A Concise Anglo-Saxon Dictionary - For the Use of Students
by John R. Clark Hall
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weorscipe (o, u) m. worth, respect, honour, dignity, glory, AO, CP: advantage, good. ['worship']

weorearfa (u^1, y^1) poor man, Bk 12.

weorung f. honouring, distinction, honour, glory, CP: celebration, worship: excellence: ornament.

weorungdg m. day for bestowal of honours or offices, festival, #Bk#23.

weorungstw f. place of worship, the Tabernacle,.

weoruc = weorc

weorud = werod

weoruf = weorf

weoruld == woruld

wos gs. and nap. of woh.

weos- = wes-

weosan^{1?} [S 382#n#2] to be or become weak. [[from first edition]]

weosnian = wisnian

weot- = wit-

weotod = witod

woel == wel, wd(e)l

weoerweard = wierweard

woobn = wobn [[headword spelled "wiobn"]]

weoobend = wudubinde I.

wox pret. 3 sg. of weaxan.

weoxian to cleanse? A 9261^262.

wpan^7 to 'weep,' complain, , AO, CP: bewail, mourn over, deplore,.

wpen == wp(e)n

wpende adj. weeping, GD 18^31.

wpendlic deplorable, mournful. adv. -lce.

wpman = wpmann

wpn == wpen

wpned == wpned

[[Printed on one line: wpn, wpned == wpen, wpned]]

wpnian = wpnian

wer I. m. man, , AO, CP: husband, : () hero: creature, B 105. II. m. the legal money-equivalent of a person's life, a man's legal value (= wergild), LL. III. m. 'weir,' dam, fish-trap, CP; Mdf: catch, draught. [werian] IV. (orwere?) troop, band, WW, L 30195.

wr = wr II.

weran = werian

werbam m. warrior, Ex 486.

wer-borg, -borh m. pledge for the payment of 'wergild.'

werc (Gl, VPs) = weorc

wercan = wyrcan

wercyn n. human race, tribe, Rim 61.

werdan = wirdan

were = wer II.

wre (M) = wre II.

were- = wer-

wered == werod

wreg = wrig

weregan (KGl) = wiergan

werfh f. feud by which 'wer' is incurred, breach of the peace,LL.

werfan = hwierfan

werg == (1) wearg; (2) wyr(i)g

wergan (A) = (1) wiergan; (2) werian I.

wrgan wk. ds. of wrig.

wergeld = wergild

wergend = weriend

wrgenga = wrgenga

wergian = wiergan

wrgian to weary, exhaust, , AO, CP.

wergild (^1, e^2, i^2, y^2) n. compensation, value of a man's life. [wer I., v.LL 2731]

wergildof m. thief who might be redeemed by payment of his 'wergild,'LL.

wergnes = weargnes

wergulu f. crab-apple, Lcd 334^14.

wrgum dsmn. of wrig.

wergyld = wergild

werhd m. male sex, virility, manhood, .

werhbrde = weargbrde

werhta = wyrhta

werhyrde m. keeper of a fishing-weir.

wri = wrig

werian () I. to guard, keep, defend, AO: ward off, hinder, prevent, forbid: occupy, inhabit, Gu 322: dam up, CP 469^2. II. to clothe, cover over: put on, 'wear,' use.

wrian = wrgian

weriend m. defender, .

werig = wyrig

wrig 'weary,' tired, exhausted, miserable, sad, AO, CP: unfortunate. [wr]

werigan = werian

werigcwean = wyrgcwean

werigend = weriend

wrigferh adj. weary, cast down.

wrigian = wrgian

wrigmd weary, cast down.

werignes = wyrignes

wrignes f. weariness, .

werilic = werlic

wrines = wrignes

wering f. weir, dam, CP 277^8.

werld f. clearing or exculpation by the oaths of a number of men according to a man's 'wer,'LL.

werlas without a husband, LL.

werlic male, masculine, Gr: manly: marital. adv. -lce,.

wrloga = wrloga

werm- = wearm-

wermg f. tribe, nation.

wermet n. man's treasure, stature, WW.

wermd m. 'wormwood,' absinthe, .

wern- = wearn-, wiern-

werna = wrenna

wer-ngl, -ngel m. (man's nail?), wart,.

werod (eo^1, e^2) I. n. [nap. werodu, werod] throng, company, band, multitude, : host, army, troop, legion, , AO. [wer] II. sweet, . III. n. sweet drink, mead.

werodian to grow sweet, Bo 51^4.

+werodlcan (e^2) to make sweet or pleasant, Sc 196^5.

werodlst f. lack of fighters, El 63.

werodlce adv. sweetly.

werodnes f. sweetness, pleasantness, .

werold = woruld

wron (M) = wron pret. pl. of wesan.

wero = waro

werp f. recovery (from sickness), CP 457^16. [= wyrpe]

werpan = weorpan

werraf n. civil clothing (i.e. not eccl. vestments), NC 332.

werrest (Bl) = wierrest

werscipe = wrscipe

werse = wierse [[under "wiersa"]]

werst = wierrest

werstede m. place of a weir, EC 246^10.

wert (KGl) = wyrt

werte = wearte [[under "weart"]]

wer-tihtle, -tyhtle f. charge involving the penalty of 'wer,' homicide,LL.

wer = wier pres. 3 sg. of weoran.

werod f. folk, people, nation.

wernes (K) = weornes

werud = werod

weruld = woruld

wrun (NG) = wron

werwulf (-rew-) m. 'werwolf,' fiend, LL.

wes (VPs) = ws pret. 3 sg. of wesan.

wsa m. drunkard. [ws]

wesan anv. pres. 1 sg. eom, bo, 2 eart, bist, 3 is, bi; pl. sindon, sind; bo; pret. ws, wron; subj. pres. se, s, bo; sn, bon; pret. wre, wren to be: happen. v.also bon. [Ger. wesen]

+wesan to strive, contend? Sol 181. [cp. +wosa]

wsan to soak, macerate. [ws]

wesand = wesend

wesc = wsc

wse moist, macerated. [ws]

wesend (eo) m. bison, Gl.

wesendhorn m. bison's horn, TC 536^1.

wesendlce 'essentialiter,' GD 336; 337.

wesing f. 'confectio,' 'debilitatio,' v. OEG 1857.

wesle, weosule (Gl) f. 'weasel.'

+wesnes f. dissension, BH 274^5.

wesp = wps

west adv. westwards, 'west,' in a westerly direction,AO.

westan, westane adv. from the west, AO. be westan (prep. w.d.) westof.

wstan to lay waste, ravage, devastate, AO. [Ger. wsten]

westanhealf f. west side.

westannoran northwest (wind), OEG.

westansan southwest, AO.

westansanwind m. southwest wind, CVPs 77^26.

westanwind m. west wind, AO 17^15.

West-Centingas mp. people of West Kent, Chr 999.

westdl m. west quarter, western part, , AO.

West-Dene mp. West Danes, B.

wste waste, barren, desolate, deserted, uninhabited, empty, ,AO.

westem (VPs) = wstm

westema v. westerne.

wsten I. nmf. waste, wilderness, desert, , AO, CP. II. adj. waste, desolate,.

westende m. west end, AO.

wstengryre m. terror of the desert, Ex 117.

wstensetla m. hermit, anchorite, .

wstenstaol m. waste place, Ruin 28.

westenwind = westanwind

wstern = wsten

westerne western, westerly; wester(r)a more westerly; westema, westmest (AO) most westerly.

westeweard = westweard

westhealf f. west side, .

wstig (oe) waste, deserted, desert, NG.

westlang adv. extending westwards, KC.

westm (VPs) == wstm

westmearc f. western boundary, OET 484.

westmest v. westerne.

wstnes f. desolation: desert place, EPs 77^19.

westnorlang adv. extending north-westwards, AO 22^17.

westnorwind m. north-west wind, WW.

westra = westerra; v. westerne.

westrce n. western kingdom, AO.

westrihte (y^2) adv. due west, westwards, AO.

westrodor m. western (= evening) sky.

west-S f. western sea.

West-Seaxe, -Seaxan mp. West Saxons: Wessex.

westsende m. south-western extremity, AO 8^23.

westswind m. south-west wind, WW.

westu = wes u 2 pers. imperat. of wesan.

West-Walas mp. Cornishmen, Chr.

west-weard, -werd adv. westwards, towards the west,.

westweg m. western way, PPs 74^6.

westwind m. west wind, BH 458^17.

wesule = wesle

wt I. pres. 3 sg. of wdan. II. adj. = wt

wet- = wt-

wt- = wt-

wetdre = wterdre

+wetfstan = +wedfstan

wetma = weotoma [[under "wituma"]]

wean to assuage, make calm, PPs 106^28.

we sweet, mild, pleasant (A).

weel swathe, bandage, WW 22^14.

wel = wl, wdl

welnes = wdelnes

weer I. m. wether sheep, ram, . II. = wederI.

weercynn n. the wether or male kind.

weerwynde = wiewinde

wl == wdl

wnes f. suavity, mildness.

wex (VPs) == weax

wexe = weax

wxon = woxon pret. pl. of weaxan.

wh- = hw-

w I. = wg. II. (K) = weg

wiaht (K) = wiht

wiarald, wiaruld (K) = woruld

wibba m. crawling thing, beetle, WW 121^25.

wbed (VPs) = wofod

wiber = wifer

wibil (Gl) = wifel

wbora = wgbora

wc nf. dwelling-place, lodging, habitation, house, mansion, CP: village, town: in pl. entrenchments, camp, castle, fortress: street, lane: bay, creek. ['wick'; v.Mdf]

wic- = wuc-

wcan^1 to yield, give way, fall down.

wcbora = wgbora

wicca I. m. wizard, magician, soothsayer, astrologer, . II. = wicga

wicce (y) f. 'witch,' .

wiccecrft m. witchcraft, magic, .

wiccedm m. witchcraft, Bk 20; HL 11^123.

wiccian to use witchcraft, LL.

wiccliende ptc. tottering, Gl.

wiccrft (Cra 70) = wiccecrft? or wicgcrft (skill with horses)?(BT).

wiccung f. enchantment.

wiccung-crft, -dm m. witchcraft.

wicdg = wucdg

wice I. mf. 'wych'-elm. II. = wuce. III. = weoce

wce f. office, : officer, Chr 1120.

wceard m. dwelling-place, Gu 907.

wceng = wcing

wicfreou f. protection of a dwelling, GnE 129.

wicg (y) n. horse, steed (very rare in prose).

wicga m. insect, beetle.

wcgefra (Chr 897#a#) = wcgerfa

wcgerfa m. bailiff, reeve of a 'wc' or vill, Chr 897#bcd#: 'publicanus,' tax-gatherer.

wicgung = wiccung

wcherpa m. a public road to a 'wc' (BT), KC 3418^26.

wcian to dwell, lodge, rest in, , AO: encamp, bivouac, CP: harbour, anchor, AO. [wc]

wcing m. pirate, viking, AO.

wcingsceae? f. piracy, Gl.

wcnera, wcnere () m. steward, bailiff.

wcnian to attend upon, , RB 127^3.

wcscawere m. provider of a home, Bl 163^12.

wcsteall m. camping-place, Ex 92.

wcstede m. dwelling.

wcstw f. dwelling-place, residence: camp, encampment, ,AO.

wctn m. vestibule, court, PPs.

wicn == wucegn

wicu == wucu

wid = wi

wd 'wide,' vast, broad, long, , AO, CP. w. and sd far and wide. t wdan ealdre, t wdan fore, wdan fyrh for ever.

wdan adv. from far (v. also wd).

wdbrd wide-spreading, Gen 643.

wdc adj. widely known, celebrated, .

wde adv. widely, afar, far and wide, , AO, CP. sde andw. far and wide.

wdefeorh = wdeferh

wdefeorlic (wder-) eternal, WW 117^21.

wde-ferh , -fyrh I. mn. (long life), long duration, long time. II. adv. always.

wider- = wier-

+wi-der pl. -dru n. weather (good or bad), storm, tempest, AO. [weder]

+widerian (impers.) to be fine weather, LL 454[12].

widewe = wuduwe

wdfme ample, extensive.

wdfarend m. wanderer, CP 315^4.

wdfeorh = wdeferh

wdfrende coming from afar.

wdferh = wdeferh

wdfloga m. wide-flier (of a dragon).

wdfolc n. great nation.

wdgal == wdgil

wdgangol wandering, roving, CP.

wdgenge wandering (monk), OEG 58^10.

wd-gil, -gill (e, ie) wide-spread, broad, extensive, , CP: wandering,GD.

wdgilnes f. amplitude, spaciousness, .

wdgongel = wdgangol

wdgyl = wdgil

wdhergan to extol, CP 439^34.

wdian to become wider, GD 315.

wdl mn.? impurity, filth, defilement.

wdland n. extensive country.

wdlst I. far-wandering. II. m. long wandering, long way or road.

wdlian to defile, pollute, profane.

wdmre far-famed, celebrated, well-known, AO, CP.

wdmrsian (tr., intr.) to spread abroad, divulge, : celebrate.

wdmrsung f. proclamation, publication? Sc 96^11.

wdmrsian = wdmrsian

wdobn = wiobn

widor = weder

widor- = wider-

wdor comp. of wd.

wdrynig far-flowing, An 1509.

wds mf. open sea, ocean, , AO.

wdsceop adj. far extended, widely distributed, #Pa#8.

wdscofen scattered far and wide, B 936.

wdscrol erratic.

ws m. long journey: traveller in many countries.

wdil (DR 98^12) = wdl

widu == wudu

widuw-, widw- = wuduw-

wdwegas mp. distant regions.

webed = wofod

wiebel = wifel

wiece = wuce

Wieht = Wiht

wel = wealh

wielde powerful, victorious, AO 156^22.

