A Concise Anglo-Saxon Dictionary - For the Use of Students
by John R. Clark Hall
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seolforsmi m. 'silversmith,' WW.

seolforstycce m. piece of silver, A 98.

seolfren (e, i, y) made of silver, 'silvern,' Bo, Chr.

seolfring (y) m. silver coin, .

seolh m., gs. soles 'seal,' AO, Lcd, WW.

seolhb n. seal's bath, sea, Rd 11^11.

seolhp? n? seal's path, sea, ocean, An 1710.

seolm (WW 101^16) = sealm

seoloc, seoluc == seolc

seolofr- = seolfr-

seolo (io^1, e^2) m. sea, B 2367?

seolufr- = seolfor-, seolfr-

som = sam I.

seomian (e) to be tired, lie at rest, tarry, continue, stand: hang, swing, sway: lower (asa cloud): lay wait for, B 161.

somint (WW 136^31?) = sminte

son I. (sv^5) to 'see' ('i-see'), look, behold, B, G, Ps, Rd: perceive, understand, Cr, Ps: inspect, visit: experience, suffer, B, Cr. sh e lo! behold! II. (sv^1) tr. to sift, strain, filter, , AO: intr. run, ooze, trickle. III. IV. = sen

seon- = sin-

seondon = sind pres. pl. ind. of wesan.

sonian to languish, GD 284^2. [OHG. siunn]

seono (i^1, u^2) f. 'sinew,' An (io); B, Lcd.

seonobend f. sinew-band? Deor 6.

seonobenn f. injury to a sinew, Wy 19.

seonod = sino

seonodolg n. injury to a sinew, An 1408.

seono == sino

seonwe gs. of seonu. [[under "seono"]]

seoran^3 to lie with, MtL 5^27. [ON?]

seorwum (Cp) = searwum, dp. of searo.

soslig afflicted, Gu 899. [ssl]

sota = sta

seotl = setl

seotol = (1) setl; (2) sweotol

seotu nap. of set.

soan^2 'seethe,' boil, Lcd (): be troubled in mind, brood, B: afflict, disturb.

seoan = sian

-soung (u) v. ag-s.

sow pret. 3 sg. of swan.

sowan, sowian (, ) to 'sew,' knit together, link, unite, , Cp(o).

seox = siex

seoxter = sester

sep (GPH 391) = sp

span to instruct.

serc m., serce f. (y) 'sark,' shirt, WW: corslet, coat of mail.

serede = sierwde pret. 3 sg. of sierwan.

serew- = searw-

serw- = sierw-

ser = seor, imperat. of seoran.

sescle f. sixth part. [L. sextula]

sess m. place for sitting, seat, bench.

sessian to grow calm, An 453.

sesta = siexta

sester (eo, y) m. a certain measure of bulk, : vessel, pitcher, . [L. sextarius]

set n. () seat, entrenchment, camp, stall, fold: setting (ofthe sun). [sittan]

+set n. ambush, DR 37^10.

stan = stian

sete imperat. of settan.

+setednes = +setnes

setel (CP) = setl

seten I. f. set, shoot, slip, VPs: plantation: occupied (tilled?) land, LL 118[68]. II. pp. of sittan.

+setennes = +setnes

seterndg = sterndg

setgong = setlgang

sethrgl n. covering for a seat.

stian = stian

setin (Gl) = seten

setl (, ea, eo, i, o) n. seat, stall, sitting, place, residence, , B, BH; CP. t setle gn to set (ofthe sun), : throne (ofa king, or bishop, hence) see, CP, : siege, AO. ['settle']

+setl n. assembly, OEG 1753.

+setla () m. one sitting beside, L 2^237: assessor, fellow-judge, OEG 56^20.

setlan to 'settle,' (cause to sit), place, put, Whale.

setlgang m. setting, sinking, .

setlgangende ptc. setting, BH 476^13.

setlhrgel n. seat-cover, Ct.

setlrd f. setting, sinking, Ex 109.

setlung f. sitting, setting.

stn- = st(n)-

setnes (+ exc. in N) f. foundation, creation, MtL: institution, law, ordinance, decree, will, , BH, Mk: (+) record, narrative; (+) sentence, paragraph, figure of speech, composition. ['i-setness']

setol = setl

ston = ston pret. pl. of sittan.

setrgl = sethrgl

settan () to make to sit, 'set' ('i-set'), lay, put, deposit, place, fix, , B, Bl, Bo, Gen, LL; CP: set or put down, El, LL; : () appoint, assign, institute, prepare, ordain, make, found, build, , AO, Bl, BH, Ps: sow, plant, Cp, Cr, Gen, MtL: settle (tr.and intr.), abate, subside, Bl, Lcd: compose, compile, write, Bo, Guth; : translate: (+) people, garrison, Bl: be situated, MtL: set off: lay in wait, LPs 9^30. s.t issue, send forth, dismiss. s.of displace, depose. ss. travel, journey, El. s.wi, ongean, compare. s. t gafole let land. [sittan]

settend m. creator, ordainer, Da 333.

+settendlic appointed, canonical, CM 362.

settere = stere

setorn m. a kind of tree, EC 291.

+setu np. dwelling, abode.

stung = stung

san to affirm, testify, : prove. [s]

seel (NG) = setl

send m. asserter, affirmer.

+snes f. affirmation, NC 296.

see = sehe

sung f. affirmation, proof, .

sw = sow pret. 3 sg. of swan.

sewen = sawen pp. of son.

+sewenlic visible. adv. -lce.

sex (NG) = (1) siex; (2) seax

Sexland = Seaxland

sexta = siexta

s 3 p. sg. pres. subj. of wesan.

sibeling m. related noble, B 2708.

sibb (y) (v. LL 2651) f. relationship, AO, B; : love, friendship: peace, happiness, BH, Chr, VPs; AO, CP ['sib']

sibb related, akin, B, LkL, W. as sb. kinsman, kinswoman, W, Soul. ['sib,' 'i-sib']

sibb- = sib-

sibbecoss m. kiss of peace, ES 33176.

sibbegedriht = sibgedryht

sibbian (y) to conciliate, reconcile, , CP.

sibbs- = sibs-

sibcwide (y) m. pacific speech, Leas 29.

sibfc n. degree of affinity, LL.

sibgebyrd f. blood-relationship, Gen 1901.

sibgedryht f. related band: peaceful host.

sibgemgas mpl. blood-relations, Ex 386.

sibgeornes f. pacific disposition, friendship, love,W.

sibge-sih, -syh f. vision of peace (lit. trans. of 'Hierosolyma'), Ps.

sibi (Gl) sibian = sife, sifian

siblc n. peace-offering, LL 146[2].

sibleger n. incest.

siblic of peace, peaceable, . adv. -lce.

sibling m. relative, kinsman, . ['sibling']

siblufu f. friendship, love.

+sibnes f. affinity, relationship, WW 345^16.

sibrden f. affinity, relationship, Chr 1127. ['sibred']

sibsum peace-loving, peaceable, friendly, CP. adv. -lce. [v.'i-sibb']

+sibsumian to reconcile, .

sibsumnes f. peace, concord, Chr; CP. ['sibsomeness']

+sibsumung f. peace-making, WW 172^41.

sibun (Cp) = seofon

sc n. runnel, small stream, BC; Mdf. ['sitch']

scan I. (sv^1) to sigh, yearn for, AO, PPs. ['siche'] II. = scan

siccet-, siccett-, siccit- = sicett-

sicclian = sclian

sice m. sigh, Lcd 1388^11. ['siche']

sicel = sicol

scelian = sclian

sicer- = sicor-

sicerian to trickle, penetrate, ooze, CP 437^14. ['sicker']

sicettan to sigh, groan, mourn, CP.

sicettung f. sighing, sigh, sob, lamentation, .

scle sick, ill, ANS 12921.

sclian (, , o, ) to sicken, become ill or weak, Lcd; L. ['sickle'; soc]

sicol m. 'sickle,' A, Mk, WW (u^2).

sicor sure, certain, trustworthy, A: secure, CP. ['sicker']

sicorlce (e^2) with full certainty, NC 321; FM 99. ['sickerly']

sicornes f. sureness, certainty, NC 321. ['sickerness']

sd ample, wide, broad, large, vast, An, B, Gen. ['side']

sddl f. pain in the side, pleurisy, WW 112^32.

sdan adv. wdan and s. far and wide, BC. [v.'side']

sde I. adv. amply, widely, extensively, OEG. s. and wde far and wide, El. ['side'] II. () f. 'side,' , Bl, CP, Gl, VPs. [Ger. seite] III. f. silk. [L. seta; Ger. seide]

sdece m. pain in the side, Lcd 172a.

sideful (y) _decorous, modest, pure, virtuous, honest_, _. ['_sedeful_'] adv. -lce.

sidefulnes f. virtue, modesty, .

sidelic sober, discreet, GPH 389.

sidelce adv. fitly, suitable, CP 153.

siden v. lf-s.

sden made of silk, OEG.

sdewre f. zedoary, Lcd 137b. [Late L.]

sdfme, sdfmed wide-bosomed, capacious (of a ship),B.

sdfeaxe, sdfeaxode _long-haired_, _. [v. '_side_']

sdfolc n. great people or number of people.

sdian intr. to extend? Rim 65. [sd]

+sidian (y) to arrange, set right, order. [sidu]

sdland n. extensive land.

sdlingweg m. sidelong way, road that runs obliquely? (BT), KC 3446^17.

sido = sidu

sdrand m. broad shield, B 1289.

sidu (eo) m., gds. sida custom, practice, manner, habit, rite, CP: manners, morality, good conduct, purity, CP. [Ger. sitte]

sidung (y) f. rule, regulation, GPH 398.

sdung () f. extension, augmentation, A 8306.

sdwrc m. pain in the side, GD, Lcd.

sdweg m. long road: (in pl.) distance.

sdwyrm () m. silk-worm, WW.

se pres. 1 sg. subj. of wesan (bon).

siehst pres. 2 sg., sieh pres. 3 sg. of son.

+sieh = +sih

sielf = self

siellan = sellan

siellic = seldlic

seman () _to load, burden_, _ (), _LkL_ (). ['_seam_']

siemle = simble

sen I. (o, , ) f. power of sight, sight, vision, Jul (), Lcd (o): pupil, eye. ['sene'] II. (= sn) pl. pres. subj. of wesan.

siendon, sient (= sindon, sind) pl. pres. of wesan.

+sene (e, i) seen, visible, evident, plain, B (y). ['sene']

+senelic (, ) visible, BH 216^14. adv. -lce.

sierce = serce [[under "serc"]]

sere 'sere,' dry, withered, BC 1515. [sarian]

sierian = sierwan

sierwan (i, y) to plan, devise, contrive: plot, lay snares for, entrap, CP: put on armour: (+) fit out, arm, equip, Ma 159. [searu]

sierwung (ea, y) f. plotting, artifice, trap, snare, treachery,.

siean = sian

siex (e, eo, i, y) 'six,' AO.

siexbenn = seaxbenn

siexfeald 'sixfold,' WW.

siexhund six hundred, AO. ['sixhund']

siexta (e, i, y) 'sixth,' Chr; AO.

siexte (y) sixthly, LL 158[17].

siextig (e, i, y) 'sixty,' AO.

sife (y) n. 'sieve,' Cp, Lcd, WW.

sifea (eo, y) m. and fpl. siftings, chaff, bran: tares, rubbish.

sifian = seofian

sifia = sifea

sfre = sfre

siftan (e, y) _to 'sift,'_ _ (y), _Bo,Cp_.

sifun = seofon

sig = s 3 p. sing. pres. subj. of wesan (bon).

+sig n. victory, DR 28^2.

sgan^1 I. () to sink, set (of the sun), decline, CP: descend, fall, fall down, : move, advance, go to, approach. sh t came out, . II. to strain, filter, drain out, ooze, trickle.

sigbh (NG) = sigebah

sigdi (Ep) = se

sige I. (y) m. victory, success, triumph, AO, Chr; , CP. ['sige'] II. m. sinking, setting (ofthe sun), Met 13^56. [sgan]

sige-bacn, -bacen n. banner, : emblem of victory, trophy, cross (ofChrist), El.

sigebah m. victor's circlet, crown.

sigebam m. tree of victory, cross.

sigebearn n. victor-child (Christ).

sigebeorht victorious.

sigebeorn m. victorious hero, Fin 38.

sigebror m. victorious brother, An 183.

sigebme f. trump of victory, Ex 565.

sigecempa m. victorious champion, Ps 50^10.

sigecwn f. victorious queen.

sigedma m. victorious judge.

sigedryhten m. lord of victory, God.

sigeadig victorious, B 1557.

sigefst victorious, triumphant, BH, Bl. [v.'sige']

+sige-fstan, -fstnian (e^2) to triumph: crown as victor.

sgefstnes f. triumph, victory.

sigefest == sigefst

sigefolc n. victorious people.

sigegealdor (y^1) n. victory-bringing charm, Lcd 1388^13.

sigegefeoht n. victory, BH 158^6.

sigegyrd f. victory-bringing rod, Lcd.

sigehrmig () rejoicing in victory.

sigehr f. fame gained by victory? confidence or joy of victory? B 490.

sigehrig victorious, triumphant.

sigehwl f. hour of victory, B 2710.

sigel I. (, e) m? n? sun: name of the rune for s. II. = sigil

sigelbeorht sun-bright, brilliant.

sigele = sigle

sigelan n. reward of victory.

sigelas not victorious, defeated.

sigelo n. song of victory.

Sigelhearwa m. Ethiopian, VPs.

sigel-hweorfa m., -hwe(o)rfe f. heliotrope.

sigelic victorious, WW.

sigeltorht radiant.

