A Concise Anglo-Saxon Dictionary - For the Use of Students
by John R. Clark Hall
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ungewislic unaccustomed, Bo 15^22n.

ungewsnes f. uncertainty, ignorance, BH.

ungewiss I. n. uncertainty, ignorance, , AO: unconsciousness: ignominy, shame, SPs 82^15. II. adj. uncertain, , CP: unwise, ignorant: doubtful, : causing shame, shameful, KGl 75^10.

ungewisses unconsciously, involuntarily, CP.

ungewtendlic permanent, imperishable, L 34^258. adv. -lce permanently, perpetually, CP 441^21.

ungewitfstnes f. madness, Lcd 82b.

ungewitful unwise, senseless, mad, CP.

ungewitfulnes f. madness, CP 185^1.

ungewitlic stupid, foolish, Lcd 65a.

ungewtnigendlce freely, with impunity, Gr 233^6n.

ungewtnod unpunished, , CP.

ungewitt n. folly, madness, .

ungewittig irrational, foolish, mad, .

ungewittiglce (-witte-) unwisely, foolishly, GD 2; 104.

ungewittignes f. folly, GD 163; 247.

ungewlitig not bright, dull, AS 31^10.

ungewlitigian to disfigure, AS.

ungeworht unwrought, unformed, unfinished, .

ungewriten unwritten, WW.

ungewuna I. m. evil habit, vice, CP 169^9. II. unusual, : uninhabited,.

ungewunelic unusual, strange, . [Ger. ungewhnlich] adv. -lce,.

ungewuniendlic uninhabitable, Lcd.

ungewyder = ungewider [[form of "ungewidere"?]]

ungewyld- = ungewild-

ungewylles = unwilles

ungewynelic = ungewunelic

ungewyrded uninjured, Ph 181.

ungewyrhtum (be) adv. phr. without a cause, CVPs.

ungier-wan, -ian (e, i, y) to unclothe, divest of.

ungifre pernicious, Gen 2470.

ungifu f. evil gift, W.

ungin not great or broad, GnE 206.

ungl = ungel

unglad = ungld

ungld (a) cheerless, dull, Bo 14^14.

ungldlic implacable, GPH 392.

ungldnes f. 'imperitia,' WW 423^29. [mistake for unglawnes?]

unglw == unglaw

unglaw ignorant, foolish, unwise, . adv. -lce,CP.

unglawnes f. want of discernment, folly, ignorance, #Pa#70.

unglawscpe m. folly, Sc 83^16.

unglenged = ungeglenged

ungne not niggardly, not sparing, liberal. adv. -lce, GD().

ungd I. adj. not good. II. n. evil.

ungor = hungor

ungrpigende not grasping, H 1366^27.

ungrne not green, bare of grass, Gen 117.

ungrpendlic irreprehensible, EPs 18^8.

ungrund vast, Ex 508.

ungrynde bottomless, Rim 49.

ungyfee unaccorded, B 2921.

un-gyld, -gylde n. excessive tax. [gieldan]

ungylda m. one who is not a member of a guild, TC 606^16.

ungylde adv. not entitled to compensation, LL.

ungyltig innocent, AO 184^9.

ungmen f. carelessness, BH.

ungmende careless, BH 434^5 ().

ungyrdan = ongyrdan

ungyrian = ungierwan

unhdian to deprive of orders, LL.

unhdod = ungehdod

unhdung f. 'exordinatio,' RBL 110^9.

unhl = unhl, unhlu

+unhlan to weaken, debilitate, Sc 51^10.

unhl f. ill-health, weakness, infirmity, sickness.

unhlu f. sickness, unsoundness, AO: mischief, evil,B.

unhmed unmarried, WW 530^19.

unhr = unhr

unhl sick, ill, weak, CP.

unhlgod unhallowed, unconsecrated.

unhlian 'tabescere,' BPs 118^139.

unhlig () unholy, profane, ELPs 42^1.

un-hlwende (RHy), -hlwendlic () incurable deadly.

unhandworht not made with hands, Mk 14^58.

unhr (= an-) hoary, grizzled, B 357.

unhah () not high, low, .

unhanlce valiantly, Chr 755.

unhearmgeorn inoffensive, .

unharsumnes = unhersumnes

un-hg, -hh = unhah

unhelde (Chr 1095) = unhyldo

unhelian to uncover, reveal, Lk 12^2.

un-hor-, -hr- = unher-

unhered unpraised, not celebrated, Bo 68^24.

unherigendlic not praiseworthy, H 2406^17.

unhetol peaceable, NC 329.

unhere (, o, ) I. horrible, monstrous, fierce, wild, tempestuous. II. adv. horribly.

unherlic wild, fierce, savage, gloomy. adv. -lce (GD161^10).

unhersum (y) disobedient. adv. -lce.

unhersumnes () f. disobedience, CP.

unhredwist f. unfamiliarity, Sc 203^13.

unhwe formless, GPH 399^259.

unhwed colourless, OEG.

unhlowe unfriendly, chill, Ex 494.

unhldan () = onhldan

unhls (unhlse?) infamous, disreputable, KGl 68^42.

unhlsa m. ill-fame, discredit, dishonour, .

unhlsbre disreputable, WW 354^17.

unhlsadig infamous, WW 420^15.

unhlsful infamous, Gl.

unhlsig infamous, KGl 56^5.

unhlitme (B 1129) = unflitme?

unhld not loud, GD 85^5.

unhls- = unhls-

unhnaw generous, liberal.

unhoga foolish, MkL 7^18.

unhold disloyal, unfriendly, hostile, . [Ger. unhold]

unholda m. monster, devil, Cr 762.

unhrdsprce slow of speech, (Ex 6^30).

unhroflig not leprous, H 1124^24.

unhrr not bent down, erect, Bo 146^26.

unhfed bareheaded, OEG 4466.

unhwearfiende unchangeable, fixed, Bo 20^29.

unhwlen eternal.

unhdig ignorant, foolish.

unhhst = unhhst superl. of unhh. [[under "unhah"]]

unhyldo (e) f. displeasure, disfavour, unfriendliness, CP. [Ger. unhuld]

unhyr- = onhier-, onhyr-

unhr- = unher-

unhig unhappy.

uni- = unge-

une adv. (comp.) with greater difficulty, more hardly, CP. [a]

une- = una-

unin-seglian, -sglian () to unseal.

une = unee [[redirected to "unathe"]]

uniucian = ungeocian

unlb = unlf

unlcnigendlic incurable, Lcd 1262^1.

unlcnod unhealed, CP 61^4.

unlc = unlac

unlce m. bad physician, Lcd 60b.

un-ld, -lde poor, miserable, wretched, unhappy, unfortunate: accursed, wicked: straying? (ofcattle).

unldlic miserable, NC 329. adv. -lce.

unlgne = unlegne

unlne permanent, W 264^18.

unlred unlearned, untaught, ignorant, CP.

unlrednes f. want of learning.

unlt unwearied, indefatigable.

unltto f. sin, GD 289. [unld]

unlf f. posthumous child, WW.

unlagu f. abuse of law, bad law, oppression, injustice. t unlagum unlawfully.

unland m. desert, waste: counterfeit, supposed land, #Whale#13.

unlandgende m. not owning land, LL 112.

unlr f. bad teaching.

unlac pret. 3 sg. of onlcan. [[from first edition]]

unlafful = ungelafful

unleahtorwyre not culpable, PPs 18^7.

unlanod unpaid, EC 148^4.

unlas not false, true. adv. -lce.

unlc = unlc pres. 3 sg. of unlcan.

unlfedlic = unlfendlic [[headword spelled "unlyfendlic"]]

unlgne = unlegne

unlof not dear, hated.

unleouwc (e^3) inflexible, rigid, stubborn.

unleouwcnes f. inflexibility, WW.

unlesan = unlesan

unlib- = unlyb-

unlic = ungelic [[headword spelled "ungelc"]]

unlchamlic incorporeal, , GD.

unlc () = unle pres. 3 sg. of unlcan.

unlcwyre displeasing, L 23b^374.

unlefed = unlefed [[under "unlfed"]]

unlegne (, ) not to be questioned, LL.

unlesan (, ) to unloose, : set free, put on a free footing.

unlf n. death, MFH 176.

unlfes dead, L 18203.

unlifiende, unlifigende (y) unliving, lifeless, dead. [libban]

unltel = unltel

unle ungentle, harsh, severe, .

unliowc = unleouwc

unlofod unpraised.

unlond = unland

unlcan^2 to unlock, open, .

unlust m. evil desire, lust, sensuality, : disinclination, weariness. [Ger. unlust]

+unlustian to loathe, Bl 59^8.

unlyb-ba m., -be f. poisonous drug, poison, : witchcraft, . [lybb]

unlybbende (MH 164^21) = unlifigende [[under "unlifiende"]]

unlybwyrhta m. worker with spells or poisons, wizard,.

unlfednes = unlefednes [[redirected to "unlfednes"]]

unlyfendlic illicit, unlawful, ZDA 31^8.

unlyfigende = unlifigende [[under "unlifiende"]]

unlyft f. bad air, Lcd 6a.

unlygen unlying, truthful, LL 156[12].

unlsan () = unlesan

unlt n. a great deal, PPs 61^9.

unltel not small, much, great, very large.

unmdlce = unmlce

unmg? m. evil kinsman? alien? Wald 2^23.

unmge not akin, PPs 68^8.

unmgel = unmeagol

unmgnes f. weariness, WW 224^14.

unmglce = unmlce

unmht- (N) = unmiht-

unmle unspotted, immaculate, pure, virgin.

unmne not criminal, honest, innocent, truthful: free (from).

un-mre, -mrlic inglorious, Bo.

unmte excessive, immense, great, vast, : countless, innumerable.

unmtlic enormous, A 4152.

unmtnes f. vastness, excessive greatness, BH.

unm f. transgression, sin, HL 13234.

unmful immoderate, excessive, NC 329.

unmlic excessive, . adv. -lce excessively, : unmercifully, cruelly,.

un-maga m., -magu f. needy person, dependent, orphan.

unmanig not many, few.

unmann m. monster, wicked man, .

un-meagol, -meahl insipid, WW.

unmeaht = unmiht

unmedeme () = unmedome

unmedome (u^3) incompetent, unfit, unworthy, CP.

unmedomlce adv. negligently, carelessly.

unmeht = unmiht

unmeltung f. indigestion, Lcd 95a.

unmendlinga = unmyndlinga

unmne = unmne

unmenged unmixed.

unmenn nap. of unmann.

unmenniselic inhuman, Bo 70^26.

unmet- = unmt-

unmdlod unrestrained, unbridled, CP.

unmidome = unmedome

unmiht (ie) I. f. weakness, CP. II. () impossible, MtL.

+unmiht without strength, L 25^771.

un-mihtelic, -mihtlic impossible.

unmihtig (, e) weak, powerless, : impossible,NG.

unmihtignes f. weakness, Lcd.

unmilde not meek, harsh, BH 100^29.

unmildheort merciless, .

unmilts f. severity, anger, Ct.

unmiltsigendlic unworthy of compassion, unpardonable, . [milts]

unmiltsung f. hardness of heart, AO 64^16.

unmirig = unmyrh

unmd n. depression, Lcd 65a.

unmdig humble, CP: timid.

unmolsniendlic uncorrupted, OEG 60.

un-monig, -moneg = unmanig

unmurn untroubled, PPs 75^4.

unmurnlce adv. unpityingly, without sorrowing.

unmycel small, GD 133^7.

unmyhtig = unmihtig

unmylts- = unmilds-

unmyndgian = unmynegian

unmynd-linga, -lenga, -lunga adv. unawares, unexpectedly, , AO: undesignedly.

unmynegian to overlook, not to demand, LL 382[43].

unmyrge unpleasant? sad? WW 211^16.

unmyrh f. sadness, W 148^9.

unna m. = unne

unnan pres. 1 sing. an(n), on(n), pl. unnon; pret. sg. e, pp. unnen swv. w. d. pers. and g. thing to grant, allow, bestow, give, Bo, Chr; AO, CP, . unnendre handa voluntarily: be glad to see, wish, desire. ['i-unne']

unne f. favour, approval, permission, consent: grant: liberality.

unnah adj. adv. not near, far, away from.

un-nde, -ndig = unnedig

unndelce (GD 346^9; JAW 55, 56) = ungnelce [[form of "ungne"]]

unng, unnh = unnah

unnend m. one who grants, DR 5^5.

unnet = unnyt

unned-ig, -enga adv. without compulsion or restraint, willingly, CP. [nad]

unnit = unnyt II.

unning m. honest man (not an outlaw), Chr 1087; v.ANS 11722.

un-nyt, -nytt I. adj. useless, unprofitable, , CP. II. m. unprofitableness, emptiness, vanity, folly.

unnytenes = unnytnes

unnytlic useless, unprofitable, foolish, CP. adv. -lce.

unnytlicnes f. uselessness, Lcd.

unnytnes f. unprofitableness, frivolity, emptiness.

unnytwyre unprofitable, useless, , CP. adv. -wurlce,.

unofercumen unsubdued, Gl.

unoferfre (oe^4) impassable, Gl.

unoferhrfed not roofed in, Bl 125^21.

unoferswi-ed, -edlic, -ende, -endlic unconquerable, invincible.

unoferwin-nene, -nendlic invincible.

unoferwrigen not covered, L 23b^209.

unoferwunnen unconquered, AO 156^28.

unoferwunnendlic = unoferwinnendlic [[under "unoferwinnene"]]

unoflinnedlce unceasingly, NC 329.

unofslegen not killed, H 2544^31.

unondcignes f. ignorance, JVPs 24^7.

unondgetful = unandgytful

unonlsendlic unpardonable, GD 348^4.

