A Concise Anglo-Saxon Dictionary - For the Use of Students
by John R. Clark Hall
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tr == tr

tyr- = tir-

-tyran (= ie) v. be-t.

tyrdelu, tyrdlu npl. droppings, small pieces of excrement, Lcd. ['treddle']

trende having watery eyes, Lcd 172. ['tear']

tyrewa = tyrwa

tyrf v. turf.

+tyrfan to strike, afflict, GD 29^9. [torfian] [[headword spelled "trfian"]]

tyrfhaga f. hoe, mattock, Ln 17^2.

trgan = torian

trica m. (treacle), sovereign remedy. [L. theriacum; Gk. thriakos]

trian = torian

tyrnan to turn, move round, revolve, . [L. tornare]

tyrngeat n. turnstile, KC 3405^4.

tyrning (u) f. turning round, rotation, OEG: rotundity, roundness, OEG: crookedness, deceit, OEG 56^86.

tyro = teoru

tyr pres. 3 sg. of teran.

tyrwa m., tyrwe f. 'tar,' resin, . [= teoru]

tyr-wan, -wian (e, i) to harass, vex, LPs. ['tar']

tyrwian I. to 'tar,' B 295. II. = tyrwan

tysca m. buzzard, WW 259^12.

tyslian to put on, CM 260.

tyslung f. dressing.

tysse f. coarse cloth. [OHG. zussa]

ttan to sparkle, shine, DD 45.

tytt = titt

t == t

tw- = tw-


I. adv. and conj. then, at that time, , AO, CP: after that time, thereupon, AO, Jul: when, at the time that, whilst, during, AO, B, Bl: there, where, Chr: seeing that, inasmuch as, if, when, since, as, because. when. ... then...when. hwle e while, whilst, so long as. get v.get. ['tho'] II. asf. and nap. of s. e which.

aca I. () m. roof, covering. II. gp. of c.

accian to clap, pat, stroke, touch gently, CP, Shr: smack, beat, GD. ['thack']

acele = cele

acian to thatch, LL 454[10].

acum dp. of c.

adder (JnL 7^35) = ider

c I. (ea) n. covering, roof of a building, Chr, MtR, PPs: 'thatch,' , BH. ['thack'] II. = ec pron. (das. ofu).

ccille (N) = cele

ce f. = c I.

cele (e) f. torch, lamp, light. [= fcele]

cen = ecen

cile = cele

ctigile f. roof-tile, Cp 57#i#.

der, dres = ider

derlendisc (MH 178^25n.) = iderlodisc

+f w. g. agreeing to, consenting to.

f (JnR) = of

fet- = afet-

ge mnp. pron. they, those, them, Lk, Jn. ['thaie']

gen == egen

gn == egn

gon pret. pl. of icgan.

h (N) = ah I. and II.

ht (N) == eaht

m (, ) dsmn. and dp. of s pron. be m, on m thereon, therein. ac m in addition to this, besides this, also, moreover. r m e before. fter m after, later, next, after that (fashion). for m (e) therefore, on that account, for that reason, because. on m e in this, in that.

n = egn

nan to moisten, Lcd.

ncan = encan

ncung = ancung

ne = one asm. of s.

nnan = ennan

nne = onne

r () adv. and conj. 'there,' thither, yonder: where, whither: then: when: though, if, so far as, whilst, provided that: in that respect. r r where, wherever. r...of therefrom. r wi in regard to that.

ra gp. of s, so, t.

rbtan about that place, .

rfter adv. thereafter, CP.

rt thereat, BH 282^6.

ran to dry, HL 13103.

r-big, -bie adv. 'thereby,' thus, CP 42, 43^14.

rbinnan (o^3) adv. therein, , AO.

rbufan besides that, CP.

re gdf. of s.

rf = (1) earf; (2) eorf

rf- = earf-

rforan conj. before that, .

rh = urh

rin 'therein,' wherein, Met.

rinne () therein, CP. ['thereinne']

rle = earle [[form of "earl"?]]

rmid adv. therewith, , LL.

rnhst next to that, LL 280[2,1].

rnian to lose? Chr 1119 (v. MF 174).

rof adv. 'thereof,' of that, Lcd.

rofer over or above that, CP. ['thereover']

ron adv. therein, , CP: 'thereon,' Bl: thereinto, thereof.

ronbtan = rebtan [[headword spelled "rbtan"]]

rongn adv. on the contrary, W 248^21.

ronuppan adv. thereupon, .

rrihte, rrihtes (, ) adv. thereupon, forthwith, instantly, immediately, straightway,.

rsc pret. 3 sg. of erscan.

rscan (NG) = erscan

rsc-wald, -wold = erscold

rst = drst

rt adv. _'thereto,' to it, to that place_, _: _besides_, _, BH_: _for that purpose_, _: _belonging to_, _.

rtacan adv. besides, in addition to that, .

rtganes adv. on the contrary, in opposition thereto,.

rr adv. wherever, .

runder adv. beneath, CP. ['thereunder']

ruppan thereon, .

rt, rte adv. outside, without, AO, CP. ['thereout']

rwi adv. against, in exchange for, : 'therewith,' Bo.

rymbe adv. thereabout, on that point, W 273^1.

rymbtan thereabouts.

s I. adv. (gs. of t) afterwards, AO: thence: accordingly, according as, , BH, Bo: therefore, because, CP. s e since, after, afterwards; therefore, wherefore, because, that; as, according as; provided; (toexpress proportion) the. t s to that point, to that degree. ['thes'] II. gs. of s and t.

slcan to agree with, be fitting, suitable, Gl.

slic I. adj. suitable, congruous, : harmonious: fair, elegant. II. = yllic

slce adv. opportunely, suitably, aptly, after this manner, similarly, thus.

slicnes f. fitness, convenience, .

sma m. leaven, yeast, RB 10^18.

sternes = osternes [[variant of "ostornes"?]]

se = s e v. s.

t I. conj. and adv. 'that,' so that, in order that, after that, then, thence. t e that. II. nas. of s, t.

tte I. pron. which, that which. II. conj. that, so that, in order that. t on tte so that. [te]

+afa m. favourer, supporter, helper, CP.

afetere, afettere m. one who acquiesces in, or condones, what is wrong,CP.

+afettan (, ea) to consent, EHy 6^27.

afian (ea) to allow, suffer, endure, permit, tolerate, BH, LL; CP: approve, consent to, submit to, AO, CP. ['i-thave']

aforlic = aroflic, earflic [["aroflic" redirected to "earflic"]]

+afsum consenting, agreeing, NG.

+afsumnes f. consent, agreement, NG.

afung f. permission, consent, .

g, h pret. 3 sg. of icgan, on.

age = ge

gn = e gn who again, Bl 167^6.

get, gt adv. still: yet.

gon pret. pl. of icgan.

h == ah

m = m

amettan to clap (the hands)? APs 97^8.

an = on adv.

n I. adj. moist, irrigated, WW. II. n. irrigated land. [nan] III. (LWS) = m

anan = anon

anc (o) m. thought, reflection, sentiment, idea, An, PPs; : mind, will: grace, mercy, favour, pardon, Gen, PPs: thanks, gratitude, B, Bo, CP, Gen, RB; AO (onc), CP: pleasure, satisfaction, CP: reward, recompense, Gu 442. Gode. thanks (be) to God. Godes ances through the mercy of God. Drihtnes ances according to the will of the Lord. mnes ances by my favour, of my own will. on. willingly, gladly. an ance acceptable, pleasant, AO. dofla onces in honour of devils, AO. ['thank']

+anc mn. thought, mind, Lk. ['i-thank']

ances adv. thankfully, gladly: voluntarily, gratis, BC, Bo, Chr. [v.'thank']

ancful adj. (+) thoughtful, ingenious, clever: 'thankful,' Bl: contented, satisfied, BH, WW: pleasing, agreeable, A: energetic, spirited. adv. -lce 'thankfully,' L 2198.

anchycgende thoughtful, B 2235.

ancian (o) (w. g. thing and d. pers.) to thank, give thanks, , B, Bo, G, Sat; CP: recompense, reward: (w.i.) rejoice. ['thank']

+ancmetian to think over, deliberate, Gen 1917. [metgian]

anc-metung (o^1, eo^2), -metegung f. deliberation, thought, BH 88^4 (v.l.).

ancol thoughtful, mindful: prudent, wise: () desirous: () suppliant.

ancolmd thoughtful, considerate, prudent, wise, attentive.

anc-snotor, -snottor wise, prudent, ingenious.

ancung f. 'thanking,' thanksgiving, , AO, JnL.

anc-weor, -weorlic (u^2, y^2) thankworthy, acceptable: thankful, grateful: memorable. adv. -lce gladly, willingly,CP.

ancword n. thanks, Wid 137.

anc-wur, -wyr(e) == ancweor

and pret. 3 sg. of indan.

ane (KGl) = one

ancan (o^1) adv. whenever, as often as.

+ang = +anc

nian () to be or become moist, moisten, WW.

anne = onne

anon (CP), anone (o^1, a^2) adv. from that time or place, thence, away, B, Bl, Mt, Jud: whence, from which, of which, CP, PPs. anon...anon thence...whence: then, thereupon, henceforth: by which, through that. ['thenne']

anonfor adv. after that, then, thenceforward,W.

anonweard adv. departing thence, Bo 103^7.

anun = anon

ar- = ear-, er-

r == r

ra I. = r. II. gp. of s, so, t.

arigend = derigend

[[No independent entry; see "derian" and "deriendlic".]]

as = s gsmn. of s.

s I. afs. and nap. of s. ['those'] II. nap. of w = ow

assum (N) = issum, dmns. of s.

at = t

v. .

w I. = aw I. II. = ow

+wenian = +wnan

wian to 'thaw,' Lcd 3274.

e I. rel. pron. (when govd. by a prep. the prep. follows) who, which, that. e is often associated by attraction with pers. pronouns. e ic I. e we we. e...his whose. s e his he whose. II. conj. when: or. hwer e...e whether...or. e...e the...or, either...or: () then: ( r) where, El 717: (with comparatives) than. III. art. the (indecl.), Chr 963#e# and late. IV. particle added to ah, for m, s, etc., without affecting their meaning [Goth. au] V. das. ofu.


a (NG) = ow

eac = c

eaca = aca

ada (VPs) = oda gp. of od I.

adm (DR) = owdm

af (NG) = of

eafian = afian

eah pret. 3 sg. of icgan.

ah I. () conj. and adv. 'though,' although, even if, that, however, nevertheless, yet, still, Bl, Bo; CP. .e although. sw. nevertheless, yet. . hwere v.ahhwere. II. pret. 3 sg. of on.

ah-hwere, -hwere adv. yet, moreover, however, nevertheless, but, Bl, CP. sw. yet, nevertheless. ['thoughwhether']

eaht n. counsel, advice, design, . [encan]

+eaht fn. thought, consideration, counsel, advice: design, contrivance, scheme, , CP: council, assembly,.

+eahta m. adviser, counsellor, WW 99^5.

eahte pret. 3 sg. of eccan.

+eahtend m. counsellor, WW.

+eahtendlic deliberative, LL 12.

eahtere m. counsellor, BH.

eahtian to ponder, consider, deliberate upon, take counsel, ,CP.

eahtung () f. counsel, consultation.

ahe = ah e

ana adv. nevertheless, yet. sw . however.

ara = ra, gmfp. of t.

earf I. (a, e, y) f. need, necessity, want, behoof, B, Lcd; CP. t earfe as is needed, according to what is needed: benefit, profit, advantage, utility, : trouble, hardship, privation, distress, danger: duty, employment. ['tharf'; urfan] II. = eorf. III. pres. 3 sg. of urfan.

earfa (, eo) I. m. poor man, pauper, beggar, , CP. II. destitute, poor, needy,.

earfan = urfan

earfednes f. poverty, BH.

earf-end, -igend (Bk) (o) m. poor man.

earfende needy, in want, poor, CP.

earfendlic needy, poor, miserable.

earfendnes = earfednes

earfian to starve, be in need, want, PPs 71^13. [Ger. darben]

+earfian to impose necessity, B 1103.

earflas adj. without cause or need, . adv. -lase.

earflic profitable, useful, convenient, necessary, . adv. -lce.

earflicnes f. want, poverty.

earl adj. vigorous, strong, severe, strict, harsh, violent, heavy, excessive. adv. earle, ,CP.

earlic severe, cruel, harsh, violent, grievous. adv. -lce,CP.

earlmd stern, severe, violent, strong, mighty.

earlws strict, severe, relentless, CP.

earlwslic severe, GD. adv. -lce, CP.

earlwsnes f. severity, strictness, BH, GD.

earlws- = earlws-

earm (a) m. gut, entrail, , Gl. ['tharm']

earm(ge)wind n. windpipe (= windearm), OET 509 (v.ES 43332).

earmgyrd m. belly-band, girdle, belt, WW 220^1.

earsc = rsc pret. 3 sg. of erscan.

earsm (BH 426^24) = rosm

at pret. 3 sg. of otan.

atan = otan

ater m? theatre, AO 154^2.

atscipe (N) = odscipe

aw I. m. usage, custom, habit, conduct, disposition, AO, B, JnL; CP: (inpl.) virtues, (good) manners, morals, morality, , CP. ['thew'] II. = ow

+eawe customary, usual, GD.

awfst decorous, moral, virtuous, honourable.

awfstlce correctly, L 5^222.

awfstnes f. obedience, discipline, .

awful moral, virtuous, W 250^4.

awian = owian

awlas ill-mannered, .

awlic customary, : decent, moral, : figurative. adv. -lce.

+awod well-mannered, moral, .

b- (Gl) = of-

ec das. of u.

eccan () to cover, cover over, conceal, B, Gen, Lcd, PPs: () swallow up? ['thatch']

eccbryce m. tile, HGl 459^42.

eccend m. protector, defender, PPs 70.

ecele = cele

ecen f. thatch, tile, covering, roof: (fig.) house, . [eccan]

ecest pres. 2 sg, of eccan.

ecgan I. to consume, Lcd. II. obl. case of sb? receptacle? (BT) or = eccan? (Lieb.), LL 454[10].