Sigel-waras, -ware pl. Ethiopians.

sigemce m. victorious sword, Cr 1531.

sgend m. wave, WW. [sgan]

siger- = sigor-

sgere m. glutton, OET 72^568.

sigeraf n. triumphal robe, WW 153^15.

sigerian = sigrian

sgerian to be gluttonous, WW 489^14.

sigerce victorious, triumphant.

sigerf victorious, triumphant.

sigesceorp n. ornament of victory, Gn 136.

siges (i^2) m. successful expedition, OET.

sigespd f. success.

sigetcen n. emblem of victory, sign.

sigetber n. sacrifice for victory, Ex 402.

sigetorht brilliant in victory, Sat 240.

sigetdor n. dominating race, Gu 838.

sigeod f. victorious people.

sigerat m. victorious troop, Cr 844.

sigef? m. triumphal banner, Jud 201.

sigewpen n. victorious weapon, B 804.

sigewang m. field of victory.

sigewf n. victorious woman, Lcd 1384.

sigfst = sigefst

sigi- = sige-

sigil, sigl n. fibula, buckle, brooch, gem. [cp. sigle]

sigirian = sigrian

siglan (AO) = seglan

sigle I. n. necklace, collar. II. f. rye, black spelt, Lcd 48a. [L. secale]

sigor (y) m. victory, triumph, . [sige]

sigorbacen n. emblem of victory, El 985.

sigorbeorht triumphant, Cr 10.

sigorcynn n. victorious race, El 755.

sigoradig victorious.

sigorfst victorious.

sigorfstnes (siger-) f. victory, A 11173.

sigorlan n. reward of victory.

sigorlic triumphal, Gl.

sigorspd f. good fortune in war.

sigortcen n. convincing sign, Gu 1089.

sigortfer n. offering for victory, Jul 255.

sigorweorc m. deed of victory, Ex 316.

sigorwuldor n. glory of victory, Gu 93.

sigrian to be victorious, triumph over, vanquish,.

sigriend m. victor, DHy 38^3.

sigsonte f. a plant, Lcd.

sige = se

sihsta = siexta

-siht, -sihte v. bld-, t-s. [[under "bldsihte"]]

shte marshy?

+shte = +shte pret. 3 sg. of +scan.

sihtre = seohtre [[under "seohter"]]

sih I. f. thing seen, vision, JnL, MkL. ['sight'] II. pres. 3 sg. of son.

sh pres. 3 sg. of sgan.

+sih, +siht (ie, y) f. faculty or act of sight, , Bo, Mk; CP: aspect: what is seen, vision, apparition. ['i-sight']

+sihe (BPs 53^6) = +sehe

+sihnes . vision, MtL p7^7.

silcen = seolcen

silf = self

silfor = seolfor

silfren = seolfren

Slhearwa () = Sigelhearwa

sillan = sellan

silofr = seolfor

sma I. m. band, chain, Gen 765. II. = sma

simbel (on) adv. always, continually, AO. [cp. simbles]

simbelfarende roving, nomadic, AO 26^16.

simbelgefra m. constant companion, Met 11^50(y).

simble (e, y) adv. ever, for ever, always, constantly, continually, continuously. oftosts. continually.

simbles adv. ever, always.

simblian (y) to frequent, DR 15^10.

simb-lunga, -linga (siml-) continually, constantly,DR.

simel = (1) simbel adv.; (2) symbel

simeringwyrt = symeringwyrt

siml = simbel

siml- = simbl-

sn I. () refl. possess, pron. his, her, its, their. II. = sen. III. plur. pres. subj. of wesan.

sin- (y) prefix, perpetual, permanent, lasting, infinite, immense.

sina- = seono-

sinbyrnende ever burning, Met 8^52.

sinc (y) n. treasure, riches, gold, valuables, jewel.

sincald perpetually cold, Ex 472.

sincaldu f. perpetual cold, Ph 17.

sincan^3 to 'sink,' become submerged, MtR: digest easily, act as aperient? Lcd 81b.

sincbrytta m. distributor of treasure, prince, A 371^17.

sincft n. precious vessel.

sincfg richly adorned.

sincgestron n. treasure, jewel.

sincgewge n. abundance of treasure.

sinc-giefa, -gifa m. giver of treasure, ruler, chief, lord, king.

sincgifu f. gift of treasure, An 1511.

sincgim m. valuable gem, jewel.

sincgyfa = sincgiefa

sinchroden ptc. adorned with costly ornaments.

sincmum m. treasure, B 2193.

sincstn m. precious stone, Met 21^21.

sincego f. receipt of treasure. [icgan]

sincweorung f. costly gift.

sind plur. pres. indic. of wesan.

sinder (y) n. 'cinder,' dross, scoria, slag, Cp, WW;CP.

sinder- = sundor-

sinderlce = synderlce

sinderm m. rust, WW 402^41.

sindon plur. pres. indic. of wesan.

sindor = sinder

sindram m. everlasting joy.

sindrig () = syndrig

+sne = +sene

sineht sinewy, Lcd 91a. [seono]

sine-wealt, -weald, -wlt (eo, y) round, globular, concave, : circular, cylindrical. [sin-]

sinewealtian to be unsteady, WW 515^31.

sinewealtnes f. roundness, globularity.

sinewind artery, WW 352^25. [seonu] [[under "seono"]]

sinfra m. husband, B 1934.

sinfulle f. houseleek, Lcd, WW.

singal perpetual, everlasting, , CP: continuous, constant, : daily.

singala, singale, singales adv. always, ever, continually.

singalflwende ptc. ever-flowing, WW 177^36.

+singalian (y) to continue, ACPs 88^51.

singallic incessant, continual, CP 61^21. adv. () -lce.

+singallician to continue, JPs 88^51.

singalnes f. perseverance, assiduity, OEG.

singalrene m. constant flow, HGl. [ryne]

singan^3 (y) to 'sing,' celebrate in song, BH, Bl, MtL, VPs; AO, CP: crow, sing (ofbirds), , Ph: chant, intone, OET, RB: read, recite, narrate, Bl, Bo, VPs: (ofthings) sound, resound, ring, clank, B, CP,W.

+singe (= +sinie?) f. wife, Jul 54. [cp. sinig]

singendlic that may be sung, LVPs 118^54.

singere = sangere

singestre = sangestre

singian () = syngian

singrne (y) I. f. house-leek, periwinkle, Lcd. ['sengreen'] II. adj. ever green: uncooked (ofvegetables).

singrim adj. exceeding fierce, Jul 230.

sinhere m. huge army, B 2936.

sinhg- = sinhw-

sin-hwan, -hgan npl. wedded couple, , CP.

sinhwscipe m. permanent tie (marriage), Bo 50^1.

sinhwurf- = sinhwyrf-

sinhwyrfel round.

sinhwyrfende ptc. round, OEG 114.

+sinig marriage, DR 108^7.

+sinigan, sinigian to marry, NG.

+sinigscipe = sinscipe

+sinlce (y) adv. often, RB 97^14.

sinn = synn

sinnan^3 (w. g.) to meditate upon, think of, care about: cease? [Ger. sinnen]

sinnig = synnig

sinniht (y^1, ea^2) f. eternal night. adv. -nihtes in continual night, night after night.

sinn m. perpetual misery, Rim 52.

sinop = senep

sino (e, eo, y) f. synod, council, meeting, assembly. [L. synodus]

sinobc (e, eo, y) f. record of the decrees of a synod, canon law, LL 46[49,8].

sinodm (eo) m. decree of a synod, El 552.

sinogewrit n. records of a synod.

sinolic synodical, BH.

sinostw f. meeting-place, place where a synod is held.

sinowalt = sinewealt

sinrden f. (continuing state), marriage,CP.

sinscipe (e, y) m. cohabitation, marriage, , CP: (+) married couple,CP.

+sinsciplic conjugal, LL (440^6).

+sinscippend married, GD 218^4.

sinsnd f. large piece, B 743.

sinsorg f. perpetual grief, Wif 45.

sint = sind plur. pres. indic. of wesan.

sin-trendende (OEG), -tredende ptc. round.

sintryndel (y^1, ^2) adj. circular, globular.

sinyrstende ptc. (w. g.) ever thirsting, AO 130^31.

sinu = seono

sinuwealt, sinwealt = sinewealt

sinwrnnes (y) f. constant lechery, WW 113^22.

so = so

siodo = sidu

siofa = sefa

siol- = seol-, sel-

sion 'laber,' a marsh plant? Lcd 1254. ['sion']

sipian = sypian

spian to sink low, wane, decline, Lcd 3151 (v.A 31538).

sre = sgere

sirew-, sirw- = searw-, sierw-

sisems f. dormouse, WW.

sst = shst pres. 2 sg. of son I.

sit pres. 3 sg. of sittan.

sitl = setl

sittan^5 to 'sit,' sit down, recline, , B, Bo, Bl, Chr; AO, CP: remain, continue, be situated, Bo, Bl, Gen, LL: () settle, encamp, dwell, abide, reside, Chr, LkL; AO: lie in wait, besiege, invest, Chr, Met, VPs: preside over, , MtL; CP: perch, roost, Gen, Ph: (+) sit out, finish. on cnowums. kneel. wi earm +s. lean. on s. (1)assail, attack; (2)press on, weigh down.

s () I. m. going, motion, journey, errand, B, Bl, Lcd: departure, death: expedition, undertaking, enterprise: road, way: time, turn, occasion, , G, Lcd, VPs; AO. on nnes. at one and the same time, Bo, Lcd. re se on one occasion...on another: conduct, way of life, manner, : fate, destiny, experience, , B, Chr. ['sithe'] II. adv. late, afterwards. comp. s, sor later. r ands. always. ne r nes. never. r oes. ever: a comp. adj. sra late, later, and a superl. s(e)mest, sest latest, last are formed from s. t sestan at last, finally. III. prep. and conj. after. after, afterwards. [Ger. seit] IV. () = sih pres. 3 sg. of sonI.

+s I. m. (rare ds. +san) () comrade, companion: () follower, retainer, warrior: count, thane. II. n. company, v.LL 2427; 446.

sberend m. reaper, WW 235^3. [se]

sbc f. itinerary, OEG 2023.

sboda m. herald of departure (the pillar of cloud), Ex 250.

sboren ptc. late-born, VPs, WW.

+scund fit to rank as a thane.

+scundlic intimate, BH 120^33 (v.l.).

sdagas mpl. later times, El 639.

se m. 'scythe,' , Cp.

semest, sest v. s II.

sft (, CP), sfat mn. way, journey, voyage, expedition: path, road, course, : experience, conduct: period of time.

sfrom ready for a journey.

sgomor travel-weary, Ap 1.

sian to go, depart, travel, wander, , B. ['sithe']

+slic = +scundlic

slce adv. lately, after a time, .

+smgen n. band of warriors.

+smann = +s

smest, sor, sra v. s II.

+srden f. troop, WW 206^21.

+sscipe m. fellowship, society, BH.

sstapel step, track, LPs 16^5.

s = s

sia adv. and conj. afterwards, JnL, LkL; Met. ['sith']

sian, sion (co, y) I. adv. since, afterwards, from now on, hereafter, further, then, thereupon, after, later, , Bl. II. conj. as soon as, when, since, after that, inasmuch as, Bl, Bo. III. prep. (w.a.) (LWS) after. ['sithen'; s, am]

sweg (Gu 859) = sdweg

swerod n. travelling troop, Gen 2114.

swf n. noble lady.

swan = swian

siwen pp. of son II.

siwen-ge, -igge, -ge blear-eyed, CP.

swian (o, ) to sew, mend, patch: knit together, unite.

six = siex

six-; v. also siex-.

sixecge six-sided, hexagonal, WW.

sixfte (y) adj. of six (poetical) feet.

sixgylde entitled to sixfold compensation, LL 3[1].

sixhynde belonging to the class whose 'wergeld' was 600 shillings,LL.

sixhyrnede having six angles, WW 179^13 (e^2).

sixnihte six days old, Lcd.

sixteogoa 'sixtieth,' Gr.

sixtoa 'sixteenth,' MH (e^1), Gr (y^2).

sixtigre 60-oared ship. [r]

sixtigfeald sixtyfold.

sixtigwintre sixty years old, .

sixtne (y^1, e^2) 'sixteen,' MH.

sixtnenihte sixteen days old, Lcd.

sixtnewintre sixteen years old.

sl = slh

slacful (= ) lazy, Gl, Lcd.

slacian _to slack off, become remiss_, _. ['_slake_']

sld pret. 3 sg. of sldan.

sl == sla

slc 'slack,' remiss, CP 125^1 (v. A 39366).

slcan = slacian

+slccan to seize, VPs 7^3.

sld (, , a) n. valley, glade, AO; Mdf. ['slade']

-slfan v. t-s.

slg- = sleg-

slge m., slget n. = slege

slgen pp. of slan.

slgnt = slegnat

slgu () f. lethargy, Gl (v. A 33387).

slht = slieht

slhtan to strike, slay, NG. [Ger. schlachten]

+slhte pret. 3 sg. of +sleccan.

slh = slieh pres. 3 sg. of slan.

slp I. (, , a) m. 'sleep,' , CP: sleepiness, inactivity, B, CP: death, Cr. II. m? slippery place?KC.

slpan^7 (, ) pret. 3 sg. slp, slap; also wk. slpte, slpte, slpde _to 'sleep,'_ _BH, Bl, VPs_; CP: _be benumbed, motionless, inactive_, _, CP, Lcd_: _lie with_, _, LL_: _rest in the grave, die_, _ (), _Mt_.

slpbre soporific, Lcd 1284^22.

slpere m. sleeper, .

slpern (, ) n. dormitory.

slplas sleepless, GPH 399.

slplast f. sleeplessness, .

slpnes f. sleepiness, HL 14^106.

slpor drowsy, sleepy.

slpwrig weary and sleepy, Rd 5^5.

slt = slieh pres. 3 sg. of slan.

sltan _to bait (a boar)_, _. ['_sleat_']

slting f. right of hunting, Chr 1087.

slw = slw

-slwan v. -s.

slw () f. sloth, indolence, , Bo; CP. ['sleuth'; slw]

slg = slh

slaga m. slayer, homicide, , CP.

slagen pp. of slan.

slagu = slgu [[headword spelled "slgu"]]

slh, slg f. 'sloe' (fruit of the blackthorn), Cp, Lcd, WW; Mdf.

slahe = sla

slhorn m. blackthorn, Cp, Lcd; Mdf. ['sloethorn']

slhornragu f. lichen from blackthorn, Lcd.

slhornrind f. blackthorn bark, Lcd.

sln I. (K, N) = slan. II. gs. of sl (slh).

slanc pret. 3 sg. of slincan.

slp == slp

slpel = slpol

slpfulnes f. lethargy, WW 541^42?

slpian to become sleepy, CP.

slpol somnolent, lethargic.

slpolnes f. somnolence, lethargy, .

slpornes f. lethargy, A 1198.

slpul = slpol

slarege (i^2) f. 'clary' (plant), Lcd,WW.

slt pret. 3 sg. of sltan.

slw 'slow,' sluggish, torpid, lazy, Bo, CP,Mt.

slwerm (KGl 80^22) = slwyrm

slwian to be slow, sluggish, .

slwlce adv. 'slowly,' sluggishly, CP.

slwyrm m. 'slow-worm,' snake, OEG, Sc,WW.

sla f. slay, weaver's reed, Gl. [slan; cp. slege]

slac (v. A 39366) _'slack,' remiss, lax, sluggish, indolent, languid_, _, B, BH_; CP: _slow, gentle, easy_, _.

slacian to delay, retard, slacken, relax efforts.

slaclic slow, languid, idle. adv. -lce.

slacmdnes f. slackness, laziness, MFH 173.

slacnes (e) f. slowness, A, , Lcd: remissness, laziness, CP. ['slackness']

slacornes f. laziness, A 1198^40.

sleaht = slieht

slan^6 _to strike, beat, stamp, coin (money)_, _forge (weapons)_, _, B, Bl, Lcd, VPs_: _throw, cast_, _Bo, Da_: _sting (snake)_: _pitch (tent)_, _: _strike across (country)_, _dash, break, rush, come quickly_, : _'slay,' kill_, _, AO, CP_. wl +s. _to slaughter_: _cast into chains_: (+) _strike down_: _play (harp)_: (+) _gain by fighting, win_.

slap I. pret. 3 sg. of slpan. II. pret. 3 sg. of slpan. III. = slp

slaw = slw

slbesch = slfesch

slec- = sleac-

+sleccan to weaken, disable, Cr 149. [sleac] [[headword spelled "slac"]]

slecg f. ('sledge'-)hammer, mallet, Nar, WW;.

slecgettan to beat, throb, Lcd 82b.

slecgwyrhta m. metal-worker, ANS 100254.

sld = sld

slf = slefe

slfan to slip (clothes) on, Guth.