+wieldend (y) subduer, GPH 391.

wielede pret. 3 sg. of wielwan.

welen (, ) f. foreign woman, female slave, AO.

welincel n. little servant, slave, GPH 401.

welisc (, , a, , ) foreign: 'Welsh': not free, servile. [wealh]

wiell, wiella m., wielle (AO) f. (e, i, y) 'well,' fountain, spring, Mdf. [weallan]

wielle = wille pres. 3 sg. of willan.

wielm (a, , e, eo, i, y) m. boiling, swelling, surf, billow, current, stream: burning, flame, inflammation: fervour, ardour, zeal, CP. [weallan]

wielmfr () n. blazing fire, Cr 932.

wielmht (y) burning hot, Gen 2584.

wieln- = wiln-

wielt I. pres. 3 sg. of wealdan. II. = wiel

wiel pres. 3 sg. of weallan.

wielwan (y) to roll.

wien- = win-

wieoldon = weoldon pret. pl. of wealdan.

wierdan (e, i, y) to spoil, injure, destroy.

wiergan (, e, i, iri, yri, y) to abuse, outlaw, condemn, curse, proscribe, CP: do evil. [For compounds v.wyrg-, wyrig-] [wearg]

wiergen f. (gs. wiergenne) she-wolf.

wiernan (e, i, y) (w. g. of thing and d. of pers.) to withhold, be sparing of, deny, refuse, reject, decline, AO, CP: forbid, prevent from. [wearn]

wiernung () f. refusal, LL 152[3].

wierp m. cast, throw, shot, blow, AO.

wierpan (, y) to recover from illness, get better,CP.

wierp pres. 3 sg. of weorpan.

wierrest (superl. of yfel) 'worst,' CP.

wiers (y) adv. 'worse,' CP.

wiersa m., wierse fn. (comp. of yfel) 'worse,' CP. [For comps. v.wyrs-]

wiersian (y) to get worse, .

wierslic (y) bad, vile, mean.

wierst = wierrest

wier pres. 3 sg. of weoran.

wiere (i, u, y) = weor II.

wese = wse pl. of ws.

wieste = wiste, v. witan.

wiet- = wit-

wet- = wt-

[[Printed on one line: wiet-, wet- = wit-, wt-]]

wiex pres. 3 sg. of weaxan.

wf n. woman, female, , AO, CP: 'wife,' lady, , AO,CP.

+wif I. n. fate, fortune. [wefan] II. n. a disease of the eye, Lcd 3292^2.

wfcild n. female child, BH 76^9.

wfcynn n. womankind, female sex.

wfcu f. company of a woman? intercourse with a woman? Chr 755#a#.

+wife = +wif

wifel I. m. 'weevil,' beetle. II. = wifer

wifer missile, arrow, dart, v. OEG 1103.

wfrend (KGl) = wegfrend

wffst bound to a wife, married, LL 348[54].

wffex n. woman's hair, WW. [feax]

wffrond m. female friend.

wfgl licentious, unchaste, CP 453^30.

wfgehrine m. contact with women.

wfgemdla m. woman's talk, Lcd 122b.

wfgemna m. intercourse with a woman, Lcd 1336.

wfgeornes f. adultery, MtL 15^19.

wfgifta fp. dowry, outfit? marriage? #Jul#38.

wfhd m. womanhood, : female sex, .

wfhand f. female inheritor, female side, Ct.

wfhealf f. woman's (i.e. mother's) side.

wfhearpe f. timbrel, CPs 150^4.

wfhred n. nunnery, GD 27^8.

wfian _to take a wife, marry (of the man)_, _. ['_wive_'; '_i-wive_']

wflc n. cohabitation, fornication, LL.

wflas unmarried, LL (190^3).

wiflast f. lack of women, L 10^216.

wflic womanly, feminine, female, . adv. -lce.

wflufu f. love for a woman.

wfmann (o^2) m. 'woman,' , AO, CP: female servant.

wfmyne m. love for a woman, Gen 1861.

-wifre v. gange-w.

+wifslig fortunate, WW 496^8.

wfscrd n. woman's clothing, P 142; TC 530.

wift = weft

wfegn m. procurer, WW.

wfing n. marriage, cohabitation.

wfung f. (+) marrying (of the man), wedlock, : (pl.) wives.

wg I. n. strife, contest, war, battle, , AO, CP: valour: military force, army, . II. (wh, woh) n. idol, image.

wiga m. warrior, fighter: man.

wgan^1 to fight, make war, .

wgr m. spear, lance. [wg, gr]

wgbre warlike, WW 193^18.

wgbealu n. war-bale, B 2046.

wgbed == wofod

wgbill n. sword, B 1607.

wgblc bravely caparisoned, Ex 204.

wgbld? m. luck in war, Rim 26 (wilbec).

wgbora m. fighter, Gr 27^16.

wgbord n. shield.

wgcrft m. war-power, art of war, AO.

wgcrftig strong in battle, B 1811.

wgcyng = wcing

wgcyrm m. noise of battle, Gen 1990.

wgelung = wglung [[headword spelled "wiglung"]]

wgend m. warrior, fighter.

wgende fighting, .

wgfreca m. warrior.

wgfruma m. war-chief.

wigg = (1) wg I.; (2) wicg

wigga = wicga

wggebed = wofod

wiggend = wgend

wggetwe fp. war-gear, B 368. [wg, geatwe]

wggild (wh-) n. idol.

wggryre m. war-terror, B 1284.

wghaga m. war-hedge, phalanx.

wgheafola m. helmet, B 2661.

wghap m. troop of warriors, B 477.

wgheard brave in battle.

wghete m. hostility, B 2121.

wghryre m. slaughter, defeat, B 1619.

wghs n. battlement, tower, AO, CP: turret (onan elephant's back), L 25^560.

wghyrst f. war-gear, accoutrements, #Ruin#35.

wgian to fight, LL 132[6,5].

wigle n. divination, OEG.

wglo n. war-cry, battle-signal, Ex 221.

wiglere m. soothsayer, wizard, .

wiglian to take auspices, divine, .

wglic warlike. adv. -lce.

wiglung f. soothsaying, augury, witchcraft, sorcery, .

wgmann m. warrior, LL, W.

wgno m. warfare, war, WW 442^1?

wigol divining, foreboding, WW 133^2.

wgplega m. war-play, battle.

wgrd () f. war-path, Gen 2084.

wgrden f. state of war, battle, Wald 1^22.

wgsigor m. victory in battle.

wgs m. military expedition, Gen 2094.

wgsmi I. m. maker of idols, PPs 113^12. II. m. warrior.

wgspd f. success in war.

wgspere n. war-spear, dart, WW 143^14.

wgsteall n. rampart, entrenchment.

wgstrang mighty in war, WW 360^36.

wgtrod n. path of an army, Ex 491.

wgracu f. onslaught in battle, attack.

wgrst bold in battle, Jul 432.

wgur = wgr

wgwgn m. war chariot, AO.

wgwpen n. weapon of war, W 170^8.

wgweorung (oh^1) f. idol-worship, idolatry.

wh = wg

whaga = wghaga

wihst pres. 2 sg. of weaxan.

wiht I. (u, y) fn. 'wight,' person, creature, being: 'whit,' thing, something, anything. II. adv. at all. new., nnigw. not at all. nnw. no whit. III. n. 'weight.'

Wiht f. Isle of Wight, Chr [L. Vectis]

wihte adv. (d. instr. of wiht) at all.

+wihte n. 'weight.'

wihtga = wtega

Wihtland n. Isle of Wight, .

wihtmearc f. plumb-line, OEG 3005.

Wiht-stan, -ste mp. inhabitants of the Isle of Wight.

Wihtware mp. inhabitants of the Isle of Wight.

whs = wghs

wil = wiell

wl n. 'wile,' trick, Chr 1128.

wil- = will-

wila (y) 'catenarum,' v. OEG 3560n and 7^257.

wlamcel? (wluncel? GPH 401) = welincel

wlwei = w l w

wlbec m. stream of tears, lamentations? Rim 26. [or? wgbld]

+wilbod n. commandment, WW 191^22.

wilboda m. messenger of joy, angel, Gu 1220.

+wilc n. rolling, tossing, JPs 88^10. [wealcan]

wilcuma I. m. welcome guest. II. = wilcume

wilcume interj. welcome!

wilcumian to welcome, greet, .

wild? wild, OEG 4706n.

wildg m. day of joy, Cr 459.

wildan to control, tame, subdue, conquer, seize: () compel, LL 265[15]: () temper.

wilddor = wildor

wilddoren pertaining to wild beasts, fierce, Sc 99^7.

wilddornes f. abode of wild beasts, desert, wilderness.

wilde I. 'wild,' untamed, uncontrolled, , AO: uncultivated, desert, AO. II. adv.

+wilde (y) in the power of, under the control of,.

wildar (N) = wildor

wildefr n. lightning, Chr: erysipelas,WW.

wildor n. (occl. dp. wildrum) wild beast, , AO: deer, reindeer.

wildorlic animal-like, savage, CP. adv. -lce.

wilder, wildor = wildor

wildeswn m. wild boar, ANS 12944.

wildgs f. wild goose, WW 364^1.

-wildian v. -w.

wile pres. 3 sg. of willan.

+wile = +will

wileg = wilig [[form of "wiliga"]]

wilege = wilige [[under "wiliga"]]

wlen = welen

wilewse = wiligwse

wilfgen fain, glad, .

wilfmne f. beloved woman.

wilfullce adv. willingly, OEG.

wilgst m. welcome guest, Mod 7 (e^2).

wilgedryht f. willing band.

wilgehla m. intimate companion. [hl]

wilgeofa = wilgiefa

wilges m. willing companion.

wilgest = wilgst

wilgestealla = willgestealla

wilgiefa (eo, i) m. gracious giver, king.

wilhrmig rejoicing in satisfied desire, WW 376^26.

wilhrig exultant, El 1117.

wilia = wiliga

wilian () = wielwan

wilian (y) to connect, bind, Sc 11^8;W.

wilie = wilige [[under "wiliga"]]

wiliga m., wilige () f. basket.

wiligwse (wile-) basket-wise, Bl 125^21.

wiliht (y) full of willows, Ct.

wlisc = welisc

will I. n. = willa m. II. (e, y) m. fountain, spring,CP.

