A Concise Anglo-Saxon Dictionary - For the Use of Students
by John R. Clark Hall
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ofer-hld, -hlde clamorous, noisy, WW. ['overloud'] adv. -hlde.

oferhlp m. a jump (over something), A 8308; 316.

oferhlyttrian to clarify, strain, Gr 222^8.

oferhoga m. despiser, proud man.

oferhogian to despise (Bl, Bo). ['overhow']

oferhogiend m. despiser, RB 48^6.

oferhogodnes f. pride, disdain, GD 144^3.

oferholt n. phalanx of shields, Ex 157.

oferhrgan (w. d.) to tower above? #Sol#35.

oferhrfan to roof over, cover.

oferhrred overthrown, WW.

oferhrops greediness, WW 102^19.

oferhrfan = oferhrfan

oferhrred = oferhrred

oferhycgean to despise, AO, CP.

oferhd = oferhygd

oferhd- = oferhygd-

oferhygd (i) I. fn. pride, conceit, arrogance, CP. II. adj. haughty, proud.

oferhygdgian to be proud, CVPs 9^23.

oferhygdig I. n. pride. II. adj. haughty, proud.

ofer-hygdiglce, -hdlce, arrogantly, NC 313.

oferhygdu f. = oferhygd I.

oferhylmend m. dissembler, PPs 118^119.

oferhran = oferheran

oferhre heedless, neglectful, LL (244^22).

oferhyrned having horns above, Run 2.

oferhrnes f. heedlessness, neglect, disobedience,LL.

+oferian to elevate, HGl 428.

oferdyllce vainly, emptily, CPs 30^7.

ofering f. superabundance, Bo.

oferld f. 'translatio,' solemn removal of the body or relics of a saint to a shrine, DR 62^9.

oferldan to oppress, Bl. ['overlead']

oferlfan to be left over, remain, LkLR. ['overleave']

oferlagu f. cloak, Gl.

oferlecgan to place over, CM 899: overburden, surfeit, HL 11^99; 12^73.

oferlof very dear, Run 23.

oferloran to pass over, or by: transgress, prevaricate.

oferlornes f. transgression, CPs 100^3.

oferlibban to survive, Gr, TC. ['overlive']

oferlce excessively, W. [v. 'overly']

oferlifa (y^3) m. excess, NC 348.

oferlfian = oferhlfian [[under "oferhlfan"]]

oferlhtan to light upon, L 23b^558: excel in brightness.

oferlan^1 to pass over.

oferlufu f. too great love, W. ['overlove']

oferlyfa = oferlifa

oferlyftlic above the air, NC 314.

ofermcga m. very illustrious being.

ofermgen n. overpowering might.

ofermstan to over-fatten.

ofermte excessive, immoderate, AO, CP. ['overmete']

ofermtlic vast, AO 52^10.

ofermto = ofermtto

ofermagan swv. to have greater power, prevail, Sc 97^19.

ofermum m. costly treasure, B 2993.

ofermearcung f. superscription, MkL p 5^1.

ofermde I. n. pride, CP. II. adj. proud, arrogant. [md]

ofermdla m. haughtiness, pride.

ofermdu (CP) = ofermtto

ofermete m. gorging, gluttony, CP.

ofermtto f. (often in pl.) pride, , AO, CP.

ofermicel over-much, excessive, AO, RB. ['overmickle']

ofermicelnes f. excess, Sc 13.

ofermd (1) n. pride, insolence, Gen, Ma. ['overmod'] (2)adj. proud, overbearing, insolent, Bl; ,CP.

ofer-mdgian (CP), -mdig(i)an to be proud, arrogant.

ofermdgung f. pride, CP.

ofermdig proud, arrogant, Lcd; AO. [v. 'overmod']

ofermdignes f. pride, haughtiness, arrogance, Mk. [v.'overmod']

ofermdlic proud, haughty, insolent, CP. adv. -lce.

ofermdnes = ofermdignes

ofernod f. extreme need, Bk, LL.

oferniman^4 (y) to take away, carry off, seize, ravish.

ofernn fn. afternoon (after 3.0 p.m.), WW 175^47.

oferorn = oferarn pret. 3 sg. of oferyrnan.

oferprt 'over-proud,' presumptuous, arrogant, haughty, Sc.

oferprda m. excessive pride.

oferrdan _to read over_, _: _consider, infer_. ['_overread_']

oferranc too luxurious, W 46^1. ['overrank']

oferreccan to confute, convince, convict, CP.

oferrencu f. extravagance, W 46^2.

oferrcsian to rule over, CP 119^19.

oferrdan^1 to ride across, BH. ['override']

oferrwan^7 to row over, .

oferslic on the other side of the sea, BH 246^3.

oferslig excessively happy, DD 246.

ofersl f. excessive pleasure, Met 5^27.

oferswisc from across the sea, foreign.

oferswan^7 to sow over, Mt 13^25.

oferscadan^7 to scatter over, sprinkle over, Lcd 67b.

ofer-sceadian (CP), -sceadewian to overshadow.

ofersceatt m. usury, interest, MtR 25^27.

oferscawian to superintend, LL.

oferscawigend m. overseer, bishop, LL.

oferscnan^1 to illuminate.

oferscan to overshadow.

ofersam m. bag, LkL 12^33.

oferscan to overtax, B 2686.

ofersegl m. top-sail, WW 7^4.

oferseglian to sail across, Mt. ['oversail']

ofersgon = oferswon pret. pl. of oferson.

ofersendan to transmit, Gr 172^13.

ofersocnes f. great illness, LL.

oferseolfrian (y) to cover over with silver, AO.

oferson^5 to see over, overlook, survey, observe, see, Bo: despise, neglect, W. ['oversee']

ofersettan to set over, VPs: overcome, GD 347^30.

ofersittan^5 occupy, possess, Bo, VPs: forbear, desist, refrain from, , B. ['oversit']

oferslge = oferslege

oferslp m. too much sleep, Lcd 1342^13.

oferslan^6 to subdue, overcome, RB 32^15.

oferslege n. lintel, .

oferslop n. loose upper garment, surplice, stole, Lcd, LkL. ['overslop']

oferslype m. over-garment, surplice, .

ofersmaung f. too exhaustive consideration, CP 97^17.

ofersprc f. loquacity, CP.

ofersprce talkative, tattling, tale-bearing, ,CP.

ofersprdan to overlay, cover, RB.

oferspreca m. one who talks too much, OEG 28^9.

ofersprecan^5 to say too much, be abusive.

ofersprce = ofersprce

ofersprecol talking too much, tattling, indiscreet,CP.

ofersprecolnes f. talkativeness, CP 308^16.

oferstlan to confute, convict, convince, , CP.

oferstppan^6 to over-step, cross: exceed.

oferstandan^6 to come upon, BH 308^25.

ofersteall m. opposition, H 1534^20.

oferstealla m. survivor, MH 210^28.

oferstellan to jump over, BH 400^22.

ofersteppan = oferstppan

oferstgan^1 to climb over, mount, scale, surmount, overcome, AO: , CP: surpass, excel, exceed, BH; , CP. ['oversty']

oferstige m. astonishment, L 23^555.

oferstgendlic superlative, Gr 15^18.

oferstigennes 'extasis,' passing over, OEG 405.

oferswimman^3 to swim over or across, B 2367. ['overswim']

oferswingan^3 'transverberare'! GD 344^33.

oferswan () wv. and sv^1 to overpower, overcome, conquer, vanquish, , AO, CP: excel, surpass.

oferswe adv. over-much, excessive.

oferswestre f. 'victrix,' WW 224^39.

oferswnes f. pressure, distress, NG.

oferswrian to prevail, conquer.

oferswung f. pressure, distress, NG.

oferswgan^7 to cover, choke, Bl 203^9.

oferswan = oferswan

ofersylfrian (AO) = oferseolfrian

ofersman to overload, oppress. [sam]

ofertl n. odd number, Lcd 1288.

ofertle superstitious, Sc 218^10.

oferteldan^3 to cover over, Ex 81.

oferton^2 to draw over, cover, : finish.

ofertogennes f. the condition of being covered.

ofertrahtnian to treat of, H 1202^28.

ofertredan to tread down, GPH. ['overtread']

ofertrwa m. over-confidence, LL 180, 8, 7. ['overtrow']

ofertrwian to trust too much, CP.

oferearf f. great need, extreme distress.

oferearfa m. one in great need, Cr 153.

ofereccan to cover over, hide, .

oferon^1,3 to excel, surpass, , CP.

oferoht thought over, considered, GD 316^20.

oferrawian (^3) 'increpare,' EPs 67^31.

oferryccednes (i) f. pressure, oppression, CPs 31^7.

oferrymm m. excessive power, DD 52.

oferwacian _to watch over_, _. ['_overwake_']

oferwadan^6 to wade across, AO 72^33. ['overwade']

oferwealdan^7 to get the better of, LL 454[7].

oferwealdend m. over-lord, ruler, El 1236.

oferweaxan^6 to overgrow, overspread, , Bl. ['overwax']

oferweder n. storm, tempest, Chr 794#e#.

oferwelig very rich, NC 314.

ofer-wennan, -wenian to be proud, become insolent or presumptuous.

oferweorc n. sarcophagus, tomb, , OEG. ['overwork']

oferweorpan^3 to throw over, overthrow, CP, Lcd: throw down, assault, LL 56[11,1]: cast something over another, sprinkle: stumble? B 1543. ['overwarp']

oferwgan to overcome, Sol 299.

oferwillan^7 to boil down. [weallan]

oferwinnan^3 to contend with, overcome, subdue, , AO; CP. ['overwin']

oferwintran to go through the winter, WW. ['overwinter']

oferwist f. gluttony, excess, CP.

oferwistlic supersubstantial, MtL 6^11.

oferwlencan to be very wealthy, AO 44^12. [wlanc]

oferwlencu f. excessive riches, Gu 389.

oferwrecan^5 to overwhelm, WW 35^14.

oferwron^1,2 to cover over, conceal, hide, VPs: clothe, Mt. ['overwry']

oferwrgels n. covering, Gl.

oferwrit n. epistle, MtL p10^1.

oferwyllan = oferwillan

oferwyrcan to cover over, overlay, Sol; , AO. ['overwork']

oferyld (W 147^17) = oferyldu

oferyldu f. extreme old age, MFH 170.

oferyrnan^3 to go or run over, , Lcd: 'overrun', cover over, overwhelm, , BH: run past, cross.

ofer f. overwhelming wave, SPs 54^25.

ofesc f. border? KC 3393^10.

ofest = ofost

ofestan = ofstan

ofet, ofett () n. fruit, legume, Gen, WW. ['ovet']

ofetrip? n. harvest, ZDPh 36550.

ofeweard = ufeweard

offran = fran

offaran^6 to intercept, overtake, fall upon, attack, , AO. hindano. to intercept from behind, cut off retreat,AO.

offeallan^7 to fall upon, cut off, kill, destroy, end, , Chr; AO: fall away from, be lost to, LL 144[6]. hine offoll committed suicide, Chr 962#a#. ['offall']

offellan = offyllan

offran to overtake (an enemy), .

offerenda m. psalm or anthem sung during the offertory, P 168^15; ANS 845^29.

offerian to carry off, B 1583.

offestre f. a woman of some unknown calling? CC 10^22.

offlogan^3 to fly away.

offrian to 'offer,' sacrifice, bring an oblation, , AO, VPs; CP. [L. offerre]

offringcl m. offertory cloth, NC 314.

offringdagas mpl. offering days, OEG 40^23.

offringdisc m. offering-dish, paten, Ct.

offringhlf m. shew-bread, Mt 12^4.

offringsang m. hymn while an offering is made, H 1218^9; P 214^23.

offringsceat m. offering-napkin, BC 3366.

offrung f. _presenting to God, oblation, sacrifice_, _, Mt_: _thing presented, 'offering,'_ _. [offrung- v.also offring-]

offrunghs n. house of sacrifice, NC 314.

offrungspic n. sacrificial bacon, L 25^92.

offyligan to follow up, LkLR 1^3.

offyllan to strike down, destroy, kill.

of-gn anv., pret. -ode; -gangan^7 to demand, require, exact, extort, : attain, obtain, acquire, gain, : start from, begin. ['ofgo']

ofgangend-e, -lic derivative, Gr.

ofgefen (Cp) = ofgifen pp. of ofgiefan.

ofgotan^2 to moisten, soak, steep, : quench,.

ofgerd fitting, Bo 8^8.

ofgestgnes f. descent, MtL p6^1.

ofgiefan^5 (i, y) to give up, resign, leave, quit, desert, AO. [giefan]

ofhabban to hold back, .

ofhagian to be inconvenient, W.

ofhealdan^7 to withhold, retain.

ofhearmian (impers.) to cause grief.

ofhende (out of hand), lost, absent, Met 25^34.

ofhingrian _to be hungry_, _ (3^551). ['_ofhingered_']

[[headword in OED is "ofhungered"]]

ofhntan to gore to death, LL 32[21].

ofhrosan^2 to overwhelm, cover over, : fall down, fall headlong,.

ofhrowan^2 _to cause or feel pity_, _. ['_arewe_']

ofhwylfan to roll up? ARHy 2^12.

ofirnan^3 to overtake, , Bo: tire with running, . ['ofrun']

ofltan^7 to let go, lay aside, leave behind: let flow, Bo 66^29.

oflte (, ) f. oblation, offering, Ps: sacramental wafer, , Lcd. ['oflete'; L. oblata]

oflthlf m. sacramental wafer, GD 343^15.

oflangian _to long_, _. ['_oflonged_']

oflte (VPs) = oflte

oflecgan to lay down, PPs 68^1.

oflogan^2 to lie, be false, PPs 17^43.

oflte = oflte

oflicgan^5 to overlay (a child), LL. ['oflie']

oflcian (w. d.) to displease, be displeasing to,.

oflinnan^3 to cease, stop, Bl 247^8.

oflongian = oflangian

oflystan to fill with desire, please, Bo; . pp. of-lysted, -lyst desirous of, pleased with. ['oflust']

ofmanian to exact (a fine), LL.