+slfed furnished with sleeves. ['sleve']

[[Printed inline, as continuation of "slfan" entry.]]

slfesch m. slipper, Gl (slbe-).

slflas = slflas [[redirected to "sleflas"]]

slege () m. beating, blow, stroke, : slaying, slaughter, murder, , AO, CP: crash, impact, clap (ofthunder): destruction, defeat, AO: (weaver's) 'slay,' WW 188^5. [slan]

slegebtl m. beetle, hammer, Lcd 122b.

slegefge doomed to perish, Jud 247.

slegel m. plectrum, WW 466^28.

slegen pp. of slan.

sleghrer (slgr-) n. cattle for slaughter, NC 321.

slegnat n. cattle for slaughter, TC 105^4.

slgu = slgu

sleh = sleah imperat. of slan.

sleht = slieht

sleh = slieh pres. 3 sg. of slan.

slow = slw

slp I. (M) = slp. II. pret. 3 sg. of slpan.

slp- = slp-

slpan = (1) slpan; (2) slpan

sle (VPs) = slieh pres. 3 sg. of slan.

slw = slw

sl (Gl) = slw

slic (?) n. beater, mallet, hammer, LL 455^15; WW 75^16.

-slcod () v. ng-s. [[under "ngslcod"]]

sldan^1 to 'slide,' glide, slip, fall, fall down, Guth: fail, err: pass away, be transitory or unstable, MH, Lcd.

sliddor = slidor

slide m. sliding, slip, fall, , CP.

sliderian = slidrian

slidor I. slippery, Ps, Run. ['slidder'] II. n? slippery place,WW.

slidornes f. slippery place, slipperiness, Ps. ['slidderness']

slidrian to slip, slide, CP, PPs. ['sliddern']

slefe () f. 'sleeve,' LL.

sleflas 'sleeveless,' RB (y), WW(e).

slieht (, ea, e, i, y) m. stroke, slaughter, murder, death, AO (i): animals for slaughter: (+) battle. ['sleight'; slan]

sliehtswn (y^1) n. pig for killing, LL.

slieh pres. 3 sg. of slan.

slf, slfe = slefe

-slfan v. t-s.

slifer slippery, HGl 405.

sliht (AO, ) = slieht

-slihtes v. eor-s.

slih pres. 3 sg. of slan.

slm n. 'slime,' CPs, WW.

slincan^3 to slink, creep, crawl.

slincend mn. reptile, .

slingan^3 to worm, twist oneself. [Ger. schlingen]

slipa = slypa

slipeg, slipig slimy.

slipor _slippery, filthy_, _Sc_: _shifty_, _. ['_slipper_']

slipornes f. filthiness, DHy 36^8. ['slipperness']

+slit n. rending, biting, : something to be torn or rent: backbiting, calumny.

sltan^1 to slit, tear, split, shiver, rend to pieces, divide: bite, sting, wound, CP: backbite, CP. [Ger. schleissen]

slitcwealm m. death by rending, LL (166^24).

slite I. m. slit, rent, tear, bite. II. f? cyclamen.

sliten m. schismatic, heretic, MtL p8^9.

sltendlic gorging, WW 437^5.

sltere m. gorger, glutton, WW: destroyer, W 235^24.

+slitglw n. raillery, WW 372^32.

slitnes f. desolation, destruction, tearing up.

slitol biting, pungent, GPH 394.

sltung f. tearing, biting, .

slan^1 to injure, wound, GnE 202.

sle I. adj. savage, fierce, dire, cruel, hard, hurtful, perilous. II. adv. savagely.

slelic graven, EPs 105^19.

slen cruel, hard, evil.

slheard (e^2) cruel, severe, savage.

slnes f. graven image, EPs 105^36.

slw m. a fish, tench, mullet, Gl.

slg I. pret. 3 sg. of slan. II. = slhI.

slh I. mfn., gs. sl(ge)s, sl; das. sl(h) 'slough,' mire, BH, W. II. pret. 3 sg. of slan.

-slop v. ofer-s.

slopen pp. of slpan.

slota m. morsel, Sc 153^12.

slma m. slumber, DD, Gu. ['sloom']

slmere m. sleeper, NC 322.

sluncon pret. pl. of slincan.

slpan^2 to slip, glide, move softly.

slf == slef [[variant of "slefe"?]]

slyht == slieht

slyh = slieh pres. 3 sg. of slan.

slypa m. slime, paste, pulp, Lcd. ['slip']

slpan () to slip, put on or off.

slpesch m. slipper, WW 277^29.

slyppe f. paste, Lcd 163a.

slyprsn n. ? 'ferna,' WW 237^1. [rsn]

slp pres. 3 sg. of slpan.

smacian to coax, flatter, allure, seduce, HGl 476; OEG 3005.

smc m. 'smack,' taste, WW: scent, odour, WW.

smccan to taste, Gr. ['smatch']

sml I. (often smal- in obl. cases) sup. smalost, smlst 'small,' Bo, Cp, Lcd: thin, slender, narrow, AO, OET: fine, BH, CP, Lcd, WW. II. v.hafodsml.

smle = smale

smleerm (A 13323) = smlearme

smll m. slap, smack, JnL. ['small']

smlearmas (y^2) mp. small intestines.

smlearme n. lower abdomen, CP.

smr (smre?) m. lip, Gl, Lcd.

smre- = smeoru-

smte pure, refined, Cp, MH; . ['smeat']

smtegold n. pure gold, WW.

smtegylden adj. of pure gold, WW.

smal- v. sml.

smale finely, into small pieces, Bo: softly (not loudly). ['small']

smalian to become thin, Lcd 2a (Harl.).

smalung f. reducing (of flesh), Lcd.

smt pret. 3 sg. of smtan.

smac pret. 3 sg. of smocan.

smade pret. 3 sg. of smagan.

smag- v. smah.

smagan, sman () to think, think out, reflect, meditate on, deliberate, , CP: examine, penetrate, scrutinize, look closely into, : suppose: seek (opportunity).

smagelegen (? v. OEG 4142n.) f. syllogism.

smagendlic meditative, Gr 211^6.

smagung = smaung

smah I. adj. (smag- in obl. cases) sagacious, acute, subtle: penetrating. II. pret. 3 sg. of smgan.

+smah n. intrigue, Chr 1094.

smalic searching, exhaustive, careful, CP: exquisite. adv. -lce closely, thoroughly, carefully, exhaustively, accurately, ,CP.

smalicnes f. subtlety, NC 322.

smamettas mp. delicacies.

sman = smagan

smang = smaung

smearcian (e) to smile, Bo; . ['smirk']

smeart smarting, painful, W 295^10. ['smart']

smeartung (e) f. tickling, A 8451.

sma I. f. meditation, SPs 118^77. II. pres. 3 sg. of smagan.

smaanclce adv. in detail, A 8309.

sma-ancol, -ancollic subtle. adv. -lce exactly, thoroughly, exhaustively, studiously,.

smaancolnes f. exactness, strictness, H 280^34.

smaung () f. reflection, thought, CP: inquiry, search: intention, effort: intrigue.

smawung = smaung

smawyrhta m. skilled artisan, A 9263.

smawyrm m. intestinal worm, Lcd.

smec == smc

smc == smc

smedma (eo) m. fine flour, pollen meal, Lcd; . ['smeddum']

smedmen adj. of fine flour, Sc 154^1.

smgan = smagan

smgawyrm = smawyrm

smh (L 31^952) = smah II.

smhwrenc (= sma-) m. cunning device, TC 339.

smelt I. (y) m. sardine, 'smelt,' Cp. II. = smolt

smelting (i, y) f. amber, .

smocan^2 to emit smoke, , Lcd, WW: fumigate, Lcd. ['smeek']

smeoduma = smedma

smoh = smah

smeolt = smolt

smeortan^3 to 'smart,' AO 36^30 (or?frsmeortende = smarting like fire).

smeoru (e), smeoruw n. ointment, fat, grease, lard, tallow, suet. [Ger. schmeer]

smeorumangestre (smere-) f. butter-woman, LL.

smeorusealf (e^1, a^2) f. unguent, Lcd 55b.

smeoruearm (^1, e^1) m. entrail.

smeoruwig (smere-) rich, fat, Lcd 79a.

smeoruwyrt f. 'smearwort,' Cp, Lcd.

smeoian = smiian

smer- = smear-, smeor-, smir-, smier-

smr = smr

smera = smeoru

smere- = smeoru-

smerian to laugh to scorn, MtL 9^24.

smeringwyrt f. name of a plant, 'crispa, victoriola,' WW 135^1. [cp. smeoruwyrt]

smeruwan = smierwan

smerwung = smirung

smte- = smte-

sman to smooth, soften, polish, CP: appease, soothe,CP.

smee (RB) = smie

sme smooth, polished, soft, Lk; , AO, CP: suave, agreeable, CP: lenitive. ['smeeth']

smian to smoothen, Lcd, OEG: become smooth. ['smeeth']

smnes f. smoothness, smooth place, , WW. ['smeethness']

smung = smaung

smc (, ) m. vapour, smoke, , AO, Bo, PPs, VHy. ['smeech'; 'smitch']

smcan () to smoke, fumigate. [smocan]

smicer beauteous, elegant, fair, tasteful, Cp, Shr, TC. ['smicker'] adv. -ere,CP.

smicernes f. smartness, WW 416^31.

+smicerod well-fashioned, WW 406^21.

smicor = smicer

smidema = smedma

smec = smc

smierwan (e, i, y) to 'smear,' anoint, salve, Bl, G, VPs (smirian); CP. [smeoru]

smilte = smylte

smilting = smelting

smirenes (e, y) f. ointment, unguent.

smirewan, smirian = smierwan

smiringele m. anointing oil, .

smirung (e, y) f. ointment, unguent, Lcd: unction. [smeoru]

smirwan = smierwan

smtan^1 to daub, smear, soil, pollute, defile, , Cp, Lcd. ['smite']

smitte f? smudge, smut, blot, OEG, RB. ['smit']

smittian to befoul, pollute, WW: infect, OEG. ['smit']

smi m. handicraftsman, 'smith,' blacksmith, armourer, carpenter, , B,Mt.

smibylg m. smith's bellows, NC 322.

smicrft m. manual art, BH 442^16.

smicrftega m. skilled workman, Gen 1084.

smiian (eo) to forge, fabricate, , OEG. ['smith']

smilce adv. dexterously, WW.

smie (smee) f. smithy, forge, , BH. ['smithe']

smoc m. 'smock,' shift, WW.

smoca m. 'smoke,' LPs, Nar (cc).

smocen pp. of smocan.

smocian to emit 'smoke,' , LPs: fumigate, Lcd.

-smogu v. -s.

-smoh v. in-s.

smolt I. (e, eo) mild, peaceful, still, gentle, MtL. ['smolt'] II. lard, fat, CM, NC. ['smolt']

smolte = smylte

smoltlce adv. gently, ES 8477.

smorian to strangle, choke, suffocate, Cp, MtR. ['smore']

sm 'smooth,' serene, calm, Sc.

smucon pret. pl. of smorcan. [[error for "smocan"?]]

smgan^2 to creep, . [Ger. schmiegen]

smgendlic creeping, LPs 68^35.

smc = smc

smc pres. 3 sg. of smocan.

smygel, smygels m. retreat, burrow, Gl.

smyllan to crack (a whip), GPH 388.

smylt = smelt

+smyltan to appease, BH 386^12.

smylte I. mild, tranquil, peaceable, calm, CP: cheerful, prosperous. II. adv. softly. [smolt]

smyltelic = smyltlic

smylting () = smelting

smyltlic tranquil, serene.

smyltnes f. tranquillity, peace, quiet, silence, CP: gentleness, smoothness, mildness, composure, placidity, CP: evening calm.

smyr- = smier-, smir-

smyrels m. ointment, unguent, unction, , LL. ['smerles'; smeoru]

smytta = smitta [[headword spelled "smitte"]]

sn = snw

snaca m. 'snake,' serpent, Lk, W.

snacc m. a small vessel, war-ship, Chr. ['snack'; Dan. snekke]

snd = snd II.