+will n. will, wish, desire, AO.

will- = wyll-

willa m. I. mind, will, determination, purpose, , CP. sylfes willum of one's own accord: desire, wish, request: joy, delight, pleasure: desirable thing, valuable. II. (,e,y) fountain, spring.

willan (y) anv. pres. 1, 3 sg. ind. and subj. wile, wille, wielle, pret. wolde to 'will,' be willing, wish, desire, AO, CP: (denoting habit, repetition), to be used to: to be about to: (sign of the future tense) shall, will, AO,CP.

willcuma = wilcuma

wille (e, y) fm. fountain, spring. [weallan]

willeburne (y) f. spring.

willecrse f. watercress.

willen = wyllen

-willen v. dol-w.

wllendlic (BH) = hwlwendlic

willendlce adv. willingly, WW.

willes adv. willingly, voluntarily, .

willestram (y) m. stream.

willewter (y) n. spring water, Lcd.

willfgen = wilfgen

willfld m. flood.

willgebror mp. brothers, Gen 971.

willges = wilges

willgespryg = wilspring

willge-steald, -steall n. riches, wealth, Gen 2146?

willgestealla m. willing companion, Gen 2146?

willgesweostor fp. sisters, Gen 2607.

willgeofta m. pleasant companion.

willian to wish, desire.

willic (y) from a fountain, WW.

willce (y) adv. willingly, voluntarily.

willnung = wilnung

willsele m. pleasant dwelling, Ph 213.

wills = wils

willspell n. good tidings, El.

willsum == wilsum

willung = wilnung

willwong m. pleasant plain, Ph 89.

wilm = wielm

wln = welen

+wilnes f. desire, wish, LPs 20^3.

wilnian (w. g. or a.) to wish, long for, desire, will, , AO, CP: beg for, supplicate, entreat, petition for: tend towards,CP.

wilniendlic desirable: capable of desire, L 1^97.

wilnung f. desire, longing, AO, CP.

wiloc = weoloc

Wil-ste, -stan mp. people of Wilts: Wiltshire.

wlsc = welisc

wils m. desired journey.

wil-spring, -sprynge (e^1, y^1) m. spring.

wil-sum, -sumlic desirable, delightful: ready, willing, voluntarily, spontaneous: devoted. adv. -lce.

wilsumnes f. willingness, devotion: vow.

wilt I. pres. 2 sg. of willan. II. pres. 3 sg. of wealdan.

wilte having obtained one's wish, glad, OEG 2219^3589.

wil pres. 3 sg. of weallan.

wilegu f. agreeable food, An 153.

wiluc- = weoloc-

wluncel = welincel

wlwendlic = hwlwendlic

wimman, wman = wfmann

wimpel (win-) m. 'wimple,' covering for the neck, cloak, Gl.

win == winn

wn n. 'wine,' , CP. [L. vinum]

wnrn n. tavern, cellar, Gl: drinking hall, wine hall, B 655.

wnblg = wnbelg

wnbam m. vine, WW.

wnbeger n. grape, NG.

wnbelg () m. (leather) bottle for wine.

wn-berge, -beri(g)e f. wine-berry, grape.

wnbh m. vine-shoot, vine, .

wnbrytta m. wine-seller, inn-keeper, WW.

wnburg f. festive city: walled vineyard, castle.

wnbyrele m. innkeeper, WW 377^4.

wincan = wincian

wince f. winch, pulley, WW 416^6.

wincel I. m. corner, Ct. [Ger. winkel] II. = wencel

wincettan to wink, PPs 34^19.

wincian to 'wink,' blink, , CP.

winclo = wenclu, nap. of wencel.

wnclyster n. cluster of grapes, OEG 18#b#^2.

wncolc wine vat, WW 439^30.

wncynn n. wine, NC 333.

wind m. 'wind,' , AO, CP.

+wind n. winding thing, winding path, WW.

windddre f. windpipe, WW.

windg m. day of strife or toil.

windan^3 (tr.) to 'wind,' plait, curl, twist: whirl, brandish, swing: (intr.) turn, fly, leap, start, roll, slip, go, , AO, CP: delay, hesitate, Gu 265.

windbre (^2) windy, OEG 43^10.

windbland (o^2) n. blast of wind, B 3146.

+winde blowing, BH 202^7.

-winde v. ed-, nddre-, wudu-w.

windecrft = wyndecrft

windel m., gs. windles basket, .

windelocc m. curly lock, WW.

windelstn m. tower with a winding staircase, (BT), WW 145^17.

windelstraw n. 'windle-straw,' WW.

windeltrow n. oleaster, willow, WW.

wind-fona, -gefon m. winnowing fan.

windfylled blown down, LL 452[19].

windgereste f. resting-place of the winds, B 2456?

windhlden (a^2) windy.

windig windy, breezy, .

windiht (GPH) = wundiht

windil = windel

windiuscoful = windscofl

windles v. windel.

windong something woven, hurdle.

windrs m. storm of wind, MkL 4^37.

wndrenc (i, y) m. wine-drink, wine, .

wndruncen elate, intoxicated with wine.

windscofl fan, WW 478^25.

windsele m. (windy hall), hall of misery, hell.

windswingel f. (wind-whip), fan, WW 154^10.

windumr (wudu- ?) f. echo, WW 474^8.

windung f. winnowing, chaff, tares, straw, NG.

windwian wv. to fan, 'winnow.' [wind]

windwig = windig

windwigceaf n. chaff, OEG 2439.

windwigsyfe n. winnowing-sieve, fan, WW 141^11.

wine m. [occl. gp. winig(e)a] friend, protector, lord. [wynn]

wneard == wngeard

wine-dryhten (i^3) m., gen. -dryhtnes friendly lord, lord and friend.

wnegeard = wngeard

winegomor mourning for friends, B 2239.

winelas friendless.

winemg m. dear kinsman.

wnern = wnrn

winescipe m. friendship.

winestre = winstre

winetrow f. conjugal fidelity, Hu 50.

wineearfende friendless.

winewincle f. periwinkle (shell-fish).

wnft n. wine-vessel, wine-vat, WW.

+win-ful, -fullic laborious, tedious, hard, BH, GD. adv. -lce.

wngl flushed or intoxicated with wine.

wngeard m. vineyard: vine.

wngeardbg m. vine-tendril, WW 118^3.

wngeardhc m. vine-tendril, WW 201^31.

wngeardhring m. cluster of grapes or other fruit, WW 213^17.

wngeardseax n. (vine-) pruning knife, WW 234^44.

wngeardwealh (wneard-) m. worker in a vineyard, NC 333.

wngedrinc n. () wine-drinking, drinking bout: wine,WW.

wngerd = wngeard

wngetredde = wntredde

wngyrd = wngeard

wnhte f. invitation to wine, Jud 8.

wnhrafetian to gather grapes, LPs 79^13.

wnhs n. wine-house, tavern.

winiga, winigea v. wine.

wining (eo, y) m. leg-band, garter.

wnland n. wine-growing country, NC 333.

wnlaf n. vine-leaf, OEG 18#b#^73.

wnlic vinous, like wine, .

wnmere m. wine-vat, WW 439^30.

winn n. toil, labour, trouble, hardship, BH, Lk: profit, gain, PPs: conflict, strife, war, Bo; AO. ['i-win']

winna m. enemy, adversary, , CP.

winnan^3 (y) to labour, toil, trouble oneself: resist, oppose, contradict: fight, strive, struggle, rage, Bl. onw. attack: (+) conquer, obtain, gain, Chr, Met: endure, bear, suffer. ['win'; 'i-win']

+winnesful = +winful

winnstow f. wrestling place.

winnung = windung

winpel = wimpel

wnreced n. wine-hall.

wnreopan^5 (y) to gather in the vintage. [repan]

wnsd satiated with wine, Jud 71.

wnsl n. wine-hall, Wa 78.

wnsele n. wine-hall.

wnsester m. wine-vessel, WW 122^31. [L. sextarius]

winstw = winnstw [[headword spelled "winnstow"]]

winstre I. adj. left, , CP. II. f. left hand.

winsum == wynsum

wint pres. 3 sg. of windan.

wntppere m. wine-tapster, tavern-keeper, OEG 2652.

winter mn. [ds. wintra; nap. wintru, winter] 'winter,' , AO, CP: pl. (incomputing time) years, , AO,CP.

winterbiter bitterly cold.

winterburna m. winter-torrent, JnL 18^1.

winterceald wintry-cold.

wintercearig winter-sad, sad with years? #Wa#24.

winterdg m. winter's day, Bo.

winterdn f. hill on which sheep were kept in winter? LL 453[1].

winterfeorm f. Christmas feast, LL 452[21,4].

winterfylle October.

wintergegong m. fate, WW 406^6.

wintergerm n. number of years.

wintergetel n. number of years.

wintergewde n. garment of winter, snow.

winterge-weorp, -worp n. winter-storm, snowstorm, #Ph#57.

winterhs n. winter-house, L 36^95.

winterig = wintrig

winterlcan to grow wintry.

winterlic wintry, belonging to winter, winter, .

winterrdingbc f. lectionary for the winter, TC 430^16.

winterrm = wintergerm

winterst = wintersetl

winterscr m. winter-shower, Ph 18.

winterseld = wintersetl

wintersetl n. winter-quarters, AO, Chr.

wintersteal m. stallion a year old, LL 378[7].

winterstund f. winter-hour, short time, year? Gen 370.

wintersufel n. food for winter, LL 450[9].

wintertd f. winter-time, .

wntber n. wine-offering, libation, WW 130^13 (-tfer).

+wintd f. time of affliction, GD 210^15.

wintra v. winter.

-wintre v. n-, twi-w., etc.

+wintred grown up, adult: aged, AO.

wntredde f. winepress, OEG 2647.

wintreg = wintrig

wntrow n. vine, .

wntrowig adj. of the vine, GPH 390.

wintrig wintry, AO.

wntrog m. wine-vessel, MtL 21^33.

wntunne f. wine-cask (or? wntn wine-house), P 19^1.

wntwig n. vine-twig, WW.

win pres. 3 sg. of winnan.

wnegu f. banquet of wine.

wnwircend m. vine-dresser.

+winworuld f. world of care, Gu 829.

wnwringe f. winepress.

wio- = weo-, wi-, wu-

wohbed = wofod

wpian to 'wipe,' cleanse, .

wr I. m. 'wire,' metal thread, wire-ornament. II. () m. myrtle, Gl; Mdf.

wir- = wear-, wier-, wyr-

wrboga m. twisted wire? Rd 15^3.

wirc- = weorc-, wyrc-

+wirdan (e, y) to spoil, injure, destroy: violate, obstruct.

wirding (oe, y) f. bodily injury, LL 410[3,5]: blemish, OEG 649.

wirdnes f. injury, vice, DR (oe).

+wred made of wire, TC 537^34.

wirg- () = wierg-, wyr(i)g-

wirgrfe? f. myrtle-grove, WW.

wirian = wiergan

wirig- = wierg-, wyr(i)g-

wirp pres. 3 sg. of weorpan.

wrtrow n. myrtle, Lcd, WW.

wrtrowen (y^1, ^2) adj. myrtle, Lcd 1236^1

wirtruma = wyrtruma [[under "wyrtrum"]]

wir I. = weor I. II. = wier pres. 3 sg. of weoran.

wire = wor I.

ws I. adj. 'wise,' learned, , AO, CP: prudent, discreet, experienced, , AO, CP. II. = wseI.

+wis == wiss

wsa m. leader, director.

wisan = wesan

wsan (Dan 35) = wsian

wsbc f. instructive book? PPs 138^14.

wsc- () = wsc-

wisce n. a piece of meadow, PST 95/98, 542.

wischere m. diviner? L 21^466.

wsdm m. 'wisdom,' knowledge, learning: experience, ,CP.

wse I. f. 'wise,' way, fashion, custom, habit, manner, , CP: testamentary disposition: business, affair, thing, matter, , CP: condition, state, circumstance, AO, CP: reason, cause, : direction: melody: idiom. II. adv. wisely. III. () f. sprout, stalk.

ws-fst, -fstlic wise, sagacious, discreet, learned, intelligent.

+wsfullce wisely, GD 95^31.

wshycgende wise, sagacious, B 2716.

wshdig wise, discreet, sagacious.

wsian (w. d. or a.) to direct, instruct, guide, lead, , CP: point out, show, Gen. ['i-wisse']

wislic certain, sure, true. adv. () -lce certainly, truly, Lcd, Lk: moreover. ['iwisliche']

wslic wise, sagacious, prudent, , AO. adv. -lce.

wisligan = wistlian [[redirected to "hwistlian"]]

wisnian to dry up, wither, waste away. [weornian]

+wiss I. n. certainty, surety, . II. adj. certain, sure, trustworthy, BH, Bo, Guth, Nic. t gewissan, gewissum; mid gewisse especially, certainly, RB, HL. ['i-wis']

wiss- = wis-

wisse = wiste pret. 3 sg. of witan.

wssefa m. wise-souled man, Sol 438?

wissian = wsian

wissian _to direct, instruct, guide_, _: _point out, show_, . ['_i-wisse_']

wiss-iend, -igend m. governor, director: driver (ofchariot),.

+wisslce = +wislce

wisste = wiste pret. 3 sg. of witan.

wissum (t) adv. altogether, completely, OEG.

wissung f. _showing, instruction, guidance_, _: _rule, regulation, government_, (incomp.). [v.'_iwisse_']

wist f. being, existence: well-being, abundance, plenty: provision, nourishment, subsistence, food, meal, feast, delicacy, , CP. [wesan]

wiste pret. 3 sg. of witan.

wstfstlic = wsfstlic [[under "wsfst"]]

wistfulgend m. banqueter, EPs 41^5.

wistfull productive, Chr 1112.

wistfullian to feast, .

wistfullce adv. luxuriously, WW 513^6.

wistfullnes f. good cheer.

wistfullung f. feasting, OEG.

wistfyllo f. fill of food, B 734.

wistgifende fertile, WW 457^25.