ofmunan swv. to remember, recollect, CP.

ofmyrrian to murder, Chr 979#e#.

ofn = ofen

ofnadian to obtain by force, extort, TC 295^22.

ofnet n? closed vessel, Lcd 11b. [ofn]

ofniman^4 to fail, LL (170^6).

ofor = (1) eofor; (2) ufor; (3) ofer

for = fer

ofost f. haste, speed, zeal, . adv. -lce. on ofoste, of(e)stum speedily, hastily.

ofr (Gl) = hofer

ofrcan to get through (an ordeal) successfully, LL 333 col2.

fres gs. of fer.

ofrian = offrian

ofrung (AO) = offrung

ofrdan^1 to overtake by riding, overtake, , Chr. ['ofride']

ofsacan^6 to deny a charge, LL 108#b# n. 5. ['ofsake']

ofscacan^6 to shudder, OEG 4160.

ofsceamian (a) to put to shame, , Bo. ['ofshame']

ofscotan^2 to shoot down, hit, kill, , AO, CP. pp. ofscoten elf-struck (ofcattle seized with sudden disease).

ofscleacnes (APs 43^22) = ofslegennes

ofscotian to shoot dead, AO.

ofsendan to send for, summon, Chr 1048. ['ofsend']

ofson^5 _to see, behold_, _. ['_ofsee_']

ofsetenes f. siege, WW 458^28.

ofsetnian to besiege, NC 349.

ofsettan () to beset, oppress, afflict, Hept, Lcd; . ['ofset']

ofsettung f. pressure, Sc 143^5.

ofsittan^5 to press down, repress, oppress, , CP: occupy, Hept, Bo; CP: hedge in, compass about, besiege. ['ofsit']

ofslan^6 to strike off or out, cut off: strike down, kill, AO, BH, Lcd; , CP. ['ofslay']

ofslegennes f. slaughter, JRVPs 43^22.

ofsltan^6 to bite (of a serpent), .

ofsmorian to suffocate, strangle, AO.

ofsnan^1 to cut off, kill, .

ofspring m. 'offspring,' descendants, posterity, ,CD.

ofspyrian to trace out, LL 96[17].

ofst = ofost

ofstppan^6 to trample upon, .

ofstan to hasten, CM 186. [[from first edition; see "ofstende" below]]

ofstandan^6 to remain, persist, continue, Lcd; : restore, make restitution. ['ofstand']

ofstede adv. immediately, Sc 193^12.

ofstende hastening, CM 186.

ofstician to pierce, stab (to death), transfix,AO.

ofstig swift, GPH 392.

ofstingan^3 to pierce, stab (to death), AO, Chr; , CP. ['ofsting']

ofstint (= ofstent) pres. 3 sg. of ofstandan.

ofstlce = ofostlce [[form of "ofost"]]

ofstofen impelled, PPs.

ofstum v. ofost.

ofswelgan^3 to swallow up, Bo 46^15n.

ofswerian to abjure, deny on oath, LL.

ofswingan^3 to scourge (to death), AO 154^8.

oft adv. comp. oftor, superl. oftost often, frequently, CP, G; . oftost symle continually. o.and gelome diligently. ['oft']

oftacan^2 to overtake, NC 325 (late).

oftalu f. rejoinder, verdict against a claim, TC 302^22.

ofton^2 to withhold, withdraw, , CP.

oftfre requiring many journeys to carry, v. ES 43312.

ofthrd- = oftrd-

oftige m. withholding, LL.

oftorfian to stone to death, , AO.

oftrde often or always available: frequent, Bo 136^17.

oftrdlic frequent, AO. adv. -lce, CP.

oftredan^5 to tread down, trample on, tread to death, , AO. ['oftread']

ofts m. frequent occasion, AO. on oftsas frequently, Chr 979#c#.

oftwal n. frequent washing, NC 314.

oftyrfan to stone, AO 172^28.

ofnan to moisten, Lcd.

ofe or, OEG 11^177 and n.

ofecgan to destroy, Gen 2002.

ofefian to dry up? L 34^144.

ofencan to recall to mind, CP 349^10.

ofennan = ofnnan [[variant of "ofnan"]]

ofinc pres. 3 sg. of ofyncan.

ofinen moist (pp. of *ofnan).

of-reccan (KGl), -riccan = ofryccan

ofringan^3 to throng, press upon, .

ofryccan (e, i) to press, squeeze, : oppress, afflict, repress, : occupy forcibly.

of-ryccednes, -rycnes f. distress, trouble, oppression,CP.

ofryscan to repress, subdue, CP.

of-rysmian, -rysman to choke, stifle. [rosm]

ofylman to choke, suffocate, NC 314.

ofyncan (impers.) to give offence, insult, vex, displease, weary, grieve, , AO, B, Bo, CP, LL. ['ofthink']

ofyrstan to suffer from thirst, be thirsty, thirst (for), Hept, Soul; . ['athirst,' 'ofthirst']

ofstrian to obscure, SPs 73^21. [ostrian]

ofunnan swv. to begrudge, deny, grudge, envy, ,CP.

ofweard (MFH 170) = fweard

ofweorpan^3 to stone (to death), kill by a missile, ,AO.

ofworpian to kill (by stoning), LL.

ofwundrian to be astonished, .

frit (WW 385^39) = fred pp. of fran.

ga m. fear, terror, dread, : terrible object, . [ege]

gengel m. bar, bolt, WW 459^10.

-hilde (e^2, y^2), -heald sloping, inclined, Gl.

hsta = custa

ht I. f. persecution? fear? [cp. Ger. acht] II. = wuht

ohtrip v. ofetrip.

-hwr = -hwr

-hwer = -hwer

hwanon = hwonan

hylde = hilde

l pret. 3 sg. of alan.

lc- = olece-

olbend = olfend

leccan (, i) to soothe, caress, flatter: please, charm, propitiate, CP. [leccan]

leccere, lecere m. flatterer, CP (i).

leccung () f. soothing, flattery, persuasion, allurement, charm,CP.

lectend m. flatterer, Cp 1519. [= leccend pres. ptc. of leccan]

lectung (MFH 170) = lehtung

lehtung f. flattery, MFH 170.

lft = lft

olfend mf., olfenda m. camel, Bl, Mt; CP. ['olfend'; L. elephantem]

olfendmyre f. she-camel, .

licc- = lecc-

oll n. contumely, contempt, scorn, insult, . on oll 'nequicquam,' OEG 2000.

ollonc, ollunc, ollung (LWS; A) = andlang

lwong m. strap, WW 379^32.

lyhtword n. flattering speech, Bl 99^26. [leccan]

m m. rust, .

om- = am-

ma? m. ome? f. a liquid measure, v. NC 314. [L. (h)ama; Ger. ohm]

man fp. eruptions of the skin, erysipelas, Lcd. [cp. healsme]

omb- = amb-

mcynn n. corrupt humour, Lcd 31a.

omer (a^1, e^1) a bird, 'scorellus,' Gl.

mian to become rusty, Sc 196^5.

middan = onmiddan

mig rusty, rust-eaten, rust-coloured: inflammatory, Lcd.

miht inflammatory, Lcd.

ompella = ampella

ompre = ampre I.

on I. prep. (w. d., instr., and a.) (local, etc.) _'on,' upon, on to_ (but ofer is more common), _up to, among_, _AO, CP, Bo, BH, G_: _in, into, within_, _, BH, Ps_: (temporal) _in, during, at, on, about_, _, AO_: _against, towards_, _AO, BH, Mt_: _according to, in accordance with, in respect to_, _, Bo, Ps_: _for, in exchange for_. II. adv. _on_, _BH, CP_: _forward, onward_, An: _continuously_, _ (foron), on riht _rightly_. on r adv. _formerly_. on n _continuously, in concert_: _at once, forthwith_. III. pres. 3 sg. of unnan. IV. (M) = ond, and

on- I. often meaningless, and only rarely = prep. on. II. = an-. III. =un-

onblwan^1 to blow on, .

ondn anv. to put on, L 7^156.

onht f. possession, CVPs 2^8.

onlan to set fire to, ignite, heat, inspire, incite, inflame, burn, consume, Chr (an-), Gen, Sol; , CP. ['anneal(ed)']

onlend m. 'incensor,' GPH 399.

onlet n. lightning, LPs 143^6.

onr adv. formerly. [on]

onele (w. d.) natural to, Met 13^51.

onhebban^6 to lift up, exalt, CP 56^19.

onl n. burning: incense, what is burnt.

onrsan^1 to rise up (against), ERPs.

onarn pret. 3 sg. of oniernan.

onswan^7 to implant, instil, MFH 170.

onscunung = onscunung

onsendan to send into, implant in, impart to, CM 203.

onsendednes () f. 'immissio,' LPs 77^49.

onsetednes f. a laying on (of hands), NC 349.

onsettan to set upon, place on, impress upon, ,CM.

onswgan to sound forth, LPs 28^3.

onwinnan^3 to fight against, LPs 34^1; 55^2.

onbc adv. backwards, back, behind.

onbcling (e) adv. backward, behind. o. gewend having one's back turned,.

onbrnan to kindle, ignite, heat, excite, inspire, inflame, burn, AO,CP.

on-brning (JPs 65^15), -brnes (SPs) f. incense.

onbru f. self-restraint? Gu 1027.

onbsnung f. expectation, DR 4^34.

onbeblwan^1 to blow upon, LPs 104^19.

onbecling (EPs) = onbcling

onbecuman = oncuman

onbgan = onbgan

onbgnes f. bending, curvature, WW. [bgan, began]

onbeht = ambiht

onbeldan to inflict upon, WW 90.

onbn f. imprecation, BH 104^3.

onbodan^2 to command, order, AO: announce, proclaim, ,AO.

onbeornan^3 to set fire to, inflame.

onbotend threatening, impending.

onberan^4 to carry off, plunder: diminish, weaken.

onbergan = onbyrgan

onbescawung f. inspection, examination, Sc 66^10.

onbescofan^2 to thrust out, WW 220^19,21.

onbestlan to convict of crime, LL 30 [15].

onbestingan = inbestingan

onbid == anbid

onbdan^1 to remain, wait: w. g. wait for, await, expect: attend upon, waiton.

onbgan () to subdue, subjugate.

onbiht = ambiht

onbindan^3 to unbind, untie, loosen: disclose.

onbirgan = onbyrgan

onbtan^1 (w. g.) to taste of, partake of, feed upon.

onblst m. 'impetus,' onrush, attack, EHy 5^8.

onblstan to break in, WW 428^1.

onblandan^3 to mingle, An 675.

onblwan^7 to blow into, inspire: puff up.

onblwing f. breathing upon, JnL p 8^6 (in-).

onblwnes f. inspiration, Bl 7^26.

onblinnan (MFH 118) = blinnan

onbltan^4 to sacrifice, kill a victim, Gen 2933.

onbran = onbarn pret. 3 sg. of onbeornan.

onbrecan^4 to burst upon, attack, destroy.

on-bregdan, -brdan^3 to move, bow, start up: burst open.

onbring m. instigation, LL.

onbringelle f. instigation, L 23b^291.

onbrosnung f. decay, corruption, EPs 29^10.

onbryce m. inroad, OEG 2480.

onbryrdan (b-, inb-) to excite, inspire, incite, encourage, , CP. onbryrd excited, fired, ardent: contrite. [brord]

onbryrding f. incitement, WW 419^42.

onbryrdnes (e^2) f. inspiration, incitement, ardour, : remorse, contrition.

onbgan^2,1 to bend: bow, submit, yield, to agree with, Bl, Mt; , AO: bend aside, deviate. ['onbow']

onbtan prep. (w. d. a.) and adv. about, round about: round, around. adv. phr. west o. faran to go west about.

onbyhtscealc = ambihtscealc

onbyrdan = anbyrdan

onbyrgan I. (e, i) to taste, eat, . II. to be surety, v.OEG 7^99.

onbyrging f. tasting, Lcd 1136^12.

onbyrhtan to illuminate, Bl 105^31.

onbyrignes f. tasting, Bl 209^12.

onceig- (N) = oncg-

oncennan to bear, bring forth, .

oncer = ancor

oncerran = oncirran

oncgan (ei^2) to call upon, invoke, DR.

oncgnes, oncgung (ei) f. invocation, DR.

oncirran (e, y) to turn, alter, change, transform: turn off or away, avert, prevent: turn oneself,go.

onclow = anclow

onclifian (eo, y) to adhere, stick to, persist in.

onclyfiende sticking to, tenacious, Ct.

onclypian to call upon, .

on-cnwe, -cnwe known, recognised.

oncnwan^7 _to understand, know, perceive, observe_, _Ma_; , CP: _acknowledge, confess, disclose_, _. ['_acknow_']

on-cnwennes (), -cnwnes (CP) f. acknowledgment, knowledge.

oncnyssan to cast down, afflict, CPVPs.

oncnyttan = uncnyttan

oncor = ancor

ncra = ncra

oncuman^4 to come upon, befal.

oncunnan swv. to know, Gl: reproach, blame, accuse,CP.

oncunnes f. accusation, JVPs; BH 212^15.

oncunning f. accusation, BH 212^15 (b).

oncwealdan to slay, EPs 61^4.

oncwean^5 to answer, resound, echo, : protest.

oncyrran = oncirran

oncan to make known.

oncdd f. hurtful deed, An 1181.

oncig (El 725) = uncig?

onc f. pain, distress of mind.

ond == and

ondlan to infuse, DR.

ondlend m. one who imparts, infuser.

onde- = ande-

onder- = under-

onderslic, ondeslic (DR) = ondrysenlic

ondesn, ondesnes f. fear, DR.

ondgit = andgiet

ondlan = andlan

ondliota = ondwleota, andwlita [["ondwleota" redirected to "andwlita"]]

ondlong = andlang

ondo (NG) = anda

ondn anv. (1) to undo, open [= un-]: (2) to put on (clothes), CM 390; Sc 83^6. [= ondn]

ondung f. injection, Lcd 97b.

on-drdan^7 (and wv.) pret. 3 sg. -drd, -drd, -dreord (A), also -drdde, pp. -drd (tr.) to dread, fear, B, Chr, Mt: (refl.) be afraid, El, Lk. ['adread']

ondrdendlic fearful, terrible, .

