarm, frighten, terrify, Lk; , CP. ['bree'; brga]

bregd = brd III.

+bregd I. n. movement, change, Ph 57. II. = brd III.

bregdan^3 (brd-) to move quickly, pull, shake, swing, throw (wrestling), draw (sword), drag, B, Ma: bend, weave, 'braid,' knit, join together, Gr: change colour, vary, be transformed, Ex, Sol, Gu: bind, knot: (intr.) move, be pulled: flash, . upb. bring up (acharge): () scheme, feign, pretend: () draw breath, breathe.

bregden = brgden

+bregdnes f. trouble, affliction, MF 162.

+bregdstafas mp. learned arts, Sol 2.

bregen = brgen

brgendlic terrible, RPs 46^3.

brgh = brw

brgnes f. fear, terror.

brego (eo) m. ruler, chief, king, Lord. b. engla, mancynnes God.

bregorce n. kingdom, Gen 1633.

bregorf majestic, mighty, B 1925.

bregostl m. ruler's seat, throne: rule, dominion.

bregoweard m. ruler, prince, lord.

bregu = brego

breht- = breaht-, beorht-, bierht-

brehtniende = bearhtmiende [[redirected to "breahtmian"]]

brman I. () to honour, extol. [brme] II. (oe) to rage,NG.

brembel (), brember == brmel

brme (oe, ) I. adj. famous, glorious, noble, PPs; AO. ['breme'] II. adv.

brmel () m. brier, 'bramble,' blackberry bush, , Lcd; Mdf. [brm]

brmelppel m. blackberry, Lcd.

brmelberie f. blackberry, Lcd.

brmelbrr m. bramble-brier.

brmellaf n. bramble-leaf, Lcd.

brmelrind f. bramble-bark, Lcd.

brmelyrne f. bramble-bush, .

brmen = brme I.

brmendlic noted, OEG.

brmer == brmel

brmlas nap. of brmel.

bremman to rage, roar. [Ger. brummen]

bremung f. roaring, WW 242^39.

brenc pres. 3 sg. of brengan.

brene = bryne

brne pres. 3 sg. of *brnan to make or dye brown? (GK;BT reads brene = berne pres. 3 sg. of bernan) #Run#15.

brengan (AO, CP) = bringan

brengnes f. oblation: (+) food, support, MkL 12^44. [*bringnes]

brenting m. ship, B 2807. [brant]

breo- = bre-

bro- = br-

brod (NG) = brad

breodian to cry out, Mod 28.

breoht- = bearht-, beorht-

brosa (o) m. gadfly, WW. ['breeze']

brost nmf. (usu. in pl.) 'breast,' bosom, B, Lk, Lcd; AO, CP: stomach, womb: mind, thought, disposition, Gen; CP: 'ubertas,' CPs 35^9.

brostbn n. 'breast-bone,' WW 158.

brostbeorg = brostgebeorh

brostbyden (e^2) f. breast, Gl.

brostcearu f. heart-care, anxiety.

brostcofa m. heart, affections.

brostgebeorh m. bulwark, WW 466^14.

brostgehygd , -hd fn. thought.

brostgeanc m. mind, thought.

brostgewdu np. corslet.

brostgyrd f. sceptre? OEG 3303; 2^188.

brosthord n. thought, mind.

brostln n. stomacher, WW 407^8.

brostloca m. mind, soul.

brostnet n. coat of mail.

brostnyrwet n. tightness of chest, Lcd 189b.

brostrocc m. chest-clothing, WW 151^39.

brostsefa m. mind, heart.

brosttoga m. chieftain, Sol 184.

brosting n. region of the heart, Lcd 3146^18.

brostwrc m. pain in the chest, Lcd.

brostweall m. breastwork, rampart, WW 490^13.

brostweorung f. breast-ornament.

brostwylm (e^2) m. breast-fountain, teat: emotion, sorrow.

Breot- = Bryt-

brotan^2 to break in pieces, hew down, demolish, destroy, kill.

Breotas = Brittas [[redirected to "Brytas" (Bryt)]]

Breoten, Breoton = Briten [[redirected to "Bryten"]]

broton = (1) bryten; (2) pret. pl. of bratan. [[redirected to "brotan"]]

broan^2 to decay, waste away, Lcd 63a.

browan^2 to 'brew,' AO.

browlc n. brewing, L 17^103.

brr () f. 'brier,' bramble, Lcd, WW.

brerd (ea, eo) m. brim, margin, border, surface, Jn, WW: shore, bank, . ['brerd']

brerdful brim-full, L 6^282. ['brerdful']

brrhlw m. brier-hillock, EC 450^9.

brryrne f. brier-bush, KC 6221^13.

brsan = brsan

bresen = brsen

bresne () mighty, strong.

brt pres. 3 sg. of brdan, bregdan.

bret- = brit-, bryt-

br = br

brer ds. of bror.

brw (KGl) = brw

bric- = bryc-

brc- = brc-

brice pres. 3 sg. of brecan.

bricst pres. 2 sg. of brecan.

brid = bridd

brd = brd

bridd m. young 'bird,' chicken, Lk; , CP, Mdf.