+d = +od

de pret. of on (wan).

f = of

fanorn, efonorn (APs 57^19), feorn = feorn

fel = fel

efian to pant, heave, palpitate, HGl.

eften (HGl 461^56) = yften

f = ef

egan to serve, Gu 140.

egen I. = egn. II. pp. of icgan.

egen- = egn-, n-

ege 3 p. sg. pres. of ecgan.

egh (Gl) = oh

egin = egn

egn () [v. LL 456; 2680] m. servant, minister, retainer, vassal, follower, disciple, BH, Bl, Bo, G, Gl; AO, CP: freeman, master (asopposed to slave): courtier, noble (official, as distinguished from hereditary), , LL, WW: () military attendant, warrior, hero, AO, B. ['thane']

egn-, v. also n-.

egnboren (egen-) well-born, LL.

egngylde n. legal money value of a thane, W 162^10.

egnhyse m. attendant, retainer, WW.

egnian (, n) (w. d.) to serve, minister, wait on, B, BH, Bl, G; CP: supply another with anything: perform (anoffice). ['theine']

egnlagu f. rights, duties or privileges of a thane, LL,W.

egnlic noble, brave, loyal, . adv. -lice.

egnrden f. thaneship, service.

egnriht n. rights or privileges of a thane, LL.

egnscipe m. thaneship, service, duty: ability, AO: manliness, valour, AO: body of retainers.

egnscolu f. band of vassals, WW 371^7.

egnsorh f. sorrow for loss of thanes, B 131.

egnung == n-ung, -ing

egnweorud n. band of followers, Cr 751.

egnwer m. thane's 'wergild,' LL.

ego = egu

gon = gon pret. pl. of icgan.

-egu v. bah-, wn-. [[under "bagegu"]]

eh (A) = ec

h I. = oh I. II. (A, K) = ah

eht == eaht

el, ell n. board, plank, (metal) plate. [Ger. diele]

elbrycg f. bridge of planks, Ct.

elcrft = ylcrft

ellfsten n. fastness made of planks, ship, ark, Gen 1482.

ellian = illian

-elu v. buruh-, benc-. ['theal'] [[headword spelled "bencel"]]

m = m

n == egn

encan I. to 'think' ('i-thenche'), imagine, think of, meditate, reason, consider, , B, Bo, Bl, LL; AO, CP: remember, recollect, CP, RB: intend, purpose, attempt, devise, B, Bl: wish, desire, long for. [anc] II. (rarely) = yncan

encendlic thoughtful, MFH 174.

ende = enden

nde = onde

enden conj. and adv. meanwhile, while, as long as, until.

ene = one

nest f. service, entertainment, Chr 1054#d#.

nestmann (o^1) m. serving-man, retainer, Chr 656#e#.

nestre f. servant, handmaiden, OEG 1358.

eng = egn

engel m. prince, king, lord, ruler.

enian = ennan

nian (, CP) = egnian

nigmann = ningmann

ningft n. serving-vessel, RB.

ninggst m. ministering spirit, .

ninghs n. workshop, GPH 394.

ningmann m. serving man, , CP.

nisc (religious) service, EC 265?

ennan () to stretch, extend, Lcd (), PPs: prostrate: exert oneself: spread the fame of, magnify, OEG. ['thin']

enning f. stretching, extension, A 11172.

+nsum obedient, helpful, useful, . [egen]

nung (egn-) service, ministry, Bl, Bo; CP: (pl.) attendants, retinue: use: church service, mass-book: meal-time, meal, . ['theining']

nungbc f. book for divine service, mass-book,.

nungwerod n. body of serving-men, MH 218^12.

o I. = ow m. II. ds. of oh. III. = so II. IV. pres. 1 sg. of on.

od f. people, nation, tribe, Chr, Lk; AO, CP; Mdf: region, country, province, Bo: men, war-troop, retainers: (inpl.) Gentiles, , MtR: language. ['thede']

+od pp. of +on, wan.

odan to join, associate (with), attach or subject oneself to, , CP: () engage in: () translate. .fram separate.

odbealu n. public calamity.

odbende mp. earth-dwellers, human beings.

odcwn f. queen, empress, El 1156.

odcyning m. monarch: () God.

ode pret. 3 sg. of on.

+ode n. speech, language, AO, CP: nation: translation,.

odegsa m. general terror, Cr 834.

oden m. chief of a tribe, ruler, prince, king: God, Christ. [od; cp. dryhten from dryht]

odend m. translator, OEG 15^6.

+odendlic copulative, Gr 259^1.

odengedl n. separation from one's lord (through his death), Gu 1324.

odenhold faithful to one's lord.

odenlas without a ruler or chief, lordless, B 1103.

oden-mm (-mdm) m. treasure given by a prince, Gen 409.

odenstl m. throne.

odeore f. inhabited earth, W 240^15.

odfond m. public enemy, W.

odfruma m. prince, ruler, Met 29^94.

odgestron n. people's treasure, great possession, B 44; 1218.

odguma m. man, warrior.

odhere m. national army, host, Gen 2160.

-odig, -odig-lic, -nes v. el-.

odisc I. n. speech, language. II. adj. Gentile, OEG 8^350. [Ger. deutsch]

+odlcan to adhere, cleave to, LPs 24^21.

odland n. inhabited land, district, country, empire: the continent.

odlic national, Gr 65^6.

+odlic social, intimate.

odlcetere m. public deceiver, arch-hypocrite, W 54^18.

odloga m. arch-liar, W.

odmgen n. troop, host, Ex 342.

odnes f. (+) joining, suture: conjunction, association: (+) conjugation, Gr: (+) translation.

odrden f. intercourse, fellowship, .

odsceaa m. public pest, criminal.

odscipe m. I. nation, people, community, population. II. connection, association: discipline, training, teaching, instruction, testimony: learning, erudition, CP: administration, law, authority: conduct.

odstefn m. tribe, nation, PPs 83^10.

+odsumnes f. agreement, LkL p8^1.

odra f? m? general distress, B 178.

odwiga m. great warrior, Pa 38.

odwita m. learned man: senator, .

odwundor n. great wonder, Cr 1155.

of I. (, a) m., criminal, 'thief,' robber, G, LL, OET. II. f. theft.

ofdenn n. robber's cave, KC 315^28.

ofend (only found in pl.?) f. thieving, theft.

ofeorn = feorn

offeng m. seizure of thieves by an owner on his own land: right to fines payable on conviction for theft? TC (v.BT).

ofgild n. payment for theft, LL.

ofian to 'thieve,' steal, LL,TC.

ofmann m. robber, brigand, AO P.

ofsceaa m. robber, v. ANS 12924n6.

ofsceolu = ofscolu

ofscip n. pirate-ship, Gl.

ofscolu f. band of robbers, Bo 33^10.

ofscyldig f. guilty of theft, LL 226.

ofslege m. slaying of a thief, LL 97.

ofsliht m. slaying of a thief, LL 104#b#.

ofstolen ptc. stolen, LL.

of = ef

ofung f. thieving, NC 327.

ofunt (NG) = ofend

ofwracu f. punishment for theft, LL 174.

oging f. increase, profit: advance, progress.

oh I. () n. (gs. os, ds. o; gp. ona) 'thigh,' hip, AO, CP, Gl, Lcd, MH. II. imperat. of on.

ohece m. pain in the thigh, Lcd.

ohgelte n. thigh-joint, Lcd.

ohgeweald np. 'genitalia,' Lcd.

ohhweorfa m. knee-cap, Lcd.

ohscanca m. thigh-bone, Lcd, WW.

ohseax (^2) n. hip-sword, short sword, dirk,WW.

ohwrc m. pain in the thigh, Lcd 1354^19.

on I. (sv^1,3) to thrive, prosper, flourish, grow, increase, ripen, , B, Bl, Lk, Sc: be profitable, to become or be great, excel, CP: lengthen (ofdays). ['thee,' 'i-thee'] II. (wv.) = wan. III. (wv.) to perform,do.

ona v. oh.

eonan = anon

onde pres. ptc. of on I.

eonen = anon

onest = nest

ond = ownd

or m? inflammation? Lcd.

ordl f. inflammation? blistering heat? Lcd.

eorcung = deorcung

ordrenc m. a drink used for inflammation, Lcd.

eorf (, e, o) I. adj. unleavened, , G, WW: fresh? skim? (milk), Lcd. II. n. unleavened bread, . ['tharf']

eorfa = earfa

eorfdagas mp. days of unleavened bread, A 8330.

eorfhlf m. loaf of unleavened bread, .

eorfling m. unleavened bread, WW.

eorfnes f. freedom from leaven, purity, .

eorfsymbel n. feast of unleavened bread, .

orgerid n. inflammation? Lcd 187a.

eorscwold = erscold

orwrc m. inflammatory disease? Lcd 45b.

orwenn f. inflammatory tumour or blister, carbuncle, Lcd 123a.

orwyrm m. inflammatory (parasitic) worm, Lcd 45a.

orwyrt f. ploughman's spikenard, fleabane, Lcd.

os I. dem. pron., nom. fem. this. v. s. II. gs. of oh. III. gs. of (o =) ow.

eossa = issa

eossum = isum

oster == ostor

ostor, ostre (e, , ) dark, gloomy, B, BH: sad, mournful. ['thester']

ostorcofa m. dark chamber.

ostorful dark, dusky, , Mt (). ['thesterfull']

ostorfulnes (, ) f. darkness, OEG.

ostorlic _obscure, dark_, _ (e^2). ['_thesterly_']

ostorloca m. tomb, El 485.

ostornes (, , ) f. darkness, AO, Bo. ['thesterness']

ostre = ostor, ostru

ostrian to grow dark, become dim, be eclipsed, BH: () darken, obscure, Bo, Mt. ['thester']

ostrig dark, obscure, blinded, GD (), Mk. ['thestri']

ostru f. (, e, ), ostre n. (often in pl.) darkness, gloom, BH; . ['thester']

ostrung f. twilight, gloom.

eosum = issum [[form of "s"]]

+ot I. n. howling, Guth 48^4. II. pres. 3 sg. of +odan.

otan^2 (a, ) to roar, howl, , Bo, Met: sound forth, resound, murmur, WW. ['theoten']

ote f. torrent, fountain, cataract, waterfall: conduit, pipe, . [otan]

ow I. fm. servant, slave, AO, CP, DR, G. II. adj. servile, , AO, Bo, W. ['theow']

owa m. (, CP) = ow I.

+owa m. enslaved person, v. MFH 104.

owt = owot

owan I. = owian. II. = wan

owatdm = owotdm

ow-boren, -berde not free-born, born in servitude.

owcnapa m. bondservant, H 2510^27.

owdm m. slavery, servitude, service, vassalage, subjection, , AO; CP: divine service. ['theowdom']

owdmhd m. service, BH 480^10.

owe f. female slave, handmaiden, BH, MtL (). ['theow']

owen, owene = owe

owet () = owot

owetling m. little servant or slave, .

owhd m. servitude, service, BH.

owian I. () (a) (w. d.) occl. pret. owde to serve, minister to, be subject to, Bo, Lk, Mt (); AO, CP: enslave, give over into slavery, . ['theow'] II. = wanI.

owin = owen

owincel (o) n. little servant, CVHy 3^3.

owlic servile, Gr 55^1n.

owne as. of owen.

ownd (e^2) f. serfdom, slavery.

owot n. service, ministry, servitude, bondage, , AO,CP.

owotdm m. service, CP.

owotlic of a slave, servile, (wt).

owotling (e^2) m. servant, slave, .

owotscipe (wt) m. service, H 23b^26.

owracian to threaten, menace, SPs 102^9.

owracu () = owwracu

+owrden (RB) = odrden

owt == owot

ow = of, ef

owu = owe

owut = owot

owwracu f. commination, threat, threatening, .

eox hunting-spear, HGl 423.

r == r

eran to rush, Cp 150#j#.

erc-, ercs- = ersc-

ercan, erccan to 'thrash,' 'thresh,' beat, WW.

erexwold = erscold

erf = eorf

erflicnes (KGl) = earflicnes

erh (NG) == urh

rinne = rinne

rrihte = rrihte

+ersc n. thrashing, beating, GD.

erscan^3 (a, , ea, i, y) to thresh, 'thrash,' beat, strike, CP, DR, Sol,WW.

erscel (y) f. flail, WW. ['threshel']

erscelflr f. threshing-floor, Mt 3^12.

ersc-old, -wald, -wold, erx(w)old (, eo, i, y) m. 'threshold,' border, limit, , Bo,WW.

es = s

s (e?) m., os f., is n. dem. pron. 'this.' beforan issum, r issum before this, formerly.

ster- = ostor-

strian = ostrian

et = t

ette = tte

w- = ow-, w-


ada (VPs 134^15) = oda gp. of od.

+ian = +on

icce I. adj. 'thick,' viscous, solid, AO, Bo, Lcd, RB: dense, stiff, Bo, CP, Lcd: numerous, abundant, AO: hazy, gloomy, , BH. II. adv. thickly, closely, Bl, Lcd, WW: often, frequently, Gen 684.

iccet n. thick bushes, 'thicket,' SPs. [icce]

iccian tr., intr. to thicken, , WW: crowd together, Shr. ['thick']

iccnes = icnes

iccol, iccul fat, corpulent, WW.

icfeald dense, OEG 278.