ondrding f. dread, fear, terror, AO.

ondrencan to intoxicate, Guth 62^20.

ondresn = ondrysnu

ondrincan^3 (w. g.) to drink, BH.

ondrislic = ondrysenlic

ondruncnian to become intoxicated, EPs 35^9.

on-drysenlic, -drys(n)lic terrible.

ondrysne terrible: feared, venerated, venerable.

ondrysnlic = ondrysenlic

ondrysnu = andrysno

ondrystlic = ondrysenlic

onds- = ands-

ondw- = andw-

one = ono

onealdian to grow old, SPs 31^3.

oneardian to inhabit, CSPs.

oneardiend inhabitant, indweller, GD, PPs.

onefen, onefn = onemn

on-gan, -gnan (oe) to fear, dread. [ga]

onemn I. prep. (w. d.) abreast of, alongside of, by, near, during, AO. II. adv. together, exactly, directly. o.m at the same time.

onemnrwigan to sympathize, L 23b^243.

onerian to plough up, , CP.

onerning f. attack, DR 36^1. [iernan]

nettan to hasten, hurry forward, be quick, : be busy, brisk: anticipate, ,CP.

nettung f. precipitation, CP 455^15.

onea = anda

ongung f. breathing on, ERPs 17^16.

onfgnian to fawn on, Bo 102^15.

onfreld n. going on, progress, journey: going in, entrance: attack, assault, incursion, Sc 212^5.

onfstnian to pierce.

onfmnes f. embrace, Bl 7^26.

onfangend m. receiver, ES 937.

onfangennes f. reception, acceptance, .

onfealdan^7 to unfold.

onfeall (e) m. swelling, Lcd. ['onfall']

onfeallende ptc. rushing on.

onfehtan (VPs) = onfeohtan

onfell = onfeall

onfeng I. = (+) andfeng. II. pret. 3 sg. of onfn.

onfeng- = andfeng-

onfeohtan^3 (e) to attack, assault, fight with, Chr.

onfillende ptc. falling upon, overwhelming, WW 420^19.

onfilte (WW) = anfilte [[under "anfilt"]]

onfindan^3 (but occl. wk. pret. onfunde) to find out, learn, perceive, feel, notice, observe, discover, CP: experience, suffer.

onfindend m. discoverer, GPH 391.

onflscnes f. incarnation, Bl 81^29; BHy 2^41.

onflyge m., onflygen n. infectious disease (BT), Lcd.

onfn^7 to take, receive, accept, BH, Lcd, Mt; : stand sponsor, Chr: harbour, favour unrighteously, LL: undertake, engage in, Bl. onfangenum gebede after engaging in prayer: begin: conceive, Ps. ['onfang']

onfnd m. undertaker, supporter.

onfndlic (an-) 'accipendus,' NC 314.

onfongenes = onfangennes

onforan I. prep. before (time), at the beginning of, Chr. II. adv. before, in front of, Ps. ['afore']

onfordn ptc. destroyed, LPs 101^21.

onforeweard-um, -an adv. in front, in the first line, in the fore part, above all, ; A 5455.

onforht = anforht

onforhtian to be afraid, fear.

onforwyrd n. destruction, CSPs.

onfundelnes f. experience, Lcd.

onfundennes f. explanation: trial, experiment, experience.

onga = anga

onggn, ongn = ongan

ongalan^6 to charm.

ongalend m. enchanter, BlPs 57^6.

ongalnes f. song, BRPs 70^6.

ongn I. = ongan. II. anv. to approach, enter into, ES 38^20: attack, ES 41325.

ongang m. entrance, incursion, assault, attack.

ongangan^7 = ongn

onge = enge

on-gan (, ), -geagn (, e) I. prep. towards, against, opposite to, contrary to, , Lk; AO, CP: against, in exchange for. II. adv. opposite, back, , Chr, Ct, Lk: 'again.' efto. back again. o.t on the other hand, on the contrary.

ongancyme m. return, .

ongancyrrendlic relative, Gr 231^17.

onganfealdan^7 to fold back, roll back, Sc 148^11.

onganfran (agan-) to return.

onganflwende ebbing and flowing, v. OEG 2363.

onganhworfennes f. turning again, OEG 2713.

onganhwyrf (ag-) m. return.

onganhwyrfan (ag-) to turn again, return.

onganlecgan to lay up, store up, Sc 156^6.

ongansprecan^5 to speak against, revile, RSPs 43^17.

onganweard going back or towards, AO: near, Bk 4. adv. -weardes,.

onganweardlic adversative. adv. -lce, Gr.

onganwerian to revile in return, RB 17^13. [wyrigan] [[redirected to "wyrgan"]]

onganwierian to oppose, Sc 33^20.

onganwyrdnes f. opposition, OEG 3975.

ongeboren in-born, OEG.

ongebrecan^4 to attack, ravage.

ongebringan to bring upon: impose, CM 36: enjoin, CM 1185: incline, induce, L 25^549.

ongecgan to call upon, invoke, RHy 1^4.

ongecgung (ei^3) f. invocation, DR 99^13.

ongecoplce = ungecoplce

ongefstnian = onfstnian

ongefeht n. attack, DR. [feoht]

ongeflogen attacked by disease, Lcd 186^21. [cp. onflygen] [[under "onflyge"]]

on-gegen, -gegn = ongan

ongehrosan^2 to rush upon, fall upon.

ongehrnan^1 to touch.

ongehnes f. advantage, profit, LL 476[12].

ongel, Ongel = angel I., Angel

ongeldan = ingeldan

ongelihtan (AS 2^2) = onlihtan [[headword spelled "onlhtan"]]

on-gemang, -gemong prep. (w. d.) and adv. among, during, CP: meanwhile, CM. o.isum, m meanwhile.

ongemet = ungemet

ongn, ongend = ongan

ongenman to take away (from), Guth 14^11.

ongeniman^4 to take away.

ongeotan = ongietan

ongotung f. pouring in, Lcd 88a.

on-gerwan, pp. -gered (VPs) = ongirwan

ongeson = onson

ongesetenes f. knowledge, BB 474^15.

ongeslan^6 to slay, BH 44^17.

ongespanan^1 to draw on, allure, WW 421^22.

onget- = ongiet-

ongetcan to enjoin, CM 363.

ongetimbran to build up, AO.

ongewre = ungewre

ongewinn n. assault, Sc 33^17.

ongewiss = ungewiss

ongewrigennes (GD 139^1) = onwrigennes

ongieldan^3 (i) to atone for, be punished for, pay (the penalty) for, AO: pay, offer (gifts, sacrifice). [Ger. entgelten]

ongien = onginn

ongierwan (AS 59^20) = ongirwan

ongietan^5 (e, eo, i, y) to grasp, seize: understand, learn, recognize, know, distinguish, judge, consider, Mt (y); AO, CP: see, perceive: perceive by hearing, hear: feel, experience: know carnally: get, take away (g-). ['anget']

ongietenes f. knowledge, understanding: meaning.

ongifan^5 () to give back, : forgive.

ongildan = ongieldan

onginn = anginn

onginnan^3 to begin, attempt, endeavour, try hard, , G; AO, CP. (This vb. is often used periphrastically w. another vb. in the inf., to denote the simple action of the latter. The compound is best translated by the historical aorist of the secondvb.): attack, assail: act (g-). ['ongin']

onginnendlic inchoative, Gr.

onginnes f. undertaking.

on-girwan pret. -girede I. to unclothe, divest, strip. [= ungierwan] II. to clothe, EPs 131^16.

ongit = andgiet

ongit- = ongiet-

Ongle (AO) = Angle

Onglisc = Englisc

ongnora? ongnere = angnere

Ongol = Angel

ongong = ongang

ongris-, ongrys- = angris-

ongrype m. attack, W 187^2.

ongryrelic horrible, Guth 36^24.

ongseta = angseta [[under "angset"]]

ongunnenes = onginnes

ongy- = ongi-

ongyrdan to unbuckle, unfasten, BH 196^28.

ongyrnan to impose, inflict on, Sc 10^4.

ongytan = ongietan

onhdian to unfrock, divest of holy orders, LL 66[21].

onhldan (VPs) = onhieldan

onhle secret, concealed, hidden.

onhtan to heat, inflame, AO, CP.

onhagian (impers.) to be possible or convenient, be fitting, suit, please, , CP: be at leisure.

onhtan^1 to promise.

onhtian to become hot, WW.

onhwian to behold, L 3^261.

onhealdan^7 (an-) to keep (peace), Met 11^42.

onhaw m. trunk of tree, block of wood for hewing on,WW.

onhebban^6 (occl. wk. pret. onhefde) to raise up, erect, lift up, exalt, : leaven: begin: take away.

onhefednes (an-) f. exaltation, RB 23^2.

onheld- = onhield-

onhergian to waste, ravage, BH.

onheri- = onhyri-

onhetting f. persecution, OEG 2^130.

onhicgan = onhycgan

onhieldan (CP) (i^2) to bend, bend down, lean, recline, incline: decline, sink.

onhieldednes (e^2, y^2) f. declining, CVPs 72^4.

onhierwan (u^1, y^2) to deride, blaspheme, W 70^15#c#.

onhigian to despoil, OEG.

onhigiend m. despoiler, OEG 2209.

onhindan, onhinder adv. behind, backward.

onhinderling adv. back, PPs.

onhscan = onhscan

onhldan^1 to open, reveal, unclose: appear.

onhlinian to lean on, Gl.

onhngan^1 to bend down, bow, worship.

onhhsnian to detest? (BT) hamstring, cripple, check? (Bugge), B 1944.

onhn^7 to hang, crucify.

onhrgl n. covering, wrap, HGl 490.

onhrran = onhrran

onhrs = onrs

onhrodan^2 to adorn (or ? onrodan = redden) Gen 2931.

onhrosan^2 to fall upon, rush upon.

onhrran to move, disturb, agitate, arouse, excite,CP.

onhrnan^1 (w. g. or d.) to touch, lay hold of,CP.

onhrine m. touch, contact, Lcd 1328^1.

onhrp m. importunity, .

onhupian to step back, retire, CP 441^28.

onhwelan^4 to bellow back, resound, WW 528^39.

onhweorfan^3 to change, turn, reverse, CP.

onhwerfan (y^2) to turn, change, turn round.

onhwerfednes () f. change, AS 9^5.

onhycgan to consider, Da 473 (i).

onhyldan = onhieldan

onhyrdan to strengthen, encourage. [heard]

onhyrenes f. imitation, CP.

onhyrgend m. emulator, imitator, WW.

onhyrian (e) to emulate, imitate, CP.

onhyring f. emulation, imitation, zeal, , CP.

onhrsumian to be busied with, occupied in, RB 71^17.

onhscan () to mock at, vilify, reproach: detest: deceive. [hsc]

oniernan^3 () to give way, open (of a door): 'currere,' BPs 118^32: 'incurrere,' LL 410[3,5].

oninnan prep. (w. d.) and adv. within, into, among.

onlc (Cp 1725) = onlac, pret. 3 sg. of onlcan.

onlc-can, -san to vex, EPs.

onlccung (e^2) f. 'irrita,' EPs.

onldan = inldan

onlnan to lend, grant, let, lease, CP.

onlpnes (BH 128^23) = nlpnes

onltan to relax, loosen, let go, permit.

onlang = andlang

onlc = anlc

onlec- = onlc-

onlecgende (salve) to be applied, Lcd.

onlegen f. poultice, Lcd.

onlogan^2 to misrepresent, Bo.

onloht- = onlht-

onlon^1 to lend, grant, give.

onloian = onligan

onls- = onles-

onlic (an-) like, resembling, similar, Mt; CP. adv. -lce, AO, CP. ['anlike']

onlicgan^5 to lay on.

+onlcian (an-; -lcan, GD 75^4) to compare: make like.

onlcnes f. resemblance, likeness, similitude, Gen: picture, image, idol, WW; AO, CP: parable: stature, form. ['anlikeness']

+onlcung (an-) f. likeness, NC 270.

onlesan (, ) to loosen, set free, release, CP.

onlesednes (^2) f. remission (of sins), AHy 9^77.

onlesend () m. liberator, CPs 39^18.

onlesnes () f. deliverance.

onlgan (in-) to inflame, Ps.

onlhtan (o, ) to illuminate, give light to, enlighten, Bl, Bo; CP: restore to sight: shine. ['onlight']

onlhtednes = onlhtnes

onlhting f. illumination, enlightenment, .

onlhtnes f. illumination.

onligan (intr.) to become pliant, yield: (tr.) loosen, untie.

onlcian to look on, behold, , CP.

onlciend m. onlooker, spectator, .

onlong = andlang

onlcan^2 (= un-) to unlock, open, unfold, reveal, disclose,CP.

onltan^2 to bow, incline, bend down, CP.

onltung f. 'involucrum,' GPH 402.

onl- = onl-

onls- = onles-

onmdla = onmdla

onmlan to speak to, Da 210.

onmang () = ongemang

onmearca m. inscription, MkL 12^16 (MkR in-).

onmearcung f. inscription, NG (e^2).

onmdan to presume, take upon oneself, Rd 56^15?

onmdla = anmdla

onmeltan^3? to soften, PPs 88^38.

onmtan I. to paint, cover over? PPs 88^46. II. to come upon, find out, EPs 114^3.

onmiddan prep. (w. d.) amid, in the midst, at the middle of,.

onmitta = anmitta

onmd = anmd

onmunan swv. pres. 3 sg. onman, pret. onmunde to esteem, think worthy of, consider entitled to, CP: refl. care for, wish: remind, B 2640.

onmyrran to mar, disturb, Ct.

onn = ann, pres. 3 sg. of unnan.

onnhgan (WW 255^11) = onhngan

onniman^4 to receive, take, PPs.

onnytt = unnytt [[under "unnyt"]]

ono I. interj. lo! behold! II. = heonu

onoeung (VPs) = oneung [[variant of "ongung"?]]

onrettan to perform with effort, accomplish.

onorung f. inspiration, inbreathing.