+wistian to feast, G.

wistl- = hwistl-

+wistlcan to feast, banquet, G.

wist-mete m., nap. -mettas, sustenance, L 23b^582.

wiston pret. pl. of witan.

wislung = wistlung [[redirected to "hwistlung"]]

wswyrdan to be wise in speech, A 1338.

wswyrde prudent in speech, W 72^18.

wit I. pron. 1 pers. (nom. dual), gs. uncer, d. unc, acc. unc(it) we two, CP. wit thered thered and I. II. () = witt

wita (eo, ie, u) m. sage, philosopher, wise man, adviser, councillor, elder, senator (v.LL 2737), , AO: witness, , CP: accomplice. ['wit'; witan]

witan (eo, y) swv. pres. 1, 3 sg. wt, 2 wst, pl. witon, subj. pres. sg. wite, pl. wit-en, -on; pret. sg. wiste, pp. witen to be aware of or conscious of, know, understand, BH, LG; AO, CP: observe, perceive. andanw. dislike. incan w. (t) to have a grudge (against). egew. to fear. dn t witanne to cause to know, inform. ['wit'; 'i-wite']

wtan^1 (+) to look, behold, see, PPs 79^14: guard, keep, : impute or ascribe to, accuse, reproach, blame, AO, CP: () depart, go, go out: die (often forgew.).

wte n. punishment, torture, plague, injury, , CP: penalty, fine: contribution, in money or food, to sustenance of king or his officers, LL 356[69,2]: woe, misery, distress.

wtebend mf. bonds of torture or punishment.

wtebrga m. tormenting dread.

witedlce = witodlce

wte-dm (wtig-) m. prophecy, prediction, presage, oracle.

wtedmlic prophetic, Guth.

wtefst penally enslaved, TC.

wt-ega, -(i)ga m. wise man: prophet, soothsayer: prophecy. [wtan; OHG. wzzago]

wtegeard? m. amphitheatre, v. OEG 3333.

wtegdm (i^2) m. prophecy, prediction: divination.

wtegestre f. prophetess, .

wtegian to prophesy, predict, , AO.

wtegung f. prophecy, divination, .

wtegungbc f. book of prophecy, .

wtehrgl n. penitential garb, sackcloth, PPs 68^11.

wtehs n. torture-house, prison, hell: amphitheatre (asplace of torture and martyrdom), OEG.

wtel = hwtel

wtelc n. punishment.

wtelas without punishment or fine, LL 360[73,4].

wtelast f. freedom from punishment or fine.

wtelic toilsome, carking, MFH 178: penal, GD 330; 332.

witelce (GD 102^24) = witodlce

witenagemt n. meeting of the wise men, national council. [wita]

+wtende transitory, MFH 165.

wtendlic = wtigendlic

+wtendlic transitory, perishable, , CP.

witendlce = witodlce

+wit-endnes, -ennes f. departure, death.

wterden f. punishment, fine.

+witerian to inform, Kl 17^44. [witter]

wtern n. prison, WW 199^31. [rn]

wtescrf n. pit of torment, hell, Sat 691.

wtesteng m. pole used for torture, OEG.

wtestw f. place of torment or execution.

wteswing m. scourging, punishment.

wtetl n. instrument of torture.

wteow adj. man reduced to slavery by the law (also sbm.).

+witfst of sound mind, Guth 66^17.

wtg- = wteg-

witian (eo) to order, arrange, provide, destine, conclude, establish.

witiendlic = witigendlic [[headword spelled "wtigendlic"]]

wtig = wittig

wtig- = wteg-

wt-igendlic, -t(i)endlic prophetic, OEG.

wtiglic punitive, of punishment, GD.

wtingstw = wtnungstw

witlas foolish, mad, .

witlasnes f. want of intelligence, folly, OEG 47^3.

witlast f. folly, madness. [witt]

+witloca m. mind, CP.

witmreswyrt f. spoonwort? Lcd 12a.

wtnere m. tormentor, torturer, .

witnes f. knowledge, 'witness,' testimony, Bl, Bo: a witness. ['i-witness']

witnian to punish, chastise, torture, afflict, , AO,CP.

wtnigend m. 'punitor,' EPSs 78^11.

wtnung f. torment, torture, punishment, purgatory,.

wtnungstw f. place of punishment, purgatory, .

witod I. = witodlce. II. pp. of witian.

witodlic certain, sure, LkR 20^6 (wutud-); adv. -lce truly, for, verily, certainly, undoubtedly, indeed, thus, , AO, CP. [witan] conj. but, and, for, therefore, wherefore. [witan]

witol knowing, wise. [witan]

witolnes f. wisdom, GD 331^15.

witon I. pret. pl. of witan. II. = wuton

wtrod = wgtrod

+witscipe m. testimony, evidence.

+witsoc possessed, insane, .

witt n. understanding, intellect, sense, Bo, Lk: consciousness. [wit; 'i-wit']

+witt- = +wit-

witter wise, prudent, Chr 1067#d#. [ON. vitr]

wittig wise, sagacious, skilful: in one's right mind,.

wittignes f. intelligence, OEG 78 (wytti-).

wittol = witol

wtu nap. of wte.

witud == witod

wituma (e, eo, y) m. dowry (v. LL 2739).

witumbora m. bridesman, paranymph, OEG 1774.

wtungstw = wtnungstw

wtword n. written evidence, will, covenant, LL.

wi I. prep. (w. a.) with, by, near, against, beside, at, through: (w.d.) from (separation), with (opposition), for, in return for, on condition of, beside, near, opposite: (w.g.) towards, to, at, against. w. astan (1)adv. to the east; (2)prep. east of. w.p upwards, above. w. n e because, in consideration of, provided that. wi...weard prep. (w.a.) towards. II. conj. until.

wiftan I. adv. from behind, behind, after. II. prep. behind, at,.

wiblwan^7 to blow away, CP 439^24.

wi-bregdan^3, -brdan^3 to withhold, restrain, withstand, oppose, ,CP.

wicampian (o) to fight against.

wicosan^2 to reject. pp. wicoren rejected, reprobate, outcast.

wicostian 'reprobare,' NC 333.

wicwdenes = wicwedennes

wicwedennes f. contradiction.

wicwedolnes = wiercwedolnes

wicwean^5 to speak against, contradict, gainsay, oppose, resist, : forbid, refuse, deny: reject, renounce,CP.

wicweenes = wicwedennes

widrfan^1 to repel, drive off, PPs.

wie- = wiig-

wiadon (N) = wiodon pret. pl. of wign.

wiastan eastward, eastwards, AO.

wieftan = wiftan

wier prep. and adv. against.

wierbreca (a^3, eo^3, o^3, u^3) m. adversary: the devil, Satan.

wierbrocian to oppose, CVPs.

wierbrga m. adversary, the devil, Cr 564.

wierbruca = wierbreca

wiercerran to turn against, prance. [cp. wiercyr]

wiercora m. adversary, rebel, apostate, sinner,.

wiercoren rejected, reprobate, wicked.

wiercorennes f. reprobation, H 2290^19.

wiercwednes f. contradiction, CP 143^20.

wiercwedol opposing, contradicting.

wiercwedolnes f. contradiction, Gl.

wiercwedung f. a speaking against, contradiction, SPs 51^4.

wiercwe- = wiercwed-

wiercwean^5 to withstand.

wiercwida (y) m. contradictor, OEG 1893: opposer, rebel, WW 110^23.

wiercwide m. contradiction: opposition, resistance.

wiercwidel- = wiercwedol-

wiercwyd- = wier-cwed-, -cwid-

wiercyr m. rearing (of a horse), El 926.

wierdne (^3, y^3) narrow, NC 333.

-wiere v. t-w.

wierfeoht- = wifeoht-

wierflita m. opponent, adversary, AO, CP.

wierfltan^1 to contend against. [[from first edition]]

wierhabban to resist, PPs 72^20.

wierhlinian to lean against, Gl.

wier-hycgende, -hdig refractory, perverse, antagonistic, hostile. as sb. rival, adversary.

wierian to resist, oppose, struggle against, : irritate, provoke: be provoked.

wierlcan (y^1, ^3) to deprive, EPs 83^13.

wierlan n. requital.

wierling m. opponent, adversary, EHy 4^7.

wierml n. counter-plea, defence, Chr 1052.

wiermde stiff-necked, antagonistic, perverse.

wiermdnes (oe) f. perversity, DR: adversity,DR.

wiermdo f. antagonism: perversity: adversity.

wiermetan^5 to compare to, measure with, measure against.

wiermd unwilling, adverse, contrary, CP 212^7.

wiermdnes f. adversity, CP 83^19.

wiermoednes (DR) = wiermdnes

wierrde contrary, opposed, adverse, perverse, rebellious, : disadvantageous: disagreeable, unpleasant.

wierrdlic contrary, adverse, Gr 264^1.

wierrdnes f. opposition, discord, variance, disadvantage, adversity,.

wierrhtes (= rihtes) adv. opposite, B 3039.

wierriht n. recompense, WW 118^12.

wiersaca m. adversary, enemy, : betrayer: apostate,.

wiersacian to renounce, become apostate, OEG: blaspheme.

wiersacung f. apostasy: blasphemy.

wiersc I. n. contradiction, hostility, opposition, : apostasy. [sacan] II. unfavourable, Lcd 97a.

wiersprc f. contradiction.

wierstger steep, WW.

wierstandan^6 to resist, EPs 16^8.

wiersteall (a^3) m. resistance, opposition, .

wiersnes adv. 'widdershins,' backwards, Bl 93^19.

wiertalu f. contradiction, H 1530^6.

wierthtle f. counter-charge, LL.

wiertrod n. return, retreat.

wiertme troublesome, grievous.

wierweard contrary, perverse, adverse: rebellious, hostile, AO, CP: inconsistent: unfavourable, noxious, bad.

wierwearda m. adversary, Bl.

wierweardian (y^3) to oppose.

wierweardlic contrary, inimical, perverse, . adv. -lce.

wierweardnes f. opposition, perversity, arrogance, enmity, , CP: adversity, calamity, trouble,CP.

wierwengel m. adversary, ARHy 4^7.

wierwennung f. controversy, Sc 146^15. [winnan]

wier-werd-, -wi(e)rd- = wierweard-

wierwinn n. contest, OEG 2^3.

wierwinna m. opponent, rival, adversary, enemy, , AO,CP.

wierwinnan^3 to revolt, GPH 389.

+wierworded (i^2) opposed, DR 114^1.

wierwyrd == wierweard

wiewinde = wiowinde

wifaran^6 to come off, escape, Ex 573.

wifeohtan^3 to fight against, rebel.

wifeohtend m. adversary, CP.

wifolan^3 to apply oneself to, BH.

wiferian to rescue, redeem.

wiflita = wierflita

wifltan = wierfltan

wifn^7 (w. d.) to grasp at, clutch, B 760.

wiforan I. prep. before, in the presence of. II. adv. before, previously.

wi-gn anv., -gangan^7 to go against, oppose: pass away, vanish, disappear.

wigehftan = wihftan

wigemetnes f. comparison, BH 430^20.

wigeondan prep. beyond, Mt 3^5.

wigrpan^1 to grapple with, B 2521.

wignan to reject, L 23541.

wihabban (w. d.) to oppose, resist, restrain, hold out,AO.

wihbban = wihabban

wihftan to take possession of. [[from first edition]]

wiheardian to harden, ARSPs 94^8.

wihindan adv. behind, .

wi-hogian (w. g.) to disregard, reject.

wihycgan to reject, despise, scorn.

wi- = wig-

wig, wi(g)e m. withe, 'withy,' willow, : band, fetter, fillet, garland.

wigrind f. willow bark, Lcd 37a.

wing- = wig-

wiinnan I. adv. 'within,' from within, . II. prep. (w.d.a.) within.

wi-inne, -innen, -innon = wiinnan I.

wiir- (N) = wier-

wildan to lead away, take away, rescue, Ps.

wildnes f. abduction.

wlan (N) = wdlan [[variant of "wdlian"]]

wilicgan^5 to oppose, resist.

wimetan^5 to compare with, liken to, .

wimtednes f. invention, device, SPs. [mtanI.]

wi-metenlic, -metendlic comparative (in grammar), Gr. [metan]

wimetennes f. comparison, .

wimeting f. comparison.

wi-neoan (), -nian, -nyan adv. below, underneath, beneath.

wiobn (wido-) n. collar-bone.

wione (Bl) = wi one

wior- = wier-

wiowinde f. convolvulus, woodbine, Gl.

wirde = wierrde

wire n. resistance, opposition.

wirotan^2 to abhor? resist? El 369(GK).

wirian = wierian

wisacan^6 to oppose, strive against, AO: to refute, contradict: forsake, abandon, renounce, refuse, deny, , AO,CP.

wisacendlic used in negations, Gr 226^3.

wisacung f. denial, renunciation, Sc 60^14.

wisceorian (o^2) to refuse, CP 59^12.

wscrel = wdscrol

wiscfan^2 to thrust back, refute, repel, BH.