+icfyldan to make dense, Gl.

icgan^5 (and wv.) (a, , e, ea) to take, receive, accept, Chr, Lcd: partake of, consume, taste, eat, drink, Mk; AO,CP.

iclce thickly, often, continually, frequently, in large numbers,AO.

icnes f. 'thickness,' density, viscosity, hardness, GD, Lcd, SPs: depth: anything thick or heavy (asclouds or rain), LPs, ZDA: thicket: darkness.

dan = yddan

ider (, y) adv. on that side, 'thither,' whither, , BH, Bl (y); AO, CP. hider and. or. hidres idres (dres) hither and thither, CP: where, wherever.

idercyme m. a coming hither, NC 327 (late).

idergeond thither, .

iderinn (y^1, y^2) adv. therein, into that place.

iderlodisc to that people, native, MH 178^25.

iderweard, iderweardes adv. 'thitherwards,' thither, , AO,Bo.

idres = ider

ed- = od-

ieder (CP) = ider

ef- = of-

efefeoh n. stolen goods, LL.

ef (, o, ) f. 'theft,' Lcd (), LL: stolen goods, LL (oft). [of]

+iegen = +igen

en = wan

ende = onde

enen = nen

ienga = inga, gp. of ing.

estr- = ostr-

f- = ef-, f-

igde, igede pret. 1, 3 sg. of icgan.

igen I. f. receiving, taking (of food or drink), eating, : food or drink, . [icgan] II. pp. of on I. and icgan.

ige pres. 3 sg. of icgan.

ignen = nen

gon pret. pl. of on I.

hsl = sl

ihtig = yhtig

h pres. 3 sg. of on I.

ilc = yllic

ile = yle

ilian (e, y) to lay with planks, board over, . [Ger. dielen]

ilic = yllic

iling f. boarding, floor: table, GD 97^4.

ille n. thin board, plank, flooring, Gl. [Ger. diele]

illian = ilian

illic = yllic

imiama m. incense, . [L. thymiama]

n I. gs. of u. II. adj. pron. 'thine,' thy. III. f. = igen

nan to grow moist, Lcd 13b.

inc = ing

incan = (1) yncan; (2) encan

+inco = +ynco

+ind n. swelling, Lcd.

indan^3 to swell, swell up, : (wrongly, through confusion betw. 'tabescere' and 'tumescere') melt, pass away, PPs 111^9; 118^158: be angry.

nen f. maid-servant, handmaid, : midwife, . [egn]

ing n. 'thing,' creature, , Lcd: object, property, , Bo, Bl, Lcd: cause, motive, reason, : lawsuit, PPs: event, affair, act, deed, enterprise, , CP, Lcd, MtR: condition, circumstances, : contest, discussion, council, assembly, An, B, Cr, LL: court of justice, v.LL 2449: point, respect, Bl. mid nnum ingum adv. not at all. for his ingum for his sake. for isum ingum for this reason. be fullum ingum abundantly. nige inga anyhow, in any way, somehow. raost inga at the earliest. lces inges entirely, in every respect.

ingan to invite, address? Gl.

+ingan = +on

+inge n. meeting, council: agreement, covenant: fate.

ingemann m. (Danish) mercenary. [[from first edition]]

ingere m. advocate, intercessor, mediator, priest, Gl,CP.

ingestre f. female advocate, mediatrix, HL 10^698.

inggemearc n. reckoning of time, allotted time.

ingian (w. d.) to beg, pray, ask, intercede for, LL, Sat; CP: come to terms, covenant, conciliate, compound with, settle: (refl.) reconcile oneself (with): determine, purpose, design: talk, harangue. ['thing']

inglas free (from sin or crime), LL 412.

ingmann = ingemann

ingrden f. intercession, pleading, mediation, intervention,.

+ingsceat m. ransom, CP 339^10.

ingstede m. meeting-place, place of assembly.

ingstw f. meeting-place, place of council: place where ways meet, village: market.

+ingo = +ynco

ingum adv. (instr. pl. of ing) purposely.

ingung f. advocacy, intercession, mediation, ,CP.

inn- = ynn-

nne asm. of n II.

nnen = nen

inra = ynra comp. of ynne.

nra gp. of n II.

int pres. 3 sg. of indan.

o = o

io- = eo-

r f. a female servant, JnLR 18^17. [ON. r]

ird- (NG) = rid-

re = nre gdsf. of n II.

irel == yrel

irl- = yrl-

irnet = yrniht

irsceflr, irscelflr == erscelflr

irsce pres. 3 sg. of erscan.

irscwald = erscold

irst = urst

is v. s.

isa = issa gp. of s.

isan = isum dsmn. of s.

ises gsmn. of s.

sl f., sle f. waggon-pole, pole, shaft. [Ger. deichsel]

islic = yllic

ism = dism

isne as. of s.

ison = isum dsmn. of s.

issa gp., isse, issere gdsf.; isson, issum dsmn. and dp. of s.

istel m. 'thistle,' Gl, WW (y); Mdf.

istelgebld n. blister caused by thistle, Lcd 162b.

isteltwige f. a kind of bird, goldfinch? linnet? Gl.

sternes (CP) = ostornes

str- = ostr-

stra m. trace, article of harness? WW.

isum dsmn. and dp. of s.

ier = ider

ustr- (Cp) = ostr-

wan = wan

wen, won = owen

wwracu = owwracu

xl (Gl) = sl

f. clay, loam, Gl. [Ger. ton]

ocerian, ocrian to run up and down, WW.

oddettan to strike, push, W.

oden (?) n. whirlwind, high wind, whirlpool, , Cp, CP, Chr. ['thode']

dor = or

oft, ofte f. bench for rowers, WW. ['thoft']

+ofta m. comrade, mate, , AO.

+oftian to join, unite, associate (wi), AO.

oftrden f. fellowship, .

oftscipe m. companionship.

+ogen virtuous, excellent. [pp. of on]

h (Gl) = th

he f. clay, Gl (= ).

ht (+ exc. N) mn. process of thinking, 'thought,' LL: mind, Gl: a thought, idea, MtR: compassion, 'viscera,' LkLR 1^78. [encan]

+ohta = +ofta

hte pret. 3 sg. of encan.

iht clayey, WW 348^11.

ol m. 'thole,' oar-pin, Cp, WW.

olebyrde patient, Sc. ['tholeburde']

olebyrdnes f. endurance, Sc 3^8 (i^2). ['tholeburdness']

olemd = olmd

olian to suffer, endure, undergo, An, B, Gen, MkL; AO, CP: allow, KC: persevere, hold out (intr.), survive: (w.g.) to lose, lack, forfeit, be without, dispense with, . ['thole']

oll = ol

olle f. saucepan, OEG 4115.

olmd I. forbearing, patient, , Sc, OEG. II. m. patience? L 116^334#d#. ['tholemode']

olmdnes f. _forbearance, patience_, _. ['_tholemodeness_']

olo- = ol(e)-

on I. instr. sing. of s. II. adv. then, now: thence: (innegative clauses, with comparatives) in comparison with: inasmuch as, when. fter on after that. r on before that (antequam). n on lange... not long until.... t on to that extent. III. (VPs) = onne

n = m

onan = anon

onc = anc

one asm. of s the, that.

oncan = ancan

onen = anon

ong == anc

onne (a, ) adv. and conj. then, AO; CP: therefore, wherefore: yet: while, when: thereafter, henceforth: rather than, Ps: since: although: (with comparatives) 'than,' , CP. onne...onne when...then. .hwere yet, nevertheless. .gt as yet, even. .e since.

onon = anon

or m. Thor, Lcd, W.

orf (NG) = eorf

orfst useful, NG. [earf]

orfend == earfend

orfte pret. 3 sg. of urfan.

orh (VPs) == urh

orhniht = orniht

orlas useless, NG. [earf]

orn m. 'thorn,' thorn-bush, , Bo, G, Gl; CP; Mdf: name of the rune for ==, Run.

orncynn n. a kind of thorn.

orngebld n. blister caused by a thorn, Lcd 162b.

ornian to lose, v. MF 174.

ornig 'thorny,' , WW.

orn-iht, -eht(e) thorny.

orning m. thorny place, BC 1480^8 (Mdf).

ornrind f. thorn-bark, Lcd 19a.

orof (MtL) = eorf

orp (rop) m. farm: village, Cp, Ep, WW (ro). ['thorp']

orscen pp. of erscan.

ost m. dung, Lcd.

+t = +ot

oterian to cry, howl, lament, (o^2).

oterung f. groaning, wailing, .

otor-, otr- = oter-

(Chr 1135) = ah I.

or, er m. ball.

ox = dox

r = ra

+racen prepared, decked, .

racian to fear, dread, shun, RHy 9^50.

racu f., gs. rce pressure, fury, storm, violence: onrush, attack.

rc (usu. +) n. throng, force, violence: equipment, OEG.

rcheard brave in battle, El 123.

rchwl f. time of misery, Jul 554.

rcian = racian

rcrf keen in fight, Gen 2030.

rcswald = erscold

rcwg m. violent combat, Ex 182.

rcwudu m. spear, B 1246 (e^1).

rd () m. 'thread,' Bo, Lcd; .

+rf n. rebuke, censure, NC 297?

+rf (on) unanimously.

rft n. contentiousness, Mod 42.

rgan to run.

rging = ragung

rl (a) m. serf, 'thrall,' LL, NG.

rlriht n. serf's right, W 158^15.

rs () fringe, hem, Gl.

rscan = rstan

rsce (Cp) = rysce

rst = drst

rstan to writhe, twist, press, force, BH: crush, oppress, torment. [v.'threst,' 'i-thrast']

+rstednes f. contrition, GD, WW.

rstnes f. trouble, pain, grief: (+) contrition.

rstung f. affliction, torment, CP 317^7.

rwen = rwen pp. of rwan.

rwung = ragung

rxwold = erscold

rafian to restrain, reprove, CP: urge, push, press,.

rafung f. reproof, correction, CP.

rg f. space of time, time, while, period, season, Gen, Jul: occasion, B, Bl, Bo: evil times: paroxysm. rge for a time, some time, long time. rgum at times, sometimes. ealle rge all the time, continually. ['throw']

rgbysig long busy? Rd 5^1.

rglic (rah-) long-continued, MF (Vesp. D xiv).

rgmlum at times, sometimes.

rh == rg

rll = ral, rl

rang pret. 3 sg. of ringan.

rang n. throng, crowd, tumult.

rwan^7 to turn, twist, curl, , WW; CP: rack. ['throw']

rwingspinl f. crisping-pin, OEG.

rwu (Gl) = ra

r = ro

ra I. mfn. threat, menace, abuse, CP: rebuke, castigation: oppression, attack: calamity, throe. [rowan] II. imperat. of ragan.

reacs = reax

rade pret. 1, 3 sg. of ragan.

ragan, rawian () to rebuke, chastise, correct, punish, CP, Mt; : threaten, menace: attack, oppress, torture, afflict, vex, harass. ['threa']

ragend m. reprover, OEG 5380.

ragung (, aw-) f. threatening, reproof, correction.

reahs = reax

ral I. f. discipline, correction, punishment, : reproof: threat. II. = rl

ralic severe, terrible, calamitous.

ran () = ragan

rand == raned

rang = ragung

raned f. affliction, misery, distress, calamity.

ranedla (^2, y^2) m. affliction, misfortune.

ranedlic calamitous, Jul 128.

rand == raned

rapian to reprove, correct, CP 165^17. ['threap']

rapung f. reproof, CP 167^14.

rat I. (o) m. _press, crowd, throng, host, troop_, _B, El, Mk_: _oppression, coercion, calamity_, _Bl, Jul_: _threatening_? _. ['_threat_'] II. pret. 3 sg. of rotan.

ratend m. violent person, MtL.

ratian to urge, press, force, attack, harass, , Cp, MH, Mt: threaten, PPs: reprove, rebuke, , CP. ['threat']

ratmlum () adv. in swarms.

ratnes f. affliction, tribulation, NC 327.

ratnian () = ratian. ['threaten']

ratung f. threatening, compulsion, ill-usage, AO: correction, reproof,CP.

raung = ragung

raw pret. 3 sg. of rowan.

rawend = rwend

raweorc n. misery, Gen 737. [OS.]

rawian = ragian [[headword spelled "ragan"]]

rawung = ragung

reax (e) rottenness, rubbish, refuse, Bas 48^20; L 35^150. [ON. rekkr; v.ES 43332]

rec == rc

rece m. oppression, force: weariness. [racu]

recswald = erscold

rd (Cp) = rd

+rgan = +ran

rgian = rgan

rehtig = rohtig

remm == rymm

ro v. re.

reo- = ri-

reodian (y) to think over, deliberate: meditate.

reodung f. deliberation, consideration: scruple, hesitation.

reohtig = rohtig

rohund n. three hundred, .

rohundwintre of the age of three hundred years,.

reom v. re.

reoniht f. period of three days, Pa 38.

rora v. re.

reosellic = risellic

rostru = ostru

rot = rat

rotan^2 to vex, weary, AS 46^2.

rotoa 'thirteenth,' , MH (-tega), Mt (y^1);AO.

rotne 'thirteen,' BH (e^2), Men (y^2).

rotnegeare thirteen years old, MH 216^16.

rott- = rot-

row I. pret. 3 sg. of rwan. II. = re

rowan^2 to suffer, strive for. [rea] [[from first edition]]

rowian = rwian

reoxwold = erscold

rep? 'fornix,' Ln 34^59 (drep).

repel = rypel [[headword spelled "rpel"]]

rerre = rirre

rs = rs

rescan = erscan

rescold, rescwald = erscold

rst- = rst-

rt = (1) rat; (2) rd

rung = raung

rex = reax

rex- = ersc-

r = re

ria = riwa

ribeddod (y) three-bedded, having three couches, WW 184^24.

riccan = ryccan

ridglic (eo, y) adj. lasting three days, BH 350^32.

ridled (eo, y) tripartite, OEG.

ridda (y) num. adj. 'third,' Bl, Cr, Lcd; AO, CP. ridde healf two and a half.

ridung = reodung

re (, ) num. nam.; nafn. ro; gmfn. rora; dmfn. rim (reom) 'three.'

rie- = ri-

reste = rste adv. [[under "rst"]]

retan to weary: force.

rifeald threefold.

rifealdan to multiply by three, increase threefold. [[from first edition]]

rifealdlic threefold, triple. adv. -lce in three ways.

rifeoor = rifeor

rifte 'three-footed,' Gr.

rifeor triangular, Gl.

rifingre (v) three fingers broad or thick, LL 110[49,3].

riflre (y) three-storied, H 270^17.

ri-fotede, -fotad 'three-footed,' WW (y).

rifyldan = rifealdan

rifyrede three-furrowed, Gr 288^12n.

rig = re

riga = riwa

rigrede three-pronged, Gr 288^10 (eo).

rigare three years old: space of three years.

rigylde I. adj. subject to threefold payment, or compensation, LL. II. adv.LL.

rihafdede 'three-headed,' Gr 67^11 (y).

rihing == riing

rihwede having three forms, Gr 287^10(y).

rihlidede having three openings, Gr 288^6(y).

ri-hyrne, -hyrnede (eo) three-cornered.

rilfe three-leaved. as sb. = trefoil? wood-sorrel? WW 133^22(y).

rilen (WW 151^34, y), rilig, rili adj. woven with three threads, Cp, Ln, WW; LV. ['thrile']

rilic triple, threefold, VHy (y).

rile n. year with an extra month (a third, named la).

rim I. = rymm. II. v. re.

rim- = rym-

rimen (y) a third part, Lcd 47a.

ri-meolce, -milce n. May.

rims, rimse = trymes

rindan = rintan

rinen (y) three-fold.

rines f. Trinity, , BH. ['threeness,' 'thrinness']

+ring n. crowd, pressure, commotion, An; L (y). [v.'thring']

ringan^3 to press, squeeze, crowd upon, throng, An, Mk, Ph: press forward, rush on, hasten, advance, AO: oppress: (+) pinch (with cold). ['thring']

rinihte three days old, Lcd.

rinna three-fold, three times, LL. ['thrin']

rinnes () = rines

rintan^3 to swell, Mod 24.

ro = ro. v. re.

rostr- (KGl) = ostr-

rirre with three rows of oars. as sb. trireme, AO(e).

risce = rysce

riscelflr = erscelflr

riscte (^1) triangular, AO. [scat]

risellic tripartite, Nar 35^29 (eo^1).

rislite tripod, three-forked, A 4151 (ie?).

risncce (y^1, e^2) three-forked, Gr 288^12.

rsnes = rstnes

rst, rste I. adj. daring, rash, bold: audacious, shameless, CP, W. II. adv. boldly, daringly. ['thriste'; Ger. dreist]

rstelic = rstiglic

rstful presumptuous, A 13369.

rsthycgende brave-minded.

rsthdig bold, valorous.