-sncce v. twi-s.

snd I. m. handle of a scythe, H 2162. ['snead'] II. () m. a clearing in a wood, Ct (Mdf). III. f. piece, morsel, slice, portion of food, , Lcd. ['snede'; sndan]

sndan I. () to cut, slice, lop off, hew, Ln, CP, Mt. ['sned'; snan] II. to eat, take a meal, Chr 1048.

sndel (Gl) = sndelearm

sndelearm m. great gut, Gl, Lcd.

snding f. meal, snack, CM, RBL.

sndinghs n. cook's shop, WW 185^1.

sndingscap n. sheep for slaughter, PPs 43^23.

sndmlum adv. bit by bit, Lcd 127a.

sngl (e), sngel m. 'snail,' Cp, Lcd, WW.

snl = sngl

sns = sns

snsan (or? onsnsan) to run through, pierce, spit, LL 69[36]. [sns]

snfeld m. a defined tract of pasture or woodland (v.Mdf). [snd]

sns () f. spit, skewer, WW 237^17 and n.

sn I. pret. 3 sg. of snan. II. (?) n? killing (v.OEG 3070).

snw m. 'snow,' Bl, Chr, Met, VPs: snowstorm, Bo.

snwceald icy-cold, Met 29^8.

snwgebland n. snow-storm, AO 186^34.

snwhwt snow-white, .

snwig 'snowy,' Lcd.

snwt = snhwt [[headword spelled "snwhwt"]]

snwlic snowy.

sneare, snearh f. 'snare,' OEG.

sndan = sndan

snl, sneg(e)l = sngl

snell smart, ready, rapid, keen, fresh, brisk, active, strong, bold, An, B, Cr, Ph; AO. ['snell']

snellic smart, ready, quick, rapid, bold. adv. -lce, Wy. ['snelly']

snellscipe m. quickness, boldness, Chr 1057#d#.

snelnes f. agility, ApT 13^7.

snome adv. quickly, speedily, swiftly: immediately, at once.

+sneorcan^3 (e) to shrivel, dry up, VPs 30^13.

snowan^7 () to hasten, go.

snr f. harpstring. [cp. Ger. schnur]

+snerc pret. of sneorcan.

sncan^1 to sneak along, creep, crawl, CP, Lcd. ['snike']

snid I. n. slice: (+) slaughter. [Ger. schnitt] II. m. saw,CP.

snide I. m. incision: slaughter. II. = snidII.

sniden pp., snidon pret. pl. of snan.

snidsen n. lancet, Lcd 78a.

snirian = snyrian

snte f. 'snipe,' Cp, WW. ['snite']

snan^1 _to cut, lance_, CP: _cut off, amputate_, _CP_: _hew down, slay, kill_, _; CP: _mow, reap_. ['_snithe_'; _Ger._ schneiden]

snstro carline thistle? (BT) chopped straw? (JGPh 1328), Cp 358#s#.

snung f. incision, wound: slaughter.

snwan to snow, BH, Cp, Nar; . ['snew']

snca m. nook? inlet, BC 3141 (v. Mdf).

snd f. hood, head-dress, fillet, .

snoffa m. 'nausea,' CM 50.

snofl phlegm, mucus, Lcd 9a.

snoflig full of phlegm, A 8299.

snofol = snofl

snoru f. daughter-in-law, , AO. [Ger. schnur]

+snot n. mucus, Lcd 20b.

snotor, snoter clever, prudent, intelligent, discerning, MtL; , CP. ['snoter']

snotorlic (e^2) philosophic, wise. adv. -lce.

snotornes f. wisdom, prudence, .

snotorscipe m. cleverness in argument, dialectics, OEG 3215; 2^172.

-snotorung (e^2) v. word-s. [[under "wordsnoterung"]]

snotorwyrde wise of speech, plausible, W 107^1.

snotter, snottor, snottra (wk.) = snotor

snwan = snowan

snd I. adj. quickly approaching, Cr 842. II. n? speed, An 267.

snde adv. quickly, at once.

snyflung f. mucus from the nose, NC 322. ['snivelling']

snyrian to hasten, hurry.

snyring sharp rock, WW 371^22.

sntan to blow the nose, NC 322. ['snite']

snyteru = snyttru

snting f. blowing of nose, WW 162. ['sniting']

snytre clever, wise, Gen 2808.

snytrian to be clever, wise.

snytro, snytru == snyttru

snyttru f. (often in pl.) wisdom, cleverness, prudence, sagacity, intelligence, AO,CP.

snyttrucrft m. wisdom, sagacity.

snyttruhs n. house of wisdom, PPs 77^60.

snyttrum adv. cunningly.

snyian to go nose or beak forwards (of a plough), Rd 22^6.

-snyian, -snyan v. be-s.

soc I. () n. _sucking_, _. ['_sock_'] II. m. _soakings_, Mdf.

sc I. pret. 3 sg. of sacan. II. = scn

socc m. 'sock,' light shoe, slipper, Cp, RB. [L. soccus]

socian 'to soak,' Lcd. [scan]

scn f. seeking, question, inquiry, case, cause: visit, resort, , W: attack, B 1777: refuge, asylum, sanctuary, : the exercise of judicial power, jurisdiction, right of inquisition, right of taking fines, revenue (v.sacu), KC, LL (v.2454): district in which a 'socn' was exercised (Eng. Hist. Rev. 2720). ['soken']

scnes = scnes

+sod n. cooking, boiling, CP.

soden pp. of soan.

sfte I. (= sfte) adj. _'soft,' mild, gentle_, _: _quiet, calm, tranquil, undisturbed_, : _luxurious_: _agreeable_, A 928. II. adv. _Gen, Lcd, Met_.

sftnes f. _ease, comfort_: _'softness,' luxury_, _.

sogea (o^2) m. hiccough, eructation.

sht pp., shte pret. 3 sg. of scan.

sol n. mud, wet sand, wallowing-place, slough, CP.

sl n. sun, PPs 120^6.

solar = solor

slate f. sunflower, heliotrope, Lcd.

sole f. shoe, sandal, WW 125^25. [L.]

solere = solor

solian to soil, become defiled, Rim 67. ['sole']

slmerca m. sundial, NC 350.

slmna m. February.

solor m. loft, upper room, CP, Ph: 'palatium' hall, dwelling, GD 248^14. ['sollar'; L. solarium]

solsece (^2) f. heliotrope. [L. solsequia]

som == sam

sm- = sm-

sm f. arbitration, agreement, reconciliation, , LL. ['some']

+sm unanimous, peaceable, friendly, .

somn- = samn-

somod == samod

smrden f. wedlock, CP 19^18.

somw- = samw-

sn m. sound, music, CP. [L. sonus]

sna adv. directly, forthwith, immediately, at once, Bl, Chr, CP, MtL, Sat. s.sw as 'soon' as, when, Bl,CP.

sonc = sanc pret. of sincan.

sncrft m. music, A 1338^306.

sond == sand

song I. = sang pret. 3 sg. of singan. II. sb. bed, NG. [ON. sng] III. grape, EHy 6^32.

sonwald (NG) = sinewealt

sopa m. 'sup,' Lcd. ['sope']

sopcuppe f. sop-cup, Ct.

sopp 'offula,' 'sop,' OEG 61^10.

soppian to soak, 'sop,' Lcd 86a.

sore mote, MtL 7^3.

sorg f. (occl. gs. in -es) 'sorrow,' pain, grief, trouble, care, distress, anxiety, B, Bl, Bo;CP.

sorgbyren f. load of sorrow, An 1534.

sorgcearig anxious, sorrowful.

sorgcearu f. sorrow, anxiety, Gu 939.

sorgful 'sorrowful,' sad, anxious, careful, , B; CP: distressing, doleful, B,Ph.

sorgian (pres. ptc. sorgende) to 'sorrow,' care, grieve, be sorry for, be anxious about, B, Bl, Bo;CP.

sorglas free from sorrow or care.

sorglast (h) f. security, Lcd.

sorglo (h) dirge.

sorglic wretched, miserable. adv. -lce. ['sorrowly']

sorglufu f. sad love, Deor 16.

sorgstafas, mp. anxiety, care, Jul 660.

sorgung f. 'sorrowing,' w 114^4.

sorgwte (h) n. grievous torment, W 187^2.

sorgword (h) m. lamentation, Gen 789.

sorgwylm (^2) m. wave of sorrow.

sorh == sorg

sorig sorry, CP 227^8.

sot = sott

st n. (what settles down), 'soot,' Cp, Lcd.

sotel, sotl, sotol = setl

+sotig dirty, grimy.

sotman m. foolish man, NC 350.

sotscipe m. dulness, folly, WW 171^33. ['sotship']

sott I. adj. _foolish, dull, stupid_. II. m. _dullard, fool_, _A_. open sott _downright fool_, _. ['_sot_']

s I. n. truth, justice, righteousness, rectitude, B, CP, Cr, Sol: reality, certainty. t se, t sum in truth, truly, truthfully, accurately. t san, urh s verily, in truth. II. adj. true, genuine, real, Bo, Bl; AO, CP: just, righteous. ['sooth'] III. == L. pro- in compounds, in DR and NG.

sbora m. soothsayer, astrologer, Chr 975#a# (reading doubtful).

s-cwed, -cweden veracious, NG.

scwide m. true speech, truth, just saying: proverb,NG.

Scyning m. King of truth, God.

se adv. truly, really, accurately, rightly, B, PPs. ['sooth']

ses adv. verily, Mt. [v. 'sooth']

Sfder m. Father of truth, God, Cr 103.

sfst (e^2) true, trustworthy, honest, Bl, Chr, Cr, VPs: just, righteous, JnL, PPs. ['soothfast']

sfstian to justify, NG.

sfstlic (e) true, sincere, An 876. adv. -lce truly, honestly, OET 452. ['soothfastly']

sfstnes f. truth, truthfulness, fairness, fidelity, Bl, Bo, CP, VPs: justice. ['soothfastness']

sfest == sfst

sfylgan 'prosequi,' DR 29^18.

sgid (ie^2) n. true report.

shweere conj. nevertheless, NG.

sian to prove true, bear witness to, LL, NG. ['soothe'; 'i-sothe']

slic adj. true, truthful, real, genuine, right, Bo. -lce adv. truly, indeed, really, certainly, Bl, El, VPs. conj. for, now, then, but, CP. ['soothly']

ssagol truthful.

ssagu f. truth, W: true story, MtL. ['soothsaw']

ssecgan to speak the truth.

ssecgendlce truly, genuinely, GD 185^17.

ssegen f. true statement, .

sspce truthful, W 72^16#e#.

sspell n. true story, history, MtL p7^2.

ssprc f. true saying, DR 171^18.

stcen n. prodigy, DR 43^16.

soa (JnL, LkL) = sia

sword n. true word.

spca m. 'spoke' (of wheel, etc.), Bo,WW.

spade = spadu

spdl = sptl

spadu () f. '_spade_,' _. [_L._ spatha]

spc I. pret. 3 sg. of specan. II. mn? small branch, tendril,WW.

spc = sprc

spclas 'speechless,' GPH 398^72.

spn pres. 3 sg. of spanan.

spr sparing, Sc 52^6.

spr- = spear-

spren adj. of plaster, Gl.

sprhende (y^2) sparing, Gr.

sprian (N) = sparian

sprlic (e) adj. sparing. adv. -lce.

sprlra (e, ea, eo) m. calf of leg, (ea). ['sparlire']

sprlred with a thick calf, WW 161^27.

sprnes f. frugality, nearness.

sprstn m. gypsum, chalk, WW. ['spar-stone']

sptan to 'spit,' spew, Mk, Jn; ,CP.

sptl = sptl

sptlan, sptlian to spit, foam at the mouth.

sptung f. spitting, Lcd 65a.

spala m. substitute, LL 484[2,1].

spld (El) = sptl. ['spold']

spaldur balsam, Gl (v. ES 37186).

span = spann

+span n. persuasion, allurement, CP.

spanan^7 to draw on, allure, seduce, mislead, persuade, instigate, , AO,CP.

span-e, -u, pl. -a, -an f. teat.

spanere (o) m. seducer, enticer, WW.

spang fn. clasp, buckle. [Ger. spange]

spann I. f. 'span' (measure), BH, WW. II. pret. 3 sg. of spinnan.

+spann n. fastening, band, buckle, CP.

spannan^7 to join, link, clasp, fasten, attach,CP.

spannung f. span, WW.

-spanung (i^2) v. for-, las-s. [[headword spelled "lassponung"]]

sparcian = spearcian

sparian to 'spare,' be indulgent or merciful to, save, BH, CP, VPs: use sparingly, not to use, : forbear, abstain from, .

+sparrian to shut, bar, MtL 6^6.

sparwa = spearwa

sptl () n. spittle, saliva, CP, Lcd, NG. ['spattle']

sptlian to spit out, WW 162. ['spattle']

sptlung f. what is spit out, spittle, WW 162. ['spattling']

spl = sptl

spw pret. 3 sg. of spwan.

speaft (MkL 8^23) = speoft

speara = spearwa

spearca (, e) m. 'spark,' Bo, BH; CP.

spearcian to throw out sparks, sparkle, Sat 78? (v.OEG 4029).

spearewa = spearwa

spearhafoc m. sparrow-hawk, WW. ['spar-hawk']

spearlr- = sprlr-

spearn pret. 3 sg. of spurnan.

spearnes = sprnes

spearnlian to spurn, kick, sprawl, .

spearwa I. m. 'sparrow,' BH, Chr, Cp, VPs. II. m. calf (ofthe leg), Gl.

spec = spic

spc = spc, sprc

specan = sprecan

specca m. 'speck,' spot, Cp, Lcd, WW.

specfh spotted, blotched, Cp 22.

sped 'glaucoma,' sticky moisture, phlegm, Cp, OEG. ['spade']

spd f. luck, success, prosperity, El, PPs: riches, wealth, abundance, Cr, Gen; AO: opportunity, power, faculty, Bl. Ps: (only in dp. spdum) 'speed,' quickness, Gen. ons. fluently, skilfully: offspring? PPs 103^16. [spwan]

spdan w. d. to prosper, succeed, Ma. ['speed']

spddropa m. useful drop (ink), Rd 27^8.

spediende suffering from 'sped,' WW.

spdig lucky, prosperous, rich, AO: plenteous, abundant: powerful.

+spdiglce adv. prosperously, LPs 44^5.

spdignes f. opulence, OEG 3605.

spdlce adv. effectually, effectively, PPs.