wison^5 to rebel, rise against, AO.

wisetnes f. opposition, Gl.

wisettan to withstand, resist, .

wislan^6 to oppose, bring to naught, , CP.

wisprecan^5 to contradict, gainsay: converse, AS: revile: speak with, GD 345^8.

wispurnan^3 to hit against, MtL 4^5.

wistppan^6 to step or go out of.

wistandan^6 (w. d.) to 'withstand,' resist, oppose, , AO,CP.

wistandend m. opponent.

wisteall = wiersteall

wisteppan = wistppan

wistond- = wistand-

wistunian to dash against, Lcd 160b.

wistyllan to retreat, WW 17^26.

wistyltan to hesitate, doubt, MtL 21^21.

witon^2 to take away, withdraw: restrain,CP.

witremman to step back, CP 441^27.

wie f. withy, cord, band, thong, fetter. [v. also wig]

wier- = wier-

wiingian to come to terms with, be reconciled to, MF 178.

wiir (DR 168^2) = wier

wiyddan to blunt, v. OEG 4235.

wiufan I. prep. (w. d.) above. II. adv. before, previously.

wi-uppon, -uppan adv. above.

witan I. prep. (w. d.) outside of, AO: except: without. II. adv. from outside, outside,.

wiweorpan^3 to reject, repudiate.

wiwinde = wiewinde

wiwinnan^3 to fight against, resist, oppose, AO,CP.

wiwierian to resist, withstand, GD 117^19.

wix = wiex pres. 3 sg. of weaxan.

wlacian to become lukewarm, be tepid, , CP.

wlaco, wlacu, wlc tepid, lukewarm, cool, CP.

wlacunes = wlcnes

wlc v. wlaco.

wlce n. tepidity, GPH 397.

wlclic lukewarm. adv. -lce.

wlclce (PPs 148^5) = wrclce

wlcnes f. lukewarmness, CP.

wlffetere m. stammerer, GPH 403.

wlffian to stammer, speak indistinctly, v. NC 333.

wlnc = wlanc, wlenc

wlnco = wlenco [[under "wlenc"]]

wlta = wltta

+wltan to defile, debase, Bo 114^23.

wltlce = wlclce

wltta m. loathing, nausea, eructation, heartburn, : an object of loathing: disfigurement, OEG 4461.

wltung (, ) f. nausea: disfigurement, OEG 4461.

wlanc (, o) stately, splendid, lofty, magnificent, rich: boastful, arrogant, proud.

wlancian to become proud or boastful, exult.

wlanclic adj. proud, arrogant. adv. -lce, Gl.

wlt pret. 3 sg. of wltan.

wltere m. spectator, NC 333.

-wltful v. nebb-w. [[headword spelled "nebwltful"]]

wltian I. to gaze, look upon, behold. [wltan] II. (impers.) to loathe,.

wltung I. f. 'spectaculum,' NC 334. II. = wlt(t)ung

wleccan to make tepid, CP. [wlc]

wlenc, wlenco (AO, CP), wlencu f. pride, arrogance, haughtiness: glory, pomp, splendour, AO, CP: () bravado: prosperity, riches, wealth. [wlanc]

+wlencan to render proud: adorn, enrich, exalt.

wlttung = wltung

wlisp, wlips () lisping.

wlispian to lisp.

wlita m. countenance, Gl.

wltan^1 to gaze, look, observe.

wlite m. brightness: appearance, form, aspect, look, countenance: beauty, splendour, : adornment,CP.

wliteandet? n. confession of splendour, PPs 103^2.

wlitebeorht beauteous.

wliteful beautiful, Sc 21^8.

wlitelas ugly, An 1171.

wlitelce handsomely, Bl 205^6.

wlitescne (^3) lovely, beautiful.

wlteson f. sight, spectacle, B 1650.

wlitetorht brilliant, lovely.

wlitewamm (o^3) m. disfigurement of the face.

wliteweor n. legal value of a man's life, ransom, GD 179^21.

wlitig radiant, beautiful, fair, comely, , CP. adv. -ige, -iglce.

wlitigfst of enduring beauty, Ph 125.

wlitigian to beautify, adorn: become beautiful, Seaf 49: form, fashion, Pss.

wlitignes f. beauty, splendour, Bl.

wlitu = wlite

wl = wlh

wlh f., dp. wl(u)m fringe, ornament, tuft: bit, Gu 1127.

+wlh adorned, Gen 1789.

wlonc = wlanc

wlott spot, blemish, OEG 648?

wlum v. wlh.

wlyt- = wlit-

w == wh

wc (pret. of wacan).

wcer = wcor

wocie, wocige noose, OEG 962; 3560.

wclic = whlic

wcor f. (gs. wcre) increase, growth: offspring, progeny, posterity, race: usury.

wocorlce = wacorlce [[form of "wacor"]]

wcs = wsc pret. 3 sg. of wascan.

wd I. adj. mad, raging, senseless, , AO: blasphemous. II. pret. 3 sg. of wadan.

wda I. m. madman, . II. m. storm, flood? danger? TC 341^8.

wodawistle = wodewistle

woddor n. throat, gullet? Sol 95.

wddram m. 'dmonium,' RPs 95^5 (v. ES 38^25).

wdelic = wdlic

Wden m. Woden: Mercury.

wdendram m. madness, WW 245^10.

wdenesdg = wdnesdg

wodewistle f. hemlock, Gl.

wd-frec, -frc madly ravenous.

wdheortnes f. madness, MFH 178.

wdian = wdan

wdlic mad, furious, . adv. -lce madly, furiously: blasphemously.

wdnes f. madness, frenzy, folly, .

Wdnes gs. of Wden.

wdnesdg m. Woden's day, Wednesday.

wdnesniht f. Tuesday night.

wdm = whdm

wdon pret. pl. of wadan.

wdscinn n. madness, folly, W 80^3.

wdscipe m. insanity, WW 245^12.

wdsoc mad, GD 135^1.

wdsocnes f. madness.

wdrg f. paroxysm, madness, rage, fury, CP.

woe- (A) = we-, w-

woecan (N) = wccan

woerc- (N) = weorc-

woerd- = wird-

woffian to shout, rave: blaspheme.

woffung f. doting, madness, raving: blasphemy.

wg == wh

wgere m. wooer, suitor, sweetheart, .

wgerlic amorous, NC 334.

wgian to woo, court, marry, Sc.

wgung f. wooing, L 7^301.

wh I. n. bending, crookedness: error, mistake, : perversity, wrong, iniquity, depravity. onw. wrongly, wickedly. II. adj. bent, awry, twisted, crooked: wrong, perverse, evil, depraved, bad, unjust: false (weight), W 70^3. on wn wrongfully, in error.

whbogen bent, crooked.

whcapung f. fine for illegal trafficking, KC 5143^22.

whdd f. wrong deed, crime.

whdm m. unjust judgment, A 8336.

whfted having deformed feet, WW 161^30.

whfremmend m. evildoer, Met 9^36.

whful wicked, NG.

whfulnes f. wickedness, NG.

whgeorn inclined to evil, W 183^8.

whgestron n. ill-gotten property, W.

whgod n. false god, idol.

whhmed n. fornication, adultery, CP.

whhmend m. fornicator, adulterer, CP.

whhmere m. fornicator, adulterer, CP 401^30.

whhandede maimed (of the hands), WW 161^29.

wohhian? to speak wildly, rave? NC 334.

whlic perverse, wrong, unjust, evil. adv. -lce,.

whnebb n. grimace.

whnes f. crookedness, crooked place, : wrong, error: wickedness,.

whs, whson = wsc, wscon pret. 3 sg. and pret. pl. of wascan.

whsum evil, DR 27^9 (wg-).

wl mf. pestilence, plague, mortality, disease, AO,CP.

wlbrnes f. calamity, pest, AO 62^34.

wlberende pestilential, pernicious, CP.

wlberendlic pestilential, Chr 1086.

wlbryne m. pestilence, AO 86^24.

wolc (WW 175^20) = wolcen

wolc- = walc-, wolcen-

wolcen nm. (nap. wolcnu) 'convolutio,' ball, lump, PPs 147^5: cloud, : sky, heavens. ['welkin']

wolcenfaru f. scudding of clouds.

wolcengehnst n. meeting of clouds (in a storm), Rd 4^60.

wolcenrad = weolocrad

wolcenwyrcende? ptc. cloud-making (Centaurs), WW 456^24.

wolcn == wolcen

wolcrad = weolocrad

wolcspinl = walcspinl

wol-cyrge, -cyrige = wlcyrige

wold = weald

wldg m. day of pestilence, Ruin 26.

wldberendlic = wlberendlic

wol-de, -don pret. 3 sg. and pret. pl. of willan.

wlgewinn n. calamitous war, AO 64^15.

wlic == whlic

wollentare weeping, with flowing tears, B 3032.

-wolma v. ft-w. [[under "ftwelm"]]

wom == wam(m)

wm I. = wgum dp. of wh, adj. II. = wma

wma m. noise, howling, tumult: terror, alarm. swefnesw. dream-tumult, vision: eloquence? OEG 8b^10.

woman intr. to infringe, EC 151^16: (+) tr. w. d. pers. and g. thing deprive of, EC 151^17. [wamm]

won I. = wan, wann. II. pret. 3 sg. of winnan.

wn I. wk. gdsn. and dpmn. of wh. II. = hwn

won- = wan-

wna gp. of wh II.

wondor = wundor

wnes = whnes

wong == wang

wp I. m. cry, shrieking, weeping, lamentation, , CP. [wpan] II. = wop pret. 3 sg. of wpan.

wpdropa m. tear, Sol 283.

wpen pp. of wpan.

wperian to weep, HL 18^32.

wpig sad, lamenting, .

wplo n. dirge, elegy, OEG 3504.

wplic tearful, sad, . adv. -lce.

wpstw f. place of mourning, .

wr = ws, wse [["wse" headword spelled "wase"]]

wra gp. of wh.

worc == weorc

word I. n. 'word,' speech, sentence, statement, : command, order: subject of talk, story, news, report, , AO: fame: verb, : (incarnate) Word. II. rod, CPs: (gooseberry) bush? LkL 6^44 (v.ES 38340; 40152). III. = werod

word-bot n., -botung f. promise in words, plighted word.

wordcrse (WW 416^8) = *worcrse, worigcrse?

wordcennend m. the begetter of the Word, GPH 389.

wordcrft m. poetic art, eloquence.

word-cwide, (e, y) -cwye m. words, speech, language, utterance.

worden pp. of weoran.

wordes adv. with words, verbally, orally.

wordfst true to one's word, true.

wordful talkative, verbose, fluent.

wordgebot = wordbot

word-gecwide (^3) n., -gecweodu np. verbal agreement.

wordgemearc n. definition or limitation by words, Gen 2355.

wordgerne n. secret expressed in words, dark saying.

wordglaw skilful in words, Da 418.

wordgydd m. lay, dirge, B 3173.

wordhloor n. voice, speech.

wordhord n. treasury of words.

wordig wordy, verbose, OEG 1416.

wordlc n. speech, LPs 18^4.

wordlr f. teaching, NC 334.

wordlatu f. delay in speech? An 1519.

wordlau f. conversation, speech.

wordlan n. reward for song, Rd 78^9.

wordlian (u^1) to talk, commune: conspire, GD 106^1.

wordliend m. speaker, OEG 2321.

wordloc n. art of logic, WW 388^11.

wordloca m. (word-hoard), speech.

wordloga m. deceiver, liar, W 40^10.

wordlung n. talk, discourse: empty talk.

wordmittung f. 'collatio,' WW 178^35.

wordpredicung f. preaching, NC 334.

wordrian = wordlian

wordriht n. suitable word, B 2631: spoken law, #Ex#3.

wordswere m. word-sower, rhetorician, CP 97^4.

wordsige m. success in speech, Lcd 1188^15.

word-snoter, -snotor eloquent, rhetorical, wise in words.

wordsnoterlic philosophical, learned, OEG 2270.

wordsnoterung f. sophism, OEG 2268.

wordsomnere m. enumeration, catalogue, WW 212^27.

wordsomnung f. 'collatio,' WW 178^35.

wordwsa m. sophist, WW 493^30.

wordwrtere = wyrdwrtere

wordwynsum affable, WW 191^21.

wre dsf. of wh.

worf = weorf

worfian = woffian

wrhana m. moor-cock, cock pheasant, Gl.

wrhenn f. hen pheasant, WW.

wrhona = wrhana

worht pp., wrhte pret. 3 sg. of wyrcan.

wrian to roam, wander, : move round, totter, crumble to pieces. [wr, wrig]

world == woruld

worm = wyrm

wormd = wermd

worms (u) nm. matter, pus, virus, AO, CP.

worn (ea, eo) m. large amount, number, troop, company, multitude, crowd.