unonstyred unmoved, GD 270^9n.

unonstyrigendlic motionless.

unonwend-endlic, -edlic unchangeable, constant, immovable. adv. -lce.

unorne old, worn out, decrepit, Ma 256.

unornlic old, worn, .

unplolic not dangerous, safe, . adv. -lce.

unrd m. folly, foolish plan: crime, mischief, injury, plot, ,AO.

unrden f. ill-considered act, Gen 982.

unrdfst unreliable, incompetent, P 212^15.

unrdfstlce unwisely, rashly, .

unrdlic thoughtless, Bl 99^21. adv. -lce,.

unrds m. foolish enterprise, Rd 12^4.

unrfniendlic intolerable, SPs 123^4(on-).

unreht == unriht

unrehthmdere = unrihthmere

unreordlic insatiable.

unrtan to make sad, AO. [rt]

unrtu f. sadness, A 4165.

unre not cruel, gentle, H 244^25.

unrce poor, LL, RB.

unriht (e, y) I. n. wrong, sin, vice, wickedness, evil, : injustice, oppression, . II. adj. wrong, unrighteous, wicked, false: unlawful.

unrihtcyst f. vice, LL (262^28).

unrihtdd f. evil doing.

unrihtdde iniquitous, LPs 9^24.

unrihtdma m. unjust judge, W.

unrihtdm m. iniquity, Da 183.

unrihtdnd m. evildoer, Bl 63^15.

unrihte adv. unjustly, wrongly.

unrihtfoung f. unrighteous hate, Met 27^1.

unrihtful unrighteous, wicked, NC 329.

unrihtgestron n. unrighteous gain, Bl 63^8.

unrihtgestrod n. ill-gotten, booty, NC 330.

unrihtgewilnung (y) = unrihtwilnung [[headword spelled "unrihtwillnung"]]

unrihtgilp m. vainglory, LL (262^27).

unrihtgtsung f. wrongful greed.

unrihthman to fornicate, commit adultery.

unrihthmdere (VPs 49^18) = unrihthmere

unrihthmed I. n. fornication, adultery. II. adj. adulterous.

unrihthmedfremmere m. adulterer, NC 330.

unrihthmend m. adulterer, Bl 63.

unrihthmere m. fornicator, adulterer, .

unrihthme = unrihthmed I.

unrihthmere (KGl) = unrihthmere

unrihtlic (e, y) unjust, unrighteous, wrongful, wicked, . adv. -lce.

unrihtlust m. unlawful desire, Bo 19^20.

unrihtlyblc nm. unlawful magic, W 253^11.

unrihtnes (e^2) f. wrong, unrighteousness, wickedness, Bl.

unrihttd f. wrong time, improper occasion, MFH 177.

unrihtweorc n. secular work done on Sunday, LL (130^25).

unrihtwf n. unlawful consort, mistress, TC 373^29.

unrihtwfung f. unlawful wedlock, BH 116^3.

unrihtwillend m. evil-disposed person, CP 89^22 (y^2).

unrihtwillnung f. unlawful desire, lust, ambition,CP.

unrihtws unrighteous, wrong, unjust, , CP. adv. -lce.

unrihtwsnes (e, y) f. injustice, unrighteousness, iniquity, , CP(y).

unrihtwrgels n. covering of error, Bl 105^30.

unrihtwyrcend m. evildoer, Bl.

unrihtwyrhta m. evildoer, CP(y^2).

unrm I. n. countless number, huge host, large quantity, mass. II. = unrme

unrme countless, innumerable.

unrmfolc n. countless number (of people), CP 51^12.

unrpe immature, unripe, Gl.

unrt sad, dejected, , CP: displeased, angry.

unrtian to become sad: () make sad.

unrtlic sad, gloomy. adv. -lce.

unrtmd sad-hearted, Bl 113^12.

unrtnes f. sadness, contrition, disquietude, ,CP.

unrtsian to be or become sad, be grieved, : make sad.

unrh smooth, without seams, JnLR 19^23.

unryht (AO, CP) == unriht

unrne m. diarrha, Lcd 1172^12.

unsac not accused of anything, innocent, Lcd 3288^6.

unsadelod not saddled, LL.

unsd unsated, insatiable, PPs 100^5.

unsd n. evil seed, W 40^23.

unsht = unseht

unsl m. unhappiness, W 236^26.

unslan to untie, unfasten.

unsle wicked, WW 421^23.

unslig unfortunate, unhappy, wretched: mischievous, pernicious, Gen 637: wicked.

unsl f. unhappiness, misfortune, adversity, misery,CP.

unspig sapless, H 1102^4.

unsalt = unsealt

unsamwrde contrary, incongruous, Bo 106^6.

unsr painless, CP.

unswen unsown, LL 450[10].

unsced (e^2) uninjured.

unscful (e, ea) innocent. adv. -lce, CP.

unscfulnes (ea, e) f. innocence, CP.

unsc-ednes, -ignes (e) f. harmlessness, innocence,.

unsc-ende (e), -ig innocent, harmless.

unscamfst impudent, shameless, Gl.

unscamfulnes f. shamelessness, immodesty, MkL 7^20(eo).

unscamig unashamed, Jul 552.

unscamlic shameless, immodest, . adv. -lce.

unsca- = unsc()-

un-scadelce, -scadlce unreasonably.

unscadwslic unreasonable, H 2210^30.

unsceaft f. monster? Rd 88^32.

unsceam- = unscam-

unscearp not sharp (of wine), Lcd.

unscearpnes f. dulness, BH 402^29.

unscearpsne not sharp-sighted, Lcd 11b.

unscea- = unsc-

unscelleht (= ie) not furnished with a shell, Lcd 33b.

unscende (y) not discreditable, blameless, glorious.

un-scended, -scendende uninjured, uncorrupted.

unscennan to unharness, WW 91^13.

unscod = unscd pp. of unscgan.

unscogan = unscgan

unsceom- (NG) = unscam-

unscotan (WW 190^30) = onscotan

unsce- = unsc-

unscildig () == unscyldig

unscirped unclothed, MtL 22^11.

unscgan to unshoe, , CP. pp. unscd unshod.

unscom- = unscam-

unscoren unshorn.

unscortende not failing, LkLR 12^33.

unscrdan (^2, ^2) to put off (clothes), undress, strip, deprive of, . unscrdd pp. naked. [scrd]

unscyld f. innocency, SPs 40^13.

unscyldgung f. innocence, ERPs 17^25.

unscyldig (i) guiltless, innocent, , CP: not responsible.

unscyldiglic excusable, #Bl# 189^32. adv. -lce innocently, #Bk#12.

unscyldignes f. innocence.

unscynde = unscende

unscrdan = unscrdan

unscyttan to undo, unbolt, L 31^863.

unscyende = unsceende [[under "unscende"]]

unseald ungiven, HL 10^495.

unsealt (a, y) unsalted, insipid.

unsfernes = unsfernes

unsefful 'insensatus,' RHy 6^31. [sefa]

unseht I. mfn. discord, disagreement, quarrel. II. adj. not agreed, hostile, Chr.

unsehtnes f. discord, quarrel, NC 330.

un-seldan, -seldon () not seldom, repeatedly, frequently.

unsofene not sighing, MFH 177.

unsewenlic invisible, Bo 138^2.

unsibb f. dissension, contention, war, strife, AO.

unsibbian to disagree, WW.

unsibsumnes f. anxiety, JnL p6^1.

unsideful immodest, unchaste.

unsidefullnes f. immodesty.

unsidelice immodestly, NC 330.

unsidu m. bad custom, vice, impurity. [Ger. unsitte]

unsf- = unsf-

unsigefst not victorious, L 18^44.

unsingian = unsyngian

uns m. unfortunate journey or expedition, misfortune, mishap,.

unslpig sleepless, WW 427^15.

unslw (, ea) not slow, active. adv. -lce, CP 381^1.

unsleac not remiss, active, diligent. adv. -lce.

unsleacnes f. diligence.

unslaw = unslw

unslid? unslit (Cp 33#s#) n. fat, grease, tallow. [Ger. unschlitt; or ?= unsylt]

unslitten untorn, JnL 19^23.

unslped open, unloosed, W 83^9.

unsme = unsme

unsmeoruwig not greasy, Lcd 106b (smerig).

unsme not smooth, uneven, rough, scabby.

unsmnes f. roughness, WW.

unsm = unsme

unsnotor (e^3) unwise. adv. -lce.

unsnotornes- (yter-) f. folly.

unsnott- = unsnot-

unsnyttru f. folly, ignorance.

unsnyttrum adv. foolishly.

unsoden not boiled or cooked.

unsfte harshly, bitterly, severely, violently, : with difficulty, hardly, scarcely: uncomfortably.

unsftlce harshly, H 1434^7.

unsm f. disagreement, LL.

unsorh free from care, Bl 217^29.

uns I. adj. untrue, false. II. n. untruth, falsehood.

unsfst untruthful: unjust, unrighteous.

unsfstnes f. injustice, unrighteousness.

unsian to falsify, disprove.

unssag-ol, -ul untruthful, .

unspannan^7 to unfasten, WW 231^35.

unspecende = unsprecende

unspd f. want, poverty.

unspdig poor, , AO: not fertile.

unspiwol that stops vomiting? Lcd.

unspornend = onspornend

unsprecende not able to speak, .

unstfws illiterate, GPH 393.

unstig unstable, irregular, weak, frivolous, wanton,.

unstignes f. instability, inconstancy, wantonness,.

unstaolfst unstable, unenduring, weak, fickle,.

unstaolfstnes f. instability, weakness, fickleness,.

unstenc m. stench, stink.

unstille moving, changeable, restless, inquiet, uneasy,CP.

+unstillian to disturb, agitate, BH 278^10.

un-stilnes, -stillnes f. agitation, restlessness, disturbance, disquiet, trouble, disorder, tumult, ,AO.

unstrang not strong, weak, infirm, feeble, .

unstrangian to be feeble.

unstrangnes f. feebleness.

unstrenge weak, H 2390^26.

unstydful inconstant, apostate, DR 121^10. [= unstede-]

unstydfullnes (on-) f. instability, DR.

unstyrendlic immovable, hard to carry, MtL 23^4.

unstyriende immovable, stationary, Bo.

unsws unpleasant, disagreeable, uncongenial. adv. -swse.

unswslic ungentle, cruel, Jud 65. [sws]

unswefn n. bad dream, Lcd 3288^21.

unsweotol imperceptible, indistinct.

unswte not sweet: foul.

unswicen unbetrayed, unharmed, safe, Chr 1048.

un-swicende, -swiciende true, faithful.

unswicol trustworthy, true.

unsw not strong, Lcd. adv. -swe.

unsydeful = unsideful

unsferlic impure, Bl 43^17.

unsfernes f. impurity, foulness.

unsfre () I. adj. impure, unclean, filthy. II. adv. filthily, Cr 1484?

unsylt = unsealt

unsyngian to exculpate, LL 98[21,1].

unsynnig guiltless, innocent, .

unsynnum adv. guiltlessly, B 1072.

untle blameless, faultless, .

untled unblamed, CP 351^20.

untllic () blameless, immaculate, undefiled, praiseworthy. adv. -lce, ,CP.

untl-wiere (y^3) blameless, CP. adv. -wierlce.

untslic = unslic

untl- = untl-

untala (NG) = untela

untamcul untameable, GPH 397.

unteala = untela

unteald uncounted, Lcd 3264^11.

untealt stable, steady, Chr 897#d#.

untela adv. not well, amiss, badly, ill, improperly, wrongly,CP.

untellendlic indescribable.

untemed untamed, CPs, WW.

untmende = untmende

untnan (KGl) = ontnan

untogoad untithed, CP 439^29.

unteola = untela

untorig untiring, unceasing, Met 28^17.

untdt untimely eating, NC 330.

untdfyl f. untimely eating or drinking, W 46^14.

untdgewidere n. unseasonable weather, Chr 1095.

untdlic unseasonable, AO. adv. -lce.

untdspc f. untimely speech, LL (322^9).

untdweorc n. work at an improper time (e.g. on Sunday),W.

untena (AO) = ontona

untgan to untie, loosen, unchain, . [tag]

untilad destitute, Bo 16^12.

untma m. unseasonableness, wrong time, CP: bad time, misfortune, W 297^7.

untme ill-timed, unfortunate, .

untmnes f. evil times, W 207^18.

untnan = ontnan

untbrocen unbroken, .

untclofen uncloven, L 25^45.

untdled undivided, individual, indivisible, inseparable.

untdledlic inseparable, indivisible, . adv. -lce.

untdlednes f. undividedness, A 8318^17.

unt-dlend-, dl-, dl-, -dlen- = unt-dled-

untltendlce incessantly, GD 117^23.

unt-lsende, -lsende that cannot be loosed, inextricable,WW.

untlsendlic unforgivable, GD 342^26.

untsceacen unshaken.

untslegen unshattered, AS 22^8.

untsliten untorn, uninjured, CP.

untsprecendlic ineffable, TC.

unttwmed undivided, .

untworpenlic (e^2, a^4) inviolable, OEG 11^153.

untrglce frankly, El 410.

untrow = untrow

untrowe () untrue, unfaithful.

untrowfst () unfaithful, unreliable.

untrowlce faithlessly, AO.

untrowsian to defraud, deceive, CP: offend,G.

untrow f. unfaithfulness, treachery, AO.

untrum infirm, weakly, sick, ill, , CP.

untrumian to be or become sick or infirm: make weak,.

untrumlic infirm, weak, .

untrumnes f. weakness, sickliness, infirmity, illness, , AO,CP.

untrymed unconfirmed (by a bishop), LL (140^19).