brdel, brdels () m. 'bridle,' rein, curb, restraint, Run; ,CP.

brdelshring m. bridle-ring, El 1194.

brdelwangas mp. reins.

briden = breden

brd-gift = brdgift

brdgifu = brdgifu

brdlian to 'bridle,' curb, Bo;CP.

briengan = bringan

brig = brycg

brg = brw

brigd n. change or play of colours, Pa 26. [bregdan]

brigdils (Gl) = brdels [[under "brdel"]]

brihtan = bierhtan

brihtlce = beorhtlce

brim nm. surf, flood, wave, sea, ocean, water, B: sea-edge, shore. ['brim']

brimceald ocean-cold.

brimclif n. cliff by the sea, B 222.

brimfaro n. sea-shore (BT) Da 322 (or ? 2 words).

brimfld m. flood, sea.

brimfugol m. sea-bird, gull, Wa 47.

brimgiest m. sailor, Rd 4^25.

brimhengest m. (sea-horse), ship.

brimhlst f. sea-produce, (fish).

brimld f. flood-way, sea-way.

brimlend m. sailor: pirate.

brimmann m. sailor: pirate.

brimrd f. (sea-road), sea.

brimsa? gadfly? (v. NC 354).

brimst n. sea-shore, An 496.

brimstram m. current, sea: rapid, river.

brimyssa m. ship.

brimwsa m. sea-king, captain, B 2930.

brimwudu m. (sea-wood), ship.

brimwylf f. (she-)wolf of the sea or lake, B 1507.

brimwylm m. ocean surge, sea-wave, B 1494.

bring m. offering, CPs 50^20.

bringan^3 (e, y) (and wv) to 'bring,' lead, bring forth, carry, adduce, produce, present, offer, B, Bo, JnL; AO,CP.

-bringelle v. on-b.

brosa = brosa

brst, brtst, pres. 2 sg., brt pres. 3 sg. of bregdan.

Brit- = Bryt-

brit- = bryt-

brw m. pottage, porridge, Gr, Lcd. ['bree'; Ger. brei]

brwan to prepare food, cook.

brwicce as thick as pottage, Lcd 190a.

broc I. n. affliction, misery, care, toil, adversity, Bl, Bo; , AO, CP: disease, sickness, : fragment. ['broke'; brecan] II. n. use, benefit. III. a kind of locust? WW. ['brock'] IV. = brocc

brc I. f. (? only in pl. brc, q.v.). II. m. 'brook,' torrent, Bo, WW; Mdf.

brocc m. badger, Lcd. ['brock']

broccen of badger's skin, WW 152^1.

brocchol n. badger's hole, EC 239^12.

broccian to tremble, GD 156.

brce = brce

brocen pp. of (1) brecan, (2) brcan.

brocian to crush, hurt, afflict, molest, , AO, CP: blame. [broc]

broclic full of hardship, W 248^1.

brcminte f. brookmint, horsemint.

brcsoc = brcsoc

brocung f. affliction, sickness, H 1472^7.

brod shoot, sprout, LHy 6^3.

brd f. '_brood_,' _: _foetus_: _breeding, hatching_.

broddetan = brogdettan

broddian = brdian

brden pp. of brdan.

brdenml n. damascened sword.

brder = bror

brdet- = brogdet-

brdian to glitter, shine, OEG.

brdig adj. broody, A 8309.

brga m. terror, dread, danger, CP: prodigy.

brogden pp. of bregdan. ['browden']

brogdenml = brdenml

brogdettan to shake, brandish: tremble, quake.

brogdettung f. trembling, shaking: figment, pretence.

brogn bough, bush, branch, NG (v. ES 38340 and JAW).

broht 'viscellum,' WW 54^1.

brht pp., brhton pret. pl. of bringan.

brhra m. dire calamity, Gen 1813. [brga]

brm m. 'broom,' brushwood, Lcd; Mdf.

brmfsten n. enclosure of broom, WW 414^7.

brmig broomy, Bl 207^27?

bron- = bran-

brond == brand, brant

brord m. prick, point: blade (e.g., of grass or corn).

brosnian to crumble, decay, fall to pieces, rot, wither, be corrupted, AO,CP.

brosniendlic (), +brosnodlic (Bl, W) corruptible, perishable, transitory.

brosnung f. decay, corruption, ruin, .

+brot n. fragment, G. [breotan] [[headword spelled "brotan"]]

Broten = Bryten

broten pp. of brotan.

brotettan to burst forth, shoot, sprout? (Napier) = brogdettan? (BT), v.OEG 1218n.

bro n. 'broth,' Lcd. [browan]

brar, brer == bror

brohund (WW 329^38; 548^19) = rohund?

bror m. ds. brer 'brother,' Chr, Mt, Lk. nap. () bror, brru, Gen, Jn: fellow-man, Ps: co-religionist, Mt: monk.

brorbana m. fratricide (person), Gen 1526.

brorcwealm m. fratricide (act), Gen 1030.

brordohter f. niece, WW 173^30.

brorgyld n. vengeance for brothers? Ex 199.

brorlas brotherless, Rd 85^16.

brorlic 'brotherly,' Gr.

brorlcnes f. brotherliness, BH.

brorlufu (-er) love, DR.

brorrden f. fellowship, brotherhood, : membership of a brotherhood.

brorscipe m. brotherliness, love, MtL: (+) brotherhood, fraternity, AO. ['brothership']

brorsibb f. kinship of brothers: brotherly love.

brorslaga m. brother-slayer.

brorslege m. fratricide (act), CP.

brorsunu m. brother's son, nephew.

brorsybb = brorsibb

broor-nen, -nenu f. midwife, . [beoror]

brorwf n. brother's wife, sister-in-law.

brorwyrt (e^2) f. 'pulegium,' penny-royal, WW 300^24.