worngeht n. promise of numerous offspring, Gen 2364?

wornlust = womlust [[variant of "wamlust"?]]

wornmlum adv. by troops.

worod = werod

woroht = wrht

worold (AO, CP) = woruld

worpan = weorpan

worpen pp. of weorpan.

worpian to cast, throw, pelt, CP.

worsm = worms

wort = wyrt

wor I. (eo, u) nm. court, courtyard, curtilage, farm, Mdf: street. II. = waro

wor- = weor-

worig (eo, u, y) m. enclosed homestead, curtilage, farm, , CP; Mdf: street.

worigcrse f. name of a plant, Lcd 3303.

worignetele f. nettle.

worscipe = weorscipe

worud = werod I.

woruftord = weorftord

woruld (e^1, eo^1, ia^1; o^2) f. 'world,' age, , AO, CP: men, humanity: way of life, life: long period of time, cycle, eternity. t worulde for ever. on worulda world, in woruld worulde world without end.

woruldht f. worldly possessions.

woruldafol (-el) n. secular or worldly power, LL, W (ES45161).

woruldr f. worldly honour, CP: secular property.

woruldbearn n. man, Rd 81^27.

woruldbisgu f. worldly occupation, LL.

woruldbisgung (eo^1, y^2) f. worldly business: worldly misery, trouble.

woruldbismer (o^2) nm. worldly reproach, CP 61^10.

woruldbliss f. worldly bliss, Gu 135.

woruldbt f. compensation prescribed by the secular power, LL 128[2].

woruld-broc n., -bryce (o^2) m. worldly trouble, CP 259^2: use for secular purposes, MH 136^9.

woruldbend m. world-dweller.

woruldcamp m. secular warfare, LL (388^4).

woruldcandel f. sun, B 1965.

woruldcearu (a^3) f. worldly care, .

woruldcempa m. earthly soldier, .

woruldcrft m. secular art, .

woruldcund worldly, secular, CP. adv. -lce, CP.

woruldcyning m. earthly king, .

worulddd f. worldly business, LL (414^33).

worulddad dead, PPs 142^4.

worulddma m. secular judge, LL.

worulddm m. secular judgment, .

worulddram m. earthly joy.

worulddrihten m. lord of the world, God, Met 29^1.

worulddugu f. worldly riches.

woruldearfo n. earthly misery.

woruldege m. earthly fear, LL (310^19).

woruldende m. end of the world, B 3083.

woruldfgernes f. earthly beauty, MH 34^8.

woruldfeoh n. earthly goods, wealth, Gen 2142.

woruldfolga m. worldly occupation, Bl.

woruldfrtwung (world-) f. worldly ornament, Bl 125^36.

woruldfrond (^3) m. friend in this world.

woruldfri m. worldly peace, LL 220[1].

woruldfruma m. primeval man, patriarch, Guth 12^28.

woruldglnes f. lust of pleasure, W 219^14.

woruldgebyrd n. worldly origin or descent, BH.

woruldgedl n. death, El 581.

woruldgefeoht (o^2) n. earthly fight, MH 36^26.

woruldgeflit n. dispute, law-suit? Lcd 3174^19.

woruldgerdnes (eo^1) f. secular ordinance, LL.

woruldgeriht n. worldly justice, secular right or due, LL 210[2,1].

woruldgersnu np. secular customs, LL.

woruldgeslig prosperous, Ma 219.

woruldgesla fp. worldly fortune, AO(o^2).

woruldgesceaft f. creature of this world: world.

woruldgestron n. worldly riches.

woruldgeswinc n. earthly toil, misery, CP(o^2).

woruldgeinc f. worldly honour, dignity, GD, W.

woruldgeht (world-) mn. worldly thought, Bl 15^14.

woruldgewinn n. earthly war, .

woruldgewritu np. worldly literature, secular writings.

woruldgewuna m. customary law, LL 206[1a].

woruldgielp (i^3) mn. pride of this world, glory,CP.

woruldgifu f. worldly gift.

woruldgtsere m. coveter of worldly things, Met 14^1.

woruldgtsung f. covetousness.

woruldglenge m. worldly pomp.

woruldgd n. worldly good.

woruldgylp () = woruldgielp

woruldgyrla (o^2) m. worldly garment, NC 334.

woruldhd m. secular state, BH, GD.

woruldhlford m. secular lord, CP.

woruldhlsa m. worldly fame, .

woruldhogu (world-) f. worldly care.

woruldhremming (o^2) f. 'impedimentum sculi,' NC 334.

woruldhyht m. earthly joy, Az 136.

woruldlce m. earthly physician, .

woruld-lagu f., -laga m. civil law.

woruldlan n. earthly reward, LL (422^12).

woruldlic earthly, : worldly, secular, . adv. -lce.

woruldlf n. life in this world.

woruldlufu f. love of this world, .

woruldlust m. worldly pleasure, Bo.

woruldmg m. earthly kinsman, Gen 2178.

woruldman m. human being, man of the world, , CP: layman.

woruldmd f. earthly reward, LL (422^14).

woruldnod f. temporal need, LL 267[32].

woruldnytt f. worldly use or profit.

woruldprdo f. worldly pride, Lcd 3428. [v.'pride']

woruldrden f. way of the world, B 1143 (v. MLN 25113).

woruldrica m. great man, .

woruldrce I. n. earthly kingdom, CP: world-realm, world. II. adj. having worldly power or riches.

woruldrcetere (o^2) n. worldly power, NC 334.

woruldriht (y^3) n. secular or civil law: God's law for the world.

woruldsacu f. worldly strife, W 170^9.

woruldsla fp. earthly blessings, Bo.

woruldscamu (ea^3) f. public disgrace.

woruldsceaft f. earthly creature.

woruldscat m. part of the world, region.

woruldscawung f. worldly sight, NC 334.

woruldscipe m. worldly matter, CP.

woruldscr (world-) f. life in the world (i.e. not monastic), worldly affairs, business, GD 3^7.

woruldsnotor worldly-wise.

woruldsorg f. earthly care, CP.

woruldspd f. worldly wealth, success in the world,CP.

woruldspdig rich in this world, CP 333^2.

woruldsprc f. worldly talk, conversation about worldly matters,LL.

woruldstor f. secular penalty, LL 258[51].

woruldstrang having worldly power, NC 334.

woruldstrengu f. physical strength, Rd 27^2.

woruldstrdere m. world-spoiler, spoliator, robber.

woruldstund f. life in this world, sojourn upon earth, El 363.

woruldearf f. this world's needs, BH.

woruld-earf, -earfende poor in worldly goods.

woruldearfa m. poor man, PPs 69^5.

woruldaw m. worldly affair, Bo 7^13.

woruld-egen, -egn, -n m. earthly or secular servant,LL.

woruldnung (o^2) f. secular office, NC 334.

woruldostru (y^3) f. earthly darkness.

woruldowdm m. secular service.

worulding (o^2) n. worldly affair, thing, , AO, CP: earthly riches.

woruldwpn (o^2) n. earthly weapon, Bl 213^4.

woruldwter n. ocean, sea.

woruldwela m. worldly wealth, CP.

woruldwelig rich in worldly goods, NC 335.

woruldweorc n. secular work.

woruldweorscipe m. worldly honour.

woruldwdl n. world-filth, Cr 1007.

woruldwig n. worldly contest, LL.

woruldwilla m. earthly good, Bo 24^2.

woruldwilnung f. earthly desire, CP.

woruldws worldly-wise, CP(o^2).

woruldwsdm m. worldly wisdom, science, .

woruldwse f. custom of the world, MH 68^9#b#.

woruldwita m. learned layman, philosopher, LL.

woruldwte n. punishment on earth: civil punishment, fine.

woruldwlenco f. worldly magnificence, ostentation,CP.

woruldwrenc m. worldly cunning, CP(o^2).

woruldwrtere m. writer about the world, philosopher.

woruldwuldor n. worldly glory.

woruldwuniende (o^2) dwelling in the world, Met 13^17.

woruldwynn f. earthly joy.

woruldyrmu f. earthly wretchedness, AO.

wrung f. wandering, roving, , MFH 179.

ws I. n. sap, juice, Lcd. II. gs. of wh.

wosa m. conversation, intercourse, DR.

wsan (NG) = wsan

wsc pret. 3 sg., wscon pret. pl. of wascan.

wse = wse [[headword spelled "wase"]]

wsig juicy, moist, Lcd.

-wost v. fore-w.

w f. sound, noise: voice, song, poetry: eloquence.

wbora m. orator, speaker, seer, prophet, poet, singer.

wcrft m. art of speech or song.

-woe v. got-w.

wgiefu f. gift of song, Rd 32^8.

wsong m. song, Cr 46.

wum dp. of wh, adj.

wx I. pret. 3 sg. of weaxan. II. = wsc

wracian to be banished, be in exile.

wraclce = wrclce

wracnian = wrcnian

wraco = wracu

wracu (e) f. (g. often wrce) revenge, vengeance, persecution, , AO, CP. on wrace in retaliation: punishment, penalty, AO, CP: cruelty, misery, distress, torture, pain, AO. [wrecan]

wrc I. (e) n(f?) misery, CP: vengeance, persecution: exile. ['wreck'; wrecan] II. what is driven, OET 37^62. III. pret. 3 sg. of wrecan. IV. = wrc (A;v.JAW52)

wrca = wrcca

wrcan = wrecan

wrcca (e) m. 'wretch,' CP: fugitive, outcast, exile, AO: adventurer, stranger.

wrccan = wrecan

wrce v. wracu.

wrcend = wrecend

wrcfc n. time of exile, banishment, misery, #Rim#64.

wrcful wretched, miserable, .

wrchwl f. period of exile or of distress, Ph 527.

wrclst (e) m. path of exile.

wrclstian to banish, WW.

wrclic adj. foreign: strange, unfamiliar, extraordinary: wretched, exiled. adv. -lce.

wrclic = wrtlic

wrc-mcg , -mcga m. exile, outcast, miserable man.

wrcmon m. fugitive, Ex 137.

wrcnan = wrcnian [[headword spelled "wrcnian"]]

wrcnes = wrecnes

wrcnian (e) to be banished, wander travel, .

wrcon pret. pl. of wrecan.

wrcscipe (e) m. exile.

wrcsetl n. place of exile, Gu 267.

wrcs m. journey of exile or peril, pilgrimage, : exile, persecution, , AO: misery.

wrcsian to wander, travel abroad, be in exile,.

wrcstw f. place of exile or punishment.

wrcwte n. punishment, Bl.

wrcworuld f. miserable world, W 1^2.

wrd f. band, bandage, 'wreath,' CP: bundle: band, flock. [wran]

wrdmlum adv. in companies, WW 411^42.

-wrdnes v. sam-w.

wrg- = wrg-

wrne () unbridled, loose, lustful, AO.

wrnna () = wrenna

wrnnes f. luxury, lust, wantonness, AO, CP.

wrnsa m. wantonness, OEG 2347.

wrnscipe m. wantonness, OEG 5290 ().

wrnsian to be wanton, NC 335.

wrsnan to alter, change, modulate, Rd 25^1.

wrst () firm, able, strong, excellent: delicate. adv.-e.

wrstan I. () to 'wrest,' bend, twist, twang. II. to be or make elegant?WW.

wrstlere m. wrestler, WW 431^26.

wrstlic I. pertaining to wrestling, WW. II. () delicate, elegant,WW.

wrstliend wrestler, WW 431^25. [wrstan]

wrstlung f. wrestling, struggling, GD, OEG.

wrt m. = wrtte f.

wrt = wrtt

wrtlic artistic, ornamental: curious, wondrous, rare. adv. -lce. [wrtt]

wrtt f. ornament, work of art, jewel.

wrtte f. rubea tinctoria? crosswort? hellebore? (A30248).

wr I. = wrd. II. = wro

+wran to be enraged, Lcd 3212^4.

wrian = wreian

wro = wro

wr-studu, -stuu (e) f. column, pillar support.

wro, wr()u () f. 'wrath,' anger, indignation,NG.

wrxlian = wrstlian [[variant of "wrstan"]]

wrh pret. 3 sg. of wron.

wrang I. n. 'wrong,' injustice. [ON. rangr] II. pret. 3 sg. of wringan. III. (o) = wranga

wranga (pr-) hold of a ship, WW.

wrangws perverse, OEG 1770.

wrsen () f. band, tie, chain.

wrst == wrst

wrt pret. 3 sg. of wrtan.

wr I. adj. 'wroth,' furious, angry, hostile, AO: terrible, horrible: grievous, harsh, bitter, malignant, evil, cruel. adv. -e. II. f. cruelty: hardship. [wran] III. = wr. IV. pret. 3 sg. of wran.