+rstian to dare, presume.

rstiglic rash, bold, daring. adv. -lce.

rstlcan to presume, dare, CP.

rstlcnes f. boldness, GD.

+rstlcung f. presumption, MF 164.

rstlasnes f. want of boldness? A 11101.

ristlic == rstiglic

rstling m. bold person? (BT), thrush (Mdf), EC 450^15.

rstlong m. very long? (or = ristling?) BC 3618.

rstnes f. rashness, boldness.

rstra = stra

ristrenge (eo, y) three-stringed, Gr 288^10.

rt () pres. 3 sg. of retan.

rtig 'thirty,' B, Bl; AO, CP.

rtigfeald 'thirtyfold,' Mt.

rtigoa 'thirtieth,' Gr (tt), BH.

rtigwintre thirty years old, .

rittoa = rotoa

rittig == rtig

r == r

riing third part of a county, riding, LL (late).

riinggerfa m. governor or sheriff of a 'riing,' LL (late).

riwa adv. thrice, Mk, RB; AO. ['thrie']

riwin-tre, -tra, -ter three years old, WW. [v.'thrinter']

roc n. table, Mk 11^15: piece of wood on which the ploughshare is fixed.

roehtig = rohtig

rh I. 'rancor,' Gl. II. 'rancidus,' OEG.

roht I. m. exertion, labour, endurance, toil, trouble, suffering. II. adj. dire, troublesome, tormenting.

rohtheard strong in enduring: hard to endure.

rohtig (e? eo) enduring, persistent, persevering, laborious.

rong = rang pret. 3 sg. of ringan.

rop = orp

rosle = rostle

rosm m. smoke, vapour, .

rosmig vaporous, smoky, W 138^26.

rostle (?) f. 'throstle,' thrush, BC, Cp,GD.

rota (WW 306^13) = rote

rotbolla m. gullet, windpipe, larynx, , Gl, LL. ['throatboll']

rote, rotu f. 'throat,' , Bo, WW.

roten pp. of rotan.

rotu () = rote

rung = rwung

rowen pp. of rowan.

rwend m. serpent, scorpion, basilisk, .

rwend- = rwiend-

rwere m. sufferer, martyr.

rwerhd, rwethd m. martyrdom, GD.

rwian (o?) to endure, suffer, die, , B Bl, Bo; AO, CP: pay for, atone for. ['throw']

rowiendhd (e^2) m. martyrdom, GD 231^8#c#.

rw-iendlic, -igendlic suffering, enduring, passive, . .da apoplexy.

rwung f. suffering, , CP: passion, martyrdom: painful symptom: anniversary of martyrdom. ['throwing']

rwungrding f. reading about martyrs, martyrology, CM 286.

rwung-td f., -tma n. time of suffering.

+ren pp. of weran.

rh fmn. pipe, trough, Gl, MH: chest: tomb, coffin, , BH. ['through']

rum = rim v. re.

-rum v. tunge-. ['thrum']

rungen pp., rungon pret. pl. of ringan.

-rt v. fisc-.

rtigende strutting, bouncing, : threatening, L 10^273.

ruton pret. pl. of rotan.

rtung anger, pride: threatening, L 7^76.

ruhorn = truhorn [[headword spelled "trhorn"]]

r = re, r

ryccan pret., rycte, ryhte (tr.) to trample on, crush, oppress, afflict, Bo; CP: (intr.) press, push, Gu. ['thrutch']

+ryccednes f. distress, trouble, MF (Vesp. D xiv).

rycnes f. tribulation, affliction, MtR.

rydda = ridda

+rde pret. 3 sg. of +rn.

+rdfullod 'elatus,' RPs 130^1.

rydian = reodian

rdig = rig

rdlce = rlce

rydung = reodung

rh = rh

ryhte pret. 3 sg. of ryccan.

ryl = yrl, yrel

+rl n. crowd, multitude, L 23^92. [rn]

rym = (1) rymm; (2) rim

rymcyme m. glorious coming, Gu 1230.

rymcyning m. glorious king, king of glory, God.

rymdm m. glory, W 254^14#d#.

rymen = rimen

rymfst glorious, illustrious, noble, mighty.

rymful glorious, majestic, peerless.

rymilce = rimeolce

rymlic glorious, magnificent, AO: powerful, mighty. adv. -lce.

rymm m. multitude, host, troop, L, Cr: torrent: force, power, might, ability: glory, majesty, splendour, CP. ['thrum']

rymma m. brave man, hero, An 1141.

rymme, rymmum adv. powerfully, violently.

rymrce n. realm of glory, heaven, Bl 105^11.

rymsa = trymes

rym-seld n., -setl () n. seat of honour, throne.

rymsittende ptc. sitting in glory, dwelling in heaven.

rymwealdend I. adj. all-ruling. II. m. lord of glory.

+rn to press, bind, v. NC 328.

rync (AO 76^34) = drinc, imperat. of drincan.

rynen = rinen

rynes = rines

ryng sb. conduit, channel? (= ring?) WW 198^14.

rynnes () = rines

ryosm = rosm

rpel () m. instrument of torture, cross? WW 225^41. [rapian]

rpelf 'eculeus,' 'catasta,' WW 180^13.

+ryscan to weigh down, afflict, oppress, CP. [erscan]

rysce (, i, y) 'thrush,' WW.

ryscel- = erscel-

rysman, +rysmian to press, oppress, stifle, AO. [rosm]

ryssce = rysce

rst == rst

rst- = ost-

rt pres. 3 sg. of rotan.

r f. (often in pl.) might, power, force, strength: majesty, glory, splendour: multitude, troop, host.

rrn n. noble house, palace, B 657.

rbearn n. strong youth, An 494.

rbord n. strong shield, El 151.

rcyning m. king of glory, God, An 436.

rful strong, brave.

rgesteald n. splendid dwelling, palace.

rig mighty, strong, Gen 1986?

rlic strong, valiant. adv. -lce(?).

ro = r

rsw n. mighty, powerful, B.

ru = r

rum very, violently.

rweorc n. mighty work, An 774.

rword n. lofty discourse, B 643.

u () pron. 2 pers., gs. n, das. e, ec; dual n. git, gt, g. incer, d. inc, a. incit, inc; np. g, ge, gp. ower, dp. ow, ap. owic, ow 'thou.'

f m. tuft: banner, standard, crest. [L. tufa]

+f thriving, luxuriant, WW.

fbre leafy, OEG 2222.

feistel = istel

fian to shoot forth, grow luxuriantly, WW 408^2.

fig leafy, WW 408^3.

ft m. thicket, WW 408^14.

ugon pret. pl. of on.

+hsian to make misty, dark, W 137^9.

hte pret. 3 sg. of yncan.

+uhtsum abundant, MH 138^15.

ullic = yllic

ma m. 'thumb,' Ep, Lcd, LL.

umle sbpl. entrails, Cp 210#u#.

+un n. loud noise, PPs 45^3.

unar = unor

unden pp. of indan.

unelic = unorlic

uner = unor

uner- = un(o)r-

ung m. a poisonous plant, wolf's-bane, aconite, nightshade? Gl.

+ungen full grown, thriven: competent, excellent, distinguished, virtuous, L. [pp. of on]

+ungenlce adv. virtuously, soberly.

ungennes f. growth: goodness, excellence, virtue, perfection.

unian to stand out, be prominent: be proud: roar, thunder, crash, groan.

unnung = nung [[error for "unung"?]]

unnur = unor

unor (e^2, u^2) m., gs. un(o)res 'thunder,' AO, Cp, Jn, Rd: thunderclap, Lcd: the god Thunder, Thor: 'Jupiter,' WW;WW.

unor- = unr-

unorbodu f. sea-bream? WW 180^34.

unorclfre f. bugle (plant), Lcd.

unorlic (e^2) thundery, OEG.

unorrd f. thunder, thundering, .

unorrdlic thundering, HGl 451^46.

unorrdstefn f. voice of thunder, PPs 76^14.

unorwyrt f. thunder-wort, houseleek, Lcd.

unresdg m. 'Thursday,' ; LL.

unresniht f. the eve of Thursday, Wednesday night.

unrian to 'thunder,' Bo, Jn (impers.); PPs (pers.).

unring f. thundering, Chr 1085.

unung f. creaking, noise, din, WW.

unur = unor

unur- = un(o)r-

un-wang (e, o), -wange (, e) f. (n?) temple (ofthe head), , WW. ['thunwang']

ur = or

uren = woren pp. of weran.

uresdg = unresdg

urfan swv. pres. 1, 3 sg. earf, pl. urfon; pret. sg. orfte; subj. pres. urfe, yrfe to need, be required: must, have occasion to, Gen, LL; CP: want, be needy: be under an obligation, owe. ['tharf'; earf]

urg = urh prep.

urh (e, o) I. prep. (w. d. a. g.) (space) 'through' ('thorough'), G: (time) through, during, PPs: (causal: agent, means, instrument) through, by means of, in consequence of, because of, BH, Bl, G, Gen. urh ealle entirely: (manner) in, with, by, in conformity with: for the sake of, in the name of, Sat: (end, aim) with a view to, on behalf of. II. adv. through, throughout, PPs.

rh = rh

urhbeorht very bright, transparent, radiant, clear,.

urhbiter thoroughly bitter, sour, perverse, CERPs 77^8.

urhblwan^7 to inspire, animate, CM 370.

urhborian to bore through.

urhbrecan^4 to break through, .

urhbregdan^3 to draw through, transport.

urhbrengan to bring through, LPs 77^13.

urhbrcan^2 to enjoy fully, WW 98^1.

urhburnen thoroughly burnt, Lcd 165b.

urhclnsian to cleanse thoroughly, MtR 3^12.

urhcropan^2 to creep through, pass through, Bo 93^5.

urhdelfan^3 to dig through, pierce, .

urhdn 1. to go through, work through, finish, accomplish. make to pass through. [[from first edition]]

urhdrencan to saturate, Kl 17^148.

urhdrogan^2 to work through, accomplish, pass (time),CM.

urhdrfan^1 to drive or push through, strike: pierce, perforate: penetrate, imbue.

urhdfan^2 to dive through, B 1619.

urhendian (e^1) to accomplish, perfect, LL 411[2,2].

urhetan^5 to eat through, consume.

urhfre = urhfre

urhfstnian to transfix, JnLR 19^37.

urhfaran^6 to pass through, traverse, penetrate, pierce,CP.

urhfarennes f. inner chamber, ASPs 104^28.

urhfran to pass through, traverse, penetrate, BH. ['thoroughfare']

urhfre I. penetrable. II. n. secret chamber.

urhflon^2 to fly through, BH 136^1.

urhfn^7 to penetrate, B 1504.

urh-gn anv., pret. -ode _to go through, pass through, penetrate_, _. ['_throughgo_']

urhgangan^7 = urhgn

urhgedn = urhdn

urhgefeht n. war, Cp 205#p# (o^1).

urhgotan^2 to fill entirely, imbue, saturate, impregnate.

urhgldan to heat through, Da 244.

urhhlan to heal thoroughly, Lcd.

urhhlig most holy.

urhhefig very heavy, GD 104^26.

urhholod bored through, OEG 4035.

urhhwt quite white, WW 163^6.

urhiernan^3 to run through, traverse, pierce, .

urhldan to lead forth, conduct.

urelran to persuade, Sc 38^12.

urhlred very learned, skilled, WW 118^23.

urhl very hateful, WW 130^28.

urhlor-an, -ian to penetrate, GD, JVPs.

urhlcung f. preface, introduction, WW 172^38.

urhrsan to rush through, Rd 4^36.

urhscotan^2 to shoot through, pierce, , AO.

urhscnan to shine through, be transparent, WW 148^7 (y). ['throughshine']

urhscnendlic illustrious, splendid, LPs 15^6.

urhscran^1 to go through, traverse: examine, consider.

urhscyldig very guilty, .

urhscne = urhscne [[form of "urhscnan"?]]

urhscan to search through, inquire thoroughly into, Sc 209^3. ['throughseek']

urhson^5 to look through, examine: penetrate, Bo. ['thoroughsee']

urhslan^6 to strike or pierce through, : attack, afflict, kill.

urhsmagan to search thoroughly, investigate, think out.

urhsmgan^2 to pierce, bore through, eat through: go through carefully.

urhsmyrian to smear, anoint, W 229^3.

urhspdig very rich, H 1502^8.

urhsticcian to transfix, JnL 19^37 (o^1).

urhstingan^3 to pierce through, thrust through, prick, ,CP.

urhstrang very strong, OEG 50^25.

urhswimman^3 to swim through, WW 52^1.

urhswan to prevail, LPs 51^9.

urhswgan to penetrate, BH 430^5 (v.l.).

urhsne limpid, transparent, OEG 23^35.

urhton^2 to carry or put through: finish, fulfil, carry out, effect, , AO, CP: draw, drag: continue: afford: undergo.

urhtogennes f. a religious reading at monastic mealtimes, RBL 118^7.

urhtrymman to confirm, JnLR 10^25 (e^1).

urhrwan to twist through.

urh-yddan, -n to pierce, thrust through, .

urhyrel (i^2) pierced through, perforated, LL.

urh-yrelian (CP), -yrlian to pierce, penetrate.

urht prep. (w. a.) adv. right through, .

urhwac-ol, -el, -ul wide-awake, sleepless, .

urhwadan^6 to penetrate, go through, bore, pierce.