+spdsumian to prosper, OEG 3630.

spdum v. sped.

spel == spell

spelc m? splint, Lcd. ['spelk']

spelcan to fasten with splints, Lcd. ['spelk']

speld n., nap. speld, speldru ember, torch, OEG, WW. ['speld']

+spelia m. substitute, representation, deputy.

spelian to be substitute for, represent, , RB. ['spele']

speliend m. substitute, representative, .

speling f. deputyship, RB 10^12.

spell n. narrative, history, story, fable, , B, Bo, Da; AO, CP: speech, discourse, homily, B, Bo, Lcd; CP: message, news: statement, observation. ['spell' and v.Mdf]

spellbc f. book of sermons, TC 430^21.

spellboda m. messenger, ambassador, angel: speaker: prophet. [beodan]

spellcwide m. historical narrative, AO 100^12.

spellian to speak, discourse, talk, Bo, Lcd, LkL; : announce, relate, proclaim, Bl: conspire, GD 106^1. ['spell']

spellung f. speech, conversation, narrative, discourse,.

spelt I. m. 'spelt,' corn, WW. Ḷ II. 'planca,' board of a book, WW 164. ['spelt']

spelter (Lcd 3136) = spaldur

spn? m. fibre, WW 403^17.

-spendan v. -, for-s.

spendung f. 'spending', H 556^29.

spnn (= sponn) pret. 3 sg. of spannan.

spennels m. clasp, WW 238^34.

spenst pres. 2 sg., spen pres. 3 sg. of spanan.

speoft (MkR 8^23; MtL 27^30) redupl. pret. of *spatan? to spit. [v.ES 3828f.]

+speoftian to spit upon, LkL 18^32. [ES 3834]

spon pret. 3 sg. of spanan, spannan.

speoru (Gl) nap. of spere.

speorulra = sprlra

spow pret. 3 sg. of spwan.

spow- = spw-

sper- = spr-, spear-, spyr-

spere n., nap. spe(o)ru 'spear,' javelin, lance, , AO, CP, Cp: stitcking pain, Lcd 175a.

sperebrga m. terror at spears, Rd 18^4.

sperehand f. male line (of descent), BC 3340^19.

sperehealf f. male line of descent, TC 491^20.

sperelas without a (spear)-head, WW 143^7.

speren n. battle, Gen 2059.

speresceaft (^3) m. 'spear-shaft', GD 14^27.

sperewyrt (speru-) f. 'spearwort,' elecampane, Lcd,WW.

+sperod armed with a spear.

spic n. fat bacon, . [Ger. speck]

spce f. spca m. aromatic herb, spice? [L. species]

spichs n. larder.

spcing m. spike, nail, ANS 125^51.

spicmse f. titmouse, WW 286^15.

spdenwiht (i?) 'spider,' Lcd 167b.

spigettan to spit, .

spilg 'spilagius,' a kind of snake, DR 125^15.

spilc == spelc

spild m. annihilation, ruin, CP.

spildan to waste, ruin, destroy.

spilds m. destructive expedition, Ex 153.

spilian to sport, play, LL, W. ['spile']

spillan to destroy, mutilate, kill, Lk, JnL: waste, DR: (late) 'spill' (blood).

spillere m. parasite, OEG 679.

spilling f. waste, Chr 999#e#.

spil (GL) = spild

spind sb. fat, WW.

spindel = sprindel

spinel f. gs. spinle 'spindle', A, Cp.

spinelhealf (nl) f. female line (of descent), TC 491^21.

spinge = spynge

spinil, spinl == spinel

-spinn v. in-s.

spinnan^3 to 'spin,' , Cp, Lcd, Mt: twist, writhe,.

spr spike, blade, Lcd 99b.

spircend (y) sputtering, : sparkling.

spircing (y) sprinkling.

spitel m. small spade, dibble, GD 201^20.

spittan to dig in with a spud, LL 454[10].

spittan to 'spit,' LkR, MtR, MkL.

spittian to spit (for cooking).

spitu f. 'spit' (cooking), , HL.

spwan^1 to spit, spit out, 'spew,' vomit, , Bl, Chr,CP.

spwdrenc (i^2) m. liquid emetic, Lcd.

spiwe m. vomiting, Lcd 22b.

spiwedrenc = spwdrenc

spwere m. one who spews, WW 108^4. ['spewer']

spiwea = spiwa

spiwian (io) to spew, spit up (w. d.).

spiwol emetic, Lcd.

spiwa (eo) m. vomiting, vomit, .

spiwung (eo) f. 'spewing,' WW.

spltan? to split, v. ES 49156.

splin = spinl [[under "spinil"]]

splott m. spot, blot: patch (of land),.

+splottod spotted, TC 537^33.

spn I. m. sliver, chip, shaving, BH, Cp, Lcd. ['spoon'] II. pret. 3 sg. of spanan.

+spon = +span

spong = spang

sponge f. 'sponge,' Mt.

sponn == spann

spor n. spoor, track, trail, footprint, CP: trace, vestige. [Ger. spur]

spor- = spur-

sporettan^1 to kick, CVHy 6^15.

sporettung (sport-) f. kicking, EHy 6^15.

spornettan to spurn, kick, WW.

sporning f. stumbling-block, Sc 134^5.

sporu m. spur.

sporwrecel? m. what is tracked after being driven off? (BT), TC 172^26.

spwan^7 to succeed, thrive, , AO, CP: (impers.) profit, avail, help,.

spwendlce adv. prosperously.

spracen n. berry-bearing alder.

sprc I. n. shoot, slip, WW 44^29. II. pret. 3 sg. of sprecan.

sprc () f. language, , Bo, Mt: power of 'speech,' Lcd, LL: statement, narrative, fable, discourse, conversation, , Bl, CP, LPs: eloquence, : report, rumour, Lk: decision, judgment: charge, suit, CP, PPs, TC: point, question: place for speaking, NG().

sprcan = sprecan

sprccyn n. mode of speech, BH 486^1.

+sprce eloquent, affable.

+sprcelic incapable of being used alone (of the inseparable prepositions), Gr.

sprcful talkative, LPs 139^12.

sprchs n. senate-house, curia: auditorium, WW; L. ['speech-house']

sprcon pret. pl. of sprecan.

sprdan to spread: (+) stretch forth, extend.

sprdung f. propagation, DR 109^2.

sprngan = sprengan

spranc == sprang

spranca m. shoot, slip, branch, Gl. ['spronk']

sprang pret. 3 sg. of springan.

sprangettan to quiver, MP 1610; WW 473^2.

sprawlian to 'sprawl,' move convulsively, GPH 392^10.

+sprec n. faculty of speech: talk, discussion.

sprc = sprc

spreca m. spokesman, councillor, .

sprecan^1 to 'speak,' say, utter, make a speech, AO, B, Bo, CP, G, etc.: converse, converse with, B, Bl: declare, tell of, LPs: (+) agree, AO. sp. on lay claimto.

+sprecendlic (spec-) that should be spoken, Sc 123^2.

sprcern n. place for speaking, NG. [sprc, rn]

sprecolnes (spec-) f. loquacity, Sc 170^15.

sprecul talkative, SPs 139^12.

sprengan () () to scatter, strew, sprinkle, sow, , LL. sp.on administer a clyster: spring, break, burst, split. [causative of springan; 'sprenge']

sprot m. pole, pike, spear, Cp, TC, WW. ['sprit']

spretting = sprytting

spreulian (OEG 50^34) = sprawlian

spreut (Gl) = sprot

spric pres. 3 sg. of sprecan.

sprincel m. basket-snare (for catching fish), WW (v.ES 43322; FM 200).

sprind vigorous, strong, OEG, Sol. ['sprind'; springan]

sprindel m? tenter-hook, Gl.

-sprindlad v. -s.

sprindlce adv. vigorously, OEG 738.

spring m. 'spring,' source, BC (y): sprinkling: ulcer: flux.

springan^3 to jump, leap, 'spring,' burst forth, rise, B, Bo, Ma; : spread, be diffused, grow, , Bo, MtL.

springd = sprind

springwyrt f. caper-plant, Lcd.

+sprintan to emit, utter, JnL p187^12.

spritting = sprytting

sprot n., sprota m. sprout, twig, OEG, WW: peg. ['sprote']

sprott m. sprat, L, NC. ['sprot']

sprungen pp., sprungon pret. pl. of springan.

-sprtan v. -, geond-s.

spryc pres. 3 sg. of sprecan.

spryng = spring

sprtan = spryttan

sprytle f. chip, BH 204^56 (v.l.).

spryttan to sprout, come forth, spring, germinate, yield fruit, BH, Lcd; : incite. ['sprit']

sprytting (e, i) f. shoot, sprout.

spunnen pp., spunnon pret. pl. of spinnan.

spura m. spur, .

-spure v. ft-, hl-s.

spurleer n. spur-strap, WW 97^10.

spurnan^3 (o) to strike against, kick, 'spurn,' reject, , PPs.

spurnere (o) m. fuller, Gr 35^2.

spurul (= *spurnul?) given to kicking or trampling? OET.

spylian v. -s.

spynge (i), spyncge f. sponge, AO. [L. spongia]

spyrc- = spirc-

spyrd m. 'stadium,' race-course, NG.

spyremann (e^1) m. tracker, TC 172.

spyrian (i) to make a track, go, pursue, travel, journey, CP: follow out, inquire into, ask about, investigate, BH, Bo. ['speer'; spor]

spyrigend m. investigator, inquirer.

spyriung = spyrung

spyrran (e; = ie) to strike, GPH.

spyrring f. striking, OEG.

spyrte (e, i) f. wicker basket, eel-basket. [L. sporta]

spyrung f. asking, investigation, OEG 5214.

staca m. pin, 'stake,' AO, Lcd; .

stacan (stagan) to pierce with a stake, spit (or? roast, ES 40242), IM 124^71.

stacung f. the piercing of an effigy by a 'staca' (amethod of injury by witchcraft),LL.

stde- = stede-

stf m., nap. stafas 'staff,' stick, rod, , Bo, Cp, LPs, CP: pastoral staff: (often inpl.) letter, character, writing, , Bo, WW: document: (inpl.) letters, literature, learning.

stfad = stafod

stfcrft m. grammar, : (in pl.) learning,BH.

stfcrftig lettered, OEG.

stfcyst f. letters, learning from books, .

stfgefg n. syllable: letters, LSPs 70^15.

+stflred instructed, lettered, Lcd.

stfleahtor m. grammatical fault, OEG 5467.

stfleornere m. student, OEG 3126.

stflic _literary_: _literal_, _. ['_staffly_']

stfliere f. sling, 'balista.'

stfn == stefn

stfplega m. literary game, Gl.

stfrw f. row of letters, line of writing, L 23b^767: alphabet, BH 484^27.

stfsweord n. 'dolon,' lance? javelin? WW. ['staffsword']

stfws (e) lettered, learned, Lcd.

stfwrtere = strwrtere [[headword spelled "strwrtere"]]

stg n. I. 'stay' (rope), WW 288^24. II. pool, pond. [L. stagnum]

stgel steep. [stgan]

stger f. 'stair,' staircase, , WW. [stgan]

stgl = stgel

stl I. n. place, spot. on stale in place of, instead of. on stale bon stand in (good) stead, be a help to, AO 232^23: situation, condition. [Ger. stelle] II. pret. 3 sg. of stelan.

stl = staol

stla = stela

stlan to found, institute, carry on. synne st. to institute sin, i.e. enter on a conflict, Men 287: (w.d.) put upon, impute to, accuse of, charge with: ()avenge. [= *stlian = staolian]

stle = stale ds. of stalu.

stlg = stgel

stlgiest m. thievish stranger, Rd 48^5.

stlherige m. predatory army, CP. [stelan]

stlhrn m. decoy-reindeer, AO 18^11.

stll = steall

stllan (A) = stiellan

+stllan to stall, stable, MH 20^1.

stlon pret. pl. of stelan.

stlthtle f. charge of stealing, LL.

stling n. theft, NC 323. [stelan]

stlwiere serviceable, CP, Chr, Shr. [staol; 'stalworth']

stlwyrt f. water-starwort, WW 299^5.

stn- = stnen-, stn-

stna m. pitcher, jug, WW 415^18. [stn]

stnan () to stone, , CP: adorn with precious stones, El 151. [stn]

stnc == stenc

stnen made of stone, stony, , AO, CP. [stn]

stner stony ground, NG.

stng = steng

stnilic stony, Lcd 1216^20.

stning f. stoning, .

stpe (e) m. usu. nap. stapas (stpan, RPs 139^5) going, gait, 'step,' pace, , CP: power of locomotion: step, stair, : pedestal: grade, degree, . in stpe instantly.

stpmlum adv. step by step, by degrees, gradually,CP.

stpp- = stepp-

stp pres. 3 sg. of steppan.

str m., nap. staras starling, Cp, MtL. ['stare']

str () n. story, history, narrative. [v. A 3756]

strblind stone-blind, Cp. ['stareblind']

strcedferh = stercedferh

streblind (Shr) = strblind

strleornere? m. student of history, v. OEG 4145n.

strlce adv. accurately, OEG 2^310.

strling m. 'starling,' ZDA 33241^54.

strn = stearn

strtractere m. commentator, historian, WW 207^1.

strwrtere m. historian, AO.

st n. occl. gds. stae, nap. staas shore, river-bank, , AO, CP. ['staith']

stfst firm, stable, Cr 981.

sthlpe I. () sloping, precipitous. II. f. a steep place, GD 95^16.

sthlplce adv. steeply, Bl 207^20.

stswealwe f. sand-martin.

stan to support, Rd 4^74.

stig staid, serious, .

stignes f. staidness, seriousness, , CP.

stweall m. barrier of the shore, Gen 1376.

stwyrt f. a plant, Lcd 29a.

stafas nap. of stf.

stafian to dictate, .

stafod striped, Ep (e), Erf ().

stg pret. 3 sg. of stgan.

stagan = stacan?

stagga m. stag, LL 624[24]. [ON.; v. 'stag']

sth pret. 3 sg. of stgan.