+wrian (refl.) to be angry, Chr 1070. ['iwrathe']

wrlic grievous, severe, bitter. adv. -lce.

wrmd angry.

wrscrf n. wretched hole, pit of misery, hell, Rd 41^41.

wro = wru [[under "wro"]]

wrau f. prop, help, support, maintenance.

wrum adv. fiercely.

+wraxl? wrestling-place, gymnasium, OEG 18b^68?

wraxlere m. wrestler, OEG.

wraxlian to wrestle, .

wraxliende wrestling, contending, striving.

wraxlung f. wrestling, WW 150^8.

wrah pret. 3 sg. of wron.

wrec == wrc

wrecan^5 (eo) to drive, impel, push: expel, persecute, CP: () 'wreak,' revenge, avenge, punish, AO: press forward, advance: fulfil, accomplish: utter, deliver, pronounce.

wreccan = (1) weccan; (2) wrecan

-wrecel v. spor-w.

wrecend m. avenger.

wrecnes () f. vengeance, NG.

wrecscip (?) 'actuaria'? ES 43336.

wrecu (VPs) = wracu

wrgan I. to excite, stir up. II. to accuse, impeach, . [wrht]

wrgend m. accuser.

wrgendlic accusative, Gr 22^20.

wrgere m. accuser, informer, .

wrgistre () f. female accuser, L 2^208.

wrgung f. accusation, .

wrhte pret. 3 sg. of wrgan.

wrehtend m. instigator, WW 420^29.

wrhtend m. accuser, KGl 73^23.

wrn- = wrn-

wrenc m. wile, stratagem, trick, deceit, AO: () modulation, melody, song. ['wrench']

wrencan to twist: spin intrigues, devise plots, #Mod#33.

wrenna () m., wrenne f. wren, WW.

wreocan = wrecan

wreogan (M) = wrigon pret. pl. of wron.

wroh imperat. of wron.

wron^1,2 to cover, clothe, envelop, conceal, hide: protect, defend.

wrotan = rotan

wreotian = writian

wreotu nap. of writ.

wro = wr

wreoenhilt with twisted hilt, B 1699. [= *wrienhilt]

wreoian = wreian

wroian = wrdian

wretbasu 'rubeum' (?= wrtt- or wrtte- v. A 30248).

wreian to support, sustain, uphold, CP.

wrestudu = wrstudu [[headword spelled "wrstudu"]]

wranne (N) = wronne gerund of wron I.

wric, wrice pres. 3 sg. of wrecan.

wrid m. shoot, plant, bush, Lcd; Mdf.

+wrid n. thicket? Guth.

wrdan^1 to grow, thrive, flourish.

wriden pp. of (1) wrdan; (2) wran.

wrdian grow, flourish, spring up. [wrdan]

wriec = wric pres. 3 sg. of wrecan.

wriexl == wrixl

wrgels mn. covering, veil.

wrigen pp., wrigon pret. pl. of wron.

wrigennes (gn-) f. a covering, EPs 60^5.

wrgian to go, turn, twist, bend: strive, struggle, press forward, endeavour, venture.

wrhst pres. 2 sg., wrh pres. 3 sg. of wron.

+wrinclian to wind about, KC 434^9.

+wring n. liquor, drink, WW 128^17.

wringan^3 to 'wring,' twist: () squeeze, press out,.

wringe f. (oil-)press, GD 250^15.

wringhwg n? strained whey, LL 451[16].

+wrisc = +wrixl

wrislan = wrixlan

wrist f. wrist, LL 386[2].

writ n. writing: () book, treatise: scripture, : 'writ' ('i-writ') charter, document, deed, AO, Bl: 'stilus,' GPH 402.

wrtan^1 () to incise, engrave, 'write,' draw, , AO, CP: bestow by writing.

wrtbred n. writing tablet.

-wrte v. wter-w.

-writennes v. t-w.

wrtere m. writer, scribe, author, portrayer, painter, ,CP.

wrteren (MH 146^12) = wrtren

writian (eo) to chirp, chatter, v. OEG 37^3.

wrting f. writing, SPs 44^2.

wrtingfeer f. pen, EPs 44^3.

wrtingsen n. style, pen, MH 146^12#c#.

wrtren (y^2) n. writing instrument, style.

writseax n. style, pen, MtL p2^18.

writt- = wrt-

wria m. band, thong, bridle, : collar, ring.

wran^1 () I. to twist, wrap, bind up, tie, fasten, fetter. ['writhe'] II. = wrdan

+wrielian to bind? OEG 23^7?

wrels m. band, fillet, bandage, WW 411^17.

wrian = wrdian

wrixendlic mutual, GD 2^7. adv. -lce turn about, one by one, by turns, in turn.

wrixl f., wrixla m. change, exchange, barter, CP.

+wrixl, +wrixle n. turn, change: exchange, purchase: requital.

wrixlan () to change, barter, exchange, reciprocate, lend, AO. wordumw. converse: () recompense, requite: () obtain.

wrixlian = wrixlan

+wrixlic alternating, OEG 2^135.

wrixlung f. exchange: loan.

wroegan = wrgan

wrogen pp. of wron.

wroht = worht pp. of wyrcan.

wrht I. f. blame, reproach, accusation, slander: fault, crime, sin, injustice, : strife, enmity, anger, contention, dispute, AO, CP: hurt, injury, calamity, misery. [wrgan] II. m. tale-bearer, Gr 217^2.

wrhtberend m. accuser.

wrhtbora m. accuser, monster: the devil.

wrhtdropa m. bloodshed accompanied by crime, GnE 196.

wrhtgemne pledged to punishment or revenge.

wrhtgeorn contentious, CP 357.

wrhtgetme n. series of crimes? (BT), #Gen#45.

wrhtian to do harm? HL 15^105.

wrhtlc n. calumny, W 160^5n.

wrhtswere m. sower of strife, CP 359.

wrhtscipe m. crime, Gen 1672.

wrhtsmi m. worker of evil, evildoer.

wrhtspitel slanderous, EGl. [spittan]

wrhtstf m. accusation, El 926: injury, Rd 72^12,14.

wrong (WW 201^35) = wrang II.

wrt m. snout, elephant's trunk, WW.

wrtan^7 to root up, .

wrugon pret. pl. of wron.

wrungen pp. of wringan.

wryc pres. 3 sg. of wrecan.

wryhta = wyrhta

wrh = wrih pret. 3 sg. of wron.

+wrynded founded (of a house), MtL 7^25.

wrt- = wrt-

wrte (CM 56^83) = prte [[under "prto"]]

wran = wran

wucan = wucegn

wuce = wucu

wuc-dg, wuce-, wicu- m. week-day, .

wucegn (i^1) m. monk or priest appointed for a week's duty, weekly servant.

wucnung f. service for a week.

wucu f. 'week,' AO, CP.

wucubt f. penance lasting a week, LL (278^12).

wucweorc (i^1) n. (compulsory) work for a week, by a tenant.

wude == wudu

wudere m. wood-man, wood-carrier, WW 371^5.

wudewe = wuduwe

wudian to cut wood, .

wudig wooded, having trees, Az 120.

wudigere, wudiere (WW) = wudere

wudiht thick (with trees), woody, forest-like, GPH 402.

wudo- = wudu-

wudu m., gs. wuda, wudes; nap. wudas, wuda 'wood,' forest, grove, , AO, CP; Mdf: tree (the Cross): wood, timber, , CP: () ship, B: spear-shaft, B 398.

wudulfen = wuduelfen

wuduppel f. wild apple, crab, Lcd 71a.

wudubre wood-bearing, OEG 1806.

wudubrnett n. burning of wood, LL 16[12]; 24n^2.

wudubt n. wooden boat, An 907.

wudubam m. forest-tree.

wudubearo m. forest, grove.

wudu-bend, -bind m. = wudubinde

wudubill n. hatchet, GD, WW.

wudubinde I. (-bindle) f. woodbine, convolvulus. II. f. bundle of sticks, OET 35^18.

wudubior (= bora?) m. wood carrier, HGl 427.

wudubld (-bld) f. forest blossom.

wudubrn n. bugloss, ox-tongue.

wudubucca m. wild buck, wild goat, Lcd.

wudubyrra m. camp-follower, OEG 869.

wuducerfille f. wood-chervil, cow-parsley.

wuducocc m. woodcock, Gl.

wuducroft m. a croft with trees on it? (BT) KC 3376^6.

wuduculfre m. wood-pigeon, WW.

wuducnelle f. wild thyme, Lcd.

wuducynn n. an aromatic (?) wood, JnL 12^3.

wududocce f. wild dock, sorrel, Lcd.

wuduelfen f. wood-elf, dryad, WW.

wudufsten n. place protected by woods, wood-fastness: ship.

wudufeld m. wooded plain, PPs 131^6.

wudufeoh n. forest-tax, Lcd.

wudufille = wuducerfille

wudufn f. pile of wood, Gr.

wudufugol m. forest bird, wild fowl.

wudugt f. wild goat, Lcd.

wudugehg n. enclosed wood? (BT), KC 3176^1.

wuduhawere m. wood-cutter, .

wuduherpa m. public path through a wood, KC 3213^2.

wuduhewet n. cutting of wood, LL 567[37].

wuduholt n. forest, wood, grove.

wuduhona m. woodcock, WW 38^8.

wuduhrofe = wudurofe

wuduhunig n. wild honey, .

wuduld f. carting wood, LL 452[21,4].

wudu-ls f., gs. -lswe wood-pasture, run (for cattle) in a wood,Ct.

wuduland n. woodland.

wudu-leahtric, -lectric m. wood-lettuce, wild sleepwort. Lcd.

wudulswe = wudulswe [[form of "wuduls"]]

wudulic adj. woody, wooded, .

wudumr (^3) f. wood-nymph, echo, Gl.

wudumerce m. wild parsley, wood-mint.

wudurden f. wood-regulation, right of estovers,LL.

wudurc m. smoke from a funeral pyre, B 3144.

wudurima m. border of a wood, KC 334^15.

wudurofe f. woodruff.

wudurose f. wild rose, Lcd 34b?

wudusnte f. wood-snipe, thistle-finch? WW.

wudusrppel f. crab-apple? Lcd 160a.

wudutelga m. twig or branch of a tree.

wudutrow n. forest tree.

wuduistle m. wood-thistle, Lcd.

wuduwa (wyde-) m. widower.

wuduwald m. forest, WW 426^35.

wuduwanhd m. state of a woman who has not a husband, chastity, widowhood,CP.

wuduwsa m. faun, satyr.

wuduwe (i, eo, y^1; e^2) f. 'widow.'

wuduweard m. forester, LL 452[19].

wudu-weax n., -weaxe f. wood-waxen, genista tinctoria, Lcd.

wuduwsten mn. wild forest.

wuduwinde f. woodbine, Gl.

wuduwyrt f. plant which grows in woods, Bl 59^3.

wudwe = wuduwe

wuhhung f. rage, fury, madness: (pl.) the Furies.

wuht AO, CP = wiht

wuhung = wuhhung

wul == wull

wulder = wuldor

wuldor n. glory, splendour, honour, , CP: praise, thanks: heaven, El.

wuldor-bag, -bah m. crown of glory, .

wuldorbagian to crown, .

wuldorbld m. glorious success, Jud 156.

wuldorcyning m. glorious king, King of Glory, God.

wuldordram m. heavenly rapture.

Wuldorfder m. Glorious Father, Father of Glory.

wuldorfst glorious. adv. -fste, -fstlce.

wuldorfstlicnes f. glory, .

wuldorful glorious, : vainglorious.

wuldorfullian to glorify, .

wuldorfullce adv. gloriously, .

wuldorgst m. angel, Gen 2912.

wuldorgeflogena m. one who has fled from glory, devil, Lcd 336^15.

wuldorgesteald np. glorious dwellings, realms of glory.

wuldorgeweorc n. wondrous work, ES 43167.

wuldorgifu (eo) f. glorious gift, grace.

wuldorgim m. glorious jewel, sun, Rd 81^20.

wuldorhama (o^3) m. garb of glory.

wuldorhap m? glorious troop, NC 335.

wuldorhelm m. crown of glory, Bl.

wuldorlan n. glorious reward.

wuldorlic glorious. adv. -lce.

wuldormga m. heir of heaven, Gu 1067.

wuldormago m. heir of heaven, Gu 1267.

wuldormicel gloriously great, Hy 7^94.

wuldornytting f. glorious service, Rd 81^19.

wuldorsang m. glorious song, MFH 114^10.

wuldorspd f. glorious wealth, Gen 87.

wuldorspdig glorious, An 428.

wuldortn m. plant with medicinal virtues? (BT), Lcd 334.

wuldortorht gloriously bright, clear, brilliant, illustrious.

wuldorrymm m. heavenly glory.

wuldorweorud n. heavenly host, Cr 285.

wuldorword n. glorious word, Hy 7^46.

wuldrian () to glorify, praise, extol, : boast, brag, : live in glory,.

wuldrig glorious, DR.

wuldrung f. glorying, boasting.

wuldur == wuldor

wulf m. (he-)'wolf,' , AO, CP; Mdf: wolfish person, devil.

wulfescamb m. wild teasel.

wulfesfst m. bullfist, toadstool (plant).

wulfhaga m. shelter from wolves? CC 53.

wulfhafodtro m. cross, gallows? Rd 56^12.

wulfheort wolf-hearted, cruel.

wulf-hli n., nap. -hleou hillside inhabited by wolves, B 1358.

wulfhol n. wolf's hole, WW.

wulfls n. fleece of wool, WW 198^26.

wulfmod = wullmod

wulfsa m. wolf's hole, KC 3264^5.

wulfsld n. valley of wolves, KC 3456^6.

wull f. 'wool,' .

wullcamb m. comb for wool, LL 454[15,1].

wullcnoppa (? hn-) m. tuft of wool, WW.

wulle = wull

wullen = wyllen

wullian to wipe with wool, Lcd 1356^23.

wullic woolly, hairy.

wullmod m? distaff.

wulltewestre f. wool-carder, Lcd.

wulluc cover, wrapper, A 3165.

wullwga f. scales for wool, WW 148^21.