+br-ru, -ra mp. brothers, brethren, Mt. ['i-brotheren']

brur = bror

+browen pp. of browan.

br f. nap. br(w)a, gp. brna 'brow,' eye-brow, eye-lid, eye-lash, Rd,WW.

brcan^2 to 'brook,' use, enjoy, possess, partake of, spend, B. brocen cyrtel a coat which has been worn, : eat, JnL; : execute an office: cohabit with. [Ger. brauchen]

brcendlce serviceably, OEG 53^1.

brcung f. function, occupation, BC 1154^13.

brdon, brugdon pret. pl. of brdan, bregdan.

brn 'brown,' dark, dusky, Bo, Ex: having metallic lustre, shining (v.NED).

brna gp. of br.

brn-basu, -be(o)su brownish-purple, OEG.

brnecg with gleaming blade.

brnea m. itch, erysipelas, Lcd 18a.

brnewyrt = brnwyrt

brnfg burnished? brown-hued? B 2615.

brungen pp., brungon pret. pl. of bringan.

brnian to become brown, Lcd 106b.

brunna = burna [[under "burn"]]

brnwann dusky, An 1308.

brnwyrt f. 'brownwort,' water-betony, wood-betony, Lcd.

bruon pret. pl. of broan.

brwa nap. of br.

bryce (i) I. m. _'breach' ('bruche'), fracture, breaking_, _ (i), _Gu, LL_: _fragment_, OEG. [brecan] II. _fragile, brittle, worthless, fleeting_. ['_bryche_'] III. m. _use, enjoyment, service, exercise, advantage, gain, profit, fruit_, (i), CP. [_Ger._ brauch]

brce useful, profitable. [brcan]

-brycel v. hs-b.

bryce pres. 3 sg. of brecan.

brycg f. '_bridge_,' _; AO, Mdf.

brycgbt (i) f. repairing of bridges, LL.

brycggeweorc (i^1) n. work of building or repairing bridges.

brycgian to 'bridge,' make a causeway, pave, An.

brycgweard (i^1) m. keeper or defender of a bridge, #Ma#85.

brycgwyrcende 'pontifex'! DR 194^16.

brc-ian, -sian to use, enjoy, DR: profit, benefit.

bryc pres. 3 sg. of brecan.

brc pres. 3 sg. of brcan.

brd I. (, ) f. 'bride,' betrothed or newly-married woman, wife, consort, CP, . brdes wde wedding garment: () (young) woman. II. = brygd

bryd- = bred-

brd- = brd-

brdbedd n. bridal bed, .

brdbletsung () f. marriage blessing, LL 72, 38,1.

brdboda m. paranymph, bridesman, OEG 18b71.

brdbr n., brdcofa m. bride-chamber, bed-chamber.

+bryddan to frighten, terrify, Sol 16.

-brde v. un-b.

brdeala, brdealo() n. bride-ale, marriage-feast, Chr. ['bridal']

brdelic = brdlic

brdgifta fpl. betrothal, espousals.

brdgifu f. dowry: (pl.) espousals, .

brdguma (, CP), brdiguma () m. 'bridegroom,' Jn: suitor.

brdhlp n. ceremony on conducting a bride to her new home, bridal, wedding, Chr, MtL. ['bridelope']

+brdian to marry.

brdlc n. bridal, wedded condition, ; (pl.) marriage ceremony, . ['bridelock']

brdlo n. epithalamium, OEG.

brdlic bridal. b. gewrit Song of Solomon, WW 388^30.

brdloca m. bride-chamber, Bl.

brdlp = brdhlp

brdlufe f. love of a bride, Jul 114.

brdniht f. wedding-night, MH 14^28.

brdrst f. bridal bed.

brdraf n. wedding garment, MtL 22^11.

brdsang m. epithalamium, WW.

brding np. nuptials, Bl. ['brydthing']

brygc = brycg

brygd I. (bryd) m. drawing out, unsheathing, brandishing, LL. II. = brd III.

bryht == beorht

bryhtan = bierhtan

bryidan to seize property improperly held by another, LL. [= *brigdan?BT]

brym, brymm == brim

brm- = brm-

bryne m. burning, conflagration, BH: fire, flame, heat, MtL; AO: inflammation, burn, scald, Lcd: torch: fervour, passion. ['brine,' 'brune'; beornan]

brne f. 'brine,' WW; .

brynadl f. fever, WW 238^26.

brynebrga m. fire-terror, Az 161.

brynegield (i^3) m. burnt-offering.

bryneht burning hot, Dom 51.

bryneloma m. fire-gleam, flame, B 2313.

brynenes f. hard, fiery trial, HGl 469.

brynetar m. hot tear, Cr 152.

bryne-wylm, -welm m. wave of fire, flame, burning heat.

bryngan = bringan

brynig fiery, burning.

brynstn m. brimstone, NC 275.

bryrd = brerd

bryrdan to urge on, incite, encourage, Met 13^3. [brord]

bryrdnes f. incitement, instigation.

brs-an, -ian to 'bruise,' crush, pound, BH, DD: season, Sc 20^20.