+stal n. plaint, accusation, MF 163: contention, GD 329^15: opposition, W 186^17.

stal = steall

+stala m. accessory in theft, LL 100[25,1].

stala = staol

stald = steald

stale v. stl.

stlern n. court of law, WW.

stale- = staol-

stalgong m. stealthy going, Gu 1113.

stalian to go stealthily, AO: () steal,.

stlian to confirm, strengthen. [= staolian]

stall == steall

stalu I. () f. stealing, robbery, theft, Bl, MtL; : stolen article: fine for stealing. ['stale'] II. 'stale' (wood to which harp-strings are fixed), WW 203^33.

stalung f. stealing, robbery, AO.

stam (o) stammering, Gl.

stamerian (omr-) to 'stammer,' GPH, HL.

stammetan to stammer, WW 447^30 (o).

stamor stammering, Gl.

stn m. (and n. in NG) 'stone,' rock, , CP; Mdf.

stnx f. stone-workers' axe? WW.

stnb n. vapour bath made by the help of heated stones on to which water was poured (BT), Lcd.

stnbeorg m. rocky elevation.

stnberende stony, WW 427^36.

stnbill n. tool for working stone, WW 447^33.

stnboga m. rocky arch.

stnbrycg f. stone bridge.

stnbucca m. mountain goat, Gr 68^5.

stnburg f. town or fort of stone, Gen; Mdf.

stanc I. pret. 3 sg. of stincan. II. sb. sprinkling,WW.

stncarr m. rock, DR 19^11.

stnceastel (i^2) m. chestnut-tree.

stnceosel (i^2, y^2) m. sand, OEG.

stn-clif n., nap. -clifu, -cleofu (B) rock, cliff, crag,GD.

stncld m. rock, , CP.

stncrftiga m. clever stone-worker.

stancrian to sprinkle, WW 162^46.

stncropp m. stone-crop (plant), Lcd.

stncynn n. kind of stone, ZDA 34233.

stncysel = stnceosel

stn-cyst, -cysten chestnut-tree. [L. castanea]

stand (o) m. delay, MkLR 6^35. [v. 'stand']

standan^6 (o) to 'stand,' ('i-stand') occupy a place, stand firm, B, Bl, VPs; , AO, CP: remain, continue, abide, G; AO, CP: stand good, be valid, be, exist, take place, , CP: oppose, resist: stand still, stop, : () appear, flash out, B: arise, come, W: () be present to, come upon (offear). ne s. t ahte be of no account, W 82n. s.on consist: (+) stand up, keep one's feet, Bo: (+) attack, assail, L: (+) perform.

stneht = stnihte [[headword spelled "stniht"]]

stnex = stnx

stn-ft n., nap. -fatu stone vessel.

stnfh stone-paven.

stnflr m. paving-stone, tessella, OEG 14^3. [cp. flrstn]

stang pret. 3 sg. of stingan.

stngaderung f. stone wall, ERPs 61^3.

stngeat n. opening between rocks, Ct.

stngefeall n. heap of stones, MH 212^21.

stngefg n. stone-laying, El 1021.

stngella (i^2) m. 'staniel,' pelican, VPs,WW.

stngetimbre n. stone-work, masonry, WW 441^6.

stngeweorc n. art of building: stone-work, masonry,.

stn-gripe m., dp. -greopum handful of stones? El 824.

stnhege m. stone fence, wall, LPs 79^13.

stnhfet = stnhwet

stn-hli n., nap. -hliu, -hleou rocky slope, cliff, rock.

stnhof n. stone building, Ruin 39.

stnhol n. hole in a rock.

stnhricg m. rocky ridge, OEG 5465.

stnhpe f. stone-heap, KC 3431^9.

stnhwet n. stone quarry.

stnig () stony, rocky, AO.

stniht () I. adj. stony, rocky, AO. II. n. stony ground.

stnincel n. little stone, A 1331^86.

stnlesung f. building with loose stones, WW 117^34. [lesan]

stnlm m. cement, mortar, WW 205^9.

stnmerce m. parsley, WW.

stnrocc m. high rock, obelisk, Gl.

stnscalu f. shale, EC 306^18.

stnscrf n. rocky cave.

stnscylf m. rugged rock, HGl 449.

stnscylig shaly, stony. [sciell]

stnsticce n. bit of stone, WW 376^18.

stnstrt f. paved road, TC 525^21.

stntorr m. stone tower: crag, rock, GD 12.

stnweall m. stone wall, .

stnweg m. paved road, BC 1417.

stnweorc n. stone structure, .

stnwong m. stony plain, Rd 88^6.

stnwurma m. mineral colour, OEG 1061.

stnwurung f. worship of stones, LL.

stnwyrht? f. stone structure, WW 341^10.

stnwyrhta m. stone-mason, Gl.

stapa m. grasshopper, locust, WW.

stapas v. stpe.

stapel = stapol

stapela m. post, stake, LL 387[4,2].

stapen pp. of steppan.

stapol m., nap. stapolas, staplas basis, trunk of a tree, post, prop, support, stay, pillar, column, An, MtL, WW: threshold? B 926: market and court, EC 466. ['staple'; v.Mdf]

stapolweg m. staked-out road? KC 5281^23.

-stapplian v. under-s.

stapul = stapol

staras v. str.

starc = stearc

stareblind = strblind

starian to 'stare,' gaze, L,B.

sta- v. st.

stael == staol

staol (ea^1, e^2, u^2) m. base, foundation, support, BH, WW; AO, CP: station, position, state, condition, CP: stability, security: firmament, heavens: underside of a turf, Lcd. ['staddle'; standan]

staolht f. real estate, Rim 22.

staolfst fixed, firm, steadfast, Bo, MtL. ['stathelfast']

staolfstlic steadfast, firm, . adv. -lce.

staolfstnes (ea) f. stability.

+staol-fstnian, -festian to make firm, establish.

staolfstnung f. foundation, LPs 136^7.

staolian (e^2) to fix, establish, Bl: confirm, make steadfast. ['stathel']

+staoliend m. founder, LPs 47^2 (e^2).

staolung f. foundation, settlement.

staolwang m. settling place.

staul = staol

steaf- = stf-

stealc lofty, steep, precipitous.

-stealcian v. be-s.

stealcung f. _act of going stealthily_, _. ['_stalking_']

steald pret. 3 sg. of stellan.

+steald n. dwelling, habitation.

stealdan^7 to possess, own.

steall (a) mn. standing, place, position, state, WW: 'stall' (for cattle), stable, Cp; : fishing ground.

+steall n. structure, frame.

-stealla v. eaxl-, hand-, ofer-s. [[error for "handgestealla"?]]

steallere (a) m. marshal, constable.

-steallian v. for-s.

[[Cross-referenced word could not be identified.]]

stam (, e) m. 'steam,' vapour, moisture, exhalation, : steaming fluid, blood, #Rood#62.

stap I. 'steep,' precipitous, deep: high, lofty, prominent, projecting, : upright? B 2566. II. (o) m. 'stoup,' beaker, flagon.

stap- = stop-

stapes adv. high.

staphah very high, Rd 26^4.

stapol m. cairn? Ct.

stearc (a) _stiff, rigid, obstinate_, _, El_: _stern, severe, hard_, _: _harsh, rough, strong, violent, impetuous_, _WW_. ['_stark_']

stearcfer harsh, stern, Jul 636.

stearcheard excessive, DD 200?

stearcheort stout-hearted.

stearcian to stiffen, become hard, GPH 402^56. ['stark']

stearclce adv. stoutly, strongly, vigorously, Chr 1016#d#. ['starkly']

stearcmd stubborn, NC 323.

stearn (, e) m. sea-swallow? tern?

stearra (DR) = steorra

steartlian to kick, struggle, OEG. ['startle']

stea-el, -ul = staol

steb = stybb

stebn (Gl) = stefn

stda m. stud-horse, stallion, : entire camel. ['steed']

stede m. place, site, position, station, , Bo, Ct, Lcd, RB; CP; Mdf: firmness, steadfastness, fixity, : strangury. ofs. immediately. [standan; 'stead']

stedefst 'steadfast,' firm, L.

stedefstnes (styd-) f. constancy, DR 50^2.

+stedegian to stand still, L 31^242.

stedeheard firm, strong.

stedelas unsteady, unstable, .

stedewang m. field, plain.

stedewist f. steadiness, HGl 530^4.

+stdhors n. stud-horse, stallion.

stedig sterile, .

stedignes f. sterility, ERSPs 34^12.

stedinglne f. stay (ship's rope), WW.

stef- = stf-, staf-

stefen = stefn I.

stefn () I. f. voice, sound, , CP. II. m. message, summons, turn (ofmilitary service), time. nwan stefne anew, again: a body of men who take a turn at work, the English military force? (BT), KC 5121. III. m. 'stem,' trunk: foundation, root: prow or stern of a vessel. [stf; Ger. stamm]

stefna () m. prow or stern of a ship.

stefnan I. () to institute, arrange, regulate: alternate. II. (+) to provide with a fringe, CM 288.

stefnbyrd f. control, Creat 45.

stefnelof n. 'vociferatio,' LPs 26^6.

stefnian (w. d.) to summon: (+) determine, settle, MFH 162.

stela (, eo) m. stalk: support, .

stelan^4 to 'steal,' rob.

stle (Gl) = stle

stellan I. (y) to place, put, set, AO, CP. +stelled bon mid have an attack of, GD. [steall] II. = stiellan

stelmle m. handled vessel, A 9264^11.

stelscofl (eo^1) f. shovel with (long) handle? GPH 400^498.

stel pres. 3 sg. of stelan.

stm = stam

stm- = stem-

steming = stemning

stemmlum alternately, CM 280. [stefn II.]

stemn (CP) = stefn

stemnettan to stand firm, Ma 122.

stemning f. border, hem: turn, shift.

stempan to pound, Lcd 1378^18.

stempingsern n. stamping-iron, WW.

+sten () n. groaning, PPs 30^11.

stenan to groan, PPs 37^9.

stnan = stnan

stenc m. odour, scent, fragrance, , CP: stench, stink, , AO. [stincan]

stencan to scatter: afflict? PPs 43^3.

stencbre stinking, BH 48^17.

stencbrengende odoriferous, DR 77^19.

+stence () odoriferous, Lcd 1282^19.

stencft n., pl. -fatu perfume-casket, OEG 8^239.

stencnes f. odour.

stenecian to pant, OEG 6^5. [stenan]

steng m. stake, pole, bar, rod, staff, cudgel, CP. [stingan; v.Mdf]

stent pres. 3 sg. of standan.

steol- = stel-

stold pret. 3 sg. of stealdan.

stop = stap

stopbearn n. orphan, .

stopcild (, a) n. orphan, unprotected one.

stopdohtor () f. step-daughter, WW.

stopfder m. step-father, AO.

stopmdor f. step-mother, AO, CP.

stopsunu m. step-son, AO.

stor I. () f. steering, direction, guidance, : rule, regulation, : restraint, discipline, correction, , CP: penalty, fine, punishment, , CP. II. m. steer, bullock, young cow, Gl.

stora (e, ) m. steersman, pilot, guider, director, CP (stora).

storan = steran

storbord n. 'starboard,' AO.

storend () m. corrector, director, ruler.

storere m. steersman, CP 431^31.

storesmann = steormann

steorfa m. pestilence: carrion.

steorfan^3 to die, H. ['starve']

steorglaw clever at astronomy, OEG.

storlas not under control or rule, wild, profligate, foolish.

storlaslic unmanageable, GD 289^10.

steormann m. pilot, master of a ship, .

steorngl m. handle of a helm, WW 312^4?

steornede having a bold forehead? WW. [cp. Ger. stirn]

storoxa m. steer, WW 120^26.

steorra m. 'star,' Chr, Lcd, VPs.

storrra m. steersman, master of a ship.

stor-rer, -ror n. 'rudder,' Cp; CP.

steorscawere m. astronomer, astrologer, WW.

storsceofol f. rudder, WW.

storsetl n. steersman's seat, after part of a ship,.

storsprec reproof, RPs 37^15.

storstefn m. stern (of ship), WW 482^15.

steort (e) sm. tail, Cp, Bo: spit of land, cape: plough-tail. ['start']

stor-weor, -wiere blameworthy, reprehensible, CP 194, 195^3.

steorwigle n. astrology, Gl.

steorwglere m. mathematician, astrologer, OEG 55^8.

steorwiglung f. astrology, A 1333^141.

stp- = stop-

stpan I. () to erect, raise: elevate, exalt, honour, adorn, enrich: (+) help, support. [stap] II. () to initiate, consecrate,WW.

stepe = stpe

stepegong m. stepping, going? Rim 22.

stpel = stpel

steppan^6 to 'step,' go, advance, , CP().

steppesch () m. slipper, WW.

str = str

stran I. to burn incense: fumigate. [str] II. = steran

stercedferh () stout of heart, determined, bold, brave.

string f. incense, OEG 1512.

stermelda m. informer? complainant? LL 9[5]; v.2202.

stern = stearn

sterra (N) = steorra

stert = steort

sterung = styrung

sta (WW) = stda

stup- (Ep) = stop-

st- = stig-

stic- = stycce-

sticdl f. pain in the side, stitch, WW 112^22.

sticca m. 'stick,' pointer: spoon.

sticce I. n. sticky matter. II. == stycce

sticcian = stician

stice m. sting, prick, puncture, stab, CP: stitch, pain in the side.

sticel I. m. prick, goad, thorn, CP. II. = sticol

sticels () = sticel

sticfodder n. case for spoons? or twigs? LL 455[17].

stician (y) () tr. to 'stick,' prick, stab, transfix, goad, gouge out, AO, CP: kill: intr. stick, inhere, be placed, lie, remain fixed, be hampered, ,CP.

sticmlum () = styccemlum

stic-ol, -ul lofty, sharp, abrupt, steep, : arduous, rough: scaly: biting, GPH 417.

sticolnes f. height, OEG 4437.

stictnel m. basket, WW 403^2.

sticung f. pricking, goading, stabbing, AO.

sticwrc m. stitch in the side, WW 112^21.

sticwyrt f. agrimony, WW 136^21.

stegan = stgan

stiell m. jump, leap, spring, Cr.

stiellan (, e, y) to leap, rush.

stem = stam

steman (, ) to emit vapour, 'steam,' exhale. [stam]

steme () fragrant, Lcd.

steming () f. fragrance, OEG.

step m. downfall? Gen 60?