urhwcendlic very vigilant, L 23b^43.

urhwerod quite sweet, very sweet, Gl.

urhwt thoroughly wet, P 172^18.

urhwltan^1 to look through, see.

urhwrecan^5 to thrust through.

urhwundian to pierce through, wound badly, LL 82[61,1].

urhwunenes f. perseverance, MF 176.

urhwunian to abide continuously, remain, continue, settle down, , AO, CP: persevere, hold out, be steadfast,CP.

urhwunigendlic constant, continued. adv. -lce.

urhwunol perpetual, NC 328.

urhwunung f. perseverance, persistency: continued residence.

urhyrnan = urhiernan

urresdg = unresdg

urruc m. small ship? hold of a ship? WW 181^35. [v.'thurrock']

urscon pret. pl. of erscan.

ursdg (Jn) = unresdg

urst (y) m. 'thirst,' Lcd; , AO, VPs.

urstig 'thirsty,' PPs, Mt (y); : thirsting after, greedy, Bo.

uru = duru

uruh == urh

us adv. 'thus,' in this way, Bl, Cp, Lk: as follows, Bo, MH, MtR: to this extent (qualifying adjs.), , B,Gl.

send num. (sbn., always followed by gen.) 'thousand,' Bl, Chr, WW; AO,CP.

send-ealdor, -ealdorman m. captain of a thousand men, v.OEG 4747.

sendfeald 'thousand-fold,' , W.

sendgerm n. computation by thousands.

sendgetel n. a thousand. Gr 284^4.

sendhwe multiform, WW 101^1.

sendlic adj. of a thousand.

sendmle? adj. a thousand each, a thousand.

sendmlum adv. in thousands.

sendmann m. captain of a thousand men, .

sendrca m. chief of a thousand men, WW 110^11.

sent- = send-

uslic = yllic

uss = us

tan = otan

istel m. sow-thistle, Gl, WW. ['thow-thistle']

+xsian (Dom 105) = +hsian

w (NG) = wa pres. 1 sg. of wan.

wgen pp. of wan.

wl = wal

wle? () f. fillet? towel? v. OEG 53^26.

wnan to soften, moisten, BH, Lcd.

wng = wang

wr- = wer-

wre (usu. +) united, concordant, harmonious, : compliant, obedient: agreeable, pleasant, gentle: peaceful: prosperous. adv. -lce.

wrian () to agree, consent to: reconcile: suit, fit.

wrlcan^1 to agree, consent (to), L: suit.

wrnes f. concord, peace: gentleness.

wagen rare pp. of wan.

wh (A) imperat. of wan.

wang mf. 'thong,' band, strap, cord, , G, WW: phylactery, MtL (e), R().

wr- = wr-

warm = wearm

wastrian to whisper, HL 18^381.

wt pret. 3 sg. of wtan.

wa pres. 1 sg. of wan.

wal (, ) n. washing, bath, laver, CP, JnL 12^3: soap, ES 43334: ointment. [Goth. wahl]

wan^6 to wash, cleanse, , CP: anoint, MtL 6^17.

wearm m? cutting tool, Gl.

whl = wal

wle = wle

wnan = wnan

weng (NG) = wang

wor, weorg = weorh

+weor v. buter-ge.

wora m. perversity, CP 222^8.

wores adv. (gen. of weorh) athwart, transversely, obliquely, AO: perversely.

weorh I. adj., gmn. wores cross, transverse, bent, crooked: adverse: angry: perverse, depraved, CP. II. n. crookedness, wrong.

weorh-fero, -furu, -fyri cross-furrow, Gl.

weorhtme = worteme

weorian = weran

worian to oppose, thwart, be opposed to.

worlic perverse, contrary, adverse, : reversed, out of order. adv. -lce.CP.

wornes () f. perversity, frowardness, obstinacy, depravity,.

worscipe m. perversity, CP.

worteme (^2, ^2, ^2) contentious, perverse, wicked,CP.

weoton (BH 204^32) = witon pret. pl. of wtan.

wr, werh = weorh

weran^4 to stir, churn: () beat, forge, render malleable, soften.

wih (ie) pres. 3 sg. of wan.

wnan to decrease, lessen, Lcd.

+winglod fastened up? (BT), HL 18^218.

wr = weorh

wiril m. handle of a churn, whisk, WW 280^31. [weran]

+wit n. cuttings, BH 204^32 (v.l.). [wtan]

wtan^1 to cut, 'whittle,' cut off, cut out, BH, Lcd. ['thwite']

wg, wh pret. 3 sg., wogen pp. of wan.

wong = wang

woren pp. of weran.

+wrnes = +wornes

wurh = weorh

wyh pres. 3 sg. of wan.

wr (), wr- = weorh, wor-

wyril = wiril

wrs = wores

I. pron. (instr. sing. of s, t). fter after (that), later. II. conj. and adv. because, since, on that account: therefore, Lcd: then: (with comparatives) the. ... the...the. mid while, when. t t for the purpose that, in order that. for e because. ls (e) lest. ['thy']

an = n

yc- = ic-

dges adv. on the same day.

dan = odan

yddan to strike, stab, CP: thrust, press, . ['thud']

+de good, virtuous. Cra 68.

yder == ider

f == of

fel m. shrub, bush, copse, thicket, Lcd, LPs, WW; . ['thyvel'; f]

feorn y? (, o, ) m. buckthorn? hawthorn? bramble? Gl (,o), Lcd (), WW. ['thevethorn']

flen? (or ? ryplen) bushy, GPH 399^457.

yften f. handmaid, OEG. ['thuften']

f = ef

gan = n

+yht pleasing, Rim 18.

yhtig strong, B 1558.

h pres. 3 sg. of on.

ls conj. lest. ls e lest.

ylc = yllic

ylcrft (e) m. elocution, rhetoric, OEG.

yld (usu +) nf. patience, LkLR. ['thild']

yldelic patient. adv. -lce patiently, quietly.

+yld-ian, -(i)gian to be patient, bear, endure, CP: give in, agree, OEG 3237.

yldig (usu. +) adj. patient, DR; , CP. [v.'thild']

+yldmd patient, W 72^7.

+yldmdnes f. patience, NC 297.

+yldum patiently, steadfastly.

yle m. speaker, orator: jester, WW 385^3.

ylian () = ilian

yling = il(l)ing

+yll n. air, breeze, DR 121^18.

yllic pron. (such like), such, such a, AO, CP.

+yllic 'densus,' OEG 5^4 (?= +iclic; or +llic, from n).

+ylmd brought down, abased, LPs 19^9.

mel m. thumb-stall, 'thimble,' Lcd.

mele adj. of the thickness of a thumb, LL 110[49,3].

n I. to press, squeeze, thrust, stab: coerce, restrain, oppress. [= yddan] II. = n

yncan (i) (impers. w. d.) pret. 3 sg. hte to appear, seem, Bo, CP, El, Cr; AO. m ync methinks, Bo. him hte it seemed good to him. [Ger. dnken]

ynco (usu. +) f. dignity, rank, office, (i), CP: meeting, assembly: private arrangement (todefeat justice), LL 112[52].

ynden = enden

yngo progress, promotion, N: propitiation, DR 23^10.

ynhlne wasted, shrunk, WW 446^24.

ynne (i) 'thin,' BH, RB: lean, Lcd, WW: not dense, , BC: fluid, tenuous, BH, Lcd, Met: weak, poor, BH, Lcd.

ynnes (i) f. lack of density, tenuity, fluidity, Lcd 73b: poverty, feebleness (ofsight), Lcd 1134. ['thinness']

ynnian (i) to 'thin,' make thin, lessen, dilute, , Lcd: become thin,L.

ynnol (u^2) lean, thin, WW 172^16.

ynnung, ynung f. 'thinning,' act of making thin, Lcd 98a.

ynwefen thin woven, WW 439^34.

yrel (?) I. n. hole, opening, aperture, perforation, BH, MtL, Sc, WW. II. adj. pierced, perforated, full of holes, CP. ['thirl'; durh]

yrelhs n. turner's workshop, WW 185^31 (ryl-).

yrelian = yrlian

yrelung f. piercing, CP 153^25.

yrelwamb with pierced belly, Rd 79^11.

yrf == earf

yrfe subj. pres. sing. of urfan.

yrl = yrel

yrlian _to perforate, pierce, excavate_, _ (i), _WW_. ['_thirl_']

-yrlic v. samod-.

yrn == orn

yrne f. thorn-bush, bramble, ; Mdf.

yrnen thorny, of thorns, , CP. ['thornen']

yrnet n. thorn, bramble, thorn-thicket, OEG.

yrniht, yrnihte thorny, Lcd.

yrran to dry, render dry, Rd 29^4.

yrre withered: dry. [Ger. drr]

yrs m. giant, demon, wizard, B, Cp; Mdf. ['thurse']

yrscel == erscel

yrsc pres. 3 sg. of erscan.

yrscwold = erscold

yrst = urst

+yrst thirsty, MH 170^6.

yrstan (pers. and impers.) to 'thirst,' thirst after, G, Lcd, Sc; AO, CP. [urst]

+rstgian = +rstian

s instr. smn. of s.

ys- = is-

yslic = yllic

-yssa v. brim-.

ster == ostor

str- = ostr-

t, tt pres. 3 sg. of otan.

-tan v. -. [OHG. dzn]

el (LPs 79^11) = fel

yer = ider

w- = ow-

wan to press, impress, : stab, pierce: crush, push, oppress, check: threaten.

+we = +awe [[headword spelled "eawe"]]

w = ef

wung f. threat, threatening, GD 238^15.


uce = wuce

ucu = wucu

der n. 'udder,' WW 61^16.

udu (N) = wudu

f I. m. owl, Gl: vulture, Gr 48^17n. II. m. uvula,WW.

ufa = ufan

ufan (o) adv. from above, , AO, CP: over, above, on high, CP. onu.; u.on t besides. on u. hrfest in late autumn. on u. midne winter after Christmas. [Ger. oben]

ufancumende coming from above.

ufancund from above, supreme, divine, CP.

ufane = ufan

ufanweard adj. (often used w. d. as a prep.) highest, topmost, . ufanweardum above, at the top.

ufemest (superl. of uferra, ufor) _highest, uppermost, topmost_, _. ['_ovemest_']

ufen == ufan

ufenan, ufenon I. adv. from above, Jn, W. II. prep. over and above, DD. on ufenan upon the top of. ['ovenon']

ufera = uferra

uferian to delay, put off, : (+) raise up, Bk 8: extol, honour, . [ufor]

uferra comp. adj. above, higher, upper, BH; CP: outer, Lcd, WW: after (oftime), later, future, AO, Lcd; CP. ['over']

uferung f. delay, GD 245^8.

ufeweard I. adj. upward, ascending, upper, higher up, , CP: later. II. sb. upper part, outside,.

ufewerd = ufeweard

uffrian = uferian

ufon == ufan

ufor adv. higher, further away, further up, , CP: later, posterior, subsequent.

ufora = uferra

ufur = ufor

uf-weard, -werd = ufeweard

uht = wuht = wiht fn.

ht, hta () m. twilight, dusk, early morning, dawn. on htan at daybreak. t htes towards dawn: nocturns.

htantd = httd

htantma m. time of nocturns.

htcearu f. sorrow at dawn, Wif 7.

htentd = httd

htfloga m. twilight-flier, dragon, B 2760.

htgebed n. morning prayer, matins.

hthlem m. crash at dawn, B 2007.

htlic I. morning, matutinal, of matins. II. = tlic

htsang m. morning song, matins, : nocturns.

htsanglic nocturnal, used at nocturns, CM 1014.

htsceaa m. twilight foe, B 2271.

httd f. twilight, early morning, dawn.

htegnung f. matins, WW 129^33.

htwcca f. night watch, vigils, RB 40^10.

le f. 'owl,' , Cp.

ulf (JnL 10^12) = wulf

ulmtrow n. elm tree, WW 138^12. [L. ulmus]

ma I. m. name of a plant, Lcd 103b. II. m. a weaver's beam,WW.

umb = ymb

umbe = ymbe

umbor n. infant.

umborwesende being a child, B.

un- I. negative or pejorative prefix. II. occasionally = on- (prefix expressing reversal of a previous action) as in unbindan.

unbeden neg. ptc. unbidden, .

unbgendlic = unbgendlic

unberendlic intolerable, unbearable, , CP. adv. -lce, ,CP.

unberiende unbearable, Lcd 3260.

unbt = ungebt [[under "ungebted"]]

unbindendlic indissoluble, Bo.

unblinn n. irrepressible state, unceasing presence, Guth 46^10.

unablinnend-e, -lic unceasing, perpetual. adv. -lce, , AO,CP.

unboht = ungeboht

unbrecendlic inextricable, WW 419^2.

unbgendlic () inflexible, WW 421^30.

uncenned unbegotten, H 1464^34.

uncnycendlic that cannot be untied or loosened, DR 108^10. [cnyccan]

un-cumendlic (), -cumenlic unbearable, unattainable, impossible.

unacumenlicnes f. unbearableness, RBL 114^9.

uncwencedlic inextinguishable, unquenchable.

undrogendlic unendurable.

undrgod undried, not dried, not hardened, CP 383^32.

undrysn-ende, -en(d)lic unquenchable, NG.

un-dwsced, -dwscendlic, -dwscedlic inextinguishable, unquenchable,.

unae = unae

unmta m. want of leisure, work, occupation, hindrance.

unmtigian to deprive of leisure, AS 36^4.

unrh = unearg

unsecgenlic (EPs 100^6) = unsendlic?

unt f. gluttony, .

untspornen not hindered, GD 60^26.

unelboren not of noble birth, low-born, .

unele of low birth, plebeian, ignoble, base, CP.

unelian (an-) to degrade, debase, Bo, Met.

unelice adv. ignobly, basely, BH 442^11.

unelnes f. ignobility, GD 151^24.

unwfstlce adv. irreverently: unlawfully.

unwisc () 'pudicus,' WW 291^25.

unfhtendlic (N) = unfeohtendlic

unfandod untried, AS 32^7.

unfeohtendlic (^3) what cannot be contended against, inevitable.

unfled undefiled, LPs 17^31.

unfliend = unfliend

unfunden undiscovered, : untried.

un-fylledlic, -fyllendlic that cannot be filled, insatiable, . adv. -lce.

unga m. one who owns nothing, PPs 112^6.

ungledlce unremittingly, Bl 121^5.

ungn adj. not lapsed, in force, KC.

ungelfed = unlfed

ungen not one's own or under one's control, precarious,CP.

ungifen unpaid, TC 201^23.

ungunnen without a beginning, H.

unhefendlic unceasing, continual, MFH 176.

un-lef-, -l(a)f- = unlf-

unlogen not false, true, NC 328.

un-lfed (CP), -lfe(n)dlic (e) not allowed, unlawful, illicit. adv. -lce unlawfully, without permission, Sc.

unlfednes (^2) f. what is forbidden, licentiousness,BH.

unlsendlic without remission, H 1500^18.

unmlt unmelted, Gl.

unmnsumod not excommunicated, in church fellowship,.

unmeten unmeasured, unbounded, .

unmetenlic immeasurable, immense, A 2360.

unmetgod immeasurable, immense, A 2361.

unan- = unon-

unandcignes (o^2) f. ignorance, JVPs 24^7.

unandergildes = unundergilde

unandett unconfessed, W 71^7.

unandgytful unintelligent, incapable, ignorant, foolish.

unandhfe (-hoife) insupportable, MtR 23^4.

unandweard not present, absent, .

unandwendlic = unwende(n)dlic

[[Though the meanings are similar, "unwendedlic" (under unwend) and "unwendendlic" (under unwendende) are different words.]]

unandws unskilful, WW.

unangyttol = unandgytful

unnrdnes f. inconstancy, Bl 31^34.

unpnedlce adv. with impunity, DR 113^15.

unr f. dishonour, AO.

un-rfned, -rfne(n)dlic not permissible, impracticable, : intolerable.

unreccendlic unexplainable, wonderful, Sc 26^15.

unrefnendlic (VPs) = unrfnendlic [[under "unrfned"]]

unreht unexplained, Bo 77^16.