onoa (WW) = anda

onpennian to open, CP 277^8.

onrd f. riding on horseback, Lcd.

onrfniendlic = unrfniendlic

onrs m. onrush, impetus, assault, attack, , CP.

onrsan I. to rush (on), VPs. ['onrese'] II. nap. of wk. sb. irruptions,WW.

onred m. name of a plant, Lcd.

onrodan v. onhrodan.

onrettan = rettan

onrid n. riding horse, CC.

onrdan^1 to ride (on a raid, etc.), Chr 871#a#.

onriht right, lawful, proper: partaking of? Ex 35^8. adv. AS 13^8. also -lce, Bl 43^16.

onrihtwsnes = unrihtwsnes

onrptd f. harvest-time, ES 39352.

onrsan (_) = rsan. ['_onrise_']

onryne m. running on, course: incursion, attack, assault.

onsacan^6 to contest, dispute, strive against, resist, repel: () attack: refuse, deny, contradict: exculpate, excuse oneself.

onsc I. denying: excused. II. (LL24[41]Ld) = andsc

onsgan to prostrate.

onsgd- = onsged-

onsge assailing, attacking. [sgan]

onsgednes (e) f. sacrifice, offering, : oblation, (sacrificial) victim.

onsgnes f. holocaust, sacrifice, BlPs 65^15.

onsgung f. sacrifice, WW.

onslan to untie, loosen.

onst I. pret. 3 sg. of onsittan. II. = onset

onsagu f. affirmation, accusation, reproach, Mt; . ['onsaw']

onsand f. sending against, VPs. ['onsand']

onsang m. incantation, GD 73^26.

onswan^7 to sow: introduce into, implant, CM 658.

onsceacan^6 (a) to shake, shake off, remove.

onsceacnes f. excuse, EPs. [= onsacnes, Swt]

onsceamian = ofsceamian

onsceon- = onscun-

onsceortian to grow short, MH 104^23.

onscotan^2 (un-) to cut up, open, eviscerate.

onscillan (= y^2) to give back a sound, reply, OEG 8^265.

onscgan to unshoe. pp. onscd unshod.

onscrdan to clothe, EPs, Sc.

onscunian (eo, y) to shun, avoid, fear, detest, hate, LL; , CP: put away, reject, despise: irritate. ['ashun']

on-scuniendlic (CP), -scunigendlic () hateful, detestable.

onscunigend m. hater, Bl 111^29.

onscunung f. execration, abomination: exasperation.

onscynian = onscunian

onscyte m. attack, assault: defamation, calumny.

onseacan (Cp 665) = onsceacan

onscan require, exact, Jul. ['onseek']

onsecgan to renounce, deny: offer sacrifice, AO: impute, : inform,.

onsgednes = onsgednes [[headword spelled "onsgednes"]]

onsn (VPs) = ansen

onsendan to send out, send forth, transmit, yield up, AO,CP.

onson I. (sv^5) to see, look on, behold, regard, take notice of, AO. II. (A) = ansen

on-set, -setl, n. a sitting on, riding on, GD 183.

onsetenes f. laying on (of hands), MH 84^2.

onsetnes I. f. constitution, founding. II. f. snare, DR 121^19. [sittan]

onsetnung f. snare, DR 147^7.

onsettan to impose, oppress, bear down.

onscan^1 to sigh, groan, Bo.

onsen = ansen

onsgan^1 to sink, decline, descend: approach, impend, : assail,.

onsit = onset

onsittan I. sv^5 to seat oneself in, occupy, : oppress. II. sv^5 to fear, dread (= ond-).

onsittend m. rider, CHy 4^1.

onslge m. blow, WW. [slege]

onslpan^7 and wv. to go to sleep, sleep,BH.

onslpan = onslpan

onslpan^7 to become loose, W 83.

onslpan to loosen.

onsnsan (LL 69[36]) v. snsan.

onsnan^1 to cut up, Lcd (ES 43321).

onsond = onsand

onspc f. imputation, charge, claim.

onspannan^7 to unfasten, unbind, unloose, open, disclose, release.

onspeca m. accuser, claimant, LL 138[1,3].

onspecend m. accuser, TC 169^17.

onspornan = onspurnan

onspornend (= un-) not stumbling, Sc 187^8.

onsprc f. speech, discourse, GD 332^9 (an-).

onsprecan^5 to accuse: address.

onspreccan to enliven, Rim 9?

onspringan^3 to spring forth, originate, rise, burst forth, burst asunder.

onsprungennes f. eclipse, WW 225^39.

onspurnan^3 to strike against, stumble.

onstl m. order, arrangement, Gu 796.

onstlan to impute to, accuse of, MFH 170.

onstpe (e) m. ingress, ESPs 67^26.

onstppan^6 to walk, go.

onstal (= ea?) m. provision, supply, CP 4^1.

onstl m? charge, reproof, OEG.

onstandende urgent, importunate, Sc 111^4.

onstellan to institute, create, originate, establish, give the example of, Bl; AO, CP. ['onstell']

onstpan (= e) to raise, Hy 4^38.

onstgend m. one who ascends or mounts, VHy 4^1.

onsting m. claim, authority, jurisdiction, Ct.

onstian to harden, JnLR 12^40.

onstregdan^3 (and wk.) to sprinkle, BJPs 50^9; VPs (i^2).

onstydfullnes f. instability, DR.

onstran to govern, BH 276^11 (v.l.).

onstyr-ednes, -enes f. movement.

onstyrian to move, rouse, disturb, stir, agitate, excite,CP.

onsund == ansund

onsun-dran, -dron, -drum adv. singly, separately, apart: privately: especially.

onsundrian = syndrian [[under "syndran"]]

onswpan^7 to sweep on, blow on, Gl: sweep away, banish.

onswarian = andswarian

onswebban to put to sleep, bury, Gl.

onswfan^1 to swing forward, turn against: push off, put aside, turn away.

onswlic mighty, loud, L 31^281.

onswgan^7 (in-) to encroach upon, BH.

onswornod confused, NC 315.

onsymbelnes f. celebration (of mass), BH 112^8.

onsn = ansen

onsne visible, evident.

onsyngian = unsyngian

ontalu f. claim at law, TC 302^22.

ontnan (KGl 65^5) = ontnan

ontendan to kindle, set fire to, inflame, , Lcd, LL. ['tind,' 'ontend']

ontendnes (y) f. burning, fire, : inflammation, : incitement, fuel, : passion.

onton^2 to draw to oneself, assume, undertake, CP: pull: (=un-) untie.

ontona m. injury, oppression, ERPs 102^6.

ontige m. claim, usurpation, RB 140^9.

ontiht intent, attentive, eager, Sc 27^2.

ontihting f. attention, application, aim, intention, instigation, Sc.

ontimber matter, material, : cause, reason, occasion,.

ontimbernes f. material, MF 171: teaching, edification.

ontimbr-an, -ian, to instruct, BH.

ontre = antre

ontrowan to entrust, confide, Da 269?

ontdran to nourish, foster, AO 182^26.

ontdre 'sine foetu,' effete, WW. [= ortydre?]

ontgnes f. accusation, LL 22[37].

ontyhtan to urge on, incite, B 3086.

ontnan () to open, reveal, display, CP. [tn]

ontyndnes = ontendnes

ontnnes f. opening.

onslic (Sc 33^20) = unslic

onenian to stretch, EPs 63^3.

onodan to join oneself to, associate with, take partin.

onon^1,3 to be useful, succeed, prosper.

onowigan to serve, CM 473.

onracian to fear, dread.

onracung (an-) f. fear, awe, LPs 34^26.

on-rce, -rclic (an-) formidable, dreadful, .

onragung f. reproach, L 23b^672.

onrecan^5 refl. to fear, Guth 132^208.

onringan^3 to press on or forward, AO: move, be moved? Gu 1300.

onunian to swell up? move round? Rd 41^91: exceed bounds.

onwgennes f. washing, HL 13^138,154.

onwan^6 to wash.

onu = heonu

onufan prep. (w. d.) and adv. above, upon, on, Jud; AO: beyond, after. ['anoven']

onunder (an-) under, MF (Vesp. D xiv).

onunwsdm? m. ignorance, Bl 89^10.

onuppan I. prep. (w. d.) upon, on, CP. II. adv. in addition, besides.

onwacan^6 to awake, AO: originate from, be born.

onwaccan f. incitement, arousing, DR 74^12.

onwacnian = onwcnian [[under "onwcnan"]]

onwadan^6 to penetrate into, attach, seize, occupy.

onwcan to weaken, shake (a resolution), soften, mollify, CP. [wc]

onwcenes f. arousing, GD 337^33.

on-wcnan, -wcnian (e) to awake, CP: arise, spring, be born.

onwld (N) == onweald

onwmme = unwemme

onwre? adj. unripe, Lcd 12a.

onwstm m. increase, DR 69^9. [wstm]

onwterig = unwterig

onwald == onweald

onwalh == onwealg

onwarian to guard oneself against, MFH 171.

onwealcan^7 to roll, roll round.

onweald (a^1, a^2) I. mfn. authority, power, rule, sway, command, AO, Lk; CP: jurisdiction, territory, CP. II. adj. mighty, powerful. ['onwald']

onwealda m. ruler, governor, sovereign: the Lord, God.

onwealdend m. ruler.

+onwealdian (an-) to have dominion over, get possession of, LPs, LkLR().

onwealdig (a^1, a^2) powerful.

onwealdnes f. power, possession, ERPs 2^8.

onwealg, onwealh whole, sound, entire, uninjured, safe,AO.

onwealglce (an-) wholly, completely, CP.

onwealhnes f. soundness, wholeness, purity, modesty, chastity.

onweard (= and-) adj. acting against, opposed to.

onwecnian = onwcnian [[under "onwcnan"]]

onweg (aweg) adv. 'away,' forth, out, off, onward, along, B, Chr.

onwegcyrrednes, -cyrnes f. apostasy, BH 176 (v.l.).

onwegdrfan^1 to drive away, VPs.

onwegdrifennes f. a driving away, GD 185^13.

onwegfirran to remove away, VHy.

onwegldnes f. removal, BH 446^16.

onwegndan to drive away, repel.

onwegscfan^2 to push away, VPs.

onwegwendan to remove, VPs.

onwegfreld n. departure, GD 119^26.

onweggewit n. aberration (of mind), VPs 115^11.

onweggewitennes f. departure, BH 170^10.

onwegndan = onwegndan

onwegoncernes = onwegcerrednes [[headword spelled "onwegcyrrednes"]]

onwegpullian to pull away, ES 43339.

onwendan to change, exchange: upset, end, overturn, turn aside, avert, VPs: change for the better, amend: change for the worse, pervert: transgress: deprive: return.

onwendedlic changeable, Lcd 3164^8.

on-wendednes, -wendnes f. movement, change, alteration, VPs.

onweorpan^3 (in-) cast in one's teeth, accuse: turn or throw aside: begin the web.

onweorpnes f. onpouring, BH 118^5.

onwstan = wstan

onwcan^1 to yield, give, way, Gl.

onwille wished for, agreeable, Gu 700.

onwindan^3 unwind, loosen: retire, retreat, An 531.

onwinnan^3 to attack, assail.

onwinnende assailing, aggressive, .

onwist f. dwelling at a place, habitation.

onwlite = andwlite

onworpennes f. enticement, allurement, inspiration.

onwrecan = wrecan

onwron^1,2 to uncover, unfold, display, explain, reveal, ,CP.

on-wrig(en)nes, -wrihnes f. revelation, exposure, exposition, . [wron]

onwrting f. inscription, Lk 20^24. ['onwriting']

onwrtung = onwrung

onwran to unbind, unwrap, Jud 173.

onwrung f. ligament, bandage, WW 439^13 (onwrt-).

onwunian to inhabit, remain, Ps.

onwunung f. dwelling-place: assiduity, OEG75.

onwurpan = onweorpan

onwyllan to cause to boil, inflame, Gu 362.

onwylwan to roll up, roll together, EHy 2^12.

onan to pour in, Sc 200^7.

onwan to show, manifest.

open 'open,' exposed, AO, B, Bl, Jn, WW: evident, well-known, public, manifest, plain, clear, AO, Bo,Jn.

openrs m. medlar, WW 137^36. ['openarse']

openere m. opener, A 8326^5.

openian to 'open,' open up, disclose, declare, reveal, , BH, Ps; CP: () intr. become manifest: () be open to, exposedto.

openlic open, public, WW. adv. -lce 'openly,' manifestly, plainly, clearly, unreservedly, Bl, Bo,RB.

opennes f. openness, publicity, OEG.

openung f., opening, disclosure, manifestation.

oportanie = aprotane

r n. beginning, origin: front. [cp. ord]

or prefix (lit. 'out of' = L. ex-) is privative, as in orsorg, orwna; or denotes origin, antiquity, as in oreald. [Ger.ur-]

ra I. m. border, bank, shore, Chr; Mdf. II. m. 'ore,' unwrought metal, BH, Ps, WW: brass, Gr, Cp, CP. III. a coin of Danish origin, LkL, LL (v.2601). ['ora']

ora = oro

orble bloodless, WW 397^29. [bld]

orc I. m. pitcher, crock, cup. [Late L. orca; L. urceus] II. m. demon, Gl. [L. orcus]

or-cape, -capes, -capunga, -capungum adv. gratis, without cause.

orc-eard, -erd (, Lcd) = ortgeard

orcas inviolable, unimpugned, unassailed, Gl.

orcasnes f. immunity, purity, Gl.

orcerdlh f. orchard. [ortgeard, lah]

orcerdweard m. gardener, WW 333^25.

orcgeard, orcird = ortgeard

orcnwe () easily recognised, evident, well-known.

orcnas mp. monsters, B 112.

orcyrs m. monster of hell, Orcus, WW.

orcyrd = ortgeard

ord m. point, spear-point, spear, B, CP: source, beginning, , CP: front, vanguard, : chief, prince; in pl. first men, the flower. ['ord']

ordle not participating, WW.

ordl () n. 'ordeal,' LL. [Ger. urteil]

ordlsen n. iron used in an ordeal, LL 388[1].

ordbana m. (spear-slayer), murderer, Gen 1097.

ordceard = ortgeard

ordl = ordl

ordfruma m. fount, source, : author, creator, instigator, AO: () head man, chief, prince.

ordstpe m. spear-stab, wound, Rd 71^16.

ordwyga m. warrior.