un-trymig, -trymmig sick, infirm, NG.

untrymigan to become weak, JnL 6^2.

untrymmigo f. illness, MtL 10^1.

untrymnes = untrumnes

untrym f. weakness, illness.

untrw- = untrow-

untwgendlce = untwogendlce

untwo m. certainty, Cr 961.

untwod undoubting, An 1244.

untweofeald = untwiefeald

untwogende unhesitating, not doubting, CP.

untwogendlic indubitable, certain. adv. -lce indubitably, unhesitatingly, undoubtingly, AO,CP.

untwolic () undoubted, OEG. adv. -lce certainly, with certainty,.

untwonde = untwogende

untwon(d)lce = untwogendlce

untwonigend () undoubting, A 9115^45.

untw- = untwo-

untw- = untwie-

[[Printed on one line: untw-, untw- = untwo-, untwie-]]

untwie-feald, -feld not double, CP: not double-minded, without duplicity, sincere,CP.

untd unskilful, inexperienced, CP.

untyddre = untdre

untdlic = untdlic

untdre I. firm, unbending, An 1254. II. m. monster, B 111.

untdrende barren, Lcd 33b.

untgian = untgan

untyga unsuccessful (in getting one's wish), CP 257^18.

untmende barren, unfruitful, . [teman]

untnan = ontnan

untned unfenced, LL 106[40].

unt = untyg [[form of "untyga"?]]

unrfe in phr. 'unrfe ing' 'nequaquam' MtL 2^6. [unearf]

unslic inappropriate, unseemly, unbecoming, absurd, . adv. -lce,.

unslicnes f. impropriety, H 2316^8.

unslicu f. incongruity, RB 124^13.

unanc m. ingratitude, disinclination, displeasure, , AO, CP: evil intention, an ill turn, . his unances against his will, involuntarily. [Ger. undank]

unancful unthankful, CP, GD.

unanc-ol, -ul ungrateful, NC 330.

unanc-wure, -wyre ungrateful: not acceptable, disagreeable,.

unancwyrlce ungratefully, NC 330.

unearf f. damage, hurt, detriment, ruin, .

unearfes without a cause, PPs 13^6.

unaw m. vice, sin, fault, , CP.

unawfst disorderly, ill-mannered, dissolute, . adv. -lce.

unawful uncontrolled, disorderly, WW.

unegenlce basely.

uninged unexpected, sudden, CP.

uningod unatoned for, CP 423^35.

unolemdnes f. impatience.

unoligendlic intolerable, Sc 208^14.

unorfst unprofitable, DR 179^17.

un-rste, -reste diffident, CP.

unrwendlicnes f. impassibility, ZDA 3114.

unrwigendlic unsuffering, .

unurhsceotendlic impenetrable.

unurhtogen unperformed, neglected, CP 329^14.

unwgen = unwogen

unwre = ungewre

+unwrian to disagree, , CP.

unwrnes f. () discord, division, Chr.

un-wean, -wagen, -wgen, -wegen, -wn = unwogen

unwrnes = unwrnes

unwogen unwashed.

unyhtig weak, OET 107.

unyldig = ungeyldig

unyldlicnes f. difficulty, BH 2340.

unundergilde (a^2) invaluable, Bo 27^20.

unwclic steadfast, strong, noble, splendid, adv. -lce.

unwded () not clothed, MtL 22^11.

unwder = unweder

unwlgrim gentle, merciful, GD 133^6.

unwm- = unwem-

unwr (-war- in obl. cases) incautious, careless, unthinking, foolish, , CP: unaware, unexpected. on un-wr, -waran, -warum unawares, unexpectedly.

unwres = unwares

unwrlic unwary, heedless, CP. adv. -lce, , AO, CP.

unwrnes f. heedlessness, W 299^7.

unwrscipe m. folly, L 168^4.

unwscen unwashen, Lcd 41b.

unwstm mfn. barrenness: tare, weed.

unwstmbre unfruitful, barren, sterile, , CP.

unwstm-brnes (, AO), -berendnes () f. unfruitfulness, barrenness, sterility.

umwstmberend-e, -lic sterile.

unwstmfst barren, Bl 163^17.

unwstmfstnes f. barrenness, Bl 163^17.

unwterig waterless, dry, desert.

unwandiende unhesitating, CP 381^25.

unwar- v. unwr.

unwares adv. unawares. [gs. of unwr]

unwarnod unwarned, LL 382^33.

unwealt steady, stable, Chr 897.

unwearnum adv. irresistibly: suddenly, in a moment.

unwear = unweor

unweaxen not grown up, young.

unwded = unwded

unweder n. bad weather, storm, .

unwederlce adv. tempestuously, Mt 16^3.

unweg = onweg

unwegen not weighed, Lcd 1376^7.

unwemlic unsullied, pure, WW 522^35.

un-wemme, -wemmed unblemished, unstained, unspotted, uninjured, : inviolate.

unwemmend m. innocent man, REPs 36^18 (on-).

unwemming f. incorruptibility, incorruption, Sc 41^10.

unwemnes f. purity, HL 18^422.

+unwendnes = onwendnes [[under "onwendednes"]]

unwne unexpected: hopeless, .

umwned unexpected.

unwnlic adj. unpromising, hopeless, desperate, AO, CP. adv. -lce unexpectedly, by chance, GD 88^17.

unwnunga unexpectedly, Bo 140^10.

unwod n. ill weed, W 92^19.

unweoder = unweder

unweorcheard delicate, weakly, infirm, RB 75^8.

unweorclic (o) unsuitable for work, A 8319^30.

unweor (AO) = unwiere

unweorian (o, u) to slight, treat with contempt, dishonour, CP: () become worthless, vile, dishonour oneself.

unweorlic (u) unworthy, dishonourable, AO: unimportant, humble, CP. adv. -lce unworthily, dishonourably, ignominiously, AO, CP: indignantly.

unweornes f. slight, contempt, disgrace, AO, CP.

unweorscipe m. dishonour, disgrace: indignation, CP 222^9.

unweorung (u) f. disgrace: indignation, CP 222^12.

unweotod = unwitod

unwer (KGl) = unwr

unwered unprotected, Gen 812.

unwrig unwearying, indefatigable, persistent, ,AO.

unwerlce = unwrlce

unwerod not sweet, CP 447^19.

unwestm = unwstm

unweer = unweder

unwd not wide, NC 330.

unwidere n. bad weather, W.

unwdlod unpolluted, DR 90^17.

unwiere I. adj. unworthy, CP: worthless: contemptible, ignominious. II. adv.

unwese = unwse, unwslce

unwilla m. repugnance, displeasure.

unwillan = unwillum

unwillende unwilling, involuntary, CP.

unwilles adv. unwillingly, involuntarily, reluctantly,.

unwillum adv. unwillingly, reluctantly. his unwillum against his will, AO: involuntarily, unintentionally.

unwilsumlce adv. involuntarily, against one's will, BH 442^23.

unwindan^3 (= on-) to unwind, uncover, .

unwine m. foe, enemy.

unwinsum = unwynsum

unws unwise, foolish, ignorant, uninformed, CP.

unwsdm m. unwisdom, imprudence, folly, ignorance,CP.

unwse = unwslce

unwslic foolish. adv. -lce, .

unwsnes f. ignorance: wickedness, DR.

unwita m. witless person, ignoramus.

unwitende unwitting, ignorant, AO.

unwtnigendlce without punishment, with impunity, Gr 233^6.

unwtnod unpunished, CP.

unwtnung f. impunity, Sc 235^5.

unwitod (io, u) uncertain.

unwittig unconscious, ignorant, stupid, .

unwittignes f. folly, GD 163^34.

unwittol ignorant, Sc 80^12.

unwitweorc n. foolish work, Bl 111^2.

unwierweard friendly, CP 361^20.

unwierweardlic not discordant, NC 330.

unwimetenes f. incomparability, OEG 587.

unwimetenlic not comparable, incomparable, . adv. -lce.

unwlite m. dishonour, WW.

unwliteg = unwlitig

unwlitegian to become disfigured, CP: disfigure, transform,CP.

unwlitegung f. disfigurement, WW 391^5.

unwlitig unsightly, deformed, disfigured, ill-favoured,.

unwlitignes f. disfigurement, BH 384^4.

unworclic = unweorclic

unworht unwrought, unfinished.

unworian = unweorian

unwrnc = unwrenc

unwrne not lustful, Lcd.

un-wrst, -wrste () feeble, weakly, AO: unsteady, untrustworthy.

unwrstlce adv. weakly, incongruously, A 8334^18.

unwrecen unpunished, unavenged.

unwrenc () m. vice, evil design, , CP.

unwron^1,2 to uncover, reveal.

unwrst = unwrst

un-wrigednes, -wrigennes f. uncovering, revelation.

unwrigen open, unconcealed, MFH 101^7 (pp. of unwron).

unwriten unwritten, Bo.

unwrtere m. incorrect copyist, Gr 3^24.

unwran to untwist, unbind, CP.

unwunden I. not wound. II. pp. of unwindan.

unwundod not wounded, Gen 183.

unwuniendlic uninhabitable, Lcd 3262.

unwur == unweor

unwuted = unwitod

unwynsum unpleasant, .

unwynsumnes f. unpleasantness, .

unwyrcan to undo, destroy.

unwyrd f. misfortune, trouble.

unwyrtrumian to root out, MtL 13^29.

unwyr- = unweor-

unwyre = unwiere

unymb-fangen, -fangenlic incomprehensible, GD.

unymbwendedlic unalterable, DR 164^16.

unymbwriten indescribable, GD 268^24.

un- = una-

ungian to trouble, EPs 34^15.

p [S 122] adv. 'up' (to a place), up stream, up country (inland): upwards. ltan p to put ashore. p forltan divide.

pberan^1 to bear up.

pblwan^7 to blow up, be in eruption (of a volcano), L 8^222.

pbrecan^4 to break out, break through, boil up,.

p-bregdan, -brdan^3 to lift up, raise up, exalt,CP.

pdelfan^3 to dig up.

pdn anv. to take up, exhume.

pfangnes f. reception, assumption, A 5464.

phf- = phaf-

phafenlce () adv. arrogantly, OEG 667.

phafennes f. exultation, presumption, arrogance, pride, CP: elevation,.

phafu lifting up, NC 331.

phebban^6 to lift up, raise up, exalt, , CP: rise in the air, fly.

phefedlce arrogantly, HGl 422^8.

p-hefednes (), -hefennes = phefennes [[headword spelled "phafennes"]]

phn^7 to hang up, .

pmlan? to come to light, appear, HGl 463 (v.OEG 4784).

prran to raise up, lift up, exalt, AO, CP: excite.

preccan to erect, raise, build, VPs.

prsan^1 to rise up, CP.

prisnes f. resurrection, EHy 14^6.

pspringan^3 to spring up, arise.

p-springnes, -sprungnes f. uprising, LPs 102^12.

pstandan^6 to stand up, rise up, emerge.

pstgan^1 to rise, ascend, , CP.

p-stgenes, -stgnes f. ascent, ascension, means of goingup.

pstreccan to uplift, CM 38.

pton^2,1 to draw up, bring up, rear: draw out, pull out, pluck up: lift up, place in an upright position,.

penian to elevate, lift up, CP.

p-weallan, -wallan^7 to well up, steam up, boil up,.

pwegan^5 to lift up, support, .

pwendan to turn upwards, raise, . pp. pwend supine, Gr.

pberan^4 to bear up.

pbeson^5 to look up.

pbrdan^3 to reproach with, upbraid, W 248^9.

pcuman^4 to come up, arise.

pcund from above, heavenly, CP.

pcyme m. rising, origin, source.

peard m. land above, heaven, Gu 1051.

pende m. upper end.

pengel m. heavenly angel.

pode pret. 3 sg. of pgn.

pfreld n? ascension, H 1444^1.

pfeax bald in front, WW 276^32.

pfgan to erect, CP.

pfran to go forth, spring forth, GPH 401.

pferian to carry up, to raise, Sc 130^7.

p-flogan (), -flon^2 to fly up.

pflring f. upper floor (of house), .

pflr fm., pflre f. upper chamber or story, garret,.

pflugon pret. pl. of pflogan.

pgn anv. to go up: make to go up, raise: rise (ofsun), Guth 148^41.

pgang m. rising, sunrise, : going up, approach, ascent: landing, going inland.

pganga m. landing, Ma 87.

pgeberan^4 to bear or carry up.

pgebrdan (W 249^3) = pbrdan

pgemynd n. contemplation of things above.

pgotan^2 to well up, Guth 131^199.

pgeton^2,1 to draw up.

pgodu np. the gods above, heathen gods, WW 497^25.

pgong = pgang

phafenes = phafennes

phafod n. upper end, KC 679^10.

phah uplifted, high, elevated: sublime, noble, upright.

pheald n. maintenance, KC 4232^5.

phebbe f. water-hen, coot, PPs 10 3^17.

phebbing f. uprising, LkL 8^8.

p-hefenes (VPs), -hefnes = phafennes

pheofon m. heaven above, sky.

phladan^6 to draw up, HGl 418.

phs n. upper room, WW 384^3.

pland n. country (as opposed to town).

plang upright, erect: tall.

plegen f. hair-pin, WW 223^16.

plendisc from the uplands, rural, from beyond the town, . [pland]

plic upper, supreme, lofty, sublime, heavenly, celestial, ,CP.

plyft fnm. upper air, ether, sky.

pnes f. height, LPs 10 3^3.

pniman^4 to raise up, EHy 3^8.

upon = uppan

upp = p

uppan (o^2) prep. (w. d. and a.) on, upon, up to, against: (time) on, after: in addition to. wiu. above. onu. against.