+brsednes f. bruising, crushing, WW 211^23.

brsewyrt f. daisy, soap-wort, Lcd 1374. ['bruisewort']

brystmian = brytsnian

brt pres. 3 sg. of brotan.

Bryt m. Briton: Breton.

bryta = brytta

brytan = bryttian

brtan to crush, pound: (+) break up, destroy.

-brytednes v. for-b.

Bryten (e, eo, i, o) f. Britain.

bryten (eo) spacious, roomy, Sat 687.

brytencyning m. powerful king.

brytengrnd m. broad earth, Cr 357.

Brytenlond n. Britain: Wales.

brytenrce (eo) n. I. spacious kingdom, Az 107. II. kingdom of Britain.

Brytenwealda m. wielder of Britain, Bretwalda, chief king.

brytenwongas mp. spacious plains, the world, Cr 380.

brtest pres. 2 sg. of brotan.

brytian = bryttian

Bryt-land, -lond = Brytenlond

brytmlum piecemeal, OEG 1553n.

brytnere m. steward, CP 459^11.

brytnian (i) to divide, distribute, dispense, administer, B. ['britten']

brytnung f. distribution, WW 222^43.

brtofta pl. espousals, WW 171^5. [brd, oft]

Bryton = Bryten, Briten [[both under "Bryten"]]

brytsen f. fragment, FM, G.

brytsnian to parcel out, distribute, OEG 2195: (+) enjoy, possess, ES 8473^33.

brtst pres. 2 sg. of brotan.

Brytt == Bryt

brytta (e) m. dispenser, giver, author, governor, prince, lord. sincesb. treasure-giver, lord. [brotan]

+bryttan = +brtan

bryttian (i) to divide, dispense, distribute, CP: rule over, possess, enjoy the useof.

Bryttisc 'British,' Chr.

Bryttwealas, Brytwalas mp. Britons of Wales.

Brytwylisc British, Welsh.

bryen f. brewing, drink, Gu, Lcd. ['burthen'; bro]

brwlc () = browlc

b I. n. nap. b dwelling. [Ger. bau] II. v.b, bgen.

ban anv. (intr.) to stay, dwell, live, AO: (tr.) inhabit, occupy: cultivate. [Ger. bauen]

bc, bucc m. _belly, stomach_, _: _pitcher_, : _beaver (ofhelmet)_? ['_bouk_'; _Ger._ bauch]

bucca m. 'buck,' he-goat, male deer, , Lcd;CP.

budda m. beetle, WW 543^10.

bde 3 sg., bdon pl. pret. of ban.

budon pret. pl. of bodan.

bend m. dweller, inhabitant.

bufan (_; AO, CP) I. prep. (w. d.) _over, 'above'_: (w.a.) _on, upon_. II. adv. _above, overhead, before_.

bufan-cweden, -nemd, -sprecen above mentioned, GD.

bufon = bufan

bg- = b-

bgan I. (sv^2) to 'bow,' bow down, turn, bend, stoop, sink, , AO, Rood: submit, give way, , B, Chr: depart, flee, retire, , AO: join, go over to, : convert, . II. = ban

bh imperative of bgan.

bian = ban

bul = bula I.

bula m. I. ornament. [L.] II. bull? EC 449^22.

bulberende wearing an ornament, WW 195^37; OEG 8^318.

bulentse f. a plant, Lcd 44b.

bulgon pret. pl. of belgan.

bulluc m. male calf, 'bullock,' Sc.

bulot, bulut ragged robin, cuckoo-flower, Lcd.

bn = ban

bund f? bundle, MtL 13^30.

bnda = bnda

bunden pp., bundon pret. pl. of bindan.

bundenheord with bounden tresses, B 3151.

+bundennes f. obligation.

bundenstefna adj. (ship) with an ornamented prow, B 1911.

bune I. f. cup, beaker, drinking vessel. II. reed, cane? WW 198^12. ['bun']

bnes f. dwelling, NC 292.

br n. 'bower,' apartment, chamber, Gen, WW: storehouse, cottage, dwelling, KC; . [ban]

br (usu. +; but br at LL 92, 6, 3) m. free-holder of the lowest class, peasant, farmer. ['gebur']

brbyrde (^2) of peasant birth, Ct.

brcniht n. chamberlain, eunuch.

brcot n. bed-chamber, CP.

burg (burh) f. (gds. and nap. byrig) any important dwelling within a walled enclosure, fort, castle, Chr, WW; CP: 'borough,' walled town, AO, Mt; . [v.Mdf]

burg- v. also burh-.