-re v. sen-.

oreald very old, Bo 102^18. [Ger. uralt]

red- = ret-

orel n. robe, garment, mantle, veil, . [L. orarium]

oreldo = oryldu

orene I. excessive. II. n. excess.

orenlce excessively, MF 171.

ret m. contest, battle.

ret- = rett-

retfeld m. place of contest, OEG 8^50.

retla m. contumely, insult, GD 200^16.

retlof n. triumph, CM 497.

ret-mcga, -mecg, -mcg m. champion, warrior.

retscipe (orret-) m. infamy, WW.

retstw f. wrestling place, place of contest, OEG.

rett- = ret-

retta m. champion, warrior, hero.

rettan to put to confusion, disgrace.

ore = oro

oreian = orian

orf n. cattle, live stock, , Chr, LL. ['orf']

orfcwealm (a^2) m. cattle-plague, murrain.

orfcynn (i^2) n. cattle.

orfeorme (y) () destitute of, lacking: () empty, useless: squalid, filthy.

orfeormnes f. squalor, filthiness, Cp 488#s#.

orfgebitt n. grazing, WW 149^33.

orfiermu f. squalor, OET 96^933.

orfyrme = orfeorme

orfyrm refuse, OEG 609.

organ m. canticle, song: voice.

organa? organe? f., organ-an, -on pl. musical instrument, , ApT, Ps. ['organ'; L. organum]

organe f. marjoram, Lcd. ['organ'; L. origanum]

organian = orgnian

organystre player on a musical instrument, (Gen 4^21).

orgeate = orgyte

orgel I. pride, WW (o^2). ['orgel'] II. = organa

orgeldram m. sound of a musical instrument, Bl.

orgellic ignominious, CP. adv. -lce proudly, insolently, scornfully,.

orgelnes f. pride, OEG 1108.

orgelword n. arrogant speech, .

orgete = orgyte

orgilde not having discharged a payment (of 'wergeld'),LL.

orglce = orgellce

orgnian to sing to an instrumental accompaniment, Gr 181^2.

orgol == orgel

orgyte (ea, e) well known, manifest, AO.

orh- = org-

orhlttre = orleahtre

orhlte without lot or share in, destitute of, .

orege out of sight, not visible, ANS 98128.

orl m. = orel n.

orlg (e) n. fate.

orleahter m. 'discrimen,' lack of vice or defect, v.ES 37179.

orleahtre blameless.

orleg = orlg

orlegcap m. battle-booty? Gen 1994.

orlege I. n. conflict, strife, war. II. adj. hostile, inimical.

orlegfrom keen in battle, Rd 21^15.

orleggfre () fond of strife, Gen 2287.

orleghwl f. war-time.

orlegn m. war, hostility.

orlegsceaft f. 'supplicium'? Sol 456? (GK).

orlegstund f. time of adversity, Sol 374.

orlegweorc n. battle. Gen 2020.

ormte I. (, ) adj. boundless, huge, excessive, intense, , Chr; AO. II. adv. ['ormete'; metan]

ormtlic excessive, Chr 1117.

ormtnes f. excess, immensity, .

or-mte, -mette = ormte

ormd despondent, despairing, hopeless, Bo, Hept; , CP. ['ormod']

ormdnes f. desperation, despair, CP.

orn (= arn) pret. 3 sg, of iernan.

orne = orene

ornest n. trial by battle, LL.

oro n. breath, breathing, snorting.

orped adult, active. adv. -lce boldly: clearly, definitely.

orrest f. battle, combat, Chr. [ON. orrusta]

orret- = ret-

orswle lifeless, dead, .

orsceattinga gratuitously, BH 242^7.

orsorg (w. g.) unconcerned, without care or anxiety, safe, CP. [OHG. ursorg]

orsorglic (w. g.) secure, CP. adv. -lce carelessly, rashly, , CP: without anxiety or hindrance: securely, safely,CP.

orsorgnes f. security, prosperity, CP.

orsorh = orsorg

ortgeard, orcerd m. garden, 'orchard,' CP.

ortgeard- = orcerd-

ortrowe = ortrewe

ortrownes f. diffidence, mistrust.

ortrewan (y) to despair of: (+) disbelieve.

ortrewe despairing, hopeless, AO, W (o,): treacherous, faithless. ['ortrow']

ortrwian w. g. _to despair_, _. ['_ortrow_']

ortrwung f. despair, Sc 131^3,4.

ortrw- = ortrew-

ortdre barren, A 112^42.

or (KGl) = oro

oranc I. mn. intelligence, understanding, mind: cleverness, skill: skilful work, mechanical art, . [OHG. urdank] II. adj. ingenious, skilful.

orancbend (o^2) f. cunning bond, band, Rd 43^15.

orances thoughtlessly.

oranclic intelligent? GD 269^13.

orancpl (o^2) m. ploughshare? Rd 22^13.

orancscipe m. mechanical art, Gl.

orancum skilfully.

orian to breathe, gasp, : long for, aspire to, . [oro]

oronc (CP) == oranc

orung f. breathing, breath, : pore.

oru = oro

orwearde adv. unguarded, B 3127.

orweg trackless? A 19110.

orwegnes f. state of being out of the way, WW 220^34.

orwegstg f. out-of-the-way track, WW.

orwna indecl. adj. (w. g.) hopeless, despairing of,.

+orwenan to despair, .

or-wne, -wna (w. g.) hopeless, despairing of, : despaired of, desperate.

orwnnes f. despair, .

orwge not fighting, unwarlike, cowardly: not liable to the legal consequences (ofhomicide), LL 76[42,5,7].

orwte = orwge

orwur n. ignominy, CPs 82^17.

orwyr (VPs), orwyru f. shame, dishonour: abuse.

+orwyran to disgrace.

orwyrlic shameful, MH 156^21.

oryldu f. great age. [ieldo]

s m., gp. sa a divinity, god: name of the rune for o.

oser 'vimen,' osier, OEG 10^2.

sle f. 'merula,' 'ouzel,' blackbird, Cp, Ep, WW. [amsel]

st m. protuberance, knot, lump.

osterhlf m. oyster-patty, Lcd 79a.

stig, stiht knotty, rough, scaly, Gl.

ostorscyll f. oyster-shell, Lcd 1338^16.

ostre f. oyster, WW. [L. ostrca]

ot I. (VPs, N) = t. II. = o

oter (KC) = otor

oterhola m. otter's hole, KC 323^28.

otor, otr (Ep), ottor m. 'otter,' WW.

otsperning (KGl 70^16) = tspornung

o I. prep. w. a. and (rarely) d. to, up to, as far as: until, , AO, CP. o isum up to now, ES 43166. II. conj. until. III. as prefix. usu. denotes departure, separation, as in ofeallan, owendan.

oberan to bear away, carry off: bring.

oberstan^3 to break away, escape.

o-brdan, -bregdan^3 to snatch away, carry off, rescue, remove, withdraw, Gu; AO. ['atbraid']

oclfan^1 to cleave to, stick, adhere, Cr 1267.

ocwelan^4 to die, LL 112[53].

ocyrran to be turned from, perverted, Jul 338. [cierran]

odn anv. to put out (eyes), LL 32[19].

oawan = oewan

ocan to add to, VPs 68^27. [ac]

ohtian to drive away, Lcd 1384^15.

el = el

oowan = oewan

er I. pron. sb. or adj. (always strong) one of two, , AO, BH, Bo, LL: second, , Bo, BH, Mt: 'other,' BH, LL, Mt: something else, anything else, BH, Bo: alternate, next: remaining, rest, A, AO, Ps: further, existing besides, , Bl, Bo: another: (inpl.) the rest, the others. the one...the other, , Bl, CP: other...than, CP. er oe...oe either...or. er healf one and a half, BH. II. ('aut') = hwer. comp. adv. erlcor otherwise, RB 87^19. ['otherliker'] III. word, speech ('eloquium'), PPs 118^38. [ON. r]

owan = oewan

ofstan to inflict upon: set to (a task), entrust, commit,CP.

ofaran^6 w. d. to flee from, escape, Ex. ['atfare']

ofeallan^1 to fall off, decline, decay, CP: fall away from, be lost to, be wanting, fail: cease to concern.

ofolan^3 to cleave, adhere, WW 416^24.

oferian to take away, bear off: save (life).

oflogan^2 to fly away, Ph 347.

oflon^2 (w. d.) to flee away, escape, , AO.

ofltan^1 to gain by legal process, Ct.

ogn anv. to go away, escape, B 2934.

ogldan^1 to glide away, escape, Sol 401.

ogrpan^1 to rescue, BH 408^27.

ohealdan^7 to keep back, CP. ['athold']

ohebban^6 to raise, exalt, lift up, CP.

ohelde = ohylde

ohlapan^7 to escape, LL 218[1,11].

ohrnan^1 to touch, HL 16^228.

ohdan to hide from, AO 94^11.

ohylde (e) contented, Lcd.

ian to pant. [cp. ian]

oiernan^3 to run away.

oewan (, a, o, , ) tr. to show, Gen; CP: show oneself, appear, become visible, El (). ['atew']

oldan to lead away, carry off, snatch from, withdraw.

orn = ohrn, pret. 3 sg. of ohrnan.

ordan^1 to ride, proceed, Hell 40.

orinnan^3 to run off, escape, Met 20^138.

orwan^7 to escape by rowing, row away, Chr 897#a#.

osacan^6 (w. g.) to deny, abjure, AO.

oscacan^6 to escape, LL 177[6,3].

oscotan^2 to escape, slip off, turn aside, .

oscfan^2 intr. to move off, Ph 168.

sperning f. stumbling-block, KGl.

ospurnan^3 (o) to dash against.

ostandan^6 to stand fixed, remain, stop, cease, AO: stand behind, : perplex, hinder.

ostillan to stop, Lcd 182^5.

oswerian^6 to abjure, deny on oath, AO.

oswgan to cease speaking, become silent, OET 631.

oswimman^3 (y) to escape by swimming, Chr 915#d#.

oton^2 to take away, Lcd 87a.

oa = oe

ot conj. until.

oe conj. or, Chr, Ct, VPs. oe...oe either...or, BH. ['other'] (= oe) until.

oodan to sever, dismember, An 1423.

oet (KGl 61^19) = ot

oicgan^5 to take away, Ex 338.

oingian to obtain by unfair means, usurp, LL (412^9).

oon conj. or. [= oe]

oringan^3 to deprive of, AO: drive out,GD.

owendan to turn away, divert, deprive of, Gen 403. ['atwend']

owindan^3 to escape, get away, Chr 897#a#.

owtan^1 to charge with, blame, reproach with, taunt, AO,CP.

owyrcan to harm? Lcd 1384^5.

owan = oewan

wstm m. shoot, branch, twig.

wana (N) = hwonan

-web, -wef () n. woof, weft, WW. ['abb']

wr, wern (BH) = hwr

wiht = wiht

wisc f. edge, KC 3388^25.

wer = hwer

wul = wel

oxa m. nap. oxan, [oe]xen, exen, dp. ox(n)um 'ox,' Ct, JnL, Rd, VPs, WW;CP.

oxancelf n. ox-calf, .

oxangang m. an eighth of a 'plough-land,' hide.

oxanhyrde m. herdsman, OEG, WW.

oxanslyppe f. 'oxlip,' Lcd.

xn f. arm-pit, WW.

oxnahyrde = oxanhyrde

oxnalybb n. ox-heal (plant), Lcd.

oxstlde equal to? competent for? Cp 1032. (v.ES 43314).

xta = custa

oxum v. oxa.

oxumelle m. oxymel.


pd f. covering, coat, cloak, WW.

padde, pade, f. toad, frog, BC 2377^16; Chr 1137. [ON. padda]

pca m. deceiver, Bas 40^21.

pcan to cheat, deceive.

pgel m. gill, small measure, wine vessel, WW 124^2 (A8450). [v.'pail']

pl ?= pl (v. OEG 19^3).

pll (e) m. silk robe, cloak, Gr: 'pall,' hanging, covering, : purple garment, purple, BH, WW. [L. pallium]

pllen (e) _of costly stuff, purple_, _. ['_pallen_']

pllerad = fellerad

plm == palm

pneg, pning = pening

-pran v. -, for-p.

prl? 'enula,' ('gemmula'? Wlker), Gr 304^7.

ptig = (prtig), prttig

p (a) mfn. nap. paas 'path,' track, Cp, Chr, Ps; : valley, LkL.

pan to traverse, travel over, pass along, Met, Rd. ['path']

pl m. 'pole,' stake, post, WW 334^2: spade. [L. palus]

palendse (AO), palentse, pal(l)ente f., plent () m. palace. [Late L. palantium or palantia]

plentlic belonging to a palace, palatial, WW 342^7.

palester = palstr

pallium m. pallium, L 36^166. [L.]

palm (), palma m. 'palm' tree, , JnL, VPs.

palm-ppel, -appel m. date, WW.

palmbearu m. palm-grove, WW 488^13.

palm-dg (), -sunnandg (Lk 19^29) m. 'Palm Sunday.'

palm-tro, -trow m. 'palm-tree,' , Jn.

palmtwig n. palm twig, palm branch, .