+uppan = +yppan

uppe I. adv. above, aloft, up, inland, CP. u.on upon. II. = yppe

uppe- = p-

uppian to rise up, swell, CP 277^7.

uppl- = pl-

uppon = uppan

prador = prodor [[under "proder"]]

prcan to reach up, Bl 223^10.

priht upright, erect, : face upwards, OEG 2157. adv. -rihte.

prine = pryne

procettan to belch up, EPs 118^171.

p-roder, -rodor m. upper heavens, ether, firmament.

pryne m. ascent, rising (of sun).

psittan^5 'residere,' Gr.

pspring m. rising up, origin, birth, : what springsup.

psprungennes f. eclipse, BH 240^20#b#.

upstge m. ascent, ascension, : staircase, GD 170^24.

pstgend m. one who mounts up, rider, DR; CHy 4^1.

pyddan to swell up, Guth 131^197.

pwg = pweg

pwstm m. stature, A 17113.

pware mp. inhabitants of heaven, WW 355^29.

pweallan^7 to boil up, AO.

pweard, pweardes adv. up, upwards: towards heaven.

pweg m. ascent, ascension.

pyrnan^3 (eo) to run up, grow, increase: rise.

pyrne = pryne

r m. bison, aurochs: name of the rune for u. [Ger. auer]

re I. possess. pron. 'our,' ours, AO, CP, G. II. gp. ofic.

relendisc of our country, Gr 93^17.

rigfeere dewy-winged.

riglst leaving a damp track, Wy 29.

rne asm. of re I.

urnen pp., urnon pret. pl. of iernan.

ron = rum dsmn. and dp. of re I.

s dap. of pers. pron. ic us.

ser I. poss. pron. gen. sses our. II. gp. ofic.

sic, sig, sih = s

sse = re

sser = ser

sses v. ser.

ssic = sic, s

sspung f. expectoration, WW 113^9. [t, spwung] [[headword spelled "spiwung"]]

ssum dsn. of ser.

t adv. 'out,' AO, Bo, G: without, outside.

ta- (N) = tan-

tberstan^3 to burst out, burst forth, CP.

tblwan^7 to blow out, breathe out.

tbrecan^4 to break out, .

tbrdan^3 to pluck out, take out or away.

tcnyssan to drive out, ERPs 35^13.

tacumen = tancumen

tacund extraneous, external, foreign, NG.

tacunda m. stranger, LkL 17^18.

tacymen = tancymen [[under "tancumen"]]

tdelfan^3 to dig out, Gr.

tdn anv. to do out, put out, .

tdrfan to drive out, expel, destroy, .

tdrfan^1 to drive out, disperse, dispel, LL.

tdrgan to dry out.

tmian () to breathe out, MFH 122^8.

tfaran^6 to come forth, go out, depart, CP.

tflon^2 to flee away.

tflwan = tflwan

tflman to drive out or away.

tfn^7 to take out, except.

t-gn anv., -gangan^7 to go out, go forth.

tgotan^2 to pour out, dispense.

thrcan to spit out.

tldan to lead out, LL, VPs.

tmr-an, -ian to drive out, expel, depopulate,BH.

utan = wuton

tan adv. from outside, An; Chr: on the outside, without, Bo, Gen. tan landes abroad, PPs 64^8. ['outen']

tanbordes adv. from abroad, CP 3^11.

tan-cumen, -cymen I. foreign, strange, AO; : belonging to another. ['outcome'] II. m. stranger, foreigner.

tane adv. from without, outwards, outside, externally, AO,CP.

tanlandes v. tan.

tanweard external, outside, WW. ['outward']

tndan to drive out, expel, RPs 43^3.

tscofan = tscfan

tsceotan^2 to sprout forth, burst forth, CP: to pierce out,AO.

tscfan^2 to drive out, thrust out, shut out.

tscyndan to drive out, .

tslan^6 to strike outwards, break out, CP.

tsldan^1 to slip out.

tspwan^4 to spew forth, vomit up, CP 447^17,19.

tstingan^3 to put out (eyes).

tton^2,1 to draw out, .

ttnan to exclude, VPs.

tringan^3 to press out.

tdan to thrust out, cast out, .

taweard (NG) = tanweard

tweorpan^3 to cast out, empty out.

tberstan = tberstan

tcumen = tancumen

tcwealm (a, ) m. utter destruction, extirpation, Cp 461#i#.

tcan to promulgate, announce, A 4166.

tdrf f. decree of expulsion, H 21^85.

tdrfan to drive out, expel.

tdrfere m. driver out, WW 172^46.

tdragan^6 to remove, LL 454[9].

tdrfan^1 to drive out or away, expel, scatter, disperse.

te adv. without, outside, abroad, BH; : out. ['oute']

temest = temest

ten = tan

tene = tane

ter == tor

tera, terra adj. (comp.) outer, exterior, external, AO, CP. superl. temest uttermost, utmost, extreme, last.

termere m. outer sea, open sea, Chr 897#a#.

teweard adj. external, outward, outside, extreme, last. as sb. outward part, exterior. on teweardan on the outside, outwardly.

tfr n. going out, .

tfreld n. exodus, going out, , AO.

tfaran^6 to go out.

tfaru f. going out, , RB. ['outfare']

tfran to go out, .

tflon^2 to flee out or away.

tflwan^7 to flow out, , CP: scatter, be dispersed, EHy 5^6.

tflman = tflman

tfr f. evacuation (from body), #Lcd#6a.

tforltan to cast out, , AO, CP.

tfs ready to start, B 33.

tgn anv. to go out, CP.

tgang m. going out, departure, exit, exodus: latter part, Guth, MtL, VPs: privy: dejecta, excrement, Lcd: 'anus.' ['outgang']

tgangan^7 = tgn

tgrsecg m. remotest sea, Creat 70.

tgefeoht n. external war, BH I, XXII.

tgegn = tgn

tgeldan = tldan

tgemre n. extreme or remotest limit.

tgenga m. exit, MtR 22^9.

tg (KGl) pres. 3 sg. of tgn.

tgong = tgang

thealf f. outer side, WW 153^45.

there m. foreign army, Chr.

thlap n. fine for letting a prisoner escape, TC.

tian to put out, expel, LL: alienate (property). ['out']

tirning (io) f. flux, MkL 5^25.

tld f. right of passage outwards by water, EC 344: bringing together (ofmaterial)? AS 2^7.

tldan to lead out, bring out, LL 54[8,1].

tldnes () f. 'abductio,' EHy 6^36.

tlnda = tlenda

tlndisc = tlendisc

tls f. out-pastures, KC 6214.

tlaga m. 'outlaw,' , W.

tlagian to 'outlaw,' banish, Chr.

tlagu? f. outlawry. [ON. tlagi]

tlah outlawed, Chr, LL.

tland n. foreign land, PPs: outlying land (granted to tenants), TC 502. ['outland']

tlec = tlic

tlednes = tldnes [[headword spelled "tldnes"]]

tlenda m. foreigner, stranger, alien, Gl.

tlende = tlendisc

tlendisc () I. strange, foreign, , Chr. II. m. foreigner, stranger. ['outlandish']

tloran to go out, pass, GD.

tlic from without, foreign, BH.

tmran to tell out, make known, proclaim, announce, A 4166.

t-mst, -mest = temest

tniman^4 to take out, redeem.

uton = wuton

ton = tan

tone = tane

tor (comp. of te) adv. beyond.

torlic (e^2) external, Kl 14^77.

trcan to reach out.

trsan to rush out, Chr.

tre = terre f. and n. of terra. [[under "tera"]]

trdan^1 to ride or go away, LL 210[8].

trine = tryne

t-roccettan, -roccian to belch out, EJPs.

tryne m. running away, issue, exit, outlet: what runs out.

tsang = htsang

tscotan^2 to abut on, EC 121: suffer to escape, aid the escape of, LL 194[6,1].

tscfan^2 to push out, shut out, exclude, .

tscyte m. outfall, outlet, exit, .

tscytling m. stranger, foreigner, Sc 200^4.

tsendan to send out.

t-siht, -sihte f. flux, diarrh[oe]a, , AO.

tsihtdl f. diarrh[oe]a, dysentery, Lcd.

tson^1 to issue out, AO 38^7.

ts m. going out, departure: death.

tspwung v. sspung.

utter, uttor = tor

uttermst = temest

utun = wuton

twpnedmann m. stranger, BH 354^25.

twrc m. dysentery? Lcd.

twald m. outlying wood, EC 289^17.

twaru f. foreign defence, LL.

tweallan^7 to well out, flow forth, A 4163.

tweard adj. outside of, going away, striving to get out.

tweardes adv. 'outwards,' CP.

tweorc = twrc

twcing m. sea-rover, Chr 1098.

tyrnende diuretic, purgative, diarrh[oe]ic.

tyrning (io^2) f. flux, MkL 5^25.

- intensitive prefix.

e pret. sg. of unnan.

gende = genge

genge fugitive, alien, fleeting, vanishing, departing.

mte huge, MH 76^1n.

on pret. pl. of unnan.

uta = wita

weot- = wit-

wita (eo^2, u^2) m. scholar, sage, philosopher, scribe, Pharisee,.

witelic = witlic

witian to study philosophy, Gr 146^2.

witlic philosophical, academical, WW.

wuta (NG) = wita

wyt- = wit-


w I. (see also wa) m. 'woe,' affliction, misery, evil, . II. interj. (occly. governsd.) woe! alas! CP. w l, w l w, wei l wei ah! oh! alas!

wc I. adj. weak, soft, feeble, effeminate, cowardly, timid, pliant, , CP: slender, frail: insignificant, mean, poor, : bad, vile. [Ger. weich] II. n. weakness, LL. III. pret. 3 sg. of wcan.

wac- = wc-

wacan^6 to awake, arise, be born, originate. [v.'wake']

waccor = wacor

wce weakly, slowly, negligently.

wacel = wacol

wacen (^1, ea^1, a^2, o^2, u^2) f. wakefulness: watching, vigil: division of the night, NG: incentive, DR 63^15 (a^2).

wacian (, e) to be awake, keep awake, watch, , CP. [v.'wake']

wcian to become weak, languish: () waver, be cowardly, flinch. [Ger. weichen]

waciende watching, vigilant.

wclic weakly, mean, vile, insignificant, trifling, . adv. -lce,.

wcmd n. faint-hearted, cowardly, CP: weak-minded, irresolute,.

wcmdnes f. weakness (of mind or body), cowardice,CP.

wcnes f. weakness, insignificance, .

wacnian = wcnan

wacol awake, vigilant, watchful, attentive, . adv. -lce,.

wacon = wacen

wacor watchful, vigilant, CP. adv. -lce, CP.

wacsan = wascan

wcscipe m. weakness, slackness: insignificance, contempt.

-wacu v. niht-w.

wacul = wacol

wd I. n. 'woad,' Gr; Mdf. II. (?) dragnet, OEG 61^15 (v.A 31528).

wad- v. wd.

wadan^6 to go, move, stride, advance: 'wade,' AO: (+) traverse, pervade.

wadom = waum

wdsd n. woad seed, LL 454[12].

wdspitl m. woad-dibble, LL 455[15].

wadung f. travelling, going, .

w (N, VPs) = w

warhrd = weargrd

wb, wbb == webb [[under "web"]]

wc- = wc-

wcan to weaken, oppress, trouble. [wc]

wccan () to watch: wake. [= wacian]

wcce f. 'watch,' vigil, wakefulness, ,CP.

wccen = wacen

wccende watchful, awake.

wccendlce watchfully, GD 242^14.

wccer = wacor

+wcednes f. weakness, H 2552^29.

wcen = wacen

wcg (Gl) = wecg

wcian = wacian

wcnan, wcnian [v. also wacan] to awake, come forth, spring from, arise, be born. ['waken']

wd n. [usu. pl.; wad- in obl. cases] ford, water, sea, ocean.

wd f. robe, dress, apparel, clothing, garment, covering: sail, ES 40326. ['weeds']

+wd n. ford, shallow. [wadan]

wd- = wd-

wdbrc fp. breeches, .

wdd = wedd

wde () n. = wd f.

wdelnes () f. poverty, CP.

wden = waden pp. of wadan.

wden of woad, bluish, OEG 7^372; 8^374. [wd]

wder = weder

wderp m. stay, halyard; pl. rigging, WW 515^15.

+wdian to clothe, dress, equip, furnish.

wdl (, ) f. poverty, CP: barrenness,AO.

wdla () poor, destitute. as sb. = beggar, poor man, ,CP.

wdle = wdl

wdlas without clothing.

wdlian to be poor, destitute, beg, .

wd-lig (), -ligend (GD) poor.

wdlnes = wdelnes

wdlung f. poverty, want, : begging, .

wdo = wd

wf pret. 3 sg. of wefan.

+wf = +wef

wfan to clothe, W 119^6.

wfels () mn. covering, mantle, cloak, dress, clothing, garment,.

wfergange f. spider, CPs 89^9. [wefan]

wfergeornnes (?) f. eagerness for sight-seeing, LL (wfereorn-).

wferhs n. amphitheatre, L 24^49. [wafian]

wferlic belonging to a theatre, theatrical, OEG62.

wfernes f. show, display, pomp, pageant, OEG 4465.

wfer-sn, -son = wfersn

wfersolor m. 'pulpitum,' OEG 3458.

wferstw (ea) f. theatre, Lcd.

wfersn (^3, o^3, ^3, e^3) f. spectacle, sight, show, display, . [wfian]

wflian to speak foolishly, v. NC 333.

wfon pret. pl. of wefan.

wfre unstable, unsteady, wavering, wandering, restless: flickering, expiring. [wafian]

wfs = wps

wf, wft f. show, spectacle.

wfung (Gl) = wafung

wg I. m. = weg. II. pret. 3 sg. of wegan.

wg (, ) I. m. motion: wave, billow, flood, sea. [wegan] II. () = wge. III. = wg. IV. = hwg

wgan = wegan

wgan () to trouble, afflict, CP: deceive, falsify, : (+) frustrate, Dom 115.

wgbora m. child of the waves? B 1440.

wgbord n. ship, vessel, Gen 1340.

wgdor n. sea-animal, Cr 988.

wgdropa m. water-drop, tear, Gu 1030.

wge I. f. weight, scales, balance, : 'wey' (ofcheese, wool, etc.): 'pensum,' burden. II. () n. cup, chalice.