-stepan (, a, o, ) v. -s. [[under "stpan"]]

stera = stora

steran (o, , ) to 'steer,' guide, direct, govern, rule, CP: (w.d. org.) restrain, correct, reprove, punish, AO, CP. [stor]

-stierfan (, e, y) v. -s. [[under "strfan"]]

stiern- = styrn-

sternes () f. discipline, .

stf rigid, 'stiff,' GPH 394. [Ger. steif]

stfearh m. little pig (kept in a sty), LL 449^7. [stig]

stfian to be or become rigid, Gr.

stfician (= *stfecian) to extirpate, root out, Lcd 3184^17.

stfig steep, BC (Mdf).

stig n. 'sty,' pen: hall.

stg f. narrow path, way, footpath, track, road, course, line, CP. [Ger. steig]

stgan^1 to move, go: go up, spring up, ascend, rise, mount, scale, AO, CP: go down, descend, , CP. [Ger. steigen]

stige m. ascent, descent.

stig-el (-ol) f. 'stile,' Ct, GD 24.

stigelhamm m. enclosure reached by a stile, KC 5289^2.

stgend m. stye (on the eye), WW 114^10.

stigian to shut into a sty.

stgnes f. descent, LkL 19^37.

stigrp m. 'stirrup,' WW.

stigu = stig

stigweard = stweard

stigwita = stwita

stihl = stigel

stihtan () to rule, direct, arrange, order, ordain, AO, CP: incite, instigate. [Ger. stiften]

stihtend m. disposer, Jul 419.

stihtere m. director, ruler, CP 391^22; GD 221^19.

stihtian (CP) = stihtan

stihtung f. arrangement, direction, dispensation, providence,AO.

sth pres. 3 sg. of stgan.

stile = styl pres. 3 sg. of stelan.

stillan (y) to be still: (w. d. or a.) 'still,' ('i-still') quiet, calm, appease, hush, BH, Gen.

stille 'still,' quiet, calm, stable, fixed: gentle, , CP: silent, : secret.

stilles = stilnes

stillce adv. silently, CM 266.

stilnes (AO, CP), stillnes f. stillness, quiet, silence: peace, AO, CP: release, relaxation,CP.

stme = steme

stincan^3 to emit a smell, 'stink,' exhale, AO: sniff, B 2289: rise (ofdust, vapour, etc.), Rd 30^12.

+stincan^3 tr. to smell, CP: have the sense of smell, PPs. ['i-stink']

sting (y) m. 'sting,' puncture, thrust.

stingan^3 I. to 'sting,' stab, pierce, push through, thrust, CP. st. on lay claim to, usurp. II. = stincan

stintan = styntan

stiorc = stirc

stpel (, ) m. 'steeple,' tower, . [stap]

stpere m. post, prop, WW 126^11.

+str = +str

stir- = styr-

stran = steran

strp = stigrp

stirc (io, y) n. calf, (y).

stirgan = styrian

stitian = stihtan

st stiff, thick, rigid, hard, resolute, firm, strong, brave, : stubborn, unrelenting, austere, strict, fierce, harsh, cruel, ,CP.

ste I. adv. very much, strongly, well: harshly, strictly, severely, bitterly, . II. f. name of a plant, Lcd 160b.

stecg stiff-edged, Rd 88^14.

stferh determined, stern.

sthycgende (-hug-) determined, resolute, brave: stern, obstinate.

sthdig determined, resolute.

sthygd determined, resolute, Jul 654.

+stian to become hard: become strong, grow up, mature,.

stlic firm, stout, strong, hard: decided: harsh, stern, severe, , CP. adv. -lce.

stmgen n. powerful force, DD 114.

stmd resolute, brave, firm, unflinching, stubborn, stern, severe.

stnes f. hardness, rigidity, strictness, severity, rigour, : firmness, constancy,.

stweg m. rough way, Rd 4^35.

stweard m. 'steward,' housekeeper, guardian. [stig-]

stwita m. housekeeper? householder? Gen 2079; Rd 4^10.

stoc I. m. 'stock,' stump, stake, log, ; Mdf: trumpet, MtL 6^2. [Ger. stock] II. n. place, house, dwelling, GD (v.ES 37191).

stoccen made of logs? KC 373^20.

stoclf n. dwelling-place, city.

stocweard m. citizen, OEG 5272.

stocwc n. dwelling-place, GD 172^4.

stod mf. post, WW 106^33.

-stod v. wealh-s. [[headword spelled "wealhstd"]]

std I. n. 'stud' (of horses), Mdf. II. pret. 3 sg. of standan.

stdfald m. stud-fold, paddock, Ct.

stdhors n. stud-horse, stallion, BH 138^1.

stodla m. (weaver's) slay, LL 455[15,1].

stdmyre (e^2) f. brood-mare, LL 58[16].

stdon pret. pl. of standan.

stdof m. horse-stealer, LL 54[9,2].

stofa, stofu mf. bath-room, Gl. ['stove']

stofb n. vapour bath.

stofn mf. trunk, stem, branch, shoot: progeny: station, position.

stl I. m. 'stool,' chair, seat, CP: throne: bishop's see. II. n. long outer garment,NG.

stole f. stole. [L.]

stolen pp. of stelan.

stom == stam

stonc = stanc pret. 3 sg. of stincan.

stond == stand

stp pret. 3 sg. of steppan.

stpel m. footprint, Bl 127.

stoppa m. bucket, pail, GD, Gl.

-stoppian v. for-s. ['stop']

str I. m. incense, frankincense, . [L. storax] II. strong, great, Chr 1085. [ON. strr]

storc m. 'stork,' .

str-cille, -cyl(le) f. censer, .

strft n. censer, NC 323.

storm m. tempest, 'storm': () onrush, attack, tumult, disturbance,CP.

stormig? stormy, OEG 56^291.

strsp n. resin, OEG 4027.

strsticca m. rod for stirring the incense in the censer? (BT), EC 250.

stot m. a kind of horse, v. NC 323.

stw f. spot, site, station, locality, position, , AO, CP; Mdf; (holy) place,LL.

stwigan to retain, restrain, Cp 1713.

stwlic local, limited by space, . adv. -lce as regards place,.

strc pret. 3 sg. of strcan.

strcian to 'stroke,' CP.

strcung f. stroking, WW 179^9.

strc (? e) I. firm, strict, severe, stern, rigid, obstinate, hard, , CP: strenuous, vehement, violent, . [streccan] II. n. rigour: violence, force,.

strclic strict, CP. adv. -lce strictly, severely, vehemently, violently,CP.

strde f. pace, MtL 5^41.

strdon pret. pl. of strdan.

strgd pret. 3 sg. of stregdan.

strgdnes f. aspersion, BH 446^15.

strgl = strl II.

strl I. fm. arrow, dart, missile. [Ger. strahl] II. f. curtain, quilt, matting, bed, Gl. [L. stragula]

strlbora m. archer, WW.

strle f. = strl I.

strlian to shoot (an arrow), RPs 63^5.

strlwyrt f. name of a plant, Lcd 36b.

strng (VPs) = streng

strt I. f. 'street,' high road, , CP; Mdf. [L. strata (via)] II. f. bed, CPs. [L. stratum]

strtlanu f. street, NC 323.

strand n. 'strand,' sea-shore, .

strang (o) comp. strengra, superl. strengest (from strenge) 'strong,' powerful, bold, brave, , CP: constant, resolute, strenuous: strict, severe, CP: arduous: violent.

strange adv. comp. strangor, superl. strangost strongly, violently, furiously, severely.

stranghynde strong of hand, .

strangian to strengthen, confirm, , AO, CP: be strong, prevail, VPs.

stranglic strong, stout, firm, solid, sound, robust, : severe. adv. -lce strongly, firmly, stoutly, boldly, bravely, , CP: fiercely, violently.

strangmd resolute, RB 138^28.

strangnes f. strength, power, force.

strangung f. strengthening, quickening, nourishing, : vigour,.

strapulas mp. breeches, WW 125^2.

strwberige = strawberige

str (N), stra = straw

streac = stearc

strad pret. 3 sg. of strdan.

streaht pp. of streccan.

stral = strl

stram m. 'stream,' flood, current, AO, CP: () pl. sea.

stramfaru f. rush of water, An 1578.

stramgewinn n. strife of waters, Rd 4^26.

stramlic of water, H 1444^10.

stramracu f. water-course, channel.

stramrd f. course of a stream: sea-path.

stramrynes adv. flowing like a stream, .

stramst n. shore, Gen 1434.

stramweall m. shore, Gen 1494.

stramwelm m. surging stream, An 495.

straw () n. 'straw,' hay, (o).

straw-berige, -beriewse f. 'strawberry.'

strawian = strewian

strec () = strc

streccan () to stretch, ('i-stretche') spread out, prostrate, Lcd: reach,.

streccanmd persistent, P 80^10.

strecednes f. bed, couch, LPs.

streclic = strclic

strecnes f. pertinacity: rigidity, GD 345^2.

strdan^3 (and wv.) pret. 3 sg. strdde, pl. strdon. (strong), pp. strded, strd [= stregdan]

+strdd sprinkled, Sc 97^12. [stregdan] [[from first edition]]

strgan = stregdan

stregdan^3 (and wv.) pret. strgd, strugdon (wk. stregde), pp. strogden (wk.stregd) to strew, sprinkle, disperse, scatter, straggle: to spread, extend.

strgl = strl II.

strehte pret. 3 sg. of streccan.

strl = strl

strn = strowen

strnan = strenan

streng I. m. 'string,' cord, ligature, sinew. in pl. tackle, rigging: lineage, race. II. = strengu

+strengan to fortify. +strenged formed, made, OEG 46^8.

strenge severe. Gen 60. [v. strang]

strengel m. ruler, chief, B 3115. [strang]

strengest (AO, CP) v. strang.

strenglic strong, firm, Gen 273.

strengra (, AO, CP) v. strang.

streng f., strengu f. 'strength,' force, vigour: ability, superiority: firmness, fortitude, : manhood, mature years: violence.

strengu f. strength, power, vigour, ability, CP: firmness, fortitude, CP: virtue.

stren (KGl) = streng

stron I. () n. gain, acquisition, property, treasure, AO, WW; , CP: traffic, usury: procreation, . ['i-streon'] II. = strowen

stronan = strenan

+strones (u) f. petty gain, GPH 389.

+stronful costly, valuable, precious, .

strow == straw

strowen () f. resting-place, couch, bed.

strowian = strewian

strownes f. mattress, bedding, Bl 227.

strt I. pres. 3 sg. of strdan. II. = strt

strw = straw

strwen = strowen

strewian (ea, eo) to 'strew,' scatter,CP.

strewung f. what one lies on, LPs 131^3.

stric n? plague? strife? sedition? Lcd, LL,W.

strica m. stroke, line, mark, . ['streak']

strcan^1 to pass lightly over the surface, stroke, rub, wipe: move, go, run. ['strike']

stricel m. I. fount, breast, Gl. II. implement for smoothing corn in a measure? (BT) rope? (ES43325), Cp 266#t#.

strchrgl n. a cloth for wiping? CC 23^21.

+strician to knit together, mend (nets), MtL 4^21.

strdan^1 to 'stride,' Gl. up ons. mount (ahorse), GD 81^29.

stride m. stride, step, Cp 134#p#.

strenan (o, , ) to acquire, gain, amass, CP: beget, AO, CP: increase, augment? CP. [stron]

+strenendlic (e, y) begetting, OEG: genitive, Gr.

strigde pres. 3 sg. of stregdan.

strman^4 to resist, oppose, Cp.

strna m. acquirer, v. OEG 27^1.

strnan = strenan

strnend m. acquirer, ES 39352.

strpan (y) v. be-s.

stripligan 'perfringere'? v. OEG 46^21.

str m. strife, struggle, fight, contest, dispute, contention. [OS.]

stroccian to stroke, NC 323.

+strod n. plunder, robbery: confiscation.

strd n. marshy land (covered with bushes or trees?) BC (Mdf); PST 95/98, 537.

stroden pp. of strdan.

strogden pp. of stregdan.

strogdnes f. scattering, sprinkling, DR.

strong == strang

strop 'struppus,' (oar)thong, strap, WW 181^42.

strosle (GD 100^19) = rosle

-strowennes v. -s. [[headword spelled "strowenes"]]

+strud (GD 162^32) = +strod

strdan^2 to ravage, spoil, plunder, carry off.

strdend m. robber: money-lender.

strdere m. robber, Gl.

strdian to plunder, NC 296^324.

strdung f. spoliation, robbery.

strugde (NG) wk. pret. 3 sg. of stregdan.

strta = strta

strtian to stand out stiffly, L 32^208.

strtnian (L 23^268) = scrtnian

strdan to rob, deprive.

+strdd = +strdd

strdere = strndere

strn- = stren-, strn-

strnd f. generation, line of inheritance, race, stock, tribe.

strndan to waste, WW.

strndere m. squanderer, prodigal, WW.

+strynge m. wrestler, WW 465^40.

strta () m. ostrich. [L. struthio]

stubb = stybb

stc heap, ES 11512.

studdian to look after, be careful for, Kl 17^79.

studding f. care, trouble, labour, Kl 17^63.

studu f., gs. stude, ds. styde (also indecl. in sg.), nap. styde column, pillar, post, buttress. ['stud']

stufb n. vapour bath, Lcd. [stofa]

stulor furtive, stealthy, stolen, . adv. -lce,.

+stun n. din, crash, whirlwind.

stuncen, pp., stuncon pret. pl. of stincan.

stund f. short space of time, moment, period, time. stunde now, at once, from time to time (v.also stundum): hour: signal. [Ger. stunde]

+stund n. noise, Guth 36^28 (= +stun).