burggend m. city-owner, El 1175.

burgat = burggeat

burgbryce m. breaking into a (fortified) dwelling, LL: penalty for that offence,LL.

burgen = byrgen

brgerihta np. peasant's rights or dues, LL 446(4).

burgeteld n. pavilion, tent.

burgfsten n. fortress, Gen 1680.

burgfolc n. townspeople, B 2220.

burggeat n. castle-gate.

burghege m. fence of a 'burg,' Ct.

burg-hli n. nap. -hleou fortress-height (or ?= beorg-hl).

burglagu f. civil law, GPH 388.

burglod, -loda m. citizen, AO.

burgloca m. fortified inclosure, walled town.

burglond n. native city, Cr 51.

burgon pret. pl. of beorgan.

burgrced n. fortress, Ruin 22.

burgrn f. sorceress; pl. fates, furies, Gl.

burg-sl n. nap. -salu city-hall, house.

burgsta (^2) m. denizen of a town, citizen, WW.

burgscipe m. borough, WW 497^18.

burgsele m. castle-hall, house, Rim 30.

burgsittende mpl. city-dwellers.

burgsorg = borgsorg

burgsteall m. citadel? city? WW 205^36.

burgstede m. city, castle.

burgtn m. city, Wif 31. ['borough-town']

burgelu f. castle floor, Fin 30 (burh-). [v.'theal']

burg-waran, -waru fp., -ware (AO, CP), -waras, mp. inhabitants of a 'burg,' burghers, citizens.

burgweall m. city-wall, .

burgweg m. road, street.

burgwgend m. warrior, El 34.

burh == burg

burhbiscop m. bishop of a city.

burhbt f. liability for repair of the walls of a town or fortress,LL.

burhealdor m. burgomaster, mayor, .

burhgeard m. castle yard, EC 328.

burhgeatsetl n. jurisdiction over those belonging to the 'burg'? seat in a court at the city gate? (BT;or ? two words, v.LL 456,2).

burhgemet n. measure used in a town, LL 477 (6).

burhgemt n. town's meeting, LL.

burhgerfa m. chief magistrate of a town, provost, mayor, WW. ['borough-reeve']

burhgeing f. town council, LL 228, 1, 2.

burhmann m. citizen, WW. ['borough-man']

burhrdden f. citizenship, WW 441^10.

burhrest f. chamber-couch, IM 125^86. [?= *brrest, ES 38347]

burhriht n. town right, law in a town, LL 477 (6).

burh-rn, -rne f. fury, sorceress, WW 245^16.

burhscipe m. township, civil district.

burhscr f. city limits, city, township, .

burhsprc f. courtly speech, Gl.

burhstaol m. foundation of the wall of a 'burg,' Lcd 1328^23.

burhegn m. living in a 'burg'; or ?= bregn

burhwarumann m. burgess, BH 40^31.

burhwealda m. burgess, BH 40^31#b#.

burhweard m. city defender.

burhwela m. treasure of a city, B 3100.

burhwelle f. spring that supplies a town? BT.

burhwerod n. townsfolk.

burhwita m. town councillor.

brland n. land occupied by peasants, EC 384.

burn f., burna (CP) m., burne f. brook, small stream, Jn; Mdf: spring or well water, CP, WW. ['burn'; Ger. brunnen]

burnon pret. pl. of biernan.

burnsele m. bath-house, Ruin 22.

burnstw f? bathing-place, KC.

brraf n. tapestry, TC 530^36.

brscipe = burhscipe

burston pret. pl. of berstan.

br-egn, -n m. page, chamberlain.

burre = byrere

buruh = burg

bst pres. 2 sg. of ban.

bt m. a vessel, LL 455 (?= bc; BT).

bta = (1) btan, (2) bt

btan I. prep. w. d. and (rarely) a. out of, outside of, off, round about: except, without, all but, but only; besides, in addition to: in spite of. II. conj. (w.ind.) except, except that, but, only. b.t except: (w.subj.) unless, save that: (w.subst.) except, but, besides, if only, provided that. III. adv. without, outside, Chr. ['bout,' 'but']

bte = (1) btan, (2) bt

butere f. 'butter,' Lcd; . [L.]

buter-floge, -flge f. 'butterfly,' WW.

butergeweor n. butter-curd, butter.

+buterian to butter, Lcd 121a.

buter-ic, -uc = butruc

buterstoppa m. butter-vessel, WW 280^25.

bton = btan

butre = butere

butruc m. (leather) bottle, .

butsecarl m. boatman, mariner, Chr. ['buscarl']

buttorfloge = buterfloge

buttuc m. end, small piece of land.

bt (btwu, bta, bte) both (neuter). v. also bgen.

butueoh (Chr) v. betwux.

btun = btan

buturuc = butruc

btw = bt

bwan = ban

b = b

ban (N) = ban

byccen (i) of a goat, goat's, NC 275.

bcera m. = bocere

bycgan (i) to 'buy,' pay for, acquire, Mt, Jn: redeem, ransom: procure, get done: sell, LL. [Goth. bugjan]

bycgend v. beccen.