+wge n. weight, measure.

wgel (WW 124^2) = pgel?

wgen == wgn

wgenxl = wgnexl [['wnes xl' under "wgn"]]

wgescalu = wgscalu

wgetunge f. tongue of a balance, WW 148^19.

wgfr n. sea-voyage, An 925.

wgft n. water-vessel, clouds, Rd 4^37.

wgfaru f. track in the sea, Ex 298.

wgflota m. (wave-floater), ship.

wghengest m. ship.

wgholm m. sea, ocean, B 217.

wglst = weglst [[variant of "weglast"?]]

wglend m. sea-farer, sailor.

wglende seafaring.

wgn (wgen, wn) m. carriage, 'wain,' 'waggon,' chariot, cart, vehicle. Carles wn; wnes xl the constellation of the Great Bear. [wegan]

-wgnan v. be-w.

wgnere (n) m. waggoner, WW.

wgnere m. enticer, WW 436^12. [wgnian]

wgnest = wegnest

wgn-fr (n) n., -faru f. chariot-journey.

wgngehrado (n) waggon-plank, WW 267^33.

wgngerefa (n) m. 'carpenturius,' waggon-master?WW.

wgngewde (n) n. waggon-cover, A 9264.

+wgnian to deceive: condemn, NC 297.

wgnscilling m. tax on waggons, TC 138.

wgntrow (n) n. log given to the carter of a load of wood, LL 453[21,4].

wgnol (n) cart-pin? WW 343^39.

wgnweg (n) m. cart-road, KC.

wgnwyrhta (n) m. 'carpentarius,' cart-wright,WW.

wgon pret. pl. of wegan.

wgpundern n. weighing-machine.

wgrp? m. wave-rope, wave-bond (ice), B 1611. [or? wlrp]

wgryft = wgrift

wgscalu f. scale of a balance, WW 437^19. [scealu; Ger. wagschale]

wgst n. sea-shore, Rd 23^2.

wgstram m. current, Ex 311.

wgsweord n. sword with wavy pattern.

wgel n. ship, vessel.

wgra f. peril of the sea, Gen 1490.

wgrat m. deluge, Gen 1352.

+wht pp. of +wcan and +wgan.

wl I. n. [nap. walu] slaughter, carnage, AO. w. +slan to slaughter: field of battle: (inpl.) dead bodies, AO. [wl; cp. Ger. walstatt] II. m. = wiell. III. = wel

wl m. whirlpool, eddy, pool, : ocean, sea, river, flood.

wl- = wel-

wl- = wal-

wla = wela

wlan to afflict, vex, torment, Gu, MtR.

wlbedd n. slaughter-bed.

wlbend f. death-bond, band of destruction, B 1936.

wlbenn f. deadly wound, Ex 491.

wlblat deadly-pale? B 2725.

wlceald deadly cold, Sol 468.

wlcasega m. carrion-picker (raven), Ex 164.

wlclomm m. deadly fetter, Gen 2128.

wlcrft m. deadly power, Rd 87^11.

wlcwealm m. violent death, Rd 2^8.

wl-cyrige, -cyrie f. (chooser of the slain), witch, sorceress. [Ger. Walkre]

wlda m. death in battle, violent death, B 695.

wldror n. blood of battle, battle-gore.

wlegian = weligian

wler = weler

wlfh f. deadly feud, B 2028.

wlfm m. deadly embrace, Ex 480.

wlfg blood-stained, B 1128.

wlfeall = wlfill

wlfel greedy for corpses, ghoulish, #El#53.

wlfeld m. battle-field, Chr 937.

wlfill m. slaughter, death, destruction.

wlfs awaiting death, B 2420.

wlfyll = wlfill

wlfyllo f. fill of slaughter, B 125.

wlfr n. deadly fire: funeral pyre.

wlgst m. murderous stranger.

wlgr m. deadly spear.

wlgenga m. sea-monster? OEG 5^41; 8^305.

wlgfre bloodthirsty, murderous.

wlgimm m. death-bringing gem? Rd 21^4.

wlgrdig flesh-eating, cannibal, An 135.

wlgrim fierce, violent, bloody, cruel: fateful, dire. adv. -lce,AO.

wlgrimnes f. cruelty, torture, GD.

wlgryre m. deadly horror, Ex 137.

wlhere m. army intent on slaughter.

wlhlem m. death-stroke, B 2969.

wlhlence f. coat of mail.

wlhrow (a^2) cruel, fierce, savage, bloodthirsty, CP. adv. -lce.

wlhrownes f. cruelty, ferocity, atrocity, slaughter, ,CP.

wlhwelp m. destroying hound, Rd 16^23.

wlig = welig

wlisc = welisc

wll = weall

wll- = wl-

wlla = willa II.

wllan (N) = willan

wlle (VPs) = wille

wlm == wielm

wlmist m. mist of death.

wlnett n. death-net, Ex 202.

wln m. deadly hostility, war.

wlnot m. fatal mark, baleful inscription.

wlpl m. deadly arrow, dart, Gu 1127.

wlrs m. deadly onslaught.

wlrst = wlrest

wlrw = wlhrow

wlrp? m. flood-fetter, (ice), B 1610?

wlraf n. spoil from the slain: act of spoiling the slain.

wlrc m. deadly reek, B 2661.

wlregn (ll) m. deluge, Gen 1350.

wlrow = wlhrow

wlrest (^2) f. bed of slaughter, grave.

wlrn f. mystery of carnage? war-song? #El#28.

wlsc = welisc

wlsceaft m. deadly spear, B 398.

wlscel n? carnage, Jud 313.

wlseax n. dagger, B 2703.

wlsliht (ea, i, y) m. slaughter, carnage, Chr: () combat.

wlslihta m. murderer, slayer, GD 254^22.

wlsltende corpse-biting, W 187^14: deadly-biting, W 241^12.

wlspere n. deadly spear, Ma 322; Lcd 175b.

wlsteng m. spear-shaft, B 1638.

wlstw f. place of slaughter, battle-field, AO. gan wlstwe geweald to obtain possession of the battle-field, conquer.

wlstrl mf. deadly shaft, Gu 1260.

wlstram m. deadly flood, Gen 1301.

wlsweng m. deadly thrust, Gen 987.

wlt part of thigh, sinew, LL 7[68]. [weald]

wltan (wv. in NG) = wealtan

wlwang m. field of the slain, An 1227.

wlweg (Seaf 63) = hwlweg

wlwulf m. warrior, cannibal.

wlwyrt = walwyrt [[headword spelled "wealwyrt"]]

wm = (1) wamm; (2) hwamm

wm- = wem-

wmbede having a great belly, WW 161^22. [wamb]

wmman = wemman

wmn (LWS) = wpen

wmnian = wpnian

wmst- = wstm-

wn = wenn

wn- = wen-

wn == wgn

wnan = wnan

wnes = (1) wcnes; (2) whnes

wng = wang

wnge = wange

wnunga = wnunga

wpan = wpan

wpen n. (nap. wp(e)n, wp(e)nu) 'weapon,' sword; pl. arms, , AO, CP: membrum virile.

wpenbora m. weapon-bearer, warrior, knight, .

wpend, wpened = wpned

wpen(ge)tc n. 'wapentake' (subdivision of a riding), LL. [cp. ON. vpnatak]

wpengerc n. encounter of spears? DR 168^3.

wpengewrixl(e) n. hostile encounter.

wpenhd = wpnedhd

wpenhete m. armed hate, Ap 80.

wpenhs n. armoury, WW 348^13.

wpenlas unarmed, .

wpenlic male, WW.

wpenstrl fm. arrow, PPs 56^5.

wpentc = wpengetc

wpenracu f. storm of weapons.

wpenrge weapon, equipment? CrA 61?

wpenwfestre = wpnedwfestre

wpenwiga m. armed warrior, Rd 15^1.

wpmann () = wpnedmann

wpn == wpen

wpnahs = wpenhs

wpned I. adj. male, AO. II. m. male person.

wpnedbearn n. male child, BH 76^8.

wpnedcild n. male child, .

wpnedcynn n. male species, .

wpnedhd m. male sex, : sexual power, GD 26^30.

wpnedhand f. male line, TC 491^32.

wpnedhealf f. male line, TC 491^16.

wpnedmann m. male, man, AO.

wpnedwfestre f. hermaphrodite, WW.

wpnian to arm, , CP.

wpnmann = wpnedmann

+wpnu np. arms, LPs 45^10.

wpnung f. armour, : (+) army.

wps m. 'wasp,' . [L. vespa]

wr I. (napm. ware) wary, cautious, , CP: (w.g.) aware of: ready, prepared, attentive. II. n. sea, ocean. [ON. verr] III. = wer. IV. = wearr

wr I. adj. true, correct, Gen 681. II. f. faith, fidelity: keeping, protection: agreement, treaty, compact, pledge, covenant: bond (offriendship).

+wr wg. 'aware' (of), watchful, on one's guard, Chr 1095.

wr- = war-, wear-, wer-, wier-, wyr-

wran = werian

wrc (wrc) m. pain, suffering, anguish (A; often confused with WS. weorc. v.JAW52).

wrcan to be in pain.

wrcsr (e) n. pain, MkR 13^8.

wre = wer II.

wre I. = wr II. II. pret. 2 sg. of wesan.

wrfst (e^2) covenant-keeping, honourable, faithful, trusty.

wrg = wrig

wrgapnes f. argument, WW 192^1.

wr-genga, -ganga (^1) wm. one seeking protection, stranger (or?= wer-).

wrigian = wrgian

+wrlcan to warm, .

wrlan to go, pass by, DR, NG.

wrlas incautious, careless.

wrlas faithless, perfidious.

wrlic I. careful, wary, cautious, circumspect, CP. adv. -lce, . II. = werlic

wrlce adv. truly, Gen 652?

wrlicnes f. wariness, caution, HL 13^263.

wrloga m. troth-breaker, traitor, liar, devil. ['warlock'; logan]

wrlot n. craftiness, cunning, deceit, WW 354^31.

wrna = wrenna

wrnes I. f. wariness, caution. II. = weargnes

wron pret. pl. of wesan.

wrsagol cautious in speech, W 72^17.

wrscipe m. cunning, caution, prudence, AO, CP.

wrstlic = wrstlic

wrword n. word of warning, WW.

wrwyrde cautious in speech, FT 57.

ws pret. 1, 3 sg. of wesan.

wsc f. ablution, washing, A 13441.

+wsc n. only in wtera +w. 'alluvium,' WW 179^35.

-wsce v. scap-w.

wscen = wascen pp. of wascan.

wscere m. washer.

wscern n. washing-place, WW 185^2.

wscestre I. f. washer, house-keeper, 'presbytera,' GD 276. II. m. dyer, GD 191^23.

wschs n. washing-place.

wscing m. washing, ablution, Ct.

wsend = wsend

-wsma v. here-w.

wsp = wps

wst == west

wst- = wst-

wstling m. sheet, blanket, Gl.

wstm (e) mn. (nap. wst-mas, -me) growth, increase: plant, produce, offspring, fruit, , CP: result, benefit, product: interest, usury: abundance: stature, form, figure. [weaxan]

wstmaseten f. planting, Mt 5^13.

wstmbre fruitful, , CP.