-stundian v. -s.

stundmlum adv. from time to time, gradually: time after time, alternately.

stundum adv. from time to time, at times, : with effort, laboriously, eagerly, fiercely, . [dp. of stund]

stungen pp., stungon pret. pl. of stingan.

stunian to crash, resound, roar: impinge, dash. ['stun']

stunra (KGl 69^31) = stuntra, gp. of stunt.

stunt dull, stupid, foolish, .

stuntlic stupid, foolish, . adv. -lce, .

stuntnes f. stupidity, folly, .

stuntscipe m. foolishness, Mk 7^22.

stuntsprc f. silly talk.

stuntsprce talking foolishly, W 72^17.

stuntwyrde talking foolishly.

stpian to 'stoop,' AO.

sturtende (DR 57^12) = styrtende [[form of "styrtan"]]

stt m. gnat, WW.

stuansceaft m. prop, AS 1^1,10.

stuu = studu

stybb m. stump, ; Mdf. ['stub']

stycce (i) n. piece, portion, bit, fragment, . ymbe st. after a short time: mite (small piece of money). [Ger. stck]

styccemlum adv. piecemeal, little by little, by degrees, gradually: to bits, to pieces, AO: here and there,AO.

stycian = stician

styde I. = stede. II. v. studu.

styfecung f. clearing? (land), Ct.

styfic a clearing in a wood, PST 95/98, 541.

styhtan = stihtan

stlan to harden, attemper, Cr 679. [Ger. sthlen]

stle () n. 'steel,' B, Gl.

stlecg steel-edged, B 1533.

stlen of steel, hard as steel.

styll = stiell

styllan I. to make stalls for cattle? or to put them in stalls? LL 454[11,13]. II. = stiellan. III. = stillan

styltan to be amazed, dazed, hesitate, NG.

styl pres. 3 sg. of stelan.

stman = steman

styng = sting

stynt = stent, pres. 3 sg. of standan.

styntan to make dull, stupefy, Cp 89#h#. [stunt]

stpel = stpel

+styr (i) n. stir, movement, DR 187^5.

str = stor

styra = styria

stran = (1) steran; (2) stran

styrc = stirc

strend = storend

styrenes f. power of motion, movement: commotion, disturbance, tumult: (+) tribulation,DR.

styrfig adj. belonging to an animal which died of disease, LL. [storfe] [[variant of "steorfa"?]]

styrf pres. 3 sg. of steorfan.

styrgan = styrian

styria, styr(i)ga (i) m. name of a fish, sturgeon. [Ger. str]

styrian (i) to 'stir,' move (tr. and intr.), rouse, agitate, excite, urge, , CP: cause: tell, rehearse, B 873.

styric = stirc

styrigendlic moving, .

styrman to storm, roar, rage, cry out, shout.

styrne 'stern,' grave, strict, austere, hard, severe, cruel.

styrnenga adv. inexorably, Sol 282.

styrnlic hard, severe, harsh. adv. -lce, CP (ie).

styrnmd stern of mood, Jud 227.

styrtan to 'start,' leap up. only in pres. ptc. sturtende (= styrtende), DR 57^12.

styrung (e) f. moving, motion, , CP: disturbance, commotion, : exercise.

stye ds. and nap. of stuu = studu

s f. sow. [= sugu]

su = sw

subdacon m. subdeacon, ANS 8415.

scan^2 to 'suck,' , Lk, PPs, VHy.

sucga = sugga

sucht-, suct- = suht-

sudon pret. pl. of soan.

sue- = swe-

sufel, suf(o)l n. relish eaten with bread (v. LL 2754), Jn, RB. ['sowl']

+sufel, sufl adj. with a relish added to it? (of bread), Ct,LL.

suflmete m. delicacy, relish, GD 202^26.

sftlre = swiftlre

sgan^2 to suck, suck in, CP.

sugga m. a kind of bird, titlark? wagtail? Gl.

sugian to be or become silent, AO. [cp. swgian]

sugu f. 'sow,' Cp, CP; .

suht (y) f. illness, Gen 472.

suhterga m. brother's son, nephew: uncle's son, cousin.

suhtergefderan, suhtorfdran mp. uncle and nephew.

suhtriga = suhterga

sl (), sulh (AO) sfm., gs sle(s), ds. sylg (CP), syl(h), as. sl, sulh; nap. sylh, syll (), gp. sla, dp. slum plough: furrow, gully: a measure of land. [Mdf]

sulf = sufl [[under "sufel"]]

sulfer = seolfor

sulfern (DR) = seolfren

sulhcer m. a strip of land for ploughing, LL 450[9,1].

sulhlmesse f. ecclesiastical tax on ploughed land.

sulhandla m. plough tail, v. OEG 2357.

sulhbam m. plough tail, WW.

sulhgang m. the land which can be gone over by one plough in a day, W 170^37.

sulhgesdu np. ploughing tackle, LL 455^17.

sulhgetog n. ploughing implements, Lcd 1400^19. [cp. Ger. gezeug]

sulhgeweorc n. plough-making, Gen 1086.

sulhhbbere m. ploughman, WW 495^19.

sulhscear n. ploughshare.

slincel n. small furrow, WW 348^34.

sull, suluh = sl

sulung n. in Kent, the fiscal unit corresponding to the hide (orcarucate in other counties) (NED) Ct, LL. ['suling']

sum indef. pron. (used substantively w. g.) a certain one, some one, something, one, B, Bo, G. sixas. one of six: (used adjectivally) a certain, 'some,' any, , AO, Bo, Bl. sume...sume some...others. hit...sum...sum... part of it...the rest...: (used adverbially) about, Bo, Chr, G. s.hund about a hundred. sumes, s. on dle to some extent, somewhat.

sumar, sumer == sumor

smnes f. delay, MtL 25^19. [cp. Ger. versumniss]

sumor m., gs. sumeres, ds. sumera, sumere 'summer,'AO.

sumorbc = sumorrdingbc

sumorhte f. summer heat, AO.

sumorhs n. summer-house, L 36^98.

sumorlcan to draw on towards summer, H 1614.

sumorlang summer-long, of the length of a summer's day.

sumorlic of summer.

sumorlda I. m. summer army or expedition (one which only comes for the summer), Chr 871. [lan] II. (= -loda) m. shoot, twig, WW 450^30 (v.A 13330).

sumormsse f. midsummer.

sumorrdingbc f. summer lectionary, TC 430^16 (e^2).

sumorselde f. summer-house, WW 184^1.

sumsende swishing (of rain), Rd 4^47.

sumswge = samswge

sumur = sumor

sunasunu m. son's son, grandson.

sunbam mf. sunbeam, .

sunbearu m. sunny grove, Ph 33.

sunbeorht bright with sunshine, Ph 436.

sunbryne m. sunburn, Lcd.

suncen pp., suncon pret. pl. of sincan.

sund n. swimming, , B, AO: capacity for swimming: () sea, ocean, water. ['sound']

+sund sound ('i-sound'), whole, uninjured, healthy, ,B.

sund-bende , -buend mp. sea-dwellers, man, mankind.

sundcorn n. saxifrage.

sundaw rosemary? sundew? WW 301^7.

+sundelic (WW 496^24) = +syndlic [[under "sundlic"]]

sunder == sundor

sunderanweald m. monarchy, ES 1166.

sunderfolgo m. private office, AO 286^5.

sunder-frodm, -frols m. privilege, Ct.

sunderlpes separately, specially, OEG 206.

sundermlum separately, singly.

sundermd f. private meadow, Ct.

sunderstw f. special place, Bo 80^2.

+sundful sound, whole, wholesome, : prosperous, , Ps. ['i-sundfull']

+sundfullian to prosper, Ps.

+sundfullic sound, safe, sure. adv. -lce safely, prosperously,.

+sundfulnes f. health, prosperity, .

sundgebland n. commingled sea, sea-surge, sea-wave, B 1450.

sundgyrd (e^2) f. sounding-rod.

sundhelm m. covering of water, sea.

sundhengest m. sea-horse, ship.

sundhwt good at swimming, Whale 57.

+sundig (y) favourable, BH 386^13Ca.

+sundlic (y) prosperous, BH: safe, GD 348^10. adv. -lce.

sundlne f. sounding-line, lead, WW.

sundmere m. swimming-bath, WW.

sundnytt f. exercise of the power of swimming, B 2360.

sundor adv. asunder, apart: severally: differently.

sundor- v. also sunder-, synder-.

sundorcrft m. special power or capacity.

sundorcrftiglce with special skill, BH 324^3Ca.

sundorcu f. special knowledge, LL (322^32).

sundorfeoh n. private property, Ct.

sundorgecynd n. special quality, Pa 30.

sundorgenga m. solitary (animal), Bl 199^5.

sundorgerfland n. land reserved to the jurisdiction of a 'gerfa'? WW 421^11.

sundorgifu f. special gift, privilege.

sundorhlga m. Pharisee, .

sundorland n. land set apart, private property, GD,WW.

sundorlic special, CP 409^10. adv. -lce apart.

sundorlf n. life in seclusion, BH 294^4.

sundormsse f. separate mass, special mass, Bk 27; RSL 11486.

sundornotu f. special office, LL 456[2].

sundornytt f. special use, office, or service, CP.

sundorriht n. special right, privilege, WW.

sundorseld (u^2) n. special seat, throne.

sundorsetl n. hermitage, Guth.

sundorsprc f. private conversation, private conference, , AO,CP.

sundorweorung f. special honour, prerogative.

sundorwc n. separate dwelling, BH 262^14.

sundorwine m. bosom friend, FT 29.

sundorws specially wise, El 588.

sundorwundor n. special wonder, Mod 2.

sundoryrfe n. private inheritance.

sundplega m. sporting in the waves, bathing.

sundrp m. sounding line, lead, WW 358^17.

sundreced n. sea-house, ark, Gen 1335.

+sundrian to separate. ['sunder']

sundrum (on) adv. singly, separately, apart: continuously, CM 211.

sundur == sundor

sundwudu m. (sea-wood), ship.

suner (MtR) = sunor

sunfeld m. Elysian fields.

sunfolgend 'solisequia,' marigold? heliotrope? Gl.

sunganges adv. moving with the sun, LL.

sungen pp. of (1) singan; (2) swingan.

sungihte solstice, MH 104^19,21.

sungon pret. pl. of singan.

sunht 'soliflua,' OEG 56^205.

sunlic solar.

sunna m. sun.

sunnanfen m. eve of Sunday, Saturday. [Ger. Sonnabend]

sunnancorn gromel (plant), Lcd 1314^18?

sunnandg m. 'Sunday,' .

sunnanloma m. light of the sun, sunbeam, GD 171, 172.

sunnanniht f. Saturday night, : Sunday, LL 52[5,5].

sunnanscma m. sunshine, MF 173.

sunnansetlgong m. sunset, Chr 773.

sunnanhta m. Sunday morning (early), early service time,.

sunnb- = sunb-

sunne f. 'sun,' , AO, CP.

sunnebam = sunbam

sunnon pret. pl. of sinnan.

sunnu = sunne

sunor (e^2) fn. herd of swine, NG.

sunsceadu f. veil, WW 239^19.

sunscene radiant, Jul 229.

sunscn mirror, WW 519^4.

sunset n. west, NG.

sunstede m. solstice, Lcd.

sunsunu? m. grandson, v. LL 460[11n.].

sunu m., gds. suna 'son,' descendant, , B, Bl, G, VPs: the Son, DR, G, VPs: young of animals.

sunucennicge f. mother, DR.

sunusunu = sunsunu

sunwlitig fair with sunshine, GnC 7.

span^2 to swallow, sip, taste, 'sup,' drink, , CP: (+) sop up, absorb.

sr 'sour,' tart, acid, BC, Lcd: made sour, fermented, Lcd,WW.

sre f. sorrel.

sr-agede, -gede, -ge, -ge (sour-eyed), blear-eyed,.

-srian v. -s.

sr-milsc, -melsc, -melst adj. half sour and half sweet (apple).

srnes f. 'sourness,' WW 347^35.

ssel == ssl

ssl nf. misery, torment, torture, , AO.

sslbona m. devil, Sat 640.

sslcwalu (-sel-) f. painful death, W.

sslhof n. place of torment, Hy 10^31.

sslstede (sel-) m. place of torment, hell, OEG 56^184.

suster = sweostor

sutel = sweotol

stere m. _shoemaker_, _. ['_souter_'; _L._]

-stian v. be-s.

sutol, sutul == sweotol

s* I. adj. comp. s(er)ra, serra, superl. smest 'south,' southern, AO, Bl, Cp, LkL. II. adv. comp. sor, s southwards, south, B, BH, Chr, Met; AO,CP.

san adv. from the south, CP: on or in the south, AO. be s. (w.d.), wi s. (w.a.) southof.

sanastan adv. in or from the south-east: to the south-east,AO.

sanastanwind m. south-east wind, WW 144.

sanasterne south-eastern, LPs.

Sanhymbre mp. Mercians.

sanweard = seweard

sanwestan adv. from the south-west.

sanwestan-wind, -winda m. a south-west wind.

sanwind m. south wind.

sdl m. southern region, the south, , VPs; AO. ['southdeal']

sduru f. south door, Bl 201^15.

sast adv. south-east, AO.

sastende m. south-east end, Bo 67^31.

sasterne south-eastern, Gr 8^2.

Sengle p. South Anglians, people of southern England,LL.

serige 'satirion' (plant). [L. satureia? cp. serie]

serne 'southern,' southerly, , Bo, Lcd, MtL.

sernewudu m. 'abrotanum,' southernwood, wormwood.

serra v. s.

seweard adj. southward, south, southern, AO.

sfolc n. southern nation or people, Suffolk.

sgrsecg m. southern ocean, AO.

sgemre n. southern border, AO.

sheald inclining southwards.

shealf f. south side, AO; . ['southhalf']

Shymbre mpl. Mercians, Chr.

sland n. southern land or shore, , Chr. ['southland']

smg f. southern province, BH.

smann m. man from the south.

smest 'southmost,' AO.

Smyrce (e) pl. southern Mercians, BH 238^34.

sor v. s.

sportic m. south porch, Chr 1036.

sra v. s.

srihte (y) adv. due south, AO.

srima m. south coast, Chr.

srodor (a^2) m. southern sky.

Ss mf. south sea, sea south of England, English Channel,.

S-seaxan, -seaxe pl. South-Saxons, people of Sussex: Sussex.

sst n. south coast, Chr 897#a#.

swg m. south wall, .

sweard adv. towards the south, southwards, AO, Lcd. ['southward']

sweardes adv. 'southwards,' Met.

sweg m. southern country, Ex 155.

swest I. m. the south-west. II. adv. 'south-west,' AO.

swesterne 'south-western,' ApT.

swind m. south wind, Ex 289.

suwian (LWS) = sugian

sw (, ) I. adv. and conj. (w. ind. or subj.) so as, consequently, just as, so far as, in such wise, in this or that way, thus, so that, provided that, , B, Bo. sw sw so as, just as, so that. sw same (sw) in like manner: therefore, on that account: as, like, B, Bo, Bl: (w.comparatives) the. sw...sw the...the: where: when, so soon, as soon: although, unless, yet: if, as if. II. pron. 'so,' the same, such, that. sw hw sw whosoever. sw hwr sw wherever. bi sw hwaerre efes sw on whichever side. sw ilce = swilce. sw selfe in the same way. ac sw also. sw hwilc sw whosoever. though...not. sw...sw whether...or. sw ah nevertheless, yet, however.

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