+wun = +wuna

wuna I. m. (usu. ) habit, custom, practice, rite, Bo; . on gew. habban to be accustomed to. ['i-wune'] II. ( only) wonted, customary, usual.

wund I. f. 'wound,' sore, ulcer, , CP: wounding, injury, . II. adj. wounded, sore,AO.

wundel f. wound, LL, RB.

wundelce = wundorlce

wunden pp. of windan.

wundenfeax with twisted mane, B 1400.

wundenhals with twisted prow, B 298.

wundenlocc with braided locks.

wundenml etched, damascened (of a sword), B 1531.

wundenstefna m. ship with curved or wreathed prow, B 220.

wunder = wundor

wundian to wound, , AO, CP.

wundiend 'vulnerator,' ERHy 6^42.

wundiht, wundig ulcerous, full of sores.

wundle = wundel

wundlic wounding, wound-inflicting, GPH 402^51.

wundon pret. pl. of windan.

wundor (often confused with wuldor) n. (gs. wundres) 'wonder,' miracle, marvel, portent, horror, , AO, CP: wondrous thing, monster.

wundoragrfen wondrously engraven.

wundorbacen n. strange sign.

wundorbebod n. strange order, B 1747.

wundorblo n. wondrous hue, Cr 1140.

wundorclam n. strange bond, Cr 310.

wundor-clofe, -clufe f. camphire (plant).

wundorcrft m. wondrous skill, miraculous power.

wundorcrftiglce with wondrous skill, BH 324^3#o#.

wundordd f. wondrous deed, Bl.

wundorda m. wondrous death, B 3037.

wundorft (e^2) n. wondrous vessel, B 1162.

wundorful wonderful, . adv. -lce.

wundorgehwyrft (e^4) wonderful turn, GPH 390.

wundorgeweorc = wundorweorc

wundorgiefu f. wondrous endowment, Wy 72.

wundorhlo (u^2) f. wondrous healing, BH 446^12.

wundorhs? n. 'solarium,' upper room, GD 119^26.

wundor-lcan, -lcian to make wonderful, magnify.

wundorlic wonderful, remarkable, strange, , AO, CP. adv. -lce.

wundormm m. wonderful treasure.

wundorson f. wonderful sight, B 995.

wundorsmi m. skilled smith, B 1681.

wundortcen n. wondrous sign, PPs 104^23.

wundorweorc n. wonderful work, miracle.

wundorworuld f. wonderful world, Rd 40^17.

wundorwyrd f. wonderful event, El 1071.

wundres v. wundor.

wundrian (w. g.) to wonder, be astonished (at), marvel, , AO, CP: admire: make wonderful, magnify. [Ger. wundern]

wundrum adv. (d. of wundor) wonderfully, strangely, terribly.

wundrung f. wonder, astonishment, admiration, : spectacle, OEG 4370.

wundswau (e) f. scar, VPs 37^6.

wundur == wundor

wundwte n. compensation for wounding, LL 76#h#.

+wunelic usual, customary, , CP. adv. -lce, BH. ['i-wuneliche']

wunenes, wununes f. dwelling, habitation: perseverance, DR. [wunian]

wungynde = wuniende pres. ptc. of wunian.

wunian () to inhabit, dwell, abide, exist, , AO, CP: () remain, continue, stand, , AO, CP: () be used to, be wont to: () habituate oneself to, CP 73^14. [Ger. wohnen]

wunigend m. inhabitant, RBl 5^11.

+wunlic = +wunelic

wunn = wynn

wunnen pp., wunnon pret. pl., of winnan.

wunones = wunenes

wunsum = wynsum

wununes = wunenes

wunung f. act of dwelling, living, RB 108^3: dwelling, habitation,.

wunungstw f. abiding-place, GD 31^19.

wurao (N) = wro

wurcan = wyrcan

wurd == (1) wyrd; (2) word

wurdon pret. pl. of weoran.

wurht, wurhton = worhte pret. sg., worhton pret. pl., of wyrcan.

wurm == wyrm

wurma m., wurme f. murex, purple-fish: any dye, woad, purple: a plant used for dyeing.

wur-mille, -mele f. wild marjoram, Gl.

wurms = worms

wurnian = weornian

wurpan = weorpan

wurpul that which throws down, Gl.

wursm = worms

wurst = wierrest

wurt == wyrt

wur == weor

wure == weor(e), wiere

wurig = worig

wscbearn n. (dear) little child, JnL 13^32. [wscan]

wso (JnR 13^33) = wscbearn

wussung = wissung

wuta = wita

wutan = wuton

wutedlce, wutodlce (NG) = witodlce

wuton 1 pers. pl. subj. of wtan to go. used to introduce an imperative or hortatory clause let us...! come!CP.

wutu (M), wutum, wutun (N) = wuton

wutudlce = witodlce

wwuta (DR) = wita

wc == wc

wyc- = wic-

wd = wd

wyd- = wud-

wyder- = wier-

wf- = wf-

wyglere = wiglere

wyht = wiht

wyhtel f. quail. [Ger. wachtel]

wyl- = weal-, wel-, wi(e)l-

wl- = wel-

wylc pres. 3 sg. of wealcan.

wylf f. she-wolf.

wylfen I. adj. wolfish. II. f. she-wolf, fury, Gl.

wliscmoru = walmoru [[redirected to "wealhmoru"]]

wyll f. wool, LL (166n^4).

wyllen (i) made of wool, woollen.

wyloc = weoloc

wyn = wynn

wn- = wn-

wynbam m. tree of gladness, holy cross, El 844.

wynblis f. joy, GD 2^4.

wynburh f. delightful town, PPs 127^2.

wyncondel f. pleasant light, sun, Gu 1186.

wyndg m. day of gladness.

+wynde n. weaving, Gl.

wyndecrft m. art of embroidery, Gl.

wyndle f. wound, LL 381[23].

wyndram m. jubilation.

wyndramnes f. jubilation, LPs 150^5.

wyndrian = wundrian

wyne == wine

wynele m. gladdening oil, PPs 108^18.

wynfst (e) joyful.

wynful full of bliss, joyful.

wyngesi m. pleasant companion, PPs 100^3.

wyngrf mn. delightful grove, PPs 94^13.

wyniga (M) = wuniga pres. pl. of wunian.

wynland (o^2) n. land of delight.

wynlas joyless.

wynlic pleasant, beautiful, joyful. adv. -lce.

wynlust m. sensual pleasure, .

wynmg f. winsome maiden, Gu 1319.

wynn f. (occl. late as. wyn) joy, rapture, pleasure, delight, gladness, AO [wine]

wynn- v. also wyn-, win(n)-.

wynnum joyfully, beautifully. [wynn]

wynpsalterium n. psalm of joy, PPs 56^10.

wynrd f. blessed cross, Sol 235.

wynsang m. joyful song, W 265^31.

wynstaol m. joyous foundation, Rd 92^3.

wynsum (e, i; once +wuns-) 'winsome,' pleasant, delightful, joyful, merry, ,CP.

+wynsumian to rejoice, exult, DR.

wynsumlic adj. pleasant, delightful. adv. -lce pleasantly, happily,.

wynsumnes (i) f. loveliness, pleasantness, rejoicing,.

wynwerod n. 'chorus,' joyous band, Gl.

wynwyrt f. pleasant plant, DD 5.

wynyng = wining

wyormynd (Bl) = weormynd

wr == wr

wyrc == weorc

wyrcan (e, eo, i) to prepare, perform, do, make, 'work,' construct, produce, effect, , AO, CP. astronw. to keep Easter, eat the passover: amount to: (w.g.) strive, after: deserve gain, win, acquire.

+wyrce n. chitterlings (of pig).

wyrcend m. worker, doer, .

wyrcnes f. work, operation, BH.

wyrcta (Ep, MtL) = wyrhta

wyrcung f. working, work, DR.

wyrd f. (m? n?) fate, chance, fortune, destiny, , AO: Fate, Providence: event, phenomenon, transaction, fact: (+) condition. ['wierd'; weoran]

wyrdan = wierdan

+wyrde I. n. speech, conversation: eloquence, verbosity: ordinance. II. = +wyre

+wyrdelic historical, authentic, . adv. -lce eloquently: accurately, verbatim: wisely, OEG 208.

+wyrdelicnes f. eloquence, A 1338^1321.

wyrdgesceapum by chance, WW 400^25.

+wyrdignes f. eloquence, OEG 5488.

+wyrdlian = +wierdan

wyrdnes f. condition, state, Bo 128n.

wyrdstf m. decree of fate, Gu 1325.

wyrdwrtere m. historian, chronicler, .

wyred = werod

wyregung = wyrgung

wyrest = wierrest

wyrfan = hwierfan

wyrg = wearg

wyrg- = werg-, wirg-, wyrig-

wyrgan I. to strangle, . ['worry'] II. = wiergan

wyrgcwedol (e) ill-tongued, given to cursing.

wyrgcwedolian to curse, VPs (e).

wyrgcwedolnes (e^1, i^2) f. cursing, Ps.

wyrgcwean (e) to curse.

wyrged () the devil, NG.

-wyrgednes v. -w.

wrgels = wrgels

wyrgend (e) m. reviler, evildoer.

wyrgende given to cursing, W 70^18.

wyrgu (, e) f. curse, condemnation, punishment: evil, wickedness.

wyrgung (e) f. curse, cursing, condemnation, banishment,.

+wyrht (eo) fn. work, deed, service: desert, merit, AO, CP. mid gewyrhtum deservedly: transgression: () decree of fate?

wyrhta m. 'wright,' artist, labourer, worker, maker, creator, , CP: () fellow-worker: () accomplice.

wyri- = wearg-, wyrig-

wyrian = wiergan

wyricean = wyrcan

wyrig = werig

wyrig- = wearg-, wyrg-

wyrignes f. abuse, cursing.

wyrld = woruld

wyrm (eo, o, u) I. m. reptile, serpent, snake, dragon, , AO: 'worm,' insect, mite. [wurma] II. = wearm

wyrma = wurma

wyrmt = wyrmte (I.)

wyrmte I. f. attack of worms, worm-eaten state, A, Lcd. II. adj. worm-eaten, Lcd.

wyrman (, e, i) to warm, make warm.

wyrmbaso red, scarlet, OET 113^67.

wyrmcynn n. serpent-kind, sort of serpent, , AO.

wyrmella = wurmille

wyrmfh adorned with figures of snakes, damascened? B 1698.

wyrm-galdere, -galere (u) m. snake-charmer, .

wyrmgealdor n. a charm, against serpents? Lcd 148a.

wyrmgeard m. abode of serpents, Sol 469.

wyrmgebld n. swelling from snake-bite? Lcd 162b.

wyrmhlsere m. diviner by serpents, WW 441^35.

wyrmhw n. likeness of a serpent, L 10^104.

wyrmhord n. dragon's hoard, B 2222.

wyrmlc n. form of a serpent.

wyrmmelu n. worm-meal, 'pulvis e vermibus confectus,' Lcd.

wyrmrad (u^1) purple, scarlet, .

wyrms nm. virus, corrupt matter, .

wyrmsan to fester, CP.

+wyrmsed purulent.

wyrmsele m. hall of serpents, hell, Jud 119.

wyrmshrcing f. spitting up of matter, WW 113^8?

wyrmsig (u) purulent, WW.

wyrmslite m. snake-bite, W 188^1.

wyrmstspung f. spitting up of matter, WW 113^8?

wyrmwyrt f. worm-wort, Lcd.

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