+wstmbrian to be or make fruitful, WW.

wstmbrnes f. fruitfulness, fertility, .

wstmbro f. fruitfulness, AO 58^20.

wstmborennes = wstmbrnes

wstmberende fertile, AO.

wstmberendnes f. fruitfulness, fertility, BH 74^30#b#.

wstme f. = wstm

wstmfst fruitful, ANS 122^247.

wstmian to grow, increase, bear fruit.

wstmlas fruitless, unfruitful, .

wstmlic fruitful, DR 18^13.

wstmsceatt m. interest, usury.

wsm = wstm

wt (, ) I. adj. 'wet,' moist, AO. II. n. liquid, drink, . t andw. food and drink,.

wta m. wetness, moisture, humours, fluid, water, , CP: drink,.

wtan to wet, moisten, water, Gr.

wte f. = wta m.

wter (e) n. (gs. wtres, wteres) 'water,' , CP; Mdf: sea.

wterdl f. dropsy, Lcd.

wter-dre, -ddre f. spring of water, source, .

wterlfdl f. a disease, Lcd.

wterlfen f. water-elf, WW 457^8.

wter-berend (OEG 871), -berere (WW) m. water-bearer, sutler, camp-follower.

wterbh m. succulent shoot, sprig, WW 149^25.

wterbolla m. dropsy, Lcd.

wterbora m. water-bearer.

wterbrga m. frightful flood.

wterbc m. water-vessel, water-pot, pitcher, .

wterbucca m. water-spider, WW 122^4.

wterburne f. water-stream, DD 3.

wterbyden f. bucket, cask, WW 503^14.

wtercl m. towel, RB 59^7.

wtercrg m. water-pot, WW 484^28.

wtercrce f. water-pot, Cp 283#u#.

wterdrinc m. a drink of water, NC 331.

wter-egsa, -egesa m. water-terror.

wterelfen = wterlfen

wterfsten n. water-fastness, place protected by water, Chr 894#a#.

wter-ft n., nap. -fatu water-pot, flagon, .

wterflaxe f. water-pitcher, Mk 14^13. [v.'flask']

wterfld m. water-flood, inundation, deluge, ,AO.

wterfrocga m. water frog, NC 331.

wterful dropsical, WW.

wterfyrhtnes f. hydrophobia, WW 112^24.

wtergt f. water spider, WW 122^4.

wtergebld n. watery pustule? Lcd 162b.

wtergefeall n. waterfall, CC 116.

wtergeld n. conduit, WW 339^4.

wtergelt n. aqueduct, WW 211^13.

wtergesceaft f. nature of water, GD 220^17.

wtergewsc n. 'alluvium,' WW 187^1.

wtergrund m. sea-bottom, depth, PPs 106^23.

wtergyte m. 'Aquarius' (sign of the Zodiac), Lcd 3246^4.

wterhfern m. crab, Lcd 16b.

wterhlgung f. consecration of water, DR 117^1.

wterhelm m. covering of ice, GnE 74?

wterian to water, moisten, irrigate, , CP: lead (cattle) to water,.

wterig watery, watered, .

wterisc (e) watery, moist.

wterlas waterless, .

wterlast f. want of water, HL 9177.

wterlic aquatic, GPH 394.

wtermle (^3) m. bowl, basin, Gr.

wterndre f. water-snake, WW.

wterordl n. water-ordeal, LL 388[2].

wterpund n. 'norma, libella aquatica,' WW 150^37.

wterpytt m. water-pit, well, .

wterre? f. conduit (v. OEG 1714n).

wterscat m. napkin, towel, WW 127^3.

wter-scipe (, CP), -scype m. sheet of water, waters: conduit.

wterscte f. towel, napkin, .

wtersa m. water-pit, cistern.

wtersoc dropsical, .

wtersocnes f. dropsy, .

wterspryng m. water-spring, Da 386.

wtersteall m. standing water, pond.

wterstefn f. voice of waters, PPs 92^4.

wterstoppa m. bucket, GD 11^22.

wterstram m. river.

wtertge m. canal, aqueduct, HGl 418^50.

wterote f. conduit, flood-gate, torrent, cataract,.

wter-sa, -issa m. (water-traverser) whale, Whale 50: ship, Gu 1303.

wterrh f. water-pipe, conduit, Gl.

wterr f. rush of waters, PPs 106^22.

wterung f. watering, providing with water, .

wterwdlnes f. dearth of water, L 23b^538.

wterweg m. watercourse.

wterwrte f. 'clepsydra,' water-clock, WW 378^39.

wterwyll m. spring of water, fountain, LL 312[5,1].

wterwyrt f. water star-wort.

wter f. billow, B 2242.

wtian to be wet, WW 447^1.

wtig (GPH 389) = ptig [[headword spelled "ptig"]]

wtla m. swathe, bandage, Lcd 78a.

wtnes f. moisture, LkL 8^6 ().

wtrian = wterian

wtter (N) = wter

wtung f. wetting, moisture, Lcd.

w n. ford, Chr 1073#d#. [ON. va]

-wa v. here-w.

wan to wander, roam about: hunt. [w]

weburne f. fishing stream? BC (Mdf).

welnes = wdelnes

wl = wdl

wwrlic good? A 8335^30. adv. (e, y) -lce successfully? A 8298; W 169^1.

wx (N) == weax

wx = wox pret. 3 sg. of weaxan.

wx pres. 3 sg. of wascan.

wafian to 'wave,' .

wfian to be agitated, astonished, amazed, gaze at, wonder at, admire, : hesitate.

wfiende 'theatralis,' 'visibilis,' OEG 233.

waforlic = wferlic

wafung (, e) f. spectacle, display, pageantry, sight, : astonishment, amazement, . [wafian]

wafungstede m. place for shows, theatre, WW.

wafungstw f. place for shows, theatre, Lcd 3206^16.

wg I. () m. wall, , AO, CP. [Goth. waddjus] II. = wgI.

wghrgel n. tapestry, vail, NG.

wagian to move, shake, swing, totter, . ['wag'; wegan]

wagn = wgn

wgon = wgon pret. pl. of wegan.

wgrift (e, y) n. wall-hanging, tapestry, vail, curtain.

wgeorl doorway? LPs 61^4. [yrel]

wgyling (wh-) f. wainscoting, WW 147^31. [wg, ille]

wagung f. moving, shaking, Lcd.

wh == wg

whmelu n. fine meal, Lcd 101b. [OHG. whi]

wahsan = wascan

wal = wl I.

wal- = wl-, weal-

wala (N) = wela I.

wl! wlw! interj. (w. g.) oh! alas! wo! ['wellaway';w]

walan v. walu I.

Wlas = Walas

walc- = wealc-

wal-crigge, -cyrge = wlcyrige

walcspinl (o^1) f. curling-iron, crisping-pin, WW 198^1; OEG 26^70.

wald (N, VPs) == weald

walde (CP 443^11) = wolde

waldmora = walmora

Wle (= a) f. Welshwoman, female slave, Rd.

waler (DR) = weler

walh == wealh

wlic woful, lamentable, Sat 100.

wall (VPs) == weall

walla (R) = pres. pl. of wllan = willan

walm (N) = wielm

walu I. f. ridge, bank, Ct: rib, comb (ofhelmet), B 1031. II. f? m? weal, mark of a blow, OEG. III. v.wlI.

wlwyrt = walwyrt [[headword spelled "wealwyrt"]]

wam = wamm

wamb (o) f. belly, stomach, , CP, VPs: 'womb': hollow? KC 352.

wambdl f. stomach-ache, Lcd 81a.

wambhord n. contents of the belly, Rd 18^10.

wambscyldig? gluttonous? v. NC 331.

wambsoc having pain in the stomach, Lcd.

wamcwide (o) shameful speech, curse, blasphemy.

wamdd (o) f. deed of shame, crime.

wamfreht (o) n. sinful divination, WW.

wamful impure, shameful, sinful, bad.

wamlust m. allurement, enticement, A 1328; OEG 7^37.

wamm (o) I. mn. stain, spot, disgrace, defect, defilement, sin, evil, crime: injury, loss, hurt, misfortune. II. adj. shameful, bad.

wamsceaa (o) m. sin-stained, foe, devil.

wamscyldig sinful, criminal, Gen 949 (o).

wamwlite (o) m. wound in the face, LL.

wamwyrcende (o) worker of sin, Cr 1093.

wan I. (once +; o) (usu. indecl. and used predicatively) wanting, deficient, lacking, absent, CP. nes wan e ritig or nes wana rittigum twenty-nine. II. pret. 3 sg. of winnan. III. = wann

wana m. lack, want, deficiency, . w. bon to lack, fail.

wanht (o) f. want, poverty, Hy 4^102.

wananbam m. spindle-tree, Gl.

wancol (e) unstable, unsteady, tottering, vacillating, weak. Bo.

wand I. pret. 3 sg. of windan. II. f? mole (animal), Gl.

+wand n. shamefastness, RB 68^8: hesitation, scruple. [windan]

wandeweorpe f. mole (animal), (u^3).

wandian (o) to hesitate, flinch, desist from, omit, neglect, , CP: fear, stand in awe, : have regard to, care for. [windan]

wandlung f. changeableness, Bo 15^27.

-wandodlce v. unfor-w.

wandrian to 'wander,' roam, fly round, hover, CP: change: stray, err.

wandung f. feeling of respect, NC 332.

wand-wurp, -wyrp = wandeweorpe

wanfh (o) dark-hued, Rd 53^6.

wanfeax (o) dark haired, Rd 13^8.

wanfta m. pelican, WW 287^10.

wanfr (o) n. lurid flame, Cr 966.

wang I. (o) n. plain, mead, field, place: world. II. m. = wange

wangbeard m. whisker, Lcd 73a.

wange (e, o) n. jaw, cheek. [Ger. wange]

wangere m. pillow, bolster.

wangstede m. place, locality.

wangt m. molar, grinder.

wangturf f. meadow-turf, Lcd 1400^7.

wanhf- = wanhaf-

+wanhlan to weaken, .

wanhl f. weakness, sickness, Sc 54^19.

wanhw (o) bluish, WW 376^23.

wanhafa m. poor man, SPs 85^1.

wanhafol needy, .

wan-hafolnes, -haf(e)nes () f. want, hunger.

wanhl unsound, weak, ill, sick, maimed, , CP.

+wanhlian to make weak, HL 12^51.

wanhlnes f. weakness, ill-health.

wanhlte having no share in, free from, WW 398^33

wanhoga m. thoughtless one, fool.

wan-hygd, -hd f. carelessness, recklessness, daring.

wanhygdig (hdig) careless, rash.

wanian to diminish (tr.), lessen, curtail, injure, impair, take from, , AO: infringe, annul: diminish (intr.), dwindle, decline, fade, decay, , CP: 'wane' (moon).

wnian to complain, bewail, lament, bemoan, AO. [Ger. weinen]

wan-iendlic, -gendlic diminutive, Gr.

wann I. (o) dark, dusky, lurid. ['wan'] II. pret. 3 sg. of winnan.

wannhl = wanhl

wannian to become dark-coloured, turn black, NC 332: become discoloured? P 178^11.

wanniht wan, pale, livid, WW 431^21.

wanslig unhappy.

wansceaft f. misery, misfortune.

wansceaf-ta m. (or -te f.) a disease, Lcd.

wanscrd poorly clad, H 500^17.

wansoc 'commitialis'? v. OEG 4937.

wansian to diminish, Chr 656#e#.

wanspd f. poverty, want, AO.

wanspdig poor, indigent, .

wanung (o) f. waning, decrease, deprivation, diminution, loss, injury, weakening,.

wnung f. howling, lamentation, .

wanwegende waning (moon), Lcd.

wpe napkin, towel? IM 122^23.

wapelian, wapolian to bubble, froth, exhale, emit, pour forth.

wapul m? bubble, froth, WW.

war = wearr

wr I. n. sea-weed, Gl: sand. II. = wr

wara, gs. of waru.

-waran v. burg-, ceaster-, eor-w.

waras (N) = weras nap. of wer I.

-waras v. burg-, eor-w. [[under "eorwaran"]]

wara = waro

ward = (1) weard; (2) wear (weoran)

-ware v. burg-, eor-, ceaster-w. [[under "ceasterwaran"]]

waren- = warn-

warht = worht

warian to beware: () guard, protect, defend: warn, CP: () hold, possess, attend: () inhabit. [wr]

wrig weedy, dirty, GnE 99.

wriht full of sea-weed, Gl.

waritro = weargtrow

warnian (ea, are) () to 'warn,' caution, : () take warning, take heed, guard oneself against, , CP: deny (oneself, etc.). [wearn]

warnung (ea) f. 'warning': foresight, caution. [Ger. warnung]

waro (a^1, ea^1, e^1, a^2, e^2, u^2) n. shore, strand, beach.

wro n. alga, sea-weed, Rd 41^49.

warofaru m. surf, An 197.

warogewinn (u^2) n. surf, An 439.

warp = wearp I.

warr = wearr

warscipe = wrscipe

war I. (N) = waro. II. (N) = wear pret. 3 sg. of weoran.

waru I. f. 'ware,' article of merchandise, . II. f. shelter, protection, care, custody, guard, defence, vindication, ,AO.

-waru v. burg-, ciric-, eor-w. [[under "eorwaran"]]

waru = waro

wru = wro

was = ws

-wsa v. wudu-w.

wascan^6 (; acs, a(c)x) to 'wash,' bathe, lave: envelop, B 3115 (or?= weaxan).

wase (v. OEG 1818) f. mire, marsh.

[[Entry in first edition: wse f. ooze, mud, dirt, filth, mire, marsh, moor, water meadow, foreshore. [Ger. wiese] ]]

wsend () m. 'weasand,' windpipe, gullet.

wasescite f. cuttlefish, WW 181^7. [wase, scotan]

wst pres. 2 sg. of witan.

wt I. pres. 3 sg. of witan. II. pret. 3 sg. of wtan. III. = wt

watel (o^2, u^2) m. 'wattle,' hurdle, covering: (pl.) thatching.

water = wter

watol = watel

watr- = wtr-, wter-

watul = watel

w f. wandering, journey: pursuit, hunt, hunting, chase.

waema = wauma [[under "waum"]]

wol wandering? or m. full moon? #Fin#8?

wa-um, -uma m. wave, flood, stream, sea.

wwa = wa

wwan^7 to blow (of wind), Rd 41^81.

waxan = (1) wascan; (2) weaxan

waxgeorn = weaxgeorn

we () pron. (1st pers. plur.) g. ser, d. s, acc. s(ic) 'we.'

wa m. misfortune, evil, harm, trouble: grief, woe, misery: sin, wickedness.

weacen = wcen

wacwnian to lament, Sat 320.

wadd f. evil deed.

wadhc (Ep 887) = wodhc

weadu (K) = wudu

wafod = wofod

weag = weg

wages m. companion in trouble.

weagian = wagian

weahte pret. 3 sg. of weccan.

weahxan = weaxan

weal = (1) weall; (2) wl

wal == wealh

weal- = weall-, wel-

walf f. wretched remnant.

waland = walland

Walas (pl. of wealh) the Welsh: Wales. West W(a)las West-Welsh, Cornish.

+wealc n. rolling, tossing motion: attack, Chr 1100.

wealca (a) m. billow, rolling wave: light floating garment.

wealcan^7 () to move round, revolve, roll, toss, CP: fluctuate: revolve in one's mind, discuss, scheme, reflect, , CP: wrap round, twist, curl; OEG: (+) traverse. ['walk']

wealcere m. fuller, WW 407^29.

wealcian (a) to curl, roll up, OEG.

wealcol mobile, not firmly fixed, GPH 399^441.

wealcspinl (a, o) f. crisping-pin, OEG, WW.