+unrian to dishonour, AO.

unrmed adj. unnumbered, countless, innumerable,AO.

unrmedlic innumerable, immeasurable, AO. adv. -lce,AO.

unrlic dishonourable, dishonest, disgraceful: contrary to what is fitting, unnatural (ofa will), WW. adv. -lce dishonourably: unmercifully.

unarodscipe f. remissness, cowardice, CP 149^15.

unrwurian (eo) to dishonour, .

unrwurlic dishonourable, NC 328.

unrwyrnes f. irreverence, indignity, Sc 224^1.

unrmed = unrmed

unscgendlic = unsecgendlic

unsdd = unsedd

unscended unhurt.

unscruncen not withered, undecayed, DR 24^16.

unscyrigendlic inseparable, H 1326^27.

unscyrod not separated, WW 253^3.

unsecgende unspeakable, ineffable, BH 264^30.

unsecgendlic indescribable, unspeakable, ineffable, . adv. -lce.

unsedd unsatisfied, unsatiated, Gl.

unsenlic (KGl), -sendlic insatiable.

unswod (o) unsewed, without seam, Jn 19^23.

unsmagendlic inconceivable, inscrutable, unsearchable, .

unsolcenlce diligently, RB 20^19.

un-speriendlic (KGl), -sporiendlic (GD) unsearchable.

unspring-ende, -endlic (GD) unfailing.

unstod not hardened, not firm, CP 383^32.

unstyr-ed, -od unmoved, GD.

un-styriende, -styri(g)endlic adj. immovable, firm: motionless,.

unsundrodlic inseparable, DR.

unswundenlce adv. diligently, BH.

untaladlic (N) = untellendlic

unteald uncounted.

untellendlic (ea) innumerable.

untemed barbarous, BH.

untemedlic untameable, wild, fierce, BH 162^28.

untoriende indefatigable, OEG.

untorigendlic lasting, permanent, unceasing, : indefatigable, unwearied. adv. -lce.

untorod unwearied, OEG.

un-triend-, -toriend- = untorigend-

untwogendlce = untwogendlce

unrotend unwearied, assiduous, persistent, Cr 388.

unroten unwearied, indefatigable, vigorous, CP 171^9. adv. -lce,CP.

unwgendlic unshaken, TC 319^9.

un-wscen, -waxen unwashed, WW.

unwemmed, -lic unstained, spotless, N.

unwemmednes f. incorruption, A 8330.

un-wend, -wended(lic) unchangeable, unchanged, inviolate.

unwendend-e, -lic unchangeable, unceasing. adv. -lce.

unwerded (oe; = ie) unhurt, N.

unwdlod undefined, DR.

unwriten unwritten, .

un-bldo, -bldu = unbieldo

unbrende = unberende

unbald = unbeald

unbealaful guiltless, innocent, W.

unbeald (a) cowardly, timid, weak, irresolute, distrustful,CP.

unbealu n. innocence, PPs 100^2.

unbeboht unsold, AO 18^10.

unbebyriged unburied.

unbecas incontestable, LL 112[53,1].

unbecrafod unquestioned, not subject to claims, LL 358[72].

unbecweden unbequeathed, TC.

unbeden unbidden, .

unbe-fangenlic, -feonglic (BH 224^19 Ca) unintelligible, incomprehensible,.

unbefliten undisputed, EC 69.

unbefohten unopposed, unattacked, Ma 57.

unbefndlic incomprehensible, BH 224^19#o#.

unbegn untilled: unadorned.

unbegrpendlic incomprehensible, Bl.

unbegunnen without a beginning, .

unbehafdod not beheaded, .

unbehfe not suitable, inconvenient, WW 508^34.

unbehelendlce adv. openly, without concealment, W 138^3.

unbehelod uncovered, naked, .

unbehrowsigende unrepenting, .

unbelimp = ungelimp

unbeorhte (y) not brightly, Bo.

unberafigendlic never to be taken away, L 23b^243.

unberende unbearable: unfruitful, barren.

unberendlic unbearable, Lcd 3260^23.

unberendnes f. barrenness.

unbermed unleavened, unfermented. [beorma]

unbesacen (^2) undisputed.

unbesndlic = unbesondlic

unbesnged = unbesenged

unbescawod improvident, inconsiderate. adv. -lce.

unbescoren unshorn, RB 135^29.

unbesenced = unbesenged

unbesenged not singed, unburnt, W 25^19.

unbesondlic (BH 224^19) = unbefndlic?

unbesmiten undefiled, pure, spotless, .

unbesmitennes f. spotlessness.

unbesorh unconcerned, not interested, H 2486^9.

unbted uncompensated, unexpiated, unatoned, Cr 1312.

unbehte adv. unthinkingly, CP 434^2.

unbeyrfe useless, idle, vain.

unbeweddod unbetrothed, unmarried, .

unbewelled not boiled away, Lcd 93b. [weallan]

unbiddende not praying, H 1156^4.

unbieldo () f. want of boldness, diffidence, timidity,CP.

unbilewit (y^2) 'immitis,' OEG 56^232.

unbindan^3 to unbind, loose, : pay (NG; trans. of 'solvere'). [= onbindan]

unbiscopod not confirmed by a bishop.

unbiyrfe = unbeyrfe

unbloh clean, bright.

unbletsung f. curse, LL (310^35).

unblinnendlce incessantly, BH 34^6.

unbliss f. sorrow, affliction, .

+unblissian to make unhappy, NC 297.

unble joyless, sad, sorrowful, CP: unfriendly.

unblemde sad of heart, MtL 26^37.

unbldig bloodless, GPH 395^16.

unblonden unmixed, DR 68^15.

unboht unbought, free, NG.

unboren unborn, , CP.

unbrd narrow.

unbrce unbreakable, indestructible.

unbrcen = unbrocen

un-brece, -bri(e)ce = unbryce

unbroc v. unbrocheard.

unbrocen unbroken, whole, entire.

unbrocheard delicate, tender.

unbrosn-igendlic (), -endlic (GD) indestructible, incorruptible.

unbrosnodlce incorruptibly, GD 348^23.

unbrosnung f. incorruptibility, .

unbryce unbreakable: indestructible, everlasting. [brecan]

unbrce useless. [brcan]

unbrde honestly, LL 400[2].

unbed uninhabited, desert, NG.

unbyergo np. uninhabited places, DR 1^9.

unbyrged unburied, MH 28^21.

unbyrhte = unbeorhte

unbyrnende without burning, B 2548.

unc pers. pron. (d. a. dual) us two.

uncnned = uncenned

uncfscipe m. sloth, neglect, Chr 47.

uncamprf unwarlike, GPH 399.

uncapitulod without headings (to chapters), LL (204^1).

uncaped gratuitous, gratis, MtL 10^8.

uncapunga gratuitously, Da 746.

un-cas, -cast n? oath of reconciliation, LL 104[35].

uncenned = uncenned

uncer I. g. dual of pers. pron. of us two. II. poss. pron. belonging to us two.

uncet = unc

unclmod unsmeared, GPH 398.

un-clne, -clnlic unclean, impure, CP. adv. -lce.

unclnnes f. uncleanness, impurity, AO, CP.

unclno f. uncleanness, NG.

unclnsian to soil, pollute, AO, CP.

unclnsod unpurified, CP.

uncln- = uncln-

uncnyttan to unbind, untie, loosen, . [cnotta]

un-coa m., -cou f. disease, .

uncrft m. evil practice, LL, W.

uncrftig helpless, DD 239.

uncrafod (LL 232, 14) = unbecrafod

uncre gdf. of uncer II.

uncristen infidel, BH 2357.

uncumle inhospitable, W 257^14.

unc unknown, strange, unusual, AO: uncertain, CP: unfriendly, unkind, rough.

unca m. stranger.

unclic unknown. adv. -lce in an unfriendly manner, unkindly.

uncnes f. strangeness, GD 278^15.

uncwaciende firmly, CP 41^7.

uncweden (unsaid), revoked, WW 114^45.

uncwme not pleasing, MF 176.

uncweende speechless, inanimate.

uncwisse dumb, BH 290^12.

un-cwyd, -cwydd uncontested, undisputed, LL.

uncme unseemly, mean, paltry, poor.

uncynde unnatural, Bo 91^21#b#.

un-cynn, -cynlic, -cynelic unsuitable, improper.

uncpe gratuitous, WW 514^31.

uncped = uncaped

un-cyst, -cyste f. mistake, error: vice, wickedness, crime, , CP: stinginess, parsimony, : disease, Lcd. [cosan]

uncystig mean, stingy, niggardly, , CP.

unc = unc

uncig ignorant, unacquainted with: devoid of, Gu 1199.

un-c, -cu f. ignorance, , CP: foreign country.

undd f. wicked deed, crime.

undftelce = ungedftelce

un-dled, -dld undivided, Bo.

undaded not deadened, Lcd 3a.

undadlic immortal, for all eternity, . adv. -lce.

undadlicnes f. immortality, .

undagollce = undogollce

undearnunga adv. openly.

unda- = undad-

undaw without dew, Lcd 35a.

undeclnigendlic indeclinable, Gr.

undd = undd

undogollce () adv. plainly, clearly, CP.

undop shallow, low, CP.

undopancol shallow, silly, H 1286^29.

undor = undore I.

undore I. adj. cheap, CP. II. adv. cheaply.

undeornunga = undearnunga

under I. prep. w. d. and a. 'under,' beneath, among: before, in the presence of: under the shelter of, Chr: in subjection to, under the rule of: during: by means of, by. swerian u. God to swear by God. u. bc = under-bc. II. adv. beneath, below, underneath.

undergendlic adj. 'subnixus,' DR 182^16.

underandfnd (o^3, oe^4) 'susceptor,' DR 193^6.

under-bc, -bcling adv. backwards, back, behind, ,CP.

underbgan to subject, N. [began]

underbeginnan^3 to undertake, purpose, .

underberan^4 to support, endure.

under-brdan, -bregdan to spread under.

underbgan^2 to submit (to), .

underburh f. suburb, (Deut 32^32).

underburhware mp. dwellers in a suburb.

undercerran to overturn, subvert, LkLR 23^2. [cierran]

undercing = undercyning

undercrammian to stuff between, fill out underneath, H 1430^4.

undercropan^2 to be secretly grasped, seized by something, : penetrate, undermine,GD.

undercuman^4 to assist, N.

under-cyning, -cyng m. under-king, viceroy, .

underdelf n. undermining, ASPs 79^17.

underdelfan^3 to dig under, undermine, break through,.

underdacon m. subdeacon.

underdn anv. to put under, .

underdrencan to choke by drowning, MkL 5^13.

underdrifennes f. subjection, LkL p6^16.

underade (N) = underode, pret. 3 sg. of undergn.

undereoton (Ruin 6) = undereten pp. of underetan.

underetan^5 to eat underneath, undermine, subvert.

underfang 'susceptor,' SPs.

underfangelnes = underfangenes

underfangen (pp. of underfn) neophyte, L 31^730.

underfang-enes, -elnes f. undertaking, assumption: reception, hospitality, GD 76^22.

underfealdan 'subdere,' EHy 6^30.

underfeng I. m. undertaking, taking in hand, CP 23^22. II. pret. 3 sg. of underfn.

underflwan^7 to flow under, Rd 11^2.

underfolgo m. subordinate office, AO 286^5#c#.

underfn to receive, obtain, take, accept, , AO, CP: take in, entertain: take up, undertake, assume, adopt, , AO, CP: submit to, undergo: steal, GD, Lcd.

underfnd m. one who takes anything in charge, LPs.

underfnlic to be received, RBL 97^8.

underfyligan 'subsequi,' LkL 23^55.

undergn anv. to undergo: undermine, ruin.

undergangan^7 = undergn

undergend- = underigend-

undergeoc under the yoke, tame, MkL 21^5.

undergerfa m. 'proconsul,' deputy-governor,.

undergereord = underngereord

undergesett placed under, GD 307^12.

undergestandan^6 to stand under, LL 108[44].

undergeoded subject, LL 88.

undergeodnes = underodnes

undergietan^5 (i, y) to note, mark, understand, perceive,AO.

underginnan^3 to begin, undertake, .

undergitan () = undergietan

undergynnan = underginnan

undergytan () = undergietan

underhebban^6 to bear, support, lift, NG.

underhlystan 'subaudire,' to supply an omitted word, Gr 151.

underhlystung f. the act of supplying an omitted word, Gr 151.

underhngan^1 to submit to, undergo, , CP: succumb to, sink under.

underholung f. 'suffossum,' LV^2 Ps 79^17.

underhwtel m. under-garment, WW 187^21.

underhwrdel = underwrdel

underi-ende, -gende, -gendlic inoffensive, harmless,AO.

underiernan^3 to run under: 'succurrere,' DR 43^8.