bcn- = bacn-, becn-

byd- = bed-, bid-

bd- = bd-

[[Printed on one line: byd-, bd- = bed-, bid-, bd-]]

bydel m. 'beadle,' apparitor, warrant officer, Lk; : herald, forerunner, : preacher, . [bodan]

bydelcer m. land of a 'bydel,' KC 6152^29.

byden f. measure, bushel: bucket, barrel, vat, tub. [Low L. butina; Ger. btte]

bydenbotm m. bottom of a vessel, WW 123^4.

bydenft n. bushel, barrel.

bdla m. worshipper, NG.

bencg (DR) = bing

bend = bend

-byffan v. -b.

byfgendlic = bifigendlic

byfian () = bifian

byfor = beofor

byg- = big-

bg- = b-, b-, bg-

[[Printed on one line: byg-, bg- = big-, b, b-, bg-]]

bgan = began

byge (?; i) m. curve, bend, corner, angle, cone (ofa helmet), AO, CP: traffic, commerce, LL 128,5.

bgel = bogol

bygen f. purchase, LL (328^11).

bygendlic easily bent, flexible, BH.

byge pres. 3 sg. of bycgan.

bge pres. 3 sg. of ban.

byht m. I. () bend, angle, corner, Ct: bay, 'bight.' [bgan] II. n? dwelling. [ban]

bh pres. 3 sg. of bgan.

bing = b I.

bl m? ble f? 'boil,' carbuncle, WW.

bylcettan = bealcettan [[under "bealcan"]]

byld f. constancy, confidence, boldness. [beald]

bylda m. builder? householder? Cra 75. [bold]

byldan I. to build, construct, KC. II. = bieldan

byldu, byldo = bieldo

ble = bl

byledbrost (= bylged- ?) puff-breasted, Rd 81^1.

bylewit = bilewit

bylg = belg

bylgan to 'bellow,' MH.

bylg pres. 3 sg. of belgan.

bylig = belg

bliht (ly-) ulcerous, Lcd 63b.

bylwet, byl(y)wit == bilewit

bme () = beme

bmere (WW), bmesangere m. trumpeter, . ['bemer']

bmian to blow the trumpet, Ps, WW. ['beme']

bynd = bind

byndele, byndelle = bindele

bne cultivated, inhabited, occupied, AO. [ban]

byrc = beorc

byrce = beorce

byrcholt n. birch wood, WW.

byrc pres. 3 sg. of beorcan.

byrd I. (i) f. birth (pl. w. sg. meaning). II. f. burden, GD 215^1.

+byrd I. fn.; +byrdo, -u f. birth, Cr: descent, parentage, race, BH: nature, quality, rank, , AO: () fate. ['birde'; beran] II. burdened, MtR 11^28. III. = +byrded

+byrdan to beard, fringe, embroider.

-byrdan v. +ed-b.

+byrdboda m. herald of a birth.

+byrddg m. birthday, Mt 14^6.

byrde of high rank, well-born, noble, rich, AO.

+byrde I. innate, natural. II. = +byrdI.

+byrdelce energetically, zealously, CP 160^19.

byrden = byren

byrdicge f. embroideress, WW 262^18.

byrdinenu = byrinenu [[headword spelled "byrnenu"]]

byrding f. embroidering, WW 294^10.

-byrding v. hyse-b. [[under "hyseberling"]]

byrdistre embroiderer (v. ANS 123418).

+byrdlic (AS 5^13) = +byredlic

byrdling tortoise, OEG 23^21.

-byrdling v. in-, frum-b.

byrdscype m. child-bearing, Cr 182.

+byrd-td f., -tma m. time of birth.

+byrdu = +byrd I.

+byrdwiglere m. birth-diviner, astrologer.

+byrdwtega m. astrologer.

byre I. m. (nap. byras, byre) child, son, descendant: young man, youth. [beran] II. m. mound. III. () m. time, opportunity, : occurrence, AS 62^13. IV. m. strong wind, storm, GPH 400.

bre n. stall, shed, hut, Gl. ['byre']

+byredlic suitable, fitting, convenient, congenial, DR. adv. -lce.

byrele mf. cup-bearer, butler, steward, B. ['birle']

byrelian to give to drink, serve with drink, Gu. ['birle'vb.]

+byrelic = +byredlic

byren I. (and byrene) f. _she-bear_, _. [bera] II. = beren

-bren v. nahge-b.

byres f. borer, graving tool, awl, chisel, Gl. [borian]

byre I. = bier pres. 3 sg. of beran. II. = pres. 3 sg. of byrianI.

byrg gds. and nap. of burg.

byrg- v. also byrig-.