+palmtwigian to deck with palm-branches.

palmwuce f. week of which Palm Sunday is the first day.

palstr, palster sb. prick, point, spike, Gl.

pandher m. panther, Pa 12.

panic m. a kind of millet, Lcd.

panmete m. cooked food, WW 409^9.

panne (o) f. 'pan,' CP, WW.

ppa m. 'pope,' BH; , CP. [L. papa]

ppanhd m. _papal office_, _. ['_popehood_']

ppdm m. papacy, Chr.

paper m? papyrus, WW 523^7.

papig = popig

papolstn m. _pebble_, _. ['_pebblestone_'; _L._ papula]

pp-seld, -setl n. papacy, Bl 205^20.

paralisin ds. of sb. paralysis, L.

pard m. panther. [L. pardus]

-parian v. -p.

part m. 'part,' Gr. [L. partem]

passion f. nap. passione the part of the gospel containing the account of Christ's passion, OET 444^37.

pa = p

pwa m. pwe f. peacock, peahen, Gr, Ep, Lcd, WW. ['po'; Lat. pavo]

pa m. peafowl, Ph 312. ['pea']

peall? 'defrutum' (sc. vinum), OEG (v. ES 37184).

peaneg = pening

pear-roc, -ruc m. 'clatrum,' fence with which a space is enclosed, Gl: enclosure, enclosed land, Bo, Chr, KC; L. ['parrock']

pecg m? pig? BC 3223 (pygg? v. SkED).

pell = pll

pellen = pllen

pellican m. 'pelican,' Ps 101^5.

pen = penn

pending, pene(n)g, penig = pening

pening m. 'penny,' coin, money, , Cp, Ct, G, LL (v.2614): pennyweight, Lcd.

pening-hwyrfere, -mangere m. money-changer, WW.

peningslht m. coining money, MtL 17^25.

peningwg f. pennyweight, Lcd 47b.

peningweor n. pennyworth, Lcd, KC (u^3);.

penn m. 'pen,' fold, BC; Mdf. [L.]

pennig, penning = pening

pentecosten m. 'Pentecost,' A, .

po = pe

peonie f. 'peony,' Lcd 1168^14. [L.]

peor m. name of the rune for p, chessman? #Run#38.

peose (piose, pyose) = pise

pere = peru

perews n. pear-juice, perry, WW 128^20.

perfince = perwince

pernex m. a supposed bird? (mistranslation of L. pernix), Rd 41^66.

per-sic, -soc, -suc m. peach. [L. persicum]

persoctrow n. peach-tree, WW 138^1.

peru f. 'pear,' Gr. [L. pirum]

perwince f. 'periwinkle' (plant), WW.

petersilie f. 'parsley,' Lcd. [Ger. petersilie]

ptig = (prtig), prttig

pean = pan

philosoph m. philosopher, AO.

pic n. 'pitch,' Ep, Sc; . [L. picem]

pc m. point, pointed tool, pick, pickaxe, Cp, WW. ['pike']

picen pitchy, of pitch.

+pcian to cover with 'pitch,' Lcd 10a.

pcung f. 'pricking,' Cp 572#s# ('stigmata').

pe f. parasite, Gl.

pierisc Pierian, A 31535.

pigment, pihment (y) drug, Lcd. [L.]

pihten part of a loom, OEG. [L. pecten]

pl m. _a pointed object, spike, nail, shaft, stake_, _: _arrow, dart, javelin_: pl. _hairs of plants_, _Lcd_ 1304. ['_pile_'; _L._ pilum]

pilce = pylece

pile = pyle

ple f. mortar, CP. [L. pila]

pilece = pylece

plere m. one who pounds in a mortar, WW 141^9.

plian to pound in a mortar, WW 114^25.

pillspe f. 'silotrum,' soap for removing hair? WW 127^36 (v.ES 43334).

+pilod piled up, Ex 16^14.

plstf m. pestle, CP 267^2.

pl-stampe f., -stocc m., plstre f. pestle, WW.

pn f. pain, torment, anguish, torture. [L. poena]

pnbam m. _pine-tree_, _. [v. '_pine_']

pinca = pynca

pnecwalu m? n? torture, W 241^13.

pnere m. tormentor.

pinewincle = winewincle

pingan = pyngan

pn-hnutu f. ds. -hnyte fir-cone, Lcd. ['pine-nut']

pnian to torture, torment, AO, MtL; , CP. ['pine'; L. poena]

pinn sb. 'pin,' peg, A: pen. [L. penna]

pinnan obl. case of wk. sb. pinne? flask, bottle, WW 97^10.

pnnes f. pain, torture, TC 369^34.

pinsian to weigh, consider, examine, reflect, CP. [L. pensare]

pintel 'penis,' WW 292^16. ['pintle']

pntrow n. 'pine-tree,' Lcd; L.

pn-trowen, -trwen of or belonging to a pine-tree, Lcd.

pnung f. torture, torment, punishment, , AO.

pnungtl n. instrument of torture, .

pionie (OEG 56^418) = peonie

piose = pise

ppdram m. piping, Lcd 3208^22.

ppe f. 'pipe,' tube, Lcd; Mdf: wind instrument, W, ZDA.

pipeneale f. pimpernel.

piper = pipor

ppere m. 'piper,' MtR, WW.

piperhorn m. horn for pepper, pepper-castor, LL 455[17].

ppian to 'pipe,' (blow an instrument), NC (ZDA 34234).

piplian (y) to show eruptions, break out in pimples, Lcd.

pplic musical, OEG 1644.

pipor (e^2) m. 'pepper,' , Lcd. [L. piper]

piporcorn n. 'pepper-corn,' Lcd.

piporcwyrn f. pepper mill, ANS 84325.

piporian, -piprian to season with 'pepper,' Lcd.

pirenisc Pyrrhenian, A 31535.

pirge (Gl) = pirie

pirgrf m. pear-orchard, KC 5284^23.

pirie, pirige () f. pear-tree.

ps heavy, NG. [L. pensum]

pise f. (eo, io, y) pea, Cp, Lcd, WW. ['pease']

psle f. warm chamber? WW 186^10. [Low L. pisalis]

pslic heavy, NG. adv. -lce.

pistel == pistol

pistol m. letter, : apostolic letter, . ['pistle'; L. epistola]

pistolbc f. book of the epistles, LL. [v.'pistle']

pistolcl m. vestment worn by the epistoller, BC 3366.

pistolrdere m. epistle-reader, sub-deacon, CM 584 etc.

pistolrding f. _a lesson in the church service_, _. [v.'_pistle_']

pistolrocc m. vestment worn by the epistoller, TC 429^22 (e^2).

pitt == pytt

pia wm. inward part, 'pith,' Bo;CP.

placunis = wlacunis [[headword spelled "wlacunes"]]

plce f. open space, street, DR, MtLR. ['place'; L. platea]

plg- = pleg-

plse, pltse = plce

pltt m. slap, smack, H 2248^25.

plttan to buffet, smack, Jn 19^3. ['plat']

plagian = plegian

plante f. 'plant,' shoot, CP, VPs. [L. planta]

plantian to 'plant,' , CP, VPs.

plantsticca m. dibble, WW 106^17.

plantung f. 'planting,' WW: plant, Mt.

plaster I. n. 'plaster' (as medicament), DD, Lcd. [L. emplastrum] II. = palster [[II. under "palstr"]]

plasterplatian to cover with metal plates.

+platod plated (of gold), OEG 11^61.

platung f. metal plate, WW 196^24. [v. 'plate']

pleagian = plegian

plega (a, ) m. quick motion, movement, exercise, Chr, Cp (), Cr, Gen, WW: 'play,' festivity, drama, game, sport, AO, Bl; : battle, B: applause.

plegan, plegian (a, , eo) (pres. occly. strong) to move rapidly, An, Gen: exercise, occupy or busy oneself, Bo, Bl, LL: 'play,' sport with, amuse oneself, dance, CP, MtL: contend, fight: play on an instrument, VPs: clap the hands, applaud, El, VPs: make sport of, mock, , Gen: cohabit (with), Rd 43^2.

plegemann = plegmann

plegende 'playing,' Shr.

plegere m. 'player,' WW 108^9.

plegestw = plegstw

plegestre f. female athlete, OEG 4735.

pleghs n. 'playhouse,' theatre, OEG 1752.

plegian = plegan

pleglic (Gl) athletic: scenic: comic.

plegmann m. gymnosophist, athlete, Gl.

plegol playful, jocular, L 21^292.

plegscip n. small vessel, WW 181^40.

plegscyld (e^2) m. play-shield, small shield, Gl.

plegstw f. playground, gymnasium, amphitheatre, Lcd, WW. ['playstow']

plo ds. of pleoh.

pleogan = plegan

pleoh n. gs. plos danger, risk, harm, , AO, CP: responsibility, LL 70[36,2].

plolic dangerous, hurtful, hazardous, , AO.

plon^5 (w. g.) to expose to danger, adventure oneself,CP.

plett f? fold, NG. [L. plecta]

plice v. plyccan.

plicettan? to play with, v. NC 315.

plicgan to scrape, scratch, GPH 396.

pliht m. peril, risk, danger, damage, VPs, WW; . t plihte dangerously. [plon; 'plight']

plihtan to imperil, endanger, compromise, LL. ['plight']

plihtere m. look-out man at the prow, OEG.

plihtlic perilous, dangerous.

ploccan = pluccian

plg, plh m. what a yoke of oxen could plough in a day, a plough-land, Lcd. ['plough']

plont- = plant-

plot plot of ground, LL 400[3].

pluccian to 'pluck,' tear, , Mt,WW.

plmbld f. plum, Lcd 86a.

plme f. 'plum,' , Cp: plum-tree, Cp, Ep, Erf; Mdf.

plmfeer f. down, ES 939. [L. pluma]

plmsaw n. plum-juice, Lcd 3114^21 ().

plmsl f. wild plum, sloe, WW 139^4.

plmtrow n. plum-tree, .

plyccan only in plice 2 sg. subj. (IM 122) and plyce (imperat.) (IM 127) to pluck, pull, snatch, NC 315. ['plitch']

plyhtlic = plihtlic

plme f. plum, plum-tree, Gl. [L. *prunea]

pocdl f. eruptive disease, pox, Lcd.

pocc m. 'pock,' blister, pustule, blain, ulcer, Lcd.

pocca (LkL) = pohha

pohha, poh(ch)a m. pocket, bag, CP, MkL. ['pough']

pohhede baggy, RB. ['pough']

pl m. 'pool,' CP, JnL; ; Mdf.

polente? f. _parched corn_, _. ['_polenta_'; _L._]

pollegie f. pennyroyal, Lcd. [L. pulegium]

pollup m. scourge? (BT), LL (278^26).

pon- = pan-

pond = pynd

popg (Cp) = popig

popelstn (OEG 1815) = papolstn

popig m? 'poppy,' Gl, WW.

por, porr, porlac n. leek, . [L. porrum]

port I. mn. 'port,' harbour, AO: town with a harbour, BH; Mdf. [L. portus] II. m. portal, door, gate, entrance, MtL, Ps; Mdf. ['port'; L. porta]

portcwne f. prostitute, NG.

porte f. = port II.

portgeat n. city gate, .

portgerfa m. 'port-reeve,' mayor, , LL,WW.

portgeriht n. town-due, KC 3138^10.

portian to bray (in a mortar), CP.

portic mn. portico, 'porch,' vestibule, sanctuary, chapel, BH, Jn; . [L. porticus]

portmann m. townsman, burgess, , WW. ['portman']

portstrt f. public street, Ct.

portweall m. city wall, .

port-wer, -weora (= -wara) m. citizen.

pos n. cold in head, Lcd. ['pose']

posa = pusa

posl, postling m. pellet, pill, Lcd.

post m. 'post,' , WW. [L. postis]

postol m. apostle, LkR. ['postle']

potian to push, butt, goad, , W. ['pote']

pott m. 'pot,' Lcd 1378 (v. late).

pottere m. potter, BC 349.

prtt m. nap. prattas trick, craft, art, , W, ZDA. ['prat']

prttig (e) tricky, sly, cunning, wily, astute, WW; . ['pretty']

prafost (o^1, a^2, e^2) m. officer, 'provost' (ofa monastery), KC, MH, RB; . [L. propos(i)tus]

prafostfolgo m. order or rank of provost, RB 126^6.

prafostscr f. provostship, RB 124^16.

pranga v. wranga.

prass m. array, pomp, .

prattas v. prtt.

pran = pron

prde = prde, prte [["prte" under "prto"]]

prdicere m. preacher, Gr 276^1.

prdician to preach, Lk 8^1.

prdicung f. preaching, NC 315.

pron m. 'fibula,' pin, brooch, TC, WW. ['preen']

prost (a, , o) m. 'priest,' presbyter, BH, LL, Mt, WW; AO,CP.

prostgesamnung f. community of priests, NC 315.

prosthd m. 'priesthood,' BH, OEG; , CP.

prosthap m. body of priests, GD 302^25.

prosthred (^2) m. body of priests.

prostlagu f. ecclesiastical law, canon law, LL 380[2,3].

prostlic 'priestly,' canonical, CM 667.

prostraf n. priestly garment, NC 316.

prostregol m. canonical rule, NC 316.

prostscr f. parish, LL. ['priestshire']

prowthwl f. twinkling of an eye, moment, .

press f. press, A 9263^12.

prica m., price f. 'prick,' point, spot, dot, , Lcd, Mt: small portion of space or time, A,.