underlttow m. consul, AO 68^2#c#.

underlecgan to underlay, prop, support, , CP.

underlicgan^5 to underlie, to be subject to, give way to,.

underlihtan to alleviate, DR.

underling m. underling, inferior.

underltan^2 to bow or bend under: support, sustain,CP.

undermete = undernmete

undern m. morning (from 9.0 a.m. to 12.0 noon): the third hour (= 9.0 a.m.; later, 11.0 a.m.),.

underne = undierne

underneoan (^3, y^3) adv. underneath, AO.

underngereord m. morning meal, breakfast, AO.

underngeweorc n. breakfast, GD 66^12.

undern-giefl, -gifl n. repast, breakfast, CP 322^19.

underniman^4 to take in, receive, comprehend, understand, : blame, be indignant at: take upon oneself, : steal, Lcd.

underniemest lowest of all, Met 20^35.

undernml n. morning time, .

undernmete m. morning meal, breakfast, AO.

undernrest f. morning rest, MH 42^6.

undernsang m. tierce (religious service about 9.0 a.m.).

undernswsendu np. early meal, BH 164^30.

underntd f. the third hour (= 9.0 a.m.), noon, morning-time, : tierce.

undernyan () = underneoan

underondfnd = underandfnd

underplantian 'supplantare,' Sc, SPs.

undersang = undernsang

underscotan^2 to prop up, sustain, support, CP: intercept, pass under.

underscyte m. passage underneath, transit, : brake, drag-chain, OEG 50^15.

underscan to examine, investigate, scrutinize, CP. [Ger. untersuchen]

undersettan 'supponere,' LPs 36^24?

undersingan^3 'succinere,' Gr 181^2.

undersittan^5 'subsidere,' Gr 157^5.

undersmgan^2 to creep under, surprise.

understandan^6 (o^3) to 'understand,' perceive, , CP: observe, notice, take for granted, L 23b^186: 'subsistere,'DR.

understandennes f. 'substantia,' DR 31^20 (o^3).

understanding f. intelligence, Sc 221^13.

understapplian 'supplantare,' LPs 16^13.

understaolfst = unstaolfst

understingan^3 to prop up, support, CP 113^11.

understond- = understand-

understrdan to strew under, MH 18^21.

undersyrc m. undershirt, WW 379^30. [serce] [[under "serc"]]

undertd = underntd

undertdl n. secondary division, Gr 291^5.

undertunge f. 'sublingua,' part under or behind the tongue, tongue-ligament, WW 264^17 (or? two words, Cp, LPs 9^28; 65^17).

undertungerum tongue-ligament, Lcd. [v. 'thrum']

underencan to consider, CP 49^23: (refl.) change one's mind, repent, LL 438[22] (^3).

undernian to serve under, Sc 5^6.

underod subjected, subject: assistant, suffragan.

underodan (e, ) to subjoin, add: subjugate, subject, subdue, reduce, degrade, , CP: support, OEG 4339.

under-odendlic, -odenlic subjunctive, Gr.

underodnes f. subjection, submission, obedience,.

underow m. subject, slave, AO.

underedan (AO, CP) = underodan

underednes (^3) = underodnes

underdan = underodan

underweaxan^6 'succrescere,' Sc 104^8.

underwedd n. deposit, pledge, .

underwendan 'subvertere,' Sc 196^6.

underweorpan 'subjicere,' EPs 143^2.

underwrdel m? waistband, WW 153^1.

underwreian (eo, i, y) to support, sustain, uphold, strengthen, establish, ,CP.

underwreung f. propping up, support, sustentation.

underwrtan to write at the foot of, subscribe, BH 312^30.

under-wriian, -wryian = underwreian

underwyrtwalian 'supplantare,' EPs 17^40.

undercan to add, A 13385^292. [ecan]

underyrnan = underiernan

undierne (i, y) I. open, manifest, clearly known: public, nuncupatory. II. adv.

undgollce = undogollce

undlegod unerased, CP 423^23.

undolfen untilled, GD 202^4.

undm m. unjust judgment, injustice.

undmlce indiscreetly, Sc 202^15.

undn anv. to undo, open, loose, separate, : cancel, discharge, abrogate.

undrfed untroubled, undisturbed, undefiled, CP 31^3.

undrifen not driven or tossed, LL 222[2].

undruncen sober, CP 295^8.

undrysnende inextinguishable, MtL 3^12.

undre = undore

undyrne = undierne

unacen () barren, OEG 27^31.

unacniendlic unfruitful, sterile, OEG 1030.

unearfolce adv. without difficulty, OEG.

un-earg, -earh (), -earhlic () not cowardly, dauntless, bold, brave.

unae I. adj. not easy, difficult, hard, disagreeable, grievous. II. adv..

unaelic difficult, hard, impossible: troublesome, MP 1611. adv. -lce.

unaelicnes (^2) f. difficulty.

una-lce, -lcne, -lcne not easily cured, Lcd.

unamylte indigestible, Lcd 82b.

unanes (, e) f. difficulty, inconvenience, trouble, worry, : severity, harshness.

unawfstlce = unwfstlce

un-efen, -efn, -efenlic unequal, unlike: anomalous, irregular, Gr. adv. -efne.

un-metta, -mota = unmta

unemn = unefen

unendebyrdlce in a disorderly manner, CP.

unered unploughed, uncultivated, WW 147^3.

unstful ungracious, WW 191^17.

un- = una-, une-

unwisc = unwisc

unfcne () without malice, sincere, honest, faithful.

unfderlce adv. in an unfatherly manner, W 106^6.

unfge not fated to die.

unfger not beautiful, unlovable, unlovely, deformed, ugly, hideous.

unfgernes (e) ugliness, GD 279^15: abomination, MtL 24^15.

unfglic not fatal, Bo 107^29.

unfgre () adv. unfairly, foully.

unfh f. peace, (dropping of a feud), LL 100[28].

unfle wicked, unlovely, unholy, evil.

unfst not fixed, not firm, loose, unsteady, tottering,CP.

unfstende not fasting, LL (252^1).

unfstlce adv. not firmly, vaguely, indistinctly, CP 156^13.

+unfstnian to be without aim, ineffective, MFH 165.

unfstrd unstable, inconstant, CP.

unfstrdnes f. inconstancy, CP.

unfs- = unfst

unfh exempt from hostility, not under a ban, LL 186[1,1].

unfealdan^7 to unfold, open.

unfeax without hair, bald.

unfcne = unfcne

unfferig not feverish, Lcd 1164^18.

unfeger- = unfger-

unflende unfeeling, callous, Lcd 99a.

unfenge not acceptable, MF 176.

un-feor, -feorr adv. not far from, near.

unfeormigende (on-) inexpiable, L 23b^426.

unfre disabled, invalided.

unfrnes f. impotence, infirmity, MLN 45.

unflitme adv.? unreservedly? B 1097.

un-flycge, -fligge unfledged, OEG 28^13.

unforbrned unburnt, , AO.

unforboden unforbidden, lawful, .

unforbgendlic unavoidable. adv. -lce without turning away, L 23b^431.

unforburnen unburnt, H 2480^7.

unforc reputable, good, honourable, noble, brave, CP. adv. -lce. [fraco]

unfordytt unobstructed, OEG 3613.

unforebyrdig impatient, Sc 8^13.

unfored (od) unbroken, .

unforedlic (o^3) indissoluble, OEG.

unforesceaw-od, -odlic inconsiderate, hasty.

unforfeored unbroken? WW 231^33.

unforgifen unforgiven, CP: not given in marriage.

unforgitende unforgetting, mindful, Guth 76^22.

unforgolden unpaid, .

unforhfednes (fd) f. incontinence.

unforhladen unexhausted, WW 255^39.

unforht adj. fearless, bold. adv. -e, -lce.

unforhtigende fearless, H 2140^29.

unforhtmd fearless, .

unforlten () not left, NG.

unformolsnod neg. ptc. uncorrupted, undecayed, .

unformolten unconsumed, H 1488^7.

unforod = unfored

unforrot-edlic (HGl), -iendig (P 14^7), -iendlic (OEG) incorruptible.

unforscawodlce unawares: inconsiderately, hastily.

unfor-spornen, -spurned not hindered, GD 60^28.

unforswled unburnt, H 220^15.

unforswgod not passed over in silence, L 23b^35.

un-forswien, -forswed unconquered.

unfortredde sb. the plant which cannot be killed by treading, polygonum aviculare, knot-grass.

unfortreden not destroyed by treading, Lcd 3299.

unforwandigendlce adv. unhesitatingly, boldly.

unforwandodlic adj. unhesitating, fearless, CP. adv. -lce unhesitatingly, fearlessly, recklessly, CP: unswervingly.

unforwealwod unwithered, Bl 73^25.

unforwordenlic undecayed, OEG.

unforworht I. innocent. II. unrestricted, free,KC.

unforwyrded undecayed, NC 351.

un-fracodlce, -fracolce honourable, becomingly, fitly, Bo.

unfratewod unadorned, unpolished, GPH 396. [frtwian] [[under "frtwan"]]

unfremful unprofitable, .

unfremu f. damage, hurt.

unfrondlce unkindly, Gen 2689.

unfricgende unquestioning, Gen 2649.

unfri m. breach of peace, enmity, hostilities, war, AO: state of being outside the king's peace.

unfriflota m. hostile fleet, Chr 1000#e#.

unfrihere m. hostile army, Chr.

unfriland n. hostile land, LL 222[3,1].

unfrimann m. man of a hostile country, LL 222[3,3].

unfriscip n. hostile ship.

unfrd not aged, young, inexperienced, B 2821.

unfrforlce uncontestably, OEG 56^187?

unfrom inert.

unfl 'insulsum' (?) MkLR 9^50.

unfulfremed imperfect, .

unfulfremednes f. imperfection, CP.

unfulfremming f. imperfection, LPs 138^16.

un-fliend (HGl), -fliendlic (OEG) incorruptible.

unfullod unbaptized, LL.

unfulworht imperfect, unfinished, RB 20^3.

unfyrn adv. not long ago: soon.

ungnge useless, vain, MtR 15^6.

ungan = ongan pret. 3 sg. of onginnan.

ungendod = ungeendod

ungesce unheard of.

un-gewed (-iwed) unmarried, OEG 5248.

ungeandett without confession, W 135^32.

ungara adv. not long ago, lately, recently: soon, shortly.

ungearo = ungearu

ungearu, gsm. ungear(o)wes unready, unprepared, untilled, AO, CP. on ungearwe unawares,AO.

ungearwyrd not respected, WW 421^32.

ungae = unae

ungexod unasked, H 1428^6.

ungebarde = ungebierde

ungebaten unbeaten, unwrought, Ln 23^5.

ungebgendlic = ungebgendlic

ungebeorhlce rashly? intemperately? H 2322^26.

unge-bt(ed), -bett unatoned for, CP: unacquitted, EC 217.

ungebierde (a, y) beardless.

ungebged unbent, OEG 2977.

ungebgendlic inflexible: indeclinable, Gr.

ungebleoh of different colours, unlike, Gr.

ungebltsod unblessed, Jul 492.

ungeblged intrepid, Gu 913. [bloh]

ungeboden without being summoned.

ungeboht unbought, unbribed, LL 398[8].

ungeboren yet unborn, LL 126 Pro.

ungebrocen unbroken, WW 398^32.

ungebrocod unafflicted, uninjured, .

ungebrosnendlic undecaying, BH, GD.

ungebrosnod not spoiled, uncorrupted, undecayed,.

ungebrosnung f. incorruption, Sc 71^2.

ungebunden unbound, Gr 14^13; GD 214^16.

ungebyrde I. uncongenial, Bo 92^22. II. = ungebierde

ungebyredlic incongruous, DR 179^17.

ungecindelic = ungecyndelic

ungeclnsod unclean, impure, .

ungecnwen unknown, ApT 17^13.

ungecnyrdnes f. negligence, indifference, idleness, H 2552^35.

ungecoplic unsuitable, unbefitting, troublesome. adv. -lce, Sc 80^14.

ungecoren reprobate. u. oath taken by a body of persons generally (opposed to cyre),LL.

ungecost reprobate, BH 480^4.

ungecwme unpleasing, disagreeable, Sc 38^15.

ungecyd unsaid, not declared, LL 212[9].

ungecynde unnatural, alien.

unge-cyndelic, -cyndlic, -cynelic unnatural, monstrous, terrible. adv. -lce.

ungecyrred unconverted, Lcd 3442^1.

ungedftelce = ungedftlce

ungedftenlic = ungedafenlic

ungedftlce adv. unseasonably, inopportunely, CP 97^16.

ungedftnes f. untimely intervention or interruption, CP 97^19.

ungedafenlic improper, unseemly, : unseasonable? troublesome? CP (v.A 33272). adv. -lce improperly, unduly, unreasonably, unjustly, unsuitably.

ungedafenlicnes f. unfitness, inconvenience, CPs 9^22.

ungedafniendlic (HGl 492) = ungedafenlic

ungedallic infinite, without end, GD 337^11.

ungedfe improper, not fitting, disagreeable. adv. -lce.

unge-dfelic, -dflic = ungedafenlic

unge-dered, -derod () unhurt, uninjured, unmolested.

ungederstig = ungedyrstig

ungedrehtlce adv. indefatigably, WW 428^3.

ungedrme inharmonious, discordant. [dram]

ungedwimorlce clearly, without any delusion, NC 328.

ungedyrstig timid, CP 209^10.

ungeeahtendlic (, e) inestimable: indescribable.

ungeended = ungeendod

ungeendigendlic infinitive, Gr: infinite.

unge-endod (CP), -endodlic unending, endless, infinite, boundless.

ungefd (a) want of reason, NC 328.

ungefglic = unfglic

ungefr- = ungefr-

ungefandod untried, having no experience in, CP.

ungefaren impassable, without a road, BlPs.

ungefa m. unhappiness, NC 328.

ungefalce miserably, Chr 755.

ungefge unfit, improper, WW 191^22.

unge-fle, -fled without feeling, Lcd.

ungefre I. impassable: impenetrable, inaccessible, CP. II. adv. impassably.

ungefred inaccessible.

ungefrenlic unfrequented? Nar 17^7.

ungefrlic unsocial, internecine. adv. -lce in civil war.

ungefrne impassable, VPs (oe).

ungefeered not feathered, WW 427^16.