Walcynn n. the Welsh kin, EC 146^24.

weald I. (a) m. weald, forest, wood, grove, AO: bushes, foliage, Gen 846. ['wold'] II. m. power, AO (usu. +). III. powerful, RB 117^5. IV. conj. perhaps, possibly, haply, lest,.

+weald n. might, power: control, command, dominion. his gewealdes of his own accord, intentionally: protection: subjection: groin: muscles of the neck? LL 88[77].

wealdan^7 (a) w. g. d. (instr.) and a. to rule, control, determine, direct, command, govern, possess, AO, CP: wield (aweapon), exercise: cause, bring about,CP.

wealdbre n. place affording mast for swine, EC 60^23.

+wealden I. adj. subject (to), easily controlled: inconsiderable, small. II. adv. moderately.

wealdend (a) I. m. leader, controller, ruler, lord, king (often of God). II. f. female ruler.

wealdende ruling, powerful.

Wealdendfder m. Heavenly Father.

+wealdendlce powerfully, PPs 135^16.

wealdendras late nap. of wealdend.

+wealdenmd self-controlled, Cra 70.

wealdes (usu. +) of one's own accord, CP 198^22.

wealdgenga m. robber, thief, .

wealdleer n. rein, bridle, .

wealdmoru = walmoru [[redirected to "wealhmoru"]]

wealdnes (a) f. rule, VPs 144^13.

wealdswau f. forest-track, B 1403 (a^1).

wealdung f. government, rule.

weale = wale [[form of "walu"?]]

wales v. wealh.

wealfsten = weallfsten

wealg nauseous, CP 447^18.

wealgat = weallgeat

wealh (a) m. (gs. wales) foreigner, stranger, slave: Briton, Welshman.

wealht boiling hot, red-hot, Lcd 96a.

wealhbaso f. foreign red, vermilion, Gl.

Wealhcynn n. men of Wales, Britons.

wealhen = welen

wealhfreld (a) n. a force which patrolled the Welsh border? KC 260^27.

wealh-gefra, -gerfa m. commander of the 'wealhfreld,' Chr 897#a#.

wealhhfoc m. foreign hawk, falcon.

wealhhnutu (a) f. (foreign nut), 'walnut,' WW 452^34.

wealhisc = welisc

wealh-moru, -more (a^1) f., -mora m. carrot, parsnip.

wealhstd m. interpreter, translator, , CP: mediator,CP.

Wealhod f. Welsh nation, LL.

wealhwyrt = walwyrt [[headword spelled "wealwyrt"]]

wealian to be defiant? L 12^48.

walic woeful, sorrowful, Wy 12.

weall I. (a, ) m. 'wall,' dike, earthwork, rampart, dam, , AO, CP; Mdf: () rocky shore, cliff. [L. vallum] II. = wl. III. = wiell

weallan^7 () to be agitated, rage, toss, well, bubble, seethe, foam, be hot, boil, , AO, CP: swarm: flow, . pw. to rise (ofa river), AO. [Ger. wallen]

walland n. foreign country, Gen 2706 (weal-): Normandy, Chr 1040#e#. [wealh]

Wallas = Walas

weallclif n. sea-cliff, B 3132.

wealldc f. a walled ditch? KC 5346^19.

wealldor n. door in a wall, Cr 328.

wealle f. star-wort.

+wealled = +weallod

weallende boiling, fervid, ardent, energetic, fiery.

weallfsten n. walled place, rampart, fortification, fortress.

weallgeat n. rampart-gate, postern.

weallgebrec n. wall-breaking, act of making a breach, AO 134^30.

weallgeweorc n. building of a wall, destruction of walls, Gr 12^5.

weallian to go abroad, travel, wander: go as pilgrim.

weallm m. cement, mortar, (Gen 11^3).

wallisc = welisc

+weallod walled, .

weallstn m. stone used in building.

weallsteall m. wall-place, foundation? #Wa#88.

weallstap steep as a wall, Gen.

weallstilling (y^2) m. repair of walls.

weallstw = wlstw

weallrd (a^1) m. plumb-line, WW 522^27.

weallung (a, y) f. agitation, fervour, zeal.

weallwala m. part of a house-wall? foundation? #Ruin#21.

weallweg (a^1) m. walled road? Ct.

weallwyrhta m. mason, Gl.

weallwyrt = wealwyrt

wal-mora, -more = wealhmoru

wealnes (CPs) = wealdnes

wealowian = wealwian

wealsda m. cord (for binding slaves)? PPs 139^5. [wealh]

wealstilling (y^2) = weallstilling

wealstd = wealhstd

wealt I. shaky, unsteady. II. = wielt pres. 3 sg. of wealdan.

wealtan ? to turn about, roll, reel, stagger. [[from first edition]]

wealweorc n. masonry, .

wealwian (a, y) to roll (intr.), 'wallow,' CP: roll (tr.): dry up, shrivel, wither, decay.

wealwyrt (a, ) f. dwarf elder, endive. [wealh]

wamt, wamtto f. passion, anger, .

wamd ill-humoured, angry, CP.

wamdnes f. anger, passion, impatience, , CP.

weaps = wps

wear = (1) wearr; (2) hwer

wear- = wr-

wearas = weras npl. of wer.

wearc = wrc

weard I. fm. watching, 'ward,' protection, guardianship, AO, CP: advance post, AO: waiting for, lurking, ambuscade. II. m. keeper, watchman, guard, guardian, protector, AO: () lord, king: () possessor. III. adv. towards, to. wi...weard towards. IV. = wear. V. 'sandix,' v.A 30249.

weardian to watch, guard, keep, protect, preserve: hold, possess, occupy, inhabit. lstw. keep the track of, follow closely. swaew. remain behind. legerw. keep one's bed.

weardmann m. watchman, guard, patrol, .

weardseld, weardsetl () n. guardhouse, watch-tower.

weardsteall m. watch-tower, WW.

weardwte n. penalty for not keeping guard, TC 411^31.

wearf I. (EC 202) = wearp pret. 3 sg. of weorpan. II. = hwearf

wearg (e) I. m. (wolf), accursed one, outlaw, felon, criminal, . II. (-erig, -yrig) adj. wicked, cursed, wretched. [ON. vargr]

weargberende villainous, WW 407^27.

weargbrde (-geb-) f. a warty eruption, impetigo, stye in the eye, tetter, ringworm, mole, freckle. [wearr]

weargnes (, e, y) f. evil, malice, cunning.

weargrd f. scaffold, gallows, Gl.

weargtreafu (rht) np. home of the damned, hell, El 927.

weargtrow (ari-) n. gallows, Ct.

weargung (e) f. misery, EPs 87^19.

wearh I. == wearg. II. = wearr

wariht = wearriht [[under "wearrig"]]

wearm 'warm,' , CP. adv. -e.

wearmelle = wurmille

wearmian (eo, y) to become warm, , CP.

wearmlic warm, Da 350.

wearmnes f. warmth, L 11^160.

wearn I. f. reluctance, repugnance, refusal, denial, CP: resistance: reproaches, abuse. [waru] II. = worn

wearn- = warn-, wearrn-

wearnmlum () adv. in troops, WW 25^1. [worn]

wearnwslce av. obstinately, WW.

wearod, wearo = waro

wearp I. (a) m. 'warp,' threads stretched lengthwise in a loom: twig, osier. [weorpan] II. pret. 3 sg. of weorpan.

wearpft n. basket, WW.

wearr (a, , eo) m. wart, callosity, .

wearrig (), wearriht warty, knotty.

wearrihtnes f. knottiness, roughness (of skin), Gl.

wearrnes (wearn-) f. knottiness.

weart, wearte (a, e) f. 'wart.'

weartere () m. occupier, dweller, Chr 565. [weard]

wear I. n. = weor. II. pret. 3 sg. of weoran. III. = waro

wear- = weor-

was adv. by chance, accidentally, CP. mid w. by chance.

weasc- = wsc-

wasgelimp n. a chance occurrence, WW 410^10.

waspell n. evil tidings, B 1315.

weastern (Chr 1015) = western [[form of "westerne"?]]

weastm = wstm

watcen n. sign of grief.

waearf f. woful need, Wif 10.

weax (e) n. 'wax,' AO.

weaxppel m. ball of wax.

weaxan (e) I. sv^7 to 'wax,' grow, be fruitful, increase, become powerful, , AO, CP. II. = wascan

weaxberende m. candle-bearer, acolyte, DR 195^8 (io^2).

weaxbred (e) n. writing-tablet, : diagram, list, A 8332.

weaxcandel (e^1, o^2) f. wax candle.

weaxen pp. of weaxan.

weaxgeorn (a) desirous of increase, very greedy, WW 102^13.

weaxgesceot n. payment made in wax, W 171^1.

weaxhlf m. wax tablet, Lcd.

weaxhlfsealf f. wax salve, Lcd 92b.

weaxnes f. increase, growth.

weaxscot = weaxgesceot

weaxsealf (e) f. wax salve.

weaxung f. growth, increase.

web, webb n. 'web,' weft: woven work, tapestry, . [wefan]

webba m. weaver, EC, WW.

webbam m. weaver's beam, WW.

webbestre f. female weaver, WW 188^11.

webbgeweorc n. weaving, HL, MH.

webbian to weave, contrive.

webbung (hw) f. plotting, conspiracy, OEG 2975: 'scena' (= wfung? v.OEG 2920).

webgerru np. weaver's implement? WW 294^16.

webgerod n. weaver's implement, Cp 1988.

webhc m. weaver's comb, reed? WW.

weblic pertaining to a weaver, Gl.

websceaft m. weaver's beam, WW 293^39.

webtg () f. weaving-thread, OET 615. [tag]

webtwa m. thread, line, WW 433^8.

wbung (Cp 180#s#) = wfung [[headword spelled "wafung"]]

webwyrhta m. fuller.

wecca = weoca [[form of "weoce"?]]

weccan () to awaken, arouse, CP: call up, bring forth, produce: recall: exhort, encourage: move, set in motion: kindle. [wacan]

weccend m. instigator, GPH 393.

wce = wc I.

wecedrenc m. emetic, Lcd.

wecg m. 'wedge': mass of metal, lump, : piece of money,.

wecgan to move, agitate, drive hither and thither: be moved.

wecian (VPs) = wacian

wecnian = wcnian [[under "wcnan"]]

wed = wedd

wd == wd

+wd I. n. fury, rage, madness. [wd] II. 'obliquus, distortus,' ZDA 319^168. [wh]

wdan () to be mad, rage, , AO, CP. [wd]

wd-beorge, -berge = wdeberge

wedbrice = wedbryce

wedbror m. pledged brother (in a brotherhood of compact, not of blood), Chr. [wedd]

wedbryce m. breach of agreement, treachery.

wedd n. pledge, agreement, covenant, security, , AO, CP: dowry,WW.

weddian engage, pledge oneself, covenant, promise, vow: give to wife, betroth: 'wed,' marry.

weddung f. pledging, betrothal, Nic 474^33.

wde I. raging, mad. [wd] II. (A) = wde

+wde n. fury, rage, madness, . [wd]

wdeberge f. hellebore.

wdehund m. mad dog, Lcd, Met.

wdelnes (VPs) = welnes

wden (MF 178) = wden

wdendsoc mad, GD 135n; 223.

wdenheort I. mad, insane, WW. II. n. madness.

wdenheortnes f. madness, frenzy, CP.

weder I. n. 'weather,' air, AO: sky, firmament: breeze, storm, tempest. II. = weer

+weder = +wider

wederblc bleached by the weather, A 8449.

wederburg f. exposed town, An 1699.

wedercandel f. sun, Ph 187.

wederdg m. day of fine weather, Az 96.

wederfest weather-bound, Chr 1046#e#.

wederian to exhibit a change of weather.

wedertcen n. sun, Gu 1267.

+wederu np. weather. [OHG. giwitiri]

wederung () f. (bad) weather, Chr 1085.

wederwolcen n. cloud, Ex 75.

wedewe = wuduwe

+wedfstan (wet-) to betroth, Cp 635#s#.

wding f. madness, GD 164^27; WW 409^38.

wdl- = wdl-

wedlc n. pledge, plighted troth, 'wedlock'.

wedloga m. violator of agreement, traitor. [logan]

+wef n. woof, web.

wf- = wf-, wf-, wof-

wefan^5 (eo) () to 'weave,' : devise, contrive, arrange.

wefl I. f. woof, warp, Gl: an implement for weaving. II. = wifel

weft, wefta m. weft, WW.

weg I. () m. 'way,' direction, , AO: path, road, highway, Mdf: journey, : course of action. ealne w. (ealneg) adv. always. on w. (aweg) adv. away. be...wege on the way (to) [Ger. weg] II. = wgII.

wg = (1) wge; (2) wg

weg- = onweg-

wg- = wg-

wegan^5 () to carry, support, sustain, bear, bring, CP: move: wear: () 'weigh,' measure.