-priccan v. -p.

pricel, pricels m. 'prickle,' goad, point, Lk, OEG: jot, tittle, MtL, LkL.

prician tr. _to pierce_, _: intr. _'prick,' sting_, _Sc_: (+) _point out_, A 8324.

pricmlum adv. by points.

pricung f. _'pricking,' remorse_, _ 288^22.

prm n? the first hour (6 a.m.): the service held at 6 a.m., 'prime,' WW. [L. prima (sc. hora)]

prmsang m. prime-song, service of prime.

prince? twinkling of an eye, moment, v. OEG 2369.

prior m. 'prior,' TC. [L.]

prt = prt [[form of "prto"]]

prodbor (prot-) n. auger? MtR.

profast = prafost

prfian to assume to be, take for, LL. [L. probare]

profost = prafost

prt 'proud,' arrogant, OEG, Sc.

prutene (?) f. southern-wood, wormwood, Lcd. [L. abrotanum]

prtian to be 'proud,' NC 316.

prtlice adv. proudly, pompously, magnificently.

prtscipe m. arrogance, pride.

prtswongor overburdened with pride, W 257^12 (v.l.).

prtung f. pride, arrogance, OEG. [v. 'proud']

prde = prte [[under "prto"]]

prdecere = prdicere

prto, prte f. 'pride,' haughtiness, pomp, , LL, OEG,W.

psaltere (Lcd) = saltere

psealm (WW), psalm == sealm

pca m. goblin, OEG 23^2. ['puck']

pcel m. goblin, GPH 394^242. ['puckle']

pucian to poke, creep, GPH 397.

pudd m. ditch, GPH 399.

puduc m. wart, GPH 396.

pull = pl

pullian to 'pull,' draw, A: pluck off (wool), Lcd 3176.

plsper n. reed, MtL 11^7 (v. A 39364).

pumic m? pumice. [L. pumicem]

pumicstn m. pumice-stone, WW 148^3.

pund n. 'pound' (in weight or in money), pint, A, Ct, G, Lcd; , AO. [L. pondo]

pundar, pundor = pundur

pundere m. one who weighs, MtL p2^3.

pundern n. pair of scales, OEG.

pundmte adj. of a pound weight, RB 63^16.

pundur n. weight, plumb-line, Cp 264#d#. [L. pondere]

pundwg f. pound weight, measure (of corn),LL.

pnere m. 'pounder,' pestle, Sc 95^19.

pung m. purse, Gl.

pungetung f. pricking, Lcd. [pyngan]

pnian to 'pound,' beat, bruise, Lcd,Sc.

punt punt, WW. [L. ponto]

pr bittern? sea-gull? WW.

purlamb n. lamb without blemish, (Ex 12^5).

purpl, purple (JnL) = purpur [[under "purpure"]]

purpure f., purpur (WW 152^20) 'purple,' a purple garment, AO, Mk; CP. [L.]

purpuren purple, WW 151^24. ['purpurine']

purs 'purse,' OEG 18#b#^36. [late L. bursa]

pusa (o) m. bag, scrip, .

puslian to pick out, Lcd 127a.

-pte v. le-p.

ptung f. instigation, v. NC 316. ['putting']

pcan to 'pick,' Chr 796#f#?

pyff a puff of wind, BDS 24245; ES 38295.

pyffan, pret. pyfte to puff, blow, v. OEG 1886.

pyhment = pigment

pylce (A 730) = pylece

pyle (i) m. 'pillow,' , AO, CP, Lcd. [L. pulvinum]

pylece f. a warm fur garment, robe, pelisse, WW. ['pilch']

pylewer pillow, OEG 56^16. ['pilliver']

pyll = pull, pl

pylu (OEG 29^4), pylwe = pyle

pynca (i) m. point, OEG 3683. [pyngan]

pynd? sb. cistern? lake? Rim 49.

+pyndan to impound, shut up, CP 276. ['pind']

pynding f. dam, CP 276. [v. 'pind']

pyngan (i) to prick, CP. ['ping'; L. pungere]

pypelian = piplian

pyretre f. pellitory, Lcd 312^19. [L. pyrethrum]

pyrie = pirie

pyrige = pirige [[under "pirie"]]

pyrtan to strike, beat, GPH 401.

pyse () = pise

pysecynn n. sort of pea, Lcd 71a.

psian = pinsian

ptan to put out (eyes), Chr 796#f#?

pytt m. 'pit,' hole, well, grave, AO, Ct, G, LL; CP; Mdf: pustule. [L. puteus]

pytted 'pitted,' dented, marked (of a sword), EC 225.

pyttel (i) m. hawk, kite, WW.


qu- is usually written cw-, which see.


r m. nap. rn 'roe,' roebuck, BH, Erf, Lcd; Mdf.

rabbian to rage, W 84^11.

raca m. 'rake,' WW; GD 192.

racca m. part of the rigging of a ship, WW.

racente f. chain, fetter, Bl, Bo, Sc; AO. ['rackan']

+racentagian to chain, L 31^35.

racen-tah f. gs. -tage chain, fetter, Bl; . ['rakenteie']

racete = racente

racetage (Mk) = racentah

racian (w. d.) to rule, govern, control: go forward, move, CP, W: hasten, NR 28^25. ['rake']

rcing (JnL) = rcing

racu I. f. exposition, explanation, observation, account, narrative, , CP: rhetoric: comedy. [reccan] II. f. (LL455^15) = raca

rd I. f. ride, riding, expedition, journey, BH, Bo, Lcd: raid, Chr, LL: modulation, Run 5: name of the rune for r. ['road'; rdan] II. pret. 3 sg. of rdan. III. m. = rd

+rd I. n. reckoning, account: condition, stipulation: reason, wisdom, , AO: accuracy. us +r. such, of this kind. h +rdes how. II. adj. conditioned, circumstanced, CP: wise, clever, skilful, Bo; AO: straight, Guth. +rde sprc prose.

-rd v. brand-r.

rdcniht m. tenant holding subject to service on horseback, v.L 173. ['radknight']

rade = hrae

+rdegian = +rdian

rdehere, rdhere = rdehere

radelod having straight branches? BC 344.

rdhors n. riding-horse, HL. ['roadhorse']

radian = hradian

+rdian to reckon with, arrange, Bo 96^15: call to account.

+rdlic wise, prudent, learned, . adv. -lce, .

+rdnes f. compact.

rador == rodor

rdor = rhdor

radost = hraost, v. hrae.

rdpytt m. draw-well? Rd 59^15.

+rdscipe m. discretion, Met 22^48.

rdstefn f. term of service performed by a mounted man, LL 456[3]. [cp. rdcniht]

rdumbel = rradumbla

rdwrig weary of travelling, Rd 21^14.

rc = rec

rcan, rccan = reccan

rcan I. to 'reach' out, stretch out, , B, CP, Cr, Sat: offer, present, give, grant, Jn, RB; : extend (intr.), Gen, Rd, Sol: carry, convey, LL 447[4,1b]. II. = hrcan

+rcan 'reach,' attain, overtake, Bl, Sat: obtain by seizure, take, get, gain, Chr; AO: address, speak to: handle, deal with.

rcc m. setter (dog), WW 276^4.

rce f. (Cp) = raca

rced == reced

rcing f. 'reaching,' holding out, presenting, JnL.

rd = hrd

rd I. (, ) m. advice, counsel, , B: resolution, deliberation, plan, way, design, , AO: council, conspiracy, , B: decree, ordinance, CP: wisdom, sense, reason, intelligence, El; : gain, profit, benefit, good fortune, remedy, , Met: help: power, might t rde +niman resolve, AO. t rde incan seem advisable, Bl. ['rede'] II. adj. = rad. III. () n. reading, lesson, NG. ['read']

rdan^7 () pret. 3 sg. reord, rd; also wv. () _to advise, counsel, persuade_, _El, Ma_; : () _consult, discuss, deliberate, plot, design_, _, AO, BH_: () _decree, decide_, _: _rule, guide, have control over, possess_, _B, Bo, Da_: _provide for_: _bring, deliver (goods)_, _LL_: _have an idea, guess, forebode_, _, BH, Rd_: () _read, explain_, _, Bl, Bo, G_: _learn by reading_: (+) _put in order_, _BH, EC_ (): _help_. ['_read_,' '_rede_']

rdbana () m. accessory to a murder, LL.

rdbora () m. adviser, counsellor, : (Roman) consul.

rdda m. robin, WW 44^18. [rad]

rdde wk. pret. 3 sg. of rdan.

rde I. adj. () prepared, ready, ready for riding (horse), PPs. ['i-rede'] II. n. (+) () trappings, armour, accoutrements, ornaments.

rdecempa m. horse-soldier, WW 228^39.

rdegafol n. rent paid in one payment (in money or in kind), LL 118[67].

rdehere m. mounted troop, cavalry, AO.

+rdelce = +rdlce

rdelle = rdelse [[under "rdels"]]

rdels mf., rdelse f. _enigma, 'riddle,'_ _ (): _consideration, discussion_: _imagination, conjecture, interpretation_.

rdemann m. horseman, PPs 32^15.

rden () f. condition, terms, stipulation, : rule, government, direction: estimation,WW.

rdend m. controller, disposer, ruler: diviner, Sc 75^12.

rdendlic relating to a decree, WW.

rdengewrit n. written agreement.

rdere m. 'reader,' 'lector' (ecclesiastical order), A, RB, LL: scholar, diviner, expounder, interpreter, OEG.

rdescamol m. couch, reading-desk? WW.

rdesmann m. counsellor, adviser: steward, EC. ['redesman']

rdewiga m. horse-soldier, WW 228^38.

rdfst resolute, wise, .

rdfstnes f. reasonableness, LL (306^19).

rdfindende giving counsel, WW 383^8.

rdgeeaht n. deliberation, consultation, counsel.

rdgifa m. counsellor, councillor, Chr, LL: consul. ['redegive']

rdgift 'consulatus,' 'senatus,' Gl.

rdhors n. riding-horse, (8^233).

rdhycgende knowing, wise, FT 26.

rdic m. 'radish,' Lcd (e), WW. [L. radicem]

rdin = rden

rding I. f. 'reading,' a reading (passage read), lesson, narrative, , CP, RB. II. = rden

rdingboc f. lectionary, book of the lessons.

rdinggewrit = rdengewrit

rdinggrd m. steps to lectern, NC 316.

rdingscam-ol (-ul) m. ambo, rostrum, lectern, reading-desk, OEG (= rdescamol).

rdistre f. female reader, Gl.

rdlas () ill-advised, unwise, helpless, rash, in disorder, Da: wretched, bad, miserable. ['redeless']

rdlic expedient, advisable, wise, AO, CP. adv. -lce wisely, prudently, skilfully, cunningly, CP, HL: deliberately, on purpose: fully, explicitly, GD 102^19. ['redly']

rdlice = hrdlice [[form of "hrdlic"?]]

rdmgen n. productive force, Rim 10? (or? rdmgen)

rdnes = hrdnes

rdnes f. agreement: decree: condition.

rdo f. (RB 62^15n.) = rd III.

+rdod harnessed, caparisoned, (cp. +rde).

rdrpe = hrdrpe

rdsnotter clever, sage, An 473.

rdeahtende ptc. taking counsel.

rdeahtere m. counsellor, AO.

rdeahtung f. counsel, advice, AO 154^27.

+rdung f. decree, WW 383^25.

rdwn (AO) = hrdwn (or ? rd- = rd-).

rdwita m. counsellor, adviser, DD 299.

rdystre = rdistre

rf = raf

rfen = hrfn

rfn-an -ian (GD) to perform, do: undergo.

rfs- = reps-

rfter (e, ea) m. rafter, beam.

rge () f. roe. [r]

rgel = hrgl

rgerose f. spinal muscles, Lcd.

rghr grey (like lichen), Ruin 10. [ragu]

rgl = hrgl

rgn = rgn [[error for "regn"?]]

rgolfst = regolfst

rgu = ragu

rhte pret. 3 sg. of rcan.

rm = hrfn

-rman v. -r.

rnc = renco

rng- = reng-

rp pret. 3 sg. of repan.

rpan () () to bind, fetter, capture, enslave: yoke together, L 31^785.

rping == rpling

rpling m. prisoner, criminal, . [rpan]

rplingweard () warder, WW 111^10.

rps == reps

+rptan to bind, fetter, Bo 112^1.

rran to 'rear,' raise, build, create, BH, Gen: lift up, elevate, promote, Bl: establish, begin, commit, do, Cr, W; CP: arouse, excite, stir up, Rd. [rsan]

rs m. rush, leap, jump, running, , Cr: impetus, onrush, storm, attack, , B. ['rese']

rsan to rush, hasten, CP: enter on rashly: rush upon, assault, attack, B, Bl, MH. ['rese']

rsbora m. counsellor, leader, guide.

rscan to vibrate, quiver, DHy 94^1.

rscettan to crackle, creak, coruscate, DD, WW. ['reschette']

rsian = rswian [[under "rswan"]]

rsn n. plank, beam, wall-plate, raising piece, , WW. ['rasen']

rst == rest

rswa m. leader, counsellor, ruler, guide: chief, prince, king.

rswan, rswian to think, consider, conjecture, suspect,CP.

rswum dp. of *rs? or rsu? f. or *rswa? suggestion, deliberation, counsel, Az 126.

rswung f. reasoning, conjecture, Gl.

rt m. 'rat,' WW 118^41.

rt pres. 3 sg. of rdan.

r- = hr-

re = hre = hrae

re = re

rw I. () (, a) f. row, line: succession, Lcd (): hedgerow. [v.'rew' and Mdf] II. = hrw

+rwed, +rwe(n) arranged in rows, WW.

-rfian v. -r.

rge = rge

raggig shaggy, bristly, rough, OEG.

ragofinc = ragufinc

ragu () f. lichen, .

ragufinc (ea^1) m. name of a bird, kind of finch,WW.

rha [Cp] = r

rhdor n. roe-buck, , Lcd. ['roedeer']

rhte = rhte pret. sg. of rcan.

ram = ramm

ramesa = hramsa

ramgealla m. ram-gall (plant), Lcd.

ramm (o) m. _'ram' (sheep)_, _: (_engine of war_), _, CP_: (_zodiacal sign_), _A_.

ran pret. 3 sg. of rinnan.

rn I. n. open robbery, rapine. [ON.] II. pret. 3 sg. of rnan. III. nap. ofr.

ranc _froward, proud, overbearing_, _: _noble, brave_: _ostentatious_: _full-grown, mature_, L 35^22. ['_rank_'] adv. -lce _boldly_, _A_: _ostentatiously, showily_, _LL_.

rancstrt f. straight road (Cosijn), Gen 2112.

rand (o) m. border, edge? KC: () boss of shield, rim of shield: () shield, buckler, B (o). [v.'rand']

rand-bag, -bah m. boss (of a shield), shield,.

randburg f. fortified city? Jul 19: shield-wall of waves (inthe Red Sea), Ex 463?

randgebeorh n. protecting shield of waves (in the Red Sea), Ex 296.

randhbbend (o^1) m. shield-bearer, warrior.

rand-wiga , -wgend , -wiggend m. shield-warrior, man at arms.

rnn = rn III.

rp I. m. 'rope,' cord, cable, , Bl, Bo, JnL, VPs; AO, CP. II. pret. 3 sg. of rpan.

rpgenga m. rope-dancer, WW 408^25.

rpincel n. (small rope), cord, string, Gl.

rplic adj. of rope, GPH 399.