unge-fg, -fh I. immoderate, excessive, : overbearing, presumptuous, unbending, . II. n. excess, NC 329. adv. -fge excessively,AO.

unge-fglic (AO), -fhlic fierce, strong: immense. adv. -lce.

ungefrg-e, -elic unheard of, unusual, inconceivable. adv. -lce.

ungefrtwod unadorned, WW 419^11.

ungefrdelce adv. insensibly, callously, CP 265^16.

ungefrglce = ungefrglce [[under "ungefrge"]]

ungefremed unfinished, .

ungefremmung (on-) f. imperfection, RPs 138^16.

ungefullod I. unfulfilled, Rd 60^14. [fullian] II. = ungefulwod

ungefulwod unbaptized.

unge-fyld, -fylle(n)d(lic) insatiable.

ungefynde worthless, barren, sterile? CP 411^19.

ungefyrn adv. not long hence, not long ago, not long after,.

ungegearwe = ungearwe, v. ungearu.

unge-gearwod (DR), -gerad (MtR) not clothed.

ungeglenged unadorned, OEG 1210.

ungegrt ungreeted, Guth 22^20.

ungehdod not ordained, not belonging to an order (used of men and women).

un-gehlendlic, -gehledlic adj. incurable, VHy.

ungehmed unmarried, OEG 1174.

ungehplic unsuitable, unfit, A 8452.

ungehlgod unhallowed, unconsecrated, .

ungehten unpromised, unbidden, Bl 189^27.

ungehafdod not having come to a head, Lcd 192^23.

ungehealdsum unchaste, . adv. -lce.

ungehealdsumnes f. incontinence, unchastity, .

ungehealtsum == ungehealdsum

ungehefegod 'non...gravis,' OEG 27^31.

ungehende (^3) remote, HL 12^8.

ungehendnes f. remoteness, distance, Gr 14^19.

ungeheort (y) disheartened, .

ungehred = ungehred

unge-hersum (CP), -hrsum () disobedient, rebellious.

ungehrsumnes () f. disobedience, .

ungehrsumod () disobedient, RBL 12^8.

unge-hwod, -hwodlic unformed, not fashioned, unshapen: unfeigned, genuine.

ungehloor inharmonious, WW 224^7.

ungehrepod untouched, .

ungehrinen untouched, BH, GD.

ungehwde much, Lcd 53b.

ungehwrnes = ungewrnes

ungehred (^3) unheard of, untold, BH 40^33.

ungehrnes f. hardness of hearing, deafness, Lcd.

ungehr- = unge-her-, -hr-

ungehyrt = ungeheort

ungel m. fat, tallow, suet, .

ungelcnod unhealed, Guth 66^16.

ungeldod not acquitted, EC 217.

ungelccendlic unreprovable, Sc 119^11.

ungelred untaught, illiterate, unlearned, ignorant, rude, , CP. adv. -lce.

ungelredlic unteachable, GD 110^21.

ungelrednes f. unskilfulness, ignorance, CP.

ungelaod uninvited, H 1128^18.

ungelaf unbelieving, PPs 67^19.

ungelafa m. unbelief.

ungelafful unbelieving, , CP.

ungelaffullic unbelieving: incredible. adv. -lce.

ungelaffulnes f. unbelief.

ungelaflic incredible, .

ungelafsum unbelieving.

ungelafsumnes f. unbelief, infidelity, heathenism, BH 70^25.

ungelf- = ungelf-

ungelofa = ungelafa

ungelc unlike, different, dissimilar, diverse, CP. adv. -lce.

ungelca m. one unlike others, L 7^28.

ungelclic improper. adv. -lce.

ungelcnes f. unlikeness, difference, CP.

ungelef- = ungelf-

ungelfed () I. unbelieving, . II. illicit, BH 2229.

ungelf-edlic, -endlic (e, ) incredible, extraordinary. adv. -lce.

ungelfend () m. unbeliever, NG.

ungelfnes () f. unbelief, NG.

ungeligen = ungelygen

ungelimp nm. mishap, misfortune, .

ungelimplic inconvenient, unfortunate, disastrous, : abnormal, unreasonable. adv. -lce.

ungelf- = ungelf-

ungelygen not lying, true, LL.

ungm- = ungm-

ungemaca m. 'impar,' not a match, Gr.

ungemc unlike, GD 91^15; WW 223^35.

ungemt == ungemet

ungemte I. immense. II. adv. immensely.

ungemtlic excessive, AO 28^27.

ungemde unbearable, unpleasant. Mod 25.

ungemdnes f. adversity, DR 63^13.

ungemeltnes f. indigestion, Lcd 68b.

ungemenged unmixed, pure, Bo 100^31.

ungemengednes f. purity.

ungemet n. excess, superfluity: immensity: want of moderation.

ungemt not met with, unknown, OEG 2488.

ungemete I. adj. huge, GD 12^9. II. adv. excessively, immeasurably, immoderately, extremely, very.

ungemetegod () = ungemetgod

ungemetelice = ungemetlice [[form of "ungemetlic"?]]

ungemetes = ungemete II.

ungemetfst not moderate, intemperate, excessive: () very firm.

ungemetfstnes f. excess, intemperance, Bo 109^9.

ungemetgod out of due proportion, excessive, CP: unbridled, intemperate.

ungemetgung f. excess, want of moderation, , CP.

ungemetlic immeasurable, immense, AO: excessive, immoderate, violent. adv. -lce, AO,CP.

ungemetnes f. extravagance, OET 180^3.

ungemetum adv. = ungemete

ungemdlod unrestrained, unbridled, .

ungemiht without strength, weak.

ungemihtig = unmihtig

ungemindig = ungemyndig

ungemd discordant, dissentient, quarrelsome, CP.

ungemdignes f. contentiousness, W 8^15n.

ungemdnes f. strife, CP 344^9.

ungemolsnod undecayed, MH 78^1.

ungemunecod not made a monk, LL (142^4).

ungemylt undigested, Lcd 2284.

ungemynd f. madness, Lcd.

ungemyndig (w. g.) unmindful, forgetful, heedless (of),.

ungenmnedlic unexpected, GD 341^13.

ungendd (, e) uncompelled, AO, CP.

ungeocian to unyoke, Gr 277^3.

ungeorne negligently: unwillingly, AO.

ungeornful indifferent, remiss, slothful, CP.

ungerd I. (w. g.) ignorant, foolish, unskilled, unfit, , CP: (w.d.) at variance, wrong, discordant, dissentient, , AO: ill-conditioned, rude, . II. n. discord, CP: folly,.

ungerdnes () disagreement, Lcd.

ungerd == ungerd

ungerde foolish, MF 176. adv. -lce sharply, roughly, violently.

ungerdnes f. disagreement, sedition, AO.

ungerec n. tumult, BH.

ungereccan to clear oneself of an accusation, LL 168[1,2].

ungereclic unruly, unrestrained, Bl 19^6 adv. -lce confusedly, recklessly.

ungerdelce = ungerdlce [[form of "ungerde"]]

ungernod not ornamented, TC 515^26. [regnian]

ungereord uninstructed, barbarous, WW 193^3.

ungereordedlic insatiable, Ps.

ungereordod unfed, empty, .

ungerepod = ungehrepod

ungerian = ungierwan

ungeriht = unriht

ungerihte uncorrected, unreformed, NC 329.

ungerm I. n. countless number, host, . II. countless, untold,.

unge-rmlic, -rmed(lic) countless, untold.

ungerinen = ungehrinen

ungerinselce = ungerisenlce

ungerped immature, too early, .

ungerisedlce = ungerisenlce

ungersende indecent, OEG 3673.

ungerisene I. unseemly, improper: incongruous, inconvenient. II. = ungerisnu

ungerisenlic unbecoming, improper, CP. adv. -lce,CP.

ungerisnes (uni-) f. impropriety, HGl 507.

ungerisnu n. (often pl.) inconvenience: impropriety, indignity, disgrace,AO.

ungerwan = ungierwan

ungerde I. rough, boisterous, harsh. II. n. rough place, Lk 3^5.

ungerdelic rough, violent, GD 265^2; LV 47. adv. -lce suddenly, impetuously,.

ungerdnes f. noise, tumult, Sc 82^2.

ungesadelod = unsadelod

ungeslig unhappy, unfortunate, , AO, CP. adv. -lce unhappily: wickedly.

ungeslignes f. unhappiness, misfortune, BH, Bl.

ungesllce = ungesliglce [[form of "ungeslig"]]

ungesl f. trouble, misfortune, unhappiness, sorrow,CP.

ungesawen = ungesewen

ungesawenlic = ungesewenlic [[under "ungesewen"]]

ungescaignes = ungesceignes

ungescad I. n. want of intelligence, senselessness. II. adj. unreasonable. III. adv. exceedingly, Da 243. [cp. Ger. gescheit]

ungescadlic unreasonable, indiscreet. adv. -lce unreasonably, absurdly.

ungescad-ws, -wslic unintelligent, irrational, imprudent, foolish, , CP. adv. -lce.

ungescadwsnes f. want of intelligence, indiscretion, folly, ignorance,CP.

un-gesceapen, -gescepen neg. ptc. uncreated, unformed,.

ungescended unhurt, DR 146^11.

ungesceed unhurt, BH 218^25.

ungesceignes (a) f. innocence, MFH (Vesp. D xiv).

ungescrpe inconvenient, useless.

ungescrpnes () f. discomfort, BH 322^30.

ungescrpo n. inconvenience, BH 382^3.

ungesegenlic = ungesewenlic [[under "ungesewen"]]

ungeseht adj. at variance, FM 358^28.

ungesl- = ungesl-

ungesne = ungesne

ungesnod not signed with the cross. [segn]

ungesonde blind, Lcd 1368^24.

ungeseowenlic = ungesewenlic [[under "ungesewen"]]

unge-sewen, -sewen(d)lic unseen, invisible, , CP. adv. -lce.

ungesibb () not related: unfriendly, hostile, Bl,BH.

ungesibsum not peaceable, quarrelsome, contentious,CP.

ungesibsumnes f. quarrelsomeness, discord, CP 351^1.

ungesilt = unsealt

ungesoden unsodden, unboiled, Lcd.

ungesom at variance, H 1478^25.

ungespdig = unspdig

ungeste- = ungestig-

ungestig unsteady, inconstant, unstable, fickle, CP. adv. -lce.

ungestignes f. inconstancy, frivolity, CP.

ungestron n. ill-gotten treasure, W 183^9.

ungestroden not subject to confiscation, LL 12[4,1].

ungesundlce excessively, exceedingly, GD 15^2.

ungeswge inharmonious, dissonant, discordant, out of tune, harsh, Gl.

ungeswenced unceasing, NC 329.

ungeswencedlic unwearying, BH 436^16.

ungeswicendlce incessantly.

ungeswuncen not laboured over, not well done, WW 430^11.

ungesylt = unsealt

ungesne () unseen, invisible, WW 17^46.

ungesnelic invisible, Bl.

ungetse I. n. trouble, hardship, severity, CP. II. adj. troublesome, inconvenient.

ungetslce adv. inconveniently, AS 29^20.

ungetsnes f. unsuitableness, inconvenience, WW 419^38.

ungetel innumerable.

ungetemed = untemed

ungetemprung f. inclemency, CM 461.

ungetoriendlic inexhaustible. adv. -lce incessantly,LL.

ungetorod unfailing, .

ungetse = ungetse II.

unge-tmu f? -tme n? evil time, adversity, mishap, AO,GD.

ungetinge (), ungetingful (GPH) not eloquent. [tunge]

ungetogen uneducated, .

ungetrowe (, e, , ) untrue, faithless, .

ungetrownes f. unbelief, CP 447^6.

ungetrowsian = untrowsian

ungetrow f. unfaithfulness, treachery, W 160^6.

ungetrum weak, infirm, Bo 132^32.

unge-trw-, -trw- = un(ge)trow-

ungetwre (WW 248^17) = ungewre

ungetwogendlce (GD 231^21) = untwogendlce

unge-td, -tdd ignorant, untaught, unskilful, CP.

ungetyred = ungetorod

ungeslic unfit, improper, unseemly, WW 191^23.

ungeanc mn. evil thought, W.

ungeancful unthankful, ungrateful, W 241^4.

ungeeaht n. evil counsel, RB 118^10.

ungeeahtendlce hastily, BH 124^13.

ungeawe adv. not customary, Guth 72^17.

ungeawfst ill-regulated, RBL 14^16.

ungeod disunited, separate, Gen 1698.

ungeinged unexpected, CP 317^13.

ungeungen base, Nar 42^12.

ungewre I. disagreeing, quarrelsome, troublesome, stubborn, vexatious, undutiful, irreverent, , CP. II. n. disturbance, MtR 26^5.

ungewrian to be discordant, disagree, be at variance with,.

ungewrlic inharmonious, discordant, RB 19^2: hostile, GD 349. adv. -lce peevishly.

ungewrnes f. disturbance, quarrel, discord, AO.

ungewre = ungewre

ungeyld fn. impatience, CP. [olian; Ger. ungeduld]

ungeyldelce adv. impatiently, Bo.

ungeyldig impatient, , CP. [Ger. ungeduldig]

ungeyl = ungeyld

ungeyre 'discensor'? Cp 283#d#.

ungewder = ungewider [[form of "ungewidere"?]]

ungewm- = ungewem-

ungewpnod without weapons, unarmed, .

ungewealden disordered (of the stomach), Lcd.

un-gewealdes, -gewaldes adv. involuntarily, by chance,CP.

ungeweaxen not full grown, immature, WW 352^27.

ungeweder = ungewider [[form of "ungewidere"?]]

un-gewemmed (), -gewemmedlic unspotted, unblemished, undefiled, uninjured. adv. -lce uncorruptly, BH 276^20.

ungewem(med)nes f. freedom (from stain).

ungewende(n)dlic immovable, GD, Lcd.

ungewendnes f. unchangeableness.

ungewned unexpected.

ungewnedlic unhoped for, GD 347^14.

un-gewrged, -gewrigod unwearied, untiring.

un-gewidere n., gs. -gewidres bad weather, storm.

ungewiderung f. bad weather, ChrR 1086.

ungewild (y) unsubdued, OEG.

ungewilde (y) not subject to, independent of, AO: untamed, unbridled. [geweald] [[listed as "+weald"]]

ungewildelic (y) unyielding, .

un-gewill displeasing, Chr.

ungewintred immature, young, LL 18[26].

ungewirhtum = ungewyrhtum

ungewis = ungewiss

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