+byrg I. (i) n. taste, DR 116^3. II. bon on gebyrge (w.d.) to help, protect. [beorgan]

byrga m. security, surety, bail, one who gives bail, Gl. [Ger. brge]

byrgan I. (i) to raise a mound, hide, 'bury,' inter, Hy; AO. II. (e,eo) to taste, eat. III. = beorgan

byrgels (e, i) m. tomb, , Ct. ['buriels']

byrgelslo (e^1) n. epitaph, HGl 427.

byrgelssang m. dirge: epitaph.

byrgen (i, u) f. burying-place, grave, sepulchre, El; , AO, CP: burial. ['burian'; beorgan]

+byrgen f. caul? Lcd 185a.

byrgend m. grave-digger, PPs 78^3.

byrgenlo n. epitaph, BH 94^12.

byrgensang m. dirge, OEG.

byrgenstw f. burying-place.

byrgere m. corpse-bearer, WW. ['burier']

byrgian = byrgan

byrging I. f. burial. II. f. taste.

byrglo n. dirge, epitaph, Gl.

byrht = beorht

byrht- = beorht-, bierht-

byrhtm = breahtm

byrian I. (impers.) to happen, pertain to, belong to, befit, , Mk, MtR; AO, CP. ['bir'; 'i-bure'] II. = byrgan I. andII.

byric = beorc

byrig = burg, and gds. of burg.

byrig- = byrg-, burh-

byrigberge f. mulberry, Lcd 86a.

+byrigednes f. burial.

byrignes I. f. burial, BH. ['buriness'] II. f. tasting, taste.

-brild v. nah-geb.

byris = byres

byrisang (i) m. dirge, HGl 488^57.

byrl- = byrel-

byrla m. trunk (of body), Lcd 58b.

+byrman to ferment, leaven: swell up, be proud. [beorma]

+byrmed n. leavened bread.

byrnan () = biernan

byrne I. f. corslet, WW; CP. ['burne'] II. = burne, burn. III. = bryne [[II. under "burn"]]

byrnete f. barnacle, NC 275.

byrn-ham, -hama m. corslet.

+byrnod corsleted, Gr 256^16. ['i-burned']

byrnsweord n. flaming sword, Bl 109^34.

byrnwiga m. corsleted warrior.

byrn-wgend, -wiggend m. corsleted warrior.

byrs, byrse = byres

byrst I. (e) m. loss, calamity, injury, damage, defect, . [berstan] II. n. (land-)slip, KC 352^9 (v.also KC 5112^19 and Mdf). III. f. 'bristle,' Ep, Lcd; . ['brise,' 'brust'] IV. pres. 3 sg. of berstan. V. pres. 2 sg. of beran.

+byrsted furnished with bristles, OEG 23^3.

byrstful disastrous, Chr 1116.

byrstig broken, rugged: afflicted. [berstan]

+byrtd = +byrdtd

byr I. pres. 3 sg. of beran. II. = beor

byren f. 'burden,' load, weight, Bl, WW; , CP: charge, duty. [beran]

byrenmlum a heap at a time, H 1526^22.

byrenmte (^3) burdensome, KGl 1011

byrenstan m. millstone.

byrenstrang strong at carrying burdens, H 1208^13.

byrere I. m. bearer, supporter, . [beran] II. f. child-bearer, mother.

byrestre (e) f. female carrier, HGl 498^18.

byrling (e) m. carrier, OEG 4922.

byror = beoror

+byrtid = +byrdtd

byrnenu f. midwife, GPH 392.

bysceop == bisceop

bysegu = bysgu [[redirected to "bisgu"]]

bysen == bisen

bysig-, bysg- = bisg-

bysmer = bismer

bysmer- = bismr-

bysmerglow n. shameful lust, 23b^451.

bysmor = bismer

bysmr- = bismr-

bysn == bysen

byst = bist pres. 2 sg. of bon.

bsting f. beestings, WW 129^2. [bost]

byt I. = bit pres. 3 sg. of biddan. II. = bytt

bt pres. 3 sg. of (1) bodan, (2) batan.

btel, btl = betl

byter = biter

bytla = bylda

bytlan, bytlian to build, erect, , CP. [botl]

+bytle n. building, dwelling, .

bytlung f. building, .

bytme f? keel: head of a dale.

bytming f. hulk, keel of ship, .

bytne = bytme

btst pres. 2 sg. of batan and bodan.

bytt I. f. bottle, flagon, Mt, WW; : cask ['bit'] II. small piece of land, KC 385^11. III. pres. 3 sg. of biddan.

bytte = bytt I.

byttehlid n. butt-lid, WW 213^23.

byttfylling f. filling of casks, LL 178, 8, 1.

by = bi pres. 3 sg. of bon.

b pres. 3 sg. of ban.

byme = bytme

bwan (o, ) to rub, brighten, furbish up, adorn.

byxen made of boxwood, WW. [box]


cb- = cf-

cc- = cac-

cderbam = cederbam

cf == ceaf

cfertn = cafortn

cfester (cb-) n. halter, Gl. [L. capistrum]

-cfian v. be-, ofer-, ymb-c. [["oferccfian" only in participle "ofercfed"]]

cfing f. hair-ornament, Gl.

cfl m. halter, muzzle, WW.

cg f., cga m. 'key' (lit. and fig.), Ex, LL, Rd: solution, explanation, CP.

cgbora m. key-bearer, jailor.

cghiorde m. keeper of the keys, steward, WW.

cgloca m. locked depository, LL 362, 76, 1.