+rr n. roaring, howling, MH 16^20.

rradumbla m., rredumle f. bittern, Gl. [Ger. rohrdommel]

rrian to 'roar,' bellow, cry, lament, mourn, , MH, MtL.

rrung f. 'roaring,' howling, bellowing, WW.

rs pret. 3 sg. of rsan.

rsettan to rage (of fire). [rsan]

rsian to explore, B 2283.

ratian = hratian

rae = hrae

rw (Lcd 89b) = rw. ['row']

+rwan to cut in strips, WW.

raxan to stretch oneself, Guth. ['rax']

rac pret. 3 sg. of rocan.

rad I. 'red,' , Bo, CP, Gl; (of gold) , Gen. II. pret. 3 sg. of rodan.

rada pl. small intestines, WW 159^38. ['read']

radbasu reddish purple, LL (e^2).

rade adv. with red colour.

radfh red of hue, Ruin 10.

radgoldlfer f. plating of (red) gold, OEG 1070.

radian to be or become 'red,' Lcd, MtR;.

radlaf red-leaved, BC (Mdf).

radlesc 'rubricata' (pellis), v. OEG 5324.

radnes f. 'redness,' BH, Bl; .

radstalede red-stalked, Lcd 1378^17.

raf () n. plunder, booty, spoil, LkL, Ps: garment, armour, vestment, Mt; . ['reaf,' 'reif']

+rafa = +rfa

rafere m. robber, plunderer, , Bo, Lk; AO, CP. ['reaver']

-rafetian v. wn-(h)r.

rafgend m. robber, KC 3350^26.

rafian to rob, plunder, take by force, waste, ravage, , Bo, B, G, VPs, W: carry off, transport: (+) strip, NG. ['reave']

rafigende rapacious, L. ['reaving']

raflc nm. robbery, rapine, H: plunder, booty, Bo. ['reflac']

rafol rapacious, Lcd.

rafolnes f. rapacity, OEG.

reafter = rfter

rafung f. spoliation, plundering, AO 84^21.

reagufinc (Gl) = ragufinc

reahte pret. 3 sg. of reccan.

reahtigan to dispute, discuss, AO 130^26.

ram I. m. cream, Lcd 113b. ['ream'] II. = hram

rama = roma

ramwn? n. a drink, OEG.

rat pret. 3 sg. of rotan.

rae = re

raw = rw

rawde = hrawde

rc m. smoke, Gen, Ps. ['reek']

+rec I. n. rule, government: decree: explanation. II. n. tumult, MtL 27^24.

recan^5 to bring, convey? WW 420^18: go, move, rush.

rcan I. pret. 3 sg. rhte to fumigate, expose to smoke, Lcd. [v.'reak'] II. = reccanII.

reccan I. _to stretch, tend, go_, _CP_: _extend, hold out to, give_: () _explain, interpret_, _: _tell, narrate_, _B, Bo, G_: _correct, reprove_: (+) _to wield (authority)_, _give judgment, decide, direct, control_, , CP: (+) _prove_: (+) _count, reckon_, . ['_recche_'] II. (rcan) _to take care of, be interested in_, _, B, Bo, Cr_: _care for_, _Mk_: _care, desire (todo something)_, _Bo, Lcd, LL, MkL, WW_. ['_reck_']

recce- (CP), recci- = rce-

-recce v. earfo-r.

+reccelic = +reclic

rccelest (e^3, i^3) f. recklessness, carelessness, negligence,CP.

reccend m. ruler, guide, , AO.

reccenddm, reccendm m. rule, governance, oversight,CP.

reccenes = recednes

reccere m. teacher, ruler, director, CP: interpreter, MtL p2^13.

reccing f. narrative, L 30^375.

reced nm. building, house, palace, hall.

recedlic palatial, WW ().

recednes f. _narrative, history_, _: _interpretation_: _direction, correction_. nfeald +r. _prose_.

recedm = reccendm [[under "reccenddm"]]

rcel (v. MP 171) = rcels

rcelas 'reckless,' careless, negligent, BH, Bo, Cp,W.

rcelasian to neglect, W. ['reckless']

rcelaslce adv. heedlessly, carelessly, inattentively, negligently, CP (rcce-), HL. ['recklessly']

rcelasnes f. 'recklessness,' carelessness, negligence, LL, W;.

rcelestu = rccelest

rcels (, ) m. incense, frankincense, Gl, Lcd; . ['rekels'; rc]

rcelsbc () m. censer, WW.

rcelsft (i) n. _censer_, _. ['_rekelfat_']

rcelsian to perfume with incense, Lcd.

rcelsroce f. burning of incense, FBO 75^19.

recen ready, prompt, quick, Wa: rapid, violent, Cr, Ps. ['reken']

recendm = reccendm [[under "reccenddm"]]

recene (i, y) adv. instantly, at once, quickly,.

+recenian to explain, recount, relate, Ex 525. ['reckon']

recenlce (o^2) adv. immediately, forthwith, Gl. ['rekenly']

recennes = reccenes

rcetung (VPs) = hrcetung

+reclic circumstantial, detailed, ample, CP 193^15#c#. adv. -lce directly, straight: methodically.

+recnes f. direction, inclination. EPs 138^3.

recnian to pay? Ct.

recon I. remuneration, Gl. II. == recen

recse = risce [[under "risc"]]

recyd = reced

rd I. = rd. II. pret. 3 sg. of rdan.

red- = rd-

rd- = rd-

rde = re

redestn m. 'synophites,' red ochre? WW 47^15.

-rdian v. -r.

rdon pret. pl. of rdan.

rfa (usu. +) m. high official, 'reeve,' steward, sheriff, count ('comes'), prefect, consul, BH, OET, Mk,MH.

+rfrn n. court house, MH 124^13.

+rfland v. sundorgerfland.

+rfmd f. reeve's meadow, Ct.

+rfmann m. official, courtier, GD 308315.

refsan = rfsan [[redirected to "repsan"]]

+rfscipe m. reeve's office, stewardship, .

+rfscr f. steward's office, prefecture, OEG.

refter (?) = rfter

regellic = regollic

regen- = regn-, rn-

regn (rn; , MH) m. 'rain,' VPs: showers of rain, Bl.

regn- = rn-

regnan = rnan

regnheard very hard, B 326. [ON. regin]

regnian I. to 'rain,' MtR 5^45. II. = rnian

regnof m. downright thief.

regol (eo) m. rule, regulation, canon, law, standard, pattern, : monastic code of rules, : ruler (instrument). [L. regula]

regolbryce m. breach of rules, W 166^22.

regolfst () rigid, strict, adhering to monastic rules, #Men#44.

regolian to draw lines with a ruler, NC 316.

regollagu f. monastic law, LL 266[25].

regollic according to rules, canonical, regular. adv. -lce.

regollf (eo) m. life according to ecclesiastical rules.

regolsticca m. rule, ruler (instrument),.

regolaw m. discipline of (monastic) rule, A 10144^125.

regolweard m. regulator, director, ruler, abbot, provost.

regul == regol

reht (VPs) = riht

rehte pret. 3 sg. of reccan.

rhte pret. 3 sg. of rcan II.

relicgang m. visiting of relics: procession of relics.

reliquias mpl. relics of saints (reliquium is used insg.).

reliquiascn f. visit to a shrine, MFH 172.

rman = rman

remian to mend, v. NC 317.

remm- = hremm-

remn = hrfn

rempan to be hasty, precipitate, CP 149^12.

rn (AO, CP) == regn

+rn () n. ornament, CP: building, NG.

rnboga m. '_rainbow_,' _.

renco () f. pride, ostentation.

rendan to 'rend,' tear, cut down, Gl.

rendegn m. house-officer, Erf 1137. [rn, egn]

rndropa m. 'raindrop,' Lcd 3278^18.

rene = ryne

rne = rne

renel (KGl) = rynel

reng = regn

renge (y) f. spider, spider's web. [L. aranea]

rengwyrm () m. intestinal worm, Lcd.

rnian to prepare: (+) arrange, set in order, mend, set (trap): (+) adorn. +r. t bismere humiliate, degrade, AO. [*regnian; Goth. raginn]

rniend m. arranger. El 880?

rnig (Lcd), rnlic () 'rainy.'

+renned 'coagulatus,' EPs 67^16.

rnscr m. '_rain-shower_,' _.

rnsngl m. snail, OEG 23^20.

+rnung (regn-) f. arranging, WW 371^19.

rnwter n. 'rain-water,' Lcd.

renweard m. house-guardian, B 770. [rn]

renwyrm m. earthworm, WW. ['rainworm']

ro I. f. (obl. cases ron) covering, rug, blanket, mantle. [rh] II. = hroh

roc savage, furious, B 122.

rocan I. sv^2 intr. to emit smoke, steam, 'reek,' Lcd, Ps; : stink. II. (WW244^36) = rcan

rocende () smoking, steaming, , Jud, MtL. ['reeking']

rod I. 'red,' ruddy, , Erf, MH. ['reod'] II. n. red colour, WW. III. = hrod

rodan^2 to redden, stain with blood: () kill?

reodian to sift? El 1239.

rodian = radian

rodma m. 'faseacus' (bird), WW 234^25.

rodnsc (WW 38^13) ?= radlesc

rofan^2 (only in pp. rofen) to rend, break, Ex 463.

reogol == regol

reohhe f. 'ray,' thornback? WW 181^6.

+rohnung = +rnung

reoht = riht

rol = hrol

reoma = rima

roma (a) m. membrane, ligament. [Ger. riemen]

ron I. = rowon pret. pl. of rwan. II.

rone asm. of ro.

ronian to conspire, plot, .

ronig mournful, sad: gloomy.

ronigmd mournful, weary.

ronung f. whispering, muttering, conspiracy, : astrology, OEG. [rn]

reopa m. bundle of corn, sheaf, VPs. ['reap']

reopan (VPs) = repan

reopian = ripian [[headword spelled "rpian"]]

reord I. fn. voice, B, Cr, Ps: language, speech, L. ['rerde'] II. f. sustenance, food: meal, feast. III. pret. 3 sg. of rdan.

reordan = reordian II.

reordberend m. man.

reordhs n. eating room, refectory, MkL 14^15.

reordian I. to speak, discourse, B, Cr, Gen: read. ['rerde'] II. () to feed, refresh, entertain, feast.

+reordnes f. feasting, banquet.

reordung f. refection, meal.

+reordunghs n. refectory, WW 328^32.

+reordungtd f. mealtime, GD 145^13.

reosan 'pissli,' name of a plant? WW 300^5.

+rosan = +hrosan

-rose v. rge-r.

rost rest (part of a plough), WW.

rotan^2 to weep, mourn, wail.

rote v. rtu.

rotig mournful, sad, tearful.

row I. = ro (hroh). II. pret. 3 sg. of rwan.

rowlic = hrowlic

rowot = rwet

repan^5 to reap, Chr.

repel m. staff, rod, GD 20^26 (v. ES 37192).

reppan = hreppan [[under "hrepian"]]

reps m. response (in a church service), , RB. [L. responsorium]

repsan to reprove, blame, Gl.

repsung () f. a division of the night: reproving. [= *rfsung]

repung = hrepung

rran = rran

+rerding = +reordung

resce = risce [[under "risc"]]

rsele f. answer, solution, Rd 40^28. [= *rsele]

rsian = rswian [[under "rswan"]]

+resp n. blame. [= *+reps]

rest () f. 'rest,' quiet, repose, sleep, , Bo, BH, Cr, VPs: () resting-place, bed, couch, Bl, Chr, MtL, MH, VPs: grave.

resta f. bedfellow, consort, wife, .

restan (absol. and refl.) to 'rest,' repose, , Bl, Chr, Lcd, LL: (+) (w.g.) rest from, remain, lie, , An, B, MkL.

rstan to rejoice, exult? PPs 113^4.

restbedd n. bed, couch, PPs 131^3.

rest-dg (), reste-, resten- () m. day of rest, Sabbath day, CP, Mt. ['restday']

restengar n. year of rest from work, .

restgemna m. cohabitation.

resths n. chamber, APs, BH.

restlas 'restless,' without rest, RB 121^14.

+restscipe m. cohabitation, BH 76^27.

rsung (CP) = rswung

rtan to delight, gladden, cheer, console, comfort, CP. [rt]

rtend m. comforter, W 257^4.

rtu f. (only in d. rote) joy, B 2457.

ree righteous, just, PPs (or ?= re).

re (of persons) fierce, cruel, violent, harsh, severe, , B, BH: (ofthings) terrible, dreadful, Bl, Bo, CP: zealous, CP. ['rethe']

regian = rian

reehygdig right-minded, Alm 2.

reeman m. usurer (GK), PPs 108^11. [Goth. rajo?]

remd savage, cruel, fierce, indignant.

ren ? wild, L 10^102.

r-ian, -igian to rage, be fierce, .

rig fierce, WW 402^23.

rigmd savage, fierce, Met 25^17.

rlic fierce, cruel, deadly. adv. -lce violently.

rnes f. cruelty, severity, harshness, Bl, CP; AO: savageness, ferocity, BH, Lcd; CP: zeal, CP. ['rethness']

rra m. rower, sailor, Gl.

+rre ready, CP 306^15.

rru np. oars.

rscipe m. fury, anger, WW 245^17.

rwet, rwut n. rowing, : rowing-boat, vessel, . [rwan]

riaht (K) = riht I.

rib, ribb n. 'rib,' , Cp, MH, Soul; AO.

ribbe f. hound's-tongue, ribwort, Ep, Lcd, WW. ['rib']

ribbspcan np. 'rib-spokes,' the brisket? (BT), WW 265^24.

rca m. influential man, ruler, .

rcan (BDS 16^367) = rcan (*riecan)

rcceter, rccetere () = rceter

rce I. strong, powerful, Da; Lcd: great, mighty, of high rank, , BH, MH; AO, CP: 'rich,' , BH, Bo, Lk. II. n. rule, reign, power, might, authority, empire, , Bl, Cr, MH; AO. fn t rce to ascend the throne: kingdom, nation, diocese, B; AO, CP: reign (period of time). ['riche']

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