+wegan to fight, B 2400.

weg-brde, -brde () f. way-bread, plantain, dock.

wegfarende (, ) wayfaring, .

wegfrend m. wayfarer, traveller, GD.

wegfr f. travel, journey, WW 423^33.

wegg = wecg

weggedl n. road-dividing, cross-way, Gl.

weggelte fn. junction of roads, Gl, Ct.

wegg-s? -sa? (v. OEG 861) travelling companion.

weggewit n. aberration (of mind), CPs 115^11.

weg-l interj. 'euge'! PPs 69^4.

weglas out of the way, erroneous: without a road.

weglast (^2) f. trackless place, wilderness, ARSPs 106^40.

wegnest n. food for a journey, viaticum.

wegraf n. highway robbery, LL.

wegtwiflung f. branching of roads, WW 179^16. [= -twislung]

wgur = wgr

wehsan = weaxan

wehte pret. 3 sg. of weccan.

wei v. w.

weig = weg

wel I. adv. (comp. bet) 'well,' abundantly, very, very easily, very much: fully: nearly: pleonastic (asin ac w. = also), sometimes = indeed, to be sure. tw. too well. w. nah nearly, almost. w. hwr, w. genwr for the most part, nearly everywhere. wella alas! (cp.wl). II. = wl. III. = wiell

wel- = hwel-, wl-, weal-, wiel-

wl- = wel-

wela (a, ea, eo) m. 'weal,' prosperity, happiness, riches (often inpl.), AO,CP.

Wland m. the Smith-God, Northern Vulcan.

welbescawod discreet, considerate.

welboren well-born, of good family, noble.

welcn = wolcen

weldd f. good deed, benefit, kindness.

weldd = weldd

weldend [CP] = weldnd pres. ptc. of weldn.

weldn anv. to do well, CP: benefit, satisfy, please, MtL 15^15.

weldnd m. benefactor, Gl.

weldnnes f. well-doing, kindness, DR 13^17.

weleg = (1) wilig; (2) welig [[(1) form of "wiliga"]]

welena gp. of wela.

weler (eo) mf. lip, , CP.

weleig rich, ANS 128^299.

welfremming f. good deed, benefit, DR 187^17.

welfremnes f. benefit, DR.

welg I. m. = wilig. II. adj. = welig [[I. form of "wiliga"]]

welga = weliga wm. of welig adj.

welg interj. hail!

welgeboren = welboren

wel-gecwme, -gecwmedlic well-pleasing, acceptable, SPs.

welgecwmnes f. favour, DR.

welgedn well-done, good, beneficent, CP.

welgehwr = welhwr

welgelcian to please well: be well pleased.

welgelcwire well pleased, acceptable, VPs 118^108.

welgelcwirnes f. good pleasure, VPs 140^7.

welgespring = welspring

welgestemned having a good voice, ANS 846.

welgetd well-instructed, ES 39354.

welgewende thriving, MF (Vesp. D xiv)

welgewlite beautiful.

welgewlitegod well-adorned.

welgian = weligian

welhwen well-hued, beautifully coloured, CP 411^28.

welhrowlce = wlhrowlce [[form of "wlhrow"]]

welhw pron. each, every.

welhwr adv. (nearly) everywhere.

welhwilc (e, y) pron. each, any, nearly every.

welig I. well-to-do, rich, prosperous, , AO, CP. II. m. 'willow.'

weligian _to be prosperous, abound_: _enrich_, _. [v.'_awelgien_']

weligstedende (woegl-) making rich, DR 98^9.

well = (1) will; (2) wel

wella = wiella [[under "wiell"]]

well = w l

welle = wille

wellende (VPs) = willende pres. ptc. of willan.

wellere bosom, fold, hollow, WW.

wellibbende (y^2) living well, well conducted, reputable,CP.

wellcian to please well, MFH 178.

wellcung f. agreeableness, EPs.

wellcwyre (u^3) well-pleasing, BCPs 146^10.

wellyrge (Gl) = wellere

welm = wielm

-welm v. ft-w.

Wlond = Wland

welor = weler

welp = hwelp

welrab (Ep, Erf 642) = wlraf

welrmlce adv. graciously, DR.

welrmmd gracious, DR 12^20.

wel-spring, -sprynge (CP) = wyll(ge)spring [[redirected to "wilspring"]]

welstincende fragrant, CP 439^33.

welswgende melodious, SPs 150^5.

welt, wel = wielt, wiel pres. 3 sg. of wealdan, weallan.

welungen honoured, in high repute.

weluc = weoloc

welung f. revolution, OEG 28^30. [wielwan]

welweore of high esteem, Lcd 3432^29.

welwilled- = welwillend-

welwillende well-wishing, benevolent, kindly, good, ,CP.

welwillendlce benevolently, lovingly, kindly.

wel-wille(n)dnes, -wilnes f. benevolence, goodwill, kindness,.

wel-wyll-, -wylle(n)d- = welwillend-

welwyrcend m. well-doer.

welwyrcende well-doing.

wem = wamm

wman to sound, be heard, An 740: announce, An 1480: () persuade, convince, lead astray.

wmend m. herald, declarer, El 880.

wmere m. procurer, WW 171^28.

wemman () to defile, besmirch, calumniate, profane, injure, ill-treat, Lk; , CP: abuse, revile. [wamm; v.'awem']

+wemmednes f. defilement, .

wemmend m. adulterer, fornicator, OEG.

+wemmendlic seducing, corrupting, OEG 2912.

wemming m. defilement, blemishing, spoiling, OEG: (+) profanation.

+wemmodlce () adv. corruptly.

wemnes = wemmednes

wen = (1) wynn; (2) wenn

wn I. f. belief, hope, opinion, expectation, supposition, CP: probability. w. is t perhaps: name of the rune for =w=. II.=wgn

+wn to bend, twist, NC 297 (A 14139).

wna m. hope, opinion, expectation, idea, fancy,CP.

wnan (w. g. or a.) to 'ween,' fancy, imagine, believe, think, expect, hope, fear, , AO, CP: wonder, ES 37191.

wenbl m. boil, carbuncle, Lcd.

wencel I. (i) n. child: maid-servant. II. = wancol

wend m. what turns up, an event.

+wend n. snail-shell, snail, WW. [windan]

wendan to turn, direct, , CP: 'wend' one's way, go, , AO: return: change, alter, vary, restore, : convert: translate, CP. [windan]

wnde pret. 3 sg. of wnan.

Wendels mf. Mediterranean Sea, AO.

-wenden v. ed-w.

wendend m. that which turns round, WW 489^12.

wendende movable, revolving, Sc 97^4.

wendere m. translator, interpreter, OEG 5259.

Wendle mp. Vandals.

wendung f. change, turning, rotation, CP.

+wene perhaps, MkR 14^2 (oe).

wnendlic to be hoped for, GD 269^14.

wnere = wgnere

wnes = wnes

wnestu = wnstu

weng = wang

wenge n. cheek, . [wang]

wenian to accustom, habituate, inure, train, , CP: entertain, treat. w. mid wynnum treat kindly. w. t wiste feast, entertain: break off, 'wean' from.

wninga = wnunga

wenlic comely, beautiful, : 'conveniens,' MkL.

wenn I. mf. 'wen,' tumour. II. (K) = wynn

wennan = wenian

wennccen n. little wen, ZDA 3146.

wennsealf (wen-) f. wen-salve, ointment for a tumour, Lcd.

wenspryng m. 'nvus,' mole, WW 451^19.

wnstu = wnst u pres. 2 sing. of wnan.

wensum = wynsum

went pres. 3 sg. of wendan.

Wentas, Wente, Went-Ste, -Stas mp. people of Gwent (roughly = Monmouthshire).

wn pres. 3 sing. of wnan.

wnung f. expectation, hope, AO 112^12: doubt.

wn-unga, -unge () adv. possibly, perhaps, by chance,.

wenwyrt f. crowfoot? lesser celandine? darnel? Lcd.

wo (Rd 57^5) = wh? or wa?

wobed, wobud = wofod

weoce I. f. 'wick' (of a lamp or candle). II. = wuce

wocs = wox pret. 3 sg. of weaxan.

wocson pret. pl. of wacsan (= wascan).

wocsteall (ES 1164) = wohsteall

weocu = wucu

wod n. herb, grass, CP: 'weed.'

weodewe = wuduwe

wodhc m. weed-hook, hoe, LL 455[15].

wodian to weed, LL 454[9].

wodmna m. August.

weodo, weodu == wudu

weoduma = weotoma [[under "wituma"]]

wodung f. weeding, WW 105^3.

weofan (VPs) = wefan

wofed = wofod

wofod nm. altar, , CP. [wg; bod]

wofodbt f. fine for injuring a priest, which was applied in support of the altar, v.LL 2276.

wofodheor (wbed-) m. altar-hearth, GD.

wofodhrgl (wgbed-) n. altar-cover, BH 90^2.

wofod-scat (), -scata m. altar cloth.

wofodsteall m. place of the altar, LL (254n).

wofod-egn, -n m. altar-attendant, priest.

wofodnung f. altar-service, LL 380[2].

wofodwiglere (wgbed-) m. soothsayer, WW 108^10.

+weofu pl. of +wef.

wofud = wofod

weofung f. weaving, WW 490^38.

wog = wg

weogas = wegas nap. of weg.

woh == wg

wohse = wox pret. 3 sg. of weaxan.

wohsteall m. place of the altar, sanctuary, choir,LL.

weol = weoll

weol- (A) = wel-

weolc I. pret. 3 sg. of wealcan. II. = weoloc

weolcn = wolcen

weolc-rad, weolcen- = weolocrad

weolctlg m. purple dye, WW. [telg]

weold pret. 3 sg. of wealdan.

weoll pret. 3 sg. of weallan.

weolm = wielm

weolme (= ea) f. choice, pick of one's fellow-creatures, Cr 445.

weoloc (e, i, y) m. 'whelk,' cockle, murex: (purple) dye from the murex.

weolocbasu purple, Gl.

weolocbasuhwen purple-coloured.

weolocrad shell-fish red, scarlet, purple.

weolocscyll (e^3) f. whelk, cockle, shell-fish.

weolt pret. 3 sg. of wealtan.

weonung = wining

wop pret. 3 sg. of wpan.

wop- = wp-

weor = wer I.

weorad = werod

weorc (e, o) n. 'work,' labour, action, deed, CP: exercise: () affliction, suffering, pain, trouble, distress (v.JAW52). weorcum with difficulty: fortification.

+weorc n. work, workmanship, labour, construction: structure, edifice, : military work, fortification.

weorcan = wyrcan

weorccrft m. mechanics, OEG 55^6.

weorcdd (oe^1, ^2) f. action, operation, DR 125^18.

weorcdg m. work-day.

weorce I. adj. painful, bitter, difficult hard. II. adv. hardly, with difficulty.

weorcern n. workshop.

weorcful active, Sc 169^1.

weorcgerfa m. foreman, overseer, .

-weorcheard, -weorclic v. un-w.

weorchs (e) n. workshop, WW.

weorcmann (e) m. workman.

weorcnes (y) f. working, operation.

weorcnten n. working cattle, LL 26n.

weorcrden f. corve-work, EC 377^1.

weorcsige m. success in work, Lcd 13886^15 (v.A 3158).

weorcstn m. hewn stone, .

weorcsum painful, Gen 594.

weorcow mf. servant, slave.

weorc-uhta? m., -uhte? n. hour of matins on a non-festival day, NC 332 (cp.msseuhta).

weorcum v. weorc.

weorcwyre fit for work, able-bodied, MF 178.

weord = wyrd

weordungdg (WW 206^32) = weorungdg

weored = werod I.

weoreld = woruld

weoren pp. of weosan.

weorf n. beast of burden (v. CC 129), cattle.

weorf- = hweorf-

weorfemeoluc? f. milk from wild cattle? Lcd 102a (MSeorfe-).

weorftord (-oruf-) m. excrement of cattle, PPs 112^6.

weorht = worht pp. of wyrcean. [[variant of "wyrcan"]]

+weorht = +wyrht

weorian = werian

weorld (Bl) = woruld

weorm = wyrm

weormian = wearmian

weorn = worn

weornan = wiernan

weornian (u) to pine away, become weak, fade, wither, destroy,.

weorod = werod I. and II.

weorold = woruld

+weorp n. throwing, dashing, tossing, An 306: what is thrownup.

weorpan (o, u, y) I. sv^3 to throw, cast, cast down, cast away, , AO, CP: throw off, out, expel: throw upon. w. handa on lay hands on (aperson): (w.d. pers.) charge with, accuse of: (+) reach by throwing. [Ger. werfen] II. = wierpan

weorpere m. thrower, caster, Rd 28^7.

weorpian to pine away, ERPs 38^12.

weorras (Cp 161#c#) = wearras, nap. of wearr.

weort == wyrt

weorteard = ortgeard

weor I. (e, ea, i, o, u, y) n. 'worth,' value, price, purchase-money, ransom, AO, CP. II. (ie,o, u,y) adj. worthy, honoured, noble, honourable, of high rank, CP: valued, dear, precious, AO, CP: fit, capable. III. = worI.

weoran^3 (u, y) to become, be (passive auxiliary), be done, be made, CP: happen, come to pass, arise, take place, AO, Jn: (+) impers. get on with, please, agree, An, AO, Chr: think of, occur to. ['worth,' 'i-worth']

weore = weor, wiere

weorere m. worshipper, JnL.

weorful worthy, honourable, honoured, glorious, good, (u).

weorfullic (u) worthy, honoured, honourable, distinguished, CP. adv. -lce,AO.

weorfulnes f. dignity, honour, AO.

weorgeorn desirous of honour, high-souled.

weorian (o, u, y) to esteem, honour, worship, distinguish, celebrate, exalt, praise, Bo, PPs; AO, CP: adorn, deck: enrich, reward. ['i-wurthi']

weoriend (u) m. worshipper.

weorig = worig

weorlas (u) worthless, WW 130^20.

weorlic worthy, honourable, distinguished, exalted, CP: valuable: fit, becoming. adv. -lce.

weorlicnes f. worthiness, honour, estimation.

weor-mynd, -mynt (u) fmn. honour, dignity, glory, AO, CP: mark of distinction.

weornes (e, ie, o, u, y) f. worth, estimation: splendour, rank, honour: integrity, uprightness.

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