-cglod v. -c.

ch- = ceah-

cl- = cel-, ceal-, ciel-

cl pres. 3 sg. of calan.

cm- = cem-

cn- = cen-, cyn-

cpehs = cepehs

cppe f. 'cap,' WW: cope, hood. [Lat. cappa]

cpse f. box, NC 276. [L. capsa]

cr- = car-, cear-, cer-, cier-

crse (e) f. 'cress,' water-cress, Lcd; Mdf.

crsiht full of cress, KC 3121^18.

crte = carte

cs = cas pret. 3 sg. of cosan.

cse = cse

cstel = castel

cster (NG) == ceaster

cf quick, active, prompt, : bold, brave. adv. cfe.

cflic bold. adv. -lce promptly: boldly,.

caflwyrt = cawlwyrt

cfnes f. energy, H 2282^4.

[[See separate entries for "cawl II." and "wyrt".]]

cafortn (, ea^1, e^2) m. vestibule, court, court-yard, : hall, residence,.

cfscipe m. alacrity, boldness.

+cafstrian to bridle, curb, CP. [cfester]

cahhetan = ceahhetan

cl = cawl

cl- = cawel-

[[Printed on one line: cl == cawl, cawel]]

calan^6 to grow cool or cold.

calc I. m. shoe, sandal. [L. calceus] II. = cealc

calcatrippe = coltetrppe

calcrond shod (of horses), GnE 143.

cald (A) == ceald

clend m. the beginning of a month, AO: month, Men: () span of life. ['calends']

clendcwide m. tale of days, Sol 479.

calf == cealf

calfur (VPs) nap. of cealf.

calic m. 'chalice,' Lcd, Lk, Mt, VPs. [L. calicem]

-calla (ZDA 10345) v. hilde-c.

calu (cal(e)w- in obl. cases) 'callow,' bare, bald, Rd. [Ger. kahl]

calwer = cealer

calwer-clm, -clympe curds? WW.

cma m. muzzle, collar, bit, PPs 31^11.

camb (o) m. 'comb,' crest, Ep, WW: honey-comb, LPs.

cambiht combed, crested, WW.

cambol = cumbol

camel m. 'camel,' Mt, Mk.

cammoc (u^2) nm? 'cammock,' rest-harrow, Lcd,WW.

camp (o) I. m. combat, battle, struggle, warfare, B, Rd. ['camp'] II. field, plain? EC 183^2. [L. campus]

campdm m. military service, warfare, .

campealdor m. commander, OEG 4433.

campgefra m. fellow-soldier, Gl.

camphd m. warfare, BH.

campian (o) to strive, fight, Gu; . ['camp']

camplic military, .

camprden f. war, warfare, An 4.

campstede m. battle-field.

campung f. fighting, warfare.

campwpen (o^1) n. weapon, Rd 21^9.

campweorod (e^2, ea^2, e^3) n. army, host.

campwg (comp-) n. battle, combat.

campwsa m. director of public games, HGl 405.

campwudu m. shield? El 51.

can pres. 1 and 3 sg. of cunnan.

cn m. germ, sprout? PPs 79^10. [OS. cnan]

canc n. jeering, scorn, derision, Gl.

canceler m. chancellor, Chr 1093. [Low L. canceliarium]

cancer m. cancer, . [L.]

cancerdl f. cancer, Lcd 41a.

cancerwund f. cancerous wound.

canc-etan, -ettan to cry out, mock, deride.

cancetung f. boisterous laughter, WW 382^36.

cancor = cancer

candel fn. lamp, lantern, 'candle,' WW; . [L. candela]

candelbora m. acolyte.

candelbryd (?= bred; BT) flat candlestick, IM 120.

candelloht n. 'candle-light,' RB.

candelmsse f. 'candlemas,' the feast of the Purification, Chr.

candelmssefen n. Candlemas eve.

candelmssedg m. Candlemas day, NC 276.

candelsntels m. candle-snuffers, WW 126^28.

candelstf m. candlestick, Mt. ['candlestaff']

candelsticca m. 'candlestick,' EC 250.

candeltrow n. candelabrum, MtR 5^15.

candeltwist m. pair of snuffers, Gl.

candelweoce f. 'candle-wick,' torch, WW.

candelwyrt f. candlewort, WW 137^9.

candol = candel

cann I. f. cognizance, averment, asseveration, clearance, LL. II. () pres. 3 sg. of cunnan.

canne f. 'can,' cup, WW.

canon m. canon, rule. canones bc canonical books. [L. canon]

canonic I. m. canon. II. canonical,.

canoniclic canonical.

cans = canst pres. 2 sg. of cunnan.

cantel m? n? buttress, support, A 8324^10.

cantelcp m. cope, Chr 1070#e#.

cantercppe f. cope (vestment).

cantere m. singer, CM 904.

canterstf m. chanter's staff, EC 250.

cantic (), canticsang m. canticle, song. [L.]

-cp v. cantel-c.

capellan m. chaplain, EC, Chr (late). [L.]

capian to look. p c. to look up, lie on its back (ofthe moon), Lcd 3266^23. capiende 'supinus,' GPH 393a.

capitel = capitol

capitelhs n. chapter-house, IM 122^4.

capit-ol, -ul, -ula m. chapter (cathedral or monastic): chapter (division of a book), lesson, LL: anthem. [v.'chapitle']

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